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Incarnation of Money: Episode 13
by | March 18, 2013 | 56 Comments

Our hero can finally get to his revenge against the Traitagon now that he’s reunited with his mother and discovered his true identity. But in order to do so, he’ll need to fully understand his own definition of justice to set the stage for his plan. Hasn’t Cha-don gone through enough in his life already that he must face yet another wall of pain to overcome? Get those tissues ready, because this episode is a tearjerker.


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We open with a light-hearted sequence at Angelina’s launch party where both Jae-in and Se-kwang arrive simultaneously. Jae-in is still under the impression that the prosecutor is stalking her because of her beauty, so she whips around to tell him that she’s flattered but not interested.

Se-kwang’s puzzled WTF expression is priceless and Jae-in digs herself a pretty deep grave by the time Angelina arrives. Their interactions surrounded by misunderstandings crack me up and it’s also pretty entertaining to see Se-kwang caught so off-guard once in a while.

Out on a morning jog, Cha-don is reminded of his mother’s words about how Se-kwang is the culprit behind his father’s murder and their family’s ruin. He catches a glimpse of the prosecutor receiving a distinguished award on a television at a nearby restaurant.

Se-kwang is met with surprising news back at the prosecutor’s office: There have been serious allegations made against him. Furthermore, a video clip featuring Mom has been circulating through the press.

He reviews the tape with Prosecutor Kwon as Mom describes the fifteen wretched years of her life in the psych ward as “a life worse than a beast’s.”

Her accusations are fierce: “Ji Se-kwang is a murderer, lower than a beast. That man pretends to be a just prosecutor and you mustn’t let him deceive the world any longer. Take off that devil’s mask and release me of my injustice.”

Se-kwang calls the prosecutor in charge of the case, who in turn reports to Cha-don.

Mom doesn’t understand why her video doesn’t make headlines that evening and it’s a bit sad to watch Cha-don break his mother’s naive perspective on the justice system. Mom: “I gave them all the evidence they needed! Reporters, prosecutors – what are they there for?”

She apologizes for her outburst but Cha-don tells her it’s okay and that she can lean on him. She cries in his arms.

News travels fast about the video which is promptly taken down. Ji-hoo confronts Se-kwang about the matter but gets coolly dismissed. It looks like Cha-don has made sure not to leave a paper trail as Se-kwang is told that no traces of the former prosecutor can be found.

Ji-hoo gets a call from Cha-don and the two meet over drinks. He isn’t surprised to hear that Se-kwang outwardly considers the situation as nonsense, though Ji-hoo mentions that her sunbae must be taking it hard.

At the mention of Mom, Cha-don informs her that Lawyer Hwang used to serve the late chairman’s family. He adds that there may be a connection to the recent discovery of money and the lawyer’s death.

She receives a call from Se-kwang’s phone and both of them rush over to find the man nearly passed out at the bar. Cha-don offers to take the prosecutor home and throws Se-kwang onto the couch.

In his drunken stupor, Se-kwang murmurs Mom’s name and that he’s untouchable. Cha-don grabs a pillow and contemplates whether to take his revenge now and suffocate the man in his sleep.

He inches the pillow closer toward Se-kwang’s face. At the last moment, Cha-don stops himself and casts it aside. He whispers: “Consider yourself lucky that I didn’t kill you right now.”

So he takes advantage of the opportunity to search the lion’s den for clues. He finds a picture of Se-kwang and Angelina and a contract. He takes pictures of both pieces of evidence.

Meanwhile, Se-kwang dreams of Mom silently approaching him with a large needle in her hand. She administers the poisonous contents directly into his mouth just as his eyes flip open.

He freaks out as Mom tells him to suffer just as the late chairman did and breaks into derisive laughter. Omg, she literally gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Se-kwang writhes on the couch – suffocating – until he rolls off of the couch and finally wakes.

It’s morning and he rouses a passed-out Cha-don sleeping on the floor. When he tries to ask about Mom, Cha-don beats him to it and fervently rattles on about how he plans to be her legal representative to get a cut of the large sum of money.

He plays dumb at just the right moments and asks for Se-kwang’s help in finding Mom. It’s a shrewdly brilliant plan to go in with the ignorance angle, though it makes me wonder if Se-kwang truly buys the eagerly-corrupted-lawyer-looking-up-to-his-sunbae act.

He tells Cha-don that even if he could help, he can’t because he doesn’t know where Mom is. Se-kwang sends him away and receives word that Mom has been found.

Se-kwang meets with the Traitagon at the only traditional restaurant in Seoul and informs them that everything will change should Mom get a hold of that money. He appoints Prosecutor Kwon as the point person for this mission and outlines the plan to the others.

Prosecutor Kwon pays Mom a visit at the hospital and she tenses when he jogs her memory of their previous acquaintance. He’s straightforward about his wrongs against her and belatedly apologizes for them. ‘Cause better late than never, right?

Mom’s suspicion radar pings when Prosecutor Kwon lies that her son currently resides in Germany. He’s brought evidence with him and shows her a video message from Fake Kang-seok who recounts particular memories of their past (fed by Angelina off-camera).

Even though we know the truth (and so does Mom), we see that the video shakes a bit of Mom’s resolve in the face of indisputable memories as a tear streams down her face.

Prosecutor Kwon suggests a DNA test, to be sure that the man isn’t a scammer trying to claim the recently discovered sum of money. In turn, Mom questions Prosecutor Kwon’s intentions and when she gets the answer she wants to hear, she agrees to the test.

Given her knowing smirk when the prosecution leaves, it tells us that Mom knows the enemy just tried to pull one over her and failed. Yay Mom!

Cha-don watches the prosecution murmur outside Mom’s room and he flashes back to when Prosecutor Kwon ordered him to get out of the car. Hm, do you remember more than we think you do?

He enters her room when they leave and removes the recording device hidden beneath her pillow that logged their entire exchange.

Cha-don tellingly stops the recording after he vows that they won’t be had this time. He assures her that they can’t lay a finger on Mom while the Traitagon are fixated on the money.

It turns out that the police have seized the money and assets and will only disclose its current location to its rightful owner. Cha-don doesn’t intend to step forward as Lee Kang-seok just yet but plans to find Lawyer Hwang’s killer first.

In order to do that, he’ll need to become the murderer’s defense lawyer.

Ji-hoo is informed of the owner of the license plate in question and who should appear before her a second later but Prosecutor Kwon himself. She stands in the corner, uneasy, as her superior asks for updates on the murder case.

We check in with Jae-in, who is in the middle of another round of emotional eating, stuffing her face with pizza. Her mother barks at her to bring Cha-don before her if she’s so upset about the break up and threatens her with an arranged date.

That only irks Jae-in more and she storms out. Once she’s gone, Boss Bok lets out a sigh – if only Jae-in knew how her mother prepared for her future.

Cha-don and Mom spend a quiet moment at sunset by the seashore. As he piggybacks her, Mom tells him how proud she is of him. She’s given it some thought and tells him that she doesn’t want her son to seek revenge.

He stops in his tracks at the statement. She continues: “I just want my son to become a great lawyer who helps the poor and needy like me. So that you’ll be praised and respected. If my son were a person like that, I think I’d always be smiling even after I die. Just thinking about it makes me happy. I love you, my son.”

Cha-don apologizes and tells her that he’s not all that great but he gives her his word that he will be. Her eyes remain closed and he wonders if she’s still listening.

He gets his answer when her hands drop, lifeless. Anyone else reminded of Autumn Story? He screams for Mom to come back and sobs with uncontrollable grief. I’m not crying – my eyes were just a little sweaty today.

The doctors do all that they can at the hospital but it’s no use and Mom flatlines. Cha-don eyes shake, unable to accept the reality that Mom has just died in front of him. Chief Yang rushes in warning Cha-don that they have to leave – Se-kwang is on his way.

That’s the final straw and Cha-don snaps. He grabs for a scalpel and Chief Yang has to hold him back from blowing their plan wide open. Cha-don struggles for another minute until he finally gives up and breaks down in tears once more.

Team Shudal is gone by the time the Traitagon arrives to examine Mom’s body. Se-kwang offers to host her funeral and the others are in agreement with the idea. Then the camera pans over to Cha-don angrily standing by the door, having overheard the conversation.

Cha-don walks into the church where Mom’s wake is held. The prosecutor peanut gallery is surprised to see him there and tsks at the lost opportunity to earn some cash.

His eyes fixated on Mom’s portrait, Cha-don tells them, “Who knows? Lee Kang-seok could appear before you tonight.” His hand shaking, Cha-don holds back tears as he sets down a flower as his final goodbye.

The Traitagon has the nerve to shoot pictures in front of Mom’s coffin (as evidence that there’s no bad blood between Se-kwang and Mom). The sound of Reporter Go’s voice jogs Cha-don’s memory and he recognizes the man from his past.

Only Cha-don and Se-kwang remain at the church and Se-kwang comments that it looks like Kang-seok is a no-show. Cha-don apologizes to Se-kwang in response – now that he’s not a prosecutor anymore, he finally understands what Se-kwang meant by his definition of justice. “If I’d known sooner, I wouldn’t have lived so foolishly like that.”

Se-kwang smirks, telling him that no matter how soon you admit regret, it always comes too late. Cha-don replies that he’ll keep those words close to his heart as well.

Mom’s body is cremated and Se-kwang sets up her memorial. Staring at her picture, he tells her that with her death, he now forgives both her and the late chairman. He tells her not to consider it too unfairly, since it was her bad luck to have met someone like him.

With a final look, Se-kwang tells her to pass along his greetings to Kang-seok.

Cha-don watches Se-kwang leave and then turns to his mother, telling her that he won’t cry anymore. He promises to become someone she can be proud of, but until then, he won’t forgive the ones who did this to her.

He vows to avenge his parents and asks her not to stop him.

Boss Bok sits with Chief Prosecutor Jo and it’s clear that she isn’t in the mood to entertain the man. He’s here to relay that he’s heard rumblings that Angelina has planted a seed with the literary society members to call for a change in the presidency.

Then Assistant Kim bursts in with news that the meeting location has changed per Angelina’s request.

That new location is Jae-in’s restaurant (she and Angelina have since entertained an unni-dongsaeng relationship) and Angelina is in shock when Boss Bok appears.

The two relocate to a quiet corner of the restaurant and Boss Bok slaps Angelina for spreading lies. Angelina screams and drops to banmal, and when Boss Bok raises her hand again at such disrespect, Angelina grabs her wrist.

Jae-in runs in at the commotion and Angelina’s eyes are as wide as saucers when she learns the two ladies are mother and daughter. She even yelps in English: “Oh shit!” Oh shit is right.

Se-kwang finds Ji-hoo at the coffeeshop and wonders whether Lawyer Hwang’s murder case is weighing on her mind. She asks whether she can become a just prosecutor like Se-kwang one day. Honey, I don’t think he’s the prosecutor you should be looking up to.

He tells Ji-hoo that a cowardly prosecutor will never succeed and gives her a word of advice: “I remind myself that it isn’t a battle between the defendant and myself. Rather it’s a battle between my cowardly and righteous self. Then there’s nothing you can’t overcome.”

She thanks him and now it’s his turn to ask what’s troubling her. She shares that the evidence points to Prosecutor Kwon as the murderer and Se-kwang’s face hardens for a moment before telling her to stick to her gut.

Ji-hoo heads straight for Prosecutor Kwon’s office and reports her findings to the prosecutor general. She gives him a final chance for the man to explain himself. When he answers, “And if I can’t?” she warns that she’ll arrest her superior.

There’s a tense moment before Prosecutor Kwon answers that the car in question was stolen over a month ago. It’s hard to tell whether he’s telling the truth, but Ji-hoo won’t let him off that easy and asks where it was stolen.

Prosecutor Kwon sticks to his alibi that the car was stolen while his wife was out on an errand and when she leaves, he orders his son, Hyuk, to look into the surveillance cameras in the area.

He joins Se-kwang in the conference room and thanks him for the heads up. Prosecutor Kwon notes that the murderer used his car, which means that the culprit must be among them.

Se-kwang turns to him, asking if he suspects someone within the Traitagon, an answer Prosecutor Kwon says he finds improbable. Well, there is no honor among thieves.

Today is the last day for the real Lee Kang-seok to step forward (has it been a year already?) and Se-kwang takes his leave to head to the police station.

Reporter Go arrives at the police station with Fake Kang-seok but they’re cut off by “Lee Kang-seok” who comes to claim the money. Se-kwang rushes over at the reporter’s frantic call and is surprised to see someone filling out paperwork.

Se-kwang greets “Kang-seok” warmly and immediately recognizes that he’s an imposter when the man doesn’t reciprocate. But soon, men start to swarm around the desk, all claiming that he’s the real Lee Kang-seok.

News that today is the cut-off date explains the commotion, and we see Cha-don in a disguise, silently rolling into the crowd in a powerchair. He takes a blood test with the others and all the while, Se-kwang swears that there’s no way there will be a DNA match since Kang-seok is already dead.

But three days later, the doctors reveal that there was a match and Reporter Go has to spell it out for Se-kwang to understand: “Kang-seok is alive!”

Chief Yang finds Cha-don sitting alone at the church and asks if he plans to go through with the revenge. But Cha-don answers with a saying from one of his law professors: “The laws of man bring evil whereas the laws of God bring peace.”

He names all the members of the Traitagon (except Lawyer Hwang) and says that they manipulated the laws of man to become rich.

Cha-don: “I’ll bring them to justice according to the laws of God. My mother, my father… and for the sake of peace for all.”


Woot! What an episode. Now that Incarnation has taken an upswing in story since last week, the show has also seen a noticeable change in quality with each upcoming episode. Who lit a fire under the production team’s arses to get this show going? There’s been such marked improvement that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the series.

With Cha-don’s revenge scheme finally in the plotting stages, it finally feels like we’re getting somewhere with our story. That’s an exciting prospect since it felt like I was twiddling my thumbs for a long time, wondering if we were just spinning in circles. The story finally feels centered with Cha-don at the heart of it all. Sure I still don’t know where he got the emergency cash to pay for the seaside vista or pay for Mom’s hospital bills, but for the moment, those minor plot holes pale in comparison to Cha-don’s journey to learn about the black-hearted devils behind his family’s ruin.

I’m enjoying how the show has played around with the positions in the law industry in our characters to convey certain messages of good versus evil. The so-called “just prosecutor” started out as a defense lawyer and ultimately threw his defendant into the deepest pit of hell. Then you have the prosecutor who boasts of righteousness so easily swayed by the smell of money. And finally, you have the rookie, hot-headed prosecutor who once dipped into corruption, fell from his pedestal, and has to work his way back into his system as a lawyer. I love that this journey isn’t fluid for any of our characters, and yet I wished that we saw more of that fluidity to fill the gaps in our brains.

Cha-don’s declaration to bring justice to his enemies with “the laws of God” poses an interesting question about how he intends to carry out the rest of his revenge plan. It’s ironic that his definition of justice is fueled by Se-kwang’s belief where justice means to see the bad guy get punished. I love the above screencap that portrays their differing opinions in this world of law – both separated and connected by a single crime. Cha-don’s definition of justice includes bringing peace into the world and at present, that means seeking his personal revenge. But perhaps that’s just the beginning that speaks to something greater: To change the world through justice.

It makes me wonder with curiosity as to how Cha-don will start using his resources to set this revenge plan into motion. Since he won’t step into the limelight as Lee Kang-seok just yet, what methods will he use to shake the Traitagon’s foundation? If that determined stare is any indication (and if we’re counting, I now have enough nickels to buy an ice cream), Cha-don will make sure to find a way.

How sad was it to see Cha-don’s moment of bliss pass by so quickly? I love that Mom closed the chapter on her heart and told Cha-don that she doesn’t want him to avenge her since this isn’t a war for him to fight. She has greater dreams and passions for her son and her unwavering love for him breaks my heart. But now this is a battle and a war that is greater than his family and if he doesn’t fight, then who will?

Mom, we’ll miss you! *sniff*


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  1. verte

    Thank you so much!

  2. Jen

    Thanks for the wonderful and detailed recap.. I’m off to read 🙂

  3. MsB

    Loved it from the beginning! Still love it!

  4. snow_white

    thanks for recapping 🙂

    I’m still at ep 8…..and really liking this show….

  5. Gaeina Lee

    I’m gonna miss mom’s stellar performance.. TT_TT

    With such solid casts and well written story, I wish the writer write bigger story for mom-in-law, KSM is a bit underused here in my pov. And since we’re on the 2nd half already, I wonder when will love blossom? No rush romance for CD please.. I long for a romantic 1, a slow-simmering kind of realization of falling in love.. ^^

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  6. DayDreamer

    I teared up when Park Gi Soon died. I very much wanted her to live to see herself avenged and cleared of the murder accusation. So her departure was rather bittersweet in that at the very least, she was able to be united with her son. Cha Don’s moments of filial piety were also very touching; it was evident how dearly he loved his mother and vice versa. Thus, it was a bit heartbreaking to see him mourning his loss but not being able to do so openly lest he out himself as Kang Seok. That simmer of silence filled with rage, hurt, and repentance was poignant.

    Where the mother-son duo filled me with sadness, the Triatagon made me angry at their heartless attitudes. In trying to cover their past crimes and still thirsting with greed, they destroyed an entire family and I would wish nothing less than a great big ass-kicking from Cha Don to them. Se Kwang’s monologue to dead mom’s photo was disgusting. His revenge had gone too far and I want justice served. So here’s to hoping Cha Don will foil their every plan and then drop them into the pits of hell. *feels bloodthirsty*

    As part of Cha Don’s revenge, the writers illustrated him as a corrupt prosecutor. This is obviously a cover-up for his link to (and interest in) Park Gi Soon. Well-played but I wished in earlier episodes they had made his corruption more believable. No use, however, in crying over spilled milk. Meanwhile, I was in glee when Se Kwang found out that Kang Seok was alive. Can’t wait when he finds out that it was none other than Cha Don. But by then, I hope it’s too late for him.

    The lawyer’s murder case is very intriguing and more well thought out than the earlier mayor case. Here, there is suspense and interest. Who could have killed Jang Shik and why? It doesn’t seem like it’s the Prosecutor General nor Se Kwang but I don’t think its the reporter nor Angelina either. It actually has me stumped.

    As for Jae In, she remains like a pesky fly on screen. I have zero interest in her and her scenes. She just seems like a filler for the show although it was kind of amusing to see her and her mom as a source of great frustration for Angelina, lol. She’s also interesting in her scenes with Se Kwang only for the fact that it’s amusing to see a villain be a bumbling, speechless person too, haha.

    Overall, I am very happy with this episode. I was very nervous after last episode that it would revert to be awful again but thankfully, things are moving along well.

    • 6.1 Carole McDonnell

      I think Jae In has a long way to go. She hasn’t had a chance to be healed of all the hurt and inferiority complex she had as a kid.

      And really, when you think of it…only Mom, Boss Gok, and Prosecutor Jeon have any sense or respectability in this world. It’s a man’s world and Jae In is trying to fit in. Jae In’s stupidity is only temporary. Her mom is always waiting for her to grow up and she will, but Angelina’s stupidity is to the bone.

      • 6.1.1 DayDreamer

        I don’t find Jae In stupid but I do find her character lackluster. She is someone who could represent the people who have self-esteem issues and people with weight problems. But the writers made her too much of a caricature and I feel like she doesn’t seem to serve a purpose in the storyline. Since she is the heroine, I expected more of her role in the story. I just finished watching episode 14 and I find that the writers have finally started doing some good to her character. She’s finally getting her serious game face on.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Sorry. I do kinda think Jae In is a bit of a ditz. I didn’t mean stupid per se. But she’s floundering. It’s okay if she flounders a bit now though. The story belongs to Cha Don/Kang Seok so Jae In’s arc isn’t necessary. So it wasn’t necessary that she do much. Or, the writers could’ve made a different story arc in the beginning so the previous episodes could show her issues better and complement the hero’s journey.

          I do see what you mean though. I’ve sometimes watched k-dramas wondering why separate arcs of the stories seem so so so thinly-connected. I guess we could’ve seen Jae In battling for control and against her mom’s use of money but eh…we have what we have. Glad Jae In’s getting her act together though.

          • DayDreamer

            Ha! Funny thing is, I thought of her as a ditz too but not stupid. So we’re on the same wavelength after all. Yes, the story is all about Cha Don. I still felt they could have tied her role more meaningfully in Cha Don’s story. But we’re getting there so it’s fine, I guess.

  7. Ducky

    shit gets real

  8. Selena

    I agree with your comment about Jae-In. I see her as superficial in both her outlook and her way of thinking as well as a shallow and self centered character. I wish Cha-Don were with Ji-Hoo.

  9. Carole McDonnell

    I generally avoid melos but wow!!!! This chapter totally made me see the glories of melo. Between this episode and the previous one, I was almost a blubbering mess. Feels so good to have all those tears flowing down. I’m just hoping Lee Cha Don doesn’t lose his soul in his search for vengeance. All those surreptitiously-recorded videotaped confessions and schemings would seem as if the plot would be easy. Not sure why Chadon has to go any extra mile to get his vengeance since he pretty much has all the evidence. Can’t he just let it go and get all the evidence to one of the rare truly righteous prosecutors. Or is he just so unsure of everyone in the DA’s office, right now? The show still has not shown us who the person in the first episode was who wanted to tell him who he was. (Or did i miss that as well when i was avoiding watching the show?”

    I’ll also say that Angelina is a total ditz when it comes to playing with the big guys. Not a suitable prosecutor’s wife. Pretty and greedy but dumb. Sooooooooooooo not a good combination.

    Se Kwang is so weirdly blindly self-righteous and hypocritical. I just don’t get him. I haven’t been watching so I’m wondering where Prosecutor Gwon’s hottie son disappeared to.

    Am so glad Mom and son could reunite though.

    • 9.1 Taiba

      yeah you missed it. its the lawyer that was in the gang that split the will money. i forgot his name.

    • 9.2 Delicatecloud

      You did miss it. It was Lawyer Hwang who called Cha Don in the first episode and made an appointment to see him to reveal his true identity.

    • 9.3 DayDreamer

      I like your question of why Cha Don needs to go on the path of vengeance when he pretty much has all the evidence to clear Park Gi Soon’s name. But what does he have for evidence? A photo of Angelina and Se Kwang and an audio file of Prosecutor Kwon trying to hoodwink Park Gi Soon. That’s not enough to indicate that Gi Soon had murdered her husband for money. It could be argued that Angelina and Se Kwang are dating now but not back then. It could be argued that Prosecutor Kwon just wants the money now but that he had no hand in what happened in the past.

      All in all, there were five people involved in ruining Gi Soon’s life. It would be justice to have all of them indicted for it. But there isn’t enough evidence to do so. Plus, for a case where the statute of limitations has passed, I don’t think Cha Don would even have the chance to prove his mother’s innocence. (Then again, I’m not very knowledgeable about the law and am just making assumptions).

      I also don’t think it would be satisfying to Cha Don, even if he managed to bring the truth out than actually ruining their lives, to just see them do time in prison when his mom suffered so much physically and emotionally. It’s like Cha Don’s decision to not suffocate Se Kwang to death in his sleep. He could’ve been done with it right then and there…but he opted against it most likely because he wanted Se Kwang to suffer as much as his mom did.

      • 9.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        The ruining of their lives thing definitely would be a big one. I guess he can’t just come out and say they tried to murder him and he lost his memory and all…But didn’t he record some of their present-day whisperings and plottings? He always seemed to be nearby hidden in the shadows with his little ipod or whatever. Ah well. Will see.

        • DayDreamer

          Hmm, I’m not sure about the recordings…I did not watch one of the boring episodes so I may have missed something. But yeah, let’s see how this turns out.

      • 9.3.2 asianromance

        You’re right, it’s about making the traitagon really feel the suffering that they had handed to Cha Don’s family. To make them feel hunted, trapped, and full of fear like Park Gi Soon and Lee Cha Don felt. It’s to let them know that Lee Kang Seok can strike any time and they won’t know when.

        And when you have the word of disgraced prosecutor Lee Cha Don versus several of the most respected, righteous members of society- Cha Don’s chances are slim. Even someone as righteous as Ji-hoo would have trouble accepting that Ji Se Kwang is evil.

        Does anyone here watch Revenge?

  10. 10 Ivy

    This episode made fall more deeply in love with this series! I love me some hardworking lawyer/prosecutor looking for justice and personal revenge!!! Kang-seok/Chadon – fighting!!!! 😀 <3

  11. 11 Fun-lugha

    Well that death was sorta inevitable with this production team. Cuz in Giant dad was killed and mom died soon after. In Salaryman, parents were already dead i think and grandpa also murdered later on. I guess these guys are just sadists like that!
    I just finished watching Hong Gil Dong and I gotta say of all the KJH dramas I’ve watched, Incarnation has to be his strongest performance yet. HGD is such a joke and am not even laughing!

    • 11.1 DayDreamer

      I tried watching a lot of Ji Hwan dramas too (Exhibition of Fireworks, Coffee House, Lie To Me) and I also find this as his best drama. I mean, the guy himself is really good in his roles but the dramas themselves are either WTF, super boring or not the kind of stuff I’m interested in. He seriously needs to find better dramas.

      • 11.1.1 Delicatecloud

        He was great in the movie “my girlfriend is an agent” which is being made into the currently airing “level 7 civil servant” ( which is crap even though Joo Woon is in it). KJH was awesome on that movie. Do check it out.

        • DayDreamer

          Ha! The drama Level 7 Civil Servant actually turned me away from the movie. But yes, I might give it a try.

          • asianromance

            Definitely, give it a try! The movie doesn’t require much acting, but it’s funny and has a lot of action scenes. Except for Kang Ji Hwan’s character, the spies in the movie actually seem competent.

          • DayDreamer

            @ asianromance: Sure, I’ll give it a try. I also wanted to watch his movie called Runway Cop but couldn’t find subs.

          • asianromance


            You can watch Runway Cop with subs on dramacrazy.net
            It’s hilarious!

        • fun-lugha

          I have actually recently watched the movie and it’s gotta be one of my all time fav rom coms. But I was talking about dramas, cuz I’ve only seen that one movie but plenty of his dramas.

          • Delicatecloud

            There is one drama that I like called “Capital scandale”. You may enjoy this one.

  12. 12 Dark Justice

    after reading this recap it is tempting we to say that enough is enough. Now I really want to watch this show “)
    Can anyone tell me how many episodes this show is supposed to have or atleast how many are remaining.

    Apart from that did anyone note the fake son plot that was used over there. Guess what I mentioned such a thing a few recaps earlier. (something similar that is) Guess are minds and thoughts may have connected for that moment or maybe it is my Psychic Powers temporarily working again.

    As for the person who may have killed the member of the Traitagon and why….
    I would have added Se Kwang at the start as the highest probability though that was slipping till this eps.
    So the next 2 that remain are Pros Kwon and Angelina.
    Though if it is her then it may have been with the help of the Reporter but I can’t be 100% sure about that bit.

    The reason that I suspect that he was killed was because from all the members he atleast had a better moral code than the others and that was his strength and reason why he was killed.

    See what must have happened would be something like this. Lawyer Kwang discovered the secret identity of Cha Don but also at the same time realized that he posed no significant threat at the moment as he figured out that he also had amnesia. So he decides to divulge everything to Cha Don that night. But things don’t go as planned for him. While on the way to the meeting spot he contacts (suspected member of Traitagon {probability of them contacting him on his way are slimmer}) So he tells this member that he has found out Cha Don is still alive and that he is going to reveal everything to him. The member tells him not to do anything foolish but when he realizes that his mind is made up, the member then tells him to meet him (maybe even says that they should go to the meet together) Kwang agrees to this. A mistake that he is going to regret for the rest of his remaining life.
    At the meeting spot the member tries to dissuade him one final time maybe even bringing the point that he would not be forgiven by Cha Don. But Kwang is okay with that as he has had enough of this duplicity and even if he is not forgiven he would atleast be proud person for his family (even if he could see them for the last time)
    Now the Traitagon member doesn’t want to loose all their power and the only way to protect it is by eliminating the threat namely Kwang.
    Now if it is Angelina it would be to protect Se Kwang and his ambitions. Kwang wouldn’t really contact her but if he did it might be because he thought that she would be the only person who could convice Se Kwang to do the right thing. She could have contacted Se Kwang then but by his reactions (from what I am gauging via recaps this seems difficult) and on her own I doubt that she could have done it so she would have to have some sort of acomplice that would leave the Reporter (who by the way I had even forgotten even existed till recently so I had him excluded from my list)
    The next one that can be the culprit would be Kwon. Chances are bit higher that if Se Kwang is not the culprit then he has the next most to gain from this death.
    He clearly told Cha Don that he believes his own men over strangers but that if he tried to betray him he would regret it also when Se Kwang was out to prove that Cha Don was corrupt Kwon tried to stop him as he said that he had plans of his own for him. This might lead to speculate that he may be aware of Cha Dons identity now but believes that he is no threat at the moment as he still hasn’t regained his memories, I am sure that he intends to neutralize Cha Don before he becomes a major threat (hwang must have told the member that Cha Don clearly doesn’t remember who he was)

    So now is the time to ACT or be lost forever!!!!! 😮

    Well that is all from my end looking forward to your comments and what you think of my points if any till then take care and enjoy your K-Drama Addictions 🙂

    • 12.1 Taiba

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      • 12.1.1 Dark Justice

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        Live Long and Prosper

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    However that scene was well played. It broke my heart.

  14. 14 Arhazivory

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    When he bawled in the hospital while clutching his friend – *sniffles* – I almost lost it. Kang Ji Hwan….you’re so good.

    I’m so loving this show right now. <3

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    I have to admit I saw her death coming long ago, but I’m glad it happened after she got a chance to reunite with her son. It still broke my heart, though, especially when Kang-seok just lost it.

    But all the horrors Mom has undergone kindof make it easy now to root for Kang-seok and his revenge, like we’re supposed to. Right now, I just want Ji Se Kwang to squirm. I know Se Kwang started out by taking revenge for a similar reason (which is something I can actually understand), but that doesn’t justify what he did to poor Mom and Kang-seok. He went too far and I’ll be glad when Kang-seok brings him down. I just hope Kang-seok doesn’t go too far with his own revenge, but he doesn’t seem like the type who would put innocent people in an asylum and drive them crazy.

    This drama~ it’s not flawless but I still love it~

  17. 17 Bengbeng

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    I hope that they would be able to find the original Last Will and Testament of Kang-Seok’s father. That is the greatest evidence against the Traitagon’s crime.

    Can’t wait for the next episode. Thanks for the recap gummimochi =)

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    Ripped your heart out and bawled my eyes out when Cha Don reunited with his mom in the asylum and when she finally passed on in this episode. It was really sad that they had a short time to be reunited together, and that he couldn’t even acknowledge his mom at the funeral.

    I like feisty Boss Bok and her funny confrontations with Angelina, the ditsy actress. Don’t like her daughter, Jae In. So far,she is so boring and self centered that she was more interesting as a fat teen. Hopefully, she will get more entangled with Cha Don (Kang Seok)’s revenge in the future; however, I like the chemistry between Cha Don and Ji Hoo better.

  19. 19 browncoat_78

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    • 19.1 Delicatecloud

      My thoughts as well….

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  21. 21 Delicatecloud

    Who killed Lawyer Hwang? My two cents worth… Since someone used the Prosecutor General’s car could it be his own son? The rookie prosecutor who is on SJK’s team….

    • 21.1 DayDreamer

      I don’t even think the kid knows Lawyer Hwang, lol. Next episode revealed who it was but to me, it was still surprising especially when I consider what the motive might have been.

      • 21.1.1 Delicatecloud

        I just saw the next episode. Could have been unintentional – he fell as they were struggling? Lawyer Hwang was asking for money which the person refused or provided fake money bills?

        • DayDreamer

          Good thought. That’s very much plausible and fits in with everything because if the murderer knew Cha Don was Kang Seok and that was the motivation for killing the lawyer, then there would have been more chaos earlier.

  22. 22 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! Incarnation of Money definitely stepped it up these past two weeks. I wonder if they had substitute writers for the episodes taking place in 2007 and when Cha-Don was a corrupt prosecutor. The darker tone these past two weeks fit in more with the early episodes.

    I feel really bad for Hwang Jung Eum. the Jae-in character’s been pretty one-note. There is potential there for some real storytelling. but the writer just have her do these sickening meet-cutes with Se Kwang. I know we’re supposed to find it funny that he has the flustered, “wtf is going on” face when he’s with Jae-In, but all I can think of is what he had done to Park Gi Soon. There is nothing cute about a monster who would do such a thing.

    The Traitagon at the church scene made me want to throw up. Doing self-serving photo-ops in front of the body of the woman they basically killed. Mom wouldn’t have gotten sick if she hasn’t been locked up in that insane asylum.

    I’m salivating at how Cha-Don is going to make those traitors crap in their pants.

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    • 26.1 DayDreamer

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  30. 30 emmanuel

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