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JB plays Cupid for Song Seung-heon, Shin Se-kyung
by | March 11, 2013 | 130 Comments

I was pretty surprised to hear this news of idol JB being cast in his next acting gig, MBC’s When A Man Loves, because I’d seen him in Dream High 2 and… Let’s just say that while he may not be the most terrible actor ever… okay, I can’t finish that sentence because he may in fact be the most terrible actor ever. Who keeps giving him roles? Why?

JB will play the younger brother to the heroine, played by Shin Se-kyung (Fashion King), and on the upside the role isn’t too far off from his real life — the character is a trainee with a major talent agency. On the other hand, he played an idol in Dream High 2, and we all saw how that turned out…

(Okay, I’m going to stop harping on Dream High 2 now. But seriously, have you seen it? You have to blame the slapdash writing for a lot of the badness, but JB was also very bad in the role. Sweet, but bad. I think Yunho finally has competition.)

JB’s character has a bright personality and charming ways, and serves as the “lovable Cupid” in the love triangle that unfolds around his noona, as she gets romanced by Song Seung-heon (Dr. Jin) and Yeon Woo-jin (Arang and the Magistrate). Although one wonders, how good a Cupid are you if you’ve entangled three people in a love triangle? Get your arrows straight!

When a Man Loves is described as a melodrama surrounding a gangster who falls for a poor but hardworking woman. Too bad he’s married (to Chae Jung-ahn), and the drama unfolds around the intertwining lives of its four leads. Yeesh, I’ll say. The series premieres in April.

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130 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ht

    LOL I didn’t know who JB was and my mind automatically read as “Javebeans plays Cupid for Song Seung-heon, Shin Se-kyung”.

    • 1.1 ht

      Javabeans*. I have never seen him act, but woah, judging from your criticism, he must have been so bad at acting.

      • 1.1.1 Mystisith

        You can’t imagine… He became bearable in the 2 last eps of DH2 cause then the race was lost (ratings and critics) & he magically relaxed in front of the camera. Basically he was being himself instead of being a stick with a joker’s smile plastered on his face.

        • Valeri

          That’s slightly harsh… I think he was quite cute in Dream High 2, after all that was a teen drama and cuteness in more appreciated than acting skills πŸ˜‰

          • Mystisith

            Cute guys, we have plenty of them in kpopland. When I watch dramas, even with teens in it, I have minimum standards. There are talented guys out there, so why HIM? *Rhetoric question*

          • mariolawpanda

            Well, there are a lot of cute guys who are GREAT at acting in kdramas. Jr. who played that other cute boy in DH2, and JB’s partner in their kpop group JJ Project, was actually a lot better and was a lot cuter and acted better in his role.

        • Bengbeng

          is JB the same as Jae-bum in Romantic and Idol? I didn’t bother watching Dream High 2 as i don’t like the casting also, based on our JB’s comments during it’s broadcast, it was a bum =). good decision on my end i think =)

          • Farhana

            Indeed he is! I disliked him on RaI, his sudden u-turn at the end made no sense at all…

          • joybells

            Same guy.
            JB acting in dream high 2 is best left unsaid,but i thought he’s quite cute to look at.And then i saw him in R&I. sigh!!
            Dunno how much of the show was scripted,but so disappointed in him πŸ™

      • 1.1.2 zsa

        Not fair…how can Yunho get competition now!!!hahahaha…I have not seen him act, but i might just check it out for the fun of it…idols, please…go get some acting lessons if you’re serious about acting…that’s all we’re asking for…so that real actors don’t feel wronged too much for not getting roles…

    • 1.2 Okay

      Try watching him in romantic and idol… He can’t even act that right.

      • 1.2.1 Katie

        HAHAHAHAHA. He wasn’t very nice on that show…OY. I’m glad I didn’t watch Dream High 2 (actually I only caught bits and pieces of Dream High cuz of Suzy/Kim Soo Hyun).

        I wish Yeon Woo Jin wasn’t second lead though…I love Song Seung Heon cuz of My Princess, but ever since I started watching Ojakgyo Brothers, I’m OBSESSED with him and Joo Won.

    • 1.3 anvesha

      I had the same reaction.. Javabeans plays cupid? lol

      But.. that face! He resembles Mike He. If you’re a bad actor, don’t look like him and make me like you!!!

      • 1.3.1 Laurita

        No no no, he does not resemble Mike He in any way. See him “in action” and you’ll see (or, in this case, not see). πŸ™‚

        • anvesha

          thank god it’s just this pic… (I looked him up for fun)

        • Gaeina Lee

          The thing with Mike He is…he’s addictive!
          What I can see and not see of him make me glued to my screen.. ^^

          • dramalovers

            Yes, Mike He is very addictive…droolable!

          • anvesha

            That, he is.

    • 1.4 Dorotka

      I had completely the same reaction :–)

    • 1.5 blue_skye

      I read JB as javabeans, and se-kyung as Shi-kyung and was so excited… until the page fully loaded :'(

      • 1.5.1 Thursdaynexxt

        Haha, me too!

        Glad I’m not the only one seeing through 1N2D-coloured glasses! πŸ™‚

    • 1.6 daphine

      haha me too that was the first thing i thought cos i have no idea who he is and i was like ‘ohhhh Javabeans in a drama will be interesting a must watch’ πŸ™‚

    • 1.7 snow_white

      I’m so glad I didn’t watch Dream High 2 πŸ˜‰

    • 1.8 Belle3005

      I was like EH? Since when Javabeans plays cupid in the K-dramaverse?AHAHAHAH

    • 1.9 MicolaM

      So did I.

    • 1.10 bernie

      pwahaha glad i wasn’t the only one

  2. kay

    LOL one only hopes he has improved

  3. Annie

    Who keeps giving him roles? Why?

    Bundled with another actor because both are from the same agency? I don’t know. All I know is that it has to stop. Why not give roles to people who will actually be acting 10 years down the line? But, like any other field, I guess making a quick buck is more important than having long-term goals :/

    • 3.1 skelly

      As long as there are stupid fangirls willing to wade through any sort of dreck to gaze upon their beloveds, there will be idols pitchforked into dramas.

      Just watch, they will have him remove his shirt to guarantee a ratings spike.

      As watching idols stumble and grin their way through yet another terrible mockery of acting just raises my blood pressure, I will stay far away from this one. Thanks for the warning, javabeans.

  4. djes

    I think Yunho finally has competition. πŸ˜€

    Go go go JB, show us that you’re not THAT bad…

    • 4.1 JoAnne

      Aw come on…do you think Yunho was terrible in QofA? It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen him in and I have no affinity at all for TVX/DB/AlphabetSoup Whatever they are called and I didn’t think he was bad.

      • 4.1.1 Annie

        There were several scenes where I experienced severe second-hand embarassment… but I’ll admit to some pre-existing prejudice.

      • 4.1.2 Shortiesss

        I started Yawang and was expecting to have to fast-forward through all of Yunho’s scenes but I have to say, he did improve a bit from his Heading to the Ground days! Now only half his scenes are very bad, haha. The rest are pretty tolerable…I actually think Kim Hyun Joong is worse!

        • Annie

          Well, I’d agree with this. Yunho at least looks like he’s trying.

          • soonami

            oh I completely agree with this! He makes me cringe only half the time now. major improvement!!

          • maldita

            So damn true. I actually get some emotion from Yunho. And he’s even improving. Kim Hyunjoong’s been in many dramas and he still hasn’t improved from his default dead-fish eyes look.

  5. Francesca

    LOL I thought it was Javabeans played Cupid.

  6. YBisTOP

    Wow.. JB is just sooo…. ugh.. good looking! I can’t stop looking at his picture.

  7. ChickSeli

    Everytime I see him I think of his douchieness on Romantic and The Idol. Sorry JB πŸ™

    • 7.1 Carrie

      Oh I totally agree. I kept trying to blame it on how young he is, but I really just wanted one of the hyungs to smack him and say “that’s not how you treat someone”.

    • 7.2 dongsaeng killer

      This! It’s impossible for me to ever like him now cos I think he’s just a bag of douche. Cant ever see myself getting excited to see him on my screen.

    • 7.3 Gabby

      What did he do? :-O

      • 7.3.1 Katherine

        Where should we start ?!! LOL.

        JB was just a douchebag towards Seung Ah from their second date til the last episode. First dating round he was paired with Seung Ah and they hit it off and then second round he ended up being paired with a girl called Jei from Fiestar and that is where everything went down-hill LOL. After that date with Jei he had a complete one-sided love for her but due to the couple selection choices he kept getting paired up with Seung Ah til the end. It was fine that he didn’t like Seung Ah in the romantic sense but the way he handled their dates together was just horrible, he wouldn’t stop talking about Jei & just made everything depressing especially when they had to do a mission and he literally ran way from Seung Ah and refused to do it.

        I have to admit though I stuck to watching R&I just to see how everything would turn out for Seung Ah, it just sucked that none of the guys saw how awesome she and pretty much “Noona-zoned” her.

        • Gabby

          Ugh, good thing I’m not a fan, otherwise I’d feel so disappointed/let down.

          Thanks for the info!

  8. myra

    wow…but talking about premieres, i think this week there are 2 new dramas: NINE TRAVELS IN TIME on TvN and THE END OF THE WORLD on JTBC…but they aren’t listed here, i hope i’m not mistaken

  9. lmk

    This drama really do like to gather wooden actors. First, they got Song Seung Heon, then Shin Se Kyung, and now, this guy. LOL.

    • 9.1 hester

      ROFL…how can I thumbs up this comment?? πŸ˜€

    • 9.2 Mystisith

      Wait, my poor Yeon Woo Jin who is the only decent actor, is trapped in that nightmare. I just want to cry seriously…

      • 9.2.1 pogo

        I know, at least there’s no dishonour in playing second lead to Lee Jun-ki at the top of his game, but this……NO.

        • Lizzy4e

          Yeon Woo Jin is so talented. perhaps he can carry the whole show? no? *sigh*

          I am re-watching Arang right now.

          • KDR

            Agree.. He IS good!

      • 9.2.2 Gaeina Lee

        I want to try to stay optimist, but….

        Am off re-watching “Ordinary Love” to cure my longing to YWJ..

    • 9.3 ilikehim

      Win comment. And very true, too.

    • 9.4 Gork

      LOL omg…very true!

    • 9.5 Laurita

      lol, well said πŸ˜€

    • 9.6 Betsy Hp

      Wait… Is Shin Se-kyung known as a bad actress? (I thought she rocked in Tree with Deep Roots, but maybe that was her one starring moment?)

      • 9.6.1 lmk

        I don’t know tbqh. This is based on what I see of her in Fashion King. The way she acted in that made the character seems hollow and dull. She’s a blabbering mess with no backbone in that. Maybe it’s just me tho. The drama itself is a mess. LOL.

      • 9.6.2 KDR

        She was good in Tree…

      • 9.6.3 hanie

        Actually her character is well written in Tree but her other dramas, she is just mediocre imo.

      • 9.6.4 kfangurl

        That’s my exact thought! I first saw her in Tree and thought she was excellent in the role.. I’m only just seeing her again now as I watch High Kick 2, and she doesn’t suck, so I’m surprised that she’s got a rep as a bad actress..

        • seoulflysea

          The mark of a good actress is to BE a good actress, regardless of how badly or great the character is written. The actress may not have very much control over how her character is written but she DOES have control over how she’s supposed to ACT in it.

      • 9.6.5 Jyyjc

        Never watched Tree but I thought she sucked so bad in Fashion King. She probably appears to be a good actress in Tree because her character was written well (so I’ve heard).

    • 9.7 hanie

      *light bulb moment* oh… now that you put it that way, wow… damn.. Now I feel really bad for maknae oppa but there is no way I would watch this for him.

    • 9.8 Belle3005


    • 9.9 zsa

      I love this comment…i give it 1000 likes…Javabeans should really add ‘like’ button hahaha…I never warmed up to Shin Se Kyung…she appears so cocky and proud in and outside film…and how can that be good acting…you may not like an actor as a person, but still able to love the character they play coz he/she is good at it…but I’ve seen all her dramas and i’ve not gotten there…maybe this one will change my mind?

  10. 10 jandoe

    “I think Yunho finally has competition.”


  11. 11 christy

    Well this casting does seem on par, considering the rest of the cast. Plus, Song Seungheon no longer has to be the weakest link of a drama. So everyone wins….?

  12. 12 kaeseorin

    Aww well there’s always room for improvement! Maybe he’s gotten better since. I hope. Please. -crosses fingers-

  13. 13 Jomo's phone

    I am already on the fence for this one. Please stop giving me hilarious reasons NOT to watch.

    • 13.1 Gabby

      Or maybe this is just one more hilarious reason TO watch. In order to see who will be the wooden actor to rule all other wooden actors.

      At first I just thought this would be deadly dull and mediocre; now it’s starting to look hilariously, entertainingly bad.

  14. 14 Danna

    I think Yunho finally has competition.
    That bad, huh? and this is the show already has Song Seung Hoon *facepalms again*

  15. 15 goldeng

    I like jb’s voice and his dancing bu

    • 15.1 skelly

      Mysterious end of sentence “dancing bu”… dancing bureau? dancing buttons? dancing buccaneers? dancing bunions?

      • 15.1.1 Arhazivory


      • 15.1.2 lovenwait

        Hahahaha..my stomache hurts. You gave me a good laugh there. Thanks mysterious friend!

  16. 16 goldeng

    His acting is terrible… Really bad.. I liked Jr’s acting a lot more… I actually do.t even know how i was.able.to endure his crappy acting πŸ™ i like him but im not blind… Hope he improved or something…

  17. 17 demolita

    I think name should change into ‘When A Man(producer) Loves Making A Drama With WTF team’

    • 17.1 KDR


  18. 18 fun-lugha

    lols @ the Yunho reference…JB u nasty!!!

    • 18.1 KDR

      eyk reference? =P

      • 18.1.1 joybells

        keke..sounds like it

  19. 19 Wonbinlover

    Yunho is a terrible actor and I love DBSK. I didn’t watch him in Queen of Ambition but I heard from friends he’s tiny bit better. And yes JB was horrible in Dream high 2 so hopefully he’s going to show some type of improvement since it should not be hard to improve from being terrible.

    • 19.1 skelly

      I’m just continually amazed at how patient everyone is, willing to wait through show after show to witness some sort of improvement. Why oh why is everyone so willing to cut idols so much slack? Is it because they are packaged so appealingly? Is it like stomping on Hello Kitty to say they can’t act and don’t deserve to be there?

      • 19.1.1 hanie

        I dunno about everyone else but in my case (yunho;HTTG), it is because I already love his idol persona. You watch that idol on varieties/interviews/banjun drama and you like what you see. You watch the drama to support that idol.

        Then you got shocked at his/her acting and hastily jump on that denial train while chanting ‘it would get better, it would get better’. After sometime, you may jump off from that train but some stays. I jump off and see the light. LOL

    • 19.2 Jyyjc

      Ugh, same here, dbsk fan since 2007 and i couldn’t finish HTTG. I skimmed theough queen of ambition recently and uhh..he’s … I dunno… Its better than the overacting in HTTG I guess. If only he could transfer all that charisma on stage into his acting.

      I would also like to nominate kim hyunjoong as JB’s rival.

    • 19.3 maldita

      I was sick and bored enough to actually finish HTTG and the only good thing about the show was that Yunho looked so good in it. I had my doubts when casting news of him in Yawang came up, but I checked it out anyway because I like Kwon Sangwoo and I wanted to see Yunho. A few episodes in and Yunho was obviously the worst in the cast, but definitely better than in HTTG. Then again, if he was horrible in his first drama, there was no way to go but up. I’ve stayed mostly for the makjang-y story and while there are quite a few very cringe-worthy Yunho scenes, he’s decent enough to not make me rage at his beautiful face. The most recent episode was his best performance so far and it’s nice to see that he’s improving.

      Damn, I sound like such a stan.

  20. 20 Brian

    I had such high hopes for Dream High 2 — but JB and the writers snuffed them all out for me. I’ve never seen such odd facial expressions, it became a challenge to guess his feelings. “Is he feeling guilt? Anger? Angst? Has to pee?” Who knows?

    Oh well, everyone deserves a second chance, but not everyone is a triple threat.

  21. 21 Trina

    So, will he be worse than mr. Hand Towel. Should we play who has emotions better in this drama of everybody.

  22. 22 JC

    JB actually is the worst actor ever. Even with all of the other (myriad) flaws in DH2, if you ask me what went wrong with that series, my automatic response is guaranteed to have his name somewhere in it.
    Hooray for Song Seung-hoon, though. Finally, a costar for him who can make Hand Towel’s character look like he actual has emotions and facial expressions.

  23. 23 Gaeina Lee

    I do hope the whole cast and production team would deliver a watchable-cringefree drama..
    Otherwise, how would I watch my YWJ playing gangsta? (v.v)”

  24. 24 DarknessEyes

    tbh Yunho HAS gotten better, especially in his latest drama… I’m not going to contest Heading to the Ground tho lol

  25. 25 h0ns niech

    I’d really love to have headsno2 to cover up this drama for us.. It would be so much fun there knowing all the facts now… Hehehehe..

    • 25.1 Laica

      Poor Heads doesn’t deserve to have SSH inflicted on her again. Especially in a drama with such a trainwreck of a plot as this one sounds.

  26. 26 crazedlu

    Yurp. Worthy adversary, Yunho. Worthy adversary.

  27. 27 hanie

    Like everyone else, I was thinking ‘what in the world Javabeans want to get involve in SSH & SSK biz?’ but to my relief, it is a different JB. The idol wooden ones. fuhhh… Javabeans good name still intact.

    meh.. he got cast to make SSH looks he can act. That is all I can think as a reason. I mean, didn’t the casting director watch a snippet of DH2?? I thinking this drama will be Fashion King 2.0 and this time around, the victim would be Maknae Oppa/YWJ..

  28. 28 anna

    I honestly didn’t see how SSH is THAT awful of an actor because I always thought he was decent enough. If an actor/ess doesn’t make me cringe while watching their scene (ie yunho is Heading to the Ground) then they’re not that bad. BUT then I watched Dr. Jin and finally see the light. I get it now. Let’s not forget Kim Hyun Joong in this competition tho.

  29. 29 myr

    Man, I’m a fan of both Yunho and JB in the idol department but even I can’t handle them when it comes to acting… but we can’t really stop this kind of things (getting cast in a drama) especially when their companies are two of the big three so might as well get used to it.. I just hope they get better in time… because, you know, it’s such a waste.

  30. 30 s

    jb was ok. anyways jb is cute

    • 30.1 skelly

      Sigh. Can I stomp on Hello Kitty yet?

      • 30.1.1 Mystisith

        Need help?

      • 30.1.2 mskololia

        You two will be very busy because idols invading Kdramas and replacing “actors” seems to be the trend in Kdramaland.

  31. 31 Jyyjc

    Who’s the team behind this project? Because i hope it’ll be a trainwreck since the main cast consists mostly of bad actors. It would be a big shame and waste for a drama with good writing and directing to go to ssh and ssk of all people.

  32. 32 kfangurl

    I saw the trainwreck that was DH2.. and JB was one of the worst actors of the bunch. That’s saying a lot coz many of them weren’t any good to begin with >.<

    So both SSH and JB in a drama.. does not sound promising to me πŸ˜›

  33. 33 Rita

    tq jb,

    I thought you play cupid jb!

    Kdramas trend, late middle age actors acting with

    younger actresses.

  34. 34 Gabby

    I hope SSH is ready to make the most of this golden opportunity. In his past projects he’s been consistently surrounded by superior acting that’s thrown his subpar abilities into sharp relief – even Kim Tae-hee outdid him in his one shining moment of not sucking, My Princess – that it’s a rare occurrence indeed when he’s slated to share scenes with someone decidedly worse than him. Chew that scenery, Hand Towel. Chew it.

    • 34.1 YY

      I thought he did a pretty good job acting opposite Brain Fetus. It’s tough acting with the unborn and I thought he had a lot of chemistry with the fetus, even though the jar did come in between both of them at times.

      • 34.1.1 skelly


      • 34.1.2 Gabby

        You’re absolutely right. I forgot about the masterfully acted pas de deux between SSH and Brain Fetus. So many complex shades to that relationship.

  35. 35 Bro

    Dream High 2 was horrible. Only reason I tried to continue watching was because Jinwoon’s character was interesting and had a nice background story. JB was horrible especially considering he was a lead character. I think Jr (other guy from JJ Project for those who don’t know) is a better actor but maybe that’s just because his role was just a support. But hey who knows, all actors can improve. Hopefully JB has improved.

  36. 36 CrazilyAddicted

    it’s his face that gets him his roles.

  37. 37 cielo009

    He’s not good at acting and he’s not really that famous for him to get casted based on his popularity, I have to say this, sponsors? We all know how the entertainment industry can get.

    Here’s to hoping that this drama won’t be a big trainwreck like the last dramas of the leads (Dr. Jin and Fashion King).

  38. 38 YY

    I have so much love for SSH. This guy has a knack for making me happy in all his shows. When he’s acting all broody and angsty, I’m laughing so much I’m crying. When he’s acting bug-eyed shocked, I’m rolling on the floor and pulling my hair out in clumps. It’s hysterical how much fun I have watching a SSH show. This new show is going to be no different. He’s going to be all east of eden-y again….so excited.

    • 38.1 jomo

      I do agree that there is something very watchable about him in his badness.

      However YYou have more power than I have to keep watching.
      I couldn’t finish EoE, and I got really far into it before I gave up. Did you really watch all of Jin?

  39. 39 samy

    I wish all to have a life as thoughts of your comments .
    Thoughts addressed someone return to who the that it write or think. All your life be to way as thoughts of comments, materials…success. When you want someone evil, that evil might come to you .. the attention.
    This blog is anti some actors? so I noticed..

    • 39.1 jomo

      Au contraire, mon frere, this blog likes actors.

      • 39.1.1 Mystisith

        Yep. We wouldn’t mind more of “actors” on our headlines…
        Also, may I precise than the ones who started this karma thing ARE the “people we wish evil to”. Disappear from our screens and we will stop bitching… ^^

  40. 40 lolipop

    okay this JB boy really need to take acting classes. IF he seriously considering acting. he is.. ermmm.. well everybody knows his acting skills.

    i don’t understand why idols who cant act get an important role in a drama. just stick to singing and dancing, please.

    but….. JYJ’s Yoochun, BigBang’s TOP, Suju’s Siwon they started quite stiff (my opinion) but really improve a lot now. at least they weren’t terrible when they started acting like ‘certain idols’.

    i’m sorry to say this, but KHJ, and T-ara’s Jiyeon, and ‘few others’, i don’t think they improve.

  41. 41 sbird03

    I think your critic is too harsh. We all knew that he is NEW. No everyone always success in the first time. JB is still learn. I think what the most he needs now/then is support from us.

    • 41.1 skelly

      This is a profession, not a class. This is business, not a charity.

      I don’t see why I need to “support” ANY weedy young idol attempting something they have obviously not trained for and/or are unsuited for.

      You want to act? Work your way up and get some experience, rather than stepping on the heads of more experienced and talented actors (with less clout and $$$$ backing) to start out in prime time.

      The problem with idols is that most of them aren’t even a triple threat. Not only can’t they act, but several of them are horrible singers and most can only dance because they have someone putting them through a rehearsal wringer for hours at a time (perfect example, 2PM’s Chansung). They are packaged, primped, and pre-sold, so of course this leads their handlers to think that they can be re-packaged and shoved down our throats as actors. These handlers know that for a prime portion of the viewing public, “cute” is the only requirement.

      • 41.1.1 shiku

        Clap, clap, clap. *standing ovation*

      • 41.1.2 Gabby


    • 41.2 mskololia

      So do you adhere to the frog theory for idols transitioning into acting where the audience is content to be seduced by the cute and therefore not expect anything else from the drama especially if the PD throws in a HEA?

  42. 42 tieuyeunu

    wow…I stuck through Dream High 2 and seriously didn’t think he was that bad. He was a stick in the mud a lot of times and the only time I really disliked him was when he was dating Hyesung…Now that was a character I could not like.

    I thought he did OK for a first timer, could have been better had he played a more cheerful character.

    Give the kid a chance, he hopefully would be better this time round.

    • 42.1 Aliya

      Your comment is a breath of fresh air. Thank you. I feel like people are being too harsh on him. Ok so he wasn’t that great at expressing certain emotions in DH2, but it was his first time acting and he could have gotten better. At least wait until this show has started before you determine that he hasn’t improved. I tried to ignore all the comments but I just had to say this. Now the only one i’m not excited to see act is Mr. Hand towel ._. For some reason, I can’t get into any character he plays ._. Either way, I wish this show good luck!

      • 42.1.1 skelly

        Now I am curious. Does your comment mean that you have given up on Mr. Hand Towel’s ability to improve as an actor? Can he now be officially called a lost cause, a horrible actor, without the danger of being called “too harsh”?
        How many chances do “actors” such as JB get, before it can be universally acknowledged (without fear of meanness or hurting someone’s feelings) that they are a lost cause, artistically? 2? 3? 4? Or is it when they are no longer considered cute?

    • 42.2 anonymouseeee

      exactly. it was his first time. i don’t get why people are so harsh about it. Suzy wasn’t exactly good in DH1 but the story line was amazing and her role was easier than JB’s. She just had to act “:|” all the time. Even she admitted it. But she improved.

      And if you’re saying why did he even get that role, well that’s ’cause of JYP. He’s trying to hype up his new group so of course he’d put in JB and Jr. And JB is pretty talented (just not in acting. yet? we’ll see) so he showed it through DH2. Him being casted in when a man…, he’s a support right? he and Jr. are trying to earn experience, they just happened to be part of the main cast in DH2 cause of JYP.

      And with R&I, I get that he was a douche. But seriously, stop thinking everything there was true. Pretty sure it was scripted. Would the producers even allow JB to be that harsh if they didn’t say it themselves? I bet JB knew this would even hurt his image but what could he do. You guys believe everything you’re given.

      I’m not even a fan of JB but you guys just hate on someone too hard. Calling him the worst is just :|. Seriously, it’s not even his fault JYP loves him.

  43. 43 cm

    Hahaha, Yunho finally has competition? JB vs Yunho. Oooh this one is hard to say which one is worse. Hmm, I guess I’d have to go with Yunho because he’s had more opportunities (as in projects) to improve and hasn’t. Or hasn’t at least to my knowledge. I’m not watching Yawang. Has JB done anything else besides DH2? If so I’m not aware of it. I could give him the benefit of the doubt as that was his first project. But I agree with the posters above. SSH and JB is not instilling me with confidence in this project. And not that SSK is a bad actress but when I see her casted in something I don’t really get all excited about watching her. There’s always something plain about her. Looks like I’ll be skipping this one.

  44. 44 Skyblaze77

    Can’t help but say this: JB is a pretty appalling actor and yet I still like him, he’s just so adorable in real life! I’m inclined to give him some slack cos it was his first project (although I do think he shouldn’t have taken a main role) yet I hope he can do this one well at least, else i can only lose hope…

  45. 45 anon

    you guys must have really not seen bad acting if you think JB is the worst actor you’ve ever seen. he wasn’t good, but he wasn’t a dead fish. this was his first role that he was put into to boost coverage for jj project’s debut. he was a teen in the process of maturing and it shows in his acting.

    there was a lot of awkward smirking and unnatural smiling which was really pretty bad; he himself cringed uncontrollably at his acting when he looked back at it and knew it wasn’t right but as he’s talented in other aspects and comes across as sharp-minded so hopefully will have picked up on his weaker points and worked on them, with any luck, improving them.

    he was playing an awkward, conflicted, badly written character- in fact all the characters were poorly written, contradicting themselves every other scene, and breaking down any basis of a character they had managed to build at that point. they were all over the place, and bad writing like that makes in difficult for anyone to really get into a character, something these actors shouldn’t be penalised for.
    i noticed though that all jb’s scenes with jiyeon/rian were much better written and much much better acted, which is why people are agreeing his acting improved later on, when they had more scenes together.

    basically, yes JB wasn’t great, but dream high 2 in general was crap and he could have been a lot worse.

    this drama was pretty much made to get JYP attraction from fangirls if we’re honest here, and so it’s not the case of a better actor losing out on a job, rather of a different soon-to-be-idol being popularised.

    i’m not an idiot, it was poor work. i’ve just seen enough bad acting to know that he’s being slated unjustly here.

  46. 46 Winda Altra

    I enjoyed Dream High 2 a lot and fell in love with him so easy. So sad to read all the bad comments over his acting. I really think he was not that bad. Even rewatch the drama over and over and never get enough. He was cute and sincere. Love him so much and waiting for his more roles in acting projects. Love his voice too, his dance too. Just love him so much.

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