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Lee Chung-ah joins weekend drama Wonderful Mama
by | March 4, 2013 | 28 Comments

Lee Chung-ah (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) has two new projects headed our way. First, she’s joined the cast of the Kim Sun-ah movie The Five, which is shooting now, but won’t hit theaters for a while. And then she also just signed on to upcoming weekend family drama Wonderful Mama, starring Jung Kyeo-woon and Jung Yumi, set to air this spring. Busy girl, but I’m glad to see her back on screens both big and small.

In the drama she’ll play Jung Yumi’s best friend, described as a doormat type, who incites other people’s protective instincts. She’s a sweet, sincere girl who’s also a walking disaster. Oy with this dramaland character type that will not die. She’s disregarded by her husband, and constantly taken advantage of by others, but is lovable and childlike in her innocence. Jung Yumi’s heroine is a rather bratty spoiled princess at the start of the story, which fits the bill for their likely unbalanced friendship. Poor thing. But the heroine will also have a big transformation arc to make her a better person, so hopefully Lee Chung-ah will get one where she grows a backbone and doesn’t let herself get trampled.

Wonderful Mama is, as the title would suggest, a mom-centric family drama. Bae Jong-ok stars as a loan shark mom who gets diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s and hurries to impart every bit of mothering that she can to her three adult children before it’s too late. Jung Yumi is the eldest daughter, and Jung Kyeo-woon plays her love interest. The siblings have yet to be cast.

I’m probably a little more excited for Lee Chung-ah’s part in The Five, seeing as how it’s more of a departure for her. Taking part in a revenge scheme to kill a serial killer — so not your average goody two shoes role. But you have to practically forget about movies and just be pleasantly surprised when they’re released, otherwise playing the waiting game with one is like a masochistic test of patience.

Wonderful Mama follows My Love Madame Butterfly and premieres in May.

Via SBS E!


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    haven’t seen any of her dramas…..

    • 1.1 kfangurl

      Really? I thought you would’ve seen Flower Boy Ramyun Shop at least..

  2. Siiri

    First! 🙂

    • 2.1 Maricel

      u.u , this is kind of sad…but, nope. You are not.

  3. blokkoms

    ‘weekend family drama’ – SKIP.

    But I’m excited for ‘The Five’: it sounds like an even darker ‘Ahjussi’…

    • 3.1 bjharm

      and not even the lead in it..still steady pay I guess.

  4. Annie

    I like her. A lot.

    But ugh @ the overdone storyline. Plus, how big can her role really be when there are 2 other sisters besides Jung Yoomi?


    • 4.1 am

      Being her fan is heartbreaking. Not enough news or projects.

      • 4.1.1 lovenwait

        I agree with you! I love her so much since her Temptation of the Wolves day. I get giggle everytime I see any news on her..let alone her dramas and I am a girl. I thought FBRS was a breakthrough for her but second lead..again? Sigh..I will check out the drama and the movie because of her..plus I like the male lead too.

  5. ht

    Ok for a moment I was totally ‘whattttt’ cos I thought Yumi has another new drama which stars Kim Hye-soo. But oh, turns out to be another Jung Yumi.

  6. myra

    can anyone tell me how many episodes are left for MY LOVE MADAME BUTTERFLY? more than 7? because otherwise how could WONDERFUL MAMA premiere so late, in may and not early april?

    and what about yoon sang-hyun new drama, I LOVE YOU, AHJUSHI? there’s no news about it anymore…and i always thought it’s a SBS weekend drama…

    • 6.1 Annie

      MLMB may get extended so this drama can get a head start on filming. But another article I read said that Wonderful Mama would be premiering in April so maybe DB made an error? Or the other article?

  7. Melmax

    Love her!!! Great in comedy and Melos… Thanks..

  8. canxi

    I really like Lee Chung Ah. I prefer her in lead roles rather than second fiddle though. She’s so bright and shiny and bubbly, I just want to see her in the forefront all the time, lol.

  9. Lovebug

    watching for my love Jung gyu woon! Like her too!

  10. 10 milkmustache

    Which Jung Yumi is this? The one from Rooftop Prince? o_O

  11. 11 Maricel

    This remind me of Marriage plot. There’s always a dying mother trying to teach their spoiled children. It’s true that some things shaken
    your life and make you realize what you hadn’t seen before. Even so i think they should have done a better job, when their kids were younger.

  12. 12 Enz

    I can’t believe it! Just before clicking on this site, I was googling her, wondering why she has been so quiet since FBRS. I love her acting. So happy she’s back to work!

  13. 13 DAEBAK!

    I love to watch her act. She just catches my attention whenever she comes on screen.

    • 13.1 zsa

      that’s right…even in smaller roles like in ‘accidental couple’….she’s not akward at all against big timers Hwng JM….she’s one scene stealer…

      • 13.1.1 Enz

        Agreed. In finding mr destiny, she was the sister to Im soo Jung and you still notice her.

  14. 14 Noelle

    eww i already hate her character.

  15. 15 damn

    heard kim ji suk is part of this drama too… wonder what character will he play..

  16. 16 LangitBiru

    So this will be in what channel? i love Lee Chung Ah.

  17. 17 Little_Giant

    Hhmmm…I really wasn’t a fan of her in FBRS. I struggled to finish that drama, which says a lot because I love JIW, but I just found her character really annoying and her chemistry with JIW lacking. Still I could see she was talented even if I didn’t enjoy her character, so i’m willing to watch her in other things before writing her off completely. She looks really pretty in the picture used in the article.

  18. 18 miisy

    i really like her! was really excited about seeing her in a new drama but shes not the lead!? 🙁

  19. 19 shoo...

    they started script reading already…

    and is that kim ji suk? don’t know who’s the other guy..

  20. 20 Mar

    She looks great in that photo. I like that actress, she’s a little different. And FBRS Eun bi is one of my favorite female leads.

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