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Level 7 Civil Servant: Episode 15
by | March 13, 2013 | 97 Comments

Illustration by Ally

We just had too many awesome illustrations not to include more. Seriously, how great are they?

It’s more of the same for Level 7 Civil Servant, with trust stepping forward as a major thematic player and alliances shifting, sorta. The ratings are dropping, though it’s little wonder now that the big relationship plot twists are mostly over: Today’s episode hit 7.9%, while IRIS 2 swung back into double digits at 10.0% and That Winter, The Wind Blows remained in first with 14.2%.


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Seo-won hug-tackles Gil-ro to the snow. He confesses his love for her, to which she calls him a jerk. So romantic, right? At least she follows that with a kiss, and they lay there on the snow for a while.

Finally, it’s time for this Mission of Dubious Efficacy to come to an end, and the NIS team drives back home. Gil-ro and Seo-won steal looks at each other in the front seat of the car while the agents in the backseat doze. Gil-ro takes advantage of the moment to make a grab for Seo-won’s hand but she slaps him away, feeling too self-conscious with an audience, even if they are asleep. They bicker back and forth and the car swerves in its lane, till finally Young-soon mutters at Gil-ro to keep his hands on the wheel.

When they arrive outside her place, he tries to finagle an invitation indoors, which she shuts down. He tells her he’s got no place to go with Dad having kicked him out again, but she says that if she lets him in, she won’t want to let him go. And the problem is…?

With a peck on the cheek, Seo-won sends him off, and he’s too adorably pleased with the kiss that he just laughs happily.

Once inside, Seo-won takes out her box of mementos and unbanishes Gil-ro Monkey from exile, going to bed hugging it close. And to think, she coulda had the real deal instead of that doll.

Sun-mi is silent and peevish to Do-ha the whole drive home, which he notes but doesn’t understand, and frankly I’ve already forgotten why she’s so pissy in the first place. Oh right, the mole thing. I guess that’s a big deal, though it’s hard to tell with the way these characters react.

Sun-mi continues the silent treatment at the office, where he asks her for an explanation. But then she turns back to confront him after all and gives Do-ha a chance to confide, asking if there’s anything he has to say to her. Something he can’t tell anyone, perhaps. He says no, and she’s had it: “Have a nice life, asshole.” She storms off.

Director Oh lies prone in the backseat of a car in the aftermath of his gassing, courtesy of JJ. Only now, he’s sporting a bloody chest wound to boot, and Mi-rae looms over his body smirking, gun in hand. Just the kind of unimportant thing we don’t need to see onscreen or anything.

Director Oh’s assistant seems a bit cagey about his boss’s whereabouts, saying that he texted in a day off. It makes me wonder what angle the aide is working, but Won-seok doesn’t doubt him. He does, however, intend to disregard Director Oh’s orders for him to keep his nose out of the JJ investgation, and insists on seeing him directly.

The aide refuses to allow him, but Won-seok pulls a few literal punches on the agents who try to block his way, and he barks that while the director’s gone, he’s in charge.

Won-seok confronts JJ in the interrogation room, who looks startled to have his target right here in the flesh. He vows, “I’m going to kill you,” which Won-seok just laughs off with an indulgent Sure, go ahead and try, like he’s talking to a child. JJ furrows his brow like this is all very wrong and unexpected. What, you mean there was a flaw in your amazing ski-chase-theft-diversion plan?

It’s curious that they don’t actually seem to know who this dude is, since the first question is, “Where is John J?” Because… John J is JJ, no? If there’s another faceless spy out there going by the name John J, I’m going to slap somebody.

JJ growls that Won-seok doesn’t have the investigation authority in his case, and sits there glaring at an unruffled Won-seok.

The tables turn, though, and JJ finally gets a rise out of Won-seok by referring to that old mission that went awry in Thailand — and how he should’ve killed Won-seok along with Choi. He taunts him with the fact that Won-seok ran away, leaving his injured teammate behind, and asks what’s the value in a mission that forces you to ditch your man?

He adds that he also killed the other guy — the teammate Won-seok ran away with. Hm, JJ’s talking like he’s taking credit for his bro’s kills, though I suppose it’s a team revenge we’re talking about.

Since Do-ha has been ordered to keep tabs on everyone, he logs on to Gil-ro’s computer, though he awkwardly jumps to shut off the screen when Gil-ro enters. At least Gil-ro doesn’t find his suspicious behavior suspicious, and Do-ha gets away with saying he was tidying up.

Gil-ro settles into his seat and tries again to break into the “classed” file regarding his father. He gets nowhere with the password and tries to actively hack the NIS server — and Do-ha sees this from his own computer, having installed a spyware program. He reports it to Director Oh like a good little mole.

Gil-ro picks Seo-won up at home to take her to work, bearing breakfast. But when Seo-won doesn’t press him to explain where he spent the night, he gets miffed — basically he wants her to nag and pester while he gets to withhold, but her agreeableness makes him pout. These people, I swears. He pouts, asking why she has so little interest in what he does.

Seo-won proposes instating a Rule No. 1: “Even if we don’t tell each other something, we’ll trust each other.” She follows that with Rule 2: Don’t let the office see they’re dating. Rule 3: Obey what she says. These aren’t very fun rules.

Then it’s over to the farm for some parent scenes. Bathroom break!

Okay I’m back. What’d I miss?

Judging from the way the parents bicker and how Seo-won’s suspiciously un-busy army brother pesters Mom for food, I’m thinking nothing. So… dad wants to raise deer now? If I get anything from this couple’s storyline so far, it’s that they deserve for their businesses to fail.

At work (where they arrive separately, making Gil-ro late), Seo-won presents him with an elongated Rules list. She has added No. 4: Don’t get angry more than twice a day. Uh, are you counting yourself in these rules? Rule 5 has Gil-ro protesting immediately: Don’t step one foot inside her place without permission.

They bicker back and forth until they agree that he can write up his own rules. Why do I feel like all of his are going to be about skinship?

But no, his Rule 1 is “Don’t lie.” But she balks at that, since it’s an occupational hazard and she can’t promise that. Gil-ro amends the rule to ask for her door code. She refuses that, too, ignoring his elaborate scenario where she’s sick and collapsed on the floor and needs him to burst in to take her to the hospital.

Seo-won then asks Gil-ro about his father’s top-secret documents and asks him to give them to her, “For both of our good.” This time she’s not being ordered to get them, but wants to solve this case because as long as she’s investigating his father’s actions, it’ll be a bump in their relationship. Pointing out that he’s too afraid to ask his father directly, she says that her wish is for them to solve it together.

Gil-ro bristles, as is his knee-jerk reaction to all suspicions regarding his father, and draws the line in the sand: Don’t talk to him about his father. Also, he tells her to forget her rules: “Does love follow rules? No, it follows the heart.” Well, I’m glad someone figured that out.

President Han gets a surprise visit from the police, who rather forcibly start to escort him out for questioning at the station. He’s protesting and sweating bullets, but thankfully for him the head cop gets a call and suddenly changes his tune, apologizing for the misunderstanding. They leave, and President Han breathes a shaky sigh of relief.

Hm, could this possibly have something to do with the sudden reappearance of Director Oh? So he wasn’t killed after all. What does it say that I’m actually half-expecting Mi-rae to have performed magical high-tech surgery on him so she can now control him via remote? I mean, it would be about as sensical as half the stuff in this show.

In any case, his brush with death must have had him thinking dire thoughts, because his first comments to Won-seok are, “You know I love you, don’t you?” He gets Won-seok to assure him that he trusts him, and then orders the case out of Won-seok’s hands. He’ll take over from now on and handle the rest, so the NIS team is to be disbanded and reassigned to new tasks.

Won-seok is, naturally, totally confused by the suddenness of these orders, as well as the explanation that their information was faked and they no longer have grounds to keep JJ.

In flashback, we see the reason for his change of heart: He stirs awake from his car with a bloody wound in his side, and gets a gun to the back of the head. Mi-rae gives him an ultimatum: Die now, or make a deal.

JJ has refused to eat the food offered him, and Won-seok angrily grabs his head to growl that he has no right to waste taxpayer money. But it’s just an excuse for him to grab some DNA, since he walks off with a fistful of hair.

Sun-mi reports to her two trainers about Do-ha’s double-agent status, and while the initial reaction is anger, Won-seok decides this is his perfect chance to turn the tables. Their team has been ordered to disband, but this has just made him more determined to double his efforts and catch the bad guys before they’re actually forced to shut down. They’ll use Do-ha by feeding him false intel, and get Director Oh off their backs.

So: Seo-won and Gil-ro will be put on Mission: Get Dad’s Documents, the rest of the team is to pretend like they’re taking it easy, and Sun-mi is to stick to Do-ha’s side like glue to hand him wayward information. So the next time she sees him, she slaps on a sunny smile and tells him the team is off early and that they’ll be quitting the case soon.

Seo-won asks Gil-ro out on a coffee date, but tonight he’s the one feeling tired and detached, having shut down her attempts to talk to him about his father’s case. She says she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, and he sighs, “Then.. let’s stop seeing each other for now.” Wait, so did you break up or is this just talk?

In another flashback, we see the deal struck between Director Oh and Mi-rae, as she demands JJ’s freedom. In exchange, she’s prepared to offer him prime intel — a roster of names and profiles of a whole slew of international criminals and corporate spies. It’s a pretty big carrot to dangle in front of the ambitious director, who would get all the credit for the captures.

Mi-rae also wants the name of Director Oh’s partner, and learns for the first time that it’s Won-seok. Seriously, Show? You have these baddies whipping up a twenty-year-long revenge with shadow companies and false identities and she couldn’t find a single name?

In any case, that’s the dilemma facing Director Oh now: Fame and accolades, in exchange for giving up Won-seok’s life. Somehow I don’t have a good feeling about Won-seok’s life. His aide confirms that the roster of names is legit, and that seals the deal: Director Oh orders the casefiles deleted and JJ released tomorrow.

Seo-won eats a meager dinner alone that night, and gets a surprise visit from Gil-ro, armed with take-out for her. Aw. Is that his way of canceling the “Let’s break up” conversation? Of course, he could just actually cancel that “Let’s break up” conversation. But that would be logical.

Gil-ro sweetly doesn’t press her to invite him in, though it sort of looks like he’s holding in a fart for all the effort it takes him to restrain himself, and Seo-won lets him go. He trudges off glumly.

But just as she’s about to dig in to the expensive sushi set, he calls from her courtyard to ask whether the restaurant included ginger. She lies that they did in fact forget, and he darts off to make a second delivery. He drops off the ginger, then leaves again, then calls again to check whether she got soy sauce. She lies and says no, and off he runs again to buy some.

Okay, so it’s kind of cute, but mostly stupid. WHY is this a rule again? Are you twelve? Will your chaperone disapprove? Will your hall monitor kick you out of school if boys sneak in? See, if this was all about her not wanting to sleep with him, I’d respect that choice. But it’s about her wanting to sleep with him and being afraid/embarrassed/ashamed to want to sleep with him and therefore keeping him away with lies and excuses, and that is just lame. How about you people just own your feelings, for once? How about that, HUH? *shakes head*

When he shows up with a liter of soy sauce, Seo-won yells, “Are you going to come and go all night?” Uh, and whose rules ARE they in the first place, missy? You don’t get exasperation rights!

Finally she tells him, “Either go home, or press 04283* and come in!” She slams the door in his face, and he grins. He lets himself in and gives her a hug.

Then they sit eating sushi together, though when he moves in for a kiss, she shoves a piece of shrimp in his mouth. If you’re going to refuse all his kisses, then you don’t deserve his kisses!

Too bad the romantic(?) dinner is cut short by a drunk and sad Sun-mi at the door. Seo-won barks Rule 2 at him and shoves him into the closet, and there he sits for a long, long night of waiting.

Seo-won tries to usher Sun-mi out at every opportunity, but Sun-mi starts sobbing and wants company and they’re just stuck there.

It does give Seo-won a chance to explain herself to Gil-ro, though — those captive audiences sure are convenient — when Sun-mi asks how she could stand lying to him all this time. Seo-won admits that she resented her duty and hated to lie, “Because I really liked Gil-ro.”

Sun-mi doesn’t explain what has her feeling so down, denying that it’s Do-ha, so all Seo-won can advise is, “Don’t do it.” She tells her not to hurt someone even if it’s supposedly for her mission, because it makes you small — even though you love someone, you have to keep begging to be trusted.

It is a sweet way to get Gil-ro to see her side, and he softens to hear the explanation. Although he’s still stuck inside that wardrobe for a good long while yet, because Sun-mi invites Young-soon to join them and soon it becomes a whole girls’ night in.

Toward the end of the night as the drinking winds down, the conversation turns to the topic of faith and trust (or did it never leave it?), and Young-soon muses that you’ve gotta hit rock bottom to realize what it is that you believe, and once you make that discovery it’ll stick with you for the rest of your life. Seo-won sighs that she doesn’t want Gil-ro to have to fall to rock bottom.

In the morning, finally, the ladies leave and Gil-ro falls out of the closet painfully. They get ready for the day, but it isn’t work that he drives to but his home — he tells her, “I’m going to try hitting rock bottom.”

I guess all that talk about trust really got to him, and he has finally decided to confront his fears and get those documents from his father and find out what the truth is. And in the event that his father is guilty and Gil-ro can’t forgive him, he asks Seo-won to — because he’ll need to lean on her.

So Seo-won waits in the car while Gil-ro sits with his father and asks point blank, “Who is John J?” He slides over a picture of Uhmforce and asks if Dad knows him.

Dad is immediately on high alert and demands to know where he got this information, and this guilty questioning only confirms to Gil-ro that his suspicions are right. He presses onward with more questions that go ignored, while Dad insists that all his dealings were legit. And Gil-ro connects some dots himself and says, realizing, “Is John J the son of Choi Heung-soo?”

Finally it’s time to lay out his cards, and Gil-ro tells his father, “I’m a national agent.” This he follows with a question: “Are you a bad guy?”

Dad doesn’t confirm or deny, though his silence is pretty damning, and he leaves muttering to himself. Gil-ro is crushed.

He returns to the car heavy-hearted, trying to go for a smile as he assures Seo-won that he’s okay. He reminds himself, “My father has always been able to do anything for money. So I’m not even surprised.”

She takes his hand comfortingly as he breaks down, “But… even though it’s obvious… even though I knew this would happen…” And he leans on her as he sobs.


Sooooo… this show is feeling long, isn’t it? Why isn’t it over yet? The revenge plot was marginally interesting when it was still going, if only for the fact that there was a goal in sight. But now the deal is over and we’re playing the perpetual game of Bad Guy 1 scrambling to save Bad Guy 2, who scrambles to save Bad Guy 1 right back. Truth be told, that’s actually more compelling than anything our good guys are going through, though, because at least there are stakes and challenges.

I’m a bit tired of the whole trust game with Seo-won and Gil-ro, mostly because it seems so pointless now. They both know they’re agents, they both know what the game is, all the cards are on the table… there’s just very little zip and ‘zazz left in this setup, so now their arguments that go ’round in circles make me want to tear out my hair. No, their hair. Why sacrifice myself for their stupidity?

The bickering could still be cute, because when it’s about silly little things I can close an eye (or two) and smile along. But when it’s based in an argument that Makes No Sense (like their Rules), I just want to take those rules and stuff them up her nose. Are you adults or aren’t you?

As for the new Bad Guy Twist: I don’t get why Director Oh had to be manipulated because we were already thinking he was up to major shadiness. So now he just goes from one brand of shadiness to another. Ho-hum. Bad guy is still bad, but in a different way. This is not a game-changer. I wish it were, because I’m ready for a new game now. Who’s up for poker?

Illustration by VegePip


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          I agree. It’s pretty hard to watch, but I don’t want to give up yet since it’s almost finished.

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    It’s only after having seen Joo-Won in 1n2d and in interviews that I see how great of an actor he is. He’s so different in real life from the characters he’s played. He’s like a shy little, affectionate pup – so different from on screen.
    Joo- Won fighting!!!

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      Kinda glad that I decided not to watch L7CS, I wouldn’t have the time to watch this now even if I thought it was interesting.

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      my thoughts exactly. it seems like a good story at first. but then again, he didnt get to read the full scripts when he took the role. actors are given only several scripts to read, then they can choose if they want to do the drama or not. once they’ve chosen it, it’s a definite no-way-out.

      it’s sad to see the drama ratings drop, though it’s not unexpected. i really hope he chooses better dramas/movies right after the drama ends, so he can sort-of redeem himself from this silly drama.

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    Wonder if there’s a Korea little brother (well, there’s a Korea little sister!), I want to nominate Joo Won with 2 hands!

    • 8.1 bjharm

      I always thought JJ was the guy or person who they in the end worked for, when they where not trying to get revenge or anything. The one that took them in and trained them, and the one the ‘good guys’,who where not good at all and I kind of root for the killer threesome after what happened to their parents anyway, where after in setting up the kids parents all those years ago…. I was kind of thinking it was the chief guy but guess not as they killed him.

      • 8.1.1 bjharm

        ow what a pity he still alive

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      Apparently JJ is the one who’s been captured by the NIS. This name issue has been bothering me for a while so I checked their official homepage and they listed the one who’s still alive as JJ.
      But for some reason the NIS agents have been calling Uhmforce JJ while Mi Rae has called the other one J a couple of times iirc. Maybe their names are similar because they’re brothers?

      • 8.2.1 momosa

        Yeah… brotherly names like John Jay, Jerry Jay, Jay Jay. I just think of it as a non-convoluted non-sensical writing which happen to overlook a naming error….. Thanks for clearing up 🙂

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    • 9.1 asianromance

      I can’t blame him for jumping into this. The movie was pretty popular and was probably one of the top grossing domestic movies of the year that it came out. I know it would have been repetitive, but I think it would have been better if the writer had gone with the original movie premise and giving it the same sort of fun, sexy feel as the drama’s promo poster and character chart. The outfits everyone wears are pretty lame.

      I’ve warmed up to Gil-ro and Seo-won despite their too-stupid-to-live aspects. What weirds me out is Sunmi liking Doha. Was there a defining moment for her feelings?

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      & thanks for the awesome illustrations 🙂

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    But recaps are like crack to me so I keep reading. Thanks for not cutting this loose just yet! 🙂

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    At first I didn’t like this drama, but then I gave it a second chance and found it got more entertaining around episode 5-ish when all the romantic hijinks started to ensue. Right now it feels like it is being dragged out because I think the the bad guys’ plotline and characters are so underdeveloped and do not make enough conflict in the storyline. If Uhm Tae-woong had stuck around for the whole drama, maybe his talents could have added to the revenge storyline… But the two baddies that are left have a really boring revenge plot – especially when you compare them to antagonists in other dramas.

    The only positive thing that keeps me watching this drama is Joo Won. I’m used to watching him in very serious roles, but now see him in a new light. I think he is really charismatic in rom-coms. I hope he does another rom-com drama – especially one with a stronger storyline.

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    (An aside: just saw the movie version – it was sooo much fun, with so many LOL moments! The movie premise was also smart in dodging many of the problems that have proved so tricky in this drama version, like having the couple already dating from the beginning, and the fact that she was already a seasoned spy, while he’s a rookie agent.)

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      PS: Maybe it’s also some fan service for the readers who like snarky recaps. Gracias!

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          This drama,how can it be from the same scriptwriter who wrote the movie version? MIND. CANNOT . COMPUTE.
          I think this drama reminded quite a number of us about the disaster that was Dr.Jin. Sigh.

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    • 25.1 Leap

      And may I know why you even bother reading the recaps or threads for this show???? If you have nothing better to say get lost!!!!

      • 25.1.1 Kdramas

        Lmao @ u thinking you can control what another adult does. I will post wherever I very well please. Do you think we are in preschool?

    • 25.2 sayit

      Ya, right. When his drama is a success it’s the writers, director, his co-stars and everyone else except him. When it fails, it’s all his fault. You must have been seething since Bridal Mask or worse earlier. Although I agree that he has been lucky, it’s undeniable that this man has talent. So there, you have more years to simmer in your hate.

      • 25.2.1 Kdramas

        Do you know the definition of hate? All I did was list facts. Fact 1: Joo Won overacts. Fact 2: he has had great luck choosing good dramas Fact 3: he cannot carry a weak drama, he needs everything else to be top notch as well. Fact 4: he is not the king of ratings. Shrugs.

        • sayit

          When you wrote “All I did was list FACTS.” and then go on to list your OPINIONS, I just throw my hands in the air. I will acknowledge that I am a fan and my opinions are biased. I do read comments here that Joo Won overacts and I take that as a difference in opinion. But you think that’s a fact? Just try harder not to sound so prejudiced the next time you write.

          • Kdramas

            What are my prejudices? You are the only one with a prejudice here. You love Joo Won. I don’t dislike him, therefore I have no prejudice. The things I listed are facts. Joo Won overacts, however you might like that type of acting and that’s fine. Your preference doesn’t make it any less true that Joo Won overacts. Shrugs

    • 25.3 lemondoodle

      Well, fans tend to think ratings are all about their bias when they are high and then pass the blame on someone else when they are low. It’s to be expected. I’m not really a huge fan of his, but everyone needs a bad low rated project or two to ease pressure. This isn’t really a nearly career killing project (like something like Fashion King was). It’s just kind of bad and he’ll move on to do other projects that will probably be more successful.

      • 25.3.1 Kdramas


      • 25.3.2 sayit

        I agree with you on what you say. I am biased and will have the tendency to blame other people and factors before I blame my bias. But now I learn from kdrama’s comment that anti-fans can also turn it the other way round. Any way, time will tell if this actor truly has the talent and staying power.

    • 25.4 febe

      Imo, the initial good ratings were due to Joo Won’s popularity, the success of the movie from which the drama was adapted and the competing dramas in the same time slot which happened to be both sageuks. Unfortunately, the drama’s story progressively got worse and nonsensical, losing its audience who just lost patience with it.

      That’s why it’s so frustrating & an absolute waste of the talented cast.

      • 25.4.1 Kdramas

        Of course. After Gaksital some people wanted to see what he was going to do next. However, this show never really did well ratings wise. The show is getting exactly the ratings it deserves. Noone on the show is doing a top notch job. Not Joo Won not the writer not the director not the production staff.

    • 25.5 Elle

      there will always be haters. but it doesn’t matter. that tiny speck can’t and won’t change the fact that Joo Won is a multi-talented/gifted actor. not to mention that he’s only in his mid-20’s. he’ll get even better.

      learn to deal, haters 🙂

      • 25.5.1 Kdramas

        Remember what happened with that “King of Ratings” bs many were touting around? Lmao. As quickly as that came to nought, all of that you just spewed can come to nought as well.

        Look I am not trying to take down on JW, even though I don’t like his type of acting. But bragging on someone else’s abilities is a little lame. Calling someone you don’t know a hater is lame as well.

        I wish Joo Won all the best in the future. If he could time down his acting style, it is possible that I might enjoy seeing him on my screen.

        • Elle

          no i don’t remember what happened with the “King of Ratings” bs. i’m a new fan of Joo Won because i happen to think he’s very talented.

          you’re entitled to your opinion…but coming on a site or forum where the majority of people are supporters of Joo Won and expressing uncalled for comments, in my opinion, is lamer than someone calling you a hater.

          try to channel your efforts and emotion on something that you LIKE. that would make more sense.

          • sayit

            Although Dramabeans has always been positive about Joo Won, I am not sure if we can say that majority of people i.e. readers are his supporters. I have read comments by people who were watching the drama but criticized his acting. I think everyone is entitled to their opinions but after a while, you can kind of glean those which you know are totally prejudiced. I don’t know about them channeling their efforts and emotions on something or someone they like but they sure do make an effort on someone they don’t.

            Fanaticism is something which may not make much sense in the real world but at least we make ourselves happy. The opposite of fanaticism which I am not sure what it is, anti-fanaticism? whatever, is pathetic. And they will tell you that they are the ones who know the FACTS but they don’t see that they are just as biased as the fans.

          • Kdramas

            When did dramabeans become a Joo Won fan site? Lmao. This drama gets very little replies. If majority of dramabeans were Joo Won fans that would be different.

            My comments are not uncalled for, just different from yours. Lmao!

          • Elle

            @sayit – i understand your post completely.

            i, for one, am not begrudging anyone of expressing their views. my point is mere….it’s obvious to me that she doesn’t favor Joo Won..which is fine by me. i don’t expect everyone to like him. however, constructive criticism is something that can be tolerated and easier to digest when relayed in a manner that is just that, “constructive”. as opposed to someone, who in my opinion, is/was being purposeful. evidenced by her list of “facts”. how she considers her opinions as facts is beyond me.

            some people enjoy ruffling feathers. mission accomplished. 🙂

        • Elle

          LMAO is right.

          my opinion is, your comments are uncalled for. so yes, your opinion does differ from mine.

          we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          have fun..continue enjoying Joo Won…:-)

          • Kdramas

            I don’t mind agreeing to disagree especially when your opinion holds no weight in my world.

            As far as enjoying JW goes, I will let you know when and if that happens. I am not opposed to it. It just hasn’t happened yet for me. And that should be ok AND I should be able to voice my opinions without his rabid stans FAILING to come for me. *files nails and giggles*

    • 25.6 Sintia

      You just sound (and giggle) like a petulant fan of another actor.

      This drama had a very good ratings, it recorded 16% (5th episode). For example, “That Winter, The Wind Blows” still doesn’t have such a rating. The ratings fell but still it fairly usual numbers for a romcom which is not weekend romcom. It’s 8,5% today. Not bad. Look at the numbers of Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek – it’s 3,5% and remember the number for the “King of drama” – it’s around 7%. Will you state the Kim Myung Min can’t carry a drama? I hope not.

      I don’t agree that Joo Won overacts. It’s just your opinion. If you don’t like his acting – it’s OK, but your preferences doesn’t make it true.

      I think Joo Won does a very good job in his first romcom.

      • 25.6.1 Kdramas

        Petulant fan of another actor? Are you serious? Have I mentioned any other actor’s name? Petulant? Who is so mad about a stranger’s comment about another stranger who doesn’t know you exist and wouldn’t care if you keeled over, that you are seething and salivating over your computer writing multiple paragraphs?

        Y’all weren’t mad when the girls from dramabeans said JW overacts in their podcast. But you are mad at me? Well I couldn’t care any less and I find it hilarious actually. How blinded by fandom can one be that they can’t see… FYI: I like many Korean actors and actresses. I am too old to go on message boards and argue with everyone who doesn’t like them as much as I do. But get your life though.

        • Sintia

          Why do you think I am mad at you? I am not at all. You wrote your opinion – I wrote my opinion about your words.
          And I don’t think you’ll win if we compare our age.
          I think I would say nothing to you if you would have written something like: “I think he is overacting”. You are entitled to have your opinion.
          But you wrote:
          “His overacting cannot carry a weak drama”.
          I think it’s just unfair. Should I make a list for you with big-big names and low ratings of their dramas? Will you say that they can’t carry their dramas?

          • Kdramas

            Well my point is exactly that. He is not the king of ratings noone is. If he doesn’t have a good writer, director and production staff, he will flop like he should lmao.

            I don’t have to win with age. It is more about level of maturity. Which has been misplaced by your and your ilk replies. All I did was state my opinion, which is not the first or only, and you couldn’t use all your years of being on this earth which should have taught you that everyone will not agree, and moved right by my post and make one of your own. Instead you chose to continually berate me because my opinion is different from yours.

      • 25.6.2 lemondoodle

        Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek is a massive flop and King of Dramas was less of a flop, but had better reviews than this drama. This show did have good ratings to start with, but honestly losing more than half your viewers and people begging for the show to end isn’t the best thing for a drama.

        • Sintia

          But I read that the “Genius Lee Tae Baek” is a good drama with good actors? I haven’t watched it yet. I was going to try it later. I liked “The King of Dramas” except the melodrama at the end.
          Of course, it’s not a good thing to lose so many viewers. But I still find things which I can enjoy in this drama and the acting is one of them.

    • 25.7 Elle

      it’s okay..you don’t need to let me know if you’re enjoying Joo Won or not. no need to further waste your time on someone who’s not “happening” for you.

      LMAO even more…bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

      • 25.7.1 Kdramas

        It seems we are both laughing which is great. Mission accomplished ;). I love to make people laugh since I am always laughing and this topic especially is a joke.

  26. 26 (permanent) visitor

    Anyone who keeps pointedly, and without cause, refusing Joo Won gets NO sympathy from me. Seriously. WTF.

  27. 27 bbvip99

    WOW !! The illustrations are really impressive!! ^^

  28. 28 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB.

    Hurrah! Like the hand drawn pics but did feel a bit lost without the photos to support the recap.

    Even though I stopped watching Level 7 after 2/3 eps I have kept catching up here.

    Appreciate L7 for putting Chansung on my screen through the eps I did watch and the photos here.

    And so glad the drama, albeit inadvertently, made the DB community stronger. Way to go DB Team and Beaners!

    But I do want this all over rover so we can have another whirl at ‘Good Drama/Bad Drama Roulette’.

    Wonder what it’s going to be?

  29. 29 Raine

    I never even attempted this show, but I must say that reader illustrations are pretty much the best thing EVAR. It should be a thing. Like a thing thing, as my 14 year old students would say.

    You guyses rock! Here’s some reader energy from me to you *ZZZZ* <—(not sleep energy…altho thats good too)

  30. 30 Elle

    “So… dad wants to raise deer now? If I get anything from this couple’s storyline so far, it’s that they deserve for their businesses to fail.”

    bwahahahahahaaha JB…….hilarious!

    i tried to watch this episode without the subs and without DB’S recaps..but after a few seconds of the bickering in the car (re: holding hands), i got annoyed. for the love of adulthood, what’s the big deal with holding hands??!!! it’s not like we’re going to actually see Gil-Ro hit a homerun (right scriptwriter?)..so why not pleasure the viewers with a bit of REALISTIC LOVER’S INTERACTION? (i continue to stick it out for Joo Won and for the love angle. i have no clue what’s happening with the NIS..i fastforward them for revenge).

    anyhoot..thanks for the recap and screencaps JB! the ones of Joo Won are especially nice to look at. 🙂

    • 30.1 mira

      Exactly my thoughts…Sigh.

      Well there is always his cute and expressive face to look at for consolation…

      • 30.1.1 Elle

        hey mira…! i follow him on twitter/viame too…..:-)

        love that picture of him…he’s such an adorable dork. okay..that makes me sound like a teenager, which i am most definitely not. lol.

        • mira

          He is adorable but is he crying in this pic ??? Lol
          I m watching ep 16 right now but it s a little boring (not finished yet) So cant wait to read gf recap to make it funnier lol

          • Elle

            not sure if he’s crying. i thought it was the reflection from his camera.

            speaking of epi 16..i watched a bit of the beginning…the middle and the end. that’s all i’ve got to say for now. i don’t want to spoil it for you. but i can’t wait to exchange comments after the recaps. omg.

      • 30.1.2 bambledd

        Anyone have a link to that interview w/ Joo-won on “Win Win” where he starts to cry when talking about his past 2 girlfriends? I’ve searched youtube but can’t find it.

  31. 31 KimYoonmi

    I was thinking that this drama was too long at Episode 14, and then wondering if there were 2 episodes left, but no~ It’s 20. Why is it twenty? They’d get better mileage if it was 16 episodes. Cut episodes. I think it would do the writer a favor. And I rarely say that.

    • 31.1 Belle3005

      Agree! It’s about time for the show to put viewers out of their misery. Sigh,can’t believe that there’s still 4 more episodes to go. At least we still have the cracktastic illustrations to look forward to,eh?

  32. 32 Anna

    Um, I was under the impression that JJ was Choi Woo-hyuk, the older brother of Choi Woo-jin and Mi Rae who died in Ep 4 when he was too reckless in their revenge… unless his younger brother took over the alias after he died to carry on the legacy of their revenge… hmm

  33. 33 bambledd

    Everytime I see him in this drama, I see… Gaksital / Lee Kang To !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s such a good actor. Dang, those pouts he does are so cute.

  34. 34 skwonto

    Your “Comments” are always the best. Thank you!

    Why is this show still getting worse? It feels like the show has a similar momentum as Big: lousy leading lady, entertaining beginning, declining middle with a disastrous end. Let’s hope not.

    • 34.1 g

      agree. lousy leading lady. choi kang hee. urgh. yucks.

  35. 35 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Oh show, you make me so very sad. Why? Because you had such potential, you could have been James Bond meets Get Smart, with a little Inspector Gadget (thrown in just for fun)…action packed, with gut wrenching humor and wicked cool toys (such as springy shoes and a smart dog). I am saddened that you have not grown into the show I know you could have been. Hopefully you will grow up before it’s too late. Though I am not holding breath (I may pass out).

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