Open Thread #281
by | March 1, 2013 | 422 Comments

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422 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kakashi

    Happy Friday, Chingus!
    I’m sick of this gray weather here, gah … and the PSH case is still upsetting me a great deal; how can you trust in a legal system in which (potential) evidence is public knowledge before the accused has even been questioned!?
    It is so ugly!!! And I have stopped reading netizen comments a long while ago … that just made me sick.
    not sure what to pick up after FBND … I have dropped L7CS after 10 episodes (and regret the waste of time), am watching IRIS2 (which, I fear, is losing its footing already after 5 episodes), and am considering TWTWB. I don’t really like melos, though. Oh, an I am planning to watch OCN’s The Virus, which starts today. Just hoping for (fast) subs.

    • 1.1 Conny

      I’m with you. It makes me sick on both sides. We don’t have all of the info, but PSH can do no wrong and she’s just a gold digging [insert not so nice word]. Regardless of what went on, it’s a life changing situation for both of them.

      Either way I hope it’s over soon and they can both go on with their lives. Just so upsetting.

    • 1.2 myweithisway

      This whole PSH scandal is just really depressing. I hope the police can do their job fast and effectively, that’d be for the best now.

      If none of the currently airing dramas appeal, go for an oldie. I’m now slowly working my way through Giant (so much good acting!). You can pick the really good oldies to watch so you don’t waste time =)

      • 1.2.1 kakashi

        yes, Giant … it is on my (very long) list of oldies … I hear good things about it! and you are right, I might go for an oldie in the end.

        • J

          TWTWB is really good, and so far it’s my favorite airing drama even though I’m also not big on melos. Maybe check out an episode or two and see what you think?

      • 1.2.2 aznative

        Giant is one of my favorites, enjoy!

        • Maris

          Mine too. Very powerful and different drama. I loved the fact that Korean history was incorporated so well as the setting without taking over the storyline. Good acting too

      • 1.2.3 alua

        My problem with watching oldies is that I end up marathoning them in one night!

        • kakashi

          hehe. I cannot do that anymore! Too old? and since I have to go to work every day and have a small kid, punishment for even a little bit of marathoning is swift and brutal

          • alua

            I have never done more allnighters since doing a PhD (I don’t I did any ever before in fact) when structured life went out of the window. (I have no classes. I set all deadlines myself. All the (job) work I do is part-time and/or freelance. No kid or husband to complicate things either.)

            None of my all-nighters are related to my studies though. One was of for exam marking (got the deadline wrong and had to finish), twice to read a book in one go (Keri Hulme’s The Bone People and Murakami’s Norwegian Wood), and the rest (I’ve lost count) to marathon dramas or read manga.

            *grins sheepishly*

            I have no idea why people are impressed when you say you are doing a PhD, because they clearly don’t know what kind of life we lead…

          • JoAnne

            But I know, Alua, and I’m still impressed.

          • alua

            JoAnne, you really shouldn’t be. It’s all pretend and a tactic to hold off real life a little while longer (you know, when you have to get a 9-5 job and properly get your act together).

          • oftheshore

            Alua, I can relate. PhD = no structure, especially when you also do part-time jobs or teach.

          • JoAnne

            Who says a structured life is anything I’d admire?

          • kakashi

            just glad I have my PhD already!!!!!!!

          • alua

            @kakashi — uhhh, lucky you!

        • cmrprindle

          I did that when I first started watching (oh BOF…). I’d stay up waaay too late, which was saying something, and then watch when I got to work, and at lunch, and any free moment I could squeeze in. I’m marginally better now. (They’ve blocked all my drama sites 😉 )

      • 1.2.4 news

        Check out 9 End 2 Outs. I usually don’t rewatch dramas, but this one is awesomely good.

    • 1.3 Mystisith

      Hello friend! 🙂
      Thanks for multiple tabs on my browser…
      It’s the same here: Bad weather, disappointing dramas except for TWTWB (I almost added the hashtag, lol). Excited for The Virus too!
      In the meantime, I will be catching up on my TW dramas: King Flower, The mysteries of Love. Also Dinner, the J dorama.

      • 1.3.1 kakashi

        yup, I’m once again considering diversification into TW and J Dramas … I’m not very satisfied with KDrama, recently

        • TS

          Me neither, though I don’t seem to stop watching them.

        • alua

          J dramas J dramas. Tw dramas I nearly always end up dropping, even if they start out good. They tend be like 20 eps and halfway through loose steam.

          I watch more J dramas anyway. Although at the moment I feel there’s a general slump, everything I want to see is not being subbed regularly.

          Not sure what k-drama to watch next either. Anything premiering soon? (I do have some old ones to watch, half of Arang and all of White Christmas but I know I would just marathon them and I don’t have the time for that at the moment…)

          • JoAnne

            Hi Alua! Nine is starting next week (Time Travel with a crime/mystery to solve, that cute guy from the second I Need Romance) and Virus starts tonight. Too many people to name, for that one. End of the world science heros, though.

          • alua

            Oh, Nine is one that I was thinking about watching. Good good.

            Virus didn’t appeal to me really… I might read some recaps and see if I should try it.

      • 1.3.2 kakashi

        it’s true dedication! OT and Twitter and drama watching at the same time 🙂

    • 1.4 Belle3005

      TWTWB is said to have drawn out even viewers who have sworn off melos. I usually don’t do melos but this drama is definitely the winner among the three in the same timeslot. The cinematography is really good and it’s good enough to keep the viewers wanting for more each and every week. I mean just check out the comments section in the recaps of TWTWB it’s definitely exploding with excitement. Hope that you’d consider giving this drama a try. 😀

      • 1.4.1 kakashi

        I plan to! I’m just … reluctant, as I always am, with melos. But I also watched (and liked) Nice Guy.

      • 1.4.2 minhoswife

        I’m one of those who have sworn off melos (well, have not watched any – not my cup of tea, really) but currently watching TWTWB. Primarily because of Jo In Sung and the chemistry he has with Song Hye Kyo. My gaaaahhhhd!!

        It’s not really too melodramatic, in my opinion (or maybe I’m just too absorbed by JIS’s face). I think it’s well written and story is going well, so far. And the previews are really good! Makes me look forward to Wed and Thu every week!!

    • 1.5 pogo

      kakashi – I’m in much the same space as you, in that I don’t have any new dramas to love after FBND ended. Thinking of going back to older dramas for a while now…though I finally watched the ending to A Love To Kill, and it made me want to throw rocks.

      re: the Park Shi-hoo case, I just cannot. It’s a good thing I never come anywhere but here and sometimes Koala’s to get my kdrama fix and avoid netizens like the flu, but some of the nastiness has leaked over to Koala’s too (and is rightfully getting yelled at by people who aren’t mentally stuck in medieval times)

      • 1.5.1 TS

        Still, while PSH is innocent until proven guilty, let’s not blame the victim until we know a) he’s not guilty, and b) there wasn’t some sort of alcohol-fueled misunderstanding/mistake.

    • 1.6 korfan

      kakashi –

      What can I say about the PSH case? …… I agree with you …… so distressing, so disheartening, very upsetting indeed.

    • 1.7 la dee dah

      Agree about how upsetting the PSH case is. I don’t know what actually happened (only two people do, PSH and the girl) and what to believe on the web, so I’m holding off judgment until we see real hard evidence and because that’s what a smart person would do. But there are so many people that already made up their minds based on “evidence” they hear, or twist them to fit their own opinions, or sooo readily believe every rumor that comes out on the web, it’s ridiculous. There are those who for sure think the girl is a gold digger (some on allkpop), and there are those are absolutely sure PSH raped her (omona).

      • 1.7.1 HaibaraChristie

        I’m glad Koala stuck firmly to the legal facts. I have no idea what is going on with this case, and I’m just not going to trust anything or anyone, and just see it unfold. My biggest worry is that the events of this case is going to determine how real rape victims are going to be treated–and if things go negatively, then I’m scared for their future. Either A wins and PSH is thrown in the gutter (which basically destroys the reputation of any drama he’s been in, not just his own reputation) or the opposite happens and every rape victim in the future will be suspected to be “lying like A,” basically sending Korea on a not so great path regarding sexual violence.

        Therefore, all of this can only lead to a crappy outcome.

    • 1.8 sweetcloud

      I’ve never ventured into melos for fear of tears and pain but TWTWB got me hooked from episode 1. It’s been said countless times before but everything is gorgeous. I could watch it with the sound off and just stare. And so far the show has been pretty light on tears (for me at least).

      I’ve always been neutral towards PSH (the only drama I’ve seen of him is Lee Jun Ki’s Iljimae and he was second lead) but the way this whole case has been handled was truly a mess. The involvement of the media is alarming, and it makes it look like a war of media plays rather than a serious investigation to find out the truth.

      • 1.8.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        I didn’t even realize PSH was in Iljimae…. i guess it’s b/c lee junki works as my blinker whenever he’s on screen, I cant see anything but him, lol.

        and about the scandal …. no words…

    • 1.9 KimYoonmi

      Annyeong chingu deul.

      When I was in Korea, they still were on old, old computers. Files weren’t organized very well. (I went to a few police stations–personal business)

      I think people take for granted, the security protection, the well organized government and files.

      But Korea isn’t like that. Imagine it this way:
      You were writing with a brush when you were a kid. When you were a teenager you now wrote with a pencil. By middle age you now have to work with a computer.

      At each incarnation of the previous, the organization system also changed. The language changed drastically, and even the spelling of certain words also changed in your lifetime.

      Yeah, a pretty good summary of why Korea is a mess… (exaggerated a bit, but it is the basic idea.)

      The Korean legal system is still organizing itself. The body is growing faster than the mind.

      So the leaks–I suspect that’s the younger generation hungry for knowledge (and vindication) taking advantage of the head that hasn’t caught up to the body that’s industrialized.

      I wish people would withhold judgment. It makes it so much uglier when people go after a potential victim. And it makes other people who have gone through such a case more afraid to speak out. Let the police do their work.

      And for the few men around: The woman is drunk, falling over on herself. She is in NO shape to give consent. (I wonder if this law is missing in Korea.) If it is a borderline question, don’t even try… if she really wants you that much, she’ll want you when she is cogent too. (Since there is a second suspect in the case too.)

      • 1.9.1 skelly

        Excellent points! Thank you for being a voice of reason in this wilderness.

      • 1.9.2 kakashi

        thank you for sharing your thoughts. much appreciated

      • 1.9.3 TS

        I don’t know if Korea has that law about the woman not being able to consent when drunk, though common sense suggests that she can’t. But common sense may not be a factor here.

        Anyway, we don’t know the full facts and that’s that. So, let’s not think about it or talk about it until facts are proven as much as possible, and a judgment’s made.

        And if the court finds that PSH is not guilty, let’s not assume the woman was out for money. We weren’t there and don’t know her understanding from inside her head.

    • 1.10 skelly

      kakashi, give TWTWB a try; I don’t like melos, either (I have watched a grand total of one) but this one reads more like a thriller or caper movie most of the time. Plus, they got the trifecta: a great script, a good ensemble cast and an OTP hitting it out of the park, and great cinematography/direction.

    • 1.11 alua


      -Finished FBND, which was okay overall and the ending was generally fine. I didn’t care too much at that point anymore. Still don’t get Dok-mi saying she liked Jin-rak, even if it was overheard accidentally that timing is just weird, and the fact that a person like her would use a lie still doesn’t fit with her character. Glad Jin-rak didn’t end up with Do-Hwi, I’m not sure Dok-mi 2.0 is a good idea for him either. I get it’s narrative device (something to amuse the viewers) but in real life that would be awful. I mean, imagine you were Dok-mi 2.0 and found out one day that you are ‘the replacement’.

      -Haven’t really done any j-drama watching this week except for Sharehouse no Koibito which I just don’t know what to make of. It’s rather weird. I can’t say I’m too fond of the depressed guy, he’s being so passive to the point of rudeness and social ineptness. I would not have the patience for me. I don’t like the medieval stalker antics of Shio’s brother either (though he is the eye candy of the show). Love the intro song video for some reason.
      xxxHOLIC started, I’ve only watched it raw and need to watch it subbed ASAP (haven’t had time). Sometani ♥ is just going to be so wonderful in this. I can’t believe the episodes are HALF AN HOUR only, and that there will be only eight.
      -Need to catch up on Saikou no Rikon, waiting for subs on several others, and am very tempted with Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi, which I hear is great, but I feel like I should watch the film (Tada’s Do-It-All House) before starting the dorama!

      Beyond that, I’ve mostly been watching films/will be watching films.
      Sa-kwa (Korean, with Moon So-ri) screened last night, I wasn’t too impressed. Even if Moon So-ri is a good actress, that film just doesn’t add anything to the genre or the world of cinema. Could not relate to the characters at all. :-/

      Films coming up:
      Gf*Bf* (TW) next week at the Pan-Asian Film Festival
      -Lotte Reiniger’s Prince Achmed (the first full-length animation film that was ever made – Himono, I wish you were here to go see it with me because no one else will!!!)
      -Week after the London Lesbian Gay Film Festival starts and the BFI is showing a trilogy of Lee Song Hee-il films (White Night; Suddenly Last Summer; Going South), which I’ve all got tickets for. Plus Facing Mirrors (Iran, on transgender identity) and My Brother the Devil, which is the British “it” film from the indie scene at the moment.

      Happy drinking Costa Rican coffee, which a visiting friend brought me (advantages of living in a city with Europe’s biggest airport = everyone’s bound to pass through at some point :-D).

      • 1.11.1 pogo

        alua – re: FBND and Dok-mi II, I definitely think Jin-rak has learned his lesson, as I said downthread – the tone of his voice when he tells PSY ‘let me guess’ isn’t a smitten one, it’s the one of a man who’s self-aware enough to realise that this is history trying to repeat itself and too smart to bite.

        I can’t wait for xxxHolic subs to come out, I don’t trust my Japanese enough to watch raw (even though I’ve done it before)

        • alua

          The subs for xxxHOLIC are out, since yesterday already I think.

          Himono is also recapping it. (Well, she did the first episode in any case.)

        • canxi

          I don’t really like the replacement love lines either, where there is another potential love interest just like the last at the end of something, but I think if he comes to like her in After-Dramaland that would be nice…I don’t believe his character would ever treat anyone jas a replacement but he’s observant and he knows a similarity when he sees it, lol. Plus, it’s nice when I know the characters I like may find love still ^^

          • alua

            Yeah, JR is too nice and well-meaning for that but in real life…. I’d run far and faaaaast.

          • canxi

            Lol, OH me too! Meeee too.

      • 1.11.2 alua

        Forgot: If anyone is planning on seeing Park Chan-wook’s Stoker, a whole lot of a my London Asian film blogger buddies went for the preview last week and pretty much agreed on that it was gorgeous to look at but very Hollywood otherwise (lacking emotional depth they said).

        Pity. :-/

        • canxi

          Ahhh, I may still see it just to create my own opinion. However, that’s really so disappointing to hear about one of my favorite directors.

          • alua

            I haven’t seen it myself yet, but that was pretty much the consensus between 6-7 people and several of them adore Park Chan-wook.

            I think the rating on Rotten Tomatoes is something around 69% at the moment… which isn’t great, but not a total flop either.

      • 1.11.3 Carole McDonnell

        I kinda got the idea that the new Dok-Mi 2 was the one originally meant for him and that she really is the type he imagined: sweet and docile. Without the sharpness of Dok Mi 1.

        I thought it was just me who thought the Japanese dramas are a bit offbeat this season. So XXX-holic is good? Might try seeing it.

        • alua

          xxxHOLIC is good so far.

          I have no manga-bias though, since I haven’t read it.

          Sometani Shota is in it. It can only be good, he’s freaking awesome and he’s only 20.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I started watching it. It’s really good. I think I’ve seen the anime before. I think I’ve seen Shota-san in something else. Can’t remember.

          • alua

            Sometani is anywhere and everywhere. Every time I look at his filmography and remember that he’s only 20 I feel like I have done nothing in life.


        • canxi

          True! Fate and it’s silly timing.

          And I just found out xxxHoLiC had a drama a day ago. Crazy. I’ve been a fan of the manga since high school and I watched the anime too. Loved both O: I will have to give it a shot.

    • 1.12 Enz

      Wow kakashi, you’re first! And you lasted more episodes of L7 than I did AND I aAM joo won’s fan!! I am watching TWTWB though. A bit of eye rolling here and there but interesting enough and good enough pacing.

      Happy OT and weekend everyone.

      • 1.12.1 kakashi

        Hello enz!!!! yes, first! the greatest achievement of them all 🙂 L7 hasn’t helped to turn me into a JW fan, unfortunately. one of these days, I’ll master Gaksital!

    • 1.13 Carole McDonnell

      Am still in the FBND afterglow. It was just so literate and determined to communicate its sweet little heart! Am seriously enamoured of the writers of that drama!

      And yes, I too am awaiting Virus, and End of the World. (Gu Family and Nine as well…but yeah..i know… sajeuk and time travel are not everyone’s cup of tea.)

      • 1.13.1 pogo

        Carole – me too! I really appreciate FBND for being its own little slice-of-life self, sometimes that’s way more rewarding than some of the more conventional conflict setups of dramaland.

        • Carole McDonnell

          That’s the perfect word for it. When k-drama does slice of life, it does it so well and the story feels almost organic. Yet, when you step aside and look at the entirety, there’s a feeling of wonderful planning and organization underneath it all.

    • 1.14 dewaanifordrama

      I would highly recommend TWTWB even though it’s a melodrama. It’s definitely one of the better melodramas, and is rather lush and gorgeous. Also – Jo In Sung *swoon* and Song Hye Gyeo is doing the best work I’ve seen her do.

    • 1.15 John

      kakashi ~

      I saw your tribute to FBND’s Editor ( Kim Seul-gi ). LOL

      Who knew that she can sing?

      Now, repeat after me, (softly), Papua New Guinea

  2. myweithisway


    My spring break starts today so I’m extra excited!

    Been watching Fierce Wife lately, so good!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  3. Conny

    Good morning and happy Friday everyone!!!

    What’s everyone up to this fine weekend? I’ll be enjoying my time with hubby who’s home for about 10 days before he heads back out to South Texas for work (Oil and Gas). One of my (four) boys is home sick today, stomach bug. And 2 more weeks til Spring Break. (Yay for sleeping in and watching Dramas til the cows come

    Can’t wait for The Virus to start!!

    On a side note, anyone here from Arkansas? I have yet to run into anyone who’s even remotely into K-Dramas, not counting the wife of a restaurant owner here in

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

  4. Lynnnnn

    Hello! Happy Friday!

    Just wanted to say that I have been slightly disappointed by this week’s episodes of Flower Boys Next Door and 7th Grade Civil Servant. They started off pretty well but somehow somewhere the story kinda lost steam, and my interest 🙁

    Does anyone have any good, recent mini-series (that have already ended; I like marathon-ing episodes because suspense always kills me) to recommend? Any genre is fine. Thank you! 🙂

    PS: I also agree with kakashi’s comment about Park Si Hoo. The netizens are insane and so is the press and legal system. Hopefully he really is innocent and his name will be cleared soon!

    • 4.1 Conny

      I really liked H. I. T. and a ton of other crime dramas. Crime Squad was also really good. Loved Vampire Prosecutor 1 and 2.

      • 4.1.1 DayDreamer

        You brought up Vampire Prosecutor and I’m feeling that longing in my heart again for the series. Why isn’t VP 3 here yet? *cries*

        • kakashi

          first, we’ll have Special Affairs Team TEN, Season 2!!! YAY!

          • Conny

            TEN was SOOOOO

            Can you tell I really like my crime dramas? 😉

          • kakashi

            me too!!!!

      • 4.1.2 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        yay another person who liked H.I.T.!! i’ve watched VP 1 & 2 and loved and it’s come to my attention that while I love cop/detective dramas I am not a fan of spy movies even when they are also fighting crime.

    • 4.2 Shiku

      You should give Golden Time a try. Its a medical drama and it’s freaking awesome!!!

      • 4.2.1 Maris

        Yes. I agree.

  5. KDrama Fan

    Happy Friday everyone.

    Loving AGLTB and TW, TWB. Still watching MLMB and RS.

    Not following the story so much in TW, TWB. Just into Jo In-Sung’s character…

    Bit sad re: ending this week for LTB in AGLTB but know there’s good things to come so looking forward to next week’s eps.

    MLMB has gone off the rails so I’m just catching the tail end of each ep.

    RS is still fun though a certain lawyer gets me pissed every time he’s on the screen. Looking forward to resolutions for everybody.

    Watched WHO RU? last night and really enjoyed it.

    Caught an episode of Kang Ho Dong’s show and liked it.

  6. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday OT friends! I’m sure there will be a lot of talk this week about fauxcest, rape allegations, spies who are incompentant, lawyers who are incompentant, angry fans, both drama and real world. So i will just leave those discussions for later and say that I’m really enjoying Ad Genius and wish it had more of an audiance – this show hasn’t disspointed me yet.

    I’m also watching Flowers for My Life, and Joseon X-files (sort of keeping my flower boy fix).

    • 6.1 Conny

      Joseon X-Files was really interesting.. and OMG.. could Kim Ji Hoon be any cuter. *drool*

      • 6.1.1 kakashi

        LOVE Joseon X-Files. In fact, I might just watch it again. This weekend ^_^

      • 6.1.2 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        I need a like button, lol. kim jihoon is awesome.

    • 6.2 Gaeina Lee

      Ah! Good idea. I have to rewatch Joseon X-files thus I could continue my routine, ogling over Jihoon… ^^

      Thanks for the idea, dearie!

    • 6.3 thunderlyn

      i AM loving AD GENIUS! it is so so fun and upbeat, glad there is someone else appreciating it as well!

    • 6.4 opheliadrowning

      I am still enjoying Ad Genius very much, too and I’m glad there’s an open thread each week to discuss it.

      Some thoughts: I don’t trust Addie Kang and I’m not sure if the writers are sort of trying to really play that line of him trying to “seduce” Ji-Yoon because he wants the BK work, or if he’s falling for her or if he’s doing a little bit of both. Does anyone know if this sort of workplace canoodling sorta OK in South Korea, especially where it concerns bosses and their employees?

      Does Ji-Yoon like both men? She seems to be sort of attached to both, but Addie Kang said he liked her and she sort of drew back…but Lee Tae Baek asked her if she liked him, considering how she kept showing up around him, but then she avoided it. Maybe she’s just sort of indecisive?

      Still liking it a lot, though, despite the questions.

      • 6.4.1 merry

        Like AdGenius too. Copy Baek is still young so i understand the confusion — between a debonair goodlooking boss and a young gritty upstart. She also has it seems an aversion to inherited wealth, so i guess it is a ‘no’ for Addy Kang at some point. But we will know how she is going to decide. It is just too bad that in dramas, it is events shaping decisions. It is hard to capture thoughts and feelings. But FBND tried to capture thoughts and feelings, that is why it was quite interesting. Some will notice though that it can drag — hence having lollipops as stars can be quite the glue to hold the audience. Liked the pathos of FBND.
        Pretty good right now in dramaland. i find the end of the week busy; good as i have the week-end in case i can’t keep up. Can’t start on any new dramas though. Lent sacrifice. I look forward to jdrama RMPW2 spring rendition. Aaah, that will be nice for Easter. i hope we get the dates soon.
        Happy Weekend everyone! saw already 210 comments when i came in. wheeww, that’s quite a gang.

  7. JoAnne

    Good morning, My Wondrous Beans!

    How are you? Ya’ll good? That’s good. I’m glad. It didn’t snow this week, so I’m happy.

    I finally finished watching Iris. Yeah. The end of the end. I knew what was coming, because hey, I wasn’t born yesterday. KDrama Gods don’t give happy with one hand unless they’re giving pain with the other. But still, that pissed me off. I wanted someone to die, oh yes, but I didn’t want it to be HIM. Still…I think for him it would have been worse if Seung Hee died because G-D, dude…you forgive her for EVERYTHING. And ok yeah I’m a bit pissed off that she wasn’t one thing or the other, just a conflicted human. I mean, nice touch, yeah, I guess, to walk that line…but I wanted her to be evil and so completely snowing everyone that it would be heart-attack inducing shock when she revealed her duplicity. And then I wanted Hyun Jun and Sun Hwa (Sad Bunny) to be together forever. And what the heck was THAT, TOP. I mean…the role was stupid. You did ok in some places, I guess, maybe, but the ROLE was stupid. Just barely written. No explanation for anything. No background. Just dumb. It would have been better if they’d made him actually like Mi Reong, kill her anyway, let us see his sadness over that – and then, at the end, we could have Vic’s death be suicide by Hyun Jun and it would make some sense. Anyway, moving on. I watched episode 1 of IRISII last night. Me likey. Jang…of course Jang Hyuk, man. He’s so cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lee Da Hae in anything, but I hope I don’t hate her simply because she carries the name of the worst b**** in history, Da Hae from Queen of Ambition.

    Nice segue, huh? I love Queen of Ambition. I hate HER, though, and I want everyone else in the drama to end up working together to plot her downfall while she goes on obliviously unaware and stone faced thinking she got away with it, while the rest of them gather in the kitchen or the hallway or meet at the Han River to plan her death by stoning/dismemberment/fire/drowning/having her skin peeled off in 1 inch strips by whatever animal she is most allergic to. Seriously, like, entire TOWNS of people who stop talking and look at her with really bad poker faces when she drives down the street. NATIONS of people who spend all their time online being evil netizens, gossiping about her. And WHEN is Do Hoon finally going to realize she’s not being bullied by the rest of the world, she actually IS someone to hate? His poor sad puppy face is going to be hard to take, but I still want it to happen. Sorry, Yunho. And hey, man, you’re doing a decent job here. HaRyu is getting meaner. I kind of like that. And I love Kwon Sang Woo but does anyone else hear his lisp and kind of giggle, every now and then? That would be a real problem for him here, very role-limiting. It took me a while to be sure I was hearing it, because, you know, different language and all. But yeah, serious lisp.

    Level 7. If there was less to watch in my life, I think I might feel more passionate about you. It’s not that I’m going to drop it…it’s just last on my list of what to watch, which means there’ll be weeks where I just never get to it. BECAUSE NINE IS STARTING WOOHOO WOOHOO.

    YES I miss Flower Boys. Yes I was very happy with the end. Yes I prefer YSY with dark hair. Yes, I wish there had been more Watanabe, but ok. Yes, I was happy to see Queen Noguk there at the end. Not sure if I like Jin Rak revisiting his Rapunzel thing, though. And damn, did he look great there outside the publishing house?

    TWtWB. What does it say about a show (or me) when I watch it in the morning and then spend all day thinking ‘I want to watch that episode again tonight.’ Love. Love,love,love,love, LOVE. When she collapsed sobbing in front of the car and you HEARD the lonely little girl’s heart breaking in her voice? And his conflicted responses…there’s a war going on inside of EVERYONE on that show. Except maybe Korean Fred Armisen, who just seems to be a nice guy. But Sec Wang – what’s her deal? We don’t know yet, but it seems like she’s got some issues to work out. Hee Sun, Jin Sung, Moo Chul, Oh Soo, Oh Young…they ALL have so many feelings at war inside themselves, I feel like if we were there in that set with them, we could HEAR it – like wasps buzzing inside a wall or something. LOVE this show. LOVE it. Do not screw with me. Everyone can die, I’m ok with that, but whatever you do, make it work. And don’t take me on too many side trips getting there. This is a Whatthefuckery Free Zone.

    Music. Mmmm…for some reason, really caught up in Mental Breaker, by Block B. Heard a few things new to me, ElectroBoyz, F.Cuz, stuff like that. But I’m on a real Block B thing lately. Zico. Ah, Zico. When I can pull myself away from listening to Mental Breaker, I’m going to buy a ticket to Korea so I can go slap Taemin’s face. Because what are you doing, young man? How dare you change so much in just a few months? Give me back the baby! I do not want this man staring out of the monitor like that. Like he knows what we say about those Shinee Boys. Like he likes what we say about those Shinee Boys. Like he wants to show us how little we know about those Shinee Boys. That face is staring at us saying Noona, you have NO IDEA. I’m not ready for that face.

    Anyway, chingudeul. Annyeong for now J

    • 7.1 kakashi

      JoAnne! Happy Friday … how’s the hair? lol

      • 7.1.1 JoAnne

        Kakashi! Grumble, grumble.

    • 7.2 cv

      Hi hi Joanne!

      I hated the ending to Iris also. They just had to kill him off. Blah. I hope Iris 2 does not have the same ending. ;p

      • 7.2.1 JoAnne

        Oh they better NOT. Jang Hyuk is too cool to kill.

        • kakashi

          wait until episode 5 … lol

    • 7.3 TS

      JoAnne, Yay!!!

      I only watched one ep of Yawang. Couldn’t get into it.

      And I started listening to Block B this week. Why? Because my new favorite K-celeb is little Yoon Hoo, singer Yoon Min-Soo’s son, on Dad Where Are You Going, and he was paired with a Block B member as a grown-up lookalike on

      Damn, that child is cute. He’s the total breakout star on that show.

      • 7.3.1 JoAnne

        I have no idea who that child is, TS! I’m going to have to look at that tumblr when I get home.

        The thing about Yawang is that in every episode after the exposition is set up – so like…from ep 2 or perhaps 3…SO MUCH happens each hour that I actually felt like I was hurtling along on a roller coaster. Perhaps a fairly sedate roller coaster, because it IS KDrama, after all…but my thoughts for the first few episodes were that the pacing was much more reminiscent of an American show than a Korean show.

        The thing that is most fascinating to me is that there’s not a lot of evil PLOTTING on the part of the horrible woman…she just sort of takes advantage of situations as they arise. Any time she tries to actually maneuver anything, it never goes according to plan – and then she just responds to the new situation. And our guys who are plotting revenge, at least in the beginning…HaRyu is such a sweet guy that he can’t even begin to think ahead to how she might counterattack and so he often has to think on his feet, too.

        Because she is at least wily, that evil wench. Her coldness is horrifying because it seems possible. She’s not crazy, she’s not mean, she’s not vicious for the sake of being vicious. She’s out for herself, and if she can see a way to use you, she will. If she thinks you’re a threat, she’ll use someone else to try and neutralize you. But if you leave her alone, or aren’t perceived as a threat, she’s quite friendly and affectionate and I don’t get the sense that it’s an ACT, at all. And she has that constant dumbass innocent look on her face like, who, me? I want to punch her.

    • 7.4 pogo

      Hey JoAnne! The way I read that final Dok-mi mk.II response from Jin-rak was a very weary ‘oh no, not again’ – like I said on the finale thread, it’s pretty clear unlike, say, the ending to 500 Days of Summer that he’s learned his lesson and at the very least, will not put Ha-kyung (as I call her) on a pedestal like he did with Dok-mi.

      (and Yoon Shi-yoon looks SCORCHING HOT with dark hair, a lot like a pre-army Lee Jun-ki, in fact)

      re: Iris II, Lee Da-hae was in My Girl, which I really enjoyed (mainly for its male leads) and was pretty good in that, buuuuttttttt, she is practically unrecognisable from those days now – probably as a result of surgical intervention. Which is a shame, because she was a beauty – still is, but I can’t reconcile her old face with her new one.

      • 7.4.1 JoAnne

        Oh GOOD…I missed that, Pogo. That makes me feel MUCH better.

      • 7.4.2 sweetcloud

        I only watch the first episode of IRIS II, but I kept hearing Joo Yoo Rin (LDH’s character in My Girl) whenever LDH speaks. So distracting.

        • pogo

          I only watched the first episode too, but same here. I actually preferred the teenage versions of the leads to their adult counterparts, they were cute with the teasing/trash-talking(her) and the shyness (him).

      • 7.4.3 kakashi

        I have issues with Lee Da-hae (or rather her acting). And her character doesn’t make much sense to me (yet?).

    • 7.5 korfan

      JoAnne –

      *totally laughing* at your Queen of Ambition comment regarding your wish for all the people to meet at the Han River! I barely started watching this …. I’m up to ep 4 ….. I’ve heard the comments regarding this awful woman so I’m bracing myself. At ep 4 she’s already unlikeable.

      Regarding your comment about TWTWB …… what you described is me right now with I Miss You (so you’re not alone with that description! Hehehe!). IMY has captivated me and it won’t let go. Amazing.

      • 7.5.1 JoAnne

        Kor Fan – I LOVED LOVED LOVED I Miss You, so I understand completely. Loved it so much I dismissed all naysayers as ‘You’re wrong! You just don’t UNDERSTAND! It’s much deeper than you realize!’

        Never gonna give up defending that show. Never.

        • korfan

          JoAnne –

          Yes!! Exactly!! I constantly read how overwhelmingly sad, heartwrenching or whatnot it was …. and that people were dropping it or whatever …. I’m like, “No no no!!!” ….. it has complexity, layers, oh so much …. so so much.

          • pogo

            It’s the only melo ever to get me totally invested in whether our leads end up ok – even Nice Guy couldn’t do that for me, but this one did.

        • pogo

          I wasn’t a huge fan of the amount of time they spent with the chaebol rubbish, but I will never give up defending the emotional part of that show for our leads. Even if the weight of the worst part of the story (as in the worst thing to happen to them, not worst as in storytelling) fell squarely on Kim So-hyun and Yeo Jin-gu, I admit I love them a smidgen more than I did YEH/Yoochun.

        • cherkell

          THAT would make an interesting DB thread someday — Dramas You Would Defend To Your Deathbed… and Why? I can only imagine the fan wars and fistfights that would ensue… *breaking out popcorn*

          • JoAnne

            Sang Doo! They’re DEAD, people. They didn’t just move away to some hilly place to teach school/coach gym. They’re DEAD, and it’s kind of perfect, and omg I can’t believe my eyes are filling with tears. I hate you Cher.

          • cherkell

            *snerk* Bwahahahaha! My job here is done… (skipping off going la la la la la)

            “Smile Donghae” for me! This was the first daily drama (and I’ve watched a truckload over the years) that made me cry and sigh on a regular basis. Plucky hero that keeps getting beat down and picks himself back up time after time? And he COOKS? Oh yeah, please!!!

            I don’t give a rat’s ass what ANYONE says — the DVD Box Set will be by my side into my next life as well. 🙂

    • 7.6 unknown

      Hi JoAnne

      I super liked the way you talked about Queen of Ambition and TW,TWB. Echoing all my thoughts exactly!

      • 7.6.1 JoAnne

        Well thank you!

    • 7.7 Aryast

      Funny that you mentioned Block B and Shinee. I’m on a pedo-noona mode and I just love listening and looking at maknae P.O. with the TOP-esque voice and baby face and get all confused because I’m a weirdo like that. I got issues. Anyway, the first time I paid attention to Block B was when I heard the Ghost/Phantom(starring mong-face So Ji-sub) OST Burn Out. After that I got hooked on Nanrina. Dayum Zico and P.O being all cool and badass rapper-like. I have a thing for those. Be it Bang and Zelo of BAP, Zico and PO of Block B or GD(not so much) and TOP of BIGBANG. Also, is it a trend for hiphop groups made out of 2 rappers and a slew of rnb singers to have names starting with ‘B’?

      • 7.7.1 TS

        ” pedo-noona mode” Ha! So true for me too.

    • 7.8 sweetcloud

      TWTWB: that crying scene in front of the car was seriously beautiful. Props to SHK for actually crying and not thinking about how her face may look like and whatnot (although to quote Heads: It’s Song Hye-Friggin’ Kyo!). Strangely it left me a little cold; I was connecting with it mentally but it didn’t get me in the guts. Maybe it’s the Winter-effect. I still enjoy the show tremendously.

      FBND: hahahaha I had the exact same thought when we saw JR outside the publishing house after the time jump.

    • 7.9 kopytko

      Hi JoAnne!
      Just wanted to say I’m with you on the lisp. It’s a total no go for me. I seriously cannot include an actor with lisp into my Hall(yu) of Oppas. That goes for KSW and JIS – he is fine in TWTWB, but his pronunciation.

      And thank you for your extensive description of the expected and wished for future of Da Hae. That was juicy 🙂

      Have a nice weekend 🙂

      • 7.9.1 JoAnne

        yes, Kopytko, I’m picking up a little on Jo In Sung having a bit of a thing, not a lisp exactly, but …something.

        I can’t fall for Kang Ji Hwan for the same reason. It’s like Marlon Brando. Once they open their mouths, any oppa thoughts go RIGHT out the window. No. Can’t have that in my ear. Well, Marlon Brando never inspired that in me to begin with, considering my generations Marlon Brando was The Godfather, not On the Waterfront. But he wasn’t even SCARY with that voice. I was like are you SHITTING me with that? No. Go away.

        Sadly for me and Kwon Sang Woo, I hear it clearly enough now that I have to put his OMG HOT DELICIOUSNESS on the ‘do not call’ list. Because otherwise I would have BITE him he is so yummy.

        Happily for me and Jo In Sung, it ain’t a problem yet.

        • kopytko

          Good for you.
          I heard that little something at the very beginning of TWTWB, so my excitement for JIS faded. Good for me. One less to be obsessed about 🙂

          Funnilly enough, I like actors (actually, guys overall) who mispronounce R-sounds in that way or another. Am I that weird???

          • JoAnne

            Kopytko, not strange at all! In fact, in real life, I doubt I would let a lisp or odd pronunciation tick get in my way if I really was into a guy. I glory in the shallow here but in real life, I tend to fall for more substantial qualities 🙂 But HERE, here…I want perfection.

    • 7.10 erinlibrarian

      Ah, I was totally ready for the new Shinee men 🙂 Now they finally look like they’re the same age as me!
      If only we could get them out of those fugly pastel patterned things and into more suits (or less clothing overall) I’d be ecstatic.

      • 7.10.1 JoAnne

        Erin, Jonghyun and Minho can rock a pair of faded jeans like nobody’s business.

        And, um…Onew is sort of reknowned for his um…jean filling abilities. He’s one odd duck, that boy. Or horse. You know. Whichever.

        • erinlibrarian

          Oh I know! (And Onew should probably be a chicken, lol).
          I love that they dance so much – there is some awesome musculature to ogle 😉

          • JoAnne

            You clearly haven’t spent much time on Tumblr….

            (but yeah, he loves chicken)

    • 7.11 hydrangeabloom

      Ohhhh my goodness, JoAnne, I laughed when I read your comment about the lawyer from TWTWB looking like Fred Armison. I KNEW there was something really familiar about that man’s face, but I couldn’t quite place it.

    • 7.12 Carole McDonnell

      Am watching Queen of Ambition now but not sure what the first episode is implying. That bloody clinch….well, i’m hoping it’s one of those little k-drama cinematic deceptions that will bring about happiness for me in the end. I so dislike folks dying because they can’t live without the horrible person they’re totally in love with.

      Gotta get hopping with marathoning and catching up with TWTWB. Everyone seems to be liking it. Wish i could get the movie version out of my mind.

  8. cv

    Happy ot/Friday/weekend! ^_^

    Finished fbnd, liked it. Love me a happy ending. 🙂

    No chef, still watching. I’m curious if the whole staff got transported back in time and ken and youko only two wbo survived? Hmm…

    Have not been watching the wed/thurs dramas. Kinda sad really. I’ll habe to catch up on Iris 2 later on. Heard missrd reviews on l7cs and twtwb. We’ll see if i marathon these two. Ha

    Heard virus is out today. Hope it’s good. ;p

    Still hoping for JYJ tour in US. Japan fans r so lucky.

    Real life, time to go shopping in a few hours. Lol Been a while since I
    hit the mail.

    • 8.1 cv

      Sorry for typos. On phone. So hard with little buttons. Lol

  9. Leaf


    Thank you for all the support last week <3 I think the play went ok… my friend really enjoyed it!!!
    I was actually super super ill then and actually past out about 5 times by the time I reached the Kitchen. Almost fell down the stairs and broke my neck and died… so YAY! haha…

    Still not great now but hopefully better soon!
    Everyone on Campus seems to be really ill at the moment.

    Now I'm meeting a friend in town cause she had a bad day yesterday so speak soon!

    • 9.1 cv

      Leaf! Glad u feel a little better. Take care n have fun weekend. 🙂

    • 9.2 John

      Leaf ~

      I do hope you feel better soon. I was sick for 2 weeks. Felt like I was trying to breath through a sock. Ugh!

      How did your stage debut go?

    • 9.3 Laya

      Hello Leaf! /waves

      OMG I’m glad you’re all right and hope you get much better soon.

    • 9.4 Carmensitta

      Leaf, are you from U? Everyone here is sick as well haha, me included. Get better!

      • 9.4.1 Carmensitta

        daium, I meant to say UK… not U

      • 9.4.2 umbanana

        Ooh! You’re from the UK? There are so few K-drama lovers here!
        I managed to get a few friends to watch the odd drama or two but can’t interest them in more! It’s sad having no one to talk to dramas about – which is why I am SO glad there are dear Beanies (who all sound very intelligent and thoughtful) here to discuss.

        • Carmensitta

          Yep, I’m living in UK! 😀 Most of my close friends from uni are KDrama watchers, we found each other like a miracle haha. My first-year room-mate is, amazingly a kdrama fan, imagine my shock and excitement!

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    Happy Friday, everyone! Finally managed to arrive here before it reached the 100 posts mark. 🙂

    Anyways, currently watching Can You Hear My Heart? It’s a very lovely show (except the beginning was super boring so I skipped the childhood episodes and went straight to the adult storyline). However, it’s a 30 episode show and I finally reached ep 20 but am going to take a break before I finish marathoning this one.

    That Winter, The Wind Blows continues to be the awesome show it is and I highly recommend those that haven’t jumped on its bandwagon yet, to do so because you’re really missing out on great fun. 😛

    Like everyone else, I’m eagerly waiting for subs for Virus. Hope they come out soon.

    Also still watching Incarnation of Money; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this is one of those shows that albeit riddled with plot holes and annoyances, it still is very charming and interesting to watch.

  11. 11 DAEBAK!

    happy friday to all^^

  12. 12 pogo

    Hello OT people!

    I’m still in the throes of post-FBND ‘WHAT DO I WATCH NOW?!!!’ feels, because I can’t believe it’s all over. But that last kiss was swoonworthy, to say the least – yay for the cable factor and Yoon Shi-yoon factor kicking in at last! Best surprise of the episode, no contest.

    (and I know we joke enough about Park Shin-hye’s onscreen kisses – probably unfairly, because she’s not the only actress with that problem – but I have to give her credit for this one, there were hands holding onto his coat to pull him closer and leaning full-body into the kiss and actually tilting her face up for it, and those were things the slow-mo and perfect windblown hair could not create illusions of….. now, fingers crossed that her next PDs don’t make her go back to dead fish kissing! If Jung So-min and Yoon Eun-hye can manage it, she can too).

    I’m watching That Winter, The Wind Blows, but without much investment – it’s intense while I watch, but afterwards, I don’t have much to say.

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      My only problem with TWTWB: It’s like a “self-conscious” show. Everything is so precisely calculated than there is no room for good accidents. It’s like a shooting for models. It’s beautiful to look at but frankly I’m not that invested in the characters. The aesthetic perfection kills the feeling a little bit. If I may use an example, even George Lucas got his Star Wars spaceships used, dirty and malfunctioning at times: It makes the world real and familiar. 😉

      • 12.1.1 JoAnne

        Well, Mysti, there is that hole that Oh Soo punched in the wall of the house now…

        And I notice every time they do a close up of his wrist that the edges of his sleeves on the wool jackets seem to be pilling. Does that help?

        • Amberscube

          Hahaha… Hahaha.

      • 12.1.2 Swurbel

        Happy Friday Beanies,

        something amazing is happening today: the sun was shining a little. That was so beautiful.

        This week a friend asked me, what is so special about Kdramas and how I became an a ddict. The question could not be answered easly. And today I wanted to write about my journey into addiction. Maybe there are similar fates? But it’s late and I’ll probably do it next time.

        I am watching L7Servant. It has become a bit boring. But luckily we have our villain. A very very sexy villain. ABS!!! (good thing, he didn’t hurt his arm). :-). So please mooore abs next week.

        And I’ve seen the first episode of xxxHolic.
        I am not a fan of the anime nor the manga. But I really like the artwork of that manga. Does that sound like a contradiction? Whatever.
        When I read about the live-action, I was very excited.
        And I like the optical implementation of the manga. The witches shop looks great …the witch too… I hope a (visual) crazy journey will start…

        • Swurbel

          There’s something slip into the wrong position……

      • 12.1.3 Swurbel

        Hello Mystisith,
        I feel the same with TWTWB.
        But next week that annoying crazy staring girl is back (like always in those melos). And will cause trouble for our heros. Could be annoying. Could also be interesting.
        Let’s see what happens …

    • 12.2 TS

      Hi Pogo! Big Hug!

      Yeah, I like TWTWB when I watch it, but forget about it after.

      • 12.2.1 pogo

        Hey TS! *hugs back*

        I think I’m just not cut out for old-school melos, the thrill/tension of whether Soo is going to be busted gets to me far more than the broader question of whether they live or die.

        • hydrangeabloom

          I think that’s the crux of the conflict for me too, pogo. I don’t like this business with the return of the brain tumor or the death pill (as I like to call it). I just finished episode six and it feels like they’re letting out the slack a little in terms of the thriller angle, which was what was drawing me in in the first place.

  13. 13 vans

    Will you girls do another podcast. It’s been a while, I miss your voice and witty comments 🙁
    Level 7 is disappointing. I mean it’s still fun, but I only watch it for JW and skip other parts
    Gotta marathon Wind blows 🙂 the visual is awesome, but I feel like the main guy overacts too much

    • 13.1 Carole McDonnell

      I second that too. Another podcast please.

      Also another Thing versus thing post.

    • 13.2 Amberscube

      Been waiting for podcast too.

  14. 14 John


    No Chef ends next week? Only 8 eps?

    Watching K Dramas: Money, Ad Genius , Winter Wind

    Winter Wind is crazy.

    • 14.1 Mystisith

      @ John
      I was surprised too: J doramas are shrinking while K dramas are getting longer… Frustration!

      • 14.1.1 Carmensitta

        I don’t really watch J doramas, but I miss my 16 episodes K dramas, well at least I only watch them live, and won’t have to marathon such ridiculous length dramas.

    • 14.2 Carole McDonnell

      yeah i started wondering when i saw the last episode. Will Ken stay in the past? He can’t, right? Because he MUST return to the present. Will he bring Natsu with him? How can they wind it all up in one episode? Is Youko such a catalyst? Will she die? Will Nobunaga die? Will Natsu die? Or is this part of some long-running manga. I was all prepared to have Ken do all sorts of Jintastic stuff and mess up history.

      • 14.2.1 John

        Carole ~

        Ah, my poor Natsu ! I have a feeling she won’t live happily ever after with her beloved Ken. Sob ! I’m hoping the drama gods let her down gently. At least let her kiss him goodbye.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I haven’t looked at the RAW yet. Waiting for sub. Tempting though. Maybe a reset for everyone, you think? But a shame that it’s so few episodes. I wanted them to play with time travelling, food, and my sweet Ken for more episodes. Seems the story just started. If it ends now, it’ll feel so one-note and like a kid’s show with no real exploration of the plot…except for food. Still, i do like this show a lot.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Looks like we might have until episode 12..i think. I think. Will see.

  15. 15 kakashi

    oh! and I almost forgot … the second SSP (=shower scene post) is up!

    • 15.1 kakashi

      thanks to all that made suggestions last time (must have been about 4 weeks ago!) woah … time goes fast …

    • 15.2 Dewo

      Thank you very much for ruining my night with those SSP. My fave is kwon sang woo. Now, I have to take a shower myself.

    • 15.3 lili

      OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Ji Hoon sweating, showering, I just can’t process anymore *nosebleed*

    • 15.4 Carole McDonnell

      oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy oh my!!!! Why is the first pic so sexy?

  16. 16 oozzeee

    ,Spending my Friday night watching American Idol..haha, so sue me.. I am looking forward to the new subbed episodes of Dad, Where are You Going..

    • 16.1 TS

      I wish they’d hurry up and sub! I’ve also requested Dramafever and Viki to do it, since ShiaReagy seem busy.

    • 16.2 Carmensitta

      oh, I’ll have to look it up and watch that show, only heard good feedback about it. I’m mostly watching variety shows nowadays, the currently airing dramas just can’t pick my interest. Oh, and 1 american drama, so you’re not the only one “betraying K-TV” haha.

      So happy fbnd ended finally, can’t wait to see nine!!!

      I’m just pausing the MT episode(14) of Shinhwa Broadcast to take a break from laughing. I highly recommend watching SB, those guys are a total riot, and they are only(*sigh*) 11-12 years older than me 😀

  17. 17 anniemo

    Forgive me for imposing everyone, especially if I ramble on. An open thread seemed like just too perfect an opportunity to make this little declaration. Just chalk it up as the big romantic confession that generally happens somewhere around episode 10.

    You see, today marks one year exactly since I first (by a rather backwards route) happened upon Korean dramas. I never would have imagined it in a million years, but It was love at first sight and (thanks to the wonders of Netflix) it was quite easy to note the date. The drama was My Princess, which has gone on to be eclipsed by many other dramas in the pantheon of my heart (hello City Hunter and Coffee Prince!!), but, in addition to banking more goodwill towards Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon than they probably rightfully deserve, it marked a huge shift in how I occupy my free time.

    I’ve voraciously watched drama after drama this past year, some dramas repeatedly. I fell in love with Lee Min Ho and Park Si Hoo and Gong Yoo and Kim Sun Ah and many more actors and actresses than I could possibly name. I’ve laughed til I cried at History of a Salaryman and Answer Me 1997, and cried buckets towards the end of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Queen In Hyun’s Man. I screamed at my computer screen over Eun Shi Kyung, breathed again when Kim Seung Yoo reconciled with Se Ryung, and watched the Heung Soo/Nam Soon bromance pretty much turn my heart to pudding. There is a bit of twist to this story though, because the funny thing is, in spite of all this, I’ve never actually told it to anyone. It wasn’t really a conscious choice, but I’m a rather private person, so once I started to have this thing that was just mine, my own little world, I wasn’t really inclined to invite anyone in. It was all too easy really since it’s not exactly something that would come up naturally in conversation. After all, when’s the last time you heard the latest episode of 1N2D discussed around the watercooler? It does leave me in a bit of a pickle though, because I don’t really have anywhere else to say this but here (my haven for all things kdrama): Happy one-year anniversary dramaland! I’m so glad I found you!!

    Oh, and thank you dramabeans for continuing to be my guide and gateway in! Without you I may never have been able to venture as far into dramaland as I have.

    • 17.1 JoAnne

      Wonderfully said! It’s only been a year longer than that, for me, come June. I still don’t really talk about it with people outsde of here, but in a general way, people know that I know more than the average white girl in CT about Korean entertainment/food/culture. Which is to say – not a whole hell of a lot, but way more than nothing.

      OT will welcome your rants and ramblings with open arms, though 🙂

      • 17.1.1 TS

        Yeah, I’ve eaten Korean about 3 times now. And think it’s my other language even though I don’t follow.

      • 17.1.2 pogo

        It’s legit one of the greatest things about DB, getting to find ‘my people’, as I know you guys – otherwise, I’d be floundering and too full of feels, and kdrama fandoms in English tend to be small so every person counts!

        But Korean food, yummmmmmmmmmmm. I couldn’t believe it when I was in college and found a Korean restaurant in town – best meal I’ve ever had, no contest.

        • TS

          Honestly, it started with Queen Seondeok, then an extra Kim Nam Gil fix in Bad Boy and that led to here (because, seriously, I needed the explanation).

          If Dramabeans hasn’t recapped it, I’m always a bit reluctant to watch.

          • pogo

            There are pre-2007 dramas that wouldn’t be recapped in here anyway – my first ever, Full House, and my first kdrama that I actually finished watching, Goong, are among those.

            But post-2007, I’ve had to work to get over the ‘unrecapped by DB’ bias lol – would never have watched Can We Get Married otherwise! (and still haven’t completed, because some of the characters exhaust me)

          • skelly

            pogo, same, here, it is still a little hard to venture out of the dramabeans comfort zone – and I’ve been watching dramas for about five years now! – but I still stay close to the “source” because a) I trust the opinions of people here, the comments are judicious and the fangirling comes with caution labels and b) I don’t really have anyone to talk to about these dramas. I’ve gotten my husband to watch some, and my daughters, but they are not as into it as I am and don’t really like extended analysis (the perils of being a Lit major, even 30 years later).

          • will work for soju

            This was precisely my trajectory. I think I was googling something about Bad Boy (because really, WTF was with that show?) and stumbled on dramabeans. The rest is history.

          • TS

            @pogo, For Can We Get Married, I skipped a lot of stories and focused mainly on divorcing couple, motorcycle couple and hot tall couple. I do love DB recaps, though. They add spice to shows.

            @Will Work For Soju, glad to hear I was not the only one!

      • 17.1.3 anniemo

        I’m sure the people around me have noticed my sudden knowledgeability when it comes to all things Korean. Again, no expert, but all I knew about Korea before this year came from M*A*S*H so… yeah.

        I actually find the whole process of gleaning information about the Korean language (and culture) through watching dramas fascinating. That and the way subtitles suddenly turn this completely foreign (in every sense of the word) thing into something totally relatable. Without subtitles there’s this wall that separates me from the completely incomprehensible thing I am watching. With them, all the characters suddenly seem the same as anyone on this side of the Pacific. I sometimes even forget that if the subtitles were to disappear, that invisible wall would go back up.

        On the flip side, I do get very excited that, after reading a recap of 1N2D, I can actually watch it unsubbed and pick up the gist of what is happening from the context of the situation (where the recaps come in), the tones of voices, and the phrases I’ve learned over the last year. Out of context conversations may be beyond me, but I grasp most things that are related to what’s happening in the moment. Every drama I watch teaches me a little something new, giving me tiny little puzzle pieces of information that I’m continually fitting together into a larger picture. A totally insignificant line from Ojakgyo Brothers gave me a hint as to what formal speech sounds like versus informal. Flower Boy Next Door had a brief exchange about the tense of a word and suddenly I’ve got a small but significant window into how tenses work. Of course it’d be hard to watch dramas and not eventually pick up on the words for “secret” “present” “love” “liar” “apologize” “promise” “stop!” “hungry” “friend” “why” or (my favorite) “What is that?!”

    • 17.2 DayDreamer

      Dramabeans has also been an excellent guide for me in Kdramas too. Before, I used to stay away from Kdramas because they never seemed too appealing for some reason and I was firmly stuck in Taiwanese dramas. But then I watched two kdramas, found this site and learned all sorts of things and had a blast reading so many threads. Finally, after tons of reading, I’ve managed to connect so many Kdrama actors’s names to their faces (seriously, I could not remember their names; for some reason, I had trouble with that) and be able to watch more kdramas than I ever thought I would. I attribute my kdrama addiction solely to this site, lol. It made kdramas very interesting to me; which is sad because I feel like short summaries written out there on streaming sites have been so misleading and I missed out on so much drama fun.

      • 17.2.1 anniemo

        I too had trouble with actor names at first (How do you say that? Now who is he again? Oh… that guy. Wait…that’s how you pronounce it?!). Not anymore really, but when I first started watching it was all a bit confusing to me.

        I’ve tried a few Taiwanese dramas and like some of them. I just don’t (forgive me) think the quality is the same as Korean dramas. There are a few cute ones out there, I happen to like Office Girls and Mars, but more often than not I find myself returning to my one true love, kdramas. If I cheat, it’s only briefly and not too serious.

        • DayDreamer

          Glad I’m not the only one who had trouble with the names initially. Funny thing is, because I first watched Tdramas, I had no trouble with their names but post-kdrama-addiction, I suddenly started having trouble with Tdrama character names, LOL.

          I also agree with you on the quality of Kdramas. Even the mediocre is watchable. The thing is, I’m glad I started with Tdramas because then I would have never enjoyed them if I watched them after watching Kdramas (except maybe if I suddenly and unexpectedly got sick of the latter, lol). Only some are worth watching but the recent ones are not interesting to me (even though I still look through them to see if one can catch my interest).

    • 17.3 Belle3005

      Happy anniversary to you too anniemo! 😀 Dramabeans was in fact the first drama recap blog that I’ve ever stumbled on. I still remember my first drama You’re Beautiful like it was yesterday. Eventhough now when I look back the drama was actually quite MEH with lots of awkward acting from Jung Yong Hwa,thanks to the recaps it made everything so much more bearable. Now I’m almost in my third year of drama-watching and although I’ve managed to stumble upon a hell lot more K-drama websites throughout the years,Dramabeans will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope that we’ll get to see you even as years pass by. Again,Happy Anniversary chingu-ya! *squeezes into a hug* AHAHAHAH I hope that I won’t come across as a weird person. I just somehow feel that your passage was something that I can really relate to. 🙂

      • 17.3.1 anniemo

        I’m glad you can relate belle, you didn’t frighten me away at all.

        I like You’re Beautiful (I confess I have a bit of a soft spot for Jang Geun Suk), but Park Shin Hye overdoes the cute a little too often for my taste. That and I never once felt anything for Shin Woo (or as I always rather nastily call him in my head “Mr. Personality”).

    • 17.4 korfan

      anniemo –

      Yeah, Dramabeans is great indeed. Glad you joined the club! ….. and happy one year anniversary to you!

    • 17.5 John

      anniemo ~

      Welcome. You aren’t intruding. This is the place to talk about your/our drama obsession.

    • 17.6 pogo

      It’s been six years for me, but five of those years were spent stumbling through soompi where I felt like a geriatric among teenagers – it took 2012 and Arang and the Magistrate to get me to dramabeans, and I’m kicking myself for not getting here sooner. Finally, a place populated by the sane and articulate and mature! (and OT is the best part).

      • 17.6.1 skelly

        pogo, I hear you! I am nearly 52, but trying to talk on soompi makes me feel about 92. Back in my day, you young whippersnapper, we had some respect…! 😉

        • pogo

          skelly, I was 23 and still felt out of place there – anyone out of their teens (or at a push, very early twenties) on soompi was practically a unicorn. It’s a lot more comfortable on DB because at least we talk amidst the fangirling 🙂

          • TS

            I’m way older than you, Pogo, and sometimes I feel rather weird for my fangirling.

            But then I decided, never mind. 🙂

          • pogo

            TS – I should clarify, I am not 23 anymore! Long past it, in fact 🙂 And as a lifelong fangirl of one thing or other, I’ve just accepted that there are some things one can only talk about online, and I’m quite cool with that.

        • Saturtledaisy

          Aww. I am one of these very early-twenties young whippersnappers you’re talking about, and some of us do have respect~ But even I feel more comfortable reading comments on dramabeans (which can actually be insightful) rather than comments on some other threads… Which often don’t go much deeper than ‘My Oppa is so handsome!’

          • skelly

            So true!

    • 17.7 aznative

      annimo – I can relate to what you’ve said. I sorta came to K-Drama through the back-door. My daughter introduced me to anime, then I saw some Japanese dramas and happened onto K-Dramas on Hulu — and started watching DramaFever, Viki, etc. and reading DramaBean reviews back in the summer of 2010.

      I’m retired, with a college age daughter and have really enjoyed the time in my little drama world — constantly running rabbit trails though the web researching when I start watching a historical dramas.

      Just started watching Gaksital and am spending almost as much time reading about the Japanese occupation of Korea as I am watching the episodes. I’m loving the story just wish Joo Won had cut his hair for the part he plays–to me one of those little details that would make it more authentic; his acting in amazing.

      Everyone have a wonderful weekend — look forward to a beautiful Spring.

      • 17.7.1 anniemo

        A history nerd after my own heart! (Seriously, card-carrying member.) I’ve read the recaps of Gaksital but I’ll admit I haven’t yet mustered up the courage to watch it. I like Joo Won, but oh dear, I don’t do well with misery.

        I’ve actually never been able to get into japanese dramas. That’s not true, I really liked one of the plot lines of Love Shuffle and Nagareboshi wasn’t bad. I’ve just struck out with just about every other one I’ve tried. I think part of the problem, (aside from the lack of heightened drama in jdramas) is that I just don’t do unhappy endings. They seem a little more pervasive in jdramas and I don’t enjoy being saddened for entertainment. There can be darkness, despair, and death along the way, but gosh darn it there needs to be a light at end of the tunnel!!

        • DayDreamer

          This is so ironic because the thing that kept me away from Kdramas in the beginning was this notion that settled in that all kdramas would be these angsty, unhappy-ending types. I don’t remember how that notion came to be but it certainly kept me very far away from Kdramas.

          I still remember that my first jdorama was Nodame Cantabile and I guess I have allergies to medical and musical dramas because for sure, I fastforwarded through that entire drama and only watched the parts that interested me, namely the sorta cute relationship between the leads. Other jdoramas that I watched and liked without a single fastforward were Nagareboshi (though I felt it was a bit slow), Taiyo no Uta, Love Generation, and Beautiful Life. The things these had in common were that they were all sweetly romantic, the storyline was well paced and interesting, and there wer no annoying characters.

          The drama that actually turned me away from jdoramas was Hana Kimi…with all these school kids running around nilly-willy so inexplicably that it all seemed wtf to me. It’s just that component of non-realism that keeps me away; same thing happened with a Fukada Kyoko drama where she’s a housewife who turned into an amateur detective…that was such a facepalm worthy show. Recently, I also tried some drama about a girl who wasn’t in her family’s registry or something like that so essentially she didn’t exist. I tried to understand but the premise seemed so laughable and inconsequential (despite the show telling the viewer how consequential it was) that I could not seem to care. The idea seemed fake and unbelievable.

          So yeah…jdoramas…I find ’em hard to like even though very few were very good.

          • anniemo

            I think Love Shuffle is the only jdorama I can honestly say I liked. The rest I muddled through (or not…). I think of them like Wes Anderson movies, some people find them awesome, I find them to be one giant question mark.

            Then again, there’s definitely a whole subset of kdramas that I stay away from due to their being sappy tearjerkers. (Seasons dramas, party of 4?)

    • 17.8 owl

      Hi anniemo, I’ve been a beanut with db and kdramas for a little less than a year and my progression is similar to yours. I had NO idea the world of kdramas and db recaps and reviews existed, but once I fell into the black hole of marathoning and watching real time, there was no turning back. I am approaching the 100 watched kdrama mark. Hello, my name is owl, and I am a kdrama addict.

      Then, about two months ago, i ventured into the world of anime and jdramas. There isn’t enough time in the day for how much I want to watch. Funny thing, I hardly watched tv before.

      DB OT is a fun place to rant and rave, crush gush and complain. And I love it. There ain’t nothing like a fake real life~

      • 17.8.1 anniemo

        I’m big on the marathoning. Finding a new drama I like is like finding a $20 bill in my jeans pocket when doing the laundry (complete with the California surfer-esque “duuuuuuude!!”). The second I find one, it’s pretty much going to consume all my free time. My name is Anne, and I too am an addict.

        I don’t think I’m anywhere near 100 yet. I know I have a list of 30 or so that I like enough to watch multiple times. If each viewing of City Hunter or Coffee Prince counted though, I’d be way past 100. What slows me down is probably my pickiness: No sad endings. No Ha Ji Won. No Chae Rim. Light on the cheese. Light on the sap. Minimal chauvinism. Male lead must be hot or at least damn cute. Badass female lead a plus, helpless ones undesirable. Some romance preferred. See, I’m like Meg Ryan trying to order a salad in Sleepless in Seattle.

        • cherkell

          Jeff Spicoli approves this comment. 🙂

    • 17.9 Laurita

      Congrats on one year of being k-drama addict (no matter how strange it may sound) 🙂

      I also used to keep k-dramas as a private secret, but when one day my family demanded to know what if not the learning, eats my hours and days, I angrily told them. And though they usually tease me with that , I feel much better now 🙂 In a way I don’t have to feel guilty when I spend all day marathoning some drama since my family knows that I probably do it, and not study as they used to think. It’s bad, but it’s good that they know it and I don’t need to lie.

      Of course I still don’t say about this to people I don’t really know (guilty smile*).

    • 17.10 hydrangeabloom

      Great post, anniemo! 🙂 For me it has been six and a half years already since I started watching dramas. I came across DB in 2010, even though it feels like forever. In the beginning, I also did not talk about dramas with anyone. Partially because I did not know anyone else who watched them. However, I eventually started mentioning them more because sometimes people I wouldn’t expect would be fans as well. Then I started making new drama-watching friends!

    • 17.11 Carmensitta

      I started watching KDramas about 5 years ago, on the good old days of mysoju. There were so many dramas/movies on that site that I still want to watch. I want mysoju back as much as I want a new season of The Secret Circle!!! Anyways, diverging…, I guess I’m a long-term relationship kind of girl, coz my love for kdramas is still going steady! 😀

    • 17.12 Carole McDonnell

      Wow, now you have me trying to remember what my first k-drama deflowering happened.

      • 17.12.1 DayDreamer

        ^The deflowering part made me rofl.

      • 17.12.2 korfan

        ” … my first k-drama deflowering …”

        I think I’m going to have these words stuck in my head all week! Hehe!

        • Carole McDonnell

          🙂 Maybe I was thinking of FBRS. Maybe that was where it all began.

  18. 18 TS

    Hey Everyone!

    Open Threads are so much fun!

    So, I’m out of patience a bit on multi-episode dramas and am directing myself to movies instead. Right now I’m in the middle of Miss Gold-digger (start here:

    Werewolf Boy still on the list because I want to watch it straight through. Hopefully tonight.

    I also watched a Japanese movie with Seung-ri of Big Bang, Young Hidaichi something, but you can find it on dramacrazy with just Young Hidaichi. It was cute, but felt like I was watching a foreign language.

    And because I’m fangirling both dads and kids on Dad Where Are You Going, I looked up Lee Jong Hyuk (his son Junsu is his mini-me) and watched Yeongdeok Women’s Wrestling Team.


    Behind on TWTWB. Doesn’t matter. I like the recaps.

    Oddly, Incarnation of Money has got my attention now. Let’s see if it keeps it.

    And I’m now really into Hundred Year’s Inheritance (is Korea as conservative as the families in that show? Who cares if Chae Won’s dad dates a cafe owner?). I want that chaebol family with crazy MIL crushed!

    (But seriously, guys, if I start getting into the Glass Mask, I’m taking off to a Sufi commune. No wait, stopping there and seeing them watch a sageuk was what got me started…)

    And I’m starting a J-Drama this weekend: W No Higeki. Looks awesome, even if I won’t understand the language, lol. (hey, in Hangul, I’m starting to make out words.)

    Yay for Friday!

    • 18.1 pogo

      TS – I’m thinking of revisiting jdramas myself – xxHolic should have started already, and I want to do a Honey & Clover rewatch. I haven’t watched one in ages, not since Mizushima Hiro took his sabbatical from acting, but I’m hoping it’ll give me a chance to brush up my (very rusty) Japanese.

      and yeah, I want to find myself a few good kmovies too. Currently thinking of A Million (starring Shin Mina and Lee Min-ki) but that’s kind of thriller-y so I want to save it for a day when I don’t have a sore throat and a cold and can pay attention because pretty people like them deserve it lol

      • 18.1.1 TS

        Yes, that’s how I feel about Werewolf Boy.

        A Million sounds good too. Where will you watch it, Dramacrazy?

        • pogo

          TS- yeah, most likely on dramacrazy. And are subs on Werewolf Boy finally out? Because that is on my to-watch list too!

          • TS

            Yikes, no, it got removed. Am kicking myself now.

          • TS

            I stand corrected: it’s on Dramacrazy still, yay! It was on Youtube, but not anymore.

      • 18.1.2 aznative

        XXXholic did start on DramaCrazy, but it wasn’t subbed when I started it — I may be premature in saying this but it looks like it will be a winner.

        • pogo

          fingers crossed that it is – this is the first time CLAMP’s work is getting to be live action, and I really, really want it to live up to the original. Though how they will do it in 12 episodes max is puzzling, probably just adapt one arc or something.

        • cv

          Xxxholic is on Saw it last night.

          Nothing beats the anime. Haha

          • TS



            Is this a movie? I’ll watch it if it is.

            At any rate, I’m making a list now, so I don’t forget my Asian drama/movie plan and get confused!

          • TS

            Oh, it’s a drama. I’ll add it to “for later.” 🙂

        • TS

          WHat’s this xxxholic about?

          • pogo

            TS – here you go, from wiki without spoilers

            The series’ plot focuses on Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student plagued by yōkai and ayakashi, spirits with a strong attraction to him. The spirits are invisible to others and encounters with them are extremely troublesome. When he stumbles into a shop that grants wishes, however, events in his life promise to become more unusual. The shop is owned by Yūko Ichihara, a mysterious witch of many names and esoteric renown. For a price, she offers to grant Watanuki’s wish to be rid of the spirits. The price, according to Yūko, must be of equal value and so, as payment, he temporarily becomes Yūko’s part-time employee.

    • 18.2 Laya

      “I also watched a Japanese movie with Seung-ri of Big Bang, Young Hidaichi something, but you can find it on dramacrazy with just Young Hidaichi. It was cute, but felt like I was watching a foreign language.”

      It’s Young Kindaichi’s Case Files. 😀 Young Kindaichi is played by Yamada Ryosuke (of Hey! Say! JUMP, from Tantei Gakuen Q, Hidarime Tantei EYE, etc.) and Kawaguchi Haruna (from Ouran) plays his best friend Miyuki. 😀

      • 18.2.1 Laya

        Oh, and I forgot to say, although I love those two I mentioned above, I ended up watching it primarily for Wu Chun (the police detective, Byron Lee)(from the Taiwanese Hana Kimi).

      • 18.2.2 TS

        Ha, thank you!!! It was so cute.

    • 18.3 Carole McDonnell

      Werewolf boy brought back my childlike melancholy. The wonderful over-the-top angst/addiction to sorrow. Not to mention my need to have some wonderfully sweet childlike pure handsome male fall madly in love with me.

  19. 19 Aryast

    Friday, guise!

    FBND – enjoyed the ride right up til what’shernameagain? finally stepped out of her room and then the rest for it for me was all fillers. Thoroughly disappointed with the last 4 episode.

    I started watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal and just finished ep17 last night(taking the day off from drama today). On the whole, I found Park Min-young and Yoochun’s acting left a lot to be desired, Yoo Ah-in is a more than decent actor(and incredibly hot broody to boot) while Joongki although really cheeky and entertaining found some of his winking and “charm acting” slightly contrived. I had to keep reminding myself that this is a fusion sageuk and is something like BOF/You’re Beautiful in 18th century Joseon to be able to enjoy it; while I enjoy the political and historical aspect, the college life was a bit mundane and nonsensical and something I wished would be kept completely separate, preferably in two different dramas. Unless they can execute those two things in one drama perfectly, of course. The only thing that kept me going was the political/historical plotline and the extremely adorable interactions between our Jalgeum Quartet.

    Following that, I decided to catch Antique Bakery for the second time because of Yoo Ah-in(I’m kinda digging him at the moment. Keh.) and found myself utterly perplexed that this cute boyish character was played by the same actor that played the rough and tough Geol-oh. Hee! The first time I watched Antique was because of Kim Jae-wook(those bone structures!) and pleasantly surprised to know that Joo Ji-hoon was anchoring as the main. I really liked Princess Hours. The good thing about watching the movie twice is that I caught certain parts that I might’ve missed the last time.

    I actually just got of watching eatyourkimchi’s Kpop Music Monday review for B.A.P’s One Shot. Ughh Bang Yong-guk’s voice might just melt away my panties. Also, I’m feeling like a serious pedo-noona when I look at Zelo. He’s just such a handsome young thing. And did anyone else saw Shinee’s Taemin in BoA’s Disturbance video? My my has the boy grown up! He is now known as TaeMAN!

    *beep beep blippity blip* Huh? Look at that… My pedo-noona radar is reading off the charts! *sigh*

    Anyway, that’s all guise! Happy Friday, take care and be safe. Have a fun March!!!

    • 19.1 aznative

      @ aryast

      If you like Joo Ji-hoon you might like “Five Fingers” if you’re into melodramas, it’s on He’s also in “I Am the King” which you can find on DramaCrazy.

      • 19.1.1 Aryast

        I’m not BIG fan of his actually but I really like and prefer his chaebol character in Antique Bakery over the Crown Prince character in Goong. Although, thanks for the suggestion! Appreciate it 😀

      • 19.1.2 cherkell

        YES to all of the above!!! And I’ve heard through Rumour Control that Ji-hoon is being highly considered for a new movie to be directed by the PD of “The Naked Kitchen.”


        Commence major squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing NOW!!! 😀

      • 19.1.3 Carmensitta

        Watched “I am the King” too, while thinking it was another title for Masquerade haha. A pleasant watch all in all, liked the antics a lot!

    • 19.2 pogo

      Aryast – Joo Ji-hoon was in some really interesting projects pre-scandal, and I hope he gets options like that again – I liked Antique, but I also liked The Naked Kitchen (he and Shin Mina were HOT together, though I’m aware adultery is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is not your garden-variety rom-com).

      Yoo Ah-in always causes mental whiplash, for me – how he goes between adorable in his contemporary dramas to, well Geol-oh is astounding to say the least. And I think Yong-ha is easier to ‘get’ if you realise that the overly charming flamboyance is part of an act – I thought he was going to be just another playboy stereotype too, but he almost made me cry. Agreed that Yoochun and PMY were kind of flat though – there’s a weird flatness to their acting, especially PMY, that stops me really rooting for them. (Geol-oh and Yong-ha, though…..)

      • 19.2.1 Aryast

        STAHP! Please don’t spoil Yeo-rim’s background and internal turmoil for me yet. I have 3 episodes to go! Heh. I’ve never like any of PMY’s acting at all to be honest, granted I’ve only ever watched City Hunter and now SKKS. Yoochun and PMY did have some cute moments but it’s all surface stuff for me. Meh. Agreed about Geol-oh and Yeo-rim…those two have spawned countless fanfics online. Swear to god i’ve never read any…. Really! Scouts honour! *holds up 3 fingers*

        Yeah, I did read about his scandal and am surprised that he managed to score gigs post-scandal. Especially in a society that can be very critical and unforgiving but I do see a gradual change in this.

        • pogo

          Aryast – sorry! I swear I did not think I was spoiling though, he did show hints of the personality behind the persona pretty early on so I thought ep 17 was ok to talk about that by!

          • Aryast

            LOL actually yea it is ok. No worries. I’m getting vibes that they’re just hinting about his inner turmoil up til that point though. Nothing’s spoiled for me yet. Just stopping you right there. Heh. ^^

      • 19.2.2 JoAnne

        Luh-huh-HUVED Naked Kitchen!

        • skelly

          That one scene…is this KOREAN? Really? That’s when I was enlightened, that there is a big difference between Korean movies and Korean dramas, in terms of what they will show. O.O

          • Aryast

            Yeah. Korean movies have absolute creative freedom compared to the dramas. Sex scenes, gore, boobage, buttockage, lots of nudity, violence. I think cable has more freedom too though. I remember watching Special Affairs Team TEN and seeing exposed nips or two. these are of course all the dead victims’.

  20. 20 Belle3005

    Hey guys I just realised that we are in fact almost half way through TWTWB with 7 episodes in. INSANEEE. But I feel like the stakes are really up high already. O.O What is Secretary Wang’s deal,really? I feel like strangling her and yet there’s a tiny part of me that’s intrigued by her seemly not-altogether-bad character. TWTWB is all about everyone in shades of grey,isn’t it so? Well,except for Sora I feel like smashing into the screen because I am so annoyed with her. That girl needs to stay away from Oh Soo,pronto. If there’s one thing that I really hate it would be obsessive girlfriends. SO SCARY IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. SOBS. What do I do now that FBND is over? It was such a blast to ship the Dong Hoon-editor OTP. Not sure if I should be excited for Nine yet but I guess we’ll see how things go next week.

  21. 21 snow_white

    hi everyone…..

    I still have 3 more episodes left to complete FBND, but I don’t know why the urge has gone (may be because I took a long break from dramas as I was busy..

    But now I’ve decided that I’m not gonna watch a drama live, will marathon them when they complete their run 😀

    • 21.1 Dewo

      Hi snow_white, I think you should finished FBND, although it’s just for the eye candy. The story was rather bland on the last fourth episodes.

      If you decided not to watch a drama live, recently I’ve been watching live. And I’m kind of regretting it. Maybe after TWTWB and L7SC end, I will not watching live again. I will be waiting until the drama end then I go marathon it.

      • 21.1.1 snow_white

        thanks for the suggestion….i think i’ll complete it in next 2-3 days 🙂

    • 21.2 enz

      i’m the same – 2 more episodes of FBND and i dont know when i will get around to it. hopefully by this end of this weekend.

  22. 22 ht

    Saikou no Rikon is so good. It’s so realistic. I’m only at episode 4 but I have nothing but praise for this drama.

    • 22.1 John

      ht ~

      I need to watch Ep 4, but, yes, it is good.

    • 22.2 owl

      I love how each person assesses the relaitonship thing at the spa, dentist, and cleaners.
      And the husband/not really her husband guy, why do I like him even though I hate how he does relationships?

  23. 23 angie602

    Hello everyone! 1st time on OT.

    Has anyone hear of the news?
    Eun Ji Won (Eun Choding of 1N2D) was divorced last year Aug. So was Kim C.

    Mind blowing news! Especially Ji Won’s…..

    • 23.1 Carmensitta

      Yep, saw the news about EJW on hancinema earlier today, sad reality, it’s good that they didn’t have kids yet, they suffer the most because of these separations. But didn’t hear about Kim C.

      I wish them all the best in their careers, regardless of their personal lives!

  24. 24 umbanana

    Happy Friday my fellow Beans!
    Was looking for the OT yesterday after finishing my exam thinking it was Friday. But hey Friday is finally here!
    How has everyone’s week been?
    I was offered a job (my first choice too) on Monday but it got very quickly withdrawn as they found out they made an error marking the national exam for these job apps. So now there’s 7000-odd stressed souls out there patiently waiting. Sad times.
    On a happier and more drama-related note:
    Finally finished King of Baking yesterday, which I’ve been meaning to since forever. It was a good show in some parts but not my cup of tea. If it weren’t for the bread (oh I love my carbs) and the pretty boys (esp. Joo Won ♥) I don’t think I could’ve finished it or would’ve even started.
    Also was trying to decide whether to finish FBND (I’m on episode 11 – paused due to RL getting in the way) or start TWTWB… and in the end went for TWTWB. I was in the mood for some melo. And I’ve been reading the recaps (btw thanks Heads!) and everyone seems to really enjoy it. I totally enjoyed the recaps so started watching it. On episode 2 atm and it’s intense! And such a pretty thing to watch. SHK and JIS, of course, are gorgeous, but the cinematography is just beautiful. Can’t wait to catch up… but that means I’ll have to sit around patiently waiting for new eps and subs. I’ve only ever done that once with QIHM and it was painful.
    Anyway just so glad to get some time off from school to watch dramas!! Woot!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

  25. 25 melo.boy

    happy Friday ladies!
    melo.boy is back..
    thus weekend it time to marathon yawang , that winter , and king of dramas !!
    all three are good ..
    but only bad thing is that my semester results are going to be out in two days … I’m worried m going to fail in mathematics … 🙁

    • 25.1 cv

      Good luck! Hope you pass! ^^

    • 25.2 Carole McDonnell

      Good luck! Don’t worry.

  26. 26 Julia

    After seeing FBND’s seminar on addiction, I feel slightly defensive about my own addiction to drama. LOL So I’ve decided we need a list of things that are good about our drama watching.

    Let me get a list started, please add your 2 cents worth.

    – enhanced periphery vision to catch subtitles
    – increased reading speed to read subtitles
    – learning foreign languages
    – appreciating cultural differences and seeing your own culture with fresh eyes
    – adopt new foods and table manners
    – see how others respect their elders/family
    – expand your problem solving skills by seeing how they do it in dramas (I so want an excuse to throw a glass of water in someone’s face)
    – be inspired by food porn to do more home cooking
    – make friends while discussing your passion on DramaBeans
    – learn creative ways to insult people, including a multitude of poop references

    • 26.1 pogo

      – all the cute boys and hot men we NEVER would have found if we hadn’t gone drama-watching (clearly I have my priorities straight lol)
      – getting used to drama tropes from a different culture
      – all the lovely OST scores and background music to listen to when you feel like, say, Taylor Swift is just not cutting it any more.

      • 26.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Agreeing with everyone.

        Will add:
        –Freeing one’s self from the political news in USA
        — virtual vacation

    • 26.2 Mystisith

      Addicted, me? Nah… let me add:
      – Comparative study of courtship techniques (passive, aggressive, manipulative). Also, how to spot a jerk amongst your suitors (they come in bundles, as everyone knows).
      – For those who care, what’s the fashion in other countries. Can give ideas for birthday presents.
      – Dramas can be stress relievers: After cursing and swearing at those bit*** female character, you feel much better.

      • 26.2.1 oftheshore

        For me it’s not just learning about fashion in another country, but also…ahem, creatively appropriating ideas. From both female and male characters (I still want that shirt with a side collar Gong Yoo wore in CP).

        • enz

          which one is that? I bought a sweater from uniqlo recently coz I thought it had the same material as that top he wore on the day of the coffee prince shop opening! :p

      • 26.2.2 pogo

        do manicures count as fashion? The average kdrama heroine’s clothes would fit only half of me, but thankfully nail polish is the same for all sizes! (and all appropriated by me me meeeeeeeeee, no gifting of sparkly French fingertips or half-moon manicures going on here!)

      • 26.2.3 TS

        On a more serious note, they’ve shown me what dating looks like. I’m not kidding. People resist dating unless they think a hook-up is at the end, and it’s tiresome. I just want to do activities and get to know someone properly.

        • korfan

          TS –

          Very good observation. I completely agree with you on this one.

          I’ll add that these kdramas, in their portrayals/presentations of this, reveal the beauty of restraint, of measured steps, of making all the stops along the way as they say. I’m young and it’s the year 2013, but I have to say that there is definitely room for this type of dating behavior. Getting to know someone properly never goes out of style.

    • 26.3 Swurbel

      more points from me:
      – I feel the desire to learn Korean and have signed up for a course in the next month
      – want metal chopsticks ( but wasn’t able to buy a pair)
      – you can shine with intercultural knowledge about Korea and the live-action media system at any party

    • 26.4 Dewo

      I will add, watching dramas gives you knowledge about many types of kisses:
      – dead fish kisses
      – eye open kisses
      – tip toe kisses
      – palm kisses
      – cola kisses
      – foam kisses
      – cotton candy kisses
      and many others, you name it.

      • 26.4.1 Swurbel

        🙂 hihi
        and you also learn, that there are no erotic kisses in kdramas (…or very rarely…)

      • 26.4.2 merry

        Funny, Dewo. Kakashi, do a blog on this topic of kisses, please. i enjoy your shower series.

        • kakashi

          daunting … but I have indeed thought about it before!!! I might venture into kissu-land once the showers are done!

          • skelly

            Oh, I would have some suggestions for that one. I’m very picky about kisses.

      • 26.4.3 Carole McDonnell

        oooh, the tip-toe kisses! the tip-toe kisses!

        Not really aware of the foam kisses though. Am hoping it looks (and feels) more romantic than it sounds.

    • 26.5 Laurita

      My 5 cents 🙂 :

      – help in lectures (it actually helped in my additional course of Japanology in Uni (loved that short course))

      – tolerance – shows that every person is unique (I don’t feel like all the people of other race are identical anymore, e.g. women in Korean pop groups)

      – emphasis on your beauty (I want to try Korean masks and BB creams and one time I actually searched for Korean slim body secrets – dunno why)

      – manipulation lessons (given by the best evil mothers in law – now we know how to take care of the next generation ;))

      – due to the huge amount of weak heroines and a shortage of the really good ones, now we can clearly see what makes the woman great, and what – annoying (a perfect example of how to act in life)/the same with guys.

      • 26.5.1 Laurita

        oh oh oh, and
        – k-pop dance steps (I’ve never thought that people teach to dance them in youtube)

    • 26.6 TS

      In fact, watching K dramas has inspired me to eat lighter. Sort of, anyway.

    • 26.7 iZzie :)

      – bonding time for me and my Mom whom I reeled in to kdrama watching.
      – increased affection from my friends whom I update on recent drama news and view dramas with
      – additional bonding factor with family and friends
      – a new way of meeting new people who share the same interests
      – instant guide on places-to-be for South Korean tours
      – instant guide on “how to blend in” (fashion and customs-wise) for South Korean tours

      • 26.7.1 merry

        I got into Kdramas because of my mom. She was visiting us and she so missed her dramas. I went around town looking for DVDs. Luckily met a school parent who was so into it and had a free supply from her vast library. I was in between jobs then and i was hooked. My mom spent four months with us. After four months of that visit, she passed away. I think in my watching dramas now, i somehow want to feel that connection when we marathoned till past 2; especially when she cannot sleep (as older people sometimes do). Oh i so miss her.

        I realise the power of cultural dispersion through hallyu. it is said that trade patterns go from primary goods, then to manufactured, then to services. Kdramas can be part of cultural services. I’ve passed through Incheon for several years, without getting out of the airport. AFter watching kdramas, i ventured out, even just for a day trip outside and having to pay korean visa for that. Arrgh. Bought a korean car as well, and got into LG fones, Samsung TVs. So as you can see, indeed hallyu is powerful.

        The one thing kdramas made me realise is that there are many worlds in this our planet and i am just happy to partake of these other worlds in one way or the other without leaving this small place i call home. I am wiser and wealthier by the experience. (i just wish they cut down on the violence though– the slapping and the shaking. Peace is good.)

        • skelly

          merry, I know the feeling. I lost my mom a year ago. She was a singer, and we used to do a lot of singing together; ever so often I will do a song in church or somewhere and it will bring her right next to me. I hope my girls remember kdrama marathons with mom, when they are older…

    • 26.8 Carmensitta

      I think I would be able to do a 1000 pages study on KDramas in less time that it takes me to do my bloody 100 pages dissertation.

      Apart from that, I think that I developed my critical analysis skills by a lot since I started not only watching, but also discussing dramas. I hated writing essays with such a passion before, that I’m amazed at my long ramblings nowadays.

      Should I put as a benefit that I have dreams in form of short movies from time to time? The only problem is that I forget them 10-15 mins after I first wake up if I don’t concentrate really really hard to remember and get the will to not snooze again.

    • 26.9 umbanana

      I like this! Agreeing with everyone so far.

      For me, the main benefits of visiting dramaland:
      – Motivated me to take Korean lessons- and I’ve picked up many words/phrases from dramas.
      – Cultural awareness (incl. FOOD!)
      – Break from RL – we all need that from time to time

      I’m not sure if the following one is really a benefit but learning about really random medical conditions… or not so random ones. I’m a medical student and thanks to Autumn in my heart, I learnt the symptoms of leukaemia before even starting high school. And some TW drama taught me about Wilson’s disease. Keep up the random diseases, dramaland!

    • 26.10 DayDreamer

      What kdrama addiction did to me was just make me a complete recluse, lol. Only the computer is my best friend, hahaha.

  27. 27 melo.boy

    oh my bad English.. hope Jesus forgives me .. hehe

    • 27.1 JoAnne

      Jesus might…but Gaksital is another story.

      • 27.1.1 Dewo


  28. 28 Julia

    Happy Friday, Beanies.

    Where to I go to join the Que Sera Sera groupies? After hearing it mentioned on OT, I watched it this week., Not like anything I have seen before. Phew! Love can really drive you crazy.

    Then for something completely different, I’m now watching TDrama “Prince Who Turns Into a Frog”. It’rom/com cotton candy, all fluffy and lighthearted.

    • 28.1 Laya

      Prince Who Turns Into A Frog. 😀
      I like that drama. 😀 And Ming Dao. 😀

    • 28.2 enz

      hah!! another convert for QSS ! pillowhead, korazy lady, Ann, Joanne and myself are fans. it’s a really great drama. don’t you think it has an arthouse film vibe to it ?

    • 28.3 Pillowhead

      WAH!!!! so happy for you Julia, and for us to have some new blood! Yay :D. AND? no comments on how hot Eric was? lol.

  29. 29 flour

    hi guys, did any of you NOT like FBND? i honestly cant continue watching it. i watched the ending and its cute. but its not like OMG SO GOOD OMGOMG good. is it just me? :S i feel so lost.

    on the other hand, im not sobered up from my school 2013 hangover yet. i just miss everyone. even their behind the scene stories kkkk. also i have massive girl crush on park se young, and think she’s better than shin hye o.o

    enjoying TWTWB too now! eunji is so talented, she’s grown so much from reply1997. shes gonna go places :DD

    • 29.1 Mystisith

      I would give FBND a 7/10: The writing wasn’t focused enough on the main characters and strangely, some secondary characters got more screentime than what they deserved. I also have some bones to pick: The OST wasn’t to my liking for example. I can say I stayed until the end for the cast. I loved the last episode precisely because it was fast paced and luminous, and funny. If someone would ask me, I would say it’s not the same writer/director’s couple which penned & filmed it.

    • 29.2 skelly

      I gave it up after a few episodes. I have decided, after much deliberation, that I am just not a Park Shin Hye fan. It doesn’t seem to matter who she plays, I just end up wanting to strangle her character; I couldn’t finish You’re Beautiful or Heartstrings, either. I don’t know why she bugs me so much, but there it is. I read the recaps, to see if there was any reason I should jump back in, and in the end I was glad I used those hours for something else…

      • 29.2.1 Maris

        I am so sad you feel this way. I love her. She was my saviour when bed ridden for few months. That’s how my love for Korea started.

      • 29.2.2 DayDreamer

        Hahaa, I also dropped the same dramas you mentioned that she was in….although not personally because of her but just for how those dramas were.

    • 29.3 lili

      lol, I know how it feels…I loved it until episode 10, the moment they hooked up, it lost its magic imo. Kim Ji Hoon is the reason I kept watching it.

      TWTWB is surprisingly good…I longly hesitated before starting this one coz of SHK, I found her acting a bit bland and thus couldn’t bring myself to watch another of her dramas…what to say? She proved me wrong, I bawled like a baby in the scene where she burst into tears asking him if she could trust him. I like it so far…

    • 29.4 TS

      I really couldn’t stand it.

  30. 30 oftheshore

    Hi everyone, how are you?
    Thank for all the comments from last week – sorry I couldn’t answer, as I went from the office straight to bed with a nasty flu.:( During the unplanned break I rewatched some of my favourite K-drama episodes and Ouran (the anime, not the live action). As such, here is my question of the week: who are some of your favourite drama boyfriends (and by boyfriends I mean guys who actually got the girl)?

    • 30.1 kopytko

      Hi Oftheshore!
      I hope you’re all better now *hugs you*

      The guy who got the girl? Kim Do Jin of course! Love that kind of characters. Especially, when they can help you fix this and that at home.

      There must be some other characters… This one died… That was a second lead… Another second lead… Oh! Lee Jin Wook was totally convincing as the affectionate boyfriend in INR2 and in the snippet of The City of Glass that I saw (stadium kiss anybody? *nosebleed*)

      Thank you, Oftheshore. I’ve just realised the power of second lead syndrome.

      Have a great weekend!

      • 30.1.1 oftheshore

        Hejka, kopyteczko:)
        Oh, second leads, why are you so frequently amazing? In fact, in some cases I also have get the lead syndrome: see Jeremy, for example.
        I really like HK from Coffee Prince, as you probably know.;) He was never a mean jerk to start with, but still had a lot of character development throughout the show.

    • 30.2 redfox

      Seung Ho in Who are you? and Ji Hyuk in Shut Up FBB

    • 30.3 pogo

      Favourite drama boyfriends?

      – Eun-oh in Arang and the Magistrate
      – Tae-kyung in You’re Beautiful (actually hated him at first, and then, as everyone on OT knows, he smiled.)
      – Enrique in Flower Boy Next Door
      – and if jdramas count, Soshi from Zettai Kareshi

      /currently answering through my own sniffles and coughs, I want this cold/sore throat to go away too :/

      • 30.3.1 owl

        … and then, he smiled. Pogo, me too!

      • 30.3.2 Russe12

        Me too on the smiling Tae-kyung part! I absolutely COULD NOT see what everyone else seemed to be seeing in him, and then he smiled. My eyes were opened. Haha…

      • 30.3.3 opheliadrowning

        OMG, yes, Euh-Oh from Arang! *Swoon*

      • 30.3.4 oftheshore

        I want to pinch Enrique’s cheeks!

        • TS

          If he came near me I’d scream and make the sign of the cross.

      • 30.3.5 hydrangeabloom

        Ohhhh, Taekyung. I think he got us ALL with that smile.

        I’m pretty sure Soshi is my favorite second male lead that I have seen in a drama thus far.

      • 30.3.6 TS

        Mad Mireu. Thought he was so cool, even if that girl ended up a crazy killer in the end…

        And no, it’s not because he was played by Woobie My Wuv.

        • JoAnne

          yes, forever yes.

        • pogo

          Well, I had to go by ‘gets the girl’, and I’m pretty sure ‘girl ending up dead after being crazy’ disqualified him

          (I badly want Woobie my Wuv to get a girl in a proper drama too, any excuse to put him on this particular boyfriend list)

          • TS

            True, but still, this is the best we’ve got so far.

      • 30.3.7 misskania

        Must be Park Yoochun’s Han Jung Woo in Missing You. He waited for the girl for 14 years and never give up. And he’s so cute and insistent when the girl started to sway and doubtful. He is almost like the happy-go-lucky female lead characters in korean dramas! Always happy, positive, protective, and loving. That kind of guy is all I need whenever I realized that I have been living with a murderous person and had really bad past memories.

      • 30.3.8 Carole McDonnell

        –Ken in Nobunaga. He’s so sweet and gentle and wonderful.

        –(ah gee, what’s his name????) The murderer in Arang. Yeah, i really fell in love with him. He was so needy.

        –General Choi in Faith

        — Flute player in Faith (yeah, i like those silent types.

        — Cha Chi Soo in FBRS

        • Julia

          Carole, we so have the same taste in me. You are 100% right.

          • Carole McDonnell

            You might like Takei in Shotenin. Marathoned it today because Kaptain A suggested it on her blog, Virtual Voyage. and wow, I love him. She calls him Creepy composure hottie. And boy does she have it right!!!!!

        • iZzie :)

          Oh true! Minus the murders, I really, really like Choi Joo Wal. Too bad when lots got drawn he got the big unlucky card. I would have included him in my list if only the qualification didn’t include “got the girl.” In an after-story, post death-angeling, I hope he gets to be reborn as a proper human who gets to live a happy life and not a heavenly goat.

    • 30.4 iZzie :)

      “who are some of your favourite drama boyfriends (and by boyfriends I mean guys who actually got the girl)?”

      Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)
      Jo Gook (The City Hall)
      Kang Ji-Wook (Scent of a Woman)
      Ha Min Jae (Woman Who Still Wants to Marry) – speaking of which, I’m having a Lee Shin Young-ish episode lately over a guy several yrs my junior. I thought, so this is how it is to be a real-life “noona.” Mixed emotions since he’s beyond my +/- 5-year tolerable gap. 🙁 I don’t have high hopes about it.
      Yoon Yoon Jae (Reply 1997)

      Get well soon, oftheshore! Happy Weekend! 🙂

      • 30.4.1 Saturtledaisy

        Oh I’ll answer this question too, because it’s fun!

        Han Kyul all the way~
        Kim Boong-do (Queen Inhyun’s Man)
        Lee Jae Ha (The King 2 Hearts)
        Cha Tae-woong (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)
        Yoon Ji Suk (High Kick 3)
        Joo Won (Secret Garden)
        Ahn Kyeong-Woo (Obstetrics and Gynecology doctors) — I actually had to go and look up his name, ’cause everyone just kept calling him Doctor Ahn throughout the entire series.

        I’m not sure if Lee Ji Hoon (High Kick Through The Roof) counts but I’m just going to pretend the random last couple of episodes didn’t happen.

        • oftheshore

          Ladies, see my reply to kopytko – HK all the way!
          And thank you, Izzie!

          • iZzie :)

            Haha! Forever girlfriends of Han Kyul. 😀

            You’re welcome. 😉 The best of health to us, drama fans.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Yes, yes,yes, Kim Boong Do! How did i forget him???? I became a fan of Ji Hyun Woo after that. Went looking everywhere for videos with him. Then some super cosmic thing started happening. Even when i wasn’t looking for him, suddenly he’d just pop up in the middle of some drama. Like it was all fated and all.

      • 30.4.2 skelly

        Kim Boong-Do.

        And there’s the beginning and end of that list, for me!

        • umbanana


          And he even gets the girl in RL.

      • 30.4.3 owl

        I would love to be one of the “hotel lobby blind dates” with Han Kyul in Coffee Prince. As he approached, I’d stand up, fall forward as my very high heel broke off and he’d have to catch me. Then I’d murmur, “I….I…” and swoon. As he swept me up, (lingering here several long moments), I’d open my eyes, ^blink^blink and say, “Where am I?” and cry out “Wudalchi, save Goreyo!” Han Kyul would mop my forehead while waiting for the ambulence to arrive, and on the way to the hospital, I’d sit up and shout, “Kdrama psyche! Let’s go on a trip together to Jehu Island.”

        I wonder, would there be a date #2?

    • 30.5 Carole McDonnell

      yay, another anime lover!!!!!

    • 30.6 KimYoonmi

      I’ll go unconventional…

      Lee Mong Ryong (My Sassy girl, Chun Hyang)
      Chiaki (of Nodame)
      Buchou~ (of Hotaru no Hikari) (Yes, I know that’s not his name…)
      Park Hae Young of My Princess (From episode 8 onward… you’ll see me gush over him in the comments.)

      J and K-dramas.

      I do like other leads in general, but not my personal type…

      Such as Jiang Zhi Shu. Probably because the character is INTP stereotypically, the Joe Cheng version reminds me a lot of my brother’s personality (though minus the Xiang Qin warmness.) Cold, acts superior, smart, though probably a bit more socially aware… I can’t hate him in the beginning, but I have sisterly feelings towards him. ^^;; Him marrying someone equally warm- hearted as Xiang Qin, I wouldn’t be against that.

      Li Da Ren- reminds me a bit too much of my Dad… ^^;; Uhh… yeah. I hope that explains itself. (Though Li Da Ren has a better sense of self and holding his own.)

      I weigh on personality in this though. I tend to separate the actor from the character that way.

      • 30.6.1 DayDreamer

        I also liked the Joe Cheng/Ariel Lin couple that they play…wouldn’t have Joe Cheng’s character as my own boyfriend but with someone like Ariel’s character, I would definitely enjoy. (Seriously, that was my most favorite Tdrama ever).

    • 30.7 Mar

      Best Boyfriends (gets the girl)

      I think these characters are the best boyfriends in the dramas I’ve seen, hands down:

      Kim Boong do=OIHM
      Han Kyul-Coffee Prince
      Ha Min Jae-TWTSWTM
      Kang Ji-Wook-Scent of a Woman

      Honorable Mention: Choi Young-Faith

      • 30.7.1 iZzie :)

        same list we have. ^_^

    • 30.8 aim

      kim boong do – QIHM, this character tops the BF list
      park kyu – tamra, intelligence quota, or maybe i’m just a big IJH fan:)
      choi jin wook – BFB, luv the way he did things for noona, at times she doesn’t even know

      cousins choi in CP – i’ll go for either one!

  31. 31 Russe12

    Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

    Flower Boy Next Door has really ended…I was really happy with the last episode. I think it by far made up for the two previous episodes, although I actually didn’t think they were as bad as many others. I was annoyed with the whole stalker-fangirl plot, but I do think something like that was neccessary to help Enrique grow as well. Dok-mi had gotten her breakthroughs, so now Enrique had to as well. Although I’ve said before that he was (in his own childlike way) more mature about life and love than the other characters, he still needed to realize that love isn’t about not being able to live without someone, but rather being committed to them regardless of time or circumstance. I’m really satisfied with the ending, and realllllly can’t wait for the next installment! Flower Boy Agency…ah, so exciting.

    Right now I’m watching Best Love and totally loving it. It’s got such an awesome sense of humor that has me trying not to laugh hysterically and wake up the rest of my family. I love how Ae-jung isn’t stupid or ridiculously meek; and Jin is such a typical character stereotype that you would think that he would be dull, but Cha Seung-won plays him with so much emotional undercurrent that I can’t help but love him. And Pil-joo, the dorky doctor…my heart already aches for him. Totally loving it!

    I’m following recaps for L7CS and TW,TWB. I remain unimpressed with one (despite Joowon AND Chansung in the same drama…) and am pretty hooked by the other. I am also thinking of starting to watch Queen Inhyun’s Man now that I have a bit more time after mid-terms.

    Have a good day!

    • 31.1 karen

      queen inhyun is definitely one to watch!!

      • 31.1.1 misskania

        I am with you. I stumbled upon it accidentally and now I have watched it two times, all full episodes!

    • 31.2 umbanana

      QIHM is definitely worth watching. I’ve seen the whole thing about 3 times. And certain episodes way more than that. What’s good is it isn’t that long so won’t take much time – one (long) sitting is enough to finish it.

    • 31.3 korfan

      Russe12 –

      Best Love is awesome! Glad you’re enjoying it. Loved the actress who portrays Ae-jung, her delivery was just so breezy yet so grounded. And Pil-joo!! …. Oh Pil-joo! I just want to give him a hug, even now, 2 years later or however long it’s been.

  32. 32 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    How are you doing!
    I am still waiting for THE drama. Patiently. So where is it????

    The stuff that I’ve been still following is getting makjangy. Arhg. Madame Butterfly seems to emulate 5Fingers plot about a mother turning against her own child, but alas. 5F was quite original, this one seems lackluster. And Nam NaBi is losing her spunk, too. And a lousy birth secret in Rascal Sons. Although a husband who is understanding and supportive has to be noticed as novelty and rarity.
    If they only had’t come up with the obligatory cancer…

    TWTB is ok. Not really mind-blowing, but I do watch quite anxiously.

    On a selfish note I am glad FBND finished. I didn’t like it and I felt excluded, when it was the drama everybody else was excited about. Sorry, but I am not going to miss it. (The flower boys weren’t that droolworthy either ;p)

    Last but not least I have a question:
    Do you know a drama with a really ambiguous character? But really ambiguous, not one with a difficult childhood, who actually would save the world with his/her own hands, but cannot express feelings.
    There is a character like that in a local series. A brilliant surgeon, who saved many lives, but on the other hand scammed wealthy patients (basically he would tell them they were very sick and “cure” them with a single surgery, whereas they had only minor conditions). A colleague who doesn’t mind blackmailing others, but is also a competent and supportive as a mentor. And finally, he loves using young female doctors for his own goals (especially if they have influent parents) but he does it in such a charming way… So to cut the long story short, this character is totally amusing to watch, but we cannot say whether he’s on the good or bad side. Can you think of any similar cases?

    Have a lovely week, Everybody!

    • 32.1 jomo

      There are two surgeon dramas that see to fit a little.

      Brain (KBS2, 2011) Shin Ha Kyun is awesome
      White Tower (MBC, 2007) Kim Myung Min was also awesome.

      • 32.1.1 kopytko

        KMM? yes,please! such a pity I’ve found only lousy subs (I mean lousy – really useless). I keep looking for it.

    • 32.2 Carmensitta

      That drama sounds good. Mind to share the title & language? 😀

      • 32.2.1 kopytko

        I don’t mind. It’s a Polish show. The title is “Na dobre i na zle” (something like “in joy and sorrow” or “through thick and thin”, literally “for good and for bad”).
        I don’t think there exist any subs to it, though.

        • Carmensitta

          Daium, I hoped it was a latin language, as I’m Romanian and my language has latin origins, hence I can understand about 80% of a conversation, even if I’m not able to speak in that language myself. I knew I should have learned some Russian from my father, I do understand only one word from the title though, “dobre”(good/well) 😀

          • kopytko

            Don’t worry, Russian wouldn’t help you that much. At least not with contemporary dialogue.

  33. 33 redfox

    Hi! popping in before I go back to work. been working 13 hour shifts for 6 days. no time for dramas and even writing. I watched That Winter though. It is good but I can´t stand loud crying.

    I am annoyed people in kdramas wear warm winter coats and then leave the neck bare and no hat. what is the point?

    and I found out our radio show hosts think liking kpop shows extremely bad taste. although some of it is not cheesy at all.

    • 33.1 TS

      Im annoyed their noses never run in the cold. I couldnt be a k-drama character.

    • 33.2 kopytko

      Some of Kpop isn’t cheesy. You can find some decent songs if you really want to. But it’s also true of most pop stuff nowadays – most of the songs have silly, trivial lyrics and uncompelling music, the singers aren’t very skilled, you can’t really tell the songs apart.

      I guess it’s choreography that can possibly turn one off. I cannot stands those “cool” and “cute” moves. If not for the dances I would be much more tollerant of kpop.

  34. 34 KimYoonmi

    Level 7 is on serious back burner still.

    Finished Flower Boy Next Door. Already wrote a write up for that show.

    Boar doctor is still a bore. (Again, he’s leaving again? –;; Show…. seriously.)

    Escaped and tried “Sweet City” and still, didn’t like it… for the third time.

    Also tried Love in Memory… a bit intrigued… but still back burner, even though the episodes are very short.

    Watched Who are You (movie, title is in English, not the drama whose title is in Korean) and then realized I’d watched it two times before and forgotten it every time. >.<;;

    Suck up project (Movie), though, was really funny and really good. Doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, but it is a good parody on business practices and sales.

    Overall, it’s kinda lackluster. The movies look better. Like the one with Lee Minki. Can I restate my obsession with him guesting on Running Man with YEH again? I want a rematch on the “Of Course” game…

    Nobunaga’s Chef is about to end.

    And Nakuna no Hara-chan isn’t being translated. (Looks so good)

    I still like Biblia. Mostly because I like books. Still frustrates me when I can’t read a book that is mentioned. I want to read international literature.

    I tried “Made in Japan” but I feel wary since it feels like propaganda and I hate propaganda shows, especially from Japan who tend to lay it on too thick. (Also male-dominated show… which doesn’t make my heart pitter-patter either.)

    I did, in desperation try some TW dramas. Love me or Leave Me, starts out well, then out comes the leukemia. (Can I say, show, I want to strangle you.) I can forgive Korean dramas a bit for running out of plot at the premise, but Taiwanese dramas which are filmed well in advance have less excuse.

    Which prompts me to say: Winnie (the director… my obsession with his work is on the same level as the Hong Sisters (funny ones)) Finish your drama (which is supposed to be on the mainland, but I hold out hope) I need you to show them what a real drama looks like.

    One Chinese Mainland too. Beauties of the Emperor. Historical, which is pretty to look at, good acting, but I have that serious pang in my heart that it will end horribly. (I mean I was flat out told this is true of Chinese Mainland dramas… by people who are Chinese)

    Only show that I have left is Running Man at this point. I love Running Man to pieces, but the lack of other shows is making me go into drama shock.

    Drama Gods, I know you lost a bet to the Movie gods, but after you’re done with your betting games, could you please stop sleeping on the job after having too much rice wine? Thank you.

    • 34.1 alua

      Nakuna no Hara-chan isn’t being translated 🙁 One of those I want to watch…

      I concur with you on TW dramas. I generally struggle with them, there is always some point that they pull out cliché story lines that just drive you crazy. They become too removed from anything that happens in the real world, if you ask me, because things are just too overdone. Like everything is super-tragic or when you’ve got several couples, there is always a recycling of partners (some variation of people splitting up, getting a new partner, splitting up, getting back together with the old partner who has been interfering, and then splitting up again until the OTP finally ends up together). TW drama writers seem to not have heard of the fact that people ‘move on’ from relationships.

      • 34.1.1 KimYoonmi

        There are some really good TW dramas out there, but they’ve been slacking so badly lately that I’ve been so disappointed. Not everyone liked In Time With You, for example, but you gotta admit that was some unique themes and thoughts. (Personally, I loved it… not only because it was Winnie directing, nor it was short… but it’s the type of drama you can dissect and be even more amazed at. It’s one of the few on my rewatch list.)

        I’m waiting… ever waiting for the dramas that used to play out to come back.

        • alua

          I didn’t like In Time with You.

          Ariel’s character just didn’t deserve the guy. And he needed more of a backbone.

    • 34.2 Julia

      @ KimYoonmi You have my affection for being a fellow lover of Chef and Hara-chan, and my sympathy for appearing to still be stuck in Horse Doctor Limbo with me.

      When Horse Doctor finally got around to punishing/resolving the 20+ year old bad deeds that we saw in the beginning of the show (what, 40 episodes ago?) I was at the point of almost not remembering what they were and really not caring anymore. I liked Horse Doctor in the beginning, but I have become increasingly frustrated with their breathy/half-said dialog and missed opportunities for compelling story telling. Still, when the young princess was endangered, I was gripping my armchair and screaming at the show “No, no, don’t you dare hurt her!” So I guess that puts me in the place of still liking the characters, just not liking the writers.

      • 34.2.1 KimYoonmi

        I’m kinda shocked, and very disappointed. I thought the writer and director would be a shoe-in. But the writing is pretty much sucking the life out of all the characters except for the princess. I even feel that the little bit of chemistry between our main couple is getting seriously compromised by the type of cutting… in combination with the “Did you hear from this flashback” kind of writing.

        At the same time, I kinda want to see it resolve, mostly for the princess. The writing is undercutting some of my love of the characters… which is really a shame.

        I have to admit if they killed off the princess, I was going to quit the show. That kind of character type is a lot more interesting to watch. (For me)

        BTW. Naku na Hara-chan (Don’t cry, Hara-chan) is really good… even though I get only a portion of the Japanese I should. It’s really good. >.<;; If it was getting translated, I would support everyone to see it since it has everything I consider makes for a good J-drama. No polemics. A warm heart. And slice of life that pulls at your heart in all the right ways. And funny. (I laugh at it.) I'd ask Viki for permission, but Japanese dramas are notoriously hard to land… (Hara-chan flipping over the name "Tanada" (If I recall correctly), which is really common in Japan is funny. It's not as common as Suzuki (which is the "Smith" of Japan) but it's pretty far up there. Karei Spy was originally translated by fans of Nagase Tomoya… I guess they dissolved.

        • Julia

          Sadly, I haven’t learned Japanese, but I am enough of a fan of Hara-chan to take the theme song over to Google Translate and attempt to find out what they are singing. Here are a few snippets that kind of make sense:

          I have a pain in my chest. I just want to meet you

          so I looked up at the sky
          casual words dissolve in the chest
          it overflows with tears

          I’m living so close to you
          I’m certainly had us hand in hand in a dream
          until I see you’ve never thought about lonliness
          Is there is something between us
          Because I am miserable over it

          now that I want to hug
          before that you could not see anything
          I have to convey the feelings
          wide the sky
          fly away
          because I go to see you now

          I’m living so close to
          those who hope to see you tomorrow
          I wonder how it is called love …

          • KimYoonmi

            Which song did you try to translate? Watashi no Sekai or Hatsukoi wa Kataomoi?

          • KimYoonmi

            Never mind, it’s Ririkka.

            Because I have a pain in my chest, I want to meet you.

            言葉だけじゃ伝わんないから唄うよ Ah…
            The words are hard to say, so I’m singing [them]

            [The stars] twinkle when you exist

            By some chance do you know I exist?

            I can translate the rest of the song, but it’ll be a little slow…

          • KimYoonmi

            rest of the translation: though it’s shakier for me because I think there are some colloquialisms I’m missing for a better translation and poetry is always hard to get right on the mark.

            (The song kinda has sad lyrics)

            Because I have a pain in my chest, I want to meet you.
            言葉だけじゃ伝わんないから唄うよ Ah…
            The words are hard to say, so I’m singing [them]
            [The stars] twinkle when you exist
            By some chance do you know I exist?

            今 君は何をしてんのかな
            I wonder what your opinion of me is
            Could [Your thoughts] be occupied [with me.]
            Colored Clumsy words start [more colloquially: Clumsy words start to color my speech]
            So I looked at the sky

            The casual words in my chest lack substance
            Those tears overflow
            Of course it’s because I’m looking at the beautiful you
            だから そばに居たいんだ
            Therefore, please stay by my side
            The dreams inside of me will surely connect hand and hand with you

            Until I met you, I never considered the loneliness in me
            Could there be something between us
            Because I looked over it (Might be more colloquial to say Because I examined it… literal translation doesn’t quite work here)

            One by one feelings draw the future (tomorrow)
            Those feelings always shine
            Don’t lose the obvious words
            I thought I should tell you I want to hug you right now
            何も見えなくなる その前に
            Before that you could not see anything.

            広い空へ Ah…
            Wide Sky, Ah…
            Fly away… Ah…
            [In English]
            今 君に会いに行くから
            Because I want to go see you now.

            The casual words in my chest lack substance
            Those tears overflow
            Of course it’s because I’m looking at the beautiful you
            だから そばに居たいんだ
            Therefore, please stay by my side
            I hope to see you tomorrow
            People will wonder how this is called love

    • 34.3 Carole McDonnell

      oh my gosh! You had me laughing. I felt as if i was reading something i had written. Except for the Biblia thing. I still can’t get into it. The heroine drives me batty because I feel she is supposed to be a subtle ideal of the good Japanese woman. Plus i don’t like the typical “I look normal but i’m really a genius and way different from other people” trope that one finds so often in Japanese dramas.

      And the wariness with Japanese dramas…it’s too much sometimes to sit through the “we are a noble people” thing. I get annoyed when i see it in American movies about the US, and when J-dramas start getting uber-patriotic I find myself feeling very impatient.

      My patient with leukemia is running thin.

      • 34.3.1 KimYoonmi

        I’ve seen leukemia used in all three countries so much, that I can give you a run down of all the symptoms without looking it up (at least according to drama land). If you don’t know what the symptoms are after watching I think I could say 20 dramas? You haven’t really been watching Asian dramas.

        Random Nose Bleed
        Random bruises

        Also the evil “Philidephia genes”.
        Bone marrow, then the donor trials.
        Then the chemo.

        And it seems like all three countries are using the same description of cure and treatment.

        Why does leukemia get used so much that it sickly can be put into a joke? ’cause it doesn’t sound as cool as liver cancer? (Liver cancer would turn the actor yellow… I guess bad PR…) And I’m not dissing people who have, had, or will have any of these cancers. I’m frustrated with the milking of it…

        It’s worse when they pull up a disease at random that when I look it up it’s not that harmful at all. It just had a cool sounding English name. (That’s the only reason I can think they chose it) If you’re going to choose the disease of the drama, at least get the symptoms right.

        • Mar

          Leukemia is often used in dramas because there are many types, some that progress quickly, and some that progress slowly, and some can go into remission. Thus, the writer can manipulate the disease in the story line, aka keep the character alive as long as they want at any stage of illness and it’s fairly plausible.

        • Carole McDonnell

          When I see any of the following:

          Stomach Cancer (with the very old characters)
          Prognoposia/face blindness
          selective amnesia

          My eyes just glaze over. Although Mar does give some good reasons why they are used in stories, I still so wish folks could get a plot going without being life and death manipulative about it.

    • 34.4 DayDreamer

      YES, YES, YES. Winnie definitely needs to come back and show what a real drama is in Taiwan. Can’t stand the latest projects. 🙁

  35. 35 Malory

    Does anyone know whether that new variety show with Lee Seon Kyun and friends has aired? Here’s hoping dramabeans will recap.

  36. 36 owl

    Hi hi, dramabeaners! I am combining work and play on a long weekend trip (with family I nanny for) to Missoula, Montana. Big Sky country, where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play and Ted Turner has a big ol’ hunk of land.

    There are more “brother/sister” bedroom scenes in TWTWB than in a drama where those scenes are actually legit. Really, now. The almost kiss that swept right across her mouth, and when they “watch” the romance drama and he explains that “teasing if foul play when he is in that condition” and Young asks “what condition” – *covering my eyes with my hands, but peeking between two fingers…” It takes a lot of quotation marks when discussing this drama.

    Advertisin Genius – a big surprise. I like the actors, their roles and how the story and roles mesh.

    Biblia – ZZzzzz

    Sugarless – loving it

    Saikou no Rikon – “Both marriage and divorce are done in the pursuit of happiness” (ep 4).

    xxxHolic – Japanese Harry Potter. Must track down manga.
    I cam across this little blurb to describe it:
    “Genres:comedy, horror, mystery, psychological, slice of life, supernatural
    Themes:folklore, ghosts, occult, spirits
    Objectionable content:Significant”

    Off to check out this great western town in the mountains- it is gorgeous, although I will need a NYC fix next trip.


    • 36.1 alua

      Japanese Harry Potter Except that Daniel Radcliffe will never even be half as good as Sometani Shota……. (I feel a bit mean saying this, but….)

      You can find the manga online, I’ve held off so far (it’s 200+ chapters and with my marathoning tendencies that’s just NOT a good idea).

      • 36.1.1 owl

        Thanks, alua.

    • 36.2 Laya

      Biblia is a bit predictable. 😀 I guess I’m watching it because it appeals to the bookworm in me.

      • 36.2.1 owl

        I had rekindled hope after last week’s A Clockwork Orange entangle, but then it reverted back to dull narrative this week. I wish the bookworm appeal panned out a little more aggressively.

        • Laya

          I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet but I thought the preview was rather scary.

          I have to admit part of the reason I watch it is also because of Jesse (Fumiya-kun, Shioriko’s brother) because I saw him in Sprout. But small role is small. I wish they’d give him more to do aside from minding the shop and looking pretty. 😀

        • KimYoonmi

          The past at the end they don’t translate is what the story is about. (When the credits roll). Some of the appeal of the show is lost when you don’t understand the original stories nor have access to them. The episodes while also playing out mysteries relate the characters in some effect to the original stories so that the original stories highlight who the characters are. I realized this after the first three episodes, but Japan takes it for granted that you would understand the subtle bits they are putting in. However, the majority of the older lit not being translated into languages such as English…

          Which is why I’m frustrated I don’t have the original stories and the translator is skimping on translating the history of the story/what it was about. (Not ungrateful, so much, but it would help to understand the episodes)

          Biblia works less on the must know the resolution end and has more on the subtle things you should know before watching end. Some of that is getting lost with the absence of those books.

          • owl

            That makes perfect sense, because I did pick up on the Clockwork Orange literary mystery, but it did not require translation. So, as you point out, the other Japanese literary works have the same appeal in unraveling the mystery behind them, but one first has to know the story to begin with. Interesting. I can see what the writers did, but for non Japanese speaking and/or non Japanese literature buffs, it does not translate. i like your explanation, thanks.

    • 36.3 hydrangeabloom

      The XXXHolic manga is really good, up until a point. I haven’t been able to finish the final few volumes, but I might. I think it would have been a much stronger standalone narrative than as a crossover. The art is gorgeous and the characters are more complex than they initially seem. Definitely owns my heart, despite the downturn.

    • 36.4 Carole McDonnell am gonna watch xxx-holic.
      Watched and liked Sugarless eps 1 and 2. But wasn’t sure if it was going to go anywhere. Testosterone is lovely and all …and hot young things with some deep need to prove something. But I wasn’t sure. But will return to watching it. Thanks.

    • 36.5 John

      owl ~

      I watched Ep 4 of Saikou no Rikon . Loving it.

      • 36.5.1 owl

        John – Mitsou seems at a loss with how everyone else is living after his divorce and meeting up with his former lover. He really is clueless towards Yuko and(especially?) Akari. The conversations he has with his dental hygenist are quite telling as to how differently he sees (or wants to see) things. Is this “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus” played out in a jdrama? I really love it too!

  37. 37 Swurbel

    Happy Friday Beanies,

    something amazing is happening today: the sun was shining a little. That was so beautiful.

    This week a friend asked me, what is so special about Kdramas and how I became an a ddict. The question could not be answered easly. And today I wanted to write about my journey into addiction. Maybe there are similar fates? But it’s late and I’ll probably do it next time.

    I am watching L7Servant. It has become a bit boring. But luckily we have our villain. A very very sexy villain. ABS!!! (good thing, he didn’t hurt his arm). 🙂 . So please mooore abs next week.

    And I’ve seen the first episode of xxxHolic.
    I am not a fan of the anime nor the manga. But I really like the artwork of that manga. Does that sound like a contradiction? Whatever.
    When I read about the live-action, I was very excited.
    And I like the optical implementation of the manga. The witches shop looks great …the witch too… I hope a (visual) crazy journey will start…

  38. 38 Laya

    Annyeonghaseyo, OT denizens. 😀
    I haven’t been here in a long while. I’m sorry… real life got in the way >_<

    Anyway… progress report? 😀
    I've finished watching:

    Full House Take 2
    Flower Boy Next Door

    J-dramas (not anime):
    Tantei Gakuen Q
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Risou no Musuko

    Currently watching off and on:
    Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou (about a girl who has an antique book store and solves mysteries related to books)
    Keizoku 2: SPEC (because of TGQ I became a Kamiki Ryunosuke fan, better late than never)
    Hidarime Tantei EYE (ditto Yamada Ryosuke, but the main girl here is the girl in RMPW, and boy is she screechier than usual)

    Now that FBND's over, I'm looking around for another K-drama to follow.

    • 38.1 iZzie :)

      Haha! In spite of RL, looks like you’ve been busy watching a lot of dramas, though. 🙂

      • 38.1.1 Laya

        Lol well it’s a way to chill out, now that I’m working again. I try to watch one episode of something during dinner, and it puts me in a good mood so I go to sleep happy. 😀 Hence all the fluff / rom-coms/ teen dramas on my list I guess.

    • 38.2 John

      Laya ~

      Spec 2 . I’m on standby to comb Toma Saya’s hair.

      Speaking of Toda Erika, has anyone tried watching Shotenin Michiru no Mi no Uebanashi ?

      Since Biblia has been lacklustre I thought I’d give it a try.

      • 38.2.1 Laya

        John, ah, Toma’s hair 😀 😀 I like her better than any of Ishihara Satomi’s characters though!

        And of course there’s Ninomae. 😀 😀

        Haven’t tried watching Shotenin, but it sounds interesting. Might give it a try. 😀

  39. 39 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

    Drama Dong Ji deul!
    I hope your 2013 drama wishes are coming true. What is everyone watching? I’m surrounded by sageuks and the last 2 years of us shows. I’m only watching one 2013 drama and I have so many on my to watch list but don’t know where to start.

    • 39.1 Laya

      Hi! <3 How have you been? 😀

    • 39.2 iZzie :)

      hi bunny!

      drama-wise… not quite. but I’m enjoying watching FBND (not finished yet) and a bit of L7CS (still at ep5).
      re: 2013 shows… I’d go for School 2013.

      re: US shows, I’m waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. 😉 and watching reruns of New Girl and Two Broke Girls.

    • 39.3 JoAnne



      It’s good to see you 🙂

  40. 40 iZzie :)

    Hi Chingus! Me back after a looong hiatus.

    Recovering from cough and colds here, which I got from my 6-day island hopping that involved jungle treks, heavy rains, high winds and some 2-2.5meter ocean waves. If only the coastguard permitted, my group would’ve crossed a channel that connects the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, going to another remote island – all in the name of adventure. But the weather bureau warned of 3.8meter-high waves along the way, so we were forbidden from going out further into the open sea. However, we went on with boat trips on islands near the mainland in not-so-favorable weather. It felt like riding a roller coaster that sprays a lot of cold water. But it was worth it seeing the islands in a different way – not with the usual tropical, sunny blue skies. Now I somewhat know how those natgeo explorers feel after being in a turbulent sea, seeing waves crash on rocks and cliffs, and watching fog form and rise from the mountains. I thought I couldn’t do it, but once I was there I was rather excited and really enjoyed it all even though our situation wasn’t comfortable at all. I was even suffering from a swollen big toe with an ingrown nail. Injury eventually healed cuz of the seawater.

    And peeps, please don’t leave/throw your glass bottles (or any trash) at sea or in the beach. They pose danger to people and animals. Me, I got wounded by a broken glass in a beach. Thankfully, it healed fast. It may not be a big deal but we never know how else those shards could injure people.

    So my kdrama backlog grew again. I haven’t finished watching FBND, and haven’t caught up with L7CS. Maybe I’ll do all that this weekend – while feasting on chicken soup and pineapple juice. Gotta boost the immune system.

    Oh and I’m kind’a sad cuz 2PM is in town – they’ll be having a concert tomorrow – but I don’t have the budget for the ticket at this time.


    Happy Weekend, DBers! 🙂

    • 40.1 Laya

      /drapes on
      I’m too faraway now to get to the 2PM concert, sadly. But I found out today that CNBlue is supposed to be in town in June!! 😀 😀 That one I can’t miss. 😀 😀

      • 40.1.1 iZzie :)

        Hey Laya! *HUGS*

        Really? CNBlue? I’d watch out for that. 🙂

        How are you? How are things over there? I hope you’re not affected by the recent weather problems nor the territorial dispute that’s happening at the other island.

        Your fave writer is back with another epic tale. I like the story but I couldn’t really enjoy watching BR doing the lead role. Me thinks he’s too old for the role and couldn’t suspend disbelief with him being paired with ladies the age of his children. >_<

        • Laya

          Indio? 😀 It looks good, from the trailer I saw. But I’m with you on the very young leading ladies… and couldn’t they have gotten someone else other than him… he’s not running for the elections this year is he? Well, sadly since I moved back home I haven’t been able to watch Kapuso anymore. I’d have liked to sample Indio. 😀

          They posted the Blue Moon tour schedule earlier today (or yesterday, since it’s early morning Saturday now), and it says they’re scheduled for Araneta Coliseum on June 15, so… must save up for that. 😀 😀

      • 40.1.2 Waiting

        Love CNBlue! Where is “in town”?

  41. 41 Mar

    Hello and Happy Viewing to all,

    I need news of an upcoming Lee Min Ho and/or Jung Il Woo and/or Hyun Bin drama in my life.

    That is all.

    • 41.1 Enz

      I need jung il woo or sung joon. It’s been too long! I miss them

      • 41.1.1 redfox

        yeah, Sung Joon. he has this quiet charm, intelligent aura. feet on the ground kind of guy. yet can really burn inside…

        and I need a decent role from Jang Geun Suk, because despite him acting totally nuts in real life, he is extremely talented and expressive opposite of Sung Joon I guess. they are like yin and yang.

        • Enz

          I find him amazing as an actor. Just LOVE his work. Just completely in character. Such a joy to watch.

    • 41.2 owl

      How about a White Christmas 2?!

      • 41.2.1 enz

        i couldnt manage white christmas 1 on my own! maybe i shall force my friend who is coming in march to watch white christmas with me!!

  42. 42 TS

    Isn’t there a new TOP movie coming out this year?

  43. 43 misskania

    Annyeong! Hello!

    From the netherlands here! and I surely love korean dramas and I actually kept 2 clocks (NL and Seoul) just to know when is it drama time and when can I get new uploads. Oops, can I say it here? They don’t air asian dramas so, just my luck then. I like lots of dramas esp the ones with Kim Sun Ah, the last one, Scent of A Woman, I cried like crazy and after I finish I watch it again and cried again, like a fool. I also watched Missing You and cried, but surprised that no tragic ending *spoiler alert* which I like a lot. My fave so far is Queen Inhyun’s Man, Secret Garden, and Ma Boy. That last drama really got it and thank goodness it’s only 3 episodes long. I have been watching korean dramas since Autumn’s Tale and still shivered whenever I hear or read names of Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Hun.

    Anyway, not all dramas I like. The current one, Flower Boy Next Door, I really don’t get it. Enrique’s character is downright annoying and by God if I ever known any guy like that in my life, I would call the police instead. But hey, there are still many great stories out there and Baker King is one of them, I hope Yoon Shi Yoon next drama will be better.

    But the one I really really don’t get the feeling is Full House 2. That storyline is so messy and I just gave up after episode 12. Maybe I am not the target market since I don’t follow the idea of “flower boy” anymore.

    Ooh well, that is all! And many thanks to dramabeans team for all recaps and infos! I have been your loyal silent reader since 2010!

    • 43.1 Shukmeister

      Hi misskania!!

      One of my favorite Kim Sun Ah’s is City Hall, not only because of CSW but I liked the development of the characters. IDID from last year was good too, pulling back a bit from her emaciated look in SoAW.

      And for the record, my wrist watch is also set for Seoul time on the 2nd face… 😉

      • 43.1.1 misskania

        Emaciated, haha! Yes indeed. I think she tried hard to get rid off her Samsoon-ie image that she just stop eating all together to look ultra slim. And of course, I became well aware of Cha Seung Won afterwards, like very well indeed 😉

        But a for korean drama, Kim Sun Ah is the man, I mean like you know, the one that I will definitely watch. That girl has allure and sexiness about her, whatever body size she has. A bit crass on her voice, though, but it does not really bothering. She is totally my girl crush.

        As for actors, I still haven’t get a sure fire, but I think if any then it will be Park Yoo Chun. Like, I don’t even remember when was the last time he had a bad drama. And he can surely sing too!

    • 43.2 Mar

      If you approach Full House 2 as a parody of k pop/dramas/entertainment business it’s quite hysterical and I’m not sure how it even got on the air. Not a lot of people got that. I mean seriously, the hair was that bad for a reason.

  44. 44 Carinne


    Makes me wanna marathon Shut Up Flower Boy Band, man, do I miss the gang!

    When will there be another great show like that one?

    Is there anyone planning to go watch Psychometry in theaters? Please give your say on it. I can’t wait till it reaches overseas.

    • 44.1 alua

      Ohhh… I plan on watching Psychometry, just don’t know when or where (since I’m not in South Korea). I think it looks interesting.

      Slightly more interested in「脳男」 (No Otoko/Brain Man, Japan, 2013) – with Ikuta Toma, because it looks higher quality to me than Psychometry although both films give me a similar vibe (sci-fi, crime, two leads that are somehow very, very lonely).

  45. 45 jomo

    Hellooooooooooooooooo you guys!

    New job, less freedom and pay. What’s NOT to love?!
    My posting here has been severely limited, but I am here in spirit.

    Am knee deep in Taiwanese dramas and loving the contrasts to K and J.
    Right now I am absolutely loving Down with Love and really surprised I am loving Down with Love because it is sooooo fluffy and silly. Ella Chen is mugging her way into my heart.
    No matter what you have to say about Jerry Yan’s acting, he is one of the finest looking and finest built men in Asian entertainment. Seriously. The hair, notsomuch, but the the silhouette and the shoulders and the ribcage and the backside, ay yai yai.

    Recently, I ripped through Material Queen (there was some fastforwarding), Autumn’s Concerto (LOVED Chris Wu) and the little kid, too.
    I think I like the T dramas right now because they don’t take themselves as seriously. There is always someone in an episode that is willing to take a prat fall, for no reason at all. I also like the portrayal of parents.
    Oh, and the KISSING is way more realistic and much more frequent.

    • 45.1 Shukmeister

      Down With Love!! and Autumn’s Concerto!! Two on my all time great list.

      I love TWDramas because they are a stark difference from KDramas: not as slick visually, certainly more campy and more overacted, and yet, they have that realistic relationship that lacks in SK. Kissing scenes, skinship, even the arguments and pushing just work better.

      The sameness of certain countries is the reason I usually watch a TW-, J-, and KDramas at the same time, and toss in a Thai lakhorn every once in a while.

      • 45.1.1 alua

        Oh, Down with Love is one of the TW dramas I liked as well.

        So true about the skinship, so much more realistic! Maybe because they are like that in real life too (i.e. not like in SK where entertainers are not allowed to have significant others as per their contract, while in Taiwan there is much less pretending about the fact that entertainers are adults, have gfs/bfs and engage in all that comes with it!)

    • 45.2 Saturtledaisy

      Oh I loved Down With Love. Everything is so silly but somehow I always felt really invested. Ah, Jerry Yan. I used to have a ridiculously huge crush on him. Which reminds me, when I was in Taiwan this summer I coincidentally saw him while I was visiting the Taipei 101~ He was on his way to the toilets (I was standing outside the women’s toilets waiting for a friend), and a couple of fans almost (sneakily) followed him right into the men’s toilets without even noticing where they were going. That was hilarious. He was there (in the taipei 101 mall, not the toilets) to promote a certain swiss watch brand (I forgot the name D:) and I ended up watching the event in order to take some pictures~ He still hasn’t changed his hair, though.

      TW dramas seem to be less draggy than K dramas, and less heavy on the drama with more focus on the funny. But not always. Definitely. Not. Always.

    • 45.3 Mar

      I like some T dramas too. Sometimes I feel the acting is less than stellar but they have heart. And Jerry Yan. I love that guy. And Mike He. Sometimes his shows are so weird but I can never shake the image of the hotness of him in Devil Beside You, which also racks up weird points, but hey, who knew a guy with bobby pins in his hair could be so smokin hot?

      I like Meteor Garden, Mars, Devil Beside You, My Queen, Office Girls, Down With Love. I have yet to check out Autumns Concerto but it is on my list.

      • 45.3.1 John

        Mar ~

        I liked Office Girls. With Tia Li & Roy Qiu , there’s enough pretty for everyone.

      • 45.3.2 jj

        I’ve been looking for an English-subbed version of Mars and Meteor Garden forever. I’ve seen Mars on TV, but not Meteor Garden. Vic Zhou (or Chou) played twins.

  46. 46 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    I have to go through the open thread and read everyone’s post later or sometime this weekend. Today was one of those busy days. Got the proof from the editor for my second novel The Constant Tower, and have to look through it. I haven’t read it in about three months and I doubt i’ve read it all in order in ages. So yeah..that’s taking up some time. I also had to go to the World Day of Prayer celebration at a local church. so my day’s been mega busy. I haven’t even had time to go to dramacrazy, viki, or dramafever to see if any of my faves have been subbed.

    So now..drama:

    Loving Nobunaga No Chef. Wondering how many episodes there will be.

    Anticipating GU Family, Nine, Virus, End of the World. Might also watch Gallileo, although am not super enamored of the wise prof.

    Gotta finish marathoning and catching up on Conspiracy in the court, That Winter.

    Hoping one hundred year inheritance is gonna wind up soon.

    Watching Shotenin Michuru because Kaptain A likes it. Trying to sort through what Japanese dramas I’ll continue with. Will see.

    Happy weekend, all!

    • 46.1 cmrprindle's phone

      Good luck with the review/revising, Carole!

      How is Conspiracy In The Court? It’s one that I have in my queue Hearn/c it looked interesting

      • 46.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I’ve only done the first two episodes. Heroine is wonderful, although she’s doing some mega and lethal damage to folks. For some reason I’m on her side. Hero is noble and intelligent. Reminds me of Satto in Arang. But that’s probably the birth issues.

  47. 47 Saturtledaisy

    Hi~here’s just me posting my opinions on my dramawatching lately =) I haven’t posted in a while…

    Currently watching:

    Incarnation of Money – I’m actually really enjoying this show while perfectly knowing lots of it doesn’t make sense. So many flaws, yet somehow so entertaining. I just hope they will make me like Jae In soon, because she isn’t very likeable now. There’s a thin line between ‘sass’ and ‘rude’ and… she’s crossed it.

    L7 ~ – I’m not too sure what to think. Sometimes it’s downright hilarious, sometimes it’s just annoying. I’m kindof liking Han Gil Ro though – at least his character sorta makes sense. Most of the time. i’m still a couple of episodes behind though.

    Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek – Parts of it I really like (like the cast), parts of it I really don’t. I’m not really sure what to think of it. I think I just find our ‘villain’ really annoying and I want more interaction between our two leads ; ;

    FBND – on hold, because I can’t stay concentrated long enough to keep watching. I’m stuck at around episode 14 D:

    On a more serious note: I’m not even looking up news about PSH’s case anymore because it’s downright depressing. In the end, it is ridiculously difficult to find (and prove!) what happened because only the two parties really know. Plus, there was alcohol involved so even their memories and interpretation of the situation could be different. Cases with drunk people are always difficult… And I don’t htink this random leaking of information + the public opinion is helping with the investigation either. I just hope it can get resolved quickly because if it was really rape, this whole process has got to be hard as hell for the victim. If not, his career is going down the drain either way and this must be very painful as well. I guess this was the first and also last time I’ll say anything about it.

    • 47.1 Carole McDonnell

      Am loving Incarnation of Money as well. Yeah, flaws abound. But I think I’m in it for the long haul. Somewhere along the way I realized I shouldn’t take anything too seriously. Unlike Alice which promised to be fair in its premise then went off kilter.

  48. 48 cmrprindle's phone

    Work, although it had almost completely normalized, continues to eat my brain. It’s do brain eat-y that that’s what I’ve just started this OT posting with. *head desk*

    Happy Weekend, chingus! 🙂
    It’s still Lent and I’m still kdrama free (weep). Maybe I should write that Faith fic I wanted to do for Yuletide. Anywho…

    I have been enjoying Casker’s most recent release. Apparently they’re the perfect mix of electronica and jazz. I’m…not so much writing this week in general. Although! Got one of my projects I need a name for a 3-man boy band. Any ideas? Shukie had already given me the stage name for one of the guys but the band needs a name. Right now their placeholder name I’d Wasted Echo, which I think sounds more like a 90s grunge group. Ideas anyone?

    • 48.1 JoAnne

      Last night I suggested to Shel that Nards of an Ox sounded like a great band name. She agreed. Perhaps it can help.

      • 48.1.1 cmrprindle's phone

        LOL! That’s hilarious! I’ve got to use that in dialogue somewhere

    • 48.2 Carole McDonnell

      Write that Faith Fic!!!! Why not!

  49. 49 Waiting

    Happy Friday!

    Let’s see, I am watching TWTWB and am still in LOVE with this….minus the JIS suspender thing. (shudder) They finally put that man in a suit and, well, swoon-worthy! Wardrobe redeemed themselves nicely.

    As for other Kdramas, I an TRYING o watch My Daughter Seo-young but the subbing is SO far behind!! If the show is so popular, why so late with subbing?? Is anyone else watching this? Have you all just given up?

    I am shopping around for what to add to the watch list because I can’t get enough! The waiting is endless…hence the name. I thought I was patient with the exception of traffic and slow technology, but it seems I need to add Kdrama subbing to that list. I speak other languages, but not Korean… (sigh)…

    So, what is your all-time-gotta-watch suggestion for a relative newbie? I need to fill the time!

    • 49.1 risa

      Hi Waiting~

      Welcome to our weird and wonderful world, relative newbie! For starters, I recommend that you check out jb and gf’s drama ratings page (which you can access below in the Resources section or at the top of any db page)– it helped me a lot when I was shopping around for what to watch next.

      If you want input from other dramabeanies, you’ll most likely get a lot of responses if you post your question again next week but earlier in the day (most of the action happens early Fri. Pacific time). However, if you can add a little about what kind of dramas you prefer and what your favorites have been so far, you’ll get more meaningful suggestions.

      Good luck!

      • 49.1.1 Waiting

        Thank you, Risa! I’ll be sure to take you up on your suggestions. 🙂

  50. 50 Elle

    Joo Won Admirers!

    i just want to know…what do you find appealing about this young man? i have a personal list myself, but i’m curious to read your list. let’s compare notes shall we? kamsamnida, merci, salamat, danke schoen… 😛

    • 50.1 DayDreamer

      I actually fell deeply in love with him in Gaksital. Aside from being really handsome, he acts well and is serious about it. His quiet yet inner feisty personality as seen in 1N2D also kept up my adoration of him.

    • 50.2 Anon

      You are genuinely curious? Sorry I got to ask this because there seems to be as many people who dislike him as they are those who like him on dramabeans.

      What I like about Joo Won:
      Good looking
      Very talented
      Makes you laugh and cry with the characters he plays

      He is now in a drama where everyone wants to diss but he is giving his all. Although people say he overacts, I do not think so. Gaksital calls for intensity and Level 7 calls for over the top slapstick because the lines aren’t clever enough. Can’t blame the actors for improvising. Thanks to his portrayal, his character is not off-putting despite being childish.

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