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361 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Requiem

    Anyone been following Nine?

    How does it look? Is there any drama it feels similar to?

    I guess JB and GF aren’t going to be recapping it.

    • 1.1 Redskirt

      I was wondering that myself. There were some Nine recaps earlier, but I haven’t seen any since.

    • 1.2 am

      Hi! I’ve seen episodes 1-4 and I’m really enjoying it.

      I like the characters and the plot movement.

      Can’t really compare it to other Time Traveling k-dramas or any other drama. It’s just one of those dramas that has its own category.

      Based from JB and GF’s recap of ep 1 and 2, they seem like they’re not that into it…but people commenting seem to really dig it. I would recommend it though 🙂

      Let us know what you think!

    • 1.3 Carole McDonnell

      I’m watching it. And loving it!

      • 1.3.1 JoAnne

        Nine is a 10 for me so far!

      • 1.3.2 thil28

        loving it, too! really intriguing plot and episode 4 just kicked it up a notch! so looking forward to next episode! emotional scenes totally get to me…btw, why arent they living together after bali, i thought they already slept together and all?

        • thil28

          oops, i meant nepal, was thinking of my trip to bali, i guess…

        • alua

          Agree on episode 4! Particularly the final scene, which made me really wonder about a lot of things – how the time travelling works, if things are really changed when Jin Woo goes back in time and adjust something (some are things that other people had happen to them, but he himself at that age didn’t witness or wasn’t told about).

          And without giving anything away, I was wondering with the final twist if that meant things were meant to happen, you know, that it was fate, him meeting certain people, of course what does meeting mean.

          It’s a complete mess in my mind at the moment, but that’s okay – that’s why I suddenly got hooked to the drama as there are now things to ponder and figure out!

          • Carole McDonnell

            I actually wondered if his brother changed a few things as well that our hero wasn’t aware of. Cause it seems only if you’re the perpetrator of the time changing do you remember.

          • alua

            Ohhhhh….. that’s a very good question, especially now with what we know about the little girl.

            That could have well been the brother’s doing, given he’s connection to that situation.

            The brother only had one incense stick, right? (As far as we know at this moment.) And he only burned it a little bit… or are we certain he burned it at all?

            I’ve not clue, but that’s why I’m enjoying this drama, it’s throwing up a lot of interesting questions!

    • 1.4 nakai

      NINE is good so far.

    • 1.5 lily

      just started to watch Nine this week and finished four episodes in one sitting. recommended for those who like mystery because of the time travel. it’s different from the usual time traveling dramas with hints of mystery, revenge, and romance.

      try these “first impression” posts if you need more insights about the drama :))

      another reason to watch: Lee Jin Wook.

      • 1.5.1 jomo

        I was going to link my first impressions of Nine, too!

        Since there is very little blog-tivity for the show, I may give a try at wee-capping. If ONLY to give us all a place to squeeee.

        Pome for Nine

        NINE is just awesome.
        I’m hooked and I’m proud.
        Sing with me, everyone.
        Sing it out LOUD

        I’m burning like incense when he’s on my screen
        I’d travel with him, if you know what I mean. 😉
        My new true love: Anchor Lee Jin Woo – hoo!
        I ee I ee I ee I will ALWAYS love you.

        • Aigoo

          Hahaha! Awesome poem!

        • DayDreamer

          Puahaha, love your poem. Probably should become an anthem for those who love the show.

    • 1.6 Belle3005

      NINE IS PRETTY LEGIT I TELL YOU. I’m surprised that there wasn’t any further recaps after the first two. Okay,I have to admit that the Lee Jin Wook factor played a huge role in swaying me towards watching but hey no matter how much of an eye candy the male lead is,he must be able to carry his role convincingly right? The fact that he’s hot just adds more points HEH. If the first two episodes was decent enough to catch my interest,I’d say that the next two episodes are certainly the deciding factor in convincing viewers to keep watching. SO GOOD. Why isn’t anyone recapping the other episodes? It’s a shame really,drama deserves more attention than I daresay TWtWB? (I can literally feel the shooting glares from fans of TWtWB already >.<) I watched 11 episodes of the show and let's just say that I'm having a bit of a problem in deciding whether the storyline's worth pursuing whereas in Nine, although we have the tumor thing at work(which oddly reminds me of Dr.Jin AHAHAHAH what a disaster that drama was) it was actually not too much of a focus,which is insanely refreshing for a change. I even forgot about it because I was too invested in our lead's storyline. The nostalgic feels that this drama gives me,oohhhhhh! Not feeling any sparks from the female lead yet but so far LJW has done brilliant job(He sure can plant 'em kisses *swoons*) in making the OTP convincing. If any of you are considering to give this drama a go,I'd say go ahead! 😀

      • 1.6.1 am

        Quoting a friend: “Lee Jin Wook kisses should be put in a revised KamaSutra book.”

        • JoAnne

          eye lid kisses.


          • am

            *dying with you*

            bless you Cable!

          • jomo

            Dead there with you, sister.
            How many times exactly is TOO MANY times to replay a scene? I hope I haven’t hit that number yet.

            He seems to have formed his own category of K-kissing.
            Did you see him in INR 2012?

            He rocks my socks that I haven’t even put on yet, and we haven’t even hit ep 5 yet!

        • JoAnne

          Jomo, love, INR 2012 was the very place where I discovered that such a being as Lee Jin Wook existed. At first, you just look at him quickly, carelessly, and say oh, nice looking. Then he speaks and your ears blush a little – he just has that tone. (Well they would blush if they could.) And then HE KISSES SOMEONE AND YOU DIE.

          • jomo

            The speaking, yes, and the shrugs and smiles and kisses.

          • Korazy Lady

            The guy from INR 2012 is in Nine? I just found the drama that Shukie and I will watch tonight!

          • JoAnne

            I can’t wait! You better be tweeting!

          • Enz

            Korazy, he doesn’t look as good here as in INR 2012. At least not for me. But I didn’t finish the first episode but with the two Js ( joAnne AND jomo) speaking so highly of LJW’s particular skills, I might have to give a retry

          • jomo

            Let’s just say that when LJW was hanging out with Eric on the Spy MW set, he learned from the master the secret to how to kiss a woman’s pants off…

          • enz

            OMO jomo! you’re setting my imagination and some body parts on fire with the image of Eric AND LJW kissing simultaneously! BUT not each other, mind. unless they want to la. I know LJW can kiss from watching INR2012 but I didn’t like him, character and physically in this drama. I will give it another go though. thanks for the push 🙂

          • kopytko

            You’re being unfair. Anyone who’s seen City of Glass knows that LJW is a skilled kisser in his own right. I doubt he would need any instruction in that matter from Eric 😉

          • Enz

            But I still like she invoked the image of the two men kissing…me! Where is joAnne and her grabby hands??!

          • JoAnne

            Passed out dead at the news that Eric and Lee Jin Wook were in a drama together. I was just discovering KDrama around Spy Mung Whol time and it was such a disaster that I avoided knowing anything about it. Now I have to watch it, no matter what.

          • Enz

            I read that LJW was way hotter than Eric in spy myung wol. But don’t watch it joAnne!! Apparently, really really bad.. Like almost dr Jin bad.

    • 1.7 mem916

      I am waiting for a few more ep and them watching them marathon cause it so hard when I have to wait a week

      • 1.7.1 lily

        good decision. now I’m regretting a bit that I started watching quite early and won’t be able to marathon it.

    • 1.8 DayDreamer

      I’ve been watching Nine and also am a bit surprised that recaps are no longer coming. I guess JB and GF dropped it. I, however, am enjoying it. Gotta love a practical hero who knows exactly what he wants to change in his past (ie, bring his family back, get treated for tumor earlier). Only thing that puts me off is the romance bits because the leads act too matter-of-fact with each other that it instantly kills the chemistry. Nevertheless, I can still follow along since the other stuff is great. I loved how the doctor friend went crazy when he realized that there was actually a time machine…him hooting and huffing like a monkey cracked me up. Also am glad that the writers have put much thought into the story, especially the part where the hero will realize that he needs to be careful of what he changes because it can have the effects that he doesn’t want (ie, the heroine disappearing from his life).

    • 1.9 Noemi

      I’ve seen the first four episodes and I’m definitely hooked! It doesn’t quite feel like any of the other time-travelling dramas I’ve seen so far (QIHM, Faith)…but it does give me serious Back to the Future vibes, if you’ve seen any of those movies. Maybe because the protagonist is travelling within his own lifetime, and actually encounters his younger self (which to me makes the stakes seem even more intense). And like DayDreamer said below, the protagonist is smart, with a very practical approach to changing the past…he definitely isn’t bumbling around, accidentally changing history. Would definitely recommend!

      • 1.9.1 Noemi

        errr…as DayDreamer said above, not below! ^^

    • 1.10 liz

      I’m really liking it so far and I’m disappointed that it doesn’t have enough love between the bloggers.

    • 1.11 come2noona

      I guess I should have read before posting below! I am watching it and I love it!

    • 1.12 TechnoKeats

      Glad to join the chorus. After watching ep.4, I was eagerly awaiting the reviews and raves but in vain. 🙁

      I really, really like Nine. What more, it keeps getting better 😀

    • 1.13 a_diva

      i’m totally loving NINE too! the first episode was slow until the very end. the second episode was a bit faster paced but also a little slow. but episode three sealed the deal for me and i am absolutely loving the drama. it’s definitely going on my all time favorite list if it keeps up with the momentum it’s established in episodes 1 thru 4.

      like a few ppl mentioned here, i too cannot believe the recaps were dropped from this site. nine is much better than any of the other dramas that the recappers are currently recapping, so i was a bit shocked that of all the dramas this one was not followed, but oh well. if i knew how to capture screenshots and didn’t have to rely on subtitles (since i only speak the korean i’ve picked up thru drama viewing), i’d offer to recap the series, but que sera sera.

      i’m suffering a bit from having to wait a week for the next episodes but i guess that’s the name of the game.

      anyway, if anyone has not started nine, i think this is a must watch for 2013!

      • 1.13.1 JoAnne

        A_diva, I don’t think they ‘dropped’ it – isn’t this the one that they said they would try? I guess timing was just not right.

        They’re recapping a lot of shows and it’s important to honor THOSE commitments since they were made. Not to mention that each recapper chooses what most pleases them, which is as it should be on a volunteer site.

        Plus they have full-time jobs, families, friends – and at least a couple of them are back in school for additional degrees. Busy, busy ladies. Some things we like are going to be missed, and within the world of comments on this site, at least, it’s considered rude to remark negatively on what the ladies do or do not do. We would never want to make them feel bad or unappreciated for what amounts to a full-time, unpaid job maintaining one of the best communities out there.

        • JoAnne

          just to be really clear, not singling you out for chastising (not my place at all) Just kind of explaining. I hope I didn’t offend you. It wasn’t my intention!

          • a_diva

            i wasn’t offended. but my comment was not remarking negatively on what they are doing or aren’t doing. they can’t recap everything and there is always the possibility that a person will LOVE a drama that is not recapped here b/c each individual has their own opinion about what drama they love and don’t love, etc. i happen to find nine the best of the currently airing dramas so i was remarking that i personally feel it’s a shame they are missing this one b/c i like it better than the other ones they are recapping.

            anyway, GF said in the second epi post that nine was only tentatively a contender for recaps & they’d wait for week 2 to decide. there have not been any recaps for this week’s episodes so i am thinking it is dropped. could be wrong though–hope i’m wrong!

          • Pillowhead

            oh, i hope they do continue. l’m hooked. 😀

      • 1.13.2 Belle3005

        I GET WHAT YOU MEAN a_diva I was having the same thoughts too! I thought that TWTWB was going to be the saving grace of the dramas in Wed-Thurs slot but alas,it didn’t turn out that way. Nine turned out to be an unusual contender. I was rather indifferent towards the drama itself,and the preview trailers didn’t hook me at all,was totally planning on letting this one slip by me for the fear that the QIHM team would try too hard to make this QIHM 2 and then the magic would be lost. Oh how wrong I was. Nine couldn’t be more different than QIHM,and I love how solid the directing is narrative wise,love the nostalgic vibe. Initially I decided to try the first two episodes as a last resort before I completely surrender myself to the drama slump,first two episodes were painstakingly slow but steady in establishing the characters andfor me it was also the third episode that made me wanna continue watching.

    • 1.14 Requiem

      Thanks for the replies.

      Since I’m going to be out of country soon, I think I might hold off for a little while and then try to pick it up after I get back.

      I tend to marathon shows, anyways. I guess I’ll probably ask again how it’s doing in a months time when I get back.

      I’m always up for new stuff, so if it doesn’t feel like any other drama (especially Dr. Jin-like :p), that’s good news in my book.

      Hope it keeps doing well and again thanks for the replies!

    • 1.15 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      How glad I am to see I am not the only one who LOVES Nine. Finally, a show I am excited to see every week.

      Happy Friday to all.

  2. cv

    Happy OT all! ^^
    Been a good week. Watched ending of no chef… Predictable ending but good. Wonder if they are going to have another season or a special?
    Midwest beanies has a facebook page. Hehe some are almost my neighbors.
    Pray the weather warms up… Suppose to be spring now.
    Have good weekend!

    • 2.1 Leaf

      Urgg… don’t speak to me about the weather.
      It was snowing again last night.
      Seriously… it’s MARCH!!! This isn’t suppose to be happening :'(
      This is like our fouth winter this year?
      It’s like the UK decided British weather isn’t crazy enough normally and decided to up the dial by about 1000000.
      IT WAS SUNNY LAST WEEK! We could wear tshirts and stuff.

      I want sun 🙁

      • 2.1.1 Dorotka

        Belgium isn’t any better…

        SUN! SUN! SUN! SUN!
        (and warmth! warmth! warmth!)

        • Leaf

          Are proper actual seasons too much to ask for??

          Seriously, one of the biggest surprises in my life was when I was in China and it was super hot but one day it suddenly cooled down by about 5 degrees.
          When we asked why they went ‘It was Autumn the other day’.
          We were shocked. We were like what is this sorcery?

          It still amazes me to this day haha.

          • lemonade candy

            that winter never comes here~ equatorian get to wear skirt weveryday~

          • Leaf

            Just cause it’s freezing doesn’t mean I don’t wear a skirt 😉

            Seriously… in January I was running around in a short sleeve t shirt in the snow. Completely sober.

            No wonder everyone thought I was on drugs…

          • alua

            “Completely sober.”


            Dispelling that stereotype (or, rather, truth) of completely plastered British girls in their mini-skirts, no tights, no jacket, in the snow?

            I went in a knee-length dress today and in flip flops and no tights… but admittedly only to the corner shop. 😉

          • lemonade candy

            i wish it would snow here too… need to travel abroad just to experience the real winter. *envious*

      • 2.1.2 alua

        It’s like half a day of snow every three weeks.

        I’d rather have proper snow two months solid than this constant back and forth tease. I keep thinking ‘Ohhhh, I can almost bring out my sandals’ and then the temperature drops again.

        Plus I want to get warm and the tomato season to start again and random things of the sort.

      • 2.1.3 umbanana

        At least it isn’t four seasons in a day. I swear up here in Scotland it’s madness. It’s been super windy all day, but then was proper sunny for a while, then the rain came, followed by snow and frozen rain. I bet the plants and animals are confused, ‘cos I sure am!

        • karecity

          your countries all seem so fun! in my country we only ever get sun, which is very very boring. and when its not sunny its rainy and wet and only good for sleeping in.

  3. sweetcloud

    Happy Friday everyone!

    I’m in a bit of a drama slump. Not watching anything outside of That Winter, and I’m not anticipating the episodes as much as I used to. But it’s still a good watch.

    I managed to convert a friend to kdramas, he marathoned Dream High, Coffee Prince, and just started Dal Ja’s Spring. I directed him to DH because he’s a Glee fan and I figured he could start with a show with a similar musical/underdogs vibe, and the other two are my personal faves. Somehow it makes me more anxious because I want him to like them since I do! And he did enjoy CP too.

    So Joo Won is paired up with another noona for his new movie. The story sounds like nothing new, so I’m setting my expectations very low after L7CS. When I think of actresses his age I could imagine him with, nothing really comes to mind, except maybe Park Shin Hye and Moon Geun Young, and even then I don’t know how it could turn out. But I like a good noona romance done right. What are your personal faves? You probably guessed it but mine is Lee Minki/Chae Rim of Dal Ja’s Spring. Which I might just rewatch for the umpteenth time soon. I heard there’s a good one in The Woman who Still Wants to Marry too?

    My post sounds random, I was typing my thoughts as they went 😀

    • 3.1 CPM

      Hee, thinking of Joo Won and Park Shin Hye together… I’m trying to imagine him in FBND-universe 🙂

      Or if one of Joo Won’s cop characters met Yoo Gomsanim in Vampire Prosecutor-land… (sure she’s a little older but still looks so young!)

    • 3.2 Annie

      I think it’s important to acknowledge that most instances of older actresses cast opposite younger actors aren’t actually noona romances. Think 7th level civil servant, Rooftop Prince, King 2 hearts, etc.

      So I wouldn’t hold my breath that the new Kim Ah Joong – Joo Won movie will actually acknowledge the fact that she’s older than him. In fact, her character is probably supposed to be younger than his, or at least the same age.

      Do try The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry – it had appalling ratings in Korea (like 3 – 4%) but I had a few friends who watched it and loved it.

      • 3.2.1 Belle3005

        Definitely TWWSWTM! Watched it and loved Kim Bum in it. I fangirled and swooned so hard over him that I actually broke my no melodramas rule and started on TWtWB just to watch him HEH.

        • mystisith

          TWWSWTM is an adorable noona-dongsaeng romance. *Cuteness overload*. In the category, Baby Faced Beauty and What’s Up Fox? are also sweet.

    • 3.3 Enz

      Noona romances.. Hmm faves are flower boy ramyun shop and the woman who still wants to marry. But be prepared for a Keanu reeves Kim bum. :p

      • 3.3.1 korfan

        Enz –

        “…. be prepared for a Keanu reeves Kim bum.”

        HA! This is the best description! …… In spite of the Keanu-esque vibe, I have to say I liked him in this …. I honestly can’t say it worked against him, on the contrary.

        • Enz

          It didn’t work AGAINST him; he did the job but I kept thinking how great it would be if he could emote more! He looked like he was thinking what the next line should be and while trying to remember, imma look pretty and stare at the yoja or stare into nothing and brood. Oh man, Kim bummers are going to hate on me now. I did find him cute y’all. And I think he has improved!!

          • korfan

            Loving your comment, Enz!

            *giggling* ……. and yes, he has improved …… I’m watching him in That Winter, TWB and he actually moves around and stuff and he speaks loudly, totally different from TWWSWTM. In fact, he speaks so loud I’m convinced he and his friend, the Fake Oppa, are going to be caught at any moment.

            He’s still cute though!

      • 3.3.2 Pillowhead

        lol. i still need to watch that. I’d say my favorite noona romance would be MGIAG cause the gumiho was like five hundred years old or somthing? does that count?

    • 3.4 Mar

      The Woman That Still Wants to Marry is an excellent drama, period, no matter how you want to classify it. Ensemble cast, several interwoven stories. Min jae ranks as one of the best drama boyfriends ever.

      My Queen is a Taiwanese Drama that features a couple with an age difference and how they deal with it. Of course, if it was older male younger female it wouldn’t be anything to “deal” with. I really liked the characters in it alot.

      What’s Up Fox is probably a good example of a noona romance. Literally, the woman is the guys older sisters best friend, and it is probably more down to earth and real life than a lot of shows. Not one of my favorite dramas nor favorite actors all around but it does do a nice turn with the main characters.

      • 3.4.1 jomo

        Agree on My Queen. Ethan is adorable so that doesn’t hurt.
        WUF is one of my favorites, so I recommend, too.

        For J-Dorama, Long Vacation is delightful. It has a lot of bests for me:
        *Minami is one of my favorite characters in any country’s dramas
        *one of the most intriguing opening scenes
        *one of the most natural first kisses
        *one of the best apartment sets – it was sooooo real. The floors and doors creaked, the glass rattled. I think I lived there in college.

        Love Revolution, I think, focuses on the age difference between the leads, plus you get Fujiki Naohito to sigh over.

        I Do, I Do is definitely noona. The age and professional difference is important to story.

        My Sweet City/ My Sweet Seoul has Ji Hyun Woo as the dongsang to die for and that Choi Kang Hee doesn’t deserve. But when DOES she get to play a character who is smart around men?
        Javabeans says: My Sweet Seoul is a cute, introspective series and Ji Hyun-woo was adorable in it. HOWEVER. I hated Choi Kang-hee so much that I couldn’t finish recapping the show ( Mostly ’cause I thought she didn’t treat Ji Hyun-woo as he deserved. 🙁

        • enz

          wow, now I want to check out WUF and my sweet Seoul, just to see how awful choi kang Hee’s charcter is.

  4. kakashi

    hello, hello, hello!
    I completely forgot you guys are already on Daylight saving … I thought I couldn’t post anything today, but now I can … oh well, I’ll spare you the details.
    Happy Friday to everybody!
    I’ve got to leave now!

    • 4.1 Leaf

      Hope everything is ok <3

      And ah… that's why it was earlier than normal today. Good job I don't have such things as lectures to distract me haha. 😉

    • 4.2 Korazy Lady

      I knew you couldn’t stay away! Shukie and I will have a shot in your honor tonight–while caressing the lions

    • 4.3 alua

      When I are we switching to Daylight savings?

      I’m totally out of the loop.

  5. dovy

    just need to let this out cuz my hubby YOO GUN IS BACK!!
    sorry but his cameo in TWTWB isnt enough for me…

  6. Belle3005

    Hello everyone,a Malaysian beanie here. I’ve been going thorough a bit of a drama slump lately. I can’t seem to get into any of the current airing drama. I’m currently having a dilemma on whether I should continue watching TWtWB or not,I haven’t watched the latest two episodes cause I felt as if the storyline stopped making sense and I was rather indifferent about the OTP. Sigh. Anyway,thank God there’s I Live in Cheongdamdong,a 2011 jTBC sitcom that’s 170 episode long(I KNOW,the number of episodes can be rather daunting) but it’s SO DARN GOOD! How’s everybody doing?:)

    • 6.1 am

      Hey Belle! Seems like I’m not the only one going through a k-drama slump. Just watching Nine at the moment. I do watch K-movies when I hit a slump just to tide me over. I would definitely recommend A Werewolf Boy if you haven’t seen it 🙂

    • 6.2 lily

      hello Belle3005! here’s another beanie soul from Malaysia 🙂 I thought I was the only one going through a major drama slump right now. can’t seem to continue watching Level 7 and That Winter. only sticking to Incarnation of Money and Nine. I’ve been rewatching not so old dramas these few weeks and I feel good to marathon those awesome dramas 😉

    • 6.3 Belle3005

      By current airing dramas I mean any dramas from the main broadcasting stations. Cable dramas on the other hand are doing an amazing job in keep their drama quality in check 🙂

    • 6.4 mem916

      What site do you watch it on

    • 6.5 mem916

      I have been too I really FlowerBoyNextDoor but what’s on hasn’t done much for me I have been watch old drama, My Girl, Full House and light fun stuff not in much of melodrama mood but am waiting for a few more ep of nine then I’m going to try that one

    • 6.6 Carole McDonnell

      Oh i’ve been so wanting to watch I live in Cheondamdong. I remember a blogger just loving it to bits. When Alice in Cheondamdong started, I thought it was the same drama as “I live in” but turned out (yeah, brain was in off-mode) i had them confused. So it’s 170 episodes? Ah me! Suddenly I’m starting to watch dramas with over 24 episodes. I think I can watch them as they are subbed but the idea of marathoning a finished series of 170 episodes….formidable! Will see, especially since you recommend it.

    • 6.7 Belle3005

      HAI am & lily! *waves hand brightly* Have you guys checked out the DB meetup thread for Malaysia? Hope to hear your thoughts on it over there,it’d be great if we could take it to the next level and spaz in person,just saying. Or we could like group Skype someday if a meetup is impossible.
      I’m so glad that I’m not the only one getting into a drama slump lately, to be honest I was pretty bummed by the current batch of dramas,in fact,I am quite frustrated with TWtWB,so much potential,so many thoughts of “what could’ve been”s and and also I feel like I’m starting to see the drama reaching its limit. So much for my first melodrama by choice,eh? I feel like the attention that it’s getting somewhat contributes to the downfall of the drama. Don’t tell me you didn’t feel the director focusing on the pretty more than the storyline itself because I swear,I’m starting to get these vibes as of late. (Braces self for upcoming attack from fans of TWtWB) I don’t know why buit I’m picky like that,so bite me. Nine on the other hand seems promising,I’ve burned by too much dramas with a promising start so I won’t say that this would be THE ONE to dethrone OIHM and SUFBB (yes there’s two dramas tying in for first place) from my favourite drama spot but if it keeps staying consistent it’ll be a strong contender for the spot. Oh yes,that’s two tvN dramas up there,which should say something about the awesomeness of cable channels. I’m slowing warming up to jTBC too. Omg is there any I Live in Cheongdamdong fans out there? I’m currently 34 episodes in and I gotta say,it’s crack! Crack that’s substantial,gets you in the heart good and sincere. LOVE. Ooh @am I’ve watched the movie and it was pretty good.(Totally went it for Song Joong Ki heh,I get why the movie was so hyped up for,he’s great in it.) The werewolf side of him was horrendous though,director could’ve done a better job,I didn’t dig the hybrid werewolf boy face ish.
      We need some new blood in dramas! Looking forward to seeing Sung Joon & LSG in Gu Family Book! 😀

      • 6.7.1 Enz

        Aiyo belle! You still haven’t told us where to watch I live in …. Thanks! Softy is the blogger who highly recommends it

        • Belle3005

          Refer below. Heh I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. It’s a tough job typing using my Blackberry,my laptop isn’t doing so well so I have to resort using my phone to get my daily DB fix instead.

          • Enz

            Thanks belle. I really hate having to type anything on the phone. But looks like unless I miraculously start reading Chinese, I’m not going to be able to watch ILICDD.

        • Belle3005

          I wish I could somehow translate the dialogues into English for you but I don’t know how to put subtitles on videos,let alone fix the timing. This is why I totally respect all subbers out there for dedicating their time to provide us with subs,salute! Perhaps one of these days when I have more free time I can translate all of the dialogues into paragraph form like what Ms. Softy usually does into Cadence. That is,if anyone would be interested in reading it anyway HEH.

      • 6.7.2 ida

        Yay! I’m another ILICDD fan! I finished watching it last autumn, but I’m finding myself watching it again, but at a slower rate the second time around. it is wonderful- isn’t it? 🙂 you get this really warm, family feeling- as if the characters are people you know, like family..
        Ahh, I’m glad you are enjoying it!
        if there’s one thing that’s sad, it’s that I haven’t found any place that does English subs for it- as I’d love for people who dont know Korean to be able to enjoy it as I myself did(I’m a Korean)
        Are you watching it with English subs?
        I also have been in a SERIOUS drama slump. BUT The End of the World is AMAZING. It’s the newly premiered jtbc drama that I got to watch. I haven’t seen the Virus, but The End of the World is really good! Mind you I had to watch the episodes twice as I didn’t want to miss any details, and it’s just that engaging that I’d watch it twice.
        Another one I’m watching is Like a Fairytale, which is the 4 episodes drama special with Chunderella and Choi Yoon Young(?), and that’s pretty good too. So.. My weekends are a heavenly buffet but my weekdays… Not so much ha.

        Is anyone else watching The End of the World, or Like a Fairytale??

        • Belle3005

          Ida I know! I’m lucky that I’m proficient enough in Chinese which enables me to watch the drama with Chinese subs. If only there’s some place where other drama lovers can watch it in English subs. Ooh I’ve heard of nothing but good things about The End of the World so far! Have you read the review done by The Vault,the score given was really high! 😀 Looking forward to check this out once I get the chance. I hope that it doesn’t disappoints like what The Virus did.

          • ida

            Ah, that is lucky indeed 🙂 (about being proficient enough in Chinese I mean)
            Yes! I did read the review on The Vault. I was still a little hesitant to watch it after reading it, but due to there being little else that I wanted to see, I watched it and was immediately like ZOMG. THIS IS FREAKIN’ AMAZING.
            Yes to characters that are, y’know, actually professional.
            I’ve gotta say that’s probably one of the main draws to the drama. So often there are dramas that lack this extra dimension or something to their plot or characterisation and that can really bum me out. More so when it’s not meant for laughs.
            So yeh. It’s incredibly engaging. It drew me in like it was the ice cream that I always dream about once my dinner is digested. Yeh. Like a vortex.

            I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

          • Carole McDonnell

            The Virus is just so frustrating. I always understood the saying that there’s a fine line between a hero and a fool, but never never never in my life have I ever seen a story where the lead whose side I’m supposed to be on is such a total over-the-top idiot. I know he’s supposed to be Mr Passionate Committed and all. But Gaaaaah!

            And the weird stuff. The weird medical stuff. The weird security stuff. He takes his own blood and ends up with a large gaping wound on his arm??? How did that happen???

            The only believable character is the infected guy. I’m just so upset with this show. Am gonna give up on it after the third episode. Too many other dramas to watch.

        • InSu

          I really like End of the World so far. Gave up on Virus after Ep 1. No sub and I’m from Korea

    • 6.8 Belle3005

      mem916 I’m not sure if this helps but I usually watch my dramas with Chinese subtitles because I find that the translations are much more closer in context. If I’m streaming online I usually go to Funtude and select the Korean dramas section. If I love a drama enough to warrant a rewatch I usually download it from Funshion(it’s actually a Chinese software that I’ve been using it for 2 years)

      Hey Carole,I know what you mean. I for one have never watched kdramas more than 20 episodes simply because the prospect of it is too daunting. Even for C-dramas I’ve only watched 30+ eps max,and that was for Bu Bu Jin Xing(Startling With Each Step) because I was a huge fan of the novel,the drama adaptation mostly stayed true to the novel,I loved the show! I was so ready to pass this up for better alternatives in terms of episode counts but there’s too many bloggers raving about how good the drama is,the last time I counted there’s at least 5 bloggers showering compliments over this drama,so my curiosity finally got the better of me. Each episode is only half an hour long so it’s not that huge of a commitment if you seriously think about it. It translates into about 85 episodes worth of time. Yes,it’s still quite daunting but I’m taking it pretty slowly at the moment,I’d be drained if I really attempt to marathon the episodes all in a go. I love how this show has none of the usual typical drama tropes,it’s very grounded and genuine. Yes,it takes awhile for the romance to set in but from what I’ve heard,once it does it’s going to be so worth it. This is my first sitcom ever and dayum,I’m so glad that I’ve started watching this. The only downside to this is that there’s no source that I know of that has the complete English subbed episodes up.

      • 6.8.1 Carole McDonnell

        So Bu Bu Jin Xing is good as well? Ah me!!! Temptation.

        • jomo


          It isn’t as much a drama as a place to go live for a week or so of hours. A powerful experience of love, of beauty, and tears that will haunt you forever. You think I am exaggerating, don’t you? You think, “Really? It’s just a show.” HA! I say, and again, HA!

          I had to get used to the dubbing, but it is really well done.

          The OST? Hoh-ma-gahd. My daughter who doesn’t watch dramas came into my room the other day when I was re-watching some scenes and said: “That is making me cry, and I don’t even know what she is singing about.”

          It’s all on YouTube – there is more than one channel.
          I tried to download the subs/raws but couldn’t get them to match since it aired once with longer eps and later with shorter ones that got cut up.

          Oh, I hope you like it!!

          • Carole McDonnell

            wow, the excitement in your font!!!!!! Will look for it on DF or viki. Or wherever. I will seek high and low for it.

          • Carole McDonnell

            ooooh, just looked. I thought the playlist only had songs from the OST but you gave me links to the episodes!!!! NICE!!!!!!!!!! I’ll definitely be watching them. Thanks.

          • jomo

            Carole – I am so jealous of you being able to experience it for the first time. 🙂 Although just now when I rewatched some of my fav scenes, I found myself holding my breath even though I knew what was going to happen.

            It is no spoiler to tell you that this is about a LOT of princes, and our heroine gets to choose from among them. I can’t wait to see what you think, and which prince you pick!

          • Carole McDonnell

            I love princes. I love a LOTTA princes. Surround me with princes.

    • 6.9 pogo

      Hey Belle! I’m in a bit of a kdrama slump too, nothing’s really captured my heart or even made me burn to watch the next episode since FBND ended. Even That Winter isn’t enough to bring me out of it but I have a couple of things I want to try…..and there are always movies.

      • 6.9.1 Maris

        Same here. 🙁

      • 6.9.2 LT

        Good advice. I’ve re-watched recently the movie, Castaway On The Moon. Still as touching if not more. Thank you for the nail polish idea. I’ve caught many fish with my blue damsel fly painted blue with the nail polish. Nail polish doesn’t stay fast long in water but long enough to catch fish. I’ll make some more for next summer. I’ve named the fly, Pogo S P Y, in your honour.

        • pogo

          LT – ahaha, I’m blushing right now 🙂

          • LT

            Daebak! ((((pogo)))) My red damselfly will be called a Blushing Pogo S P Y from now on. Why haven’t I thought of that……..

    • 6.10 InSu

      I gave up on TWtWB. Having seen the movie I find it difficult to stick to this version AND I love No Hee Kyoung (writer).

      Nine and You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin are the only thing I’m watching.

      Waiting for Gu Family Book. I love Secret Garden’s PD and Dalja Spring’s writer.

      I do check in on Thorn Flower/Spineflower because the story/script is interesting. No sub, poor directing and not so great cast.

    • 6.11 Belle3005

      Oh crap. I meant through earlier on. I was typing with half eyes open on my phone,hence the spelling error. Mianhe yeorobun >.<

  7. oftheshore

    Hi guys,

    Not entirely interested in any of the current dramas – feel like I need either a fluffy rom-com with a heart, or something thriller-ish/fantasy-ish. I’m also thinking of watching Baby-Faced Beauty. Is it any good?

    • 7.1 lily

      Baby Faced Beauty is a cute workplace drama but I was pissed off with the female lead’s annoying sister. but all for the cute Daniel and Nara, it’s worth the journey.

      have you watched Joseon X-Files? I love the drama to bits. recently tried it out because of Kim Ji Hoon and Im Jung Eun. it’s a challenging watch.

      • 7.1.1 whimsyful

        Seconding the Joseon X-Files rec if you’re looking for something lovely and mysterious and sometimes scary that requires thinking. I’d also recommend White Christmas for the thriller category.

    • 7.2 Thunderlyn

      I remember it being fun and watchable. Not crack or rewatchable, but worth it one time through.

    • 7.3 Lovebug

      Hey Offtheshore, I really liked Babyface beauty. Basically Daniel Choi is the most adorable thing evar! and makes the whole drama. (Like seriously sooooo adorable). I would give it watch!!!

    • 7.4 liz

      Watch Soumate! Just watched it and loved it! Plus it has only 12 episodes !

  8. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday fellow beanies. It’s my eldest daughter’s birthday, and I got her a DVD of Thank You. I hope she likes that drama as much as I did.

    This week I finished Joseon X-files with my hubby, also started Bad Family, and so far it is wonderful.

    I haven’t checked out the Midwest Beanies Facebook page yet because I am one of the three people in America not on Facebook! Guess I will have to give in.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    • 8.1 Dorotka

      Oh, I LOVED Bad Family… Anthony undercover :–)

  9. Redskirt

    I’ve never tried a 50 ep weekend family drama before (waaayy too much commitment), but thanks to GF & JB’s positive recaps of You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin, I gave it a shot. So far it’s been very cute and entertaining, a minor cure for my drama ennui.

    Between that and my love for a melo (gasp!) — TWtWB — I guess 2013 is my year of Trying Genres I Normally Avoid.

    • 9.1 Enz

      I’m excited by lee soon shin so far but have dropped TWTWB ! Just not convincing, dialogue nor storyline!

      • 9.1.1 Belle3005

        Refer to my reply above on where I watch ILiCDD. Heh I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. It’s a tough job typing using my Blackberry,my laptop isn’t doing so well so I have to resort using my phone to get my daily DB fix instead. I have also dropped TWtWB,I’ve had too many issues with it,it’s gonna take a whole lot of good reviews on the latest two episodes to get me to get back on the bandwagon. Watched 2 episodes of TBLSS and it was decent,I was put off by the prospect of 50 episodes initially too! I’ve decided to drop it though,I love the cast and all but I can’t seem to get into the storyline as in I don’t feel like staying around to see if the typical drama tropes being tossed around are going to be different from other dramas. I’m betting on 500 won that Lee Mi Sook’s character is totally IU’s mum. *rolls eyes* And the dad’s death was so out-of-the-world random omg! Not even my love for Yoo In Na & Jo Jung Seok can make me continue. Again I’m being extra picky(a bad habit of mine,I know.) I’m dropping this for ILiCDD heh. So much awesomeness,I can’t even…

        • Enz

          I like the tone of the show a lot, the balance of heart and humour. Am ok with some drama tropes as long as its within believability range for me and this one is. Ppl die suddenly and unexpectedly sometimes and the rest are left to pick up the pieces. Ya, the show is trying to suggest that IU is the daughter but I am still not sure that this dad is her biological dad. I don’t mind predictability as long as there is believable enough circumstances and good dialogue and acting to go with it. Hopefully this will remain the case.

  10. 10 Puri

    Happy OT!!!!!

    Rewatching 18 vs 29! still cute and OMG love HyeWon XDD

    Waiting for Seung Gi new drama and the goofy hair!!!

    Try to watch Jdorama called Nobunaga no Chef. NatsuXKen combo. CUTENESS! seriously in love with theme about time travel and food.
    I just found out that the cutie Ken IS the same actor who played Hwang TaeKyung in the japanese version of YAB. WHAT!! (He belongs to some group named kiss my foot HAHAHAHA)

  11. 11 Korazy Lady

    Good morning fellow Beaners! Just a quick hello as I have a busy day. So excited because Shukmeister is coming to visit me this evening in sunny Florida! Hopefully she’ll renew my interest in some dramas now that QoA is getting to crazyville.

    Have a good day, all!

    • 11.1 Leaf

      OMG have fun!!!! Do lots of drama fangirling <3
      And totally jealous of the weather… it snowed here last night :'(
      Go home weather, you're drunk!

    • 11.2 Enz

      How fun! And oh noes about QoA. But I guess that means QSS is still on top 🙂

    • 11.3 Korazy Lady

      Since I found out Lee Jin Wook is in Nine, I’m going to try and persuade Shukie to watch it with me tonight! While drinking soju, of course

      • 11.3.1 latteholic

        lol – he looks hawt there in NINE! Funny, because he did nothing for me in I Need Romance… 😀

    • 11.4 latteholic

      Have fun with the lions…. oh, and drama watching too! 🙂

      Enjoy the sun as well! (It hasn’t been sunny here lately in the north of Big City of Florida.. )

      • 11.4.1 Korazy Lady

        I think we will have a shot of soju for all of our friends on DB. How does that sound? Well, maybe we’ll alternate because I don’t want to end up like a certain person “A” who can’t remember anything the next day!

        • Lizzy4e

          oh my gosh that sounds like fun. Not getting so drunk you blackout; drinking soju with a Kdrama buddy.

          Have fun!!

        • JoAnne

          Shukie will swear you were just expressing normal interest in each other as humans, regardless.

  12. 12 Leaf

    Happy OT day everyone!!!
    Hope you all had a great week <3

    Now my life has thankfully been quite quiet this week.
    However never fear!!! I always have gossip to spill 😉

    This week about Hot Korean Guy's girlfriend.
    Now last friday we were out and when I was about to go upstairs he pulled me over and we had an proper serious conversation. Yes my friends. We had an actual discussion without copious amounts of sarcaism and teasing. This is something I thought would never happen.

    Anyway I was doing the whole 'we're not friends anymore' routine. Don't judge, this isn't something I would normally do but I was really quite annoyed at him. And I should inform you all I suck at getting annoyed and can't do it properly (as he knows). Anyway he was like 'I still consider us friends, it's you who doesn't any more'

    Now anyway… about his girlfriend. From the I've heard about her I always took her for the open relationships type. She isn't. She gets insanely jealous and if he so much talks to another girl (she views him as too nice or something haha) or has a facebook photo with them she gets super annoyed.
    Hence he learned to keep his distance and be an asshole most of the time. (Me: I bet that wasn't very difficult for you. Him: Yeah, I'm used to it)

    Anyway the best bit I found out from a mutual friend later. The reason they broke up? She cheated on him.

    Amazing what hot girls can get away with right? haha.

    Anyway have a great week!! Love <3

    • 12.1 ck1Oz

      Wa… it.
      I don’t comment on OT nowadays because it starts so late and I have to start work Sat.

      But but but, did I miss something? He got back with the ex… but now you found out why he broke up. But why is he trying to be friends? When you say his current doesn’t allow it?

      Sorry. I might to backtrack some of the OT posts.

      Oh yes, to justify why I am suddenly commenting. Through personal experiences and tales of love woes from friends… not many people actually remain good friends with the guys they used to go out with. However if the guy doesn’t know you had a crush on him, chances are you still can be friends.

      However, if the guy’s gf or wife is not so nice, usually the girl ( my girlfriends ) can’t even be around him/ them as a couple. It’s too painful seeing a guy you used to like not being with the best girl in the world.

      Unless he’s a jerk. In which case, good couple then.

      Now that is random thought on OT. Because I am in a drama slump as well. Nadda, nothing to watch. Well not much, when I am only following 3 series a week. SIX whole hours of KD only for the week. It’s not enough to keep me sane.

      Sorry Leaf to wander off on a tangent. Hot girls can’t get away with everything. However there will always be a guy who likes them enough to let them walk all over him.

      And that my DB friend, is why we ship nice 2nd lead guys in dramas. Because it just plain sucks that nice guys gets the raw end of the deal most of the time.

      Not saying specifically for the HKG here in your case. Since I don’t know if he’s nice or not personally.

      • 12.1.1 Leaf

        His girlfriend is long distance. And well… lets just say me and mutual friends have got a countdown clock until they break up again haha. She REALLY REALLY hates his girlfriend even though they’ve never meet haha.

        And his personality… is difficult haha. He can be so nice (and trust me I’m not just saying this) and likable. But he can also be cold and a jerk. When I told him that he went ‘But I’m nice when it counts’ which while I don’t completely agree with it is quite a good discription of him.
        And his flaws… well lets say they are ones I can really relate too. However while I’ve been working on mine and they are barely noticeable anymore he hasn’t. So I can understand him some of the time. Most of the time I don’t have a clue haha.

        And I don’t think he knows I like him. At least if he does we’re pretending he doesn’t. We have too many mutual friends and hang out too much for us to be awkward around each other.
        And about me dealing with this… well I’m always known as the emotionless one and I can be very cold (less so now as I’ve been working on it). I’m good at controlling my emotions. Like really good.
        So no, I have absolutely no problem.

        And yes… when I first heard I got really annoyed at how someone could treat another person like that. I was really upset for him. However it’s his own fault for putting up with it so whatever.

        And I know hot girls can’t get anyway with everything. But he’s still at the point where he lets her. And you think I’m exagerating her hotness? Trust me I’m not. No guy would say no to her.

        So yeah… I like to think I’m fairly sensible and think things through. I think I am dealing with everything quite well and making the right choices.

        • ck1Oz

          ” pat, pat ”

          20 year old male.
          Ehm less said the better.
          Emotional maturity has no relation to IQ at any age…

          What can I say but make lots of friends while at Uni, they stay longer than old boyfriends/ girlfriends.

          I am sure many of us can attest to that. Guys have come and gone since I left Uni but my old mates, we’re still in contact and a few are my best friends. Not that I am saying I am ” old ” 🙂 but friendships; they last forever.

          • Leaf

            Precisely!! I deal with these people every day! And being everyones relationship counseller since around 11 and earlier if we include my parents ^shudders^ has given me way too much knowledge about such things.

            And yes. My friends are the most important thing always 😀
            I’m lucky to have lots of really great people around me <3

    • 12.2 Dorotka

      Leaf, you never dissapoint :–))
      Looks like a good k-drama… ;–)

      • 12.2.1 Leaf

        I know! I’d be mega impressed with myself if I was making all this stuff up haha.
        Almost weirder that I’m not actually…

        • Pillowhead

          hi leaf! Hot girl is crazy jealous cause she cheated. I have an old friend that was, back in the day, considered very hot, and had sex appeal that could cast a spell over an entire party. she used that power without a conscience and don’t know if she’d ever been in a heathy relationship. anyway cut to 20 years later and she still thinks she can seduce men with her eyes. kinda sad really. yeah…no, Hot girls don’t get away with everything.

    • 12.3 Carole McDonnell

      Oh good heavens! So he forgave her? Good heavens! ((((LEAF))))

      • 12.3.1 Leaf

        Yeap. Basically she’s insanely hot and they were together 2/3 years.
        And he’s a 20 year old guy.

        Doesn’t take a genius to work this one out haha.

    • 12.4 cv

      Leaf! Omo! Ur life drama much better then some shows on now. ;p
      Well, I hope he knows what he’s getting into to take her back. Must really love her? Some people don’t change much…

      Have a good weekend. Thanks for updating us. 🙂

      • 12.4.1 cv

        Ps, does the gf get jealous if he talks to you?

        • Leaf

          He keeps all evidence of girls off his facebook because of her so she doesn’t have a clue. As far as she knows he only hangs around with the guys (She must know this isn’t the case). Which… given this is Uni is not gonna happen. Friendship groups are completely mixed here.

      • 12.4.2 Leaf

        Meh… he just thinks he loves her. He’s never said anything about her apart from the fact that she’s insanely hot.
        So once again: countdown until they breakup again is commenced.

        And I know right? Look at me having all the drama haha.
        Although to be honest most of it is everyone elses.
        I reject drama at all costs.
        Why I don’t want a relationship haha. Cause I’m far too cynical for such things lol. Too much stress.

        And current dramas do suck. I’m still watching King of Dramas to be honest. I like it but can’t seem to keep focus on it for that long though. I’m mainly catching up on The Walking Dead haha.

        Obviously they need to hire me as a script writer. I would ace that haha.

        • cv

          Leaf, if that is the case, I’m with you on the countdown to their breakup again. Maybe soon, he’ll grow up and realize what they have isn’t a relationship. If you can’t trust each other, there is no point being together.
          Wonder if he’s just with her cause she’s hot? That’s just so shallow. Lol

          You are still young, have fun n enjoy uni life. ^^

          • alua

            “If you can’t trust each other, there is no point being together.”

            Exactly. I second cv’s words!

            Pretty sad case when your partner micromanages your relationships with other people. That’s a) a relationship that’s not going to last OR b) if it lasts, it’s a very unhealthy relationship.

            Doesn’t make him the best candidate to be in a relationship with either because he’s obviously lacking some maturity/judgement/self-confidence.

            Good for you letting him know that you are not friends anymore when he’s acting like that.

            “He can be so nice (and trust me I’m not just saying this) and likable.”

            Some of the people who are really nice are totally not when you scratch beneath the surface. Manipulative people can be real charmers, until they show their real face. Not saying that guy is like that, but just a word of warning – be wary if someone’s super-nice in some instances, but a total jerk in others. Go with your gut feeling. Good people don’t treat you nicely some times, and then totally ignore you, and then suddenly befriend you again.

        • Korazy Lady

          I agree, Leaf. I love coming on the OT just to hear how things are going in your life. And it IS more interesting than the dramas these days!

    • 12.5 pogo

      Leaf, your life is way more interesting than any kdrama! And I won’t lie, I’m a lot older than you but part of me dreads the day my guy friends start dating (or worse, end up marrying) girls who can’t stand their bf being around other girls platonically *sigh*

  13. 13 Dorotka

    Wow, that’s early today.
    I had a question to ask… and I completely forgot what… :–)

    This week I tried the xxxholic. Totally not my usual watch, but liked it (also liked that it is so short). Though the episode 4 wasn’t as good as the others.
    Also watched 1st episode of Priceless.

    Have a nice weekend!

    • 13.1 Dorotka

      OK, thanks to Belle I remembered:
      Does anybody know whether somebody decided to continue with subbing “I Live in Cheongamdong”? And if yes, where to find it? Thanks.

      • 13.1.1 nomad

        Was there anyone that started? I’ve been hoping and wishing for a while now…

        • Dorotka

          As far as I know, there are english subtitles up to episode 14. Though I don’t remember anymore where I found them…

    • 13.2 alua

      I really liked ep 4 of xxxHolic! And Watanuki playing games with Maru and Moro during the credits cracked me up.

      Priceless is great. Not always totally realistic, but quite unusual and thoroughly enjoyable.

      Plus, you will walk away with a new-found appreciation of thermoses – that’s the funny thing that often happens with dramas. They take random things that never interested you or you never thought about, and suddenly you start to see them in a new light. Thermoses. Ice hockey. Synchronic swimming. Aquariums. etc.

  14. 14 Aigoo

    Hi all,

    Happy Friday! Given the kdrama slump I’m in right now, I’ve randomly started watching a jdrama called Sapuri.

    Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? Should I bail now?

    I feel that there are no good kdramas right now! What’s going on? The only upcoming drama that I’m looking forward to now is Gu Family Book! LOL! And only for Lee Seung Gi! That boy is too cute!

    Also, I’m not sure if this is breaking any rules but the Toronto beanies are planning a meeting. Email me at [email protected] if you want to be kept in the loop!

    • 14.1 Aigoo

      That should be *meetup*

  15. 15 am

    Haven’t visited OT since…I can’t remember.

    So, Hey! :3

    I really need another awesome K-drama from Cable land because that’s where the good stuff is at.

    Has anybody seen Can We Get Married? Is it any good?

    • 15.1 Dorotka

      I liked it a lot. Not a standard k-drama, but much more realistic, I would say. Especially those divorce parts…

      The motorbike couple was quite cute :–)

      • 15.1.1 am

        I started ep 1 a couple days ago and noticed it was kind of leaning towards the slice of life category…so I might marathon it this weekend 🙂

    • 15.2 John

      am ~

      I enjoyed CWGM.

      The moms are a bit much but it’s a good story.

      • 15.2.1 am

        I agree on the mom bit. That’s where I stopped watching in episode 1 haha

        • lily

          lol same here :p

      • 15.2.2 Dorotka

        Yeah, the first episodes I always got headache from all that shouting… but towards the end I liked Lee Mi Suk mom (though not the other one who I found terrible till the end).

    • 15.3 Lovebug

      I enjoyed Can we Get Married, though the mothers shenanigans got old at time. But it seemed more realistic drama than most lately…

    • 15.4 Enz

      I LOVED can we get married. Solid script and acting. Lots of cute. So realistic that I got stressed from the wedding preparations. WATCH!!

    • 15.5 mystisith

      CWGM? = ++++. When you can’t tell if a drama is a script or a transcription of real convos.

    • 15.6 pogo

      Can We Get Married is fantastic – great performances all around and a cast and storylines one can’t help but get invested in, whether you’re rooting for someone or want to throw rocks at them. I took AGES watching, but it was so worth it.

      (oh, and on a shallow note: the kissing is excellent.)

      • 15.6.1 Pillowhead

        hey Pogo.. u r so right. the kissing should win some award.

  16. 16 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Happy Friday! I am currently watching

    Nine: It’s my favorite show this season. It’s the only show where I find myself being antzy and pacing while waiting for the next episode. There are moments when you want to tell a time traveller that he is playing around with danger. Now I’m wondering if he’s gonna end up being married to someone else, like the girl he had a date with in the theater. Will he be in love with two women now? Will he have a kid? Why the heck was he single for so long before he “married” reporter girlfriend? Was it because first girl from theater messed up his mind? How will he repair the past without messing stuff up even further?

    Watching Incarnation of Money. I keep thinking Cha Don is sitting pretty, perhaps sitting too pretty. He has too much control now so I’m thinking he’ll be blindsided somehow. Will see. Still wondering about Prosecutor Gwon’s hottie son and how he’ll play out in this story. I think he’s a dark horse but don’t know how…

    Watching Gu Am Heo Joon. Love it. Love it! My major sajeuk fix.

    Watching The Virus. It’s still sooooooo overwrought..but I’ll hold on and see if End of the World is better. The subs are so late on End of the World.

    Watching Shotenin/Michiru. I am so upset they’ve made Takei — who, admittedly was just shy of stalker territory– into a bad guy. I really don’t think Michiru needs to be rescued. I want this story to get even darker…and somehow to keep Takei safe and yes, good.

    Watching Mahoro. Thinking it’s coming to an end. I’ve begun to shy away from the final episodes of Japanese dramas because they always leave me feeling unsatisifed or vaguely unsettled. And i hate feeling vaguely unsettled. YES, I’m talking to you, Nobunaga.

    Watching xxHolic.

    Trying to watch Lee Pyung Pang, Birth of the Rich, and Joseon X-files. Trying to catch up on Queen of Ambition and “you’re the best Lee Soon.” Am liking the hotties of all types on Sugarless but sure wish I knew why majorly argumentative belligerent hero is so bent on fighting.

    Only anime I’m currently watching is Amnesia.
    Have a great weekend, all.

    • 16.1 lily

      Nine: So.Many.Possible.Changes. eagerly waiting for episode 5!

      IOM: you’re right. Cha Don is super lucky and it’s not a good sign when everything is just getting along too well. Have you seen the preview of episode 15? Hyuk might be important from episode 15.

      Is Guam Heojun good? been thinking of watching it but got turned off by the number of episodes.

      Joseon X-Files is goooooooooooooooooood. Recommended!

      • 16.1.1 Carole McDonnell aiming to watch Joseon today. So far on OT, it’s been mentioned twice. So am definitely gonna watch it when there is nothing good that’s subbed on any particular day.

        So far, I’ve watched the first three episodes of Gu Am Heo Joon. Sooooooooo good. Don’t get turned off. It’s a real sajeuk fix. All that regal stuff with a touch of melo. Since it’s being subbed everyday for the most part, it’s just quickly become part of my routine to watch it. The time jump happened quickly and i think I’ll miss little Heo Jun. Not sure if I can keep up with this and Gu Family book at the same time but will see.

        I didn’t see the preview of 15…but now you have me really anticipating. I think he could be villainous and i like bad hotties but it’d be neat if he turned out to be good and all.

        • lily

          I’m sure you’ll like Joseon X-Files 😉

          I am in dire need of a sageuk fix. tried to watch Horse Doctor but had to drop it because of time constraint back then. I think I to give Heojun a try soon.

          I want to see Hyuk getting on the bad side all for his wicked grin, but if he’s going to be the good guy and catch his own father, that would be better. luckily tomorrow is already Saturday!

      • 16.1.2 KimYoonmi

        HeoJoon is definitely better than Horse Doctor as a start. Has some surprising twists and turns as well. I’m a bit apprehensive about the older Joon, since I liked little Joon so much.

        I’m not sure if they’ll be able to keep up the quality for all the episodes, but I’m willing to give a shot.

        The writer of this drama also did the previous version of Heo Joon, and did other sageuk (he’s a veteran) such as Kingdom of the Winds. Also wrote the original IRIS. I’d trust him to deliver well and to plan ahead, which Level 7 desperately needed.

    • 16.2 KimYoonmi

      Might be a bit sappy for you, but have you tried Chihayafuru? I thought it would be boring when I tried it out, but it’s somehow really moving in ways that I can’t quite pin down. It’s slice of life warm and fuzzy type of anime.

      • 16.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        I like sap. But the sap has to be sweet and naturally flowing. None of the overly-processed artificial stuff. Will try it out.

        • KimYoonmi

          It is sweet and naturally flowing. It kinda crawls up on you. The anime sets it up, but there is absolutely no point where you can pinpoint it started. Also, there isn’t lecturing, which is the weak point of Japanese dramas and anime.

          There is a season 2, if you like season 1. Also a different anime that kind explains the poems in Chihaya Furu.

    • 16.3 Lovebug

      You must be on a Ji Hyun Woo kick regarding Lee Pyungkang and Birth of the rich. I actually like Birth of the Rich especially Lee Si Young! She totally stole the show if you ask me and made me a fan for life. I also liked Nam Goo min who will forever be Maru from Can you hear my heart!

      Regarding Lee PyungKang that one was a bit hard to get through, not sure what Ji Hyun woo was thinking yet I was compelled to finish!

      • 16.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        At the risk of sounding like a total nut, my feelings for Ji Hyun Woo are on a very odd level. I think there are a few artists/writers/actors/etc who almost feel as if they are weirdly connected to you in some ways. That’s how i feel about Hyun Woo. There’s a sweet accessibility to him but a lot of k-pop actors have that sweetness. Yet, wow! This is the only k-pop actor I want to send some kind of present to. Kim Hyun Joong is definitely more handsome, Lee Min Ho is more hot, Song Joong Ki is definitely cuter…but the one who touches my heart: Hyun Woo. Totally. I wish him happiness in everything he does.

        • Belle3005

          AHH HYUN WOO IS SO ATTRACTIVE I swear I spend half of my time swooning whenever he’s on the screen(cause I’m superficial like that HEH) Seriously loved him in ILICDD.

          • Belle3005

            Opps. I think I got the wrong Hyun Woo heh I thought you meant the Hyun Woo from The Virus and ILICDD. Never mind I love Ji Hyun Woo as well,still think that his offscreen romance with Yoo In Na was the cutest thing ever!:)

        • Lovebug

          No you are right, Ji Hyun Woo has some undefinable charisma! I think is incredibly engaging in pretty much everything I have seen him in. But his Xfactor is captured best in QIHM (one of my fave dramas of all time).

      • 16.3.2 NKB

        Lee Si Young was awesome in Birth of the Rich! I almost couldn’t believe it was the same girl from Boys over Flowers. I like that she chooses such versatile roles, and isn’t afraid to really go for it. That’s why I never gave up on Wild Romance (where she acted with Lee Dong Wook). Despite all the bashing I thought it showed another side of her acting, and I loved that she didn’t go down the ‘miraculous transformation from a tomboy into a demure swan’ K-Drama female leads are always prone to. She was a clumsy, kick ass dork till the end <3

        • momosa

          Me too, I love, love her in that role. She deserves an award for that fan-girling scene, seriously funny & despite being tomboyish & kick-assy girl, she is ultimately a girly girl at heart!!

    • 16.4 ida

      I haven’t seen the Virus, but The End of the World is A-mazing 🙂
      I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
      It’s one of the two dramas that I’m actually watching, as I dropped all the other ones going on atm.
      It’s.. Professional. Like, it’s logical, realistic, believable. Oh, and engaging. Seriously engaging.
      I hope you enjoy it when the subs are out- let’s talk about it when you’ve watched it!

      • 16.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        We will definitely talk about it. And the idea that it’s professional…that’s grabbing me. Virus is just annoying the heck outta me. If it weren’t for their secret weapon of using hottie germ-carrier, I’d have given up in episode one. I wonder if they keep hot young things in these dramas to make shallow old noonas keep tuning in. I would not put it past those casting guys. Waiting even more for subs.

  17. 17 MicolaM

    Hey beanies

    Happy OT. I recently started watching We Got Married. I think it is ok, but i don’t want to be saddled with watching the uninteresting couples.

    Can anyone recommend the best couples to watch?

    Also my last weekend drama was Brilliant legacy. yes it’s been a while. Do any of you know another good weekend drama I can watch?


    • 17.1 am

      Practically stopped watching WGM after the Goguma couple left. I really enjoyed Hwang Bo and KHJ in season 1. Alex and ShinAe was just tragic. Ugh.

      Still think the Adam Couple was the most fun I had with WGM.

      I think Ojakgyo Borthers and Smile, You were weekend dramas. I loved them. I heard the High Kick series was pretty fun too.

      • 17.1.1 lily

        Ojakgyo Brothers was a weekend drama and it was my drama crack. started watching because of Joo Won but ended up loving each and every of the characters, especially Soo Young & Tae Bum couple.

        • ck1Oz

          Ojakgyo Brothers was the most well balance family drama I’ve ever watched. This from someone who doesn’t like weekend dramas.

          But when you’re done, there are plenty more to watch. Not as good, but definitely watchable.

      • 17.1.2 Requiem

        The bad thing about Ojakgyo Brothers is that other weekend dramas don’t seem to measure up to it.

        Each of the characters feel like a real, live person so much that you can understand where they come from even when they do things that are deplorable. And it’s from their little foibles and character traits that the conflicts tend to arise.

        You do get some common kdrama tropes, but I didn’t mind them because each character feels so real that I got whisked away in the story.

        I tried Smile You and My Too Perfect Sons, but couldn’t really get into either, but Ojakgyo Brothers hooked me right from the start.

        I’ve also tried Childless Good Fortune, and it seems to have some interesting themes and characters, so maybe that might be a good one to try (though subs are slow in coming out).

    • 17.2 Lovebug

      Hi Micola! I am on a WGM kick as well. Adam Couple is now my favorite couple of all time. (I fervently want to believe and maybe attempted to scour the internet for evidence of Jokwon and GaIn dating irl, I need this to be true).

      I recently finished watching Khuntoria which were cute but moreso towards the begining. I am watching both Brave couple and the Campus Couple right now and loving both!!

      I honestly think all of the early and mid Season 1 couple are worth a watch. (Oh and if you want to see some real chemistry – Gundam Couple from season 1).

    • 17.3 Belle3005

      I loved the Khuntoria couple! It’s sad how WGM has deteriorated in terms of realness and quality. On the other hand,have you guys heard of the news on the international version? SO.FREAKING.EXCITED. If Taecyeon converses in English ooh we don’t even need subs to understand the show heheheh. I saw the picture of him with Gui Gui in Jeju Island and damnnn their make a beautiful pair with pretty good chemistry despite the language barrier. Can’t wait for it to be aired! And also we have Honggi with some J-actress that I don’t know(sorry,my knowledge of the J-entertainment is close to none). Honggi was one of the main reason why I got into Kpop and Korean dramas in the first place. My first drama was You’re Beautiful and to be honest,I only watched it because Honggi was in it. I loved his vocals and he was my bias in FTi back then,so yes he’ll always have a special place in my heart 😉 Ahhh why isn’t the international version out yet? I’m curious to see if it’ll manage to salvage WGM’s credibility.

  18. 18 John

    Friday !

    Watching J Dramas

    Shotenin Michiru no Mi no ue Hanashi

    Saikou no Rikon

    xxxHolic ( need to watch 4)

    K Dramas: TWTWB, Ad Genius, IOM,

    Will start You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin this weekend.

    • 18.1 John

      Oh, and Nine also.

      Looking forward to TEN Season 2.

      • 18.1.1 lily

        super excited for TEN2! been watching the latest trailer for countless times already!

      • 18.1.2 cv

        Hi John, can’t wait foe Ten too! Love the first season.

        • John

          cv ~

          If Joseon X-Files could a second season, that would be nice.

    • 18.2 Enz

      You’re in for a treat, John, coz I know you love lee mi sook :). She’s awesome in BoLSS.

      • 18.2.1 Korazy Lady

        She looks gorgeous in it, too!

    • 18.3 alua

      How are you enjoying Saikou no Rikon?

      I rather like Eita’s character. I mean, he’s a nightmare of a husband, but I think you’d know that beforehand and know you’d have to put up with it if you married someone like him – so socially inept and neurotic. He’s not a bad guy, but just needs a kick in the a** at times. (And I think he’s actually not that badly matched with his ex-wife, she certainly is capable of giving him that kick.)

      Not so sure about the other couple. I don’t quite get Akari and I have ZERO forgiveness for someone like Ryo. He needs to leave Akari alone and start with a clean plate with someone else (though if I ran into someone like him, I’d not give them a chance. Zero tolerance for cheaters). Really hope the drama doesn’t reunite them, I’d hate for writers to send a message like that.

      xxxHolic is fantastic. Lots of love for Sometani 😀 And newfound appreciation for Higashide Masahiro (Doumeki).

      Lee Soon Shin is sweet, but feels predictable. It’s too long for me, so I’ll at best skip-watch the episodes.

      Myself, I’m also watching Tonbi (never fails to move me) and Nine (ep 4 yeah!). Waiting on subs for a couple of others.

      Accidentally watched The Kirishima Thing last week (accidentally, because if stands any chance to appear on the festival circuit or get a DVD release, I won’t watch it online but when I stumbled across it, I totally didn’t realise what it was at first). Very interesting – not a movie for everyone, but very much my kind of thing! Plus, that’s where my appreciation for Higashide came from. & discovered other new J acting talents (Kamiki Ryounosuke – he’s got a drama coming out at the end of March, so I’ll definitely watch that now). Hashimoto Ai I already knew and knew that she’s just destined to be an acting powerhouse. Always pitch-perfect and she’s like 16? 17?

      Saw a few movies at the London Lesbian Gay Film festival too, the Korean White Night (good, seeing more by the same director on Sunday), Iranian Facing Mirrors (really, really good) and the British My Brother the Devil, which I think is showing in a few USAmerican cinemas now. That one was filmed like two streets from where I live, so it was rather strange to see on the screen at times!

      • 18.3.1 John

        alua ~

        I’m loving Saikou no Rikon.

        Yes, Eita’s character is a jerk. I love Ono Machiko as his wife. She’s funny but can get serious when called for. There might be hope for them.

        He needs to forget about Akari.

        Akari would be better off without Ryo, that guy is a flat out loser. A serial cheater.

        ** Spoiler alert **

        Poor grandma found that guy in Yuka’s bed ! No granny, it’s not like that !

        • alua

          I think there’s hope for Eita’s character and Yuka (Ono). He just needs to learn his lesson and understand that at the next earthquake he should ask about if SHE’S okay and not his bloody bonsai. And she’s a no-nonsense person and kick-ass. I think she still very much likes him despite what she’s saying 😀

          Serial cheater, exactly. They don’t reform and the pity storyline is just not going to fly with me. He called up his mistress after Akari threw him out but only moped and didn’t go home with her? I’m NOT buying that.

          Ohhh, dear obāchan! I can’t believe she even admitted she saw the other guy to Yuka!

          The dentist woman is annoying me though – such a fakely kawaii person who is just playing with Eita.

          • John

            What is up with the constant trips to the dentist? The dentist assistant isn’t a good match for him.

            I think Yuka still cares for him. She looked a bit worried when Mitsuo (Eita) congratulated her on finding a good match in the younger guy.

          • alua

            I think it’s part of his neurotic behaviourisms. Getting your teeth cleaned till there is nothing left to be cleaned or something.

            She’s definitely not a match. And the kind of person who’d drop him like a hot potato.

          • alua

            Oh, and it probably is helping his ego being fawned over like that by the dental assistant.

            Which he thinks he needs so he can tell Yuka he’s popular with women (not understanding that the only reason he wants to be able to tell her something like that is that because he still has feelings for her too).

          • John

            alua ~

            Have you seen Ep. 7 of Saikou no Rikon yet? This is my favorite drama out of everything I’m watching.

            I’m up to speed on xxxHolic. It’s getting better as it goes along.

      • 18.3.2 owl

        I laughed so hard when they were eating the expired ‘snack’ and Eita’s character said that it was over 1 1/2 years expired, the half life of a weak hamster. haha
        One of those science trivia things that 99.9% of the world couldn’t care less about, but the .1% who does comments as if it actually means something.

        • alua

          It was such a thing he would know of course.

          But I gotta so it was educative (having no knowledge of hamsters’ lifespans) and hilarious… the “weak” bit, jajajaja.

        • John

          owl ~

          Eita’s doing a great job with this character. He’s so stiff.

          • owl

            John, another thing, he alwways seems so genuinely surprised at someone else’s way of thinking when it differs from his own. It is as if he hasn’t realized that different ways of thinking exixt, or something.Maybe he is realizing this becuse his way of thinking isn’t working for him now.

  19. 19 JoAnne

    Good Morning, My Wondrous Beans!

    Let’s see. Still watching the same stuff. I just want someone to shoot Da Hae already. I’m sticking with Ha Ryu til the bitter end, but Lord Jesus…why are there not crowds lined up in the streets to kill this woman already? Every time she recovers from her ‘oh my gosh, you want to HURT me? But WHY?’ face and does something even more brazen than the last thing she did, I think to myself that surely NOW someone will just lose their minds and stomp her to death, surrounded by a cheering crowd, but no. They just fall in line with her instructions. I guess it’s a Da Hae world and we’re all just living in it. Hot StepBrother gave himself up to the cops, at least she can’t drag him down any farther.

    And then there’s Oh Soo and Youngie. Well, we know a few things now. Wang is just flat out crazy, and Youngie really believed Oppa was her Oppa. And not…you know, her Oppa. Or so we’re led to believe. I think maybe this is one situation where the character kinda got away from the writer, because that’s just stupid. We should be left thinking that she just really NEEDED to believe it and that he was willing to continue the charade because of that, but deep down she knew. She knew. I will go down with this ship. She knew. And clearly, that group of people lives in a cancer cluster. What the F, Writer. Everyone is terminal?

    I had an epiphany last night. The reason that SK has been unable to come up with realistic, believable, CAPABLE spies in a drama is actually this: It’s not that they can’t, they won’t. I won’t go into the details because it’s all top secret. Heh. TOP secret, more like… But I digress. Anyway, it’s all top secret hush hush stuff but it’s in Korea’s interest to keep us thinking they only want to entertain us. Not for nothing, but it’s no coincidence that Psy appeared at about the same time that NK started talking about testing their nuclear missiles…At least Zombie Hyuk is gone and Jjang Hyuk is back. I still hate that weird drag queen guy who runs NSS and I’m really tired of this girl crying ‘bout her oppa all the time.

    Lee Jin Wook. Thank you for him, DramaGods. Just…thank you. He ain’t no Nine in MY book. And also for Jin Goo, DramaGods. I’m sad that we’ve entered the Heartbroken Hero phase of our story, but at least this drama doesn’t keep us stuck in one place for too long, and I love that entire crazy whacky Giant family. Also just getting into Lee Soon Shin and liking it so far.

    I’ve been watching Sugarless now that subs are starting to appear. Nothing to say about it, really. I won’t even lie and pretend I have any other reason to watch it than the adorable, buff, reluctant fighter Marumo. Any time I start to say ‘Wait…this is a drama set in a school but they never actually go to a cla….oh, look Marumo took off his shirt. Hee, he’s so cute. Drooling commences, and then I forget everything else.

    • 19.1 Carole McDonnell

      Ahhhhhhhh sugarless! ::fanning self:: Hotness in all styles, shapes, forms. There really is a guy type for any kind of female (or male) tastes. Ah, I could just watch that show with the subs off.

      I have got to catch up on Queen of Ambition.

      Am so loving Nine. This is what a real time travel story is about. Innocently thinking you have a magic wand and can change one aspect of the past, then having all hell break loose. It’s not like in Jin where every person was so regally important. But those little things done with unimportant (one assumes) people….and then wow…a whole life change depends on one tiny change. I’m just so hoping he sets everything right and I totally believe the screenwriters are trustworthy enough to give us a great wonderful puzzle where everything fits in at the end…even if it means accepting hero’s death. (I will — of course– accept even a cell phone/pager last minute perfect fix.) Will see.

      • 19.1.1 JoAnne

        His face at the end of 9 Times 4 when she’s not there anymore? Priceless.

        About 30 seconds before that, as the little girl is reaching for the phone, I scream out this: DON’T!!!! IT’S HER!!!

        So good. SO GOOD.

        Love the Christmas cards with the doc. Love that every time she wants him to do something remotely cute or romantic he just gives her this deadpan face and says ‘Let’s break up.’

        Love that underneath all of that he is an enormous mushy teddy bear of love and kisses and emotional connection to his hyung, his mom, his friends, his co-workers, all of it. You just see him looking at all of these people knowing that he doesn’t have much time, and sincerely appreciating all of them in his life.

        oh…and LOVED the honeymooon, from 1st bit to last. Not just for what he did…but the things he said.

        Damn. So good. Really, so very good.

        (giggling about him sliding out from under the bed between that French woman’s legs right now.)

      • 19.1.2 owl

        Sugarless – yeah! I love the opening each week – showdown knockdown shirtless high kicks, love it (fanning, fanning*! :)) bring it on!

    • 19.2 mystisith

      JoAnne: I love your explanation about why SK gives us stinky spy dramas. They don’t want to scare us in RL… Makes sense. “We are nice and friendly! We swear! *hugs*”

  20. 20 Lixie


    Can anyone recommend a good comedy or romcom? I tried L7CS e love JW but dropped because the story was too bad. Maybe I should try Ad Genius or Soon Shin? Which one is better? I’m watching IOM and loving it but it’s not enough, I need more! 🙂 I’m also watching Baker King and it’s ok, I mean, the story is bad but the it is fast paced and has absurd twists. It’s amusing but not light. I want something more like FH2 and TTBY or even Coffee Prince but that’s asking a lot, I know.:)

    • 20.1 John

      Lixie ~

      Try Sweet18.

    • 20.2 Dorotka

      My Princess?
      Light fluff..:–)

    • 20.3 KimYoonmi

      You open to J-dramas?

      Hana Yori Dango. Hana Kimi, Mei no Shitsuji, and Nodame Cantabile are of similar flavors. I’d rate Hana Yori Dango and Hana Kimi as the closest matches.

      Unfortunately, there isn’t anything current to pull us into the drama world…

      The drama gods are kinda sleeping. I think the K-drama god semi woke up with the new offerings, though.

    • 20.4 whimsyful

      Have you watched Soulmate?

      • 20.4.1 Lixie

        Thanks John, Dorotka, KimYoonmi and whimsyful! I’ll check them, I did watch Soulmate but dropped after the first eps. maybe I’ll also give it another chance. 🙂

  21. 21 John

    JoAnne ~

    How could Youngie not know ? Everyone and their brother had told her that Soo was a fraud.

    The writer needs to fix this. What’s their phone number?

    • 21.1 JoAnne

      Gonna pull an Answer Me 1997 Mom on ’em, huh, John? You GO!

      I will die insisting that the sadness and distress on her face while listening to those conversations was more an acknowledgement that she couldn’t pretend anymore, even to herself, than actual shock at what was probably the only secret in Korea that was kept for less time than an NSS secret.

      • 21.1.1 John

        If Youngie didn’t know, then all the snuggly wuggly stuff is just wrong.

        • JoAnne

          IF she didn’t know, then all the snuggly wuggly stuff that went on was pre-sexual awakening for Youngie. Hence…inappropriate, but completely innocent on her part. And he CERTAINLY tried to discourage it back then.

          It’s only now that he wants to be glued to her hip and grabs her for passionate kisses, ’cause jig is UP and he knows it.

          I really thought they were gonna go …um…farther up there in NastyCabin. Instead she gave in to that final kiss – just MELTS into his body, and then walks away saying ‘now it’s really over.’ Sigh. but maybe she’s only referring to her big brother fairy tale. She has reason to hate him – and her bitterness about not being able to mourn her brother because she’s so upset about Soo is very genuine – but I still think she could get over that. He needs to explain himself, and at what point things changed. Because it was like…a week after he moved in. Seriously.

          • Lizzy4e

            I agree with JoAnne~Pre-sexual awakening=innocent

            But this is also why she (to quote JoAnne)
            “she gave in to that final kiss – just MELTS into his body, and then walks away”
            She is clueless as to what comes next so she can blithely walk away. She has no idea what she is missing, she is innocent.

            John, I love your term snuggly wuggly. Enjoy your posts too.

    • 21.2 Mar

      I’m with John on this.

  22. 22 korfan

    Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing well.

    So I’ve started watching That Winter, TWB. I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes …… so still getting settled with the drama and getting familiar with the characters …… so far, so good …. I think I’m going to like this one.

    I’ve continued with I Miss You, my current fave …. the drama that wrist-grabbed me early on and hasn’t let go. What Yoo Seung-ho has done in this project is simply outstanding. Only 2 more episodes left to watch. I’m sad already.

    I’ve also continued with Queen of Ambition, which, to be honest, I wasn’t too excited about initially. But I stuck with it and I’m kind of glad I did. It’s in revenge-mode now …… I think it’s gonna be one bumpy ride with damage all over the place. We’ll see.

  23. 23 am

    Soooo….I tried watching A Gentleman’s Dignity because a friend of mine left her flash drive at my place and the whole series was there but ugh, Kim Ha Neul and her hot legs cannot save that drama so I stopped watching. Besides, there wasn’t enough Kim Woo Bin.

    Is it just me or I’ve fallen victim to Korea’s cute face with hot abs kind of men/man child? Because I thought there was gonna be abs in AGD but i was super disappointed. Like, I swear, the level of disappointment was legendary.

    • 23.1 JoAnne

      You didn’t stick around long enough for Jang Don Gun shirtless hotness with Kim Ha Neul in the bathroom, then, did you.

      *fans self*

      • 23.1.1 am

        I fast forwarded a lot but I got there hahaha

        But sadly, it didn’t do anything for me 🙁 JDG isn’t really my type and neither was his character although I really digged Jeong Rok. Surprisingly hated and liked that character 🙂

        • JoAnne

          Join the club. He was the Ahjussi Most Likely to Be Hated but We Never Actually Got There for that show. Him and his wife both, truthfully.

    • 23.2 Dorotka

      Kim Haneul behaved silly (probably the writer’s fault)… and the window kiss I found disgusting…

      Though… I liked the 5minutes intros…
      And Min Suk.

      • 23.2.1 Enz

        Exactly this! Couldn’t stand miss ottoke who seemed embarrassed by the everything :p

      • 23.2.2 Korazy Lady

        Somehow I was kind of into it when watching it, but I think it was only for the hot ahjussis and definitely NOT Kim Ha Neul. I still haven’t seen anything that I’ve like her in. But those guys……. 🙂

    • 23.3 TS

      Not enough Woobie: yep, that’s why I gave up too.

  24. 24 nomad

    Fellow Beanies!! This would sound really strange…but FINALLY watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I’m the type who almost hardly ever cried at dramas…but that final episode just hit me in the guts. Love it! Anyway…back to slump mode after that, I guess.

    On the upside mode, I read that nobunaga no chef finally had its final, so on to see that 🙂

    Happy Friday everyone!!

    • 24.1 Korazy Lady

      I love MGIAG. It’s my favorite Hong sisters drama. Really cute and touching

    • 24.2 Pillowhead

      Omo Nomad and Korazy!! that is one of my favorites too! i was sobbing. PALI UP GU FAMILY!!!!!

  25. 25 Tushi

    Hello Beanies. Good day wherever u r.Dont mind winter as it gives us the final finger.

    Like most folks,i am in a Kdrama slump too.

    Just watching Incarnation.

  26. 26 Kelvin Chan

    Just wanted to get our name out there!

    We are a podcast consisting of two guys who discusses and chooses the best kpop music videos released for the week.

    We have already released 11 episodes for the year.

    Come check us out! Thanks!

  27. 27 Sue

    Kdramas have not been the best lately. In desperation I started watching A Hundred Year Inheritance, but I just dropped it. Then I started An Incarnation of Money and I’ve had the reverse reaction, beginning didn’t care much for it but now I’m loving it. Plus it’s only 24 eps so I would recommend it. I also just started You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin and with 4 eps I’m liking it so far. So I would recommend those 2 weekend dramas.

    • 27.1 Carole McDonnell

      100 year inheritance worked my last nerve. I kept thinking, “make your mind up, screenwriters! IS this a daily soap opera or not? What’s with the pacing and the repetitive plot that seems to want to go nowhere? And what’s with dragging out the OTP and where did this new sub plot come from?”

      Incarnation is totally fun!

  28. 28 TS

    Man, kdrama producers better notice slump everyone’s mentioning or the Hallyu wave will fade!

    Anyone watching Hundred Years still? Main heroine is annoyingly cloying, but I was loling at crazy MIL getting bonkers aristocratic DIL complete wiyh dominatrix maid/keeper. Breakfast with cute dog was pretty damn funny too. Karma is a bitch as they say.

    Am traveling so will check back when possible.


    • 28.1 Leaf

      The drama slump will be over at some point. I actually kinda prefer it to when there are too many good dramas going on at once, which is the normal state of affairs.

      • 28.1.1 KimYoonmi

        My theory still holds that they are pouring it into movies instead. Minki~ Ah, I wanted to watch Temperature of Love.

        • TS

          Hmm, must check that out. I’ve been watching k-movies too. Just saw Masquerade which was so good!

    • 28.2 LizJ

      The ex-MIL is the best part of the show, IMO. Such scenery-chewing evildoing. And I do believe that she’s going to get her comeuppance with that new daughter-in-law.

      What gets me is the male lead suddenly developing a negative view of the female lead, after he’s known her for several months (in the plot), and gotten a goofy smile on his face every time he thinks of her (in recent weeks).

      It doesn’t make sense. Like, how could she have been responsible for those pictures? It’s possible she could potentially have asked someone to take the picture of her in the hospital bed, but she’s clearly not the Queen of Ambition (the only recent character I can think of that could devise something like getting the burn in order to advance a relationship).

      • 28.2.1 TS

        Zackly, that sudden change was weird. Especially when he knows how freakin dumb she is and how she’s been taken for a ride again and again.

        I’m looking forward to both MIL and ex husband’s comeuppance with crazy new aristo wife.

        And isn’t the puppy cute?

  29. 29 Russe12

    Happy Friday everyone! Wow this has been a long week. The first week back from spring break always seems to be the worst. Especially when you had homework over spring break that you put off, haha. Now on to my super-boring drama-watching life.

    I haven’t gotten to watch QIHM at all since last week; real life has been so crazy. I did start watching YTBLSS live, and I’m really enjoying it. As has already been said by everyone possible, it’s nothing extraordinarily new, but it’s sweet and has heart. I think IU is doing quite well in her role.

    I’m following TWTWB and Nine, but it seems like DB won’t be recapping Nine; is that for sure? Neither are gripping me like some dramas have in the past, but they’re both good.

    Have a good week!

  30. 30 KimYoonmi

    Annyeong Chingudeul.
    This week in dramas…

    Nothing happened (well that much) because I mostly watched movies instead. So I’ll give the highlights.

    Koisuru Kimchi
    A movie. I feel like a Kimchi snob watching it, since I winced when they used Daikon… rather than the native Korean radish (mooli), which is better suited for the task. Plus I thought they should have made a 100% Carrot Kimchi instead… Despite that, it was sweet. It also occurred to me that many of these joint ventures have Korean men and Japanese women. Then I had a side thought that the stereotypical man in Korean culture (Especially from the Gyeongsang region) matches up with the stereotypical woman in Japanese culture, but the opposite isn’t true. O.o; And since fiction often relies on such conventions, matching it that way makes sense.

    Anyway, I’ll save the rant on kimchi til the end.

    Out of all the movies I watched, I thought “All About My Wife” was the best. It was well-acted and I liked the ending of it. Because I’m a writer, I got some of the reason she acted the way she did in about mid-movie. It was subtle and not told explicitly… So

    She was smiling because her new lover reminded her of her husband–the list of things he knew about her and gave to the other guy was things that he shared with her and learned about her… so of course she felt flattered.

    I watched a bunch of others too, but they didn’t strike me enough to want to discuss them. (Some of them, though popular in Korea, felt messy)

    Then variety shows:
    Kpop Star
    I crammed it in and love the Akdong Musicians. I want them to win.

    Running Man
    Monday couple~ OMG *squeal*why not make it closer than 1 cm? <3

    Hwasin (incarnation… mislabeled on dramacrazy because someone doesn’t bother to watch the show… and someone also was blind when the posted the sign that says “Hwasin”)
    I watched all the episodes. I have to admit it’s not as fun as Strong Heart was because it’s more a straight talk show rather than showing anything about the individual’s past, so I miss some of the dance segments, etc that goes with variety usually.

    Master Chef: Celebrity edition (Korea) (first 2 episodes)
    A fun watch. Especially since I cook.

    I liked the fun and joking as well as people helping each other out. They took the competition as something fun rather than for fangs, which makes me remember why I like Korean variety shows so much. Friendship comes before the competition.

    This week in dramas. (Spoilers are coded)
    Much, much tighter writing this week. Last week felt sloppy, but this week they got some of the footing, though I’d honestly have liked it if he was a bit more targeted with his journeys to the past. (Also not done the Christmas thingy <– spoiler free) 'cause I like the idea that it could also be all in his head. But I guess they didn't want to play with that.

    I have a nitpick with the ending this week which is the magically connected and also that the ages of the characters were never established before hand. It's OK to do a gotcha and the whole ripple effect, but I'd like a little set up for it. Plus he's known her for so long, so I don't get how they never discussed her background when often in Korea it's the first question. This week, despite that, was better.

    Borrow Your Love
    I will spoil the first two episodes: A competition with Birth Secret for most predictable plot.

    I’m not sure where it will get its plot from since it’s burned it in the first three episodes.

    Excuse me for a second….

    *goes to strangle the Taiwanese drama god*

    Where was I… I think I have *gasp amnesia-cancer-organ failure all at the same time. So can we use the cheap set of the hospital room for the remainder of this drama?* <–only plot options left, you know.

    Mielino Kashiwagi
    Short episodes and something between a documentary and a drama. Definitely experimental. 11 short episodes. I like the premise and there is enough, but it also has a literary edge with showing the making of during the show. A bit hard to explain the exact appeal to me. (Very honest) Probably would appeal more to those who like a little bit of a brain challenge in direction.

    The Biblia as usual. Again, frustration at not being able to access the original materials.

    Also watched Nobunaga No Chef Ken~ The surprise at the end made me cheer… though the surprise after that confused me a bit. Since his Nobunaga is about to die according to Japanese history (not a spoiler since they’ve been saying it from the beginning–unless you were sleeping), I’m not quite sure how he’s going to stay on.

    Boar [sore/ulcer] doctor finally went to sleep and was put down. About time. I can summarize it for you that didn’t watch it.

    Birth secret. Slave. Death of father in cave. 10 * (Problem with animals, a bunch of “What? What did you say?”, solution to problems, wavering and complications with problems, threatening with death, “What, What did you say?” from every angle with every person around. “That’s not the problem, the real solution is…” and then “What? What did you say?” long pauses and sighs. solution and reward given.) More not quite evil enough afoot and calling him the horse quack and resisting surgery to make you sigh. Then in the palace, highlight his genius. Birth secret is revealed slowly to everyone “What? What did you say?” 20 * (Someone gets sick, threat of death on the doctor, “What? What did you say (with the expanding cast), more threat of death and grief over sick person, “What? What did you say?”, solution, “What? What did you say?”, barge into the operating room, “What? What did you say?, “You must leave whoever you are”, Don’t wash hands before going back to the operating table, success, “What? What did you say?”, reward “What? What did you say?” sighs, relief…) and then the bone-headed resolution. (Deus ex machina… twice over.) Silent scream. “What? What did you say?” <– if you don't learn this phrase by the end of this drama, then, you've probably gone brain dead.

    Writer needs to learn the technique of layering, which was well done in her seonbae's Dae Jang Geum. Also, I don't get the preoccupation with ulcers, sores and boils. Sounds like some weird fetish by the end of this.

    The director needs to stop the "What? What did you say?" as fillers. OMG, I could see the ghost of Anthony rise behind him telling him to fill the material as much as possible because he has nothing.

    Guam Heojoon
    I feel a little beat up by the other dramas this season, but it does have a solid lead, though I do get a little sick of the whole classcism thing and the whole, “It wasn’t that bad.” occasionally. But that’s not my apprehension. It’s that the child actors are good and I feel attached to them… so you know… the dreaded switch.

    And somehow I’m hoping this is not Horse Doctor on repeat.

    Been watching it… I still feel apprehension because I tend to hate Clamp’s endings. (And you can hate on me for that.) I love Clamp’s premises, and world building, but the endings leave me cold and often with a WTH plastered on my face.

    Can’t I pray for a good drama here. Nine isn’t going to do it. And Level 7 should have been cut by 4. I feel like a complaining ajumma…

    Kimchi does not regularly have carrots in it.
    Kimchi has several features that people usually don’t know.

    1. It varies by region.
    Kyeongsang Kimchi tends to use Oysters. (and is saltier)
    Jeolla uses clams and mussels.
    The other regions tend to use either fish or shrimp (June shrimp, since they are sweeter.) (Also varies by mother making it.)
    Also monk Kimchi is different. (Stronger, mostly due to the water.)

    2. It varies by weather.
    There are “summer” Kimchi” v. “Winter Kimchi”. For example, in Seoul, the Winter Kimchi tends to use a different kind of chili than the “summer Kimchi” plus there is a type of white radish Kimchi specifically meant for summer ( a type of Mool Kimchi which is tangy like a cucumber soup.). There is also white Kimchi.

    3. If varies by what vegetable is in it.
    There is of course bache Kimchi (cabbage) and then Kattuggi (radish Kimchi), but also ponytail radish Kimchi, squid kimchi (I like it over rice…), and so on.

    4. Some ingredients are specifically bred for the task.
    The pepper, the radish are definitely specifically bred for this task. Shows go on and on about the salt… but the real magic is in the pepper and radish.

    The radish is sweeter and denser than the Japanese daikon, so it holds up and stays crunchy when it’s pickled, whereas, Daikon is usually made in pickling proceses in such things as Tsukemono, which is supposed to be soft. (I favor it for soups)

    The pepper also has been bred to flake more easily and has a lot more sweetness than your conventional chili. It also bleeds red more readily.

    Also, the garlic tends to be nutty rather than sting as much, so there is a slight sweetness.

    I also noticed the rice flour tends to be sweeter out of the Korean Market than the Japanese market. It also clumps more easily… also good for making Kimchi.

    5. The special jar for fermenting.
    Onggi… which also varies by region. I can buy one locally for 30 bucks (smaller side). The Kimchi tastes better out of an onggi because it pickles more evenly and the bad gases don’t get trapped into the food. (The plastic ones suck… but I’m being a snob) You’ll recognize them in cooking shows and on rooftops ans often being smashed, dramatically, such as in Choon Hyang. (The big black pottery jars).

    (I’m this obsessive with other traditions of food too… ^^;;)

    Proper Kimchi should tingle the tongue just a little and then sting a little with the pepper flavor. The initial smell might be of fish, but it dissipates under the taste of ginger and garlic. There is also a slight sweetness from the cabbage, garlic, pepper and rice flour. Then the umame flavor hits and suffuses the tongue (middle, middle). With that slight crunch, that gives just so, you can’t deny proper kimchi.

    The Japanese Kimchi I had wimped out on that and didn’t have the proper type of pepper, the garlic was too sharp. And it was a condiment… rather than ever a feature. (I love kimchi Udon, though…) The movie didn’t show fermenting the kImchi at all.

    Anyone want a steaming ceramic bowl full of Kimchi Chigae? The sting of kimchi calmed by rice cake and tofu? Sometimes with meat in it? Why not? It’s calling your name.

    Anyone else a food buff?

    • 30.1 DayDreamer

      I was toying with the idea of whether I should watch Borrow Your Love…from description it seemed like a fun rom-com but I guess not.

      Where are you watching Master Chef: Celebrity edition? I would like to watch that too. 🙂

      • 30.1.1 KimYoonmi It’s funny and light hearted despite the competition.

        Also watching Runningman there and also watching Hwasin (Dramacrazy) which is keeping me somewhat sane through this slump.

        Borrow Your Love–not worth it. If it was over in 10 episodes, I could probably stomach it, but they’ve run out of plot by episode 3…

        I’m hurting for a good crack drama like everyone, though. TT I wish I had better news.

        • DayDreamer

          Thanks for the link. 🙂

          For your drama slump, I’d recommend finding an oldie that you haven’t tried before but you seem like the person who probably went through already hundreds of dramas by now, lol.

          • KimYoonmi

            That’s the problem… I’ve watched most of them. I’ve been keeping on top of them since about 2003? I want to try the ones that date before that, but they haven’t been getting subbed. (Probably on video casette…)

        • nomad

          I’m new at finding the joy that is running man 🙂 That show has me in tears of laughter. Looking forward for each week!

    • 30.2 Dorotka

      Wow, you are quite an expert concerning kimchi… though the ones we got in Korea as a side dish looked pretty simple :–)

      • 30.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Many people in Korea have defaulted to using kimchi imported from China (which is a travesty). Because many traditional Korean food includes sauces and pickling, people in the contemporary society tend to cook far less.

        But real Kimchi, as in the regional variety made by mothers, aunts and grandmothers, especially communally, (Kimchi jang) is really an art form of understanding weather, spices, salt, and vegetables in that region, older than the importation of chilis and the creation of the United States by several thousand years.

        Regional Kimchi is like tasting the region itself and the history of that region… but you need to know which restaurants to choose to get that experience and to understand the pride that goes into making it and why each region and grandmother thinks their version is the best.

        Have you seen kimchi refrigerators? They replace burying the kimchi jars in the ground or half burying them in the ground.

    • 30.3 mystisith

      Oh, boy. The filler line from hell: “What? What did you say.” I have a bottomless hate for it, in any kind of dramas. If you don’t have better, just let your actors do some ad lib.

      • 30.3.1 KimYoonmi

        Mwo? Mwoya gu?
        뭐? 뭐야구? (I memorized the words)
        then followed by a sigh.
        Silence as it focuses on the actor looking *whatever last expression they had*
        (and that’s the entire scene)
        (I respect the subbers for trying to mix the line up a bit, but it was the SAME LINE)

        OMG. I wanted to strangle the director for that because I know it’s his fault. He likes those scenes, so he added more of them just to make sure you know it was his drama. *strangle*.

        We got that something bad/good happened. I don’t need a 1 minute shot of rehash for every character on the planet–add something to the scene and heighten the problem with that scene.

        I wanted to say that to him. I often fast forwarded through the rehash silently screaming. Hands clawing in the air when those scenes came around. He could have done a whole lot to fill it in, such as add more romances, put in more character backgrounds, talk about other political avenues that affects the clinic… there are so many other options. WHY CAN’T YOU DO THEM? Sleep deprivation must be bad. I think they could have cut about 5-10 episodes on those scenes alone.

        He’s better than that. I know he is.

        • Enz

          This is how I felt about the drama thank you. It could have been 12 episodes long if all that looking at each other longingly, angrily, wistfully, painfully ( esp for me!) and shots of cars leaving, coming etc were left out!!! I can’t stand all this unnecessary time wasting!! Thanks for giving me a space to rant.

    • 30.4 Mar

      There is a market in my area that has this radish kimchi that is friggin awesome. The problem is that it is a ton of it and it reeks so bad it has to go away after a week lol. My daughter puts it on her salads.

      • 30.4.1 KimYoonmi

        Ah, being from Tong Yeong (chungmu) I love Chungmu kimbap, which has kimchi, so of course I like Kattuggi. *Jealous* I love radish Kimchi.

    • 30.5 pogo

      Now you make me want to eat all kinds of kimchi!

      And re: CLAMP’s endings, I feel you. They’re known for screwing characters over, but I don’t think xxxHolic live action will ever get to the ending of the manga series (which is hundreds of chapters long) in just thirteen episodes. (and it was still less screwy than Tokyo Babylon or X)

      • 30.5.1 KimYoonmi

        They are semi-setting up for the ending though with the foreshadowing last episode. Not sure if they’ll go for condensing at all or leave it for a possible second season. I’m not sure of the ratings.

        The original ending, not to sound like a downer on this one was kinda WTH for me. ^^;; Is it bad to hope for a different ending like an exorcism for the bad luck?

      • 30.5.2 hydrangeabloom

        It also looks like they’ve changed certain plot points, so here’s to hoping for a better ending in the drama?

    • 30.6 Carole McDonnell

      The ending of nobunaga really bothered me. I could accept firstly Ken and Youko in the future, as that’s where they belong. Second best would be Ken and Natsu in the future (cause it didn’t seem as if her life would affect future history — no kids to affect history or be Ken’s ancestor, no effect with or on the rich and powerful whatever) But third possibility: Ken and Natsu in the past???? No, the time travel dork in me shivers and shudders at that possibility.

      The annoyed ultra-feminist in me doesn’t much like it. As it ends, the story feels like a distillation of a guy’s mid life crisis daydream: forget your past, forget family or aged mom and grandma in the present Heisei land, forget the girl you’re engaged to, forget your job and while in this state of forgetting….escape to some exotic world with a new love. I know i’m being way too touchy about this but subtexts like this just irk the crap outta me.

      Guam Heo Joon. I was so disappointed that we had to give up the little kid Heo Joon so soon. I liked kid Heo Joon. And it looks as if the new adult one will be one of these bitter angry at the world types. Time jump really came too soon. It’s like some of these dramas don’t really know when to bring in the time jump and aaargh!

      Ah kimchi. I think one of the reasons i want to go to Korea is to eat my way through the country. I did see a kimchi refrigerator in a movie once. Comedy. Guy falls in love with a girl who killed a hitman sent after her and she put him in the kimchi fridge.

    • 30.7 korfan

      Kim Yoonmi –

      The information you’ve written here regarding Kimchi is fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I hope to one day be fortunate enough to travel to Korea and try some of the different varieties.

      Food is interesting, isn’t it? It has a power all its own because it can represent so many things …. and it tells so many stories. Stories of history, culture, families. And what to say of absolutely exquisite food, no matter what it is? It’s an experience, and one of life’s true pleasures.

      Your post reminds me of wine and the many factors that influence the final product we find in that precious bottle. Soil type, weather, human hands/human error …. it’s all in there.

    • 30.8 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      @KimYoonmi Your recap of the Bore Doctor had me laughing so hard tears ran down my face.

  31. 31 ffiza

    Happy Friday all,

    I read about these two (probably) identical twin sisters, separated at birth, and they were born in South Korea. It’s like k-drama plot comes to life! If anyone want to read about them:

    • 31.1 Schmazel

      Hi ffiza. Thanks for sharing. Watching and reading that gave me the warm fuzzies. 😀

      Watch it, guys! 😉

  32. 32 z

    Seriously, there its nothing to watch these days. I saw a couple episodes of Incarnation and liked it but I feel behind and I’m not convinced from the recaps that it will be worth it to catch up.

    I guess I’ll try Soon-Shin. I haven’t watched a family drama in years but the good thing about them is that there is no pursue to keep up. You mused a few weeks and only twenty for hours have gone by in Drama World… And they will provide flashbacks of everything. I just hope it’s cute and fine like Smile, You and Sol Pharmacy and not the whiny pile of boring that was Assorted Gems.

  33. 33 DayDreamer

    Hello everyone. Let’s see what’s happening in dramaland….

    1. Incarnation of Money: I am antsy for this weekend’s episodes. Something about seeing Cha Don bait the baddies like a villain is pretty thrilling. I guess this is a better antihero version of him that the writers created.

    2. TWTWB: Hmm, what do I say? It seems half the DB population is confused by it and half it isn’t. Honestly, I belong to the latter group so the story line seems fine to me. It’s just I feel like I’m supposed to be feeling something with what all that is going on but this is the first time I watched a drama, found it very well-written, directed, acted, and just about everything else….but I can’t feel anything for it. If I’m not mistaken, what I actually feel is boredom and devoid of emotions. This is just so strange.

    3. Nine: Another show I like and has a lot of good stuff like TWTWB but also at few points I’ll feel that boredom. Something must be wrong with me.

    I want to give the Lee Soon Shin drama a try, probably after this weekend. Recent news of my sexy vampire prosecutor starring in a weekend drama made me sad that VP3 will take some time to appear on screens but I am getting antsy to see him again. So instead of the weekend drama, I will settle for a different, smaller one. Like, say, Can Love Become Money. I saw mixed reviews but I wonder what anyone here thought of it.

    • 33.1 Dorotka

      I watched it last summer… but didn’t finish… yet.
      I found it very funny (despite some k-drama’s dramas).
      I liked Jung Hoon’s character and his humour.

    • 33.2 mystisith

      Watch, watch, watch CLBM? It’s so funny! I’m rewatching random eps just for the laughs. The way he uses his face, the way he speaks… And he knows how to give the cheeky grin, just to soothe you when you’re about to beat him down from exasperation.

  34. 34 LizJ

    Hi, everyone. I’m not in a drama slump…yet. At least not like a few months ago before FBND started.

    My big frustration this week was that DF accidentally released code that prevented logins from mobile Safari. Their app store app is iPhone size only, not universal, and that was the only way to get on it through the iPad for several days this week. They’ve fixed the problem now.

    Started watching Nine. Bummer that it’s not on the DF browser-based iPad “app” yet…so I’ve been watching on Roku. Roku is fine for the living room, but in the bedroom with the 32″ HDTV, it’s impossible to read those teeny tiny subtitles from more than about 5-6 feet away. I’m not totally enthusiastic about Nine yet but I suspect it will continue to grow on me.

    I’m hanging with L7 till the end; now that my expectations have been lowered I’m ok with the show as it is.

    Queen of Ambition is still very good, but I think in looking back I will consider it repetitive due to the longer length. This could have been a snappy story in 12 to 16 eps. They’ve got to be closing in on the end as the guy who was (apparently) president in the first scene of the series is running for president now. I’d still recommend it for those who want a melodrama that’s more suspense/less melodrama along the lines of Nice Guy.

    Still watching A Hundred Years Inheritance which I think is also suffering from the need to pad longer running series.

    TW Dramas: Watching Substitute Princess as it gets posted on DF, and Easy Fortune, Happy Life as it gets posted as well. Fortunately since that one is older, DF appears to be releasing 3 at a time.

    Anime wise, I may pick up Amnesia – it looks interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve watched an anime series. I think the last was East of Eden.

    I really got into anime circa the early 2000’s, when Adult Swim was all or mostly anime. I liked the style and plots of a lot of shows produced during that period – it seemed like many of the shows were definitely created for adults, not teens or kids. Things kind of flipped back for a while with less of those type of series being produced, but I’m thinking the more adult-focused anime is coming back. I’m not talking “adult”adult, I’m just referring to shows that have a more sophisticated visual style, plots that actually make sense, aren’t overly cute, feature mostly adult characters (and if there are teenagers, they are fairly mature), aren’t set in high schools, and could work as a live action series.

    Just checked Viki’s “Coming Soon” section on the iPad and noticed that All About My Romance and Gu Family Book are listed. They are also picking up three series from the Philippines, which I guess is a region more open to their licensing since DF isn’t picking those up at this point.

    • 34.1 KimYoonmi

      Personally, still boycotting Dramafever… watching on Dramacrazy instead. Still won’t forgive them for what they did to Dramabeans. Which isn’t a statement against you… but a more like, “Did you know they did that crappy thing?”

      • 34.1.1 Lizzy4e

        Ditto. Dramafever=boycott

        One way to get the point across to a business; no longer do business with them.

        Yes, it means digging deeper into the internet for subbed dramas but I was getting complacent anyway.

      • 34.1.2 Aigoo

        I’m with you on the Dramafever boycott! I refuse to watch anything on it!

      • 34.1.3 LizJ

        Don’t get me wrong..I don’t like what they did, and told them as much, and that they were on thin ice with me, as a disappointed customer.

        But, here’s the thing…if I go to someplace like Dramacrazy, I’m ALSO supporting something that’s not right….unauthorized use of another businesses’ property.

        AFAIK, only Viki, DF, Netflix, MBC America, and Hulu/HuluPlus(which gets their stuff from distributers like Viki and DF) are the companies licensed for web streaming of KDrama in the US.

      • 34.1.4 Merry

        Oops, hope DF doesn’t cause Dc to close like they did with other sites.

        • KimYoonmi

          They tried to last year, but they can’t. DC is in another country, which is why I mentioned it. You can hate on DF for that too.

    • 34.2 TS

      I don’t think Hundred Year Inheritance needs to be 50 eps. It could be 24 or less.

  35. 35 Rachel

    Happy Friday, beautiful beanies!

    Sooooooo! What with the hot topic of db these days seemingly being the meet up, I’m having the urge to meet and get to know our beanies. I’m inviting every beanie katalker to share your ids so we can be friends! If there’s enough of us, we can do a group chatting as well. Which can possibly turn into an online meet up. It already sounds exciting!

    Those of you who are new to kakaotalk, it’s the number one messenger app in Korea. It has insanely cute features I’m sure you will helplessly fall in love with.

    If you’re interested in, please reply with your ids (hopefully those in their 20s and older)! Again, this is for networking and building friendship with beanies, so if you’re thinking of shutting down on me after so much as “hi,” I can’t promist I’ll appreciate it. Looking very much forward to it! *hula dancing*

    As far as my excursion to dramaland goes.. IRIS 2 is disappointing me more and more by episode. Another drama that’s wasting actors and praising idol raw-semi-actors (Yoon Doo Joon and Lee Joon. They’re progressing and their acting isn’t so bad to the point where I have to feverishly look for a plastic bag to hurl, but their hawtness doesn’t necessarily proportionately relate to acting skills. Don’t get me wrong, I love them on the stage).

    Running man. Last week with princess Pyung Kang and Fool Ondal was hilarious. So hilarious that I’m glad I wasn’t drinking water at the time because otherwise there would be more water coming out of my nose than those successfully tunnel through my throat.

    Infinity challenge. Ah. Where would my life be without you seven lovably silly guys? MBC youtube account has been starting to upload IC episodes, so check them out. But mind you, no subs.

    In the hope that dramas like My Name is Sam Soon, Lovers in Paris, God’s Quiz, Life Special Investigation Team, and so many more that’s absolutely and exclusively my type will be produced in the future,


    • 35.1 KimYoonmi

      Running Man was the best. It’s been helping me through this slump. If they bring on Yoon Eun Hye, I think I’ll die of happiness.

      Plus I love the Monday Couple in that episode too. ^.~

      • 35.1.1 Waiting

        I agree!! I really, REALLY want to see Yoon Eun Hye on RM. Imagine the weirdness with Kookie!!

        This was a seriously funny episode and I finally understood why they call her “Blank”. Her expression is priceless!

        I am a huge fan of the Monday Couple and love Gary to bits! I am confused…they were recently referred to as Ex-Monday couple because she was officially dating the CEO of her entertainment company. So why are they being referred to as Monday Couple again? Did she break up with the other guy?

        • KimYoonmi

          It’s because there is enough distance from her RL to play it on screen again. Gary brought it up a few times. And the cast has been joking that they are “on again” “off again” and referred to (jokingly) that Ji Hyo cheated… (As far as I know she’s still dating her CEO–he must be OK with it.)

          On Strong Heart, she forgot about the Monday Couple when she was on it and went blank. The other cast was like, “Send a message to your special someone” and she was like, “What?” look on her face. They commented they didn’t know that “Mong” was not a concept.

          Still, I almost died over the centimeter. The one centimeter… make it shorter~~~

    • 35.2 Aigoo

      Hey Rachel!

      I’m new to kakaotalk but wouldn’t mind chatting and getting to know other beanies!

      However, I’m a bit technologically challenged and have no clue what my ID is…you’d think it’d be easy for figure out…

      Maybe if you give me your ID i can try to add you? Would that work?

  36. 36 Makoto

    so, does DB not recap Nine? :(( I keep refresh the web but found nothing after ep 2. It’s quite dissapointing because I miss moments when everyone went crazy for QIHM and posted their comments under its recaps. I think Nine deserves same reaction, especially after ep 4. the ending was heartbreaking, I feel the same tension witj QIHM. but that’s ok, I respect DB girls anyway. I still have a chance to pour my feelings for that drama here.
    while waiting the next episode of Nine, I am currently watching Ad Genius LTB, I like the main girl. she’s good, thanks God somebody knows how to dress ordinary main lead that shows her simply yet sweetness. I also watch Iris 2 & L7CS. Iris so far so good but L7CS is bit tiring. I don’t know, maybe because I’m not a fan of bickering couple who keeps harm each other. too bad, I like Joo won actually.
    last but not least… happy weekend, everyone. 🙂

  37. 37 snow_white

    hello everyone 🙂

    loving incarnation of money and you’re the best lee soon shin 🙂

  38. 38 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Chingus!

    Slowly working my way back in to dramas (with copious amounts of WGM to ease the transition). Obviously behind on everything but starting to get caught up on Incarnation of money.

    My Mom was in town for the last couple days, and as I mentioned before she is a recently converted dramafan. We started watching Ghost together (Sigh, Daniel Choi why are you so awesome).

    She was watching 100 yr inheritance before she came and though I had no intention of watching that drama and never ever start things from the middle I somehow caught a couple of episodes of that. All I can say about it is that Maru’s father (from can you hear my heart) needs to man up and stand up to his mother in law. And Kim Rae won is a adorable man! (pretty sure that is common knowledge).

    I want to start Nine this weekend and continue to catch up on ICOM and TWTWB.

    I am really excited for the midwest beanies meetup and am seriously considering going to the New York one. I had planned a trip to New York already but am arriving the day after so its a matter of changing my flight and finding a place to stay!

    Anybody still following the PSH case? Its like a drama in itself. I still want to believe in PSH and though evidence (At least as reported by the media) is now coming out in his favor, the issue of rape is very hard to dismiss outright. I am a huge PSH fangirl and considered him my first true drama love. But now don’t know what to think and it hard to seem him in the same light as before (which is he is innocent seems wrong). I hope the case resolves itself soon.

    • 38.1 LEE HB

      hey there !! i last read a post abt him in akoalasplayground blog ! omg its not only a drama . every single alphabet letter was used already ! i read so much abt that case that got me to doubt my own ability to process such CRAPS! all at once ! i really sometimes feel guilty for trusting that he would never do that and i really petty his career now , he was such a gd actor but i think thats the last thing he could worry abt !
      so join the club sis ,i really want to believe in him and actually always do , but with some let downs !! still i love his work and respect it ! and im waiting for updates !! hope he didnt do it !! but if in a whole different dimension ,he did it ! i would really feel betrayed as a fangirl !! ahahha

      keep it up , hope u go attend the meet up ,have fun ,and work for it some of us wishhhhhhhhhhhhhh just the tiny opportunity !! *sigh*

    • 38.2 KimYoonmi

      It’s ugly.

      *trigger warning on link* <– this is especially ugly.

      They need to sit down and let the police do their work. This is why rape victims almost never come forward. Because of ugliness like that.

      Despite that, if she was drunk, he shouldn't have slept with her AT ALL. In the US, if the girl is incapacitated, drunk, and the guy chooses to sleep with her, then he's up for a rape charge because she's in no shape to give consent.

      He admitted to having sex with her while she was falling over drunk. *shakes head* In the US, that's a conviction, if consent was given or not. (I wish men would get this memo).

      Let me make this plain. Make sure the girl really, really wants it. If she's drunk and wants you now, she'll want you when there is no question of rape when she's sober and she's in a real position to say yes, bring it.

  39. 39 owl

    TWTWTB – Total foul play of the baser sort by both Sec. Wang and Soo, for taking advantage of Young’s blindness for their own agendas. MORE bro/sismance bedroom scenes. Someone on OT called it fauxcest –right on! I mean, okay, they aren’t really bro/sis, but yuk! Jo In Sung is incredibly handsome and Song Hye ko is gorgeous, but where is this going? Kim bum take care of your pretty face, baby!

    Iris 2 – my espionage, thriller, terrorist, fight against evil drama – I am so proud of myself for following the story and actually knowing what’s going on ^ ^. Jang Hyuk is just raw, lean, handsome (*fanning self*)– and I love his acting.

    Virus – watching solely for the flower boy effect – Lee Ki Woo, Park Min Woo (politely bowing and handing the loan sharks his CDC card – haha!), and Hyun Woo (awww flower boy pigeon Kim In Chul – poor baby, they made you a Typhoid Mary instead of selling your organs – wah! Die, low lives, – die!) Reminds me that my mom’s a pharmacist and we grew up hearing all about infectious disease and pandemics. Ask my mom what she’d bring to a desert island and she’d reply ‘bleach.’

    current on jdramas:
    Siakou no Rikon – Excellent!
    Xxxholic – Excellent!
    Sugarless – has such a manga quality that I really like!
    marathoned Hotura no Hikari – loved♥ it soooo much! \/

    Since I was sick all week and laying low, I got into Korean talk shows this week, with 4 episodes of Strong Heart 2 (aka Incarnation)-it’s a bit boring and undefined?? Not sure what’s it’s about, really.
    Totally into survival kpop star season 2 – anyone else watching this? Akdong Musician – a brother/sister songwriter-singer duet are amazing and fun. Adorable and talented!

    Loved reading all the OTs this week – happy weekend, beanies. Fighting\/

    • 39.1 pogo

      xxxHolic just makes me flail with how a live-action drama can come so close, visually, to CLAMP’s incredibly stylised art. I’m not over it and probably never will be.

      Also, I LOVE the fact that their Yuuko is played by someone who looks every inch a mature young woman and not a girl. It’s so central to the character, and miscasting her would have thrown the whole show off but Anne is perfect.

    • 39.2 Swurbel

      I really like xxxHolic too.
      The manga adaptation is very well done. It is my favorit jdrama so far.

      Yukoo is sooo georgeous (and scary). And her dresses … where can buy them???

      But I have the feeling that the horror factor increases with each episode. I should watch that drama in broad daylight and not at night.

    • 39.3 John

      Hotura no Hikari is good.

      Ayase Haruka (sigh) .

  40. 40 Noemi

    This is a bit of a random question, but is anyone else having difficulty viewing videos on Viki? I tried to watch TWTWB last night, and I can hear the audio but the picture just stays on a blank “This is an advertisement. Your video will resume shortly”…except it never does. I reported the problem, but I was just curious if it was just my computer or if anyone else had a similar problem.

    • 40.1 Mar

      happens to me on occasion. I usually just clear my cache or wait a bit. My favorite ‘problem’ with viki is I’m like 2 minutes from the the end of the episode and it just dies, bloop, gone.

      • 40.1.1 Noemi

        Frustrating, isn’t it? Thanks for the advice, I’ll try that.

  41. 41 Swurbel

    Hello Beanies,

    oh, it is sooo late already 🙁
    At least I want to greet everybody!! Have a nice weekend!

    I can join later – hope the one or other is online that late…

    • 41.1 kopytko

      Hi Swurbel. Just want to greet you too 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

  42. 42 Aryast

    Hope I make it for the first page. It’s gonna be short since I can only afford to squeeze in a little bit of time.

    I mentioned 2NE1 last week and it so happens that they are in town and will be one of the many acts that will be performing for some event tomorrow. I’m going. Excited to see my bias CL! Hopefully I can get as close to the stage as possible to enjoy the girls’performance.

    Wish me luck Beaners!

    • 42.1 Belle3005

      OMG YOU’RE FROM MALAYSIA? HOW WAS THE EVENT TODAY In KLCC? Was they any good? Ahaha don’t get intimidated by my usage of caps,I’m just super excited whevener I get to see a fellow Malaysian on a DB thread.

      • 42.1.1 Aryast

        IT WAS CRAZY CROWDED AND JUST CRAZY. Hello fellow Malaysian *waves*

        Not sure whether you’ll read this since it seems to be a tad bit late. In any case I’ll just recount the whole experience in the next thread. 2NE1 was just amazing. They’re actually better live tbh where there’s no autotune. CL can actually sing surprisingly. All these while I thought that she’s less of a singer than Minzy even.

        BTW, how about that Malaysian DB get together?

    • 42.2 Enz

      How was it aryast? I was told that there were lots of screaming. Were you there for u kiss too?

      • 42.2.1 Aryast

        It was amazing. I spazzed over 2NE1 and lost my voice but it was worth it. The girls are beautiful! Nop. I didn’t go for U-Kiss. Was still busy on Friday so I couldn’t go.

  43. 43 LEE HB

    hello everyone ah its friday already ! , time really flies

    so im so into TWTWB i cant get it out of my mind ! i love both leads and second leads to death !! omg the story is fantastic and though im not sensing a happy ending (wich kills me and prevents me from watching ) i cant not watch it , i die million deaths when ever SOO CRIES !! or bummie hahha
    abt L7CS , OMG even the recaps are not fun ! actually bothe JB and GF hate it but i really watch it just to see jon woo !!! well who doesnt ??! i really think they messed up with the genre it should be a spy-who-cant-spy comedy haha but though this kinda story doesnt lead elongation and could very well end in like 10 episodes !!!
    and incarnation of money .. its good but sometimes i find my self just skipping scenes and only watching some which is a sign of not very enthusiastic watcher ,i wanted more romance and the severity of revenge showed really late but its watchable
    what im really excited for is YOURE THE BEST LSS i really love IU AND the lead ( dont remember the name ) i loved him in TK2H AND HATED THAT HE DIED !! WAAAA3 but im really liking the story and kinda know where its going for but im expecting it to be totally fun !! and last but not least im soooooooooo waiting for GFB !! ALTHOUGH I HATE FUSION DRAMA !! but ill skip that , for LSG i can do anything !!!

    so this is my first comment in and open thread , after watching so many dramas like american ,mexican,(whole latin ) Britain ,turkish,indian , Japanese and alot of arabian im more that confidant that nothing can to korean drama !!!! love you guys at dramabeans , and u can count me in as a permanent beanie for life …. *fighting*

    • 43.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I’m new to watching world dramas. (Met KDramas Feb 2012)

      With your wider experience, can you recommend one drama (with Eng Subs) that I should watch from Turkish, Indian, Arabian, Spanish, etc.?

  44. 44 owl

    Spoiler** So what did you all think about the ending of Nobunaga no Chef? All things considered, who stays, who goes, I think the time travel shake down ended up as best as one could hope for. Except I still love Kadee for Ken, but that was a sideline all along, I’ll concede. I’m just crazy for the ninja girl warrior role ~

    Crepes, anyone?

    • 44.1 mystisith

      Crepes! Nom, nom,nom… with cider for me. (St Patrick is still fresh in my memory).
      I would say that NNC had a very open ending. I thought it was weird. Not bad but strange. 2nd season?

      • 44.1.1 owl

        Yu Kashii had to get outta there, and sho she was able to return. She understood that Ken did not remember “them” together as she did. Natsu and Ken, okay – good for her and good for him in that place and time – his memory did not return him to his past love. Kaede, the lone ninja – admirer of Ken from a distance, and probably has to stay that way. It was an easy drama to watch, entertaining, and it went good places.

    • 44.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      A show where cooking saves the day? I thought it would be lame or repetative, but the length of the show was right and kept creating clever scripts to use cooking to move the plot.

      I’m content with the end. Basically, Ken is an awesome character, so let him live happily so that he can continue to visit my dreams. Sigh …

    • 44.3 nomad

      It made me wonder of how open ended it was, but I would’ve been disappointed if he had gone back with Youko. I guess b/c I never got to see the cute side of them, so from my part, I’m glad he stayed with Natsu. Anyone know when the special for Rich Man Poor Woman is coming? I saw some report from another blog that they were filming it, but not on when it was supposed to be aired.

    • 44.4 Carole McDonnell

      I didn’t like the ending alas. We are to believe that A) he has no mother/sister/brother/father waiting in the future for him and for whom he’s responsible or B) that he is getting rid of his life WHILE in a state of amnesia or C) the command from old co-traveling geezer that he MUST return to the present but C) that Ken’s presence in the past and his possible descendants in the past will not affect Japanese history or culture. It’s just not plausible. For a time travel story, and for an amnesia drama to break such fundamental rules….it was like…WOW!!!!

      My best possibility would be for him to return with Youko — cause old geezer told him to, and for history’s sake, and to lose Natsu even if he loved her. Duty to family and history above all.

      Second best possibility was for him to take Natsu with him to the future. At least he wouldn’t be messing up history. He would still be doing something for his own happiness but there’d be some sense of obedience to wiser old-timer, and then he would have to choose between Natsu and Youko with something like a clear mind. Japanese history through Natsu’s descendants (through some other guy) or her non-descendants would mess things up a bit but…hey…love would’ve won. Heck, for all we know he wouldn’t have been born if Natsu married him…well…you know how these things go.

      The last option was for him to remain with Natsu in the past. Not only can he not save Nobunaga which is ostensibly what he wants to do, but now he can mess up history by having himself and his descendants in the past. Even if he doesn’t have descendants, he is gonna affect Japanese cuisine for the future. But what is most annoying is the sense that the subtext is of a man forgetting his present life and family….and running off to some exotic place with a girl who adores him.

      I really shouldn’t take stories so seriously and I had hoped the Japanese writers would stick with the true arc of the story they had already created (and the true concept of time travel) but nooooooo instead of making him remember his Heisei life, they choose to make him easily choose the least possible least correct path. Why? to please the viewers who wanted Natsu and Ken together?

      I’m thinking they should have a second season. Why have older guy command him to return then simply ignore that? It makes me distrust the writers. Unless Ken takes the opportunity to return at the next eclipse, I’ll think this story is just unthought out…even though it was somewhat fun…and not worth the title of “story.”

      • 44.4.1 owl

        Carole, you make too much sense. I like your step by step process of analysis. Youko had to get back, that was clear, but other than that, i did not have a preference scenario in mind. That’s because I have a mental block against time travel. i can’t do it. So I rely on folks like you who want the story to be cohesive, to spell it out for me. Maybe a season 2, then would help with the kinks that you point out. It was fun to watch in any case, for me. \/

  45. 45 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    How are you doing?

    I am still in a slump when it comes to dramas – no crack on the horizon.

    But, I do like Nine. As much as I found ep3 a bit slow and random, ep4 made up for it. Finally a drama, when time travelling is meaningful, and not just a device to show us something of “fish out of water” stuff. Good that Lee Jin Wook has decent material to work on :D. Although I must say that his so called love interest doesn’t convince me. Same as somebody above (Carole, I guess?) I wonder why that kind of man would be single, not to say lonely. It is against nature, common sense, and sadly the real-life experience (guys good enough are already taken). Hopefully we will get our answers in due time and they better be surprising (but logical)!

    I had a glimpse on QoA. I have one question: What drives JDH? I mean, she did all the wrong things she could, hurt lots of people, but what for? I had to stop watching when she explained HaRyu that you need to work hard to achieve something. That was too much, I was on the verge of punching my dear computer. The writer should at least have a little bird sh** on her coat, please. Just anything, I don’t expect a crowd of feisty ajummas act in the name of justice, although I would like to see it.

    I watched a film. All About My Wife. IT IS GREAT. So if you need some quality comedy – it’s on YT :D. Love Im Soo Jung – I guess she’s my favourite actress.

    Got to go back to work 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!

    • 45.1 KimYoonmi

      I watched All about my Wife this week too. I loved it as well. Made a comment about it up thread… did you get that while watching the movie (the comment I made about it). Might be my imagination though.

      • 45.1.1 kopytko

        It is not your imagination. It was told explicitly at the end of the film – the husband asked his wife why she smiled when she first met Mr Casanova (wonderful role). She said he had uttered the same words as the husband when they were in Japan and she thought of the happy lovey-dovey time. And so on – she thought of the moments when she felt loved by her husband.

    • 45.2 Korazy Lady

      I, who was the number one fan of QoA, am shaking my head about it, too. This girl gets away with EVERYTHING. And the worst part is she could have been taken down 10 times by now. I can’t really even understand Hae Ru now either *SPOILER* because all he wants is for her to apologize? Really, does that make sense after all she’s done?

      I will see it through to the end, but grudgingly so. I will chalk it up to another drama I’d like to write my own ending to.

      • 45.2.1 kopytko

        Yup, the apology part is ridiculous. How can he be ok with mere apology for sitting in prison, losing their child, giving up his best years for her? *looks for pitchfork*

        The other thing that makes me wonder is that a young woman, who has nothing to her, is able to pull strings and have influence on so many people, also those in power. But maybe I am too simple.

    • 45.3 korfan

      kopytko –

      “I had a glimpse on QoA. I have one question: What drives JDH? I mean, she did all the wrong things she could, hurt lots of people, but what for?”

      I’m not as far into the episodes as you and some of the other people here are, but, I thought she mentioned early on that she made the decision to get on the path she’s on because she was just so upset that she was poor …. so basically, because she wants to have money. If I remember correctly, in the early episodes, she said that her daughter would never even know the meaning of the word “poor” or “poverty”, something like that. So I suppose, initially at least, this is what drives her.

      • 45.3.1 kopytko

        Yes, but she was already in position when she had lots of money, and her daughter will never learn anything for obvious reasons. Yet, she keeps striving for something. Balming the world and other people for her hardships, but not getting any pangs of guilt for making others suffer. Usually those who didn’t do anything wrong to her. This character is a mystery to me.

        • korfan

          Perhaps it’s a warped sense of entitlement on her part where she believes she is “owed” this and that in addition to a “victimization” mentality, where she feels the world is responsible for all that pains her or causes her problems and difficulties (i.e., being poor), hence, she always blames …. therefore, every person she perceives as an obstacle is a target ….. all this coupled with the fact that she finds herself having to almost improvise another idea on the spot to cover the last lie or deed so as not to be caught or found out.

          She definitely has diagnosable, psych issues. Poor HaRyu, she’s a handful.

  46. 46 Trina

    Hi beanies yesterday my unni friend talk to Infinite. She was soo cute. You should check it out. Her name is Sheree. They call her sheree Noona and they said they love her. I have not been watching kdramas due to that I am watching Japanese anime. I just finished watching Psycho Pass which was really good and hope to have second season. I am starting to watch red data girl but it is hard to tell if it is good.

  47. 47 come2noona

    Nine:Nine Time Travels

    Anyone else watching this? I love it so far. I totally got sucked in right away. The footage in the Himalayas is beautiful, makes me want to go! Also, the music in this drama is really different, it sounds more like movie music… like something from The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. The story is gripping and the characters are complex. So far, it is one of the better dramas I have seen. I hope it continues to be awesome.

  48. 48 pogo

    Hey everyone! I’m late this week, and haven’t even been watching much kdrama but TWTWB seems to have sent me on a Jo In-sung movie kick, and next up is The Classic! (my major incentive to watch this is the fact that he’s paired with Son Ye-jin, and this is the movie that Love Rain sounds very similar to – only this time I hope there are less random rocker dudes and pointless subplots, which is more or less guaranteed since it’s a movie anyway)

    I haven’t caught up to this week’s TWTWB yet but I do intend to start that and You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin. Though my current drama love right now isn’t even Korean, it’s Japanese – xxxHolic! (seriously, HOW is it this good?!!!)

    • 48.1 pogo

      also, I rewatched Answer Me 1997 and it’s exactly as awesome as I remembered, even if the secondary couples’ stuff does begin to get a little self-referential after they’re all grown up. And I love grown-up Shi-won and Yoon-jae as much as teenage Shi-won and Yoon-jae <333333

      On the personal life front, my best friend from college just told me he's engaged to his girlfriend, and on one hand I'm thrilled for him (the boy has literally NEVER managed to not cheat on any of his girlfriends, and she's the first one for whom he broke it off with everyone else before they started dating) and on the other I realise that I’m going to turn into the foreveralone weirdo single friend of all my married friends (our other best friend from college – there were three of us – is also married *sigh*).

      • 48.1.1 owl

        Popo, I rewatched Answer Me. 1997 this week too! I was sick on the couch with a cold/cough/sneezing/hacking bug all week. Loved it more the second time around.

        • owl

          sorry, pogo ^^smile^^

        • pogo

          ^haha, no problem owl – I hope you’re better now!

  49. 49 Mar

    Hi Beanies,

    Well for the next five weeks I will have coursework due or exams so I will be working on it or studying every day/night. Perhaps it might be good that dramas are not exactly lighting my crack pipe. I’ll try to pop it when I need a breather from reading and writing my brains out.

    Happy viewing!

    • 49.1 pogo

      Good luck with your exams, bb!

  50. 50 NKB

    Hi Beanies!! I hope everyone has had a good week and if not that an awesome weekend to come cancels out a bad week! 🙂 Is anyone watching Rascal Sons? I’ve been searching all over the internet for someone who can commiserate with my displeasure over Inok and Hyunggi’s behaviour! I apologise in advance for a long rant but…..I cannot help it any longer!


    All the comments I’ve read so far have been so understanding of Inok and I’m just sitting here boiling in my rage. How dare she ask for a divorce? I mean how selfish can you be? Do you not remember ruckus you caused even before you got married acting all meek and not saying anything when you KNEW it was a stupid idea for him to suggest to move in with your former father in law. You now have the gall to request a divorce even though you husband is struggling to deal with the revelation that you have been lying to everyone for the last 10 or so years about the father of your child? He has to contend with his own mother who never liked you in the first place, whilst trying to help you sort out this mess YOU put yourself in in the first place!

    Now I do not condone Hyungi’s mother’s behaviour in the least, especially towards Inok’s son, that is uncalled for and just down right mean hearted. However I do understand her dislike for Inok once married in. Little things like rearranging the fridge and telling me not to feed my own grandchild (who I was taking care of for years without you) ‘junk food’ (they were hot dogs for goodness sake!) would piss me off too. Inok knows her mother in law doesn’t like her so why doesn’t it occur to her to just suck up a little bit? Yes the woman is irrational but it is HER house. Inok is not living in a vaccuum, and whilst I would usually call Hyungi’s mother out for being the shrieking harridan she is, Inok also contributed to the bad relationship by dating Hyungi behind his parents back, not explaining her lingering connection to her in-laws appropriately, bloody lying about the father of her child for years and generally just not choosing to do the right thing ever!

    And her poor son! She keeps saying ‘everything is for him’ but to me she just seems like a strategically played more sympathetic version of the mother in Flames of Ambition (who I liked and understood way more than Inok)! Also is no one thinking about how Aram will be affected by this??

    *Deep Breath*

    The only thing that saves this show for me is Min Gu and Yuri who are the cutest thing ever!


    Lol! I’m talking about these people like I know them for real. Dramas are not good for my emotional well being. Hope you all have a good week end and enjoy the Easter break (for those of you who have one!)

    • 50.1 kopytko

      Hi NKB!
      I’ve been a faithful follower of Rascal Sons and appreciate the series for the insight it gave me into Koreans’ outlook on family and marriage. I was happy for Inok and Hyungi, when they overcame the stereotypes (like the one that a widow is uneligible to marry again, being a worse person) and suddenly the couple gives up. After all that???
      I wouldn’t be so harsh towards Inok (for example I understand her rage when MIL suggested giving Dabin away) but you’re right she’s being dumb. I feel genuinly sorry for HG.

      On the other hand, I hope for a good closure for Sunggi and Mirim. I hope he finally becomes human, even if they don’t reunite. And she should know how to ask for help, too. She’s responsible for her child, not just for her own pride.