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Park Se-young and Yoo Gun headline new daily drama
by | March 28, 2013 | 52 Comments

It’s a daily drama next for School 2013 and Faith’s Park Se-young, who’s starring in the new KBS drama set to follow Be Strong Mr. Kim next month. The show has a rather bulky title because it’s a famous saying: Sincerity is the Way of Heaven, or perhaps more literally, Sincerity Moves Heaven. Her co-star will be Yoo Gun (Prosecutor Princess, Manzzang), in his first post-army starring role.

The daily will be helmed by the PD of Smile, Donghae and an experienced sitcom writer, with credits as far back as Three Men, Three Women, Nonstop 3, and Hello Franceska. They haven’t released an episode count, but usually daily shows will run for 120 episodes. The funny thing about this show is that every plot description uses the phrase “the main character,” which means there’s no way to tell if it’s the heroine or the hero who will be the focal point of the story, but by my guess, it’ll be Park Se-young who headlines.

So if that’s true, Park Se-young stars as the heroine who was adopted as a young child, and reunites with her birth mother as an adult. Her adoptive family finds out that she’s sought out her birth mother, which naturally causes strife between the two families. It’ll be the story of her finding her place between these two families, and of course discovering a new love along the way. And the reason you couldn’t have just called the drama My Two Moms is…?

I’m glad Park Se-young is moving up to leading roles. She was great in Faith and vastly underutilized in School, likely because they ditched the romance for the bromance on that show (which I cannot in all honesty even pretend to be mad about). Dailies may not be as high-profile as minis, but she’s taking all the right steps to Leading Lady Land. Let’s hope the show is worth its episode count.

Sincerity is the Way of Heaven premieres April 29 on KBS.

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52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    Man I hope to see this picked up somewhere!!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      That would be great!

    • 1.2 dongsaeng killer

      KBS did

    • 1.3 Gala

      It’s a KBS daily, which is slated for high ratings, no matter what the plot line is.

  2. Rashell

    Aww, I love her, so good for her. Maybe someone will sub this and I’ll be able to check it out.

  3. annebelievable

    YES!!! I was waiting for a Yoo Gun comeback ever since his stint as Young’s first love in TWTWB.

    • 3.1 Rashell

      That’s where I’ve seen him. Thank you!! It was driving me batty.

    • 3.2 Ruthie08

      Ha! I was wondering if that was really him coz I haven’t seen him in a long time.

  4. lmk

    they ditched the romance for the bromance on that show (which I cannot in all honesty even pretend to be mad about)

    You and me both. LOL

  5. addylovesbwood

    Plot sounds interesting

  6. hellothere

    I actually wished they hadn’t ditched the romance in School 2013 bc it greatly diminished her screentime, and her character had alot of potential 🙁 sucks that her character’s worth in that show was basically tied to a potential romance with a dude. Wish her all the best with this show!

    • 6.1 Requiem

      I agree. I thought her character definitely had more potential for growth and interesting conflicts. I would have at least liked to see more of the interaction with her best friend even above the romance.

      Actually, to me, the bromance in School 2013 felt a lot more like a romance between two guys rather than a bromance.

      There seemed to be a lot of things that romantic couples would do rather than bromantic couples. Because of that, it didn’t really feel as real to me.

      • 6.1.1 TS

        It was weird, that bromance. But then, I like my space, so perhaps I just didn’t get it.

        At any rate, thinking about School 2013 later, after I’d gotten over my Heung-Soo crack-like addiction and became 3-dimensionally Woobie-ized (My Wuv), I realized the kids on that show were not normal at all for teenagers. They were more like large elementary-school kids dealing with grown-up problems.

        I just hope that Park Se-Young shows a little bit more range in her expressions and movements in this series. Sometimes in both Faith and School she could be too stiff and deadpan, which perhaps makes sense for a Queen and Queen Bee respectively, but still.

    • 6.2 Gabby

      My thoughts exactly.

  7. kimchiradish

    OMG YOO GUN!!! He’s sooo hott!!!

    • 7.1 MicolaM

      I know. When I saw his pic I actually said WOW.

      Thanks for the eye candy Girlfriday.

  8. Abbie

    This show better be good, because Park Se-young is a wonderful young actress, and I’m looking forward to her first leading role. She was great in Faith and in School 2013, where I wish she’d had more scenes.

  9. crazedlu

    hrm. might just have to tune in.

  10. 10 knox

    This sounds like that Yoona drama, `You are my Destiny`!

    • 10.1 lulu

      Thank you, i knew it sounded familiar!

  11. 11 sally_b

    oooo nice… I liked her in Faith… hope this is a good opportunity for her.

    …and HIM. rrrrrrawrrrr. He makes my eyes very happy.

    Post army did you say? Bring on the ABS!!

    • 11.1 Gaeina Lee

      – My reaction exactly. Post Army = Abs galore.. Yayy!

    • 11.2 TS

      What exactly is the South Korean Army abs workout anyway?

  12. 12 canxi

    I like them both. I will watch this–hopefully it gets subbed. I’ve been waiting for Yoo Gun to get some shine and Park Se Young is a talented lady (:

  13. 13 Audrey

    I really like Park Se Young in Faith. She is doing really well on her way to leading lady status. Hope this drama goes well for her.

  14. 14 Trina

    I hope this drama will not be too makjang.

  15. 15 lovin it

    what’s the age difference?

    • 15.1 canxi

      I recommend not worrying about age differences in k-dramas or I feel you won’t be able to enjoy many of them with the thought in your head.

      But it’s 4 years. Yoo Gun being older.

      • 15.1.1 ariane

        but if it’s there tooooooooo much difference just like the joo won – kang hee couple, damn should i be worried XD

        • Gabby

          The lack of a chemistry between them can be attributed more to Choi Kang Hee as an actress rather than the age difference – in general she doesn’t have a lot of sexual chemistry with her male costars, imo.

  16. 16 snow_white

    The daily dramas are so long that I can’t commit to them even if I want to….

    Park Se Young was good in School 2013, but yeah, very less attention given to her role…..

  17. 17 Bro

    I’m honestly mad that they ditched the romance for bromance. I mean I appreciate a good bromance in dramas and life in general, but Namsoo’s bromance with Heungsoo got a little too weird even for me at times. And I’m a guy who’s bromance once caused my parents to think I was gay. And Asian parents be crazy.

  18. 18 anna

    “they ditched the romance for the bromance on that show (which I cannot in all honesty even pretend to be mad about). ” lol best decision they ever made!!

    why does it have to be a daily? i’m really happy for her though. i hope it does well. if daily does well in the ratings, it could really launch her career even further.

  19. 19 Amethyst

    Yoo Gun from TWTWB and Hello God…. good to see him active once again

  20. 20 anicheung

    I’m not one to follow daily dramas because of the length, but I’m intrigued because I’ve been impressed by Park Se Young’s performance. Hmm… decisions, decisions…

  21. 21 kim

    park se young now a leading lady? So fast. She was a rookie in late 2011, in Equator Man, then she was cast in Love Rain, Faith, School 2013. Her agency is really influential.
    There are even rumours that Salt Entertainment, which is the agency of Park Shin Hye, prioritises her over Shin Hye. But the directors and writers want PSH. If miracle in cell no 7 didnt do well, Salt could have ditch Park Shin Hye for Park Se Young. Thats how Salt favours PSY.
    I won’t be surprised if tomorrow there will be an announcement from Salt that Park Se Young will stbe the leading actress in this or that drama or movie.
    Barely 18 months in the industry and now a leading actress, whereas it took Park Shin Hye 10 years. Psy is really so lucky to be favoured.

    • 21.1 rumour has it

      if she gets a leading lady role i think she deserves it, she’s a much better actress than Jin Se Yeon who’s acting is such a -_- makes me cringe and if thats the case JSY has sponsor too?? hmmmm..
      i don’t why some Park Shin Hye fans are bitter to Park Se Young.. Park Shin Hye is doing just fine, no need to feel threatened guys..
      hating on someone because of a rumor is just BS..

      • 21.1.1 Ginger

        What is a “sponsor”? I always read something like this in soompi? What is the meaning of sponsor? Is it like a company sponsoring her clothes to be their model?

        • Rovi

          In earthier and more vulgar terms, someone like a pimp.

      • 21.1.2 Ginger

        What is a “sponsor”?

    • 21.2 lady

      if that’s the case then Yoo Jin Yi, Jin Se Yeon and probably Lee Yu Bi too also have sponsors?

    • 21.3 kimmy

      Dude PSY was also a child actress just like PSH she debuted in 2002 but has to stop due to studies… And FYI PSH is the one that decides her projects. in fact she will be filming a movie with yoon kye sang… so stop hating PSY just.

    • 21.4 errr

      uhmm…Park Shinhye started as child actor, didn’t she? you don’t see kdramas with kids as main character, do you? chill…Park Shinhye is famous. nothing to be bitter about.

      • 21.4.1 bitter

        not bitter? then what’s up with some of the shin hye fans spreading rumors about park se young getting some sponsors?? don’t get me wrong i love both park se young and park shin hye can we just stop the hate will you guys? and please don’t make it obvious esp for the fandom that your badmouthing other people that is just wrong..

    • 21.5 liz

      Oh there it goes…

      PSH decides which dramas she wants to be. She is the one picking them, PSY doesn’t. Her company chooses it and she has to do it… geez, this stupid rumor you read on Netizenbuzz is so stupid, if PSY has a sponsor, then all successful young actress also have?

      Then Jin Se Yeon has one? Because she is a rookie and got a leading role and then another in a weekend drama…

    • 21.6 Nani

      I don’t really think she’s being favored. All of her roles until now have been minor roles. Even Faith’s, that has been praised by everyone, can be considered a minor role.

      It’s great that she’s finally being recognized. Honestly, after her work in Faith, I was totally waiting that she would be picked as the lead for a drama, but instead she was picked for that ridiculous role in School 2013 (she was ruined by bromance).

      Anyway, life is like that. Some people need 10 years to be recognized, others only a few years.
      Maybe her agency prefers her over Park Shin Hye, but if that’s the case, it must be because they see more potential in Park Se Young.

      Actually Park Shin Hye never had the chance of getting a strong character like Park Se Young’s in Faith. Maybe that’s the line between them. PSH is limited to teen dramas (I believe not by choice), while PSY is not. It’s difficult to prove your worth when your major works are only teen dramas.

      However, PSH has more experience and, at least right now, she’s still a better actress than PSY (PSH has better expressions).

      Both of them are great actresses and deserve to be more acknowledged than they are right now. Hope they get strongest roles in the future. Instead of creating a ridiculous dispute between them, we should be concerned about idols stealing leading roles. For example, Love Rain’s leading could have totally gone for one of these 2 actresses, instead of Yoona. Not that idols don’t deserve their chance as actors. UEE, for example, is better than many girls that are only actresses. But indeed idols get in the way of rookie actors.

  22. 22 Steph

    I flove me some Yoo Gun!

  23. 23 DeeDee

    I’m sorry for not knowing who this Yoo Gun guy prior to reading this article BUT HOT DAMN he is good-lookin’

  24. 24 Ivy

    Will definitely check this show out 😀 😀

  25. 25 LangitBiru

    Hope that Park Shin Hye will do cameo in this drama. Yoo Gun is HOT. I wonder who is the sponsor for Park Se Young. Such a lucky lady.

  26. 26 flour

    Gf i love you for loving park se young! i heard too much hate for her saying shes just piggybacking park shin hye. glad that she finally headlines a drama :))

  27. 27 Tishi

    Yoo Gun! I loved him in Bad Couple and super loved him in that drama he had with Kim Ok-bin, Hello, Mr. God!

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