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Posters and teaser for TEN Season 2
by | March 21, 2013 | 63 Comments

This franchise sure knows how to make one graphic concept go a long way. And I don’t even mean that in a bad way, because TEN’s character posters always stand out for me, and I think it’s helpful to have a strong recognizable style. Especially when your show’s concept is just gritty crime solving. Season 2 of OCN’s hit crime procedural Special Affairs Team TEN is due out in just a few weeks, and will be returning with the same creative team and core cast, led by Joo Sang-wook.

In fact the entirety of the teaser’s concept is that TEN 2 will be more of the same, since the first season was such a critical and ratings darling for cable network OCN. Joo Sang-wook stars as the lead investigator on the special task force called TEN because they go after the cases that have less than a 10% chance of being solved. His character is called the monster who catches monsters — the detective who gave up teaching crime-solving to get back into the field after the brutal murder of his wife.

Kim Sang-ho plays the good-natured veteran cop who always chides the team to at least treat people like human beings, and Jo Ahn is the team’s profiling specialist. Her tagline: “Is it a blessing to know when someone is lying?” Choi Woo-shik is the pretty boy rookie cop, the guy on the ground who does all the running and grunt work, and insists that this team couldn’t do a single thing without him. I love the pompadour he’s sporting in his character poster.

Season 2 will hinge on a new mystery that begins with Jo Ahn’s character at the center. She has a secret that she can’t reveal, and it’ll hold the key to the larger puzzle they have to unravel. The team’s dynamic will reportedly shift as well, though all of these hints are just that — tiny hints. It’s basically a trail of breadcrumbs that spells IT’S A MYSTERY, so I guess we’ll just have to watch to know.

TEN 2 premieres April 14 on OCN.

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63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shiku

    I can’t wait! I hope they solve last season’s cliffhanger.

  2. JO

    omg. Is that the boy from Rooftop Prince. KYAAA

    • 2.1 glace

      woohoo It’s yellow ranger! I hope his character will be hilarious here too.

    • 2.2 mariolawpanda

      Choi Woo Shik is so cute!

    • 2.3 kay

      was choi woo shik in the first season as well?

      • 2.3.1 jomo


  3. dtp_jnr

    I can’t wait for this season to start….They also better start from the cliffhanger scene and not just jump over it or else…….

    I know i would have a drama to watch (that doesn’t have those little annoying elements) when TWTWB finishes…..

    • 3.1 Lovebug

      They also better start from the cliffhanger scene and not just jump over it or else…….


    • 3.2 kakashi

      hell yeah!!!!
      oh man, I’m so gonna marathon Season 1 right before Season 2 starts … *salivating*

    • 3.3 ...

      that cliffhanger last season >.< they have to explain it otherwise what have we waited all year for!!!

    • 3.4 Revy

      yes exactly….That cliffhanger had my mouth hanging open

  4. Arhazivory

    Finally….its getting closer.

    I. Have. Been. Waiting.

  5. Lovebug

    So excited for this!!!!! I had the strongest reaction to a drama finale ever for the last episode. Excellent show and I love the cast!!!

  6. lemonade candy

    imma watch this!

  7. MsB

    CANNOT WAIT!! SO EXCITED!! Can’t you TELL!??????

  8. mystisith

    I wish they would keep the style and tone of season 1. Hopefully OCN has learnt from his mistakes with VP2: No need to change something which works fine.
    I agree about the cool visual identity of the show. That yellow/black color code is so memorable.

  9. OMG


    • 9.1 OMG

      and maybe its just me reading too much into things….but in the main poster, she’s looking at him while he’s looking away….what does this mean???? OMG!!!!!

      • 9.1.1 Audrey

        I was thinking the same when I first saw that pic.
        Hopefully they will continue the story from last season’s cliffhanger scene.

        And I am so excited for Jo Ahn’s character storyline. Sounds very Mysterious, as TEN first season was just that…
        Thanks Girlfriday for the news!

      • 9.1.2 ahjummabunny

        what’s with you people and romances! Aiyoo can’t the show just be good without a romance! Aiyoo I’ve seen many a show fall from grace because they try to force in a romance.

        • true.bawaka

          So true!

        • ravens_nest

          I have never seen a story that needed romance less than this one.

          There is so much else going on in this story and we finally see a main female character whose worth in the story is not partially measured by how attractive she is to the main male character.

          At the very most someone can have a romance completely off screen with someone they DON’T look at brutalized bodies with for a living. jfc

    • 9.2 OMG

      Also maybe her mystery is related to d fact that in d flashback she said she was gonna put on a mask?????

  10. 10 mskololia

    Yay! for season 2.

  11. 11 asdjfkl


  12. 12 MariD

    Oppa you are back again! Joo Sang-wook I freaking lub you. How deep is my love??? I force myself to finish “Feast of the Gods” even when I wanted to stop 4 episodes in..
    Seriously how in the world am going to find time to watch all my fav coming back on screen…

    • 12.1 damianna

      haha. U r not the only one. Did u watch him in running man? So…cute. M now contemplating to watch thorn birds for him. Dont know how i’ll survive the melo…

      • 12.1.1 MariD

        Lol.. I also been eyeing Thornbirds… But I hate over dramatic Melos. Soo I’m still in the fence about it. Have you watched Kichi Radish cubes that’s were I meet him. He is in love with Park shin-Hye’ s charecter and he is soo dorky.. Lub him..

    • 12.2 kelk

      i just finished feast of the gods, in which i ended up watching only his scenes after the first few episodes!!!

  13. 13 Zareen

    My level of excitement and anticipation cannot be contained!
    I literally yelled at the screen at the end of season one. Seriously show, you can’t give us the good crack and then cut it off. But I’ll forgive you as long as season two is just as good and cliffhanger is explained!

  14. 14 shizniz00

    woohoo can’t wait for it come out!!

  15. 15 Yasmin

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! SO EXCITED!!! I freakin’ LOVED season one and could not wait for more! XD

    This is the only crime/thriller kdrama that i have loved – sorry could not get into Vampire prosecutor *hides from fans* and even god’s quiz couldnt sway me (the crap season endings really drove me mad!) so this is the one for me!! Hopefully someone will be nice to sub it 😀

  16. 16 Kiara

    Woot been waiting for this <3. Thank you for the update and trailer.

  17. 17 Melmax

    Love JSK!!! Thanks

  18. 18 Deeliteful

    I can’t wait! Ahhhhh!

  19. 19 cv

    Awesome sauce! Can’t wait. ^_^

  20. 20 damianna

    God! The wait feels like forever. This calls for a rewatch of season 1. Lucky its only ten eps 🙂 joo sang wook!!!

  21. 21 KHJ

    can anyone post the Posters and teaser of JTBC Cruel Palace/ war of Flowers
    that drama look promising with its story, excellent acting and beautiful scenes

    • 21.1 Shiku

      I second this!

  22. 22 Meiyih

    yay finally … tis show is so evil for makin us wait over a year for such a big cliffhanger but I’ll forgive u since u get every cast & whole team back!

    the scene in S1 where everyone in the team brought together by the rain in slow-mo remains as my fav scene in all dramas so i believe they will show great cinematography tis time as well since the prod team also the same. Imma start counting down now…go mark my calendar first

  23. 23 goldeng

    yaaay all these good news!! i cant wait!! the seasin finale was such a cliffhanger!

  24. 24 Mia

    Awww can’t wait!
    With the cliffhanger last season, I’m excited!

  25. 25 rheina07

    it looks good!

    and where am i for the time beingg because I don’t know that there’s drama called TEN!

    And it’s already SEASON 2 !!!!

  26. 26 IzOcha

    Yippee-Skippee! I am sooooooooooo excited for this show.

  27. 27 jomo

    Can’t wait. I thought it was a summer show and the second season would be summertime, too.

    Glad I was wrong!

  28. 28 Stardust

    I can’t wait either!! aaaaaaah =D

  29. 29 bluetsukky

    OMG I’ve been very excited for TEN 2 since I finished the first season. Glad to see them all in for the second season. ^^ Really good posters by the way. Goes very well with the posters for the first season.

  30. 30 c_gunawan541

    Cries tears of joy! 1 year of waiting is painful, glad that OCN bringing it back!! I feel like this is even better than Vampire Prosecutor even though VP was a great drama too. But the realistic feeling of this drama makes it more gritty.

    OCN have some really interesting drama offerings.

  31. 31 Orion

    After that royal cliffhanger, I can’t wait for this. A bunch of sadists, this OCN. XD But we love em, don’t we? I do. ♥

  32. 32 scarlett

    I watched ten before discovering qualifications of men and I didn’t recognize sanf wook in the latter.

  33. 33 snow_white

    mystery..!! it means: my cup of tea….

    but I haven’t seen season 1….should watch it as soon as possible then….

  34. 34 Sajen

    so, I guess that means that, aw crud I can’t think of a way to finish this sentence without spoilers.

    Anyways I think I need to re-watch season 1.

  35. 35 swui

    I’ve been waiting sooooooo long for this!!!
    The cliffhanger….it’s still in my head after all these time. Tells you how much of an impact it had.

    • 35.1 asianromance

      Same with me! I’ve been waiting for the past year – waiting for an answer to that ending! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!!

      I also watched a little of Kimchi Radish Cubes and fell in love with Joo Sang Wook (even though he didn’t do much).

  36. 36 DL Thompson

    What a great series and top-notch acting ensemble! Had only seen the lead actor in “Thorn Birds” and decided to watch just because of him…..glad I did! Looking forward to Season 2!

  37. 37 Emily

    oh I’m so excited for this! Although I did not enjoy the last few episodes of TEN, and hope for more like the first few episodes. If they could pull of even a first episode like the one for the first season it would be amazing.

  38. 38 avarachika

    Yes, I’ve been waiting all long for this drama. So excited! Can’t wait to watch season two. I have to go re-live season one again!

  39. 39 Mayakho

    awww,,its cominggg!!

  40. 40 lincolnmon

    are you going to recap this?

    And just out of curiosity, where do you get all your ratings from?

  41. 41 Eric Knight

    Kim Sang Ho is showing why he has been one of Korea’s greatest actors. Very few people can pull off comedy with tragedy-based characters with the same multi-dimensional approach. While Joo Sang-wook may headline this show, Kim’s presence makes this a franchise-level entertainment vehicle for the excellent writing and production staff.

    • 41.1 AnotherFan

      +1 !

  42. 42 saphira

    Hi do u have a news if there is season3? 🙂

  43. 43 Lina

    AWWW YEAH! Something to actually look forward to in september to watch because of school… Im not the only only one rooting for Jo Ahn & Monster to get together right?

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