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Promo posters for When A Man Loves
by | March 24, 2013 | 148 Comments

I think I have just about exhausted my store of things to say about When A Man Loves, MBC’s mobsters-and-jealousy-and-romantic-entanglement-laden melodrama starring Song Seung-heon.

So instead of repeating myself yet again and belaboring the point on what I think of this show, I’ll just get straight to the point: new posters!

Enjoy. Or not. As you choose.

When a Man Loves will premiere April 3.

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148 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Hmmm...

    Will Shin Se-kyung go two for two in the ” I picked the wrong project to act in” concept.

    • 1.1 Belle3005

      Gosh everything about this poster just screams AWKWARD.
      Do I hear crickets there creaking? This drama has one of the most unexciting cast that I’ve seen in a long long while. Sigh.

    • 1.2 ditdut

      it’s wet towel meets wet blanket. match made in heaven, i’ll say.

    • 1.3 on new

      Shin Se-kyung sooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous.. omg omg omg omg… envy her sooo envy

  2. canxi

    LOL everyone just looks sooooo uncomfortable.

    • 2.1 jomo

      That one of THT holding the side of her hair….ew…he looks like her father’s lecherous friend. He’s cute and all, but between the porn stache and the guilty look on his face…
      The girl needs someone to rescue her stat.

      • 2.1.1 Bengbeng

        hahaha, Jomo! you made me laugh with your funny description =)

      • 2.1.2 Megan

        IKR? Also, their huge age difference of 14 years makes it look weird. Looks more like an uncle and niece rather than lovers..

      • 2.1.3 skelly

        Yes, Cha Seung Won rocks the ‘stache, Song not so much. I can’t decide whether it makes him look like an 80-year-old street person or a kid that just had a glass of Nestle, heavy on the Quik.

      • 2.1.4 Cath

        Haha, I was just thinking..please some shave that thing on his face!

    • 2.2 yumi


      You’d think they were in Scotland wearing itchy wood underwear and being forcefed bad oatmeal.

      • 2.2.1 canxi

        @jomo & yumi

        HAHAHAHA!! Just the look on her face in the first poster. She’s just like “Please…please, sir. Let go. Seriously…let go.”

      • 2.2.2 Steamy Bun

        yumi’s typo (I assume) makes this comment even funnier! XD

    • 2.3 Rule

      Thats so true……wierd

      • 2.3.1 canxi

        I know, right? I really think the posters would have came out nice if they just looked like they wanted to be there. I also think it’s kind of a bad idea to not have the OTP look at each other once in any of these…people in love should have eye contact, right?

    • 2.4 cimori

      THIS posters looks like a lot with A HUNDRED YEARS INHERITANCE’s posters.

      with same background and same view, same photosop’s style and same expression face with hugging style. just take a look at it.

      and be more creative for When a man loves a woman’s team for future time !!!!!!!!!

  3. Francesca

    Shin Se Kyung never looks comfy in drama posters when she’s being hugged :p

  4. noernov

    Not interested PERIOD!!!!!

  5. Suzi Q


  6. Annie

    I became a bit more comfortable (?) with the cheating angle when I read that SSH’s character is basically in a marriage of convenience. I might muster enough interest to attempt this one since I’m not too crazy about the other April dramas.

  7. bambledd

    Don’t dig the facial hair on SSH. Although I like him, it makes him look like a rat.

    • 7.1 saranga


    • 7.2 Pipit

      I think it’s the biggest proof any man ever need to not EVER wear this facial hair style. If even such a gorgeous perfection as SSH look this bad how would a mortal ordinary guy look. Horror.

      Clean shaven any day!

      • 7.2.1 lovin it

        true that

      • 7.2.2 Belle3005

        Amen to that!

      • 7.2.3 AnotherFan

        Second that! I, for now, have never found the ‘tache thingy on man sexy.

        • AnotherFan

          I, for “one”..

  8. mystisith

    I love seashore pics normally but here everyone looks like a fish out of the water. Where are the emotions?

    • 8.1 Quiet Thoght

      You don’t want SSH to try showing emotions. It is painful to watch.

      Sadly, “fish out of water,” flopping and failing to breath, could describe some of the strange faces he makes in ‘Dr. Jin, Medicine Human.’

      • 8.1.1 Dominique

        My sentiments, exactly!

      • 8.1.2 Enz

        Your thoughts aren’t so quiet! 🙂

      • 8.1.3 bd

        Granted, SSH didn’t have to do the heavy lifting in “My Princess” (which was done by KTH) since his character didn’t really have any scenes where he showed a great amount of emotion, but didn’t have any issue w/ his acting in MP.

        “Dr. Jin” otoh…

        SSH really should stick to light romcoms.

      • 8.1.4 Kakashi

        buahahaha, poor SSH. Oh man, he is trying so hard … and usually, he is so gorgeous that I don’t care about his acting (i.e. I just look at screencaps of him all day), but with the ‘stache? not so sure …

    • 8.2 trotwood

      I wonder if they look so stiff because they are cold since they look like they are dressed completely inappropriately for wherever these photos were taken. I can almost see Shin Se Kyung saying, “I can barely keep my teeth from chattering. Please take the picture since I am dressed in this light spring dress even though it is below freezing out here!” That look in the distance? She is probably staring at the space heater next to her chair right off camera!

      • 8.2.1 canxi

        I was thinking that!

  9. eevee

    LOL everyone thought the same thing as me. SSK just looks awkward. But then she always have this awkward look. haha I feel like this is going to be the drama that JB and GF have a blast making fun of because it’s so bad. haha

  10. 10 snow_white

    so artificial…..

  11. 11 Snowman

    I will give this show a few episodes to impress me. The posters look just like other posters we’ve seen before; nothing out of the norm.

  12. 12 lemondoodle

    Yeah, even less interested in this drama now that I’ve seen that thing on his face.

  13. 13 Roxy

    No chemistry between SSH and SSK AT ALL

  14. 14 cimori

    Shin Se Kyung / SSK face expression on that posters (especially no.1) looks like a stone and akward . SSK should get more practice if she wants to be in this industry for long time.

    to SSK, stop thinking about u’r beautiful face n body only , but u should pratice to decrease the akward level thing when u got photo shoot on posters.

    SSK is A Boring Woman according to that posters.

    to Song Seung-heon like always his face only have one kind expression face look. just check his other drama’s posters. SAME AS ALWAYS !!!

    • 14.1 polka dots

      my sentiments exactly XD
      I honestly don’t get SSK’s appeal as an actress! SHE CAN’T ACT!

  15. 15 Dean

    Seriously, then why did you even bother writing anything about it? Just so that you could get the crowd to BOO with you? Why can’t you just treat it like some crappy morning or daily drama that is totally not worthy of any attention? OK, I get it that the promise of this drama is not your thing, and that there are so many Song Seung Heon anti-s here. But really, has anyone of you watched this drama yet to HATE it so much? You guys are really beyond my comprehension. So much hatred for a drama you don’t even care?! Just ignore it completely, would you?

    • 15.1 mystisith

      A blogger can write absolutely everything he/she wants to on his/her blog (as long as it’s legal). Exactly like a drama maker has the right to produce anything he wants.
      Now, as a reader, you’re free to read or not, if you don’t feel like it. And you can comment to express your opinion. This is YOUR right.

    • 15.2 Snowman

      I can see where you’re coming from. Every post about this show tends gather more negative and snarky reactions than positive ones. But what can you do? Freedom of speech, eh.

    • 15.3 haaruka

      Um, I thought that’s the point of blogging? To write something what you feel and express your thought and opinions…? Well, at least it have some updates for someone who actually care about this drama.

    • 15.4 Enz

      You should have been there for the choi kang hee hate before level 7 aired!! Tis is nothing already.

    • 15.5 Pipit

      Hey, I’m not one of those you call antis here. I love that man. But even I have to admit that his acting skills are not at the same level with Kim Myung Min (who he shared an award with) or Shin Ha Kyun who was brilliant in Brain (the drama he almost starred).

      I think the fact that this blog post something about SSH and the readers commenting at all should be taken as a compliment. Not every actor gets this kind of attention. He’s a star. A big one. That’s why the post and the comments.

      • 15.5.1 jomo

        Well put, and thanks!

    • 15.6 MsB

      When did freedom of speech fly out the window? *puzzled*

    • 15.7 Toritorisan

      I think if you are reading something on a blog, you can’t expect everything to be unbiased and neutral. Yeah, it sucks that some actors/actresses/dramas are written about more negative easily than others (SSH gets bashed all the time and no one really cares, but if you go on Gu Family Book and see when someone rants on Suzy – you get all sorts of responses saying how that’s impolite and ignorant – no one really says that with SSH.) You just either take it or leave it.

      Anyhow… I’ll probably skip this drama because every time I watch something with SSK, I get disappointed at the end (High Kick, Fashion King, Tree with Deep Roots). Since this is a melo, it’s probably going to be a typical SSK drama ending as well. Not falling for that again!

    • 15.8 cimori

      I bother to writing anything about it becoz my eyes have not completely blind. so yes i have a big trauma if it considered to SSK and SSH.

      i have already watch SSK previous drama, take example Fashion King and all korea gave that drama with low rating and SSH previous drama with the same character and same expression acting on his drama a.k.a boring acting (exclude dr.jin which is a disaster kdrama of century)

      actually SSK and SSH should learn acting to Suzy , Cho Si Won, and other idol turned actor. so their acting will getting more boring each year.

      and i will watch the 1st n 2nd episode n don’t blame if my rant will getting u more sick.

  16. 16 Lotus_Blossom

    Not watching. But would love to read recaps making fun of it. Yes, I am that petty and mean when it comes to this drama and the two leads.

    • 16.1 skelly

      Ooh, same here. I love me some snark. Although, is this shooting fish in a barrel?

  17. 17 ilikemangos

    oh wow haha first time seeing JB reporting for a show that hasn’t even aired yet and already such distaste.

    k-drama land must be quite disappointing these days.

  18. 18 VB

    Ok, I think I must be the only one actually liking THT’s facial hair.

    • 18.1 Kandiboo

      i think most people like him clean, vs facial hair, it doesn’t really make him look like a mobster or older (which ?is the point of the facial hair?)

      vs So Ji Sub (aka, best buds), Cha Seung Won etc. and they’re all similar in age…

    • 18.2 trotwood

      I like the facil hair, too. I think he looks great. I think he liooks better as a mobster type, and I don’t care if this is the same look he has in all his other mobster dramas. I think he looks great. I think his facila hair should eb the least of anyone’s worries about this drama.

  19. 19 Lem0nlime

    Why is everyone shunning this show even before it’s premiere. I’m actually excited! Call me a masochist, but I actually love melodramas. Have watched all of them recently. “Nice Guy,” “I Miss You,” and now “That Winter.”
    I think my fascination comes from the first melodrama that made me addicted to Kdrama.

    • 19.1 melo.boy

      even I loooooove melodrama s .. I have watched all recently aired melos ! haha no doubt melodrama made me addicted to kdramas … btw which is your first kdrama? and when you started watching em?

      • 19.1.1 Lem0nlime

        The first Korean drama that I watched was “Autumn in my Heart sometime in 2001. ” I guess that was when my addiction started. The melodramas nowadays are just alright. I will still be tuning into this one hopefully after almost all of the episodes have aired.
        The only drama that I have seen Shin Se-Kyung in was “Fashion King” and I loved it. I may be the oddball here because I tend to like dramas that normally barely anyone likes on Dramabeans:D

  20. 20 vans

    I know it would be a pain in the butt, but would you girls consider recapping this drama? Cause i’m sure it’s gonna be the Dr.Jin of melo =)) so bad it’s good. And we all had the fun reading Dr.Jin recaps

    • 20.1 Kandiboo

      you mean bashing Dr Jin? i had such high hopes, quit after watching all of one episode but read (and laughed reading) all the recaps…

      so enjoyable. i hope it will turn out better than expected so everyone can just laugh in our face about how wrong we were.

  21. 21 Rovi

    Yo any Inspirits in the house? XD

    • 21.1 piggy68gal

      Yeah, me! Haha. When I saw the Korean title of this drama I was like isn’t that the exact title of Infinite’s latest song, haha. 🙂

      • 21.1.1 Rovi

        Good to know. 😀

        Yeah, but now whenever I’ll see “When A Man Loves” I’ll always be painfully reminded that its Korean title is the same with Infinite’s “A Man In Love”. 🙁

        URGHHHH fuck SSH & SSK & the production team~!!!

        Actually I have nothing against Shin Se-gyeong, since I’ve seen her in “Deep-rooted Tree”, and also am currently watching her through Arirang TV’s weekend replay of SBS’s 2004 “The Land” (now as teenage Choi Seo-hee)…but ever since that scandal with SHINee’s Jjong I can’t but hate her now.

    • 21.2 Trina

      My unni friend get to hang out with them. it show online. Check it out. her name is sheree.

  22. 22 february

    Boring. Period

  23. 23 Christy

    I predict this will be like most of Song Seung-heon’s dramas: so many questions, never any answers. Well, drama, let’s just get this show on the road, I guess. Shall we also prepare to form a support group for all your mafia drama exes?

    In defense of everyone who’s wary of this drama already, see: Song Seung-heon’s filmography (well, almost all the films/dramas). He’s gorgeous as hell, but it’s a shame that his acting is mostly eye candy, little substance.

  24. 24 samy

    WOW.beautiful posters.These are hot, attractive….I like very much all.I like drama already.Thanks!

  25. 25 Fun-Lugha

    I always shunned dramas about cheating and affairs cuz I just can’t stand to watch them but that was until ‘A Wife’s Credentials’! Can’t believe i was actually rooting for 2 ‘adulterers’ so to speak! I guess if written right anything’s possible.

    • 25.1 MsB

      I’m with you! The minute I realize that is the story line, I’m gone. I don’t care how good it is. OLLC was hard to watch but I finally quit that too.

  26. 26 kim.em

    What beautiful and wonderful is SSH!!! GREAT ACTOR!!! BEAUTIFUL MAN!!!:X Fighting!!!

  27. 27 Lea

    I think without a doubt I may be the ONLY person in DB or ever for that matter to actually be interested genuinely for this drama.
    Don’t ask me why, cause I have no valid answer for that, and everyone’s predictions all sound very plausible for the drama to be a dud. But I’m still looking forward to seeing it, it just reminds me of old school drama, with you know… DRAMA, it may be overdone but man do I eat it up.

    • 27.1 Lea

      And I admit, I like the stache
      it’s like a wanna be Clark Gable, but ended up like El Debarge… oh SSH so many stache jokes, so little time

      • 27.1.1 atomickitty

        someone here knows el debarge? woot woot!!!

        • trotwood

          I do, too, and laughed out loud at the reference!

    • 27.2 canxi

      I was interested at first, too! I thought it was a straight up tale of adultery with gangsters and a plain girl-next-door heroine (which would be pretty different from the norm). I was seriously considering giving it a shot even though I do not like SSH…at all. And then I found out it was a marriage of convenience, poor-girl-turned-materialistic etc…story.

      Just, as more news about the story came out, I became less interested. I dunno, I can’t imagine a gangster being caught up in a marriage of convenience. Can’t he just drive her off a cliff or something? I mean…is her dad alive & powerful? Is she actually the mob boss? I don’t understand.

      I hope it’s enjoyable to anyone who watches, though.

  28. 28 omo

    This is really giving me the jitters. I’m having an EoE flashback. Even SSK looks like Lee Yeon Hee.

  29. 29 esselle

    does anyone else… hear “when a MAAAN… LOVES a WOMAAAN” in their head everytime they read the title of this drama??

    • 29.1 altair

      Every. single. time.

      • 29.1.1 Piggies


    • 29.2 SD

      LOL it’s been playing in my head like a broken record

    • 29.3 Trina

      Yup. Every. Minute.

    • 29.4 Kiara

      Yep so many Michael Bolton moments lol. Sorry Percy Sledge I wasn’t around in the 1960s when it first came out.

  30. 30 bebe swtz

    Pretty people and kudos photoshopping….but boring concept, all the same
    Just my opinion, please don’t hold it against me =.=

  31. 31 altair

    Allow me to make a predicton for the ratings:12-14% which means good ratings.

  32. 32 OBC123

    Ah, javabeans or girlfriend or whoever at dramabeans, if you hate this drama so much (when it has not even aired), STOP FOLLOWING UP ON IT. DON’T RECAP IT. DON’T WRITE ABOUT IT. That’s it! Go follow up with something else for goodness sakes. So simple.

    • 32.1 canxi

      No one hates anything. It’s a blog. You share your opinion (bad and good) and others share theirs. If you’re excited you can say you’re excited & join in with the others who are excited, but you can’t tell the bloggers what they can and cannot write about because that’s not up to you.

      Plus, SSH is not the best actor by a long shot, but he’s certainly interesting. It’s why he garners attention and he and his dramas get blog posts + comments.

      • 32.1.1 Becky

        Interesting? Surely. And that’s why most of you here have to make fun of him everytime he pops up in one of the posts? Song Seung Heon should be really flattered. See, if you people think he is a terrible actor (Oops, my mistake. A conticipated man shoud be the right phrase, isn’t it?) painfully unworthy of his star status, just ignore him completely. Life is too short to waste on nitpicking someone you dislike. Plus, I don’t even think he is that interesting.

        P.S. The atmosphere here at javabeans never welcomes people who truly like Song Seung Heon or the dramas he stars in. Who are you trying to kid?

        • canxi

          That’s not true. If you like him then you like him and no one will say anything to you unless you are putting down the people who aren’t favorable of him. If you’re gonna exclaim your liking of him and then say how the people who don’t and say so, are horrible or whatever adjective (which does happen sometimes), that’s the only reason those people are “never welcome”.

          If you don’t think he’s that interesting, why are you here? And why are you nitpicking at my comment–not even comment–my two sentences? All you could have said was “Interesting? I don’t find him that interesting.” But, you go out of your way to defend the non-interesting person in question in a reply to my comment with things that I didn’t even type.

          He is interesting (to me) BECAUSE he’s proved time and time again that he just isn’t that good. Bad, even. And then he gets LEADING roles. Frequently! I’m allowed to find that interesting. Because I really think it is.

          Who am I trying to kid? NO ONE. I don’t even know you got that from the two sentences I wrote about the guy.

    • 32.2 shone

      OBC123 dear, if you don’t like this blog DON’T VISIT HERE. that’s it!! SO SIMPLE..

      • 32.2.1 OBC123

        Oh they are free to write or blog anything. And I am FREE to COMMENT on anything they have blogged. I am free to opine that should stop too.

        And, I am not saying dat SSH is a great actor. He is not. But, I am free to express that it seems like dramabeans hate this drama and it has not even begun. So, if you hate something so much, WHY FOLLOW IT if not to throw insults.

        Not a fair opinion of the blog? Oooh, and judging the drama before it has aired? Hmm…

        • shone

          i don’t get you.. you said it yourself “they are free to write or blog anything” – yes they will write ANYTHING both the one they hate or love its their choice…

          what i’m trying to say is – why are you making it hard for yourself? you know javabeans make her judgement for this drama already and the comments will seem unfavorable for you so WHY VISIT HERE?

          • OBC123

            Yes, and it’s also my choice to express that if they hate the drama without having watched it, then might as well DON’T FOLLOW IT. Not like it will be such an honour for SSH that dramabeans acknowledges and recaps his drama or if u all watch it. Don’t want to watch it, DON’T WATCH!!!! That’s my opinion and I’ll read watever I want. They blog their’s, I’ll read mine, you write bout ur understanding abilities, and I’ll make my comments.

            And, no, this is not hard on me. I appreciate u worrying shone. But, I’m good =) And, I love ur last comment backing me that YES, javabeans has made her judgment for this drama already–THOUGH IT ONLY AIRS NEST WEEK. SO yes, she is THE GREATEST! And, so are OPINIONS! =)

        • canxi

          and to OBC123–Yes, you are free to comment and your opinion. But telling people what to blog? Never that. I know it’s an opinion, but it reads like a demand. And a pretty rude one,even if you weren’t trying to be.

          They have their reasons for following it. It could be that they are somewhat interested, but just find that all the news that has come out of it is boring and is leading them to believe that the drama might be boring, too. They never said they hated the drama or even the idea of the drama, just that it doesn’t seem interesting from what’s put out so far. It happens with commenters, too. Like with That Winter. There were plenty of people who thought the news about it was boring or seemed to depressing, but they were still interested enough to follow and comment on the posts.

          I was pretty interested when they first blogged about it, but I have to admit as more and more news came out, that interest dwindled. But there are people here who still find it interesting and I suspect that may also be a reason why they follow up on it. But, they don’t have to explain their reasons for doing what they do, we just go along with it. You don’t have to like it, lol, but you can’t really tell them to stop.

          • OBC123

            Canxi, you found me the rude one? And, the rest of the comments and the blog itself making fun of him and his drama (like Kiara is so happily boasting about) ok? Are u sure?

            Look, truce here k. This will be my last comment.

            I don’t think SSH is a good actor. He gets leading roles because he is damn handsome and his humility helps much. But, I also don’t think Dramabeans should go on and on mocking ppl and judging dramas that has not aired.

            If the drama is already out, and she says it sucks. Fine. But, to express that (they didn’t say it outright, but everything bloged and commented has indicated ridicule) before it’s even out? Like you all commented to me: If you don’t like it, don’t stay around and read. Well, if you don’t like the drama, don’t stay around. Cos it really looks like they staying around just to make fun of it and throw insults. I am calling it as I see it (just like I’m calling SSH a weak actor).

            Actually, I can Canxi, I can express that they should stop. Like when other unfair things happen, there are those who need to voice out and say “stop it!”. They are not always heeded, but at least they have done their part to voice it out: “It’s not right, stop it”. Whether or not they want to, that’s up to them.

            Truce k. Nite.

          • canxi

            There is no need for a truce. I am not your enemy.

            Yes, I find the tone of voice you used in that comment to be rude not because of it’s content but because of it’s demanding nature. Did I say you were the only one here being rude? No.

            I also don’t think they are mocking him, in the least. They haven’t said anything about him apart from what everyone else knows–he got a lead…again? After Dr. Jin? is pretty much all I’ve gathered from what I read. No one can say they weren’t asking themselves that question. Also, why do you think posters and teasers, stills, news…about dramas get released? Not just to advertise but so people can form an opinion (judge for themselves) of what is soon to be aired and decide to watch or not. Some people have good impressions and others don’t. Why is Dramabeans stating their not-thrilled first impressions so bad to you? They can totally do that. Judging is not always this awful, horrible action that people make it out to be. Literally, it’s just another word for forming an opinion. And any comments that come along with that are out of their hands. They aren’t brainwashers and no one here is a brainwash-ee.

            And again, YES! Yes, you can express that they should stop. You can not DEMAND that they stop. Understand me? Because there is a big difference between saying “You should stop.” and “Stop!”

            “STOP FOLLOWING UP ON IT. DON’T RECAP IT. DON’T WRITE ABOUT IT. That’s it! Go follow up with something else for goodness sakes. So simple.”
            ^If someone said that to you, you would NOT find that rude? At all? …Well, if you really think that was the best way to get your opinion across, that’s cool. I’ve nothing left to say then, that being the case.

            Goodnight 🙂

        • Kiara

          SO yes we are free to make fun of him and you are free to get all pissy when you read it.

          • HUH?

            You can’t find better things to do other than making fun of people you don’t even know personally? What a way to live! Go ahead then. No one would stop you!

          • Kiara

            And you cant find better things to do then judge people based on their comments on the internet?. He is an actor and he is going to be judge for his acting. Its plain obvious that he is not getting lead roles because he is a talented actor and he knows it.

    • 32.3 cimori

      contrast with OBC123 .

      To Javabeans and Dramabeans please KEEP FOLLOWING IT AND WRITE A RECAP JUST LIKE U DID ON DR. JIN.

      so i can laugh it much harder to see how stupid the storyline it was like on Dr. Jin.

      n to OBC123, u don’t have any right to say stop writing and bla bla bla, THIS IS NOT U”R DAMN BLOG. if u want people say nice to SSH then MADE U”R OWN BLOG, i bet there is a lot of women who will say : beautiful man, handsome man and bla bla BUT with BORING AND NEVER IMPROVED OF ACTING for SSH.

      • 32.3.1 cimori

        ps ; SSH should learn to Michael Bolton to pronounce when A man lovess a woman……….. LOL

  33. 33 rhia

    His ‘stache looks pasted on. You know those sold in little tubes for next to nothing? And it looks as if it’s going to fly off any moment. I would’ve preferred abs. 🙁 But then we don’t always get what we want, right. 🙁

  34. 34 MariD

    I enjoy reading the comments way more then anything. People are so sensitive when it comes to their own bias. 🙂 anyhow, I don’t do Melos, but goodness is he pretty, even if the drama sounds boring..

    • 34.1 MsB

      Some people are. It’s amazing! I read dissing comments about mine and I just chuckle. Oh well!

      • 34.1.1 Kiara

        Lol I do too. I love Moon Geun Young ever since I saw her in Painter but some make fun of her looks and lack of chemistry with her co-stars. Oh well, I guess some of it maybe true based on some of her other dramas that I haven’t seen. I think she is talented and I’m looking forward to her new sageuk.

      • 34.1.2 AnneAkemi

        If you think about it this way…. if people are still making an effort to diss about an actor, then that actor must have enough star power to keep people talking about him / her. It’s when people STOP talking, is when an actor has to worry.

  35. 35 chickenwing

    I stopped watching Dr Jin more for the weird convoluted writing than SSH’s acting. Romantic music during a feel for breast cancer lumps? Ultimate wtf moment

    Equator man’s writer? May be worth a try

  36. 36 chickenwing

    And how come this photoshoot reminds me of just about every other melodrama photoshoot?

  37. 37 Bengbeng

    totally agree to some fo the comments, why does SSK always looking afraid and sad. bad combination.

  38. 38 Annnsow

    so much drama around this drama (lol) I like his stache though.

  39. 39 meanrice

    Agree with most of what has been previously stated. Can we all note that SSK must have watched an ep of America’s Next Top Model b/t shooting poster 3 & 4? She is booty touche-ing in poster 4. I had to pause for a moment and say “work gurl.”

  40. 40 ran

    done it. seen it. next.

  41. 41 Alaine

    Won’t be jump on this train. Looks like there won’t be any emotional changes here. If you only look at their face. They’re pretty tough.

  42. 42 MsB

    Not on my watch list. At all. Leads are from two of the worse dramas I watched last year. I need time to heal!

  43. 43 eslene

    I dont know why but i just dont like SSK!
    But i do lik SSH..wish they pair other heroine..

  44. 44 Joan

    Eh.. your standard grim-faced melodrama posters.. but still excited to see Shin Se-kyung again yay \o/

    • 44.1 Kiara

      You know, I like Shin Se-kyung for some reason. She is good in sageuks and I’ve seen her in QSD and TWDR. I’ve never seen her in a modern drama so I cant really judge but she is still young and can improve with experience or stick with sageuks and modeling.

  45. 45 N

    I dont really feel any chemistry between the 2 leads

  46. 46 Trina

    The main Lead couple look awkward. The background look like Dead Sea with no fish and no water. Why did Chae Jung Anh wear red dress. Then, you see SSK wear the same dress. Did they have that one dress for both of them to wear?

  47. 47 Meix2

    This is from a person that sat through the whole of Dr. Jin…

    Honestly, I don’t think Song Seung-heon is bad at all… I loved him in EofE, but I do think he definitely needs chemistry with his co-star for him and his dramas to excel. That’s why I think he did so well in EofE and also My Princess. Now to say that Jin tanked because of the casting of Park Min-young as his co-lead would be SO UNFAIR… but it’s just one more thing of a plethora of things that made my eyes water as I struggled to the end.

    I’m not that familiar with Shin Se-kyung (only Fashion King- don’t get me started on that one…), but the poster has just killed every hope I had of tuning into this drama. I think someone has already mentioned this but I think she looks too young for him and it’s just starting to look creepy in the promo posters. Plus I’m currently off melos since the nonsenensical garbage that was I Miss You.

    Wow, I’m grumpy today.

  48. 48 ilikemangos


    Song Seung-heon is actually pretty self-aware of his meh acting, so those that are overly sensitive don’t have to protect him. And those that are making fun of him, no point since he knows it.
    If theres one thing thats true about him, it’s that hes a very purty face. And in k-ent, that gets you very far.

  49. 49 jomo

    Because I am one of those really mean people, it is hard to tell that I love him with all my heart.

    Here is about-a-year-old ode to this beautiful man.

    The Hand Towel is not the cure for all illness.
    His dramas won’t lead to world peace.
    He’s more like the sugar I put in my coffee.
    Or that sofa throw made of soft fleece.

    A little of him smoothes out my latte,
    In the afternoon, sweetens my tea.
    In the evening, seeing him warms me up nice
    Just to think of him wrapped around me.

    I think we really want him to do well and are saddened when chooses projects that display his weaknesses rather than enhance his good qualities.

    • 49.1 Kiara

      Awwwwww Jomo <3.

    • 49.2 Meix2

      Haha!! So true, so true.

      My advice to him… please change your management team/ agency, so far they haven’t been doing you any favours when it comes to your acting career…

      I would love to see him in perhaps a satire (e.g. Siwon and Cha Seung-won’s spoilt megastar characters in Oh My Lady and Best Love!! Or like an inept James Bond type and taking the piss out of predictable big budget action stuff like Iris/ Athena!) I’d watch that…

      Or maybe something supernatural/ sci-fi/ fantasy, based more on comedy, rather than brooding and revenge…

      Or even as a last resort… maybe a romantic comedy but without the x layers of angst and melodrama…

      Oh, Seung-heon ah… I despair at the projects you’ve chosen thus far. But I’m still here hoping.

      • 49.2.1 jomo

        Yes! Something fun!

        My perfect character(s) for THT would be a version of The Nutty Professor – hear me out.
        He gets to play the suave nightclub smooth talker that we associate with his looks, and then give being a total nerd a try. OK He doesn’t even have to be a TOTAL nerd, just act in contrast to the smoothie. I would eat THAT up.

        He is a really good comedic actor, I wish he would consider messing with image a little.

        • mystisith

          I would watch that: A double faced character (twins?). This way he could be legit bland for one and he could overact like crazy for the second one: Nobody could complain!

    • 49.3 canxi

      Lol, jomo! We all know you love you some Hand Towel. <3

      • 49.3.1 jomo

    • 49.4 MariD

      I wish we had a like button.. Always makes me SMS when I read Jomos comments..

    • 49.5 Pipit

      I know how much you love him Jomo. The Hand Towel FB is a testimony of how much you love him. I’m totally grateful that you create that page so I could visit it from time to time when I miss my beautiful man.

  50. 50 tessieroo

    Whoa, SSK got some BOOTY in the 4th pic down.

    • 50.1 skelly

      That’s because they photoshopped the dress. Compare it to the previous picture, where the skirt is a lot fuller.

      • 50.1.1 Shaista Melora

        I don’t think so. In Korea she’s called “Bagel” girl aka “beautiful with glamorous body” girl because of her voluptuous body.

        • Shaista Melora

          *correction: baby-faced girl with glamorous body

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