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Queen’s Classroom casts Kim Sae-ron, Seo Shin-ae
by | March 30, 2013 | 50 Comments

Looks like Go Hyun-jung’s new school-set drama The Queen’s Classroom isn’t messing around when it comes to child actors — they’ve cast not one but two big names (south of fifteen, that is) to be her co-stars. Kim Sae-ron (Neighbor) and Seo Shin-ae (Incarnation of Money) will star as students to Go Hyun-jung’s icy, hard-nosed teacher. But, they’re so cute! How could you be cold-hearted to a pair of faces like that?

Seo Shin-ae is already fifteen (crazy how fast they grow up) and her most notable roles have been in the drama Thank You, family sitcom High Kick Through the Roof, and fantasy sageuk Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child. Her most recent role was playing the younger version of Hwang Jung-eum’s character in the weekend drama Incarnation of Money.

Kim Sae-ron is best known for being the little girl Won Bin saved in Ajusshi, and also the lucky girl who went to every red carpet event that year on her co-star’s arm, which was maybe the most adorable thing ever. She’s only thirteen and has had some stints on dramas as younger versions of the leads (Can You Hear My Heart, Fashion King) but she’s had a bigger movie career (A Brand New Life, Barbie, Neighbor, I Am a Dad).

The show is gearing up to premiere in June, and is a remake of the Japanese drama Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. It stars Go Hyun-jung in her now-signature type, as a prickly no-nonsense queen of, well, everything. She’ll play a homeroom teacher at an elementary school, and her character is described as difficult and cold, and we’re told that she “runs her classroom like a queen.” That doesn’t sound pleasant for anyone involved. There will be lessons learned all around, I’m sure, from student and teacher alike. At the helm is the PD of Feast of the Gods, who also worked on Best Love.

The Queen’s Classroom is set to air on Wednesdays/Thursdays in June on MBC.

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50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mskololia

    Well, I loved Jyoou no Kyoushitsu so I may check this remake out.


    • 1.1 a_diva

      never hearf of jyoou no kyoushitsu, but i think go hyun jung’s pretty great so i’ll check it out too! although i don’t know anything about the original, the plot sounds like it could be real *meh* if not done right though.

  2. DayDreamer

    Okay, I can understand icy, prickly no-nonsense teacher in high school or even middle school (don’t know if there’s such a thing in Korea) where the kids can be overly unmanageable but an elementary school? From what I remember as an elementary school kid many years ago, the teachers were rather motherly, stern but very kind.

    Anyways, I liked the little girl from Can You hear My Heart so I’m looking forward to seeing her again; the other one I couldn’t recognize because she was wearing a fat suit in Incarnation of Money.

    • 2.1 ditdut

      Seo Shinae was amazing in Thank You!!

    • 2.2 JO

      Um, I went to a public school in Chicago and let me tell you, teachers can scream and have tempers.

  3. Kiara

    Korea has a lot of talented child actors. Where is little Arang these days?. I missed her, hope to see her in a drama soon.
    Good to see Go Hyun-jung back in a drama but I wish she was cast as Shin Ha-Kyun’s leading lady in All about my romance.

    • 3.1 Annie

      Ooh, that collaboration would have been epic.

    • 3.2 Rovi

      Little Arang (Park Min-ha) is in “Mandate of Heaven” with Lee Dong-wook as her daddy (you should see the related post), “Meong” Ji-hyo, & “OngOng” Seulong who now looks way older than Changmin. XD

      • 3.2.1 Kiara

        Thank you :). I better check it out.

  4. Annie

    Dramabeans, would you mind doing a post about the SBS and KBS dramas that were just announced? Green Knife and Can I Love You?

    I don’t trust Google translate as far as I can throw it…

    • 4.1 Kiara

      Would love to read a movie-review on “New World”. Its showing at a theatre by my house and I’ve heard good things about it but they are all men lol.

      • 4.1.1 Kiara

        err from

  5. Mia

    MISHIL IS BACK !! ^^

    • 5.1 Rovi

      Haha, you know.

      “Daemul” was just, well, Mishil’s reincarnation, meh; she got to rule Korea (well, just the southern half actually). And also a preminition that the next pres. would be a female.

  6. AnitaLotti

    The japanese version was awesome. I can see a korean version working with these actors included.

  7. Danna

    Wasn’t really looking forward to this show until now…I adore Kim Sae Ron!! Now I might check this out even though school dramas are not really my thing

    • 7.1 Ehta

      Ill love movie too. because we our good too see the movie for replaying such instead.

  8. jedi

    I loved the PD previously works

  9. chace

    Hmmm …. judging by their physical appearance and general aura, I assume that Seo Shin-Ae will be playing Shida Mirai’s character and Kim Sae-Ron will be playing Fukuda Mayuko’s character. Fukuda Mayuko’s Shindo Hikauru was majorly cool.

  10. 10 Embermiya

    I loved The Queens Classroom so I am looking forward to seeing the Korean version of this.

  11. 11 crazedlu

    Okay, NOW I’ll tune in.

  12. 12 Bu Young

    I loveeee Kim Sae Ron and Shin ae is cool too! I’ll check it out 🙂

  13. 13 ida

    You know, I really like seo and go, havent seen anything of Kim, but I kinda hope there will be some opportunities for Go to showcase the natural acting a la in whats up fox.
    I think she could modulate between intense, queen like gravitas and the natural side well, and the latter is just something I miss.

  14. 14 bLur

    OMG….Beside Kim Yoo Jung..I have to say Kim Sae Ron and Seo Shin Ae really really the best child actress i’ve ever seen..Both acting skill really awesome especially KSR..<3

  15. 15 에드나

    i love Queens Classroom japanese version
    and much more excited for the Korean version. i love Miss Go Hyeon Jeong, i know she can play the role of Maya Akutsu very well. sooo excited♥♡♥

  16. 16 manquant

    I have high expectations for this show. I’ve been a fan of Go Hyunjung-sshi since Queen Seondeok and have watched her other dramas and movies but idk, Daemul just wasn’t for me. Maybe Queen’s Classroom will stand out more, since she perfectly nailed Seju Mishil. Fighting~! ^^

  17. 17 snow_white

    the drama sounds okay….
    have seen Seo Shin-ae in Incarnation Of Money and she was cute!!

  18. 18 kekeukele

    Oooohh Kim Sae Ron *________* I’m definitely anticipating this! But June sounds so far away at the moment.

  19. 19 panshel

    I loved Kim Sae Ron in Ahjussi. I’m looking forward to this drama. I wonder which other child actors will be cast…

  20. 20 Neseli

    The Japanese Queen’s Classroom was a masterpiece which earned its place to the list of Top J-dramas of all time.I hope and pray that the Korean version will do justice to this great story.

    • 20.1 melonhead

      Totally agree, I hope Go Hyun-jung is up to a performance as amazing as Amami Yuki’s.

  21. 21 dal

    Funny how they both play the younger version of Hwang Jung-eum’s character in “Can You Hear My Heart” & in “Incarnation of Money”.

    They both so cutie and wow they are 15 all ready. They grown so fast.

  22. 22 unknownX2

    I will be so keen to know who will be the male lead for this drama…

  23. 23 carlalabsKHJ

    I’m s excited for this new drama of KO HYUN JUNG.,such a great actress… ^_^

  24. 24 bd

    Can’t believe that Seo Shin-ae is a teen.

    She was totally adorable as Han Suk-kyu’s young daughter in “Quiz king/Mr. Housewife.”

    Even at that tender age, SSA showed her acting talent.

  25. 25 Neseli

    Amami Yuuki, Shida Mirai and the rest of the young actors were absolutely perfect in their respective roles in the Japanese version.I have faith in the Korean cast but everything will eventually depend on the writer.Especially after the two great disaster they presented us with last year (JIN and To the Beautiful You), I get terrified whenever I hear about Korean adoption of any of my favorite dramas.The Japanese one didn’t have any romance or other fan-service elements.I hope they keep the Korean ones free from those as well.

    • 25.1 bd

      Try “The Man Who Can’t Marry” starring Ji Jin-hee (the rest of the cast is also great) – well written and acted – overall, a charming romcom even if the lead character is a bit “unusual.”

  26. 26 Lilian

    I loved Best Love. Hope this will be great too. I’ve never seen Queen Seondeok before but I’ve seen Go Hyeon Jung in some other dramas. Nothing outstanding though so I will just check out first episode to try it out.

  27. 27 Jenny

    I hope this will be a good adaptation compared to what Jin was and what haken ni hinkaku will possible turn out.
    It was definitely a darker school dorama and Amami Yuki was awesome in it.
    Korean adaptations seem to want to add romance into stories that really aren’t about romance so let’s hope they don’t add the plotline that she meets a nice male teacher and becomes a nicer person.

  28. 28 wanne

    With these actresses on board, I will definitely check this drama out!

  29. 29 Nana

    Seo Shin-ae! I knew it!

  30. 30 Cadwalider

    Happy Easter to Me! My favorite child star (Seo Shin Ae) returns to startle us, once again, with her considerable talents and charms. 🙂 I love Kim Sae-ron as well and the great Go Hyun-jung will forever be one of the reigning queens of the industry. 😉 I am one happy camper, today!

  31. 31 chasen8888

    If the writer do it as well as the Japanese version, I’m all for it as the cast being highlighted here are stellar, they clearly have the ability for those characters. The Queen’s Classroom was one of the first j-dramas that I’ve watched – as a matter of fact it was marathoned in one day. It had you hooked from episode 1, no offense but k-dramas seem to have a tendency to mess up some j-dramas masterpiece.

    Hopefully this masterpiece will not be messed up nor negatively influenced by netizens in the writing and producing of this show as was Boys over flowers, Jin (acting included) etc. to name a few. I’ll cross both fingers and toes in anticipation.

  32. 32 asianromance

    Out of the crop of upcoming dramas, it seems like this one is catching my attention the most. Can’t wait!

  33. 33 lily

    Kim Sae Ron was AMAZING in A Brand New Life. She can out-act most of the leading ladies in Korea. looking forward to this

  34. 34 MsB

    I’ll watch for the girls alone! Shin-ae is on the top of my One’s to watch list!! And Kim Sae Ron, I’ll always remember her from CYHMH and The Man from Nowhere!!

  35. 35 Stella

    I am currently in the middle of watching Jyoou no Kyoushitsu and have been greatly moved each of the first 5 episodes. I can certainly imagine Go Hyun-jung as that teacher and she will, no doubt, invoke the same … um … emotions towards that character as I feel watching the J-drama version… probably even more. I can’t wait!

  36. 36 Aliska

    Waaa…..the Queen’s classroom is one of my favorite JDrama!! All the actors were so fierce, great!! the atmosphere was really breathless!! I hope that this korean version will meet our expectations! I like the cast like everyone…and I know they can do a great job!! Fighting!! 😀

  37. 37 Samira

    I love me some K-drama, but goodness gracious me this was one drama i hoped would not have a Korean remake. Amami Yuki is a phenomenal actress & Shida Mirai in my opinion performed at her best as the child actress in Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. I just cannot see how the Korean remake could possibly move me in the same way the original did – even with such a stellar cast.

  38. 38 Steamy Bun

    Back when I was watching Jdoramas I really wanted to watch Queen’s Classroom but I had trouble finding it with subs. I’m actually really excited for this remake (Go Hyun Joong, yaaaay!!) but I might try to check out the original again.

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