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Running Man: Episode 134
by | March 3, 2013 | 57 Comments

We’re back for the second half of our Asia Tour and this time, the cast is off to Vietnam where they get the greatest international welcome this show has seen thus far. And who could have guessed that the center of all that attention is our lovable Kwang-soo himself? It’s time to hunt down the rest of the nine daggers and unlock the golden dagger.

EPISODE 134. Broadcast on February 24, 2013.

After an adventure-filled first day, our cast is given instructions from three interpreters. Kwang-soo is the first to wake the following morning at 7 AM, but he looks nervous and confused.

Then we see that his team chose the Mandarin-speaking interpreter (thanks Wei!) and despite their best efforts, were unable to understand a word. Kwang-soo: “We’ll listen for 100 days and still not understand!”

Oho – usual sleepyhead Ji-hyo is up early as well. Turns out her team received instructions in English and she waves to the camera.

Kwang-soo spots her and gives chase down the hallway. Confused, he asks where she’s going and Ji-hyo puffs: “I’m going to Vietnam!” She’s like, Didn’t you see the headlines? We gotta go! and poor Kwang-soo mutters that his teammates are still asleep. Aw.

Gary sticks his head out in the hallway and… is he nekkid? Hee. As usual, Peaceful Gary is in no rush, cutting up some apples to eat for breakfast. And the Yellow Team is already out the door.

It looks like the Blue Team is going to have to get moving – if they don’t make their flight, they’ll catch the next plane back to Korea. Jong-kook doesn’t seem too worried and says, “We’ll just follow another team!”

They tail the Green Team’s car but both teams get caught at the traffic light. When Dong-wook looks over, the Blue Team immediately tries to hide from view. Psh, like they’re gonna fall for that.

The Yellow Team picks up the fifth dagger at the airport and the other teams arrive minutes later. The idea that they’re actually headed to another country doesn’t hit the Blue Team until they get their tickets. Kwang-soo: “Hanoi? Vietnam?”

While airborne, the cast switches members via a Dagger Roulette. Kwang-soo stuffs his team’s daggers in his own suitcase, only to get them taken away by the Yellow Team. Spartakooks is NOT pleased at this turn of events and asks that Kwang-soo stick with them. So they do and Kwang-soo gets punished.

After all of the switcheroo our new teams are as follows: Green (Ji-hyo, Jae-suk, and Suk-jin) with one dagger, Yellow (Gary, Hye-jin, and Haha) with a whopping four, and Blue (Jae-suk, Dong-wook, and Kwang-soo) with none.

They’re off to Hoan Kiem Lake as soon as they arrive at Vietnam and Hye-jin marvels at the crowds of fans waiting for the cast. Haha jokes, “Do you wanna become friends with us?” Hye-jin: “I want to join [your cast].”

As for the Green Team, Ace Ji-hyo sighs that with the mat hyungs as new teammates, victory is out of their reach.

Woah, is the entire city here to greet the cast? I can’t even begin to start counting the hundreds, if not thousands of fans that crowd the streets, chanting: “Running Man!”

To say that the show is popular here is an understatement and it’s clear that Kwang-soo is the obvious favorite as the Blue Team try to move through the sea of fans. When they finally join the rest of their cast, Jong-kook tells them: “Kwang-soo is like Jang Dong-gun here!” Meaning, he’s basically god-status.

After the cast jokes a bit more about Kwang-soo’s popularity (his cheeks burn a fierce red from the attention), they watch a pretty cool play about a golden dagger stolen by a Hoan Kiem turtle. (Fun fact: There are barely a handful of these turtles left in the lake.)

The turtle disappears into the lake and reappears with the cast’s mission card in its mouth. The cast will need to find all nine daggers before they can search for the missing golden dagger.

Now it’s finally time to start this leg of the Asia tour! First stop is Ta Hien Street where Myuk PD waits with their mission. They’ll need to play rock-paper-scissors (mot hai ba) with the vendors here in order to relieve themselves of their burden (various fruits).

The Green Team are off to a good start whereas Dong-wook loses twice in a row. Jong-kook barks: “You’re really not good at this!” It’s funny since “mot han da” in Korean sounds similar to “mot hai ba.”

Haha stalls for time with the vendor before he loses and Hye-jin gulps, “You can give us the smaller ones!”

Though Asia Prince Kwang-soo tries his best to get the crowd to root for Jong-kook, they all eventually chant the Giraffe’s name anyway. Even the captions are amazed at this level of popularity and wonder: (1) Is Kwang-soo’s name easy to pronounce? (2) Does ‘Kwang-soo’ mean something else in Vietnamese? HA. Cheeky.

The weight has become too great for the Green Team with three basketfuls and now they resort to going “all-in” with their burden. Go big or go home, right?

It’s a risky move but Jae-suk wins the first round. Then it’s Ji-hyo’s turn… and she loses. Curses!

The other teams have taken to going all-in with their own burdens and both the Green and Blue Teams need to just win one more round before they can move on. This is seriously one intense game of rock-paper-scissors.

BOTH of them win. Woah. But who won first? Then a little later, we see the Green Team pick up the sixth dagger.

The Blue Team isn’t bitter about coming in second and Jong-kook tells Asia Prince Kwang-soo to give some love to the international fans. Kwang-soo: “I love Vietnam. And Thailand! Hong Kong! Macau! I have very many hearts! My heart is yours!” Aww, you have ours too.

Kwang-soo’s eyes grow wide when Dong-wook teases that he just said he’ll give his literal heart. “Do you plan to donate it when you die?”

The Yellow Team have an incredulous 36 fruits on the line and Mr. PD’s like, “You know how much you’ll have if you lose, right?” Gary sighs: “72.” Their victory rests upon Haha’s shoulders and luckily, he wins.

The teams head off to three separate locations where each member from each team will face off. We first head to West Lake where Dong-wook, Jae-suk, and Haha sit for a game of 31.

They notice four chairs set to the table and are soon joined by the chef himself. Ooh interesting – the chef isn’t limited to the three bites rules. That ought to shake up the battle of wits nicely.

Gosh, I knew I should have eaten something before I started this recap. The members dig in and Haha salivates just looking at the delicious food.

Elsewhere, Suk-jin, Hye-jin, and Jong-kook worry about their mission. They’ll need to guess the Korean songs the local sing, but more than that, none of them know any recent Kpop songs. Said the Turbo now ballad singer.

Not that it makes guessing any easier and they stare blankly as the woman hums the song along. The lady compliments Hye-jin mid-answer which makes her smile, but her answer (“Super Junior’s Cha Cha Cha!”) is completely off the mark. That’s trot, not pop!

Suk-jin gets it right and Hye-jin asks with genuine curiosity what that famous Super Junior song is. Jong-kook: “Sorry Sorry.” HA – and that just happens to be the next song.

Back to the restaurant where the chef is practically beaming watching the cast members enjoy his food so much. Both Jae-suk and Dong-wook encourage the chef to keep eating as Haha starts to sweat in his seat.

Jae-suk asks the chef if he’s done in Vietnamese and the chef just laughs, “No.” Why so cute?

Did the chef really just clean out like 10 of those dishes? Dayum. In any case, poor Haha gets eliminated.

In another part of town, Asia Prince Kwang-soo and the ex-Monday Couple receive their mission. It’s basically hide-and-seek and the seeker with the shortest amount of time wins.

Kwang-soo complains when Gary tells him to seek first. He gripes: “Do you think you two can be together if you do this?” All Ji-hyo has to do is show Gary a little aegyo for him to switch the order to her favor. Heh.

It’s pretty hilarious to see that the fan chants are actually working against Kwang-soo because he can’t hear the other members over the noise. He asks them to shush and immediately, the crowd goes silent. That’s pretty remarkable.

He manages to find the ex-Monday Couple within four minutes.

Meanwhile, the staff are in a fit of giggles watching the members try to decipher the melody. They ask for a hint but Mr. PD laughs that the woman is actually singing the song quite well.

Then Hye-jin guesses correctly (Park Hyun-bin’s “Shabang Shabang”). Funny how the one who said she didn’t know any songs is the one who gets them right. She gets a dagger for her efforts.

Time for dessert at the restaurant and now it’s down to Dong-wook and Jae-suk. Though the mission at hand is pretty engaging, it’s the chef’s nonstop laughter that gets me. Virtually everything makes the man laugh from Jae-suk’s Vietnamese to watching the two push the tray back and forth.

With less than ten dishes remaining, suddenly Dong-wook starts stuffing his face. It’s like sweetness overload to his system but he keeps on eating. He only needs to eat two more to win it…

He goes for it and nearly keels over in sugar shock. He does earn a dagger for his team, as does Kwang-soo.

With all nine daggers found, the teams head out to the final mission. In the car, Gary does an impromptu interview with Kwang-soo as fans continue to follow them.

Gary jokes that this is the first time he’s seen a placard with his own name in over four hours. But as soon as the fan spots Kwang-soo, she immediately changes it to the Giraffe’s. HA.

They all gather at Landmark Tower (which had a South Korean investor) and everyone marvels at the height. They all start at three different areas of the 72 story building and the game is nametag rippin’.

However, there’s a catch: Only those with daggers can participate in the game. Suk-jin: “What if we only have two [and there are three of us]?” Mr. PD’s voice booms, “You’ll be escorted off to jail immediately.” HA and aw.

Each member can hold up to two daggers but don’t worry – there are shields hidden in the building to help them out.

Surprisingly, Jong-kook volunteers himself to go to jail and immediately Kwang-soo responds that he’ll go instead. Then a few feet away from this dramatic exchange, Dong-wook shuffles his feet, “This is boring.”

At the end, Jong-kook heads off to jail with Suk-jin.

Mr. PD informs the cast of yet another caveat in this game: if they hang around their teammates for too long, then men in black will come after them. These guys, led by Maknae FD, look a lot like reapers.

Hye-jin slinks out of the elevator and spots Dong-wook just around the corner. The two face off and are soon joined by Kwang-soo. Her teammates hear her screams and they rush to her aid.

Not that she really needs it of course, because she reaches across Dong-wook’s back with one hand and locks Kwang-soo with her legs. They rip her nametag soon enough anyway.

A little later, Dong-wook runs after Haha, who runs right into Jae-suk’s path. Dong-wook catches up and rips off Haroro‘s nametag in a flash. Now everyone’s on the same playing field.

It doesn’t stay that level for long because Dong-wook appears around the corner as soon as Haha gets off elevator. They both try to grab each other’s backs but it’s Dong-wook who tears off the nametag first.

Gary burns with fury upon hearing his teammate’s elimination. What a perfect opportunity for revenge then when he sees Kwang-soo slip into a room and he rips off his nametag.

Dong-wook calls for Kwang-soo through his walkie-talkie, unaware that he’s been eliminated. Annoyed, he says, “Where are you? I see you more than I see my mom!” when the speakers blare the news. Dong-wook drops his walkie-talkie. Aw.

He does, however, find a shield and has a choice to either protect himself (the person who attacks him will be eliminated instead) or free a jailed teammate. The speakers blare his choice: Jong-kook is in the game. Oh yeah.

Everyone immediately tenses at this announcement. Now the game’s truly begun.

Both Gary and Hye-jin have their eyes on the Grasshopper who immediately radios for help. Hye-jin gives chase as Gary runs from the other direction. They corner him in another hall and then in the scuffle, Jae-suk tears off Hye-jin’s nametag.

Ji-hyo arrives moments later and Gary spins around to remain out of reach. He tears off Jae-suk’s nametag. Another one bites the dust.

The ex-Monday Couple decide to work together. They pinky swear on it and at that every moment, Jong-kook sees the exchange.

The speakers announce that another shield has been discovered but unlike last time, it’s eerily silent. Then it occurs to Dong-wook that whoever found it (he thinks it’s Ji-hyo) must be trying to save themselves. Which is exactly what Jong-kook deduces as well.

The ex-Monday Couple both claim that neither has found the shield. Hmm. When Dong-wook starts closing in, all of the jailed members radio their teammates in panicked voices. LOL.

They target Dong-wook who starts to back away. He yells, “Where is this guy [Jong-kook]! I saved him for nothing!” They pin him to the wall as Gary tears off Dong-wook’s nametag just as the Tiger runs up to them.

Then as soon as the ex-Monday Couple walks away, Gary rips off Ji-hyo’s nametag for good measure. It’s clean, which means Gary’s the one who found the shield and protected himself.

And that means he’s practically invincible at this point – it’ll be useless for Jong-kook to try to eliminate him. Smart, smart!

So Gary taunts Jong-kook to try to tear off his nametag with the entire cast for an audience. Jong-kook has no choice but to do so and the Yellow Team win it.

Everyone gathers around as the Yellow Team insert the nine daggers to release the golden dagger. It’s actually really cool watching the case open up and the golden dagger rise from the capsule.

But it’s not over yet because in two weeks, we’ll get the backstory on our mysterious nine daggers…


57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jae

    love.. love.. love this running man: asia race!
    introducing the new asia prince: lee kwang soo..
    can’t wait for the prequel and this week episode
    and thank you.. gummimochi ^^

  2. Fiekaman

    Thanks for the recap. An amazing race though it’ll be fun if they showed a bit of the reapers who were practically forgotten halfway thru the nametag ripping. Another good one. Can’t wait for this week’s JC and Siwon ep…

  3. Tieres

    It was a really fun episode. ūüôā
    I don’t understand why everybody always seems to be suprised about Kwang-soo’s popularity. He betrays everybody that’s true, but it all started with nobody being on his side. I think it’s understandable that his answer to this that he won’t be on anybody’s side in return. Furthermore he is always chosing funny over winning exept the few cases when the others piss him off like a couple of weeks ago. (all this said but actually my favourit members are Kim Jong Kook and Gary)
    I can’t wait for the next episode the preview was promising ūüėÄ )

    • 3.1 megumi

      yeah you’re right, this is a variety show and kwang soo nails it with his funny character, he made that character himself that is why maybe people outside of Korea love him more than say Jae suk, Ji hyo and KJK who are ahead of him in terms of popularity in Korea. Also the fact that he sacrifices a lot of his real self for the character’s sake by doing embarassing things that no other members would agree to do…

      • 3.1.1 spartakookie

        Jihyo ain’t that popular in Korea, Jae suk is an A-lister…Jihyo, can’t even act and known for her shitty acting.

  4. jel

    I feel sorry for the other RM members who barely got any shout out. Really sorry. That was not pleasant to watch

    • 4.1 Katherine

      I read an article from the one of the PD’s of the show and they said every member got a lot of love when they went to Vietnam but they just specifically high-lighted Kwang-soo’s popularity.
      If anything the other members from the looks of it loved seeing Kwang-soo get the attention/love that he did, Kim Jong Kook couldn’t stop smiling for him whenever the crowd was cheering & you could hear the crowd chanting Yoo Jae Suk & Haha’s names as well.

    • 4.2 Gom

      I have to agree with you on this. I was so happy that Kwang Soo was receiving so much love, he’s my favorite Running Man after all, but it was kind of awkward to watch one person getting all the attention (or technically the camera time for that attention). Even for him, it must’ve been awkward too. I honestly had to skip some parts.

      I’d like to think the others got as much love but I guess the Kwang Soo popularity thing was made to be part of the plot for these episodes. I bet in the coming episodes, a hilarious storyline will be made out of all this. ūüôā

      • 4.2.1 jan

        omg i completely agree!!

  5. jel

    I forgot to add: Dong Wook amazed me so much with his determination. The way he wolfed down the tart one after the other, refusing to give up. And he was running nonstop during the name tag race sweating like crazy

    • 5.1 gg

      yea, he was so cute during the food game. not forgetting how much courage he had to pluck up just to do the bungee jump last week, and then feeling embarrassed afterwards when the girls both jumped off on their first tries XD love Dong Wook! <3

  6. Zijila

    Lee kwang soo, he is so lovely ūüôā cant help it but getting love him more more and more.

  7. onyxx

    i’m waiting for the next one — Jackie Chan yay!!

  8. snow_white


  9. JC

    Loved Lee Dongwook in these episodes!
    And I can’t wait for the prequel coming up in too weeks~

    In the meantime though… Jackie Chan. o__o (holy crap, Running Man is big)

  10. 10 Katie

    Awesome episode!

    Why 2 weeks??? I thought they had another episode with Lee Dong Wook and Han Hye Jin? Darn. I don’t like hiatuses even if it’s for Jackie Chan.

  11. 11 smile134

    OMG, they went to Hanoi, Vietnam!!! This is my hometown ūüôā I haven’t been back for almost 3 years, miss Hanoi so much…

  12. 12 Minz

    I honestly think part of why the RM fans love to chant Kwangsoo’s name and show him such support is because of his obvious appreciation for it. He’s such an underdog type of character and before RM, he was pretty much a nugu non-celebrity. Thus ever since the first overseas episodes where he had fans cheering for him, he’s always been so touched and shown such gratitude since its not smth he’s used to.

    I admit there was a period I used to really dislike Kwangsoo, but he’s really come into his own since then and he’s such a great variety persona now (:

    • 12.1 Lilian

      Ooh…I get what you mean. He does do a lot of fanservice and generally from the shots taken of the fans, they are of a young age range. Which is probably why he is their favourite as well. Back in Korea among the ajummas, Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Jong Kook would probably win the popularity vote though. So I guess it depends =)

      • 12.1.1 bd

        Kwang-soo is not only the maknae of RM, but he appeals to the mostly younger, female fanbase – he’s funny and “safe” (not uber-masculine, the kind who would be seen as a “player”).

  13. 13 Mera

    I knew that Hye Jin¬īs Team would win right from the start! It¬īs almost always that the female guests wins! It somehow pisses me off!

    that aside, I really like running man and all of the cast-members. even kwang soo!! they are so funny!

  14. 14 Running Man Fan

    Another nice episode and this time we have Kookie in the Running Man. yay! But I really pity him as he look painful when he tried to walk. Especially when they reach Vietnam, the people really crowds around them like nobody business. I was worried about Kim Jong kook leg injury.
    My favorite moment:
    1) the people scream and cheer for kwang soo – the Asian prince. But I do felt sorry for the rest of the cast members especially Jong kook. When Girrafe ask the fans to shout Jong kook name but instead heard his name. I felt that the fans should encourage other members and guests too.
    2) dong wook and Hye Jin are so enjoyable to watch as they really participated very well and blend in with the RM.
    3) Jong kook was totally surprise that Kwang soo reached the status of superstar in Vietnam.
    4) Jong kook clever strategies in winning the scissor, paper, stone game.
    5) haha and the cast members play with the vendors
    6) kwang soo betray the team by switching the sword and Haha deduction is right
    7) Ji Hyo jokingly sigh that they cannot win with the two hyungs. (Poor Ji Suk Jin is always the ‘outcast’) haha.
    8) Ji Hyo aeyo (cute) moment to Gary and the Monday couple moment when they hug
    9) The auntie trying to sing korean song and jong kook gave the answer to Hye Jin when it happens that the next song is SJ – Sorry, Sorry.
    10) The chef keeps laughing and was cute to see that
    11)Jong Kook and kwang soo dramatic moment and dong Wook don’t know what to do and state that it is boring. Haha
    12) Dong Wook call out to Kim Jong Kook but he did not come in time.. And he even revive him at the first place. Ha
    13) Jong Kook expression on his face as he receive the name tag. Haha.. Get ready tiger!
    14) Gary was getting more active and into the game.. I was amazed by his all-kill strategy. However, I do not like the ‘sudden commander’ given to him. There is only one commander and that is Jong Kook. I mean nobody can replace that character. Instead dark horse of RM is more appropriate. Anyway, bravo, Gary is amazing!
    Lastly, thank you for the review. ūüôā

    • 14.1 anon

      i actually love when Gary is given Sudden Commander title..This shows that he’s the dark horse in the team..really love when Gary shows his actual strength, because im sure all RM fans know Gary background and capabilities as a boxer and 8th degree black belt in martial arts ūüôā

  15. 15 Running Man Fan

    Jong kook is a wounded tiger in this episode so the competitive feel is not really there, perhaps, it will be more fun if there is more chasing towards the end. I felt that the time is too short for the chasing part. Luckily Gary save the day when the commander Kim Jong Kook is not at his 100%.

  16. 16 Apainine

    does anybody know the song thats like catchy. like instrumental. it was played in some drama but cant figure which one.

    • 16.1 ryoko

      I think you mean the drama Goong, also known as Princess Hours. Goong literally means ‘palace’ and is also the name of the instrumental track from the OST that was used in this Running Man episode. It’s the first song used in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9VeNW2MMNc

      If that wasn’t the one you were thinking of, it could also be another song from the Goong OST called Woo Joo Jung Bok: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iB1LZI8B2U
      (But I think it was the other Goong track that was used, not this one.)

  17. 17 Cheli

    I kinda like the Macau episode better than this one. LDW made me laugh with all of his “this is boring” comments and how being on running man makes you an idiot. Lmao! His tenacity was so fun to watch though. I hope he comes back on RM. I’m bummed they cut they cut the part in the preview where Gary and LDW are in one of the hallway floors trying get each other’s tags. It makes you wonder who was attacking and who was on the defense. I always love the episodes when Gary gets the win. He”s definitely improved when it comes to the games and name tag ripping.

  18. 18 Rainee

    I really enjoy this eps and I agree with what ppl say about Lee Dong Wook, he’s amazing and so honest (when he said ‘it’s boring’ LOL) I’m also touched to see the fans appreciating LKS, I know I would do the same if he ever gets into my country ūüôā

  19. 19 Running Man Fan

    Omg! I forgot to add that the part when the blue team followed the yellow team in the car!! That was epic when Jong Kook, kwang soo and Ji suk Jin pretends to lean back and sleep!! So obvious but the reaction is so cute. I also like it tha Gary take his own sweet time to peel and eat the apple and the next moment, he set off with his team members when Kwangsoo went back to find him. I love how the blue team pretend to understand mandarin when they mission was read out to them…. Last of all, Gary taking Ji Hyo for dinner? Hahaha… ūüôā

  20. 20 lemonade candy

    I didnt really like Kwang Soo in the beginning. but he grows on me. he’s totally the fun of the show~ kirin oppa! lolololol~

  21. 21 jj

    Could someone please explain what this show is all about? I’ve never seen it. Thanks!

    • 21.1 adame

      well. I watched this episode many times and I never felt boring plus I love to watch kwang Soo in all red when jong Kook mention about his popularity. yeah no doubt about it. everyone seems love kwang soo as we all see his action is damn funny even sometimes kinda stupid. but its working to make peoples to fall in love with him.. and I like him so much !!!!! ~

  22. 22 Fun-lugha

    When LDW was saying where’s this guy while looking for KJK, i liked that he used the term “i yangban”. i’ve never looked up what that word means but i assume it means “i nom” which just cracks me up!
    Awesome episode and as much as i love Jackie Chan i wish they’d fast forward to the backstory episode!

  23. 23 Cynthia

    Am really enjoying this epic RM – the guests are doing a fine job of interacting with the team. I only wish that each leg of the trip had brought on new guests, just to change it up bit (3-4 weeks is a long time for the same two celebs to appear).

    The crowds were unreal. Kwang soo was really eating it up giving fan service with his ‘Power Stance’ – how things have changed for him!

    Thanks for the recap, G!

  24. 24 Alicia


  25. 25 Meiyih

    LDW is so funny, definitely one of my fav RM guest, i nearly choke myself whn he say he see Kwangsoo more than he see his mum then literally drop the walkie talkie whn he heard the announcement lol

    he’s really funny & competitive at the same time ūüôā

  26. 26 Nokcha

    Really enjoyed this Running Man! Loved the concept and I really like their trips abroad and see how people respond to them. The love to Kwang Soo was so adorable! And Gary is so clever. I like how after watching this show since the beginning you see how the games have developed, but also the players approach to the games and how they know each other so well know and how each will react to certain things.

    Especially got a kick out of the chef and his giggling!

  27. 27 bd

    While I enjoyed last week’s ep, liked this one better since the games were more conducive towards interaction btwn the RM members and guests (the funniest moments tend to be the verbal banter).

    The chef cracked me up w/ his continual laughter/bemusement; that group lucked out in getting the eating game (made me really hungry).

    The guessing the song game was hilarious in the ep w/ Taeyeon as the guest star, so was glad to see it come back.

    The Tiger was smart in volunteering to go to jail for his team; his bad leg really handicaps him in a game that involves running (probably wasn’t the best move for Dong-wook to resuscitate the Commander.

    Glad that Gary stood up for himself and ripped off the Ace’s name-tag (he previously helped her out even when she had him booted from her group during he switcheroo).

    Hye-jin has become another one of my favorite female guests – has plenty of spunk and a personality and is really competitive.

  28. 28 BattleAngel

    Another great episode and the crowds were off the charts! Everyone did great I liked Dong Wook was like…” I guess I’m automatically in…this is boring” and it seemed like he felt a little left out of the bromance. There aren’t a lot of female guests I like but I like Hye Jin because she says funny stuff and is competitive. I don’t usually dislike Kwang Soo but I am always disappointed and a bit annoyed when Kwang Soo AGAIN betrays/sabotages his OWN team! KJK, Dong Wook, & Kwang Soo agreed to do one thing with the swords but Kwang Soo just did whatever he wanted and screwed them out of all their swords. I know he likes to go for funny instead of the win but he could bring out the funny in different ways that doesn’t screw up his own team.

    And Jackie Chan in the next episode is awesome! Can’t wait for your recap!

    • 28.1 jel

      I agree. His betrayals, when it ends up sabotaging his own team, are painful to watch. You could see the frustration on their faces. Oh Kwang Soo ya! Love you but stop betraying your team!

    • 28.2 ryoko

      That’s the same way I feel about Kwang Soo.

  29. 29 cosmo

    Comment above. You guys do not understand that rm.Because all of them were staged all traitors. But I do more than one only.For Guangzhou, despite the betrayal of Judas, but once you’ve seen his photo.That the HA.I do not want to come to enjoy the game because I only see him every now KWANGSOO I HA HA.The other part is that it only added to the show.

  30. 30 Re

    did anyone knows what song in this episode when kwang soo win in restaurant and monday couple hugging.. ?? i really like that bgm.

  31. 31 ruthie

    funny that the only episode of healing camp that i watched was with lee dong wook and now he is here with han hye jin. how i wished that the two would become regular cast members. they were a joy to watch!
    han hye jin seems cool while lee dong wook is very emotional. i am afraid he might suffer from panic attacks.
    it was brave of him to do the bungee jumping but he was obviously agitated. the part when he heard the news that his teammate kwangsoo was out, then dropping his walkie talkie, agitated while inside the elevator and then dropping to his knees when discovering that most doors were opened – that was epic!

  32. 32 cinthy

    loved this episode!! but i still can’t understand why everyone loves kwang soo, maybe he is the youngest?? i love all the running man, but my favorite is kim jong kook

    • 32.1 cinthy

      i forgot when LDW found the shield, the music was from INUYASHA!!! love that

  33. 33 mily

    This episode was fun, but I don’t understand why Haha was eliminated in the mission at West lake restaurant , do you know why this happened? ūüôā

  34. 34 Farah

    I had goosebumps seeing those huuuge crowds everywhere running man went. it was amazing. I wonder whether it’d be the same reactions, if running man come to Malaysia. daebak.
    Anyway, it’s good to see how famous Kwangsoo was (although I’m in shock as well because he’s such a betrayer and sometimes I feel like I wanna knock his head, kekeke don’t be mad Kwangsoo’s fans, I’m in love with him too ><) but he is, very famous. no doubt. plus, he provides many funniest moments in running man along with his awkward dance and ultimately, his height. ^^
    I've always been on Commander's side so it's a bit frustrating to see his team failed. anyhow, I enjoyed every minute of this episode. lots of laughters, as always.
    Running man, fighting! we'll always support you!

  35. 35 OjeyonO

    typo in paragraph starting “After all of the switcheroo…” – Jae-Suk is mentioned twice – Jong Kook isn’t mentioned at all

  36. 36 Raptor

    Wow the popularity of the show cannot be underestimated at all!

  37. 37 Pi_khun

    in the End Gary always win with the female guest

  38. 38 anon

    Wow, Gary is no joke..He’s indeed the Dark Horse in RM, capable of winning everything if he put his mind to. Once he’s awaken, he’ll crush u into pieces..

  39. 39 Yulia Yuyya

    Gary is dae bak!

  40. 40 aciko

    Whoa… Gary seriously IS the dark horse. Oh and when YJS ripped HHJ’s name tag too, their speed is no joke. I love it when KJK was all smile and teasing LKS for his massive popularity. And they both so cute when KJK offered to stay in jail, most probably bcs he was injured. This ep rocks btw!

  41. 41 aira

    kwang soo i love you…although he always lose … and revealed himself to be a traitor, but he is a very friendly and well … he is very funny ….. and very respectful to the older brother kim jong kok, jae suk jin.haha, gary , and older sister song ji hyo

  42. 42 Josephine

    May i know the places in vietnam where this episodes take the scene? thank you..

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