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Running Man: Episode 135
by | March 10, 2013 | 56 Comments

Ever wish your childhood hero would drop by? It’s time to cha-cha-cha with Jackie Chan as he joins Running Man on a treasure hunt to recover some gold. The great thing about variety is that it teaches us that lifelong friendships built on hilarity can transcend even the greatest of language barriers.

EPISODE 135. Broadcast on March 3, 2013.

This episode, brought to you by Running Man Pictures, starts off giving us a glimpse of a very important guest: Jackie Chan. For now, we check in with our lovable cast who gathers at Namsan Tower at daybreak.

I love it how some members stumble over today’s theme (“Treasure Hunter”) because the phrase is written out phonetically in Korean. Haha: “What’s ‘teu-re-juh’?” Yeah, I’d be confused too. Kwang-soo: “Oh, THAT ‘treasure.’ You should have written it in English!” Lol.

They’re tasked to crack a hidden code with just a pencil case at their disposal. Then Suk-jin just laughs that all you need is the case itself and tries to decipher the code by looking through the teeny holes to read it. HA.

But lookie here – there’s another guest here to amp up the fun: returning guest Choi Siwon (Super Junior). Completely stumped, the cast has no choice but to head off to different locations to pick up some clues.

As expected, Jong-kook hones in on the repeated word “mal-ah” (to roll) in the kimbap restaurant and brings it to the others’ attention. Too bad that Jae-suk is too hungry to think much on it and tells him to stop his jabbering (the word for don’t/stop is also “mal-ah“).

So while the others eat breakfast (and Siwon joins them), Jong-kook starts to roll a strip of paper, trying to guess a few words. The characters line up to a possible address in Sindang-dong, and he heads out with Haha.

Elsewhere at the hair salon, someone else has taken the phrase “to roll” a bit more literally and Kwang-soo ends up with another perm. Heehee. But leave it to Ji-hyo to figure out the code as well and she starts packing her things.

Pretty soon, everyone’s cracked the code. Well, everyone except Kwang-soo, who’s left alone and confused. Aw.

Kwang-soo heads to another location (a children’s park) where he’s soon bombarded by Lol Lols and literally rolled like a taco. His bewildered expression is understandable as the captions teach us that he’s at the last hint location.

Haha and Jong-kook arrive at the building and they huff and puff their way to the sixth floor whereas the others just take the elevator. By the time Ji-hyo arrives, there’s an empty seat right next to Gary and Jae-suk teases her to sit next to the ex-Monday Boyfriend.

Kwang-soo finally arrives and his post-perm look gets teased as a likeness of the Welsh actor Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill. You’re still the Asia Prince to your loyal fans, buddy.

Mr. PD formally introduces today’s theme: Treasure Hunter. Then the screen flickers and Jackie Chan appears onscreen. Explaining that he lost a precious treasure, he’ll need the cast’s help to recover it. He calls out the Grasshopper in particular, who replies back in English: “No problem!”

Jackie rises from his seat, which prompts some confusion from the cast. But that’s because they’re in for a bigger surprise because a minute later, Jackie swings open the door to greet them in person. Jaws drop.

Commence fanboy/fangirl mode as the cast excitedly greets the world star. Much of them are still in disbelief and start snapping selcas. ‘Cause it didn’t happen if there aren’t any pictures!

Jackie starts comparing noses with Big Nose Hyung (“They’re not the same”) and then slips out of the group selca. Why so cute?

I already love Jackie to pieces. The cast lists off his numerous projects and Jackie acknowledges the fact in Korean: “There are a lot!” He notes that Siwon is pretty famous in China and when Suk-jin tries to get on the bandwagon, he shuts down the mat hyung: “I don’t see you [on TV]! I see everyone [but you]!”

Jackie interacts with the cast pretty easily despite the language barrier and I’m impressed by his Korean-speaking ability (he mentioned in a recent Knee-Drop Guru episode that he lived in Korea for some time). And his one-liners are pretty freaking hilarious.

Jae-suk opens up the floor to the cast and Haha’s first words are “Phone number…” As in, you want Jackie’s digits? Ha. Jackie replies, “You’re not a woman!” and then turns to Ji-hyo instead. HAHAHA.

Mr. PD briefly explains today’s Treasure Hunter Race where they’ll play games to acquire darts. The team who throws a dart into the golden zone of the dartboard wins. Then Kwang-soo’s English explanation has me in stitches. Basically it’s: “Gold dart. Throw. Ppyong. Good.”

Jong-kook picks up the first golden dart for arriving first. Now it’s time to determine teams and the breakdown is as follows: Blue (Jackie, Jae-suk, & Ji-hyo), Red (Siwon, Jong-kook, & Gary), and Green (Kwang-soo, Suk-jin, & Haha).

The Betrayal Trio vows to win using their traitorous tactics against the other teams.

I love the “non-stop” games where the staff keeps the cameras rolling. It’s like we get a bit of the behind-the-scenes action that’s usually edited out. Like when Kwang-soo preps to clap for the camera and Jackie steals his thunder. Heh.

Stage 1 is simple – the team that slides a bottlecap closest to the edge of the table moves on. Both the Red and Blue Teams fall pretty short to the edge and poor Kwang-soo’s slides right off the table. Aw.

Gary gives Ji-hyo a word of encouragement before her turn (“Think of me!”) and by the time it’s the Blue Team’s turn again, Gary’s bottlecap is closest to the edge.

Finally, it’s Jackie’s time to shine and everyone waits with bated breath. His cap falls short of Gary’s. But no worries because Haha slides his and in a surprise twist, knocks Jackie’s cap closest to the edge. Daebak.

That enables the Blue Team to move on and Jackie agrees to give Haha his number in gratitude.

The Blue Team heads to the roof and here, they’ll have to collectively jumprope at least 10 times. The catch? They have to do it barefoot and on a spiky bumpy surface. Omg Jackie – are you wearing toesie socks? Why that’s just adorable.

Every jump is like a wave of pain that shocks their bodies and hell, I’m in pain just watching them! Even the health addicts (Jong-kook and Siwon) can’t help but feel the pain and they flop after a single jump.

Okay now I’m convinced that the Easy Brothers should never hold a line connecting them together again. Suk-jin switches places with Kwang-soo, who tries to figure out which hand to hold the jumprope with and ends up facing his back to the camera. HA.

The dunce-like moment gets a laugh out of Jackie (and me) but it turns out it actually works. Eureka!

Jackie suggest that they jump slowly and he means really slowly. As in: jump, stop, jump, stop. Jae-suk laughs, “We can’t do that, hyung!”

All the teams start running into a general issue as time ticks by: They’ve learned to speed-jump to endure the pain, which leaves their teammate unable to jump in. Gary bides his time as the rope whips in front of him again and again. Then his team finally gives up and he gets an earful from Kookie.

Coach Kookie even shares a tip with the class: “If you think about how it’s healthy for you, then it won’t hurt!” Easy for you to say.

When it’s the Blue Team’s turn again, the rope slips out of Jackie’s hand and he adorably cries, “I’m sorry!”

At this rate, it looks like the teams will be here all day so everyone agrees to change the rules. But then the Green Team suggests they jump totally barefoot and you can hear the staff cry: “It’s like the same thing!” No it’s not!

And as expected, the Easy Brothers jump once and crumple to the ground.

I feel like I shouldn’t find pleasure in someone else’s pain this much but it’s too darned funny. After a few more rounds, the Red Team manages to complete five jumps barefoot and pick up three more darts.

On their way to the next stage, Jae-suk asks Jackie about a stunt that involved him sliding down a cascade of lights. The cast marvel at the numerous scars on Jackie’s body, astounded that the man did all of those stunts himself.

Jong-kook admits that as a kid, he thought Bruce Lee and Jackie were both Korean (because Jackie is known as “Sung Ryong” and Bruce Lee “Lee So-ryong”). They gape as Jackie gives them the rundown on Where are Your Nostalgic Martial Arts Stars Now? Then he sums up: “It’s all the same!” Like, we’re people too!

Jae-suk asks after one of his favorite actresses, Maggie Cheung, and Jackie replies that she’s looking for her next new project.

Kwang-soo pipes that his favorite Jackie Chan film is Drunken Master (1979) which prompts Jae-suk to ask how old Jackie thinks the Giraffe is. Jackie: “45?”

Anyway, back to the game. It’s like a Hot Potato Conversation where the member who gets stuck with the phone when time runs out is eliminated. Everyone switches seats and whaddayaknow – the ex-Monday Couple sits next to each other. It’s fate. Gary: “Just accept it!”

Jong-kook starts off the round and passes the phone to Suk-jin, but with five seconds left, Suk-jin hands it back to him with this question: “How’s your love life?” Needless to say, Spartakooks is eliminated.

Suk-jin sets an unknown time and turns to Jackie who in turn hands the phone to an idolizing Haha. The phone ends up back in Jackie’s hands. He starts to panic and then attacks Siwon with: “Do you have a girlfriend?” Omo omo omo.

Ultimately Suk-jin’s strategy works against him and he inadvertently eliminates Kwang-soo. Haha defends: “Give us a dart for eliminating our own teammates!”

Jae-suk gives this long-winded answer in the next round and then turns to ask Ji-hyo a question. Did you not learn from what happened just two minutes ago?

Ji-hyo nervously gives her answer but snaps at Gary when he asks her a question. Gary explains: “I’m always curious about you!” Hee.

Haha gets eliminated but the first question in the next round piques everyone’s curiosity (“Have you ever thought about dating Gary [for real]?”) Ji-hyo answers: “I’ll think about it later.”

She in turn asks the same question to Gary who puts her on the spot: “Can you answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ right now?” She answers that she’ll consider it if Gary gets her the ring they saw at Macau, but then time runs out before she finishes.

Gary uses a multi-question tactic on Jackie which backfires and a few rounds later, it’s down to Jackie and Jae-suk vs. Siwon. The idol-actor stays calm and asks Jae-suk a loaded question: “In your opinion, who do you think is the ‘Nation’s MC’?” Jae-suk is eliminated before he gets a chance to answer.

The RM staff rolls clips to remind us that both Siwon and Jackie excel at shooting questions. Jackie starts off with some praise about Super Junior but when he asks a question, Siwon asks one right back a few seconds later. LOL.

But Jackie manages to squeeze in another question before the phone blares and wins it.

In Stage 4, the team to collect seven animal heads (of the Chinese Zodiac no less!) the fastest wins the round. But watch out – there are other animals hidden too!

The Blue Team finds two animals right away and why am I not surprised that Kwang-soo has a giraffe tucked under his arm? Kwang-soo: “I want one to keep forever…”

We get this quiet hilarious moment as Siwon waltzes into the Blue Team’s corner, whistling, and swipes the two animals with ease. Jae-suk notices them missing a little later, so he does the same thing and steals one from the Green Team.

Jackie stows away one of his stolen animals before he rejoins the chaos. Soon, animals get stolen left and right and the teams make off with whatever animal they can get. As a result, the Red Team has five animals whereas the Blue Team has two.

Jong-kook attempts to keep the Green Team from approaching the loft where their animals are hidden. Jae-suk watches this scene unfold from a distance and then figures, I’ll just climb the ladder. He plucks one from its hiding place and looks down… to see Haha.

So Jong-kook decides to protect the rest of his team’s animals by putting it in one bag. That just makes it look more obvious, and what’s worse is that Jae-suk has seen the whole thing. Jong-kook defends: “I was just cleaning up!”

The Blue Team has set up a pretty good defense system and when Kwang-soo tries to peer over the edge using his height, there’s Jae-suk to greet him. HA. Further attempts leaves the Green Team even more unkempt in appearance.

Jong-kook barricades himself and then he tosses out a deal with the Green Team: help us and we’ll give you two darts. Sold. They attack the Blue Team and make off with their animals as Jae-suk cries: “Thief! Thief!”

The Red Team ends up with seven but then Kwang-soo tries to run for it with the huge bag of animals. Jong-kook stops him with a smack on the head. Ow, but at least Kwang-soo laughs about it.

The teams head to the final stage with their darts in hand. It’s no surprise that the Green Team’s aid didn’t earn them extra darts (caption: You just helped another team…). They at least laugh about their situation and chant: “Betrayal Cross!” That’s the spirit!

Remember – the first team to hit a dart in the golden zone wins. Both Siwon and Ji-hyo miss. When it’s Suk-jin’s turn, Jae-suk digs that the mat-hyung used to stay out at night to play darts and get scolded by his wife. Heh.

The distraction tactic works and the dart falls off the board. LOL.

Jackie tosses his – it’s close but misses. Then Haha asks for some of Jackie’s ki and he obliges with a little puff of air. It swerves to the side. Kwang-soo gives himself a pep talk (“It’s your first and last try!”)… and then it bounces off the board. Aw.

Then Siwon throws his dart and it lands right in the golden zone. He wins it for the Red Team. Is that… a golden boot?

Jackie is given the golden boot and then asked to say a word to the audience. Jackie: “I love you! *blows kisses*”

We love you too. ♥


56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jel

    Well, it isnt the kind of RM episodes I usually like, but I’ll let it go because its JACKIE CHAN!!! Considering how short a preparation time they had to make this ep, and how it was likely filmed in half the time they usually take, it was good.

    You could really see how in awe all the members were. Which I’d be if Jackie Chan was on!

    I thought the painless brothers were hilarious. So was Suk Jin causing his own teammate Kwang Soo to be ousted in the phone bomb game. That was so funny I had to pause and finish laughing.

    If this episode was physical, then the team of Si Won – Jong Kook – Gary would be unfair. But given that this ep was all about harmless fun, I felt the teams worked

    • 1.1 Mika~

      It would’ve definitely been unfair! I was thinking… Why wasn’t there any name-tag ripping today? And then I remembered, oh yeah, Jackie Chan’s nearing his 60s! I mean, Jackie Chan is an amazing martial artist and I’m sure he’s very fit, but I doubt he could’ve gone up against all these young’uns. Nevertheless, for someone who doesn’t speak Korean fluently, I think Jackie did really well on the show.

      • 1.1.1 reyna

        JC was promoting his new movie and could only spend a couple of hours with the show. that’s also why all the games were done in one building. he was also promoting on a different show the night before and had not had enough sleep. given the energy and time… all the RM team would probably just show their back so JC can rip it all because…come on…he’s JACKIE f*&%ng CHAN!!!

        • Hari

          I was wondering why Jackie looked so tired. I agree…the cast wouldn’t have wanted to do name tag rip off game. Plus the crowd control problem if they had tried to film in other locations. It was fun to see to see all the fanboy/girling. I’m a Jackie fan too.

        • Betty

          “all the RM team would probably just show their back so JC can rip it all because…come on…he’s JACKIE f*&%ng CHAN!!!”
          —> Everyone but Si Won lol He was really keen to win!!!

      • 1.1.2 ssosh

        but i was really surprised at how well Jackie Chan spoke korean… and he was so cute whenever he spoke it >.<

        • bd

          JC used to live in Korea for a no. of years.

          • Jesse

            No wonder he could speak korean!

      • 1.1.3 bd

        Chan isn’t a hard-core martial artist like Bruce Lee or Jet Li.

        While Chan got some martial arts training, he also got training as an acrobat – which has enabled him to do all those amazing stunts (he was a stuntman for Bruce Lee at age 17).

        • whitewire

          In my opinion, CHAN is better than JET LI when it comes to kungfu.

          • Ace

            my opinion,in kung fu if you search jetli vs jackie chan in kungfu most people and i would say jetli is better than jackie but in entertaining and doing stuns, jackie is more professional than jetli. in the end they both equally best at their part.

  2. jel

    Forgot. Jong Kook and Ji Hyo are really Commander and Ace. Basically the only ones to solve the clue while the rest just followed

  3. onyxx

    this episode lived up to my expectations. definitely one of the best eps i have seen so far. there were so many fun moments here, but the following are the main highlights for me.

    1. Jackie Chan — one of the best reasons to watch RM ever! i hope he comes back again soon.
    2. Suk-jin trying to peer through that pencil case as he tries find a clue to their first destination — it confused me at first, but i LOL’d when i realized what he was doing (WTH?). Kwang-soo didn’t fare any better — he got “rolled up”!
    3. Si-won is a great guest, and he made a great call when he chose KJK and gary as team mates (talk about a tough team to beat). and there was this cute moment where he yelled “Sparta!” after they won the skipping rope segment.
    4. the skipping rope game was hilarious — everyone had the same reaction (cringe in pain), but trust Suk-jin and Kwang-soo to raise the bar (of hilarity) to another level
    5. the Zodiac (stuffed toy snatching) game was a brilliant idea. as expected, the green team (LKS, JSJ and Ha-ha)) — or “the guys with messed-up hair” courtesy of Jae-suk — didn’t compare well with the other teams; however, they were so damn funny, it added to the lustre of this episode for me
    6. Note to LKS: “Tweak the tiger’s tail at your own peril”

  4. Dvya

    My fav. actor on my fav. show! Cant ask for more x) Jackie’s kisses at the end was shooooooo cute – lol!

  5. Sabah

    Jackie Chan! Runningman really has gone crazy! Hehe. I was thinking maybe we could get Hugh Jackman on next seeing that he is a goodwill ambassador for Seoul. Here’s his stint on Miss Gold is coming.

    Any other international celebrities you would like to see on Runningman? I mean apart from your fabulous selves of course. Hehe

    • 5.1 kungfupigeon

      I loved Hugh on that

      • 5.1.1 Lilian

        I would love to see another muscle guy, the Rock! Haha…should be funny seeing him chase after them =P

    • 5.2 Hari

      I would love to see Hugh Jackman as a guest!

  6. canxi

    Aww, Jackie Chan. He’s so great.

  7. junibacken

    My brother is a newly converted RM’s fan after he watched this episode 😀
    And I love how the members were really starstruck when they met Jackie Chan. Hahaha

  8. biankoy

    omo!! Daebakkkk! I’m like, just flapping my mouth wide open here. This is pretty awesome Runningman. Jackie Chan? I’m more of a Jet Li fangirl but Jackie Chan as a guest is really awesome. Now I’m really anticipating who will come out next episode.

  9. LK

    Yay, Jihyo finally got picked by a male guest… And it’s even better because it’s none other than Jackie Chan himself!!! He’s so charming and hilarious, a true hero indeed.

    I thought it was so cute how Haha was totally into Jackie in the question game!! 😀

    • 9.1 Betty

      HaHa’s love and admiration for Jackie Chan were cute but JC seems to feel a little uneasy about it lol but still it was really cute.

  10. 10 Kim Fieka

    There’s only one line to sum it all up: Hilarious, entertaining and definitely ADORABLE!

  11. 11 cimori

    omo, from your screencaps, i realized that jackie chan has a really big nose, wkwkkwkwkwkkk

    thanks dramabeans for the recap, like always daebak,

    and today guest star is really entertaining and big stars too !!!

    btw, to si won, welcome to indonesia, and really wait your and SUJU performance in Music Bank in Jakarta. 🙂

  12. 12 neener

    Love love this episode! I kinda did a marathon today… I continued watching the episode with Lee dong wook and Hyejin. Hyejin was so damn cute! when she said she’s the gonna make the fans in Vietman her fans and her reactions were adorable during this game with the owner. 😀 and I can’t believe I’d still watch them in the next episode.

    As for the Jackie Chan episode! IT WAS damn FUNNY! It was a delight to see that Jackie has that side and I do hope when they visit HK they’ll invite Jackie Chan, may it be personal or show. and I love the behind the scenes at the end of the episode. How Jackie Chan was sorta shopping during the zodiac game HAHA

  13. 13 Fun-lugha

    They never even left the building but the hilarity is up there with Park Ji Sung’s episode…JC mwah! mwah! mwaah!

  14. 14 Running Man Fan

    Lovely episode with the screen caption of the giraffe and tiger. Commander Kim Jong Kook and ace Song Ji Hyo are the first to figure out the clues. Got to admit that Jong Kook is both brain and brawn. I always like to see him solve the puzzle, like a detective, he had great sense and intuition.
    Jackie chan surprises me with his Korean, he looks so humble like a neighborhood uncle that joined in the fun.
    The Ex-Monday couple moment is fabulous and I hope that they will continue this chemistry and give us lots of entertainment.
    The games which they played were fun but we can’t compare it with other episodes where the team had more time to plan.. The classic name tag rigging game was features to a certain degree, it was disappointing but I do enjoy the small games which they played. The betray trio were so comical and fun to watch. Hope they can be paired up more often. Thank you for the recap. 🙂

  15. 15 Jam

    I love this episode. Seriously loooove it! RM can never go wrong with Jackie!
    Thanks for the recap.

  16. 16 Kiongna

    so enjoyed this episode with Mr Jackie Chan! I had such big laughs – what a hoot he is, totally hilarious and Jackie is so intelligent and quick witted – and those lines of his were not from any script! He commanded the screen time so naturally, the jokes, the puns – loved it!

  17. 17 Melmax


  18. 18 supah

    Drunken Master theme >>>>>> Superman theme.
    Dammit now I can’t stop humming the former and doing the wrist flicks. For the record I ws born in the 80s but that fact stands as a testament to the film’s classic status.
    I never really watch this show or variety shows in general but I will definitely watch this ep now – it’s Jackie Chan!!!

  19. 19 allen


  20. 20 JC

    If this had been just a regular episode, it wouldn’t have been that funny (no nametag ripping D:) but Jackie Chan made it amazing. <33333
    It was actually my childhood hero guest starring on my favourite show, I was expectantly waiting for this episode for weeks, and it didn't disappoint!

    • 20.1 bd

      Eh, the name-tag ripping usually isn’t that funny unless there is a great twist to it and it just involves the cast (such as the super-powers or prison-break eps) or unless the guest is female and really gung-ho (like w/ Gong Hyo-jin or Han Ji-min).

      Usually the funniest moments in RM are when the whole cast is together and they can banter w/ each other (like when the guys were ripping on Ms. Mong when it was her turn to make Gon Hyo-jin’s heartbeat race and when YJS did his whole butt-thing) or in other moments when there isn’t running involved and there’s time to joke around (like anytime when YJS is in a car driving/riding somewhere w/ a guest or 2 and a cast member or 2).

  21. 21 Katherine

    I really liked that they kept this episode light and breezy, it was perfect for Jackie Chan. As much as I would’ve loved to have seen twists and turns and whatnot, lets be honest Jackie Chan isn’t completely fluent in Korean & I remember that being one of the reasons why the PD’s back when JC made his first appearance in the Hong Kong specials stating that they would love to have him on the show but the language barrier would get in the way especially with how the show is run with their quizzes and etc.
    The games were simple but they had you on the edge though & I have to say even though they had an international star on the show, it’s the first time where I’ve felt each member had their own shining moment/screen time, which usually never happens when they have major stars on the show.

  22. 22 Lively

    Omo omo I waited these for sooo long and get my expectation to high dont like the episode seems unprepared and the members are all over Jackie like come on giys settle down they are like little boys seeing a Big Stars maybe tune it a little bit Jackie is kinda confuse too. I bet they just squeeze him in for promotion and Jackie is I guest have insanely busy promoting his movie

    • 22.1 Katherine

      I can totally understand why they would be fan-boying over Jackie Chan, his an icon within the Asian continent and people all over the world have grown up with his films. I think him appearing on the show in person totally warrants the members to be in awe of him.

  23. 23 Noelle

    So awesome! Jackie Chan! I love that dude.

  24. 24 Meiyih

    thou i was hopin for some name-tag rippin wif Jackie Chan & seein his stunts in RM but I’ll jus content myself wif a cute & neighbour uncle performance, he’s adorable wif the RM team lol

  25. 25 tomobuddy

    Daebak, it’s one of my fav episode of running man ^^

  26. 26 anna

    Still cannot get over the fact that Jackie Chan called Jae-suk: oppa! I cannot LOL

    “But no worries because Haha slides his and in a surprise twist, knocks Jackie’s cap closest to the edge.”
    ^ Seriously this part had me rewinding again and again and again. RM always has such pleasant surprises. I couldn’t believe the luck!

  27. 27 wunderbar

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi, especially the explanation on the names (Jackie Chan = Sung Ryong; Bruce Lee = Lee So-ryong).

    Does anyone know if other Chinese actors have Korean names too? Just curious…

    I do know that Korean artistes would have their names in Chinese, e.g. Ryu Siwon = 柳时元 (Liu Shiyuan); Park Hae Jin = 朴海镇 (Piao Hai Zhen)

    • 27.1 rickim24

      I think most Chinese actors have Korean names. When they were asking Jackie about Sammo Hung and Maggie Cheung, they asked using their Korean names. It’s probably easier due to Korean Hanja being same as Chinese Hanzi (also, Japanese Kanji).

  28. 28 snow_white

    thanks 🙂

  29. 29 azel

    wherr i can watch this ep

    • 29.1 shansanwawa

      you can watch @kshownow

    • 29.2 dbfan

      or search running man on google and the runningman blogspot should come up :]

  30. 30 Lilian

    This was a really good episode. It was interesting to see the celebs fangirling /fanboying after another celebrity! In this case, Jackie Chan was also very sporting and it was awesome that he could speak so well in Korean.

    my fav parts are from the Q&A with limited time. Siwon and Jackie really asked good questions! And the jumping rope one too. It was so so funny, but then again we were laughing at their pain …oops!

    How I wish all the other episodes could be as funny too! Siwon come back again please, and give him more screentime as the only guest???!! =D

  31. 31 dbfan

    With an episode as daebak as the great Jackie Chan himself, I seriously couldn’t resist to watch this great ep. Thanks for the recap (although I’d recommend reading and watching the episode :P)

  32. 32 q

    i do not understnad the appeal of running man,
    it seems disoganised, messy, forced, and unessarily loudw

    • 32.1 Raptor

      Then why are you here?

  33. 33 bd

    Wouldn’t say that I’m a big Chan fan based on his Hollywood films and some of the stuff he has said (regarding Chinese women and the governance of HK), but came away from this ep. impresses by Chan’s variety skills – good with the quick quip despite the language limitations (tho he can speak some basic Korean) and putting forth his personality.

    Despite Chan clearly being tired from the lack of sleep one could see that he was enjoying himself and had a good time w/ the whole gang.

    The ex-Monday couple was hilarious in this ep (esp. Gary).

  34. 34 Lively

    JC is old dudes guess his pushing 60s and yes his just visiting RM for his movie too but still Jackie is Still Jackie I wish they would do the finding the treasure and JC will come out like they did in Jisang the soccer Player

  35. 35 noone

    Awesome episode..i love when JC keep laughing at Green Team..haha..U know u can do no wrong when u have KJK and Kang Gary, two strongest RM in your team! Nice choice Siwon

  36. 36 myzoya

    Looovvveee this episode! Jackiieeee Chaaannn…..!!!
    I love RM & Jackie Chan, so it’s DAEBAK!! I watch this episode for 4times already & it’s still awesome!

    I laughed so hard especially when HaHa said “Hyung, phone numbers..?”, HAHAHAHA…that honesty, LOL he is a riot & I love him for that!

    Agree on people above about having Hugh Jackman as a gues on the show–maybe they can make X-Men theme as well, head spins thinking how awesome would that be if it really happens. 😀

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