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Running Man: Episode 138
by | March 31, 2013 | 101 Comments

It’s time to go back to School with the cast as rival clubs face off to find out who will reign supreme. But while you relive those high school memories, I’ll be here staring at Oppa. That’s right – there are times when the variety gods hear and grant your earnest prayers. It’s as if Christmas came early to a beautiful you.

EPISODE 138. Broadcast on March 24, 2013.

Welcome to the Running Man locker room where our cast members are currently fighting over who’s captain of the jocks. The boys hang a lantern on mat-hyung Suk-jin’s age, calling him “Teacher.”

Then when Ji-hyo shows up, Haha shrills, “This is the boys‘ locker room.” Ji-hyo: “I’m a guy! I’m just wearing a skirt!”

But we know who the real captain is as the door flies open and Jong-kook walks in. HA.

Elsewhere at the gymnasium, Jae-suk gripes at his supposed backstory from star athlete to the president of the drama club. But wait until you see who’s about to join you!

Actor and returning guest Kim Su-ro (Gentleman’s Dignity) greets Jae-suk with a smile and playful name-tag-rippin’; followed by actors Lee Jong-seok (School 2013) and Kim Woo-bin (School 2013).

I’m just going to catch my breath here and *squeeeeeeee.* I’ve been fervently praying to the variety gods for Woo-bin to show up on this show ever since he mentioned that he wanted to in a previous interview. And look, dreams do come true.

Then with the reappearance of idol Lee Jong-hyun (CNBlue), I’m starting to think that this is a flower boy special. Not that I’m complaining, that is.

But that’s not all – actress Min Hyo-rin (Sunny) is here to balance out the group. Either the boys are too tall or Hyo-rin is super petite because she immediately shifts to Jae-suk’s side.

Has anyone else noticed that Woo-bin Oppa has smiled more in his two minutes onscreen than the entirety of School 2013? I’m in a daze right now.

As Gentleman High students, the rival clubs will face off and must procure and protect the school’s flag for their team. The first round is a 2-versus-2 name-tag-rippin’ battle. It’s tournament-style, where another teammate is brought in whenever someone is eliminated. So we’re going to start off fierce, eh?

Jong-hyun pipes in, “I already lost!” Reminded of his first two appearances, he adds, “[The end] wasn’t all that great.” Because you were eliminated early in the game? Hahaha.

Su-ro aks the Game Devil isn’t happy to hear that since he’s got his eye on the prize. Aw, at least Jae-suk is nice enough to cushion the blow, saying that the smiling angel went out laughing.

Both teams start to strategize and send out their first batch of competitors: Jong-hyun and Woo-bin versus the Easy Brothers. Oh boy, this ought to be interesting.

As Kwang-soo roams the halls, he regales us with his bitter tale about how the drama club rejected him due to his looks. But he’s got to start running because Jong-hyun has caught sight of him and gives chase.

The former Gentleman’s Dignity co-stars turn out to be a great team as Jong-hyun greets Suk-jin as Woo-bin sneaks up towards the Giraffe. But soon, they’re back on the ground and Kwang-soo raises an interesting observation: “It’s amazing that we’ve been in the game for this long!” Indeed.

Suk-jin tries to feed his teammate to the wolves, but it’s Kwang-soo who runs for the hills, leaving the mat-hyung defenseless. And with his elimination, Race Start!

Which means it’s time to send in the big guns and the Kookminator rises. I love how Jong-hyun’s like, We gotta wear the hyung down ’cause they’re old, completely unaware that Jong-kook’s on his way down.

Kwang-soo silently guides Jong-kook to clunk into a few things before the Tiger finally takes off his mask and retaliates with a swift kick to the shin. Once he’s filled in, the jocks implement their plan and Kwang-soo runs down the hall, shouting Ji-hyo’s name. You’re gonna bait the boys? Brilliant.

The boys bite and rush to take the opportunity to eliminate Kwang-soo. But they freeze at the top of the stairs and bolt in the other direction – they’ve seen Jong-kook.

Both Kwang-soo and Woo-bin grab each other’s name tags simultaneously, but it’s Kwang-soo who comes out victorious. Jong-hyun puts up a fairly good fight, but he too is eliminated.

Time for Jong-seok and Hyo-rin to enter the battlefield after the double elimination. Kwang-soo uses the same tactic as before, only this time Jong-seok appears to catch him. Ha, and then he lets go as soon as he sees Jong-kook. It’s amazing how just a glimpse of Spartakooks can induce such fear, though given his limp it looks like his leg isn’t fully healed yet.

The editing really does make it look like Jong-seok and Hyo-rin are a CC-couple (aka “campus couple” where both students are from the same school) as he takes her wrist to run away. I think it’s safe to put any loveline rumors to rest for now since they address each other in jondae.

With renewed confidence, Kwang-soo approaches them and Jong-seok comments, “I’ve never seen you so aggressive when I watched you on TV before!” And though Kwang-soo might seem confident when it’s 1:1, he freaks out when Hyo-rin jumps out to help.

Haha comes out to play and he runs as soon as he catches sight of the other team’s reflection. But he’s soon captured and just like everyone else, does the one thing he can think of in his time of need: scream Jong-kook’s name.

The drama club hyungs are pleased to hear of Haha’s elimination, which brings the jocks numbers down to three. Ji-hyo heads out with her trademark blank expression on her face and Gary comments, “She hasn’t woken up yet…”

Ooh but this means SpartAce is out on the field and they leisurely scope out the place before heading downstairs.

Jong-seok is practically out of breath by now and Ji-hyo practically throws her hands up in the air and cries, “[Hyo-rin]’s so petite! It’s like I’m dragging her!” Then Jong-kook eliminates Jong-seok when he falls to the floor and Hyo-rin gets eliminated easily enough.

The CC couple climbs into the car and are in awe at the Running Man cast’s stamina. Well, they HAVE been doing this for about three years running now.

Now the drama club hyungs enter the arena to face SpartAce and both sides are like, C’mere. Jae-suk’s lone presence tips off SpartAce that something is off, but when they confront him about it, he yells, “There’s a family situation!” as if it explains away Su-ro’s absence.

They continue to taunt each other, even as SpartAce cautiously steps inside. But then Jong-kook breaks into a smile at the sight of Su-ro, and the two air-hug because neither man doesn’t trust the other. Hahaha.

They circle around each other until someone starts grabbing and a few seconds later, both Jong-kook and Su-ro have a hand on the other’s name tag. And woah – in a blink of an eye, Su-ro’s got Spartakooks‘s name tag in his hand.

Gary is surprised to hear that Su-ro’s a guest today and when the sunbae offers to shake hands, Gary yells: “You don’t shake hands on Running Man!” ‘Cause you end up getting eliminated.

The drama club hyungs corner the Monday Couple but in a surprise turn of events, Ji-hyo grabs a hold of Su-ro’s name tag… and rips it right off. Daebak.

Then Jae-suk eliminates Gary and gets tickle-attacked by Ji-hyo, who once again proves why she’s the Ace and tears off the Grasshopper’s name tag.

The jocks revel in their victory and chant happily in the car… right in the drama club’s faces. Oh, high school.

Jae-suk checks in with Woo-bin’s thoughts about the first round, to which he gets the response: “I don’t think we were all that active.” Then Jae-suk comments that Jong-seok looks an awful like his younger self and Su-ro is quick to deflate that bubble: “I saw you when you were younger!”

Everyone arrives with happy faces at the next mission location where the staff will pick three games suggested by the cast members. The kicker: The losing team will pay for the winning team’s snacks. So everyone happily digs in.

The clubs snap at each other as they eat and Jae-suk boasts of the tall heights of his model classmates. The jocks reply: “We’ve got Kwang-soo!” TouchΓ©.

The first game is a relay snack-eating race where the team with the fastest time wins. The jocks go up first and Gary reels from the hot ramyun before collecting himself. Man, that ice cream is a brain freeze waiting to happen. And nothing like ramyun soup to wash it down. Eww.

Omg, Haha’s like a human chocolate shredder. Watching Jong-kook and Kwang-soo down their respective drinks is almost like watching a CF. Kwang-soo gets ready to whistle… and burps up his cola. HAHAHA.

The drama club will need to beat 4 minutes and 55 seconds and Hyo-rin eats her egg in 25 seconds. Woah. Oppa even looks flawless while eating ramyun (though Jae-suk teases him to stick to his tough guy image).

Aw, and Jong-seok gets Insta-BrainFreeze ice cream with a ramyun soup chaser. But that’s nothing a bromance hand-holding can’t fix. Teehee. *rewind* *replay*

Jong-hyun drinks nearly all of his water before chokes up and everyone collectively yells, “You’ve got some left!” Jae-suk’s eyes bulge at the carbonation and ends up burping before anything else. HA.

In any case, the drama club wins it with barely a 8 second difference.

The teams are tied by the third game and for their final game, the teams will line up to create the longest collective split. Jong-kook gripes at the idea but Jae-suk counters that it’ll be hilarious for variety. Truer words.

Now I’m thinking that just because you’ve got long legs doesn’t necessarily mean you’re all that flexible. Sure enough, the School boys are not but Su-ro inches his foot forward.

Leave it to Kookie to coach his teammates through the pain. That’s a pretty legit split there, Gary. He extends his foot as far as he can… and it’s just enough to clinch a win.

And aww, did Su-ro just take one for the team and foot the bill?

Onto a swimming pool and the setup looks mighty like it’s a wrestling match ahead. The drama club members slip and slide across but the goal of this game is simple: Last person standing wins it for their team.

Our two team leaders face off and Jae-suk fails to try and scare Jong-kook off. And then he even acknowledges that Ho-dong is better at this tactic than he is. Ha. And if Jong-kook can flip Ho-dong over, then Jae-suk is just a small fry in comparison.

Then in a moment of distraction, Jong-kook approaches and Jae-suk freaks out.

Jong-kook pounces when the drama club converges to strategize, but the plan backfires and soon the rest of the drama members push the jocks into the water. It’s chaotic but the jocks end up winning the first round.

Jong-seok tries to attack Gary in the second round, but gets easily tossed aside. Is this going to be a 1:1 thing now? But Woo-bin twirls Gary into the pool.

It should come as no surprise that Jae-suk overtakes Suk-jin pretty easily but then his fight against Haha ends up looking like a chaotic childhood brawl. The others try to help but end up getting flung into the pool thanks to Jong-kook.

But somehow Jae-suk stays on and manages to flip Jong-kook into the pool. It’s just a domino effect from there and the score’s tied 1:1.

Su-ro’s eyes tell us that he’s devised a plan and then he just charges head-first at the other team. The surprise attack catches them off-guard and they all end up in the water. O M G. Totally, totally awesome from the Game Devil.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Today’s final mission is to place a flag on their own team’s flagpole within the 30 minute time limit. Ah, and if they hang it there early, it needs to stay there for a full minute before it’s declared a victory. Got it.

Su-ro suggests that they hide the flag until they definitely need it. Then when Mr. PD’s like, What if they steal it? Su-ro’s all, “I’m not going to hide it where they can take it. I’m Kim Su-ro!” LOL.

Everyone gets ready at their separate stations and Jong-seok’s… reading? That’s certainly a far cry from his School character, heh.

As they roam the halls, Jong-kook immediately deduces that Su-ro must be holding onto the flag. Hehe, I love how the team members seemingly appear out of nowhere and scare the bejesus out of their opponents.

But then Jong-kook spots Su-ro down the hall and chases him downstairs. That large lump underneath his vest looks pretty suspicious. The jocks pat him down, but it’s a fake. No flag.

That’s because Jong-hyun’s got the flag on his person and no one can find him. Hyo-rin mentions that Jong-hyun told her that he was good hider. Well, he may be but he’s not so good when it comes to the avoiding capture part.

The drama club hands off the responsibility to Woo-bin while the jocks roam in circles just trying to find anyone from the drama club. But then they see Woo-bin from the window and rush over to check if he’s got the flag. Uh oh.

The jocks come over but then Woo-bin rushes out and makes a run for it. Gary opens the door to an empty classroom and completely misses Woo-bin hiding in a corner.

Completely out of breath, Woo-bin breathes, “Where’s the camera?” You mean, you lost your VJ?

As it turns out, Gary didn’t miss anything and he whispers to his teammates to help him ambush Woo-bin. They lock him in an inner room… or so they think because Suk-jin discovers that the window’s open.

Woo-bin runs back to his original hiding place behind a locker space and then he pouts that his epic escape wasn’t recorded on camera. Awww.

But he gets discovered by Kwang-soo but manages to hand off the flag back to Jong-hyun, who bolts with it. But that boy better run because Jong-kook is on his tail.

Jong-kook pins him down and the flag ends up in Haha’s hands, who takes temporary refuge in a storage space. Only he’s followed in by Su-ro, who has this devilish smile on his face.

After another struggle, Jong-seok runs with the flag and places it on the pole momentarily before Jong-kook appears. He runs to find another flagpole but gets intercepted by the jocks.

With three minutes left on the clock, Ji-hyo dashes down the hall with the flag before trading it off to Haha.

Haha runs into the gymnasium where both teams’ flagpoles stand waiting for them… and he ties the flag onto the other team’s pole? Hahaha. Well they’re not going to fight you over that.

That is, if anyone stops to read the sign because Jong-hyun rushes in to remove the flag. Jae-suk belatedly realizes that they should have just left it there but off Su-ro goes to another part of the school.

Time has run out and now all Jong-seok has to do is tie the flag to his team’s flagpole. He does it.

Everyone gathers together for the wrap-up and Jae-suk comments that though the guests can leave happy with their win, he’ll have to face his fellow cast members the following week.

I suppose pulling a win over them can feel like a betrayal, but hey – this is variety.


101 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dongsaeng killer

    SO MUCH PRETTEH!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Belle3005

    THE BROMANCE IS BACK! SQUEE~~ Ahahah sadly Jongsuk and Woobin are too skinny and weak in terms of their physical form but that’s all right,I still adore them both all the same. Am getting the bromance vibes from them eee! It feels like School 2013 all over again heh.

    • 2.1 mariolawpanda

      Not wanting to sound as creepy as it does in my head, but skinny guys as they may be, those two have great asses. Haha. I can’t help it, there were just too many shots of them in those khakis.

      • 2.1.1 owl

        I remember thinking that about them in School2013 – a lot in those long hallway shots. eeeeeeeeeeeee

      • 2.1.2 Kimi

        It almost felt like the cameramen were filming their asses on purpose. XD

  3. Dewo

    Our hakkyo 2013 boys are back.
    Since I just finished School 2013 a week ago, it’s just like having a remedy for my withdrawal syndromes

  4. jel

    DAE TO THE BAK. I dont think there’s enough ways to describe how awesome this episode was, and I dont think there’s enough space for me to list out the moments I enjoyed. Let me try:

    – Spartace working together to oust Jong Suk and Hyo Rin. They looked like the school bully couple terrorising a new innocent couple
    – Ji Hyo taking out Jae Suk and Soo Ro herself. ACE
    – Ji Hyo shouting back at Jae Suk with her “I’m from the Athletics Club!”
    – Haha the chocolate grinder
    – Kwang Soo and Jae Suk’s burping after drinking coke
    – Jong Suk and Suk Jin drinking ramen soup to numb the cold from the ice cream
    – The short legged RM team winning at the leg stretching game. Tall models cant stretch! LOL
    – Commander’s abs. Wowza
    – Gary throwing Jong Suk and Jong Hyun so easily into the water. Sudden commander he is
    – Haha’s gollum flapping
    – Jae Suk’s taunting of Jong Kook resulted in a fired up Jong Kook
    – Jong Kook’s head patting Ji Hyo. So sweet
    – Soo Ro’s bowling bonanza
    – Woo Bin’s window escape
    – Jong Kook’s “Sparta” moment when he pounced onto Jong Hyun. And then Jong Hyun shouting “help me!” meekly
    – The RM teamwork where Suk Jin threw the flag to Ji Hyo, Gary used his body to help block Jae Suk from catching her, Haha taking over the flag from her when she was tired
    – Haha putting the flag on the wrong pole and Jong Hyun rushing into remove the flag which was already on Jong Hyun’s team’s pole. Jong Hyun why are you so adorable

    Can you tell how much I love this ep? Please, Woo Bin, Jong Suk, Jong Hyun and Soo Ro – come back!

    • 4.1 jel

      I wanted to leave this comment for the last and forgot!

      Kim Woo Bin flying into the water after getting dunked by Jong Kook was by far the funniest moment for me. FUNNIEST

      • 4.1.1 Caitlyn

        Oh my god, made me absolutely crack up! I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole episode, but that particular bit just killed me.

      • 4.1.2 Viki

        Oh yeah that was awesome…at first I was like, “Whoa, who just flew by?” then RM PD does a rewind for us haha

      • 4.1.3 Kimi

        My favourite moments:

        -Jongsuk patting Woobin on the butt while hugging him (when he arrives) WOOSUK/HEUNGSOON <3
        -Sooro and Jaesuk immediately knowing it's Jongkook who entered
        -Jongsuk immediately letting go of Kwangsoo the moment he sees Jongkook
        -Jongsuk's capture
        -Jongkook helping Jongsuk up, and their bro hug *cute*
        -Jongsuk patting Woobin's back (?) in the cafeteria (before the games). Yes, Jongsuk, I saw that. cx
        -Woobin holding on to Jongsuk's shoulder while Sukjin's eating the ice cream
        ~Haha's eating the chocolate…and Woobin's still holding on to Jongsuk cx
        ~Jongkook just spat out the water…and Woobin's still holding on ;D
        ~Kwangsoo's downing the coke…yup, Woobin's hand is still there. πŸ˜‰
        -Woobin eating the ramen. This just reminds me of that cute photo-taking session that Namsoon and Heungsoo had to do. <3
        -Woobin handing Jongsuk the ramen cup. Aww, he totally cares for him cx
        -Jongsuk and Woobin holding hands and jumping. Cuteeeee <3 and the caption for that: couple dance xD
        ~Sukjin's burping…and Woobin's back to holding on to Jongsuk's shoulder. ;D
        -Jongsuk and Woobin not being able to stretch far xD
        -Jaesuk screaming for Jongsuk to "spread his legs". For Woobin? πŸ˜‰
        -Jongsuk peeping past Hyorin at Woobin while they're helping Hyorin to the buoys *aww, WooSuk!*
        -That look that Jongsuk gave Woobin when he held onto him (on the buoys) *cuteeee*
        -Woobin shivering cx
        -Jongsuk clinging on to Sooro xD
        -Woobin being the one to hold on to Jongsuk's waist cx
        -Jongsuk falling into the water instantly cx *cuteeee*
        -Woobin bending down to…talk to Jongsuk?
        -Jongsuk and Jonghyun chilling in the water, watching the rest fight xD
        -Woobin flying into the water xD
        -I love how Woobin goes over to Jongsuk immediately after he's tossed into the water. cx
        -Woobin running forward to help Sooro, but ending up falling into the water for nothing xD
        -Namsoon reading a book. xD
        -Woobin immediately calling for Jongsuk cx
        -Woobin getting disappointed because he wasn't caught on camera…when he should be worried the athlete club will catch him again xD *cute*
        -Jonghyun breaking the flagpole just to get the flag xD
        -…Jonghyun removing the flag when he should've just left it there. xD
        -Jongsuk being the one to lead his team to victory <3

        sorry for the fangirling. I'm a WooSuk shipper. lol cx
        Running Man needs to invite these guys again. Especially Jongsuk and Woobin. <3

        • Kimi

          Gah. I didn’t expect it to be so long. xD
          Btw, RM PD: No. No. NO. Jongsuk is meant to be with Woobin, not Hyorin. *pouts*

        • WooSuk Shipper

          “Jaesuk screaming for Jongsuk to spread his legs. For Woobin? ;)”

          Best. Line. Ever.
          *totally agrees*

        • Jeannie


          Apologies for my late input but I’ve only just watched this episode of RM.

          During the eating relay … while Woobin had his hand on Jongsuk’s shoulder … at some point Jongsuk also had his arm around Woobin’s waist. Did you see that?

          I loved the way these two guys cracked up when others were eating or drinking!

    • 4.2 hannah

      Something I really love about this show is the way they edit it. They know how to capitalize on the funny moments with cutting, sound effects, and rewinding. The Woo Bin moment is a perfect example. We see a form fly through the air with music overlay and then it freezes. They then go back to see him rush his opponents and get bounced off Jong Kook into the water. The moment was cool but the way the show highlighted made it memorable.

    • 4.3 cheekbones

      Another funny scene to me was when Jonghyun’s ass just about covered the camera. πŸ˜€ I had to replay the scuffle scene several times just to make sure whose ass was that. πŸ˜€

      • 4.3.1 kiko

        LOL the camera just zoomed on his ass
        i was like wow what an ass, i thought it was Jongkook but then the pants is light brown and not blue
        then i noticed that the ass belong to Jonghyun

      • 4.3.2 Issa_Anne

        It was funny how LKS was like “What the heck is this?” when Jong-Hyun’s ass was on his face.. LOL!! Epic!

  5. ss

    im surprised tt they allowed the school 2013 theme for rm. this ep looks so awesome! suro+ woobin+jongseok= awesome beyond awesome!

    • 5.1 pigtookie

      i was surprised, school is from kbs? 3 of the guests were from sbs’s gentleman’s dignity though.

    • 5.2 lmk

      i think it’s because the series is already wrapped up. Thus they are not competing with any of current show anymore. They’d mentioned a lot of dramas from KBS and MBC before.

      • 5.2.1 latteholic

        Yeah, I agree with you. I think it’s because the series has ended already. They did a TMTETS-themed episode before as well that was aired after TMTETS ended.
        I’m gonna take a tangent here, but Strong Heart also featured Park Ki Woong as a guest before mostly because of his role as Shunji from Gaksital. I guess SBS isn’t really that picky when it comes to their variety shows.. πŸ˜€

      • 5.2.2 pigtookie

        yeah that makes sense, if they are not competing with that show. i’m taking a gamble here, but next week’s episode looks like it could have been inspired from ocn’s the virus.

    • 5.3 bjharm

      yes my first though when I read what the theme was going to be..why promote a KBS show?, that and a pity they didnt have any of the teachers from the show on as well.

      • 5.3.1 Kimi

        (I’m using the characters’ names for clarity.)

        I’d love to see Injae and Se-chan on RM sometime, together with Namsoon and Heungsoo again! Hopefully with Hakyung and Kangjoo, to balance out the boys. Hee. Having Jungho would be nice too…
        Omg! What if Uhmforce was invited? xD Would he be a rival for Spartakook? xD

  6. aly

    Omg when i saw this post i thought i was seeing things. My two fave boys from 2013. I have to see this.

    Do they stay in characters from the show or do we get to see their Real personalities?

    • 6.1 Laica

      Their “real” personalities. πŸ˜›

  7. snow_white

    Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong suk πŸ™‚

    thanks for the recap..

  8. Stephanie

    Yes! hahahah so pretty! AND this episode was so good! I wish gentlemen ahjussi could be a fixed part of RM, to balance out with sparta.

  9. TS

    Woobie My Wuv comes on and I can’t see or hear anything else.

    Did something else happen on ths episode? Oh wait, I don’t care. It had Woobie and that’s enough. (Eyes glaze, drool drips…)

    • 9.1 kaiaskloset

      omeegod! hahaha comment soo jjang. cant stop laughing. but yeyy! big agree! woo bin soo drool-worthy. case closed. πŸ™‚

  10. 10 Starstruck.

    I hardly ever watch RM (the last ep I watched was the LSG-PSH one) but I managed to find time to watch this yesterday after knowing that the boys will be on it! Tbh, I hadn’t watch School (because who needs teenage angst when you can just experience it in real life?) but I really have to say that their bromance is pretty darn awesome! Such a lovely ep with all the pretty!

  11. 11 applemy

    i know why RM will never do a Spartace loveline. but i think these two are so amazing when they work togther. their chemistry’s off the charts! oh and the screencap of them eating together, melts my heart

    • 11.1 racheose

      haha you’re familiar, and I really love spartace. It’s fine to me if they don’t become ‘official’ because whatever interaction they have is natural and not mandated by lovelines πŸ™‚
      -I think I saw you on AFF

  12. 12 Katie

    WOOOOOBIN. ‘Nough said lol. It was a meh episode though in terms of challenges. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

    • 12.1 Kimi


  13. 13 hannah

    I noticed this episode how much the Running Man guys take care of their Ace. She wins (this show is no exception with her ripping off the nametags from two good opponents) so you don’t often think of her as needing a lot of help. However, during the pool battle the guys were really looking after her with Jaesuk making sure she was okay after she fell in the pool and then Jong Kook checking in with her. I love that they truly are a family.

    • 13.1 dls

      yeah, I saw that too.
      It’s really good that every member of runningman treats each other as family

    • 13.2 ilovemandoo

      I noticed that, too! Super cute πŸ™‚

  14. 14 Noernov

    I want more woo bin πŸ˜‰

    • 14.1 kaiaskloset

      yep. i second. or just make him a regular in place of song joong ki hehehe. woo bin as RM regular… that would be supeeeeeeeer awesome !! fangirl mode.:)

  15. 15 onyxx

    another funny episode — RM does wonders for my sagging spirit on certain days. the Monday couple teamwork can be potent under the right conditions. Ha-ha, JSJ and LKS performed accordingly, but their characteristic missteps and fumbling efforts made things funnier than they seemed. as to be expected, KJK and Ji-hyo played well, and Jae-suk knew the right things to say. *burp* lol!

    guests = engaging eye candy! and Su-ro was awesome.

  16. 16 austriandramalover

    Another great episode πŸ™‚

    The relay eating competition had me in stitches πŸ˜€ The way Haha shredded the chocolate bar…. Amazing^^

    School 2013 is now even more on my to watch list (I just couldn’t squeeze it into my drama warching schedule when it was airing) πŸ˜€ I am a sucker for bromance and well… those two are just freaking adorable

    And it didn’t hurt that Jong Hyun was a guest as well πŸ˜€ I just love him <3

    • 16.1 erina

      Jonghyun might not did much, but it’s just so pleasant to have him each time as a RM guest
      i think it might be because of his childlike innocent + his tv viewer mode, his adorable laughter and smile and he’s just a total eye candy
      i would love to have him back on RM like how Yonghwa keep guesting as well

  17. 17 Bengbeng

    i’m definitely gonna watch this episode =)

  18. 18 meanrice

    AU, no gold? Per usual RM had me scream lauhging. They have had some great comedy from water based games of late.

    I love when we mix vets and newbies on the show. There is always one conversation where you hear: oh you thought it was going to be like this? I did too one time. Silly fool. When Ji-Hyo was pulling Hyo-Rin I almost died from lack of breath.

    I have not watched School 2013 yet, but this made me want to. Also reminded me that I did not finish Gentleman’s dignity.

  19. 19 Ale

    I really loved this episode and that might have a little, okay, a lot to do with the guests. They all added something to this episode: Woo-Bin and Jong-Suk with their bromance, Jonghyun trying to pull judo moves but ending up losing and his TV viewer mode, Kim Su-Ro being the Game Devil and even Min Hyo-Rin who seemed naturally cute and although weak at least it appeared she tried doing something useful unlike, say, Sulli a few weeks ago.
    Also there were some really great moments like when Haha ties the flag to the wrong pole and Jonghyun dashes to remove it.

  20. 20 aly

    For those who haven’t watched school , watch it. It is fantastic and their bromance is to die for. When Jong Seok holds hyo rins Arms i didn’t think much of it because i heard him say once that he is a very touchy feely kind of person (like holding hands and hugging a lot ) and people can sometimes mistake it for being flirtatious. But i have to say , seeing kong-kook be so manly and awesome made me such a girl. Ji hyo is amazing. I mean she truly is an ace. This is prob the 6 th ep i have watched but they have grown on me so much. What a family. I would love a loveline between ji hyo and our Sparta. They would bring the swoon!

    • 20.1 Rovi

      From that AllKpop article, right??? XD
      Eeeeeee~!!! My Jong-suk feels~!!! XD And he even said Woo-bin doesn’t like skinship, leading to some commenters saying that Jong-suk attempted it on Woo-bin. XD

      • 20.1.1 Kimi

        Hee. How would he know if he hadn’t tried it on Woobin, right? πŸ˜‰

  21. 21 smile134

    I don’t usually watch Running Man but come here for the 1st pic. Miss School so much πŸ™‚

    • 21.1 alua

      I’ve never watched Running Man either, but I think I’m going to have to have a go at this episode!

  22. 22 Gaeina Lee

    Whoaaa these School boys.. Never dream that I’d say I’m missing them, but… I truly do. Ugh, I swear, one of these day I’ll be sounding like a true pedo if the age bar keeps getting lower.. What to do? *sigh*

  23. 23 JC

    Loved this episode so much! :’D
    The guests were great (and really good sports about things like, say, being flipped over and literally tossed into a pool by the Kookinator).

    Loved the SpartAce combo (it was hilarious how fast they took Jongsuk and Hyorin down and basically sat on them, and then Jihyo was all: “oppaaaaa, what are we doing?”). And Jihyo <3 what an ace, so amazing how she won the first game.

    Also: you missed a part in your recap, where the RM guys start pulling up Jongkook's shirt in the pool to show off SpartaAbs, and the guest flower boys were so astounded they couldn't even get up on the mats. πŸ˜›

  24. 24 eHollie

    Where can I see current episodes with english subs?!

    • 24.1 Ale

      You can watch it on kshownow. I think dramafever also has it.

    • 24.2 darkpurple

      kshownow,dramacrazy or kshowonline..

  25. 25 swol

    Jong Suk patted Woo Bin’s butt when he welcome-hugged him in the club!!! i was not sure, so i rewound the moment 5 times!!! har!!!

    • 25.1 Kimi

      Haha yessss! I squealed when I saw that, and had to rape the replay button. xD

      • 25.1.1 Kimi

        Or should it be rewind button? xD

  26. 26 junibacken

    I even watched this episode before the sub came out. I just couldn’t wait to see Woobin and Jongseok. Hahaha.

  27. 27 myr

    Accck! I had too many feels when I watched this episode. It’s Kim Woo Bin and it’s the first time I saw him in a variety show!!! MY FEELS. I DIED! Throughout the episode my eyes are glued to him and the numerous skinship he has with Lee Jong Seok. LOL.

  28. 28 Scarlett Rox

    Just wanted to say that while I love all the male guest, especially Kim Su-Ro, I really like Min Hyo-rin! Even though she is your typical female guest, I honestly thought she tried and did her best! I really saw her effort when she tried to help taking the tags. Plus to me, she was adorable and I love her interaction with Jihyo before her tag was ripped off!

    • 28.1 lmk

      She’s so damn cute and tiny. To be placed in between tall guys she looked even cuter.

  29. 29 deasy

    wow one of the best ep ever. they are so hillarious. must watch episode…

  30. 30 pogo


    It’s my bbs from School 2013 again!

  31. 31 hanabi

    Loved this episode! Yes, for the pretty, but also because this is my favorite kind of RM episode – when they focus on playing lots of silly games. It’s so much more fun (and funny) than when they have elaborately plotted/scripted story lines.

  32. 32 Y.

    As everybody else, I LOVED this episode and I was so sad when it finished πŸ™ I wonder if I would have liked it this much if the guests had been different though ^^;;

    And poor Jonghyun, boy is always made fun of here in Running Man xD

  33. 33 Mia

    I love this episode! It was so exciting! I thought Min Hyorin did great! and Kim Suro, Daebak! Well everyone did! I hope they guest again!

  34. 34 bd

    Eh, this was an alright ep but hardly one of the best/funniest.

    The games were OK but too much chasing which doesn’t lead to enough interaction which is where all the good/funny banter arises.

    Also, none of the guests really stood out personality-wise or w/ good, witty quips.

    That’s usually the case when the guests are young idols and not more established stars (tho still young stars like Han Hyo-joo can charm w/ their personality).

    I know the fans will think diff. but don’t get all the comments about the “pretty” for Lee Jong-seok and to a lesser extent for Kim Woo-bin.

    LJS’s face in particular has no defining characteristic and looks, for the lack of a better term, stretched.

    As for Min Hyo-rin, how small is she when Ms. Mong, who is a tiny, little thing herself, has to worry about physically dominating MHR.

    The Game Devil definitely got the upper-hand on Spartakook in this ep – but KJK sometimes doesn’t go full-bore while the Game Devil always does when someone can get hurt.

    While I enjoyed the whole “step-mother Kim” thing on FO and KSR being a good physical counterpoint to KJK, KSR was the family member on FO1 in which I had the least warm feelings for.

    YJS would take the place of a member (who had to do the morning chores) who was ill or was just exhausted, despite having gone on more morning chores than anyone else while KSR would avoid doing morning chores at any cost.

    Also, even when there was little “main ingredients” for the family meal, KSR would always take the choicest pieces and eat the most – leaving the others to fill up on the side dishes or rice.

    Well, KSR did pay for the cost of the meals in this ep, but he should’ve anyway being the eldest and the most established on his team.

    • 34.1 Caitlyn

      Isn’t it funny how people’s opinion’s can differ so much! I thought this was one of the better and funnier episodes so far. And i actually agree with you about Jung Suk and Woobin. I like them because of the characters they played in School 2013 but i don’t think they’re as attractive as people say they are. They are, however, adorable in this episode.

      And they didn’t need to have witty quips or anything like that, because that’s what the Running Man members are there for. The guests don’t need to be particularly special because that’s not really why we watch it. It’s the others who make it so funny; it’s just a bonus having the guests around.

      • 34.1.1 bd

        True, but there wasn’t enough of that from the RM cast either as the games had too much running/physical activity.

        This ep was alright, but there was nothing that had me rolling on the ground like the water cannon quiz game last week or the pain jump-rope and the hot potato quiz game w/ Jackie Chan or the seat cushion quiz game w/ Chu Sung-hoon.

        Think people’s opinions are being colored by their fandom – just like how Han Ga-in and Ha Ji-won were voted as the best female guests on RM on one poll (when there have been WAY better female guests).

        • megumi

          and your opinions are clouded by your bias for KJK, i love KJK and all the RM members but can’t stand it when stupid fans say he went easy on this one and that one, i admit that KJK gets easy on some of the guest because he doesn’t know them but if it’s the guest he knows and they are of about equal physical presence as him he doesn’t hold back, plus KSR is no easy pickings, the guy is huge too and they are very close, and i want to hear which female guest you would vote for the best, i have watched all the running man shows and never found any female guest exciting at all, and most of the time the guys always go easy on the female guests which makes it boring anyway, i always like strong or at least challenging male guests who can take on KJK if challenged, the UFC fighter was a good example…

  35. 35 katkenzie

    Probably one of the funniest running man episodes! This is up with the Park Ji-Sung episodes for me!

  36. 36 Mika~

    I don’t even know if Jongsuk grabbing Woobin’s hand was fanservice or if that’s what they do in real life, but *SQUUUEAAALLLLL* THEY ARE SO CUTE. And Woobin’s escape from the window was EPIC. I love how it wasn’t even recorded by the VJ but by the CCTV in the corner of the hallway. That just makes it looks so BADASS.

    And Jihyo was amazing… I almost thought that the best plan of attack was to let Jihyo get outed so that Gary and Jongkook would have a better chance against Jaesuk and Suro, but Jihyo just surpasses my expectations all the time. You go girl! And I’ve really never realized the extent of Jihyo’s strength – because she’s always up against the guys – but Min Hyorin was so weak in comparison that she made Jihyo look like the female Jongkook.

    • 36.1 Mar

      Song ji hyo daebakkkkkk, never get tired seeing her overcome more powerful opponents, i really want to see an episode of “fool song ji hyo”, lets see how the other cast try to outwit jihyo😍😍😍😍😍

      Kim woo bin, kim sooro, lee jong hyun, lee jong seok daebak, really love seeing them together, min hyo rin is also really cute and she’s not the whining type which i hate.

  37. 37 twentyonebuds

    AHHH I just love it when old timers come on running man! Miss you Kim Soo Ro <3 And of course my school boys!! Woobin escaping through the window, freakin AWESOME hahaha and the Gary vs Woobin image eating Ramyun lol Love them both! <3

  38. 38 myungsoohyungsik

    min hyo rin is such a good sport. i was surprised how hard working she is! she looks really good with lee jong suk too πŸ™‚

    PS. jong suk is fiiiine.

  39. 39 Meiyih

    love tis episode..i wanna go rewatch it again tonite to drool over the pretty again LOL if only one of this 3 flower boys bcome a permanent in RM then I’m gonna squeal till year end haha

  40. 40 cheekbones

    This episode is just AWESOME. So funny !

  41. 41 damianna

    i was so taken aback when they showed jong suk thinking ‘hmm if woo bin comes too then i’ll die’. ha! he did n i happily died. by the timejong hyun came, i was dead set that this is the best rm ever.

  42. 42 Dita

    Can’t stop smiling reading your comments..
    Really, we’re all miss the school boys, hahaha

  43. 43 pigtookie

    cha cha cha, you still got it, running man! this was a strong episode overall.

    the tag team race was a solid start, and we had some good pairings and partner showdowns. yes we’ve had Rip the Tag since the beginning of the show, but this week every time a new partner entered the game the power shifted a little and kept the game on its edge. this was probably my favorite part of this episode.
    notable guests for round 1: kim su ro the game devil (because KJK dominating the whole game every time isn’t fun), and min hyo rin (she immediately immersed herself into the game and i could tell she actually tried her best, even though she was at a disadvantage).

    that classic water game was pretty fun. i love that kim woo bin looks tough, but makes so many blunders. lol at his sudden shove off the raft.

    the flag game was good too. running man missions can be boring when the win is predictable and one team dominates the game, but here you have the young guests against the experienced RM, with both of them being quick and then making blunders. it was fun pitting the RM team versus Jae Suk, and Kim Su Ro feels like part of the family and needs to be more of a recurring guest. Jong Hyun, was adorable being somewhat of an idiot sometimes.

  44. 44 Viki

    I love this episode! Ahhh Jongbin couple is daebuk πŸ˜‰ I love the hand-holding part hehe…

  45. 45 Lady Seoul

    The best eye candy episode by far!!!!!! Love all the guests here! It was super funny how their was so MANY mistakes and mishaps in the episode and turn-of-events! So many big shockers~ this episode truly had me on my toes! I really had no idea who would win. Great episode! =D

  46. 46 maldita

    One of the better (if not best) episodes I’ve seen lately. πŸ™‚

  47. 47 cinthy

    why not a picture of KJK abbs?????????????

    • 47.1 Kimi

      ‘Cuz you gotta watch it for yourself. πŸ˜‰

  48. 48 Raptor

    Lots of love for the abs… I mean the EP… LOL

    ACE JI HYO!!!!! SO DAEBAK!!! Out of the six opponents she eliminated three of them!!! Seriously there’s no stopping this woman!!!!

    It’s no wonder they gave her the ‘Chun Li’ cry whenever she hits someone. She is seriously the Chun Li of the series. LOL

  49. 49 Running Man Fan

    drooling at the topless Jong Kook… the abs is the envy of the guys.. But it looks funny with the silly Kookie face in a cap. lol..

  50. 50 Issa_Anne

    Jong-Suk’s pants got ripped when he was caught by KJK..

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