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Sohn Ye-jin confirms melo, awaits her hero
by | March 26, 2013 | 61 Comments

…or maybe anti-hero is more like it. It IS a revenge piece, after all.

Finally some confirmations for Shark, the melodrama being prepped by KBS. While the production has been floating several big names in the press, Sohn Ye-jin (Personal Taste, Tower) is the first to officially sign on. It’s been rumored that Kim Nam-gil (Bad Guy) would make this his comeback series, but we’ll have to wait to see if he takes on another revenge melo next after already doing one, albeit with a three-year army gap in between the two.

One point of interest for this show, aside from potential big-name stars, is that it’s the work of a writer-director pair who brought us two notable dramas in this genre: Resurrection in 2005 and Devil in 2007. Both were dark, intense, and dramatic. I do enjoy when shows are actually dark, rather than merely flirting with the idea and then copping out at the end. (I still think of how good Bad Guy could have been — you know, if it made sense.)

Sohn’s character is the only daughter to the owner of a large hotel, possessing of a strong and independent nature. She rejects the chaebol path of inheriting the family business and instead becomes a prosecutor, a job into which she pours all of her energies.

The leading man, on the other hand, backstabs the woman he loves in the pursuit of revenge. Oh, and also changes his face. HA. I know that’s not supposed to be funny… but c’mon, it’s a little bit funny. (Also: Angel’s Temptation.) After her family is the cause of his father’s death, he disguises himself with a new face and identity and reapproaches his enemies, only to fall in love with the daughter. Wait, ISN’T this Angel’s Temptation all over again, maybe crossed with Bad Guy? I’m seeing words like “despair and pain,” “tragic fate,” and “vicious love.” So, yup, melodrama it is.

I’m starting to see more stories about possible castings in the headlines, so I’d expect more confirmations to follow soon. Kim Nam-gil has been heavily touted as the likely lead, while idol star Gu Hara (City Hunter) has been floated as his character’s younger sister. I actually don’t want Kim Nam-gil to take a drama that’s so similar in nature to his last one, so I wouldn’t be too sad if we got a new hero… just as long as it’s a good one.

Shark will follow God of the Workplace and is set to premiere in May.

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61 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. FishFillets95

    I’m seeing words like “despair and pain,” “tragic fate,” and “vicious love.” So, yup, melodrama it is.

    ughhhhhh probably gonna skip this one -__- the plot is so overused…

  2. mav

    Maybe if he does take Shark it’ll be do-over from Bad Guy. Here’s to hoping, I guess. Ultimately I want this melo to be good cause if freaking Sohn ye jin.

  3. TS

    It needs Kim Nam Gil for me to watch it.

    • 3.1 pogo

      Sohn Ye-jin is enough for me, but she needs a worthy leading man.

      • 3.1.1 nomad

        Me too! I like her lots!

    • 3.2 El

      Agree with u

    • 3.3 Jess


      Although I do like SYJ as an actress. I think she’ll play this role well. But KNG would fit this role perfectly, as this role is similar to his revengeful character from Bad Guy. And boy did he play it well. <3

  4. hellochloe


    Is it me or do k-drama themes come in batches? First it was body-swapping, then it was time-travel, and now melo’s all the rage. No wonder I’m in a slump.

    • 4.1 Gaeina Lee

      You’re not alone thinking that way, dear.. I think the writers are belong to the same writers’ club, thus they discuss the same topics as the theme of their next product of the year.. *sigh*

  5. snow_white

    I want a new hero please…..
    what’s the point in doing the similar drama and role all over again…

  6. Annie

    Wow, the plot sounds awful. Plus cheating on the requisite ogre of a husband (lazy, one dimensional characterization FTW)… no thanks.

  7. hot_saranghae

    Why can’t they cast Uhm Tae-Woong to complete the revenge trilogy?……BooHwal and Mawang are two of my most favorite kdrama and Uhm TaeWoong is just like the frontman for this revenge saga……
    I have a lot of faith in the writer-director pairing, so I’ll watch this anyway and I LOVE Kim Nam Gil, but it just feels very incomplete without Uhm TaeWoong. Although if we really can’t have UTW, I’d have to say that KNG is the actor that has the closest style of acting to UTW. I can definitely see him doing a revenge series.

    • 7.1 Annie

      I think he’s still in limbo because of the Yi Soon Shin project.

      But I would take Uhm Tae Woong + Son Ye Jin over Kim Nam Gil + Son Ye Jin any day.

      • 7.1.1 Tha

        I am with hot saranghae and Annie! Absolutely would love to see UTW in a this!

    • 7.2 Gaeina Lee

      Me, four!

      I won’t mind seeing UTW both as charismatic actor or adorkable-shy guy every week in small screen… Or, Lee Min Ki perhaps? LMK needs to head back to small screen, stat! ^^

  8. Jenny

    I heard that KNG is in?
    So it’s not official then, but at least SYJ is back on the small screen. She’s just such a great actress.

    • 8.1 pogo

      and fingers crossed that this one isn’t a waste of her time like Personal Taste was.

      • 8.1.1 myra

        i liked personal taste…i don’t know why many people here say it was a bad drama

        • Annie

          Different strokes for different folks.

  9. Lovebug

    I know this is a bit random, but what about Kim Jaewon, I would love to see him in this kind of role, where he uses all that charm as a weapon. (I have not seen May queen so don’t know what type of role that was for him.)

    I love Sohn Yejin so the likihood of me watching is high…

  10. 10 browncoat_78

    I love Resurrection and The Devil and think they are the pinnacle of the revenge drama genre, so I am giving a lot of trust to this writing/directing team. However, one of the things I love about those dramas is that they aren’t overly convoluted like some revenge dramas can be. It’s very obvious why the heroes are getting revenge and there is something pure in the revenge plot (if a revenge plot can be pure).

    But I don’t like all this talk of changing faces and stuff. I hope they twist themselves into knots trying to outdo their first two dramas. They were great. Just do more of the same greatness! And I for one hope KNG does this since Bad Guy was such a hot mess and I’d like to see him give this genre another shot with something better (and a much better co-star). Unless of course he could be in a sageuk instead for his comeback drama, in which case I say, screw Shark, give me brooding mane of glory and sword fighting.

    • 10.1 eny

      I don’t see bad guy is a mess, i love it, one of the best drama i ever see. i wanna see the devil UTW but whenever i found link it’s broken, i heard it’s good

    • 10.2 cris_gongju


      Not so much into revenge, dark, intense plots but since Kim Nam-gil is in, I would give this a chance.
      I trust KNG’s charms.. ^_^

      I’d love to see him doing a romantic-comedy, though.

  11. 11 oneclearnight

    I loved Mawang (haven’t seen Resurrection yet- it’s on my giant list of doom) but that sounded quite strange on paper but ended up being brilliant. So I’m more willing to wait and see with any drama done by the PD and writer behind that show. Excited for this one!!!

    • 11.1 skelly

      Same here – loved Mawang so much, I’m willing to give this a spin just for that.

      • 11.1.1 Tha

        Resurrection was an awesome drama!

    • 11.2 MariD

      Lol at “giant list if doom” I open my Hulu account the other day on my laptop ( since I always use my iPad) my queue said something like 1200 episodes waiting… I have a very long back log of Kdramas..

  12. 12 OMG

    I like Sohn Ye-jin so here’s hoping that she gets a leading man worth her talents and has amazing chemistry with her….

    N here’s hoping that d drama is very good even though m meh at the description.

  13. 13 canxi

    I hope Kim Nam Gil takes it. I really love his intensity, and I’m hoping he at least won’t die at the end. Like he does…in…almost everything.

    • 13.1 TS

      OMG, so true. I hate it when he dies.

  14. 14 MariePhils

    If KNG declines this drama… i prefer Hyun Bin for a change in his career… or UTW,as long as the hero wont have an age gap issue with SYJ

    • 14.1 ck1Oz

      If he takes it I might just collapse from hyperventilating.

  15. 15 m92

    i think park shi hoo(too bad he is involving in sex scandal) is good for this role n song joong ki (but he is too young for SYJ n already done melo). Hyun Bin…i never see him for this role so i don’t know but i can’t wait for his comeback!! How about Won Bin??it might turn out good!The lead role must can act as two faces. Can be innocent and turn out evil!! but still can match with SYJ…others can be considered are..yoon kye sang,bae soo bin,ji sung,chun jun myung,kim jae won and lee joon hyuk(but he is in army right now!!)….kim nam gil is perfect for this role but i don’t like he done a same role either…and others are too young for her….

    • 15.1 TS

      Yes, I was just thinking Won Bin!

      • 15.1.1 Gaeina Lee

        Ahhhh, I’d fly over the moon and be among the stars if WB back to the small screen after his last project, eons ago..

  16. 16 haha

    I like the pair. I don’t mind dark revenge drama though I had enough melo. Kim Nam-gil fits this kind of role best, so hope he takes it.

  17. 17 max452

    Thank you javabeans

    I’m actually excited, i love her
    I love how she takes on new characters and she completely emerges with her character.
    I just hope that the leading man is worthy of her acting.

  18. 18 phoenix

    i love son ye jin. she is one of the best actresses of korea. hope her drama become a success.

  19. 19 Annas

    Uhmforce pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…

  20. 20 a_diva

    *sigh* i may have to stop chiming in on this site b/c it seems like i never have good things to say (with the exception of my love for NINE!!) and i would sooo much rather be positive than another negative nelly but for now all i can say is:

    et tu sohn ye jin? et tu???

    i have a few actresses i like, but only three that i can say i love love love! and unfortunately i’ve been super excited to hear that they’re coming back to dramaland with a new project only to be quickly let down when i find out they’re coming back with a melo–and not just the lighter fare melo but the real, clunky, funky melos. first it was yoon eun hye with i miss you. she’s sort of my 1st love if you will b/c coffee prince was the first drama i watched all the way through after stumbling upon a korean drama while on vacation. she and gong yoo remain my absolute favorites despite some disappointments after that show. but even my “first love” couldn’t get me past episode 4 of i miss you–too much sadness and horror & not enough light to balance the pain of watching. then it was my 2nd love if you will– song hye kyo. i was hyped when i heard she was coming back. i thought her coming out with a new drama would sort of make up for my disappointment with eun hye, but then i found out it too was a melo. i tried to watch TWTWB, i tried. the first couple of episodes were so gorgeously shot, i thought i could make it through, but i just couldn’t do it, and don’t know if i ever will. but now there’s another disappointment in sohn ye jin. she’s coming back, but it’s a melo- a n o t h e r melo!

    if it has some dashes of romance and comedy and other good stuff thrown in, then maybe i can get with it. but it’s a straight melo, i’ll be relegated to the same fate that befell me in i miss you and TWTWB. *end sigh*

    • 20.1 cris_gongju

      IDK about that, but my “first love” (which eventually made me a k-drama fan) is QSD. There’s nothing else that could satisfy me after that. Then I saw TWTWB. Now I’m falling for Song Hye Kyo. I’ve seen her in Full House but didn’t liked her then. She’s prettier in my eyes now(with Jo In Sung, of course). LOL


  21. 21 aX

    I’m happy for Son Ye Jin but PLEASE let the lead be Jung Woo Sung!!! I am still awaiting for these two to reunite. If not, I would love to see her act with Lee Byung Hun but I doubt that will happen. I just want to see her act with better actors…sorry Lee Min Ho! =X

  22. 22 blendedcarrot

    Would love to see Jo In-Sung pair up with Son Ye-Jin again. And he’s almost done shooting for That Winter The Wind Blows.

    • 22.1 Jeliefish

      Oh, I’d love that too!

    • 22.2 pogo

      idk if he’d shoot two melos back-to-back since he takes such huge gaps between drama projects normally, but I would die to see them pair up again, especially after they’ve both grown so much as actors.

  23. 23 JC

    Not a fan of the plot, but yay for Son Ye-jin!
    Like her a lot, and have been looking forwards to seeing her in another project for a while.
    Just please, let this be good. >__>

  24. 24 Jeliefish

    If Lee Min Ho would be her hero, that’ll be the day.

    Hopes, hopes, hopes…

    • 24.1 maldita

      Lee Minho just confirmed his next drama gig apparently. Some drama about rich kids once again.

  25. 25 Skyblaze77

    I’ll totally be watching this for Son Yejin and cos this is from the guys who did Resurrection (So.Good.) but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that Uhmforce will be taking up the main lead role again-I REALLY want to see Son Yejin and Uhmforce as a couple, plus I’ve never liked Kim Namgil much…

  26. 26 SP

    So KNG is still not confirm yet? I read on another blog that he’s in already. Well have to just wait and see then.

  27. 27 mjs

    Next to KNG and Uhmforce, Jung Woo Sung would be a good match to SYJ in terms of visuals and acting skills. They were quite a pair in A Moment to Remember.=)

  28. 28 niKai

    Maybe KNG should take the role, just for the sake of redemption

  29. 29 Claudine

    I love Kim Nam Gil but I wish Uhm Tae Woong would complete this trilogy. After all, he starred in two of its installments.

  30. 30 Onees

    Leading man…Ji Jin-hee

  31. 31 korfan

    Kim Nam-gil!!!!!

  32. 32 jini kazama

    ok not that I want to play the buzz killer here, but …am I the only one on this thread who finds this actress Irritating?! I mean ..she practically overacts all her parts, or at least all the ones I watched : Personal Taste (in which she was nervebrikingly annoying), laws of attraction in which she played the same role in the same manner, & finally open city opposite the great Kim Myung-min, so I’m just curious about this, is this happening only to me?

  33. 33 annagriss8

    Leading man? how about the great Jo Seung Woo.

  34. 34 eclipse

    I’m so agree with you, Annagriss8!! Me love some Jo Seung Woo again ,, he already done shooting for Horse Doctor. This will be so great!!! please God of drama,make it happen!!!

  35. 35 tadaima

    Son Yejin is BACK!
    The melodrama queen is back!
    I miss her so much no one but her can make me feel so much emotion in a drama and movie. but I don’t like the premise of this drama but I certainly watch this for Son Yejin man..

  36. 36 chabechik

    WOW, Sohn Ye-Jin; one of the most beautiful faces in Korea. Happy to know she’s having a DSeries. How about reuniting with Bae Yong Joon, he just arrived from the country after a one year hiatus. Maybe teaming it with So Ji-Sup, Song Seung-hun (with their Summer Scent team-up). or maybe with Hyun Bin.

  37. 37 japanese

    to javabeans spell her name right. Its Son ye Jin.

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