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Sung Joon joins Gu Family Book
by | March 13, 2013 | 164 Comments

Sung Joon, now in Gu Family Book?! Finally, I’m feeling the excitement.

Of course, it’s not like I wasn’t interested in this drama already, or that its cast wasn’t solid — it’s got Lee Seung-gi, Suzy, Lee Yeon-hee, Choi Jin-hyuk, Jung Hye-young, and Lee Yubi, among others. But I don’t have a handle on the show itself yet, even with all the castings and plot descriptions — I still don’t know what kind of drama it is, what the tone will be, and whether it’s more likely to make me laugh or cry. Sort of important things to know.

So Sung Joon joins the cast and takes on the role of… Suzy’s bodyguard? That’s it? This had better be the world’s most important bodyguard ever, ‘s all I’m sayin’, Kevin Costner included. I don’t just say this because I’m a big fan of Sung Joon, but because he’s been carving his path as leading man material with his recent projects; he was the heart of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and the romantic lead of Can We Get Married, so it seems odd for him to then step back and play a bodyguard. An assistant. A mere helper. His role had better be HUGE. (That’s what she said.)

Suzy’s character is plenty well-versed in the martial arts herself and an expert archer, while her father is a former soldier and now serves as martial arts master, so I wonder at her needing a bodyguard in the first place. He also happens to be nursing a one-sided love for her — sadness! I’m a sucker for this kind of drama relationship with the quiet protector loving the heroine from right by her side, all silent and unseen. Sung Joon also serves as our half-gumiho hero’s (Lee Seung-gi) steadfast assistant and has a bickering relationship with him (cute)… though I suppose things might get a little complicated once Seung-gi and Suzy fall for each other.

Otani Ryohei (The Chaser, Soulmate) is another late addition to the cast, playing a character merely described as “top ninja.” Hottest ninja ever.

Gu Family Book premieres on April 1.

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164 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. crazedlu

    Oh no.. I’m way more into the secondary characters than main.

    • 1.1 Enz

      Exactly! I wasn’t interested in this oe until sung joon got on board. I might have to watch thi coz I MISS HIM SOOOO!

      • 1.1.1 redfox

        exactly! I see this, and think: april fools? too early…true? Wooopedeeee
        ah damn. It is not quite as not being interested at all, but there is more spark with this guy. whatever he is going to do. I hope he is a real fox spirit or something.

    • 1.2 pogo

      same here!

      and Sung Joon has chosen his projects so well so far, I hope to god this return to second lead territory isn’t Lie To Me, mk. II.

    • 1.3 alua


      I wasn’t paying attention to this one at all, but now…..

    • 1.4 samaren

      FOR ME LSG CHOI KANG CHI EXCITES ME THE MOST……if you are gtonna watch for secondary charecters you are always feel dissapontment as they have very much less air time…he almost like 3rd lead….

    • 1.5 Lea

      I am too!! cause I’m always thinking “lead girl, what is wrong with you?? have you suffered a recent blow to the head? WHY??” T-T
      And now that Sung Joon is in this forget it, as much as I may like Seungi and his recent acting in K2H, Sung Joon will bring it home. I will be screaming like a 3yr old non-stop through this entire drama.

    • 1.6 JO

      I hope this drama is like the High Kick series in which we vaguely have a main character, but everyone else leads their own lives as well…bascially a sit com.

      • 1.6.1 scbound

        This Drama is about 1 Person LEE SEUNG GI and his journey, it is not about a group of people, it is not a sit com, not a comedy at all. Sung Joon is not even a lead character.

        I hope all the comments stop before this airs, I am really happy that everyone is excited over the casting, However I feel so many comments are disrespectful to the person who this drama is about. LSG has been involved with this project since the beginning, this part was also written with him in mind. I have no doubt that we will all be rooting for him alone.

        • Emily

          Why so serious? We can be fans of the side characters, without being die hards for the lead. It happens 😛 Tbh, I’ve no problems with him, but Im plenty more excited for Sung Joon.

      • 1.6.2 crazyajummafan

        Er… I’m sorry, but I think you’re gonna be disappointed. The synopsis says that it’s about a half-man, half gumiho character, Choi Kang Chi, who goes on a journey to find the way to be fully human.

    • 1.7 Ueno Rie

      OMG I love it. They look hot together!
      I’m totally gonna watch this!

  2. canxi

    Oh snap, Otani is back.
    And ahhhhh Sung Joon!!!!!! I wanted to stay away from this actually, but now I may have to watch it )’:

  3. pauper

    I got a feeling that Sung Joon will out-act Seung-gi… :/

    • 3.1 Kelinci Biru

      I just about to say that! and I love both of them.

    • 3.2 lenrasoon

      hahaha i agree

      • 3.2.1 Addylovesbwood

        I don’t think so. Sung Joon’s acting is not exceptionally great.. but theres a chance he’ll steal the limelight from Seung Gi… I don’t like this casting news.

        • lemondoodle

          Seunggi will be fine lol

    • 3.3 manassuper

      why you think like that…….Sung Joon will just play a supporting role….but i am not surprised remember there were many who doubted his credibilty…..But then what happened…..as soon as the pilot episode premiered and to the end the ones that doubted his credibility as an actor had to eat their word and couldn’t stop ravishing about him for the role at dramabeans…..His acting was critically acclaimed both by press.,sunabaes and public….and on dramabeans it garnered the MOST positive reviews and comments and recorded highest comments dramabeans history of drama recaps…LSG is such a good actor and he is the lead it’s better if you respect that…….

      • 3.3.1 Enz

        It’s not about doubting LSG. On my part, I was not interested in any of the cast until sung joon signed on. I just enjoy his work a lot. And it doesn’t matter to me if its a small or big role, I just want to be able to watch him in something that’s not horror!

        So, really happy with this news. Now, Jung Il Woo, go find a role!!

    • 3.4 bellaluna

      I wonder why people keep doubting LSG, when he always improving in each projects. But all I can say i just watch & see 😀

      • 3.4.1 samaren

        some people have a point but some i guess but some doubt LSG becoz they are butthurt at seeing his progress in comparison to their idols…they are just being anti here …..why highlight seung hoon when is almost playing 3rd lead….he has too much less of air time to make that m,uch impact….i don’t think he is that good a actor also to outshone LSG even if i think practically with a mere supporting role……this show is all about choi kang chi journey and these are mere comp[anions in that…….

        • canxi

          Ummm…or maybe they aren’t butthurt and just have a different opinion than you do? Come on, now…be nice. There is a way to express an opinion without shooting other people down in the process.

          While there is a tossing out of titles such as 1st lead/2nd lead/3rd lead, this is looking more and more like an ensemble cast to me. I’m sure everyone will shine in the respective roles they’ve been given, so if someone wants to watch for someone let it happen.

          • samaren

            I can accept they have a different opinion….if someone wants to watch for sung joon they are welcome but comment like this quote ” sung joon will outshone LSG” ,” HE should have been the lead”, “LSG needs to learn from sung joon”….does this comment makes sense…..we will now he will be playing a supporting actor….comments like i hope sung joon ends with suzy which even if i think practically doesn’t make sense….i have no problems with your comment becoz it’s genuine but some people just feel good taking others down without backed by proper reasoning..let’s be prtactical if people in korea gonna turn for the drama it will definitely for LSG ..we all know how popular is he in korea…..

          • Kolpi

            What do you mean ‘if people in Korea gonna turn for the drama it will definitely for LSG’? Now THAT comment doesn’t make any sense. Smh

            From your other comments it seems like you’re the one being butthurt.

            ‘People just feel good taking others down without backed by proper reasoning’? Define proper reasoning? Because your comment sounds very, very biased. Is it because some people wrote a short, simple one-sentence comment without elaborating? Doesn’t mean people who posted ‘SJ will outshine LSG’ or some other similar things are hardcore anti-LSG. They can be genuine opinions, no?

            What’s wrong with the last comment you quoted? It’s harmless wishful thinking and I see it everywhere. Second lead shipping is a norm in dramabeans.
            Comments like this makes me want to flip a table.

          • Kolpi

            Oops…I sound super pissed off in the last comment but I’m actually just mostly annoyed.

          • samaren

            To kolpi……have some proper medicine and have mental piece becoz you are the most butthurt i guess…..i better be not nice to you since you are a hardcore anti……”What do you mean ‘if people in Korea gonna turn for the drama it will definitely for LSG’? Now THAT comment doesn’t make any sense. Smh”…this is what you said right….why isn’t that make sense as seung joon is not 1/4th popular as lee seung gi……this is practical you accept or not is your wish….looks like my previous statement gonna piss you more……go and eat ribs tonight if you feel so pissed………also you said quote” ‘People just feel good taking others down without backed by proper reasoning’? Define proper reasoning? Because your comment sounds very, very biased. Is it because some people wrote a short, simple one-sentence comment without elaborating? Doesn’t mean people who posted ‘SJ will outshine LSG’ or some other similar things are hardcore anti-LSG. They can be genuine opinions, no?…..these are not genuine opinions if you think with your brain also….these are just the work of antis who find pleasure in finding fault with others….why highlight seung hoon when is almost playing 3rd lead….he has too much less of air time to make that much impact….i don’t think he is that good a actor also to outshone LSG even if i think practically with a mere supporting role……this show is all about choi kang chi journey and these are mere comp[anions in that……really you find those above comments honest genuine opinions then you really i mean and one among them(antis)…….you can get more pissed and annoyed with this comment……..soorry canxi the reply is only meant to kolpi…….

      • 3.4.2 pauper

        While I do agree that Seung-gi is improving with each project, he tends to have the same mannerisms with each of his character that I can’t really enjoy his performance fully.

    • 3.5 Danna

      neither Seung Gi nor Sung Joon are particularly great actors…SG has a tendency to overact whereas SJ has a tendency to do the exact opposite…but I think Seung Gi has upped his game several fold with K2H….will be interesting to see how this fares out

      • 3.5.1 Babs

        I have to half agree with you… SG is not the wolrd’s greatest actor but he’s has a pretty solid record, and K2H proved that the man CAN act, the spectrum of emotions. And SJ to me is like a pretty boy who needs time to open up, he’s eye candy but acting wise i still don’t find him believable.

    • 3.6 Miami vice

      You are kidding

      • 3.6.1 Miami vice

        This is in reply to Pauper. For me, I only have eyes for Seung Gi. Miss him lots.

  4. ilikehim

    Omggggg. He and Suzy look like such a cute pair…moreso than Suzy with Lee Seung Gi!
    I think I already pre-ship him with Suzy. Oh no!

    • 4.1 Igy

      I agree!

      OMG. And because of this news, I am so gonna watch this.

    • 4.2 samaren

      FOR ME ANY DAY I WILL SHIP SUNG JOON SUZY WITH LSG-suzy…….lsg-suzy pairing is way better…….

    • 4.3 Gabby

      I know, I was just going to say that. They’re closer in age too, and just seem to match more.

  5. Peridot

    I cannot wait for this show…especially with these additions to the cast. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that it does not disappoint! It seems as though I have been waiting for eternity to see this drama!

  6. trotwood

    I can so see the Jo Jung-seok/Lee Seung-gi bromance type stuff going on here. I was not that interested before, but now? . . .

  7. Kelinci Biru

    lately whatever drama (or short drama) Sung Joon in is always good.

    He joins this drama made me more excited than Seunggi and Suzy. Oh please drama “……………………….”!! (i don’t want to jinx it).

    • 7.1 manassuper

      For me only thing that srike in this drama is LSG. apart from the director and compelling and refreshing plot…..anyways Sung Joon is just a 3rd lead i guess so he is not goona have much air time i guesss…..

  8. lemonade candy

    Fret not ladies, my role is HUGE. (That’s what I think he said)

    and thats why he has the confidence to be in this show~

  9. biankoy

    Oof.. I was hoping to see more of Sung Joon as a lead, this is definitely a step back and it kinda makes me wonder, because if I’m not mistaken,Can we get married did pretty well in Korea right? How come he’s going to be a second fiddle? I hate it when things like this happen. I hope he has his own love interest.

    • 9.1 pogo

      Can We Get Married was on cable, which I suspect has something to do with why its leading man is returning to second lead territory once he goes back to a major network.

    • 9.2 lemondoodle

      Cable lead =/= network lead. Working with the PD and writer of GFB and not to mention one of the biggest stars in SK in LSG isn’t a step back. I’m just wondering about his role. Kang Chi already has a best friend/right hand man in Kim Ki Bang and a rival in Yoo Yeon Seok. Being only Suzy’s bodyguard doesn’t make much sense considering she’s supposed to be a great fighter herself.

      So he’ll will have a bickery bromance with him and a bickery romance with Suzy I guess.

      • 9.2.1 Lilian

        I see….He is definitely not so well-known among the ajummas who are the main viewers in Korea ….maybe he will earn more ajumma fans by appearing in a network drama like this. Loved him in both Can We Get Married and Shut Up! Hope he does get lots of screentime.

        • samaren

          i feel you are going to dissapointend in the end….this drama iS all about LSG………HE IS ALMOST LIKE 3RD LEAD……

        • pogo

          CWGM actually had a good chunk of ajumma fans, but it just didn’t have the reach of a network drama (which is maybe a good thing, because major networks would have totally sanitised all the outmaking and possibly even some of the divorcing couple storyline).

          I’m not sure a fantasy sageuk will be that well-viewed by that particular demographic, but I’m actually looking forward to this despite my misgivings about the leading lady and her abilities.

          • samaren

            if you talk of ajjumma fans there is no one in korea who have more ajjumma,nuna fans as LSG…………………

  10. 10 lenrasoon

    Meh he deserves a leading role :/

  11. 11 Nokcha

    Now, I’m really interested. I was going to watch before, but now I’m Really going to watch. Great additions to the cast.

  12. 12 FishFillets95

    that pic of Otani Ryohei reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro… or better known as Jin Cheng Wu (金城武) to us Chinese…
    hawwwttt xDDDD

    • 12.1 snowdrop87

      Omg..i thought im the one who think he looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro. Now im 100% confirm wanna follow up the this Drama

  13. 13 mav

    Just died! My fate has been sealed I shall watch this drama ’till the end…I’ve never been had second lead syndrome and I was thinking my record was going to stay that way here casue… LEE SEUNG GI ( my k-drama crush)…. but then this happened and now I’m already picturing Sung Joon bickering with Suzy and being all noble and just swoon worthy…..Why show!!! Why!!! just have Lee Min Ho and Song Joon Ki make cameos and let me die in peace :0

    • 13.1 kdramapedia

      omg, if that happened I would just die on the spot. We can go to kdrama heaven together and smile down upon our kdrama heros.

  14. 14 Addylovesbwood

    I scratched my head when I read abt this yesterday…

    I love Sung Joon but as 2nd lead???? I dunno!!!

    His casting sure will draw loads of attention to the drama…as if it wasn’t already the next hottest show on the block…

    Is it too early to say GU Family Book might be one of 2013’s best dramas??? I called it 1st!!!

    LEE SEUNG GI never fails <3

  15. 15 mary


    ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. 16 conan

    So I think I might have to watch this now. Curses! Picturing Sung Joon in historical garb (this is a historical drama, is it not?) and now I need to watch. By the way, this guy Sung Joon, he tends to take on multiple roles at once does he not? I believe last year (his sophomore year) he was in 5 projects? Crazy person. But good for us fans heehee.

    Also, how many love angles is this going to have? Apparently love triangles is ancient, love quadrangle is so yesterday, there needs to be at least a pentagon love. Sigh, poor my brain.

  17. 17 dulcedeleche

    Ackkkk i’m pretty sure my heart will bleed no matter who I support. Why does April 1st feel so far away?

  18. 18 orenji

    I think i might have the 2nd lead syndrome already. Somehow Sung Joon and Suzy looks really good together in that photo posted above. The more details released about this drama makes me even more confused. It looks like it will be much darker and serious than i thought. Not to mention i felt like it has lot of characters. So who is the real second lead,Yoo Yeon Seok or Sung Joon? Also, the premieres has been delayed to April 8th.

    • 18.1 samaren

      Yeon Seok is 2nd lead and sung joon is more like the 3rd lead…….i am in for my favourite actor LSG for this drama……

  19. 19 oneclearnight

    I think there’s a difference between being lead in a cable show and being lead on the big 3, unfortunately. So he’ll be playing secondaries for now. His time will come! He has so much potential as an actor.

    I can imagine him and Suzy being so cute together, onoes. Shipping dilemmas!!!

  20. 20 Abbie

    Now, I’m even more excited for this drama, though I agree this does seem like a step back for him. He’s a leading man not a second lead in my book. I hope he takes on another leading man role in the future that is as kickass as his previous ones!

    • 20.1 addylovesbwood

      Geureumyo!! He’s already lead material in my books too… arggh I really wanted all the attention to be on seung gi…I dont even wanna be in a situation where I hv to choose between the two… this is crazyy.

      • 20.1.1 Abbie

        lol. Yeah, it’s hard to choose between the two!

  21. 21 song yong in

    This airen is really nervous right now. What if I like Sung Joon more than Seung Gi here??? Eottoke.

    • 21.1 bellaluna

      If u are an airen u shouldn’t have doubted him 😛

  22. 22 Rashell

    Oh noes! I’m picturing Lee Jung Jae in Sandglass only now with Sung Joon in the role. I’m already prepared to have my heart break with his silent steady love for the h. But they better not kill him in this one!

    • 22.1 trixicopper

      OMG! That’s the first thing I thought of too! 🙂

  23. 23 TS

    Can Otani ninja me? In a good way?

  24. 24 Kiara

    I think Joon is a charismatic actor and even with small roles you just cant forget him. I wasn’t really interested in this show but now I want to watch it. Cant wait to see him in his sageuk attire.

    • 24.1 TS

      Ooh, so true. He’ll look amazing!

  25. 25 poop

    I agree…from the pics above they look like they have more chemistry than Suzy-Seunggi..I’m nervous for Seunggi cause Sung Joon is a good actor with great onscreen charisma so he might overshine Seunggi…plus with that hottie ninja over there…but this will be a test for Seunggi..if he can really hold his own against charismatic and equally—or even better looking— contemporaries and colleagues (from the past…he’s always been with a cast that’s older than him..and usually its just him and one guy [Bae Soobin, Noh Minwoo, Jo jeong seok).

    • 25.1 lemondoodle

      Determining chemistry from photoshopped pictures is the greatest thing ever tbh.

    • 25.2 Becks

      That’s exactly what people thought when he choose k2h last time. Ha ji won and jo jung seok will overshine him, but he did well.
      I dont know about sung joon, but if he really that great I just can hope seunggi would learn a lot from him.
      But i agree with you, seunggi look better with lee yoo bi.

      • 25.2.1 Addylovesbwood

        ehn?? seung gi/lee yoo bi godforbid @ that pairing.

      • 25.2.2 lemondoodle

        I don’t think he’s on the level to teach things to people. He’s young and still upcoming. The whole drama is probably a learning experience for him (and LSG, Suzy and Yoobi). Loving the young cast though!

      • 25.2.3 samaren

        SUNG JOON ISN’T IN A POSITION TO TEACH LEE SEUNG GI……SEUNGGI has his own charishma and so chance of being oustoned….morever sung joon plays more like a 3rd lead…so he is not goonna have 1″ of air time as lee seung gi….for me LSG IS more goodlooking than anybody…some friends who saw him at dramabeans in real at his fan meeting overseaes were taken back his hansome loks…….

        • addylovesbwood

          ^^^ I AGREE^^^

        • Becks

          Sory, its bcoz i have no clue about sung joon at all. But looking at the comments, it looks like sung joon is in the same or higher level with hajiwon in term of acting, though for me seung gi himself is.

          About seunggi-suzy or yoo bi pairing, i dont care much, as long as she is beautiful. I guess its bcos i’m a guy. Hhehe.

      • 25.2.4 nomoyepo

        sorry to say this but SUNG JOON is nothing compare to SEUNG GI in terms of acting and popularity..SEUNG GI is like a SUPERSTAR here in KOREA..

  26. 26 lemondoodle

    I don’t know why people are surprised he’s supporting. He’s only done leads in cable dramas…. he’s not even 2nd lead here. That would go to Yoo Yeon Seok. Anyway, looking forward to Seunggi’s sidekick and the bickery bromance.

  27. 27 eny

    doesn’t really interesting, the story or the cast

  28. 28 topper

    Looking at the casting and it being an action sageuk, looking forward more to the bromance than romance. Hope for lots of action and less of moppy scenes.

  29. 29 jude

    I was reading this initially for Sung Joon but then I scrolled down and I was like…

    …Hello, Ninja!!

  30. 30 Katie

    AHHHHHH!H!jfkld fiadfjdsf

    I am SO happy with this drama. Whoever the casting director is, you deserve a raise!

    I love the 3 main leads (not sure about Lee Yubi yet…couldn’t stand her in Nice Guy). I’m even more excited now mainly because of my love my LSG and Suzy.

    • 30.1 Katie

      Also, it’s way too early to judge who looks better with who based on pictures. I’m happy regardless of who ends up with who (although my own bias is LSG/Suzy haha).

  31. 31 Dorotka

    I wasn’t sure about watching… now I’m.

    Jo Jung Seok was great as Shi Kyung in K2H and together with Seung Gi they formed an unforgettable duo.
    I hope we will get another great pairing here…

  32. 32 I love drama

    If i ‘m funny , sport drama no much to me. But all actor and actress really stole my interest. More support cast only no idol, but main lead is idol. Zusy and seunggi, already famouse so far from them.I’m thinking they so luck try stole some sport from main lead. By image from kim soo hyun-dream high, no minwoo- , JO JUN SOK, song joong ki- sangkyunwang scandal…they ‘re more love in storyline than leader. That ‘s what that they chance. Now I find someone more next.it’s war in real and excited than story only people make. If i falling someone when storyline best and charm, isn’t me? I really don’t like bad comment to zusy when she not yet chance. If she popular in real , it most good than somecast that stalk her popular. I’m thinkin seunggi so too more popular . Some cast should real stalk from them, aren’t them? I’m so excited. Love your up date news coming drama.

  33. 33 ck1Oz

    Oh wow wasn’t even interested in the drama. But with the 2new casting. Plus Choi Jin Hyuk ?
    This drama is going to be so manly. Actually Suzy is going to have so many good looking oppas on this show it’s not funny.

    • 33.1 PollyRose

      I know, right? When did this become FBND: Fusion Sageuk Edition? Not that I’m complaining 🙂

  34. 34 penny

    Seung-gi and Sung Joon….kryptonite. Ack! See, I’m not even coherent!

  35. 35 PollyRose

    Oh no…Ok, I really like Lee Seung Gi as a person. When he came on Running Man I thought he was great and I hope he comes back. Buuut…I have yet to really like him as an actor. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t connect.
    I was hoping this would be the project to do it for me, but now they add in Sung Joon?! Ahh…I’m toast. I’ll try, I really will, but it’s gonna be tough.

    • 35.1 samaren

      have you watched TK2H……He was spectacular…PLZ CHECK IT .. if you watch TK2H YOU WILL KNOW HOW GOOD HE IS IN ACTING……..

      • 35.1.1 Addylovesbwood

        I don’t need anyone to tell me Seung Gi’s a great actor. he won me over in Shining Inheritance ( and that was his worst)

      • 35.1.2 PollyRose

        Sigh…yeah, I did try it. My mom loved it and was convinced I would love him after that. But I just couldn’t get into it.

        It’s not that I think he’s a bad actor, I don’t. I just have a hard time connecting to his characters. I want to care about them, but I don’t…

        But I really enjoy fusion sageuk if it’s done right. I didn’t previously care for Lee Jun Ki, but Arang totally changed that for me so I am hoping that this will do the same for LSG!

        • nova611

          @pollyrose well said

  36. 36 MariD

    Ahhhh!!! Brain just exploded. Two of my favorite men in a drama! Is there anyone in this planet that does not love Seung-gi? Now thanks to the casting I can continue stalking amy boys from “White Christmas” sooo excited add to that how I think Suzy is just adorable 🙂 can’t wait.

    • 36.1 nova611

      Finally someone the same as I am
      loving all the cast from “White Xmas”
      they really ARE the best…

  37. 37 JoAnne

    You know what? They can ALL have gummy baby brains, and I’m still gonna watch this. If they do, it will be sound off, unless I see Sung Joon’s mouth moving because – dat VOICE – but I DO NOT CARE ANY MORE. DO. NOT. CARE.

    Is this shallow? Am I being shallow? I am. I know it. I DO NOT CARE.

    Put Woobi in it. I might just die.

    • 37.1 Enz

      Totally totally agree exc the woo I part joAnne ! That expressive mouth and that voice. I just wanna be able to watch it and hear it again

    • 37.2 jomo

      Shallow is good.
      Who said shallow was ungood? WHO?

      • 37.2.1 trixicopper

        It wasn’t me! I’m good with being shallow. 🙂

      • 37.2.2 JoAnne

        No one would dare say that to us, Jomo.

    • 37.3 hanie

      Shallow is good. Let us be shallow together.
      JoAanne, it Woobi = Woobin? If it is true, oh gosh…please don’t. I can’t handle it. The prettyness is blinding!!!

      p/s: Dramabeans really need a LIKE button, seriously…

      • 37.3.1 JoAnne

        Yep, Woobie is WooBin. He has a solid backing of noonas on DB, that boy does.

        To paraphrase Renee Zellweger: He had us at Mireu.

  38. 38 Maris

    Personally, I feel a lot has to do with how well a character is written in a drama for any actor to do well. It’s a combination of well scripted interesting character supported by good acting and screen presence of an actor that determines how much I like it.
    The fact that SJ chose to take this role shows that its a good one and also because this is a high profile drama in a genre that he has not acted before. There will be plenty of opportunities for him to shine.
    I would not compare him with LSG who is playing the lead in a 20 episode drama that revolves around his character and has his own unique charm and charismatic presence. LSG has consistently improved as an actor with each appearance.

  39. 39 Uj

    Hoooooly shit I actually thought this guy Otani Ryohei was the one who was in Damo…you know the other lead not the commander….Man they look like brothers to me o_O its the eyes I think…
    Anyway wonderful edition to the cast! Excited for the drama^^

  40. 40 saranga


    suzy is absolutely adorable—i hope she stays that way. and i’ve got no problems with the rest of the cast. but sung joon’s casting puts a bit of sparkle on the drama for me. sort of like the addition of real glitter sprinkles on a yummy cupcake that already has sprinkles.

    every time i hear of this, i think of gumiho (the one with lee seung-gi and shin mina). i am really interested to tune in, but just not painting any grand expectations till i’ve seen it. i learned to dial down (way down) my expectations for dramas this past year. last year seemed especially full of buzz dramas that fell short, at least for me. already, this year, jeon woo-chi was one. sigh…

  41. 41 poop

    I’m hoping the drama would be a do great locally…cause I think this might be LSG’s last drama before he leaves for the army…it would be such a great way to add to his acting resume before he leaves
    and i hope suzy shows us an improved acting…

    • 41.1 pogo

      eh, he’s got a couple of years left, unless he wants to spend them doing nothing but CFs we’ll get another drama out of him yet.

  42. 42 bellaluna

    dunno who the Sun Joon guy is but the Japanese ninja guy is HOT :)). Dear Seung Gi’s stylish, u better make him looks good or suffer airens’ wraths :)). Anyway, it’s just 3 more weeks before the broadcast but they are still casting? and plus, no news of the leads yet? Well, still praying for the drama to be epic 😀

  43. 43 Perevell


    phew. now i can spazz. *spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

    eeeeee Sung Joon and Lee SeungGi, omg who to root for D: worst. dilemma. ever.

  44. 44 Andrea


    I was already in because I adore Lee Seung Gi. But adding Sung Joon to the cast? I think this made my week. I’m seriously hoping this drama won’t suck.

    *please drama gods, hear my plea*

  45. 45 tasoe

    I‘m picturing SJ mane of glory here..I wanna see the kinda JIW had in Iljimae, not too long, not too short, wavy, no pony tail required…yup I‘m in.

  46. 46 Gon

    I don’t get it. is this guy that good. he’s not even particularly good looking. we’ll see.

  47. 47 Danna

    Hmm…I actually think it makes sense that Sung Joon was given a supporting character as opposed to a lead….he has made some really great drama choices in the past, very unique projects than what others his age have been picking or picked… so I’m curious to see what made him take this on….that said I don’t think SJ trumps anyone else here in terms of talent…he has a certain raw intensity to him as well as charisma…that said even though he has steadily improved since his really really green White Christmas days there’s still some gray area in his acting that I have felt even while watching the lovely Can We Get Married…plus none of his projects were big network shows so it makes sense that way too
    Still iffy about the leading ladies in this cast so I’m unsure how I feel overall but the plot does sound interesting

  48. 48 Caffeine_Ninja

    I don’t understand what’s so wrong with him taking on a role where he will be a 2nd (or 3rd) lead. Playing second fiddle on a potentially popular show like this will likely lead to more exposure than playing the lead on a cable show that not that many people watched. Sung Joon is at a time in his career when he is still building experience and it will be good for him to work in as many genres and with different casts and directors as possible. Yes he has proven himself to be capable of playing the lead and I’m sure he will have many opportunities in the future, but for now this is a good move for him. If it’s popular and he does well, people will remember. If the show does badly, it’s unlikely the responsibility will fall on him. It’s a win win situation.

    • 48.1 girlatsea

      I definitely agree. The fact that we’re familiar with him doesn’t necessarily mean the Korean general public is. He’s had two cable drama leads but because they were cable dramas they weren’t necessarily enough to make him a household name. This will definitely help him score a lead in a big 3 drama (not that they’re necessarily better than cable dramas).

    • 48.2 lemondoodle

      Yeah, a few people are overestimating his popularity (and underestimating Seunggi’s tbh). I’d be surprised if this isn’t his gateway into leading man status on a network drama though.

  49. 49 girlatsea

    I honestly wasn’t that interested until Sung Joon assigned on either. I rather have him as lead (sorry T__T haha) but this is better than nothing. I’m excited to see Choi Jin-hyuk too^^ He definitely needs more recognition.

    • 49.1 girlatsea

      signed* on

  50. 50 redfox

    if he is also going to do a movie then I guess a 3rd lead is maximum to sqeueeze out from the time. there is no rush. he can grow and master his acting skills and be a leading man in a more…say, or less supernatural drama.
    ahh man is he going to take a bullet for someone… bodyguard… at least it is for Suzy, had it been LSG´s character I would be worried… no a bodyguard can still die. looking at that drama writer now. hear me? keep this guy alive in the show.

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