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Sung Yuri back on television with Birth Secret
by | March 14, 2013 | 53 Comments

I read news of this upcoming SBS drama and just had to laugh. First off, it’s called Birth Secret. It’s not even trying to go for a thematic or poetic name, just layin’ it all out there, literal-style. May as well call it Makjang Drama or Conventional Melo. Dramatic Conflict also works.

Secondly, the main character — to be played by Sung Yuri (Feast of the Gods) — plays an amnesiac. Because dramaland doesn’t have enough of those. And also a genius. Can she be a Candy and an orphan and maybe also a brain cancer patient while she’s at it?

The plot is broadly outlined as said amnesiac heroine’s journey to putting together the pieces of her lost memory along with the help of our hero, “a man who seems completely unsuited for her” (what other kind of hero is there?). She has forgotten both the man she loves and her daughter — so the question is, does she know they’re together? Or is this Fifty First Dates, the K-drama version, where she has to figure her life out in reverse?

Cast as the male lead is Yoo Joon-sang (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly), playing the uneducated and poor (but loving) father to young Kal So-won (The Gift of Room 7), who’s inherited her genius from her mother. He had met the heroine just as both were on the brink of suicide, and they’d decided to choose life together. It’s a poignant setup, as he sets out to reclaim what they once had.

Most interesting about the description, perhaps, is that it’s called both “sensitive and trendy.” Sensitive I get, but trendy not as much. Birth Secret comes from the writer of Piano and Cinderella’s Sister (so I get the emotional sensitivity line), and will be directed by the PD of Spring Days. It’ll be a weekend drama following Incarnation of Money and premieres on April 27.

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Daisy

    LOLOLOLOL such a typical drama… At least it’s nice to see Sung Yuri back even though the drama doesn’t seem that special XD

    • 1.1 a_fan

      I find Sung Yuri lifeless and uninteresting. Is it me or every second lead girl has more personality, more beauty. Sometimes I think it’s just because she is fair skinned that she gets lead roles.

    • 1.2 JO

      but even MORE! I love that Yoo Joon Sang is here…but the drama plot..ummm AND its written by the writer who brought us the interesting but isthisgoinganywhere drama Cinderella Sister? I know the writer can layon the hurt and drama but the story…tends to stay flat until like the last episode.

      • 1.2.1 Lilian

        haha…I hated Cinderella’s Sister too. Overacting. overly dramatic. The only thing I liked was the dad in the drama and the soundtrack by Yesung =D

  2. sweetcloud

    So the birth secret is that she forgot about her daughter? Because they’re missing a bit of fauxcest in there to complete the makjang 😀

    Haven’t seen Sung Yuri in anything other than Hong Gil Dong so I can definitely see the “trendy and emotional” element in her. Thanks for the news

  3. biankoy

    Yoo Joon-Sang!!! I miss him!

    • 3.1 yoonah

      He’s such a good actor! I wish he’d pick better dramas. That writer (Cinderella Unni? argh) sucks.

  4. snow_white

    So many typical drama characteristics 😀

    birth secrets. amnesia. genius.

    I haven’t watched any of Sung Yuri’s dramas/movies yet, so can anyone help me about how is she, acting wise??

    • 4.1 Annie

      Ehh, not good. Really not good.

    • 4.2 mskololia

      Well, I’ve only seen her in Romance Town, which did not require alot of range from her acting wise, but I did finish the drama.

      The plot reads OTT to me and it’s a pass….

    • 4.3 pogo

      She was ok in Hong Gil Dong but that’s about it – before that, she was known for sucking at acting.

      • 4.3.1 snow_white

        thanks everyone 🙂

    • 4.4 Sams

      I really like Sung Yuri.

      I think I will get flamed, but methinks that the greeneyed monster may be the cause of most of the dislike.

      Just my opinion.

    • 4.5 hanie

      babe, don’t forget poor. We need poor. I bet SY will be naive and optimistic too.

      Her acting just so-so imo but definitely a bit better now. Pretty to look at but sometimes lack of range.

    • 4.6 AJ

      She’s not terrible…she’s not amazing.

      She’s still pretty

    • 4.7 asianromance

      I think she’s pretty ok/good enough/passable. How do you feel about Park Min Young? I feel like Sung Yuri’s an older PMY, but a little better.

      Her acting before Hong Gil Dong was atrocious. I thought she did great in Hong Gil Dong- there were some initial rough patches, but I think having a funny, tomboyish character that was likable and experienced a range of emotions helped her get into the role and helped bring out the best in her. Romance Town was more of an ensemble drama and it didn’t give her much to do. Her movie with Kang Ji Hwan – her character wasn’t really given any depth.

      • 4.7.1 snow_white

        I like Park Min Young…..not her fan, but she is not annoying….and is pretty 🙂

  5. Emma

    lol oh jeez. This sounds terrible.

  6. foulou

    I was gonna say mehhh but then OMGWTFBBQ it’s Yoo Joon Sang! I find it hilarious that he’s older, in real life, than the bad guy who played as his uncle in You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly (the same guy who played Lee Min Ho’s ahjussi sidekick in Shitty Hunter). LMAO.

    • 6.1 foulou

      i meant *bald guy

    • 6.2 JoAnne

      oh man, HSN Ahjussi! I love him.

      • 6.2.1 TS

        I’ve started saying ahjussi in regular life.

  7. zezo

    omg!!! She always plays the same roles last time in feast of the gods too… But i really loved romance town <3

  8. mlhw

    wowsoso love yuri ^^

  9. LangitBiru

    That guy looks like Shin Ha Kyun with glasses. I wonder why I don’t watch his drama at KBSW back then. hurm..

    • 9.1 damianna

      he does look a bit like shin ha kyun right? like ur name. langitbiru = bluesky…

  10. 10 Mystisith

    -Trendy like… “That Winter The Wind Blows is having good ratings so we are staying on that road.”
    – Sensitive like… “Let’s stay consensual and netizen friendly. Let’s not take risks.”

    I’m not interested in the cast at all. Is there something good to know about the writer for this? Cause else it’s automatic pass.

  11. 11 damianna

    makjang overload!!! but i love sung yu ri to bits. i love kim ha neul n sung yu ri looks like the softer version of her (kim ha neul looks sharp…er?). *sigh* guess i’m gonna need to check out the first ep n weigh its worth.

  12. 12 TS

    Love Sung Yuri! And I wish I could find Noona with English subs somewhere. Anyone know?

    However, I’ve never understood how her hair worked in Runway Cop…

  13. 13 Soo Won

    I really think shes one of the most beautiful actresses out there… but then i remember snow queen… and the torture… aaah…
    i started skipping most of the scenes halfway through that drama… kept doing that for a couple of epis… and never reached the end!! and it was all when i was still happy enough to sit through melos and even enjoy them!! dont know why… but am not really excited to see her in another tearjerker supposed-to-be!
    by the way, that guy doesnt look like an uneducated poor man AT ALL! 🙂
    and they already have a child? and a genius at that too!? just more reason for me to pass this one! these tiny kids who like bossing others around in the name of geniusity get badly on my nerves! ;D

    • 13.1 Annie

      She seriously is STUNNING. No wonder guys the world over seem to prefer baby faces.

      • 13.1.1 TS

        That’s news to me.

  14. 14 Annie

    Aww, I hope there’s some error in the synopsis. I was under the impression that this one would mostly be about Yoo Joon Sang and Sung Yu Ri meeting up to commit suicide and then deciding to live for each other instead.

    I’m not sure why the amnesia element needed to be thrown in there to stir up the plot, but… Yoo Joon Sang is da bomb. And I’m a little puzzled by the comments about how ‘typical’ the drama sounds. To me, a ‘typical’ drama would be shenanigans between chaebols and poor, unsuitable girls so I thought this one sounded kind of refreshing. Maybe it’s just me.

  15. 15 mary

    The “uneducated” poor guy is probably a chaebol too. 😛

    A time-traveling one.

  16. 16 Sajen

    despite the fact I know I’m going to hate it I’ll probably still give the show a chance because of Sung Yu Ri. I’ve always liked her and think she’s a much better actress than most people give her credit for.

  17. 17 Anvesha

    I wouldn’t watch it.. But there’s something about Sung Yuri that I end up watching all her dramas somehow. Let’s see if this gets added to the list.

  18. 18 gratisetamore

    I’ve watched all Sung Yuri dramas except the very first one(which I can’t find) and I saw her progressive improvement. Maybe she is not the type who is overly loud and dramatic like some actresses out there who by sheer personality alone kind of “stand out” and easily gets noticed.

    I wouldn’t put so much trust on the synopsis given on the dramas as most of the time are kind of not really accurate -perhaps translation problems,too.

    Whatever it is I am still watching.

    BTW, what’s with the writer of the article who doesn’t seem to like SYR at all . There is always something negative all the time. She writes only to criticize SYR whether directly or indirectly. She must be carrying some chips on her shoulder. Tsk,tsk ,tsk.

  19. 19 Mana

    I have seen her 2 recent drama’s and personally I enjoyed both of them (might be due to male main and second turned main leads) She is not one of the bests that Korea has to offer but she is definitely not the worst….

  20. 20 browncoat_78

    Wow, another drama you couldn’t force me to watch even if you used those things from A Clockwork Orange on my eyes! Not only can I not stand Sung Yuri (oh, why, oh, why does she have to be the female lead in one of my fave dramas, Hong Gil Dong, thus forcing me to put up with her?) but this premise sounds just dreadful. Geeze, dramaland, I’m glad you are throwing me a bunch of cool sageuks in the spring and summer because otherwise I’d have to just go on Kdrama-watching hiatus.

    • 20.1 tessieroo

      Amen. Worst K-actress ever – she’s horrible.

      • 20.1.1 Maricel

        Nope, she is not worst than Suzy. I loved her in HGD, that had been her best drama. In romance town she was cute though

      • 20.1.2 lalalahaha

        u mean…worse than some acting-idols who act like a piece of wood? wow, kinda mean

      • 20.1.3 pogo

        Not all that much these days, actually.

  21. 21 altair

    Networks should stay away from melos for a little while. I LOVE melos, but after TWTWB, nothing will seem good enough. That drama set the bar too high. And while Sung Yuri is OK, I am not to keen on Yoo Joon-sang.

  22. 22 Julia

    Reading the description, it sounds like an absurd soap opera. I always avoided soap operas, even tho’ all the girls in HS seemed to talk about was
    General Hpspital.

    The title … how could it make it this far with such a lame title? It’s like they are advertising lazy writers without any originality. It’s about as clever as my local convenience store called FOOD BAG.

  23. 23 Sams

    I like Sung Yuri.

    A lot.

    I think her acting is very good.

    I think I disagree with anyone who thinks she’s a bad actor.


    • 23.1 Maricel

      I do too. Unlike some other actresses, she makes me like her and be interested in her work.

  24. 24 mlhw

    yeahyeah lovelove ^^

  25. 25 Tokki

    I really dont know why ppl always give SYR bad comments on acting. She did improved a lot. She got some awards too. She always try and try, why you just bash her and give up on the drama? She is pretty and she always lift up my spirit in drama. I love her role in Snow queen and Hong Gil Dong too. Her latest drama, Feast of the gods was also quite good. I hope she can get a good drama to show her talents and potentials!

    And, plz answer me, Yoo Jun Sang is 20 years older than Yuri, dont tell me that he is Yuri’s husband ???

  26. 26 mlhw

    waitfor drama sbs thanks ^^

  27. 27 mlhw

    You’re The Reason i don’t know what’s love

  28. 28 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Why does she always seem to play characters with birth secrets? Well maybe not all, but if feel like it. Although I really did like feast of the gods, I enjoyed watching her in that. Thought I wish that drama was about ten episodes shorter.

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