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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 10
by | March 14, 2013 | 127 Comments

There’s no shortage of emotionally powerful scenes this episode, as characters we think we know prove to be entirely different than who we thought they were. (Or do they?) For every great revelation there’s an equally baffling counterpart, but all you really need to know is that there’s a game afoot, and there’s one goal everyone agrees on: Getting Young to care about living.

Ratings look to be locking in already, with That Winter poised to keep its first place spot (at 14.2% this episode) until the end of its run.


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The gangsters who accosted Young weren’t just random guys, as it turns out. They were acting under Moo-chul’s employ, and our resident terminally-ill baddie muses that Soo was one step ahead of him this time.

Unfortunately for him, the spurned gangster who’s sworn revenge on Moo-chul notices when he grabs his chest in pain.

Soo takes Young to a coffee shop to calm down, and she’s anything but calm as she accuses him of having fun while watching her fall into his trap. Did she seem pitiful when she was so happy to have her brother home? More importantly, why didn’t he give her the pill and kill her?

“Because you’re human, does your conscience bother you?” she asks. She throws out every other option but one, so Soo brings it up himself: “If not that, maybe I love you that much.” Eek! Confession!

“That pill was mine,” Soo explains. “One day, I thought, ‘Why am I living?’ No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason for me to live. ‘Why am I trying so hard to stay alive? Even if it ends, there wouldn’t be anyone to mourn me. Even if my life ends today, there’s nothing to lose.'” His voice is trembling, and Young fights to keep her cool facade in place even though she’s wringing her hands under the table.

It’s like he wants to explain how things have changed after meeting her, but he stops himself and offers a simple deal: He’ll leave.

Young attempts to accept, but when Soo tries to help her leave she finally breaks down. He makes it seem like it’d all be over if he just leaves, but for her it’s not the same. The emotional turbulence causes another migraine to hit, and she faints in Soo’s arms.

As Soo & Co. rush Young to the hospital, So-ra meets with Secretary Wang to lie about how Soo acquired his massive debt. I’m not really sure what she wants – because if it’s money she’s the one who initially stole all of it – but she keeps up the lie that Soo is Young’s brother, even though Wang is positive that’s no longer the case.

Young finally gets a CT scan, and the results are as everyone feared – her brain tumor has relapsed in a big way. Doctor Noona (we’ll use her real name from now on, Sun-hee) pops in to take one look at the scan before declaring it inoperable.

Soo tries to convince her to perform the surgery, but she shakes him off: “I don’t play games where I lose.” He’s rattled that she considers a person’s life as a game, but she clearly holds Soo’s past against him (maybe unfairly blaming him for what Moo-chul has become) and forcefully declines to help.

Lawyer Jang delivers the disheartening news to Secretary Wang that the shareholders are considering another candidate as CEO, since they’re not happy with some of Myung-ho’s dealings and consider Secretary Wang as in on the plot.

She releases her ire on a startled Lawyer Jang, claiming that she’s the most loyal to Young’s late father, and therefore the one most deserving. “They’re trying to remove me, saying it’s for Young. Without me, they can do whatever they want,” she fumes. Let’s backtrack a bit. Who left Young’s dad to die alone again? Ohhh right. *kicks out Secretary Wang’s leg to stand on*

Young’s face remains vacant when Soo visits her in her hospital room, though it seems like she’s distancing herself because she expects him to leave. After all, it’s easy for someone like him to leave. But someone blind like her is always the one left behind.

If she could only see Soo’s face, she’d know how much he cared. His eyes fill with tears in such a way that it’s like you can see his heart breaking as he tells her that her tumor relapsed, but surgery can help.

She’s not surprised, but she’s heard this song and dance before. Soo fights back his emotions as he tells her what she told him in the ski lodge: “Young… It doesn’t have to be okay, so, do you want to cry?” Awww. (I’M not crying. I’ve just been cutting onions.)

When she says no, Soo gets on the bed behind her and wraps his arms around her, as if giving her the real okay to cry. They shed silent tears together, which makes it a super awkward moment for Jin-sung and Hee-sun to walk in on. Not just because they’re cuddling/crying, but because it’s clearly a really private moment.

Hee-sun tells Jin-sung that she’s seen Soo cry like that only once before – when he hugged her dead sister at the hospital. But things have changed for her because she can’t even be upset about it anymore. Good for you, Hee-sun.

Secretary Wang must have found out about Young, since she cries in the car ride over with Lawyer Jang. He even holds her hand to comfort her. D’aww, this ajusshi.

They find both Soo and Young asleep in the position we last saw them in, though they decide to leave without waking them. Soo wakes up to read a text message from So-ra reminding him that their agreed-upon three day waiting period is up tomorrow, though I suppose he doesn’t care much anymore since the secret’s all but out already.

Young tells him to sleep on the floor so he’s more comfortable, but he blearily replies that he wants to sleep together with her until he leaves. She can’t help but be a wee bit happy at that: “I guess it’s good being sick sometimes.”

They fall back asleep with Soo holding her even closer than before, with Young’s lips curling into a tiny smile. I don’t know if all is forgiven or if this is a temporary stay of Hurt Feelings, but I’ll take it.

The next morning, Jin-sung urges his hyung to snap out of it and start blackmailing Myung-ho to get the money he needs to survive, otherwise he’ll be caught in his love for Young. “Your words, your actions, the way you stare… I’m telling you now – the one who is terminally ill isn’t Young, its you. You live first, then see what happens.”

Soo: “I’ll live. No matter what. Even if I’m stuck in a gutter or stabbed by Moo-chul, I’ll live. When I was little, left under a tree in the cold, I lived. I didn’t even feel guilty when I betrayed your parents who treated me like their child, stole money, and left. Even after Hee-joo died, I lived. I’ll find a way to live. I have you, Hee-sun, and… I have many reasons to live now.”

It’s clear that he stopped himself from saying “Young,” but Jin-sung and the eavesdropping Hee-sun know better. They decide to go forward with the plan to blackmail Myung-ho for the money even without Soo’s blessing, which Jin-sung sees as a necessary evil if he wants to save his hyung.

Since every important dialogue scene must take place in a coffee shop, everyone on Young’s side meets to discuss moving her to another hospital, something Soo is adamantly against. He reminds Secretary Wang of her place, but she turns it right around to remind him of his own – is he Young’s brother? She doesn’t think so.

Since both sides are investigating the other, Soo calls for a temporary truce. In the meantime, Young WILL stay at the hospital she’s in and get treatment from Doctor Sun-hee.

Myung-ho gets a glass of water to the face, courtesy of Secretary Wang, who chastises him for taking company matters into his own hands before she calls the engagement off. He stops her in her tracks when he tells her that Soo is blackmailing him.

Outside, Soo shows Lawyer Jang the photos of Myung-ho with his girlfriend. When Soo explains that he doesn’t trust Secretary Wang because he holds her responsible for Young’s blindness, Lawyer Jang lashes out against what he considers wild conjecture.

But at least he’s willing to see any evidence Soo could provide to the contrary, all while having his fingerprints tested. Because proving Soo touched Young’s safe will solve everything, I guess?

Young asks her doctor (not Sun-hee) whether he’d get surgery and chemotherapy if he were in her shoes. He says yes, but he can’t tell her that her sickness will be cured because of it, which Young takes as a sign to not go through with treatment. Which I take as a sign to headdesk. Seriously, when is the outcome for something like this ever guaranteed?

Soo sees Secretary Wang’s car speeding away from the hospital, and Young finds herself all but kidnapped inside when she realizes that Secretary Wang is taking her to another hospital, and not home like she thought.

She immediately gets out of the car, causing Secretary Wang to slap her across the face. Yikes.

Soo confronts Mi-ra on her past record of lying in order to force her to take him to Young’s old hospital, unaware that Secretary Wang finally took Young home.

She tells Young that she’ll MAKE her get surgery, but Young refuses. “Do you want to die?!” Secretary Wang screams at her. Young: “I plan on it.”

Secretary Wang hits her again, hard, enough to send Young to the ground. It almost sounds like a “Why do you make me hurt you?” when she tells Young that this is the first time she’s ever hit her, when Young has hit her dozens of times over the years. Young replies, “I know.”

She finally confronts Young into explaining the reasoning behind her hatred of her – is it revenge? “Do you think I wanted your family’s inheritance so much that I killed your father, used you, took over the company, forced you to marry Lee Myung-ho, and used you like a puppet to become CEO?”

Young admits that she used to think that way, and that she once entertained thoughts of killing Secretary Wang. But everything changed when she realized that Secretary Wang had ample opportunities to kill her, but instead of, say, suffocating her in her sleep, she’d touch her lovingly and leave. So, Young knows that Secretary Wang cares for her.

Secretary Wang cries as she remembers how many slaps she had to endure from a tantrum-throwing Young in order to teach her how to survive in the world. The thing is, Young knows all of this, and realizes the sacrifices Wang has made for her. Or more accurately, it’s like she knew all this already. Which, huh? Did she choose to selectively forget all this? (And what explanation does Secretary Wang have for lying to her about her disease?)

They reconcile like a true mother/daughter duo after the fight, though Young still refuses to have surgery and cries that she wants to get married so she can look pretty for Oppa one last time. Which, again, what? She thinks he’ll worry about her less just because she’s married to the King of Douches, Lee Myung-ho? Did I miss a step here?

Secretary Wang is ready to agree to anything Young wants as long as she’ll get treated, claiming that she’ll fight Young until she has the desire to live.

Soo meets with So-ra while on the hunt for Young’s doctor, but her threat to tell Secretary Wang everything doesn’t affect him anymore. He’s even at peace with being framed by her, even, and considers it the karmic price he has to pay for messing around with her.

However, he lays it all out by explaining to So-ra what love is, and why what she’s doing to him isn’t love. She asks if his relationship with Young is any more legitimate, claiming that Young will end things with him once she realizes he isn’t her brother. Soo: “I know. And when that time comes, I plan on leaving.” End of discussion.

Myung-ho explains to Secretary Wang that the pictures of him and his girlfriend were of their final goodbye, because saying goodbye takes an entire night. Secretary Wang gives the pithy excuse that she was going to let his cheating slide because that’s just what men do (grrr), but she won’t let him mess with the company (he embezzled some funds, no big deal), since that’s Young’s only lifeline.

So, some interesting dichotomies in the way she thinks. Myung-ho agrees to do whatever she says if she gives him a second chance, and agrees to delay the wedding so Young can get surgery first. What are these two to each other?

Secretary Wang updates Soo on her macabre plans to prepare for Young’s wedding and surgery at the same time, though at least they’re in agreement that her health comes first. She also makes sure to mention Jin-sung’s blackmailing attempt on Myung-ho, something she claims won’t work since both her and Young are well-aware of Myung-ho’s unfaithful past.

She warns him that his act is over once Young has the surgery and that she’s only letting him slide if she thinks he’ll help Young to get it, and he responds in kind – when he goes down, he’s taking Secretary Wang with him.

Young smiles like she’s not dying when she tells Soo that she feels less selfish about her possibly short-lived (hah) wedding plans when she knows that Myung-ho will get a company out of the ordeal. She’s mostly doing it because she thinks women look their prettiest in a wedding gown. So… just go to the bridal store and try a few on.

When Soo tries to stop her, she cuts him off by acting like he’s the Buzz Killington in their relationship by not wanting to have fun in the time they have left.

Jin-sung has to deal with the fallout from his sister’s expensive car accident, and he earns a slap from Hee-sun the second he thinks about borrowing money from Boss Kim.

She feels immediately bad after and hugs it out with him, promising that they’ll solve this problem together. Only… someone’s already paid off the debt. They just don’t know that it’s Moo-chul.

While en route to meet Myung-ho’s parents, Young chatters endlessly about her wedding and honeymoon plans, which include bringing Soo & Co. along with her. “Why aren’t you saying anything?” she asks Soo. Does she really not have an educated guess?

Soo finally pulls over when he’s had enough, and orders her out so they can have a little talk.

While Secretary Wang goes orphanage-hunting for records of Soo, she flashes back to her meeting with So-ra, where the actress requested her help in leaving quietly with Soo. The deal seems to be: Help me, and I’ll keep my mouth shut.

However, Hee-sun seems to have beat Secretary Wang to the punch, because the photo from Soo’s orphanage record is strangely missing.

Meanwhile, Convenient Plot Device Joong-tae FINALLY finds that photo he’s been hunting for all series long and uses it to prove to Lawyer Jang that Soo’s got the burn scar on the wrong arm – ergo, the Soo they know is a fraud. Dun dun dun.

We find Soo and Young back at their favorite caffeinated haunt as he confronts her about Myung-ho’s cheating and company embezzlement. She pretty much shrugs both off, causing Soo to give her a verbal golf clap when he tells her that she’s unbearable.

And if there’s one thing he’s got her beat on (or so he claims), it’s that he actually wants to live. She brings up the Death Pill as evidence to the contrary, even though he claims he just kept it to strengthen his resolve.

“You can live if you want to,” Young says. “But even if I want to live, I can’t.” Ah, okay, so I’m beginning to understand her warped perspective – that if she hopes for something, she’ll just be let down that much more in the end. So why bother, right?

But Soo can read her like a book, and calls her on her wedding bluff when he prepares to leave her in Myung-ho’s care: “You’re really bad at lying. You don’t want to die, you want to live. You’re just afraid that as soon as you admit it, you’ll look pitiful. But unfortunately, to me, you look more pitiful now.”

Young becomes desperate when she realizes he really plans to leave her there, but he refuses to play along with her and enjoy the time she has left until she gives up and dies. “You won’t get your way. Unless you tell me that you want to live, you won’t get your way.” FINALLY.

Soo goes straight to Moo-chul to kneel at his feet in order to beg him to ask his sister to perform Young’s operation. The act of supplication catches Moo-chul by surprise, and he even looks a bit uncomfortable as he tries to escape.

When he moves, Soo crawls/slides his way to block his path, still kneeling. Moo-chul kicks him out of the way, and then when Soo tries to get back on his knees, he kicks him again. And again. And again. Oh god, this is horrifying.

He beats the daylights out of Soo, and only when he takes a breather does Soo force himself back to his knees, sobbing. He reaches out for Moo-chul’s hand: “Please save her, hyung.” Whoa. Hyung? Soo is entreating him as his former friend, no matter how long ago that was.

Moo-chul violently kicks him down again. Soo calls out to him: “I’ll come back tomorrow. I’ll come the day after that, too. I will. I just need to die at your hands, right? Let’s save Young. Let’s save this innocent girl. Let’s not make her Hee-joo. Let’s save this kid.” He calls out “hyung” long after Moo-chul is gone.

Soo comes home as Secretary Wang tracks down his former orphanage, and Young lets herself into his room. “It’s me,” she announces. “I know,” Soo responds dryly. “I can see.” Hah.

I love that he’s had it up to HERE with her, and doesn’t want to listen when she wants to talk because he knows it’ll be more of the same, all of it centering around her plans to die.

“I got hurt,” he finally tells her. He explains what he looks like in detail, but he blames her inability to see him as her fault, because she doesn’t even want to try helping herself with surgery. “You don’t want to see me, do you? It’s a lie that you want to see me, isn’t it?”

She responds that yes, it was all a lie. Soo presses her against the wall as he all but tries to shake some sense into her: “I’m getting tired of your lies.”

Young tearfully asks him what he wants from her. Soo: “Say that you want to live. Have the will to live.” Young doesn’t understand what would change with those words when she can’t even live if she wants to.

“I’m scared of dying too. Why do you make me so weak all the time? Why do you keep making me want to live?” Young asks.


I’m glad we got some clarity with Young, because it helps to put some of her actions into perspective. I can buy that this is all an elaborate cover-up she’s executing in order to mask her fear of dying, and I think it’s important that Soo saw through that AND her. She’s got everyone on her side trying to save her life, but if she doesn’t come to the realization that she wants to at least try, then we’re stuck repeating the same core conflict – only with strange tangents like the whole rushed marriage ordeal. Which, even coming from Young’s warped perspective, is a bit extreme. There are easier, less self-sacrificial ways to get your oppa to see you in a wedding dress. Just sayin’.

There were two truly standout scenes in this episode – Young’s confrontation with Secretary Wang, and Soo’s confrontation with Moo-chul. Young has been saying for a while now that she’s not scared of Secretary Wang anymore, but it still felt a little jarring for her to go from blaming the woman for her inability to live independently, to her agreeing that Secretary Wang IS the reason she can live independently. This change in their dynamic leaves me confused as to who Secretary Wang really is and how much of her Young really knows.

If Secretary Wang was telling the truth in that conversation and Young wasn’t just playing along, then she’s only ever loved Young and wanted the best for her. Out of the two of them, Secretary Wang would be the victim, suffering years of verbal (and physical) abuse from Young in order to help her. Only… she’s not after the family fortune? Did she also not kill Young’s dad? Did she not lie to Young about her condition so she could become blind? Does she actually think Myung-ho is a good match for her? What is seriously going on with her?

I can’t help but be emotionally hooked to Soo, and I really got the sense this episode that he’s actively trying to atone for his past misdeeds with Hee-joo by saving Young. That’s not all there is to it, and he’s not just in this to clear his conscience, but I do like how things boil down pretty simply for him. Just like he told So-ra, love is simple. He seems to view the world in the same kind of simplistic terms, which is why he’s the type to go all in once he loves someone. Young is the naive, child-like alternative to his worldliness, which seems to be part of the reason he always feels he must protect and save her.

But to see him kneeling to Moo-chul, begging him to help save Young’s life? That cut deep, and brought the episode back around for me. Moo-chul’s got a personal vendetta against Soo a mile wide, but you’d hope the guy wouldn’t punish Young for Soo’s unfaithfulness to his long-dead girlfriend. There are a lot of reasons Soo would just take that beating without protest, but knowing Soo’s track record, I’m guessing he thought he deserved it. He understands Moo-chul, and took his one opportunity to beg and plead something from him NOT to save his own life, but to save someone else’s. That’s what I call heroic win (inasmuch as kneeling and begging can be considered heroic).


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      OMG. I was laughing so hard to what happened to Young’s liar friend. First get dragged by the wrist and shouted at in public. Then, get left in that other hospital (I’m imagining she’s probably without anything on her) while she chases Soo’s car. Golden.

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        I also laughed at that too. If I were her, I would’ve definitely thought, “Oh God, these people are seriously crazy and dysfunctional…why am I being emotionally and physically tugged around??”

      • 1.2.2 pogo

        lol I kept thinking I felt sorry for her, she was so sweet in You’ve Fallen For Me (and I wonder how much money Secy. Wang is paying her, if it’s enough for her to put up with the dysfunction that is everyone in this drama)

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    Such intensity, so much beauty, so much to say… . I am happy to have been drawn into this one.

    I bow deeply to the writers, the actors and the entire production team for TWtWB [sigh of contentment and anticipation of episodes to come]

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      Agree with you. TWTWB is one classy production – great script, good directing and awesome actors/actresses. Seems like the greatness of this drama has rubbed off on the whole crew hence the high quality output all around (such as beautiful set and wonderful OST). Although this is a melodrama, it is not overly dramatic; all through the past episodes, they have sad scenes intersperse with sweet scenes, serious scenes followed by simple love scenes of the OTP. Sigh…will my expectations of future K-dramas be benchmarked against TWTWB? Can we have more of Jo In Sung please πŸ™‚

      • 5.2.1 Curioser And Curiosor

        @unknown X2: My feelings exactly! Very well put! This is the first time since I started watching k-dramas that I find myself genuinely invested in the protagonist’s fate. What I want most for both Oh Soo and Oh Young are freedom, redemption and love. I feel that if they can realize and discover these three things in their lives, whatever shape they take, then OS’s and OY’s fate will be a happy one and then not even death will really matter.

        This may sound a smidge too buddhist, but I feels like the storytellers here have done a pretty good job — [especially through Oh Soo’s willingness to sacrifice 5 and then 10 of his remaining days for OY and JS’s sake] — of setting up the case that there are worse things than death; in this case, losing the people you love when you can do something, however small or big, to spare them pain and suffering… Yeah, I’m loving this drama a whole lot!

  6. hartofseeker

    if i give SW any benefit of doubt at all… have we really received concrete evidence that she TOLD the doctor to lie to OY about her condition? I love OY and all but I can’t always take her side of the story 10%, especially when she has strong (though legit) anger/hatred towards SW. If SW had not been telling lies, then it was OY’s biased rationalization of why the doctor told her conflicting diagnosis– a convenient reason for OY to keep hating SW and hate her even more. SW is coming across as one of those tight-fisted moms, who love their children A LOT but sometimes they’re so focused on making their child strong and protecting them, including by shielding them in, that they forget that their child needs time to breathe too. These mothers take a lifetime to learn the balance of being a caring parent and not depriving their child basic autonomy… the stifling type.

    As for the whole marriage deal… it doesn’t bother me as much though i agree that the reasoning behind it is real twisty unless they felt that MH owed them something/have leverage over him that’s BIG in some way that they are confident that he won’t back-stab them. I’m waiting for that explanation

    This was an OY episode… telling us why she’s so jaded about people telling her to fight her cancer (“people speak those words so easily”). Treating death as if it’s nothing was her coping mechanism for feeling helpless and hopeless about her condition (tumor AND blind)… which is why she got so prickly with OS trying to make her fight death/want to live… which means asking her to be afraid of/disdain death first (taking down the fortress of apathy, effectively disarming her of the only weapons she had)… all the while not being able to give her concrete hope that all her fighting and suffering would guarantee survival at end… “Why are you making me weak/why are you shaking my resolve?”

    • 6.1 hartofseeker

      @__@ i meant “take her side of the story 100%” smh how’d that last zero disappear?…

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    • 7.1 skelly

      Yes, Hee-Sun is feisty, but no way is that girl ready for a lead role yet. She’s got a lot to learn, if she bothers to. She may just cash in on her cute spunkiness for the next ten years.

      • 7.1.1 liz

        One thing she has is talent, even actors said so, she didn’t have any acting lessons and is better than say ”some actresses”

        so I think she’ll keep trying to learn more and more. Working with great actors also help to learn a lot of thing, not just by doing acting lessons, also , the roles they gave her to do.

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    I only think that Moo-chul wasn’t just you know, beating him for the sake of hurting him as much as hurting himself. Most of the time I wonder if Moo-chul isn’t trying to hurt Soo in every way possible ’cause he can’t do it to himself, so he projects all anger he has for not being able to fight fo Hee-jo (or something like that) in Soo.

    Like he getting on his damn knees begging him to save her. So he sees again WHY he might have chosen Soo over him, like he’s seeing again Soo take that huge leap of faith that comes when loving someone.

    Wow, I’m quite convincing myself he’s a martir of sorts.

    • 9.1 shelhass

      I was trying to say: “Like Soo getting on his damn knees begging him to save her. So he sees again WHY she might have chosen Soo over him, like he’s seeing again Soo take that huge leap of faith that comes when loving someone”

      *sorry I should be in bed already

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    • 9.3 ilikemangos

      That scene left me blubbering.
      Jo in sung was heartbreaking while kneeling down, beaten to death, and bawling like a baby, begging for young’s life.
      Jo In Sung is just magnificent, and I cant believe this is the first project i’ve seen him in. Just wow!
      I also agree with moo chul projecting his anger onto oh soo. I also think it’s possible he might be testing him… to see how far he’s willing to go and how hard he’s going to work for what he wants.

      • 9.3.1 skelly

        I get that, too. Even in his anger Moo Chul seems detached and dispassionate, like this is all some sort of lab experiment.

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  10. 10 Belle3005

    I am now desensitized to all the fauxcest scenes. I have given up any chances of therapy at this point of time simply because I just want them to be together ALREADY. Both of them fit each other so well like a glove it’s hard to not root for them to be together. It’s about time Young starts finding the urge to stay alive,good job Soo!
    If you’ve watched the next episode you’d see that Moo Chul isn’t as mean as we thought he was. I was rather indifferent to this episode but it was the next episode that got to me.
    5 more episodes to go!

  11. 11 roake

    They are killing me. I can’t help be further invested in their blossoming love, but can’t seem to see how this could possibly end well.

    It hurts, because….
    where can they go with this…
    without breaking my heart.

  12. 12 ks

    I love this drama so much. Sad there are only a few more episodes left. I can already feel the end-of-drama withdrawal. I’m really impressed with the acting here. I love how Zo In-sung’s subtle facial expressions convey his emotions so touchingly.

  13. 13 Eli

    Thank you, Heads!

    Just want to say this real quick, I LOVE Oh Soo! Enough said.

  14. 14 gummimochi

    I’m not crying either… It’s because I’m thinking about a friend of mine who you don’t know who is dying.

    • 14.1 DayDreamer


  15. 15 dadidam

    Thank you, HeadsNo2, although I have to admit that I disagree with most of your observations about recent episodes, e.g., OY’s reaction in the previous one and this one.

  16. 16 xuka

    Check this: http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/

  17. 17 redfox

    I just LOVE the costumes but now they are getting too showy like Secretary Wang, the clothes kind of grab attention from her face, not good for the acting. with Oh Soo, they are just right. with Young – well, she has no color! I wish in the end they dress her in something colorful – NOT a wedding dress.
    but I watched the next episode too and at the end I thought MY clothes are going to catch fire. Phef, why did it get THAT hot….

    and it kind of shows that the filming crew uses the same “location” or “set” as much as possible, not wanting to move the equipment too quickly.

    hmmm… Jin Sung. I dont see the character TOO justified, but i aint complaining. cause Kim Bum is just fierce. no baby face any more for sure. it is like his inner flame for acting is showing. but I wish his character was more… I dunno. meaningful. it is half-cooked kind of

    oh and….Oh Soo jealous = GOOD

    • 17.1 redfox

      that said, still too much crying and tears for my taste.
      not watching melodramas again. It could be done without a flood.

    • 17.2 Mystisith

      I agree that the 2 young actors are underutilized & just for comic relief. I hope for them to have bigger roles after that.
      About the same locations reused: It conveys well the entrapment feeling of the characters. That gigantic house lost in the middle of nowhere… The Dome of Stephen King could have been shot there.
      If you feel it’s monotonous, I don’t think it’s a problem of live shooting: Show is almost wrapped now. Probably, the freezing temperatures weeks ago are part of the reason.
      By the way, thanks for the recap Heads! ^^
      I agree with the commenters about ep 11 being stronger than this one. 2 powerful scenes here (hospital & cuddling) and then the rest fell flat.

      • 17.2.1 Belle3005

        Gee I was expecting more from Kim Bum and Eun Ji but oh well,I guess they’re called secondary characters for a reason. It’s just that I know that Kim Bum could’ve done so much more. Perhaps a male lead for Kim Bum next time,eh Noh Hee Kyung? Not sure about Eun Ji though,she’s doing an okay job with her character I guess,with all that spunk and sassiness but somehow I couldn’t connect with her character on a personal level. It’s all right though since she’s still young and has lots of time to hone her skills. πŸ™‚
        I agree with your train of thought on the usage of the same locations. Seriously,at least 80% of the conversations between the characters were held in the coffee place O.O They must’ve really loved coffee then. (Although I can barely remember much scenes of them actually drinking the coffee lololol.)
        Oh yes,I felt that this episode was rather plain compared to previous episodes. My attention wavered a little bit but it came back in the 11th episode. πŸ˜€

        • Jackie

          LOL I know right? You cannot have a good convo with someone if it isn’t in a coffee shop. That’s a must.

          I also agree with Eun Ji’s character. I think she’s doing a good job with what was given to her, but her character is poorly written. There was no easy transition between the “Hee Sun not loving Jin Sung” to the “Hee Sun kissing Jin Sung face off on the scooter”. It wasn’t gradual, and therefore their little romance doesn’t seem real.

          An an aside, whoever is in charge of dressing Eun Ji for her role should be let go. lol. Her choice in clothes has gotten dramatically worse since the first episode

    • 17.3 SD

      About Jin Sung, I have the same sentiments. As a KB fan, it’s really frustrating to see his talent being put to waste. To be honest, I liked his performance in Padam Padam better and I think it’s because Noh Hee Kyung has provided more depth to Lee Gook Soo.

      I there’s more to Park Jin Sung than meets the eye because I strongly believe that KB can do so much better.

    • 17.4 pogo

      I agree about Bummie and Eun-ji, I enjoy the hell out of their time onscreen but it’s a shame they have so little to do which is kind of a secondary character hazard I guess, especially since he’s not like most second leads and in love with the heroine.

      Eun-ji’s doing ok, but her character isn’t really all that different from Answer Me 1997, and frankly this role obviously doesn’t demand as much from her as Shi-won did.

  18. 18 Anduril

    A great episode. The Moo-Chul and Soo beatup scene really got me. And it was very Kdrama. You could not have that same scene in a western drama, (or else it would be very hard and not as natural). Our (hero/victim/villain) was acting week to the guy planning on killing him. Yet the one word “hung” explains why Soo can go to Moo-Chul. I love their dynamic. President Kim is your 1-dementional baddy; Moo Chul is a tragic villain we are happy to see on our screen.

    Can’t wait for the next recap so we can talk about the next episode. IT WAS EVEN BETTER!

  19. 19 joy

    i loved this episode even if it was a bit confusing. I love JIS here and how he shows what he can do for love. He made me cry….and want a boyfriend just like him. πŸ™‚

  20. 20 Sajen

    (And what explanation does Secretary Wang have for lying to her about her disease?)

    Did Secretary Wang lie that’s the question. The only perspective we have is Young’s and I said it earlier but Young is not a reliable narrator. We have seen things that seem to support Young’s view on Secretary Wang is right but we’ve also seen things that are odd especially if Young is right about secretary Wang.

    I love this show.

  21. 21 JO

    This episode was really great. I hope the drama goes the route where everyone has an explanation is not inherently evil. Secretary Wang is such an enigma. I’ll just leave it at that because I know any hint or conclusion I make will just be wiped away the next episode.

  22. 22 Jacek

    That scene when Oh Soon kneeled and begged Moo Chul to help Youngie killed me. It got me in tears. Best scene of the episode.

  23. 23 Brenda

    I’ve been loving this drama ever since episode 1 but it was probably that scene between Moo Chul and Soo that finally got me emotionally invested. . .I honestly don’t remember that last drama that made me shed a tear so it feels like a blessing that this one came finally came along.
    Thanks so much for the recap!

    • 23.1 bbee

      very true i can’t remember the last kdrama which made me cry …seriously Soo you wr awesome

  24. 24 Missy

    Thanks for the recap. This show doesn’t make any kind of sense. If Secretary Wang is a nurturing caregiver and not the conniving opportunistic villain why waste scenes showing us her evil ways and introducing new elements to her bad deeds??? And why does Ypung somehow forget all of her suspicions for a cry fest after she’s been slapped? It’s dumb. Either write the secretary as a complex character or make her commit to a theme, because this convenient waffling as if we somehow didn’t watch any episode before this one doesn’t work or make any sense.

    • 24.1 pogo

      I mean, I get that a character can have two sides and be contradictory, but this episode was like the writers wanting to tell us really hard that ‘hey, Secretary Wang isn’t that bad, ok?’

      (buuut, at the same time she’s still creepily controlling of Young and wants her to marry a cheating douchebag, and lest the story forgets, did actually leave Young’s dad to die. As far as surrogate mothers go, that still gets her a 0 on 10 from me)

  25. 25 crixa

    This Drama. I can’t even explain it, like seriously. My feels are uncontainable. I sobbed many times like a toddler with tantrums while watching this episode. It was heartbreakingly good.

    Thanks again Heads! Can’t wait for your episode 11 recap. 5 episodes more to go, and I don’t know how will I ever continue my life after this drama ends. Sigh.

    • 25.1 icareay

      I know how you felt… my enthusiasm for this drama and the actors are irrational….everything about the drama is so additive.

  26. 26 yohs

    this isn’t really related to the drama, but which subtitles are better for this drama? DF or viki? I noticed viki, there’s a couple of spelling/grammar errors plus its a bit confusing in the way they word it, and DF they don’t really translate their names correctly & they shorten it & they don’t sub the lyrics lol. so yeah just wondering so I can DL the better subs. >__> btw jo in sung & song hye kyo are gorgeous<3

    • 26.1 gem

      It is better to watch it on Viki because they add all of the details and don’t worry about the grammar mistakes since they do final edits.

      • 26.1.1 DayDreamer

        Agree. Viki has all the goods. The subbers do an excellent job.

        • yohs

          do you guys know if they provide soft subs for the final version? I just realized the major difference between the subs on the site & the soft sub version. & I kind of prefer to watch this drama in HD since I already downloaded it & this drama seems to deserve an HD watch :\
          okay sorry about the randomness

          • liz

            it is because the person rips out the subtitles before editing it and doesn’t correct it later. That is why some vikers don’t like when they get their subtitles to do softsubs because they gave subtitles before editing and not with 100% quality like they would like to.

            So, it is bettet to ask the person who rips it out to replace the subtitles with the edited ones later… but I don’t think they’ll bother.

  27. 27 Hiba

    Have I mentioned how AWSOME the cast is , I mean Omg ! Ah j love this drama very much ! I want it to end happily ! I guess that’s not possible ,
    I’m I the only one who noticed that all episodes are ending with a question by young !!! Ghhhhhh

  28. 28 dewaanifordrama

    *sigh* this drama is so wonderful! That scene where Oh Young gets down on his knees and begs Moo Chul – it was so excellent! Ah! This show has so many layers and the characters are so nice and messy and human. I love it! We’re getting the story piece-meal, and I like that. It suits the pacing of the show. I really just don’t get Secretary Wang. What is up with her?

  29. 29 Compass Wise

    Screenshots for sharing purposes only:

    Episode 1: https://vimeo.com/60000090
    Episode 2: https://vimeo.com/60174345
    Episode 3: https://vimeo.com/60332977
    Episode 4: https://vimeo.com/60710258
    Episode 5: https://vimeo.com/60838908
    Episode 6.1: https://vimeo.com/60893706
    Episode 6.2: https://vimeo.com/60901072
    Episode 7: https://vimeo.com/60950269
    Episode 8: https://vimeo.com/61452690
    Episode 9: https://vimeo.com/61533902
    Episode 10: https://vimeo.com/61813881
    O2 couple: https://vimeo.com/61640320

  30. 30 malusky

    why this drama has a good rating… it has a good script, good story, good director, good cinematography… the main characters were so professional, they were good to emote their script-line also has a good chemistry. I bet that this drama as well as the main characters will win an awards (best drama, best director, best story, best actor and best actress).

  31. 31 Peridot

    Secretary Wang is such an interesting, enigmatic character. I do not trust her completely but I do not believe that she has the same motivations as other characters in chaebol-centered story lines. At times we see her through the lens created by Oh-young. To a young girl who experienced the traumas of becoming blind and being separated from her family, it is easy to see how she could construct Secretary Wang into a villain/monster. At the same time, was Secretary Wang responsible for Oh-young’s blindness? Is it possible that Secretary Wang truly cares for Oh-young, but in a warped way? Did she purposefully allow Oh-young’s condition to worsen so that the latter would have to become dependent upon her? Toni Morrison wrote in one of her novels (I can’t remember which one at the moment) that different types of people love differently. So, for example, mad people love madly. One definition of love does not necessarily hold true for all. This idea is dangerous, because what some people consider to be love can be truly frightening and disturbing. But perhaps this is the lens through which we can view Secretary’s ‘love’ for Oh-young. I hope that as the show airs its remaining episodes the psychology of Secretary Wang becomes a bit clearer.

    • 31.1 skelly

      Totally agree. Sec. Wang may be “loving” in the only way she knows how – by pushing, pulling, being a tiger mom to someone who is really is desperate need of nurturing love, a shoulder to cry on and arms to help hold her up. I don’t think Wang has it in her to provide the sort of love that Young not only desperately needs, but recognizes as love. The argument that they had didn’t confuse me because there is a big difference between looking after someone and loving them. Young needed love, but she got caretaking.

      It’s very unusual for a drama to have a character so ambiguous, and I am really curious to find out truly what Wang’s motivations are.

      It is obvious by now that Young is NOT a reliable narrator; the double-whammy of the loss of her mother/brother and then her sight, and the lack of a loving, trusted adult in her life has left her suspicious, apathetic, insecure, and defensive. A hard shell covers someone unsure of even the most seemingly well-intentioned actions. Add into the mix the gradual discovery of her new and confusing feelings for Soo, and it’s not surprising that Young acts in an emotional and irrational way.

      • 31.1.1 Peridot

        I am glad that I found someone who is thinking along the same lines. And I agree with your comment about Oh-young being an unreliable narrator. I think that this makes things interesting, as we will constantly be guessing and second-guessing the motivations of each character.

  32. 32 Makhi

    why did it take so long?i’ve checked over 20 times since wednesday!!!

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      Hum. You know than recappers work for free, need hours to do a recap and … have a life beside this blog, right?

    • 32.2 Belle3005

      Hey having an in depth recap with analysis is better than no recap at all so you’ll have to be patient and wait.
      If you really can’t wait then you can always check the recaps here http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/ instead. Softy from Cadence does live recaps so you might wanna check it out over there.

    • 32.3 skelly

      Recapping is hard work. Recapping a show as complicated and twisty as TWTWB is even harder work. Recapping a complicated, twisty show for readers who pester you about waiting and don’t even say thank you is the hardest work.

  33. 33 NewFan

    Thanks for the recap! I can’t believe we’re on our way to episode 11 already. (Side note: I’ve been watching this and Padam Padam at the same time, and it’s way too much heartache all at once.)

    I’m really glad I’m able to pick up on some words now, because when Oh Soo called out “hyung,” the subtitles read “Moo Chul” and it’s just. not. the. same. It’s starting to frustrate me a little.

    • 33.1 DayDreamer

      Yeah, I hate when the subtitles go that way because then it doesn’t lead to the same feelings and intensity of the scene. There’s a world of difference between calling him Moo Chul and calling him hyung, particularly with the way their relation has been.

    • 33.2 pogo

      Ha, subtitles do that so frequently that I’ve long since learned to simply register what’s being said onscreen instead of what the subtitle switches it out for, whether it’s ‘oppa’ or ‘hyung’ or a sudden dropping of honorifics.

      • 33.2.1 NewFan

        I’m trying to listen out for banmal, but that’s a lot harder for me. I usually don’t know why a character gets angry/offended until I read the recap, lol.

        • pogo

          I think it helps that one of my very first dramas was Goong, where they use jondae/banmal/borderline sageuk speech as a tool to establish character and setting – it was pretty easy to tell when someone was, say, struggling to ‘speak properly’. I still don’t understand Korean, but just getting a feel for what’s being said isn’t that hard imo.

      • 33.2.2 ilikemangos

        im also trying to pay attention to banmal vs jondae.
        fortunately, we’ve all watched enough dramas to know the basics (noona, oppa, unni, dongsaeng, appa, hyung etc)

    • 33.3 Peridot

      Padam Padam is a beautiful but heartbreaking drama. I love Jung Woo-sung’s performance.

      And I agree with your comments about subtitles. I am glad that I recognize enough Korean words and sentences to not have to rely completely on the translations. I become similarly frustrated when it am watching things in Italian and can tell when the translations cannot convey the subtleties or beauty of the language.

      • 33.3.1 blabla100

        is padam padam as good as twtwb? im really tempted to give it a try, while waiting for the next ep of twtwb :p

        • Mar

          Padam Padam is excellent. Jung Woo-sung gives a tour de force performance. He’s so raw and uncouth and charming and heartbreaking all rolled into one. Kim Bum is adorable and grumpy and weird. It’s not a typical k drama, melo or otherwise. It has a lot of joy along with the melo, mostly emitted from Jung Woo-sung’s amazingly emotive face. It has a supernatural element and as with many k dramas, just go with it, and you will enjoy the ride.

        • Peridot

          You should really watch Padam Padam. For the longest time I had the desire to watch it but hesitated for some reason. Literally a couple of so weeks ago, I acted upon my desire. I do not know if you could put it up against TWHWB because both shows are so different in tone. While I get invested in dramas (and their characters) I do not usually cry. While watching Padam Padam, however, tears actually fell. As Mar wrote, Jung Woo-sung’s performance was amazing. He expressed a myriad of emotions (joy, doubt, despair, fear, etc.) with his face alone. While the side-characters are well-developed and the performances of many are amazing (especially the character of Jung Woo-sung’s mother), I feel that a big part of the show’s quality and depth rests with Jung Woo-sung’s performance. The supernatural element lends a very interesting color to the drama as a whole.

          • blabla100

            thank you, guys! ive watched the first 2 eps, they were ok. It hasnt hooked me much yet, to be honest, but i plan to keep up watching for a few more episodes at least. For some reason, i dont like the main actress much, im not sure why, i havent seen her in any other drama before, but her role here is a bit annoying, maybe? Dunno, as i said, ive only seen the first 2 eps, so maybe its too early to form conclusions. Another thing is, i have no idea what this drama is about πŸ™‚ the synopsis i found online are all a bit vague, so i honestly have no idea whats the story of this show

        • Peridot

          To reply to your question regarding the plot of Padam Padam…At its most basic level, this is the story about a man who, having spent most of his adult life in prison for a crime he did not commit, desires to redeem himself and find justice. But this story is not about revenge nor does his quest to prove his innocence overshadow the rest of the story. I think it is more about the second chances that Kang Cheol gets and his ability to discover love and to rediscover family (the theme of second chances is also dramatically represented by the different miracles that occur, some of which serve to open the main character’s eyes to things he did not know or simply misunderstood). Kang Cheol was a character for whom I truly felt a lot (sympathy, happiness, etc.). As for the leading lady, I did not have a particular liking for her in the first few episodes. But throughout the story you also get to learn a little bit about why she is the way she is. I did not like her treatment of Kang Cheol or her assumptions about his character, but her behavior gradually changes. The lead actress was also in Rooftop Prince (her character is very different there; unfortunately, that drama disappointed me in many ways). I am not sure if my summary of the plot is helpful, but I would strongly suggest that you continue with this drama in spite of your reservations. It is in many ways a visceral drama.

          • blabla100

            Again, thank you for your input. Ive watched 2 more episodes earlier and indeed, things started to get more interested. Though after 4 episodes, i’m still following this show mostly because of the intriguing male lead rather than the story itself. I really have a weakness for troubled/complex characters πŸ™‚ Part of the reason why i love MISA and TWTWB so much. Imma keep up watching though, thing is i would have enjoyed padam padam so much more if i wasnt already so emotionally involved in twtwb. Bad timing, i guess. These days all i can think about is twtwb when it comes to kdramas, i dont seem to enjoy any other show to the fullest untill twtwb ends, i keep comparing everything to it, lol.

          • Peridot

            You’re welcome! Yes, troubled/complex characters are always interesting. I think that both Jo In-sung and Jung Woo-sung are very talented and expressive actors. Maybe you should put Padam Padam on hold until you finish TWTWB πŸ™‚ But I agree, when you feel that one drama (whatever that drama may be) has set the bar– either for its own genre or across genres–it is hard to enjoy others. While I believe that the Padam Padam as-a-whole grabbed me, I was most drawn by the performance of the male lead. I was curious to see where his journey would take him. Anyway, happy drama-viewing. Even though TWTWB is always on your mind, are you looking forward to any upcoming dramas?

          • blabla100

            Ive checked the upcoming list of kdramas, but sadly, i couldn’t find any that caught my attention. Most of the shows released this year are medical / family / action related, and these genres arent really my cup of tea. This is really troubling me, since i’m a huge kdrama addict πŸ™‚ But then again, out of all the dramas ive seen in the past years, there were only a few really spectacular, so ill probably continue to watch whatever gets decent reviews and some older ones, who i havent seen yet.
            About padam padam, i understand what you mean when you call it a visceral drama, i haven’t seen jung woo sung previous works, but i can tell he is doing an amazing job as kang chil. He is, indeed, a very expressive actor, and somehow he reminds me of so ji sub and his role in misa. They both have the same sad yet hopeful smile on the face, who will probably break my heart by the time i finish the serie:)

          • Peridot

            @blabla100. I’ve also seen quite a number of kdramas but feel that only a handful have been truly wonderful. I have been waiting for Gu Family Book to start in April. I really hope that it does not disappoint. I wish that talent was a major factor in decisions to cast for dramas, not the looks and popularity of actors or the agencies to which they belong. I am worried by the cast of Gu Family Book but am hoping, against all odds, that things turn out well πŸ™‚ I agree with your comparison of So Ji-sub and Jung Woo-sung. There is that mixture of sadness and hopefulness in their expressions. I felt like reaching into the screen and giving Jung Woo-sung’s character in Padam Padam a hug πŸ™‚ Hopefully your heart will emerge from that drama unbroken!

      • 33.3.2 Waiting

        Loved it! πŸ™‚

        I have being trying to watch anything Jung Woo-sung is in now. I actually did not realize he starred in A Moment to Remember (film). That was awesome as well.

        • Peridot

          I loved that film!

  34. 34 Belle3005

    HEADS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THE RECAPS. Can’t wait for more of your thoughts on the upcoming episode! πŸ˜€

  35. 35 DayDreamer

    I was a tad bit disappointed with the episode because it seems that Young still thinks Oh Soo is her oppa. Why is Lawyer Jang not revealing to all on his findings on Oh Soo? I really thought this was the episode where Oh Soo’s cover would be fully blown away and then some sort of redemption and falling in love (on Young’s side) would follow. There’s also still not a lot of information on Secretary Wang…it would be nice if the show gave us a more clear idea of what she’s really about.

    Like everyone else, I loved the scene between Moo Chul and Oh Soo….my heart totally went out to the latter. I also loved that tiny bit when Young enters announcing “It’s me.” and Oh Soo says, “Yes, I know. I can see.” He’s so wry and that miffed the princess a little, lol.

    One thing I love about Oh Soo is that he isn’t emotionally tugged around by women who purposely do that, like So Ra and Young did. He is direct, calls them out on their BS, and calls a spade a spade. Gotta love decisive men like him.

    • 35.1 Belle3005

      His cover’s blown on the next episode anyway. So much more awesomeness on the 11th episode squee πŸ˜€

  36. 36 Caffeine_Ninja

    Eeeek, what a violent episode. They should rename the show “That Winter, When Everyone Got Hit In The Face…”

    • 36.1 Peridot

      lol! You should watch the next episode!

      • 36.1.1 Anduril

        HA! I went through all our main characters. Lawer Jang hasn’t been slapped or punched. Has Hee-sun? Those are our two holdouts. (and Hee-sun has been the slapper and hitter so she’s not totally out of the club)

        • Caffeine_Ninja

          Actually, Hee-sun was slapped by Soo in the episode when she almost told Young the truth so even she isn’t out of the club.

  37. 37 christina

    Thanks for another great recap. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts on this drama, and I’m not even watching it.

  38. 38 Abbie

    I love this show, and I love Soo. He’s my favorite character by far. He’s just so damn cool! The best scene this episode for me was his kneeling to Moo-chul, calling him hyung, and basically begging his old friend to save Young, all the while getting beat up because of Hee-joo. So good. I cried when he called Moo-chul hyung.

    I don’t understand Secretary Wang. What is her deal? I wonder if we’ll ever find out.

    And Young is as big a mystery as ever.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  39. 39 JunJae

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but the recap made me cry already!
    What I think it is with Secretary Wang is that she wants to control Young, hence why she didn’t want to cure her blindness. It’s like a possesive love. Like on the first few episode where it showed Young and her mom at the piano, SW looked longingly at Young not the mom, which usually what it is in dramas. She doesn’t want her dead, but she also doesn’t want her to see. And I think with all the letting the dad died, it’s so that Young would lean on her more. She’s twisted and I would love to see some more of her. SW is kind of like Mishil from QSD, they’re supposed to be the villains, but you can’t really hate them.

  40. 40 justin56

    the scene where Oh Soo came to Moo Chul begging to save Young was awesome..Jo In Sung’s signatured acting.. DAEBAK!!!

    • 40.1 ksyj2009

      Yup! I can still remember those Bali days….superb acting!

    • 40.2 icareay

      A really impressive performance from JIS!! He isn’t loved and admired for no reason.

  41. 41 ksyj2009

    I’m anxious….5 more episodes and it’s done! Those unexplainable emotions that I feel whenever I watch this drama… I’m gona miss it! Amazing JIS and SHK…seeing them together is like a treat to all kdrama lovers πŸ™‚

  42. 42 Mimi

    Jo In Sung is totally DAEBAK in this drama. I am currently concurrently watching JIS’s previous dramas What Happened in Bali and Spring Days. Must say his acting has improved alot. He was good before but he is absolutely brilliant now. The subtleness of his acting, the small facial expressions to convey his thoughts and emotions are just awsome.
    Song Hye Kyo has improved alot since her Full House days too. Her acting is more subtle and mature now.
    Kim Bum must be the best hero’s best friend in K-Drama land. He was a good side kick for Lee Min Ho in F4 and Jung Woo Sung in Padam Padam.
    As for Jung Eun Ji. I think she got this role because the character is so like her character on Reply 1997. The producer must have saw that show and thinks she fits perfectly for this show.

    • 42.1 Jale

      I’ve seen “DAEBAK” mentioned in many comments. What does it mean?

      • 42.1.1 ilikemangos

        Daebak = jackpot!/awesome! win!

  43. 43 YBisTOP

    I can’t help but to stare at Moo Chul’s big elf ears (basketball scene). hehe, I think its so cute on him.

  44. 44 Mar

    It’s beautiful, it’s an emotionfest, it’s cute, it’s engaging, all the good stuff. It’s the best thing going right now, even tho it’s melo and i usually shy away.

    As much as I am enjoying this show, this was my reaction to the beginning of this show- “Wait…what? She STILL thinks this guy is her real brother?” I thought for sure she’d got a friggin clue at the end of last episode.

    Sigh. Continue with the fauxcest.

    But ya know what, I’m done with Young as the naive (sexual) innocent. At first, I could buy the sheltered girl getting her hormones awakened bit. And yes she’s a victim of manipulation, no doubt. But she’s been just as emotionally manipulative as anyone else on the show, and provocative with Oh Soo, from the start. When the fauxcest kicks up a notch and/or the reveal comes, I am NOT going to buy the confused sheltered girl doesn’t know if it’s okay to play doctor with her brother or not, and I’m NOT going to buy the poor me he’s really not my brother and seduced me into lusting for my brother.

    • 44.1 Belle3005

      Ditto. It’s been 11 episodes and still she has this wrong idea of Soo being her brother. Sigh.

      • 44.1.1 Mar

        I meant the beginning of Episode 10-end of Epi 9, it seemed she had a clue that it was a con, and then, bam, right back to that she believes it. I can buy that she bought the con. I’d desperately want to believe my long lost brother came home. But I can no longer buy into that she is an innocent-she uses emotional blackmail too to try to get what she wants or to hurt people. I can no longer buy into that she ‘innocently’ flirts with her ‘brother.’ She’s not 12. That part has lost it’s credibility for me.

  45. 45 Ivy

    More interesting, but I find it hard to really, truly care for the characters…
    I think I’ll just return for the final episode

  46. 46 bbee

    The most touching scene , one that plugs ur heart was moo chul and Soo scene …wow man brilliant at its core it made be on the brink of tears ..for the pity and sympathy of a guy trying sooo hard as to kneel and beg ….Soo where wr you all these days …I wish you do more such dramas I am totally enjoying the drama totally. Also, is secretary wang baddy or an angel …almost near 11 episodes still dont know if she has good intentions or bad …keeps me wondering ….

    Thankyou mr director, Mr Soo and miss beautiful & mr writer for this awesome drama. You kept us busy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  47. 47 Waiting

    So, with only 5 more episodes to go….I am already missing Oh Soo AND Jo In Sung.

    Why oh why does it take so long to get actors into their next role?! Okay, take a month or two off, but then come back already!! Sheesh! πŸ˜›

  48. 48 Lilian

    I can’t really say what it is that keeps me coming back but this is the drama which I look forward to the most at the moment. Have to admit though that there is really not much competition at the moment though…

  49. 49 vennythung

    I think Mo Chul is not bad at all…all his scheme towards Oh Soo will lead to goodness…I bet he’ll donate his eyes to Youngie.

    “I have to live”…a profound statement from humanism…This drama taught me a lot.. DAEBAK

  50. 50 Jacks

    Interesting turn of events. The man who wanted to live is willing to die, and the woman who wanted to die is willing to live. All for the sake of being with one another.
    Yes, I have to say this drama taught me so much already. Now, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when this drama ends. I’m gonna suffer from Jo In Sung withdrawal. Maybe start watching What Happened in Bali for the 10th time. :'(

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