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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 12
by | March 21, 2013 | 130 Comments

Secrets come out by the truckload, since everyone but Young gets to eat their Wheaties this episode. Our hero tries to use the precious time he has left to help our wayward heroine, but the prognosis just gets bleaker and bleaker with each episode. Or, rather, it just stays the same: Abandon all hope. Nice ‘n cheery, just like you’d expect.

Ratings took a slight dip this episode, dropping from 14.9% to 13.3%, though That Winter still maintained the lead among competitors IRIS 2 and Level 7 Civil Servant.


Young is awake for the kiss, and through her very limited vision she sees Soo’s skin texture (and a scar, maybe?) – but there’s something more. She’s seen this scar before, one year ago…

She shuts her eyes before Soo notices, but he’s too overcome with the realization that the charade is coming to an end. So-ra’s threatening text message springs to mind, and he knows that everything will be revealed if he doesn’t do as she says. It’s all pretty much over, anyhow.

Soo records a video for Young in her mother’s basement room, fighting back tears the whole time. “If you’re watching this, you’ll know that I’m not your real brother,” he starts, having to pause the recording when his voice starts shaking too much.

He produces a photo of her real brother for the camera and introduces him as a kind and good man. “Your real brother loved you so much,” Soo ekes out. “So much.”

Jin-sung faces off against Boss Man and a group of mean-looking thugs, showing no fear even when he’s vastly outnumbered. It seems like Boss Man wants him to kill Soo, which seems like a roundabout way to do it. Doesn’t he have people for that?

Either way, Jin-sung refuses with a cavalier smirk, even getting in a few jabs about how Boss Man can’t keep tabs on his girl when Soo is around.

This lands him in a fight with the hired help, though Jin-sung holds his own as long as he can. When the thugs get the better of him, who should show up to join the fray but Moo-chul, fighting on Jin-sung’s side. Whoa. There’s a decent guy in there? Is this one for real? (I don’t trust you anymore, Winter!)

Unfortunately for Moo-chul, Boss Kim spots him. Uh oh.

…Or not, since Moo-chul chases after him and jumps in his car, breaking Boss Man’s face against his own steering wheel before locking the doors against outside thugs. Badass.

This leaves Jin-sung behind to deal with the rest of the thugs, and he’s beaten bloody.

Moo-chul doesn’t sugarcoat his words as he threatens Boss Man to have some patience, or else. If he waits, he’ll have his money and Soo’s head, but not if he keeps breaking the rules. One of those rules apparently includes keeping Jin-sung out of Soo’s trouble, though that’s a bit strange coming from Moo-chul when he’s the one who got Jin-sung involved in the first place. Just sayin’.

“I’m warning you,” Moo-chul grits out. “You can get rid of me, but I can also get rid of you, too.”

Young catches herself touching her lips as she remembers Soo’s kiss, and things get a little awkward when she all but jumps out of her skin when they bump into each other.

He knows something’s off but Young keeps mum about being awake the night before. “Did you wait a long time for me last night?” he asks, happy at the thought. “I should have called to tell you I’d be late. In my life, no one has ever waited for me, so I didn’t imagine that you’d be waiting.” Aww.

Soo confronts Secretary Wang about why she’s bothering to keep his secret when she knows who he is, and her response is that it’s all in service to get Young into surgery. After that, she expects him to leave the house empty-handed.

Soo: “I thought I told you, when I leave this house, you’re leaving with me.”

While Soo takes Young to see Doctor Noona Sun-hee, Secretary Wang calls in some security personnel and Lawyer Jang to the house. What is she up to?

Soo calls Young out on her abnormal reactions to his run-of-the-mill touches, which she explains off as being a blind person thing. He seems to buy it before he tells her not to lose hope if Sun-hee tells her that there’s no chance for her, and that she should keep insisting for surgery no matter what.

Young tells him to let go of her hand when he holds it, but she can’t come up with a compelling reason as to why he shouldn’t other than that it’s uncomfortable. He tells her to bear with it as they peel out of the driveway, and he ignores a call from Hee-sun in the process.

Turns out Secretary Wang called in the security personnel to check the house’s CCTV footage, which only shows the exterior of the greenhouse as both Soo and Young enter it at different times.

She concludes that there must be a secret inside that only the two of them know, and that it would explain the part of Soo’s lie that’s she’s been unable to figure out – how he was able to fake his shared memories with Young.

We get a rather pointless company interlude with Myung-ho (he exists!) before cutting to Young and another MRI, after which Sun-hee advises her not to get the surgery, since the chance of success is less than 10%. And even if she were to survive, she’d have to undergo dozens of chemotherapy sessions with a high chance of relapse. Basically, it’s hopeless.

Young smiles slightly as she parrots back Soo’s words about not letting Sun-hee’s Negative Nancy outlook discourage her. She admits that she has no hope for the surgery herself, but she’s doing it for her oppa. “I want the people around me to think that they did the best for me.”

Sun-hee tears into Soo about forcing Young to go through a pointless surgery, since he’ll be cutting her short of the one to two months she has left to live. (What IS it with everyone having two-month lifespans in this show? Too many ticking clocks at once.)

Hee-sun takes Young to the only coffee shop in Seoul, and after waxing poetic about the color of sunlight for a while, Young asks her: “Is it all right for a sister to like her brother?” Not really.

Jin-sung urges his hyung to try and get the money out of Secretary Wang, so Soo has to break it to him that his cover’s blown. There’s no way he’ll get any money now.

He gives all the cash in his wallet to Jin-sung and urges him to go to the countryside with his parents and Hee-sun in order to escape from Boss Man. “At least once, let me behave as a person should!” he all but begs his old friend, remembering all the terrible things he’s done to him and his family over the years.

Then, his angry facade breaks down and he confides in Jin-sung as a friend. “They said Young can’t be operated on. To a girl who only just made up her mind to live, I now have to tell her to give up. Because of me, Young agreed to go through with such a frightening surgery. She only just made up her mind. Jin-sung-ah… All I am is trash. Even though I was thrown out like trash, because of her, at least once… I wanted to live like a decent person.”

With that, he says goodbye to his friend. And if he has it his way, they’ll never see each other again.

Hee-sun seems a bit uncomfortable when she tells Young that it’s not so weird for a sister to have feelings for her brother, of course knowing that Young’s feelings are technically normal since Soo isn’t her real brother. But that’s getting complicated.

Young admits to having her heart flutter when Soo is around. “I think I’ve been alone for too long,” she admits. “I thought all this time that I was really doing fine. I guess I wasn’t, having these kinds of feelings for oppa.”

On the car ride home with Soo, Young remembers faintly seeing his scar from the night before. (Has she placed it as the same scar she saw a year ago?) When she tells him she doesn’t want them sleeping together anymore, he responds by holding her hand. When she tells him no, he holds it tighter. No means no, dude.

She finally pulls her hand from his grasp, and Soo pulls over, wanting to know the reason behind her change in attitude.

Young turns to him with tears in her eyes. “I know that you kissed me last night. Why did you do that?”

Soo doesn’t even move a muscle: “Because I love you.”

These words hit Young like a slap in the face. “Oppa, I’m your sister,” she reminds him. Soo: “It doesn’t matter.” AHH! Cool it, guys. We all know the truth (okay, maybe except for Young) but this is gettin’ strange.

Young bolts out of the car, and Soo admits that he was wrong. She shakes her head, claiming she’s just afraid. “Oppa, your feelings are not only wrong, but mine are, too. Let’s not do this. This isn’t right.”

Sun-hee’s doctor buddy calls Soo up with the whereabouts of the doctor that lied to Young, and urges Soo not to give up on the surgery once he finds out that Sun-hee is setting up a meeting with other surgeons.

Jin-sung and Hee-sun have a lover’s spat when she threatens to just ask Young for the money, since she likes Soo as a man. What’s the harm?

He tells her that it’s over between them if she does, because he’s abiding by his hyung’s wish to live like a decent human being. “I’m going to let him do that. If you tell Young, you’ll never see my face again.”

I love Hee-sun’s wise retort: “If he’s going to live like a decent person, he has to be alive!” Hah.

Soo tracks down Young’s fraudulent doctor to a closed office. In flashback, we see Sun-hee’s doctor buddy tell Soo that Young didn’t go blind from her brain tumor – if she had been diagnosed correctly, she could have avoided her blindness.

Secretary Wang steals Young’s greenhouse key from under her nose, and doesn’t miss the chance to tell Soo that Young wanted her door locked. Why?

Soo spins around, coming THIS CLOSE to hitting Secretary Wang. He’s shaking with rage as he tells Wang that Young’s blindness was caused by retinitis pigmentosa, not a brain tumor. Her eyes widen as she realizes that he might know her secret.

He threatens her against feigning care for Young in front of him if her surgery doesn’t go well. Is he so mad because even he got fooled for a bit into thinking she really cared about Young?

While Wang sneaks to the greenhouse, Soo tries to open Young’s door. It’s locked, and they both know why.

Young calls him, and when she asks why he doesn’t say anything he simply responds: “I want to be by your side.” With the string attached to her wrist, Young rings the glass bell. “You are by my side.” Soo smiles.

“Oppa, there was nothing between us. You know that, right?” Young asks. Soo plays along perfectly when he asks, almost teasing, “There was something between us?” Young pretty much breathes a sigh of relief, because denial really is just a river in Egypt. Now they can go back to spooning with impunity.

Secretary Wang finds the secret room, and starts freaking out when she imagines Young’s mother inside, almost like she’s seen her ghost. Her fear doubles when she reads Young’s tape titles in Braille, taking a good guess as to what’s inside.

An interesting (if impossible) sequence plays out where Wang imagines Young recording the video (the one where she accused her of letting her condition get worse) as she would have back then, with Wang now like the ghost in the room. She’s clearly scared of what Young may know. So… she is guilty?

In her next clairvoyant vision, she sees Soo placing the picture of the real Oh Soo on the wall. And for a moment, the recent past and present meet when Vision Soo seems to stare straight through her.

Secretary Wang is still in the room by morning, having spent the entire night going through Young’s home movies. There’s a glazed look in her eyes as she watches one of the happier times Young spent with her mother and brother.

She’s cryptic with Young at the breakfast table, but the insinuation is that she raised Young in her image – with that image being someone strong, harsh, intense, and sometimes even cruel. “You always exceed my expectations,” she adds.

Soo tracks down Young’s fraudulent doctor, but is forced to leave a message and wait outside when he’s unavailable.

Meanwhile, So-ra gets all her money out of the bank in preparation for her trip to Sweden that night. And if Soo doesn’t come with her, she’ll expose his identity to Young.

Soo follows the doctor out of the office in his car, making it no secret that he’s in this for revenge, since he knows that Young’s life would have been better had this doctor not lied. When the doctor spots him, Soo offers a malicious smirk.

Sun-hee’s colleague, Dr. Goo, calls Soo to deliver the bad news that a team of surgeons performed a simulation surgery to see if Young’s surgery was even possible. “The brain tumor is inoperable,” he tells him. And there’s no way to fix her vision, either. Click.

Soo’s eyes fill with tears as he realizes that he won’t be able to keep his promise to Young because she won’t be able to see again. What’s worse is that he was the first thing she wanted to see.

Soo channels that guilt and rage into an unnerving stillness as he pulls in front of the doctor’s car in order to drop a glass bottle to blow out his tires. (Mythbusters Moment: Is that even possible?)

The doctor’s car swerves before screeching to a halt, and Soo’s there to drag him from the car in order to beat him mercilessly. As he throws each punch he thinks about when he took Young to the mountaintop. “If only you could see this right now, I would be happy.”

And he thinks back to how he’d wanted her to see herself most of all, just so she could see how beautiful she was. How he wanted her just to see. He knows that won’t ever happen now, and blames all of it on the doctor he’s about to beat into a coma.

We see him next looking like a wounded puppy outside Young’s door, hoping to be able to sleep next to her even if he has to sleep on the floor. “In a few days, even if you want me here, I have to leave.”

Young doesn’t relent, because she’s very aware and very scared of her feelings, since she can’t stop thinking of him as a man. “How your lips touched mine… I keep thinking about it,” she admits, and Soo bows his head, knowing that he gave her this crisis of conscience.

Still, he asks to stay by her side, needing her companionship. She still refuses, not because she’s afraid of his feelings, but because she’s afraid of her own. (So she’s worried she’ll jump him. Got it.)

“Oppa, help me. Just help me so that these feelings will naturally go away,” she all but begs him.

She retreats into her room, and Soo turns around to see that Secretary Wang has overheard everything. Somebody’s in trouble.

Soo misses his scheduled flight with So-ra, and she goes through with her promise to call Young with the truth: “Oh Soo is not your real brother. Your real brother is dead.”

Young starts shaking, her eyes brimming with angry tears as she demands clarification. So-ra merely tells her that Secretary Wang already knows this truth, and to tell Soo that she’ll be waiting for him in Italy. Sure, now he’s really going to want to visit your crazy ass.

Young stands there, completely stunned.

Secretary Wang backhands Soo repeatedly over his kiss with Young, shouting, “How dare you put your hands on her?!”

Soo subdues her by grabbing her wrists an pressing her against the wall, barely restraining his own anger. “I wish I could kill you. If I could kill you right now, I’d be happy.” I bet he would be.

He tells her about Young’s tumor being inoperable, and how she won’t even be able to regain her vision. “I don’t believe you when you say that you love Young,” he spits. “You… you piece of trash. You were just trying to find a reason to exist in Young.”

Secretary Wang throws those words back at him: “And you? You weren’t trying to make up for your lowlife existence through her?” Well… that’s not untrue.

“Young’s eyes? Yes, I made her like that. Young knows it too,” Secretary Wang fires back, and Young overhears from downstairs. “But why do you think that she pretends not to know? Because she needs me.”

“You’re crazy,” Soo says. Truer words have never been spoken.

Wang asserts that her crimes against Young don’t even hold a candle to his. “When Young finds out you’re not her real brother, have you thought about how she would feel? You stole Young’s memories in the secret room inside the greenhouse to pretend to be the brother that Young missed so much. Will Young forgive you? Because of your debt, you pretended to be love your younger sister. Do you think Young will forgive you?”

Young has been listening from outside the door, her shocked face changing more and more into devastation the more she overhears.

Only now does she put all the pieces together, matching the scar she saw on Soo to the scar she saw on him a year ago. Only now does she remember his voice as he read the letter then, realizing that they’re one and the same. Soo is not her brother.

She sees a blur as Soo and Secretary Wang struggle against each other, but a flash of light enters her vision. Another migraine.


Is anyone else confused? I feel like I’ve been had.

So here’s the thing: I went into this knowing that I shouldn’t give more credit to the heroine than what was due, knowing very well that any assumptions could later be proven wrong. I let things roll with this show since there was everything but a Broadway musical number telling Young to be suspicious of Soo, and the charade could only drag on for so long before I was forced to form an opinion on what was really going on with her. And there were so many scenes leading us to believe that somewhere deep down, Young WAS suspicious of Soo, even if she tried to deny it or just play pretend.

Then we got Young’s sexual awakening last episode, leading her to have a moral crisis over her incestual feelings for her brother. That was where things started leaning toward the “So she really doesn’t know?” camp, but it seemed less likely that, out of the clear blue, Young would develop romantic feelings for her brother had she actually considered him her brother. What seemed more likely (because the opposite would mean that we assumed WAAAY too much about Young’s intelligence), was that Young was becoming overwhelmed with all the fingers pointing at Soo as a fraud, and while she desperately clung to the hope that Soo was her brother, some part of her knew the truth and thus couldn’t help seeing him as a man.

But, if none of that happened, and Young really just became sexually aware of Soo after all the touching and hugging and cheek-kissing and spooning with no real catalyst other than that it was in the script, I’m left feeling disturbed. Not because of the nature of her feelings, but because it was impossible to get behind her and this reveal when we were manipulated into believing Young knew more than she did, especially when we started toeing the fly-by-night incest waters. (Which taken by itself would have made for a compelling conflict had it been introduced earlier when Young was in her infancy stages of blindly trusting Soo, before everyone and their mom started telling her that he was a fraud.)

When she was left totally floored by the realization that Soo wasn’t her brother, *I* was left totally floored by the realization that in order for me to have bought her shock wholesale, I would have had to dial her Intuitive-o-Meter down to about a zero. All the smoke and mirrors ended up doing the big reveal a disservice, because instead of being with Young in that moment (which I wanted to be, so badly) all I could think was, Really? C’mon. Same goes for Secretary Wang, but to a lesser extent. At least she was self-aware enough to try to fool everyone in the first place.

Basically, the audience manipulation here seemed less like clever storytelling and more like narrative convenience, which is a little disappointing when you want to love your heroine. This isn’t like a mystery where we were carefully led one way only to be surprised with another, it’s like being Opposite-Keyser-SΓΆze’d. (You know, if Keyser SΓΆze had trust issues and never knew enough to fool anyone.)


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    Ouch.. it’s up alredy.. thanks HeadsNo2.. off to read…

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Does anyone know who sings the female version of “Winter Love?” It is not up on YouTube yet. Thanks!

      • 1.1.1 pogo

        I want to know too, it’s gorgeous!

      • 1.1.2 sandy

        I think the singer is “Gummy”.

        • Ivoire

          Thank you for the info. I looked her up on YT, and I could not find anything about her. I will keep on checking.

        • Ivoire

          I don’t think the singer is Gummy. Gummy sings “Snowflakes” aka “Snowflowers.” I listened to the song, and it is not the female version of “Winter Love.”

    • 1.2 cinderellarockyfellar

      I read that a lot of people are confused with OY’s reaction to the truth but I actually didn’t see any confusion, at all! OY had doubts early on, she is an intelligent person who does not let her disability affect her judgements. She has always had the doubts but happy memories that OS and OY shared and later created, slowly buried those doubts [though still there]. Its like she didn’t even care anymore if he wasn’t her brother because for once, she had someone to trust, be by her side and lastly, truly loves her. … SO, when she found at the truth after overhearing it during the SW & OS’s fight, it was like a slap of betrayal, a bucket of cold water thrown at her and bought her back to reality, back to her cold and distrusting view of the world. All the doubts came back at once and are confirmed. -FROM je_amourx SOOMPI

  2. snow_white

    thanks for the recap….

  3. Ann

    Yea, that plot device about Young not knowing bothered me, too. If she can figure out that Secretary Wang lied to her about her sight, then she should have had at least an inkling that Soo was not her brother.

    • 3.1 ilikemangos

      I’ll just leave it to character inconsistency. Unless someone has a better explanation?
      Alot of people called BS on her not being suspicious of Soo.

      • 3.1.1 cinderellarockyfellar

        I read that a lot of people are confused with OY’s reaction to the truth but I actually didn’t see any confusion, at all! OY had doubts early on, she is an intelligent person who does not let her disability affect her judgements. She has always had the doubts but happy memories that OS and OY shared and later created, slowly buried those doubts [though still there]. Its like she didn’t even care anymore if he wasn’t her brother because for once, she had someone to trust, be by her side and lastly, truly loves her. … SO, when she found at the truth after overhearing it during the SW & OS’s fight, it was like a slap of betrayal, a bucket of cold water thrown at her and bought her back to reality, back to her cold and distrusting view of the world. All the doubts came back at once and are confirmed. -FROM je_amourx SOOMPI

    • 3.2 HaibaraChristie

      *Possibly a Spoiler? Probably not though*

      I don’t want to post spoilers, but what makes me even more confused is how she when she talks to Hee-sun, and says something along the lines of, “I may not know much as a blind girl, but I do remember everything people say.”

      Which makes me wonder if she was ignoring the evidence against her “brother” in order to feel happy. As long as there is no concrete proof, she can stay in dreamland. Now that there is proof her shell of fantasy has not just cracked, but fallen through.

    • 3.3 Betsy Hp

      I think she did have inklings, but then he remembered things and then she wanted to trust him. Wanted to in a way she never did with Secretary Wang.

  4. xvanex

    why are the heroines never happy to hear news like that?! I mean yeah you were lied to but c’mon at least you arent really tryin to sex up your brother!

    • 4.1 HeadsNo2


    • 4.2 dewaanifordrama

      I know, right?! For once I would like dramas to take a little more of reality into account. At this point I would be like: dude, I am soooooooo glad he’s not my oppa.

      I think I will never quite understand how Sec. Wang ever got away with keeping the RP diagnosis under wraps. It just seems to break soooooo many medical codes.

    • 4.3 Mumu's Mom

      and besides, now that is not your oppa and just a namja, you can totally have sex with him. as the poet said, the grave is a fine and private place, but none i think do there embrace. so, girl, this is totally a god send… you are hot for him, he is not your brother, you are dying so it is not like you have to trust him for years to come or anything, so just make that quick shift from dongsaeng to yeoja, girl and give us some incest-free eye-candy. i have been too perv’ed out to enjoy the love scenes.

      • 4.3.1 Ranting Duck

        Why, oh, why does this show leave me so floored and in some sort of angst lately? One epi after the other and let us just wait for the next one. I try not to give spoilers, but… I feel so vacuum cleaned at the moment!

    • 4.4 kaye

      nice one!

      • 4.4.1 ksyj2009

        About to end and no lovey dovey scenes yet….lots of kdramas 3rd 4th episode there are tons of love love love already haha! I also feel like 16 ep isn’t enough….JIS and SHK must be every expensive hehe!

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      …Games of Thrones anyone?

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    Thanks HeadsNo2 for the recap.

    This is daebak, “denial really is just a river in Egypt” haha

    • 5.1 Jasmin Rice

      Like this one too. De Nile really is just a river in Egypt. 5555

  6. mystisith

    Color me confused too:
    When it comes to OY, I don’t buy the “I didn’t know you were my bro.” Not for a second.
    Mrs Wang seems to be a crazy but is she? MC doesn’t have a clear goal either.
    The greenhouse seems to have special powers (LOST?).
    Too much mysteries, not enough answers and I’m losing interest in the wacky psychology of the characters. At this point I only want to see the couple together as man & woman and I want to see how it ends. That’s all.
    I feel like the writer has her hands tied (for what reason, dunno) and must do concessions. Since there is no technical incest, I don’t see what’s the problem.
    Also, was I the only one who found the fight between OS and Wang ridiculous? I cringed badly.

    • 6.1 dewaanifordrama

      nope, I also cringed at that fight scene

      • 6.1.1 kaye

        ditto. it’s the director’s fault actually. Why the need for closeups in that scene? And sec wang is just crazy byatch for being angry at Soo because he kissed her,lmao at that. I get why OS is so angry but for Sec Wang I don’t really get it

        • Redskirt

          Sec Wang fancies herself Young’s mother. She knows Oh Soo is a criminal/con man and a fraud who peeked into her “poor blind baby girl’s” most private memories to fool her. And on top of that, she now learns that he kissed her (and maybe more…she has no way of knowing and mamas can definitely jump to the worst conclusion). I totally see her anger.

          Even though I’m firmly in Oh Soo’s camp.

          Also, I can’t believe anyone can look devastatingly sexy in melon pants. Amazing.

          • ksyj2009

            color combination is kind of weird lol but still looks good on JIS πŸ˜€

          • BluPerry

            It is, afterall, casual ware for before bedtime. It looks just dandy on Oh Soo to lounge in Young’s bedroom. So he thought. Hah! but no entry.

            The soft blue soft weaved shirt look casual against melon for wares around the house before bedtime but definitely not for going out to paint the town red … or shall I say paint the town melon.

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    It is the change of seasons in the American Midwest, and we’ve had below freezing weather all week. We’ve also gone through blizzard, rain, freeze, rice, rain, windstorm, ice, blizzard, rain, and a little more ice.

    What I’m sayin’, is for the past two months, whenever this drama’s re-caps have appeared, I’ve been reading the titles as “THIS WINTER BLOWS.”

    What’s this show about, again?

    • 7.1 Dominique


      Last Tango in Paris had more action than this one does.

  8. Jeliefish

    I believe Moo Chul made Jin Sung indebted to him so that soo would be more doomed because somehow, I can see through moo chul that he knows soo cares for jin sung. A lot to be able to shoulder his debts. That’s my opinion.

    • 8.1 JO

      false. He is trying to get Jin Sung, whom he sees as an innocent party, get out of this whole gangster business. He sees Oh Soo as a bad seed and would rather have Jin Sung indebted to HIMSELF, so that he could force Jin Sung out of the city, out of contact with low lifes like President Kim and move back to the country side.

  9. Dara

    I wonder how all this is going to end? I hope it wont be too sad. Thanks for the recap! I was really confuse when watching this episode too!

    • 9.1 MAC

      Since both have time limits with their lives, they will just meet up in heaven, or hell?

      • 9.1.1 husnaa

        good point

  10. 10 dewaanifordrama

    Thanks for the recap Heads! I also don’t buy the whole “I couldn’t figure it out”. I just loved you line: “…was everything but a Broadway musical number telling Young to be suspicious of Soo”…SO TRUE!!!

    I will say though – JIS in those burnt orange pants and the blue shirt – gorgeous. And the phone scene was surprisingly romantic.

    I just hope the show gives us a satisfactory wrap up, and at least some decent time with Oh Young and Oh Soo as man and woman without all this oppa-donsaeng fauxcest stuff getting in the way.

    • 10.1 Mumu's Mom

      the phone scene was romantic but ripped from “nice guy” a bit i thot.

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        I still need to finish Nice Guy…perhaps once this show is over πŸ™‚

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    Thanks Heads for the recap.

    Uhm.. Well, to be honest, I’m not confused at all. Probably because I never have any slightest suspicion that Young knows Soo isn’t her real brother. So unlike Heads and maybe some people too, I don’t feel being manipulated. I watched this episode and I followed it just fine (Well, a bit tears here and there). I think it really matter how one think about Young’s character.
    Also about secretary Wang, I admit I was confused about her. But then I remembered she killed Young’s dad so I don’t really feel confused anymore (not so much, at least)

    So yeah.. I’m still following this drama just fine. Maybe because its main couple really hooked me emotionally. So a bit (or huge, for some people) flaw doesn’t matter for me. Anyway.. thanks again Heads!

    • 11.1 jude

      Haha me too! I don’t think it’s that confusing πŸ™‚

    • 11.2 JO

      IKR. I didn’t see it as confusing because from the beginning I was against Head’s conjecture that somehow Young knows. A lot of us commenter’s decried Head’s logic in the comments a few episodes back, and we had pretty good reasons as to “why not”.
      It makes sense to me. You just have to watch the details I think…

    • 11.3 ilikemangos

      Totally with you. I didn’t want to be burned a second time by giving a character too much credit.
      So i just went along with the writer; Noh hee Kyung didn’t want us to believe Young would be suspicious for 16 episodes.
      She wanted us to see Young completely trust her oppa, fall in love, and have her heart completely rip open once she found out it was all a “con”.
      If Young was always suspicious of Soo she would have never opened her heart up to him the way she did. Then it’d really just be a game of cat and mouse.
      Although… i wouldn’t mind that game. Just not for 16 episodes.

    • 11.4 Cary

      i thought the writer was leading the audience to think that young really thought soo was her brother, though. so i was not confused. and i’m really relieved that now she knows the truth. now we can enjoy the skinship as much as we want πŸ˜‰

    • 11.5 Betsy Hp

      @Eli: I was confused about Secretary Wang as well. Mainly because she seemed so motivated by love for Young that I couldn’t combine that with “purposely kept her blind.” Heck, I was even starting to wonder if she didn’t kill Young’s dad — or maybe there was a reason for it, like he kept Young blind or something.

      But this episode cleared that all up for me. She loves Young like So-ra loves Soo. And they both want to tie up their loved ones as tight as possible and keep them in a nice, safe box. In other words, they’re completely, totally and certifiably the craziest crazies in crazy town.

      • 11.5.1 saranga

        oooh, your comparison of secretary wang and sora really rings with me. if you are right, it would really help to explain wang’s character.

  12. 12 jude

    Hm. TL:DR comment.

    For me personally, I think what happened to Young is simply the case of: “You see what you want to see” She has been wanting to trust someone, more so to trust her long lost brother. He’s her only lifeline, her sole reason to keep surviving in that cold house with scary Secretary Wang. So when Soo was able to show her proofs about his identity, she accepted it. Just like that. No further question asked. Because she wanted to trust him. It has nothing to do with being intuitive and all. It’s the issue of vulnerability. She wants to believe in him. She needs to. Thus, she has never doubted him for once (even during all of those emotional fight numbers. The doubt that she has is not about his real identity but her brother’s motives for coming back). That is why her romantic feeling for Soo is troubling. Because well, for all she knows, Soo is her real brother.

    While in the case of Secretary Wang, well, she is the reason behind her parents’ divorce. Young doesn’t trust her from the very beginning, hence the high level of suspicion. Even if Secretary Wang does love her later on, Young would have never believed it. She does not want to. She cannot.

    So, for me personally, the plot hits all the right note. The shock that Young feels due to the realization does not confuse me in a bit. But you know, it’s probably because I love all kinds of twisted psychological and emotional stuff. And That Winter is (IMHO) one kdrama that does this right. Finally!! XD

    • 12.1 ffiza

      I completely agree with your comment. Young just desperately need someone by her side. She was suspicious of Soo not being her brother in the beginning, but she dropped it all after the river scene in episode 4.

      Secretary Wang, I don’t get that woman. Her argument that she loves Young is how she taught her braille, bla bla. The thing is Young won’t need all that if she got a proper treatment the first time.

      And I’m 100% on Young’s side, when she realized she has feeling for Soo, she knows it is wrong, she tries to distant herself, she told him directly that it isn’t right. So, I don’t really get why people is blaming Young like she is so immoral.

      • 12.1.1 Jackie

        Yep, couldn’t agree more! I really believed her when she told Oh Soo that he had to teach her “everything”. To her, time stood still, and she was all alone with no one to trust. So when Young was desperately searching for someone to trust, like Oh Soo, of course she will put stock into the fact that maybe just maybe he is her brother.

        So I wouldn’t throw her under the bus. I didn’t feel cheated at all with the way the story was going. I think what was interesting was her true feelings for Oh Soo, despite knowing full well (up to this point) that he was her brother. It’s like she said in this episode, “maybe I’ve been alone for too long?”

    • 12.2 Arawn

      I agree with this, too, although I do think that there was some nagging suspision on a subconscious level. But cosciously she did fully trust Soo all the time after she decided to believe he really is her oppa.

      What comes to Wang, this is what I think. Soo might be right about her: she needs Young to live trough her. We don’t know anything about her childhood or teenage years so I can’t and won’t speculate where this comes from, but it’s like she purposedly “broke” Young so that Young would constandly need her. She does love Young but her love is twisted and selfish, which is also why she lashed out on Soo about the kiss. She’s keeping him in the house only to get Young operated but doesn’t want them to get too close and is super protective of Young anyway. She probably even choce MH to be the husband because he can’t never threaten her place in Youngs life.

      In a sense you could imagine a situation where one person keeps another constantly sick so that she/he can keep looking after the patient. Blindness is a very good way to bind another person to you because even when Young has grown up, she still will need some help and so she will ALWAYS need sec. Wang by her side. And the need of sec. Wang to be NEEDED will be fulfilled.

      • 12.2.1 Betsy Hp

        @Arawn: I totally agree about Wang. You put it perfectly that she “broke” Young to keep Young needing her. I’m betting she enjoyed teaching Young how to be strong within her limitations — that extra amount of need… pretty twisted and gross. And Wang just cannot take the high road with Soo. Even a conman is more honest than she was.

    • 12.3 booboo

      I’m with you on this. I also love psychologically twisted stories. It’s like solving a murder mystery. It’s an endless list to what us humans are capable of. There’s no black and white here. It’s grey all the way..

      I think what the show’s trying to show us here is that, at times of desperation be it for love or money (or both), people can do (or experience) things that may defy logic. Young has always had this barrier between herself and the people around her. She’d treat everyone coldly just to show how tough and independent she can be. When Soo came as her brother, she started off being defensive. But I guess she’s been longing for someone to trust and so she let her guards down for once just to feel hopeful again.

      Imagine being Young and living with people who just wants to take advantage of you. It’s even worse for her that she cannot see. Having Soo ‘coming back’ to her is like a ray of light in the darkness. Even us who are not physically blind can sometimes be fooled into believing what is not. So it’s no surprise that this happened.

      But at the end of the day it’s all up to how we interpret the story and the psyche of each character. It’s been an amazing ride for me and I hope it’ll continue to do so til the very end.

      • 12.3.1 BluPerry

        Yes, yes, yes. You nailed it to the tee! Very insightful elaboration!

        Exactly how I feel about the drama. I think this drama conveyed it just right with good acting, directing cinematography, and not to forget, oh so beautiful music!
        I hope this will continue till the last episode.

    • 12.4 dadidam

      Very sharp and insightful observation, Jude. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    • 12.5 corrie

      I totally agree with you. Good insights.

    • 12.6 thli28

      hey, jude! ; )

      just had to. but i too totally agree with your comments…i think the writer and director have got it right and hope they will continue till the end and make this a truly satisfying drama for us all!

      but thank u, headsno2 for the as ever insightful comments!

      • 12.6.1 Betsy Hp

        Yes! That’s exactly how I see it, Jude. πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Mar

    Yeah, so I kinda was at the the point to leave Young at the cash register 2 episodes ago. I kinda hate it when I see it coming even tho I’m pretending there is a smidgeon of hope lol. Hope is now gone.

    Another head in the sand victim of a female lead.

    Kim Bum is hot and I love his wardrobe and the actor playing Moo Chul has a nice ass.

    Hee Sun is smarter than all of them. Can she be the heroine?

    Were the wardrobe people rifling through City Hunter cast offs and found those melon colored trouser fashion don’ts? Ugh. I’ve really liked the wardrobe in this show until that. I know the color was chosen for the cinematography but uh, couldn’t they come up with a melon shirt and blue pants?

    I’m trying to hang in there and at least the fauxcest is over, but I’m at hump day in the series.

    • 13.1 Ann

      Ha! I noticed Moo Chul walking away from the camera and thought the exact same thing!

      • 13.1.1 Ann

        I noticed the fancy pants and thought of City Hunter also!

      • 13.1.2 Peridot

        We should form a Moo Chul fan club πŸ™‚

      • 13.1.3 thil28

        me too!

  14. 14 sm1leitsamy

    Maybe this has been answered in other comment sections, but I am confused with Young’s illness. So her blindness was originally caused by RP, though they had lied to her saying it’s due to a brain tumor. And now she actually DOES have a brain tumor…? That developed later in life?

    • 14.1 tiny

      i think she also had a brain tumor before because they keep mentioning it as a recurring case and Young also mentioned about having chemo when she was young. I think she has both RP and brain tumor but Wang never treated for the RP just the brain tumor. if the brain tumor didn’t cause the blindness, then treating for it wouldn’t fix it too.

      • 14.1.1 Arawn

        This is correct, she had both. Tumor was treated, eye disease wasn’t. And now the tumor has relapsed.

        • sm1leitsamy

          Thank you tiny & Arawn for clarifying!

  15. 15 Jackie

    I’m interested in how all this will turn out. With just 3 episodes left, how will the writers tie up all the loose ended stories? Or will they just answer the main questions, and leave everything else up to interpretation (for e.g., Oh Soo’s mother, or Wang’s true identity etc)? Unless from this episode everything was revealed already about Wang, then ok sure. But how about everything else?

    I hope the writers don’t scramble. With just three episodes left, I hope everything is at a good pace and not rushed.

    Thanks for another great recap

  16. 16 Bookdork1

    “Now they can go back to spooning with impunity.” -Lots of great lines in this review, but that one had me cracking up. Nice job πŸ™‚

    I’m not surprised by Young’s level of shock. She has noticed the discrepancies with Soo’s identity before, but she’s always relied on him knowing those small details, like the cotton candy, to persuade herself back into denial. Hearing that he’s used the greenhouse- the place where she finds solace and remembers her mom- to fool her probably hurt like hell.

    Also, her feelings for Soo weren’t all of a sudden. She’s said before that his presence causes her heart to beat faster. Maybe her reliance on the “I’m an innocent blind girl, sleep with me Oppa!” card is used to heavily, but the ‘innocence’ point of her character has at least been consistent, if not all together realistic.

    • 16.1 Jale

      I think it was the kiss that awaken her desires. Up until that point she questioned if her attraction to him was normal. But once his touch became more intimate, she realized he must be feeling what she was and then sensed it was all wrong.

  17. 17 Tiff

    thanks for the recap lovely! another amazing insightful post πŸ˜€ love love love it! this drama gives me the chills! good chills πŸ˜‰

  18. 18 Abbie

    So confused. So Young didn’t know? My faith in her intelligence has taken a huge dive. But, maybe she did know, she just wanted a brother SO BADLY that she told herself Soo was her real brother, even though he wasn’t and she knew it the whole time. The girl is emotionally damaged, let’s face it. Her mother and brother left her at a young age. She wanted her brother back so badly that she was willing to believe someone when he said he was her brother, even though he wasn’t. Right? And that part of her that knew he wasn’t her brother saw him as a man and fell in love with him. When she was faced with evidence supporting Soo not being her brother, she sank further and further into denial. Which leads us to that ending where she realizes SOO ISN’T REALLY HER BROTHER! Right?!

    Also, what is with all the death and the two months to live in this show? Seriously? Young is dying no matter what and her tumor is inoperable, and she can’t get her sight back? Seriously, Show, where’s a convenient K-drama cure when you need one?

    This show is still awesome, I love it. Despite the confusion I’m now feeling.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  19. 19 djes

    I always think that actually Young “knows” that Soo isn’t her real oppa. but she keeps neglecting the suspicions and plays along.
    With oppa’s appearance, she got a new hope, new life line, that’s why.
    She was suspicious all right, she indicated that at the beginning, she asked Sec Wang to find other Soo, and she tried to convince herself by asking Soo whether she can trust him.

    So.. this revelation is just confirming her doubts so far, and of course she had to be “shock”, because, well, this is not the reality she wanted.
    I guess it showed by her reaction when answering Sora’s phone call… she looked more sad than surprised.

    As for Moo Chul, like Soo ever stated, MC is trying to find reasons in life by revenging Soo for Hee Joo’s death. When Soo moves on, he’s scared and starts to lose his cause.
    He knows that his life won’t last long, and he wants to drag Soo with him, because he thinks it’s both their faults that Hee Joo died. ( Soo refused to take responsibility and MC’s lack of determination to keep HJ by his side – do I make sense with this? or I just read to much from this drama? πŸ˜€ )
    Why he wants to keep Jinsung out of this? Remember, they all were used to be close friends? He has affection to Jin Sung ( that’s why he keeps wanting JS to change loyalty to him ). He, deep down inside, cares about Soo and JS.
    If not, he won’t ask Soo to pay the money and gave him 100 days period. In his twisted way, I think MC is trying to make Soo learn something.

  20. 20 unknownX2

    Thanks for the recap, Heads. Really loved your writing…you are so cool. πŸ™‚

    Actually, I find Oh Young’s behaviour understandable…blame it on the cotton candy. πŸ™‚ She is not unintelligent but it has been consistently shown in the earlier script that she is pretty naive, especially when it comes to human relationships. This is believable because from a very young age, she has been blind and “badly” brought up by psycho Secretary Wang who imparted to Oh Young somewhat wrong values and likely not taught about dealing with the opposite sex. Oh Young is shown to be cold, rude, temperamental, manipulative and sarcastic when dealing with Oh Soo(JIS) too in many parts of the drama.

    Even when presented with a lot of doubts about Oh Soo not being her real brother, she hung on to the cotton candy evidence that Oh Soo is the real brother because she cannot fathom how anybody else would share this memory with her.

  21. 21 Grace

    Heads: I think So-ra was going to Switzerland, not Sweden πŸ™‚

    • 21.1 BluPerry

      Kim bought her ticket to Switzerland but she took off to Italy.
      I hate to see her escape punishment again. She should be punished for her bad deeds to Oh Soo. Will Kim get the Mafia to hit her?

  22. 22 rheina07

    Finallyyy it’s here!!!

    I’m reading this by listening to this drama OST – Mok ji by yesung.

    and my heart brokeeeeeeeeee T.T

    I have no idea what will happen to Young in the next eps and the next 3 eps!

    Oh drama, please dont make my little heart jump in and out and bleeeeeeddddinggg!

  23. 23 Almontel

    thanks for the recap…

    here are my thoughts…

    the reason why Secretary Wang kept Youngie by her side was because she’s the real mom and wants her to be totally dependent of her so that she doesn’t lose sight of her wealth…

    as far as Youngie not having an inkling if that’s her oppa or not, i’m sure she had at least 25% idea that she’s really not her brother that’s why she’s having some feelings about him…plus when you’re around someone 24/7…you get to kind of get used to them around and become dependent on him…

    oh wells…just a few more eps and we’ll soon find out what the ending will be like…

  24. 24 kim jong in

    i juust want young realises true love of soo and betrying of wang i wish she at least realise that how much soo loves her ……………………………

  25. 25 ilikemangos

    I knew I shouldn’t have expected Young to know more than she’s letting on.
    Anyways, Young should be GLAD that she’s not falling for her blood brother. But i understand why she’d be hurt before anything. Trust is a big factor and he betrayed that.
    Im also glad that they showed young realizing that seeing your oppa as a man is not right. I was scared she’d see him as a brother and still fall in love with him. That really would have gone into squicky territory for me.
    But. if she was so adamant about not sleeping with him, that means she really saw him as her brother.
    That’s why i think young didn’t know. Either that or she buried her suspicious deep in her head somewhere.

  26. 26 kaye

    things i like in this episode:

    -phone talks, that’s so sweet
    -OS recording a confession, JIS nailed that! so heartbreaking.
    -OS talks with JS

    i dislike-
    -beating up the doctor in the middle of the road and in daylight (though I know JIS’ acting is good there, but the situation duh)
    -OS and SW confrontation, I don’t want to nitpick at the director but phulease I have been tolerant in the past episodes but KGTnim this is a no-no
    -OY shocked? really…you broke my heart, i thought you know it or had suspicions about it…

    this is the first rant for me in this drama…and I know I have one in the next episode.

  27. 27 Christy

    Forgive me for the stream of conscious thought, but here’s my take on Young’s oblivion.

    I feel like Young’s lack of suspicion towards Soo is understandable in the realm of the show. Because in all honesty she has never really seen what a functioning family is like. She hasn’t been socialized to feel as gross about these types of sibling relationships as the rest of us have. While we obviously have similarly negative reactions to the ick factor of what’s going on between Soo and Young, it is because we have been socialized not only mentally recognize this is wrong, but emotionally, too.

    For Young, she only knows in her mind that incest is wrong. But she doesn’t know how to distinguish the feelings familial love and romantic love because she’s just never been substantially exposed to it. And since she wasn’t going to get to that recognition via her emotions, Young was not truly aware of the incestual relationship until there was a very clear cut sign that she could mentally identify as something wrong – the kiss.

    And I think the point that the writer wants to get across is that even though Young has been trained to be very guarded and protective of herself, once that guard is down, she’s all in (heh…couldn’t resist that reference). She knows way less and is much more naive than she lets on, so once someone breaks that wall, it’s all uncharted territory to her. The line between right and wrong blurs, and everything just becomes raw emotion.

  28. 28 ilikemangos

    I am sure that after watching episode 13 there will be no birth secrets.

    *Breathes a sigh of relief.

    • 28.1 Jale

      Thank you. So tired of these conspiracies that didn’t make sense. Where did people get the idea that Sec Wang could be Young and/or Soo’s mother?

      • 28.1.1 ilikemangos

        Blame it on the k-drama melo schema.

  29. 29 redfox

    first of all, did you know, that I was in this episode kekeke?
    look, look:
    a red fox!!!! hah!

    secondly, I am kinda sick of all the crying.
    thirdly, was hoping for some more dramatic, ground breaking development. a dripping sink isnΒ΄t nearly as dramatic as a flood. more like torture.

  30. 30 dfl123

    Heads, for such a depressing & inconsistent episode, thank you for all the daebak comments (“So she’s worried she’ll jump him. Got it”) You crack me up!!!

    And for all those who commented about how Young should be relieved at the confirmation that Soo is not her brother and get on with jumping on him, YAY so I’m not the only one who has a one-tracked mind!! ;-D

  31. 31 Janice

    Surprised no one mentioned this. I believe secretary (mom) didn’t give her the surgery because Young would need someone to be dependent on. I believe secretary is not there for the money but for her daughter, it’s the only way she could stay in the home? Okay, maybe someone can clarify or add to what I’ve said.

    • 31.1 kaye

      She is not her mom. She is just a crazy, delusional secretary who wants OY to be dependent of her.

  32. 32 hawaiianseoul

    I’m really in love with this drama’s cinematography style!

  33. 33 Sophie

    I’m a little upset that people keep saying that they feel that they have underestimated Young’s intelligence since she was so shocked by the Oppa revelation. I was actually not surprised that she was so shocked, and I don’t think it has much to with intelligence. Emotional intelligence, perhaps, but as we’ve seen throughout the show, Young has never had anyone to trust enough to develop any sort of emotional intelligence. When the person you have to rely on everyday is a woman who willfully allowed you to become blind . . . and you have to listen to her say that she loves you, that she’s your mother, knowing what she has done to you. Jesus. That’s beyond normal trust issues. So I think that once part of her was able to let Soo in because of the “shared” memories, she was so desperate that she didn’t want to look back. Sure, there were moments where she questioned his motivation for finding her again, but I think that once she was able to cling to the concrete idea that her brother was back, she didn’t want to let go. Even if part of her deep down logically knew there were inconstancies, she didn’t want to acknowledge them. To hear that he had invaded her private space that only she knew about and stolen her memories was the icing on the cake. While she is a victim, she doesn’t feel like a normal, helpless victim to me somehow because in a lot of other ways, she is very intelligent, and because I feel that she has been very well developed. I know a lot of people have felt confused by her actions at times, but I feel like on some level I have understood every screwed up thing she has done, every odd conclusion she has jumped to, every strange logical leap she has made. This girl is so damaged, but she seems real and has so much potential. I just hope that she makes it out alive, even if she’s still blind, and manages to become independent in a way that Secretary Wang never allowed her. To make her blind, and then tell her that this means she must live like a glass doll? Unforgivable.

    • 33.1 BluPerry

      Well said. I fully agree with your analysis. I thought about this as much but could not express it any better than this…

    • 33.2 MEalways

      Second this, and thank you!
      Her father separated her with her mother and brother in order to ‘punish’ and made her mother comeback to her family, even though he was the one who has affair. Her friends talked behind her back and demeaned her. Her best friend is bought to be a best friend. Her past time mostly consists of reading, swimming, doing most of the activity by herself or by ‘bought’ best friend. Her first love said that she was the heart breaker, because she never gave any feedback/reaction (how could she know?). Her main relationship are based on memories she hang so close to her heart.

      It was on 4th episode when she tried to drown herself, I understood what the writer wanted to show. She wasn’t that afraid of death any more. All she wanted to do was feel at peace, at last she found her happiness and left all the hurt and pain behind.

      That’s all she want and I kind of understand that.
      Maybe at the end, in every drama/movie that we watch, we will apply what we know, what we have experienced, what we expect and some parts of ourselves in the hero/heroine, every one to their own.

    • 33.3 Betsy Hp

      Totally agree. It says nothing about Young’s intelligence at all. Soo is a really good conman. And he found a few pieces of intelligence to use to pass her tests.

      And then he stopped with the con and went all in as her brother. She could experience that he actually cared about her. So she’s not going to be sitting back in her couch looking for bits and pieces of proof that he’s not who he says he is. At this point, she’d actually be looking for, and clinging to, those pieces that backed her belief.

      Especially since he was hostile to Sec. Wang — the woman who caused her blindness and whom everyone thought she should love and respect. (Young was so terribly, terribly alone. It’s pretty heartbreaking.)

  34. 34 Arawn

    I don’t quite agree what comes to Young. Her being suspicious and being kind of self-deceptive not to see who Soo really is, is not in any way contradictory with her being utterly devastated when the truth comes into light.

    I would liken this to another situation that seems to happen a lot; when one’s spouse is cheating. People often ARE suspicious and do see the signs, but active refuse to let the realization to sink in. They live in a self-induced lie, so to speak. And if/when they have to finally face the truth. they are profoundly shocked and broken by it. Yes, they knew, but only on a subconscius level and so when it breaks trough to the conscious level, realization is shocking and painful.

    Same goes for Young, I think. She did suspect, she did feel something was wrong but never let her conscious mind to grasp it because she WANTED to believe. And then she heard the truth, she realizes that not only was she fooled by Soo but by herself, too. At least she should…

    • 34.1 thil28

      arawn, thats a very astute comment! i feel the same.

  35. 35 Mars

    I thought she knew or suspected at least. What was that scene where she ask secretary Wang to look for the other oh soo for? Did the director or the writer forgotten that? I haven’t!

  36. 36 BluPerry

    Thanks HeadNo.2.

    Since the start of That Winter, after each episode airing/streaming, I look forward to your recap… really really enjoy your writing, even this episode where I totally missed out on what the fuss is all about… Did I miss your boat?

    Was I so mesmerised by leads’ close-ups and details of facial expressions acting so cleverly used by the director… that I watched but questioned not. For me, now that I have invested of my head and heart in That Winter, now I just go in for the whole “twisted psychological and emotional” roller-coaster ride.

    Oh! how the camera just eat up Soo’s and Young’s face! Did anyone else see a teardrop dropped from Soo’s eye on to Young’s skin? It drops at just the right tempo. Did it drop on the face or hand? That I cannot see. Such details and and it dropped at just the right tempo. The tempo for most things in the show is just right, I think. This is a is subject into itself.

    Speaking about details, I like how Soo left his cell number with the receptionist at the eye clinic for the doctor to call him, only to use it as a tracking device. He detected the doctor calling him on his phone but did not pick-up. Clever trick, I thought!

    Too absorbed in the details, I guess, so I did not find the episode confusing. I am so glad that to discover there are others in my boat. For me the plot “hit all the right note” at the right places.

    • 36.1 RockPaperScissors

      Thanks for explaining the cell phone tracking bit, but who has a glass bottle handy in their car? I’m really wanting to try that trick to see if it works (maybe Mythbusters would be willing).

      • 36.1.1 Betsy Hp

        …but who has a glass bottle handy in their car?

        A thug with enough badass street cred to send a crew of thugs running with just a glare. (Well, and a face-to-wall grind… ;))

        I actually liked that bit because it called back to Soo’s violent past. If he wants to jump a dude and beat him into the ground, he knows how to go about it efficiently.

        • BluPerry

          @Betsy Hp. Haha. Laugh out loud!

          I like what you said about Soo… “he knows how to go about it efficiently.” I also notice he does things “efficiently” throughout the drama. Even his answers to questions in conversations. I notice his expression before he makes a reply….efficiently, his reply is just enough. Script writing one one thing, timing of delivery is another, when JIS put it together, his face and eyes, it is magic.

          I just love JIS portrayal of Oh Soo.

  37. 37 Sajen

    I don’t feel confused or think less of Young because of the ending at all.

    The key is she trusted Soo, thanks in part to the “shared memories” and that allowed her to lie to herself and silence her doubts. To find out that the one person she trusts has been lying to her all this time proving her suspicions are right all at once, that’s devastating, hence her reaction.

  38. 38 Hiba

    I just love this show.

  39. 39 polka dots

    I am so lost…

  40. 40 norm

    Aissyy.. cant wait to read ur review for ep 13…
    In my country now I’ve till ep 4… really cant wait to know the ending from you..

  41. 41 mumof3

    thanks heads for the quick and witty recap.. a barrel of laughs as usual πŸ™‚

    not sure if you have read the comments in your previous recaps but a lot of the readers had given their opinions abt why they thought that OY truly believed that Soo IS her brother. Hence some of us are not confused abt why OY was feeling icky abt her incestuous feelings and later on, her devastation at his deceit and betrayal.

    after OS gained her confidence with the cotton candy, lambs ears and other ‘shared memories’, she whole heartedly believed that he is her brother. Hence, all her huggy and touchy behaviour with her brother as she is still’ living’ her kiddy 6 year old relationship with her brother.

    I may have missed some of these but – ‘ And there were so many scenes leading us to believe that somewhere deep down, Young WAS suspicious of Soo, even if she tried to deny it or just play pretend.’ – in these instances, eg the pool scene after the first meeting, HS’s first meeting with her at the cafe, no one ever said that he was NOT her brother, just that his intention of coming to her was for money alone, and not that of sibling love, so when she begged him to allow her to trust him at the ‘ roadside breakdown’, she wanted to believe that he came to her for their relationship. she was merely suspicious of his intentions but never that he was a fake brother.

  42. 42 blabla100

    I dont feel cheated or confused either, but i do feel a bit disappointed. I mean, i still like young a looot, but i would have liked her even more if she knew or at least suspected that oh soo isnt her real brother. But oh well, not knowing makes sense too, especially since the cotton candy scence aired. Now all i can hope for is for her not to make a big drama scene out of this and forgive him, there are only 3 eps left, i wanna see them togheter, not apart πŸ˜€

  43. 43 Jenni


    I don’t find her devastation unbelievable. I’ve actually had a similar experience. You here the drumbeats of suspicion in the back of your head and you even let the person know you are suspicious. But when you are really faced with the “really real” reality you are still caught by surprise and it floors you. So yeah I think the writer told it real. Because what it all boils down to is you want to believe in that person.

    • 43.1 tiny

      i echo them sentiments.

      i think having it confirmed is just as devastating. and for me, I’d feel manipulated after all those really sweet things he did and think, “I should have trusted my instincts.”

  44. 44 juliesean

    Somehow I have a feeling.that he’s gonna give her his eyes….

    • 44.1 tiny

      can moo-chul give his eyes instead? aw? hihi

  45. 45 Peridot

    I think that most of Young’s doubts surrounding Soo have been about his motivations for appearing in her life as suddenly as he did (not so much about whether or not he was her biological brother). I attributed some of her actions toward Soo (which discomforted the latter) to the fact that her memories of him revolved around their childhood, when they were both very close and uninhibited. But there were other moments when I thought that Young questioned the veracity of Soo’s claims. In many of their interactions, she seemed to be very guarded and asked questions that caused Soo (in his guilt) to be uncomfortable. In one of the earlier episodes, Young blatantly asks Soo if he is the guy she had met one year earlier. That scene is when Soo is reading to her and Young listens to the particularities of his speech patterns and remembers the ‘other’ man. Then the scene where Young is talking to Soo (this is when they, along with Jin-sung and Hee-jun, went vacationing together) and she asks him to tell her about the ‘conman’ Soo. When she says that its okay to not be okay, I felt as though she were talking to Jo In-sung’s character, as if she knew that he was not her biological brother. There is something about the way Young has spoken to Soo throughout the show that might make people believe that she was suspicious of Soo’s claims (but maybe this is due to Song Hye-gyo’s performance. For most of the episodes she had a very emotionless expression and her tone of voice made her character seem like someone who was pushing Soo to tell the truth. I feel that Song Hye-gyo has shown much more nuanced expression in episodes twelve and thirteen. I appreciate her performance better). So, I think that those who believe that Young was suspicious of Soo’s claims can find evidence within the show. But there is also strong evidence to support that Young really believed him (she just questioned his motivations for suddenly coming into her life after so many years of separation). The third option is that while having doubts, she desperately wanted to believe Soo because he was the only light in her otherwise dark world. Her attraction to him seems like a natural progression (and doesn’t have to be tied to her truly knowing that they were not biologically related.) Hopefully, my two cents makes sense to those reading this long post πŸ™‚

  46. 46 Sunshine

    lol she afraid she gonna jump him!! haha what a good way to crack me up this morning…i cant help but think shg seem to play of your-my-oppa-we-cant-love-each-other roles.

  47. 47 dadidam

    Thanks for the recap. I am actually surprised that you are surprised that Young is surprised about the revelation. Yes, sometimes she had doubts but he always managed to cover her doubts by memories between themselves.

  48. 48 DayDreamer

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2. The way I saw it, Young did have suspicions that Oh Soo was not her oppa and that’s probably how she developed feelings for him. But there was also this other thing that Oh Soo seems to have the same memories of their childhood that she had. This made her feel that the only explanation for this would be that he really is her oppa. When Secretary Wang let out that Oh Soo stole her memories from the greenhouse, that one thing was the final straw. She had no more reason (however small) to give Oh Soo the benefit of doubt for all the lies.

    So it made sense to me…hope that helps.

  49. 49 anotheraddict

    Waeyo, Noh Hee Kyung, waeyo? This hurts, coming from you.

    Grazie, Heads!

  50. 50 Lilian

    Hmm..this episode is a little uncomfortable because the girl is saying clearly she doesn’t want him in the room, but he keeps insisting…..thankfully he doesn’t force past her. That would be like taking advantage of her disability.

    Another thing that I still don’t get is what exactly is up with the secretary. Was she in love with the dad? Or she wanted the money? Why make Youngie the victim and yet pretend she is good…..

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