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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 14
by | March 28, 2013 | 73 Comments

There are two ways to interpret this episode: (1) It’s slow, or (2) It’s slow, but it meant something. I’m barely leaning toward door number two, though that doesn’t make this an especially thrilling hour of television either way. Let’s be honest, we know we’re all here for Soo, and not because we’ve formed especially deep relationships with the fly-by-night side characters. (And yes, that’s even taking into account the fact that Kim Bum is a national treasure.)

Regardless, the con is no more and Everyone’s Sad, though we do get some interesting character revelations for Young and Secretary Wang as we head into the final stretch. How it’ll all end, I really have NO idea. I just hope there’ll be some surprises on each character’s journey to shuffle off this mortal coil. Heck, I’ll just take some surprises period.


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The forced kiss ends, and both parties take a little time to be alone. Young demands that Soo call Lawyer Jang to come pick her up, but he turns off her phone instead. Since he’s got control, he mandates that they’ll be staying together tonight before they head back to Seoul tomorrow.

He urges her to curse at him in order to let her anger out, but she declines. In a carefully controlled voice, she admits that there were times she had fun after meeting him. “I can’t thank you. But I can understand you. It’s my fault, too. The moment I met you, my heart fluttered. I should have known then. I’m a fool, right?”

Soo tells her to stop trying to understand – after all, he can’t even begin to understand the pain she went through, whether it was her mother leaving, her father dying, or her love for a conman posing as her brother.

“But my love for you has always been true,” he adds.

After some separate brooding time, Soo takes up the night watch by sitting at Young’s futon-side, claiming he has to keep watch over her until he can pass her over to Lawyer Jang. “It’s really sad that even in this situation, you are my guardian,” Young notes. Hah. I guess no one’s going to mention that kiss.

He watches her while she sleeps (or pretends to be asleep, it’s hard to tell with her), until he falls asleep sitting up. Young gets up and nearly stumbles on his feet, but at least takes the time to cover him with her blanket.

Then that super literal song cuts in, the one that must always provide a lyrical play-by-play as Young touches Soo’s face with tears in her eyes. A silent moment passes where she just sits by him, eyes closed, before she heads off. Where is she going? Some guardian you are, Soo.

The atmosphere at Jin-sung’s parents’ restaurant is tense, considering that Moo-chul and two of his lackeys are eating inside. Gangster Wannabe taunts Moo-chul about being too chicken to kill Soo, claiming that the Moo-chul he liked had no blood or tears, and was stronger for it.

He gets clocked in the face for that one, but Moo-chul warns him not to like someone like that. “As a human, one should have blood and tears. That’s what makes him human.”

That’s not what Gangster Wannabe wants to hear, so he goes running off to cry alone somewhere. Jin-sung finally gets fed up with Moo-chul acting so familiar with his mom (even calling her Mom, probably carrying over from their younger days) that he punches the gangster to get him out.

Moo-chul is unfazed and pays for his meal, telling Mom, “I came to eat because you remind me of my mother.”

Soo piggybacks Young down the mountain, but bursts her bubble about going home right away – he said he’d take her home by nightfall, which means he’s got her for the day. She puts up half-hearted protests that Soo doesn’t pay any attention to, so either she’s down for their last day date or she’s just tired of arguing about it.

They drive somewhere unspecified, and Soo finally lets her have her phone back if she tells Lawyer Jang that she’ll meet him at night. If she doesn’t, he’ll just take her further away. Let’s summer donna now, Soo. I get what you’re trying to do but you have to stop making this sound so kidnap-y so we can enjoy the ride.

She makes an unheard request to Lawyer Jang, but he at least puts the first phase of her plan into motion – preparing for Soo’s departure. Of course this means that Secretary Wang has to also pack her bags, which leaves her and Myung-ho stunned as Jang makes off to fulfill Young’s second request.

Soo tries his best to be happy as he leads Zombie Young through a street market, noting how he used to scarf down the jjajangmyun they’d get there in his orphanage days because he always believed someone would steal it from him.

Young notes the similarities in their childhood, since she too was always on edge, wondering whether someone had poisoned her food or whether she’d be pushed down the stairs. “I was always on edge. Just like today,” she adds. Hah, and ouch.

It’s clear Soo is trying to drag out every second regardless of how unhappy Young is about it, and she finally calls him out on his actions once they’re sitting in a stall for some red bean porridge.

He just admits that he wants to spend a little more time with her, and doesn’t mind when she refuses to eat the food he gives. He hands it to a nearby boy instead before telling her another orphanage anecdote about how they were never served porridge because adults needed to help (with the temperature). And since there weren’t enough caring adults, he never got to eat the stuff before.

Their next date destination is a cow farm, where Soo tells Young about Jin-sung’s father’s obsession with cows. “He raises them because he likes them, but when he has to sell them in order to live, he questions the meaning of life.” I don’t know why this cow thing has been carried through the whole story, but I always think it’s funny anytime it’s mentioned.

“I really don’t know what you’re trying to say to me,” Zombie Young says. Neither do I.

“I’ve never had to say goodbye to someone in my whole life,” Soo finally admits. “Not even to my mother, or even Hee-joo. I wanted to say goodbye to you properly, but from yesterday until now, no matter how hard I think about it, I don’t know how.”

So Young quips, “How about a simple goodbye?” before she heads off to the car. Soo gets a Impending Death Reminder Text from Moo-chul in the meantime.

Jin-sung tries talking some sense into Boss Man, claiming that he won’t get his money if Soo is dead. What he doesn’t know is that the money he plans to use for Soo’s big life-saving gamble was given to him by Boss Man, and as the ruthless gangster later explains to his minion, “I’m going to end Oh Soo, as well as Moo-chul. For that, I need a plan.”

Soo finally takes Young home, and the first thing she does is ask Lawyer Jang if he prepared what she asked. On top of that, she adds that it’s time for Secretary Wang and Soo to pack their things and GTFO.

Young apologizes to Myung-ho for her engagement-ending text, though she’s not ready to cut him out entirely. Now that she’s named Lawyer Jang as her legal guardian, she promises that Myung-ho will have his endorsement (and therefore hers, by proxy) to become the next CEO, since she knows no one can manage the company better than him. But their personal life is over.

And her parting gift to Soo is a suitcase filled with money, enough to pay his debt. Lawyer Jang delivers it since Young didn’t want to say goodbye, and Soo notes with honesty that he’s glad Young has someone like him.

He even says goodbye to Secretary Wang before he takes the money and goes. Mark your calendars folks, k-drama history has just been made! Offered money that someone actually takes is nothing less than a Christmas miracle.

Soo takes one last look around the house, sad to have to leave.

Secretary Wang starts to complain about her parting gift (of just the stocks she already has) from Young, until Lawyer Jang reminds her that Young is letting her off the hook for embezzling company funds (remember that brief mention of her sister’s suspiciously ritzy properties?), as well as bribing Young’s doctor to lie about her eyes. Well, when you put it that way…

When Young takes her aside, Secretary Wang says, “You knew from the beginning that I ruined your eyes, but you didn’t bring it up. Why?” Young: “I was young. Father was sick. I needed someone to run the company.”

Secretary Wang then asks why Young never brought up the embezzlement, but Young brings up something her father said about letting those around her steal just a little so that she could keep people by her side.

“Do you also believe that I killed your father like the other shareholders do?” Secretary Wang asks, before she proceeds to explain her actions. According to her, Young’s father had signed an order to not be resuscitated, and had even told Wang that he was ready to die. The reason she never told Young or Lawyer Jang was for purely self-sacrificial reasons, in order to give Young a reason to live on if only because she hated her for what she did/didn’t do.

“You were all I had,” Secretary Wang continues. “Even if others think that it’s just an obsession, still, you were the only one I had. Company stocks? I don’t need them. The shareholders’ position or being your legal representative? I can give that all up. I embezzled company money out of resentment toward your father, but when you were running the company, I didn’t take any money. Not a single penny. I’ve raised you since I was twenty-six years old. Although my parents disowned me for being a mistress, I didn’t have my own child. I raised you! You’re my daughter!”

Her tone goes quiet as she pleads for Young to just let her stay by her side, but Young’s face remains expressionless (there might be some tear glaze in her eyes, but I’m considering that a norm at this point) as she says a simple sorry and thank you, because Wang did raise her well – so well that she can now stand on her own two feet without her.

Young’s eyes do get extra teary as she tells Secretary Wang that she doesn’t want her around when she opens her eyes after the surgery, and she considers it fair – she lost her eyes to Wang, and Wang lost her pseudo-daughter.

Secretary Wang is openly crying by now, but resigned. “I loved you as my daughter, but you see me only in terms of my usefulness until the end. But I’ll leave. Why? Because I’m your mother, and mothers are supposed to lose to their children.”

Young passes Soo as he’s on his way out and asks him about moral accountability when it comes to his mother abandoning him and him abandoning Hee-joo. She says it in a way to put things in perspective, as if to tell him that both things weren’t so bad – he should remember that his mom came to see him once, and that he should stop feeling guilty over Hee-joo.

She faces away from him, and with tears in her eyes, she admits: “I loved you. I have no confidence to keep you by my side and love you, but you’re not guilty for deceiving me. It was your way to survive, and I had some moments of happiness.”

Soo leaves the briefcase of money outside Young’s room. (Darn it. History wasn’t made after all.)

Lawyer Jang chases after him to try and give him the money, knowing that he’ll be killed without it. Soo still refuses (taking just a small handful to live off of), and merely entreats Jang to take good care of Young.

As Soo drives away, he keeps Young’s bell bracelet close to his ear. All their good memories flash through his mind and he can’t help but cry as he smiles, just as Young opens her window at home to find the glass bell ringing, realizing that Soo found it and hung it back up for her.

Soo uses the handful of money to give to Moo-chul, in order to pay off Jin-sung’s debt to him. Moo-chul asks why Soo left the house empty-handed, and he probably knows the answer – but he gets too distracted by his stomach cancer.

Later, Soo sells his car and gives all the money to Jin-sung’s father, so he can take their family and move to the countryside. D’aww.

Secretary Wang invites the staff of the coffee shop over for a meal (including Mi-ra and Joong-tae, plus that other girl no one knows), to request that they take care of Young in her absence. As a goodbye, she just places her hand on Young’s shoulder and says affectionately, “Take care, Young-ie.” If Young is affected by this, she holds it in like the zen master she is.

Lawyer Jang sees Secretary Wang out, but she seems at peace even as she asks him to update her on Young’s status every now and then. “I’ll live well,” she promises.

It’s an awkward breakfast with Young and Fellow Plot Devices, but she does betray that she’s thinking fondly of Secretary Wang when she tastes her soup and notes how delicious it is.

Meanwhile, Secretary Wang has to call her sister in order to ask for their parents’ address, since it’s been that long since she’s seen them.

Young gets more brain scans, and Soo crashes at Hee-sun’s place. It’s cute how happy Jin-sung is to see his hyung again, even though his hyung has been sleeping for a whole day.

Once he’s awake, Hee-sun pesters him about coming back empty-handed. She knows he rejected the money, but he won’t listen to a word she says.

Jin-sung tells Soo how happy his family is to be moving to the countryside, since his sister can now go to college. They have a few friendly laughs (all is forgiven, obviously) before Jin-sung asks, “You aren’t going to get killed by Moo-chul, are you?”

Soo: “Never. I’m going to the casino.” (But… if that’s all you had to do to get the money… *headdesk*) Jin-sung’s way ahead of him as far as looking into welcoming casinos, and he couldn’t care less when Soo chides him for getting involved.

“Don’t you know me?” Jin-sung shoots back with a smile. “I won’t go anywhere without you.” Bro-mance.

Due to maid negligence, Young drops a glass that shouldn’t have been where it was and cuts her foot on it. She asks after Secretary Wang, and Lawyer Jang tells her that she called to say she’s at her real home, enjoying her mother’s cooking.

Young seems to know this isn’t a true account, and we see the same – Secretary Wang isn’t home at all, but wandering on her own, eating restaurant food.

Soo and Jin-sung find themselves restricted by every casino, which leaves them with a hotel as their only choice. Soo takes this issue up with Boss Man, since he’s the one who’s blacklisted him everywhere, and Boss Man offers a deal: Soo plays a rigged poker game for him, wins, and gains his freedom. But he wants Jin-sung in on the deal.

This is something Soo’s adamantly against, since he knows he’s just getting used by Boss Man as a revenge target for all the gamblers that’ll end up losing their money, so he won’t allow Jin-sung to fall into the same trap. “For me, it’s this graveyard or the next,” Soo shrugs.

Boss Man tries to ease Soo’s mind, considering that he’s planning on getting rid of Moo-chul anyway. “You’re free if you win this game,” he offers, and Soo accepts as long as Jin-sung is out.

He calls Moo-chul the second he leaves, leaving Boss Man to explain his nefarious plans to keep Jin-sung involved, since only he or Moo-chul can kill Soo. Because hired hit men apparently don’t exist in this universe? And Soo can only be killed by one of two very different people?

Moo-chul plays basketball with his brother, but that darned stomach cancer gets in the way again. He still gets the text from Soo (still calling him Hyung) warning him to be careful of Boss Man, adding that he and da boss have settled their score, leaving no room for Moo-chul to remain involved.

“I’m asking you to leave quickly,” Soo’s text reads. “And also, later when we meet, let’s go out for a drink, Hyung.” Moo-chul scoffs at this last line, not believing a word of the text.

Meanwhile, Gangster Wannabe stalks Moo-chul, waiting for the perfect time to strike with a knife in hand.

Young finds listening to movies a joyless affair without Soo around to narrate, while Soo gathers up gamblers for the Big Game. Likewise, he’s reminded of Young when he hails down a taxi using his bracelet arm as the little bell chime rings.

The ring sounds louder than the surrounding traffic to him, and he has to fight the rush of emotion and tears that spring up because of it. Young also cries as she remembers him.


Your mileage may vary on this one (depending on your tolerance for self-reflective moments of sadness), but this episode was a bit of a chore. Some things did happen, and they were important things, but so much of it felt dragged out past the point of necessity. For all the ticking clocks we have in one series (Moo-chul’s stomach cancer, Young’s brain tumor, Soo’s Death Date), I felt like we were missing a sense of urgency, even though the stakes are about as high as they get.

A filler episode isn’t a usual occurrence in fast-paced sixteen-episode dramas, since there’s normally not enough time to waste. I remember bemoaning what looked like such a short run for this series when I had only fond memories of Writer Noh Hee-kyung’s past drama, Padam Padam, which felt well-paced and well-suited to its twenty episode run. Now I’m beginning to understand why this story could only stretch to sixteen episodes, and even now it seems to be wearing itself thin.

That being said, there was a lot of time devoted to setting the table this episode (though we weren’t being set up for anything that hasn’t already been introduced and explained, and I’m not including the scene where time was actually spent setting a literal table), so there’s hope yet for a climactic finale. As for what did actually happen, I liked Young’s farewell to Soo coupled with her confession of love, and more so than that I appreciated that she didn’t blow his con out of proportion in an agonizing, woe-is-me way, but rather based her reaction off her understanding of Soo as she’s come to know him. Namely, that she knows he wasn’t in this for fun and games, and that they both invested some emotions that they may never get a return on. The fact that she even went so far as to absolve him of blame gets an A+ in my book, seeing that she knows what a guilt-filled history he’s had.

The weird pseudo-date that came before the confession I didn’t like so much, if only because we didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with it. Young knows, and WE know, that Soo’s childhood was no walk in the park, but for all of Soo’s meandering about I kept wishing he’d just be honest and ask her to spend a day with him and to try not to hate it. I understand what he was going for in wanting that last little bit of time with her to savor because he didn’t know how to say goodbye, but there wasn’t any fun to be had for him or the viewer when Young was so reticent and stubborn all the while. (Even though she had her reasons, since it’s not like she agreed to go out in the first place.) I got the point, I got the underlying feelings and the aim of the scene, but again it just felt drawn out without a whole lot of payoff. But that’s life I suppose, and a drama emulating that humdrum aspect means it’s more realistic? And that’s supposedly a good thing even though it’s not very entertaining? Or not?

Secretary Wang’s sendoff was appropriate and even a little sad, even though characters keep stating her doctor-bribing as fact without anyone bothering to explain why she did it, or wondering what kind of person it takes to do something so horrible. Heck, Mi-ra got more crap about it than Wang did. I was hoping that we’d hear a confession from her in her final goodbye, but instead we have a woman claiming to love Young like a mother while passing off the fact that she caused Young a lifelong and crippling disability like she just forgot to pack her lunch one day.

What’s past is past, sure, but I’d still say that’s a pretty big deal, and Secretary Wang spent more time explaining her embezzlement than she did in making Young BLIND. I don’t know if that was an intentional move in order to paint her as a more sympathetic character or whether she just has some severely messed up priorities, but she’s still not getting my vote for Mother of the Year. Maybe I just missed the I-love-you-so-much-I-made-you-disabled train.


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    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Vivi, I hope that you will see that I was first here, like I have been in so many recaps I have participated in. Maybe you just missed those?
      And for those who will tag onto my screen name, I have done it to others, so I will not complain if you do it to me. It has been done to my name before many times, and I have NEVER complained about it…

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        Ivoire–Don’t let her bother you…perhaps she’s just having a bad day that day? 😉

        And Heads, thank you. I haven’t been watching the show, but have enjoyed your recap tremendously.

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          Hello Nomad,
          and thank you for your comment. I will heed your piece of advice and you are right, maybe she was just having a bad day, that day… 🙂

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          Hello Dominique,

          Do you speak French? I asked because your screen name is French. Thank you for the compliment. I have learned from reading others’ comments (including the recappers), and I have been made to reflect as well. If that happens with my comments, then it was definitely worth sharing my thoughts.

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          Hi Ivoire, yup, I agree with Dominique. Sometimes when I read your comments I wonder if you write your thoughts on jdramas too. Just that i don’t know where to look for it. 🙂 So, if you did/do, please tell me where. Plus, (and this isn’t an afterthought, actually it was my reaction to your postscript days ago) anyone who can write like you couldn’t possibly be an axe murderer.

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          Hello Joy!!!!

          Good to hear from you again. Sorry, I still haven’t written my thoughts on episode 13 yet, however, I will do it just for you, and I will let you know, or I might share them with you by email or do both. I went and rewatched the kiss scene, and my thoughts slightly changed as a result.

          I appreciate your compliment, I really do. I don’t write here, seeking compliments, however I do appreciate them because my (long) comments take me a long time to write. I usually think things through, write and reread what I wrote to edit it and then post it. That process can take me from an hour to three hours. And then, I always like to answer comments written to my comments, and well… You can just imagine how much time I spend on this blog 🙂

          I wouldn’t know how to start a blog, how to maintain one, nor would I want to, at this point in my life. However, I do like to dissect and analyze dramas (I love to think 🙂 ), so this is one of the places where I do it. Watching one episode of a Kdrama takes me a while as well, so I tend to not watch too many dramas (while they are airing) at once. I usually watch one or two (at the same time).

          RE: Jdramas, I have not ventured into those yet, mostly because I don’t have the time to do so. I am really curious about the Japanese version of BOF, as it has been recommended to me (and the Taiwanese one as well). I would love to however, so I can see how the Korean dramas and the Japanese ones differ. If you have any good Jdramas you would recommend, please let me know.

          I made the axe murderer comment because I have actually become friends with a few people I met here and I actually met (in real life) a lady I met on this blog as well. She came to pick me up last year at my apartment and we went to a Kpop concert organized by Youtube, MBC (the Korean channel) and Google. 22,000 people attended and it was an outdoor concert. It was great! I am mentioning it because those are some of the things that have happened to the people who participate on this blog. So, with one of the ladies, before she gave me her email address, I told her that I was not an axe murderer (worse thing one could be) and she thought that was funny. I was trying to put her at ease about who I was.
          I am actually a nanny, so I work/have worked with a LOT of children over the years. I don’t think parents would trust me with THEIR children if I were not safe for all these years. Come to think of it, an axe murderer would not spend so much time on a blog about Kdramas, right :-)…

          I was trying to give you the email address of one of my accounts, however, I can’t recover the password, and google won’t let me have it back. I will give you another one, and I have done it before here, and nothing bad happened. Just please remind me that you are Joy and also tell me something specific about you (that you might have mentioned here before) so I know it is you.
          You can write to me here: [email protected]

          I have shared my thoughts on other dramas here (after I came out of just lurking and reading the recaps and comments), if you are curious about those. A few of them (that I can recall) are: Faith, AGD, 7LCS, The King of Dramas, I Do I Do. Those are the ones that come to my mind right now and possibly The King 2Hearts and Rooftop Prince, maybe. I have watched more of course, and I have asked questions (very often), however, I haven’t always commented on every single episode, even of the shows I have commented on. I have to have something to say, AND have the time to say it (meaning the time to write it), which is the biggest part, considering my process. Dramas always make me think and I always learn something, on some level.

          I am planning on trying to watch All About My Romance and Gu Family Book next. I will see if I can follow both AND comment as well :-). I will also watch the variety show We Got Married, the Global Project with Taecyon and Lee Hon-ki (sp?). Have you ever watched that show? I love it, especially the 1st season which is the best, imho.

    • 1.2 tayyba

      I can’t understand Korean language and That winter The Wind Blows is in Korean now what I do?

  2. katami

    *.*..gomao ^_^

  3. Aki

    Oh Soo is such a sissy crybaby. Seriously dude, man up. It’s pathetic and its irritating watching him. Even to the last part of episode 15 (not gonna spoil it for u guys I promise), I wanted to smack him like Moochul did. I was like “u gonna cry at a time like this? Do something!!!”.

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      Aki, thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh at it. I could literally see you talking to him…

    • 3.2 mumuamma

      dude… it is JO IN SUNG playing Oh Soo .. and JIS cries us a river and some to spare. that is what he is best at. bestest at. until i see those chiseled features crumple, i feel like i did not get the money shot!!!!

      • 3.2.1 Aki

        Lmfao! But i don’t feel the least bit sorry for him when he cries (and sobs uncontrollably). It’s kinda irritating. Now I kinda understand why Moochul hates him. Lolol.

    • 3.3 kaye

      I think if that happened in real life and I’m in his position, I’ll be dumbstruck too, don’t want to put spoilers here too hihi, but we haven’t seen the continuation of that scene so I bet he will do something. If you are familiar with FA – “hey, hey, hey, are you ok?” before calling for help, you know what I mean. But I shouted too when I watched it, yelling at him to be quick of his actions lol.

  4. seint

    no matter what other people said, it was really great to come out unusual storyline drama in a very long time.

    TWTWB will definitely affect korea drama industry for a very long time.

    no hee kyung is way more smart than kim eun sook writer.

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      Why comparing them? Why should we choose a side? Is it because of the headline for the KES new drama? They don’t write for the same genre and they are both acknowledged for their talent in dramaland anyway. If you don’t like KES dramas, it’s OK. That said, I think they both have interesting things to say and a personal style and I sure will wait for the NHK next project, even if I’m not entirely satisfied with TWTWB.
      Honestly, I wish we would have more writers of the same level as those 2 women.

      • 4.1.1 skelly


  5. newgirl

    Heads, I’m with you on this one. I said I thought this drama was looking like a masterpiece; now it’s just a piece…
    What is it with K drama endings? Everything goes along swimmingly, and then it all falls apart in the last episodes. Even Coffee Prince did this. It’s enough to cure my addiction, or at least cool it down considerably. I think they were going for the contrast of Secretary Wang’s mama drama defense of herself to Young, compared to Oh Soo’s “never explain, never complain” style, but it fell flat. And revenge may be a dish best served cold, but Young’s Zen master style just bored.
    Oh, and why in K drama land does everyone go to bed fully clothed in their street clothes? Is Secretary Wang the only person in Korea who owns pajamas?

    • 5.1 nomad

      Is Secretary Wang the only person in Korea who owns pajamas? <— THIS! LOL!

    • 5.2 Uhnny

      LOL. Hahahaha.

      “What is it with K drama endings? Everything goes along swimmingly, and then it all falls apart in the last episodes.”

      I agree. 😉 It has become a habit of (some)writers. Most of the final episodes disappoint.

      I’m not watching this show anymore. Found it too draggy and boring. But comments like this keep me coming back for recaps. 😀

    • 5.3 Dominique

      “Why in K drama land does everyone go to bed fully clothed in their street clothes?” And, when they wake up in the morning, they immediately sit down for what looks like a full meal or rush out of the house due to a sudden crisis.

      All I can think during a scene like that is the morning breath! I know, I know.

      • 5.3.1 DayDreamer

        LOL! So true…

        About wearing street clothes to bed….reminds me of how exasperated I was when the characters in Indian dramas would go to bed with ornate dresses and jewelry, heavy makeup, and hair done perfectly nice.

    • 5.4 maakopla

      “What is it with K drama endings? Everything goes along swimmingly, and then it all falls apart in the last episodes. Even Coffee Prince did this.”

      You said it! The first half is always freaking good but then, bam and it becomes a pain in the ass to watch. There are only 3 dramas which kept me excited for the whole ride: I’m sorry I love you, Thank you and Invincible Lee Pyun Kang

      That Winter The Wind Blows had a great start but now it just rings hollow. So hollow man, hollow.

    • 5.5 Emily

      “What is it with K drama endings? ”

      This is why I no longer watchdramas live. I wait to see how it ends, cos usually no matter how interesting a drama sounds in the beginning, it often all goes ridiculous in the second half and I do not want to be wasting my time. It is sad how many dramas start off promising then end up going nowhere though :/

      “Is Secretary Wang the only person in Korea who owns pajamas?”

      lol, this and makeup remover does not exist in the kdrama either. I lolled every time in dalja’s spring when dalja woke up in that thick, heavy eyeliner and false lashes. like, really?!

  6. Jale

    I wonder which first time she met him her heart fluttered? When she went looking for her brother and he read the letter to her, or when he showed up at the house and followed her outside, after which she hit him in the face with her cane when he grabbed her arm?

    Those two are kindred spirits and no one understands them better than each other. Soo has learned a lot from Young about how to comfort someone. And Young has had the opportunity to have fun, get out of her isolation and limited world and expand her human interaction with Soo.

    In spite of it all, even when they read each other correctly, they handle the god honest truth so differently. Young shuts down and hold stuff in, and if she could see, she would know how Soo reacts to what she says by the emotions expressed on his face.

    Looking forward to your recap on episode 15. Countdown to the grand finally.

  7. snow_white

    thanks for the recap

  8. jude

    Thank you for the recap. For me the drama is still a perfection. I guess love is blind after all.

    And I’m not here just for Soo. I’m here for Young as well, since somehow she is far more intriguing to me than Soo. Her quiet, resigned sense of loneliness is something that I can really relate to (although not something that most people can understand).

    • 8.1 Sajen

      alright I’m not the only one that still loves this show.

      • 8.1.1 Grace

        I STILL LOVE IT!!!

      • 8.1.2 unknownX2

        I love this show so much too!

        • blabla100

          Me too!!! Its still one of the best kdrama that ive seen in the past few years

          • h0ns niech

            Yup.. Still love this drama.. ^^

          • aerin

            me too!!

    • 8.2 candy

      I’m glad there are many people who have the same thoughts as me.
      This drama is one of the greatest.

  9. deasy

    Moo Chul I really love your voice…
    wow I fall in love with him coz of his husky n charismatic voice…

  10. 10 Anduril

    Hmm, looking over the recap, I guess not much happened in this episode. But when I was watching I didn’t notice. In fact, this is the episode that really makes me love Young. Up ’til now, its been Soo who captivated me and Young was merely interesting.

    I loved the way, she didn’t just roll over and say, “oh that horrible stuff was Ok.” Yet her willingness to see the others’ circumstances and offer a measure of forgiveness, made me love her to pieces.

  11. 11 anvesha

    I also found it pretty weird that nobody asked Wang why she made her blind… I can guess it (to force Young to depend on her) but why did no one ASK her to explain, especially when she was questioning Young about her decisions.

    • 11.1 skelly

      I thought she said it was because she wanted to stay with Young? That she wanted Young to always need her? But maybe I just got that from one of the many fine comments/recaps about this show. Anyway, I think she is one of those people who feels she can only keep others close to her by manipulation and power plays.
      I too was upset by how little punishment or even lecturing she got for making Young blind; but I also feel that Young is dead tired of conflict, hates any sort of scene, and would rather just get these people out of her hair. I mean, yelling and fighting and retribution won’t bring her sight back, and Evil Wang seems pretty well set in her evilness…I can’t think of how much energy it would take to try and make this woman understand what she did wrong. Better to just cast her off.

  12. 12 picklemonster

    Indeed, this episode was uneventful and lacked exciting scenes. But I feel that Noh Hee Kyung wrote this drama mainly to focus on the emotions of the characters. The plot of TWTWB is not original, what with the Japanese and Korean movie version already out there. In an interview, Noh Hee Kyung said that the reason she wanted to publish her version of this same storyline is because she wanted to show how a blind woman and a con man could fall so deeply in love, and how two people whose lives were filled with so much heartache and injustice could find significance in their existence through each other’s eyes.

    I’m sure you’ve all noticed, there really isn’t much dialogue in this drama. It’s more like 75% crying and staring, and 25% dialogue. I’m still thoroughly enjoying this drama however. I don’t see the plot as something new or heart-pumping like I did with Gaksital, but I’m watching mainly for the utmost detail Noh Hee Kyung goes into making the audience FEEL for the characters, and I’m getting a lot of that in every episode. This is a drama that plays with your heart, and it’s the perfect wagon to jump on for anyone suffering from Gaksital withdrawal symptoms. 😉

    • 12.1 Christy

      Agreed! Like A Thousand Day’s Promise, this is definitely a character study of sorts, which somewhat explains the lack of quick plot movement.

      Unfortunately, it does not explain why I’d much rather watch Kim Bum and Jung Eun-ji’s shenanigans and/or stare at each other hours on end instead of witnessing the slow death of Young and Soo’s convoluted relationship. Nothing personal against the characters, but I guess this drama just doesn’t get me 🙁

  13. 13 bbee

    This drama belongs to kdrama classics …no question about it. It realistic and pace of events are very human and medium. I am loving it more than Nice guy … Nice guy finished with a superb ending but 17-19 episodes were really heavy. Here its not … just loving the pace the writer and director are taking. And Oh sooo looks sexy with his smiles and man in love … his tears are beautiful. Thanks for this very well paced drama. Its been a long time since we saw such a drama.

  14. 14 Soleram

    “…Let’s be honest, we know we’re all here for Soo, ….”

    Well, NOOO, HONESTLY that I am not “here’ because of Soo but because of Young…., so please not to assume that everyone is here just for Soo…

    If you are here for Soo, fine but to conclude that everyone by using the term we’re all here for Soo is a bit generalizing.

    For me Young’s character is more interesting but it doesn’t mean Soo’s is bad. I know from the very beginning what Soo is, and will be, so not so drawn in his character. If other people have their own opinion than that is fine.

    • 14.1 pasta

      lol same, young > soo

      i’m a girl and i always watch dramas for the actresses. i don’t care about who the actors are as long as they are decent looking 😛

      • 14.1.1 Pm3

        Hear hear! Me too

      • 14.1.2 jude

        me three!! As I said, Young is intriguing. She lives behind a facade as a strong woman, yet being a really lonely person in actuality.

    • 14.2 kaye

      To defend Heads, it’s because whether we like it or not, the story mainly focused on Soo. I’m not staying in this ship just because of Soo, but because of Young and the supporting characters too.

      What gets me here is the intimate relationship that I began to share with each and every one of the characters so it’s hard for me to turn my back on them now that the finale is already near.

      But I admit, I care for Soo the most. I care that Soo is really the most entrapped man alive and his emotions/motivations are transparent and his vulnerability gets me. Young is an interesting character but she’s the exact opposite of OS as she’s difficult to comprehend at times (which may be parallel to her being blind).

      All in all, I love all of them, and still loving the drama.

      Thanks again for the recap!

      • 14.2.1 Mystisith

        Personally, I’m here for OY too. He is the best written character in that story and the one I care about. OY is like that strange & incomprehensible friend who happens to be the love interest of your friend: She’s irritating and has mood swings, and you tolerate her cause you don’t have the choice.

  15. 15 DHM

    My take on Moo-chul isn’t that he doesn’t believe Oh Soo’s text. It’s that he knows he won’t live long enough to go get a drink with Oh Soo.

    As for Wang, I thought her motivation was clearly that she is insanely obsessed with making herself indispensable to OY. Oh Soo said as much and Wang agreed with him in the last episode, and she acknowledges that others think it’s an obsession, but that’s only because OY is all she had (which is kind of a basic ingredient of obsession).

    For Kim, he doesn’t just want Oh Soo dead, he wants him dead in the most revengy way possible- and having Jin Sung kill him would fit that bill. plus, we’ve seen that OS has quite the terrifying reputation amongst the thugs (when he saved OY from them by using some guys face like sandpaper on a wall) so, no, I don’t think just anybody can or is willing to try to kill Oh Soo. I think Kim also wants a hold on Jin Sung for some reason- probably because Jin Sung will make a great replacement for the gambler/killer duo Kim’s getting rid of. and maybe he wants Jin Sung’s little sister to replace his old girlfriend.

    I am disappointed at the way this drama is spinning its wheels now, and it would be great if some threads were tied together at the end. I am just afraid that the threads from this episode may be detached from the main show so there isn’t anything to tie.

    • 15.1 soomp

      I agree with this post from beginning to end, though I hold out some thin hope that I will be satisfied with the ending. Every time I watch a drama like this, I think how different things would be if guns were as accessible in Korea as they are here in the US. A lot of the drama hinges on no one being able/willing to kill him in hand-to-hand combat, but if guns were involved, the show would have been over 14 eps ago.

  16. 16 vennythung

    Must admit, Jo In Sung’s acting really brought the depth of this drama. Personally I learnt a lot from this drama. Beautiful, and I might say : a masterpiece.

  17. 17 fleetingbreath

    Wang has got a serious case of Munchausen’s by proxy, probably because she was pretty much disowned by her father because she became a mistress, and to a man she doesn’t even seem to have liked very much. I’m surprised she gave up so easily.

  18. 18 DayDreamer

    Heads, thanks for the recap!! It was far more enjoyable than the episode itself and made me giggle so many times. Loved it.

  19. 19 Sunshine

    LOL I think slow is a great way to describle this episode. i have yet to watch it but just read the recaps makes me think if i really wanna sit for an hour watching this?!?!

  20. 20 kagdoogee

    Thanks for the recap Heads. I disagree about the episode and how the series is going though.

    I thought that last scene with Soo stopping in the midst of hailing a taxi was really well done. The blurred lights of Seoul cityscape in the background was atmospheric and well shot. Soo’s sadness at his return to the gambling/gangster life and his separation from Youngie was palpable and heartbreaking.

    A few scenes like these per episode make up for all the filler for me at least. Really looking forward to the finale.

    • 20.1 blabla100

      That scene really got me…My heart aches every time i think about it

  21. 21 NewFan

    “Then that super literal song cuts in, the one that must always provide a lyrical play-by-play as Young touches Soo’s face with tears in her eyes.”

    Can someone explain the song? DF never subtitles the music (I wonder if Hulu does…)

  22. 22 Lilian

    Pretty much a snooze fest. Did not like the beginning portion where Soo forced her along. Then didn’t like it that there was no angry scene where she spilled out the reason for not giving her the proper treatment for her eyes. That was a downer ! And gotta say Eunji and Kim Bum is totally wasted in this drama. Hope Kim Bum gets a proper leading role soon. The last I remember was the one where he fell in love with a woman much older: The Woman Who Still wants to Marry, if I remember correctly. He did well there!

    • 22.1 skelly

      I agree about Kim Bum, but Eun-ji, not so much. I think her acting is screechy and one-note, she’s not at the level of the other actors, and I think they are using her less (and so, unfortunately, by association Kim Bum) because of her relative lack of talent. I say relative, because she is not horrible (esp. as idols go), but everyone else is just knocking it out of the park here. I am watching this show not for the plot, which is hackneyed, or the dialogue, which is so minimal it might as well be haiku, but for the acting and the cinematography.

  23. 23 dany

    Thank you.

  24. 24 max452

    Thank you so much
    I have been enjoying this series a lot, it is a very hearty drama
    I like the paste of the show
    I’m really going to miss it

    • 24.1 blabla100

      Im gonna miss it a lot, too. Im not ready to let it go yet. Id probably marathon the whole show after its over 🙁

  25. 25 Tsering Yangchen

    I’m not gonna forget this drama for a long time. This even knocked my previous no 1 spot drama.

  26. 26 sunshower

    Thank you for the recap!

    Initially, I love the drama, maybe ep 1 to about 7. Somewhere along the way, I can’t identify the exact what/why/where, my interest dipped.

    It has to be said, I love the cinematography, especially the way a scene is framed. Like the scene kagdoogee mentioned above. It makes watching it flow very easily.

    It is captivating too especially with high level of acting from Jo In-sung and Song Hye-gyo. This is one of the shows that I actually like SHG in. I used to think she was so-so.

    Now I just wish the show would conclude satisfactorily.

    It could have been good, with a strong ending, it might just end up in my not-too-bad category.

  27. 27 TS

    In Urdu, I’ve heard blinding (a drama, obviously) referred to as “wasting eyes”.

    Wang is crazy-evil: she didn’t just commit Young harm, but all around her and she wasted Young’s gift of sight. This is too much ink for me.

  28. 28 HDrama

    SHK, JIS, MC and SW characters are playing very well.

    Each character is very unique. Myself I like SHK and MC characters the most.

    Now I understand a little more about the con man .. beside girls fall for it, don’t need to explain the reason of doing, don’t have/need to say “sorry” for anything of wrong doing, people will voluntary to help with anything .. just look handsome! Jaja fighting.. haha

  29. 29 maakopla

    Kill me but I really hate Yongie. I think I have opened up about my hate towards her before but man is she annoying. Angsty and bratty girl who makes herself a victim. I understand her reasons but give me a break, first part of the drama was about Yongie angsting and the second part was also about Yongie being all angsty because everyone lied, life sucks, boo hoo.

    It’s like she hasn’t changed at all during the whole drama, you might as well delete Soo from her life. and no, it doesn’t make me feel any better about her if she is now all angsty that he is gone and again, life sucks, I loved him, boo hoo. no matter what, she is gonna be the victim, the only victim at that!

    Now… I know it can get hard but why the hell doesn’t anyone EVER ask “Why?” in any Korean drama. Sure she feels betrayed because Soo lied to her but what the fuck? He carried you up the mountains for God’s sake! He did so freaking much for you so maybe, just MAYBE he had a reason to be so nice. If he only wanted money he might have asked earlier. Maybe leaving wouldn’t have been so hard.

    Secretary Wang was one bitch but I kind of feel bad for her, lol. I mean, she is such a sad character. I bet the house feels emptier without her. I am also disappointed she is not Yongie’s biological mother, that would have been a nice twist. A good reason for Yongie’s mother not to take her along and such. I’m satisfied that at least an answer was given on why did she let Yongie’s father die like that. At least that.

    Some people above say Jung Eun-ji’s acting sucks but not as much as Kim Young Hoon the fiance. Man I hate him. He was one whiny useless character, when he got threatened he ran to secretary Wang with his tail between his legs.

    By the way, I think it slipped my attention but did they ever find out whose hand print was on the mirror?

    • 29.1 kaye

      Lawyer Jang had it inspected and learned about the real OS (the brother) i think in episode 11 or 12, so yes, LJ found out.

      addendum: Just my opinion but I think this episode is metaphorical about OS trying to confess to OY but was not able to (just look at the deeper meaning of his dialogues)

      1. The director said to eat slowly and no one will take jjajangmyun from him but he didn’t believe it.
      2. First time eating a patjook because in the orphanage, they didn’t serve it for it needs adult’s assistance.
      3. JS’ father love for cows. The father questions the meaning of life everytime there is a need to sell cows to make for a living.

      I just find it interesting that the writer is challenging the viewers to decipher the message she wants to convey, and we may vary different opinions about those messages. NHK doesn’t treat her viewers dumb and I love her.

  30. 30 h0ns niech

    Thanks for the recap HeadsNo2 ^^

  31. 31 Abbie

    This episode felt like the calm before the storm. I understood it in a story-telling manner, but I was still let down that nothing really happened. I mean, some stuff did happen, but nothing that wasn’t expected.

    There’s two episodes left, right? So the last two episodes will be dedicated to resolving everything. I think Soo’s gonna die. Probably. I see no way out for him, if he’s gonna play a rigged poker game. But is it rigged in his favor or not. That’s something I didn’t understand. No matter what, I think Boss Man will still have him killed. Also Moo-chul will either bite the dust because of his cancer, or that Gangster Wannabe. And Young…. I really have no idea what will happen to her. I hope she doesn’t die. But who knows?

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  32. 32 dinda

    I hope it will end happy for young and soo. why doesn’t the writer add more extra episodes so they will have happy ending?

  33. 33 rita

    Gosh, I take more luggage for a three days trip on the mountains than sec. Wang when leaving the house. 😛

  34. 34 Jenie

    *mark your calendars folks, k-drama history has just been made. Offered money that someone actually takes is nothing less than a christmas miracle*

    love that line……………
    Awesome drama

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