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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 7
by | March 2, 2013 | 161 Comments

I just love it when I love a heroine, even when this one comes with personality flaws to spare, loads of emotional baggage, an unhealthy obsession with death, and plenty of secrets. Maybe it’s because Young is such a flawed person that she remains so engaging, but I’d like to think it’s because we understand her on a fundamental level, and so far each episode shows us something new. Maybe it’s just because I can respect a character who comforts someone else based on how they’d like to be comforted, and knows enough to admit that sometimes it’s okay to just NOT be okay. Is it weird to watch a show and feel comforted by a fictional character’s fictional conversation? Probably. And I thought I was done with therapy now that I’ve accepted the fauxcest. (That’s a line I never thought I’d say in any situation, ever.)


A tense moment passes as Soo and Secretary Wang just stare at each other, both of them weighing their options. (Admittedly, Soo’s options seem pretty darn slim right now.)

The moment is broken when Young asks if her oppa came – she can smell his scent in the room. Secretary Wang keeps her gaze locked with Soo’s as she lies to Young that he didn’t come, all while writing Soo a message he can read from her phone to escape while she uses music to mask the sound.

Jin-sung and Hee-sun prepare to leave town, banking on Soo’s success – but their bubbles burst when they find out he was caught instead.

Secretary Wang sits a very nervous Soo down for a little chat, but he remembers all the unanswered question about Wang’s treatment of Young in her video diaries, which gives him some ammo to turn the odds in his favor.

He explains/lies that he was in Young’s room to find her diary, since he wants to find out whether Secretary Wang did all she could do to help Young, or if she let her condition get worse on purpose. His tactic saves him, but Wang gets the upper hand when she offers to give him the money he needs to pay off his debt if he leaves Young. (She heard the details from Mi-ra, her spy in the coffee shop.)

Oh man. Now this is a pickle – Soo’s just been offered his life-saving golden ticket on a silver platter. He’d be nuts to refuse… right?

While suffering from one of her head-splitting migraines, Young goes tearing through Soo’s room until she finds the Instant Death Pill, and desperately clutches it in relief.

Soo refuses Secretary Wang’s offer, again asserting that he’s there for Young and not for money. But he does tell her that he’s even more suspicious of her than ever before, and he’ll be keeping an eye on her from now on.

Wang’s a tough cookie and isn’t fazed by his threats, confident that she has the leg up, especially when she plans to move the contents of Young’s safe to the bank. Just as Soo suspects her, she declares that she’ll be suspecting him, and it’ll just be good times all around.

Meanwhile, Young lies in her bed… next to the empty pill canister. Whaaaat.

Jin-sung scolds Soo for not taking the offer, but Hee-sun scolds Jin-sung for being so simple-minded – of course it was a trap, and if Soo had fallen for it, Wang could have proven that he wasn’t the real Soo. I don’t know what these boys would do without her.

So Soo proposes a change in strategy by blackmailing the money out of Secretary Wang. They can use the fact that she didn’t get Young proper medical care as a child AND her selection of the less-than-single Myung-ho as Young’s fiancé as proof that she has plans to take over PL Group.

Hah, it’s cute that Jin-sung lets Hee-sun scheme away just this once, but he makes her promise to live her life honestly after they save Soo. She’s already way ahead of him, since she feels much more comfortable blackmailing someone like Secretary Wang over the innocent Young.

Except, Hee-sun notices how happy Soo seems and calls up Young to arrange an apology meeting, even though her true intention is to find out whether Soo is in this just for her. Dude, does it really matter?

Secretary Wang has the contents of Young’s safe moved to the bank, leaving it up to Lawyer Jang to tell her. (Judging by the fact that she’s alive, I’d guess that she just hid the pill.) Wang has already updated him on Soo’s stealing attempt, causing him to wonder whether he made a mistake in bringing Soo to Young’s house.

“I wish you wouldn’t trust Soo,” Lawyer Jang gently warns her, but “trust” is one of those trigger words for Young, and it all comes spilling out once Mi-ra brings her coffee.

“The one and only brother I share my memories with, I can’t trust. I can’t trust Secretary Wang, I can’t trust you, who loves Secretary Wang. My friend here, Mi-ra, I can’t trust.” She shocks Mi-ra by revealing that she knows Secretary Wang has been paying her to act like her friend, and even though it hurts her, when Young says she understands the circumstances which led to Mi-ra accepting the deal, I really believe she means it.

Young cuts Lawyer Jang off when he claims that Secretary Wang has reason to suspect Soo, because she knows exactly why: Secretary Wang wants her to be alone so that in the end, she’ll be the only one by Young’s side.

“She wants me to be like her,” Young adds, holding back tears. “Trapped in a jailed home, always cold and nasty to others. So in the end, I will be left feeling awful and alone.”

Aww, I actually feel bad for Lawyer Jang because he definitely means well. Things are only made worse when Friend Soo’s childhood friend, Joong-tae, stops to tell Lawyer Jang that something seems strange about Soo.

Later, Lawyer Jang keeps watch nearby as Young lets out all her pent-up sorrow outside. What a nice ajusshi.

Soo finds something he can use against Secretary Wang in Young’s video diaries, this one from her high school days where she mentions two doctor visits. In the first visit with Mi-ra, she overheard the doctor tell her that her blindness was not caused by a brain tumor, but by an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. (It affects the tissue behind the retina responsible for converting light and images into nerve signals that the brain can process. In other words, sight.)

Basically, he told her that her vision could have been helped if she had been treated in the early stages. But when she went the second time, with Secretary Wang, the doctor told her she heard him incorrectly. Ah, so Secretary Wang paid the doctor to lie? To keep Young sick? That’s sick.

In the video, Young addresses Secretary Wang: “I’m sorry, but today isn’t the end, because I’m not alone.” She continues, trying to put up a brave front even though she can’t control her tears. “I have my oppa. I… have my oppa. When he comes, he won’t forgive you for making me like this.”

Tears. She literally had no one to protect her, and put all her faith in her missing brother. It’s just heart-wrenching, especially when Soo thinks back to Friend Soo’s death, and Young begging to be able to trust him. Now he knows that she’ll never get her true brother back, and you can see the weight of that realization, coupled with what he’s doing to her, bearing down on him.

Young calls him so they can meet, but both of them are caught in the lie of claiming that they’re out of the house when Soo can clearly see her in the yard. She just wants to see him and happily agrees to meet at the intersection near Mi-ra’s cafe, so in order to make it seem like he was already there, Soo has to sprint ahead of her in slow motion. (Let she who did not also giggle a little at this cast the first stone.)

Secretary Wang saved the glass from the painting with Soo’s fingerprint on it, and attempts to get Lawyer Jang in on her plan to use it to prove to Young that Soo is a thief, so that they can then perform a DNA test.

When Lawyer Jang wonders what she would do if Soo does turn out to be Young’s real brother, she replies that she’d chase him out anyway, because he’s a danger to Young. (More specifically, her control over Young.) And if he’s not, they can charge him for theft and fraud.

But Lawyer Jang isn’t willing to go along with this plan without Young’s consent, and tells Wang that if she wants the DNA test, then she has to gain Young’s trust. Now that he’s talked to Young he knows how much she believes in Soo, and tries to reassure Wang that it’s a good thing for Young – she’s finally learning to trust. Even if Soo came for money, the sum he needs is small, and a small price to pay for Young’s happiness. Awwww, this ajusshi.

Secretary Wang’s jaw clenches tighter and tighter, but Lawyer Jang kindly tries to allay her biggest fears: “Even if Young has Soo beside her, there will still be a place left for you.”

Soo grows nervous when Young tells him that holding the Instant Death Pill helps her sleep, but she’s not so eager to give it back. She at least reassures him that she won’t use it without his permission, and gets him to agree by threatening that the alternative is for him to sleep with her whenever she wants. It’s kind of morbidly funny that he’d rather agree to the pseudo-suicide pact.

When Myung-ho calls about the conversation she overheard at the meeting, Young lies that she didn’t hear anything, acting like everything’s fine. The secretary at Myung-ho’s side seems to be the same one he’s having an affair with, though the two lovebirds are in disagreement over a risky merger that Myung-ho wants to push through.

Young answers Soo’s earlier question about whether she likes Myung-ho by more or less shrugging. He asks her if her heart flutters when she meets him since that’s normally a good indicator, but she surprises him when she replies, “Then that means I like you.”

She claims it’s fine for her to live with a person who says he likes her, which seems like a definite lie. She adds that she’ll need Myung-ho to manage the company if Soo is leaving… Hmm. Is she pulling a reverse psychology trick on him, hoping that he’ll stay rather than see her married off to someone they both know is a terrible human being?

Soo attempts to solve this problem when he tells her that he’s going to make sure she gets her eyes re-examined before he leaves. “If Secretary Wang interferes with that, you have me. So don’t be afraid.” She’s not afraid of Secretary Wang anymore, she’s afraid of him leaving her, even though she doesn’t blame him for wanting to.

Soo decides to lift her spirits by going with her idea to take a field trip with Hee-sun and Jin-sung. It’s an experience she had to miss out on when she was young so her excitement is childlike and infectious, even as Secretary Wang stews over Soo’s text, which I’m paraphrasing as, “We’re going on a trip! Hope you like them apples!”

The four friends go inner-tube sledding(?) on a ski slope, with both couples racing against each other. Everyone’s all smiles and laughter until Soo and Young wins, and he’s so caught up in the moment that he kisses her on the forehead before he snaps a few pictures of them being adorable.

Hee-sun’s smile fades at the sight of them, and Jin-sung starts getting nervous, especially knowing her temper. But he gets denied when he asks her if she’d like him to kiss her on the forehead. Aw.

Hah, the men are relegated to do the cooking while the women sit by, and at Hee-sun’s nagging, Jin-sung whispers to Soo, “I regret loving her.” Soo: “You two are just right for each other.” Agreed.

Hee-sun snaps at Young when she inquires about the photos Soo took, but covers her butt well enough. However, Young can pick up the sound of Soo’s vegetable cutting and notes that it doesn’t sound all that refined, especially not for an Italian chef. YIKES.

She says it so nonchalantly, but Team Soo freezes in fear, knowing that they’re on thin ice with their lies when Young is so freakishly observant.

Young asks Hee-sun to tell her what Soo’s charms are, and Hee-sun sums it up with: “He’s not… totally bad.” Basically, he’s more than the sum of his parts, especially when those parts consist of womanizing, lying, selfishness, and a mean temper.

Later that night when Soo and Young are alone, she asks him to tell her about the other Oh Soo. He tells her about the tree meaning behind the Hanja character for Soo, telling the story of his past as if it were Friend Soo’s.

He talks about Hee-joo’s pregnancy (of course, without mentioning her name), his voice and expression filled with self-loathing as he describes how “Oh Soo” left his pregnant girlfriend, right before she had an accident. When he claims that “Soo’s” actions were unforgivable, he means that he can’t forgive himself.

Young interrupts him: “Who are you to forgive him? What a person can do for another is not to forgive, but to give comfort.” She explains how no one consoled her when she was diagnosed with her brain tumor, and instead forced her to be brave when all she wanted them to say was, “It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to cry.”

Her words resonate with Soo, since we know from experience that no one ever told him that it was okay for him to be… not okay. Especially with people like Hee-sun and Moo-chul who consider any moment of happiness he has as a betrayal to Hee-joo’s memory.

He fights tears, but they spill anyway. While talking about Friend Soo, it seems like Young is… comforting our Soo. She’s explaining why it’s okay, because it was a mistake, and people make mistakes. (Gasp!)

Aww, poor Soo. I’m really happy he gets to hear these words though, and that he finally gets to let it all out. (But now I’m freaking out that Young knows more than she’s letting on.)

Myung-ho concocts a scheme with Secretary Wang to test Soo’s authenticity by introducing him to Psycho So-ra, knowing that she has a past with one of the Oh Soo’s. He’s desperate to disprove Soo before a big gala, otherwise he’ll get pushed out of the running for chairman once the board members know that there’s a male heir.

Young insists on walking part of the way home, though she gets one of her migraines the second Soo drops her off. He can’t stop thinking about her as he drives away, and a flashback to the night before reveals him asking her what she’d want to see first if she could see.

“Right now, it’s you,” Young replied. “No matter how much I imagine and explore, it’s you that I don’t really seem to know.”

Soo goes straight to a doctor noona he knows to ask about Young’s condition, but it’s clear the two have a terrible past as the noona refuses to give him the time of day. She mentions losing a promotion because she refused to operate on gang members, so my guess is that Soo is to blame.

Moo-chul spills the whole story to So-ra about Soo impersonating Friend Soo, and makes sure to stress the fact that he’s romancing Young in order to rile So-ra up.

It works, and So-ra heads off to make a scene at PL Group, just like Moo-chul wanted. And he got the best of both worlds, since it won’t look like he manipulated anything (and ideally, he won’t get blamed for not collecting Soo’s debt if matters were out of his hands).

Young fights the pain as she picks up something from a jewelry store (we don’t see what, maybe a ring), but ends up stumbling on her way, looking sweaty and pale. She proves that she listened to Soo, because at least this time she not only accepts help from those around her, she even asks for it.

Moo-chul finds out that Boss Man is keeping tabs on him once So-ra leaves, but he lets his boss know that she’s on her way to ask about Soo. Since she seems to be Boss Man’s kept woman, the thought of her going to Soo makes him angry.

And the kid snooping on Moo-chul seems to be the same one Moo-chul turned away from Gangster School. He makes sure to tell our resident baddie that he’ll regret denying him, and we know those words never go unheeded.

Bad timing abounds when Soo calls Moo-chul to meet, only to be met with the news that his psycho ex is en route to Myung-ho. Moo-chul seems to be having fun as he urges Soo to hurry and catch her. If he doesn’t, there’s a good chance his cover will be blown.

Young has collapsed at the department store, but per her request the salesclerk calls Soo instead of the hospital. Soo speeds off to help her, even ignoring a call from Moo-chul in the process, one that would tell him where So-ra and Myung-ho plan to meet. Ideally, of course. There’s no telling with Moo-chul.

Soo finds Young surrounded by a small crowd in the store, and sweeps her up into a bridal carry as he orders the bystanders to call an ambulance.

And surprise surprise, So-ra walks in at just that moment. Ohh, this is the department store Myung-ho runs, so she was on her way to their meeting.

She stops in her tracks when she sees Soo fawning over Young, and he stops in his tracks the second he meets her gaze.

This. Is. Bad.


This episode really got to explore Young in a new way, and frankly, I’m just happy that there’s so much depth to her, even when we keep peeling back layer after layer. Some dramas have a tendency to try and fool us into thinking that their heroine is deep by presenting her with a tough outer shell, even if it’s just a temporary front made to disintegrate as soon as love is thrown into the mix. Here, I feel like I’ve witnessed Young struggling tooth and nail against her need to need others, so much so that I get instantly nervous when she reveals her vulnerable side, because she does so with so many reservations that it becomes like a balancing trick. One wrong push, and it’ll undo all the progress she’s painstakingly made.

Granted, she’s tough and whip-smart, and seems more than capable of handling (most of) her problems. But like most people she can’t do everything alone, and it’s a mixed blessing that she needs someone like Soo right now. He knows as much, and I’m sure that he’d rather not care about her so this whole conning process could be easier. If the last scene is any indication, Soo cares more for Young than for his cover, at least when it matters. His evolving attitudes are in keeping with this show’s depiction of morality and humanity as something ever-changing, rather than something set in stone from birth. Even though we do have some semi-clear baddies, like So-ra, and Moo-chul to a lesser degree, because he’d rather forsake his job if it means Soo gets to die.

I got an inkling suspicion this episode that Young might know that Soo isn’t her real brother, but I’ve been burned before by assuming a heroine knows way more than she does (Moon Chae-won in Nice Guy comes to mind), because hints can be so misleading. (That’s why they’re hints!) I will say that it’s a valid possibility, especially with their conversation about Soo’s past, since Young just seemed far too interested in the other Oh Soo in a way that made me think she was purposefully trying to manipulate Soo into telling his own story.

If she is operating under the assumption (or at least a niggling suspicion) that he’s a fraud, I’d assume she’s going with the lie because she really, really, REALLY wants him to be her brother, and because she needs her brother right now more than anything. She has no one else, and the more we find out about Secretary Wang, the worse things start looking for Young. Again, I could be reading too much into this whole situation, but the moment where she offered Soo comfort based on how she’d like to be comforted seemed tailor-made for who he really is, as if she knew the story he was telling was his own, and that it meant something real to him.

If there’s a major hint that led me to that (sort of, maybe, I’m willing to be wrong on this) conclusion, it’s that Soo doesn’t know that Hee-sun told Young how Hee-joo died. And while he didn’t mention a motorcycle accident specifically at the lodge, Young has to think it’s weird that BOTH Oh Soo’s had a tragic love that they lost in a freak accident, right? Unless that’s just a normal Thursday in dramaland.


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  1. dany

    I have seen this episode raw but it was still exciting. Thank you for recapping it. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

    • 1.1 dadidam

      Thank you Dany. I believe you will like it more after watching it with Engsub and reading Heads’ recap. You have a nice weekend, too!

  2. snow_white

    thanks 🙂

  3. sweetcloud

    Thanks for the recap! From the header, you wouldn’t think it’s a melo lol.

    • 3.1 ilikemangos

      That was such a happy scene i probably watched it like 5 times.
      Honestly though, I just love it when i see all four of them out and having fun. It reminded me of the gardening scene, where they were all having a water fight with smiles and laughs.
      I’m just soaking it all in cause something tells me we won’t have much of that down the road.

  4. Liz

    That scene when he was telling Young the story in the lodge was such a great moment he needed to hear those words.

    • 4.1 kay

      i can watch jo in sung cry all day

    • 4.2 ilikemangos

      Totally loved Young in that scene.
      Soo has been comforting her, and now it’s her turn to comfort him.
      So beautiful. “It’s okay not to be okay” So simple yet so poignant. Kind of reminds me of Jessie J’s “Who Are You” (song).
      Gosh darn it, if that line leaves you cold, then you must be either think skinned or a straight up alien.

      • 4.2.1 Harshada

        ditto…d lyrics literally… danced in front of me… “its ok not 2 be ok”… 🙂

    • 4.3 skelly

      Same here; that was my favorite scene in this episode, and I’ve watched it twice already. I know some people think his crying scenes are so over-the-top that they are funny, but this one proves he can also do silent misery very, very well.

    • 4.4 Jo

      I KNOW! Even though I already watched the episode, I wish I could read the whole conversation again. And maybe watch the scene over and over again. Even if she doesn’t know who Oh Soo is, what she said was so true. It’s okay to not be okay. He was nineteen, he was so scared. But his denying the baby was a mistake. A mistake, but who are you to forgive and condemn?
      so good.
      creds to the writer for being so thoughtful and humane and creds to the actors for making it so touching

  5. Dewo

    I bet my five cent that Young know that this Soo wasn’t his brother. But, she does trust Soo to be sincere about protecting her.

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      I’m with you. When she tells him than “he” must forgive himself and than “It’s OK not to be OK”, it’s so obvious she’s talking directly to him. It’s a way to put some distance beteween the pain and themselves but clearly, she knows.
      I hope than the con will end next week so we can have another fresh dynamic.
      Sidenote: I find than we don’t see our secondary couple a lot on the screen (2 scenes in that episode). Not a rant, just an observation.
      BTW, thanks for the recap!

      • 5.1.1 dewaanifordrama

        I am glad that you caught that too! I think that how Young feels about Soo is complicated and that as HeadsNo2 is right that she needs someone to trust in even if he’s not her blood oppa.

        The scene though where she helps him unburden his story, that was maybe one of the most beautifully written scenes I have scene in a long time. It was understated without being overly emotional, but still poignant and just really beautiful. I think that Young sees Soo for who is is deep down, and Soo sees her, and treats her like he sees her when no one else does. *still wanting to punch the evil fiance for texting while talking to her*. Soo treats her like she is capable and that she can see. He always looks at her, and while he sometimes follows to see if she’s okay, he lets her have her space, and try and find her independence. No other character fully listens to her, and helps her be independent.

      • 5.1.2 Guymonday

        Mystisith while I want to agree with you that Young knows, I really struggle with the belief that a writer would have enough guts to make a Heroine so smart and thus ruin all the ‘juicy’ melo scenes that can be milked out of the ‘betrayal’ in upcoming episodes. Would said gutsy wirter even be allowed to have such gumpshun??

        Here’s to hoping

        • janjan

          Guymonday, I`d like to think that Young knows that he is a fraud and despite knowing that, she is still falling for him. The `betrayal` in the upcoming episodes could possibly not from the fact that he is conning her but from mistakingly believing that Soo was the cause of the death of her real brother. Now that is really a big blow.

    • 5.2 skelly

      I really, really hope she at least has a strong suspicion. Because if she doesn’t, that means she’s dumb as a bag of rocks, and her whole characterization starts to fall apart. Don’t fail me, scriptwriter!

      • 5.2.1 Jo

        I feel like she has her suspisions but she is trying really hard to be able to TRUST Oh Soo. don’t forget that!! She is trying really hard to be able to trust at least one person in her life and if this man says he is her brother, then she will darn well try to believe that she is.
        don’t you see how if she starts to suspect Oh Soo, then everything will fall apart for her? She begged desperately to Oh Soo to be someone she can trust, the one person in her life right then. If she loses that, I think she would just die (right now, at this point in the drama. I am sure the drama will lead to a point where Young can handle the truth)

  6. kdwkyah

    damn, this drama is too addictive. 7 episodes in, and i still can’t get over how beautiful the cinematography is 🙂 so much eye candy haha
    also, i wonder what the “death pill” thing will do for the story- i didn’t really understand how it was played out in the movie.

    • 6.1 Jaejoongie

      Is the pill just a test from moo chul? Because Soo really wants to live, so when he’s ready to pay hee joo’s life with his he will take the pill. We clearly saw the bottle is empty right, and young refused to give it back to Soo

      I agree that perhaps young knows soo s not the real brother, but she feels safest with him, like when she met him a year before, she trusted him to read the mail.

  7. Belle3005

    “Is it weird to watch a show and feel comforted by a fictional character’s fictional conversation?” No,Heads I’m sure most of us viewers feel the same way. I strongly feel that somehow Young knows. Come on,how could she not make out his voice when he first spoke to her as “brother Oh Soo”? I don’t buy it. I think she knows that he’s clearly not her brother but is either keeping him close because she knows that his intentions or rather feelings towards her are pretty sincere or maybe it’s cause she’s curious to see how it goes and know how come Oh Soo’s impersonating her brother. Man,I just want them to be together already,minus the whole fauxcest thing. I feel like strangling Sora lololol I just can’t sympathize with her idk why. Feeling super mean naoo. 9 more episodes to go!

    • 7.1 Compass Wise

      Agreed. Young knew from the very start (when she took her stocking off) that Soo is not her real brother. That’s her way to test him out.

      Somehow, I believe the small mirror at her room is actually a CCTV. She has more or less recorded every movement in her room. Besides, I suspect she has had a trusted aid who has helped her to view the CCTV footages and briefed her the details. May be the head housemaid.

      In short, Young is a crafty little devil, and I doubt she is innocent.

      It is also particularly intriguing as to why she has taken a photo of herself, as she simply cannot see it? Also, she stage the druken scene, and intentionally wanted Soo to pick her up, and get jeolous.

      • 7.1.1 dubir

        Interesting insight! hmmm….interesting…while i personally think she does not know that Soo is not her brother. I just think she is trying really hard to believe in people again…it does make you wonder if she really does know. (I cant say it yet since i got to believe in the writer and i just cant yet)…how interesting will the story be then also why is everything Soo’s fault!he did not cause the death of his friend. he was running from the police his friend ran with him to see whats going on got hit by a car that the cops seem oddly not interested in the driver who hit brother soo. geeze..this guy will never catch a break! and psycho girlfriend is back which i do not condone violence against women but that chick needs to be hit! how can she get mad when she set the man up, there is a hit out on him!!!! why is boss kim mad! it look like he was dumped!! and that stupid kid saying something about revenge…sigh really you know old dumbo is going to kill someone or get someone killed. How is he going to help his mom then…

  8. george

    Yayyyy,i’m fourth!!!!^^,,

    True enough.It’s nice to have a character/s(Young and Soo,,,,no,just Young.Okay,Young and Soo.)that’s so flawed yet has so much depth.Young is so captivating in portraying all of her personality,like when she’s sincere,or when she tries to be strong,when she plays mind games with those around her,when she’s vulnerable,when she needs someone,when she’s happy or sad,and even when she wants to die.Every time when she’s on screen,my eyes are automatically squinted for trying to figure out what’s really going on inside her head.You think you had her figured out,the next thing you know,you were wrong about her.

    Thanks for the recap,Heads.

    TWTWB,nice approach!One mystery at a time.FIGHTING!

  9. Ivy

    So great episode! Really exciting, raw and just wow 🙂

    Thanks for the awesomesauce recap!

  10. 10 nabi2810

    During that scene in the lodge, I was like, “Hold up, are you having too much to drink because you are basically telling Young the other Oh Soo has the same tragic love story as yours (minus the motorbike)?”. It will be awesome though if Young knows, but then somehow I don’t think I can bet on it. And FINALLY, the consolation, Soo needed that so much! 🙁

  11. 11 Hanachio

    LOVE this drama!! I really hope for a happy ending :___(

  12. 12 pogo

    Am I the only one who really wishes Secretary Wang would go die in a fire or something?

    Soo may be the technical con, but it’s clear she loves playing Mommy Dearest to Young more than she actually loves Young (if she does). And your stupid mother fantasies are not more important than the eyesight and emotional wellbeing of an innocent child!

    • 12.1 Shukmeister

      Good call, pogo!

      I had this thought previously; it’s not Young, or even her money that motivates Wang, but this idealized image of the perfect working mother in her head:

      A child she can tuck into bed every night and help feed every day.
      A dutiful daughter who needs her to take care of everything, including who she marries.
      A mommy who sees to her every need and makes sure her business runs smoothly so she doesn’t have to do a thing.

      The unveiling, bit by bit, of Secretary Wang changes my mind to this:

      I think her mommy fixation is the reason she let Young’s eyes fail, and why she let Young’s dad die is so she would be the only parent, and not because of the money.

      I’ve no doubt that she knows Myun-ho has the chippy on the side, but that’s just a man for you, and his still exactly what her perfect daughter needs as a partner.

      Still, I agree that what she needs is MadDino’s portable volcano… 🙂

      • 12.1.1 Mystisith

        So… sec Wang would be having a Munchausen by proxy? *Runs away!*

      • 12.1.2 Compass Wise

        I actually believe Wang is genuinely a good person. She let Young’s dad die because she does not want to see him suffering. He is brain dead. So, her logic is get him to reincarnate much earlier.

        As for Young’s eyesight. I somehow suspect that Young would have died young if she has had the operation done on her eyes. It is something to do with anethestatic. Her brain tumour and the cancer treatment did not really permit her to have an eye operation at the same time.

    • 12.2 Betsy Hp

      I’m still on the fence with Sec. Wang. As of right now, yeah she seems like some kind of toxic-mom figure at best, after all the control at the worst. But there’s enough going on (she seems genuinely hurt to be not trusted, for example) that I hesitate. There might be a plot-twist ahead.

  13. 13 booboo

    So my question is totally unrelated to this episode but I need answers or some opinions at the very least! I think I read somewhere over at soompi how Secretary Wang might actually be Soo’s mom so I replayed ep2 and made some comparisons and yikes, they really look alike. So it may not be a mere coincidence that both Oh Soo share the same name? Which means there are more secrets to be unraveled? This is torture but a good one at that.

    Thanks for the recap by the way. Cant wait for next week. And oh yes, we need more screen time for our 2nd lead.. They’re just too adorable!

    • 13.1 Shukmeister

      booboo –

      During the DNA arc, I had hoped that Tree Soo turned out to be the Chairman’s son by a mistress (hence the abandonment), and that Young was his wife’s daughter but not his (maybe ahjussi lawyer’s).

      This is my first melo in a long long time, but I am thoroughly hooked, to the point of desperately avoiding any spoilers or peeks into the previous adaptations. And my friends know when I’m nosy about something, I research it to the end!


      • 13.1.1 Kay

        I think it may be the opposite in that Young may be the Chairman’s real daughter – hence why she was kept behind – while the real oppa Oh Soo was not Chairman’s real son (so her mother had an affair) which is why she took the son with him, because in these cases, I would have expected the Chairman to keep his son (since he could take over the empire) and send the daughter with the mother…..

        I think Young has the reason for why her mother left skewed as we assume it was Secretary Wang but I’m thinking the real reason was the mother had an affair…..Secretary Wang happened to join at the right time…..I also think Secretary Wang is fake Oh Soo’s real mom….she has a story we don’t know of yet but this whole materal instinct and protectiveness seems to stem from some type of unfulfilled desire….maybe cause she could never raise her own son…..

        • Compass Wise

          I believe both real Soo and Young were siblings that their mom had with a Mr. X (not the Chairman). The Chairman was impotent!! ^^ Young was left behind as part of the deal to punish his wife. However, he somehow growing fond of Young when the years go by…

          That’s why when their mom died suddenly, the Chairman has never gone to retrieve his son. He let him by himself in the orphange. With the Chairman’s wealth and connection, he has all the capability and resources to track his son down much earlier, then wait in his dead bed.

          As for the fake Soo, he might well be Secretary Wang’s real son.

          • booboo

            Thanks Shukmeister, Kay & Compass Wise!!!! You guys are awesome. I still have lots of questions in mind (and possible answers) but I guess I should leave it at that and ‘wait til further notice’. Haha…

          • booboo

            There’s something else. Dang! In ep 3, right after Secretary Wang rummaged through his items, he said he has a paternity test result his (real Soo) mom did. He must’ve gotten it from the box with real Soo’s belongings

          • skelly

            Someone else on soompi suggested that perhaps Tree Soo is the son of Sec. Wang’s ne’er do well sister, the one who shows up just to take money and then leaves – sure sounds like Tree’s mom to me…

        • Zaza

          Agreed with u. I think the clue is at the beginning when a mother discard her child during winter. That child might be fake Oh Soo.. What if it turn out that Oh Soo is the chairman son with sec wang? Opppsss.. Hope not bcoz i want Young to be with Oh Soo..
          Can’t wait to see the ending.

  14. 14 pogo

    Also, nice to be certain that even if Lawyer Jang has a soft corner for a terrible person, he’s not going to put aside his integrity to do whatever she wants (re: DNA test)

    • 14.1 ilikemangos

      For once.. he’s not your typical villain’s lackey.
      I like the fact that he has that loyalty to his previous master. Different, for a change.

  15. 15 songhyefriggingyo

    definitely i know… i mean youngie knows its not real oppa.

  16. 16 songhyefriggingyo

    Definitely i know… i mean youngie knows its not real oppa soo. She is trying to comfort him already so that when the lies are out, there isnt much talking about forgiveness but just understanding and comforting…
    And this line also gives it away…
    “No matter how much I imagine and explore, it’s you that I don’t really seem to know.”

    This is the first time i wished its wednesday already instead of saturday… lol

    • 16.1 Jina

      Zomg your nickname is epic

      • 16.1.1 jomo


  17. 17 s

    Maybe Young knew right from the start (after touching his burn?) that he’s not the real Soo, but knows that he’s sincere enough to want him around and trust him. She’s after all very perceptive and have a crazy memory. She’s just keeping it all under wraps.

    She could have just given him the money, exposed him, then they could be together and no one needs to die! (nooooooo NO ONE WILL DIE). But then, there will be no melo 😛

    • 17.1 kaye

      there are so many clues right from the start that she KNOWS: the expected behavior of her long lost oppa after knowing that his sister is blind, the wrong burned hand, the voice, how attentive she is to details (she knows if the person is lying to her or not). She knows he is not her oppa but he’s longing for her oppa and she feels warmth beside him. It was OS who became an instrument on how she reminisce the good old days with her loved ones; the ones she vividly remembered when she can still see. She’s just testing him if he is trustworthy enough and she can feel that OS is not really a bad guy.

      But if that is the case, I am now amused how she was bold and was okay sleeping with him. Can’t she feel the electromagneticpop kaboomsh we feel while watching them? Either she’s just so damn comfortable with him or she is just teasing him!

      • 17.1.1 skelly

        Oh, I hope she’s teasing him – a test, to see how much he can take before he gives himself away.

  18. 18 blabla100

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  19. 19 malusky

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  20. 20 justin56

    Oh Soo’s crying scene in the lodge is heartbreaking yet beautiful…i felt the pain he feels while telling his own story and yet he has to conrtol his tears & emotion..


    • 20.1 dadidam

      I agree. Jo In Sung did a very outstanding job in that scene. Very real, I must say.

      • 20.1.1 Zaza

        I am trying to like Jo In Sung… Actually i like him but along the road, I incidentally see the cut from Frozen Flower.. 🙁
        Really wish that i didnt see that Frozen Flower..

    • 20.2 kaye

      I’m actually replaying that scene for the nth times already. So far my most unforgettable scene in this drama.

      • 20.2.1 Peridot

        I agree with you. It is probably my favorite scene in this drama. It just came across as so real to me. Kudos to both Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-sung!

      • 20.2.2 Jackie

        I’m with you there. I’ve watched this episode 3 times already and I’m still not sick of it. I’m about to watch it again before I call it a night. I just loved it, especially with the message that Young left for Oh Soo which I (we) can all relate to: “it’s ok, yes it was a huge mistake, but you’ll get past this” sort of thing.

        It’s like when I’m having a horrible day at work or at university. I know that nothing can undo the mistakes I made, but sometimes, you just need to vent it out, or tell a friend. It’s comfort and a shoulder which can make that day ten times better.

        So, of course, I was bawling like no tomorrow when Oh Soo was in tears at the cottage. He was finally comforted :'(

    • 20.3 JoAnne

      He was amazing in that scene. His tears were so restrained and yet intense. I know he had to keep quiet so she wouldn’t know – but she must have heard anyway? Still. When he was wiping his eyes like a small child, and his shoulders were heaving with those sobs…it was very real.

    • 20.4 SH

      I felt the opposite. I wanted a bit more tears from JIS in that scene. The closeup shot kept cutting back and forth between JIS and SHK; somewhat disrupting the flow of scene. Wish they didn’t do too many close ups. JIS was trying to cry, but it felt a bit forced. I’m nitpicking on what I thought was heartfelt conversation. Just wanted a tiny bit more from JIS’s performance.

      • 20.4.1 kaye

        what i thought in that scene is he is trying to hold back tears. He is a cold person, he should not cry especially in front of OY. That would be a giveaway. It would be obvious that he was affected and touched by what she said and arouse suspicion. The sound of his voice crackling and holding back, that was it.

      • 20.4.2 kaye

        Oh, and how hard it is that you wanted to cry but you can’t because you are putting up a con. He needs to control his emotions in front of her. That is so heartbreaking and difficult to convey.

      • 20.4.3 rearwindow

        I agree with kaye that it seemed like he was trying to hold back the tears. Crying too obviously would blow his cover, but her words were so touching that the tears kept flowing. Spectacular. One of the most beautiful scenes I’ve seen in a drama.

    • 20.5 Yoori

      I’m telling you, there are no man [actor] that cries the way JIS cries in K-Dramaland. His tears shot in you the heart and then shatter it into pieces. Outstanding talent! [I would LOVE to see him win Best Actor,again!]

      This is my favorite episode thus far because we get to see everyones true intentions and where they’re shifting. OS and OY’s characters are so layered and raw.

    • 20.6 aha

      he was so good in that scene..
      i truely felt SOO’s pain..
      what an amazing actor he is..
      standing ovation to him.

    • 20.7 Betsy Hp

      Those tears pretty much cemented my (maybe too?) intense loyalty to Soo. And my adoration for Young because she got what his pain was.

      Actually, both characters had good crying scenes where they cry hard and ugly and pretty much make it clear they are feeling something here. And those scenes are why I’d really like the both of them to win. Somehow.

  21. 21 mamie

    Young is smart, but she need to be sure, so she gathering the puzzle. I am sure she will make Soo love her more by the time she got the 100% sure he is not the real brother. Anyway, will be ok with me, as long as no body has to die at the end

  22. 22 dadidam

    Thank you so much Heads. I have been waiting this recaps for like forever.

    Heads, although I love all of your recaps, I must say THIS IS THE BEST RECAP EVER.

    Love you.

  23. 23 Blu Perry

    This episode is full of elements and hints that can make this drama take the route where “no one needs to die” and give us a happy ending. We all would be happy right? I hope the production have the artistic freedom to change the story so “nooooooooo NO, ONE WILL DIE.(I don’t know if they are allowed to do so).

    Not a brain tumor, but retinitis pigmentosa, means no need for Young to die. Make Young knows Soo is not her real brother from the beginning, so the heartbreaking betrayal can be played down later, instead develop more the romance and let us enjoy such wonderful chemistry of Young and Soo .

    I hope this is why we are getting so many hints for ways out of a sad ending.

    • 23.1 dadidam

      I hope the writer reads and follows your comments :p

    • 23.2 kaye

      oh can i give a spoiler here? in the jdrama it was a happy ending…but in the kmovie it’s sort of an open ending. I think we are heading towards the jdrama ending but still i’m curious as to how the writer will outplay the ending.

      • 23.2.1 Peridot

        Hi, do you where I can watch the j-drama? Thank you.

        • kaye

          There were 2 episodes subbed in youtube, but last 8 episodes were in raw format, you can download in d-addicts. It was darker compared to TWTWB, love the actors too. It’s too heavy and the antihero is a total douchebag but it’s a moving piece. Must prepare before you watch it. I’m giving a lot of spoilers here already.

          I must reiterate that although TWTWB is a remake, I can say it can hold on its own too cause the approach is so different.

          • kaye

            oh and one more thing, even though I already watched the jdrama, you still cannot guess what writer Noh will do next cause she keeps on surprising me. This is what I love in this drama, it is a copycat but no, it isn’t. If not for the premise, I can say they are totally different.

          • Peridot

            Thank you for the info. I will check it out when I have time.

          • Kathy

            This is 10x better than the japanese drama. In the japanese drama, i’m wondering when did the lead guy started falling in love with the blind girl coz I can’t really feel it while watching the drama. Unlike That Winter, you can really feel how are they falling with each other, so much cuteness.

    • 23.3 Kay

      I really hope the people making the drama do their research about RP …. Retinitis Pigmentosa may not be a better answer for Young, since at this time, there is no cure for it..theres a bunch of experimental trials running but nothing proven for humans….they better not screw it up lol as a future optometrist, this would make me mad lol

  24. 24 Jackie

    That kiss on the forehead was the sweetest thing ever. Made me feel all fuzzy inside! SO cheesed! omg

  25. 25 mamie

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    • 25.1 dadidam

      Also best script, best actor and best actress 😛

      • 25.1.1 Kate

        Best everything, I say!

  26. 26 john

    HeadsNo2 ~

    Thanks for the recap.

    Put me in the ” Young knows that Soo is a fraud but she loves him anyways ” camp.

    I didn’t. even see the first two episodes but this is the can’t. wait until next week show.

  27. 27 trotwood

    This show is so good. Is it all right that I sometimes tear up thinking about the future? Because, really, we all know this can’t end well.

  28. 28 Blu Perry

    I join the bet for BEST COUPLE, best picture and cinematograpy and “Young knows that Soo is a fraud but she loves him anyways camp.” Thanks for the spoiler.

  29. 29 Eli

    Thanks for the recap, Heads. Awesome and funny as usual. I wonder how that even possible (the funny part), since this is supposed to be all doom and gloom.

    I don’t know why I torture myself to watch another melos. The last two dramas should be enough to make me sick of it already but nope. Here I am. Masochist? Probably.
    That being said, I like this drama a whole lot. Started it last week and it was good. Still is good. And I pray that this drama will keep its consistency all around. The writing part (please, please.. don’t be that kind of drama where it’s good at the beginning toward the middle and go downhill toward the ending), acting and directing.

    I don’t know the reason people fall in love. Heck, I don’t even know what love is. But if I could just say this based on what I feel the moment this particular scene is showing is that if Soo hadn’t fall for Young before I guess the moment Young tell him it’s okay to not be okay will be that fall. I even fall for her for pete’s sake!
    And that scene where Soo watch Young through her videos. Man, it was a heavy scene to watch. Funny how drama and its fictional world and characters can make you feel.

    I’ve got to say thank you to Noh Hee Kyung for making characters I can and want to root for. For making me understand (not necessarily 100% but just enough) why these characters did what they did, why they are the way they are right now.

    Until then, I’ll keep chanting this;
    Please be good till the end. Please be good till the end. Please be good till the end.

  30. 30 mademoiselle

    The scene where Soo tries to tell his story to Young left me crying. I understand how it must have felt that nobody told you not to be okay. And how Soo tried to hold back those tears…. /slow claps for Jo In Sung. He was just perfect there. ;A; I think Young somehow knows that Soo is a fraud. She must have heard how he tried not to cry, right? I mean when you do that, you still make a sound and Young has a good sense of hearing. Plus the fact that she’s very smart. Anw, that’s what I think. :))

    I really like the kiss on the forehead. Full of feels. My fangirl heart is so happy. The chemistry between the two is killing me. I ship them so much!! Can they be together in real life??? I waaaant!!!

    We’re almost half the drama. I don’t know what to do when this ends. I’m so inlove with it right now. <3

    • 30.1 Lilian

      Me too! The forehead kiss was so natural =D
      I was so happy to see that moment…

  31. 31 Arawn

    I think HeadsNo2 manages here partly to explain why I hate Hee Sun so much. I rarely despise a drama character but if I got to decide, Hee Sun could burn in hell for all I care.

    HeadsNo2 said very well that neither Moo Chul nor Hee Sun let Soo be happy – if he does have a happy moment, either of them is there to remind him of Hee Joo and her demise. These are the kind of people I hate the most. Soo DID NOT KILL Hee Joo. It was an ACCIDENT. He was just 19, he was a conman, he wasn’t ready to be father and he had JUST heard it. It’s a very natural way to react in such a situation. After he had calmed down, he might’ve come back and take care of the baby because deep down he is a decent guy. He just didn’t get a chance to do that because of the accident. But the accident was not his fault. It was nobody’s fault. And I hate, hate, HATE when people call others murderers in this kind of situations. It’s horrible because a person has no way to defend him/herself. Of course Soo hasn’t been able to forgive himself because both Moo Chul & Hee Sun constantly tell him that he’s guilty!

    However, those who really are guilty here are Moo Chul and Hee Sun themselves, or rather, they FEEL guilt for several reasons and because they cannot bear it they transfer all of it on Soo. Moo Chul probably regrets bitterly letting Soo just have Hee Joo & not doing enough to stop her for going after him. He wants somebody to blame for his pain and that somebody is Soo, of course.

    And here we come to the reasons why I despise Hee Sun so fervently… She likes Soo, has liked him for awhile, clearly, but what is also clear is that her feelings are totally one sided – he isn’t interested in her. So to keep him hooked she constantly reminds him of her dead sister, the love of his life. This way she can always keep him for herself at least in some level: “you killed my sister, you cannot forget, EVER, you’ll always have to keep me here!” She claims she cares for him and yet she keeps hurting him to keep him from other women and from happiness because that’s the only leverage she has. She knows he won’t love her and so she has to just make sure he won’t love anybody else nor forget her sister. EVER.

    It’s DISGUSTING. The way she treats Soo is horrendous. I really wish Jin-Sung didn’t love her, she doesn’t deserve any love until she realizes what she is doing and at least asks for forgiveness.

    So it’s not only her being hot and cold although that’s part of it. I do think she does feel guilty for liking the guy who she thinks is responsible for her dear sister’s death, but, again, she pours this guilt over him instead of handling it herself. She could for example just leave and sort out her feelings but no, she just hangs around and uses her dead sister to keep Soo in line. Ugh.

    • 31.1 starryeyes

      I’ve come to realize that what keeps me watching this drama is finding out what happens with all these characters, as their lives are all inexplicably intertwined. JIS/SHK have a lot of chemistry, but as far as storyline goes – without these secondary characters poking their noses in their business, the storyline would be predictable.

      I would think if OS has moved on, he’s not the man I would want him to be – one of the reasons why he’s so compelling is that there are actually signs of him being good inside (j-drama he’s just cold and unfeeling) and being conflicted – I don’t think it’s just b/c MC/HS that he isn’t over the death. To me, all these feelings are totally realistic – an unexpected death (accident or not) early in life takes a big toll on the people closest to them. She’s not a perfect character, but I don’t hate her.

      • 31.1.1 Arawn

        Yes, Soo wouldn’t be who is is today without the influence of people around them and yes, emotions here are quite realistic. People might well act like Hee Sun does here and partly I see where she’s coming from. However, that doesn’t make her antics any less disgusting. Her behavior towards Soo is horrible and inexcusable and so I detest her because she’s not only actively hurting Soo but claims at the same time she likes him. That’s the worst – being such a hypocrite. I don’t hate Moo Chul because he’s at leas sincere in his ways.

    • 31.2 Vix

      I know right? She is completely despicable in that manner and I wish she would just let Soo go. I mean, exactly how many tragedies are allowed to occur in one man’s life -___- It’s this mental handicap that Hee Sung keeps throwing at Soo that’s refraining him from living his life to the fullest. Is it too much of a stretch to hope that Soo will admit his act of deception, Young will accept it, and let them live their own lovely life somewhere in a faraway city?

    • 31.3 Betsy Hp

      I… am starting to not like her very much. For the reasons you say. Actually, I’m not liking Jin-sung very much anymore for those same reasons. They both seem to want to keep Soo trapped. (Soo seems to bring that out in people, weirdly.)

      I can understand the whys of Hee-sun’s behavior — she’s got a lot of emotions running around her head. And I can understand Ji-sung’s, too. And I can even see how Soo enables their behavior to continue. (His guilt won’t allow him to call either of them on their bullshit. He agrees with them that he deserves it.)

      But they’re both hurting Soo, they’re not letting him change or grow. They refuse to listen to him. And it makes me not happy with them.

      • 31.3.1 picklemonster

        I agree with what you said. Especially the part about Soo bringing out the possessive-side of people. It’s kind of funny actually, all the problems and obstacles being faced in this drama stemmed from women who love Soo and can’t let him go. So really, Oh Soo’s charming nature is probably to blame for all the problems in this drama.

        1) Hee Joo left her family and home for a BOY, got pregnant, chased after him, and died from an accident. Leading to Moo Chul wanting him dead, and Hee Sun’s continuous pestering.

        2) So-Ra becomes obsessed with Oh Soo, and got him in jail for fraud just so he won’t sleep with other women while she’s on a trip. Leading to the chase scene that killed Young’s brother, putting Soo in jail AND in debt. Now he has to be a conman and continue digging his, already very deep, grave. =)


        • Rahnia

          Hahahahaha his charm sure irresistible and irrefragable

    • 31.4 sg

      I agree about HS in one way or another. But I also think that partly because Soo and people around her allow her to behave like that for so long… she doesn’t understand that she is doing wrong here. And if Soo was 19 when his first love died, HS must be even way younger. All of these still doesn’t mean she should be behaving like that. I don’t hate her. I don’t like her. But I like her place in the story that in a way keeps it interesting.

    • 31.5 orangejasmine

      right on!!! it’s emotional blackmail that HS is doing to Soo.

      though I do agree that part of why Soo can’t get over HJ’s death is because despite him being a conman, he has a good heart and Young is helping unravel that inner side of him.

      but that doesn’t make me like HS just the same. the character is starting to get on my nerves especially when she’s being mean to Young and then tries to cover it up as naivete. that scene when she told Young why don’t you just go see it yourself (the photos on the phone), I don’t even know if she was being deliberate or just naive, and her apology looked half-hearted. I know she’s starting to hate Young because it’s obvious that Soo is falling for her but to make a man feel guilty over someone’s death for life and not want to see him happy is just outright selfish.

    • 31.6 aisuzieya

      that is how exactly i feel abt the girl. cant put it better into words than you explained above. often time, she crosses the line. and the actress’s portrayal of the character isnt helping much, at times i feel embarrassed watching the cringe-worthy performance.

      it was a bit over the line when she keeps on reminding him about her sister’s death while isnt being sincere at all with her words. it’s just her way of keeping him around..and what’s worse is, she knows he doesnt like/love her the slightest bit, she is his ex-gf’s little sister and he consider her like his lil sis BUT still insist on him and putting all the blame on him because he cant love her. does that even make sense? its despicable. and cruel.

  32. 32 Lilian

    ” Is it weird to watch a show and feel comforted by a fictional character’s fictional conversation?” If that is weird, I am weird! Haha…

    I like how Young was sharing and giving him advice from her painful childhood. Initially it seems like she was the one who received more from him, but now it has changed with Oh Soo being comforted by her as well! i love the dynamics =)

  33. 33 redfox

    oh they are adorable, but I really feel bad for Kim Bum being pushed on the background again. I think he should get a lead in some fantasy sageuk. or maybe some biopic of an artist or musician.

    I really want Soo and Young to have a happy ending. they are the kind of characters that make you empathetic against better judgement. If I was either of them, I would want understanding and sympathy

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      Yeah. Why having cast Kim Bum if it’s to give him so little screentime… It’s basically a copy & paste of his Padam Padam character but with less material to chew on.
      I also wish he could have a leading role in a drama again.

    • 33.2 kaye

      Patience, my dear. I can see Bummie surprising us. He will not get this role if he’s only cutie-cutie here. I’m not spoiling but his part is integral to the story. NHK will not put him there if he’s of little use.

  34. 34 Chintu

    otoh, young might still believe soo to be her bro, & hence when ostensibly he talks abt the other soo, she might connect the dots to what heesun said and might think her BROTHER soo is talkin abt himself in the guise of other soo…

    i also have this nigglin doubts/ conspiracy theory-thing tht youngie mite be delusional…cuz, secretary wang seems too confident sometimes tht she’s actin in young’s best interests… so youngie, after gettin abandoned by her mothr & brother, & neglected by her father, & given to be taken care to some strange woman, losin her vision, mite’ve needed to blame someone as a copin mechanism, to feel tht she ws nt lonely, she ws nt abandoned, her mom or bro wd come back, & mite’ve taken to blaming the Secretary Wang…in essence, imaginin scenarios where its the secretary to blame…

    i knw it’s a wild theory, & most times i dont believe it myself, bt stil, this ep, wen soo sees the video wer she says she has a disease not brain tumor, i felt suddenly tht she ws old enough to have researched on diseases and blindness causes spurred on by paranoia and suspicion & then her delusion took over…

    dnno, maybe i’m imaginin Tale of Two Sisters here? ha!

  35. 35 mumuamma

    Guys… going along with whether Young knows or not… I think if the reveal comes soon it may not damage the relationship. I mean, he is a conman who conned her. betrayal would be greater if he was her BROTHER who conned her, right? once he is revealed to be a conman, she feels conned and angry but why would she feel betrayed? I mean once he is revealed to be a stranger, that is that. now, whether she can go on to love him later, i do not know. but like i said, she is used to mistrusting those nearest and dearest to her and has been betrayed by those nearest and dearest to her …. why would this betrayal by a stranger be any worse. her fear is that he is her brother and betraying her. if he is a stranger with a difficult past and conning her to survive and if inspite of this, he reveals as he has his humanity and his care, then there is no reason she will not forgive him. In fact, i can imagine a scenario where she learns the truth and then they plot TOGETHER to free herself from Wang’s clutches and free him from gangster and escape in the end. I CAN TOTALLY LOGICALLY SEE THAT, CAN’T YOU GUYS? now will it happen… NO. I do not think so.

  36. 36 djes

    Thank you for the recaps!

    I also think that Young knows that this Soo isn’t her oppa, by the way she acts.. She keeps provoking him!
    Young is smart, and she said as a blind person, she’s sensitive with her surrounding, voice tone, etc, so I think she knew that Soo was talking about himself when telling the Heejoo’s story.

    I don’t think Secretary Wang’s Oh Soo’s mom, and no, Soo’s mom doesn’t look like Sec Wang at all.

    Come on, this is a melodrama, not a makjang… We already get fauxcest and terminal illness, can we not getting a secret birth story and what else, amnesia too?

    • 36.1 ilikemangos

      Agree with the birth secrets. I don’t agree with any of them personally, because we’ve had enough makjang scopes in this show and the fact that you never know what the writer has up her sleeve. I dont see how that would do the story any good and I also trust Noh Hee Kyung to explore more of the good bits in our character’s relationships instead of throwing in a conflict that i think imo would just drag the story, or deemed uninteresting.

  37. 37 ilikemangos

    “Im proud of my sister, you’re good at walking alone at night”
    “You fool, it’s the same to me whether it’s night or day”
    SMILEEEES. Why are they so cute.

    • 37.1 Kate

      *eeeeeep!* <3333

  38. 38 Vix

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate Sora so much right now. I mean, why in hell did she get Soo in this situation fron the very beginning? NEXT WEDNESDAY SEEMS A UNIVERSE AWAY TT.TT

  39. 39 ilikemangos

    I totally agree with you Heads, i am not making any assumptions about Young knowing more than she’s showing.
    I’m just going to sit back for the ride. Nice guy burned me too.

    • 39.1 rearwindow

      OMG, good to see you again, mangos! 🙂 And I’m totally with ya on this.

      Interestingly, I don’t find myself nearly as compelled to guess whether Young does or does not know Oh Soo’s identity, whereas with Nice Guy I was pretty much obsessed. As much as I loved NG, I think that sometimes the directing purposely obscured facts for the sake of “mystery,” and in doing so, ended up undercutting its own emotional logic. With this show, Young is such a well-drawn, multifaceted character that I can think of ways that either outcome (her knowing Oh Soo’s identity or not) would make complete sense given her character psychology. Also, I don’t feel like her strength as a character is wrapped up in the question of whether or not she knows, because she has so much more to her.

      I avoided this show for a long time, but I am so very hooked now.

      • 39.1.1 ilikemangos

        Omg. Rearwindow?!
        I was wondering where you were! Haven’t seen you in the comments in recent shows lately.
        Nice to see you here too! Glad you jumped on the TWTWB ship!
        And thank you for putting my thoughts into words! I was also very obsessed with MCW’s character in Nice guy. Does she know? does she not? But i feel like young has so much more to her than that.
        TWTWB is the first show that hooked me for the 2013 year.

        • rearwindow

          Yeah, I’ve actually been a little ambivalent about kdramas recently…until this one came along. I think I’m in for the long haul on TWTWB, though. We’ll see 😉

  40. 40 DHM

    If Secretary Wang is Oh Soo’s real mom (and I think it is either her or her sister), then I wonder if will matter to the story who his father is?

    I really hope you’re right and that Young does know more than she shows about Oh Soo and who he really is, but right now that’s not the feeling I get. I will be giddy with relief, however, to be wrong about that. I’d love for her to know.

    • 40.1 Noemi

      I’m glad someone mentioned the possibility of Secretary Wang’s sister being Oh Soo’s (Tree Soo’s) mother. Young and Secretary Wang’s description of the sister sounded curiously like how Oh Soo’s biological mother was characterized, and I can’t help but wonder if that conversation served another purpose besides allowing Young to catch Secretary Wang in a lie.

    • 40.2 hunnynut

      Question is: does Secretary Wang even have a sister or is it a cover-up lie for herself? She couldn’t keep her story straight about her sister and Young saw through her lies.
      To me, it’s hard to tell if anything she says is the truth.

  41. 41 mintchocostrawberry

    AWESOME SHOW IS AWESOOOOOME! and boy, the things i do just to have a photoshoot-looking-selca just like the that of JIS & SHG on snow..

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  42. 42 Betsy Hp

    Thanks for the recaps, Heads! 🙂

    You said: “I got an inkling suspicion this episode that Young might know that Soo isn’t her real brother, but I’ve been burned before by assuming a heroine knows way more than she does (Moon Chae-won in Nice Guy comes to mind), because hints can be so misleading. (That’s why they’re hints!)”

    And I just don’t know!! Because yes, the previous burn. And also my cynical thought that even if the actor thinks they know and is acting like they know, the script can change and they have to throw all their previous behavior out. So it becomes this really headache-inducing mind-game between the story and the writer and… blergh.

    I do think Young is getting enough pieces to put stuff together if she wants to. And we’ve been given enough hints that maybe someday she’ll want to (her continual interest in friend-Soo). So far that’s enough for me.

    I also think Young has made an active choice to trust Soo. (Whether that means she’s fooling herself or not… *headache*) And I think that’s where her “kill me” refrain comes from. She either has Soo to trust in, or she has no one and is better off dead. So it’s her saying, “either be someone I can trust and help me live, or be untrustworthy and help me die.”

  43. 43 MsB

    This has been a phenomenal drama from the start. The twists and turns have just added to the wonderful directing and the continued cinematography! The ski trip made me want to find the nearest place to go tubing, I know it’s fun! I wanted to get into the fun too. The pictures they were taking together were stunning!! Can’t get over the beauty of these two! I’ve never raved so much over a casting before now. But the casting is perfect. As far as Hee Jin, I wanted to shoot her at first after the coffee shop scene but then I understood, somewhat what she was doing. But poor unrequited love-lorn Jin Sung! As far as Secretary Wang, preventing a child from getting treatment, there is just no forgiveness for that. Atty Jang still seems like a nice guy but who knows what will happen, that might all change in his one-sided pursuit of Sec. Wang. Moo-chul and So Ra? What a perfect, evil couple they would make!

  44. 44 TinaFee

    I have this feeling that Oh Soo has fallen in love with Young since ep. 3-4! Does anyone else have this feeling? Or it’s only me! The scene with Oh Soo’s story and crying was such a great scene. Fantastic leads. 🙂 great show!

  45. 45 Anvesha

    In this drama, if there’s one villain who’s just insane it’s So Ra and now she’s back! It’ll get more frustrating for us. At Lear for Wang, I can hate her knowing she’s evil and after money but SoRa doesn’t have any logic to her…

    I love Young! And Soo! They’re cute together and her video when she talked about her brother was so heartbreaking!

  46. 46 merry

    This drama really blows your mind away! I think all other succeeding dramas will be measured against this. Superb acting from the male lead. Why couldn’t more Korean drama actors be like this. What with the large investments put into productions, surely producers and managers can get their actors to improve. I am interested, in case anyone knows, whether the lead actor here is trained in drama; or generally what his background is? He was also good in Memories in Bali. Got any acting in his blood? Just simply awesome!
    Thanks for the superb recap Heads. I am all superlatives here but that is really how i feel.

    • 46.1 skelly

      Yes, he majored in acting at university, and they just recently had an interview with his acting coach – seems as soon as he got this part he started working very hard with his coach. So yes, dedicated to his craft, which is an unfortunate rarity.

    • 46.2 MEalways

      Aside for this drama, I think a lot of Korean actors are good and some are exceptional. There are Kim Sang Jung (The Chaser), Yun Jung Hoon (Vampire Prosecutor), Ryoo Duk Hwan (Wrath of God), Ji Sung (Protect the Boss, The Great Seer), Uhm Tae Woong (The Equator Man), Joo Won (Gaksital), Lee Bom Soo (History of Salary man), Cha Tae Hyun (Jeon Woo Chi), are some that I could remember doing a very good job in portraying their role(s).

      They made my nights (especially weekends, where we have rerun…) special and entertaining.
      Since I love black(noir)/suspense/thriller and also comedy, the dramas have to have cast those whom could really deliver, otherwise it will kind of bland… or make even the most interesting story became ‘meh’.

      I haven’t make up my mind on Jo Ing Sung, yet.

      • 46.2.1 soad

        Since I’ve seen almost all his works, I can say that almost all the characters he portrayed are unlikeable and unredeemable but he made it likeable and loved by viewers. And for that, I must say he is good. Loved him as Byung Doo in A Dirty Carnival and he made me like Jae Min in What happened in Bali. Having a strong screen presence is a plus too (his stunt in A Frozen Flower is unforgettable lol)

        His five years absence in acting did not become a burden here in TWTWB but I want more nuance and intensity as what I’ve seen in his ADC times, and I’m looking forward to see it on the next episodes.

  47. 47 Mar

    I’m not sure how Oh Soo could be a successful con man because he has the worst poker face ever. He gets the shakes? Really?

    Seriously, when he got busted by Wang, a con man would have just said HEY, Young, I left my day planner in your room. And the damn painting would have been straight. In fact a good con man would have had an alibi to start with. DUH.

    Wang is coming off way smarter than Soo.

    Young: Super intuitive hearing and smell couldn’t tell Soo was in the room, on the grounds a little ways away on the phone, following her, and that he was crying on the trip? Exactly who is getting conned here? Because the way this is being written, it’s either we the viewers or Soo.

    I’m not hating the show, I just am having some wtfuckery moments!

    Jin Sung just needs to throw some hot women in front of Hee Sun and treat Hee Sun like absolute shit. Then she’ll be all Oppa, I like you.

  48. 48 Sajen

    “It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to cry.”

    that’s a truth that’s all too often not expressed in the real world, let alone the drama world, especially to the male half. we spend way to much time and money pretending like we’re okay, like we’re not scared, and on not crying, if we just let it all out the world would be a better place. I mean sympathy cards can all basically be boiled down to, it’s okay don’t cry, and that’s just stupid sometimes it’s not okay so cry. sorry that’s a touchy issue for me I could keep on being annoyed but I’ll stop here.

    • 48.1 Sajen

      err I’m not annoyed at anyone in particular really I made myself annoyed by thinking about the above.

  49. 49 anduril

    I was so grateful when Soo didn’t even pick up the phone. He just rushed to her side. the reason we are able to forgive him his terrible actions so far is that we know he will have a change of heart. or is having. I if he had answered the phone and tried to protect himself I couldn’t have born it. I have As it was I was cheering so hard. ^_^

  50. 50 Ryan

    I prefer Moo-Chul guy to Oh-Soo. Call him a crook if you must, he is thoroughly responsible, devoted to his woman, and is straight up without pretension or lies and manipulation. Not to mention, full of professionalism in his work. Am I the only one here? LOL

    • 50.1 nannu

      me too Ryan. i like that guy lolzzz real badass

    • 50.2 heodang

      Second to Young, he’s my favorite character.

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