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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 9
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This show makes lying look AWFUL, not to mention fruitless and just plain difficult, as our hero jumps through an endless procession of hoops made to test his story, when all he really wants to do is save our heroine from herself. Everything every other drama has taught you about lying in perpetuity pales in comparison to what the last nine episodes have taught us and what future episodes are bound to teach Soo. Ugh, Life Lessons. Can’t you leave these two alone, just this once?


Soo finds Young trembling in pain as she clutches the suicide pill to her chest, desperate enough to take it if it will mean an end to her suffering. Soo tries talking her down the way you’d talk someone off a ledge, and uses the first opportunity he can to swipe the pill off the countertop and out of her reach.

Unfortunately for him she hears it drop, so he makes up an excuse while he opens up the capsule to dump its contents in an attempt to fool her into thinking she’s still taking the poison if she swallows the empty casing.

The look of betrayal and hurt on her face when she realizes what he’s doing (I’m sure she hears it) is almost frightening, and she crushes the empty pill to prove her suspicion. She totally knows, but doesn’t let him know that she knows by taking the not-a-pill in front of him.

So-ra comes knocking (how did she find their house?), so Young uses the time Soo is away to gather up the spilled contents from the capsule for later use. Really, Young? Really?

Soo calls Mi-ra to keep an eye on Young while he deals with his psychotic ex, even though Young’s simmering rage almost comes to a boiling point when she asks him about the pill (whether it really causes everything awful in life to just disappear) only for him to deny that such a medicine exists in a futile effort to get her to forget about it.

She starts thinking back to their whole push-and-pull saga about her always wanting to die and it makes her absolutely FURIOUS, though I’m really not sure why. Does she feel betrayed that he’d dare try to keep her alive? What? I’m confused, but darn if she doesn’t look like she wants to punch Soo in the face right now.

He calls Secretary Wang to take care of Young, leaving her and Mi-ra to suss out their issues. Mi-ra plays the apology card but her excuses don’t hold water with Young’s keen memory, because when all is said and done Mi-ra did lie to Young about her condition for money. That’s cold.

Young uses Mi-ra’s guilty conscience against her as she barks out orders for her non-friend to help clean her up so that she’ll look perfectly well when Secretary Wang arrives. She wants to avoid the hospital at all costs: “If I go to the hospital this time, I won’t be able to come home.” I believe the word for ‘hospital phobia’ is nosocomephobia.

So-ra teases Secretary Wang with some valuable intel on Soo and promises to keep in touch, though it seems like she’s giving them some evidence ahead of time.

We don’t see what that is as Soo arrives to give her yet another cold rejection, basically telling her that he’d rather deal with his debt and Moo-chul if it means he doesn’t have to be with her. Ouch.

Her response? Threatening him that he has three days before she reveals the truth to Secretary Wang, explaining that this is just her method of loving him. “You may not like my method, but this is the only way I know how,” she says. O-kay, Crazypants McGee.

Lawyer Jang takes a photo of Soo to a detective contact of his for some clarification, but interestingly enough, the detective corroborates Soo’s story while putting the gambling in context as something Soo just used to do. So he’s clearly been bought off by someone on Soo’s side, maybe Moo-chul, and Lawyer Jang is at least alerted to the detective’s shaky credibility.

Secretary Wang rushes home because of Soo’s call, and at Young’s behest, Mi-ra lies to the woman about her health. Young pops out of the room as prickly as a porcupine when Soo shows up, and she firmly claims that she’s not sick in front of everyone. She even turns it all around in order to make Soo feel guilty for calling her mortal enemy.

It’s a convincing enough act for Secretary Wang to buy. Myung-ho doesn’t miss the opportunity to quip that Soo should watch his back for scandals, since shareholders spotted him leaving the gala with So-ra. Oh, you mean your ONE minion that Soo totally clotheslined?

Young is especially cold to Soo when he expresses concern over her state, since she’s back to being suspicious of his intentions. Whenever he worries about her she thinks of her will, so under her logic, he wants her to get sick. Whaaat? This is confusing. I must’ve really missed the step between “Darn that caring oppa for trying to keep me alive!” and “Oppa wants me to get sick and die.”

He even offers to do her most favorite thing by sleeping in the room with her, only to be coldly rejected. She must really be mad. (Except I’m not following the logic.)

Secretary Wang places a frantic call to Young’s doctor once she finds out that Mi-ra was lying, worried that her brain tumor could be relapsing. “I can’t live without Young,” she stresses, but it’s not like she’s putting on a show for anyone. Weirdly enough, it sounds like she actually MEANS it.

Soo brings it all around when he sneaks into Young’s room that night to write her a letter which he painstakingly converts to Braille. Awww.

He attaches a string from her wrist to the wind chime and leaves the letter with her. So cute.

She reads the letter the second he’s gone, having been awake all along. The letter is short and sweet: “I… Even if I’m not around you, even if the wind isn’t blowing, now the wind chime will always ring. Good night, Young.”

She’s moved by the letter and shakes her wrist, causing the glass bell to ring as if it were being moved by the wind. This isn’t even fair to Young anymore – she’s going to inevitably lose sympathy points if she keeps up the cold act when he does all these thoughtful things.

Apparently eating a spoonful of rice means Young is well again, as the house maid notes that Secretary Wang couldn’t sleep all night out of worry for her, and that she was too afraid to check in on her because of her insomnia.

Young quips that at least someone thought about her condition, unlike someone who just went in and out of her room as they pleased. Jin-sung is oblivious to the tension and curiously blurts, “Who did that? It wasn’t me.” Hah. He really needs more dialogue, stat.

Soo’s finally had enough and leaves the table, causing Jin-sung to jump to his hyung’s defense in telling Young that she’s being too harsh. Young doesn’t seem to care one bit. I know this is just an act because his letter almost made her cry, but WHY. Seriously, why? Why is this happening.

It’s cute that Jin-sung is so fed up with Young on Soo’s behalf, but he doesn’t have any luck getting Soo to listen to his grievances when he’s too distracted by Young. He’s trying to tell his hyung important stuff, like how they’ve got ninety-nine problems and So-ra IS one.

Turns out that Moo-chul is the one paying off the detective to lie, because he won’t get his money if Soo is caught by the police. Apparently he’s not winning any points with Boss Man for letting Soo live this long.

Meanwhile, Young asks a doctor friend of hers to examine the Instant Death Pill’s contents to see what it’s really made of.

Soo meets with Moo-chul to ask if he can get his sister Sun-hee (aka Doctor Noona) to examine Young, since she’s the best brain surgeon in the country. Soo has to catch himself when he calls Young “my sister,” like the lie has become just that commonplace for him.

Moo-chul does not react well to this idea and wonders if Soo is really dating his fake sister, but Soo knows that Moo-chul is angry on Hee-joo’s behalf. Just like Hee-sun, he sees Soo falling in love with anyone else as a betrayal to her memory.

Soo: “I didn’t kill Hee-joo. It was an accident. It wasn’t my fault.” WHOA. I’m so proud of him, even though Moo-chul is quick to cut him down for hiding behind excuses. Obviously. We all know Soo totally planned that accident to happen, and this is all part of his maniacal scheme.

“If I couldn’t at least make excuses, I would’ve killed myself long ago,” Soo replies. “How do you think I could live on? You’ve also blamed me instead of yourself when you couldn’t protect Hee-joo. Isn’t that how you’re able to live now? I’m not being sarcastic. Both of us… we just made necessary excuses for ourselves. So that we can live on.” *Slow clap*

Moo-chul is impervious to Soo begging for his help, citing that Soo acted the same way back with Hee-joo. (Dude, let it go.) He just wants to wait and see if Soo cares as much about Young twenty-eight days from now, when his time will officially be up. “Or maybe you’ll make another excuse, just like you did with Hee-joo,” Moo-chul adds.

Lawyer Jang gets the skinny from one of his contacts about the two Oh Soo’s, and how the one in Young’s house is the gambler while the deceased one wanted to be an Italian chef. Eek.

He also finds out that Soo owes a lot of money to So-ra’s sponsor. Cafe Owner Joong-tae also tattles to him about Hee-sun tattling to Young that Soo came to her for money. Big trouble. (And Call Me Maybe.)

Moo-chul again tries luring Jin-sung over to the dark side, reminding him that he liked him better than Soo when they were younger. That might’ve been true, but Jin-sung makes it clear that he doesn’t hang out with murderers.

“If it weren’t for Oh Soo, I wouldn’t have lived like this,” Moo-chul says. Oh, NOW who’s making excuses?

We know that Moo-chul has been working to get Jin-sung’s sister indebted to him, and at least Hee-sun seems to take notice when she finds her strutting around in clothes she can’t afford. And hah, Jin-sung might as well grab some popcorn for all the fun he’s having watching the two of them fight.

Jin-sung and Soo’s mutual friend (an alternate title thrown around for this episode: Everyone Has Helpful Friends) does some snooping to track down Secretary Wang’s sister, only Soo is too busy worrying about Young to deal with it and admits as much to Jin-sung.

When Hee-sun suggests that they stop running Soo’s errands, Jin-sung quickly shuts her down: “Even if I’m mad at Hyung, work is work. I need to save his life.” Loyalty is adorable.

Secretary Wang’s sister tells her that she’s being followed, and Wang knows that Soo is behind it. She plans to meet with So-ra as revenge.

While staking out in front of Myung-ho’s house, Jin-sung tells Hee-sun that he loves her as a lighthearted (yet completely serious) means of keeping her warm. She wonders if they should date after this thing with Soo blows over, but Jin-sung’s plans to move to the countryside to help his father put a damper on a possible future together.

They spot Myung-ho’s girlfriend going in, and Hee-sun celebrates by planting one on Jin-sung.

Aaand another! He plays the part of the classic kdrama heroine when he just blinks in surprise, but he finally gets it and goes in for another kiss. As if to remind us that they’re comprising the cute interlude in this otherwise angsty hour, the rest of the smoochfest is hidden under a Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Fourth Wall Blanket. It’s… a little jarring. Not the kiss itself, but the bookend.

Young and Secretary Wang form a tense quasi-alliance when Not-Mommy Dearest comes clean about her suspicions regarding Soo. She tells Young about the strange sample that got submitted for the DNA test, as well as how she found Soo trying to break into Young’s safe.

Despite the test results, Young claims that Soo retaining memories from their childhood (all the lucky guesses he had) proves he’s her brother without a doubt.

Only, she is just a smidgen doubtful, which comforts Secretary Wang because it means Young won’t let her guard down. “I take it that you don’t trust him completely,” she adds, and Young doesn’t deny it. She wants to, but she can’t.

Young’s helpful friend calls her with the results from the Instant Death Pill test, surprising no one but Young when she reveals that it’s a poison used for euthanizing animals.

Young’s eyes fill with tears. Oh come on, she can’t honestly be surprised, can she? To the girl obsessed with death and dying, what did she think would happen if she took that pill? A cure-all coma? I don’t buy that she thought she was cradling a Xanax to sleep every night.

Soo tries to approach her about getting treatment, but Young is at a point where she’s not trusting a word he says. Her cold treatment hurts Soo’s feelings, and he looks so sad so fast that it’s like a punch to the gut. Someone give that puppy a hug.

He goes in for a kiss on the cheek and is rebuked again, but this time he makes sure to plant one anyway. He knows something’s strange but can’t figure out how to ask her about it, even though he admits that he would have already asked it if they were dating. (Not as in the two of them, but if he were dating a girl giving him the same cold shoulder.)

When he leaves, Young locks the door.

Jin-sung and Hee-sun could not possibly be any more obvious while staking out Myung-ho’s house (they’re practically parked in his front yard), but through the power of television he fails to notice them eagerly snapping pictures when he leaves with his girlfriend that morning. Now they have proof of his affair.

Now that the seed of doubt has been planted, Young can’t help but think of all the different clues pointing to the fact that Soo might not be her brother and confronts Secretary Wang for the truth. “If the man right now is not the real Soo, then what happened to my real brother?”

Secretary Wang admits to thinking that the other Oh Soo is Young’s real brother, but she doesn’t break the news that he’s dead to our emotionally-fragile heroine. Not that it helps her much, since Young now expects her to find the other Oh Soo.

Things are looking really bad for Soo, especially when Lawyer Jang decides to go ahead with fingerprint-testing Young’s painting to know if he tried to crack the safe.

Meanwhile, Young decides to find Moo-chul (via his business card) to find the other Oh Soo. When Soo tries to get a word with her, she whips around with her cane and almost hits him. Nothing beats her sarcastic apology afterward.

He’s finally had enough with the head games and demands that she tell him why she’s mad, causing her to coolly agree even as she shrugs his hand off. She agrees to talk later, but she’s got someone to meet first.

She enlists the taxi driver’s help in calling Moo-chul, hoping to ask about the Oh Soo from Cheongdamdong (which is our Soo). He’s maniacally gleeful that she finally called and sets the club as their meeting place.

The problem is, he has two business cards with two different addresses, and he’s not sure which address she has.

She shows up to the wrong one and uses a nice student’s help to call Moo-chul back, though she’s forced to find her way to the right address on her own.

In the meantime, Jin-sung proudly shows off the pictures he snapped of Myung-ho’s affair. It all proves meaningless when Mi-ra calls Soo to report that Young has been acting strange, and that she’s carrying poison on her. “Young isn’t trying to take that medicine, is she?”

Because it must pour when it rains, Soo gets a text from Moo-chul at the same time, happily announcing his plans to meet Young at the club. Soo rushes out to try and intervene before it’s too late.

Young makes it on her own to the club exterior, but some super shady guys use her blindness to their advantage as they pretend to help her to the club when they’re… not. Oh no. Oh no! Young, get the hell outta there!

Soo’s close, but he doesn’t see her being led away. NO.

The shady gangsters lead Young to a quiet area to rob her, and she is vastly outnumbered. She pleads with them to take everything but her phone (currently telling her that Soo is calling), but they start to get rough with her and cover her mouth when she tries to scream.

Suddenly, one of her assailants is all but ripped off her by Soo, making a heroic (and undeniably very cool) entrance as he smashes a bottle over the guy’s skull. Ouch.

He glares daggers at the rest of them while he holds the one against the wall, and he makes for an imposing sight as he approaches them without relinquishing his grip. I’m struggling with a way to say this that’s not: HE GRATES THE GUY’S FACE AGAINST THE WALL AS HE WALKS. It’s like he’s grating cheese, only that cheese is a face.

Young has no idea that Soo is the one who came to her rescue until her hand closes around the Instant Death Pill Remnants. He covers her hand in his to let her know he’s there, and she reacts by trying to leave.

She slaps him across the face when he tries to stop her, all but shaking in rage. “It must have been really easy to fool a blind person like me. Really easy.”

Soo’s not even affected by the accusation as his gaze remains steady. It’s as if he knows the jig is up and has already made peace with it, though she’s understandably not as eager to do the same since she also pushes him away when he tries to hold her.

“A euthanizing pill?” she continues, fighting and failing to hold back tears. “Why couldn’t you kill me? Why couldn’t you kill me?! I’m so easy. I can’t do anything. Why didn’t you kill me? Why?!”

She screams the last question as she breaks down into sobs, and a tear escapes Soo’s eyes as he watches her, unable to do anything to comfort her.


That was a really intense ending, and one I didn’t expect we’d be seeing quite so soon. It’s a welcome upheaval this early in the game, and I’m happy as long as we keep the focus on Soo and Young. That’s where the money’s at (literally and figuratively), and I was definitely feeling a sense of loss when they were apart this episode. Apart they’re still fun, but together they just light up the screen.

I became keenly aware of just how much their presence was missed when neither of them were on screen during certain stretches of this episode, maybe because there exists a limit to how much fun can be had when everyone’s doing their fact-finding by phone or coffee shop. (The PPL is extremely well integrated here, but that doesn’t stop every other scene from including a phone.) It honestly has less to do with the products and more to do with seeing every little detail of everyone’s journey to Find The Truth, which is admittedly a huge component of the drama but one that’s just not as fun as it used to be. There’s only so much screen time that needs to be devoted to Joong-tae’s photo hunt before it’d be faster for one of us to fly over, find it, and make it back in time for the weekend. If we aren’t reminded of it for one episode we won’t forget, Winter. Trust us.

Young genuinely confused me this round when she decided to just shut down and keep her thought processes a secret, because my current understanding of her is based on how much she chooses to reveal. Unfortunately for us, she’s got a much better poker face than Soo, so when she decides to be a cipher it’s like having a previously wide-open door slam in your face. I can hazard a few guesses as to the why of her actions based on her brief Soo v. Suicide audio flashbacks, but I felt a little out of the loop being (1) not telepathic and (2) not also suicidally depressed. I know she wants the truth about her brother, but I’m not sure if her (possible) brain tumor trumps that want, or whether all those wants pale in comparison to her overarching want (need?) to die. I just want to know what she wants so I can get in her corner. Or not, if she’s intent on dying because she’s afraid of trying to live.

Either way, it was nice to see Jin-sung and Hee-sun get a little extra screen time even though their role in the story tends to waver somewhere between Necessary and Necessary Comic Relief. I love both characters even though their romance feels a little sudden (though there’ve been hints dropped), and I do like that Hee-sun might start settling down a little, especially when Soo has enough people ready to ruin his life.

It was a good episode for side characters overall, especially Secretary Wang, a character I’ve never been more pleased to not be familiar with. Trying to figure her out has become a fun weekly game, and it’s really neat to see a show keep a genuinely mysterious character so mysterious for so long. We can infer a lot about Secretary Wang from her actions, but all we have ARE her actions, so when she spends most of her time seemingly caring for Young’s welfare (albeit in a very warped way), my perception of her gets thrown off all over again. Right now I’m leaning more toward the she’s-possibly-insane-and-wants-Young-as-a-living-doll side of things, but as with all things in this show, it’s subject to change.

Likewise, if we just based our perception of Soo from his actions we’d think he got the better end of the character deal (true), but unlike Secretary Wang and Young we can always count on his facial expressions to show us what he’s thinking. Now that it’s clear he’s got an emotional stake in this not-a-relationship, we can spend less time worrying about whether he’s just doing nice things for the money. Hopefully. Things could go south when the stakes go higher like Moo-chul claims, but for the moment I’m glad he’s such a stand-up guy, because at this point I’d probably let him get away with fictional murder. I know, that’s so insensitive toward fictional people just because he carries his girl up mountains, translates letters into Braille, gets all teary-eyed when he’s shown the door, and [insert other endearing act of kindness Soo has performed.]


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  1. RockPaperScissors

    This was the first episode that got to me. It’s a beautiful drama, however it is now just starting to tug at my heart. I look forward to the next episode.

    Oh and Bummie, hope you get the girl.

    Thank you for the recap!

  2. Ennofahey

    Thanks for the recap Headsno2! Gosh it is more interesting ….

  3. ninji

    Yay. Was just about to watch this episode, and now I can do it with the recap to go. Awesome.

  4. Saner


  5. Liz

    I was waiting for this recap. I am glad to know I was not the only confused by Youngs sudden turn. I am glad the the truth is out there. That last episode they were getting so close even I was starting to feel weird. I hope they turn into a couple before the last episode

  6. iknownuts

    Thanks for the recap! I don’t understand why OY is angry though. I thought OS saved her from taking the poison??

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      I’m puzzled too. Until we have a convincing explanation on why she’s acting so erratically toward him, I’m team OS. That fight scene at the end was intense!
      PS: Our cute young couple was adorable even if not really camouflaged (2 redheads on a scooter…) ^^.

      • 6.1.1 Belle3005

        Oh dear. I am feeling really bad for Soo. That poor guy needs a hug. Actually it may be just me but this episode was my least favorite of all the current aired episodes. I’m not sure why but I got really disconnected from this episode. I want something more substantial for Bummie’s sidekick role although he is one of the secondary characters. Eunji is doing okay with her spunky character I guess but it’s not that much of a difference compared to her previous role in Answer Me,1997. While I love SHK’s chemistry with JIS in this drama,Young’s naivety makes me wanna strangle her(the frustration!). What did she expect the pill to be then? A harmless sleeping pill? MEH. And there were plenty of hints flying around that points to the possibility that this Soo isn’t her Soo oppa. Well,obviously I am rooting for Soo here,I’ve been doing so right from the first episode and it frustrates me to see him being screwed with. HIS COVER IS BLOWN AND NOW HIS LIES ARE FALLING TO PIECES. So worried for him >.<
        When he took her up the mountain to let her hear the chimes,my heart literally skipped a beat. Sigh.
        We're only left with 7 more episodes to go. Please don't let me down drama,I'm on the verge of dropping you. It's not you drama,it's me. For now I'm staying for the Jo In Sung awesomeness. TEAM OH SOO ALL THE WAY.

        • jann

          he doesn’t just need a hug,,,he needs to be kissed already…i almost died seeing him steal that cheek kiss…this man was born to kiss…how can that be sexy, you ask me? I make sure I ask my therapist….JO IN SUNG, you!!!

          • rheina07

            “this man was born to kiss”

            couldnt agree more!!!!!

            *oh, i need therapist – this drama is killing me!*

    • 6.2 ss

      i know right?! he was reluctant to give her that pill. she was the one that wanted the pill so much so he gave it to her. and for goodness sake, he even hid it in his cupboard= he dont want her to lay her hands on it. its not like the pill is hanging in front of her-.- urgh!

    • 6.3 picklemonster

      Okay, I think the reason why Young feels so betrayed by the pill is because she thought it’s a pain-killer, and I don’t really blame her for that misinterpretation due to Soo’s vague description of it: “When you feel like you want to die, this pill will make you feel comfortable and take all the pain away”.

      From that, I think ALL of us got confused as well. Because I originally thought that he meant to tell her it’s a suicide pill. But later on, I realized that didn’t make sense because he told Young he wanted to take it too. Young would NOT be okay with her brother take this suicide pill. Therefore, I’m 99% sure that Soo gave Young the impression that the pill is a pain-killer of sorts, so that she wouldn’t become suspicious.

      Young was raging at the beginning of this episode because she thought Soo doesn’t want her to take the pain-killer (by spilling its contents on the floor), and she thought that perhaps her brother WANTS her to suffer from the pain by denying her access to that pill. Young was furious AGAIN when she found out the pill is actually poison because now, she thinks Soo planned to kill her by agreeing to “share” the pill with her.

      Basically, Soo looks bad either way, whether the pill is supposed to be a “happy-take-all-the-pain-away” pill, or a suicide pill. =(

      • 6.3.1 abby

        I totally agree with you in the fact that Young really think it was just a pain killer. AND, (they don’t say it in this recap but I am sure Young mention it in some point), Young remarked that if her brother was so worried about her well being, why does he leave her alone in the middle of her pain because he has something to do (So Ra waiting fo him outside), and that doesn’t make sense to her. She obviously felt neglected, given by all the attention she has been having form Soo this time.

      • 6.3.2 Chintu

        ur explanation makes sense! i was thinkin along the same lines, but thought maybe youngie thought he was bluffing abt the pill or something, and seeing him deny her the pill opened her eyes to the possibility of it being a real poison pill & brought to surface all the jarring things abt Soo being her brother or him being in this for money which she might have wilfully ignored till then to maintain the semblance of a happy reunion…

        • Pillowhead

          hm. that sounds good, but why does she ask in the end, “why didn’t u kill me?”. I don’t get it.

          • gyugu

            I think she’s confused hence the cold shoulder. Soo make the pill seems like a painkiller, but when she want to consume it. He throw out the content. I mean how would you feel when you have head splitting headache and your brother throw your only medicine. I think Young thinks that Soo wanted her to get sick. No medicine = she become sicker. Thus, a betrayal.

            I think she was shocked, I mean shocker (LOL) when she learned that the pill contain poison instead of painkiller. She deduced that Soo actually want to kill her despite saying/acting he won’t.

            and IMO when she asked Soo why he wouldn’t kill her. It just her feeling weak because of everything; Soo’s betrayal and she almost been robbed. She hates her disability that makes her an easy prey to everyone including Soo. I mean Soo can act as Young’s brother because of her blindness in the first place. If not, Soo wouldn’t even have a chance. The way Soo’s act is so confusing. Imagine you’re Young. One minute Soo’s is kind big bro and another time he gave her suicide pill, and but when Young want to take that pill, he threw out the content. I mean what’s your deal mister.

            I’m not sure if this answers your question. Anyway, thanks picklemonster for your explantion and thanks to Headsno2 for the awesome recaps :)

    • 6.4 booboo

      Hi all.

      You guys should read Softy’s thoughts (here: http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/that-winter-the-wind-blows-e9/ ) about Youngie’s sudden anger towards Soo.

      It’s right after her translations on the preview.

      • 6.4.1 skelly

        EVERYONE who loves this show should read this! Really excellent analysis, and it all makes sense; the worst thing anyone can do to her is lie to her, and that’s what he has done. Now that she has found him out in one lie, she will go after all of the others.

    • 6.5 JO

      But this episode shows that she obviously didn’t know the pill was poison. She thought it was something that could ease her, soothe her. She hears Oh Soo pouring it out, deceiving her and she is so confused as to why he 1. is lying to her 2. wont share the pill that will ease her pain. When she finds out its a euthanasia pill, it’s like a double blow.
      I honestly dont understand why you guys are confused! haha

  7. doctordrama

    Thanks for the recap! Just want to say how much I love and enjoy this show. I feel that it has gotten better especially in the last three episodes. Definitely making a Jo In Sung fan out of. He’s acting has also improved from the earlier episodes when there were a lot of over acting. He just looked oh so cool at the end of this episode holding that guys head on the wall. It also took me this long to really feel the emotions on this drama and I think it’s because the aesthetics in the drama is too damn pretty too the point that it’s distracting. Also love the song by the one!

    • 7.1 kaye

      Ditto. The last 3 episodes were NHk’s signature. While the first 5 episodes got your attention, the last three episodes really are heartwarming/heartbreaking. NOH Hee Kyung, I admire you sincerely.

      I got to give credit to SHK for being awesome here as well as JIS (i don’t see any overacting on his part, maybe because the character I see in him in the first episodes is flamboyant) for a compelling acting. Bae Jong Ok too is great as well as Kim Tae Woo.

  8. snow_white


  9. crixa

    I’ve been waiting for this since forever. (I kid) Finally, it’s here! Yay! Thanks Heads for the recap, as always you’re awesome!

    This episode was heartbreaking, and I’m pretty sure the next consecutive episodes will be a cryfest. But this show ain’t a melodrama for nothing. Bring on the melo! Although I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to handle it. Sigh.

  10. 10 MUSE

    Thank you for this! Personally, I also found Youngie’s reactions somewhat jarring in this episode. But love the fact that the truth is almost out in the open, and the heart felt portrayals by Song Hye-gyo and Jo In-Sung.

  11. 11 Rachel

    I don’t get it….Why is Young pissed at Oh Soo anyway?? She HEARD him empty out the contents of the death pill which means that he doesn’t actually want to kill her. Why in the world is she even feeling “betrayed”?!

    • 11.1 Belle3005

      Soo is more invested in her safety than his own debt now,and yet she’s pissed at him for attempting to kill her. Dude,if he really wanted you dead he wouldn’t have tried to stop you from taking the pill in the first place. ISH. I don’t get Young at all,I really don’t.

      • 11.1.1 news

        Yeah, I was equally CONFUSED thinking I missed something but nope, Young totally went off the deep end defying all logic in this episode. From the get go, Soo said, “nope this is my pill not yours”, but she stole it from him; he didn’t give it to her. Smart as she is, why would she think it wasn’t a Death Pill when that was what he was alluding to ALL THIS TIME? No wonder Soo said, ‘Let’s get your brain (tumor) checked.’ Maybe the doctor should also prescribe a Make Sense Pill?

        That aside, SHK’s acting is pretty awesome in this drama and so is JIS when he tones it down. His expression and delivery before kissing her good night is worth multiple watches as is his “heroic and undeniably very cool enhance” in the last scene.

        • Redskirt

          Honestly, I think what tore at her more was the lie. When Soo told Young (in this episode) that nope, the pill is not an Instant Death Pill, she thought back to when he first told her about it, and feels betrayed because he lied to her, and he’s supposed to be the only one she can trust.

          She put so much hope in the salvation of that pill (that when the pain of her brain tumor gets too much, she can just take it and go in total peace), that it made her BITTER to learn that Soo had lied to her and that it would never have saved her after all.

          THEN, she finds out that it WAS her precious ticket to freedom and he wasted it by spilling it on the floor, and she is just completely out of her mind with the thought that she WANTS to go (the brain pain, remember?) and Soo–who has been tricking her all along she now realizes–can only benefit from her dying, so why the h*ll would he take that from her? Etc.

    • 11.2 kaye

      because he deceived her upfront for emptying the contents of the pill. Then, she remembered past events leading her to NOT TRUST OS. She is hurt because she got good memories of him and now she is questioning it. She is more likely angrier to herself than him. Just channeling the feeling, a sort of defense mechanism (reaction formation)

    • 11.3 Gem

      I don’t think she knew it was a death pill. We’re just assuming she does. I think she thought it was a pill to just ease the pain, to calm you down, and make you forget your worries for just a few hours. She asked OS if it would do that in the beginning while she was lying down. She’s tired of feeling the pain so she just wants some moment to be free from it not die.

      I guess it be like taking marijuana or some other drugs to help you escape reality.

      • 11.3.1 mademoiselle

        Yes, I also thought (just from this episode) we’re just assuming that she knew it’s a death pill. But if from the beginning she thought of it as a ‘calming’ pill, she should have taken it already right? Because she thinks that it wouldn’t kill her. And if it’s just that, Soo can just freely give it to her because it wouldn’t harm her. OMG so confused at the part that she knew it was a death pill and the part that she cried at the end asking why wouldn’t her oppa kill her. /wails

    • 11.4 Sam

      He empty out the content, yes. But before that he gave her the death pill. Young felt betrayed because her brother once tried to kill her. Well she couldn’t think her beloved brother agreed to share the DEATH pill with her, right? Because that sounds too creepy and totally not brother-like. I guess that’s why she was suspicious again, even though Soo desperately stopped her from taking it.

      • 11.4.1 sunshower

        I would have thought it was obvious that it was a death pill!!

        From ep 5:
        Soo: “A friend went through a lot of difficulties to get it. If you take it when you want to die… without anguish, pain, or despair, they can disappear in one moment. He said you’ll feel total peace.”


        I took it that she KNEW it was a death pill that’s why she wanted it – we all knew she has a death wish *sigh*

      • 11.4.2 skelly

        I don’t think it really matters whether or not it was a death pill; after all, she would welcome it if it was. What mattered is that he lied to her, and took advantage of her blindness in spilling out the contents and then handing her the empty casing, telling her she could have it when really he was withholding it. It’s that deception, all in that same brotherly tone, that made her so angry. He’s just another seeing person out to take advantage of her.

      • 11.4.3 Jale

        I don’t think Soo has ever tired to kill her and she knows that. I the drunk ride home when she kept sayingnwaysnhe could kill her by having a car accident, he pulledmovermand told her all the opportunities he had if he wanted to. I think she was convinced that he doesn’t plan too. But now she’s suspicious that maybe instead he wants her to be sick. She thinks he’s hoping for her brain tumor to come back and looking for ways to have her put away to fulfill the will.

        I don’t know if she knows the medicine is poison and could kill her. She thought it is a talisman some thing that could bring you peace. That’s why she took a nap holding it in her hand and told Soo it worked because she felt at ease when she did. I agree with some comments that she felt betrayed when she can hear him emptying the contents and giving her the empty capsule, thinking she wouldn’t know the difference. No one likes to be fooled. Then he told her the pill wouldn’t do anything anyway, and yet he gave it to her. Now she is really questioning his motives.

        When she had the contents examined and found out it was lethal, she doesn’t know what to think. Why yet again he had the opportunity to kill her he didn’t. She doesn’t understand his rational.

        Hopefully she’ll come to understand his true feelings for her and it will all make sense. The problem will be when she finds put he’s not her real brother, but she’ll know he loves her but they’ll have to find a new definition for their relationship.

  12. 12 WuSamDee

    thanks for the recap :)

    i really wonder how will it ends….exciting!

    • 12.1 skelly

      I know, it’s like Soo has all of these spinning plates balanced on sticks, and one by one they are all being to topple and fall, and he’s running around trying to keep them all spinning…

  13. 13 mumof3

    ok.. let me hazard a guess into Young’s thoughts –

    first of all, lets remind ourselves- Young had never trusted anyone around her all the 21 years the sibs were apart till Soo came back. Now shes’s finally connected with Soo whom she still firmly believes is her real brother cos he seemed to share the same memories of their childhood. Hence, Soo is her real brother and he told her she could trust him right?

    This episode, she tries to take this pill which she has misunderstood from Soo will relieve all her severe pain and suffering, but NOT knowing it will kill her. Her first sign of ‘betrayal’ from Soo is when she realises that he ‘used’ her blindness and ‘tricked’ her into believing that he was giving
    her the pill when he only gave her an empty capsule. hence, she shuts down and starts thinking about their exchange abt the pill and what hee sun said abt him coming to her only for money, wang telling her abt the safe etc… she starts to doubt his intentions..

    The final blow comes when her friend tells her the medicine is an instant death pill. she then realises that Soo even hesitated previously and considered giving her the pill as she requested. So all the mistrust and suspicions abt her brother approaching her after all these years JUST for the money come back and that he even considered killing her for it, is too much betrayal for her..

    anyone has similar thoughts?

    • 13.1 kaye

      ditto. You explained it eloquently than my explanation above lol.

    • 13.2 blabla100

      I totally agree!!! great explanation

    • 13.3 Mystisith

      Beautifully explained and still: Who’s asking to die repeatedly and even did 2 suicide attempts in the earlier episodes?
      To me she looks like a weathercock if I consider her actions. Furthermore, she has a poker face (which is normal for a blind person): I really can’t relate to her. As Heads said, we are not telepaths.
      I’d like for her to have a nervous breakdown in front of OS so we could really see what’s in her heart.

      I can’t help remember that movie, “Frankie and Johnny” and one of the more meaningful scenes:

      Johnny: You don’t have to be afraid anymore.

      Frankie: I am. I’m afraid. I’m afraid to be alone, I’m afraid not to be alone. I’m afraid of what I am, what I’m not, what I might become, what I might never become. I don’t want to stay at my job for the rest of my life but I’m afraid to leave. And I’m just tired, you know, I’m just so tired of being afraid.

      • 13.3.1 sunshower


      • 13.3.2 Betsy Hp

        But she did two suicide attempts in front of Soo. Her version of a trust fall — a really, really dangerous trust fall. If he was yet one more person out to screw her, fine she’s dead. Whatever. So she’s incredibly fatalistic. But she’s not full on suicidal — otherwise she’d have just killed herself during one of her many excursions by herself.

        BUT — that Soo actually considered killing her, for real killing her — it means her tests were shams and she’s a fool and he’s a liar and was just moving at his own time-table and maybe screwing with the stupid blind-girl so desperate for a friend she’d believe a guy like him. Cue massive hurt and rage.

    • 13.4 crixa

      My exact thoughts! Very insightful btw.

    • 13.5 Betsy Hp

      Those are my thoughts, too! I’m glad I scrolled down so I didn’t try and stutter and stumble my way through what you’ve explained so well. :)

  14. 14 hartofseeker

    We have to remember… whatever information Young takes in it’s mainly via her hearing… and then a little more by touching or smelling. The writer gave us a reminder of how it sounded to her during the “pill that takes away all pain” exchange when Young did a rerun through her head with Mira in the room and got angry. It DOES sound TOTALLY ambiguous. Yes she had a death wish… cuz she all she had to hold on to hope for was to find her brother… and this brother did not react the way she felt her brother would have (all suspicion flags raised). When she could finally confirm that he’s her brother (post cotton-candy and entranced almost die-in-lake scene) we all see how her whole face lights up and she’s alive again.

    That’s when the pill convo came in. We get Soo’s side of the tale so we clearly know that he’s talking about a death pill… she only hears “something that takes away all the pain and sadness when you’re at the point of wanting to die” the whole way he explains it makes it sound like some fairy tale drug and… with all that physical pain her illness gives her, she’s desperate enough to try. But now that Soo get THAT suspicious and keeps her from taking the pill, her suspicion flags are up again and she gets the contents tested (we know the rest)…

    all her verbal, angry confrontations with Soo about her dying… is based on the anger/fear that she has of her brother actually coming to her for money, not for family’s-sake… and honestly, she’s frustrated that she CAN be so vulnerable to an assassination plot– and she emphasizes that a lot “Killing me would have been so EASY (I’m like sitting duck)! So why couldn’t you kill me?!” almost like: why are you trying to mock my blindness and my vulnerability by being the cat who plays with the mouse before eating it. She has some deep-rooted issues from the vulnerability she has because of her disability and her feelings of insecurity, causing her to want to prove to EVERYONE that she’s strong

    • 14.1 kaye

      Thank you for a wonderful explanation!. I know a lot of viewers were kinda disappointed at OY behaving like that, but once we get to put ourselves in OY’s shoes, we’ll understand why she is behaving like that.

      This is why I adore NHK. All of the characters here in the story (major and minor) have their own struggles but the writer makes it a point that all their actions have quite valid reason why they are doing/thinking/reacting/behaving like that.

    • 14.2 angie602

      I totally agree with your explanation! Couldn’t put it in words better.. I really admire NHK Writer-nim’s work. So meticulous,,,

    • 14.3 fleetingbreath

      Yes! my thoughts exactly… I love that all the characters in this drama are so layered, and I don’t mind that it’s sometimes hard to understand how they react because people do often act irrationally when in great emotional distress.

    • 14.4 Daf

      Yeah thank you, I think that’s the most logical explanation. That’s why she looks hurt, because
      1) her brother whom she trusted lied to her when he emptied the pill (so he could have lie for a lot of others stuff) and
      2) he was hesitating about giving it to her; I think despite her claims that he should kill her, it’s mostly a dare from her part, she didn’t really expect the pill to be dangerous like that. o the fact that it is, and that he almost gave it to her, meke her feel betrayed and suspicious; beside why would he have this kind of pill from the beginnning?

  15. 15 shelhass

    I’m with Heads, I don’t get why she’s so angry.

    • 15.1 joy

      me too. i hated Young in this episode.

  16. 16 Eli

    Thanks Heads for the recap.

    I was right yesterday. Here comes the doom and gloom. Old Youngie is back with full force in this episode. Which is kind of make me incredibly nervous for Soo, supposed the BIG SECRET is out open. This feed-nice-dose-of-cuteness-and-bring-on-the-pain formula on melodrama is really work for me to sympathize with the pained party, in this case Soo. What a complete turn around from last episode. Granted Soo is not the best hero ever in dramaland but I am at least glad that this drama take its time to make me want to root for him however ‘bad’ he was(and is actually, referring to his still active conning plan). I hurt for him in this episode much more than for Young.

    I guess the theory that Young knows that Soo isn’t her brother is burn by this episode right? Considering how hurt she is ‘only’ by that pill, it can’t be possible for her to know he is not her brother and then easily just played along all this time right? And she did ask to secretary Wang about her real brother.

    And can I just say that I love, LOVE that last scene. It’s not your typical hero save his heroine scene but it really revealing how vulnerable Young is (not that the drama itself didn’t show it until this scene, it’s just a whole new light/level). And I sort of understand her frustrations and her unhealthy obsession with death and I think there are some self-loathing too. There she is with no one, NOT even one to trust and doing such simple thing as meeting a person, she can’t do it properly. And the world just won’t help her or at least leave her alone. It’s scary. Then Soo came just at the right moment to save her AND make all her frustration spilling out.
    What a scene.

    I can’t wait for next episode! Thanks again Heads!

    • 16.1 kaye

      i think the issue if she knows he is not her real brother is still a question mark. we’re given hints (OS’ voice, her heart fluttering, curious about the other OS, she asks a lot about it) that she probably knows and she is smart. While we clearly see OS’ thoughts and motivations since the story is more on his point of view( he mostly do the monologues), we are not open to OY’s. All that we see right now is that OY became happy and trusting when OS is with her.

    • 16.2 blabla100

      That scene really got me too, powerful on so many levels

  17. 17 UJ

    this drama just keeps me excited!
    love it! 😀

  18. 18 Mimi

    I think Young knows Soo is not her real brother. She is smart. I am sure along the way during the 9 episodes she had found out. My guess is her sudden change of attitude might be she starts to feel for Soo and realize her feeling but didn’t want to admit it? A sense of frustration & denial?
    Just hope that for the remaining episodes the plot will gear towards actualization of the truth .. Let the lies surface and have the characters deal with it. Once the truth is reaveal and Young knows Soo is not her real brother I hope Soo & Young would reconcile and maybe we can have a happy ending? Maybe the title That Winter the Wind Blows is referring to the time of a new begining?

  19. 19 unknown

    Thanks, HeadsNo2 for the recap. Jo In Sung was totally mesmerizing in the last 2 episodes. I could feel his joy, hurt and despair coming through the TV screen. He had different facial expressions and postures when dealing with different people/situations.

  20. 20 CC

    I never thought I will watch this drama, coz melo is not my genre. But I can’t resist coz its everywhere and those 2 beautiful peson and amazing cinematography. This drama is so beautiful like u watching MV or CF.
    To be honest, since the beginning I can’t invest my feeling to this storyline coz almost all of the character here quite crazy I guess. Most of them, except the lawyer. All of them need to go psychiatry. Really..
    But, call me weird coz will watching this drama until the end, I enjoying watching JIS in front of my lappie who can resist him anyway. Really refreshing…..kekeke. And SHK. Damn, she’s byutipul..

  21. 21 In2deep

    Love love love this show!!!!
    Omg-the last scene , JIS Was so cool and amazing!!!
    What sy thinks, i’m not guessing, i’m just waiting for the episodes to reveal it to me.
    Can’t wait!,

  22. 22 mumof3

    oooh yes, can i ecstase abt JIS’s acting here? never watched any of his stuff but i read that he was criticised abt over-acting in his previous material.

    not sure if he has inproved or i’m just easily impressed but he is brilliant in this drama!!

    the pain in his eyes from Y’s rejection after she received the friend’s call, how he tried to joke and smile abt her bratty behaviour before the goodnight kiss ( i even felt like i could feel he had a lump in his throat from suppressing his sadness), the fury on his face when he found the thugs, the tenderness and sorrow in his eyes and voice when he approached Y in the last few min of the episode…

    gah.. i’ve been sucked in so bad by JIS’s acting…

    if i really have to be critical though – i wishe he wouldnt pant so hard to express his ‘ shock’ or ‘fear’ eg at the train station, beside the river, when he thought she had taken the pill..

    call me crazy.. LOL

    • 22.1 kaye

      In Bali, he had some OA but I think he stole the spotlight from his co-actors there and he became famous after that. Not so fond of him cause he is the pretty “aegyo” actor before but he surprised me in A Dirty Carnival, he was compelling in that movie and of course the famous A frozen flower.

  23. 23 cucumber

    man, i was so confused with this episode! Couldn’t really understand Young. Felt that some parts of the editing/directing were a little weird. I laughed at the part nearing the end where Soo saw Moo Chul’s text and the camera zoomed in so fast into Soo’s eyebrows hahaha.
    Out of all the episodes, i disliked this the most :( Hopes ep 10 will be better…

  24. 24 hawaiianseoul

    ICWUDT with the “99 problem” reference 😉


  25. 25 TinaFee

    Wow! What an episode. One of my favorite episodes so far. Oh Soo loves Youngie so much, and it’s too hard to see his pain! Why why so many close ups dear director?! I kind of understand Youngie and her actions/ reactions too, don’t know why, but I understand her. Romantic and sad story. Great to see both leads give their best. Love love love this show! :-)

  26. 26 orangejasmine

    what a relief to know I’m not the only one confused w/ Young’s sudden change of heart in this episode!

    “I don’t buy that she thought she was cradling a Xanax to sleep every night.”

    exactly! but reading through the previous comments, I am beginning to understand the motivation of her character for behaving this way. and I also tend to go with the school of thought that she’s starting to realize her feelings for Soo are not sisterly but something else. and it’s all part of a defense mechanism, on top of her feelings of vulnerability over the big con.

    I have faith in writer Noh so I’m waiting for the next episodes and hoping for a happy ending, though I don’t know how Soo will get from Point A to Point Z.

  27. 27 Jules

    To me, it was obvious that Young didn’t know that the medicine the pill contained was deadly.

    So when Soo empties the contents onto the floor, she starts to wonder why he’d do such a thing (and then lie to her about it). And then she becomes suspicous of just how deadly it is and when she remembers his response to her asking for the pill – “Should I? Should I just give it to you?” *paraphrased* – she realises that he was musing on whether or not to kill her.

    Thus all of her pointed remarks about him wanting her dead and her horror and heartbreak when she found out that all of her suspicions were correct.

    It made perfect sense to me, and so I was with Young 100% through the episode. Imagine her pain of finally letting down her guard enough to trust someone – only to discover that said person has been toying with her, lying to her, casually pondering on whether or not to end her life. Poor Young. :'(

    • 27.1 Sylbis

      Wonderfully and eloquently put. Your elucidation has cemented my comprehension of why Young acted the way she did in this episode. Thanks!:D

    • 27.2 Betsy Hp

      Agreed! I was 100% with Young, too. And also 100% with Soo, because he really is on her side now. But she doesn’t know it and… Oh, my poor heart — it bleeds.

    • 27.3 Amethyst

      Thanks for your reply… you have explained it well I hope others will read your point of view.

  28. 28 Boba

    Ah come on young ! If I was in ur place I would have accepted it with all those sweet amazing things he does ! Why so sad ! Why so confused ! I hate it when things get misunderstood !! Soo I love you , forever and always ! Remined me again ! Why isn’t the tv loaded with his projects , he is magnificent !!! Waaaah

  29. 29 ilikemangos

    Something tells me with all of soo’s secrets being spilled to multiple people, next week’s episodes are going to be a doozy. People say these last two episodes were slower; I say it’s slowly building up for shit to hit the fan. Soo is going to be exposed, Young will get hurt, and all hell will break loose. Y’all are gonna wish we had the sweet moments between our OTP again. Yesterday’s episode is supposed to be the calm before the storm.

    Btw, I am so glad taeyeon has lent her wonderful voice to this beautiful drama. Really, the songs she sings for drama osts are just charged with so much emotion.

    • 29.1 ilikemangos

      episode 8 from three days ago, being the calm before the storm.

  30. 30 ilikemangos

    People seem to be split on this episode; either you really didn’t like it or you really liked it. I suggest reading some of the comments above about young’s motivations/thoughts/feelings for those of you who have no idea what her problem is; some of the comments are really insightful!

    Aside from the confusion with young’s character, i’ve got to say that kiss between hee-sun and jin sung and is just too cute for words. Why. So. Cute. Seriously, their relationship is so unique in dramaland in which they openly talk about their feelings for each other. It’s great. I don’t care if it seems a bit sudden, i’ve always liked them together. ha

    • 30.1 pogo

      The Hee-sun/Jin-sung pairing is actually the lone bright spot in the drama right now, and I agree – it’s SO rare to find a kdrama relationship where one person is so open about their feelings and the other person just matter-of-factly accepts it without denial or angst. Though what’s sudden is her about face from ‘I like Soo’ to kissing Jin-sung, even though liking Soo didn’t stop her planting one on Jin-sung in ep. 3.

      (also, the kissing was somewhere between adorable and lolarious, the role-reversal of the usual kdrama kiss kills me even if the blanket got in the way lol. Next time, can we have a little more smoochies and a little less blankets please? Though morning-after cat-ear hoodies are all good)

    • 30.2 skelly

      I actually didn’t care much for the hee-sun and jin-sung scenes. I don’t think they are acting at the same level as the other main actors, and I am not a fan of aegyo so to me their cute mugging (some of it decidedly with a wink to the audience) is out of place and takes away from the dramatic tension that has been so carefully built. And those kisses – what are they, eight-year-olds? That’s not very realistic, IMO.

      • 30.2.1 SD

        Same here. I’m fan of Kim Bum, but I just can’t feel any chemistry between him and Eunji. To be honest, they look like siblings to me. Maybe it’s because Eunji is still a girl and I see Kim Bum as a grown man already. And I agree, the kiss was just too teenybopper. I ain’t complaining though. LOL.

  31. 31 John

    HeadsNo2 ~

    Thanks for the recap.

    Hopefully there will be a way for Soo and Young to overcome the obstacles that face them.

    Jin-sung is such a loyal friend. He’s also a lucky dog. I’d like Hee-sun to kiss me.

    • 31.1 pogo

      I like that the second leads have their own thing going here, and we could definitely use some more Jin-sung/Hee-sun kissing (I hope they didn’t frontload all that)

  32. 32 Cup Cake

    REFER TO HEADLINE PHOTO. As he was leaning toward her to give her a kiss before he leaves, she turned away. WAIT ! She was blind, how can she saw him leaning toward her to give her a kiss. The director must have over look that part.

    • 32.1 kaye

      even if you are a blind, you have other senses to use. OY is blind for a long time and she makes use of her other senses to be aware of her environment. The drama showed us of how she is aware of her surroundings. Try to close your eyes for a long time and you can feel too if someone is approaching/coming closer to you.

    • 32.2 sunshower

      My question is, why is he attempting to kiss her?? Seems like on the lips no less if she hadn’t turn her head away.

      I mean, come on, I want them together BUT?? Kissing her would be giving the lie away O.o

      • 32.2.1 kaye

        he’s aiming for the cheek, not the lips. In the preview it looks like he’s aiming to kiss her on the lips, but it’s entirety shows it’s on the cheeks. I thought he explained that he was just giving her a goodnight kiss.

  33. 33 ks

    Great recaps! I had the same confusion when I was watching this episode. Reading all the comments above, I still don’t quite understand why Young was so upset. OK, let’s say maybe she thought it was something like Xanax, and so she gets mad that Soo emptied the capsule because he didn’t want to help with her suffering. But then her friend tells her that it was a horse euthanasia. So, shouldn’t be glad that Soo was actually trying to save her from killing herself???

    Then in the end, she yells at him “Why couldn’t you kill me? Why couldn’t you kill me?! I’m so easy. I can’t do anything. Why didn’t you kill me? Why?!”

    So, maybe she knew it was a death pill, and that she really wanted to die, but pissed off that Soo didn’t let her die? I mean, that’s how I can make sense of Young’s strange behavior this episode. On the other hand, she wanting them to share the death pill together didn’t make sense! I’m so confused!!

    HeadsNo2 – I laughed out loud when you mentioned “nosocomephobia”! It was the first time I’ve seen that term. I work in the medical profession, and we use terms like “nosocomial infection” (hospital-related infections).

  34. 34 mamie

    Me, I do understand what Young may feel. My friend used to had boy friend, bad boy type who has many girls fan. Everybody said he’s not good and told her not to trust him. So no matter how much friend love his boy friend, the words people said about him somehow, anyhow, brought her to confusion and unhealthy relationship. She always suspect him never ever love her and only take advantage of her. She feels depressed and not happy and want to just break up. But when I said, JUST BREAK UP IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BREAK UP. She quite and loosen up.

    I witness how every moment created misunderstanding, and even the smallest misunderstanding can be strong reason to challenge her boy friend to break up. So easy to said, but when her boy friend seem like want to give up and just follow what she wants to break up, she become more angry and said, “so what people said is true? That actually you never ever love me? That you used me, and only want something for me?

    I think Young always feel want to die because of her situation. People around her, and also her disease. When Soo came, she expect Soo as her brother will protect her, and wont let her just die no matter how she desperately give up and want to die. Even actually she always afraid that soo is not her real brother and he came to her only for money as others said. So when she found out that the pill is actually as dangerous as Soo said, Young’s hurt by believing, “Oh, so its true that you want me to die?”

    • 34.1 Mags

      This. Thanks for giving us real example. Me too understand why Young was angry with Soo. She felt betrayed. Or maybe she just mad at herself of being right (about her suspicions and doubts towards Soo’s intentions). I don’t know, i just totally can understand her. For someone like Young who distrust anyone, being lied to and played with are just catalysts to emotional breakdown. It’s heartbreaking to hear Young said, “Why couldn’t you kill me? Why couldn’t you kill me?! I’m so easy. I can’t do anything. Why didn’t you kill me? Why?!” Maybe Young thought if he wanted to kill her, why didn’t he just do it? (he already got permission and opportunities to do so) Why must he bother gaining her trust if he’s going to kill her anyway? Why must he mess with her heart?

      ~Just my two cents~

  35. 35 Jackie

    This was an even better episode from Wednesday’s. This drama is not disappointing me that’s for sure.

    And can Jo In Sung get any hotter?! That bluesteel stare he gave to those baddies was just too much for my ovaries. It was sexiness to a whole new level!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh

    • 35.1 blabla100

      Indeed, that stare was so very hot 😀

  36. 36 ks

    btw, anyone knows the title of the song played at the end (when Young was yelling at Soo for not killing her?” Love that song.

    Oh how much I love this drama! The actors are just superb. Since the onset of my K drama addiction and becoming more picky with what I watch, I must say this is one has hit all the sweet spots for me!

    • 36.1 ilikemangos

      Taeyeon’s “And One”

      • 36.1.1 ks

        Thanks! Beautiful melody.

  37. 37 kdramapedia

    The thing that annoyed me the most about this episode was all the convenient side characters whose only purpose was to give out plot information and/or throw a wrench into plans. Cafe Owner has long lost a real purpose, especially. He ONLY comes in the picture to throw suspicions about Oh Soo even though he RARELY interacts with him. It’s such an obvious plot device that I wish the show wouldn’t rely on so much because it can be better than that.

  38. 38 ilikemangos

    Halfway mark, already?!
    I don’t know if it’s the skeptical part of me or if melodramas burned me, but I was half expecting this show to save the big reveal towards the end of the show where it’s too late to go back, young dies, soo lives in guilt for the rest of his life, and/or everyone dies.
    But, it seems like all lies/truths will soon be revealed, and I’ve never been happier. This gives me hope, because it means young and soo will have enough time to repair their relationship as well, and allows young to trust soo once again. I’m wondering which path Noh Hee Kyung takes next after the intensity that is to come next week; we still have 7 episodes left. Speaking of which, can y’all believe this is a melodrama with only 16 episodes? Perhaps there’s this schema in my head that tells me every melo should be atleast 20+, long, dragged out episodes.

  39. 39 Fun-Lugha

    Again I don’t think MC’s a bad guy, he’s just a sad lonely puppy in need of a loyal friend like Soo?! Sec Wang could possibly be Soo’s mom as someone’s already pointed out. Doc noona will save Young and she’ll prolly regain her sight via some generous donation by MC?! (he’s dying innit?!) Soo will kill himself, put himself in harms way to end up dying or anything along the lines of facing death and not wanting to be saved. Sec Wang will feel like a complete a** for not recognizing her son and kill herself? Young will be such a sad puppy she’ll want to kill herself?! Long story short death is the only sensible solution i see to conclude this twisted tale…

  40. 40 sunshower

    I really felt bummed about this episode because like you said, I cannot understand why Young acted this way.

    It is true that he had the pill, but he didn’t try to give it to her! He even said it was his, but she made him to promise to share it. Urgh.

    Trying to buy the “you-see-what-you-want-to-see” theory, as in she only recalls all the statements from Soo about the pill, but not the ones that Soo refuses to give her the pill.

    • 40.1 sunshower

      Oh I am particularly bummed too because Young was such an interesting heroine until now…

      Shucks, double bummed.

  41. 41 unknown

    In this episode, every time Oh Soo looked at Oh Young was with so much love. I was really impressed with Jo In Sung’s acting in that scene where he was being shown the door by Oh Young. His protrayal of hurt and bewilderment by the mean words she said to him as well as rejecting his good night kiss was very powerful and heartfelt. The next day at the front of the house, under the same circumstances, he flew into a rage when Oh Young was being nasty. Therefore, in a few minutes, he acted out a whole wide range of emotions so beautifully and believably – kudos to such fine acting and directing.

  42. 42 fisi

    I have watched the jdrama version and I love the jdrama one. I think the death pill got into the story more naturally in the jdrama version. Other than that, seems that the story now is going along with the jdrama one. But I also love this korean version as both of the actors and actress are so good looking.

  43. 43 dunlop

    Lots of people are confused that she knew what the pill was, but she did not. If you listen to what OS said to her about it, he said you take it when you want to die and it will take all you pain away leaving you peaceful. Now to us, we knew what the pill was so we freaked out at that scene thinking he told her the truth about the pill. But now pretend you were OY and you had no idea what the pill was, and someone close to you(whom you trust) said those lines. You’re not gonna assume that he meant “when you want to die” literally. Many people use that term to mean when you’re hurting a lot. She thought it was some kind of pain killer.

    If all she wanted to do was die, she can easily die without a pill like that. The fact that she was so comforted by it when she was in pain, confirms this. When OS lies to her about the pill, it’s only then that she realizes “when you want to die” was literally what he meant.

    Many times we complain about kpop writers because they treat us like children(having to clearly explain everything over and over again). But this drama’s writer believes that her audience is smart enough to figure things out without her bashing us over the head with it. But that can also lead to the audience not misunderstanding things.

    In this case, I think it really was hard to catch that OY didn’t know the pill was a death pill. But I believe that was what the writer intended, because it makes no sense otherwise.

  44. 44 dany

    Thank you.

  45. 45 Abbie

    So good. This show is drama crack for me.

    I don’t get Young. At all. Just when I think I’ve got hr figured out, she totally surprises me by doing a 180. She keeps acting like she wants to die, but when she finally learns what the Instant Death Pill is made of, she cries? Why? Is being confronted with the truth, that the pill can actually kill her, a wake up call? Or does she seriously want Soo to literally be the one to kill her? Does she really want him to murder her? It’s like she wants to die, but is too afraid to pull the proverbial trigger herself. I don’t get her. Not to mention, why does she want to die in the first place?!

    My heart is firmly with Soo. I want him to succeed, and not die. So many lies, though. It’s all gonna come back to bite him in the ass, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

    • 45.1 skelly

      Again, I think it is not so much the question of whether or not it is a death pill, but the fact that the one person she most wanted to trust has blatantly lied to her and taken advantage of her blindness. The whole reason she no longer wants to live in the first place is because her life is a lonely prison with no one to trust and love. She has such hopes for Soo, and he tromped all over them while acting as if he cared about her.

  46. 46 TinaFee

    It’s me again! :-) I understand Youngie, because I know, how we women are. We want to have Everything bright and clear in our relationships. When we love and trust, we love and trust with whole heart and expect the same from our partner, husband, boyfriend. That’s why, she desperately analyzing everything about Soo again and again. Come on guys, she is blind and could not trust Anybody until Soo came into her life. We are all shocked, because we know about Soo’s feelings and every move! Youngie is not able to see him and look in his eyes and feel this deep love and pain. The time will come. Love is in the air!! :-)

  47. 47 jjeennyy19

    “I was definitely feeling a sense of loss when they were apart this episode.”

    THIS..I felt OS’s pain when he wanted to be near OY and OY being cold toward OS again…Episode 8 really made us glued to OS and OY together and how they can be perfect in each other arms that by episode 9 seeing them apart makes it difficult to watch..Writer NHK is really awesome..

  48. 48 maakopla

    Hey, I just thought about something while watching this episode.

    What if secretary Wang is Yongie’s real mother and that’s why she was left behind + that’s why Wang wants to be her mother so bad? What if Wang had a fling with the chairman and then they gave the baby to his wife to raise her and when Wang came into the household then the wife left with her son.

    I’m probably wrong, dunno.

    People have suggested that maybe Wang is Soo’s mother but in one episode when he is telling that his mother actually came to give him some money when he was in high school they show his mother and it’s not secretary wang. maybe it’s her sister or something? Or she sent her sister? What if Yongie’s mother is Soo’s mother? What if the chairman is his father?

    What if in the end Soo dies and gives his eyes to Yongie so she will have to live on. Are we going towards Temptation of Wolves?

    • 48.1 rh_rpg

      i prefer ending like kiss – because i’m a woman mv
      OS give his eye then he go away to repent his mistake (take care cows in JS dad farm :D) or summer snow ending OS die then his eye transfer to oh young. but i agree before die OS must make a video for OY like Temptation of Wolves. no happy ending please, a drama only memorable if it have shocking ending.

    • 48.2 blkasian

      I have similar thoughts about sec Wang being Young’s mother based on what sounded like true concern when speaking with the Dr.

  49. 49 DayDreamer

    Before I say anything about the episode, I want to say, HeadsNo2, I really love your style of writing. You’ve made me chuckle and smile with glee at your responses to the episode and the comment section was excellent to read. Really am a big fan of your recaps. Please keep up the great work.

    Just like you, I was greatly confused over Young’s actions but reading through the comments of the rest of Beanies above, I guess there is a logical reason for it that I can accept. This week was definitely a slow one but like someone mentioned, it’s probably the calm before the big storm of angst.

    Personally, I was happy to see in this episode that Soo’s cover was blown up and for sure I think that the charade is all over for him. Everyone will end up knowing that Friend Oh Soo (the real oppa) is dead and this Oh Soo is the gambler. That would be a good move by the writer because it can allow for a happier reconciliation for Young and Oh Soo…and romantic developments from Young, rather than her continuing to believe he’s her oppa.

  50. 50 anvesha

    I. Don’t. Get . Young.

    She is mad because he tried to save her. Or mad because he actually had a death pill with him.. that he even thought of giving to her. Or she is mad because he LIED to save her.. I don’t get her anger.

  51. 51 Betsy Hp

    Thanks for the recaps HeadsNo2! :)

    Soo totally broke my heart (again!) and Young totally broke my heart (even more!) and not even the cuteness of Hee-Sun and Jin-sung could put it back together.

    (Though, part of it was the awkwardness of those comic-relief scenes. A first-time misstep by this production, I think. Usually the humor they bring is segued in a lot more smoothly.)

    I will say though, I’m kind of relieved it’s all blowing up in Soo’s face, now. It leaves that much more time to fix it all.

  52. 52 docvenil

    I think secretary wang is youngie’s eomma! 😉

  53. 53 Alyssa

    I was totally lost to Youngie’s anger as well but after giving it some though this is what i came up with that would some what make sense as to why she would be so angry. She trusted Soo to be there for her and take care of her, she wanted him to take her pain away as in the pill. she was angry at him for being selfish i guess for not letting her die peacefully by taking the magic pill. that anger turned into suspicion because she doesnt see it as his act of love for her she saw it as oh he wants me to suffer with this pain when i thought i could trust him to make it stop

  54. 54 blkasian

    Thank you for the excellent recap. I love this drama and all of the little ups and downs presented. Does any have any thoughts on the trail of blood that was shown during the basketball scene ? Was it the kids or the bad guy ? I hope this ends with a happy Young and Soo relationship…

    • 54.1 Jale

      It’s from Moo Chul. He spat it out when he told his sister the doctor that he has only two months left to live. He’s dying apparently.

  55. 55 ks

    I think I get Young now. Maybe it was something lost in the English translation about the “death” pill. So, she probably thought it was a pain killer, and was upset that Soo didn’t want to give it to her when he dumped the content onto the floor. Then when she found out that it was actually an euthanizing pill, she got angry because she couldn’t believe her own brother would want to give her that pill in the beginning (the flashback scenes).

    She realizes that Soo had changed his mind about not killing her when he gave her the empty capsule. So, in the end of the episode, she asked him why he didn’t kill her, that it was so easy to kill her. I think this leads nicely to the next episode where Soo explains to her that he loves her and that’s why he couldn’t kill her for the money. And because she is starting to fall for him, she accepts his feelings (the preview is showing clues of that romance)?

  56. 56 MAC

    laides, it’s all because of the brain tumor ha ha ha

  57. 57 Melissa

    Nice recap- had me LOL-ing multiple times

    • 57.1 Melissa

      Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was confused at Young’s coldness towards OS.

  58. 58 Gidget

    Great recap!

    “There’s only so much screen time that needs to be devoted to Joong-tae’s photo hunt before it’d be faster for one of us to fly over, find it, and make it back in time for the weekend.” LOL

  59. 59 lulu

    I’m so excited to catch up with this drama over spring break! woot woot!

  60. 60 kim jong in

    the fighing scene was preeety awesome …………………………………………..i think soo is pretty……..gangster the way he tossed the bottle on the head of a guy …………………………….thats really cool……………..but i am kind of tired of a girl who wants just nothing but to die all the time ……………………song he kyo ……lines might bore her ………..bcoz she always talk about dying……………….

  61. 61 idlehouse

    I also thought Young was in rage because maybe initially she thought it was just like a really strong dose of painkiller or something rather conventional, but the fact that it’s something like euthanasia drug for animal means that it was designed specifically to kill, and then for him to use he weakest moment when she is in so much pain and tempt her with it, after she begged him to let her trust him yada yada, now she feels like she back up against the wall, confused as to what is it that he wants with her, how come he didn’t kill her when he had the chance blah blah blah….

  62. 62 idlehouse

    the death wish is pretty legit in my opinion, actually, because she feels like she has something terminal, and being in so much pains more frequently while having nothing to fight for or to hang on to in life, I’d want to die too. Often you hear cancer patients fight for their lives because of their loved ones, their young children, their newly wedded spouses. She has no one until OS shows up, and he shows up in really murky water with lots of things unexplained, so that didn’t make her feel 100% confident. When she swept up the stuffs that OS dumped, initially Heads thought she was saving for later use, but turns out she was getting that stuffs analyzed because she became suspicious – so that didn’t count as morbid after all…

  63. 63 missjb

    I understand Young’s anger….

    For her point of view, She get a sense from Soo’s explanation that pill was the kind of pill like drugs who can make you forget your pain- a kind of pain when you already on the verge of wanting to die so badly because you can’t bear it- so u will take it and the pain will dissapear. Didn’t expected it would be Pill that would make you die. This action really shown to us, she actually really doesn’t want to die. Her constant rambling that she really want to die is just to test/ give her a proof from people around her, it’s if there is someone who can be rust and sincere towards her. That’s how desperate she has become…

    In those moment when Soo have plenty of opportunity to killed her, it’s not valid enough to make it proof that he didn’t plan to kill her since beginning. Due to the fact if Young die beside him, he will become a suspect for her death.

    We angry because we saw this drama from SOo’s point of view, and we know his action all this time is sincere…
    But not from Young’s point of view.

    She just want to believe someone, not necesary mean her heart really believe him 100 %. so she let herself willing to believe in him all this time, but it makes her become more vulnerable, because it makes her scared of being betrayed by someone.

    Ahh I love Young so much, she is so multi layered heroine… I love watching her, and SHK’s acting makes it all worth it. How I wish Eun Ki in Nice Guy is as multi layered and well written as Young..

    • 63.1 missjb

      About wanting to die…

      I really understand Young… SOmetimes there is some moment when you willing to die because all you can see in your future is all Black.. You have no longer have a future and already don’t have people around you that can be trust or sincere towards you… But I believe (or at least want to believe) when Soo enter her life, without her realizing it that feeling for willing to live has grown. little by little she felt happiness and someone who she can stand for …

      And despite you willing to die, How can you didn’t get hurt when someone that actually you can trust to actually want to kill you..? Even you have a wish death .. you get hurt and felt betrayed, right? She start to thinking he buy that pill in trying to kill her without trace… Justified!

      We only hope, in remaining episode, She actually will get a hint all this time it’s her who push him to take that pill and didn’t plan to kill her, and he is being sincere all this time.

  64. 64 Lilian

    Is there still a possibility for a happy ending? I hope so!
    But the ending of this episode is really daebak. So much distrust, anger, disappointment hanging in the air. And I’ve got to agree that Oh Soo’s entrance was way cool!

  65. 65 altair


  66. 66 Sajen

    this show makes me wonder how Young would react to someone like me. My personal philosophy in life is, if someone wants to die no matter how much I live them no matter age, sex or religion if that person truly wants to die, then let them die.

  67. 67 ulaspotamus

    i think i’m psycho. i keep replaying the last scene. i mean how can he become so charismatic when doing something abusive?! his anger so cool.

  68. 68 In2deep

    Some readers are saying…, why should young get upset about soo wanting to give her a death pill, afterall, she has been wanting to kill herself…….. well, i think…even though Young wants to kill herself… Its another thing to realise that someone, esp her beloved brother soo, wants to kill her..

  69. 69 Ivy

    Uhh, this episode really got me, right there in my heart… Poor Soo, and poor Young, can’t they just be happy and together???

    Things are really going downhill, into darkness

  70. 70 myla

    I like this episode the most especially the last scene. That scene really made me feel for the main characters, how they’re really hurting.

    If Iwere Oh young and other characters involved in the drama, I’ll see Oh Soo as the bad guy and in the drama he really is. The mere fact that he approached Oh Young to get money and betraying the dead brother is unforgiveable. However, as a viewer, I’m on Oh Soo’s side because I can see how he’s changing and he’s not really bad deep inside. We viewers can really feel for him because we can see what he’s doing for Oh Young in person and secretly. But to other characters in the drama, they didn’t see it so of course Oh Soo for them is the bad guy.

    Regarding Oh young being angry to Oh Soo, I can understand her. When Hee Sun told her about Oh soo being a con man, her world crumbled because she thought Oh Soo is sincere to her. But still, he gave Oh Soo the benefit of the doubt and asked him if he can trust him because he’s the only one she feels she can trust. And since Oh Soo said that she can trust him, she believed him and trusted her again wholeheartedly. But knowing about the pill when Oh Soo removed its content and later on she realized it’s a deadly pill, her world really crumbled for good because she realized OH Soo is not an honest person and can’t really be trusted. It doesn’t matter if Oh Soo didn’t let her take the pill, the fact that he acquired that deadly pill means he’s thinking of using it for a reason. Of course we viewers can see the sincerity of Oh Soo but for Oh Young who’s blind it’s hard for her to see Oh Soo’s sincerity 100%.

  71. 71 xjp4

    Death Pill vs Pain Killer….

    If OY thought the pill was just a souped up Ibuprofen, then… was there really a need to deliberate, bellyache, struggle and agonize a good portion of that scene? What was that about….

    For someone who had been sick for almost her entire adult life, it is reasonable to guess she knows and have used a pain killer before. It will be so odd if she had not.

    Chances are, it did not take that long with the same degree of agony and pain…. just to decide if she should take it or not.

  72. 72 Ben

    Can someone explain to me why young is so sad about that medicine. I thought oh so has already told her what that drug was? Please explain sorry for bad English

  73. 73 sojuboy

    This show is too good. Hey, what’s with the disappearing pill act? Angel trick or what! 8)

  74. 74 yami

    I think as long as Young is alive, Secretary Wang gets something according to the Young’s father’s will.

  75. 75 p1nky

    Heard Zo In-Sung got injured while filming a scene where he has to punch a wall & a bottle accidentally breaks too and that made him had to had 16 stitches. Is it this one? Because after breaking the beer bottle, we can see his left hand is all bloody but the next scene, it’s so clean.

  76. 76 christina

    I’m so afraid this drama is heading to a sad ending,and I’ll be depressed. Sad to be so invested in fiction.

  77. 77 Ilikegreen

    After reading people’s comments I think the reason she is angry is because she feels betrayed, once again.
    The first two sucidal thought was when her relationship with soo was still shaky and she had no one to trust so she rather just die instead of living alone.
    Her and soo finally became close ( I’m still debating whether she knows soo is the real brother, but I think she doesn’t because why would she finally go looking for her real one after the whole pill incident) and she found someone she can trust and ultimately have a reason to live even if he moves to Italy.
    I thought soo had told her the pill kills you, not just something to make you feel at ease but I read subs so maybe I had some misunderstanding. But I guess him just lying to her once by spilling the pill is like a stab in her heart. I mean the girl has been lied to practically all her life because people think she is blind and can’t see the truth. Then just flashing back to the other scenes makes her boil up more because he lied to her so many times.
    So her breaking point at the end is because she once again trusted someone but was betrayed and she lost her reason for living, her oh soo
    Oppa who isn’t really her oppa. Also she probably feels frustrated and stupid for trusting him but I’m pretty sure deep down inside she still feel stupid for loving him(as seen in the bell on the string scene)

    That’s my two cents :)

  78. 78 SJ

    i was also baffled why she’s super mad at him? anyway if i had to choose a real brod or fake like oh soo i ‘ll be happy to have a fake brod like him since he’s very sincere in spite of the fact that he’s got intentions at first to get some money to pay his debts but in the long run he’s been dedicated to her like she’s really his own or real sister! i luv jo in seong’s charac here & his & her acting are both superb! luvng this drama to da max!

  79. 79 Bookdork1

    “I’m leaning more toward the she’s-possibly-insane-and-wants-Young-as-a-living-doll side of things” HA, that was hilarious!

    I’m pretty sure that the root of my confusion with Young’s behavior this episode lies in the fact that I thought she understood everything the “comfort” pill entailed. Apparently, she had no idea, and is now emotionally stunned/terrified…I guess? Idk, her behavior was such a complete 180 from how she’d been with Soo only one episode before, it was jarring and I felt so badly for Soo…huh, feeling bad for the conman. It is a sign of excellent writing and character development that I currently feel greater heartache for the guy who’s running the con than for the poor girl he’s using (I’m still a huge fan of Young, of course, the suicidal tendencies have just gotten a bit annoying).

    Though it’s going to be really painful, I am super excited for Soo’s con to be discovered. Finally, an end to the fauxcest! Yay! Hopefully, Young forgives him quickly and they be an actual couple, but I may be deluding myself :(

    • 79.1 Jale

      Wholehearted agree with your take!

    • 79.2 sojuboy

      I have to wonder what the writer is going to do?

      I do hope her dad will be watching over her….and be proud of her no matter what happens. It’s all beyond our control.

  80. 80 mae23

    Who’s remember Soo’s mother face when the camera shoot her face in taxi after giving the money when Soo was 10 years old? I’m pretty sure, she is Secretary Wang with different style (80’s style, curly hair, thick make up). And it will be very good if Secretary Wang is really Soo’s mother (I never thought Secretary Wang is Young’s mom, never). She loves Young like she’s her real daughter, I believe, so it will change 180 degrees that she will be the real guardian for Young and also Soo. If Secretary Wang really Soo’s mother, she will help Soo gets love that he never get, to pay of all her guilty to make Soo’s live so miserable and being a conman. Then Secretary Wang realize what’s Soo doing entirely is only because her fault to abandon him in the past.

  81. 81 Jale

    I don’t believe any of the opinions that Secretary Wang is Soo’s mother. She couldn’t be. If you think about it Wang has been working in the PL Group for years and had the one night stand with Young’s dad. Then she moved into the house to be the Chairman’s mistress then Soo and mother left. She was still working at the house befor the mother left; remember the piano scene with the little Young singing?

    That point gives us a clue about Secretary Wang’s intentions about Yoing. She envied that child since then and had wanted her to be her’s. She needs that girl to care for, which is why I believe she kept her unable to fix her eyes so she can be dependent on her always.

  82. 82 Compass Wise


    Episode 1: https://vimeo.com/60000090
    Episode 2: https://vimeo.com/60174345
    Episode 3: https://vimeo.com/60332977
    Episode 4: https://vimeo.com/60710258
    Episode 5: https://vimeo.com/60838908
    Episode 6.1: https://vimeo.com/60893706
    Episode 6.2: https://vimeo.com/60901072
    Episode 7: https://vimeo.com/60950269
    Episode 8: https://vimeo.com/61452690
    Episode 9: https://vimeo.com/61533902
    O2 couple: https://vimeo.com/61640320

  83. 83 Aki

    I was confused why Young was so mad when she found out it was a euthanizing pill. I thought she already knew the pill was deadly…or did I miss something?

  84. 84 Tina

    thank you for the summary, couldn’t wait for the next episodes. So great to be able to see Jo in sung again with Song hye kyo, . Saranghae jo in sungg oppa

  85. 85 chiffoncake

    i just can’t get enufffff of this drama, luvng it to da max! i always look f/ward to seeing nxt epis each time i finished one! jo in seong & song hye got gr8 chem! i hope this drama is longer than 16. btw i don’t see any d/l of ost DB i’m loving the music the vocals & instrumental! i hope u do upload some plssssssssssssss. thnx

  86. 86 Eunicee

    can anyone tell me what’s the name of that background music , with the piano .. its instrumental and its not part of the 4 main OST’S ??

    musch appreachiated (:

  87. 87 tomiko

    hi! i really enjoyed reading your recaps especially when i could no longer wait for the next episode, i turn on the wifi then go to this site and boom! :-) thank you! so in return, i think i cud help you with the part that got you confused—>why Young got ultimately mad at Soo after recalling their “push and pull” saga of her trying to kill herself… she managed to connect all those dots (mainly Soo’s words) that led her to the idea that Soo really wanted her dead but is just waiting for the right time, especially before when Soo was asking himself miserably in her presence if he should give her that pill. They are also fighting over the pill every time. She’s always doubtful of others and all she can trust are her instincts, ears and memories. I dont think shes mad at him bec hes trying to keep her alive. huhuhu i hope this helped! :-)

  88. 88 tomiko

    ow so my comment’s a little late, the show’s just airing this time in my country thats why. lol

    but still, i think a lot of people dont get this part. confused about Young’s sudden change of attitude towards Soo.

    remember, Young depends on her sense of hearing all the time, maybe touch and smell as well, so in this episode, first she heard Soo emptying the capsule of its content, then Soo claiming that the pill is not really a cure, then finally, Young remembering Soo’s words: miserably asking himself before if he should give the pill to her. Shes becoming convinced that his brother cant really be trusted and that he might be really considering the option to kill her for the money. So its all about what shes heard from the past. So in the next episode, of course he’l be able to tell her that it was meant for him because he didnt use to have a reason to live… but now he does! he loves her too much! <3

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