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Up-and-comers in Scary Story 2
by | March 8, 2013 | 51 Comments

All right, there’s a new horror flick out there called Scary Story 2, and for any other reason it would sound forgettable and bland… except for its cast, which is chock-full of promising up-and-comers.

First off we have Sung Joon (Can We Get Married, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, White Christmas), whom I’d wager on as becoming a prime contender for Bright Leading Man of the Future. He’s been cast as the lead in the movie, which is the sequel to an original I’ve never heard of. But no matter, since we’ve got a much more interesting cast this time around.

And while one likable cast member is hardly enough to get excited about (I’m sure we all understand the heartbreak of That Terrible Project Our Beloved Did), we’ve also got Go Kyung-pyo to watch for. Either this boy suddenly signed with an amazing agent, or he’s gotten incredibly lucky to have his potential appreciated right off the bat: No sooner than I’d seen him be surprisingly good in the launch of Korea’s Saturday Night Live did I see him racking up lots of supporting role points with Operation Proposal, Standby, and Flower Boy Next Door. He has been cast alongside his SNL and Flower Boy co-star Kim Seul-gi (she was the bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived webtoon PD)

The film is reportedly about the “chilling events” that transpire after three friends get into a car crash. I presume we’re talking about the three boys, which includes Lee Soo-hyuk (Vampire Idol, White Christmas). (By the way, who else marvels at how interlinked this new generation of young actors is? With such casts as White Christmas and Shut Up and School, it’s no wonder these boys are co-starring repeatedly. Winner: Us.)

But it’s not just a phenomenon reserved for our boys of the industry: The two ladies in the main cast have already worked together in last year’s heartwarming sitcom High Kick 3, Baek Jin-hee and Kim Ji-won.

Scary Story 2 will begin filming this month, with plans to release in June. Yeesh, that’s a tight schedule. Well, nobody ever accused the K-entertainment industry of slacking.

Via Osen, TV Daily


51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    wow…..amazing cast !!

    and the story sounds like your regular horror flick, but with so many awesome actors, I’m totally excited for this πŸ™‚

  2. dongdong

    and kim jiwon also worked with lee soohyuk in what’s up! lol!

    • 2.1 kay

      yay so i excited! i loved their scenes together in what’s up. tho far too little.

    • 2.2 Kgrl

      Can I just say I’m so smitten with our panda eyes PD from FBND? If only Kim Seulgi also joined in on this movie – she would be awesome as comedic relief in a teen/youth horror movie. Hey, nothing wrong with combining horror and comedy. Not as if there hasn’t been enough mixing of genres in the K ent industry.

      • 2.2.1 Pillowhead

        Hey Kgrl. I loved panda eyes too!!! I thought she was going to be in it.

  3. PollyRose

    Wow…really not a fan of horror movies, buuuut when you throw all these names in the mix it certainly makes me look twice. I’ll have to check it out if it comes my way…

    • 3.1 alua

      Me too. I never watch horror – it’s like the one genre I 100% skip. But I’m going to, ummm, have to reconsider for this one with THIS CAST!!!

      Very short production time for a movie though…

  4. Godzilla

    Lee So Hyuk and Kim Ji Won have same face features.. They are look alike! Lol

    exciteeed cast *write on my k movie list to watch*

  5. Danna

    By the way, who else marvels at how interlinked this new generation of young actors is?
    Me !!!! I practically have flowchart interconnecting all our White Christmas Boys and the projects that they have starred in…Its amazing!!
    Love how Sung Joon is picking his projects and the way he is improving since his rather green perfomace in WC….I think he has it in him to become awesome.
    And Go Kyung Pyo! Boy does he remind me of Cha Tae Hyun in some respects…really great comic chops!
    Also love Baek Jin Hee!!

  6. becca_boo

    “Well, nobody ever accused the K-entertainment industry of slacking” … or of being sane, apparently. Wow, that’s gonna be tight.

    Anyway, I love the cast, so now I just hope that the movie itself will be good. Thanks for sharing, jb!

  7. Abbie

    I’ve also noticed that a lot of these young actors co-star a lot together, but I don’t mind one bit.

    Sung-joon is my favorite out of these actors, so I’ll watch for him. Probably, I’m not a big fan of scary movies.

    • 7.1 Waiting


  8. Vix

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  9. Pillowhead

    YES! this looks awesome.LOVE this entire cast. and they are the new brat pack, just not so bratty. haha.

  10. 10 kay

    aww i read elsewhere that’s it’s actually 3 different stories in the movie. so not everyone will be acting together πŸ™ but at least sung joon and soo hyuk will be in the same segment.

  11. 11 Christy

    I won’t be tuning in since I’m terrified of scary movies – seriously, I saw a cartoon adaptation of an Edgar Allen Poe story as a kid, and even that freaked me out! But am excited for these guys, definitely agree this is like the next generation Brat Pack.

    By the way, I’ve always thought that Sung Joon looked oddly familiar and I finally figured it out! Though I’m probably the last to notice this…but anyone else see a resemblance between him and Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen?

    • 11.1 canxi

      About Sung Joon and Bolin Chen..YES! Their acting styles can be similar sometimes, too. I think this solidifies the notion that I have a “type” when it comes to guys as I go especially ga-ga over these two. LOL.

      • 11.1.1 Christy

        Haha, I hear ya! They’re both chockfull of charisma πŸ™‚

    • 11.2 liz

      Omg, I thought he looked like Bolin on his last drama ”can we get married” he really did look like him in some angles and scenes O0

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    Nice! Loving the cast too. I especially love Go Kyung Po…who was an amazing villain in God’s Quiz 3 and an amazing idiot in Standby and now I’m loving him in FBND too. Something about him is just so likeable. <3

  13. 13 redfox

    yay! I have been waiting for Sung Joon to be cast as a lead in a movie and even if it is a “Scary story” whatever I am still happy! He can “carry” the lead role, his acting is so solid and held together yet I think he is capable of surprising emotions. great. definately a touch of “intelligent acting” even if it should be a silly theme….

  14. 14 anvesha

    it’s not everyday that everyone in the cast is exciting!! I’ve been waiting for Sung Joon because I didn’t like his last drama..

  15. 15 saranga

    lee soo-hyuk has an incredibly charismatic face. he’s not handsome in the typical way, but he’s totally magnetic. he killed it visuals-wise in tree with deep roots! and his voice! i thought sung joon had one of the best voices, but i just remembered that lee soo-hyuk (arguably) has an even better voice. it’s more drawly and melancholy.

    but his acting has been admittedly, a little weaker than some of his fellow model-turned-actor colleagues (sung joon, kim woo-bin). i’d love to see more range from him!

  16. 16 canxi

    Wow, so 100-watt casting does exist because I love everyone here. I need to see this.

  17. 17 pigtookie

    wow. that’s definitely a lot of budding younger actors that I’ve found really likable, though mostly in supporting roles.

  18. 18 stars4u

    I was just missing him since Can We Got Married ended but good to hear that he has a new project out soon.
    It always gives off a warm feeling when cast members get united. Sung-joon was also reunited with his White Christmas cast mate Kim Young Kwang in Can We Get Married.

  19. 19 Ace

    *Googled Scary Story 1*

    Found Horror Stories trailer…too scary to watch 5 horror tales in one sitting…but couldn’t find the whole film to watch online while it’s still daylight…

  20. 20 Fun-Lugha

    Shame that I’ll always associate LSH with Kim Min Hee, although he may actually be good at his job! And yey! For our resident flower boy rocker coolest bf…yeahs him!

  21. 21 kelinci biru

    I have to ask, because i didn’t get this quote “(I’m sure we all understand the heartbreak of That Terrible Project Our Beloved Did)” who is it referring to? Is it still about Sung Joon?

    • 21.1 PollyRose

      I took it as a general comment, not referencing anyone specific. More along the lines that we can all remember something we got excited about that had someone we love cast in it and they’re being a part of it was not enough to save what was undeniably a trainwreck of a movie or drama. Sometimes they even made it worse…

      • 21.1.1 kelinci biru

        Ah. I got it. So true. So many disappointing drama in dramaland lately. Thanks PollyRose.

    • 21.2 mary

      I thought it was referring to Joo Won’s L7CS.

      But then it could also be Lee Min Ho in Faith.

      Or Song Seung Hoon in Dr. Jin.

      Or… you’re right. Too many disappointing dramas lately. :((

      • 21.2.1 Fun-Lugha

        Well considering the recent ‘stickfiguresgate’ (lols) my bet’s on JW. Though to be fair I’ve seen worse dramas, infact for me his drama is nowhere near the bad dramas category. It’s all a matter of personal taste at the end of the day I guess, to each his own and all that…

      • 21.2.2 come2noona

        Or Gong Yoo in Big. πŸ™

  22. 22 Mini

    I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! (except one) I’m looking forward to this~

  23. 23 liz

    Hope it is okay to post it here.

    It is just too funny LOL and has Kim Seul Gi on it too (and jay park XD)

    But I adore adore Kim Seul-gi on SNL!!!

    I ship her with Go Kyung-pyo too and Jay Park.

    Who knew she was the girl from this video:


    I watched this video and then saw her on Flower boy next door and didn’t recognize her! Stupid me!

    I’m liking SNL parodies, they are all fun.

    For fans of Reply me 1997

    Another funny video, joking about platist face…

  24. 24 Ivy

    Uhhh, love the cast πŸ˜€ I’m not usually into scary movies myself, but hehe I can’t wait to watch this!

    I love how the K-entertainment industry is fast and stuff….

  25. 25 Jules

    I haven’t heard of Scary Story, but there was a movie called Horror Story/Stories which “starred” Kim Ji Won.

    The basic synopsis is: a student (Kim Ji Won) is kidnapped by a serial killer (Yoo Yeon Seok) and made to tell him horror stories so he won’t kill her.

    If it’s a sequel to Horror Stories, it’ll probably have the same format: a series of shortish ‘episodes’, narrated by a storyteller. Who may or may not be Kim Ji Won. Hmm.

    Anyway, I’m excited for this movie – thanks for the heads-up, Javabeans! πŸ™‚

  26. 26 mysterious

    I wil definitely be watching because of Sung Joon and Lee Soo Hyuk.

    It IS amazing how so many actors from White Christmas, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and School are together these days. Sung Joon was in White Christmas and SUFBB and so was Kwak Jung Wook and then Kwak Jung Wook was in School 2013 withh Kim Woo Bin who was also in White Christmas. ANd then Kim Woo Bin was in Vampire Idol with Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun who were both in White Christmas as well. And now Sung Joon is reuinited with Lee Soo Hyuk yet again? Yeesh! These boys are becoming serious power players. White Christmas didn’t kill with ratings but it was the show that first introduced me to these boys and so far I am loving every one of

    (Side note: of the boys mentioned here my fav 3 are #1 KIM WOO BIN!!! and tied for 2nd are Sung Joon and Kwak Jung Wook, who made it into the top 3 with his recent performance as the bully Oh Jung Ho in School – a role which he nailed – his eyes were so intense when he was angry I thought he would burn someone to death. And of the 4 shows I mentioned Kwak Jung Wook and Kim Woo Bin win for most connections as each was in 3 of the 4 shows.)

    (Another side note: I know this was supposed to be about the movie with Sung Joon and Lee Soo Hyuk but when I realized all the connections I was intrigued and ended up writing about that, sorry. But I will definitely watch the movie for SJ and LSH.)

  27. 27 kaye

    Perhaps all the model-turned-actors are from one agency.

    Anyway, yay more Sung Joon, Go Kyung-pyo and Lee Soo Hyuk.

  28. 28 mary

    If these guys are in the movie then it’s NOT scary for me. πŸ˜›

  29. 29 chaosgirl

    I don’t like scary movies, but I guess I better get my big girl pants on, because I am not missing a movie with Sung Joon and Soo Hyuk in it. Haha, I am devoted to my model boys!!!

  30. 30 goldeng

    Oh andlee soo hyuk and kim ji won worke ogethe in what up too!! Theyre all really interlinked lol i get a ‘i kbo what u dd lasummer’ vibe from t his and i nt like horror films that much but the cast is full of promising actors!

  31. 31 Enz

    Oh, I’ve missed sung joon so but horror movie!! I can’t do horror! Ottoke? πŸ™

  32. 32 itsmyr

    I marvel too at how the White Christmas boys are interlinked together like they can’t get enough of each other… I just watched a Kang Ji Wan movie last week with Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang with a cameo from Kim Woo Bin.. my heart literally burst with pride!

    I don’t watch horror movies often but I’ll definitely watch this. πŸ˜€

  33. 33 annnsow

    Oh this cast.
    I hate scary movies but you’re challenging me right now………

  34. 34 Merrily

    White Christmas was a launching pad for all of its up-and-coming male leads. When I was watching it, I had this gut feeling that I was seeing something special: all of the leads were so full of potential, good looks, and talent. White Christmas will probably be the last time all of them are together, since they are getting so successful that each is on his way to a first male lead status.

  35. 35 anna

    Sung Joon is really so lucky. He started out the same time as Kim Woo Bin and already he’s leading male status. It only took him 2 dramas before being the lead in one of the best dramas ever! SUFBB <3

  36. 36 anna

    Oh I forgot to mention, it’s funny that I was just looking at the asianwiki page for this movie yesterday. It looks like the film is split into 3 segments. Soo-hyuk and Sung-joon will be starring in their own segment. The 3 friends one is with Kim Seul-Gi.

  37. 37 Jess

    How about we call this “Scary Story of Flower Boys 2” instead? RAWR <3

  38. 38 Z


    I was just wondering if anyone knew where to find Scary Story 2? It’s supposed to have been out for a couple months now, but I still can’t find it! >.<

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