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Yeon Jung-hoon joins weekender I Summon You, Gold
by | March 20, 2013 | 44 Comments

I had a feeling our hero was going to be cast this week for I Summon You, Gold (which has set its other leads in place), and now we have him: Yeon Jung-hoon.

Two things: (1) Awesome, Mr. Hot Broody Vampire is back on television! (2) But… where will he find blood to drink and baddies to beat up in a long-running weekend drama? Because here’s the thing — I’m not sure I can ever see Yeon Jung-hoon as any character other than prosecutor Min Tae-yeon anymore, he who fights crime by day as a prosecutor, and… okay, fights crime at night too, also as a prosecutor, but with some added vampy benefits like psychic visions.

I usually don’t have any trouble divorcing an actor from a memorable performance, and once a role is done I’m ready to move along with him (or her) to the next challenge. And it’s not like I haven’t seen him act in other stuff before (East of Eden, Jejoongwon). But perhaps it’s because Vampire Prosecutor had two seasons, or because the drama had such a strong stylish flair, that the essence and ambiance tends to linger long after the show has ended.

In any case, Yeon will be playing the president of a large jewelry company as the elder son in the family business. Aha, so I had the right of it: He’s the hyung to Lee Tae-sung, who’s married to Lee Soo-kyung, who’s the rival to our heroine, Han Ji-hye. So our heroine’s rival married the younger son, while our leading lady gets the first son. Dramaland makes sure to reward its Candys, that’s for sure. His character has already gone through one painful divorce, but through Han Ji-hye he experiences “real happiness and love” in a “sweet loveline.”

Well, on the upside at least we’ll get to see him have a proper romance for once, instead of just teasing us with infuriatingly sparse flirty moments and cheeky grins. (Seriously, what’s it take to get a vampire a little action around here?)

I Summon You, Gold premieres on MBC in April.

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44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jcay

    Now i’ m watching this. Get my weekly fix of my favorite vamp. Thanks.

  2. yumi

    Thanks for posting.

    This is the first post on I SUMMON YOU, GOLD I’ve read. The name was just so weird. But now I realize jewelry is involved, it seems less weird.

  3. browncoat_78

    Now I’m torn between my great love for Yeon Jung Hoon and my and my utter and total inability to sit through an absurdly long weekend family drama. Ugh. Bummer. 🙁

    • 3.1 DayDreamer

      I was about to post the same exact thing! I want my sexy vampire back on screen, definitely as a lead, preferably in third season of VP….but this is a drama that hadn’t interested me from the very beginning, plus it’s rather long, and I’m just not in it. 🙁 Couldn’t they have gone for someone I don’t care about? lol

      • 3.1.1 Betty

        “”Couldn’t they have gone for someone I don’t care about? lol””
        —-> SO TRUE! lol

  4. mtoh

    Oppa is there…OK,I’ll check this.

  5. Devi

    yes, uri min gomsa back in main channel. hope s3 will be continued on this year as soon as possible. his role like in CMBL i thought. but i hear, the drama only 5 ep?

  6. damianna

    oh noo…i was ready to dismiss this. then mr vampy pros came and it suddenly sounds interesting. very interesting!

  7. CPM

    Does this mean no VP3?? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • 7.1 Sajen

      it better not with that non ending to season 2 they gave us

      • 7.1.1 mystisith

        Agree. I’m a big fan of season 1 but season 2 wasn’t satisfying. I’d rather have him with a good secondary character than as a lead for an ersatz of the part who made him famous…

    • 7.2 OMG

      it probably means a later VP3……

      N i damn better be right or else me and some peeps are gonna have a talk!!!

  8. snow_white

    now, this show has some attraction…

    it’s good that he will be acting in a completely different role…

  9. Abbie

    I agree, I think I’ll have problems with seeing the Vampire Prosecutor as anything other than the Vampire Prosecutor, because the only thing I’ve seen him in is Vampire Prosecutor. Wow.

    I’ve pretty much been ignoring the news about this show, because it didn’t seem interesting, but now it does sound interesting, so I’ll pay closer attention to it. That doesn’t mean I’ll watch it, but who knows? It does sound like a cut and dry, run of the mill drama, so probably no ground-breaking surprises from it, too.

  10. 10 Camille

    I will forever envy Han Ga-in.

    • 10.1 OMG


    • 10.2 Gala

      She sure is a lucky one!

      And I really hate reading that rumour regarding the couple and kang dong won. For my love of KDW and YJH, I really hope it’s not true, eventhough allegedly YJH is okay with it. O_o

    • 10.3 pepperandice

      i think the most jealousy inducing bit is how obvious it is about how much he loves her, whenever he talks about her on variety shows, which is not often but every time he goes on one its inevitable she comes up, his whole body language and just the WAY he talks about her and her personality and whatever, its like seeing shooting flames of love coming out of his pores lol, what a beautiful couple

      • 10.3.1 Pipit

        Now you make me jealous!

  11. 11 kopytko

    Ha! news like that when I thought it would be one long, boring drama that I wouldn’t even try watching. LOL, now I may have a look at the first episode.
    On the one hand I want to see a new side to his acting, on the other hand I found his character in CLBM absolutely hilarious and don’t mind watching it for many, many episodes.

    Maybe I will finally learn this actor’s name: Yeon Jung-Hoon? Because for me he was either Ma In Tak from Can Love Become Money, the Vampire Prosecutor or Han Ga-In’s hubby. By now, the name has been impossible for me to remember.

  12. 12 mystisith

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!! Oppa for a romantic character and to boot, a lost soul to save? IRRESISTIBLE. I’m like a vamp detecting a drop of blood in a pool: I will go straight to the target. I don’t care. I will fastforward the “rollseyesscenes” and the “facepalmscharacters”.
    He was so good in Can Love Become Money?
    Day officially categorized as a good day. ^^

    • 12.1 jomo

      I am with you, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!
      He proved to be a nice soft (frissons) kisser in CLBM.
      He made that character waaaaaaay more interesting that the script.

  13. 13 vans

    Noooo, what about VP3 🙁 i mean im so glad that i can see him back, especially with a romance but he cant leave VP, it’s one of the most awesome dramas that i’ve seen. Family dramas are so long, he can’t finish it this year, so we won’t have VP3 at least in this year?
    Please, come back next year to finish VP, will ya? Gosh i hope he doesn’t act 2 dramas at the same time, cause that sure is crazy @@

  14. 14 lorac

    I think if he doesn’t wear eyeliner it will be easy to separate him from Min Tae Yeon. Having seen him in other dramas after VP, Jejoongwon, Can Love Become Money and re-watching a couple of his older films… and by the way highly recommended if you have not seen them… after discovering him in Vampire Prosecutor, I’ll have no issues keeping the characters straight in my mind.

    But what does this “long-running” mean. Are we talking about months and months? I’m looking at beginning East of Eden, so where doe that leave me?

    And by the way, Jejoongwon was a perfect set up for later watching Gaksital. I gave a context of what happened the to Joseon people during the Japanese occupation, although Gaksital carried it much further.

    • 14.1 mystisith

      If it’s like most of the family dramas for the WE, 50 episodes. 25 weeks = 6 months.

  15. 15 Norkys

    With Han Ji-hye again??? :(((

  16. 16 Francis

    This is Yeon’s second time with Han. They acted together in East of Eden.

    His performance in East of Eden was memorable. He also acted in Sad Love Song with Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Hee Sun.

  17. 17 Suzi Q

    No guyliner for VP3? So disappointed.

    I’m glad he’s back, but these family dramas can be a drag to watch.

  18. 18 MariD

    Oppa is back!! Suddenly I care about this show. While it makes me sad that there probably won’t be a VP3, I can still live if he on my tv.

  19. 19 crazedlu

    Yes! Storyline leans a little crazy, but how can I not tune into a drama where Yeon Junghoon and Han Jihye are set to pair? Ha. I really like them together. I was pretty heartbroken with all the angst and tears their characters had to endure in East of Eden. By the end of it, I found I could deal with their separation, but I so liked them together.


    • 19.1 Annie

      Wow, how did I forget about that?

  20. 20 Lovebug

    I love him! Not sure I can sit through a weekend drama but he was so awesomely petty in Can Love become Money. (Not to mention amazingly smexy is VPs)

  21. 21 milkmustache

    Ugh, now I really want to watch this. I literally like every single actor/actress casted so far, except Han Ji-hye. :/ Sorry, but May Queen really ruined her for me. Maybe it’s because Kim Yoo-jung was so charming as young Hae-joo, but Han Ji-hye’s acting was incredibly boring.

  22. 22 Ennayra

    Haha. He’s totally vampire prosecutor to me. It’s the only drama I’ve ever seen him in.

  23. 23 kfangurl

    OMG. I have the same dilemma! XD

    I LOVED him in VP, & I’m excited to hear that I’ll get to see more of him on my screen. BUT.. I don’t know if I can see him as any other character than hot, sexy, broody vampire prosecutor Min Tae Yeon. He became Tae Yeon for me, like, seriously. So. Badass. Sexy. <3

  24. 24 Onichick

    Junghoon I love you and your sexy dorky behind but I am not watching a 3rd long as a hell family drama for you.

    Lee Jungjin and Jo Jo Jungsuk already have filled my family drama tolerance.

    And there better be a S3 of VP or I am swimming my angry fangirl butt to Korea and having words with OCN.

  25. 25 Micka~chan

    Okay, I’ve no idea what this is, but if HE’s in it then I am going to watch it!

    I am not much for Vampire prosecutor (yes, I said it!) so I look forward to seing him appear in something else.

    I loved him in “Can love become money”, he just made the whole show.

  26. 26 Alecia

    He was incredible in East of Eden! I am looking forward to seeing this new venture.

  27. 27 goldeng

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!! I miss VP so much -I hope we could have VP3!- but i’m glad jung hoon is back :))) He’ll always be Sexay Vampire Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon to me but surprisingly ,I had no problem watching him in Can love become money -it might be because he wasnt wearing guyliner XD- what’s bothering me -like with my other bias the resident scene stealer Jo Jung Suk- is keeping up with a 50+ weekend drama!! x.x its too much for me :'( I dunno how I would handle these dramas…

  28. 28 pepperandice

    with the success of the offbeat(for korean dramas) vampire prosecutor, i really dont understand why has he gone on to pick such boring tropey projects. isnt it the perfect time for him to foray into more properactorly fare?? even if he failed it wouldnt matter, just dont slip back into the indistinguishable swirling morass of that-style(yaknowwhatimtalkinbout) korean drama, this is 2013 not 2001, can we please have something new. i love this guy but the description of this and the last drama could not have provided better lullabys for me…

  29. 29 Jess

    Mehhh, I’m not a big fan of Han Ji Hye, but I do enjoy the other 3 actors….so most likely, I’ll be in to watch.

  30. 30 Audrey

    Yay, Mr. Vampire Prosecutor is back, I mean Yeon Jung Hoon. I am happy, but like so many others, this better mean VP 3 is going to be filmed later in the year.
    Oh and I adore him in CLBM. He gave the usual cold chaebol character some dimension. I recommend watching this if you want to watch him in something light and cheeky

    I just wished Lee So Kyung was the leading lady.
    I have no problem with Han Ji Hye, but LSK strucks me as the more versatile actress.

  31. 31 Meagan

    While I wait and hope for VP 3… I will surely be watching this and mostly because Yeon Jung Hoon is in it! ^^

  32. 32 Aimee

    It looks like there will be a season 3 of vampire prosecutor looking at OCN’s 2013 line-up, I just really hope ISYG doesn’t push it back too much >.<

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