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You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Episode 6
by | March 26, 2013 | 80 Comments

You know, I expected to get tired of the initial misunderstanding—the heroine mistaking the hero for a con artist—but it’s actually so amusing that I wouldn’t mind it if we let them continue like this for a while. The more self-satisfied and smug he is, the longer I want her to snub him, even if it’s based on a misunderstanding. More pride swallowing for him, more mistaken identity hijinks for us… it’s a win-win.


Jun-ho finally gets to make his grand I’ll Make You a Star pitch, only he picks the worst possible timing to do it. Soon-shin stares down at the familiar business card for Shin Jun-ho, Talent Agent, and tears come pouring out.

He mistakes them for tears of joy, until she starts sobbing uncontrollably. He starts to fidget nervously, saying she’s overdoing it and people will think he made her cry or something. You would be worried about that more than the crying girl in front of you.

She manages to stop her tears long enough to say that she has not even one ounce of interest in being a star, which of course is her guilt talking—she thinks her hopeless dream to be an actress is what led to Dad’s death. Jun-ho tries to stop her, but she pushes him aside, saying that she doesn’t have time for silly games and warns him not to bother her at work.

At home, Mom starts to get back into her normal routine, cooking and pretending to be happy and cheery in front of the rest of the family. First daughter Hye-shin asks if Mom wants to go to the police station with her today, but at one mention of that Mom turns away, insisting she’s much too busy at home.

She discovers Dad’s shirt mid-ironing, just the way she left it the day she ran out when she got the call. She sighs with fake relief that she’ll no longer have to iron shirts anymore and how great that is.

But when she’s alone doing laundry, she starts to sing an old song about growing old and spending your golden years together. Aw, I find Mom’s quiet grief far more heartbreaking than say, Grandma’s histrionics.

Second daughter Yoo-shin goes back to her usual routine, which involves scaling walls, apparently. Today she can’t make it all the way up, and hangs in mid-air after losing her grip.

Chan-woo calls to check up on her, and she snipes at him for overstepping again. Dude, why do you even like her? He’s so nice that he takes her attitude as a sign that she’s back to her old self, and offers to be a drinking buddy if she needs one. Of course she turns him down cold.

Soon-shin gets ready to go home after work that night, and her boss Young-hoon offers to take the staff out for her welcoming party that got pushed back the last time.

Jae-bum, the waiter who’s permanently got his knickers in a twist, gets upset that Soon-shin even gets a party, and then gets upset again when she asks to go some other time. Basically, you can’t win with this kid, but nobody listens to a word he says, which is why he’s amusing.

Soon-shin says she has to be home early for the foreseeable future, and makes a quick exit. Jun-ho comes in and tries to stop her for another chat, but Young-hoon plays interference so she can go.

He warns Jun-ho again not to mess with an innocent young girl, while Jun-ho thinks he’s dropping a golden opportunity in her lap and she’s the one who ought to be grateful. Young-hoon points out that his intentions are the problem, and calls him out point-blank for still being hung up on Yeon-ah.

Jun-ho flares up at the mention of his ex, and tells Young-hoon not to tell him how to live his life. Uh-oh, are the two buddies going to end up on the outs over this?

Soon-shin stops on her way home to collect part-time job notices in the street, and runs into Chan-woo. They’re so nice and encouraging to one another, but of course Yoo-shin comes by and the conversation takes a sharp left turn.

When Chan-woo offers to take the sisters out to dinner, Yoo-shin snaps that Soon-shin ought to take Chan-woo out with her huge signing bonus. Ouch. Chan-woo steps in to defend Soon-shin, which actually makes Yoo-shin even pettier, if that’s possible.

She gripes that someone might think Chan-woo was Soon-shin’s real brother, and I’m about to blow my lid, but Chan-woo takes the words right out of my mouth, and says that he IS Soon-shin’s oppa—someone needs to be, since her real sister is acting this way. Okay, that was kind of awesome.

She blames Soon-shin yet again for Dad’s death, and this time Chan-woo yells back that it was just an accident, and nobody’s fault. He asks why she can’t consider other people’s feelings just once in her life, but Yoo-shin won’t be appeased, and says she’ll be considerate and disappear then.

She goes straight home and starts throwing all of Soon-shin’s things on the floor, and screams at her to get a new room, suggesting she can kick unni out of her old room, or “sleep with Mom since Dad’s dead.” Yeeeeesh.

Soon-shin finds Mom in the middle of cleaning every single thing in the house to keep herself busy, and doesn’t tell her about the fight with her sister. Mom just tells her in general not to believe that Dad’s accident was her fault.

Mi-ryung gets back to her old self as well, though she has a mini freakout when they have to cross the intersection where the accident happened. She flashes back to that night, and sees that there’s a police banner on the street now, asking for eye witnesses to come forward.

Yeon-ah comes to visit her on set with lunch, and Mi-ryung has warmed to her enough to ask if she wants to be her daughter. She says that she’s never once been jealous of her friends with husbands, but she’s always been envious of moms who walk down the street arm in arm with their daughters.

Yeon-ah is ecstatic of course, and says immediately that she’s going to start calling her Mom and she can’t take it back. She can be cute, but I don’t trust her not to be conniving.

Jun-ho stews over Soon-shin’s unsigned contract, and his assistant In-sung picks the wrong thing to say and beams that Jun-ho chose wisely not to sign her, thinking he was out of his mind before.

Jun-ho jumps out of his chair, and it cracks me up that In-sung reflexively backs up like he’s getting ready for a beating. He never stands up straight either, or else he’d be taller than his boss (which seems like a big no-no, though it’s never been stated outright).

Ha, when Jun-ho goes to slap him, In-sung holds his face to Jun-ho’s hand, purring that his hands are so soft. Do you two need a room?

Sadly they get interrupted when Jun-ho gets a panicked call from his mother asking if he’s seen his sister Yi-jung, because Dad’s on his way back from his business trip early. Turns out Yi-jung is at home, and Mom barely makes it home seconds ahead of Dad, and stashes her daughter in the closet. Oh sure, that’s stealthy.

Sure enough, Dad finds her in about three seconds flat and drags her downstairs by the ear like an errant puppy. She says that she dropped out of school because she discovered her dream, and Dad calls to get a plane ticket back to New York for her that night.

He orders her upstairs to pack her things, and instead Yi-jung just runs out of the house in her bath wrap and slippers.

Jun-ho comes back down to the restaurant and orders Soon-shin to sit and listen to what he has to say. She rolls her eyes but sits still, while he gives her the big sales pitch… only it’s the EXACT same speech, verbatim, that the con man gave her. Ha.

She asks if he can’t come up with a fresher approach, calling him a con artist. It cracks me up how many times he uses the “Do you know who I am?” line on her, until he’s actually pleading, “I’m Shin Jun-ho!” and she’s just nodding like she’s playing along, “Uh-huh. I’m suuuuure you are.”

He gets a call and Soon-shin tells him to answer since it’s probably another of his girlfriends, thinking of the blind date incident. Go figure, it’s Yi-jung, so when he says, “Oppa is busy,” he means brother-oppa but of course it sounds like he’s dismissing yet another girlfriend.

Yi-jung screams that she’s here outside his building, and Jun-ho looks out the window to see his sister jumping up and down screaming for him, in her bathwear. Ha, this hole just gets deeper and deeper.

When he runs out, Young-hoon comes by the table, and Soon-shin asks if he’s really Shin Jun-ho. Interestingly, Young-hoon doesn’t confirm his identity, and even adds that he must be messing with her in reference to the contract. Hm, now I’m starting to think that your interest in Soon-shin oversteps pure intentions yourself, mister.

They look out the window, and Soon-shin’s jaw drops to see Yi-jung throw her arms around Jun-ho, crying, “Oppaaaaaaa~!” LOL, she looks like a crazy ex pleading with him not to leave her.

He gets her to his office, where she cries through a box of tissues at how horrible and unreasonable Dad is being, but Jun-ho says he’d do the same. She accuses him of having a double standard since he dropped out of school to pursue music, but he reminds her that he actually cut off ties with Dad to do so. Is she prepared to live without Dad’s money like he did?

Her answer: “Why would I have to when I have you?” Lordy. This one. She promptly sticks out her hand for his credit card so she can buy new clothes and get a hotel room, and when he refuses, she threatens to live in his office and calls Mom to come rescue her.

She sees the pictures of Soon-shin sitting on his desk and can’t believe he’d sign someone like her and not his own sister, and kicks up another fuss.

Hye-shin meets a friend to ask if there might be a job opening at her company, pretending to be bored with living in luxury. It looks like getting back into the workforce isn’t going to be easy, though you might have better luck if you just told people you actually need the job.

Talk turns to her father, and her friend remembers how much Dad cried at Hye-shin’s wedding, which she didn’t know. Her eyes fill with tears as she thinks of him, and she takes out his phone again.

There are more texts from the bakery owner (they get increasingly less polite each time, heh) asking him to pick up his cake. So she stops by the bakery on her way home, and Bread Man SEO JIN-WOOK recognizes her as Woo-joo’s mom from the cell phone incident.

He wonders if rudeness runs in their whole family, and returns the money she left the last time, only wanting the price of the cake. He has this giant chip on his shoulder for being a little mom and pop store, thinking that Dad is belittling him somehow, and goes on this really long rant about how he shouldn’t look down on people like that.

He asks her to make sure to tell her father, and Hye-shin finally can’t hold her tears back any longer and apologizes, “I can’t tell him because he passed away.” She walks out with the cake, leaving Jin-wook feeling like the biggest heel in heeldonia.

Mom continues on her quest to fill her time with anything she can, but Grandma sees her making kimchi with the radio blaring and assumes she’s not sad enough that her husband died. Seriously?

Soon-shin comes home, which just adds more fuel to the fire, and Grandma asks why she hasn’t moved out yet. Gah. Soon-shin pleads with Grandma, saying that she knows she did wrong, and promises to do better.

Mom finally snaps and yells right back at Grandma to stop blaming Soon-shin. She says it was her idea to take Soon-shin to that talent agent so it’s her fault, and screams: “I’m sad, and so is Soon-shin. We’re all having a hard time. Why can’t you see that?!”

She breaks down in tears, and perhaps finally, Grandma doesn’t think she’s the only one suffering. Mom lies awake that night, chiding Dad for not keeping his promise to spend the rest of his days making her laugh.

In the morning, Hye-shin shows Soon-shin the birthday cake Dad ordered for her. She takes it out of the box, and written on the cake is: “Our daughter is the best!” She takes out the card, where Dad apologizes for forgetting her birthday and being late.

Dad: Soon-shin-ah… you know what a precious daughter you are to your mother and father, don’t you? It’s okay not to be special. No matter what you do, it’s okay. You yourself are already special and precious. Our daughter is the best! You’re the best, Lee Soon-shin!

Awwwwwwww. *tears*

Mom says that Dad always had a knack for surprises, and lights the candle on the birthday cake. She says they have to do this properly, because Dad might not be able to rest without finishing the last thing he wanted to do before he died. Aw, Mom.

Yoo-shin joins them and asks what the cake is, and Mom says it’s a present from Dad. “It’s a present from your father, for you girls to stop being sad, to be strong and live well.”

Mom packs up the last of Dad’s things into boxes, and discovers the old photo of him with a young Mi-ryung.

Yi-jung calls Mi-ryung that day to ask her out to lunch, and she doesn’t seem thrilled about it, but agrees to meet her. Of course they pick The One Restaurant in Seoul, and Yi-jung arrives first.

She takes one look at her waitress and recognizes Soon-shin immediately as the girl in the photographs, and blurts, “How did you seduce my oppa?” That sounds wrong in so many ways.

Soon-shin has no idea what she’s talking about, but Yi-jung assumes she’s playing dumb on purpose, and gets so worked up that she knocks her own coffee over and spills it on herself, and then has the gall to blame Soon-shin.

She causes a huge scene, screaming like the spoiled princess that she is, and demands that Soon-shin pay for her jacket. Soon-shin points out that it wasn’t really her fault, to which Yi-jung asks if that’s what her father taught her.

It’s just the thing to get Soon-shin fired up, so when Yi-jung grabs a glass of water to throw at her, Soon-shin grabs her wrist and fights back. They struggle, until the water spills… all over Yi-jung. Ha, well, can’t say she didn’t have it coming.

And that’s when Mi-ryung walks in and comes face to face with Soon-shin.


It still feels a little bit like we’re barely revving up to really get going, but it isn’t strange to have six episodes of setup for a longer family drama. I think by now we’ve met all the key players and settled into their personalities and situations, and I’m starting to feel less like I need a chart every time someone new pops up onscreen. The pleasant way to think of it is that everyone only has up to go from here; the less patient side of me sometimes wants to shove a few characters into the corner until they grow up a little, but it’s not so severe that I can’t see myself warming to their turnaround arcs later. I spent a good long while being annoyed at Ojakkyo’s maknae oppa, for instance, but these family dramas always have a way of redeeming even the brattiest of siblings until you end up loving them.

I’m so glad Soon-shin got her birthday cake from Dad, and that he got the chance to tell her that she needn’t be special in the eyes of other people to be special and important to him. I know she won’t stop blaming herself for his death anytime soon, but I think it’s far more important for her to know that Dad was proud of her for just being her. There’s just something so endearing about her character, set up as the most ordinary of ordinary heroines, where everything from her name to the title of the drama is purposely a reversal of grandness. She’s not THE Lee Soon-shin, but just a girl, and she’s not the best at anything, but her loving father will cheer her on and call her the best because he loves her the way she is. That just gets me *right here* and I can’t help but root for a girl like that.

Mi-ryung, on the other hand, I’m still far from rooting for, but I do see how much they’re setting her up as Soon-shin’s opposite. She’s so narcissistic that she literally spends her days facing a floor-to-ceiling slideshow of herself on a neverending loop, which—I have to hand it to the show—says everything you need to know about her. So Mi-ryung, who gave up everything to save her own career because fame was more important to her, needs to learn to love others; and Soon-shin, who thinks so little of herself that she sees no value in her place in her own family or out in the world, needs to learn to love herself. I’m not as actively invested in Mi-ryung’s redemption, but I think they’re a package deal. I did start to feel some sympathy for her when she wanted Yeon-ah to be her daughter, so hopefully we’ll start to see more of her warmer, more vulnerable side as we get more entangled in everyone’s relationships.


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  1. i-Say

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. June

    I just finished watching ep 6, and I think I bawled my eyes out on the cake part. And every scene where Dad is mentioned. I’m a sucker for dad scenes. T__T

    I never knew I had this many tears, omgad.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

    • 2.1 ilikemangos

      Oh, god the cake speech.
      My screen was blurry for a good minute there.

    • 2.2 vie

      Me, too. Especially since my own father died about a year ago.

      Love this drama so much. And IU … I didn’t expected her to be so good. I wasn’t a fan of her, but I think I’m on my way there

  3. MariD

    Yes!! Recap!!! Thank you’
    I’m loving this show… IU is just making me love her even more. I’m still trying to figure out why my Young-Hoon chose to lie to Soon-Shin about Jun-Ho identity… Why oppa? If you like her, lying is not the way to go!
    Anyhow, I’m completely hating on sister number #2 & Jun-Ho’s little sister. The less screen time they get, the happier ill be..

    • 3.1 Enz

      He didnt lie but he didn’t tell the truth

    • 3.2 ilikemangos

      Is it just me or do i personally think young-hoon doesn’t like her yet?
      I saw it more as a protect this young, innocent girl from jun-ho “playing games” with yeon ah and trying to prove himself. And like he said, it’s cause jun-ho’s not genuine, but really just trying to prove himself. I think young hoon is just trying to protect soon hin from that.

      • 3.2.1 Betsy Hp

        Not just you. 🙂 I think you’re right, Young-hoon is just trying to protect Soon-shin from Jun-ho’s game. (At least, for now…)

        But I also think he’s trying to protect Jun-ho from the game Yeon-ah is playing. Basically he’s just being super mature and awesome. (Because someone has to be the adult in the only restaurant in Seoul. ;))

      • 3.2.2 Enz

        I disagree. He looked concerned in earlier episodes and so many made attempts to get her out as part of welcoming her to the workplace. For a part timer. I’d say there is more than just concern at work now.

        • Enz

          Sorry, I meant made attempts to see her outside of work on the pretext of welcoming her to the work place.

        • DHM

          I agree with you. There was also the comment he made very early on about how it didn’t look like she was married. He seemed rather pleased about that.

    • 3.3 lol

      Soooooo true!! ^^. Plus Jun ho’s little sis not pretty at all.

  4. Katie

    I cannot stand Yoo Shin. I get she’s the middle sister, but come on! She’s just stropping about like a 5 year old. I really don’t see how Chan Woo will end up with her lol.

    Not enough Young Hoon in this episode! Is it weird to say that I don’t care too much about the birth mother story line and more about Jun Ho/Yeon Ah/Shin Soon? I’m so easily satisfied lol.

  5. crazedlu

    Love. This. Show. Heart.

  6. Abbie

    This episode had me crying in more than one scene. It was just so good! This episode also pretty much made me hate Yoo-shin even more. She is just so unlikable a character, I have a feeling her redemption will be a long time in coming. Though, I’m sure there is a reason she is the way she is, she’s still a witch.

    I love Soon-shin’s story. Her interactions with Jun-ho are hilarious. I can’t wait until she agrees to be an actress. And I have a feeling that meeting Mi-ryung will be a factor in her decision, though I don’t think they’ll get along really well at first. Maybe.

    Hye-shin’s scenes with the baker, Jin-woo, are so good, too. The scene where she tells him her father was dead so she couldn’t tell him anything was my second favorite in this episode. The favorite was Soon-shin reading her Dad’s note.

    This show is oddly addictive, so I’m looking forward to more.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

    • 6.1 Fun-Lugha

      I have 2 theories as to why #2 is so horrible to her little sis. 1-it’s jealousy cuz she was the maknae for sometime then poof! Another maknae appears
      2-she knows lil sis is adopted
      3-both 1&2! (yikes!)

      • 6.1.1 Abbie

        You know, I agree with you. It’s probably both. But has she really held that over Soon-shin’s head all these years, with Soon-shin none the wiser? And is that also why she is so horrible to Chan-woo, or is there some other reason for that?

      • 6.1.2 Betsy Hp

        I agree with #1 — coupled with being the overachieving younger sister of an already-achieved-awesome older sister.

        I doubt #2 — unless Granny let something slip.

        Basically I think older sister sucked up all the praise for doing great, and youngest sister sucked up all the encouragement for doing poorly. So ignored middle sister is extremely jealous and feels extremely ignored.

    • 6.2 Maemei

      I love Soon-shin, but I get so excited every time someone ends up in the bakery with Jin-wook. I can’t wait to see what happens to his story line with the oldest sister. It felt good to see one of the sisters confront someone about their father’s death, even though I was cringing through his whole speech.

  7. snow_white

    thanks for the recap….

    I had tears in my eyes during that cake scene… it was so emotional…

    This show has so much to like…. 🙂

  8. Sone4Life

    Thanks for the recap! After watching this episode and reading this recap, I have a feeling I’m going to hate Yi Jung since I’m already so annoyed with her already…Also, I think Yeon A is gonna be very~ jealous of Soon Shin with Jun Ho and Mi Ryung.
    Ofc I still feel no sympathy for Yoo Shin…
    Looking forward to the future episodes <3

  9. Fidelity

    I thought this episode was pretty atrocious. Do so many characters need to be obnoxious at the same time? Grandma, Junho’s sister and Yooshin… I’m dreading how much hysterics they will cause before they make the very gradual “development”. Yeon-ah, Mi-ryung and Junho’s dad aren’t likeable at this point either.

  10. 10 Mystisith

    You know who drove me nuts in this episode? Middle sis. I must have been scary when I was watching her one too many anger outbursts. >.<
    Grandma was despicable too, really. Good thing SS's mom (and her deceased dad) both love(d) SS. I love her mom even more cause she was able to mourn quietly and with dignity. You can't control the pain when you lose someone but you can control the way you express it: You don't have to beat and insult people around you!
    Hopefully, this episode was the last heavy one for a while and we'll have a respite next week. Now, I need laughs and some cute flirtation with all those oppas in the house!

    • 10.1 Laica

      Mom is lovely and my favourite family member. That scene of her holding her husband’s pillow and remembering his promise tro make her laugh every day really got me in the heart.

    • 10.2 Betsy Hp

      @Mystisith: “You can’t control the pain when you lose someone but you can control the way you express it: You don’t have to beat and insult people around you!”

      To a certain extent, yes. But if you’ve got to yell and scream and beat things, who better to do it with than family? (I liked that last scene with the grandmother and mother both yelling at each other. Mom needed to say what she said, grandmother needed to hear her say it.)

      What Yoo-shin needs is someone to yell back. Which Soon-shin is feeling too guilty to do, so it’s good Chan-woo stepped in. That’s the scene where I got fully onboard their ‘ship. 😉

      (That and the scene where he called her up to check on her and let her rail some more. And she showed control in being polite to the climber-guy. Chan-woo is someone she can be honest around. Which I always like.)

  11. 11 Laica

    Thanks girlfriday.

    This was better than ep 5, but still a lot of setup stuff. I can’t wait until we get to the real story. The misunderstanding between Soon-shin and Jun-ho is funny, but I hope it gets resolved in the next episode because I am getting a little tired of it. Or maybe I just find it hard to watch Soon-shin get judged by everyone and their bratty little sister and not say anything to defend herself. Which I can understand, it’s not like she wants to explain something as personal as her father’s death to these near-strangers (and as for her sister and grandma, nothing she says will help). But I feel so bad for her – I wish she would talk to someone, because you can see it’s building up inside the poor girl.

    This drama has a lot of flaws, but it also has a lot of heart. I think I’m in for the long haul, barring it going totally to crazytown.

    • 11.1 Dominique

      In the 50-episode drama that preceded this one, called My Daughter Seo Young, things were up and running from the get-go. By Episode 6, it felt as if we had already gone through 24 episodes. The drama was full of old-fashioned conflicts and even cliches, but it laundered them through contemporary treatments and fresh dialogues. And it kept this up all the way to the end.

      Then, there was the 40-episode ratings-hit called Childless Comfort that was stirctly about middle-class people with middle-class issues. No social-climbing Candy Girl or son of a conglomerate waiting to be saved from himself, etc. Yet, the rapid-fire dialogue (courtesy of the great Kim Soo Hyun) was so entertaining and the resolution of every conflict was just a little bit ahead of the curve (certainly ahead of the ajumma viewers) to seem like a breath of fresh air.

      I cannot watch Lee Soon Shin just yet. Maybe when it hits its midpoint, perhaps. At present, it just seems so banal, mundane, excruciatingly slow and poorly acted.

      Thank God, there is Nine to save me from That Winter, Ad Genius, Chadon, and Joo Won.

      • 11.1.1 Fun-Lugha

        And here I am patiently awaiting Childless Comfort to be fully subbed! Agreed btw, Nine is just out of this world-literally! Feel free to pick it right back up anytime you wish good DB ladies, it’s waay too awesome not to be recapped!!!

      • 11.1.2 Enz

        I, on the other hand, could not stand my daughter seo young. Didn’t like the characters there exc the husband and the lovelines with the brother etc irritated me so! :p. so, I guess it’s a good thing the dramas are able to satisfy a variety of tastes.

        • MEalways

          Where is the thumb button, db?
          I second to you. I can’t stand Daughter Seo Young. Only watch 2 first episodes and 2 last episodes to know how it would end.

          The first (and yet the only) very long kdrama (more than 20 something episodes) was Okjagyo Brothers. So I hope that You’re the Best can also hooks me in.

      • 11.1.3 Meghan

        I was hooked on My Daughter Seo Young from the beginning, but in the middle I felt it draggggggged so badly for about 20 episodes. The majority of the characters were completely unlikeable too. I only finished watching it for Hyojung and Sangwoo’s storyline, as I adored Hyojung.

        • Enz

          The last few episodes were better but I never liked seo young and never really felt I understood her. Then again, I ndidnt follow it closely. I just know every time I did, I’m complaining! 🙂

    • 11.2 ilikemangos

      Totally agree with you Laica! My heart is breaking for soon-shin i wish she’d just tell someone so she wouldn’t have to put up with the bullcrap! but something as personal as her fathers death i understand shouldn’t be told to the world.

  12. 12 bebeswtz

    this drama, by far, is the ONE drama to make me cry the fastest/earliest into it’s setup with just 6 episodes…. tears would just not. stop. coming. during the birthday cake scene T.T But I’m glad that it FINALLY happened and hopefully from here on out, Soo-shin and grandma will just lay off of Soon-shin’s case….. and…. and WHERE WAS YOUNG HOON WHEN YI JUNG WAS THROWING HER PRINCESS FIT AT SOON-SHIN!?!??!?!? Oppa needs to save her!!!!

    • 12.1 bebeswtz

      P.S. I have a feeling that Yoo-shin isn’t mean to Soon-shin because she hates or her or feels that she is the blame for Dad’s death, I’m getting the feels that she’s just venting out her anger about herself to Soon-shin, because she’s mad that the last words she, Yoo-shin herself, spoke to Dad were negative ones T.T But she’s taking it out on Soon-shin cuz, hey, practically everyone is, including Soon-shin herself T.T

  13. 13 Jackeline

    At this point, I don’t think Young Hoon has feelings for Soon Shin. I think he just avoided telling her Jun Ho’s identity because he knows that she’s Jun Ho’s bet with Yeon Ah and doesn’t want her to get into this and get hurt. If persuading Jun Ho doesn’t work, might as well keep Soon Shin in the dark, right?

    But if this is the case then I think he has no right to do that. Soon Shin can choose for herself. I still love him though!

    And I love how Soon Shin can stand up for herself when she needs to.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 13.1 ilikemangos

      Absolutely with you. took the words right out of my mouth. I posted something similar ^.

  14. 14 Luz

    I love a heroine who isn’t afraid to layeth the smack down.


  15. 15 Mury

    I love how IU portrays Soon Shin! So natural and everything!

    I like how the Soon Shin character wasn’t annoying and seemed pretty normal. I cried so much with the dad parts and whenever she thinks lowly of herself….I mean, I guess she hears that she no good a lot, so she starts to believe it ;A;

    Sometimes I just wanted to have Soon Shin tell them her dad died! I mean-whenever a situation goes on, like when she was crying after Junho asked her to be an actress-like, the other people don’t know why she’s acting like this and stuff and it kinda makes me frustrated >;O

    But I guess it’s just building suspense for te fture episodes ^3^)/

    Favorite drama <3

  16. 16 JenJen

    JunHo+InSung bromance is hilarious. I also find IU’s portrayal of SoonShin well done. But I could do without grandma, YeonAh, MiRyung, and YiJung… then it wouldn’t be much of a drama, huh? ~sigh~ Hopefully it’ll get better as the drama progresses.

  17. 17 anvesha

    The last scene was so funny and aggravating at the same time (is that even possible?). His sister is so annoying blaming Soon-Shin for her own mistake…

  18. 18 Hah

    For some reason I think that sis #2 knows that Soon shin isn’t their full blooded sister. assuming that dad is soon shin’s real dad.

    But even if she didn’t know I do get what it means to be the middle child. Sometimes it feels like all the focus is on the elder one whose growing up and needs help with all this other stuff and the youngest one because well… theyre the youngest and need more nurturing. Sometimes the middle child just gets overshadowed. But why she hates soon shin so much and not the elder sister? Well when a newborn comes and steal all the glory, the elder sister is probably already used to it since Yoo shin ( i think thats her name) did take the position of newborn. Then when it was yooshin’s turn she probably never came to terms with it and just hated her straight up.

    I think the idea that yooshin knows that she’s a step child is plausible too.

    • 18.1 Hanjae

      I can understand the middle child syndrome, but the strange thing is it shouldn’t be the case here, since it’s obvious that Soon Shin had always been the ignored “outcast” sister in the family. Hye Shin’s the perfect one, Yoo Shin’s the beautiful one, etc., but Soon Shin is forgotten by everyone – no one even remembered her birthday! She had never taken the role of “pampered baby of the family” which might otherwise have caused Yoo Shin to be jealous, so really, Yoo Shin had no reason to act the way she did.

      • 18.1.1 Betsy Hp

        @Hanjae: “I can understand the middle child syndrome, but the strange thing is it shouldn’t be the case here, since it’s obvious that Soon Shin had always been the ignored “outcast” sister in the family.”

        I think that was actually an unusual occurrence (the missed birthday) — used to get us to see Soon-shin’s pov (the forgotten normal sister behind her high-achieving older sisters). But really, the mom adores Soon-shin and sees them as alike and I think that’s how it usually is with them.

        The mom compensates for Soon-shin being “ordinary” (and maybe also adopted) by giving her a little extra love. And Yoo-shin who doesn’t seem to need the extra attention (because she’s doing so well!) gets madly jealous.

        And thus, a family-installed button (of the “you’re pushing my buttons” ilk) is born.

    • 18.2 Reese

      I’d like to agree with you, but I feel like at the moment if Yoo-shin knew about it, she’s the type of person who would be vindictive enough to come right out and say it, especially since she blames Soon Shin for their father’s death. It’s one thing to lose a father, but if Yoo-shin were vindictive enough, she might have no problem with revealing all to Soon Shin and having Soon Shin lose everything. But maybe Yoo-shin doesn’t want to disrupt the family any more at this point.

      Who knows what’s going through the writer’s mind and what’ll happen in the future.

    • 18.3 hana

      Maybe Character’s description of Yoo Shin might help you guys understand why Yoo shin is so mean to Soon shin

      Yoo-shin is the second oldest sister and a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand. She’s quite capable, eloquent, and sharp.
      She is great at everything – sports, arts, even dating.
      Her interest lies in nature and spirituality, and great at yoga, her long-time passion. She is a vegetarian and passionate environmental activist. But she is also full of contradictions. She cannot bear to lose and does not tolerate being overlooked, but still preaches tolerance and healing whenever she has a chance.

      Her parents always loved Hye-shin and Sun-shin more than her. Hye-shin is the perfect daughter and Sun-shin is the youngest. Then what am I? Why was I born? Yu-shin has had these existential questions since she was but a child. Her self-worth was defined when, at age nine, she and Sun-shin played with matches and set fire to the kitchen. Her mother had run into the fire and saved Sun-shin first, leaving Yu-shin traumatized for life.

    • 18.4 ilikemangos

      Yikes. I was hoping dad was not soon-shin’s real dad ( and that’s what i took from his conversation with mi-ryung), because that would mean dad cheated on mom with mi-ryung. Considering soon shin is the youngest after her sisters.

  19. 19 quickbrownfox

    So glad Dramabeans is recapping this!!! Thank you!
    Love this show so much. This is my FIRST long family drama. Really love IU and JJS in this.

    I also wish that Yoo Shin’s character is not that nasty. I expected a bit of antagonistic relationship with Soon Shin, but yelling at her and blaming her for Dad’s death is just way too much. That makes her character just so dreadful and off-putting.

  20. 20 verte

    I cried reading the RECAP D’:
    I’m scared to watch the actual episode…

  21. 21 Brian

    Great recap girlfriday! I wish I didn’t start watching this drama — I’d rather have them all collected and then watch, but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

    Anyway, your recap is simply brilliant. It adds so much more depth to my enjoyment of a series. I mean who else would use the term “biggest heel in heeldonia” — LOL — that brought a smile to my face in spite of the situation. So original!

  22. 22 Haruni

    I hate the Grandma!! She’s such an annoying character, she’s worse than the second sister!

    • 22.1 Mystisith

      I hear you. Older people are supposed to be role models and yet she behaves like a bratty kid. You wouldn’t gain my respect with such a behaviour, that’s for sure!

      • 22.1.1 Enz

        But quite realistic. A lot ( well, some) of the older generation Asians moms, grandmoms are manipulative and believe that the younger generation should listen to everything they say and do as they are told.

        This grandma was awful, just like she was awful in ojakgyo too! She didn’t want to forgive ja-eun just coz she thought ja-euns father killed her son in an accident like thirty years ago, which was o unfair to jaeun.

        • ilikemangos

          Yup. very realistic indeed in the asian culture.
          Grandma’s are either really funny and cute, or they are soon shin’s grandma, who is quite old-fashioned and more traditional. Which means more close-mindedness.
          But you learn to live with that, because shame on you if you disrespect your elders. <– Something you hear throughout your whole life

  23. 23 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.
    Man, why do tears still come even though I’ve watched that cake scene.
    It is always devastating whenever they kill of a nice parent in dramas. It hits you in the guts if they are so loved.

    • 23.1 Sajen

      I’m with you on the death of nice parents in dramas being a gut punch. I think it’s probably because so many of them are just horrible people.

  24. 24 Sajen

    I’ve never tried watching a family drama while airing, I wonder if that would help.

    Could IU be any more adorable? There’s just something inherently likeable about her, from her music to Dream High to this, I think it might actually be impossible for anyone to dislike her.

    • 24.1 Meghan

      Poor IU’s having a rough time with netizens though ever since her “scandal” with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk late last year. Not that some people badmouthing her anonymously on the internet is really going to affect her career, since the ratings for this have been so good, and I’m sure her next album will do really well.

  25. 25 Mia

    Awws this drama, my feels!

  26. 26 Dorotka

    I just don’t understand how they couldn’t see mother’s grief behind her busyness… I was crying all the time…

  27. 27 Ally

    More Young Hoon’s scenes pls in the future hehe.. Loving YTBLSS so far!!!

    • 27.1 bebeswtz


  28. 28 MAC

    Have been shying away from long Kdramas, but am so glad i started this. Am truly liking this show!

  29. 29 Enz

    I don’t find the pace of the show slow at all. I like the setting up of the story as long as the dialogue is good and the characters are those you can love and root for. Right now, it’s easy to REALLY dislike the yu shin and I jeung and halmoni.

    Good lord, what selfish brats. Only thinking about their own pain.

    JJS doesn’t seem as comfortable yet in this role, his sidekick is very cute in this role, esp when I remember him in school 2013. He was so miserable then and here, he is the one providing the laughs :).

    And yes, young hoon should have been upfront to sun shin about jun ho there!! Tsk tsk.

  30. 30 DayDreamer

    Still find the pace slow but I think it got a wee bit better in this episode. I think my favorite scene thus far was the one with bratty sister clinging to Jun Ho oppa while in her bathwear, causing a ton of misunderstandings, lol. The sis is so bratty and I personally wouldn’t like to have a sibling like that but here it’s definitely fun to watch. Hope to see more of her.

    On the other hand, I’m getting a bit tired of the misunderstanding. Wish they’d move on already. I didn’t like that the friend lied (through implication and omission) to Soon Shin about Jun Ho’s identity. I mean, if there was a swindler out there using my name to do bad deeds, I’d be mad that my friend wasn’t clearing up misunderstandings about me.

  31. 31 Carmensitta

    Out of all the characters I hate the grandmother the most. You’d expect someone that got though life to be a bit more wise. I guess that the fact that I have a grandfather that made it his life’s goal now to torment my mum especially and other people around him is making this grandmother even more detestable.

  32. 32 Lilian

    Haha..each time he mentions I am Sin Jun Ho, I keep thinking…dude you are doing it the wrong way!!!

  33. 33 Ivy

    Cute. I’m getting a bit more into this drama

  34. 34 iammt2

    started crying the minute I saw Mom making kimchi. made me miss my grandparents so much.

  35. 35 Betsy Hp

    Thanks for the recap Girlfriday! I’m enjoying this show a lot more than I’d expected to. So many interesting and layered characters already and with promising storylines ahead! My only complaint is a greedy, “want more now!”

  36. 36 Waiting

    So, my question is…why does Jun-Ho’s father dislike Mi-Ryung so much?

  37. 37 aabha

    just luving this show…….

  38. 38 John

    girlfriday ~

    Thanks for the recap.

    Finally caught up . So many pretty women in this show, what a treat.

    Was that the saddest birthday cake scene ever?

    I’d like to see Soon-shin paired up with someone other than the main lead. Either Young-hoon or Chan-woo. I know, it’ll never happen.

    Yi-jung running around in her terry cloth bath clothes was silly but funny.

  39. 39 Ava

    Does anyone know the name of the song Yi-Jung is listening to in the scene when she’s in the bath tub?

  40. 40 Melina

    omg, right, but when they said ‘ You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin” I kinda laughed, since they brought in the title, but seriously, I’m probably going to die crying while watching this drama….

  41. 41 mine

    please help^^^what is the name of opening song in cafe scene??

  42. 42 Vivian

    Gosh I love and hate that cake scene in the bakery. I was already tearing a little because outsiders couldn’t see the pain inside, and that baker guy just kept ranting and telling his side of the story. Then I cried like mad when Hyeshin finally told him the truth. This episode was really too heartbreaking.

  43. 43 Ha NI

    I know this is a drama, but are we all seriously going to pretend that IU isn’t pretty? I know how many of the female protagonists are supposed to be plain, but come on now. Really.

  44. 44 Ha NI

    Like how can they look at Soon Shin and be like, “She’s ugly/plain”? Unrealistic.

  45. 45 Miranda Cooney

    can someone please tell me the song that plays while Yi Jung is in the tub? I’ve been searching for two hours and it’s killing me.

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