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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 433
by | April 12, 2013 | 92 Comments

EPISODE 433. Broadcast on April 7, 2013.

javabeans: Time for the new member to join our 1N2D family! I wonder if this is weirder for you, the longtime viewer, than it is for me — I started watching right when there were all those changes so this seems like just another day. Albeit without Seung-woo hyung.

girlfriday: You know, I’ve seen so many members come and go on this show over the years, and watched Jong-min go to army and come back, so it’s not that strange anymore. Though in some ways I’m STILL weirded out by the fact that Ho-dong isn’t around, so there’s that.

javabeans: This also means a return to the KBS station for the traditional butt-crack-of-dawn opening, which is something we haven’t seen in what seems like ages. The six members arrive with that extra bit of anticipation as they start off the recording to intro their latest addition.

girlfriday: But the new guy is hiding somewhere (or maybe they’ll crash his house like they did to Tae-woong) so they meet their new PD first.

javabeans: I actually think the new PD will be a bigger adjustment (for us and the cast) than the new actor. He sets the tone and already he looks like he’ll have a different personality from either Na or Bird. Then again, we probably can’t judge from his first day, when he’s being nice. I think the sadistic streak takes a few trips to draw out.

girlfriday: Yeah he seems all smiley and nice for now. They throw around some possible nicknames — Hamster, Bald Eagle — and then the PD promptly sticks a hat on his head after being called bald. Ha. The members joke that the pressure is on. Jong-min: “Because if it goes wrong it’s the PD’s fault!”

javabeans: Muahaha. The guys give the PD a hard time right away, with Tae-hyun saying all accusingly that he’s got two kids at home and the show is making him sneak out in the dawn hours like a thief in the night. Heh. Then they ask about Yoo Hae-jin, wondering where the new mat-hyung is. Cue highlight reel!

girlfriday: While he walks along a bridge in the middle of the city at four in the morning? Are they making him WALK to KBS?

javabeans: What is it about these “premium veteran” actors that they seem to be particularly gifted at (1) scene-stealing comedy, and (2) scary gangsters? That’s a weird dichotomy, right?

girlfriday: There must be some kind of character actor / variety formula, involving science and math. Su-geun seems happy that Hae-jin’s addition means he won’t be seventh place in the looks department anymore (HA) and the boys all joke that he’ll be the new maknae. Suuuure, when the new hyung’s not around, they can say whatever they want.

javabeans: Hae-jin says (during his solo trek through the dark streets of Seoul) that the new PD assured him he could consider this gig “like going on a trip with buddies.” I guess we’ll find out if the PD is a softie or a pants-on-fire lying liar soon enough.

girlfriday: Pffft. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Hae-jin that he believed that lie, or impressed with the new PD for selling it.

javabeans: The PD rolls out a map with several location selections (each is marked with a food item), and HA, the first mission is literally Find The Hidden Newbie. I do think that’s one cut less mean than Ditch The Newbie and Make Him Hitchhike.

girlfriday: Even though both end with the newbie walking along the deserted highway alone…

javabeans: I wonder if the tactic from a psychological standpoint is to make your newbie feel so adrift and alone that when he finally joins his team, he’s extra-EXTRA happy to have them there, like a bonding-boost.

girlfriday: Yeah that’s totally it. Also, that makes them sound like lab rats. Come to think of it, with all the food-related behavior modulating, I guess that’s not so far off.

javabeans: Shi-kyung blink-blink-blinks as the PD explains that if they pick the same food/rest stop that Hae-jin did, they all get to eat together, but if they pick wrong they go hungry. Way to reel him in right away. Hae-jin is told the rules — he’ll get to order the food and wait, but can’t actually eat if the members don’t show up. He can’t call them, so it’s telepathy time. Or maybe we just call it Hungry Time. So the cast starts guessing what a mid-40s man would want to eat — stew, maybe, but surely not cold kimbap. How like Joo-won to pick the cookies, huh?

girlfriday: It bolsters Su-geun’s argument though: “See, he picked the cookies because he’s a baby!” They’re still arguing when they get on the bus, and then they’re told another twist to the game: anyone can choose to get off at each stop, but if Hae-jin isn’t there, a punishment is waiting. Tae-hyun: “You tell us this NOW?” It doesn’t seem so bad though (I was imagining being left there to hitchhike or something), but the PD just says they have to tie their bangs up for the rest of the trip.

javabeans: Jong-min comes up with a good guess, that he may have chosen the food corresponding to his hometown — what if he decided he wanted a taste of his old familiar haunts? Cut to Hae-jin saying it feels like he’s heading back home… Su-geun decides to step off at their first stop, and Tae-hyun joins him while the rest scoff that there’s zero chance this is the one. Tae-hyun tears around the building screaming, “Have you seen a movie star?!” Cut to: Su-geun and Tae-hyun back on the bus, wearing little forehead-pigtails.

girlfriday: I take it back. That’s a pretty great punishment.

javabeans: Now they get a photo hint from Hae-jin, posing in front of a statue. The boys instantly recognize it and groan because they’re sure it’s the cookies. But Hae-jin sends a second photo wearing a ring on his pinky, and Jong-min unravels the clue (it’s wordplay for the words gold and hand, which indicates a location). So it’s Cookie team versus Bbageum team. I think just the fact that Tae-hyun is so stubbornly insisting on cookie means it’s wrong.

girlfriday: They arrive at the rest stop where Jong-min is planning to get off, and Su-geun says it’s too quiet outside — surely there are no celebrities here if it’s this quiet. Joo-won says he heard once that Hae-jin hyung was at Seoul Station and nobody recognized him (ha) so maybe that’s not such a clue.

javabeans: Joo-won goes running in alone, and it’s cutely sad how he starts yelling “Hae-jin hyung!” but then his voice shrinks to a whisper because he doesn’t see anybody. So it’s more like “HAE-JIN… hyung…” The others joke that Jong-min purposely misdirected them with the gold-hand joke, and then Jong-min convinces Tae-woong to jump off the bus too. Even though Jong-min stays behind, convinced it’s the other stop. Lol.

girlfriday: But then Tae-woong gets off, and lo and behold, there’s that statue that Tae-hyun swore was of two people holding up a giant walnut cookie.

javabeans: Aw, so Tae-woong digs into his hot bowl to join them, and snickers, “Dummies.”

girlfriday: I love how Joo-won lights up when he sees Tae-woong coming.

javabeans: Isn’t it adorable? It’s like, “Hyung had faith!” Inside the bus the others wonder why they’re taking so long because they only have ten minutes to find the member, eat, and come back. Because the bus rolls on at 10:01. Just then, a nearby bus leaves the parking lot… revealing that statue. HA. The look of chagrin on everyone’s faces is priceless.

girlfriday: With just over a minute left on the clock, Jong-min dashes off the bus. Meanwhile, Hae-jin is stuffing his face, and urges Tae-woong and Joo-won to hurry.

javabeans: The three breakfast-eaters make it back to the bus with 14 seconds left… leaving Jong-min in the parking lot slapping on the closed doors.

girlfriday: HA. So after being the one to decipher the clue, he’s the one who gets left behind?

javabeans: He calls Hae-jin to arrange a pickup at one of the upcoming rest stops, but then has to hitch a ride there. It’s tough going, and finally he resorts to writing out a sign asking for a ride. It’s so pathetic, poor Jong-min.

girlfriday: I like that Hae-jin doesn’t seem to have any qualms about leaving Jong-min behind. On the bus he tells the other members that he really likes to travel, so he liked the idea of doing the show because of that, “just as long as there aren’t any games.” Uh… have you ever watched this show?

javabeans: He says he doesn’t have that competitive spirit with games. I wonder if he’ll be Tae-woong’s twin. They can lose games and keep each other company. Hm, I wonder if that’s why Joo-won (the uber-competitive) gets on so well with Tae-woong. Maybe now he’ll be Hae-jin’s puppy too.

girlfriday: Maybe they can compete to be Joo-won’s hero.

javabeans: At least Jong-min finally hitches a truck ride with a nice ajusshi, probably because the man seems to know 1N2D pretty well. Of course, that also means that Jong-min’s attempt to draw sympathy falls flat (“They just ditched me! Isn’t that so disloyal?”), because ajusshi says, “But you guys do that all the time.”

girlfriday: He even gets to the next rest stop before the bus, and hops on as soon as they arrive.

javabeans: They make their way south, driving for six hours till they arrive at their destination city. Omg, the Joo-won cuddles. How is he such a baby? He’s freaking 26.

girlfriday: I know, it’s so cute. Hee, when the boys arrive, a group of ajummas attack with cuddles of their own, and now everyone’s a baby.

javabeans: They do their second opening at the pier, with Su-geun taking the boys aside for a prank on Hae-jin — when they do their trademark hands-raised-in-the-air, he proposes they all fall down to see what Hae-jin does. Sure enough, he’s totally confused and asks if he’s supposed to fall too. Su-geun asks, “Are you NOT going to fall?” like Hae-jin’s the weird one.

girlfriday: Haha, I love this. He totally falls for it.

javabeans: Then when Hae-jin asks for another take they feign mock-offended responses like, “Wow, how arrogant for the actor to demand another take.”

girlfriday: So then they go again, and this time, of course, he’s the only one to do the fall all by himself. Aaaand the hazing begins.

javabeans: Okay, the first one was mild, but the second round totally made that worth it. Then they make him yell “1 Night 2 Days!” in his own way, and he practices a few times. I wonder if the movie star thinks this is all getting edited out, only to see the whole thing remain intact for the show.

girlfriday: Yeah I don’t think he understands that three takes means bigger joke for us, but he seems gung-ho about doing a good job, which is cute. They find out that this isn’t their destination after all — they’re headed to an island today, and so they climb onto the boat that’s waiting at the dock. It’s funny that Hae-jin has a hard time with the little things, like where to sit.

javabeans: While they settle down for the boat ride, the PD announces special food treats because today is a special occasion. Hm. Should they really be clapping, or should they be more suspicious? Hard to say with the new guy.

girlfriday: So then he passes over a giant tray of food…which they’re not allowed to eat. There’s a small plate with two kimbap rolls on it, and they’re told to choose — if they get real kimbap they can eat the rest of the food, and if they get the one filled with spicy paste, then they all starve.

javabeans: They tell Tae-hyun to choose first as the barometer of what NOT to do, and they start rolling them around to deduce clues from the way it moves. I feel like this is a conversation that could go round forever, but Hae-jin grabs one and shoves it in his mouth and everyone immediately recoils. HA. I like this about him — he’ll be the guy who just Does Things, instead of picking them apart to death.

girlfriday: Yeah he’s like the anti-Su-geun. So then Tae-hyun shoves the other one in his mouth… and of course he’s the one eating the spicy decoy in the end. He really is the barometer of bad luck. At least they all get lunch.

javabeans: They do the same thing with the two pastries, trying to analyze the way the honey has dripped down the side and how it’s positioned. But Hae-jin just picks one, saying, “Eh, I’m picking this because it looks like a real one.” And it’s fine! LOL.

girlfriday: Perhaps the only way to outsmart the PDs on this show is to NOT think.

javabeans: But his luck runs out with the yogurt drinks when his coin toss hands him the saltwater bottle instead. So the boys dig in to the food they’ve won — and HA, Tae-hyun actually bites into a kimbap that was mistakenly spiced up. Omo, such bad luck, this one.

girlfriday: They arrive on the island and start wheelbarrowing equipment to basecamp, since there are no cars here. Hae-jin pulls one with Tae-hyun’s help, who starts complaining that it’s too heavy, only to find that Joo-won has plopped on top of the luggage for a ride. Shi-kyung ends up a cart mule for the heavy camera equipment, which is probably the downside to being the big strong one.

javabeans: Can you imagine the behind-the-cameras suffering with the crew? All those hills and unpaved roads?

girlfriday: Dude, there’s this one old episode (back in the real suffering days with Na PD) where they actually had to hike for MILES lugging all their equipment by hand on their backs, cast and crew all. It looked like hell. Entertaining, but hellish. At some point you’re like, do you really need that eighteenth camera?

javabeans: That’s a rough balance, because as fun as it is to watch celebs suffering two days a month (okay, four), you can’t make your show the nightmare to work for! New PD (who needs a nickname) gives the guys instructions to play games using the schoolyard to determine who gets a ride later in carts, and who gets to pull them along.

girlfriday: Hae-jin suggests a wheelbarrow race, and then laughs at himself for suggesting a game after complaining that he doesn’t like games. They play rock-paper-scissors to decide teams, and oddly enough end up Marrieds vs. Singles (since the mat-hyung is now a bachelor).

javabeans: It’s funny how Hae-jin was so bashful about the games, and then all of a sudden he turns into this total Gamemaster, issuing instructions like a general.

girlfriday: Yeah and before he seemed all embarrassed about calling them all by name in banmal, but now he’s just barking orders. Ha.

javabeans: The two teams line up and pile in staffers into their carts, with a goal of ten each. Tae-hyun surprisingly blazes past Shi-kyung, but it’s because Tae-hyun carried three in his load and Shi-kyung opted to carry five. Next, it’s Tae-hyun (carrying four) versus Joo-won (four).

girlfriday: But apparently Team Hae-jin had originally planned to just go with two loads of five, but Jong-min failed to catch a ride on Train Joo-won in the scuffle.

javabeans: Oh noes! This means they cut out their advantage. Hae-jin only has to carry one versus Su-geun’s three, but they’re way behind. We get a flashback of all the times Hae-jin insisted he had no competitive spirit, just as he zoooooooms down the field with his load. Oh wow they’re neck and neck, this is a total photo finish. The members actually have to wait for the producers to tell them who won in the replay.

girlfriday: Hee, it cracks me up that after all that talk, Hae-jin is totally competitive about everything. The footage shows that Hae-jin crossed the goal post just a split-second before Su-geun, but they ask for a rematch.

javabeans: Joo-won’s fast, but Tae-woong’s strong, and they load their carts with the heavier crew members. I was thinking this might be close, but in the end it’s Joo-won and his competitive nature that leaves Tae-woong in his dust. So Hae-jin’s team wins anyway, heh. The members take a leisurely walk down to the beach, where New PD tells them it’s time for another game — this time with a dip in the sea on the line.

girlfriday: You figure no matter what the game is, the new guy’s gonna end up in the ocean, right?

javabeans: There’s a long boardwalk with beach on either side, and the boys have to kick off a shoe past the white line, keeping the shoe on the pavement. Of course it’s windy, which clouds the issue. Jong-min’s the first to make it… but gets called on a foot fault. Lol, they ask Hae-jin to judge what’s valid and what’s not, then argue with him, and he complains that they’re picking on him when he just did as told. “I’m not judging anymore!” Turns out Joo-won’s the only one to secure himself a safe berth on dry land, and as he’s skipping away gleefully Su-geun declares, “Six outs, one success, [Joo-won] in the water!” LOL.

girlfriday: Hahaha. Damned if you do, damned if ya don’t.

javabeans: Thankfully for him that idea doesn’t stick and they go again. The second round ends with six more failures, so they’ll have to keep going. Su-geun interrupts Hae-jin’s concentration to mess up his kick, and Hae-jin totally balks at the invalid attempt, but the whole cast and crew are too busy laughing to do anything about it. “Hyungnim, I thought you said you weren’t competitive.” “Soaking in the ocean is a different story!”

girlfriday: Is that gonna be his line every time? Dinner is a different story! Sleeping outside is a different story!

javabeans: Wow, Round 3 is a total turnaround. Suddenly everybody’s succeeding and the pressure is on. Hae-jin actually shushes everyone, and I’m thinking if someone fucks with him for funsies this time there’s gonna be a beating.

girlfriday: Now that’s something I’d like to see.

javabeans: Then Hae-jin actually cheats by putting a rock into his shoe to weigh it down, HA. But it backfires on him and it turns out that the shoe-toss game gives us three losers: Hae-jin, Tae-hyun, and Jong-min. To narrow it down to one, we move on to Capture the Flag. Er, Flag-Sand-Jenga?

girlfriday: Oh when they gave the flag to Joo-won I totally expected him to start running away.

javabeans: Right? I pictured Capture the Joo-won ending with everyone gasping in pain and giving up. Instead, Joo-won sticks the flag into a mound of sand, and the three guys have to take turns removing sand from the mound. The one who makes the flag fall goes into the water. HAHA, the flag falls after Jong-min’s turn but before Hae-jin’s, and this leads to a round of protests. He’s all, “At first I was GONNA say I’ll just go in, all cool and manly…”

girlfriday: Which is when Su-geun points out that he purposely dragged the conversation out to make the flag fall on Jong-min’s turn. Heh.

javabeans: Su-geun gives him the option of dragging a cast member in with him, which sends Tae-hyun skulking to the back of the pack. The second Su-geun finishes his proposal Hae-jin shouts, “YOU!” Mwahaha.

girlfriday: HA. That’s what you get for leading the “Yoo Hae-jin In Ocean” chants.

javabeans: After the boys all give Hae-jin instructions on how to soak himself even more thoroughly (“Go in more!” “Dunk yourself!”) Su-geun joins him in the water… and omo, there goes Tae-hyun peeling off his jacket. Group bonding it is! (After Number 3, you really don’t have a choice do you?)

girlfriday: Yeah there’s no going back once that starts. Next week: the boys teach the new mat-hyung on the ways of 1N2D.


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    I’ve been watching this show since the beginning as well and I feel the same as you two. Still feel pretty sad about not being able to see Seungwoo again on this show but I don’t feel anything weird.

    Glad this ep regain the number 1 spot in terms of ratings too. 18%! <3

    • 23.1 kindaichi

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    • 23.2 princess peach


      –not enough hearts!!

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  25. 25 DAEBAK!


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    Thanks so much !

    I still miss seung-woo but hae-jin is quite funny and gets along very well with the cast 🙂 so I enjoyed this episode especially the 2nd half !

    Btw, for those who are interested in the BTS, in his recent interview, joo won talked about the changes in 1N2D :
    “Perhaps now because we have a different leader, there has been a change in mood. All six of the members who were originally with the show have been trying to help [Yu] Hae Jin hyung try to adapt as quickly as possible.”
    He also said that Yu Hae Jin has been pouring in his own efforts. “I know [how he feels], because I′ve been in a similar position, but Hae Jin hyung is doing well,” Joo Won said. “I′m thankful because I can see he′s trying to fit in and work hard. Hae Jin hyung also told the six of us that he′s thankful we′re treating him so well when it′s his first time here.”
    (…) Joo Won said about Kim Seung Woo, “I was always a fan, but I came to like him even more after meeting him through the show. He′s a great man, with charisma, manliness and leadership. I believe he′s a big brother I can trust and look up to.”
    “[Kim] Seung Woo hyung told me that he would kill me if I didn′t keep in touch,” Joo Won said. “That′s how close we are. The way I can lay my head on him when I lay down to sleep shows how close we′ve come to be.”
    source: sg. entertainment. yahoo. com/news/joo-won-talks-about-the-new-1-night-065210367. html

    I hope 1N2D continues to get better and better, this show is so warm and so funny that I can’t imagine my week-end without it 🙂

    • 26.1 okdubu

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    • 26.2 kleenex

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  27. 27 kindaichi

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    Already liking YHJ in his first episode!!! Looking forward to more of his comical side!
    Did someone cast a bad luck spell on CTH? He even got the kimbap mistakenly stuffed with spicy paste?!? Lol!!!

    • 27.1 tebz10

      if he still gets to sleep outside on this trip, he’s really unlucky!

      • 27.1.1 kindaichi

        CTH really did sleep outside in this trip! lol! i think he should made a trip to the shaman to remove the curse lol…

        • tebz10

          i think he may need more than a shaman. he’s soooo unlucky!

  28. 28 Gustave154

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  29. 29 f

    yoo hae jin is a liar. you can see he is so competitive from the games.

  30. 30 chane

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  32. 32 mikayla

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  33. 33 mikayla

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  34. 34 henlene kim

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  35. 35 jessie j.

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  40. 40 xavier

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  41. 41 sean u.

    Why does everyone say that YHJ can never replace KSW? First of all, he’s NOT there to replace KSW, he’s there as a NEW member, he’s not KSW the 2nd, he’s his own person. Just because he’s the oldest and also a veteran actor doesn’t mean we should start comparing, they’re 2 different persons, KSW was awesome and it’s sad to see him go but YHJ shows potential in just one episode and I really hope that he stays for a long time. Thanks for the recap.

    • 41.1 MEalways

      Take it easy, honey.
      It has been happened too much a long time.
      2 Days 1 Night has gone through several replacement and the major shift was from Season 1 to Season 2.

      People will always be talking, about Kim C, MC Mong, Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, and now Seung Woo (sorry if I forgot to put any name that should be in it), and so on…

      Life goes on, the shows must go on.
      So let them be.

      Let’s just enjoy the show and forget the other. I was sceptic too, at the beginning. Since I learnt in a hard way that every ‘reality show’ in K-entertainment is heavily scripted. I had judged that this bromance also only an act and would not really happen. But reading some ‘behind the scenes’, interviews, etc.. I started to believe that at some point, they were real. I hope so.

      I so enjoy their craziness, dorkiness, bonding and also some smart and mischievousness strategy. And lastly, this serial always makes me hungry…

  42. 42 wLenny

    Rating dropped this week. Heartache!

  43. 43 Sintia

    Don’t be nervous about ratings too much, guys, just enjoy the show. We had pretty much the same ratings during the last summer. Good weather, more walks, less TV.

    • 43.1 far

      what’s the ratings for this week’s episode? the sleeping bokbulbok episode..

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  46. 46 wLenny – all about 1n2d season 2 🙂

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    just watched this one and it was so much fun even though it’s sad that there’s no more of seungwoo’s disruptiveness.

    yhj was really hilarious and he fits with the members perfectly. and why is cth so unlucky? poor guy. and its also weird seeing the mat hyung in the bachelor team and uhm force in the married team.

  49. 49 jayne

    A million dollar scene: Shi Kyung’s expression when he saw Jong Min didn’t hop into the cart.
    I laughed so hard… Oh Shi Kyung,,,how could a sober looking guy like you can make a sober girl like me turned drunk? *LOL*
    You’re the main reason I watch this show,,,, <3 <3 <3

  50. 50 dcmbr

    Just got to watching this, I absolutely loved Haejin, I love that he puts much effort into the show and takes risk and is indirectly competitive! Can’t wait to see more.

    And of course, addressing earlier comments, Gakistal is definitely a winner for me for so many reasons!

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