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Answer Me 1997’s sequel to be about basketball
by | April 6, 2013 | 40 Comments

girlfriday: There’s new news on the Answer Me 1997 follow-up drama, which was being called Answer Me 1994 up until now… Apparently it’s going to be a basketball drama. Huh? As in Last Match Redux?

javabeans: Whaa? Is that awesome, or too much meta jokery? We’d be the last to have a problem with any sort of Last Match referencing — our love for that trendy-college-sports-romance series is enduring and unabashed — but it seems like an odd genre mashup. K-pop and sports? It’s because 1997 was so heavily music-oriented, with the plotlines and also the usage of songs in the show.

girlfriday: Yeah I thought they were gearing up for Seo Taiji ‘94 version.

javabeans: I guess those were the two big trends of that year. And I can’t imagine that they’d make a basketball show in 1994 and NOT reference Seo Taiji making waves in K-pop. Still, I’m like, pick ONE thing!

girlfriday: It’s going to do both, apparently, though the title of the thing is (for now) Basketball Extravaganza. Er, that’s lame.

javabeans: Totally lame. From henceforth it shall be known as Basketballopalooza. Although they should just call it Slam Dunk: The Drama and be done with it. Or… wait for it… The Last Rematch.

girlfriday: Cue music! *Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundundun*

javabeans: Okay you really can’t just spell out the riff like that. We’re not in your mind! Here we go:

girlfriday: Ah, memories.

javabeans: …all full of nostalgia and cringing and bad ‘90s hair.

girlfriday: I do love the 1997 team (PD Shin Won-ho and writer Lee Woo-jung) because they have seem to have the same memories of the ‘90s that we do, with all the same embarrassing loves.

javabeans: And supposedly the entire team is from the same college class (not necessarily the same school, but the same entry year of 1994), which gives them a pretty unique window into the time they’re portraying. Which isn’t always the case. The thing I loved about 1997 was that it felt like it was made by people with real, serious love for the time and place they were portraying.

girlfriday: YES. And if anyone were going to try and remake (or pay homage to) a classic like Last Match, these would be the people. I vote for a Jang Dong-gun cameo.

javabeans: I feel like he totally wouldn’t (it’s so in a different realm from his place in the biz), but he totally should. And the producers are getting in touch with Seo Taiji fan club members from back in the day, so you know that at least one of 1997’s trademarks is gonna come back for Basketballopalooza: humanizing crazy sasaeng fans all over again.

girlfriday: What that has to do with basketball is beyond me, but maybe ‘94 was just a mashup kinda year.

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40 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    Hopefully this drama will be as awesome as Answer Me 1997…..

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I think it’ll depend on the viewer since 1994 is…. wait for it… almost 20 years ago. *face palms* If you’re an old fart like me though, then you shouldn’t have a problem reminiscing. 🙂

      • 1.1.1 cheekbones

        I’m an old fart, but since I’m not Korean I’m not familiar at all with Last Match. Hopefully that wouldn’t be a problem to enjoy this.

        I’m still okay with Answer Me 1997 because fangirling popstars is a universal thing.

        • myat

          1994 , i was two years old at that time

    • 1.2 Lissandra



  2. chane

    I just started watching A.M. 1997 and currently on ep 15, have not seen the ending yet so no spoilers! And, this is a really great news because even if I have not finish this series, i’m already craving for a second season!!!

  3. a_diva

    this change in name and plot direction does not bode well with me . . . it seems so random (and lame) after the perfection of answer me 1997. but i have no problem waiting and hoping for the best.

  4. Caffeine_Ninja

    This “article” is misleading. The makers recently mentioned that they were developing ideas for the second season and that basketball was one possible idea that was suggested.

    • 4.1 ck1Oz

      Doesn’t DB and GF read the original articles in Hangul and would have read the same source as yours?Assuming you’re reading the original articles and not the translated ones.Because we tend to have misunderstanding occur when we read either the Chinese or English translated articles.

      • 4.1.1 ck1Oz

        Oops found the original article as the source.You can read it yourself.

  5. canxi

    I’m down for a good sports drama O:
    Actually, I haven’t seen much of those coming out of Korea come to think of it!

  6. Eye Candy

    I kind of wish they weren’t calling this a sequel to Answer Me 1997, but they kept everything else the same. Then at least the comparisons wouldn’t be quite so obvious. I just don’t think the exact magic of Answer Me 1997 can be replicated, but I really liked the people behind the show, so I’m looking forward to this show, but I know I’ll struggle to not compare it to Answer Me 1997

    • 6.1 pogo

      I wouldn’t mind AM1997 becoming a series in the same way as the Flower Boy shows – which aren’t sequels in the traditional sense and have vastly different tones, but still have some concepts in common. I just hope this isn’t completely lame.

      • 6.1.1 Eye Candy

        That’s true if the sequels are along the lines of the Flower Boy series I think everything could work out. I just hear sequel and I think Dream High 2….which is not a promising precedent.

  7. Roxy

    I have faith in this team after putting out Answer Me 1997 so I’m not too worried.

    Honestly I love basketball, so I’m down for it. Not much basketball dramas from korea I’m aware of.

  8. Yasmin

    Haha, that 1994 is my birthdate xD That is really embarrassing! I don’t know anything about that time period so it will be really interesting to watch, hopefully it will be as good as 1997. I don’t get why it’s about basketball but I have faith in the production team *fingers crossed*

  9. h311ybean

    I like basketball and am a *eherm* “child” of the ’90’s, so this should be interesting!

  10. 10 yeoshi

    Doesn’t anyone remember the basketball craze between Yonsei and Korea U back then? It might work~

  11. 11 saranga

    i’d have to believe whatever they give me—in 1994 i was pretty young and probably too young to retain any pop culture memories outside of disney animations. although i will admit that i was definitely an incredibly late bloomer when it came to media consumption! probably not until my second or third year in high school that i actively started taking an interest in such things, in an effort to try and be more “tuned in.” i’m definitely clueless about most pop culture events that happened before 2005—i know a lot, now, but i have no personal memories of any.

    which is why i think it took me a bit longer to appreciate reply 1997. it was chock-full of nostalgic references that i could only (very) dimly relate to, but it was a show so full of heart that i ended up loving it pretty dearly and pretending i too had lived through that time. i’d probably have even less, if anything, to relate to with the 1994 version, but it doesn’t make me any less eager for it.

    i just fervently hope i love the 1994 cast as much as i loved the 1997 one. i don’t give a shoot for whether they use big name or no name actors, though i’d love to see some fresh, talented faces.

  12. 12 asianromance

    A lot that 3 years difference makes. I’m old enough to remember 1997 a little bit, but 1994 memories have since been squeezed out of my brain’s limited hard drive.

    I hope it’ll be as charming as Answer Me 1997. For some reason, the idea of a basketball drama gives off a tense vibe. I’m already anticipating a career-ending injury for one of the characters! However, it would be nice to have a sports-themed drama in kdramaland!

  13. 13 Peeps

    Humanizing sasaeng fans…

    Er, well, I thought that while ShiWon was a little extreme on her love for the guy her baby boy was named after, I doubt that one can classify her as a sasaeng, mostly because she didn’t hang around forever for a glimpse of Tony all her life, except for that one time. And she didn’t send her idol her used pads…*ick*

    At least, when I watched her, she didn’t go all invasive crazy stalker mode… I think I might have wretched if she did and she wouldn’t have endeared to me. (waiting outside oppas house is, while disturbing, still much better than pooping on oppa’s doorstep…)

    • 13.1 latteholic

      lol. She didn’t give off sasaeng fans vibes as well when I watched her, but now I think of it, she did write a letter using her blood, and that is kinda creepy 😀

  14. 14 Gom

    I was 5 years old in 1994 so anything pop culture that I have been exposed to that time has now been reduced into blurry haze. In my hometown, which is way far from my country’s capital city, households were just slowly beginning to switch from black-and-white to colored TVs. If there were pop culture references in Answer Me 1997 that I couldn’t relate to, I think this one would be even more foreign to me.

    But I still think Answer Me 1997 didn’t only rely on its references to be charming. There was so much heart in that story that transcended beyond age and cultural differences that even non-Korean fans and 2000-something kids have been able to relate.

    So at the end of the day, no matter what era in pop culture they choose, I hope the same group of people churns out a story that is entirely different but as amazing as Answer Me 1997.

    Ah, this makes me want to watch it all over again.

  15. 15 Catherine

    My eyes went like 0_o when I saw ‘Basketball Extravaganza’. But I know worse dramas with better names. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the drama, as long as they keep up with the awesome team behind Reply 1997 and hire good actors.

  16. 16 maldita

    Shim Eunha’s so beautiful in that picture with Jang Donggun! 🙂

    • 16.1 Dramafed1782

      Last Match was the drama that brought her to the Korean viewers before Christmas In August. Gosh, I seriously do wish she comes back to acting. She would do excellent in noir genres. And well her beauty……totally on a different level 😀

  17. 17 Rilakkuma

    lol, that will be so nostalgic for me. xd 1994 is my birth year, and then december as well. xd well, I didn’t recognize much of 1997 anyway, so that shouldn’t be a reason to not watch this drama! 😉 (Though I’m not to excited about the basketball part….)

  18. 18 cimori

    what basket ball ?? i even don’t know how to play basket ball and what happen on that time. so blind with this basketball thing

    it sounds no interesting for me

  19. 19 Ivy

    hehe, I was born in 1994, so I probably won’t get any nostalgia or references
    BUT I loved the 1997 version (and I was 3 in that year) so can’t wait to watch this one be it about basketball or whatev 😀

  20. 20 nakai

    I’ll watch !

  21. 21 Taber

    Ok, I guess I be the one to say it since I love basketball and basketball player’s tat and all. Is the actor going to be cast by height? There not a lot of tall actors and the ones that come to mind vary in ages. Ji Hyun Woo- Queen In Hyun’s Man, Park Hae Jin- My Daughter Seo Young, Sung Joon- Can we marry, Jo Dong Hyuk -Yaksha,Jung Il Woo and Lee Ki Woo-Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Lee Min Ho-Ji- Sub no introduction need. So my point is their going to cast base off basketball height requirement or just cast by actor. I hope true to height because I just gave them an awesome line up! oh yeah the 2 guy in Dr. champ would do as while….

  22. 22 ilikemangos

    I like basketball. I like watching basketball. Do i like to watch k-dramas about basketball…? Hmm. That is the question to be asked.

  23. 23 JS

    OMG I LOVED THAT “LAST MATCH” DRAMA!! I even remember the theme song and everything!!

  24. 24 DeeDee

    I’m excited that the male leads are going to wear shorter shorts to play basketball. Bring on the great bums.

  25. 25 anneakemi

    I like sports dramas, so looking forward to this one! My Korean friend said Slam Dunk was really popular when she was younger (the time setting of this drama is the same time when she was a teenager), so this type of basketball storyline will probably be nostalgic to people of her generation. Can’t wait to see who will be casted!

  26. 26 eternalfive

    I wasn’t even born yet in 1994. O.o But Answer Me 1997 worked for me despite the time period it was set in, so maybe this will too. 😀

  27. 27 Caitlyn

    I loved all of the references in Answer Me 1997 because i remembered them, so i’m curious to see what they have in 1994 that I remember. For all i know, 1994 Korea was vastly different to 1994 Australia so it wouldn’t matter if I remembered it or not, lol. Although, 1997 Korea wasn’t that different to 1997 Australia, so there’s no reason why 1994 would be.

  28. 28 Aquila

    I’m sure they’re going to make heaps of references to Slam Dunk… Cos that’s all I talked about with my mates!!!

    Hanamichi FTW!

  29. 29 lucertola

    Yay! In dramaland landed a huge Slam Dunk (manga/anime and doujinshi) fan. And she is just excellent at what she is doing. At least I hope she’ll do another great job with 1994. Crossing fingers ^v^

  30. 30 Richie Lyman

    Well I’m hoping for idols no matter whether they’ve just debuted, especially the ones from 2012. To be honest, I think I’m about to write a fanfic if this sequel is taking longer than it is supposed to be. If I can say that I don’t mind nostalgia-on-the-90s feeling though I’m only a teenager for now, then I will be grateful to be SO OLD RIGHT NOW. 🙂 But first, they need casting though we know the cast from season 1 won’t be coming back since season 1 has ended on the right note (meaning no continuation; just good ending). My prediction of casting: 1. SISTAR’s maknae, Dasom, may be likely to be the female lead but I prefer her being the female ver. of Yoon Yoon-jae; 2. Not BtoB for they’re filming Mnet drama though the other 3 can be potential suitors in season 2; 3. CNBLUE member who is enthusiastic in basketball: It would be Yonghwa but he’s casted in The Heirs; so my 2nd option would be Minhyuk since he can pull off a high school student’s look though the last drama he starred in as a drop-out college student. So yeah. That’s that. TQ

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