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Could We Love loses its spot on the SBS schedule
by | April 20, 2013 | 39 Comments

One downside to SBS granting I Hear Your Voice a timeslot (the show I just mentioned potentially starring Kim Jae-won and Lee Bo-young) is that in doing so it has passed over Could We Love?, another drama that was hoping for that upcoming Wednesday-Thursday berth.

Could We Love is the show reuniting frequent co-stars Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun (both from I Miss You and The Moon That Embraces the Sun), which also recently added Yoon Sang-hyun to its cast. It’s about a younger-man-older-woman romance at the center (helloooo, noona-killer Yeo Jin-gu), though the “melo-romance” drama also describes itself as telling the love story of four couples. Produced by the writer-PD pair who did Scent of a Woman and Dr. Champ, both SBS weekend miniseries, Could We Love was to have told its story with a “fresh, delicate” touch.

Thus far only the above three actors have been cast, but the show will now have to wait to see if it can get a different timeslot instead. A rep with the production said that scriptwriting and filming delays prompted SBS’s decisions to push back the show, though there’s been no promise of securing a spot later. The drama that snagged the timeslot, I Hear Your Voice, had originally been looking at a KBS broadcast, only to get slotted in by SBS instead.

It’s too bad since this was to be Yeo Jin-gu’s first role playing the main character, but I’m not a fan of shows rushing forward when production delays are holding it back, so maybe this is all for the best. And even if this show falls through, I’m sure he’ll land another leading role in no time.

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Daisy

    Yoon Sang Hyun is very unlucky… First ahjusshi idol drama gets cancelled? Now this?

    • 1.1 Mystisith

      I swear… I was really waiting for this! Let’s hope it’s not a good old cancellation (cold feet because of the topic) but just a delay (to improve the quality).
      One girl can dream… 🙁

      • 1.1.1 Annie

        I can’t imagine there being slots left this year… I’m betting that the script got rejected because the plot was a major turn-off but that the company rep wasn’t willing to say so to save face.

        • picklemonster

          I’m actually feeling a little relief at this news. The plot definitely turned me off since they’re pairing Yeo Jin Goo with another heroine other than Kim So Hyun. I was excited for this drama at first only because I thought the kids were gonna be the main characters for once. I hope they either change the direction they’re going with this drama, or change the heroine to Kim So Hyun. Otherwise, the melodramatic plot and love square just sounds too heavy….

          • anicheung

            I have to admit that while I don’t have a problem with the older woman/younger man pairing, Yeo Jin Gu IS extremely young (and jail bait for noonas all over the world at his age). To top it off, I also originally got excited because I thought that Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun would be the MAIN-main characters of their own series, high school style… but then the last article of news mentions a different main heroine and it kind of got me all disappointed.

            Basically, I’m not so much turned off by the plot’s turn of events as I am disappointed that Kim So Hyun isn’ the main female next to Yeo Jin Gu. And yes, the melodramatic plot and the love square is also a bit heavy for me too… *Sigh…*

    • 1.2 Danna

      I know right? Thaats two dramas in a row…I hope he can get a lead role in another show, if this ends up getting passed over by other netwrks too

  2. jandoe

    This sounds curiously like something out of King of Dramas…

    (or is it the other way around? Ha. Oh Anthony.)

    • 2.1 mywhiteyasmin

      We will never stop referring Anthony and KoD whenever something happen, are we? :’D

  3. snow_white

    Oho…i was eagerly waiting for this show…hopefully it will get a slot soon..

  4. aX

    Oh well. I know I am awaiting for him & KIM YOO JUNG to sign another Kmovie/Kdrama together! 🙂

  5. Mar

    Hopefully the powers that be will have time to get it together and get a slot later, because boo on it getting booted. It’s plot sound more promising, not really interested in the Voice one, but that might be because I’m not into the casting.

    C’mon drama gods, throw me some crack already. Nothing is floating my boat this year.

    • 5.1 pogo

      ia, I’m finally back into watching airing kdramas but nothing I’m obsessed with yet. And I did want to see YJG and KSH together again through a 16-episoder, noona-killer plot or no.

  6. scircus

    T-T Oh. I was so excited for Could We Love. If nothing else, it would have been so cute~ Here’s hoping it both gets on schedule and gets a new timeslot.

  7. lemonade candy

    Oh god why~

  8. Waiting

    Well, I still want to see this run…if it is good, I mean.

    The kids are great and it would be nice to see them in something they can really use their acting chops in AND be leads.

    Ah well, we’ll see what happens!

  9. DayDreamer

    I would’ve been unhappy if it weren’t for that noona-killer plot. Instead, I’m a bit relieved and if the production is actually having trouble getting the slot because of the story-line, then hopefully they’ll change it have the young cast as leads. Unless, there’s an Anthony to go through hell and back to leave things as they are, lol.

  10. 10 tessieroo

    I’m happy this was cancelled. I have ZERO desire to see Lee Bo Young in anything with such a promising actor like Yeo Jin Goo – she’s horrible.

    • 10.1 jacek21

      What do you mean? They aren’t even in the same drama. Your comment is hella confusing.

      • 10.1.1 Noemi

        There was some confusion over SBS’s casting reports which made it sound like Lee Bo Young had been cast in Yeo Jin Goo’s drama rather than I Hear Your Voice. I’m assuming tessiroo had read an article that reported Lee Bo Young was cast in Could We Love? before the confusion was cleared up.

        • tessieroo

          Yes, I thought she was supposed to be the older woman, thanks Noemi. I’d love to see him reunite with Kim So Hyun though.

  11. 11 magnus

    The whole noon-killer plot was turning me off anyway. Especially since she was supposed to be his teacher or something? Jin-Gu was going to be 17 and the teacher 27. Squick. Just have two teens falling in love for once -.-. Two amazing young actors you have on your hands here. Here’s hoping it got tabled because of the script so they change it up. And if it gets tabled forever, Jin-Gu will get another drama for sure. Talented actor that he is 🙂

  12. 12 Bu Young

    Aww 🙁

  13. 13 Katie

    The right drama will come along and he’ll be fantastic. I hope Kim Yoo Jung comes back soon it’s been YJG and KSH so much lately, she’s even hosting a music show!

  14. 14 niino

    Speaking about king of drama 😛

  15. 15 Cheliwel

    Speaking of kim yoo jung…I’m surprise that she’s not getting any offers for a new drama or movie. She’s so talented but after may queen, i haven’t heard anything. Or is she being careful with her projects?

  16. 16 warder

    I really want to see this young couple, but maybe It’s for the best. They need to rest and go to school, sometimes. Especially KSH, she looks like she is taking too much jobs.

  17. 17 OMG

    i totally understand why this happened…the plot was beginning to diverge from the original thing…i thought it was supposed to be about two high schoolers falling in love…but then it turn into a noona-dongsaeng relationship…with the guy still being underage in real life…..which is a big no-no in Korea….

  18. 18 Starstruck.

    Yoon sang hyun’s ahdol drama is cancelled? Damn I was looking forward to if and wondering why there hasn’t been any news…

  19. 19 anna

    He’s still just 15 where I live so yeah.. it’s icky for this kid to be a noona killer just yet. I know he’s 17 in Korea, but it’s still weird.

  20. 20 Cam

    Gosh….why why why….oh aigoo….WHY? I was looking forward to this drama because of Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun….but, unfortunately, it’s suddenly cancelled. Oh geez.

    …..oh well….honestly, I am bit of relieved about this because it’d made me so ‘tickle-tickle’ weird for me to watch Yeo Jin Goo with older actress Lee Bo Young. EEK. I pray that he will definitely get another good drama with different story….ahh…also, Kim Yoo Jung will able to work with him again, too! Hopefully so! <3 😉

  21. 21 Alex

    Noooo way! I was so excited for this drama but it’s cancelled now….? SERIOUSLY..! -_-

  22. 22 Jess

    Yeo Jin Gu is a noona-killer! That is such a handsome photo of him! (No pedo-ness intended). I really hope they’ll get a spot on the schedule soon. I adore the chemistry between them!

  23. 23 Taber

    OMG Yeo Jin-gu is the only one that can turn me into a cougar, that boy going to be a gorgeous man.. So why not enjoy the young man he is today and thanks the HEAVEN for the man he will become.

  24. 24 Curly kate Co

    Kim So- hyun Is had a kissing Scene In television kim so- hyun is child what is age Kim so- hyun???????

  25. 25 Curly kate Co

    My New Favorite is Kim so- hyun i’m watching Missing you

  26. 26 Curly kate Co

    I Like missing You

  27. 27 anon

    what! OMG NO! I just read about the potential casting of the drama like 10 mins ago… NOOOOOOOOO

  28. 28 anon

    oh, just realizing what other people have been saying…. The noona killer plot… EH…in that case, I am not disappointed either.
    Only wanted to see YJG and KSH pairing! If they aren’t the main character then I rather not see it >:(

  29. 29 Ella

    I was so frostated :((

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