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Goddess of Fire adds to cast
by | April 26, 2013 | 82 Comments

More casting news for the upcoming MBC sageuk Goddess of Fire Jung-yi starring Moon Geun-young: the offer is out to Kim Bum (That Winter, The Wind Blows) to be her leading man. He’s still considering the role, which is pretty late in the game considering they’ve already done a script read, but there’s some lead time with child actors so it’s not quite down to the wire yet. If he signs on, it’ll be Kim Bum’s first lead in a sageuk. Is it wrong if I’m mostly excited about the mane of glory? At least we already know it’s glorious.

The 32-episode sageuk stars Moon Geun-young as the first female potter in Joseon, and Lee Sang-yoon has signed on to play Gwanghae-gun, 15th king of Joseon. There aren’t many details about the hero yet. Interestingly, this project comes from the writer of Warrior Baek Dong-soo, which was almost Kim Bum’s first sageuk. Maybe the second time’s the charm?

There are some confirmed additions to the cast as well. Actress Han Go-eun (Me Too, Flower!) has signed on to play a royal concubine. Her character was once a bright beautiful girl, but after entering the palace she becomes a daring strategist and a schemer in the power struggle that’s hidden behind the palace walls.

Lee Kwang-soo (Nice Guy) has also signed on in a supporting role, as well as Jeon Gwang-ryul (I Miss You), in another Warrior Baek Dong-soo reunion. He’ll play a master potter, which means he’ll be a teacher or mentor to the heroine. Can he be a master potter with one arm, just as a nod to his Baek Dong-soo character? Hey, if you can be the best swordsman in the land with one arm, surely you can make some pottery too?

Goddess of Fire Jung-yi follows Gu Family Book and premieres in July on MBC.

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82 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    I’m telling you. It’s something about Julys!! My favorites always come out with their dramas then!! So on board for this!!!

    • 1.1 MsB

      Why July? It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!

      • 1.1.1 aternall

        haha, mine birthday too πŸ˜€

      • 1.1.2 Carmensitta

        Mine three…? kkk

  2. anna

    Yay! I hope this is daebak for Moon Geun Young. She needs a good drama to make her talents shine.

    • 2.1 apple

      Yeah, MSOAN was ughhhh and the Drama after that I didn’t watch. But rating-wise it didn’t seem that bad.

      And also I hope we get to see Jang Geun-suk back on TV again. He needs a winner too. Since YAB things got kinda messy for him, choosing-the-right-project-wise, lol.

  3. Nicole

    KIM BUM!!!!!

    Mane of Glory.


    • 3.1 malta

      If he accepts the role will he have enough time to grow out his hair?…Has he already started growing his hair long? Will they give him a wig? Please kdrama gods, no wigs on this guy…

      I hope he accepts because he has an awesome Mane of Glory, but this would be a big acting challenge for him being the leading man to Moon Geun Young. Kim Bum would have to really work to hold his own. He’s come a long way from High Kick and the F4. Hope this happens though.

    • 3.2 Jo

      He had a mane of glory in Padam Padam, which was adorable.
      I definitely know that I love him as a second lead (Padam, That Winter), I wonder how I will feel for him when he is the lead?
      I’m excited to this drama and I hope this sageuk will not be all trendy and “Joseon-fashion designer” (ehem) on us. I would love for it to have the beauty of Iljimae (the beautiful one) (you know which one I mean) and the story of Princess’ Man or Tree..

  4. crazedlu

    I have yet to love Kim Bum in any of his projects. Hope he takes this and I get to love him in a sageuk.

    • 4.1 spark

      have you watched high kick? i loved him there.

      • 4.1.1 Cynthia

        He was beyond good in Padam Padam.
        It really was a break-out role for him and has certainly revitalized his career.

    • 4.2 anna

      Me neither. As cute as he is, I just can’t seem to like anything he’s been in. I have yet to warm up to the guy, so weird.

    • 4.3 Kiara

      Same here, he’s plenty charming but haven’t wowed me in anything.

    • 4.4 MariD

      Have you seen Still marry me/the woman who wants to marry? How can you resist him after that?

      • 4.4.1 Annie

        That drama really weirded me out. I consider myself pretty open-minded but…

        • SD

          Ditto. I’m a big fan of Bummie, but it was something that I could never condone…

      • 4.4.2 Mar

        Agreed. The Woman That Still Wants to Marry was just stellar, so under rated. Wonderful chemistry with the cast. And Kim Bum is just wonderful, period, in everything he’s in.

  5. pogo

    FINALLY, a lead role for Bummie!

    (now praying that Kim Jae Wook gets out of the army and gets his own lead role in something good, he’s too talented to never get the girl)

    • 5.1 Ivoire

      Hi Pogo, I agree with you on both of your comments :-). I will leave you a response on GFB, recap of ep.6 tonight or tomorrow, please check back there, when you have the time (if you want to). I loved your comments, btw…

      • 5.1.1 pogo

        Haha, thank you Ivoire! I’ll keep an eye out for your comments, I think discussing the show is starting to be more fun than watching it!

    • 5.2 liz

      Kim Jae Wook is out of army already. It was last month πŸ™‚

      • 5.2.1 pogo

        yeah, I remember reading a while ago that he was due out in two weeks but I forgot exactly how long ago that was!

  6. Mystisith

    I wish he would accept. It’s the only interesting sageuk on the horizon (no strange fusion thingy) and I like the premise: Strong female lead.
    This could allow him to do something different: I really believe he has more value than just a pretty face.
    Mane of glory (2 months to grow his hair in order for the hair dresser not to pull HIS hair) and WBDS team behind the project are other appealing elements.

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      I forgot to say: Please don’t have him being a sword fighter if that’s not his thing. I ‘d rather see him as a funny clumsy “street fighter”, Jackie Chan style, who uses random props to save his skin.

  7. Kiara

    Boo where is Choi Min Soo?. He was the best thing about Warrior Baek Dong-soo.

    • 7.1 Doonala

      AGREE the best thing ever! he should be the master instead.

    • 7.2 cherkell

      *ahem* I beg to differ. He was the SECOND best thing about Warrior Baek Dong Soo. πŸ˜›

      Anyway, isn’t this a strange reversal of events? Bummie was being considered for the Baek Dong Soo role that eventually went to Ji Chang-wook, and now he’s being casted for this role for which My Precious was allegedly being considered? TOO. WEIRD.

      Might give this a looky-see when it premieres, if only to root for Sword Saint and Giraffe Veggie Boy! πŸ™‚

      • 7.2.1 Kiara

        To each his/her own.

    • 7.3 Trina

      I agree we sooo need Choi Min Soo… Please kdrama god!!!!

      • 7.3.1 Shiku

        He has been cast in a major role in Swords and Flowers

  8. Fun-Lugha

    The Asian Prince looks mighty fine in that pic, u go giraffe!

    • 8.1 Ashl

      He looks glorious.

  9. Elisabeth

    Wait, Lee Sang Yoon is not the lead? Kim Bum will be? I heard the role he would be playing was her husband but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the main couple… Right? Could it be a modern love story in a Sageuk? Forbidden love of a married woman to the king??? Hehehe

  10. 10 skinnymocha

    Gah, I want to hold those hands.

    • 10.1 ilovekimchi

      I hear ya girl, sexy hands…

  11. 11 Amy

    Kim Bun as the main lead…yes, yes and yes. I’m sure their chemistry (KB and Moon) will burn right through the screen.

  12. 12 kumi

    Han Go Eun might be good as a royal concubine.

    • 12.1 malta

      She plays villains creepy…I did not like her in Me Too Flower, but she had such a bizarre unlikeable character.

  13. 13 Cam

    Whoooooo!!!! LOVE. THAAAT. \(^o^)/

    I AM DEFINITELY LOOOOKING FORWARD TO THIS DRAMA BECAUSE OF ALL OF BEAUTIFUL CASTS…!!! πŸ˜€ I pray that Kim Bum will definitely confirm and sign on with his cast mates, of coooourse!

  14. 14 Gloria

    DAEBAK!! Please take this leading role, Kim Bum!! This is an wonderful opportunity for him to have experience with his leading role with Moon Geun Young!!
    ~~ Kim Bummie…..Please be confirm!! <3 πŸ˜‰

  15. 15 mysterious

    Oh Please let him sign on. I was already going to watch because of Moon Geun-young, but with Kim Bum, I would be in heaven. I have loved him in everything I have ever seen him in. Please let him sign on.

  16. 16 Tired of anti fans

    Kyaaaa I am so incited by this casting which for my part I like(love) and I approve and I look forward to seeing Moonie in action with Bummieee!

  17. 17 MariD

    I was under the impression that he was the second lead in this.. I love him to dead, he’s a very handsome boy but I don’t think he has the acting chops for lead yet, especially a sageuk.. Still hope he signs on Luv you Bummie..

  18. 18 yohs

    kinda wish he would go for a romantic comedy or something else. cuz the storyline to this drama sounds boring. and not sure about the pairing. but I’ll prob watch it anyways lol.

    • 18.1 Annie

      They don’t really write too many romance comedies for actors his age imo – too few leading actresses in that age range.

  19. 19 Annie

    He’s not the lead, Lee Sang Yoon is.

  20. 20 ricko

    Fight the cast and love it , love mgy !

  21. 21 theedie

    Oh a Kim Bum/Moon Geun-young pairing would be good.

    Still holding out hope for a rom-com with Kim Bum and Kim So-eun as leads though. One of these days.

    • 21.1 SD

      I’ve been waiting for that to happen since God knows when. I hope this project will make him a household name so he can finally take on a drama with Kim So Eun as his leading lady.

  22. 22 tintin

    It’s heavy stuff the casting ^^β””ΒΊΞ½Ρ”β™‘Moonie

  23. 23 Waiting

    Well, so much for this kid resting! Sheesh! But, I’ll take it because I enjoy most of his projects.

    Wasn’t he a potter/ceramic artist in Boys Over Flowers???

    Maybe we’ll get a sajeuk version of the pottery wheel scene in Ghost. Imagine THAT with a mane of glory!

    Just sayin’

  24. 24 ilovekimchi

    Ah, loving the cast so far. Super excited to see Moonie back on screen again!!!

  25. 25 picklemonster

    Are you kidding me?! This is the best set up ever, I’m so excited! I really hope Kim Bum takes this offer, because it’ll be his first lead role. Moon Geun Young and him both have baby faces, so it’s perfect. Totally on board this train. Make it happen please!!!

  26. 26 kdramapedia

    KIM BUMMIE!!!!!!

    Say yes, please! I need to see you in a lead role.

    (Is he going to be a potter, too? Nod to BOF? lol)

    • 26.1 Waiting

      LOL….that was my thought, too! Nod to BOF!

  27. 27 acejihyo

    i’m really looking hoping for a POTW kind of awesome, except uh, without the misery of the later episodes.

  28. 28 aduh

    yahoo.. finally a lead man for kimbum!!!
    so now there’s something to be looking forward to~~

  29. 29 risa

    I dunno… Bummie is yummy, to be sure– but I have my doubts about him being right for this role. As an actor, he’s still pretty much a lightweight, IMO. I agree with Koala that Kim Jae Wook would’ve been an awesome fit for this role (the character is supposed to be Japanese).

  30. 30 Makoto

    Excited for Han Go Eun! She stole my heart with her bravery and her heartbreaking love story in Capital Scandal.

    • 30.1 Tha

      She was awesome in Capial Scandal!

  31. 31 Mj

    I thought Kim bum would be second lead if it turns out he is main lead I would be sooo freaking excited I was already planning on watching just for moon but with him also that would be amazing

  32. 32 snow_white

    now there is something in the show which will make me give it a try…..otherwise it looked a bit boring at first…..

  33. 33 Suzi Q

    I hope he accepts the leading man role.

    Acting with Moon Geun Young.. how can that be a bad thing?

  34. 34 Rovi

    Am I the only one glossing through comments just to find some support for our Giraffe? Come on…speculate what his character would be?


    Been to akp before, and the comments were daebak:

    -Hmm […] what kind of character KwangSoo would get…Betrayal Character?

    >[…] ask Yoo Jae Suk! He always predicts the role that KwangSoo depicts Hahaha

    >[…] GIRAFFE HWAITING Miss Moon Geun Young, Kwangsoo’ s sister in law β™₯_β™₯

    >idiot freind character

    -[…] Kwang Soo will be acting as one of the princes, so hey! Asia prince is finally becoming a prince in drama too! XD

    -[…] would like to see Kwangsoo as a lead in a romantic comedy. It would be a pretty funny drama. […]

    >[…] with Song ji hyo as his partner ^^

    =If Kwang Soo Oppa and Ji Hyo Unni partnered, the ending would be : Kwang Soo tired with the bossy Ji Hyo and fell for another female idol while Ji Hyo doesn’t ever bothered because there she has a ‘just monday’ boyfriend named Mr. Kang that will come whenever she need him.

    *And of course he betrayed her

    *[…] imaging mr kang appearing in the drama and seeing jihyo with kwangsoo….uh oh!

    -What would Kwangsoo be? A historical giraffe?

    >LMAO probably lol

    -gwangsoo – “im finally the main character now”
    *gwangvatar mode* xD

    >*raises hand to the sky, legs spread out*

    -Well we know Kookie hyung will be watching this for two reasons now.His favorite dongsaeng and his favorite woman.

    -I can’t wait for the day, when Kwang Soo begins to star as the lead of his dramas. He deserves to be the lead with his popularity and great acting. I hope that day comes soon. he already did a historical drama… Dong Yi…
    he was a royal musician… πŸ™‚

    -nice Kwangsoo πŸ™‚ he’s really really funny. […]

    -Yeay for Kwang Soo :))

    -The drama I’d like to see is the love story between Goddess of Fire, Jeongi, and Asian Prince. Goddess of Fire punishes Asian Prince for betraying and turns him into a giraffe, but they are reincarnated into a beautiful girl and a zookeeper, where he is the King of Animals. They meet and fall in love, resulting in the Goddess of Fire finally forgiving the Asian Prince for his past life’s betrayals and accepting his heart! Please make this happen.

    (this comment cracked me up. XD Historical Crack XD!!!)

    -Can’t wait for this Drama// Im her [sic] formy Kwangsoooo

    -A couple more of these then I hope Kwangsoo gets a lead role in anything. I think he could pull it off.. he’s amazing at acting/variety and showing emotion!

    -Asia’s Prince Lee Kwangsoo!! πŸ™‚

    -The giraffe in a historical drama?!

  35. 35 terry bell

    Bummie and Moonie… Yay!!!

  36. 36 Midori

    Wow really? For some reason I can’t imagine Kim Bum in a sageuk although that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see him in one.

    The only thing of him that I liked so far was Padam Padam. I thought he was awesome in that drama! Even though he’s not really the main lead, I’d say he played an important role and did a really good job with it! All the other ones I couldn’t finish because either the plot was too dull or he was a bit lacking (though I haven’t seen Boys over Flowers (and i dont plan on seeing it, no offense) so I can’t really make too much of a valid argument).

    This would be something new and interesting so I am kinda looking forward to it (that is, if he signs up as the lead).

  37. 37 tessieroo

    Why does almost every picture I see of Kim Bum show him touching his lips?

  38. 38 cherygel

    @tessieroo It is to eat them better hahaksss, I am so satisfied to see again MGY of return and in more if bumieee keke even more I am impatient to be there!!!

  39. 39 goldeng

    Wait…. Whos the lead?? I read somewhere kim bum wasnt the lead… I dont wanna get all happy for nothing u.u
    and yaaay for kwangsoo~~ he was great in nice guy πŸ™‚

  40. 40 fj

    oh mbc, your casting sucks, either kang chi in gu family or this role should have gone to jw, instead of pairing him with choi kang hee

  41. 41 finamusic

    i want to see kim bum oppa as a leading man in this drama..woaaa that will be amazing to see moonie&kim bum as a couple in this drama..really can’t wait to see this (God please make it happen) \(^O^)/ btw i also like to see kwangsoo oppa in this drama ..Goddess of Fire Jung-yi Fighting!!! ~(^O^)~

  42. 42 xarden

    Mmmm, I love Jun Kwang-ryul, Han Go-eun and Kim Bum!!!

  43. 43 Lady Seoul

    I hope he takes the role! I’m all on board with such a cool cast! haha

  44. 44 Number1

    I am satisfied and aprouve the casting, I adore above all mgy and i hope that kim bum accepts the role, deeply in July…

  45. 45 jomo

    Jeon Gwang-ryul is always good no matter what.

    I like this whole set-up, and cast. Despite WBDS’s lost in the middle somewhere in the land of ginseng faults, it really was memorable. WBDS didn’t suffer because of the writing per se, it suffered because they forced the writers to insert empty episodes into the middle to extend it.
    PS I HATED the wrap up of WBDS with every fiber of my being, but again, it was prolly forced by the network.

    I think bromance will carry the story more than romance, unless the writers have improved there. Having Moon as their lead may inspire them to up their game, but either is ok with me.

  46. 46 Sylvie

    Shoot me! I’m dreaming.

  47. 47 redfox

    Big congratulations to Kim Bum, very happy for him, it was long awaited and well deserved. He was the only thing that made sense in TW,TWB

  48. 48 JJ

    woah i luk f/ward to this team up! i really like kim bum in that winter drama, he’s so versatile! another drama to be added to my long queue! thnx DB et al for your hard work in bringing us fresh news!

  49. 49 kz

    Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young will be baby-faced couple..
    Hope Kim Bum will sign it soon!!

  50. 50 Mar

    I have no interest in this drama plotwise but I am very happy to see Kim Bum secure a lead role, as I think he’s just wonderful. I hope this drama does very well and he has a great role for his first lead. If he has time to grow out a mane of glory, this could be a hot summer. I’m okay with that.

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