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Gong Hyo-jin and Park Hae-il in Aging Family
by | April 1, 2013 | 58 Comments

Teehee, this movie looks like a riot. I was already interested in Aging Family when they cast it chock full of actors I like, but the teaser is even funnier than expected. The new family comedy from director Song Hae-sung (A Better Tomorrow, Maundy Thursday) is about three grown-up kids who are each a wreck in some way, suddenly having to move back in with Mom all at the same time. The result is in the teaser: a parade of insults and swears, a whole lot of kicking, yanking of hair, and general fisticuffs. Oh, right, and some bath-time nudity just for kicks.

Gong Hyo-jin (Love Fiction) is the maknae, a 35-year old “Expert in Marriage Transfers.” At one point in the teaser she screams, “Is there a rule that a married woman can’t fall in love?!” Park Hae-il (Eungyo, Bow the Ultimate Weapon) is second oppa, a 40-year old failed movie producer. His character description is just “Gave Up on Life.” Yoon Je-moon (The End of the World, The King 2 Hearts) is the first oppa, 44-year old “General Crisis.” There’s also 69-year old Mom (Yoon Yeo-jung) and a 15-year old niece (Jin Ji-hee). The movie’s tagline is: “A family whose average age is 47, that can’t act its age.”

I love that the character posters are pieces to the larger one with the three-way fight. They’re not messing around in the teaser either — all three kids talk like motor-mouthed gangsters, and you think they’re all mortal enemies or something… until Mom calls them all to the dinner table and they comply like good children. Ha. In the closing bit, Gong Hyo-jin drops a piece of food on her brother’s lap. Park Hae-il: “Fuck.” Gong Hyo-jin: “You could just clean it off. Why’s it something to say ‘Fuck’ about?” LOL. I think I’m gonna like this family.

Aging Family hits theaters in May.

Via Hankook Ilbo


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  2. ida

    Aw, this looks amazeballs!! Cannot WAIT.

  3. kstalls

    This looks so good! I hope they sub it quickly >.<

  4. MsB

    Can’t wait to see it in the future

  5. ida

    by amazeballs i mean a hoot and a half!

    • 5.1 songhyefriggingyo

      yeah… amazeballs > its in that movie so undercover by miley, not that i watched it.. lol

      looking forward to this in future… 🙂

  6. Quiet Thought

    I watched this trailer, and out of curiosity, clicked through to the “Honest Trailer” review of Les Miserables . . .

    ‘Aging Family’ looks a lot funnier, everyone has better skin, and no one is pulling anyone’s teeth out with a pair of pliers. I hope.

  7. JenJen

    Saw Yoon JeMoon and Yoon YeoJung and instantly thought of the hostage scene in King 2 Hearts. cute cute

    • 7.1 Yasmin

      Ohmigod, me too! Especially the bit when he said that he wished she was his mom cos he’s ashamed of his mom! And now I’m like your wish came true! Xd

  8. mud

    I’m trying to figure out if GHJ is bringing into fashion the mini-bathrobe-jumper look. I think I want one for myself but with short-sleeves….or I just want everything GHJ wears.

  9. Simi

    LOL on the floral tracksuit!

    • 9.1 all4movies

      Yessss, I want one.

  10. 10 JC

    So many good, likeable actors in this!
    Movies take a long time to sub, but I’m definitely considering watching this one when it finally releases with eng subs.

    • 10.1 DayDreamer

      Same here. I just hope I don’t forget about this by the time it gets subbed like how I did with Werewolf Boy (only reason I “remembered” was because it was mentioned often in Open Thread, ha.)

      • 10.1.1 TS

        Same here.

  11. 11 DayDreamer

    This looks AWESOME. Love the premise and the wonderfully colorful posters. Really, really can’t wait for subs.

  12. 12 lenrasoon

    i love it already! and the poster is brilliant, some tv dramas could learn from this.

  13. 13 Revy

    This looks like a hoot. Can’t wait to watch it

  14. 14 Hagar

    omg the mother is amazing in that last scene

    • 14.1 Enz

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Her expression and that defeated look!

      • 14.1.1 Hagar

        she is an amazing actress she just kills any role she plays

  15. 15 tiffshin

    GHJ is looking hot in the poster! Look s cute!!

    • 15.1 true2u

      She does. It seems like she gained a few pounds and it’s working for her.

  16. 16 Gala

    I’m trying to think of a GHJ movie that I disliked. None. Guns and Talks introduced me to her and till now I’m aching for another won bin-GHJ team up.

    • 16.1 true2u

      Crush and Blush!!!! I HATED that crap soo much!!!

  17. 17 topper

    This looks like a riot, and love all the cast.

  18. 18 TS

    Sounds awesome! Aaargh, want to watch it nooooowwwwww!!! [Not acting age at all, but then if I was, I wouldn’t be on Dramabeans every day.]

  19. 19 Nina

    Omg this looks hilarious!

    Ok so this is not really related…well, it’s about movies! Does anyone know where I can find Cha Tae Hyun’s movie “The Grand Heist” or ‘Gone with the Wind’ as some call it? With english subs?

    Would be much appreciated!

    • 19.1 Arhazivory

      I got it from You’ll have too register but its free to do so.

  20. 20 refresh_daemon

    Song Haeseong is directing a comedy? Is it going to turn into a melodrama in the final act? I’m hoping he’s able to pull this off.

  21. 21 Kenzz

    U can find it on [email protected]

  22. 22 Kenzz

    I meant to say dramacrazydotnet

  23. 23 wits

    I’m sure this would be rib-busting-hilarious if I could just understand the language. How I wish…

  24. 24 Kiara

    PARK HAE-IL….<333333333333333333. Damn that is one talented casts. Thank you GF for making my day :).

  25. 25 jandoe

    This movie looks like it’ll be such a hoot. Excited!

  26. 26 JO

    It’s the little girl from HIGH KICK!
    God. They grow up. . . so fast

  27. 27 Oohlala

    Park Hae Il !!!
    GHJ looks so pretty in the teaser O__O

  28. 28 crazedlu

    i can see why she is one of your faves, gf. ha.

  29. 29 snow_white

    wow….this movie sounds so much fun!!

    and so many good actors in one film 🙂

  30. 30 My2Girls

    Looks f***king brilliant! Would love to see this film. I love GHJ but have only seen her in dramas. Can anyone recommend some of her films for me? I would really appreciate it.

  31. 31 df

    just looking at GHJ makes me laugh because I immediately think of Greatest Love. So funny…

  32. 32 hyojin09

    I’m so excited with this movie. I hope the staffs will put subtitles so I can understand it. A very big fan of Gong Hyo Jin. Fighting! From Philippines ♥

  33. 33 ht

    I still love the fact that it’s about family comedy, not romance. :p This is going to be insanely amazing. I can sense it.

    Wooo it’s Park Hae-seong whose works are my favourites (Failan and Maundy Thursday). He’s directing a comedy now, which is different from his usual works. Cool, really looking forward to watching this!

  34. 34 niKai

    I love gong hyo jin. She s a natural when it comes to acting.

  35. 35 bd

    This looks like great fun.

    GHJ looks great in the intro.

  36. 36 yammy

    ooo. my family and I definitely need to watch this. and together

  37. 37 bebecass

    Director of A Better Tomorrow? That movie was so freakin terrible. I’m worried…love Park Hae-Il but I can’t stand manipulative melodrama.

  38. 38 Uhnny

    Cha Seung Won in “High Heels”, Yoon Kye Sang in “Rock, Paper, Scissors of Love” and now Gong Hyo Jin in “Aging Family”.

    How I missed my Greatest Love leads… 😀
    Feels great to see them this year.
    Thank you. 🙂
    This is awesome!!!~

  39. 39 Emaan

    Love Park Hae Il. Gotta watch this one. 🙂

  40. 40 SandrOu

    Gotta watch it!!!! This is so, promising

  41. 41 V

    This movie looks great.

  42. 42 Mieosa

    oo I absolutely adore Gong Hyo Jin! This movie sounds quirky and fun already. I really hope that it will subbed so i cant watch it someday! I am still waiting for My P.S Partner…

  43. 43 Dara

    The poster looks very fun!

  44. 44 bd

    Also love the facial expressions on the young niece (who played the spoiled princess in TMTETS).

  45. 45 Bu Young

    Wow, Ji Jin Hee has grown up so much since her High Kick days!

  46. 46 niloufer

    I love Gong Hyo jin … she is adorable … she’s got some fat as i see !!! she is gettin more and more sexy … I LOVE YOU my dear Hyo jin 🙂 :********

  47. 47 Evi

    hmm..I dont watch this movie but Im sure its very good, its meaningfull isn’t it?

    Can’t wait Gong’s next drama “Master’s of Sun” 😉

  48. 48 Tandem


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