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Gu Family Book: Episode 4
by | April 16, 2013 | 324 Comments

Aw, I love this show. It’s so damn cute and earnest and lovable. You have a hero who spends his days playing Hong Gil-dong Jr. in the streets, a no-nonsense heroine with a mighty sword, and a story world filled with myths and magic that’s just barely been tapped. But at the core, it’s just got a whole lot of heart.

The Monday-Tuesday race has been tight, but ratings continue to rise for Gu Family Book, with Episode 4 at 15.1%. God of the Workplace followed close behind at 14.2%, and Jang Ok-jung came in at 7.0%.


We start off with a recap of Mom and Dad’s love story, destined for tragedy, and then catch up to Kang-chi and Yeo-wool’s fateful meeting under the crescent moon and peach blossom tree. The same blue lights that once used to follow Dad around now surround Kang-chi.

He ekes out his brave speech that he’ll protect her… before passing out in her arms. Heh. But the words trigger a memory for Yeo-wool, and she has a momentary flashback to being attacked by a scary dog as a little girl, when a boy had jumped out and said those same words.

She looks up at the tree and the moon and remembers the monk’s warning that this is the fate she should avoid.

Back at the Hundred Years Inn, Tae-seo is the only one there to run the estate in the absence of his father, and he gets a late-night surprise—a large entourage arrives and suddenly demands rooms. Uh-oh, did they just let our baddie Jo Gwan-woong walk right into the place?

And of course, Dad’s receiving the warning from Dam Pyung-joon this very moment—Jo Gwan-woong is on a murder spree and Lord Park is very possibly the next target. Oh, ya think?

Jo Gwan-woong introduces himself ominously and when Tae-seo tries to tell them there aren’t enough rooms to house them all, the head minion demands they make room. Eep.

Poor Tae-seo doesn’t know what to do, and asks his servant where Kang-chi is, sighing that he’d be absent at a time like this. Aw, I like that he looks for Kang-chi in his time of need despite all their bickering.

But Kang-chi’s too busy playing sleeping beauty at the moment, as Yeo-wool keeps watch. She stares and stares and finally pokes him in the cheek… which just gets him snoring.

Gon arrives after throwing the henchmen off his trail and tries kicking Kang-chi awake, to no avail. Yeo-wool thinks he must’ve been drugged, but Gon isn’t satisfied and tests out a theory, by yanking out his sword and slamming it down right at Kang-chi’s head. Whoa.

It’s certainly enough to jolt Kang-chi awake, and he rolls out of the way just in time, as the sword slices his pillow. Well good morning to you too. Yeesh. He demands to know who they are, and Gon points out that the polite thing to do would be to introduce himself first.

So Kang-chi says he’s from the Hundred Years Inn, and they raise an eyebrow at the familiar name. He asks who they are, and then Gon says smugly that he doesn’t identify himself to people he doesn’t know. HA. I think I’m going to like these two together. Their bickering and posturing is hilarious.

Kang-chi attacks, and Gon doesn’t even break a sweat as he trips Kang-chi and sends him flying, again and again. Finally Yeo-wool steps in between them and asks Kang-chi if this is the way he treats people who save his life, and he balks—You? Saved me? (He assumes she’s a boy, but it’s the pint-sized-ness of her that he’s scoffing at.)

She sends a spin-kick flying at his face to prove her point. Ha.

Cut to: Kang-chi being led by Yeo-wool on a rope, like a dog. He finally turns around to try and reason with her that the ropes are a bit much for his pride: “I’m not a puppy!” I beg to differ.

She says that she can’t trust him, and it’s suspicious anyway that the son of the Hundred Years Inn would be chased by henchmen, unless he’s a thief (he shakes his head no), or has women problems. He gulps.

She takes that to mean he’s a scoundrel, and Kang-chi swears up and down that it’s not that kind of lady trouble. The way she just rolls her eyes and doesn’t let him explain is just priceless.

He pleads with her to de-rope him before they reach the inn to save him the mortification, but it’s too late because Tae-seo’s servant comes running up to them calling out his name.

When Yeo-wool refuses to comply, Kang-chi whirls around and throws his arms around Yeo-wool and announces that they’re his new friends that he met in the woods. Hee. Yeo-wool squirms, and Gon has a silent freakout at Kang-chi hugging her. Love it.

But they’ve got bigger problems, as they find out when they finally let the servant get a word in…

Back at the inn, Tae-seo explains that he doesn’t have the rooms—guests would have to be kicked out in order to house them all. Jo Gwan-woong doesn’t skip a beat and says that’s what he should do then. Oh crap. I don’t want Tae-seo to bow to this evil guy, but I’m also terrified for him.

He sticks to his principles and says he can’t do that, and Jo Gwan-woong can’t believe that he’d dare inconvenience the Important Man while lowly people reside in the rooms. Tae-seo says that every guest at their inn is treated equally, and that is how his father has always run the place. Damn, I’m impressed. Those are some principled balls of steel ya got there.

As expected, Jo Gwan-woong doesn’t take it very well, and Tae-seo ends up with a sword at his throat. His mother and sister hear what’s happening, and Chung-jo wonders where the guards and Kang-chi are. Lady Yoon avoids her gaze. I think guilt would be giving her too much credit, but perhaps she’s regretting her timing in kicking him out?

Back on the road, Kang-chi turns to Yeo-wool and drops the posturing attitude. He asks sincerely for her to untie the ropes because something’s wrong at the inn. She looks into his eyes and thinks again that there’s somewhere she’s seen those eyes before…

The situation at the inn goes from bad to worse when Jo Gwan-woong takes Tae-seo’s equal treatment mantra and runs with it, twisting his words to make it sound like he’s blatantly going against the law of the land.

Lady Yoon rushes to the scene to apologize for her young and impetuous son, and tries to placate Jo Gwan-woong by insisting that she’ll make room at the inn, even as Tae-seo argues with Mom that they can’t do that. But she kneels before him to ask for mercy.

Chung-jo arrives behind the crowd looking for her mother, and in that split second Jo Gwan-woong’s eyes flicker with recognition—but it’s Seo-hwa he sees in her. Ew. He looks at Chung-jo with these eyes… Ack. Ack. Make it stop.

Suddenly someone steps in front of Chung-jo to block his view. Oh phew, it’s Kang-chi. Ohmygah that was the longest flesh crawl ever. What took you so long?

He and Tae-seo exchange the cutest smiles and he apologizes for being late. He introduces himself as Choi Kang-chi, and when Jo Gwan-woong demands to know what he does around here, Kang-chi explains that he’s the one who chases out the rabblerousers at the inn.

Jo Gwan-woong practically stomps his feet with the Do you KNOW who I am? and Kang-chi makes it clear that he doesn’t much care. The henchmen all draw their swords around him, and he just stands there, still offering to let them go quietly if they want.

Yeo-wool and Gon watch from the rooftop, and she makes a move to jump into the fight, but Gon holds her back.

The henchmen attack, and Kang-chi fights them off unarmed in about three seconds, and turns their own swords back on them. Curiously, Jo Gwan-woong’s head minion just watches the fight, and notes Kang-chi’s glowing red bracelet. Uh-oh.

Jo Gwan-woong laughs it up to save face, and declares this place verrrrry interesting. He gives Chung-jo one last creepy smile before leaving, only revealing how furious he really is once he’s alone.

Yeo-wool and Gon are impressed at Kang-chi’s fighting skills, since that wasn’t really their first impression of him. Gon notes Yeo-wool drifting off into thought, as she thinks again that she’s seen Kang-chi somewhere before.

Lord Park returns home in the morning and demands to know where his guards were in this time of need. Head guard Han-no just bows his head, exchanging guilty glances with Lady Yoon.

Kang-chi steps in to say that this was all his fault, launching into this elaborate lie about how he ran off and the guards came after him, and then they lost each other in the woods, and oh yeah he was drunk, and um…

Lord Park asks if they think he’s an idiot, so Kang-chi just goes the route of the louder the apology the better, and he and Han-no just take turns bowing, “It’s my fault! No, it’s my fault! Punish me! No, punish me!”

Finally Tae-seo saves them both by suggesting that the more urgent matter is how to deal with Jo Gwan-woong. Dad doesn’t say much of what he learned, but Mom argues that they have to go apologize to the man if they don’t want the future of their inn to be doomed. She makes a point of blaming Kang-chi, which just adds to her hatefulness.

She sits Kang-chi down on her own to ask why he came back—did he not take her warning seriously? He says he came because the inn was in danger, but she argues that he did more harm than good last night. He asks with these pleading eyes why she’s never liked him: “Tell me what it is and I’ll fix it!” Awww, Kang-chi. You break my heart.

She answers honestly that he’s always been an ominous presence, from the day he entered this house, and that she has feared his whole life that he’d bring harm to her children. He of course doesn’t understand, and swears that he’d give his life to protect Tae-seo and Chung-jo.

Lady Yoon: “How can I trust the word of a thing that might not even be human!” Gasp. He asks what she means, but she’s called outside and he’s left wondering at her turn of phrase. As he walks out he sees Chung-jo surrounded by new garments in preparation for her wedding, and sighs wistfully in her direction.

Yeo-wool finds him in the courtyard and sizes him up right away—so he dared to fall in love with the owner’s daughter and got kicked out for overstepping, huh? He doesn’t answer.

He wonders how she got in here, and she tells him that they’re staying at the inn. When he turns to go, she takes out her stick and whaps him over the head for no reason… and then reels in shock—why didn’t he evade the strike?

I love that the hitter is just as surprised, and she points out that a guy who can fight off all those attackers should obviously be able to avoid being hit. He says that was a different situation—they smelled of blood (curious, I know he doesn’t mean it literally, but it could be).

She finds him even more curious—so his fighting ability actually changes according to the situation? She challenges him to a friendly swordfight, and Kang-chi looks her up and down with a laugh (still assuming she’s a really short man) and warns her to put away her sword before she gets hurt.

He starts to walk away, when she casually calls out, “Giant spider.” He stops in his tracks. “The thing you’re most afraid of in the whole world are big spiders, right?” He turns in shock and stares for a while, and then puffs up his chest to insist that she’s wrong.

So then she points: “It’s a giant spider!” He leaps up with hoppy feet like a little boy: “Where?! Where!” And after all that he still has the gall to insist he’s not afraid. She watches him go and says aloud: “So it was you…”

Lord Park and Tae-seo seek out Jo Gwan-woong, who purposely makes them stand there and wait while he does nothing, just to prove a point. When they’re finally called in, Lord Park introduces himself and apologizes for his children’s rash behavior last night.

Jo Gwan-woong wastes no time in offering up suggestions for how to appease him, and says that he’s being really gracious with his offer since he could try Tae-seo as a traitor, but instead will settle for Kang-chi being hit 200 times.

Lord Park says that Kang-chi is like a son to him, and offers to give him anything else in exchange. Jo Gwan-woong gets a glint in his eye and asks for the Hundred Years Inn then… “Ah I see, that’s too much? Then how about your daughter?” NO.

Both Tae-seo and Lord Park’s blood starts to boil, and in case we weren’t quite sure that Jo Gwan-woong was evil, their conversation gets intercut with a frog swallowing a butterfly whole, just to drive the point home.

Lord Park takes a moment, and then gets on his knees. “I will take the 200 blows. My children’s sins are their father’s, so I will be hit in their stead.” Wow. Tae-seo protests and Jo Gwan-woong quakes in silent rage.

Next thing we know, he’s letting them go. His minion asks why and Jo Gwan-woong says that Lord Park is more beloved by the people than the king—punishing him gets him nowhere. He says he knew this man would be a difficult opponent, but didn’t expect this. He orders his minion to kill Lord Park quietly, and make it look like Kang-chi is the killer.

Meanwhile, Kang-chi is busy trailing after Yeo-wool and Gon in the marketplace, thinking he’s being super stealthy. Gon: “He’s still following us.” Yeo-wool: “I know. Leave him be.”

He loses them with one simple distraction, and twirls around in the street, wondering how they slipped away. Pwahaha, his go-to explanation is that they must be ghosts. They watch from around the corner and Yeo-wool wonders what to make of him: “Is he a moron or a genius?” Uh…

But then he gets distracted on his super secret mission when he finds that thug who ripped them off for 50 nyang the other day, extorting street vendors for more money. He greets the leader with a big smile.

Yeo-wool arrives at an inn to meet a contact, and she hands over a record she’s made of the string of murders that she’s been investigating. As expected, they overlap with Jo Gwan-woong’s latest acquisitions.

They’re interrupted when Kang-chi’s fight with the thugs spills over into the inn, and they join the crowd to see what’s going on. Kang-chi lines up the baddies on their knees and threatens them to give up their money, and Yeo-wool’s contact sighs at the behavior, assuming that Kang-chi is robbing the men in broad daylight.

Yeo-wool steps up to put a stop to it… when Kang-chi calls out: “Line up!” Suddenly the market vendors all line up, each telling Kang-chi how much the gangsters extorted from them today, thanking him for returning their hard-earned money.

Kang-chi tells the thugs to stop stealing from the poor, and suggests that if they must steal, they should stick to the rich. They chant his name through the streets like a hero. D’awww, so many feels.

Yeo-wool looks on with a smile, though Gon can only manage a raised eyebrow. Heh. She looks into the crowd and notices a familiar face—the monk who gave her the cryptic warning. He doesn’t see her, and just smiles proudly at Kang-chi.

She runs after him to ask what happens if she doesn’t avoid that fate, or if she can’t. So-jung says gravely that one of them may die, and that these things are up to heaven. She’s left standing in the street, wondering if one of them could really die, and looks back at Kang-chi.

Kang-chi returns home that night with gifts of liquor and food from the street vendors, and he presents them to his father (Lord Park’s head servant, the one whose surname he took that day at the river).

The Park family enjoys a quiet moment together as they talk about Chung-jo’s upcoming marriage and Tae-seo’s possible fear of girls (because he refuses to do anything marriage-minded), and Kang-chi watches from the distance. Gah, that pangs my heart so—the longing look at the happy family.

Han-no comes by to tell him not to dream. He doesn’t have a place there. But Kang-chi says just watching them makes him happy. He gives Han-no the food in his hand, without an ounce of anger at what happened last night.

Yeo-wool practices her sword skills in the courtyard, the monk’s words ringing in her ears as she thinks back to the young boy who seems so much like Kang-chi. Kang-chi watches her for a while and applauds, and then asks how she knew about his fear of spiders—do they know each other?

She turns the question around on him—do they know each other? Have they met before? He says he doesn’t remember.

Yeo-wool: “Then we haven’t met. A meeting that isn’t remembered has no meaning.”

She starts to walk away, and then he calls out: “If I remember? Then will it have meaning? They stand there looking at each other in a charged moment… and then suddenly he lunges at her.

A flying star comes out of nowhere and just misses her head. A black-clad assassin runs across the rooftop, and they give chase.

Lord Park senses a presence nearby and asks who’s there. A wind blows through his room and puts the lights out. He relights the candle, and out of the darkness steps So-jung. Oh thank goodness. Get him to safety!

Jo Gwan-woong chuckles to himself that the hunt has begun…

Kang-chi and Yeo-wool catch up to the one assassin they were chasing… only to watch as more of them appear before their eyes like vapor. One by one they fill the rooftop, and then they start appearing on the ground, right in front of them.

Kang-chi asks what they are, and Yeo-wool says they’re phantoms. In seconds they’re surrounded, and they stand back-to-back, looking out at the frightening sight.

Lord Park asks if So-jung is here now that the twenty years is up, and asks to know more about Kang-chi’s true nature, and about what power that bracelet holds. Wait. Waitaminute. I don’t like that look in So-jung’s eye. That’s not really him, is it? Crud.

Lord Park admits that he let the bracelet fall off the night he brought Kang-chi home, and that’s when he saw it. So-jung prods him to tell exactly what he saw that night. Lord Park starts to explain that there was an accident and a small wound… and then stops short.

He can sense something’s not right. His voice takes on an edge: “Who are you?” He calls out to his servants, but So-jung pulls a sword to his throat, and then as the camera pans he lets the spell fade and shows his true face. It’s Jo Gwan-woong’s right-hand man. With the sword at Lord Park’s neck, he demands to know more about Kang-chi.

Outside, the army of phantom assassins narrows in. They draw their swords on cue. I love Kang-chi’s confusion: Wait, phantoms have swords? Is this a thing? She warns him to be careful, while he’s still slackjawed that such creatures exist.

She draws her sword. He raises his fists…


Aw, end of episode? But I want to see the epic fight! Whatever you do, please don’t kill off Lord Park. Why does every drama introduce us to awesome dads and then kill them off? Dramaland: where good dads go to die. It was heartbreaking enough that Wol-ryung had to die so tragically after being betrayed by his only love in a thousand years. How about you throw us a bone and let the surrogate father live?

I’m already really invested in the characters and the conflict that exists purely from a nobleman/slave class divide and how Kang-chi is part of the family but not. There’s enough there even without the gumiho conflict (though of course I’m dying for those secrets/powers to be discovered), to carry the heart of Kang-chi’s emotional journey as an outsider. All of it—watching the happy family from afar, loving the nobleman’s daughter he can never be with, doing anything to be accepted and loved—it’s so immediately compelling and your heart just goes out to him.

Yeo-wool is a great character too, with her toughness and her quirks. She still needs more development, because for now we’re left to infer that she just lets people assume that she’s a man until she feels like correcting them. It’s not a crossdressing drama so I don’t expect the gender misunderstanding to go on too long (or even to make that big a difference, save for Kang-chi’s one big moment of mortifying oops, which I look forward to). But I do think it’s important for us to know—why that’s her preference, why she lives as a warrior and not a noblewoman. I’m sure I’ll like the answers, but I hope she gets the same treatment as a character and that we get a solid setup for her too. And how great is this trio:

My favorite thing in the whole episode was Kang-chi’s little Jeon Woo-chi/Hong Gil-dong moment in the marketplace, which tells us everything we need to know about him—that he was raised right, and that it’s in his nature to help the weak and use his strength to do good. Not only is it a heartwarming character moment, but key people get to witness this about him—Yeo-wool, who immediately changes her mind about him, and the monk So-jung who gets to see that Wol-ryung’s son grew up to be a good man.

There are definitely one-dimensional characters (especially in the villain realm) but overall the story is really engrossing, even before Kang-chi discovers his true nature. Though the baddie Jo Gwan-woong is Just Evil Incarnate, now that we know he has access to magic and that there are darker realms of the mythology that we haven’t explored, I’m more interested in the bigger picture. Of course the immediate concern is that all these people seem to think that Kang-chi’s bracelet is the source of his power, when in fact it’s what reins it in… and that discovery is going to be a heady one, least of all for the young man who never once guessed that he’s not a real boy. Talk about your rude awakenings.


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            I have read, from other commenters (who know more about dramas and movies than I do), that sometimes, a character (could be male or female) might not be that well written (not look that great on the page) and yet be portrayed in such a compelling way, that the character ends up being great. So I guess, the level of acting also has something to do with it.

            I totally see your point about CJ (and I agree with you on how you characterize her), and I understand what you mean about Suzy’s character in the drama. I too do find CJ interesting and I am very curious about her. I can’t tell and decide yet whether she really cares about KC, or if she likes having him around (like a puppy), likes the attention she gets from him and whether she might use him when it is suitable for her. Her character description says that she kind of plays with his feelings, using him when it works for her, so we will see. She did seem genuinely concerned for him, when he kept tripping over himself and falling, during the tea time with the future mother-in-law, so who knows. The other thing is, she could still use him, and yet care about him, to an extent. It will be interesting to see how she reacts when KC gets framed for murder (if it comes to that).

            I do feel (so far) that Lee Yoo-Bi has great chemistry with LSG. Their chemistry to me is palpable and it feels organic. LSG’s chemistry with Suzy so far for me comes and goes. A few times, I have seen it (or rather felt it) and a lot of the times, I felt that it was acted (by that I mean that LSG did what he was supposed to do in the scene, to the best of his abilities, so did Suzy, but it just didn’t feel like what I saw with LYB and LSG. Those are just my personal opinions, of course). I wanna give YW (and Suzy) more time. I feel that YW was just introduced to us, and the emphasis was that she is a good fighter, she doesn’t (seem to) care about appearing feminine (like CJ), she seems to know KC from her past, and she is intrigued and curious about him. I do hope (I really hope) that she will be fleshed out well, because I see her character as important as KC (and very important to him), if KC is to have a fate different than his dad.

            Someone (I think it was Pabo) mentioned that Kdramas tend to be more about the male lead, with the female lead being a supporting character, albeit a strong supporting one. She remains a supporting character nonetheless. I think it would be great if KC had his arc and growth and transformation process (which I don’t doubt he will), but also if YW had one as well. Finding out who KC really is would be eye-opening for her (I would imagine), and she would need time to process it. I am not the writer of this drama, however I would imagine that YW could be made to be compelling as well. Let’s see what Suzy brings to this character and how YW ends up being written… That being said, I totally see what you mean in your 2nd paragraph.

            I hope you will see this response, Pogo. I meant to post it after my response to Pabo, and I started writing it, and then I fell asleep. Sorry 🙁 (it was a long day…). Sorry also for being long winded, I love analyzing dramas and I tend to want to write every thought I have…

        • Miss D

          I’ve been wondering that too….but mostly because how do you do it!? The only way I can imagine this being possible is if she sits down in front of her computer all day. Hahaha. But I’ve definitely done that before so I can’t judge.

          I feel like the majority of the Dramabeans community doesn’t really care, however, and rather enjoys conversing with Ivoire so whatever. In the grand scheme of things, this little details isn’t as important as keeping this a cordial and pleasant community, right? 🙂

          So let us all enjoy the awesome drama. Best scene: Gon freaking out at Kang-chi! Flower boy glaring at puppy!

        • Lord of the Things

          I totally agree! Its not like I dislike Ivoire or have anything majorly against people who like their conversations to be on top, but as someone who mostly lurks, I like to have a bit of variety in the comments I’m reading. Having to scroll down past 10 “Thanks, off to read, be back later to comment!!” threads does get really annoying. Especially when you know there are other people who were ready to discuss things earlier, and who had equally valid points to make. Wow, maybe I do have strong feelings about this :p

          It just seems like its the same few people who stake out “top comment” spots every time. I might just be a bitch, and it is a silly thing to get annoyed at, so I’m glad its not just me. Although, it does take dedication to comment in detail on every single post, so maybe its ok because they take their “first” responsibility seriously? Haha

      • 1.2.2 Ivoire

        Lee Sung-Jae (the actor playing JGW) is doing a really good job, because he gave me the creeps when he showed up on the screen. The way he looked at CJ was sooo repelling… I know he is a necessary villain, and I guess it is safe to assume that he will be in the drama for a good number of episodes, if not until the last one maybe? However when I see him, I just want to say, “go away or go to that hot burning place, where you belong.” Speaking of ominous presence (to borrow the words of CJ’s mom, Lady Park), here is someone with an ominous one.

        I love the bromance between KC and TS, and part of me wonders how long that will last, based on the characters’ descriptions (their relationship is supposed to change, I think… And this is not a spoiler, anyone can read the characters’ descriptions).

        I too loved the hero protecting the little/weaker people scenes we have seen so far, with KC. However, I will admit that I couldn’t help but think and wonder how quickly and how deeply that might change, if KC is accused of something he didn’t do, as JGW wants it to happen. Even with somewhat of a family (the Parks), KC already feels lonely. How much more lonely and hurt will he feel when things turn sour and bad?

        OK, enough with the doomed talk, sorry about that. I really loved KC so far, and I can’t help but worry about him 🙁 It is going to be painful to see him go through his angst/revelations and growth times, even though I know that those are coming and are probably necessary. Without those moments/times, we would not have a drama, I know.
        Also, LSG is doing a good job (and his stylist as well), passing for an almost 20 year-old.

        • pabo ceo reom

          I hate the hair though! lol. I’m just actively ignoring it and chalking it up to Lee Seung-gi’s long history of bad hair.

          Anyways, I’m loving the characters, even our Evil Incarnate since I love to hate him. Die!

          Would love to see more of Yeo-wool’s back story too. K-dramas have a tendency to under-develop (or not at all) the heroine’s character so I’m hoping this one will buck the trend. Too badass of a character! *flying kick*

        • lemondoodle

          re: passing for nearly 20

          I guess his sunscreen obsession ended up working in his favor. Kept him looking young.

          Yes, every time everyone shows affection for KC I can’t help but think this is all going to go terribly badly isn’t it? They are all going to turn on him and it’s going to really suck.

          • Ivoire

            Hey lemondoodle, I will be back in a few hours to respond.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Pabo ceo reom,

          Every time I see your screen name, I think about that song on the OST of Personal Taste that start with that very phrase :-). Would that maybe be the reason why you chose that particular screen name? I was just wondering…

          I really liked LSG’s hair in TK2Hs, however, that was a different drama, different time period. Maybe this hairstyle will grow on you eventually? One could hope? 🙂

          I have to give it to LSJ, he is playing despicable Evil Incarnate to a T, down to the lustful stares (towards much younger women) that just makes one’s skin crawl. I would imagine that must not be easy to do.

          I too hope to see (and would love to see) more or YW back story. I do agree with you that K-dramas have a tendency to under-develop (often) the heroine’s character. It would be really nice if things are done differently in this drama. So far, she is definitely badass…

          • pabo ceo reom

            I just randomly thought up my screen name. It was a bit tongue in cheek at the time and it stuck. But I’m thinking your explanation gives my name more flair 🙂

            Re: Seung-gi’s hair…. you’re right, TK2H was pretty good. I guess I just thought about his 1N2D days when he had all kinds of weird hair. With his Gu hair, I just wish his bangs weren’t split down the middle. Plus, the length needs to be longer or shorter. Its “in between ness” bothers me lol.

            Also, after skimming the comments here, it seems a lot of people hate Suzy’s presence. Funny since she’s actually one of the few idol actors I don’t mind. Oh well, I guess that means I get to fully enjoy the drama compared to everyone else. 😉

          • Ivoire

            Hi Pabo, real life is calling, aka as work :-). It is 5:07am my time, and I need to go wake up some kiddies and take care of them. I will be back to respond 🙂 in a few hours…

          • Ivoire

            Sorry, real life is taking longer than I thought. I will be back later tonight (DB time) to finish my comments…

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      • 2.1.1 Kitzeekat

        I usually check at 8pm California time 🙂

        Btw the “I’m not a puppy” line…EPIC hahaha

        Love Lee Seung Gi. He’s nailing Choi Kang-chi <3

        • crazyajummafan

          “I’m not a puppy,” – haha! But you are sweetie! And a very cute one too!!!
          I wonder if this line was deliberately inserted – that the writer and Seunggi both know our nickname for him! It would be awesome if they did. Especially, Seunggi.

          • Jade Butterfly

            Hi ‘not-crazyahjummafan’ chingu ,
            The second I read that ‘ Im not a puppy’ comment , the same thought flashed thru my mind !
            Hey! you writers slipped that in cos everyone noes Seunggi baby has been Kimchi McPuppy for the longest time! * lets hoot ,woot & do a jig together *
            So far , Im enjoying the show. It started with a bang & Seunggi’s doing what he does pretty well…the sweet but powerful bipolar thing.
            I’m kicking my feet back enjoying him being this fantasmagical mythopoeic spirit wrapped in the mantle of a kind pure-hearted village hero.
            Enjoying whatever carefree breeziness now cos I sense the ill winds of ugly scenes coming.
            PLEASE DONT KILL Papa Park !!

          • crazyajummafan


          • Ivoire

            Hi Jade Butterfly,
            I have a question: what did you mean here, “the sweet but powerful bipolar thing?” Thanks for explaining, if you happen to read my question…

          • spazmo

            @ ivoire:
            “sweet but bipolar” that you asked about – i took it to mean how LSG managed to portray a goofy, lazy royal jerk (in K2H) who didn’t want the crown, but ended up believably portraying a regal, strong, royal king (with alot of smexy, i might add) in the end. LSG’s performance in K2H really was impressive.
            well, that’s what i think Jade Butterfly meant… ; )

          • Ivoire

            @ Spazmo, thank you for explaining! I too was thoroughly impressed with LSG’s performance in TK2Hs. Not once (not once) did he drop the ball in that drama. He was excellent, imho. I don’t know if you will see this answer, thanks again for responding.

      • 2.1.2 totorosmile

        i’ve noticed that too! def need to read the recap before going to bed haha

      • 2.1.3 crazedlu

        i check 10:00 pm Central Time. hahaha. nice to know we all have this down. =D

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    why is Jo Gwan-woong such a pedophile-character? creepy

    • 5.1 milkteanlsg

      I was also very amused when I saw him being led like a puppy~ very cute puppy~

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    Is suzy ok so far? I haven’t watched since the handsome and awesome daddy gu died…sob sob…

    • 6.1 KDR

      Suzy is pretty good IMO.. I feel like she has improved a LOT in her acting!

      • 6.1.1 Gon

        I think she’s getting there…and this character can be said a to be a lot like her real-self rather than the character in dream high, so she can be comfortable…for me..her acting is getting enjoyable..

    • 6.2 mmhmm

      i think she’s starting to get more comfortable now… showed signs of that in the latter part of this ep.

    • 6.3 magnus

      She’s alright in the VERY last part of the episode. As in I wasn’t cringing anymore. She’s becoming more comfortable with the role and I hope she keeps it up in the next episode.

    • 6.4 lemondoodle

      She’s not offensive.

      • 6.4.1 scbound

        LOL, your a diplomat at heart

    • 6.5 Stardust

      I had no problems with Suzy’s acting so far… not emoting too much since she basically just needs to look like she is deep in thought, or just look badass hehee

      As long as she is not a stalker I find her very likable! XD Looking forward to more range of feelings later on in the drama, since she will be SO torn up first, for whats between Kang Chi and his first ( very proper pretty lady ) love, and then… for Kang Chi the half-gumiho…

    • 6.6 Lurker

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    • 6.7 orenji

      She’s decent. She’s starting to get comfortable with her roles. Her character doesn’t require much expressions anyway. I think she did better in a funny scene. I like her that way. I kind of worried about the sad part later on. Hope it doesn’t turn awkward. So far i like YW,i hope her character consistent,really don’t want her turn weak ala damsel in distress later on.

      • 6.7.1 miranda

        She is totally unsuited for sageuk drama, the way she acts and talks is very modern day!

        She is not bad bad faaaaaaaar from good!

        • Roggy

          HMMM i was thinking the same thing. I want to see her act the parts that require her to act and talk like a proper lady.

          yet, im scared enough that I don’t want to see it, in case it ruins her acting thus far.

        • gg

          Agree, her sageuk speech sounds awkward. But acting wise, i think she has improved since Dream High.

        • pogo

          She’s bad all right but she’s not making me cringe as much as she did in Dream High so I suppose that is an improvement?

          I just think she’s really not suited to acting at all.

        • pogo

          and I will give her credit for looking like she could handle a sword in the last scene, but the problem of totally modern-day heroines shoehorned into (usually fusion sageuk) dramas is one that I find particularly annoying sometimes. There’s got to be a reason for a girl acting that way other than ‘because it’s cool’.

          (I liked the way Faith dealt with it, by having its heroine actually come from the 21st century. Or Arang, where the girl is a thug but you get to actually see how she became that way. I mean, I love an unconventional heroine, but SOME nod to the era would be nice though I suppose it’s impossible for a Joseon lady of any kind to cross-dess)

          • Roggy

            ^hopefully that’s where her backstory will come in

    • 6.8 dmn

      She did well since I’m liking her character

      • 6.8.1 owl

        That’s what I think too, I like her character so she’s won me over. I also agree that she’s a modern day misplaced heroine, but in a way, so is Seunggi. Gon, on the other hand, looks totally sageuk (grin).

    • 6.9 pogo

      She’s not cringe-worthily bad even if she isn’t quite becoming her character the way the others are, but she still can’t emote beyond the wide-eyed open-mouth look, and is particularly terrible at looking smitten/in first-love mode (I swear, Sung Joon has better chemistry with Lee Seung-gi than she does at this point). Also her sageuk speech sounds off to me, way too…modern-day in its rhythms/inflections.

      But she did pretty decently with that last action scene, she looks like she can handle a sword. And her character is likeable, so as long as Yeo-wool doesn’t have too many emotions that are beyond Suzy’s range of portrayal (i.e. most of them, she’s already on shaky ground with the being hung up on Kang-chi thing) she should be ok. Not fantastic, but serviceable.

      • 6.9.1 Hugepuffball

        Of course I understand that everyone has their own opinion, and that Suzy’s acting isn’t exactly perfect or gorgeous or anything like that. BUT, I honestly think that her emoting isn’t all that terrible. This may be just me, but I feel like a lot of people are coming into this with biased feelings about her, or just not necessarily being very open-minded.

        • pogo

          I don’t see what is there to be ‘open-minded’ about in the first place – personally, I’m quite willing to admit a performance is decent when the actor makes it so -after all, even the usually terrible Lee Yeon-hee was pretty good in Episode 1 and 2.

          And Suzy’s pretty, but if her blankness isn’t bad/nonexistent emoting (and Yeo-wool is supposed to have some feelings for Kang-chi so she’s not a complete stoic who should be blankfaced/deadpan all the time anyway) I’m not sure what is.

        • bd

          No – people are simply calling it as they see it.

          I like Suzy a lot and thought she gave a fine performance in “Intro to Architecture” and think she’s really cute on variety shows, but her acting thus far has been pretty wooden.

          I like LYH a lot as well, but totally accept that her acting hasn’t been good in many of the things she has been in and yet, she gave a fine performance here.

    • 6.10 Maris

      Suzy had been receiving some extremely harsh comments when her being cast in this drama was announced. i was wondering how she is faring? Just curious about her acting being judged as an actress or in comparison to how she was from previous appearances. I am just waiting to start the drama once it reaches 12 episodes at least… Waiting is not good for mental peace. 🙂

    • 6.11 Naruto

      She’s good handling swords. I like her in this drama

  7. foulou

    Ugh why the hell would the writer kill even Kang Chi’s foster parent, and she didn’t even wait for a couple of episodes before doing it? Is this all for the makjang stew or something? He’s already an orphan, then he’ll become an orphan yet again? Give this gumiho a break.

    Also, Suzy. UGGGHHHH. There are no words, and I’m being generous with that.

    • 7.1 foulou

      And I also don’t like the 3 minutes they use to recap past episodes. Just make it a minute. 3 minutes is overkill. The show already starts at 10:05pm because there’s like 10 minutes worth of commercials airing before this drama even airs.

      • 7.1.1 nova611

        u need to know “important of 3 Minutes”
        please refer to Anthony of KoD
        to understand better

    • 7.2 tynk

      I think the foster father would not die, basing on ep 5 preview. It didnt give that kind of aura

      • 7.2.1 foulou

        oh you just have to wait and see come monday.

    • 7.3 pogo

      The problem with Suzy, as I’ve said before, is that everlasting BLANK face of hers. I know people say her characters are stoic and so she doesn’t have to emote anyway, but she fails miserably when she has to do anything involving showing an expression on her face.

      (the ending scene of Episode 3 was particularly infuriating for this – I suppose she was going for wide-eyed what-are-you-doing/what-are-these-feelings shock at having Kang-chi touch her face collapse on her, and instead the expression just came off as……….gormless.)

      • 7.3.1 dani305

        A little off topic, but compared to Dream High days, IU has progressed more as an actress. I really like her in her current weekend drama. Didn’t realize that the problem was Suzy’s blank face until you mentioned it. It’s such a pretty face but I hope she can do more with it in the coming eps. This drama can’t survive on Lee Seung Gi alone.

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    I’m loving this drama so far.

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    so many nice moments in last night’s ep… sigh… I too am waiting for Kang chi to realise this little short man is in fact a girl… thats why he can’t remember his meeting… I suppose its very unthinkable in those times for an unmarried girl to just saunter about in the street in broad daylight, let alone a girl who can hold her own in a sword fight… but Kang chi’s (animal) instinct is really terrible lol i guess he can’t really literally have a sense of smell… maybe more like… sensing intent..

    From today’s ep, I think its safe to say that Lord Park’s daughter DOES have feelings for Kang Chi, not just using him… PHEW… and its so cute when we see the family together, laughing, having tea… so rare to see a happy relaxed yangban family in dramaland hahaha

    gaaaah have to wait for next week….

  15. 15 lemondoodle

    I thought of everyone here when he said he wasn’t a puppy. Haha. Kang-chi is really just a joy to watch. I’m not sure if it’s just Seunggi being his charming self of the character is good, but I just love him and am already hurting for the inevitable heartbreak that is going to happen. Love the bodyguard/KC/YW trio. They are so fun.

    Evil bad guy is reaching the limits of evil…. but I’m going to guess he’ll have more evilness to come. And the phantoms seem to be coming from an obvious and depressing source I’m going to guess

    • 15.1 crazyajummafan

      Seunggi being his charming self – I think that’s the problem some viewers have – Kang Chi’s charm is so Seunggi-ish that some viewers think he’s not really acting well.

      In any case, I think he’s doing a fine job. The character has yet to stretch him – but in this episode, we already see so many different expressions: cute and pleading; indignant at being hit on the head for no reason; shocked at being kicked at by a ‘puny guy’; wistful and sad in not being part of a family and realising that he may not have the girl he likes……AND HOT! When he suddenly appeared at the inn! Wow! The glare he gave was magnificant! I almost shouted out, “YES! Kang Chi’s here!”

      And I thought the the market scene where everyone was shouting, “Choi Kang Chi” could have easily been replaced by shouts of “Lee Seungg”!

  16. 16 Lurker

    the characters are just so involving! I hope to see head gisaeng and YW’s dad more since I was very interested w/ their involvement in the prologue. OMG I’m so looking forward to monday and tuesday!

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    <3 the show too!!!
    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    • 17.1 Stardust

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      Good luck to your exams! Fighting!

    • 17.2 milkteanlsg

      I also have exams starting Fri next week so I am still contemplating whether to continue watch the live broadcast and study mad in the meantime… 🙁

  18. 18 asianromance

    I REALLY hope that the frame job on Kang Chi doesn’t end up successful, which would be such a cliche thing to do (like being half gumiho isn’t bad enough without getting framed for your adopted father’s murder). But then they’re already doing the “knew-each-other-as-kids-and-are-destined” route.

    I find this drama cute and that the world-building is good, but I’m a little worried that by the end of episode 2, we still don’t know much about Yeo-wool, except she’s cute and she can fight. I found her interesting when the stills came out and now, I’m still waiting for her to become an actual character. And what is Gon’s story?

    • 18.1 milkteanlsg

      I think the development for the other characters such as Yeo-wool and Gon would only start after Kang Chi has fallen down down down…

      just my opinion, cos this way the drama story flows better than trying to fit anything in with all the drama going on at the same time…

      • 18.1.1 scbound

        I do not think Gon will have much if any development, he is just a swordsman who likes YW. It looked like a double did his fight scene as well.

    • 18.2 kdj

      What I hate most is a misunderstood hero. I really don’t like the framing kangchi plot, it’s been used in soooo many other dramas, I kinda wish GFB will chose a different route. I understand that they need to have kangchi hit rock bottom, but it still sucks.

      Why can’t they have plot like : surrogate daddy died, bad mommy got killed also, kangchi & the son are out for revenge, the sister somehow managed to tag along, with YeoWool & Gon lurking in the shadow, then at one point they all meet up, and decided to fight together for justice. Along the way, they help lots of little people fight for their rights, and in the end, they fight the big bad pedophile wolf. I’d be happy to see a Justice League done saeguk way story. But that’ll be a different story I guess 🙂

      • 18.2.1 lemondoodle

        That would be different story. One I’d watch too. But it wouldn’t put across the “most humans suck, gumihos are cute” message this show is trying to portray. Everyone who loved him before is going to have to betray Kangchi in the end and make him question if he deserves it all because he’s not human. I think what bothers me most is the quest to be human though. Like daddy, he doesn’t need a quest to be human. He’s already better than a lot of them.

        Haha @ big bad pedophile wolf…

    • 18.3 pogo

      But then they’re already doing the “knew-each-other-as-kids-and-are-destined” route.

      Which had me rolling my eyes, to be honest, it’s quite enough to have the parent story in the past, what’s wrong with having these two meet for the first time in the present instead of shoehorning in some childhood Meet Cute? It’s a small thing, but it just goes so CLUNK in an otherwise harmonious whole.

      I like the worldbuilding too, and the little vibe that Kang-chi and his guard-hyungs have going on is adorable, same with the Park family. Yeo-wool is likeable, though I’m rather indifferent to her and not sure whether that’s because she’s not very fleshed out (I don’t really care why she’s dressing like a boy to be honest, and if it has something to do with Childhood Kang-chi Encounter I will roll my eyes even harder) or because Suzy’s like a less expressive Park Min-young.

      Oh, and I LOVE the Gon/Kang-chi bantering. Lee Seung-gi and Sung Joon, I could watch them at it all day, even in that small role he’s managed to convey more nuance than he really should.

  19. 19 Mia

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  20. 20 liera

    I guess I am the minority here but I think LSG acting is regressing since his last drama and Suzy is so bland in her acting, and I don’t think seugeuk serves her well. I love LSG and Suzy individually and sadly need to drop this drama.

    JOJ is much better and fun to watch and to my surprise KTH acts better and YAI shines.

    • 20.1 milkteanlsg

      of course, you will be the minority here.

      Please if you don’t enjoy this drama, then don’t come here to critique it and promote another drama…

      Thank you.

      • 20.1.1 bd

        Get a grip.

        If only positive comments were allowed, then it would make for a lame message board.

        And if the acting, writing, directing, etc. aren’t good – isn’t it better to have it pointed out then pretend that it is?

        I mean really – what is it with all these loopy fans who can’t take criticism due to their fandom?

        There have been those even bashing JB, GF and the other recappers b/c they had criticisms of shows they were reviewing (such as for “Secret Garden”, “Lie To Me”, “Rooftop Prince”, etc.).

        • milkteanlsg

          of course it is up to one to critique something or anything they wish…
          BUT it is only the 2nd epi that Seung Gi and Suzy are out, the interesting part of the drama hasn’t even started yet!

          I just find the comments a little unfounded

          AND why is ppl always comparing drama against one another just because they are in the same time slot? when they are so different???

    • 20.2 foulou

      Seung Gi has only appeared in 2 episodes. You’re comparing 2 episodes to a 16-episode drama that had a complete characterization of who Lee Jae Ha was.

      Come back here when the drama is even 1/2 of the way.

      • 20.2.1 Kim

        Very appropriate observation….agreed with your comments both here in drama beans n koalas playground!! Think u got to go with the flow since it’s a 24 ep drama…am sure many layers to unfold and play out.

      • 20.2.2 crazyajummafan

        Er.. correction. TK2H had 20 episodes. And yes, it’s not fair to critique SG’s acting now. It has only been ep 2. Moreover, it’s a different role.

      • 20.2.3 bd

        Lee Yeon-hee of all people has been able to do a better job with her role in just 2 eps!

        • foulou

          Because her character has gone through different phases and characterizations within 2 episodes. Obviously, if you’re watching a 2-hour movie (or 2 episodes of 1 hour each), the accelerated pace of character development having to go through different stages and having multiple scenes of polarizing expressions and tones would ultimately yield a much more diversified character, characterization, and obviously audience’s perception than a character that has appeared for 2 hours whose character arc is 20 hours long.

          We haven’t seen Kang Chi at his worst or at his best. Never saw a Kang Chi capable of betraying his love, of surviving hunger, a Kang Chi desperate for hope, etc. etc. We have only seen the fist-flying rascal orphan. 2 hours out of 20 hours is equivalent to 12 minutes of a 2-hour film.

          • crazyajummafan

            Thanks foulou for standing up for Seunggi.
            But there are some people who in their dislike of Seunggi – really, I do not know why she’s even here at all – just love to nit pick.
            I think Seunggi is doing a fine job. Lee Yeon Hee did do a pretty decent job, and it could be seen cos her character had gone thru a lot. And it’s ridicuous to compare her to SG.
            In any case, Seunggi has shown us a multitude of expressions:
            1) Cheeky and playful when he’s with Chung Jo
            2) Hot tempered and angry with the baddies
            3) Indignant and fierce when confronting GW
            4) Cute and pleading with YW and the puppy thing
            5) Wistful when seeing CJ and realising that they can’t be together and also when he saw the family together. That look broke my heart.
            6) Charming with the villagers and with the guards and his father
            7) Jubilant and happy after CJ kissed him
            8) Shocked when YW kicked him
            9) Intense when he told YW that he’ll protect her
            10) Loving and smitteren when looking at CJ.
            And I’m sure there are more.

          • PM


    • 20.3 asianromance

      I don’t think JOJ and GFB can be compared in deciding “which sageuk I should watch today”. GFB lives in a more fictional world (sageuk only by nature of outfits and that the story is taking place a long, long time ago.) while JOJ is a re-imagining of historical events.

      Anyways, have fun watching JOJ. Not my cup of tea, but the hanboks in that drama make me green with envy.

    • 20.4 saranga

      i don’t think there’s anything wrong with what liera wrote. i think she (i usually assume we’re mostly all females here) is entitled to her opinion and wasn’t necessarily promoting a rival drama. she watched the show, decided she wasn’t impressed, and simply expressed her impressions and that she plans to stop watching. while i’m personally enjoying gu family book over jang ok-jung, i don’t really see anything wrong or particularly grating about what she said.

      jang ok-jung and gu family book are both sageuks, both boast some high profile stars (although kim tae-hee’s star probably outshines them all), and they both started at the same time. so naturally, they will draw comparisons and critiques, and i think it’s fair to make them.

      • 20.4.1 PM

        Ok I guess that’s fair enough. However, I am not sure where is the basis of saying “LSG acting is regressing since his last drama” since he has only appeared in TWO episodes so far.

        • pogo

          hey, if two episodes is enough to evaluate an improvement in Lee Yeon-hee’s acting, then it’s certainly enough to perceive a backslide in Seung-gi’s.

          Not that I agree (I don’t, he’s really good here), but neither do I really believe that we’ve got to watch X number of episodes before deciding what our opinions about a performance are.

          • lemondoodle

            That’s not really a fair comparison. LYH did a mini movie basically and portrayed a character that went through a lot from start to finish. GFB ep. 3 and 4 don’t have a lot going on yet.

          • pogo

            That’s true, I guess – there isn’t a ton of forward movement, just setup and introduction to Kang-chi as he is at this point in time, and he succeeds in making us care about him which is really all he’s supposed to do right now.

          • foulou

            Obviously Lee Yeon Hee’s character arc is comparable to a character in a movie – 2 hours. Seung Gi’s character arc is 20 hours long, and he’s appeared in 2. As I’ve said above, that’s equivalent to 12 minutes in a 2-hour film. Yeon Hee’s character development and phases is pretty much what you’d expect from a character in a movie: fast-paced. She went from a daughter who just witnessed the death of her father to a persistent woman tied to a tree to a loving sister ready to give up her innocence for her brother to a damsel-in-distress being saved by gumiho daddy to being in love to being a biatch to being a mother in a span of 2 hours. Where have you seen a character in a drama that has a 20-hour arc go through that within 2 hours? You won’t, and that’s because Lee Yeon Hee’s character is supposed to only have a 2-hour arc, not a 20-hour. Meaning, we will get to see all of Yeon Hee’s character development in Kang Chi spread across the 22 hours of his character arc.

    • 20.5 scbound

      bye, go and enjoy.

    • 20.6 fili

      Everything you said is true! I don`t understand why people are so pressed by your comment!

      • 20.6.1 mel

        She posted her opinion. People can disagree with it. Though some JOJ fans have been a little overzealous in their need to spread the word about how sparkly and shining KTH and YAI are and how it’s a much better drama. Guess some people are defensive about it…

      • 20.6.2 crazyajummafan

        It’s ok to critique this drama – say what u like and what u don’t, but don’t bash it and then promote another drama. It’s unbecoming and rude. If you like the other drama better, watch it by all means and go to the sites that recap it and spazz there! You dont have to watch this drama and come here and whine and complain and compare! And spoil everyone’s mood. NOT. NICE.

        • dramajoo

          im having trouble differentiating between kangchi and real life seunggi. It’s not seunggi’s fault, but the character is written so that seunggi doesn’t have to do much to nail the character because its how his persona is perceived by the public, especially after 1n2d. Good natured, puppy like, but a little weird/inadequate (허당). I dont think this role is a good barometer for how great he is as an actor since he really doesn’t have to do much.

          • skelly

            THANK YOU. Someone finally nailed the trouble I am having with Kang Chi. This makes perfect sense to me.
            Also thank you for offering some observations that involved making comparisons and using critical faculties – this post is proof that you can be a fan and still use your brain.

            Really, there’s lots of defensiveness going on here, aren’t we supposed to be about free exchange of ideas and opinions? All of this ‘get out if you are going to harsh my groove’ stuff is really small-minded. You know, there are many ways to “like” kdrama, and they can even include disliking parts of it. I enjoy reading the posts of people who don’t like the same things I do – it helps me look at an actor or show or genre from another angle, to re-form and redefine my own opinions.

          • lemondoodle

            Exactly. It’s not really a huge stretch of role for him yet other than his speech. To say he’s regressed or not is just silly since he REALLY isn’t doing much right now. The doom and gloom by a few people is seriously baffling to me honestly.

          • pogo

            This is interesting to me, since I’ve never watched him do variety and just go on face value, and he seemed more than adequate to me (also it helps that this character is more likeable off the bat than his previous two dramas).

            I didn’t think much of him in MGIAG, but he was great in TK2H, and seems comfortable in his role here (probably a result of this hewing so close to his real-life persona), no overacting or anything and when I’m watching, he IS Kang-chi in a way that his leading lady isn’t quite becoming Yeo-wool.

          • foulou

            I didn’t know 1N2D Seung Gi is a rascal who likes to brawl.

            Obviously, there are a lot of good-natured, inadequate guys and girls in the world. I fail to see how you can’t differentiate a character from a person just because they have the same tendencies. if he were a spoiled arrogant brat, people say “oh he’s being typecast” now he does a fist-flying gumiho suddenly he’s “oh he’s just like that in real life!”

            Seriously? Last time I checked, Kang Chi isn’t good at quizzes, and 1N2D Seung Gi isn’t an outcast orphan.

    • 20.7 wanne

      LOL you must be coming from Koala’s blog. You used the exact same words like her and suddenly mentioning the other drama out of nowhere, promote much?

      Seunggi tends to overact or overdo his expression, and I see that tendency in all his dramas including this drama and K2H. But I see no regression in his acting, in contrast I think he continues to impress me more and more with each drama he takes on. He’s playing a different character here than the restrained King in K2H who must not show his fear and tears to people. As KC, like Javabeans said i think he does his longing look so well that it always cause me to tear up. And his first confrontation with JGW reminds me of Jae Ha’s confrontation with Bonggu in K2H. He showed the same intensity there.

  21. 21 milkteanlsg

    Thank you for the sweet recap!

    Love this episode especially when Kang Chi step out and block that creep’s luring eyes on Chang Jo… Urgh

    And of course all of Kang Chi’s adorbness~ <3
    Really love all the good nice characters in the drama~

    The drama is doing a good job retaining the beautiful, fantasy and magical feel, and it is just lovely~

    Now, I just have to wait until next week… hai… come quick~!

  22. 22 crazedlu

    ok. now i think i can hang on. still not in love with suzy, but i know that will NEVER happen, so i’ll just bear it. going back to ep 3 and catching up!

  23. 23 Quinze

    My new fave drama! Thank goodness too since I’ve been in such a drought lately. Man this week is going to be long!

    Hah Kang-chi the puppy! Appropriate!

    This episode made me awww a thousand times at Kang-chi. I love him. Like you said, I’m looking forward to seeing Yeo-wool’s character fleshed out and more Gon-Kang-chi bickering.
    And Tae-soo/Kang-chi adorableness.
    I’m glad I don’t dislike Chung-jo either.

  24. 24 tadaima

    I definitely need an eng sub to this episode. I really like it!
    Aw. the trio are just so adorable..like three puppies!

    That evil pedophile is making his moves again and ugghhh he’s so disgusting! Poor CJ being lusted by this evil creature…

    • 24.1 milkteanlsg

      yeah… I wanted to plug out his disgusting luring eyes…

      • 24.1.1 tadaima

        ughhh!!!! KILL HIM! EWWWWWWWWW!

    • 24.2 Gidget

      And what a creepy hypocrite he is! Didn’t he say that he ruined Seo-Hwa’s father because he was arrogant towards non-nobles?

    • 24.3 bd

      Technically, not a pedo since he’s not lusting after prepubescent children.

      At that time, it was perfectly normal for girls in their early teens to marry and marry much older men to boot.

  25. 25 ajj

    I like Sung Joon and Im happy he’s part of the cast.
    My boys in White Christmas are doing so well lately, I’m ecstatic.

  26. 26 saranga

    i was absolutely furious, outraged at jo gwan-woong. first seo-hwa, now (practically) licking his lips over lord park’s daughter? someone assassinate this one. in a painful, drawn out way.

    and… the baddie has magic? noooooooo…

    • 26.1 Gidget

      My thought was… yesssss! It opens the door for the return of puppy-ho’s father. 🙂

  27. 27 gilro

    sigh, mbc why dint u give kang chi role to JW instead of pairing him with choi kang hee

    • 27.1 anon

      you know you are inviting people to bash JW, right? Most love Seung Gi here so don’t.

    • 27.2 mel

      Why do you keep repeating this? MBC didn’t give Kangchi to Seunggi. The writer wanted only Seunggi. Nobody else was ever in the running in the first place.

    • 27.3 crazyajummafan

      Would it seem appropriate if someone had written, “KBS, why didn’t you give the role of Gaksital (forgot the character’s name. Is it Kang to?) to Seunggi, instead of JW?

    • 27.4 scbound

      your a one trick pony with your comment gilro, and here we only play with a gumiho named LEE SEUNG GI

      • 27.4.1 Roggy


    • 27.5 elena

      Too bad because the writer only wanted LSG to play Kang Chi.

    • 27.6 milkteanlsg

      Thanks for your suggestion but no thank you~

  28. 28 ava

    I was literally gripping my seat. Thanks girlfriday!

  29. 29 Mika~

    I have this sinking feeling that Jo Gwan-woong’s going to accomplish what he said he would: kill Lord Park and blame Kang-chi for it. And I’m sure it’s not going to help Kang-chi if Lady Yoon already hates his guts and even tried to murder him once. And then Chungjo’ll get swayed by her mother into thinking poor Kangchi is Lord Park’s murderer, and then Taeseo’s going to doubt Kangchi’s guilt – and maybe even try to get to the bottom of things to prove him innocent – but then Kangchi will assume that Taeseo doesn’t trust him anymore if Chungjo doesn’t trust him… and… GAH. I don’t know, that seems like the normal train of events for a typical drama.

    I wanted a little bit more of the bromance before everything started to fall apart… Though I am kind of enjoying the pseudo-bromance-going-into-romance between Kangchi and Yeowool. And of course, I’m totally waiting for Gon and Kangchi to go from that rival-acquaintanceship-frenemy stage to rivals-but-best-buddies stage…

    • 29.1 KDaddict

      I think your prediction is perfectly reasonable. That train of events will drive KC into desperation. Urg! Hate to see LSG, I mean KC suffer. Plus he won’t be able to flash that million watt smile during that time. Oh noes!
      So the way Suzy is dressed is supposed to pass for a boy? Chars in the drama r supposed to think that’s a boy? Seriously. Didn’t KC see her long hair blowing in the wind before he collapsed on her shoulder?

      • 29.1.1 pogo

        Yeah, and that hairstyle’s a little fancy for someone who’s supposedly passing for a boy, but it’s all in the interests of Drama Pretty so I suppose we must give it a pass.

  30. 30 kyl


    According to MBC’s english website, there is a description whereby Kang-chi is framed for murder and he is going to be on the run. So i guess the awesome Lord Park’s gonna end up dead :(((


    • 30.1 scbound

      saw a bts of it, get your tissues ready

    • 30.2 Roggy


      I saw the alert, but I read it anyway. Hate myself. Wish I didn’t, but gahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31 reglest

    I confess, I just watch the 3rd episode this morning…and boy how I’m so wrong… The episode is.. DAEBAK!!

    I fall for kang chi at the moment he appear at my screen, and Seung Gi, you learn act well, he gives a nuance of a young, and innocent boy… Now I can’t wait for the 4th episode!

  32. 32 Smarpie

    Is it always normal for Seunggi to do a bit of overacting in the first couple episodes lol. I saw the preview for the next episode and Seunggi’s acting seems to be more constrained, with less over exaggerated expressions. I’m enjoying both JOJ and Gu Family Book atm and hopefully I will continue to enjoy them to the end.

    • 32.1 scbound

      I dont feel he has over acted at all , maybe the spider scene was a little flamboyant lol

      • 32.1.1 crazyajummafan

        I don’t think he has overacted at all either. Some bits were comic bits, so some exaggeration in needed.

        • scbound

          Gosh he does everything perfect….. he is so cute

      • 32.1.2 Gidget

        Flambloyant, maybe…but in my mind it was brilliant. Pitch perfect.

        I’m liking the lighthearted touches they’re weaving into this drama. For example, all the kids shouting their reactions in unison while listening to puppy-ho’s birth story; the crowd chanting his name and having a little street party when they received a refund of extorted money, the spider dance, the frog and butterfly , etc. Each of these scenes brought a little exclamation point of whimsey to punctuate key transitions in the drama.

        And did any of you think *Jabba the Hut* when you saw the juxtaposition of the scenes with the frog/butterfly & JKW reclining while being fed and massaged by kisaeng?

    • 32.2 afan

      I don’t know if it’s normal in Korea but I notice most actors act like that (which you call overacting) in comedy scenes, even veterans like Shin Ha Kyung (All about my love) or Cha Seung Won (Greatest love) and more. I don’t comment about others but I don’t feel annoyed watch Kang Chi, it actually suits Kang Chi’s character.

      • 32.2.1 crazyajummafan

        I agree. People were saying that SG overacted in MGIAG, but it’s a rom-com and the earlier eps were suppose to have a comic effect, hence the ‘over-acting’. I also noticed that the actors playing the grandfather and Director also over-acted, but no one complained or criticised.

        I guess when one’s light shines so bright, it just makes them stand out more, an makes those in darkness squirm and grouse.

        • bd

          The Grandfather and Director did overact and people did complain.

          Shin Min ah, otoh, did NOT overact in MGIAG despite Miho’s own humor bits.

          Even in slap-stick, there is good acting and bad acting.

      • 32.2.2 skelly

        Yes, it is a definite style of slapstick comedy, the overacting for the sake of laughs. The Hong sisters’ dramas have a lot of this. Some people really like it, think it is cute and funny, others find it tiresome and juvenile. YMMV.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Skelly, what does YMMV mean/stand for, please?

          • pogo

            Your Mileage May Vary 😉

      • 32.2.3 bd

        Big difference with CSW in “The Greatest Love” – his character was supposed to be “over-the-top.”

        • foulou

          Seung Gi wasn’t over-the-top. The light-hearted scenes called for exaggerated expressions. Kang Chi sincerely begging as he was confronted by Lady Yoon is the polar opposite of the light-hearted scene of Kang Chi lying and begging to Lord Park, because the scene called for it. Obviously, had Kang Chi legitimately and sincerely begged Lord Park would render the intent of the lie useless since a) Lord Park wouldn’t have figured it out that Kang Chi was lying if the delivery were so sincere and raw and b) consequence of that is the lie could be carried on and not resolved within the scene.

          Do you see Kang Chi “overacting” when Chung Jo kissed him? No. When he overheard Lady Yoon talk lowly of him, as he was sitting on the rooftop? No. When he was about to seriously get kicked out of the inn by Lady Yoon? No.

          Different scenes call for different expressions. Kang Chi isn’t going to fling his arms up in the air and fall to the ground comically if a blood-thirsty, dangerous enemy were to kick him. Contrast that with Suzy’s Yeo Wol kicking him in the face. See, if you actually observe the scenes and actually watch the thing instead of blindly labelling people, you would understand why Kang Chi reacts that way to certain circumstances.

          If you are seriously thinking it is Seung Gi’s fault that the comedic scenes showed slapstick expressions, you need to re-evaluate your viewing standards. First off, whatever “constraint” or “rawness” or “naturality” you’re seeking isn’t based on Seung Gi alone but also on the director. If the director tells Seung Gi to laugh out loud to a joke that in real life would only get a smirk or a smile, then Seung Gi “overacting” to the said joke isn’t on him or his “overacting”. It is the intent of the scene. Period. If you feel that exaggerated motions, tone, and voice has no place for a drama like Gu Family Book and you feel that arms flinging or slapstick fails isn’t needed, then you are watching the wrong drama. Obviously all the comical scenes aren’t going to be as abundant as the drama progresses. Iljimae also had similar scenes, and so did Hong Gil Dong, and Arang. This type of delivery is staple to any movie or drama across the glove. No sense singling out why Seung Gi doesn’t realistically approach a light-hearted scene like any normal, rational person would. Why? It’s a drama that isn’t attempting to emulate every reality you know of.

    • 32.3 foulou

      How is it overacting when the scenes call for it? Obviously, exaggeration on comedic scenes isn’t a problem with Seung Gi, but a norm in films and TV from every corner of the world. When you see films like Liar Liar and Jim Carrey has this exaggerated expression when he gets slapped – we all know no one is going to react like that when they get slapped in real life – but having slapstick is a legitimate form of comedic delivery. Certainly, you or anyone here whining about “overacting” don’t hold it against other actors in any romantic comedy drama, so why are people singling out Seung Gi every time?

      If you want realistic, natural expressions then why are you watching this drama? Obviously, the comedy here isn’t wit-propelled lines like Up In The Air, but is closer to Pink Panther and those scenes call for exaggeration. Period.

      If anyone can specifically call out the scenes in which they felt Seung Gi DEFINITELY overacted, you can come forward and say it. So far, he’s acted decently in every scene in regards to its context. You don’t see Seung Gi’s blatant-lie begging when he was confronted by Lady Yoon, but only when he was confronted by Lord Park, because the scene demanded he would make it obvious that he was lying in the first place.

      If in every scene you demand Seung Gi to have reacted just as any normal person would do, that would make the scenes far less enjoyable. Just imagine him realistically reacting to Suzy’s kick and just fell down quite hurt. That would make a world of a difference as to how we perceived both Seung Gi, Suzy, and the intent of the scene itself.

      • 32.3.1 bellaluna

        What I love about some of SG’s fans is always talk with great details and evidences.I wish theres a like button here! :D, unlike those haters who just keep whining & complaining without any clues.

  33. 33 leesan

    it’s finally here….Thank you so much. your recap brightens my day. Thank you

  34. 34 owl

    That trio shot – gah!

    • 34.1 Kitzeekat

      Moooooore with the trio 🙂 they look so good and cute <3

    • 34.2 Misty

      me too I like their chemistry OT3 hehe

      • 34.2.1 owl

        Misty, that’s how I’m going to refer to them, OT3 *like*

  35. 35 Sidiyaaa

    Now that she has more scenes with Seung-gi, Suzy looks more comfortable and shows improvement (even a little).
    Just my opinion, though.

    • 35.1 scbound

      he is trying hard to help her

    • 35.2 ana

      Seunggi is putting himself on her level of acting so she wouldn`t look bad! As Seunggi fan that annoys me so much because he can do so much better but he doesn`t want to overshadow Suzy!

      • 35.2.1 milkteanlsg

        I am a Seung Gi die-hard fan too.
        But pls don’t say something like that… 🙂

      • 35.2.2 dmn

        what a fail excuse

      • 35.2.3 skelly

        I doubt it is a conscious effort, because bad acting does tend to bring down the quality and energy of the acting around it, no matter how hard the other actors try. I am reminded of JGS and PSH trying valiantly to get a reaction out of Jonghwa in You’re Beautiful. They did not succeed.

        LSG is probably just being sucked into the black hole of fail.

        • ys

          Right! Not even Hongki was able to penetrate that blank, wooden stare.

        • pogo

          She’s slightly better when she doesn’t have to be expressive, but I do find that good acting tends to throw bad/inadequate acting into even sharper relief, and that is what is happening here – she’s improving, but it’s nowhere near enough to make me care about the character because she’s not really Yeo-wool – she’s Suzy making Yeo-wool’s expressions and saying her lines, if that makes any sense. The only part where that did not happen was the final fight, where she actually looked comfortable drawing a sword, so that was good on her.

          I remember someone once saying Yoon Eun-hye, Jung So-min, Park Shin-hye and Suzy should do a drama as sisters because they kind of resemble each other, and I swear I nearly died of the lols – can you imagine the secondhand embarrassment of watching actresses as talented as the first three alongside, well, Suzy?

          (as anyone can guess, I am not a fan of her acting. This pains me, because this is a drama I really like and I want to like its heroine, and her acting just does not let me care.)

        • bd

          Doesn’t explain the overacting when Suzy is not in the scene.

  36. 36 elena

    I am loving this drama so far!
    Thank you for the recap~!

  37. 37 Osi

    If the baddies are able to snatch Kang Chi’s bracelet, it will make Kang Chi a beast at anytime, especially when he’s cornered and really angry. Woah. I’m excited and worried at the same time. Excited to see the beast Kang Chi’s appearance, but worried to see his action. I hope he’s not as scary as his daddy since he’s only half-human.^^

    Well, Gwan Woong (human) is scarier than Kang Chi (half-human), for sure.

    I’m curious to what happen to Kang Chi after he reaches 20 years old. Any guess?

    • 37.1 crazyajummafan

      Hi Osi!
      Glad to see you here!
      Could it be that when he reaches 20, his gumiho side would have matured?

      I was thinking that the bracelet was probably broken, just before he turned 20, and hence the bad luck that befell Lord Park. Otherwise, as long as KC is there, only good things will happen right?

      Also the phantoms that Suzy mentioned. I’m wondering if they are really phantoms, as in supernatural beings or are they phantom ninjas. I once read somewhere that the ninjas were so powerful that they could move around undetected and can suddenly appear.

      • 37.1.1 KDaddict

        1. I think that by 20 his gumiho side is mature enough to handle himself when he is cornered or threatened, where as if his true nature was discovered earlier, human could easily overpower n kill him.
        2. It is becos Lady What’s her name chases him out b4 he reaches 20 that bad luck befalls their household. The monk makes Lord Park promise to keep him till he is 20, then he’ll have good fortune n smooth sailing. The bracelet is to reign in (hide) his true nature, not to provide good luck.
        3. These Phantoms r conjured up w black magic, a la the ones in Arang. Evil Lord now has access to black magic, hence sb else appears in front of Lord Park looking like the monk, w the purpose of getting KC’s secret out of him.
        I think it is that Creep’s evil magic that ultimately drives KC to a pt where he also needs to call up his own magical powers to fight it. I’m already worried for Puppy KC!

      • 37.1.2 Osi

        Hi, crazyajummafan. So glad to see you, too.^^

        I’m pretty sure that something bad will happen before he reaches 20, and I have to get ready. Also, I have this thought that at first it will be difficult for Kang Chi to control the beast side of his because he’s not matured yet.
        About the phantoms, I immediately thought of ninjas the first time I saw that scene. Maybe they’re ninjas because we saw some exposure of the Japanese in the drama. Not to forget we also have Otani Ryohei as the best ninja fighter. Will he be Kang Chi’s sensei?

        • Osi

          Omo, now I’m imagining Kang Chi as a cool ninja. 🙂

          • crazyajummafan

            Let’s hope so!!!

        • Gidget

          “Maybe they’re ninjas because we saw some exposure of the Japanese in the drama. ”

          Is that who Jo Gwan-woong was meeting with when Seo Hwa tried to kill him?

          • Osi

            They’re some of them. You can also see Japanese guests at the Hundred Years Inn and in the market. So I guess, the writer wants to show us that Japanese and Korean live side by side and blended well, as well as their culture. That’s why I think the phantoms probably ninjas since Japanese have been living there and there’s this possibility they also expand their ninja leagues.

    • 37.2 jayk

      Well since the bracelet seems to prevent Kangchi’s gumiho powers from being unleashed, I would guess that after 20 years of suppressing his gumiho side, he would lose the ability to turn into a gumino and then could live as a typical boring human for the rest of his life. And if that is the case, he would obviously have to lose that bracelet before he reaches 20 since this show will also get boring otherwise. Considering the bad guys already realized that his bracelet is something magical, I think they would try to take it from Kangchi in the next episodes.

      • 37.2.1 lemondoodle

        I think it’s this exactly. Also mirrors his dad becoming human. Both were just a short time away from living a normal boring life before evil guy decides to ruin it.

      • 37.2.2 crazyajummafan

        Interesting thought.

      • 37.2.3 Osi

        Make sense. 🙂

  38. 38 Claudine

    First, thanks for the recap, GF!

    Second, about the episode. I love how the story is unfolding, I hope the narrative stays fresh and the characters relatable. But seriously, writer-nim, Lord Park cannot die!

    Is anybody else curious how Jo Gwan-woong knows about the connection between Lord Park and So-jung? How does he know to use the likeness of So-jung to get Lord Park to talk about Kang-chi? Does our hateful villain remember our friendly monk? Did he witness the “adoption”? Questions, questions.

    • 38.1 MIKAN

      I’m also confuse in that part..how did he know?

    • 38.2 mel

      I’m going to guess currently evil daddy is somehow behind it. How he knows is anyone’s guess, but you can make more sense of it than evil guy knowing. Though I doubt he knows KC is his son.

      And adopted daddy must die. He’s the one constant thing protecting Kangchi, his family and everyone else. If he’s around KC’ would live a happy and normal life. We all know that can’t happen.

      • 38.2.1 pogo

        This makes the most sense…..though they’ll have to explain how Satan got hold of DaddyHo in the first place, what with the whole being-spirited-away-by-forest thing.

    • 38.3 deedee

      same thoughts here – Lord Park cannot die! i think that is everyone else’s cry.

    • 38.4 saranga

      i too am pretty curious about this as well…

    • 38.5 jayk

      They are supposedly using illusions to attack, so maybe they don’t actually control what their victims exactly see, but just project/suggest a broad category and their victims see what they choose to see. i.e. To intimidate, they would want their victims to see something scary, and to get information, they would want their victims to see someone they trust and discuss secrets. So it’s possible that the bad guys don’t know anything about So Jung at this point, but Lord Park saw him because he had been wanting to ask him about Kangchi.

      • 38.5.1 Ivoire

        Interesting explanation, thanks!

      • 38.5.2 deedee

        cool explanation. where do you guys get all this information? 🙂

      • 38.5.3 Gidget

        So they’re essentially a blank screen on which you project your own pathos?

        What about Yeo Wool’s comment that they are phantoms but can really kill? How would that figure in?

      • 38.5.4 crazyajummafan

        Best idea/suggestion so far. I’m going with that.

      • 38.5.5 Claudine

        The writer may have a different idea, but your suggestion actually makes a lot of sense. Scary, because how the hell could one fight such tricks? Thankfully, this is a drama and not real life. Otherwise, *shudders*.

      • 38.5.6 crazyajummafan

        I just finished watching ep 4 with subs, and the subbers used the word, “illusions” instead of “phantoms”. So I think that this ties in pretty well with your insight.

        YW also told KC that even though they are illusions, he can get hurt. So it seems as if these ninjas, or whoever they are, have the ability to create illusions and maybe appear to be more in number or to ‘take on’ another form.

        When I first saw him change shape, The first thot I had was, ‘X man’ and Kang Chi’s the Korean Wolverine!!!!!

        • crazyajummafan

          My fav scene was when Kang Chi stood in GW’s line of vision. So hot! And I love the look he gave – “Don’t mess with my inn and my people.”

          I also love the look that CJ had after she called KC. It was such a smug look which spoke volumes. “Now that KC’s here, you guys won’t stand a chance!”

      • 38.5.7 lemondoodle

        Well, I’m going to go with this theory since they might not ever even explain it.

  39. 39 MIKAN

    LOVE this episode!

    Touching so many human issues. Some of it…
    1. Family bonds
    2. Abuse of power by an authority
    3. Forbidden Love

    Thank you for the recap…
    I wonder what will happen if KC turns 20. The bracelet is intriguing me. Does it have an expiry date or something? coz It’s kind of loses the power.

    • 39.1 Stardust

      maaaaybe the monk’s life span is gonna be up, and 20 yrs old is some kind of coming of age thing… where he can be told the truth about his parentage? I mean, right now, only the monk knows about who he is…

      Papa Ho is thousand years old, and the bracelet seems to work fine on him heheh so I think its unlikely that it has an expiry date…

  40. 40 Jenny

    Is it wrong that I’m clinging to this teeny bit of hope that mommy could be a live and together with hot gumiho daddy they could live happily ever after.

    • 40.1 Stardust

      I was hoping for the same thing… methinks the samurai/ninja fella stared a bit too hard at Seo Hwa so maybe with their ninja skills managed to keep her alive…

      One tiny issue I have with this drama is all the flashing backs and the do-over shots because it is annoying to me… kind of like… oh you THOUGHT this is what we showed you? no no actually THIS is what actually happened….

      Its like cheating and I dun like it done once too many times..

  41. 41 chandler

    Aww this show is fantastic. It really hits all the right spots for me. I’m really enjoying the dynamic between Seung-gi and Suzy. They have really great chemistry and play off each other nicely. Both of them are really charming and I’m sure they’ll improve as the show goes on.
    Even if Suzy isn’t the best actress she hasn’t been given much time to prove herself and I like what she adds to the character so far. Shes got spunk and for some reason I’m really enjoying her in this role. I’m not to worried about her character development because I feel as if it would have taken away from the excitement and wonder of the episode to throw all of the character backstory in all at once. I prefer it when we jump right in with the present conflict , finding out more and more about the character’s backstory as we go along.
    AHHH Sung Joon! I also love Tae-Soo and his sister, they are really sweet. I was afraid of a cliched “bad” relationship between the brother and Seung-gi and I’m glad I was proved wrong. The father is such a sweetheart and I really hope he doesn’t die!
    Everythings pitch perfect and I can’t wait for next week!

    • 41.1 skelly

      I think Suzy has been given more than enough time to prove herself. What was Big, an extended audition? The apologists are out in full force, justifying her performance with things like ‘she’s improved a lot’ ‘she’s getting more comfortable’ ‘she’s alright in the VERY last part…’ This wouldn’t be accepted in any other high-profile profession, but because it is acting, and because she is so cute and seems so nice, she gets a pass.
      Well, not from a cranky old meanie like me. I think she started horrible, and she’s still horrible, and I’m glad I can’t understand Korean so I can’t know how truly horrible her sageuk speech is.

      • 41.1.1 chandler

        Um I meant in this show she has only had 2 episodes. I didn’t really see her much in Big because that show sucked (along with her character) and I stopped watching relatively early so I’m not sure about how she was there. I’m not an apologist. Before this, in fact, I wasn’t very fond of her. I genuinely like her in this role and maybe its her own persona thats showing through that I’m enjoying, but nonetheless she’s made her character likable and thats enough for me. I also just watched 49 days for the first time and Nam Gyu-ri bothered me much more. I understand what you’re saying though and I concede that she obviously isn’t the best, but for some reason I wouldn’t want someone else in the role. And I’m also not gonna waste time wondering what could have been if a more experienced actress had the role. I’ve already fallen in love with the story and the characters and can’t wait for it all to continue!

      • 41.1.2 bd

        Suzy needs the right script and PD (kinda like YEH with “Coffee Prince”).

        Suzy was actually quite good in the film “Intro to Architecture” – but yeah, the rest of her on screen work has been pretty cringe-worthy.

    • 41.2 Roggy

      Off topic but…. I absolutely LOVE that your name is Chandler!!!

      Hmmm I actually like what Suzy adds to this character. I think the problem is the lack of a backstory, since the character itself is so out of place in that setting…

    • 41.3 Naruto

      I’m rooting for her! I like her character!

  42. 42 child woowoo

    I love you girlfriday, for recapping my drama crush. Hee, love you.

  43. 43 sur

    i luff this show… its got so much heart. love kang chi the character is well penned… suzy is doing better than her earlier projects.. love gon he is so cute
    n the about the whole seo hwa – chung jo scene ew ew ew man the baddie is her grandfather’s age… total yuck
    but the show is awesome

  44. 44 Didi

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  45. 45 topper

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    • 45.1 reglest

      Hwaaa!!! I love you so much topper!

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    Loving every bits of the drama. It remained to be as intense as the first few episodes. I am getting more and more hooked with the story that it is making me feel like the time was too short! And hopes that the week will just consist of Monday and Tuesday..hehe
    I want to dig more on the relationship between Kang Chi and Yeo Wool when they were younger. It seems that Kang Chi already left a mark on her when they were still kids.
    I’d also want to know how come the villainy GW get access to magic.. He’s really creepy y’know.. and I think I will hate him more with his plan to murder Lord Park and frame Kang Chi..
    I think I better prepare myself for that part eh..Anyhow, great job GFB cast, and all the production..^^

    I just hope that those who still has nothing better to say about the drama will keep their mouths shut and leave us all in peace.^^

    Way to go db for the recaps!^^

    • 46.1 amel

      Agree! 🙂

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    Can’t wait to see the epic fight and more of the Awesome Trio!

    • 47.1 pogo

      I suppose this is why so many kdrama dads are assholes, because if you’re nice then you’re basically as good as dead from the word go.


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    Loving this show so far…Its so cute…

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    • 50.1 pogo

      Seriously, it gave me the creeps, and poor Chung-jo clearly had no idea.

      I hope she gets the hell away from there, preferably with Kang-chi, her bro and Gon, especially since I suspect her father’s days are numbered and I am not here for Seo-hwa mk. II. Or worse, Dam, mk. II.

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