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Gu Family Book: Episode 8
by | April 30, 2013 | 317 Comments

Yay, this is a great episode that brings together all the story threads in a simple, cohesive way—the hero’s quest to become human comes to the fore, tying in the family’s revenge and the overarching Good Guy/Bad Guy war, all while launching us into the part of the story we’re all dying to get to. Yunno, the part where the superhero figures out what his powers are, and learns to fight the good fight. Bring it on.


Today’s episode starts out with a definition of the Gu Family Book: a promise passed down from Hwanung, the son of god, to all guardian spirits, giving them the chance to be human. I guess this means it’s time for the book to make a reappearance in the story. Figuratively, I mean. No one’s ever laid eyes on the thing, according to legend.

Back to Kang-chi’s trial, where Lee Soon-shin makes his grand entrance to claim Kang-chi as his man and basically save the day, hero-style. Obviously Jo Gwan-woong takes issue with a murderer being set free, and I love Lee Soon-shin’s response: “And, who are you?”

When told by Lee Soon-shin that he’s extending his authority beyond reach in this province, Jo Gwan-woong changes his tune to say that he’s simply here as an eye-witness to Park Mu-sol’s murder.

Kang-chi screams that he’s the one who killed Lord Park and starts fighting against his ropes, and Lee Soon-shin lays a hand on Kang-chi’s shoulder. It immediately calms him down and makes him think of Lord Park, and he just looks up with the saddest puppy eyes and sheds a tear.

Lee Soon-shin asks if it’s true that Park Mu-sol was a traitor. They say yes, of course. “So then if Choi Kang-chi killed a traitor, how is that murder?” Cha-ching. You can see everyone’s eyes darting back and forth to try and wriggle out of the logical fallacy. It’s pretty awesome.

He says there are only two options: either Kang-chi killed an enemy of the state and did a good thing, or Park Mu-sol was not a traitor and was therefore framed. So which is it? You can almost hear the collective Buuuuuuuuh.

From the sidelines, Yeo-wool does the cutest little fist-pump at the victory.

Jo Gwan-woong takes a moment to figure out his next move, and his puppet official suggests that they have no option but to let Kang-chi go. He reels at the thought of handing Kang-chi over, knowing he has the strength to kill seven men. They get the idea to ask Lee Soon-shin for a contract, promising that all of Kang-chi’s future actions are his personal responsibility. Eep, that’s gonna cause problems later.

Lee Soon-shin comes to fetch Kang-chi out of his jail cell, but Kang-chi argues that he’d rather die than live the rest of his life as the person who killed his father and teacher. He thinks it better to just kill everyone here and die himself, and Lee Soon-shin asks how he can give his life so easily.

Kang-chi: “Because my life no longer has any meaning. Because I’ve become nothing, not even a person.”

Lee Soon-shin just nods, “Is that so?” prepared to let him do as he wants. Instead of arguing, he hands Kang-chi three nyang, and tells him to think of this day as his last. He tells him to use each nyang to say his final goodbyes to three people, and then return to him after midnight. Once he’s done that, he’ll be free to die as he wishes.

Kang-chi doesn’t understand the task nor why he’d have to obey, but Lee Soon-shin says that Park Mu-sol personally asked him to take care of Kang-chi, so it’s within his right to command this one thing. Kang-chi doesn’t have an argument for that.

So out he goes, back into the world, where everyone now thinks he killed his own father. It takes all of his self-control not to run back inside and kill Jo Gwan-woong, but Lee Soon-shin’s request that he keep his promise this one day rings in his ears.

And then we flash back to Lee Soon-shin signing the contract without hesitation, making him now entirely responsible for Kang-chi’s actions. Dam Pyung-joon worries that it was a reckless move—Kang-chi isn’t exactly a stable person. But Lee Soon-shin says that humans can only do their best in any situation and hope that it’s enough to move the heavens.

Jo Gwan-woong squirms with curiosity, wondering what’s so special about Kang-chi that Lee Soon-shin would risk everything to set him free. He plans to find a way to kill two birds with one stone, and tells his minion to lie in wait because Kang-chi is sure to come looking for him.

He asks after their contingency plan, and the minion says that the illusion is set. Cut to: Tae-seo having a nightmare. Oh noes.

A flashback to his torture reveals that Jo Gwan-woong’s black-magic-wielding minion cast a spell on Tae-seo to make him believe that Kang-chi killed his father. He’s told to kill Kang-chi on sight.

And in the present, Tae-seo finally wakes up, and that’s the first thought on his mind. (And apparently he’s been relocated to Dam Pyung-joon’s headquarters in the meantime.)

Kang-chi can feel Yeo-wool following him, and she admits that she’s keeping an eye on him in case he goes berserk on Jo Gwan-woong. Kang-chi doesn’t hide the fact that he plans to do that very thing, and she points out that he made a promise to Lee Soon-shin.

Kang-chi says that promises are things people make with other people, and says he’s not a person anymore so it doesn’t apply. He adds bitterly that he is half-human, but he doesn’t know when the beast half of him will appear and kill her.

They’re interrupted when a group of townspeople start pelting rocks and vegetables at him, calling him all manner of names for killing the man who saved him and gave him a home. Augh, poor Kang-chi.

Yeo-wool steps out in front of him (Are you protecting him? That is SO CUTE.) and tells the people that they have it all wrong. But they just assume she’s a bad guy too and start pelting her with more vegetables.

Kang-chi pulls her away from the crowd before they get hurt. You sure do wrist-grab her like a girl. Just sayin’. She says that the truth will be revealed someday, but he asks what happens if it doesn’t—then he has to live the rest of his life this way, as the man who killed Lord Park.

He turns to go, when Yeo-wool calls out that she’s at the gisaeng house. “Chung-jo. That’s the person you most want to see right now, isn’t it?” Aw.

At the gisaeng house, Chung-jo and the other trainees go through a hazing ritual led by head bitch Wol-sun, who pretends to teach them a class, only to make them drink. Chung-jo refuses, so Wol-sun tells her friends to help her out, and they pass her bowl around so everyone can spit in it.

Then they give it back to Chung-jo and order her to drink it. She takes the bowl, and then chucks the liquor right in Wol-sun’s face. Nice.

But the act of rebellion gets her a beating from the gisaengs and then a second beating from Soo-ryun, after Wol-sun and her gang insist that they were only offering her a friendly drink in their free time, and she threw it back in their faces.

Kang-chi finally arrives at the gisaeng house and pushes the guards aside to storm right into Soo-ryun’s room, to find Chung-jo being whipped in the shins. He makes his grand heroic entrance: “I’ve come for you,” and takes her outside, ignoring Soo-ryun’s warnings.

They only make it to the courtyard before they’re surrounded by men with clubs, and Soo-ryun comes out to tell them that if they manage to run from here, they’ll have to live as runaways and traitors for the rest of their lives, the punishment for which is death.

Kang-chi isn’t deterred in the least, and tells Chung-jo that he’ll get her out of here in no time. “I won’t leave you here alone any longer.” But Chung-jo begins to waver, and tears stream down her face as she pulls her hand away and lets go. Ack! No!

Kang-chi stands there frozen, and then reaches out for her hand again. But she steps back. Oof. Kang-chi: “I came here to get you. I came to get you out of this place.” She tells him to clear her father’s name first, and then come for her the right way, honorably.

She tells him that until then, she won’t take one step out of this place, and runs off crying. Soo-ryun tells him (almost as a piece of helpful advice) that if he really wants to take Chung-jo away, he needs to think about what it is he has to do first.

He walks out of the gisaeng house completely spun around, and off in a corner, Chung-jo collapses in tears.

Yeo-wool watches Kang-chi leave and thinks back to her orders from her father: to kill him the second he deviates from his promise. Gon offers to do it if she can’t, but Yeo-wool says she’ll do it. Dad warns her that this is Lee Soon-shin and the entire Jeolla naval command on the line here, and tells her not to hesitate for even one second.

But while she’s lost in her thoughts, she loses sight of Kang-chi, and Gon gets word that he’s headed in this direction—to the Hundred Year Inn. He takes out a bow and arrow, and Kang-chi walks closer and closer, as he steadies his aim.

Yeo-wool runs over to the inn and arrives just as Kang-chi is walking up the steps to the front door. She sees both Gon and Kang-chi, and takes out her bow…

She aims at Kang-chi, and then in the last second she swings left and fires at Gon, splitting the head off his arrow with perfect precision. Badass.

Kang-chi storms into the Hundred Year Inn and snaps the stick off a broom with purpose. This is looking bad…

Gon can’t believe Yeo-wool would risk everything like that and starts to follow Kang-chi inside, but she stops him. She assures him that Kang-chi made a promise and that she trusts him to keep it. He doesn’t share her trust in him, obviously, but she asks him to trust her instead then.

Kang-chi walks right into Jo Gwan-woong’s room, and says he’s here to give him an answer to his question, about joining his side. He SLAMS the broomstick through the center of the table, cutting it in half and making the ground quake beneath him.

He leans forward: “I will come to reclaim the Hundred Year Inn. And on that day, I will take your life as well. That is my answer.” He even gives a little smile, leaving Jo Gwan-woong fuming in his wake. The servants are waiting outside to greet Kang-chi with tears, and he urges them to protect this place, promising to return someday with Tae-seo and Chung-jo.

Dam Pyung-joon wonders if Kang-chi will even return, while Lee Soon-shin has faith that he’ll keep his promise. But as soon as he says the words, a government official arrives to claim that Kang-chi broke into the Hundred Year Inn and caused havoc.

Jo Gwan-woong shows Lee Soon-shin the broomstick, insisting that he has eye-witnesses of Kang-chi’s attack. This is the crime you’re trying to get him with? You’re losing your touch, Evil One.

Lee Soon-shin asks to speak to the witnesses, and asks the servants to step forward if they saw Kang-chi making trouble. One by one they step forward… and swear they never saw Kang-chi here at all. Ha. Foiled again.

Lee Soon-shin suggests he work a little harder on the evidence next time. Jo Gwan-woong takes his rage out on the servants, ordering them beaten and starved for their disobedience.

Jo Gwan-woong is assured that he can rely on their contingency plan, because Tae-seo will kill Kang-chi the first chance he gets. Sure enough, Tae-seo gets out of bed and gets his hands on a sword.

Kang-chi returns to Lee Soon-shin, who asks if he’s done his homework. Kang-chi puts the three coins down on the table, not having spent any. Lee Soon-shin asks what this means, and Kang-chi answers, “I have to live a little longer.”

When asked what changed his mind, Kang-chi says that there are three things he has left to do: clear Lord Park’s name, return the Hundred Year Inn to Tae-seo and Chung-jo, and the last… “If it’s possible, I want to become human.” He says that he’s nothing right now—neither human nor beast, just half of each.

Lee Soon-shin: I’ve seen countless people born as human, who live as worse than beasts. The thing that determines your humanity is not your birth, but your heart.

Kang-chi says he can’t return to his family this way, so Lee Soon-shin asks if it’s even possible. Kang-chi says he heard that there is a way: the Gu Family Book.

Flashback to the Moonlight Garden, where green-eyed Kang-chi first learned of the book. He lights up to hear that there’s a way to become human, but So-jung says there’s no way he’ll pass the trials to get to the book. If his thousand-year old father couldn’t manage it, how will he?

But Kang-chi swears he can do it, and begs on his knees for So-jung to help him. So-jung tells him to first master endurance, in learning how to control his beast half so that he only appears as human—it took Wol-ryung a few hundred years to master this, apparently, so he doesn’t seem too optimistic about hotheaded Kang-chi’s chances.

The second thing is to stay away from women altogether. But So-jung worries that he already has a fated match in his midst, thinking it unlikely he’ll manage this trial either. I guess it’s a good thing in this case that Kang-chi still thinks Yeo-wool’s a boy.

Kang-chi whines, “Do you want me to die?” Heh. So-jung answers literally, saying that if he were to give up this fool’s errand of trying to become human, he’d never die. But Kang-chi doesn’t care about living forever, and pleads for So-jung’s help to find the book.

Thus Lee Soon-shin asks to leave Kang-chi in Dam Pyung-joon’s care. Wheee. He doesn’t look too pleased at the idea, but Kang-chi gets on his knees and swears allegiance, asking for his guidance on learning endurance and control.

And in the distance, Yeo-wool looks on with a huge grin. D’aww. Gon watches a few feet away and says through gritted teeth that they could’ve lost their commander today. But Yeo-wool chides him for having so little faith in Lee Soon-shin.

She says that the thing that made her chose to spare Kang-chi earlier today wasn’t her faith in Kang-chi, but in their leader. She knew Lee Soon-shin would never risk everything without faith, so she trusted his judgment. She suggests in a friendly tone that Gon ought to learn a lesson from the day’s events, to trust people a little more.

The next morning, Kang-chi asks Lee Soon-shin what he would’ve done if he had spent all his coins in preparation for his suicide mission to kill Jo Gwan-woong. Lee Soon-shin: “Do you want the honest answer? I would’ve cut your throat without mercy.”

Kang-chi gulps. He continues, “One who does not consider his own life precious, does not know how to consider anything else precious. There can be no hope placed in such a man.” Kang-chi just laughs nervously that he sure does have a sense of humor, and Lee Soon-shin chuckles good-naturedly, even though he was totally not kidding.

Yeo-wool comes to get him, and they say their goodbyes. Lee Soon-shin tells him to come see him anytime, and they join Gon and Dam Pyung-joon to head back to the martial arts school.

Chung-jo receives a little pouch, with the message that Kang-chi came by early in the morning to leave this for her. Inside is the medicine that Yeo-wool once gave him to heal his wounds.

The warrior foursome marches through the woods, and Kang-chi playfully ruffles Yeo-wool’s hair, teasing her that she must be excited that she gets to see his face every day. They run around playfully, and Gon actually rolls his eyes, ha.

So-jung watches as they pass, and prays that this path will not be one of misfortune, for either of them.

At the gisaeng house, Chung-jo approaches Wol-sun with a table and silently pours herself a drink, and then another. She declares that her name is Park Chung-jo, and boldly asks to be called by her name from now on, calling her Wol-sun unni. Soo-ryun looks on with a smile.

Kang-chi arrives at Dam Pyung-joon’s base and literally goes slackjawed at the grandeur. The rows of men bow to their master, and he tells Kang-chi to introduce himself.

He stares blankly for a moment and then starts in on a terribly awkward introduction, and Yeo-wool has to push his head down in a bow. There’s no response, so she commands one, and they all bow immediately and answer in unison.

Kang-chi looks over at her, totally impressed that she’s a hotshot around here, and she pretends to be modest about it but puffs up proudly. He admits that this place is really impressive, and she says that if it weren’t for Lee Soon-shin’s request, Kang-chi could never be admitted as a student.

The courtyard clears out, and it’s only then that Kang-chi turns to see Tae-seo walking toward him. He’s just so happy to see him that he doesn’t notice that he’s zombie-walking over dragging a sword along the ground, and just runs to him happily.

Tae-seo doesn’t miss a beat and skewers Kang-chi right through his mid-section as he’s running to him, and everyone freezes in utter shock. Blood starts pouring out of his mouth.

Jo Gwan-woong sits in front of his broken table, declaring to no one, as villains are wont to do: “If I can’t have it, I will steal it. And if I can’t steal it, I will get rid of it. That is the law of Jo Gwan-woong.”

Back to Kang-chi, who ekes out, “Tae-seo-ya…” and reaches out a hand to his brother. But Tae-seo just shakes with rage as he screams, “Die. DIIIIIIIIE!”

He stabs the sword in further, and it comes clear through the other side. Aaaaack. Aaaaack.


I’m not afraid that Kang-chi will die, but it’s still a pretty gruesome scene, especially on an emotional front. He’s spent a day being treated as the lowest of the low, with rocks thrown at his head by people who think he killed his own surrogate father, and then to have Tae-seo drive a sword through him believing the same… augh. There’s going to be a way to snap Tae-seo out of this trance, right? He’s not going to spend the series thinking that Kang-chi killed his father, right? RIGHT?

I have to say I saw Chung-jo’s noble sacrifice coming, given her proclivity for noble idiocy in the past. And while I understand it, I also want to scream at her. On the one hand, it makes for a beautifully tragic story—it does, with the honorable noblewoman, fallen from grace but enduring for the sake of her family’s name. But on the other hand, if she were my sister, I’d drag her ass out of there, law be damned. I think she’s a beautiful character, and strong in her own way, but I also can’t champion her choices because everything inside me is screaming Nononononono. When she lets go of Kang-chi’s hand, I know that in that world she’s making the hard choice, the noble one; but damn if I don’t want him to just pick her up and carry her out anyway.

At least now that her choice is made, it does set us off on a new course for her that’s different from Seo-hwa’s, which is frankly a relief because I was getting tired of watching the show repeat its own storylines this early in the game. She’s doing what Soo-ryun failed to get through to Seo-hwa, in shedding her noblewoman pride and choosing to survive in this world. In that alone, she has a better shot at revenge, at life; but it still kills me what she’s giving up, even if it would be a life on the run.

Today’s episode felt like the start of a new chapter, and one that I’m really looking forward to. We’ve spent the last few episodes spinning our wheels with a lot of setup—it’s plot that needed to happen, to set the stage for Kang-chi and the Park family’s tragic story, so that our heroes have something to fight for. It was just rather depressing, because it was like dominoes of tragedy, one right after the other, on top of which our hero was busy beast-brooding because he found out he wasn’t a real boy. I’m much happier with the new plan, where he figures out how to control his gumiho half gradually.

I like the association of Kang-chi’s beastie side with his anger a la The Hulk, because it feeds into the plot in a nice way. The promise with Lee Soon-shin and the test of his patience today was a really great way to connect his supernatural dilemma with his human revenge one. The episode felt cohesive—in following Kang-chi’s One Last Day, it tightened the grip on the scenes that normally feel disjointed because they stray from the main story.

I’m thoroughly excited for the next part of Kang-chi’s journey under Dam Pyung-joon’s care, and even though Yeo-wool’s gender-bending is going on longer than I expected, I love their dynamic as friends, so if we’re going full-on Coffee Prince with this, let’s go all the way. I do love that we’re basically following Kang-chi’s life as he gets adopted from family to family, because that’ll never fail to get me in the heart. As a child Kang-chi is of unknown birth and accepted by Park Mu-sol as one of his own, and now when he is half-beast, Lee Soon-shin accepts him yet again. The drama’s themes are simple, but that doesn’t make them any less lovely—that humanity is a choice, not a birthright, and worth fighting for.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you again, GF for the recap!

      This felt like an emotional episode for me, with big stakes for KC, who had to decide (in a way) what he would do with his life: end it, or continue to live, fighting to become human, restoring his (adopted) dad’s good name, his own (name) and hopefully helping TS and CJ get the inn back.

      With the last 2 episodes or so, gone were the days (it seemed) of the carefree KC. In just a few days, his life had dramatically changed, what with the death of Lord Park, and the revelation that he was not fully human. Scary thing, and quite a lot to handle. I was glad to see the role that LSS played in KC’s life, essentially replacing Lord Park, and challenging KC to make the right choice (for now, for a day), and I was so relieved when KC did.

      At first, I felt that KC had lost everything (and he must have felt the same way). KC had lost his home, his family, and the love and support of his community (the townspeople), or so it seemed. Only to realize that he had gained (in the process) a new family in LSS and YW who chose to trust him and trust that he would do the right thing. Those two (LSS and YW) decided to trust him from the beginning, it seems to me. In LSS’s case, yes, Lord Park influenced his decision, because he trusted Lord Park and his judgment, and he knew that he was a good man (LSS also thought that KC should not be in the hand of GW). In YW’s case, having known KC since she was a child, and remembering what he had done for her back then (and did again later on), also made a difference.
      And because of LSS and YW, KC now has DPJ’s protection, and he still has the people of the inn who love him and believe in him (I thought that scene where they stepped forward and said they had not seen KC was very cool, though I felt bad that they would be severely punished for it).

      I love LSS because he is very smart, and he can play mind games with GW. I hope to see more of those between those two (I would love to). And I can’t help but wonder how DPJ must feel about taking care of KC and protecting him, considering that he was the one who slashed his dad (and I wonder how KC is going to feel and what he will think, when/if he finds that out). Of course, this new “family” cannot replace KC 1st family, but I say, it is better than nothing.

      I think that we are also starting to see KC’s transformation from a late teenager-boy (maybe) (or man-boy) into a man. I know I have said this before, however, I really loved how LSS challenged KC mentally and emotionally, but he didn’t tell him what he should do. That to me was a great way to treat KC like an adult. (I really love the interactions between LSS and KC, just love them).

      I also loved that the show is not doing a superficial job in showing us the struggles that KC is going through, with his world collapsing in front of his eyes and with his world being turned upside down. We witnessed KC hit rock bottom emotionally and ready to give up, and finally decide that he will slowly climb that uphill battle, with the help of a few people. Considering how often KC has protected YW, I am glad to see protective of him she feels as well, even though it must break her heart (at least a little), that he is not currently returning her affections.

      Like GF, I was also glad to see that CJ has a different arc than SH, though SH did not stay at the gisaeng house, she chose to escape. There was nothing nobly idiot about that. CJ letting go of KC’s hand got to me. The look on his face, the way he tried to take her hand back and the way he must have felt rejected was one of the scenes in this episode that move me. I also felt that it must have been a defining moment in their relationship, because while KC is not even thinking about YW as a woman, I felt that that scene confirmed for me that CJ and KC will not be, as a couple, in the end.

      The other scene that got to me was when TS drove the sword into KC’s body. We know that KC has no idea that TS is hypnotized and so we can only imagine how rejected KC would feel. And thus begins TS’s role to the dark side, as KC’s rival (for YW’s love) and enemy. I am looking forward to the dynamics between those two. I am curious to see if TS, CJ and KC will be able to come back together as a family in the end, or if this is the beginning of the end for those three.

      On a shallow and superficial note, I have been paying attention to how the men look like in this drama VS the women (in their outfits). The men’s chests tend to be flat, whereas YW’s chest is definitely protruding a little bit. Do people in this drama think that some of the men’s chests look like that? (I have looked, and I don’t believe it). But maybe that is what drama wants us to believe…

      My favorite line in this episode, Lee Soon-shin: “I’ve seen countless people born as human, who live as worse than beasts. The thing that determines your humanity is not your birth, but your heart.”

      • 1.1.1 owl

        I really liked that line by the Admiral, too. He is m favorite character right now.

        I’m tinking KC is looking at 100 days of recuperation with that major stab wound (reminded me of when the good doctor stabbed LMH in Faith). Or will he have to do the gumiho switch to heal, then start over? I am unclear on how that all works, switching back and forth and at what point he can’t become human any longer ~

        I agree with GF that this ep turned a new chapter. Especially the ending where we are in YW’s world – and that KC is so impressed!

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello owl, I will be back in a few hours to respond, thanks for your comment.

      • 1.1.3 pogo

        Hey Ivoire! I left my response to you re: Seo-hwa in the ep 6 recap, just so you know. Thank you for the time you took to reply, I really appreciated it.

        I’m starting to like Lee Soon-shin more now that he’s more tied into the main storyline as another of Kang-chi’s protectors. Less excessive political plotting about warships and let’s just stay with the half-gumiho, bad guy and all the magic stuff please! Also it’s nice to have the change of pace we get with someone finally checkmating Resident Evil for a bit (if we believe Korean sageuks, getting someone declared a traitor is as easy as sneezing).

        I’m wondering if the inn’s servants don’t talk to the townspeople/aren’t allowed out, or something – they all know KC is innocent, but the townies are still throwing vegetables.

        As for CJ, Second Lead Land is always doomed to be the place where the first lead (and bigger name) will always win, but she really got to me here. She wants out of the place, all right, but in her own way, choosing to stay and be released as a rightfully free woman instead of making fugitives of both KC and herself, she actually made the more mature – if sadder – choice. I feel like the drama has made it pretty clear to us that while events in her life may mirror Seo-hwa’s, they’re not the same person.

        And I, for one, am ditching character spoilers when it comes to her – we’ve been misled too often (two weeks ago, someone said the spoiler was that Lady Yoon would bargain with Resident Evil for their status to be restored, and look at what she actually did). Even if CJ doesn’t get with KC in the end, I’m still very interested in her story from here on out, and I hope that she won’t get thrown under the character bus in order to urge viewers to ship the (very cute, but sadly chemistry-free) OTP.

        • Betsy Hp

          @Pogo: “She wants out of the place, all right, but in her own way, choosing to stay and be released as a rightfully free woman instead of making fugitives of both KC and herself, she actually made the more mature – if sadder – choice.”

          Yes, exactly. CJ is officially my favorite character, now. She is so badass in her willingness to sacrifice herself — her pride — to save everyone around her. She did it for her brother when she sent KC off, and she’s doing it now for KC (and again, her brother) by setting KC on the mission to clear her father’s name. She so damn smart! And she’ll make the tough call if it’s the smart one. So adores her.

          I know she and KC aren’t meant to be, but I’m hoping some kind of love-line develops for her. Girl deserves some kind of happy ending.

          (I think you mentioned in another episode’s comments, that the show is doing a good job showing different aspects of female strength with YW and CJ and I totally agree. Both ladies have been smart and strong and in totally different ways and it’s awesome. :))

          • Harshada

            maybe… v can hope dat chung jo gets Gon… lets give all d characters their happy endings!!!

      • 1.1.4 Pearl

        Did it struck only me the way TS entered the martial arts academy with nobody to stop him in a yard packed with trained men? Or is it just a normal thing to have a lunatic-looking fellow carrying a sword in there. That part looked sloppy to me. Necessary? Yes. Made me invest in that scene? With such an execution, no chance.
        What do YOU feel, Ivoire, because I saw that GF was fine with that?

        • crazyajummafan

          I’m not Ivoire, but I would like to comment about this scene, if I may.
          It looked kinda ridiculous to me that no one stopped him. If he had charged at KC really quick, yes, I suppose it would have been difficult to stop him, but he was staggering towards him. I can understand KC not responding – all he saw was TS, probably didn’t see the sword, cos he was so happy to see him, but the others?

          There was another similiar scene earlier, when TS staggered out of his room. A male servant was sweeping the courtyard, saw him walk out and fall, and did NOTHING! The director seems to be very fond of such scenes, where things happen and no one around responds. I can understand if it’s a sustained scene, where action is paused to create suspense or tension, but in this case, it’s just awkward.

          • Betsy Hp

            The sweeping guy was thinking, “Dude. I just swept there…” 😉

            Maybe we’re supposed to be seeing it as being from TS’s pov? That as far as he concerned, no one around him is interacting? Or something? (That’s all I got.)

          • milkteanlsg

            Right! And TS was stumbling and falling to the ground again and again, and the sweeping man just stop there and stare at him?

            I also don’t understand that scene at all…

            And the servant that is supposed to have stayed by TS’s side? Where is he?

          • Pearl

            The sweeping servant was just half ridiculous from my point of view. I said, OK, maybe that one was hypnotized, too, was a man of the baddies… Something like that, being in the baddies camp, I could find him an excuse. Not the same to all that crowd in the militarized zone of the goodies. And as already noticed, the writer/ director have a preference for inert people on the sides of some important scene. (If the yard was empty it was a little better – I would have wondered why such an important military base was not guarded.)
            One more thought came into my mind – where did TS know from WHERE KC was? Did the hypnotism made him psychic, too?
            All in all that scene was so random, even though, I can understand why it was needed it was so randomly inserted.

          • milkteanlsg

            @pearl @crazyajummafan
            did you see the new preview for ep 9??

            The sweeping man could be HangAh’s daddy and secret martial arts expert!!!

          • Pearl

            @ milkteanlsg

            A preview for ep 9? Where can I see it?

          • Hydrogen

            me 2 want to see ep 9 prevw… where is it????

          • milkteanlsg

            I saw the preview at tryp website~!

          • Jester

            As critical as I am, that scene didn’t bother me at all. The people in that camp, including the leaders, knew TaeSeo and no one would ever have suspected that he’d go and stab GangChi like that. It was a shocking situation for everyone involved.

            After reading your comment, though, the only flaw I can see (in retrospect) is that no one checked to see if he was okay when he came stumbling out of the building like a drunk zombie. At the time, though, I didn’t think about it.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      WOW!!!! Guys (I should probably say gals), I had no idea you carried on the conversation the way you did, however I am elated about it. And for the record, no one needs to be me to respond or comment under my screen name. The more the merrier, as far as conversations go, and I am glad crazyajummafan and the other commenters chimed in. These conversations/discussions help us understand the drama better and appreciate it more.

      I will be very busy today, however I hope to be back commenting as well, maybe tonight or tomorrow, hopefully.

  2. Kandiboo

    thanks 🙂

    totally looking forward to next week…

  3. zfih

    Yay! It’s here. And damn I wanted to beat Ivoire 😛 lol I dont even know why :@
    And I get why everyone is complaining about suzy – she is stiff but I wish I didn’t know what everyone thinks – it kind of makes me analyze her moves – where in any other case I would even really notice otherwise.
    And I love LSG – his acting is awesome – he doesn’t seem stiff like other actors – his emotions have always been awesome.
    <3 the show 🙂

  4. far

    i’m second? yay!

    thanks for the recaps! so far, i’m only reading the recaps, and it seems okay enough. not fully interesting yet to get me to watch the drama. though i’ve downloaded the full episodes.

    there’s something about Seunggi’s acting that still hasnt ‘captured’ me yet. Suzy’s a rising actress and there are some weak moments of her acting. but she’s improving a lot. to me, i think the side actor/actresses are better than the leads in this drama. but good to know this drama got high ratings. the storyline’s quite good. fighting~

    • 4.1 ilikemangos

      watch k2h. come back to me.
      tell me seung gi didn’t capture you still.
      i’m glad gu family book is doing well ratings wise and is getting increasingly higher, since his previous drama did so-so throughout its run.

      • 4.1.1 far

        really? hmm, i havent watched k2h. i heard he was good in there. maybe i should give it a shot. i personally LOVE My GF is a Gumiho! he was soooooo sweet in there. i hate his sad scenes, but the emotion’s pretty acceptable. but all the other sweet moments made up for the sad scenes. ^^

        i hope this drama gets higher ratings. i think for episode 6 or 7, it’s neck and neck with another drama. the storyline’s got a lot of potential. i hope Seunggi doesnt die in this drama. to get stabbed like that through-and-through looks so freaking painful…. *grimaces*

    • 4.2 imho

      Hello, there.
      I really want to know how you can assess ones’ acting when you didn’t watch the show? You said you’re only reading the recaps. I seriously want to know. Or did I miss something here? Thx. 🙂

      • 4.2.1 far

        chill there, girl~ i’ve watched his other dramas, and i like his acting. but for this drama, i didnt really ‘connect’ with his character. not to say he’s not good, of course he is. but maybe i was distracted by other actors’ acting in this drama. like the lead actor/actress in the first two episodes. dang it, they were amazing!

        i stopped watching after the 3rd episode, and just read the recaps. the drama’s interesting, and the casts are good. dont get me wrong..

        • imho

          Please don’t get me wrong.^^
          You didn’t say in your previous comment that you’ve watched until ep 3 and said that you only read the recaps. That’s why I was wondering how you can asses the acting if you only read the recaps.
          Based on your reply, you wrote as if I was asking you because you wrote about LSG’s acting. No, that’s not my intention. You talked about both LSG’s and Suzy’s acting, so I talked about them both. Peace. 🙂

        • someone

          watch before you comment, he is awesome here too. how do you connect thru screencaps. watch and see, your missing out.

          • zfih

            I agree with imho and someone – it’s only fair to watch before you comment on whether you connect or not – i doubt you can judge a persons acting through images 🙂

        • lemondoodle

          If you’ve only watched MGIAG (which wasn’t bad, but not exactly his finest acting job) , never TK2H and are only reading recaps for GFB… that might be why you haven’t connected to his character. Just say. No offense meant…

          • ravens_nest

            To offer a difference is opinion, I’ve seen all of Lee Seung Gi’s shows over the years and generally enjoyed them with my favorite being his King 2 Hearts role. I’ve also watched all of Gu Family Book so far…and I’m not connecting either.

            In my opinion, he has downgraded in his acting ability after his phenomenal King 2 Hearts performance and I’m disappointed. It’s most definitely a combination of the director failing to pull what he needs from Seung Gi, his lack of more mature main co-leads, and his personal struggle with fully grasping Kang Chi’s complex emotions.

            The acting in this drama is incredibly uneven with Suzy underacting and Seung Gi overacting to compensate. The best acting is most definitely coming from the older, secondary actors and Yoo Bi. Even Sung Joon is a little shaky tackling the tone, in my opinion.

            I can’t connect to any of these characters beyond the surface of what I’m obligated to do according to the characters’ moral choices and general character sketching.

            It’s not an abysmal show or anything like that. It has some good points too. Overall, however, I find myself incredibly underwhelmed by the drama from the acting to the writing.

            PS. Before people say “Just stop watching.” or some BS, I watch things so that I can make a full and balanced judgment. When someone asks me if I liked Gu family Book, I want to give a full detail account of what I did and didn’t like. I may also do this show for my review blog. I cannot give a full and balanced opinion on something I haven’t experienced.

          • far

            i HAVE watched this drama, bits and pieces of it after episode 3, mostly Seunggi-Suzy moments. i LOVE the first 2 episodes. maybe…it could also be i was comparing his acting to the other actors in this drama. the brilliant and emotional parents, Chung-Jo, etc. i guess Geunggi’s and Suzy’s acting are slightly overshadowed by them.

            also, in this drama, i see SEUNGGI, and not KANGCHI. it’ll prob take me a little time to accept his character. so far, he has done well, but it seems to me that Seunggi still has yet to fully embrace the character himself, thus the audience. his emotions are fine, but not spot-on. YET. there’s still tremendous room for improvement. the drama’s moving on to the dark side now, after Kangchi’s transformation to a monster. let’s see how the character develops from here.

          • mel


            Um, no you aren’t watching this drama. You are watching clips of LSG acting out a character. It’s no wonder all you see is him. You aren’t watching everything as a whole to see how that character fits in or immersing yourself in the world. It’s totally unfair to do that and then say his acting is somehow lacking because you can’t get into a character you aren’t even watching properly. SMH.

            And calling LYH brilliant is a pretty giant stretch.

          • reglest

            Hello dear!!^^ *hugs*
            Yes, Seung Gi can not act out his ability, but I can’t call it downgrading though. Idk about other’s thought, but IMO the biggest part of the ‘under performance’ comes from the director. Have you seen the BTS? I don’t remember BTS from which episode, but Seung Gi definitely bring out all the emotion, while his counterpart that time is just so-so (or should I say ‘drown’?). When the scene showed in the episode, It turn out disappointed, ‘that’s not what I thought it’ll shoot to’, I thought. Plus, I have watched the directors other works, in which I definitely enjoy, but strangely, couldn’t connected emotionally. Sure, this is purely my opinion, anyone can argue for this, but I’d rather suggest the BTS for that 😉

          • crazyajummafan

            @reglest chinggu,
            may I know which bts you are referring to?

          • reglest

            It is either BTS or preview of episode 4 🙂

          • reglest

            It is either BTS or preview of episode 4 🙂 It’s not that jarring, but… ‘The nuance is a bit off than what had showed earlier’, my mind speak so.

          • riin

            I am on the same side with ravens_nest here. I like the show and I’m watching it probably until the end..cause I like to torture myself. However, for some reason I cannot really connect to Kang Chi as well. I don’t blame it on Seunggi and his acting at all. I feel like it’s got more to do with the character and his choices. Usually I connect with the male characters a lot more than the female ones. Because often they are written in a more engaging way. But this one just … I’m not sure what it is exactly that bothers me about him.. Is it the fact how he just follows after Chung Jo like a puppy and all he can think about is her, even when there’s more important things to handle at the moment? He’s done all the stupid things because of her, and because of that blind love for her. (It’s mostly why I dislike other male second leads as well..) Also, I think what annoyed me most was how Chung Jo was set up as Kang Chi’s mom all over again. It puts me off, to be honest. I can’t really feel for her either.. all over again.

        • geese

          this is funny you stop watching after 3rd episode and i start watching at the 3rd episode exactly where kang chi cae out of the picture….he he he he…

        • crazyajummafan

          If you’ve only watched till ep 3, how can you give a fair assessment of his character and whether he has captured you? Shouldn’t you give the character a fairer chance, as Kang Chi appeared only in ep 3?

          • ilikemangos

            preach! 🙂
            I never listen to judgement from someone who has watched less than 4 episodes.

    • 4.3 lemondoodle


      >his personal struggle with fully grasping Kang Chi’s complex emotions.

      There’s zero complex about Kangchi tbh and I love Kangchi, but he’s not exactly a difficult character to get or play. If anything Seunggi is giving him more depth than the writing has given the character. But opinions

      • 4.3.1 crazyajummafan

        @ ravens_nest
        Hi! Glad to see you here!
        Since TK2H days, I’ve always respected your views and i still do, however, in this case, I feel that your judgement of SG’s acting is a little too soon.

        1) SG was simply awesome as Lee Jaeha, but even then, he was only fully emersed as Jaeha around ep 10, half way through the drama – SG himself even said this. Although it’s ep 8 in this drama, KC has only been around for 6 ep and I think that he’s slowly becoming more and more like KC. Of course it does help that he had a wonderful and experienced co-lead in HJW and in the other sunbaes. And I know that helps.

        2) The role of Lee Jaeha and Kang Chi are quite dissimiliar. KC’s role is all blustery and extremes – as such, SG has to portray the character as such. JH’s character was more subtle. Even at Jae Kang’s death, JH had to control his emotions, for it’s not proper to rave and rant – I think that JH was ever mindful of JK’s words that they are royalty and hence cannot just give in to their emotions and had to practice decorum. He also had to be strong for his mother and sister. Kang Chi on the other hand has no real need for such control. KC has more angry and explosive scenes, while JH had more sad and intriguing ones. KC uses his body to solve problems, JH had to use his brain.

        3) Remember that this is also a sageuk. I haven’t watched many sageuks, but from what I’ve watched and read, sageuks tend to be full of lament and tragedy. I think that its also a cultural thing. Someone asked in a previous ep, why everyone was wailing at the death of Lady Park. In my culture, which is very similar to the Koreans, one has to wail and rant at deaths, in the past. Or else, you would appear unfilial. In fact, in the past, people were paid to lament at funerals, just to show that the person who has passed on is missed by his loved ones. Perhaps, that’s why some ppl say that SG overacts??? Perhaps you could specify exactly which scenes you feel he has overacted.

        4) Having written all this, it is difficult to see Seunggi in another role for me. TK2H had won my heart completely and JH and HA had stayed so close to me that it was initially difficult to see him with another actress. I had to push JH aside and try and give KC a chance. It’s like loving someone so much that when they pass away or leave us, it’s so difficult to love some else, and we keep comparing everyone to that person, and find everyone falling short.

        • Wood

          I love you, you speak my mind.

          @ far, ravens_nest
          What I like about LSG’s acting is that he brings this intensity and focus to his characters that I don’t see often with his peers. He got that in certain scenes in BL, MGIAG, then he really brought it on in TK2H. That light-years leap of improvement he made from MGIAG to TK2H still leaves me amazed.

          But how do you compare his acting in TK2H vs GFB when tone of both drama is so different, his characters so different? Jae Ha is a thirty year old king whose country must come first vs Kang Chi impulsive hot headed twenty year old boy? I’m still in awe remembering JH scenes where he has to bottle all his emotions with JK’s death, at HA’s shot in prison, and those interactions with crazy Bong Gu.

          With KC, I appreciate his attention to details. Ie his first stance when preparing to fight, always fingers pointed like claws, not clenched fist, because of his animal instinct even subconsciously. His roar of delight, after Chung-jo kissed him. Also knowing what a clumsy, heodang he is, through 1N2D, I’m so enjoying his smooth moves in some of the fight scenes, I imagine his hard training prior to filming.

          I ‘m sorry you stopped at Ep3 . Everyone has just started filming then, and I do agree he has overacted cuteness trying to be someone younger than his real self. And I thought Tae-seo standing beside him was much more impressive. But watch Ep4 onwards, and see for yourself, how he gets into the groove, and everyone in the household, or the villagers felt as if they have lived there forever. Ep4 leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy all over. They could produce “Adventures of Kang Chi” as a weekend drama, and I can happily watch their interactions forever.

          Having said that, I’m not as crazed and addicted to this as TK2H, one reason I can think of is that TK2H is such unpredictable off-kilter, kick ass yet intensely beautiful dramatic, and the serious political undertones and loads of chemistry and great acting from cast. And I am very protective of it, more so because of the so-called low ratings, that I worry all the time if the show will succumb to pressure and finish with a lame conventional ending.

          With GFB, it’s a story about humanity. How one stand against societal pressure and still act honorably, human or not. How arrogant and self-righteous we humans are, to think other unknowns as less than us. We all know how it will end eventually, but it’s KC growth, and SG acting, that optimistic and hopeful theme of this show that is still keeping me engaged.

          • crazyajummafan

            TK2H was EPIC – one of a kind. And the role of Jaeha, in the words of the man himself: “It’s a once in a life time role.”

          • Ivoire

            Hello crazyajummafan,

            I just wanted to second what you said about TK2Hs. It was EPIC (though the writing wasn’t perfect regarding the international politics part of it), and LSG was excellent in it. He definitely grew into that character, AND he made the character in the process, wearing it like it was a well suited glove.

            TK2Hs is very close to my heart as well, and not only because of LSG, but because of all the actors and actresses who made that drama (HJW, the mom, the sister, the secretary, Earnest Bot, Dong-ha, and all the veteran actors/actresses who were in that show and who made it. I loved how the NK characters were portrayed as well). It was also one of the very few Kdramas I have watched with so many foreign extras, who might not have been the best actors, however, as one of them explained here on DB, working in the entertainment industry for foreigners is not that easy in SK, and I imagine the producers did the best with what they could (Bonbon-chocolate was good, however).

            I didn’t mean to make this post so long (and I know this is not a recap about TK2Hs), I just wanted to add to those who think that LSG does the best he can with the character he is given, though like you, I do feel that some of those characters are closer to my heart than others, which is OK (as you explained).

        • ravens_nest

          Hey, crazyahjummafan. It’s been a long time. Glad to be discussing things with you again.

          I might not have been too clear in my previous comment but I’m not necessarily comparing Jae Ha to Kang Chi so much as I’m comparing Seung Gi acting as Jae Ha to him acting as Kang Chi. I’ve never had a problem separating actors from their previous characters so that’s not what’s happening here.

          As an aside, I thought Seung Gi in early K2H was fine it’s just Jae Ha was a shallow douchebag initially so shallowness was the majority of what could be pulled from the character. When he gained deeper emotions after his brother died, Seung Gi was able to sink into the character more fully. But that’s neither here nor there as we’re talking about Kang Chi and Gu Family Book now.

          I’m not looking for subdued rage from Kang Chi. I get that Kang Chi has no control over his emotions. Even before his bracelet broke he was a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants, brash idiot with little to no impulse control. We knew that the moment we saw him starting a fight with those thugs and leading them in a brawl through the inn in his first appearance. After the bracelet was broken, his short fuse got even shorter vis a vis the unleashing of his Gumiho berserker rage impulses.

          I’m saying that the berserker rage is unappealing or that I don’t understand it. I’m just saying that Seung Gi is not juggling those character themes as well as he could with better directing and/or a more sageuk experienced co-cast.

          I’ve seen quite a few sageuks–I adore them, actually, so I watch them all the time–and I’m used to the general wailing and gnashing of teeth that comes with all the tragedy involved in the typical sageuk. The death scenes weren’t even the ones I felt he handled awkwardly. In fact, the only wailing scene I thought he did badly was when he’s screaming at the Monk about turning him back into a human. The whole scene just wound up making me laugh rather than be sad but I suspect that was mostly due to the poor directing.

          Anyway, the scenes I feel are awkward are most of the ones with Yeo Wool, specifically their “arguing” scenes which all feel incredibly forced to me. This is partially due to Seung Gi acting across Suzy who also has an inability to express Yeo Wool’s emotions. Such that in nearly every scene together, he can’t connect, she can’t connect, and I can’t connect. This is why I say they don’t have any romantic chemistry at all. At most it’s friendly but even that I’m having a hard time seeing. The overacting I mentioned comes into play when Seung Gi plays Kang Chi as aggressively argumentative as possible. It feels like he’s overcompensating for Suzy’s deadpan delivery. (This is coming from someone who generally enjoyed Suzy in Dream High and Big and usually finds her very charming if not very skilled.)

          Alternatively, Seung Gi’s having pretty good chemistry with Lee Yoo Bi (Chung Jo) and each scene he has with her pulls a better performance from him. Then again, the two pairings have very different relationships, so I’m aware that’s a large factor in this.

          Anyway, this got longer than I wanted but I’m trying to explain my criticism as clearly as possible. I’m fully aware that you don’t have to agree with me or anything. lol

          • ravens_nest

            *I’m not saying that the berserker rage is unappealing or that I don’t understand it.

            Sorry for the typo.

          • crazyajummafan

            Thanks for explaining! You know, while waiting for Mondays to come, I re-read the recaps and discussions at K2H. And I really miss the lovely insightful, mature, funny and congenial discussions we had….but enough, there are other readers here.

            I do agree with you about his wailing scene with SJ, though not to the point of laughing, but I felt that he fell a tad short of a convincing preformance.

            As for his chemistry with Suzy, I too feel that it’s not there yet. At this point, they are more like two puppies frolicking and fighting. Don’t know, maybe its because SG hasn’t turned those intense, soulful eyes at her yet. But even if he did, I’m not sure if she could return the look. She’s ok at the moment for me, and I think she’s slowly improving, but I’m not sure if its fast enough to take on the more intense scenes later. She’s doing the cute, chirpy scenes well, like most have commented, but I really,really hope that she can do the intense ones too.

            I remember HJW saying that for the duration of her dramas, she’ll love her leading man, and him only. I take it to mean that all her energy and passion will be focussed on him as if she really were in love with him. That’s why she’s so good and her chemistry with her co-leads are way off the charts. I hope Suzy can learn to do likewise.

            You may be, and are probably right about the directing.
            But for the moment, I’m enjoying the drama.

          • crazyajummafan

            Oops, sorry. Just checked. It was madqueen, not mangoes who made the comment about wanting Suzy’s acting to improve faster.

          • pogo

            crazyajummafan – given that Suzy’s chemistry with her costars is one of the reasons people most often cite to excuse her lack of skills, it’s a little frustrating to find both lacking, especially in a drama that could be absolutely fantastic if the chemistry element was locked down.

            And it’s not even about what stage the characters are at in their relationship, or whether one of them is attracted to each other – most kdrama otps start out not liking/in love with each other, but if there is chemistry it’s there from the word go – all I check for is, am I interested in watching these two people sharing a scene, even if they’re not interested in each other romantically?

            Because I didn’t like LSG in MGIAG, but even in the early episodes, when he thinks she’s nothing but a scary pest, he and Shin Mina did have chemistry, and that was undeniable. Same with Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon in Goong – they were very green as actors and their characters can’t stand each for a while, but the chemistry was there right from the word go. Or Jang Geun-seuk and Yoona in last year’s Love Rain – Yoona is ok as an actress, but not great, and she and JGS somehow managed the chemistry even if he carried more of the emotional weight of the story.

            Basically the point of this long-winded rambling was, if there isn’t any chemistry between LSG and Suzy by this point, I doubt there will ever be, even once he does realise she’s a girl. It’s not dependent on the characters being attracted to each other, not really.

          • crazyajummafan

            @ pogo
            You are right about the somewhat lack of chemistry between KC and YW. I felt more between KC and CJ. (Btw, if you haven’t watched TK2H, you should. The chemistry between the OTP is really off the charts. It’s far, far better than it was between Seunggi and SMA!) But just as it takes 2 hands to clap, it also takes 2 to make good chemistry.

      • 4.3.2 ravens_nest

        Hey, lemondoodle.

        Hmmm, I may have been giving more credit than was due to Kang Chi’s characterization. Or maybe I’m anticipating what I expect to come out of his character in the future.

        What I meant by “complex” was referencing Kang Chi’s seeming struggle with suddenly discovering his true birthright as well as the push-pull he’s experiencing between human and monster and between his love for Chung Jo and his obligation to clear his step-father’s name. (Since the writer has elected to hold off on the main romance, he’s not yet entered the phase when he’s pulled between loyalty to Chung Jo and new love for Yeo Wool. I’m sure that will crop up later.)

        He’s also written to struggle with wanting to be Moo Sol’s real son and feeling like it’s not his place. Not to mention the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity that Lady Yoon’s clear enmity over his entire life must have planted in him.

        Added with the pain of loss from Moo Sol’s death and the Park family’s subsequent entrapment and torment, these emotions should be pulling me into Kang Chi’s character and they just aren’t.

        I should feel sorrow over Kang Chi’s predicament but I don’t beyond the surface thought of, “Oh, that’s sad.”

        I didn’t even like Lady Yoon after she had Kang Chi beaten in the alley but I felt a visceral rage come over me when she confronted Gwan Woong and stabbed herself with a sword. She had less screen time and characterization than Kang Chi and yet I connected with her in that and other moments.

        I might be being disingenuous towards Seung Gi but I think part of the reason I’m not connecting with Kang Chi is that he’s not immersed in him either. Again I’m not saying this is all Seung Gi’s fault. I also blame his lack of experienced coworkers to riff off of and the lackluster directing.

        I’m not writing him or the show off completely because King 2 Hearts and my general affection for him makes me give him a chance. Yet it’s been 6 episodes already. How long should I wait to care about the main character?

        • mercury

          that being said… time for you to move on,,,, let the others who love this drama to fully enjoy the show … so much of criticism spoil the fun…. peace!!!

          • ravens_nest

            I don’t always quit a drama/movie even if I’m not enjoying it fully. I also write reviews and give recommendations on two of my personal blogs. How do I give an honest opinion of something I haven’t watched?

            A critique is done to understand and engage with a work regardless of whether the critique is positive or negative. I find value in any critical analysis of a work.

            How is my discussion ruining the fun of others? I am not bashing anyone for liking something I don’t like and I’m not spewing hate without an explanation. I am detailing what I am enjoying and what I’m not enjoying about Gu Family Book to engage in healthy discussion/debate with people who are also watching Gu Family Book.

            Are you not able to simply disagree with my opinion? Is your enjoyment contingent upon my personal opinion? If not, then why leave this comment?

          • crazyajummafan

            I agree with ravens_nest. I’m not taking sides, but I feel that ravens_nest’s comments are insightful, unlike other comments which simply seek to tear down either the writer, actor/actress or drama. She is also someone who doesn’t just think that her opinion is the best and that there are no other opinions other than her own – I can testify to that! Just read the comments in ep 13 of TK2H’s recaps, and you’ll see what I mean.

            We need to learn the difference between someone stating or expressing a view, whether it is different from ours or not, and someone just spewing out their biased opinions without thought or consideration for others. The tone in which something is written is also important, and viral words used for the sake of letting go one’s feelings is inconsiderate of other readers. Ravens_nest has not done that, so pls learn to differentiate between the two. I understand your love and loyalty to the drama and it would be better to save your energy for someone more deserving of your ‘scolding’.

        • milkteanlsg

          its just 4 episodes though and the story is just starting, minus the 2-hr movie of his parents…

          • ravens_nest

            That’s why I said I haven’t written off Lee Seung Gi or Gu Family Book. I can see the drama and actors improving just as easily as not improving.

        • lemondoodle

          Hm, well see I don’t see how you can”t feel for him but can feel for Lady Yoon. I don’t get it and I think we’ll just disagree! 🙂 Same with people who feel so badly for the parents but can’t feel badly for the son they left behind.

          About this….

          >He’s also written to struggle with wanting to be Moo Sol’s real son and feeling like it’s not his place. Not to mention the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity that Lady Yoon’s clear enmity over his entire life must have planted in him.

          All of this I thought Seunggi did very well with the little focus it actually got. Both scenes, with Lady Yoon saying he’d change to make her like him and him staring longingly at the family were both perfect to me.

          • ravens_nest

            Understandable. I’m fully aware that not everyone will feel the same way I feel.

            If it’s any consolation, I don’t think Seung Gi is downright horrible or anything like that. It’s just he’s not always connecting to his character. That’s also what I meant when I said the acting is uneven.

            The entire production has room for improvement so, as I’ve said earlier, I’m not writing this drama off. I’m continuing to watch everything, hoping it’ll get better.

        • wanne


          I don’t know if you’ll ever read this comment but I just want to voice out my opinion as well.

          While I agree that Seunggi has moments that he didn’t do so well, I don’t see his acting as being downgraded at all. Like in K2H, there are times when I think he overdoing his acting or does not come off natural but when he hits it right, he amazes me.

          During the scene when KC beg the monk, I also didn’t really feel for him. But there are other scenes that he managed to pull at my heart-string so much, the same way he impressed me in K2H. In this episode for example, when KC looked up at LSS in the beginning of the episode, his expression there broke my heart. I could connect with his character not having real parents.
          To say that he only does well when acting with veteran actors, in the previous episode when KC looked at CJ’s family being happy together from a distance, he was amazing there as well and he was alone.

          I may be his fan, but if he manages to make me shed tears and sob, that must be great acting doing it IMHO.

          • crazyajummafan

            @ wanne
            “when KC looked at CJ’s family being happy together from a distance, he was amazing there as well and he was alone.”

            I thought that he emoted very well in this scene too. My heart ‘thwanged’ at the “happy-for-them-but-sad-I-can’t-join-in” look. The other scene I thought he did well was when Lord Park died. And also the scene when he was looking at CJ from afar and realised that they were going ahead with her marriage.

      • 4.3.3 Rose

        I completely agree. I feel Kang chi’s acting to be natural and not over or under performed. I really can’t understand why everybody is saying that he is not performing up to the mark. he can be cute, serious, heartbroken, stupid, bubbly and whatever. I like the actor playing his character.

  5. Katie

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    On another note, loving this so far! But yeah, I agree, Yeo Wool being passed off as a guy has been dragged on for too long. Can’t wait for next week.

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    • 15.3 milkteanlsg

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      But didn’t the monk say that since he had not learn to control his beast self, he would lose his human self if he takes off the bracelet??
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      • 15.3.1 lemondoodle

        You’d think he’s going to have to take off the bracelet or die. I guess that’s a choice he’ll have to make. But I’m kind of surprised they would take if off again so soon. Maybe the monk is still creeping around…

        • anicheung

          Maybe this will be the first chance he gets to try to control his inner Hulk. That’s what we’d all like to see anyway, for Kang Chi to eventually maintain his human self without outside help. A little early in the game, but things seem to be flying by pretty quickly.

          It would make it so much easier for him to fight evil if he could take off that bracelet, have full use of his gumiho abilities and still have control of himself. I know I can’t wait for him to become badass like that… not that I don’t already love him as is, struggles, stubbornness and all.

          And Yeo Wool, I’m still reserved about her character since I’ve been disappointed by the supposed kickass heroines one too many times, but so far she’s turning out pretty well. The scene where she breaks Gon’s arrow with perfect precision was just so SWEET! I hope we get to see more kickass Yeo Wool cause I really like how this character is turning out so far.

      • 15.3.2 kumi

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      • 15.4.1 milkteanlsg

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        • Rose

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  19. 19 LSGfan


    you have such a beautiful and touching way of summing up themes in your recaps that it makes me cry and smile at the same time! Your talent for writing – a mix of humor and sentimentality, something that’s difficult to achieve once in a while – you do on a regular basis!

    Thanks for making dramas so fun to enjoy and watch!

    • 19.1 jude

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      the Epic scene that gotten me was when Chung Jo let go of Kang Chi’s hand… that was very touching the way you describe and wrote that scene…It really got me ..cry*sob*

      Simply your one of a kind and just an amazing talented writer GF!

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    KC-YW are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!!!!!!!!
    esp. with Gon in the side lines. Love his reactions so much.
    Gon please don’t try to kill KC again that’s totally minus points to YW.

    I’m not worried for KC being stabbed but the people around him should at least be reactant with the situation. I lol’ed. Help the poor guy please?

    • 20.1 crazyajummafan

      I’m worried for the treasures too, esp since the floor is now had a hole! I hope that no one notices that there’s aroom below when they patch up the hole. The scene when KC drives the broomstick into the ground and then the camera shows dirt following into the secret chamber made me really worried that GW will find the chests of money.

      • 20.1.1 jude

        @crazyajummafan, ill take it with a grain of salt but i had this feeling that in no time GW will find out that secret chamber.. I guess it does make sense that they’ve shown a little scene of the secret chamber after KC drives the broomstick into the ground.. maybe its the director’s way of establishing the story on how GW will get to find out the treasure ..which will make His character even more EviL…
        #just saying#

        but who knows? anything can happen…..and its unpredictableness that makes me enjoy this drama soo much..

        Seunggiah being Choi Kang Chi you just NAILED IT!

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    • 22.1 Kitzeekat

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      • 22.1.1 milkteanlsg

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        • Jade Butterfly

          TS is under hypnosis so , I’ll cut him some slack . If , he’s doing this with full consciousness , then, I’m with you.
          On the other hand , I really detest GW & wonder why he is given carte blanche to do what he wills !
          Obviously , someone in government is on to his evil shenanigans & sent SS to track him but there should be someone from an elite force to stop his crazy killing spree or to reverse or thwart some of the evil effects of GW’s plans .
          I look forward to the day when he gets his comeuppance , Ala Gumiho Wrath & Vengence !GRRRRR!!

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    • 23.1 Tartani

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      • 23.1.1 jude

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        • jude

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        • milkteanlsg

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    • 23.2 may

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    • 25.1 skelly

      I agree that the character of Yeo Wol is lots of fun, but I must not be drinking the right Kool-aid because I am not seeing any improvement in Suzy’s acting. She is still too young and inexperienced and in over her head with a more talented cast. She does cute really well, but that’s just about it, and has zero chemistry with her co-stars. This is like a run-through from a real actress.
      I still refuse to cut any idol slack just because they are new and young. If they can’t do it, they shouldn’t be here, and I stick to my opinion regardless of that fact that ratings are good – Koreans obviously care more about the cute, and that’s their right as I have mine.

      • 25.1.1 MIKAN

        In watching a drama, my personal take of good acting comes from my experience of connecting with the characters. That’s why I commend Suzy for making me root for YW. I actually want more of her in this drama with KC and Gon. I am enjoying seeing her here that’s enough for me. It might be really so painful experience for you in watching this drama since the main character YW is not enjoyable for you and we all know that her involvement is very essential in this drama.

        • redfox

          she doesnt wmake me root for the character at all. on the contrary, I wish she was out of the picture.

      • 25.1.2 2ez

        I honestly think it’s hilarious how people like skelly can’t express what they think without being patronizing and dismissive towards people with different opinions.

        What’s that, MIKAN actually likes Suzy’s acting? Well that opinion obviously can’t be as legitimate as my own superior one, so they’re obviously just “drinking the Kool-aid.” You can tell that my perspective is totally unbiased too, seeing as I have this awesome policy of evaluating idols as if they’re acting veterans. Nevermind the fact that all newbie actors, idol or not, improve as time goes by. Directors should refuse to cast inexperienced actors entirely, so they never get better at all! Nothing wrong with that idea whatsoever.

        And why not top it off with an ignorant baseless generalization about Korean audiences in general? You know, just in case case I forgot to make my comment sound condescending enough. Ah, it’s so great to be right all the time. I don’t come off as insecure at all!

        • skelly

          “People like me” base their opinions on what they read. I have read every single comment about this show, looking for what people are seeing that I am not. Every positive comment about Suzy talks about a) how she is improving or b) how cute she is in her part or c) how much they like the character of Yeo Wol. In response, I’ve said I don’t see the improvement and I am not feeling the cute. If this is condescending, than so be it.
          I have made no claims to being unbiased. Rather, I have made my biases against idols-as-actors very well known. In response, I often get the where-is-someone-going-to-get-experience argument. My answer is always the same; yes, all actors need to get experience to improve, but only idols get to learn their craft – if they are capable of learning it – as the leads in big productions, such as this one. There is no way that an actress of her age and lack of experience would be given this role, except that she already has a “name” as an idol. I have never said that directors should not cast inexperienced actors, or even that no idols can act – although I do take issue with your assertion that all newbie actors will improve.
          And as for ignorant baseless generalizations – everyone uses them now and again, even against an old crank like me. Cheers.

        • pogo

          What I find funny is how bad most of Suzy’s fans are at taking any criticism of her acting, i.e. the work she’s paid to do with some degree of competence.

          And it’s not as if being young and an idol is an automatic guarantee that an actor can’t do their job – both Krystal Jung in High Kick 3 and Jung Eun-ji in Answer Me 1997/That Winter, are close in age to Suzy but far, FAR more natural onscreen.

          • la dee dah

            I think she was objecting to the use of the phrase “drinking the Kool Aid”, which has negative connotations and implies that people who believe Suzy is improving are not thinking rationally, thus “drinking the Kool Aid.” I think Suzy can do better, but I don’t think she’s outright bad. I guess some of Suzy’s fans will take offense and be defensive. But unfortunately, I also see lots of fans of LSG doing the same (here and elsewhere). Everyone’s opinions on acting are subjective, someone’s acting may impress some but also not others. The issue here is demeaning other’s opinions about it. It’s okay to disagree with someone’s opinions on someone’s acting, it’s another to imply their opinion is moot or irrational.

          • dmn

            Those two you mentioned are not even good. lol

          • pogo

            @la dee dah – I’ve seen other fans having mini-tantrums over far less strongly worded opinions on Suzy’s acting, ones which clearly applied to the commenter alone. Lots of ‘if you don’t like her, why do you watch’, too – a drama is a team effort, and some of us are here for other members of the team.

            @dmn – still better than Suzy in Dream High/here. Neither of them delivers lines like they’re reading them off a teleprompter, lol.

  26. 26 lalala

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    • 26.1 Misty

      Maybe because they’re interested in GFB more than JOJ?

    • 26.2 PM

      Can we at least have some “Comments Etiquette”?

    • 26.3 madqueen

      You are obviously in the wrong place here. Not sure if you meant to promote JOJ here or are looking for recaps.
      In any case, head over to Koalasplayground.com and post there.
      Koala is loving JOJ as much as you do and are doing recaps of it. I’m not watching JOJ but have read all of Koala’s wonderful recaps on JOJ.

    • 26.4 anaro

      It’s because DB doesn’t recap drama that you really really enjoy, lalala. They recap drama that they really really enjoy.
      Also, they don’t recap drama based on the ratings. You may check the ratings of all the dramas they’ve recapped.

    • 26.5 lemondoodle

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    • 26.6 Claudine

      I’m sure JOJ is a good show and all, but JV and GF call the shots around here. Even so, I don’t think they do not want to do JOJ; as far as I know, they’re huge fans of Yoo Ah In. But there’s that pesky TIME issue again. There are a lot of shows airing but so little time and then there’s life outside of DramaBeans. For all we know, they may have offered the project to guest recappers but maybe there were no takers.

      If you really want to read JOJ recaps, as Her Highness madqueen had pointed out above, you are welcome to drop by Koala’s Playground.

      • 26.6.1 Claudine

        *JB and GF (so sorry)

        Also, I have not seen JOJ myself although I plan to as soon as my schedule opens.

    • 26.7 milkteanlsg

      because of ppl like you, I am starting to hate joj before even seeing it…

      • 26.7.1 lemondoodle

        Haha me too. It was on my list, but it’s about to get dropped.

      • 26.7.2 avecmoi

        Me three lol, probably not even gonna watch pilot episode anymore. I get that they’re “competing” in the same time slot, but there’s no need to be so militant about pushing the show in a totally different show’s comment section.

        • jude

          hahaha..all above comments from 26.26 and the response just make my day…♪♪lalala♪♫

    • 26.8 ilikemangos

      lalala, as a JOJ fan, i’ve got to say that there’s no use asking by now if GF and JB are not recapping JOJ. They recap shows that they enjoy and are willing to recap. It takes alot of time and effort. As of now, they are juggling lee soon shin, mandate, GFB and 1night2days. The other minions recap what they want to. it requires alot of dedication. If JOJ doesn’t make it on that list, there’s always other places you can go to get your fix.
      Asking it here in another recap, is as someone above mentioned, a bit rude. I can see why people would get irritated since it seems like in every recap of GFB people are asking for recaps on JOJ/comparing. You can come join us at koalas.
      I’m enjoying both shows but keeping them separate in the comments.

      @lemondoodle, i hope you don’t drop JOJ just because all the JOJ fans seem offputting, because it really is criminally underrated. Watch for the romance if the show itself isnt up to par to your standards/cup of tea.
      You can also just ignore these comments.

      • 26.8.1 reglest

        Mango, I understand your opinion. TBH, I think JOJ position now is just like TK2H last year, it’s underrated too much, but still loved everywhere. I watched the first two episodes, and I’m agree with you, it’s beautifully shot and I gives the acting department big thumbs up, especially Sung Dong Il, and exceptionally KTH (forgive me to say so, but that’s until episode 2). But, maybe because most of it consist of pure romance, I can’t bring myself to love it, I should admit that I’m not a pure saeguk lover (the only saeguk that capture my mind is Queen Seon Deok, where politic and strategy of war engaged everywhere). I tend to like cute (and bickering) relationship, which explain why I love GFB more 🙂

        Idk if you are an old resident here or not, but JB and GF only recap the show that they love, or they thought have potential to be loved by them 🙂 I’m sorry if I sound rude here, but JB and GF already opened the door of fourth dimension with their decision to recap ‘mandate of heaven’, and I don’t dare to burden them with another request.

        • ilikemangos

          Hello fellow heartie!
          I remember your name from the threads.
          Yes. JOJ is in the same position as K2H last year. (Why do i always fall for the underrated shows). Except some JOJ fans feel its necessary to overcompensate with its lack of popularity by going around promoting it or raving about it in another show’s recaps, which i understand is frustrating to many users.
          I don’t get why people always have to pick teams with shows — can’t we all just enjoy both? Ha.
          Nice to see you here though heartie! I see alot of em floatin around this thread, and it makes me happy!

          • mercury

            @ilikemangos…. I heart you <3….luv everything u said, very objective…

          • reglest

            Kkk, actually I’m still there, at koala’s blog and read the recap, but as I don’t really watch the show (JOJ), I think I have no right to comment about it 🙂 You’ll find me there if Ms.Koala decides to post about GFB again (as what she done few days ago)

  27. 27 mamamea

    Thank you GF!

    Great writing and descriptions… Same thoughts about anger issues “a la The Hulk” style.

  28. 28 memyself233

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    suzy can act! she also improve day by day
    on the other side
    i really love Yeo wool and kangchi moment
    plus during her scene with gon when gon was about to shot KC with his arrow..
    yeo wool so cool there breaking Gon’s arrow with her bow kkk~

  29. 29 pumpkinattack

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  30. 30 Kitzeekat

    Oh maaaan…Kang-chi just cant catch a break… it’s heartwrenching to see him suffer 🙁 The writer seems to be having fun tormenting KC.. good thing our heroine is there defending and saving him 🙂

    Gu Family Book Daebak!

  31. 31 Qwerty

    Finally! Some happy times! I am excited to watch this, and for the weeks ahead. Thanks for the recap. 😀

  32. 32 milkteanlsg

    Why did Chung Jo decide to stay at the Gisaeng House???

    Did she forget the creep!!??

    • 32.1 Jade Butterfly

      In the real world , she couldn’t run fast enough to get outta there , with KC as her protective shield but its K-drama world .
      So , as such, she must show us that she’s a Paragon of steely female Strength & Resolve to avenge her family’s tragic fate under the evil menace, GW.
      She’s probably going to use her soon-to-be definite proximity to the old lecher to kill him.
      To imagine letting that spawn of the devil touch her, in order to achieve her goal of revenge , probably , made me think that she’s on a suicide mission.

      • 32.1.1 crazyajummafan

        Couldn’t agree with you more! She definitely has a plan up her sleeve.

  33. 33 Ivaa

    GF you are really gifted……
    Between Kang Chi and Tae Soo always including stabbing ?
    Stabbing again ….
    Healing process……..
    Stab again….
    Heal again….
    until someone figure it out TS under spell ?
    for how long ?…..
    aarrgghhh….just call mr. magic SJ…..asap!

    • 33.1 Misty


  34. 34 mj

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  35. 35 Fruitplus

    Thanks GF. I hope next episode we will see YW caring KC to health and lots of bickering.

  36. 36 jubilantia

    Gaaaaah! Better and better. I’m with you on the annoyance at repeating storylines. It’s okay for heroes to angst, but not for too long! It’s a fine line.

    I am both excited and scared shitless for Chung-jo, but I’m sure she’ll kick butt, whatever ends up happening.

    I hope they break Tae-seo’s spell! Even if it’s the wrong decision, I’d rather have him choose to hate Kang-chi as a character rather than be under a spell. Also, does this mean everyone in the compound will know Kang-chi’s secret? Will they hustle him into a closet, pull off the bracelet, and be all “nope! No life-threatening wounds to see here! Move along!”?

    Also also, why does Kang-chi suddenly have to stay away from women? Gumi-dad’s stipulations were no killing, no eating meat, and no showing the gumiho side, right? Because he definitely didn’t, uh, remain chaste during his 100 day human vigil.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see what happens next week. Thanks for the recap!

    • 36.1 Misty

      The monk just want to be sure that KC will not pull a WR…

    • 36.2 Carole McDonnell

      I’m thinking Daddy Gumiho had to kill his human love because she betrayed him in order to not be a demon. So far, Yeo Wool is taking his monster side in stride so I gon’t really have any fears of her not loving him and him having to kill her. But who knows what conflicts might pop up in the future where she’ll have to kill him? Maybe to protect her father (if Kang Chi discovers her father killed his?) So maybe that’s why the monk/magician wanted to part them from the beginning.

      But also it’s possible someone else might want to kill one or the other.

      I don’t mind the repeating storylines because it seems the director is gently misdirecting us to think that Chung Jo and Kang Chi are the fated pair. The OTP music comes up when Kang & Chi Chung & Yeo Wol are all thinking of each other. And the monk says Yeo Wol and Kang Chi are fated. So all that is to make us all feel “Who the heck should we be shipping?”

      I feel very worried whenever the director reminds us of the hidden stockpile of money. On the one hand, it’s simply that I don’t want Big Bad to get it. But on the other hand, I’m not really sure what all Big Bad would do with said money if he DID get it. So, he’ll have more money? So???? We haven’t seen him working with the enemy yet, so we just have to take it for granted that we should fear for Korea’s future against evil foreigners’ naval attack.

      So in some ways, the director is doing well but in other ways..not so much.

      • 36.2.1 jubilantia

        On the one hand, it’s simply that I don’t want Big Bad to get it.

        THIS SO MUCH. The Big Bad is almost too bad. As in, my flesh crawls whenever he is on screen. Also he might use the money as evidence that Lord Park was crooked in some way, sealing his fate as a traitor forever, or something? I wouldn’t put anything past this guy.

        But who knows what conflicts might pop up in the future where she’ll have to kill him? Maybe to protect her father (if Kang Chi discovers her father killed his?) So maybe that’s why the monk/magician wanted to part them from the beginning.

        I agree with you here. I was mainly joking about the rules changing. Still, the monk should know that telling someone to stay away from someone they like is the one surefire way to send them running to that person.

        So in some ways, the director is doing well but in other ways..not so much.

        Yeah, I like the directing over all, but bits of the story feel either randomly slotted together, or they go on for too long. Or we forget someone almost completely for a whole episode, when things should have been developing simultaneously.

        • crazyajummafan

          I think there was a mention in one of the earlier episodes that Big Bad might be in cahoots with the Japanese. In ep 2, he was the one who welcomed the Japanese General, and his men are ninja trained. Moreover, if he gets the money, it’ll just make him more powerful!

  37. 37 Claudine

    Despite already knowing about Tae-soo stabbing Kang-chi (thanks spoilery preview), it still came as a shock.

    I’m curious as to how they are going to explain Kang-chi’s recovery to the other students who witnessed the stabbing. Or is he going to be bed-ridden for awhile? Ahhh, excited for next week.

  38. 38 wanne

    Thanks Girlfriday. I love this episode. I’m glad that LSS takes over the heart-warming father role because the scene when KC looks up at him with puppy eyes in the beginning of the episode made me burst into tears. Seunggi’s acting was great there and also when TS stabbed him. I found this episode more engaging, moving and edited better than episode 7. Looking forward to the next episode!

  39. 39 geese

    thanks for the recap but can i pull the tape one more episode…
    im always at the brink of excitement for mondays to come…grrrr..why do they always cut at the best moment….he he he eh he…

  40. 40 ohhai

    The “Inuyasha” inspired plot had me hope so much for this drama. however, the characters while very lovely, are also very one-dimensional. I have this problem with most k-drama anyway. The goods are pure good, the evil is …evil.

    I wanted to like this drama so much, I hope it improves along the way, though I doubt.

  41. 41 Noelle

    What in ze hell! I can’t wait!!!

  42. 42 kyl

    Regarding ravens_nest comment above, I have to agree to a certain extent. I find the editing and writing jarring sometimes, and I could not connect to the characters enough because the flow was somewhat disconnected. And yeah, I kinda miss the K2H director here cause he has this certain way of capturing the right things at the right time (or maybe showing the right things?) but overall GFB is filmed beautifully as well, without the stresses of live-shoot. Seunggi overacts sometimes in the earlier episodes, but not since then, as far as I can detect. Suzy’s character is awesome, but I can’t help wondering if the role was given to a seasoned actress.

    Just hoping that it will get better from here on. The real story has just begun – Kang-chi’s quest to become human.

    • 42.1 nomoyepo

      will you please clarify what scenes LSG overacts? coz i’m so satisfied with his acting in this drama so far…just asking!

      • 42.1.1 kyl

        I think, it was his reaction after Yeo Wool hits him with her stick from the back. I dunno, maybe I watched too much BTS coz it’s not really obvious in the drama, but that’s all 🙂

        • lemondoodle

          That’s kind of subjective overacting. It was done on purpose to make the hit look worse than it actually was. IDK. When people say overacting 9 times out of 10 talking comedy scenes which I think are usually intentionally done like that.

        • crazyajummafan

          Somehow, I think it fits the character. My youngest daughter does that – whenever, she gets hurt, her reactions are kind of exaggerated. It’s just her personality to ‘overact’, cause that’s who she is. Her emotions are big – very happy or very sad. Very much like KC. He is not a subtle character and that is very much what he needs to conquer – his emotions. He wears his heart on his sleeve too much and baddies will take advantage of that.

          So with that, I think Seunggi’s acting pretty well!

    • 42.2 reglest

      An exact sentiment with me…
      PD Lee from TK2H is a word of insurance about a definition of emotion. The scenes aren’t just shot beautifully, but also hit all the detail. Like how the fist clench, the how it shoot from toe to top. It’s a little addition which build all the nuance. I hope they can working together again *pray*

  43. 43 hazelrachel

    I’m wondering what’s gonna happen when KC finds out that YW’s daddy killed his daddy? Especially since this is setting up to him being KC’s mentor. That’s gonna be interesting…

    • 43.1 lemondoodle

      It depends on if KC even starts to care about his parents. He cares more about the people who help him now, not the people threw him in a river. Though I do guess knowing the full truth will change things. I think he should avenge the maid and his poor uncle more than his dumb parents but that’s just me. :p

      But the overall shady way they are going about things (saving him to use him basically, saying they’ll kill him if needed) and adding in the fact they know who he is and what happened but he doesn’t know they know might lead to him feeling betrayed by everyone.

      • 43.1.1 crazyajummafan

        You’ve got a point there. I too felt that in someway, LSS was using KC. “Better that we use KC than let baddie use him. So let’s save him. And if he’s dangerous, we’ll just kill.”

        • milkteanlsg

          yeah… they even show LSS’s red sword after KC went to ask he what would LSS do if KC spent the 3 coins…

        • milkteanlsg

          But LSS really make a big bet writing the letter to be responsible for Kang Chi’s actions and I was so moved by his belief in people/KC~!

  44. 44 JenJen

    This episode was lot better than the last 3 methinks. I still don’t feel the chemistry between KangChi and YeoWool. I guess, for now, I’ll assume that the seemingly lack of chemistry was because the drama really needed to get all its ducks in a row and because I’m impatient.

    Something about some of Suzy’s scenes/shots that do make her as badarse as I had anticipated from her character description.

  45. 45 Sajen

    Is it wrong to hate Suzy because she’s beautiful and my being 9 years older than her makes me feel like a dirty old man?

    My only real problem with this show so far is the same one I have with all gender bender stories. They always pick actresses who are so obviously women no matter what they do to hide it, that I find it ludicrous that anyone could ever mistake any of them for a man. Coffee Prince is the only exception as from a distance I could see thinking that Yoon Eun Hye was a man, just not for as long as it went on.

    • 45.1 Misty

      The problem here is that YW is not actually pretending to be a man but she cross dress for the sake of her mission. I remember in ep 3 where she conveniently told the fortune teller that she’s a girl. She just doesn’t care about other people’s opinion I guess. I bet if KC find out she’s a girl and accuse her of deceiving him, her reaction might be like “you didn’t ask..duh..” or “idiot, it’s obvious I’m a girl” in those kind of lines 😀

      • 45.1.1 bleue

        I don’t get how he doesn’t know she’s a girl! You can SEE her CHEST

        Does he think she’s some bulgy chested guy or something…

        • afan

          I think he just doesn’t care about her atm, he even doesn’t know her name. Not helping that she dresses, acts, talks is totally different from any girl he knows.

        • skelly

          LOL, she’s a little young and skinny to have moobs.

          I don’t get what is in his head about Yeo Wol, I don’t see how anyone could not see she is female. I know he is obsessed with other issues but this is ridiculous. I’m not really sure how Seung Gi is going to pull off going from friendly indifference to embarrassed knowledge to falling out of love with one girl to falling in love with another girl and have it seem all organic and natural – all in the space of another 8 episodes – but I do know it is going to be all on him, he is not going to get any help from Suzy.

          • skellytoo

            don’t worry, there’s 16 eps left, the whole drama is 24 eps long

          • pogo

            I wouldn’t have figured out until ep 5 that he thought she was a guy if it hadn’t been for recaps, especially after the end of episode 3 – throughout ep 4 I just thought he knew she was a girl and was just indifferent.

      • 45.1.2 someone

        I cannot figure out what I missed. Because if not for all the comments here, I would not even think that he thinks she is NOT a girl. I dont think he looks or feels romantic about her because he loves CJ as well as her ungirly personality. I have watched with the MBC offical subbing and he refers to her as a girl in those. And her set up was cross dressing, as in not wearing girls clothing, not that she is pretending to be a guy.
        And honestly, I dont feel their intereactions are that of 2 guys
        it feels like he is talking to a girl to me, its just that he is not interested in her has a lover.

  46. 46 Lilly

    Good show to me so far. Hope it stays good through to the end.

  47. 47 anvesha

    Yeah, Chung Jo’s choice is not something good but you can’t fault her for doing it either…

    I like Lee Soon Shin’s lesson on humanity, which I’m pretty sure Dam-Pyugn Joon doesn’t completely agree with. I am sure he’ll learn after being with Kang Chi!

  48. 48 Amah vivian

    This episode was heartbreakingly beautiful

  49. 49 Extraordinary

    Thank you Gu Family Book I just found my Kdrama crush Dam Yeo Wool 🙂

  50. 50 crazyajummafan

    I love how LSS saved KC. His logic is impeccable. If Lord Park is a traitor, than KC didn’t do anything wrong, so they technically don’t have a reason to kill him. I too pumped my fist!!!!
    However, I wish that he had added that if KC were also guilty of killing the 7 men, then where their bodies? One of the best scenes in the episode.

    Another of my favourites is when Father Choi and the other servants all said that they had not seen KC at all! Ha to you, GW! Lady Park was right when she said that though he maybe the owner of the Inn, he will never really own it. This is indeed a good example. The Inn is not just a building or establishment, but is also the people who live and work there. It’s the heart, the pulse of the Inn that he’ll never have. One can have the form, but not the soul. In some way, this runs parallel to the idea of what it means to be human? One can have the physical appearance of a human, but not have its heart.

    However, I don’t understand was why LSS had to sign the undertaking that he wouldbe totally responsible for KC and that he’ll resign if KC were to cause any trouble.
    1) If they don’t have a case against KC, then how can they lock him up?
    2) LSS told GW that he has retired, so he actually has no authority. GW said that he was just helping out, yet why does he seem to have just as much authority as LSS?

    • 50.1 pogo

      LSS told GW that he has retired, so he actually has no authority. GW said that he was just helping out, yet why does he seem to have just as much authority as LSS?

      I was waiting for someone in the drama to realise this – a retired official shouldn’t be trotting around presiding over Joseon-era kangaroo courts, even if he does bribe the magistrate/police.

    • 50.2 Jester

      1) He explains that the contract is to ensure his safety for two reasons:
      A) He knows that GangChi is dangerous and could kill him
      if he wants to.
      B) He can use it later to set GangChi up and take down
      the Admiral at the same time.
      2) I can’t say for sure, but the level of respect that seems to be held for someone retired from a position is pretty high. My guess is that, in those days, even retired officials could still wield a great deal of political influence, and retiring was more of a formality than anything else. Also, he uses fear and bribery to his advantage, and no doubt people know he’s a dangerous man to confront.

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