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Hyun Bin chooses army comeback project
by | April 29, 2013 | 63 Comments

At long last, we have a confirmation for Hyun Bin’s first post-army project. He’ll be taking on his first sageuk, a film called The King’s Wrath. He plays the titular king — Jeong-jo, 22nd king of Joseon and one of dramaland’s favorite figures (Yi San, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Painter of the Wind, Warrior Baek Dong-soo and so on). It’s strange to think that Hyun Bin hasn’t ever been in a sageuk, but he should have no problems carrying a weighty role.

He’ll be playing a young King Jeong-jo, who comes into power at the height of political discord between Noron and Soron factions. The title, yeok-rin, is a reference to the scales on a dragon’s chest that grow upside-down. It’s a shorthand to mean You touch, you die, and a symbol of a monarch’s anger. In this story it’ll represent Jeong-jo’s state of mind, in having to protect the throne in the midst of the Noron/Soron battle for power.

Directing is PD Lee Jae-kyu of Damo, The King 2 Hearts, and Beethoven Virus. It’ll be his big screen debut, and one I’m looking forward to. There’s not a lot of other plot information, but it’s a familiar historical stage so I think we can expect a taut political thriller, and basically a chance for Hyun Bin to spread his Serious Actor wings.

It’ll be a while till we can actually SEE Hyun Bin onscreen though — The King’s Wrath is aiming for a 2014 premiere. That’s long enough that he could pop out a drama before this hits theaters. Just sayin’ drama gods. Just sayin’.

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63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    A movie! Boy, he is taking a break! Well, hope to see it in the distant future.

    • 1.1 dramabliss

      I would prefer him in a drama (so many episodes of Binnie!) but I welcome this. I’ll take Binnie in whatever form.

  2. obsession

    Though this is not a bad comeback, but is it too much if i said i miss in dramaland??? >,<

    • 2.1 obsession

      *i miss him in dramaland

  3. Belle3005

    BINNIE IN SAGEUK! THE DRAMAGODS HAVE HEARD US. At this rate I’d take just about anything from Binnie heheheh so hearing about him participating in his first sageuk (it is his first one,right?) certainly felt like a bonus. : D

  4. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news! I guess this is better than nothing?

    • 4.1 Ivoire

      And like GF said, at least he is spreading his Serious Actor Wings. The man has got to think about his future… I am sure, we will see him in a drama at some point (sooon?)

  5. Mystisith

    Well, I was starting to despair so this is good news.
    The atmosphere in Dramaland is so crazy right now, I’m not surprised he wants to do movies…
    The Director of Damo. All I have to say is: a threatened king needs a bodyguard. HJW or LP for the part. πŸ˜‰

  6. Olivia

    I preferred Binnie in comic roles…but for what it’s worth Binnie comeback is very much loved πŸ™‚

  7. valerie

    OMG! i miss him so much :”””
    I really hope to see him soon in drama land,
    but I guess a film wouldn’t be bad.
    I hope it will be a huge success for binnie and all the other crew! πŸ˜€

  8. Aiya

    Ohmygod Binnie on topknot? Count me in! πŸ™‚

    But Binnie, do you realize how much we miss you on our screens?! Please dramagods, bring back our Binnie! πŸ˜€

  9. Ace

    Drama please, Binnie…but not a melo…

  10. 10 RockPaperScissors

    That Man – I’ve.missed him like crazy…

  11. 11 jomo

    We HAVE seen Binnie in saguek, don’t you remember?
    In Secret Garden as an extra?
    Although looking back, it must have been fusion considering the dreds…

    and the shades.

    • 11.1 dewaanifordrama

      I was thinking the same thing!

      • 11.1.1 Lilian that scene! he seems busy at the moment with tours around Asia with fan meetings etc. Probably that is why a drama is not a priority? I’ve got to say sageuk is a new thing for him generally. Hope it goes well for him!

  12. 12 nakai

    I must be the odd one out. I prefer him on the big screen. He totally has the movie star vibe …. He shouldnt waste it.

  13. 13 Kandiboo

    he did say he was NOT considering a drama in his fan meeting though… so… tough luck for us πŸ™

    • 13.1 acejihyo

      …ah, that’s too bad. maybe things will change, because i’m really hoping for a comeback drama from him (plus i feel like atm, he’s probably being showered with offers).

      • 13.1.1 Kandiboo

        to be honest a drama runs the risk of flopping AND going all crazy in the latter half. he was pretty lucky with his last three dramas for various reasons. PLUS look at all the crazy live shooting, the terrible working conditions etc etc. as much as i’d like to see him in a drama twice a week, i’d rather have our Binnie happy and well rested. he was way too thin in the FM πŸ™

        i’m hoping for a more developed, well rounded and mature Binnie in his first come back project. after all, he can’t be playing immature chaebols his whole life, right? and wouldn’t it be fun if he did something like JDG did in A Gentleman’s Dignity, going back to the small screen after hitting it big on the silver screen? hahah.

  14. 14 Belle

    I have nothing to say…I’m still stuck looking at his picture!

  15. 15 nakai

    Also kinda feels like JDG after All About Eve all over again.

  16. 16 Mystisith

    Seriously, when I see the quality of the scripts for K dramas we’re having right now, I’m happy that he chose a movie. Why suffering the hell of live shooting for a risky project and maybe disappointing ratings? He earned his freedom (money and acknowledged talent). As a fan, I say good for him.
    I hope he’ll come back in dramaland when things settle down or if a really good project comes to him.

    • 16.1 Belle3005

      THIS. βœ”
      I’d rather see him appear once in a blue moon in a really good project than to rush into a less-than-stellar project. JUST SAYING.
      Either way, I’m just plain glad as long as I get to see him on screen.

  17. 17 Cam

    Awah….babababaaahhoooo…..that would be great for him to have experience with his first-time sageuk! I hope that he will get a new drama project someday if he is ready, of course. We’ll see what happens, hm. πŸ˜‰

  18. 18 Annie

    For actors, movies >>>>> dramas; he’s trying to join the big leagues so I hope it works out for him.

  19. 19 dulcedeleche

    uhhh since he’s a king does that mean NO MANE OF GLORY???????

  20. 20 S2K

    It’s so funny you posted this cause I was just wondering last night if he had any projects coming up! Will have to re-watch Kim Sam-Soon and Secret Garden to get my fix for now.

  21. 21 snow_white

    A drama please….

  22. 22 browncoat_78

    AWESOME – Hyun Bin has finally picked a new project and is doing his first sageuk! Yeah!

    NOT SO AWESOME – It’s a movie, which means it will be forever before I can see it and when I do, getting a good quality copy with subs will be impossible.

  23. 23 jensredshoes

    Really good news, (even if it’ll take forever). But THANK YOU for the picture, I have a new wallpaper!!! Sigh. πŸ™‚

  24. 24 Jess

    Oh he is going to play one fine king.

  25. 25 Ilikemangos

    K2H director? Okay well this project is definitely going to be on my to watch list. Ill be expecting a gorgeous gorgeous show. One of my favorite loves was really the vision the director had for k2h — beautiful cinematography, beautiful ost, just all around beautiful feel.
    I will be waiting hyun bin!

  26. 26 Kiara

    Is Bin like a cooler last name in Korea?. Both Won Bin and Hyun Bin’s real family name is Kim.

    • 26.1 lily

      lol technically “bin” is their first name. Korean names put their last name first, so “Won” and “Hyun” are their respective last names

      • 26.1.1 Kiara

        Oh right lol. I kind of like their real names.

  27. 27 momoi

    I never really watch movies, and have little interest in sageuks, but I may check it out for him.

    If it were me, I probably would make my comeback slowly, like doing little things to get used to it all again. He’s probably itching to act again though.

  28. 28 dewaanifordrama

    Yay that he has finalized things! :/ that we have to wait until 2014…why so long?! I am totally with you there that he could pop out a drama before then. *sighs*

  29. 29 kdramalover

    If there is a love line for him so can it be Ha ji won?!!!

    • 29.1 rearwindow

      Great minds. πŸ™‚

  30. 30 a_diva

    *doing a happy dance*

  31. 31 rearwindow

    With the director of Damo and TK2H? Does this mean we could get another Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won pairing? *DIES*

  32. 32 yoz

    ackk i love hyun bin! hope he stars in a drama soon though (:

  33. 33 shopgirl

    I do not have a word to describe this. At least this news have cured half of my thirsty-over-hyun bin-syndrome

  34. 34 thameryst

    Hey fellow Binnie lovers! Check out my new blog for some pics of Hyun Bin. You can’t believe how excited I am for this new project, eeeep!!!!!

  35. 35 lily

    hmm he might have some great drama hits but hyunbin has kind of struggled to make the transition to the big screen. maybe this will finally be his breakthrough?

    • 35.1 thameryst

      I sure hope so!!!

  36. 36 aicaramba

    2014?! What a long wait! but good news nonetheless.
    Is the long wait so he could grow a real mane of glory? He’ll probably mostly be in a top knot, but let’s hope we get broody mane of glory scenes. hahahaha

  37. 37 Taber

    Damm Binnie is “Pretty”….just sayin

  38. 38 Ennayra

    I hope he pops out a drama before 2014 too!

  39. 39 Valleydale

    Omo, Omo, (fans herself!). I have been trawling the interwebs daily for news of HB’s first major post-Army project. This Nuna has been in serious Binnie withdrawl. Good thing I have my boxed DVD copy of Secret Garden for when the drought feels especially unbearable. But a movie that won’t even premier before 2014? Torture. Especially for us North Americans who can’t just walk into a theater to view it. How long it will take before it’s available on Blue Ray with subtitles, I can only guess. Bummer… I don’t normally go for sageuks, but I’ll certainly watch this one when/if it becomes available.

  40. 40 Missy

    Please please please drama please

  41. 41 Dee Dee

    This news really made my day! I can’t wait for Hyun Bin’s comeback.

  42. 42 Puny

    Yaaaay! I’ve been looking on all the k drama news websites for months now hoping to find out what his next project would be! I’m just worried that his army abs will have melted by 2014!! Pleeeeease do a drama first!!

  43. 43 Whatsthescenario

    I can’t wait!!!!!!

  44. 44 zepthee

    is that his new look? finally he comes back ;D either drama or movie, i love both as long as he is in it. yet i dont think he looks good in sageuk appearance (considering his look as extra in secret garden LOL), hope the production team has prepared outfit that suits hyunbin best and hope it will get so popular like his previous track suit. he is totally a (fashion) icon!

  45. 45 k-soup

    oh my gosh! I forgot he already finished his military service and I was thinking earlier this morning if how many months more will i have to wait.//

    Sageuk would be something new for him but I prefer him in rom-com department..

  46. 46 Anonymous

    I hope he will be paired with Ha Ji Won in drama and movie.I totally shipped this 2.

  47. 47 SomangLyn

    OH NO Binnie movie

    no drama i have watched all your dramas

    I even went to Korea a few days after you got out of the army


    I guess I am watching all the movies and dramas all over again

  48. 48 Nicolette


  49. 49 more

    Is it just me or do all the historical drama have the same so

  50. 50 sur

    ok wow love this guy waiting for this movie but in the meanwhile please do a drama

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