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I Summon You, Gold starts shoots, prepares for premiere
by | April 2, 2013 | 60 Comments

Two actors, three lead characters: I admit I’m sorta giving I Summon You, Gold the side-eye for its identical-strangers storyline where Han Ji-hye plays two different women. Not to say these can’t be fun in a campy way, though we’ve had our share of overly melo versions as well (Cinderella Man, say).

In these latest stills from the MBC weekend show, Han Ji-hye goes for two vastly disparate looks, with one character (named Yuna) getting vampy and the other one (Mong-hee) displaying the more expected sweet-and-bubbly heroine persona. Complicating matters? Haughty and cold Yuna is the wife of hero Yeon Jung-hoon… who undergoes a painful divorce and then opens up his heart for real when he meets Mong-hee. The woman who looks exactly like his ex. Lordy, not like that’s unhealthy or anything.

The characters work in the jewelry business (hence the Gold in the title), with our heroine aspiring to be a designer and our hero owning a large company. His younger brother (Lee Tae-sung) works in the company as well and is married to Lee Soo-kyung, who ends up being the rival.

My biggest question about this plot: I have no idea whether the two Han Ji-hyes turn out to be related to explain the resemblance, or whether they’re supposed to be coincidentally identical. And frankly I’m not sure which version I prefer — because if they’re related, the resemblance becomes sensical, and yet that means we’re dealing with birth secrets. And I think this show has got plenty of cliches in the pipeline already.

The drama held its first table read on March 22, then entered shoots on the 24th, in preparation for its April 6 premiere. Yikes. That is starting off on a packed timetable.

To refresh your memories, this is the drama that not only swapped out directors and lead actors but also production companies. So although the producers say they’re confident the late start won’t be much of a problem, I’m not putting too much stock in that. We’ll see how they manage once they kick off with this weekend’s broadcast.

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60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. C

    lol! Falling in love with your ex’s doppelgänger… fun.

    • 1.1 canxi

      LOL The Vampire Diaries XD

      • 1.1.1 Rain

        Hahaha… Love that…
        I can’t shake of mr vampire prosecutor… His hotness is forger etched in my brain cells…

        Is this er, a Vampire makjang…!?!

  2. Belle3005

    GEE why is it so hard to find a decent drama with a plot that’s intriguing these days? Not watching this. MBC,all the ridiculous things that you come out with… *shakes head*

    • 2.1 topper

      Weekend shows are mostly like this, what are you expecting.

      • 2.1.1 Belle3005

        I don’t know,maybe a show with more heart and substance? I want a show that gives me warm fuzzies. I think I’m being picky because I know that a show like that actually exists. (Read: I Live in Cheongdamdong) JUST SAYING. Technically,yes ILCDD isn’t a weekend show and it is a sitcom so it would be unfair for me to make a comparison but you get what I mean,right?

        • topper

          I happen to be a big fan of ILICDD. Best sitcom ever.

          • Belle3005

            Ditto! I have only started watching the show just recently and currently about 30 percent through but I can safely declare that ILICDD is one of the best shows around. This show,so full of awesomeness! It’s simple but surprisingly enough when I measure it up against other shows,many actually fell flat. I love this drama to bits! 😀

        • Nana

          omg sorry to ask, do you speak Korean or have you found English subtitles for ILIC? if you happen to know where I can find subs I’d be really grateful!

          • Belle3005

            Nope. Sadly I don’t know where you can get English subtitles for this one. I’m watching it with Chinese Subs,which is probably the only available subs that I know of out there. What a bummer. 🙁

          • Nana

            Aww that’s too bad ): Thanks anyway, I hope it can be subbed someday.

        • JO

          God. I cannot stop praising that show for providing me with warm thoughtful moments and amazing, natural dialogue.

    • 2.2 winter

      watch 9; nine times time travel it is amazing you will think you got it then the writer will totally blow your mind

  3. Mystisith

    No childhood portion at the beginning? In that case, filming schedule will become rapidly complicated.
    Not expecting much of the story but the cast (the male one…) is solid: I will watch this to see them in action. If the rest is good, then it will be a bonus.

  4. tadaaflo

    i cant see any pic in my firefox browser (yeaa yeaa i use firefox).. its happening all over again like the jang ok jung article…

    • 4.1 Rachel

      It could simply be an issue with Photobucket since that’s where the photos are hosted. I use Chrome and it happens to me sometimes. Don’t worry we’re not here to flame people with different browser choices. This is a drama site, not a tech site haha.

    • 4.2 lenrasoon

      i can’t see any picture either, since yesterday…weird.

      • 4.2.1 lenrasoon

        only in firefox though.

        • Jolie

          I’m having the same issue too. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or why photobucket photos are not appearing?

          • zoe

            firefox had a update yest or today and now pics are not appearing!

        • angryparsnip

          I get an post with photos then the next one has no photos but type ?
          This is what happens when Apple demands you update your computer ! Since then it has been hit or miss on my favorite blog reading. This is the only blog that this is happening too.
          Bummer !

          cheers, parsnip

    • 4.3 dominique

      Can someone notify the admins? I haven’t changed anything on my computer, but since April 1st, some of the images are not loading. At first, I thought it was DB’s version of April Fools, but it seems to be an issue with certain browsers i.e. firefox. Other images on other articles load fine.

  5. Nhemi

    I agree with @tadaaflo I can’t see any pic

  6. tiffany

    achk exciting! HJH and YJH as leads? YES, pls!

  7. DayDreamer

    Gahh! My sexy vampire…not sure if I should just blindly plunge into this just for you.

    • 7.1 Lilian

      my thoughts too! I tried another of his drama…something to do with money. But found it too hard to bear and gave up! Maybe try one episode here too? although I am not liking what I’ve read so far.

      • 7.1.1 DayDreamer

        Yeah, I also tried his drama Can Love Become Money but it was hard to get past even half of the first episode. The female lead’s character was too annoying. Only Yeon Jung Hoon was awesome but it’s hard for me to watch a drama simply for one person.

  8. kyuu

    why i feel abt this “twin” like actress and 1 guy kinda look like an old telenovela i watch long time ago…

  9. kyuu

    LOL now i remember the telenovela which i feel resemble with this drama… la usurpadora LOL

    • 9.1 MariD

      There’s a few that have the same premises just different names. I grew up watching Novelas so I have a huge list. top two being La usurpadora & La otra both involve identical women, that for some reason or other one ends up pretending to be the other.

  10. 10 Apple pie

    This is..uh..weired..
    I like these 2 together though…I thought they were great in EOE too

  11. 11 snow_white

    I have mixed feelings for this one…..will wait for the reviews to give this a try…..

  12. 12 jubilantia

    Wait wait wait- does this mean no more Vampire Prosecutor? I know last season wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, but I really hoped they could redeem themselves in season 3.

    Other than that, this sounds like it has too much boring business takeovers for me. I think the two characters for Han Ji-hye sounds interesting, but I don’t know if it’s enough for me to tune in. We’ll see.

  13. 13 ck1Oz

    Is her waist photoshopped? I don’t recall her being this tiny in May Queen.

    • 13.1 canxi

      They totally did in that second pic. Looks like someone cut off a bit of her rib cage.

    • 13.2 skelly

      Yes, really bad photoshop job on the red dress. You can see where her waist should be by the position of her hands, and the funky carve they made out of her ribs.

  14. 14 Neeko

    최진실 in 별은 내 가슴에!

  15. 15 MariD

    She’s so pretty, I just finish watching Sweet 18 and found it cute. I just kept thinking that she was very different looking from all the actresses now in days. Then you add Vampire oppa to the mix.. I know this might be a total mess, but I still want to watch it…

  16. 16 jude

    Hm. the red version of Han Ji Hye looks weird. It’s like a bad case of photo-shop where someone plaster Han Ji Hye face onto someone else’s body. Isn’t it? Or is it just my bad eyes playing tricks on me? *I need to change glasses*

  17. 17 yamapisukii

    its always the dramas that we underestimate end up being the good ones. will keep an eye out for this one!. (:

    • 17.1 Dominique

      Or the ones that Dramabeans does not recap, for whatever reasons.

      • 17.1.1 skelly

        bite not the hand that feeds you

  18. 18 crazedlu

    Eeeeee! I’m so excited for this pairing. I enjoy him more than her, but I very much like them together. And cute outfit on the bubbly one.

    Woohoo! Only a few more days. That is a dang tight schedule.

  19. 19 Elisabeth

    Kinda reminds me of the ringer, the us show. I was really bummed when that was canceled. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ioan Gruffod

  20. 20 myra

    I thought it will air next week as it’s not listed here….could you please add this drama to the list and also jTBC’s The end of the world? it would be nice to have them all here….

  21. 21 Rach^^

    The live shoot system is seriously crazy. Looks like most of them can only dream of sleep for the next few months.

  22. 22 ht

    ‘The drama held its first table read on March 22, then entered shoots on the 24th, in preparation for its April 6 premiere.’

    I remember about the sudden crazy switching companies (and Lee Jong-hyuk) but oh my god. That’s hardly 2 weeks before the premiere.

    For some reason, I’m interested in this. Please, I don’t want them to be related!

  23. 23 Leona

    Oh this is the face that he made when he met Han Ga In doppelganger Dong Joon of ZEA

  24. 24 goldeng

    yeon jung hoon~~ *—-* me wants to watch just for him but.. the identical girls thing is creepy lol like CREEPY and UNHEALTHY… telenovelas anyone?? xD I wonder if this would be a tears wrenching melo or a comedy or what? and the live shooting was insane… like 15 days before the premiere…?

  25. 25 Ash

    Yikes, that is one ridiculous schedule. Here’s hoping we don’t see car accidents and hospital visits cropping up in the news. :/

    Judging by that description, this’ll probably be a hot mess, but… Yeon Jung-hoon. My standards just got a whole lot lower.

  26. 26 Christy

    The whole falling in love with the ex’s doppleganger reminds me of Which Star Are You From with Kim Rae-won and Jung Ryeo-won.

    I’m usually not enticed by these sort of storylines in the slightest, but I might be reeled in by the appeal of Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ji-hye. Sigh, something tells me I might just be signing myself up for disappointment.

  27. 27 Cali

    Only reason I’m ever gonna watch this? Min Tae Yeon.

  28. 28 Devi

    hmm… I think the other women who wearing the red dress. Yeon Jung Hoon, I will watch it if you still a vampire.

  29. 29 liz

    what is this? An Korean version of King Flower ??

  30. 30 Sagayap18

    Will be watching this one mainly because of Han Ji Hye, been a fan since Sweet 18. Definitely not photoshopped especially ifyou have seen the other stills of her in that same red dress you can check out those pics here http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2015323/upcoming-drama-2013-i-summon-you-gold/p4

  31. 31 Grace

    In May Queen poster HJH also wore red dress.. it even made an issue because someone uploaded a stolen shot and she look fat. Now, she is wearing red again, and i think they made her look so skinny but too bad it doesn’t look natural at all. She look like a cartoon charater i saw on TV with extremely small waistline.. i forgot the name of that cartoon hehehe。.

  32. 32 acejihyo

    call me shallow but god, he’s hot.

  33. 33 moi

    Ji Hye’s dress on the lelf is exactly like the one Park Shin Hye wore for some pictorial. It was posted here not long ago. That the only thing caught my eyes 🙂

  34. 34 JO

    instead of this dumb twin stuff or look a like stuff (the caps was my text-shout to the drama world).

  35. 35 leemyis

    Looking forward to this drama. I don’t know why but I get the feel of Vampire Prosecutor in me. He’s just so freaking hot in that outfit. Honestly, Han Ji Hye is very beautiful. I miss their moments in EOE. Glad to see them again. Drama production, staffs, actors and actresses, FIGHTING!

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