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Incarnation of Money: Episode 21
by | April 15, 2013 | 63 Comments

As our war of revenge rages on, our characters learn that the costs of battle may include some things they’re unwilling to give up. Every war suffers casualties and when you lose what’s most near and dear to your heart, will you crumble and admit defeat? Or will you be driven to new extremes to avenge their death?


Out in the hallway, Jae-in is floored when she learns that the Traitagon are the ones behind the embezzlement charges against Cha-don. She nearly bites Hyuk’s head off before he can get a chance to fully explain the situation and leaves him hanging.

The epic confrontation from the previous episode is momentarily interrupted when Se-kwang is called away to speak with Chief Prosecutor Jo, who has temporarily assumed Prosecutor Kwon’s position. He’s slightly surprised to see Jae-in also present at this meeting and speaks to her in a polite but curt tone.

Se-kwang balks at Chief Prosecutor’s orders to let Cha-don go free, unwilling to see his enemy walk out so easily. But the acting Prosecutor General pulls rank, to which Jae-in gives a slight smirk.

Se-kwang confronts Jae-in for her brashness once they’re outside. But she won’t hear word of it – she knows that Se-kwang is the one pulling the embezzlement strings.

Her charged reaction is enough for Se-kwang to realize that it’s Cha-don, not Hyuk whom she cares for. He warns her to stay away from the situation lest she end up harboring bitter feelings against Cha-don.

To this, Jae-in doles out her own word of warning: Se-kwang won’t be able to make Cha-don suffer anymore because she’ll be the one to protect him.

We finally return to the interrogation room where Se-kwang leans back into his chair. Cha-don is first to break the silence and reminisces about the last time they met when he sought refuge in Se-kwang’s house.

Se-kwang answers that Cha-don ought to have continued to live under the radar because now that he’s declared war, he’s also placed those he cares about at risk.

Cha-don leans forward and scoffs at this thinly veiled threat. “Is this… the kind of justice you were talking about?” Unsurprisingly, Se-kwang embraces the life he’s lived thus far, proud of how his definition of justice has earned him such praise and applause with the public.

“But I need a wider world,” he says, “So I can fulfill an even greater level of justice. But I won’t stand for a small fry like you to get in my way.” How dare Cha-don disturb the world of righteousness he’s built for himself? And that, Se-kwang notes, is Cha-don’s true crime.

Now Cha-don finally understands where Se-kwang is coming from and he admits to having missed the forest for the trees in his plan to avenge his parents’ deaths. Thanks to Se-kwang he now realizes “how dangerous justice is without conscience; how violent power can be without righteousness.”

However, he has something to contribute as well. He levels at Se-kwang: “There won’t be a world for you to destroy any longer. Because… I’m going to stop you even if it costs me my life.”

Se-kwang roars for Cha-don to get out and the latter gets up to leave, but not before getting the last word: “The next time we see each other, our positions will be different. You’ll be the criminal and I’ll be the judge.”

Jae-in receives word about her mother and rushes to the hospital. She warns Assistant Kim of the tail she’s picked up on her way here (Prosecutor Kwon’s lackey) before heading inside to see her mother.

What awaits her there is simply heartbreaking because Boss Bok has reverted to a childlike state, crying for her mother. Jae-in’s eyes fill with tears at this sight and she grabs a hold of her mother, screaming desperately for her to recognize her as her one and only daughter.

But that tactic only makes Boss Bok shrink back even more like a terrified child. Jae-in refuses to believe this situation as reality and she cups her mother’s face in her hands before embracing her mother in her arms.

They both break down crying and Jae-in vows through her tears that she’ll become stronger to protect her mother and Cha-don. They can’t afford to let their enemies know about Boss Bok’s condition, so they appease to her with a lollipop and sneak her out of the hospital as quickly as possible.

Both men race to find out Director Yoo’s whereabouts, who has unsurprisingly gone off the grid. It’s Team Shudal who gets to him first and they’re aren’t in the least surprised at Director Yoo’s attempt to escape, easily thwarting him with a few swift moves on Cha-don’s part.

They relocate to a hotel once they receive a call that warns them of Se-kwang’s arrival and Director Yoo has the gall to accuse them of illegally accosting him. But Cha-don cuts to the chase and asks Director Yoo if his allegations were prompted by Se-kwang.

When Director Yoo evades the question, Cha-don reminds him to carefully examine whatever it was that Se-kwang promised him. Though the public may see Se-kwang as an an upright prosecutor, he urges Director Yoo to sincerely ask himself if Se-kwang met that description.

Cha-don’s warning that Director Yoo is being used like a ragtoy goes in one ear and out the other, much to the team’s growing frustration.

At this rate, they won’t be able to get Director Yoo over to their side and they still lack the necessary evidence to incriminate Se-kwang and Prosecutor Kwon. Their only hope now is to trace Director Yoo’s phone for now and run the risk of him spilling the beans to Se-kwang.

Speaking of whom, he’s busy eating dinner with Ji-hoo and her father, Professor Jeon. He’s taken aback when Professor Jeon recommends that he run for mayor, adding that he’s already put in a good word in the appropriate political circles. Se-kwang accepts the offer to do so and no one is quite as happy to hear the news than Ji-hoo.

Professor Jeon catches Se-kwang off guard with his next question, asking when Se-kwang plans to propose to his daughter. Explaining that Ji-hoo is naturally shy, he basically tells Se-kwang to buck up the courage and take charge.

Se-kwang drops his pleasant smile when he takes an urgent call from Director Yoo. He orders Director Yoo to chuck the phone, which leads Team Shudal to a dead end.

He bows out of dinner early and to meet Director Yoo by the seashore. He barely shrugs his shoulders when Director Yoo tell him in a panicky scared voice that he’ll be sued. Instead, he comforts the man with this gem: “What difference does it a little rain make to someone who’s already drowning?”

Se-kwang tells Director Yoo that he needn’t worry since the Yellow Sea Savings Bank will meet its demise before the man is sent to trial. Giving him another phone and a key to hotel, Se-kwang advises that he lay low until further notice.

A few bank notes richer, Director Yoo takes off and Se-kwang puts in a call to being Operation Yellow Sea Savings Bank Takedown. In voiceover, Se-kwang vows that he’ll cut off Cha-don’s last breath.

To say that things at the savings bank is chaotic is an understatement as the new account holders swarm inside to withdraw their deposits. Jae-in is none too pleased to see Hyuk show up at the door and she confronts him about whether he previously knew about the Traitagon’s plan.

When Hyuk is unable to meet her gaze out of guilt, she assumes that he was a co-conspirator and tells him that he’s no different than his horrible father. She stalks off and Hyuk gives a silent apology in his head.

Se-kwang hears of Hyuk’s appearance at the bank via his informant. That prompts him to ask Prosecutor Kwon if his son truly harbors feelings for Jae-in, of which Prosecutor Kwon hasn’t the faintest idea.

Given Boss Bok’s powerful influence in the Chungrok Literary Society, Prosecutor Kwon mentions that bringing her down won’t be easy. But Se-kwang has already though that through, telling him that there are numerous society members who invest their funds in the bank.

As the bank continues to spiral downward, those same members are bound to turn their backs on Boss Bok. As for the embezzled funds, they’re currently safely stowed away in Swiss bank accounts.

I find it pretty hilarious that these two share this conversation over tea like the classy gentlemen they are.

Later that night, Hyuk sits by the Han River, recalling his visit to his father earlier that day. When his father asks after Hyuk’s darkened mood, he answers that he always trusted whatever his father said; that there was never a time he didn’t respect him.

With that in mind, he asks his father to entrust him with the truth. “Truth?” Prosecutor Kwon answers, “What truth?” Does Hyuk want to hear the truth about how his father is charged with extortion or does he question if they framed Cha-don for embezzlement?

You can see that Hyuk slightly falters at this and Prosecutor Kwon tells his son: “The truth is something those who complain search for. Because they don’t possess the power to create the truth. That’s why people want power.”

What Hyuk sees at present isn’t the truth but he hopes that his son believes what he sees about his father in the future.

Back in the present, Hyuk chucks his soju bottle into the river and yells angrily, “I am no longer your son! I’m going to return to being a Korean prosecutor! The truth you all have buried.. I’m going to dig it out!”

Elsewhere, Team Shudal watches a news report about how the savings bank is now in danger of declaring bankruptcy. But Cha-don notices something strange – everyone coming out of the bank seems far too happy than they should be.

As for Jae-in, she sits in her mother’s office, dumbfounded. She wonders how her mother would handle this kind of situation and stumbles upon Boss Bok’s audio diary entries.

This particular entry is about a meeting with Bi-ryung who blatantly tells Boss Bok to step down from her presidency at the Chungrok Literacy Society. Naturally, Boss Bok finds the request absurd even at the face of a petition of those who agree that it’s about time she stepped down.

I love that Bi-ryung’s plan backfires in her face because although a sizeable number of the society members are on Bi-ryung’s side, Boss Bok still holds the majority approval. Then she instructs Assistant Kim to tell that majority to kick Bi-ryung out of the literary society. HA.

The best way to handle these kinds of situations is an offensive attack, Boss Bok instructs. Or in other words “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

Jae-in immediately puts these words into practice and asks Assistant Kim how much cash the bank has on hand.

Jae-in immediately puts those words into practice and takes all the cash the bank has on hand to assure the rowdy crowd that their money is safe. On her cue, the employees spill out the baskets of cash onto the table. The bank has nothing to hide and she invites anyone who’d like to come forward to challenge her to freely take their money and leave on the spot.

That effectively puts the bankruptcy scare to rest for the time being. Jae-in remains a sharpshooter when she sits for an interview, declaring that Cha-don had no hand in the embezzlement. Once they catch the real culprit, the truth will reveal itself.

Looking directly into the camera, Jae-in addresses to the public that any further questions can be made to Se-kwang aka the “Robin Hood” amongst prosecutors. Her voice firm but dripping with sarcasm, she hopes that the investigation will be sincere and just.

Se-kwang fumes silently in his office and cracks the walnuts in his hand.

It’s sweet how Dad has assumed his responsibility as caretaker by both feeding Boss Bok and amusing her. But Jae-in recognizes him as their nightly stalker musician and when she orders that he be thrown out of the estate, Assistant Kim swoops in in Dad’s defense.

Dad talks to his wife in a sweet voice to prove his point, only to get a harsh look and a slap to the head in response. Wait, does Boss Bok still remember that she despises him? He glosses over the reaction and thankfully, Boss Bok plays along and happily pets his bald head.

Back at the prosecutor’s office, Se-kwang overhears Hyuk’s voice from inside the conference room. He catches bits and pieces of his conversation about the whereabouts of the embezzled 41.7 million won. He shakes off his suspicions about Hyuk, certain that he wouldn’t dare to defy his father.

Director Yoo seems more frantic than last time and immediately demands his cut from the embezzled funds. Se-kwang tells him not to be swayed by Cha-don’s threats but before he can press the matter, Director Yoo receives a call from Hyuk, who asks that they meet.

Meanwhile, Team Shudal confirms a phone number from Se-kwang’s call log as Director Yoo’s new phone. Cha-don learns that the new bank account followers were just Se-kwang’s minions and he orders that the phone number be traced as he drives in search of Director Yoo.

Hyuk arrives at the designated meeting place later that night and I can’t help but think that this eerily reminds me of the same construction site where Lawyer Hwang met his demise.

He finds Director Yoo on the roof and lies that he was sent by Se-kwang to move the 41.7 million won to a different location. He isn’t surprised at Director Yoo’s reluctance to trust him, so he shares information that only the Traitagon could know, including Director Yoo’s direct involvement in the plan.

Just then, Se-kwang appears out of the shadows and dismisses Director Yoo. At Se-kwang’s question of what on earth he’s doing here, Hyuk answers that as the prosecutor in charge, his responsibility to catch the criminal far transcends his familial bonds.

“Justice?” Hyuk throws back in Se-kwang’s face. “Don’t be ridiculous. Both you and my father are all trash. You’re criminals masked as prosecutors!”

So Se-kwang relies on his all too dependable right hook to get his message across. A voice recorder falls to the ground and Hyuk scrambles to retrieve it. When Se-kwang tells him that he’s lost his mind, Hyuk fully acknowledges it – how can he not be when the people he trusted the most turned out to be such devils?

Hyuk refuses to hand over the voice recorder, calling it his final thread of conscience as a prosecutor. Se-kwang approaches cautiously and then lunges at the recorder clasped in Hyuk’s hand.

They fight and Hyuk tries his best to keep the recorder away from Se-kwang. But in his haste, Se-kwang wrings Hyuk’s arm and pushes him off. Hyuk stumbles… and falls off the edge, tumbling to the ground. Oh no oh no oh no.

Se-kwang can hardly believe his own eyes at the sight of Hyuk lying still on the ground several floors below. He rushes to check if Hyuk is still alive and discovers blood from behind Hyuk’s head.

His eyes wild, he can barely process the current situation when he gets an urgent call that Cha-don is on his way to the construction site. So he grabs the voice recorder before returning to his car.

Cha-don arrives on the scene a little while later. In an attempt to save him, Cha-don performs CPR on Hyuk, who momentarily comes to just long enough to eke out Se-kwang’s name. Then his head lulls backward, lifeless. Noooooo!

But then he hears sirens approaching and soon finds himself surrounded by the police, led by none other than Director Yoo who points to Cha-don as the murder. That forces Cha-don to make a run for it and try to fight them off.

Oof, I know that Prosecutor Kwon is one of our baddies, but it is truly sad to see him grieve over his son’s dead body. Through his tears, he vows to avenge his son’s death, promising him that he’ll kill Cha-don himself. Or I could save you the trouble and tell you that the true murderer is two feet away from you.

A month after Hyuk’s death (tear), a news report tells us that Cha-don is still on the run, his current whereabouts unknown. Bi-ryung drops her spoon at this news, recalling how Se-kwang told her that he would come back to her after he destroyed Cha-don.

She screams in horror and shrills that it was Se-kwang who committed murder and framed Cha-don for it.

The senior prosecutors sit in Boss Bok’s restaurant as they lament over Hyuk’s death. Prosecutor Kwon blames himself for not doing away with Cha-don earlier with the Truck of Doom. But speak of the devil and Se-kwang receives a call from Cha-don himself.

We see that Cha-don is calling from a payphone and outlines his plan to tell Prosecutor Kwon who Hyuk’s murderer truly is. Se-kwang calls his bluff and says to tell him himself, and hands over the phone with an amused expression on his face.

Prosecutor Kwon takes the call and his voice shaking, demands that they meet. He’s astounded when Cha-don tells him that the prosecutors had a hand in Hyuk’s death. “Your disgusting ambition and lust for money killed your son.”

It looks like Cha-don has been spending his days living in a tent by the Han River. He asks after Jae-in and Assistant Hong warns him not to go looking for her, since the police are keeping a close watch on her.

Both the truck driver and Director Yoo are currently behind bars, serving their prison terms and Chief Yang wonders if Cha-don intends to land himself in jail to find them.

The team gets a call from Jae-in and stand outside as she chats with Cha-don in private in the car. Jae-in assures him that he needn’t worry because she’ll do everything in her power to prove his innocence.

Cha-don cuts her off and in a warm and gentle voice tells her that he intends to turn himself in. She finds this plan as ridiculous but Cha-don reminds her that they can’t prove anything at this point. He asks, “You trust me, don’t you?”

Tears fall from her eyes as he tells her that he has to enter the lion’s den to find the weapon to destroy the Traitagon for good.

With new determination, Cha-don marches into the prosecutor’s office right up to Se-kwang. He balls up his fists and offers up his hands to be handcuffed immediately.

Se-kwang asks if he’s in his right mind and Cha-don answers, “No, I’m not. I’m crazy. I feel like I’m going to go crazy looking at the bastard who killed my parents and Hyuk standing before me.”

And just further down the hallway, Ji-hoo’s eyes grow wide at this declaration.

Then Cha-don shouts at Se-kwang to hurry up and arrest him already.


Oh the lengths to which our hero will go to discover the truth. Cross-dressing as a woman, going to the depths of a hellish asylum, and even turning himself in for a crime he didn’t commit. If I step back to examine how hard our hero has had to work to gain some traction, then I realize how relatively easy our baddies have had it. All Se-kwang has to do is delegate one techie guy to send an email to figure out Cha-don’s true identity or to point the finger at Cha-don to frame him for murder. That isn’t to say that Se-kwang isn’t sharp because we’ve all seen so many other dramas where the baddies just can’t figure out the clues set out on the table before them, wandering around in endless circles until their epiphany is convenient for the narrative. Which then makes me think that Se-kwang continues to bide his time when dealing with Cha-don and hasn’t placed our hero in a situation he hasn’t been able to figure out how to get out of.

I’m so relieved that Jae-in finally knows about her mother’s condition, though it’s heartbreaking that she found out when her mother completely reverted to a childlike state. It’s not the most ideal way I would have imagined it, though it did achieve its goal to strike me in the heart. The current situation forces Jae-in to step up to the plate and gives her a chance to protect her mother this time around. The audio diary entries has me recall another drama (The King 2 Hearts) and I’m intrigued to see how Boss Bok will continue to guide her daughter through them. Here’s to Boss Bok to make a triumphant return even if it’s for a short while, though that may not be possible given her condition.

Speaking of casualties, this episode marks the end for Hyuk (Do Ji-han), who came into the foreground in recent episodes. I’m so glad that we didn’t discount him in the beginning and that his character rose above the possible side character comic relief territory. I love what his character means to the series, as someone who lives under the shadow of his father his entire life, only to discover that his father has a black heart instead. There, there – we were confused by the metaphorical life lessons too. So I was excited to see him start to challenge that notion and search for what justice truly means in a corrupt world driven by selfish ambition and pride.

When I initially noticed that Hyuk was getting more screentime and especially in this episode, I had this sinking feeling that this could mean the end of our baby-faced prosecutor. Naturally, I ignored it for as long as I could and was even bitter that the show brought him back to life just long enough to name his killer. How can you bring him back to life and then kill him off again, Drama! Ack!

In any case, though his death left me feeling wanting (I so wanted to see him to be the one to bring down his father), his death serves as a catalyst for Prosecutor Kwon to take action and what will now drive a firm wedge between our senior prosecutors. So we won’t be able to see you again, beautiful prosecutor. Know that you’ll be sorely missed.


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. a_diva

    was not expecting hyuk to die. why did that have to happen? and framing cha don? too predictable, but oh well. anyway, there were some good emotional scenes throughout this episode. the tears . . . not fun, but grinning over jae in’s hair relieved some of the angst.

    • 1.1 Dominique

      I suspect that’s because the drama has entered its final stretch. And, if the past is any guide, getting close to the finale means race to the bottom for Korean dramas.

      Suddenly, the two nemeses (Lee Cha Don and Ji Se Gwang) start deploying gambits and tactics that would have been unworthy of them until now because they are too easy for the other to see through or outmaneuver. But now both are doing them.

      The murder of Gweon Hyuk wastes dramatic capital – who better can make right Chief Prosecutor Gweon’s past sins than his own first born?

      • 1.1.1 delicatecloud

        Yes – that is true however, there is another thought. The sins of the father is visited on the children – in this case Hyuk is paying for the sins of his father. I guess the writer preferred this option then the redemption arc.

        • Carole McDonnell

          That’s what i was thinking. We often think we have gotten away with evil until we see the punishment in our children’s lives. Also, Gwon (the elder) set up Kang Seok to be killed on a dark night back in the day. Only kinda fitting for his own son to be killed on a dark night.

      • 1.1.2 MsB

        Who second better than Se Gwang’s fiancee? And when will Angelina see that little tidbit on the news?? I think she is firmly on Team Shudal with her crazy side!

        • delicatecloud

          Yep – she is definitely on Team Shudal’s side now.

      • 1.1.3 ashura

        I guess Hyuk’s death will eventually mark the final divide between prosecutor kwon and se hwang. When the father discovers the truth of hos son’s death, maybe he will betray se hwang.

  2. Honora

    He died. Again.

  3. Yasmin

    Although i know that director kwon is a baddie but i couldnt help shed a tear when he was weeping over hyuks body.I really liked him, reminds me of Earnest bot from K2H slightly. I really hated ji se gwang this ep particularly bevause he looked so remourless about the murder! I hope he geys his just rewards in the finale next week!

  4. DayDreamer

    What the goddamn freaking hell?? How can they kill Hyuk off?????? I mean, it’s not like I had much interest in the character before (to me, he was just a lackey and sometimes comic relief) but what the hell is this show trying to pull with all this?? For once, I was excited over Hyuk because he seemed like he would be a valuable asset to Cha Don in this revenge game by pulling down his father at the very least. But, man, what an amateur. Working so many years (even more than Cha Don) under Se Kwang and his dad, he couldn’t learn a few tricks here and there and investigate discreetly?? *sigh* This show makes me expect too much but doesn’t fulfill those expectations even after I lower them constantly. *has a grumpy face on*

    • 4.1 delicatecloud

      I am a bit frustrated too about the “non” development of the character of Hyuk and to have him killed off now would loose the dramatic show down that I was hoping that he will play in bringing his father down. On second thoughts, his death would be instrumental in bringing down Se Kwang and therefore the entire Traitagon.

      • 4.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        He was lovely and pure and angelic. His father’s only purity and thus….had to go. I hated to see him go but it’s one of those “the beautiful and good are not fated for this world” kinda deals.

        If Cha Don manages to convince Gwon that Se Gwang killed Hyuk, we will see Gwon’s anger and power come out. Nothing has ever been able to really tear these two baddies apart. There were moments when we thought, “Aha, the alliance is broken!” But nothing could break it. Now, however, Se Gwang has done something he can’t undo. I can see it pushing the plot ahead.

      • 4.1.2 asianromance

        it’s just too unfair that Hyuk gets killed off. He was finally going to be his own man and be the righteous prosecutor that his father hadn’t been and then he gets killed off. I’m guessing that Hyuk’s recording will resurface to bring Ji Se Kwang down, but I think the actor has the chops to do a faceoff with his own father.

  5. Dix

    Is this show worth watching? Thinking of picking it up.

    • 5.1 Reka

      Most definitely!

    • 5.2 MariD

      Yes!! It takes a while to get going but once it does it good. I love that both our hero & villain are equally matched. You cheer for the hero, but be amaze at how far the bad guy is willing to go.

    • 5.3 sue

      YES! I liked the beginning, didn’t care much for a few episodes in the middle, but now it is awesome.

    • 5.4 delicatecloud

      Most definitely….

    • 5.5 MsB

      ABSOLUTELY, Dix!!

    • 5.6 asianromance

      You may have to fast-forward through episodes 4-10 since it’s a lot of set-up that could have been done in one episode (perhaps the writers had forgotten that they’re writing a 24-episode drama and not a 40 episode epic), but all the other episodes are definitely worth watching and then repeat-watching!

  6. snow_white

    thanks for the recap….

  7. Micola

    Babyface died NOOOOOOO!

    Since we couldn’t get Hyuk to deal with his father’s misdeeds,which would have been great I hope Ji-hoo restores her badass self to pull down Se-kwang.

    The look on his face when he was told to propose. Serves you right! If your so quick to use women u should be prepared to bear the consequences.

  8. Micola

    Babyface died NOOOOOOO!

    Since we couldn’t get Hyuk to deal with his father’s misdeeds,which would have been great I hope Ji-hoo restores her badass self to pull down Se-kwang.

    The look on his face when he was told to propose. Serves you right! If you’re so quick to use women u should be prepared to bear the consequences.

    • 8.1 Micola

      ooops posted twice

    • 8.2 asianromance

      I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to propose to Ji Hoo. She’s pretty, well-respected, and has a powerful father. It’s not like he’s seriously holding out for Angelina. He didn’t want to be associated with her when she was just an actress. Now that she’s a murderess – no way in heck would he marry her. And a self-absorbed guy like Ji Se Kwang seems like he would want to perpetuate his line.

  9. magi

    This show is great! I’s never bee expect. I don’t agree that it was easy for baddies. JSG reached to that simple solution after trying 3 others, one of them epically failed and led him to lose a supporter (Angelina) and it was his pure luck he succeeded last. While LCD have it easy in the beginning, simple reading of their action and he was many steps a head (Angelina in jail, acquisition of the Bank). LCD is still lacking in term of power in comparison to JSG who can easily from his position reach to important information or manipulate people and evidence. (** I’m still learning English so overlook any grammar mistakes 🙂 )

    • 9.1 MsB

      THANK YOU!! There is definitely a difference in power! And money!! Things we sometimes forget.

  10. 10 MariD

    Ahhh!!!! I decided to wait for the last 4 episodes, so I could watch them in a row. But I could not stop my self from reading this. Ahhh!!! Sekwan I hope you rot in “fictional hell” poor cute lil lawyer.

  11. 11 chasen8888

    Although Hyuk’s death was unfortunate, I predict it will serve as a catalyst in the last 2 episodes in the downfall for both father & mentor. Especially with the voice recorder and his last words as to what it represents/means to be a prosecutor. Hyuk was cute and sweet in his own way and also a representation of innocence. A dutiful son and a decent person, it must be a shock and painful for him to find out that the 2 persons who he “worships” are really the worst of the worst. Hyuk’s vision has been tainted and it was nice to see that he spent the last moments of his life trying to right a wrong and bring back true justice to Korean prosecution (righteousness). In addition their actions proved Lee Cha Don to be right all along about their true characters. (kudos for the rookie actor who did a decent job as Hyuk, he has promise for the future).

    What they have now done is step up Jae In’s character in terms of maturity and strength. They have shown how she has grown and is now handling the challenges that come her way. They have also cemented her and Cha Don’s relationship.

    The next episode has proven to show an interesting component to Ji Se Gwang’s character – spoiler stop there.

    Because the drama was done by the PD who did Giant, and seeing Ji Se Kwang and Jae In, I’m wondering if they are going to bring in (Lee Gangmo) in the final episode as a judge that would be very interesting to see all 3 reunite that way. However, we are aware that the actor is currently in Iris 2, it would have been a nice cameo though and reunion of the 3 “Lees”.

    • 11.1 Reka

      I was thinking about the same thing, LBS making a cameo either as a funny character or a judge. It would have been awesome.

      • 11.1.1 asianromance

        That would be amazing! Please let this happen!!!

    • 11.2 MsB

      Or the evil Dad as the main Judge! That would be a good one!!

  12. 12 Hko

    What when how ?! Who dies ! Oh silly ! I just wanna thank you for the recap I’ve been waiting for it all day! Annnnnnd off to read !
    Gummimochi I really love your recaps why didn’t you recap When A Man Loves !!!!???!????!??!?? :S

  13. 13 Ann

    This the best drama I have seen in a while. Usually by now I am getting bored, but this drama is so smart that I am always waiting to see what happens next, The only thing that bugs me a little is how Madame Bok could run such a good business with only one guy. Shouldn’t she have a group of goons like every good loan shark?

    • 13.1 Reka

      That’s the best part. Having only one guy makes it easier and less noticeable. It is also a person she can trust. If she had a lot of them, it would have been hard to keep track and worry about who will betray her.

      I guess quality > quantity

  14. 14 Anduril

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! We could see Hyuk’s death coming before it happened, but I was internally shouting, no! no! NO! And gummimochi, I share your bitterness at the brief back to life. Hope rose like a phoenix, but it was ashes in the end.

    On a lesser note, I was struck by Cha Don’s “cuff me, you evil bastard!” scene. It parallel the same scene with Prosecutor Kwon and Ji Hoo. It was distracting while watching it, but retrospectively it is interesting and fits with the show’s portrait.

    I wonder how Angelina’s story is going to end? I am more interested in her now, in her current condition. What role does she have left to play?

    • 14.1 delicatecloud

      Hopefully Angelina will be the material witness to finger point Se Kwang as the real murderer behind the death of Cha Don’s father and the person who framed his mother for his father’s death. She will reveal the “original sin” – the one that started it all. This would mean revealing the Traitagon and their evil deeds and how they lived off well on the demise of Cha Don’s father. This will be her redemption arc.

      This revelation although does not have any legal implications as the statute of limitation for the murder has already passed, it will showed everyone the kind of “justice” that Se Kwang and Prosecutor Gwon is purporting to support and want for Seoul. They need to be unmasked. Angelina will help in that process.

      • 14.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Did your eyebrow — the right or the left one– rise when we were told that Ji Hoo is gonna be a judge now? I was like….”WOW!!! Let’s see how this plays out!”

  15. 15 Shiku

    I’m sad Prosecutor Hyuk had to die, but at least he died standing up for the truth. I can’t wait for his dad to realize his partner in crime is responsible.
    I want Madame Bok back, her scene with Angelina was the bomb. I’m happy Jae in is doing everything she can to protect her loved ones. Bok girls rock!
    It literally pains me to see Ji Ho and her dad help Se Gwang out when he us such a despicable man. Pretending to grieve for the death of your friends son when you know fully well you are responsible for his death. I can’t wait for him to go down big in front of everyone!

  16. 16 Saturtledaisy

    Hyukieeeeeee noooooo…
    He’d barely been able to start his own investigation and he’s already dead? Well, we’re nearing the end so I see how his death makes sense in the story, but I wish he’d broken away from his dad sooner… His character could’ve become a really interesting one!

  17. 17 delicatecloud

    My cutie Prosecutor Hyuk is dead!! waaaaaaaa…..waaaaaaa,……..**tears…** “”” At one point i thought that it was a bad fall and he was not dead. Unfortunately there was no second chance for Hyuk.

    I, like other commentators, saw his death coming when Se Kwang overheard his conversation with one of the investigators!! I was keeping my fingers crossed that the writers will not go that route!! I am glad that he did stand up for himself and what he told Se Kwang was soooo good – that they are criminals masked as prosecutors!! Gotta to love this guy.

    But helas, someone has to pay for the sins of his father and it happened to be poor Hyuk. It will be the wedge that would drive Prosecutor Gwon and Se Kwang ruthlessly apart, when he finds out the truth behind the death of his son. And all hell will break loose.

    Seemed like the bad guys are still having the upper hand in this episode.

    Loved the scene when Cha Don walked into the Prosecutors’ office and gave himself up and asked to be cuffed!!

    I also liked that Cha Don is now seeing the bigger picture of justice and not focussing on the revenge of his parents – the bringing down of the Traitagon is for the betterment of mankind and for justice!

    Se Kwang – you are so FULL of of yourself aren’t you? believing that everything is going roses and the way you had planned is getting into your head right now!! Boy, he is going to use Ji-Hoo and her father to get what he wants and maybe will not even marry her. Bi Ryung is forever abandoned/forgotten in the mental asylum unless Cha Don finds out where she is and she will turn material witness to the crimes committed by Se Kwang and the Traitagon – the old sins will be compounded on the recent killing of Hyuk, the manipulation of the Yellow Sea Savings Bank (plus the embezzlement) and the attempted murder of Cha Don, which was done by Prosecutor Gwon but he was fully aware of the plan. This is how the murder of Cha Don’s father (and the subsequent treatment of his mother leading to her eentual death due to the mistreatment received plus the attempted murder on Cha Don’s young life) can be brought to the fore-front and the Traitagon can be held accountable eventhough they can no longer be indicted before of the passing of the statute of limitation. I am hoping that it will go out with a BIG BANG!!

    It also see the rapid deterioration of Boss Bok – did not expect her to rever to a child-like state after the fainting incident. Sooooo sad… but glad that Jae In is really stepping up and showing them what she is made of – she is her mother’s daughter.

    • 17.1 delicatecloud

      Gummimochi – a BIG THANK YOU!! for the recaps. It was a pleasure meeting you at the DB Meetup last Thursday in New York City.

    • 17.2 Reka

      I think Hyuk investigation will help LCD bring down Se Kwang. Cha Don just needs to get that recorder. Puppy’s death will not go to waste!

      • 17.2.1 delicatecloud

        I don’t think Se Kwang is keeping the recorder for someone to find it!! I am sure that he has gotten rid of the incriminating evidence – he is too smart to have it lying around for someone like Cha Don to discover. I will be so disappointed with the writer if that is the case. The guy who embezzled the money and who was a witness to Se Kwang’s bloody hands and he was told to falsely accussed Cha Don of the murder will be the material witness.

        Yes is death will not be in vain!! It will bring them down.

    • 17.3 Carole McDonnell

      Sweeeeet Hyuk. And –helas encore– Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

      Am I seeing things or does Se Gwang get a kind of sexual charge when he’s with Jae In? I almost felt a sexual tension there. Okay, could’ve been me feeling the sexual tension but I almost thought he like Jae In because she DIDN’T like him, because she was a scrapper, and because she LOVED Cha Don. Am i seeing things that aren’t there?

      • 17.3.1 delicatecloud

        Carole – i had the same thought that Se Kwang likes Jae In. The fact that she never was impressed with him, even thought that he is enamoured with her beauty (that he is a stalker) and that she loves Cha Don – all add up as a challenge to him. Someone that he must have because he cannot.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Good, I thought my ability to spot folks in love (or folks in challenge) was working overtime. The writers do such delicate little touches with Se Gwang’s character. And Park Sang Min nails the acting all the time!

        • TS

          Yes, he’s actually nice to her. I think he does like her.

      • 17.3.2 asianromance

        uugh, I try not to think about it, because they were siblings in Giant (Lee Sung Mo, Lee Gun Mo, and Lee Mi joo are probably the most famous group of sibling characters in the kdrama landscape).

        I think he is flummoxed by her actions. I think the writers did put in that romantic tension with the meet-cutes between the two characters and the drama with the whole Jae-In-is-on-Team-Chadon. And there is something refreshing about Jae-In’s bluntness, considering his whole world is built on scheming and tact (prosecutor-esque traitrs).

  18. 18 supah

    As per this PD/Writers script shorthand dictates – deals made by the Han River will eventually result in the death of a key player for those particular dealmakers – so I was bracing myself, I just didn’t expect it to be Hyeok-ie. TT_TT

    Park Sang-min was brilliant!! Ji Se-gwang’s descent into madness is looking imminent.

    • 18.1 Carole McDonnell

      Oh my gosh, yes!!!! Ji Se Gwang is so so so evil! I generally don’t care about villains who see themselves as good guys but Se Gwang is seriously deluded and when Cha Don made his comment to the effect of his eyes being really “open to justice without conscience” I thought, YES!!!! Se Gwang is seriously sociopathic…in a righteous self-righteous deluded kinda way. If he thought he was evil, there might be hope but a sociopath who honestly thinks he’s good and that he’s doing evil for good’s sake….well…. he cannot be allowed to become Mayor.

  19. 19 maakopla

    I’m seriously afraid to summarize this drama to anyone (esp. non Kdrama ppl) because it would sound so freaking stupid. To spend my precious free time on this kind of shit… sigh. BUT how freaking awesome is that it’s episode 21 and I am still feeling hella excited? How many dramas do that? While watching this I both cry and laugh. Ah, no matter what I will miss this show once it ends.

    Oh, that moment when Jae In saw her mother in that childlike state… I almost cried, really. That was some awesome acting and directing there. If only the whole show was like that…

    • 19.1 Reka

      I’m actually glad this drama was a bit slow in the beginning and became wonderful later in the episodes. Usually it’s the opposite way around, other dramas would slow down at the end, some would even come up with waste less plots and the characters become ridiculous. Then I would start to lose interest and some time I won’t even care about the endings. But, not with this show. It managed to turn things around! I’m really invested in this, can’t wait for the ending but then again, I really don’t want to say goodbye to this great drama.

      Time to enter withdrawal mood.

  20. 20 Carole McDonnell

    Well this was one incredibly heart-breaking episode. So emotional. I was so blubbering when Jae In saw her mom at the hospital. And was tensing up when Hyuk was on the roof of that abandoned building. Poor soul…challenging evil without a back-up. So innocent.

  21. 21 MsB

    A moment of silence for our little puppy Hyuk……………sob! I was surprised but not shocked by those turn of events because like someone already said, the minute Se Gwang overheard the conversation, I knew he was doomed but death? And Cha Don framed? Now that was a shocker! The final scene with Cha Don and Se Gwang was FANTASTIC!! All in your face!! I was proud of Cha Don but he had no choice but I loved how he was willing to face prison to prove his innocence. HELL! The man went to an insane asylum! Went through shock treatment to get his message to his mother!! Prison? Cake walk!! Very good episode!!

  22. 22 KDaddict

    I never understood the contradiction between ChiSK’s obsession with being a prosecutor who seeks ‘justice’ or ‘righteousness’ in the world at large and his being such an evil human, but a phrase LCD said in this ep gives me a clue: “Justice w/o conscience is no justice at all”. So, ChiSK was seeking justice, but he has no conscience. Justice governs other ppl, but conscience governs oneself!!!
    I’ve always thought that you have to be a good human being yourself (i.e. have a conscience and an abidance to rules of right and wrong) before you can seek justice in the world at large. Ppl who want others to pay for the wrongs that they do, but exempt themselves fr the same standard and regard themselves to be carrying out justice or righteousness are clearly evil, absurdly hypocritical, and delusional.
    Jae In’s hair is finally styled more nicely in this ep. That is to signify her growth into a true heroine of the show. With her mom sick n CD being in danger, she is stepping up to the plate, n w that, the stylist gives her an attractive hairdo to signify the change.
    I’m sorry Hyuk has to die. But that is the one thing that hurts Kwon the most. Karma raising its head. All his ambition, evil deeds n money, do they still mean anything now that his only son is dead?
    Hyuk’s death is also the one thing that will drive a divide between Kwon n Chi SK when Kwon comes to know the truth of who really killed his son. But so far Kwon seems to be so dumb, n lets ChiSK pull his strings all along.
    Angelina knows ChiSK well. One look at the news n she know the truth behind Hyuk’s death.
    So ultimately, it takes Kwon, Angelina, n the gambler accountant Together to bring down Chi SK!
    Jeon’s father is very funny to offer Chi the job of Mayor and tell him to propose to his daughter in the same breath. But what makes him and Jeon think that Chi is interested in marrying her, besides using her father’s connections n clout? Does he even look like he is in love w her?????
    The S & L accountant who swindles money n blames it on LCD is blowing it away w online gambling. I’m glad our vice is only to watch KD n comment!

    • 22.1 delicatecloud

      Same thoughts as you that it will take Angelina, Kwon and the gambler accountant to bring down Se Kwang. He is not your usual villain!! Moreover i think that Ji-hoo will be the last piece in the puzzle to bring him down too.

  23. 23 Hipployta

    I knew he would either join Team Shudal or he would die…when he called to meet Director Yoo I knew he was going to die


    • 23.1 MAC

      The meeting place was a dead give-away.

  24. 24 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.

    I can’t believe it’s coming to the end and things are still so tense. Stress man watching this.

    • 24.1 delicatecloud

      Glad to know that you are enjoying this drama too. The viki team working on this drama is fabulous!! Although i do post my appreciation to the team on the page, i would like to thank them through you too.

  25. 25 picklemonster

    NOOOOOOOOOOO MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!! T___T Ugh, Hyuk why?! Why did you have to go meet the baddies alone at night, in a secluded place?! Poor thing, Jae-In didn’t return his feelings, and he was finally getting his moment to shine by searching for the truth, and of course that’s foreshadowing for DEATH in dramaland! I hope to see him act in other dramas too, but I doubt I’d like any of his roles more than the adorkably awkward prosecutor here.

  26. 26 Lilian

    Hyuk shined in this episode. How I wished they had let this side plot be explored further, with a few episodes at least to show Hyuk as a changed man, a true prosecutor!

    And yes, Se Kwang needs a conscience. Seriously he probably sleeps well at night thinking that he is doing something good!

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