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Jang Dong-gun returns to the big screen with Ajusshi director
by | April 29, 2013 | 80 Comments

Jang Dong-gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity) is headed back to the big screen this year, in the much-awaited new project from director Lee Jung-bum of Won Bin’s Ajusshi, aka The Man From Nowhere. He’s pretty much the leading man’s new holy grail as far as directors go, since he’s guaranteed to make you look like a badass, so the team-up is as buzzy as buzz projects can be. The action thriller is called Crying Man, and stars Jang Dong-gun as a killer… with a heart of gold, naturally. I mean, he’s Jang Dong-gun, for crying out loud.

The movie will be about a killer falling in love, which I have to say, sounds decidedly less badass than Ajusshi. I guess the crying is because he’ll be a sensitive hitman who kills people, but feels bad about it? Or something. I’m sure it’ll be much cooler in execution, but it does sound a little funny on paper. His leading lady has yet to be cast, so time to start your fantasy cast lists.

Some reports say Jang Dong-gun is confirmed while others insist he hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, but I don’t foresee either party walking away from this deal. Action Jang Dong-gun is right up there with Basketball Jang Dong-gun in my book, so I’m all ready for the swoonin’. Just… don’t you make him shave his head, okay? DON’T MESS WITH THE PRETTY.

Crying Man is still casting, and plans to start shooting later this year.

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80 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsTsheej

    What about YOON EUN HYE??? oHhhh would LOVE LOVE to see that? hehe.

    • 1.1 wits

      Oooh, ooh, oh…. Yoon.Eun.Hye! Yes, oh yes, pleeezzzz!

      • 1.1.1 kathy

        I don’t really like Yoon Eun Hye in almost all her dramas but I think this kind of movies suit her.

    • 1.2 paar

      yessss, please…I thought of her instantly

  2. dewaanifordrama

    Omo! That is a most amazing picture of the fabulous Jang Dong-gun! This movie also looks incredibly intriguing – though I do agree with you that on paper it sounds rather funny. In concept it reminds me a little of “Guns & Talks” which is a definite Korean black comedy film favourite of mine…and stars Won Bin as the soft-hearted assassin…

  3. Dix

    He seems so frail though. He will have to gain muscle for me to look forward to this.

    • 3.1 Kandiboo

      i second that!

  4. Mars

    Yeah! Don’t mess with the pretty!

  5. Newbie

    Loved Ahjussi. Not so sure about Jang Dong-gun in such a part though. :/

  6. christy

    Can they just make this a comedy instead? Like he’s a hitman and everytime he’s about to finish the job loverboy ends up distracted by the girl, hijinks ensue, and nothing ends up getting done lol.

  7. skelly

    Another romance? His “romance” in AGD was one of the worst things about that drama. You can blame it on his supposedly jealous wife, or on Kim Haneul’s jitters, or whatever, but if there is just a bunch of longing looks, falling on top of one another or chaste little pecks, I’ll stick with ISWAK.
    JDG has this reputation as a leading man, but I’m just not seeing it. What should I watch, of his past shows, that will prove to me he is such hot stuff?

    • 7.1 Annie

      I’m not sure I quite understand his fame either. I guess he was THE heartthrob in Korea for a really long time so he basically gets a free pass in the acting department.

      Just a guess though.

      • 7.1.1 maldita

        AGD is a project one shouldn’t judge JDG’s acting on, TBH.

    • 7.2 chaosgirl

      I think it’s more his charisma and likability that make him what he is than his acting ability, which I grant you isn’t anything really remarkable (although I think it’s solid enough, he’s not a foot actor by any means). He’s just, yunno, Jang Dong-gun. And he’s really awesome in real life, which adds to the charm.

      • 7.2.1 seoulflysea

        Have you SEEN any of his movies, like, at all? Then you should try seeing the movie “Friends” and then Taegukki and you’ll realize why everyone’s so “on” about JDG.

  8. aoiaheen

    He’s one of the few guys that I feel look better in thier 40’s than they did when they were younger. I just love the way he looks at a girl (remember that scene in gentlemen’s dignity, where he’s shirtless and she’s in that red dress and thier both in the bathroom. I’m squeeing just thinking about it)

    Anyway, i hope this is dark. But the assassin with a heart of gold falling for a girl has been done to death.

    Unless they go really dark like they did in ahjusshi (which gave me nightmares for many nights)

    • 8.1 JoAnne

      That was the hottest non-kiss in history

    • 8.2 Pipit

      Glad I’m not the only one who thinks he looks much better now than before. I don’t think he’s even good looking in All About Eve. I remember back than thinking ‘I wish the male lead is someone else’

    • 8.3 myla

      I’m a fan of Jang Dong gun for a very long time now and I could say that he’s better in movies than in dramas.

      I hope that this project really push through coz I like the director of Ajusshi which is very cool movie. Ajusshi is a movie that I have rewatched for a no. of times already because it’s really good and i became an instant fan of Won Bin because of that well made movie.

  9. Annie

    Someone like Jeon Do Yeon would be nice and age appropriate but I doubt she’d want to play second fiddle to Jang Dong Gun.

    Maybe Im Soo Jung would oblige. Whatever, as long as it’s not Kim Hye Soo, I’m good.

  10. 10 seoulflysea

    Would it be asking too much if Jeon Do Yeon could be cast as the lead actress? Please?!? Pretty please?!? PLEASE!!!!!!?

  11. 11 mehkko

    I dunno, but I really the idea of Song Ji Hyo being the female lead…..but that might just be because I love her.

  12. 12 TeeteeTrangbriggs

    I love him in All about eve but he look different in AGD and I totally agree with Annie about he get a free pass when come to acting department .A lot of newcomer know day can really act too.

  13. 13 Mystisith

    What comes to my mind is “Kiss me, kill me” but like others said, it’s a generic premise and there is a version of this in almost every genre. Question is: Is the woman his target or not. 😉
    I could suggest Ha Ji Won or Lee Ji Ah as potential partners (me biased? Pfttt). I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  14. 14 AnotherFan

    Okay, I could be really off but I somehow never find JDG “pretty”. The last drama I saw him in was AGD and he looked uncomfortably gaunt and physically awkward to me…

    • 14.1 lily

      I think he got one of those ‘jaw shave’ procedures tbh.. I remember his face look wider before but now his jaw area looks weirdly sharp..

      • 14.1.1 themugen

        I think you may be right.

      • 14.1.2 Kiara

        Me thinks Hyun Bin did it too.

        • Annie

          Botox can have the same effect… I’d think that would be the more desirable route for top celebrities as opposed to newbies.

        • Miichiyeo


        • Newbie

          Actually I think Hyun Bin lost his face muscles due to less eating. If you check out earlier pics of him, he always had the same jawlines. He became so thin for SG and less eating changes your face not only because of losing the ‘fat’.

        • Milly

          Yeah, I think Hyun Bin had his jaw shaved too. His face in that drama with Sung Yu Ri (something to do with snow…. ha, i can’t remember) – he was still square-jawed during that time. now the jaw has been pared down making his chin more pointed and the whole face a lot smaller.

      • 14.1.3 ihatehaters

        you know what, you are really funny. If you have seen his latest pictures, you probably notice that he has gain lots of weight again after AGD and his face becomes not as sharp anymore. So, are you saying that after he shaved his jawline, he patched it back again?

        Don’t act like you know everything about him when obviously you don’t.

        He doesn’t need any surgery. He has been voted the most good looking korean time and again since his debut and now he’s having added charisma. Those of you who have just seen AGD or worse, have not even seen any of his works should just shut up.

    • 14.2 nakai

      My Way was too physically demanding on him. By the time he had to do the drama he was beat. And he had been working non stop since his marriage when he did AGD.

  15. 15 lily

    JDG isn’t an “intense” actor, but he is very suave. I liken him to George Clooney. Neither are great actors but there is something very charming/old school about them.

    You guys should definitely watch All About Eve to “get” the hype about him lol I don’t find him attractive at all but he had me swooning a lot in that drama ngl

    • 15.1 maldita

      Spot on with the George Clooney analogy. Even Richard Gere.

      • 15.1.1 lily

        yeah Richard Gere is another actor who is very watchable but never brilliant. Plus another thing these actors have in common is that ahjummas like them

        I guess we can throw Bae Yong Jun into this category as well lol

    • 15.2 nakai

      Hello SEXY ! ^^

      • 15.2.1 nakai

        Sorry didnt mean to reply here. Anyway yeah!…..JDG is so George Clooney.

    • 15.3 anna

      It really depends because I found him very “intense” in Typhoon.

    • 15.4 ...

      All About Eve!!! yeh! honestly, he played the perfect man perfectly. hehe. it would probably seem really makjang now, but was original when i first watched it! and kim so yeon does evil so well 😉

  16. 16 themugen

    When I first read the title I wondered if this was a Korean version of Crying Freeman.

    • 16.1 ravens_nest

      When I first saw the title, I thought of Rembrandt Lee Brown from Sliders. XD

      I am only partially sorry about this.

  17. 17 tammie

    Man, on man is he beautiful.

  18. 18 ht


  19. 19 Noelle

    This sounds alot like Kiss Me Kill Me. Or is it Kill Me Kiss Me?

  20. 20 JC

    Son Ye Jin!
    I would be pretty interested if her and Jang Dong-geun teamed up.

  21. 21 hanie

    AGD bored me to death, and AAE is ages ago… I remembered I fangirl-ed him at that time but AGD just killed all my feeling…. And he is not as sexy as before *hides*
    I’m liking the Ajushhi director but the one-liner plot sounds meh… And if he is pretty, he still pretty with shave head.. (see Won Bin)

  22. 22 kles

    I liked AGD, not loved, but it didn’t lessen my love for this ajusshi. Go, Ajusshi!

  23. 23 wits

    I love Jang Dong Gun. I have not really seen a lot of his works… being a relative newbie in k-drama and all. But after watching AGD (on drama!), and a handful of his recent films, I get it… I totally understand the charisma, the magic, the star power. I can’t really pin down what it is, he just got IT! He is totally iconic in the k-drama universe, one who deserves to sit on the throne and reign over all the other k-drama actors in the realm.

    I just see two actors in the younger crop who can become as iconic as him. Hopefully, they play their cards right… Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho.

    • 23.1 nakai

      I’ve seen how people hold their breathe when he walks by. JDG is a star among the stars. Like how Kimura Takuya is too.

    • 23.2 Mei Lin

      I totally agree with you… I’m never a fan of any k-dramas. It was never my cup of tea. But AGD changed my life. Jang Dong Gun gave justice to the character Kim Do Jin. People may not like him because of how his character is but that’s how Kim Do Jin is and JDG just gave what his character is requesting of him. I happen to watch all about eve but as what I say I’m not a k-drama fan way back then but JDG already caught my eye.

      As I have done my research about him I’ve understood why he was considered an A-list star and a star of all stars.

  24. 24 snow_white

    I’m not aware of Jang dong gun’s charm yet as i haven’t seen AGD..may be i should check that out soon:-)

  25. 25 anna

    I was so excited when reading the title, but then ~falling in love just sounds boring and generic.

  26. 26 merry

    Indeed the face that ahjummas love. Seems like a regular guy too, despite fame and fortune. He had a CNN Asia interview and being single at that time expressed a wish to have the girl for him appear before him now (that was then). I thought it was swoon worthy. It was within a year that he sealed it with his wife now.
    If the movie has some dark-comedy in it wouldn’t Kim Sun An be perfect?!

  27. 27 Denali

    This “actor” is overrated. I anticipated his AGD gig very much because it was a first time watching him and his reputation preceded him. What a disappointment; nothing but stiffness and unability to emote other than a happy/sad face. And he’s not even handsome but looking all worn-out with negative non-verbal communication. So yay I’ll pass easily on this one.

    • 27.1 myla

      Wow, you’ve only seen of his dramas and not even even one of his movies and you judged instantly he’s overrated?
      I think you should watched first his movies like Taegukgi, Typhoon, Coastguard, 2009 Lost Memories, etc. before you judged. JDG would not be popular and well loved by Koreans for the longest time if he’s not good.

    • 27.2 ...

      AGD was very disappointing, but you really must see one of his films before you completely dismiss him! He’s not known as the top actor in korea for nothing! promise his films are a lot better!!

      • 27.2.1 Mei Lin

        what’s wrong with AGD??? guys it’s the only k-drama that I was drawn into. I liked every bit of it. I’ve watched several TV series from around the globe such as US, Mexico, Argentina, India, Taiwan, Philippines and korean and AGD although it’s plot is simple it’s the closest thing to reality. The show is there to entertain to make you feel better. If you are feeling down and depressed this one is a good catch because it’s very light. It doesn’t those heavy scenes that will just add to the baggage that you have been carrying on your shoulder…. I was just glad that it doesn’t have those villains who would kill or harm others for the sake of their own shallow selfishness…

        AGD is never a disappointment at all… Seen it multiple times and i would never get tired of it….

        JDG did the right thing when he chose AGD for his comeback.

    • 27.3 nakai

      Ouch…This hurt my feelings deeply. haha

      Anyway AGD was just for ‘fun’ ….Mainly for fans and for Writer Kim who insisted on him for AGD. Acting wise you should look elsewhere.

    • 27.4 Denali

      He had plenty of opportunities to show lots. A drama with over 20 one-hour-long episodes versus a two-hours-long-max movie is more than enough to display sth. I REALLY wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but he was soooo disappointing. Much more than the drama btw. His popularity means nothing – see Mr Hand Towel for instance. Cha Seung Won who also starred in Writer Kim Eun Sook’s previous drama (City Hall) did an awesome job in all his scenes. Granted that his chemistry with Kim Suna was off the chart.
      So why should I look at his former woeks when he is supposed to be better NOW, whatever character he gets? I remember one supposedly heartbreaking scene and he was suposed to express raw emotions per the close-up on his face. But nothing happened. Just the same facial traits. No muscle moving. Nothing in his eyes either. Just blandness. Too bad hey.

      • 27.4.1 sui

        To say that he’s overrated without looking his other works other than AGD is stupidity. You should see his other works and you would see how serious and dedicated he was in his movies.

        He made AGD just to please his fans who wished him to be in drama just for once. Honestly, JDG never wanted to make dramas anymore that’s why he concetrates on movies. He just want to show his gratefulness to his fans so he decided to accept a light drama just for his fans.

        • Mei Lin

          AGREE!!! and how can anyone ever say that AGD is boring and not good. For heaven’s sake that is the only k-drama I was drawn into.

      • 27.4.2 sui

        and please don’t ever compare Mr. Hand towel to Mr. jang Dong Gun coz they’re not on th same league.

  28. 28 ranee

    Ha ji won? Or Gong Hyo Jin? Plssssssssssssss.

  29. 29 ...

    Kim so yeon 😀 and they’ve worked together before!

  30. 30 han toe

    Chae Rim !!!!!

    • 30.1 Kami

      Yes… only if the story line is good…

    • 30.2 kathy

      I liked Chae Rim with JDG in All About Eve but to be JDG’s love interest in this upcoming film is quite impossible. Chae Rim is not a film actress and has just been making dramas until now. For this kind of high profile movie starring an A-list actor, an A-list actress is much better.

      • 30.2.1 Sung Jr.

        wait, CR is an A-list…

      • 30.2.2 HijauDaun

        Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston used to be TV drama star before jump to Hollywood movie …

  31. 31 Jenny

    This sounds a bit like Crying Freeman, a Japanese manga about a hitman who cries everytime he kills someone. And I believe he falls in love with a intended target and enrages his yakuza bosses.

    • 31.1 J-Pooh

      I was scanning through the posts to see if anyone was gonna mention Crying Freedman! JDG definitely will need to get buff for this role then for the main character was suppose to have a large tattoo of a dragon across his back – that I recall there were plenty of full body back shots, which not only to show off the majesty tattoo but how muscular he was.

      As far as the debate of JDG – I discovered him in mid-90’s in All About Eve, when my mom said he was the hottest guy in Korea at the time, and was like “What?!? He ain’t all that!” Then as the drama progressed and I found his attractiveness did as well – by the end of the drama, although I couldn’t figure out why, I was totally obsessed! Watched all his back stuff and came to this conclusion: the man has PRESENCE.

      I didn’t think as an actor he was that great in roles he had won acclaim for, like Nowhere to Hide, Friends, Taegukki, Typhoon – but he certainly was memorable! I liken him to Brad Pitt of Korea – the man has charisma and presence! Even today with all the new male eye candy of all ages out there, when I hear about a new project JDG is working on, my heart flutters in anticipation for it.

  32. 32 Mei Hwa

    besides, what’s good an A lister if can’t sell the ticket..

    • 32.1 sui

      An A-lister is one who is extremely bankable in the movie industry so it’s but natural that you can sell the movie to be considered as one.

      • 32.1.1 DLias

        looked what happened to ZZY and Cecilia Cheung in Dangerous Liasion…. and Fan Bing Bing in My Way…
        biggest flop ever…

  33. 33 Mei Lin

    I can’t wait for another project of Jang Dong Gun. If Crying Man will be the next in line I think it would be interesting. I always have faith in JDG’s acting prowess. He will not be what he is if he is not good. He did a great job in Dangerous Liaisons as well as with Friends and Taegukgi. He was good in Medical brothers too. He even won an acting award for those projects and it’s a well-deserved.

    I can’t see the reason why I shouldn’t like him in AGD. I have watched some k-dramas before but I never got addicted to one until AGD came into the picture. It’s not just because of the story but mainly because of how Jang Dong Gun played his character. He brought life to his character Kim Do Jin. During those sad scenes you can see in his eyes the pain that he was going through didn’t anybody seen that. I cried with him during those scenes. It was his first time to do a Rom-Com but he did more than what is expected of him.

    After watching AGD I started watching some of his notable works and I consider him as johnny depp. They are the kind of actors that you can throw whatever role at them and they will be able to pull it off.

    Jang Dong Gun is causing a stir because he is someone you can really call role model. He has this charm which is one of the main ingredient of being a super star that he is.

    Yeah… JDG is one of the few who looks good as he age. but he definitely is also good-looking during his younger years when he was just starting watch his tv series the last match… ya’ll find out how gorgeous he is.

    He acts. He is a singer during his younger years. He plays the drums. He plays golf and baseball. So much for an entertainer.

    Going back to Crying Man… I’ll be looking forward for it. I hope it’s something serious since it will be on big screen coz if it’s for tv it better to make it another Rom-Com. I WOULD WANT TO SEE HIM REUNITE WITH KIM HA NEUL… THEIR CHEMISTRY IS PERFECT.

  34. 34 nice

    i wish that the lead actress is kim haneul,their chemistry is great!!!

  35. 35 Mei Lin

    For the female lead: 1st choice is KIM HA NEUL if not maybe a choice among lee yo won or lee yeon hee or son ye jin???? how about kim tae hee they did a CF together way back.

  36. 36 amri jang

    I love JDG so much that it hurts me when others say negative things about him. For all those haters,please respect him and his millions of fans. If you don’t like him and don’t know anything at all about him,don’t leave your comments here. To each his own. JDG is not only a good actor but a great man, too in real life. If you could only read what other celebrities like him have been praising him not only for his good looks but more importantly his kind heart and gentle manners. Maybe then you will understand why JDG is such a big deal!

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