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Jung Yong-hwa cast opposite Park Shin-hye again, seriously
by | April 15, 2013 | 562 Comments

Dude. WHY. Why why why with the repeat pairing that will not die in dramaland? Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye AGAIN? It’s been confirmed that the pair who were costars in 2009’s You’re Beautiful and again in 2011’s You’ve Fallen For Me are going to be reunited for a third time. Jung Yong-hwa just been cast in Kim Eun-sook’s next big rom-com Heirs (He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight: Heirs) starring Lee Min-ho, due out this fall.

The endless re-pairing is a thing I don’t understand, because sure they’re cute together, but enough already. I don’t even like it when it happens once. Even with him going back to second lead territory, it’s a retread of roles they’ve already played. Either this drama is just trying to be Boys Before Flowers-meets-You’re Beautiful so literally that it’s just mashing the two casts, or these two have some kind of cupid pulling Fate’s strings up there.

The drama will be about upper crust high schoolers, so it really will be another Boys Before Flowers. There is one upside to all this though — one of my biggest pet peeves with writer Kim Eun-sook is the way she writes adults like they’re fifteen… which means maybe she’ll be perfectly suited to write a high school drama. It’s described as a trendy drama about rich high school students, and their loves and friendships. Yes, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch them fall in love with new people, like just once in a blue drama moon?

Heirs is planning for an October premiere on SBS.

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562 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JAG

    I don’t know how I feel about this paring again.. /sigh

    • 1.1 cv

      I don’t know why people are so unhappy. I actually like the casts so far. If you don’t like, don’t watch. I’m going to wait until it airs in October then make up my mind if I like the storyline/loveline or not. People are just so quick to judge.

      • 1.1.1 Dominique

        Sound advice!

        Some people are indeed quick either to judge or to take the cue from the blog wholesale and run with it.

        • pabo ceo reom

          Orrrrrrrrrrrr rather than quick to judge, some people like me have seen these two paired twice before already with less than desirable results. Thus, we are now expressing our discontent, mainly because we sat through the entirety of YFFM and their dead fish chemistry.

          Of course, things can magically change the third time around, but why even have to take that chance when so many other new pairings can be made?

          • Alpha Beta

            I could not say it better! I wish I never even began YFFM because of this bad pairing. Maybe PSH with LMH… JYH must be a real masochist. I think.

          • lemonade candy

            I’m not okay with this pairing; maaybe because I sat through hours watching him in both you’re beautiful and you’ve fallen for me; and the vibe that I’ve gotten from both wasn’t exactly electric~ so, yeah. I allow myself to be grumpypants when I read about this. Sigh~

          • Wendilynn

            I have to disagree with the “dead fish chemistry” They actually have good chemistry which they showed in You’re Beautiful. Heartstrings had some issues with the story and how it played the characters out.

            I’m excited to see them again because I can trust that I won’t see the really stupid female/male combo that is just painful to watch with these main leads. Some drama’s I literally have to skip the first two or three episodes and just read the recaps because the intros are just painful. Stars falling is a good example of that.

          • Maris

            The popularity of the pairing in itself speaks for the huge chemistry between the two. Shinhye has the ability to look good with all costars. An article to this fact was actually published earlier this year with pictures of her with them (lee wan, JGS, JYH, YSY, LSG) and calling her queen of chemistry. She will be great with LMH too.

          • Korean Drama Fashion

            Don’t they have a dating rumor? I’m not sure if they deny it, but it’s like they’re making everyone come onboard their ship lol.

      • 1.1.2 snow_white

        Exactly my thoughts….i simply love this cast..

        • a_diva

          me too! me too! when i read the headline, before reading the post, i was like, what’s wrong with them together again? i like them together. she’s really growing on me, and he’s hot, what more could you ask for!?! the only thing i am iffy on, as far as the cast goes, is yong hwa as second lead. i’d much rather see him successful in love rather than being perfect yet end up brokenhearted.

          aside from the cast, the plot kinda bothers me. when i read about that, that’s when i had the feeling of “again, seriously”?? it sounds so redone to death, but i’m willing to watch and hope for the best, which is all we can ever really do in dramaland. b/c no matter how great a drama sounds, it can disappoint, and no matter how meh a show seems to be before broadcast, it can pleasantly surprise.

          here’s to pleasant surprises *

          • bernie

            i like each of them, just not so much together (i thought they’d be adorable together when i watched you’re beautiful, and then i watched you’ve fallen for me and i was like, “wait, no, i take it back~” but the drama gods weren’t listening.) so i’m not terribly excited but i’m open-minded enough that i’m hoping they’ll surprise me.

            you can watch you’ve fallen for me if you want to see him successful in love with park shinhye, though.(:

        • Maris

          Same here.

        • skelly

          And this is exactly why this show, just like BOF, will be a big hit – “hot” guys, “cute” girls, and a throwaway plot. For plenty of people out there, the eye candy is enough.

          My only questions is, where is Psy and Dakota Fanning??? Dramafever promised me they would be there!!!!!!

          • Maris

            ๐Ÿ™‹Hi Skelly! Was missing you. I seriously think that it’s misleading to think that it’s going to be another BOF because of the cast and the school/setting unless there is something else that I have overlooked. I base my case on what I know about the writer. I have a feeling that they will be more to the hot guys and cute girls. KES definitely has something already in place with just them in mind hence such an early casting to ensure their availability. There will be more than eye candy. Unless they really botch things up the least is an entertaining drama because of what’s already in place.
            Sorry cannot answer your question regarding PSY and Dakota due to lack of info about them.

          • skelly

            LOL Maris, the Psy and Dakota Fanning comment referred to the Dramafever April Fool’s announcement of “BOF2”

          • Maris

            ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ skelly, save me from feeling uninformed on the entertainment scenario. Sounds interesting!

        • Evelyn

          Her acting range is extremely limited, unexpressive. She often seems like she’s in a low-grade zombie / horror film. She seems bland and unoriginal, and apparently doesn’t have representation keeping her on track to expand professionally, if not creatively. Maybe she’s just stalking or manipulating guy for some “personal drama”? Anyway she’ll make a ton of money and so will he. Luckily there are other things to watch.

          • guis

            I agree about it. All her performances are the same thing. She is too worse kissing. Every teenagers love her because her performances are only for this people. She doesn’t grow up like actress. Susy is younger and she is a better actress.

        • Evelyn

          Her acting range is extremely limited and uninteresting. She often seems like she prepared for a part in a low-grade zombie film. She’s bland and unoriginal, and apparently doesn’t have representation keeping her on track to expand professionally, if not creatively. Maybe she’s just stalking or manipulating this guy who is inexperienced but not nearly as emotionally inauthentic, for some personal drama / romance ? Anyway she’ll make a ton of money and so will he. Luckily there are other things to watch.

      • 1.1.3 JAG

        Woah, I never said I didn’t like anything. I am just saying we’ve seen what they are like together both in the male lead role and in the second lead role already(To varied results). I don’t know how to feel about them being cast together again since we’ve already seen them together multiple times.

        Did I say I was unhappy about it or that I wouldn’t give it a chance? No.

        They could be amazing together and bring something new to the table, only time will tell. But I am allowed to express my concern about the paring and I’m sure i’m not the only one that has these concerns.

        • Ennayra

          Yeah, you’re not the only one.

          I think for the people whom the pretty is enough, this drama raises no concerns. But if the pretty alone doesn’t quite do it for you, then you naturally think Uh Oh.

          I really enjoy Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye’s acting AND their pretty, so right now it seems like JYH is the weak link. Here’s hoping he proves me wrong and makes me fall in second lead love.

      • 1.1.4 KMA


    • 1.2 Maris

      There has to be a reason for KES to go for LMH, PSH and JYH. No writer with her popularity will let any black spot appear on her reputation. They must be a good fit for what she has in her mind. I fully believe in that. For this reason I am so curious to see what happens in October. Lot of suspense and anticipation.
      This is something that I could not have predicted in 1000 years. LMH and Shinhye…..yes but
      Yonghwa in the same drama for the 3rd time in 4 years….difficult to assimilate considering the probabilities ….no matter how much I love there chemistry.

    • 1.3 girlatsea

      This drama has mess written all over it.

      • 1.3.1 Maris

        ( A reputed writer+hallyu stars ) = mess ????
        (Assumptions+ imaginations+ fears) โœ– n = mess????

        • Kayt


    • 1.4 Vendy

      what are you on about, chillax! this is breaking GOOD NEWS! to us shippers ;D this is just too PERFECT!

      Drama Gods are obviously listening to us less bitter and grumpy people. :3 hohohoooo perfect~! <3

    • 1.5 Usman

      Hey shut up! They are the best pairing ever I love Park Shin Hye she is amazing i wanna meet her!…
      But enough about that, they are a great pair ๐Ÿ™‚ look forward to the show! Also dont forget they were paired together in heartstrings aswell

    • 1.6 janet

      i dont know why you hate them before you’ve seen that drama to be aired….that is sound unfair….i really really like jung yonghwa and parkshin ye and in my opinion they’re the real actor and actress from korea….they are really multitalented…not because they’re look or because they’re young….but because they have their charm…and i will support them…..FIGHTIINGGGG YONGHWA….AND SHIN YE….

    • 1.7 Zahra

      Where is the problem?
      I mean i LOVE watchign dramas with Park Shin & JungHwa..They are both great actors & they suit really well to each other…(in dramas or irl i don’t care) Stop being unhappy & support them..

  2. Sam

    As a park shin hye fan, I have to say I’m so so disappointed,seriously.

    • 2.1 smokeyp

      seriously, the pairing is stale already and I’m not a fan of his acting. It’s not even like their pairing brings in ratings. I wonder if the they are a real life couple rumors is why they keep getting pushed together. It’s like a desperate attempt by his people to use PSH’s rising popularity.

      • 2.1.1 Seeea

        Yeah. That’s my feeling too. Its like Shinhye has been taken advantage of, at least that’s how I feel about it.

        • Maris

          They will never take advantage of each other. ….not the sort of people. Wait for the drama to be aired before worrying. Look forward to seeing the LMH and Shinhye tandem, JYH’s character in the drama as created by the well reputed writer they all want to work with.

      • 2.1.2 Hรฉla

        JYH doesn’t need a push his really popular in korea and over seas , he an accomplised singer Mc and song writer..and his group CN Blue is the first korean band to have a world tour ..But i’m not sure about his acting though !

      • 2.1.3 misskania

        Agree, his acting is rather wooden and stiff. He needs more ease. And it is not as if we need more wooden type in the same drama, I mean Lee Min Ho? and now Yong Hwa? But I am already fall in love with Park Shin Hye, so I will stay tune.

      • 2.1.4 Meghan

        It’s apparently “well known” in Korea media and entertainment circles that Yonghwa and Shinhye are dating, and have been for awhile. So, I don’t find this news surprising at all. But, it’s not YH taking advantage of SH, he doesn’t need to. He’s popular and successful in his own right without riding her coattails. Neither does she need to use him to boost her popularity.

    • 2.2 Seeea

      Disappointed too. I feel so bad now…

  3. dude

    is Yong Hwa’s acting good? didnt watch any of his dramas.. -_-

    • 3.1 Sam


      • 3.1.1 Honora

        seriously no.

        • Angie

          I definitely agree with you. Fnc should let him appear in dramas wherein his co actors can help him most specially the senior actors. And not with someone who he starred with in 2 flopped dramas.

          I like the path jonghyun, junshin and minhyuk are takingโ€ฆ Slowly but surely. Being in support roles somehow helps them develop and hone their acting skills and prepare them for future lead roles.

          • Angie

            Please yonghwa just join variety shows like running man….you can be an asset in shows like this.

          • Pepper Fish

            Wasn’t he a regular on Running Man a while ago? I know he visits the show often enough.

          • Angie

            He wasn’t a regular mainstay. He just guest every now and then. I think he has the most number of appearance as a guest.

          • Meghan

            You’re Beautiful wasn’t a flop drama.

          • Kayt

            YB and HS didn’t have the best ratings in Korea, but they are very popular oversea…. How do you say it flopped?

        • lalala

          @meghan : yes YB are definitely flop in korea, and its diff when u say overseas, it was over sold .. kinda confused with korean taste of drama, look how GIANT put highest rating almost 40% with 60 eps. maybe they liked a complicated story, not simple and romantic one

    • 3.2 kakashi

      uhm ……… at least he’s pretty!

      • 3.2.1 lalala

        bwahahahahahaha .. agreed, i love ur comment

    • 3.3 Ash

      He’s… usually a fun guest on variety shows?

    • 3.4 Sponge

      He…. can definitely sing!

    • 3.5 Hazel

      The short answer is: No.

    • 3.6 Gom

      Let’s just say he’s a very pretty boy. Musically, very talented.

    • 3.7 Belle3005

      ehmm,not really but at least guy’s musically talented not mention that he’s pretty good looking as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 3.8 foulou

      He’s probably a very nice guy.

      • 3.8.1 hanie


        u win the internet today

    • 3.9 Mia

      LOL at all these answers.

      • 3.9.1 Caia

        Same here. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 3.9.2 bernie

        ikr. “he’s probably a very nice guy” is probably my favorite

      • 3.9.3 LoveIt

        LMAo, right? These answers have me in tears.

    • 3.10 alua


      Okay, I’m interest in this drama has pretty much dropped to zero now.

      • 3.10.1 alua

        *MY interest

      • 3.10.2 skelly

        Same here. His acting is usually wooden, always erratic, she has zero chemistry with anyone, and to see these people play high schoolers yet again – especially LMH after Faith – just gives me the willies. It’s like Neverland, and LMH is Peter Pan, and PSH is Wendy (and she is a perfect Wendy) and Jong Hwa is… Tinkerbell.

        • Maris

          With such low expectations , you will definitely enjoy this drama too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • bernie

          so… jonghwa is jealous of PSH because he wants LMH to himself? lol:)

    • 3.11 jat

      no and it’s bad enough that he is bad at acting, with his variety pesona I tried not to laugh when he starts to… act. but he is a great singer, composer and look so cool when he sings I just fall in love. talk about the pairing , why don’t u two just announce that you two are dating already

      • 3.11.1 matinsoleil

        Hahaha. I won’t be surprise to hear that they’re dating or that he has a major crush on park shin hye to follow her in every drama!!! Beside that he should consider to play with some other actresses to improve his terrible acting. He seems fun outside dramas but his acting is so frustating!!!

        • jane

          There were already rumours that they were dating but of course both have denied it an umpteeth time.

          Seriously there pairing again is going to cause a storm among the fans. There are already haters for PSH in the JYH camp. And the legions of goguma fans supporting JYH with Seohyun after We got married is going to be really disapointed too.

          I seriously dont know that the casting director is thinking.Did they have the same manager for acting roles and they were sold as a package?

          • queen bee

            I don’t *hate* PSH but really, as a Goguma I’m just very pissed with this news. So disappointed with JYH too.

            I… seriously cannot find the words to express just how bad I feel. I was so excited to see LMH in a drama again but with the addition of JYH to the cast, I may just skip it altogether.

    • 3.12 YY

      He’s a scenestiller, that’s for sure.

      • 3.12.1 reeen

        ha, very accurate description ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 3.12.2 jomo

        Such good news, YY!
        I have been wanting to work on my mind-reading skills anyway. This should be the perfect oppty, and I could live tweet to fill in the rest of the audience.
        There will be no need to guess: Is he mad? Sad? Frustrated? Hungry? Euphoric?
        I will let you know.

        Vive le Man of Still!

    • 3.13 hawaiianseoul

      well… he’s good at talking?

      • 3.13.1 KayeJil

        and his self-confidence is way up there but that can only take him so far…

    • 3.14 Dominique

      Is there a name for the hairstyle he displays in the photo?

      I see the same hair on so many “flower” actors and models (and their wannabes). At first, I admired the intricate cut and its effect on the size of face (by making it seem smaller). But now, I am getting bored. To me, it looks more like a hat or a mask that you put on.

    • 3.15 nomaden


    • 3.16 Maris

      He is an extremely gifted musician and singer who is enjoyable to watch in anything that maybe a concert, variety show, drama etc.

  4. Gon

    Bad..Bad…bad…..just say you are dating already~!

    • 4.1 LOL

      i agree, the only reason why he continuously is being casted along with parkshinhye is because they are DATING!

      and i’m not a shipper

    • 4.2 ilikemangos

      My theory when i read this post :

      He probably has a massive crush on her and loves working with her.
      Seriously, did they go out to cast Jung Yong-hwa or did his side take the initiative to ask for a role for him?
      I think it’s the latter.

      • 4.2.1 Paola

        The writer personally requested his cameo in AGD because she liked him. He is there because the writer pushed his apperance in the drama.

  5. jyyjc

    I’m so conflicted as to whether or not I’ll watch this drama. I just don’t love dramas written by Kim eun sook but…lee min ho!! Urrggh.

  6. Lea

    Did y’all notice that a year has to go by for them to re-unite again
    2009 -You’re Beautiful
    2011 -You’ve Fallen for me
    2013 -Heirs
    2015 -(see you guys in your next drama together)

    • 6.1 Belle3005

      AHAHAHAH what a keen observation. Feeling pretty meh about the casting although they look adorable together.

    • 6.2 dewaanifordrama

      I think you have discovered the secret plot…or maybe they really are dating and this is the only way their agencies can figure out how to let them have time to date. It really is not going to help kill the rumour mills. I am sure people are starting to think: “Gee, if they’re just friends, quit throwing them together at every opportunity.” Or maybe it’s just me.

      • 6.2.1 kfangurl

        LOL! I like your theory! XD Making a drama together every other year is the only legit way to get some couple time in.. Makes perfect sense! ^^

    • 6.3 Martabak

      LOL…. You mentioned it perfectly.

    • 6.4 luvhee107

      LoL. I m expecting this too. XD

    • 6.5 Ashley

      I heard the rumor Jung Yong-hwa was going to be in this drama long before Park Shin-hye ever signed on. Once she did become the lead I have just been waiting for the confirmation that he signed on too, it was only a matter of time. This article did not surprise me on bit, in fact it took longer than I thought to hear he was officially in.

      • 6.5.1 Hairpin

        Really? I would actually not be surprised if this were the case (Jung Yong-hwa thinking about it before Park Shin-hye was attached) since he did cameo in A Gentleman’s Dignity. I figure the writer likes C.N.Blue, lol. Waiting for her to try getting Min-hyuk and Jung-shin too.

        As for watching the drama, I’ll wait and see. Who knows, with that break he took from variety/music show appearances in 2012, he may have taken acting lessons too… or something? I’ll put some hope on the writer for a well-written character and the director to make his acting work as well. If they can pull off something similar to the directing for Lee Jun-ki in Arang and the Magistrate (which gave him that intensity so many of us loved) even just a little, I’ll probably be happy. (Although, that being said – I think Jun-ki has the experience necessary to make good use of a director’s suggestions. I’m not sure how well a new actor/casual actor could do the same.)

        A drama isn’t just actors, so when something works or flops, more than one person probably deserves the credit/blame. I’ll wait and see if the combined effort is enjoyable.

      • 6.5.2 Ashley

        Everyone is so concerned about the repeat of PSH with JYH, but I find the LMH with JYH pairing more interesting. They are not two people I would have put together for potential bromance, so its going to be interesting to see how they get along on screen.

        I am going into it positive. Even if it is a mash up of Boy Over Flower and You’re Beautiful, I loved both dramas. It would not be something to take seriously, it would be a drama you watch for giggles and I like that.

        Actually I was hoping they would sort of make a drama like this. I wanted LMH with his two besties Jung Il-woo and Kim Bum on screen together, and I did want PSH as lead. This was just the perfect drama I came up with in my head. Well, I got two of the actors I wanted, and JYH is my LOVE so I will never complain about him being in anything. There are still two boy spot left to be cast, so let me start my rain dances and finger crossing now.

    • 6.6 Preciois


    • 6.7 lalala

      let me added ur comment

      Did yโ€™all notice that a year has to go by for them to re-unite again
      2009 -Youโ€™re Beautiful
      2011 -Youโ€™ve Fallen for me
      2013 -Heirs
      2015 -(see you guys in your next drama together) … Bride and Groom in Real Life (i guess, lol)

  7. Belle3005

    ํ—~~~ What is with them casting people seriously? AND THERE GOES YONGHWA IN SECOND MALE LEAD TERRITORY AGAIN. Whyyyyyyyyyy oh why?

  8. dude

    Itโ€™s described as a trendy drama about rich high school students, and their loves and friendships.


    • 8.1 Bengbeng

      hahaha, my sentiments exactly! Why can’t it be College Students? then the age wont be too noticeable. Anyway, college studes are sometimes also still like highschoolers anyways — goofy, serious and not serious in studying and I think there are a lot of college students who experienced first love also during that period.

      College, college, college!!!

      • 8.1.1 Amaya

        AGREED. A college romance also feels more real when they behave like they’ve “FALLEN INTO FOR THE FIRST AND LAST TIME OMG NEVER AGAIN LOVE” because that stuff doesn’t really happen in high school.

        Man, I ended up cackling every time they showed a flashback of Park ShinHye as a high schooler in Flower Boy Next Door.

        Honestly, its probably just because they like putting everyone in uniforms. People and their fetishes….

      • 8.1.2 Pepper Fish

        I’m really hoping they’ll be the teachers at the high school. But I also doubt it.

        • lalala


        • sharon

          u know what, i literally fell down laughing..wow u hv such an imagination, who would have thought they might be teachers.

    • 8.2 Hazel

      Yeah, the high school setting will render them all conspicuously overage.

      I didn’t even buy Lee Min-ho as a high schooler when he did BOF back in 2009!

    • 8.3 pogo

      I know?! PSH and Yonghwa can pass for teenagers even now, but Lee Min-ho didn’t look like one when he was doing BOF and he looks even less like one now!

    • 8.4 ayyayy

      Lee min ho? High schooler ? With his age, I think his character will be rebellious repeater senior, rich spoiled kid. Huh

      • 8.4.1 ayyayy

        Rich but stupid kid suffering from brain tumour and can’t get high school degree

      • 8.4.2 JoAnne

        Maybe they all have amnesia and forgot they graduated.

        • YY

          Then one day a poor but feisty girl with a mushroom haircut cycles past. LMH takes one look at her, yells “Jan Di!”, regains his memory just like that and realises he’s in the wrong show….

          • JoAnne

            So he jumps in the pool to escape and when he hits the water he has memories of an alternate life (and lifestyle) in a lovely traditional home. At that point, it’s ‘game over’ for Jan Di – but not in the GOOD way.

          • alua


            You guys crack me up.

          • mav

            That was priceless

          • Waiting


          • Divyrus

            ROFL YOU GUYS!!
            You know even if this drama sucks to the core, am pretty sure the community vibe here is gonna be so fun!!!

            Either bitching or just maybe if its good, swooning an appreciating!!!

            LMH I am very disappointed in you though!
            I don’t want BOF 2 but I would really like BOF parody!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜„

          • lalala


        • me2

          u made me LOL

          • zfih

            LMAO!!!! That’s hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

        • pogo

          JoAnne I knew I could count on you for the lols, ha!

        • child woowoo

          On his way to their honeymoon ( with Jan Di) , Gu Jyun Phyo enters timetravel portal and there is shin woo with go may Nam with their leader lost, so they think they should be together because we are hot together. We will make another fan strike

    • 8.5 eny

      this drama really wanna get many teenageer to watch this drama…………………….i’m not really interested

    • 8.6 Cynthia

      Heartstrings was a college setting – that was a pretty resounding flop when it aired.
      A college setting done well was ‘What’s Up’.

      Frankly, I see more of a problem for Lee Min Ho here with this type of drama. City Hunter placed him perfectly to jump solidly to total leading man territory and then his lackluster acting in Faith really pushed him backwards. If Heirs doesn’t do well, it’s going to have WAY more negative impact for him rather than Yonghwa being cast with PSH.
      Plus, I really don’t want to see LMH cast as a high school student – he doesn’t look that age anymore and neither do Yonghwa or PSH.

      • 8.6.1 anneakemi

        As much as I like LMH, PSH and even YGH, this drama really pushes them a step back again from transitioning to more adult leading roles. I’m hoping that this drama doesn’t have the high school setting throughout the entire storyline (maybe it transitions to when they graduate or something) or it takes place when they are older with significant flashback scenes (like in 49 Days) or something.

        Not too thrilled to see YGH and PSH paired up again… they really haven’t shown good on screen chemistry… The casting is probably done so they can market this drama abroad (like to Japan), since all three of them are pretty famous in other Asian countries. I wouldn’t be surprised if the second female lead turns out to be some idol (like from Kara or something).

      • 8.6.2 kfangurl

        Completely agree that they shouldn’t be cast as high school students.. There are plenty of up and comers for high school stories like this, without having to cast actors who have been playing adults. Barring flashback scenes, this really shouldn’t be done >.<

    • 8.7 Betsy Hp


      I echo your cry of despair and longing. ๐Ÿ™‚

      And I’d heard previously that this was a college setting. So that’s the breaking news — that it’s yet another high school drama — that has me sad. ๐Ÿ™

      (Seriously though. What is the block on college-dramas? There’ve been like… 2 that I know of. Do Korean college students not shenanigan? I don’t understand…)

    • 8.8 Bernadine Moore

      UGH! High School…please god they are not students! So unbelievable. I agree with everyone else…COLLEGE at least! This show will leave itself wide open for ridicule of the worst sort if they make a bunch of mid 20 year olds try to look like high school students! How gullible do they expect the audience to be? We are not, thank you very much!

      • 8.8.1 bernie

        “This show will leave itself wide open for ridicule of the worst sort if they make a bunch of mid 20 year olds try to look like high school students! How gullible do they expect the audience to be? We are not, thank you very much!”

        it must bother me less because i’m american, and that’s like, the norm on american television. you always have 2o-something year olds playing high school students lol

        • ilikemangos

          So true and another thing that bothers me.
          These 20 something year olds are supposed to be in higschool and doing stuff that are obviously not very high-school like so why not as well make em in college? ie. gossip girl. Trying to appeal to the younger generation i guess.

  9. djes

    Why? They want to live up their dating rumor again?

    And there are so many young star their age, like Go Kyung pyo, for example, ( I actually want to write Kim Woobin, but he’s busy with Friends 2 ), why Yonghwa?

    • 9.1 deedee

      totally agree with the go kyung pyo part. especially his height is a match to lee min ho’s, haha!

      • 9.1.1 me2

        I agree with deedee

        • ys

          Me too, me2.

    • 9.2 news

      GKP is so cute and I like his range more than LMH’s.

    • 9.3 Maris

      The good part about them is that they stay true to themselves first remaining unaffected with the rumors. Really commendable considering the onslaught of the articles in the recent past.
      As regards to GKP and KWB. I agree that they fit well but we don’t know what’s cooking in KES ‘s mind. Maybe, there still is some casting left and we get to see them or others. There are still few months left.

  10. 10 hmm

    please cast another guy please

  11. 11 Fanny

    Dramaland is so persistent, huh? I was kinda excited with Lee Min-ho/Park Shin-hye pairing, but with Yonghwa as second lead, it feels like YAB all over again.

    And I don’t even like YAB -_-

    • 11.1 Callie

      Yeah. I didn’t like YAB or BOF at all.

      • 11.1.1 eny

        same with me

  12. 12 february

    As a fan of both I actually oppose this. I cannot accept that YH will be the second lead and third wheel again. And if this two really in a relationship then it will ruin lee minho and PSH chemistry in the drama. I dont jniw how to digest this news. Its actually bitter sweet.
    Dang! YongHwa really love Shinhye to make him join this drama. Haha

    • 12.1 Yanny

      I hate the fact that kdramas always have the first lead, second lead formula it’s so annoying. Why can’t we just have a storyline where the audience can’t predict who will end up together change things up. I love Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and Jung Yong Hwa <3 All three of them aren't the greatest actors but hey their all cute as heck lol. I am actually looking forward to this.

      • 12.1.1 Mindy

        i guess the only one that broke this formula as far as i can remember is Hotelier. Bae Yong Joon was the 2nd lead, and he is with the female lead

  13. 13 mel

    I guess she likes to keep her boyfriend employed in acting roles. LMH looks way too old to be a high school student. This is going to be another lee min ho drama I can’t finish isn’t it?

    • 13.1 nakai

      Yes Yong why why why…..If Writer Kim wanted him , I guess he would think it wouldnt be wise to turn her down. But still I’m disappointed. I’m hoping he would just concentrate on his music.

      Anyway, their shippers gonna have a field day. Expect wedding invitations soon. ^^

      • 13.1.1 nakai

        @mel ….Sorry I hit the wrong reply button. Didnt mean to reply to you.

    • 13.2 Callie

      @mel Haha, so it happens to you too? When BOF first came out, I couldn’t bear to watch the painfully and awfully slow acting of LMH and GHS, not to mention the plot too (TW version still rocks the best!). Then when Personal Preference came out, gave up in ep 3. Then when City Hunter came out, gave up by the time I hit ep 14. Then when Faith came out, gave up on ep 5. Sigh. The fate of LMH on the small screen for me. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 13.2.1 eny

        so, I’m not the only one

      • 13.2.2 mel

        Haha nope. That sounds exactly about how I watched his dramas. Though props to you to getting to ep. 5 of Faith. I’m not that strong.

        • Callie

          Haha… thanks? XD I had to try. It was like bad juju watching LMH acting. Lol. He’s good looking but not good to look at when it comes to acting. No offense. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 13.2.3 anastassia

        Me too. Lee Min Ho didnt do anything for me. His acting is just…

      • 13.2.4 anastassia

        Another thought

        koalasplayground dot com/2013/04/04/park-shin-hye-joins-lee-min-ho-in-upcoming-sbs-drama-heirs/

  14. 14 GyuFriend

    *sigh … is Park Shin Hye the only one actres in Korea ??? Why this pairing again ??? i’m tired about their dating rumor, then both of them denied about the dating rumor, but their act in the same drama again … *sigh
    I don’t like this, ๐Ÿ™
    can’t JYH do another drama ? with another actrees!
    Park shin hye said she’s tired of the dating rumor, but then said she’s in contact with JYH …
    both of them is not consistent !! seems like the dating rumor will be up again. *sigh

    • 14.1 vei hyun

      I agree with you…
      I want to see yonghwa act with another actres I’m tired about their dating rumor…

    • 14.2 Ajama

      Totally agree. I will not watch this drama..though I like LMH…(sad…sigh)

    • 14.3 LOL

      dude, why complain about park shin hye in a yonghwa casting article? people have already complained about her in her casting article now it’s time for yonghwa to get bashed ESPECIALLY since he sucks at acting moreso than her!

      • 14.3.1 Maris

        Actually, I just cannot understand the “bashing” that goes each time a casting with popular artists are announced. These are all acting according to the characters that are scripted for them. They just bring them alive according to the director’s, writer’s and their own abilities. Without even seeing a single episode how can some people go after the cast with their extreme viewpoints, assumptions and judgements.
        I would just wait and see for at least the first episode to be aired. Maybe, its just thinking aloud for many but looking from the actors/actresses viewpoint it must be tough to bear with the extreme opinions.

        • momoi

          Wonderful statement! I’d give you a round of applause if I wasn’t typing, and I think more people need to at least consider this viewpoint.

          I mean, drama fans can’t really be like this can they? Such extreme opinions on such little info.

          • Maris

            Thanks for feeling the same way. It’s just that when I see young people trying to find their path in life with hard work and effort, I feel they need to be supported by constructive criticism at times and encouragement on others…..definitely not bashing to kill their spirits, motivations and will to do better. In this case, they have not even lifted a finger or spoken a word except shown their enthusiasm for working with this writer. Do they honestly deserve some of the uncalled for stuff?

      • 14.3.2 bizure

        was this article put up to bash yonghwa? give DB more credit than that

        • Maris

          Definitely not! But many sure are venting their frustration over here. Who knows the most about this drama and the reasons for this particular casting?

  15. 15 lol

    i think this drama will lead with 4 co star.. and i think YH will have new pairing in this drama

    • 15.1 yanyanhye

      SeoHyun from SNSD! Then some people might get interested LOL

      • 15.1.1 butterfly_fairy

        i think so..
        then all these love triangle rumours will died..

      • 15.1.2 nakai

        I was just saying this. haha

      • 15.1.3 Sam

        No plz! we already have an idol no more plz.

      • 15.1.4 Meisa

        lol thatยดs why many “fans” are angry about Yonhwa acting in this drama with Park Shinhye
        because they are wgm shippers lol
        Gosh! get over it

        • butterfly_fairy

          i think people are tired of the same couple all over again..
          not that they are wgm shippers..
          because the speculations will never end..

        • Hazel

          Argh, no one except the most deluded YongSeo shippers ever believed those two were actually legit. >__<

      • 15.1.5 Dini Yuukie

        Yes , Yes . I want to see Yongseo acting ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 15.1.6 Ddd

        oh please, YH + Seo —-> robot couple.
        they dont have any reaction or motion much on their face.

      • 15.1.7 LOL

        the fudge? she can barely act interested while singing/dance on stage and you expect her to emote during her scenes for acting? hell no
        PLEASE NO
        enough of idols in acting!

        • nakai

          Relax guys, it was just a joke.

    • 15.2 haha!

      Since it’s confirmed as high school drama, I wonder how many idols will be cast in this drama…

    • 15.3 Jumieed

      now we will see which one is hit maker writer KES or SWC PD, since this will be her 1st drama without SWC we will see how it work consider the main lead were’t A list actor either like KES all past dramas so she need to write it better also i hear this won’t be weekend drama it more challenge for her since wed-thu drama usually having hard time with rating

      i think she already anticipated it since she casted many hallyu stars, if it flop she will still get money from overseas

      • 15.3.1 ilikemangos

        That’s my thoughts too. Just because Kim Eun Sook made hit shows in the past, you’ve got to give director Shin Woo Chul, who is currently working on Gu Family Book, alot of credit too. Who knows if this will be another cracktastic show like her predecessor secret garden? She’s parting ways from a duo that made the shows a hit. That’s something to look out for.
        I wonder if Shin Woo Chul decided on another writer this time because he was interested in finally doing saeguk. Well, he’s definitely working his magic fingers there.

  16. 16 serennie

    I loved You’re Beautiful because of the case and I’m a big CNBLUE fan, Yonghwa biased but I got so upset reading the news. He’s already busy enough with his world tour and he DOES NOT need to have more rumors or more dramas with Park Shin Hye. I don’t care if they’re dating or not. If they are, go date but please don’t do another drama again. As much as I liked the character Shin Woo, I don’t wanna sea another version of it. ๐Ÿ™

  17. 17 ajj

    I know this one seems silly..a High School drama featuring the guy who played THE City Hunter. And casting Yonghwa out of the blue who I think is busy with his band’s tour at the moment makes me think if the unending rumor about him and Shin hye could really be true because now while shooting the drama they could spend time together. Anyway I know Yonghwa is not exactly that great of a thespian, but I’m actually excited about this drama now that he’s in it.- because Im a Cn Blue fan.lol..

  18. 18 yanyanhye

    The more reason for me not to watch this drama anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I love Lee Min Ho and love Yong Hwa as a musician but Yong being casted in this drama is wrong in many ways.

  19. 19 butterfly_fairy

    i hope he will be paired with other actress as this drama have 4 males and 4 females lead.. ๐Ÿ™

  20. 20 jdji

    well, i smell agency play behind this, if yonghwa smart enough and want to prove and improved himself as an actor he will choose another drama, but if he only want popularity i dont know that he decided by himself or his agency choose this drama, that so greedy with popularity

    that big turn off of me… this drama will be boring no matter the story is and we know nowadays KES writing skill is suck,

    more over i read this drama wont be a weekend
    are we will see the first low rating drama from KES???

    • 20.1 nakai

      His agency is not that powerful.

      • 20.1.1 jdji

        i didn’t talk about his agency power, but talk about how his agency want to build again his popularity which was slow down this past two year..

        and FNC was powerful enough in drama industry because they are subsidiary of CJ E&M one of biggest drama production and distributor, recent KES work was all under CJ E&M

        • nakai

          FNC’s president Han Seong Ho gives Yonghwa a lot of freedom. If he or Yonghwa wants ‘popularity’ they should have choosen the variety route.

          I’ve always assumed Writer Kim is quite strict (?) , choosy(?) on who she wants in her drama. Because usually I think when she writes she already has an idea on who she wants for that role. She would always try her best to get the actor that she wants.

          And the extended cast usually got casted through audition.

          • .

            LOL, more like agency play on Shin Hye’s side, I think. CNBLUE fans know how that agency keeps pushing the two together. Not like it’s the pairing’s fault but.. yeah, I’d like to see Yonghwa with another actress.

          • jdji

            what the variety of route?

            they have win win i think

            KES is hit maker, yonghwa hallyu star less relevant in korea compare to overseas

            if this drama hit..both will be happy yonghwa will up his popularity while KES beside from local will got much money overseas
            if this drama flop, KES still get much money while yonghwa still can enjoy more popularity oversea

          • haha

            to the person who said PSH’s agency pushed them together? How?
            It’s not their decision that he joined this drama later. If he doesn’t want to no can make him even FNC. He has a choice and she was casted first
            Delu shippers are crazy

  21. 21 Meisa

    LOL why everyone is so pressed?
    clearly LeeMin Ho and Shinhye are the main couple..MAIN COUPLE!

    ” this trendy drama about rich high school students, and their loves and friendships.”
    I bet Yonghwa will be paired with another girl and he will have his own love story.

    • 21.1 jdji

      a news said he will confront lee min hoo for park shin hye

    • 21.2 mel

      Main couple, but everyone will be talking about the supposed real couple while they continue to deny they are dating and wonder why people keep asking about it. Though the City Hunter being a high school student bugs me more than this casting news.

      • 21.2.1 Meisa

        maybe they are really dating.. I dont know..they would never admit it though..
        I mean Yonghwa choose this
        even he already knew Park Shinye was the female lead
        so,I do not think he is angry about the fact of being paired with Park ShinHye

        I want to see it because Lee MinHoo <3

      • 21.2.2 mav

        Yes! LMH didn’t even look like a HS when he did Mackerel Run and now this… when it was a college set up I was okay with it. I was like ‘nice first time ever he is being cast somewhat around his real age’ nor is he playing young badass guy. But his is just so not my thing…. I actually creeps me out, the guy is older than me and I haven’t set foot on HS since 2007! Also whats that crap about one of the students having thing with the teacher?! Why do they keep pushing this crap.. the only place that thing worked was Biscuit Teacher… at least College student having an affairs with a professor is way more common an as long as the dude ain’t pass 40 is not as creepy… still not the ideal but less statuary rape territory…..

        And I feel sort of sorry for both Yonghwa and Shiney even if this is a choice they made freely

    • 21.3 Maris

      I agree. LMH and PSH are the MAIN pair. This is a drama. Once they start enacting their roles, their previous roles will be forgotten because they are good enough to make it possible. The ones who will be even more concerned are the actors, writer and the director. They will not let all our fears come true. Otherwise, they would not have casted them together.

      • 21.3.1 kumi

        Maris, I like your positivity.

        • Maris

          Thanks Kumi, ๐Ÿ˜Š, I have my fears and concerns like many others over here who genuinely care for and are protective of their favourites. I think most of the comments stem from that. But, again there are some who go very much off tangents. After all aren’t most of the comments based on preconceived notions of what this drama is going to be and what the relationships will be because of the past?
          What on earth is the purpose of the reputed and well respected writer if she cannot come up with original ideas and who looses the golden opportunity of having a wonderful cast.
          It would be a shame if people miss the anticipation, eagerness and joy of looking forward to this drama that in my eyes looks extremely promising bar few misgivings.

  22. 22 Sushiii

    Okay guys! Stop with that dating rumors of JYH and PSH! Can’t you understand that PSH (even JYH too) is tired of it? Like seriously, why would people insist to believe that they are dating? They are close friends, more like bestfriends. Of course they would keep on contact with each other because they are FRIENDS. And nothing more than that. They have always denied that dating rumor in every interview, so why would you keep on insisting that they are dating? If they are dating, sure it would be announced publicly a long time ago. But why isn’t there such announcement today? Because simply it is just a rumor, a big lie.

    • 22.1 nakai

      Try telling that to that to Knetizens. ^^ But dont worry, I’m really tired of the rumor too.

      • 22.1.1 Sushiii

        Lol I have noticed that the knetizens are the ones saying exaggerated rumors. Like after reading them, I would always say to myself: “how come there’s such a rumor like this? This is very impossible!” Or maybe they are translated opposite of what they really mean? Wtvr. Ha! We’re all tired of that rumor. ^^

    • 22.2 Ginger

      He is a lousy actor. It won’t help his acting if you deny the truth. HE IS TOO BORING TO WATCH. PERIOD.


      Friends with benefits. You’ll be upset but, they are friends with benefits.

      • 22.2.1 haha

        lmao are you stupid or crazy?
        you are talking like you know them personally
        Oh you are delusional. IC

      • 22.2.2 Dramlov

        LOL The writer personally asked him to cameo in A Gentlements Dignity…she likes him, that’s why she casted him

        • :P

          great, finally someone says it
          she likes HIM, but not his acting ^-^

      • 22.2.3 Maris

        Sorry but no …I have to disagree on everything that you said

  23. 23 nakai

    Oh I know ….Cast SNSD’s Seohyun too. Love square is the best.

    Lee Min Ho loves Park Shin Hye but she has a crush on Yonghwa, who unfortunately cant get over his exgirlfriend from his old school, Seohyun.

    XD Just a lame joke dont hit me.

    • 23.1 yanyanhye

      Then this would be just an all out fandom war! XD

      • 23.1.1 nakai

        IKR ! It would be fun ! ^^

        • buzzy

          ohh!! this is what shinhye want!!??? but then said she is soo annoyed about the rumor!! i like it!! really shinhye??? this is not a wise decision.

          • haha

            why Shinhye? Can’t you read?
            It’s HIS decision, not her
            She is already confirmed a while ago so it’s his decision to join the drama
            How is it so hard to understand?
            She doesn’t like it yet I can’t believe he did it
            He should have thought better

  24. 24 kahoni

    oh man, this does not bode well for the future of this drama. i really wanted to be excited about this drama but it’s getting harder and harder.

    let’s have a drama with PSH and Lee Seunggi already!

    • 24.1 pogo

      oooh YES

      That adorability would be off the charts

    • 24.2 mel

      I wish. She wants to do a drama with LSG too. Probably will be awhile though.

    • 24.3 Maris

      I am still excited because I like all these actors and believe that once we see them play their roles as envisioned by KES all these fears will be redundant. Honestly, we will love the drama. The main pairing is that of LMH and PSH. They will be great together because of what is written for them.
      Since, I firmly believe that JYH is just a close friend with Shinhye it really does not matter. He did say that he wants a role that is like his real self so we will see him in totally different role. Same goes for the other two. I still say that the script, acting and directing will make or break the drama.
      It will not be another BOF just simply because that is the worst nightmare for a writer to have their work considered to be unoriginal and also a reflection of someone else’s work.

      LSG and PSH? When? When?when? If only……

    • 24.4 ilikemangos

      okay now THAT pairing i can get behind.
      Lee min Ho + Park Shin Hye?
      I am trying so hard but it just doesnt.click.

      • 24.4.1 ilikemangos

        Actually can we have PSH replace Suzy in GFB as of now? Dont hurt me. Wait, that would make it PSH’s first saeguk, wouldnt it?

        • Maris

          Why didn’t that happen? Totally expected it after their appearances together.

        • Maris

          Btw…..I love mangoes….. Favourite fruit!

  25. 25 Uhnny

    SMH. *sigh*

    Another BOF-ish story?

    Oh boy, Lee Min Ho better back out while it’s still early. Join Hong Sisters instead! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 25.1 Ginger

      I read somewhere that Lee Min Ho will back-out.

      This is just Heartstrings 2.

      I couldnt be bothered to watch Shin Hye and Yong Hwa all over again.

    • 25.2 Maris

      As far as I know All the cast joined because of the reputed writer. It’s only the fans who want this to be for innumerable other reasons that apart for some have absolutely no foundations.

  26. 26 Aiya

    NOOOO! I like the guy, but… C’mon! Enough already.

  27. 27 wei

    my first thought when i saw the title: here’s your cue WGM people! but then i realized, 5 seconds later,…oh right.
    idk about the actual drama-pairing happening again, but srsly this is a shipper’s dream come true.

  28. 28 VINNYBLUE

    Wow, what’s wrong with him? he wants to be with Shinhye in all his acting resume? LOL just kidding. I’m sure the writer gives best script that he couldn’t miss the opportunity.
    Calm down people, I think they won’t be a couple again in this drama.

  29. 29 TTT

    KES must be not confident with her writing skill consider she may dont get weekend timeslot…the last drama of her that not weekend timeslot was city hall that never surpassed 20% eventhough with very good writting, i think KES may think if this drama flop in korea she still get big money from overseas

    doesn’t next cast should be Kim Bum and Lee Hongki, well big mix cast BOF and YAB which was super popular oversea may give so much money for her

    • 29.1 haha!

      LoL, I was thinking Kim Bum as well. But I guess it wont happen.

  30. 30 Annie

    Well, I already wasn’t going to watch this drama, but this definitely seals the deal.

  31. 31 pogo

    Wait, is it confirmed that he’s cast opposite her? (as in, playing her love interest, and not just second lead like Kim Bum in TWTWB)

    I could think of other pairings I want Park Shin-hye to repeat (hint: the other two in You’re Beautiful) , but this is not one of them.

    • 31.1 ilikemangos

      Actually i wouldn’t mind him being Lee Min Ho’s loyal best friend much like kim bum + jo in sung.
      I’m just tired of this second lead trope that’s present in every show. which is why i’m glad twtwb wasn’t as adamant with their second leads

  32. 32 x

    Am a fan of all of them, esp yonghwa. so, firstly, damn you guys for saying he’s bad in acting. and secondly, am looking forward since it’s im a fan of all of them. minho through bof and shinhye through yab & heartstrings. thirdly, am not looking forward because cnblue is having their worldtour which is extremely tiring, yet filming a drama? ohgod, kill me pls. fourthly, am a shipper of yongseo, thus really irritated of people shipping of yongshin again. i have to agree that they’re cute together but i can assure they’re not together, they’re just really goodfriends. but thanks to shippers, they’re awkward now ._.

    • 32.1 haha

      I bet you anything they aren’t awkward. Just watch Heirs BTS and see ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 32.1.1 LLL

        but there’s no “heirs” BTS yet to confirm… ๐Ÿ˜›

        • haha

          let’s wait and see.
          They had no prob after 2 yrs in HS and their interviews proved how close and understanding they are
          he also send her message for her 10 yrs and also interview her recently too. Only some crazy shippers hope them to be awkward when they said they don’t get affected by the rumors

      • 32.1.2 x

        LOL. Yonghwa admitted himself that they’re awkward now.

        • Kayt

          no he didn’t say that… The shippers wish though
          Plus he just contacted her recently….

          • x

            Contacting =/= not awkward. Yes, he did. At taxi talk with cnblue.

    • 32.2 Ginger

      He is a lousy actor. It won’t help his acting if you deny the truth. HE IS TOO BORING TO WATCH. PERIOD.

      • 32.2.1 Angie

        I definitely agree with you. Fnc should let him appear in dramas wherein his co actors can help him most specially the senior actors. And not with someone who he starred with in 2 flopped dramas.

        I like the path jonghyun, junshin and minhyuk are taking… Slowly but surely. Being in support roles somehow helps them develop and hone their acting skills and prepare them for future lead roles.

        • x

          @Angie, As a fan of Yonghwa, I appreciate you for giving a constructive criticism. Hoping you’ll like him some days(: Maybe not as a actor but as a musician perhaps.

      • 32.2.2 x

        Can you act better than him then -_-. Neither will criticizing him behind the keyboard will help you with your life either. You’re worse then, because no one bothers to even watch you, not caring you’re boring or not.

        I apologise for being rude. Try having your idol being insulted like that.

    • 32.3 ilikemangos

      Wait. How do you do a world tour and film a show at the same time? Some people just can’t just focus on one thing at a time. I’m a big believer in people excelling in whatever they do. No half- assing. Taking a break from acting while touring is fine, and taking a break from touring is fine while acting. That’s why I’ve had no complaints with seung gi cause he knows to focus on one thing at a time.

  33. 33 Sunnyhill

    well…already give so many reason for not watching this drama as my self is a drama fan

    – the synopsis sound plotless
    – the drama i only like from lee min ho is city hunter
    – the casts was a big turn off
    – the only drama i like from KES is city hall

    so, bye bye

  34. 34 faye

    Wow . . .a lot of negativity here! As a fan of all three actors. I’m pleased to see them getting work, and it will be fun to see them in the same drama. I’ll admit that I’m not thrilled about them playing high school students, since Shin Hye and Min Ho, especially, have done more mature roles. However, I’m willing to give it a chance. Frankly, while everyone is entitled to their opinions, I can’t understand someone calling themselves a “fan” of someone but not wanting them to get work. At least watch the show once before you trash it! Plus, keep in mind that there are multiple pairings in K-dramas, so Yong-Hwa’s charachter may not come in contact with Shin-Hye’s.

    As for the personal rumors, what the actors do in their own lives is their business, and as long as they’re being professional on-set, I don’t care. Why should people care that being in a drama will give rise to dating rumors, as long as the drama is good? People will always talk about something, and if actors rejected choices on the basis of rumors they might engender, they would never work at all!

    It could end up being a disaster, but it could easily end up being a fun drama as well. I urge everyone who’s a true fan of any of these three to take a deep breath, keep an open mind, don’t get influenced by personal feelings about real-life pairings, and give the drama a chance.

    • 34.1 gilbien

      well said & good point there. u made me unlurk with your views. exactly my thoughts. it’s a rave 4 me.

    • 34.2 checkinout

      Well said.

      KES’ story lines may meander a little more than necessary, but she’s written good secondary characters and is not a fan of the overplayed love triangle. In fact, I usually enjoy her secondary characters even more than the leads as I feel that she has more freedom to make them more layered and multi-dimensional.

      And if AGD is anything to go by, I’m looking forward to some solid bromance between LMH and JYH.

      • 34.2.1 jee

        how much KES drama did you watch? who is you favorite secondary character who as you said writing really good..
        you know secondary characters in AGD work because they are in marriage age, do you think how much she can make from high school, it either a rich guy, nice guy, playboy, kid with problem, birth secret, nothing new…and consider yonghwa isn’t a new face either, really really nothing new

        • checkinout

          In AGD, I liked the 3 other ‘gentlemen’ (each were flawed but I could always see where they were coming from), Woobin’s character (had enough of a backstory to explain why he was the way he was and his puppy love for his teach was adorable!) and in SG, I loved everything about Oscar!

          Just to be clear, we’re talking k-drama rom-com fluff here so anytime a character has a little bit more backstory that explains why they behave the way they do and are not painted in one-dimension, I feel relieved. If I want complex characters, I’ll go watch some art house film. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Jee

            well then it will only a rich guy, nice guy, playboy, kid with problem, birth secret and all the reason behind that nothing new

            and in AGD KES waste too many good secondary characters in AGD she already written the background but dont know how to finished it nicely luckily she wrote good pair for them, the women in AGD has better character but that also because their acting was so good
            oscar was annoying definitely didn’t give some competition for hyunbin scene

          • Faye


            You said “well then it will only a rich guy, nice guy, playboy, kid with problem, birth secret and all the reason behind that nothing new.”

            Um, doesn’t that pretty much summarize the categories for every K-drama, like, ever?

    • 34.3 Yanny

      Exactly! Thank you. You never know this might be a great drama or not… lol

      • 34.3.1 snow_white

        I agree….so many people are simply writing negative comments….when the drama has not even started…..

  35. 35 Gom

    Ugh, this guy should move on already! What is wrong with him?

    And I will bet my entire 6-month ramyun stash that this drama will contain the same old k-drama romcom trendy cliches.

    Lee Min Ho is a bratty mean chaebol person and Shin Hye will either be poor or middle class and will be a candy girl who works really hard at school/work, really kindhearted girl who’s either incredibly shy and timid or someone who’s tough and has to muster weird, exaggerated facial expressions. Lee Min Ho will treat her like garbage but due to some unknown force from heavens, Shin Hye will fall madly in love with him. All the while Jung Yong Hwa broods over her, either being her best friend or Lee Min Ho’s. THE END.

    This setup will look and feel refreshing and interesting because the writer will put in funny skits here and there. Or cute lines or gestures. But at the end of the day, it’s the same exact premise. It’s safe, it’s easy, it sells.

    Not to mention, Lee Min Ho’s face (er, nose) will be in the screen 95% of the time. Jung Yong Hwa is a trendy idol who insists on becoming an actor when he clearly should just stick to his music. Park Shin Hye, well, I like Park Shin Hye but the girl should start growing out of these roles and stop the cutesy acting for heaven’s sake! Do something new and challenging and risky, girl. They’re all very popular, all good looking (though LMH, fangirls will kill me but I have to disagree). This drama will sell overseas in millions of dollars. Which is good, because that’s the point after all.

    Anyway, there you go, Heirs… Dropped. On the floor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 35.1 haha

      PSH isn’t only doing cutie role in movie though…

      • 35.1.1 Gom

        Her most prominent and widely-known characters are from YAB, Cyrano Agency, Heartstrings, FBND, and Miracle in Cell No. 7. I’m excluding her childhood roles as she’s 24 now and those are really not the basis of her acting anymore. Now, in each and every one of these dramas and movies, she has acted on the same safety range. She may have played different roles, but she’s always on her comfort zone. She has shown little to no growth with each role, I always see the same Shin Hye. I really hope she takes on a more challenging role like Moon Geun Young’s role in the movie Love Me Not. It will cement her status as an actress.

        • skelly

          Totally agree!!! Enough of the cow-eyed gaze of wonder or contentment; I want to see her enraged, I want to see her make mistakes, lie, be cynical, be distraught, be edgy and strange and uncomfortable, break out of her juvenile shell and go for it.

          • ilikemangos


    • 35.2 daphne

      Dude, PSH was a hermit/ weirdo/ introvert in FBND. Hardly cutesy..

    • 35.3 reeen

      I’m only watching if the roles are inverted with Lee Min-Ho as a candy boy and Park Shin-Hye as a haughty heiress. That could actually be a fun satire of BOF….

    • 35.4 Maris

      FBND, DWIAG,MOR7 from recent works
      Seoul 1945, Cyrano A, Evil twins, TOH, Love Phobia from some of the early works.

  36. 36 Makoto

    Not really excited from the start about this Heirs project because her previous works like Gentleman’s dignity, Secret Garden and Millionaire’s first love. I sense the similar kind of male there. Rich but jerk and so childish. I want LMH back to dramaland but with better drama after he did good job in City Hunter.

  37. 37 eternalfive

    LOLWHAT. Again?! It’s not like they make a super cute couple together anyway. Not the first time, most definitely not the second time, and probably not the third time. O.O Or maybe third time’ll be the charm…? Yeah…no. ๐Ÿ˜› But ooh, a high school drama. About love and friendships. Sounds like my type of drama. If it’s done right. ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. 38 Oya

    But i like both of them together…

  39. 39 yannie

    how can we see yonghwa’s growth in acting if he is paired up with the same actress over and over again? i love both actors. but this is just too much? i want to see yongwha’s progress. And shinhye well i just love her hahahhaha… i am just a concerned fan of both of them =)

    • 39.1 butterfly_fairy

      he should takes dramas like the one minhyuk and jungshin have been..
      then, he can learn from the other seniors who have more experiences..
      that way he can progress himself..
      its just my thought..

      • 39.1.1 LOL

        but they don’t want yonghwa as much as they want jungshin and minhyuk.. all cnblue members probably auditioned for the roles and they were chosen over yonghwa because yonghwa really just sucks @ acting

    • 39.2 jee

      the agency and himself maybe a popularity strive, or he love PSH too much

  40. 40 Ginger

    They’re all motivated by money,

    Park Shin Hye and Yong Hwa again? Friends with benefits?

    I AM DEFINITELY NOT WATCHING THEIR DRAMA. THEY ARE IN THEIR MID-20s acting like kids. Mentally handicap? not heirs, but handicap. Probably the script is about intellectually incapacitated high schoolers – looking old in school uniforms.

    • 40.1 nakai

      Why so mean ?! T.T

    • 40.2 Faye

      As someone who volunteers with developmentally disabled children, I have to tell you how offensive your comment is to me and would be to anyone who works with that community. You’re entitled to feel how you want about a drama pairing, but don’t make comments like that. Disgusting.

    • 40.3 haha

      how crazy and disgusting some people are
      I feel bad for people around you

    • 40.4 lenrasoon

      lol omg

    • 40.5 Faith

      I know that everyone is entitled to an opinion… but please please, we are all grown ups. Using words that might hurt those who are intellectually-challenged people though you don’t intend to are not acceptable… Please be careful with your choice of words…

  41. 41 buzzy

    I Love shinhye but this???? i am sooooo sorry! I am not happy for Heirs at the first place.. i want her in Knife and Flower.. it because i want to see different shinhye!!! see her with real actor!!!!! seriously.. if this is for the sake of popularity then i will not watching it at all!!

    • 41.1 kristin

      hey, why not give the actors a chance to show what they got…they’re not even shooting the first episode and yet all of you people are judging them…Haven’t you heard the phrase benefit of the doubt?give them that…and let’s see and judge them after that…

      • 41.1.1 Maris

        Totally agree!

  42. 42 Brian

    I’m a yongshin shipper and you will all probably bash me or something….

    I really hope they tell the world THAT they are DATING…

    why can’t all couples be like Tae Young and Eugene they told everyone they were dating, they got married just fine why do you keep denying it?! T_T

    FYI, Park Shin Hye is the one who is really denying the rumor… she is really afraid of Anti’s and I just think Yong Hwa wants to let everyone know about them but Shin Hye tells him not to! Hence, I believe this is his way of saying I’m dating Shin Hye rather than bluntly announcing it to avoid trouble.. do you guys agree?

    Either way since I’m a shipper I’m going to look forward to this and I don’t mind Lee Min Ho and Shin Hye being the Main Couple… Honestly, all I ever really wanted was just to see Lee Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye act together as the main couple they could make a really good comedy I could see it !!!

    • 42.1 gilbien

      liked your mind-set a hundredth fold coz i’m a yongshin shipper too ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. 43 Qua Trang

    I don’t know what to make of this casting news. When I first heard of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye casting opposite each other, I fell a wee bit drawn to the drama. But the description of the premise just left me shrieked NOooooo! Not BOF again!

    Now this! I love JYH and CNBLUE, but Yonghwa’s acting in YAB and YHFFM is subpar. He was so stiff. He couldn’t convey the emotions. He was only good when he acted with his guitar or when he sang. Of course 2 years have passed and he could have followed acting classes and improved. But I don’t hold much hope for that.

    Besides, LMH and PSH are good, with potentials, but not thespians to raise their co-star’s acting. I could venture to say the opposite: when they are with a good co-star, their acting is elevated. Otherwise, they could barely hold their own. So for now, it is another NO for me. I won’t check this out unless better casting news come out. *Sign*

  44. 44 Mystisith

    I already said I would watch this for the writer and not for the cast. Well… Nothing changed.
    I don’t care at all about rumours or variety shows but I thought PSH & JYH had chemistry in YAB. Strangely, that chemistry disappeared in Heartstrings (the script was lame, but still: Didn’t know such thing was possible).
    Please Drama, don’t suck. I would hate if it was my 1st disliked KES drama.

  45. 45 snow_white

    Am I the only one who is happy to hear this news ???

    Love the casting….Can’t wait to watch this show….

    I loved PSH-JYH in You’ve Fallen For Me and it’s a good news that they are working together again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 45.1 Faye

      No, I’m happy about it too. I like all three actors, I like the writer, and I think it could be fun! Probably not Great Drama, but fun, and that’s what I look for in a K-drama.

      Maybe it’s because K-drama is just a hobby for me and I don’t get invested in real-life pairings, but I can’t understand some of the vitriol I’m seeing in response to this announcement. Watch it or don’t watch it, but don’t act like these three being together is going to cause the North Koreans to go nuclear, you know? Then again, I’m a relatively old ajhumma of 33, so probably I’m past feeling such heightened passions because of drama casting :).

      • 45.1.1 skelly

        Faye, like you I’m way past the age of shipping anyone or caring about lovelines (I’m 51) but I am upset with the casting because I feel like LMH and PSH are stagnating in these sorts of roles. Fun high-school dramas are all well and good, but all three cast so far are a little long in the tooth to play 17-year-olds. And Jung Yong-hwa, while I am sure he is a fine musician, is not an actor; and the casting of idols is anathema to me. I am also worried about the writer; I loved City Hall, but I feel that her work has gone on a steady downward progression since then: more erratic in tone and plot, and more formulaic in characterization, and relying on big names and/or a silly hook, like the body swap, to garner interest rather than an interesting story. This drama, so far, feels like another step on her downward progression.

        • Faye

          @skelly: There are legit reasons to dislike this pairing, and you expressed them very calmly and in an articulate manner. However, the vast, vast majority of the comments I’ve been seeing have been over-the-top nasty, vitriolic, and personal toward Shin Hye or Yong Hwa, depending on which fanbase is posting (LMH seems to get a pass on all this). I became attracted to K-dramas because of the fun escapism they offered, so it really bothers me that people are expressing this level of hate for something that doesn’t even have a script yet. The nature of some of these attacks makes it seem very much that the hostility is about potential real-life pairings (which I don’t care about), and not about the actual drama.

          I’m not thrilled about these three playing high schoolers either, to be honest, even though I love them all. I’m still willing to give it a chance and support them, though. I wish others would watch or not watch, but stay away from the “Shin Hye’s agency is forcing the drama to cast Yong Hwa” type comments. Also, the idea that PSH and JYH shouldn’t act together because of rumors that OTHERS are constantly promoting (and which they continually deny) is just ludicrous to me. Women and men should never work together because somebody might think they have something going on? I dunno, that just seems so medieval and offensive to me.

          Finally – people say they’re so upset and that Shin Hye is holding back Jung Yong Hwa’s growth because they’ve acted three times together (or will have, once the drama is over). Huh? i work with some of the same people every day, and that doesn’t worsen our work product — some may say it even helps! Look at Doris Day and Rock Hudson, just as one example — they made multiple movies together and they were all great.

          • skelly

            I agree, Faye, the fan comments are a little over-the-top. To do sort of a sanity-check on my own opinions, I asked my 16-year-old daughter, who watched City Hunter and liked it, what she thought of LMH (and similarly aged actors/actresses) playing people her age. At first she smirked, and gave me her “oh please, give me a break” look, and then she shrugged. She said he was too old and it would be sortof stupid, but that people in their twenties were always playing high schoolers so obviously it wasn’t that big of a deal. She wasn’t interested in watching it, though.

            I will at least watch the first episode, out of loyalty to City Hall (which I loved) and City Hunter, which was enjoyable. And I will just FF through the Man of Still.

    • 45.2 gilbien

      no you’re not the only one. count me in, not only happy i think i’m ecstatic. if psh & jyh are not the main couple the idea that they will be spending a lot of time filming together is enough for me. lmh to be the male lead is a bonus. i think the 3 will have a blast collaborating. haters will continue to hate no matter what. :p

      • 45.2.1 Ashley

        Agreed! When a cast has fun together on set you can tell, it comes through into the show like You’re Beautiful for example. Depending on who they cast as the other 2 boys and 3 girls they should have a blast together. I think it will be a fun watch. Besides, I know the boy can’t act, but I love JYH, and can’t wait to have him be in my life twice a week again

    • 45.3 Faith

      Count me in. ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved them both also ever since YAB & HS…Watching K drama is my favourite therapy… it is fun and relaxing!!!

  46. 46 2PM mode on

    O No! Bad bad news. I already excited with the main leads but when the 2nd lead announced, I just can’t understand the fate between PSH and JYH. WHY, Drama? Not because I don’t like him ,it’s just like GF said, the repeat pairing thing. O Gosh! But I will watch it cause of the main leads.

  47. 47 Elena

    I guess they say that if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it ๐Ÿ˜›

    I wouldn’t mind the repeat pairing if they were the main couple, as much as I love Heartstrings, the handling of the couple left me a bit cold. I’ll definitely watch it, three of my fav actors in there and the prettiness is hurting my eyes already ๐Ÿ˜€ It’ll all come down to the chemestry between LMH and PSH to sell the whole thing to me at least, I love JYW with her too well to give it up.

  48. 48 Unnursvana

    I like Yonghwa but whyyyyyyyy!? you are cute together, but there are so many dating rumors between you two that I thought they would want to avoid that.

  49. 49 J

    LOL why is everyone so pressed about repeat pairing?? At least in kdrama it so rarely happens. Compared to Philippine dramas, Thai drama, TW-drama, or C-drama where it happens ALL the time, this is nothing, man.

    Moreover, they are not going to be THE OTP, LMH and PSH are! But I guess this being a hotly anticipated projects starring so many fan favorites, it is inevitable that this kinda heated reactions appear…

    Now when is Woobin or Jongsuk’s casting gonna be announced? *my wish kkk

    • 49.1 Yanny

      lol Bollywood is like that too. There are always the same pairings. I actually like it some times because of two actors have chemistry I wouldn’t mind watching them onscreen in many different projects

  50. 50 marie

    now writer and PD,please cast Seohyun

    then we’ll witness the biggest fandom war.
    *popcorn ready*

    • 50.1 J

      Throw in Park Min Young too for a good measure and we’ll have to harvest corn ourselves to watch the craziest love pentagon fandom war ever in the history of Kdrama. Now that is a show!

      • 50.1.1 Fanny

        That would be the most interesting love square ever happened in dramaland. me gusta! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 50.1.2 AJ

        Now I would watch that!!!

      • 50.1.3 eternalfive

        That would be AMAZING,, hahaha!

    • 50.2 lyd

      Hahahha…yess, I totally agree with you..*popcorn ready n coke too* ^^

    • 50.3 ck1Oz

      Oh I say, that would be so interesting just to watch the meltdown happen on the Internet.

    • 50.4 dduk

      not gonna lie it would be fun to see the fandom explode.

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