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Jung Yong-hwa quits Heirs citing difference of opinion
by | April 26, 2013 | 227 Comments

Huh, this is a surprise: Jung Yong-hwa has announced he is leaving the production of He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight: Heirs (which we’ll just call Heirs, since I think the full title is lame—look into taglines, show). Granted he’s already got a full-time job leading an idol band so it’s not like his schedule isn’t busy, but the reason being cited isn’t a packed agenda but a “difference of opinion with producers.”

I say it’s surprising because this drama is about as close as you get to a sure thing (at this stage, I mean, where we’re going purely based on past records and logline descriptions): We’ve got star writer Kim Eun-sook at the helm (having propelled slick, bantery shows like Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and On Air to ratings heights), and Lee Min-ho (Faith) and Park Shin-hye (Flower Boy Next Door) are signed on as the leads. True, Jung Yong-hwa’s role wasn’t the primary lead, but as the guy destined to be disappointed in love in a hot new trendy, he was primed to rake in the sympathy points.

However, according to his agency, Jung’s reps and the producers were unable to meet eye to eye on his character. It was Jung’s side that decided he would leave the show, though reportedly both sides were in mutual agreement.

I’ll be frank: I shed no tears over this news. I do like Jung Yong-hwa and CN Blue is a great poppy rock band whose songs are an instant pick-me-up. I think he can be dryly amusing, which we saw a bit of in You’ve Fallen For Me. On the other hand, he has very little dynamism to his acting, and he tends to feel flat in his line readings and emotions, so I don’t think he’s on par with either Lee Min-ho or Park Shin-hye. So if his departure means someone else gets the opportunity to really step it up and infuse some energy up in this hizzy, I’m all for it. Plus, yes, I think I can go a few more years before seeing Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye paired together again. I know dramaland is a tiny world and repairings are hard to avoid at some point, but three times in three years is a bit much.

So instead, Jung Yong-hwa will focus on his upcoming world tour with CN Blue, then work on recording a new album with the band in the latter half of the year. He is also looking at different acting projects.

Heirs, meanwhile, is aiming for a fall premiere; October’s the tentative date.

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227 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Maris

    Really sad for many reasons. But respect his decision. Wish him all the best always.

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Can’t say I’m sad …or even slightly disappointed. I like him as a band leader and variety guest, but his “acting” is just not good. Of course, that goes for the the vast majority of idols-turned-actors out there.

      • 1.1.1 Maris

        I am sad about the way everything happened and all the backlash he has been facing since his casting news. All I know is that he is a gifted musician whom I enjoy listening and watching. His agency should have handled things better.

  2. Belle3005

    I think he did a wise decision,I’ve had enough of seeing him in second lead territory. YAY!

    • 2.1 alua

      I would rather see him as second lead than first. At this point, he isn’t able to carry a drama.

    • 2.2 mooses

      lmao he was only 2nd lead like once..

    • 2.3 Belle3005

      The guy can’t act. And I was really bummed out that his character as Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful because all he does is just brood the entire time. I was able to look past his lack of acting chops back then since YB was my first serious K-drama ever but after watching him in Heartstrings (LOL I totally forgot that I’ve watched him as a main guy lead simply because he was so unmemorable) I sorta concluded that Yonghwa should totally stick to making music. Man,Heartstrings was really slow and not very memorable.

    • 2.4 rosy


      • 2.4.1 rosy

        meant i agree with his decision to not do the show. pesonally, i believe he can act and had to carry park shin hye in heartstrings

      • 2.4.2 Yonghwa

        Don’t comment about yonghwa like that. You can hurt other peoples feelings, like me. And it’s not like you can act better. So gtfo

  3. Aiya

    Yay! Now I’m curious as to who will replace him. 🙂 Not an idol, puhleaaze?

    • 3.1 anonymous

      I want Kim Woobin.
      He will be great pairing with Lee Minho 😉 🙂

      • 3.1.1 apple

        I think Im Siwan would be a great choice!

        • tamagoxyaki

          I agree siwan would be good in this he’s one of the few good idol actors.

          • Lilian

            ooh…I gotta add on some point for HyungShik. I liked him since his stint in Sirius. Awesome !!

      • 3.1.2 Bengbeng

        I love Kim Woobin too!!!

      • 3.1.3 Ashley

        Kim Woo-bim would be great, but I want to see him get out of second lead territory too!

      • 3.1.4 qwerty385

        How about Lee Joon in Heirs? 🙂 I think it’s good

        • Soo Won

          oh my! jooon?! well…. since hes MY cutepie for now, i dont really wanna see him pout and cry over shin hye… 😉
          anyways, think its about time for the BLAQ boys to do sth a BIT more music-oriented! (a comeback hopefully?!!… its been like AGES!!)
          but i think hongki has had his share of albums and stuff this year, so why not ask for our JEREMY back?!! ^^ :))) oooooh i miss him like CRAZY!!!! not in a “muscle girl” thing again! an ACTUAL drama!

      • 3.1.5 pogo

        No, I want to see Woobie as main lead with Park Shin-hye one day, not playing second banana – even to Lee Min-ho!

      • 3.1.6 am

        I’m gonna have a mega Second Lead Syndrome if they cast Kim WooBin.

      • 3.1.7 Maris

        Yes, good choice!

      • 3.1.8 Nafiza

        I would be SO TORTURED on who to ship if it’s Woo Bin!

      • 3.1.9 anna

        OMFG! I want this so bad, but he’s busy with Friend 2. I really want him back in dramaland like NOW! His buddy is rumored to be in a drama while still filming a movie, so please if not too much to ask, I want him in a drama soon too.

      • 3.1.10 hawaiianseoul

        Hmm not an idol huh?

        Well, they should try casting Go Kyung Pyo as the second male lead. I want to see him act this kind of character too. lololol

    • 3.2 V

      That’s a little disappointing but now I’m really curious to see what was wrong with the role. Cuz something must have been odd to turn off Yongwha O_O! hmmmm, lets see….october hurry up!!!!

      • 3.2.1 Cynthia

        I don’t think it was a matter of what was ‘wrong’ with the role – I think that Yong Hwa finally woke up and figured that a second lead role was a step back in his acting career and was probably written too close to his 2nd banana lead in YB. And with the same actress for the third time? No way, no matter how friendly he and PSH are in real life. Whatever project he takes on next (acting) he’s got to be in a winner, if just to ‘save face’ with his CN Blue bandmates who have all been in high profile, successful dramas (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, Gentlemen’s Dignity and My Daughter,Seo Young), and have done really well in their roles.
        I’m glad he was sensible and rethought being involved in this drama.

        • Ashley

          I agree with every things you said! The other members make fun of him for how his first two dramas went, the next one needs to be a winner for him.

          • Maris

            That is just leg pulling …the type of fun that is done between siblings or very close friends. They all do it to each other

    • 3.3 Russe12

      I remember someone commenting that they wished Go Kyung-pyo had gotten this role and I agree with that 100%! However, I wouldn’t mind Kim Woo-bin or Hong-ki oppa signing on 😉

      • 3.3.1 mav

        OMG Go Kyung – Pyo!!! Someone spam the production team email and make that happen!

      • 3.3.2 hawaiianseoul

        YES ON GO KYUNG PYO!!!

      • 3.3.3 Pakky

        I don’t think so. He’s just in Flower Boy Next Door.

    • 3.4 MeeisLee

      I would absolutely LOVEEEEE to see Jung Il Woo take this project. I’m interested to see if the bestie dynamic would also play into their roles and on screen chemistry! And plus I just love Jung Il Woo in anything :).

      If I can’t have Jung Il Woo, I wouldn’t mind seeing Kim Woobin (still having some slight withdrawl from School 2013).

      Or even Park Shin Hye’s Heartstrings co-star Lee Hyun Jin. He was such a scene stealer! And I haven’t seen him in anything since!

    • 3.5 Yonghwa

      The person who is taking over is minhyuk, yonghwa’s band member. Cnblue

  4. red

    wish him all the best! yeay! i hope the crew cast someone good who can compare with lee min ho.

  5. mere09

    well done yonghwa, and who’s gonna replace him? hope not an idol

    • 5.1 skelly

      I would dearly love for this to go to someone who is NOT an idol, someone who might have a smidgen of actual acting talent, but I doubt it. Knowing the trend lately, it’s bound to go to some other idol who, incredibly, may have even less acting ability than Jung.

      That being said, Woobin was in another of her dramas…

      • 5.1.1 seoulflysea

        Woobin is currently busy filming the movie “Friends 2” so unless that movie wraps up, there is virtually no possibility he can take this role. Plus, I would like to see him take on a leading actor’s role.

    • 5.2 angel

      Best news ever.

  6. Faye

    I am a fan of CN Blue and Yong-Hwa, and this news won’t change that — but at the same time, I can be honest and say this was handled so, so poorly. I think you can be happy about the news and still admit this chain of events was very unprofessional. If there were strings attached to JYH’s acceptance of the role, FNC should have delayed announcing his participation in the show until they resolved those issues. This does not reflect well on FNC (and by extension JYH, even though it might not be his fault) — certainly not at a time when they’re trying to expand CN Blue’s profile abroad.

    I have a hard time believing the World Tour was the reason for this delay. Concert dates have to be scheduled months in advance, and they knew what the schedule, more or less, was going to be. So the reasons are either 1) they really were turned off by the character (and if so, huh? Do agencies usually have that much control over characterization in a drama?) or 2) they did this because of negative netizen response (in which case, they seem very cowardly). Either way, it is not a good thing to announce his participation and make a comittment, then pull out when nothing significant like a family emergency occured in the interim.

    I still like CN Blue and Yong-Hwa, have respect for them as musicians, and really hope to see them in concert this year. However, this whole incident leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak. I hope FNC acts with more professionalism and better judgment in the future when making these types of decisions.

    • 6.1 V

      omg if netizen’s negativity had something to do with this then I’m disappointed aswell in their cowardly ways to handle it. ):

      But i think something must have been off with the role? why do they do this to us, dont announce things so earlyyyy then. xD

      • 6.1.1 Faye

        Obviously it’s all speculation on my part, but I have a hard time believing the “couldn’t agree on the part” story. JYH hasn’t seemed so picky in the past. And let’s just say that is true, that he really wanted a great role and would only play it if it met his and FNC’s requirements — if that was the case, wouldn’t they make that clear to the drama producers? Wouldn’t he wait until the character was fleshed out, review it, and then make a decision and accept or reject it?

        This business of the agency announcing he’s in, then pulling him out, is just weird to me, and doesn’t seem to logically support the reason they’re giving. Even in a regular job, you always ask what it entails before you accept it, no? That’s what makes me think there’s something else behind it.

        • kaka

          There is a speculation about package casting. I don’t know what is the truth, but If that is true, then poor him. 🙁

          • checkinout

            Talk is FNC tried to pull a package deal with the production and they did not bite so they pulled him out. And they left him to take the blame by citing ‘differences in opinion’. They likely used that excuse instead of ‘too busy’ because they are probably trying to cast him in another drama that would accept their package deal. FNC’s greed and incompetence in dealing with this is really baffling. From netizen’s comments, Yong Hwa’s taking the brunt of this for his supposed ‘arrogance’ given KES is such a revered writer.

            Poor boy looked gloomy yesterday during their Japan fan-meeting. He had been absolutely bursting with excitement at this opportunity, even spoiling it during his concert in Singapore.

        • myweithisway

          Problem is, in the kdrama industry, you often don’t have the luxury of waiting for the character to be fleshed out before signing on. It’s a lot of make it up as you go. There’s a good chance they sign on with just a synopsis and maybe the script of the first episode.

          • Faye

            It’s far enough in advance that they must have had some idea of what was involved. And again – if the role he was going to play was so important that he’d rather pull out if it didn’t meet expectations, it was unprofessional to sign up in the first place.

          • skelly

            I am really puzzled by the reason, too. Why raise everyone’s eyebrows over “couldn’t agree with the producer” when you could just say you were too busy, and with a tour coming up no one would think twice about it?
            What are they trying to prove, by saying they got into a fight with the producers – and over his role? I mean, the thought of him having artistic sensibilities about the nuances of acting would make a pig-rabbit laugh. So I am very curious about what really went down.

          • Mrmz

            I’m not really affected my this news, & I do think Faye might be an itsi bitsy harsh on him, but i think Skelly makes a valid point, and the source of why people feel disappointed from this whole thing.

    • 6.2 bjharm

      I have no trouble with him, I do not know his music so no comment and as an “Idol” actor he just good enough to do the job asked of him but I would guess he had very little if any say in the way things worked out, I mean he hardly a good enough actor to complain about his role, heck at this stage its a strech to even call him an actor he so wooden. So that kind of leaves the ball in his companies court, we never know the whys I guess it could be money it could even be be billing, maybe his company wanted him billed before Park Shin-hye and Lee Min-ho? [as if]
      I seen him in Running Man and he seem a nice guy, so it a pity he getting messing up this way.

  7. Andrea

    At first I was ecstatic: “Yes, Oppa has a new project! With Shin Hye and Min Ho!”. But then I remembered he and Shin Hye had starred in three dramas together and I was like “God, why? Don’t pair them off again! Twice is enough!”.

    I admit I was a little bit sad when I read the news earlier, part of me wanted to see three of my favorite faces together on screen… but I think is for the best. More projects will come, eventually. Now I’m curious to see who will they cast.

  8. Mystisith

    Let me just say, I’m happy with the decision:
    A pairing seen and reseen and him who’s basically not the worst but also not the best actor.
    “Difference of opinion with producers.” ??
    I already have the feeling that this cast was imposed on the writer (which is famous for her ratings hits if not for her writing) and you want to tell Ma’am how to write your character? W.T.F? People would kill to work with her and there is battalions of marketable idols out there. Take it or leave it!

    Possible replacers:
    Shin Won Ho (crucified drama stealer needs his revenge).
    JGS (that could be his rebirth role if acting is still his thing).
    Park Min Woo (who’s underused in the Virus).
    Choi Woo Sik (who has to graduate from his status of maknae in TEN).
    Kim Joo Young (maknae of Vampy).
    Lee Hyun Soo (L).

    • 8.1 anonymous

      Nobody can impose anything on Kim Eun-suk. She has the biggest influence in SBS as far as writers go. She picks her cast and time slot as well.

      • 8.1.1 Mystisith

        That’s what I would like to believe. Sincerely.
        Sadly, the K drama world is evolving very fast and now the cast is more and more chosen by the (J) investors and the brands used as PPL. At least if you want to have an ambitious production… Even being the chicken that lays the golden egg for SBS (which on a sidenote is underperforming with its dramas lately and then needs even more external financial help), she must have to negotiate at some point. 🙁

      • 8.1.2 am

        Wow. So basically she’s the Law.

      • 8.1.3 seoulflysea

        You didn’t see “On Air”, did you? The implications and influence of entertainment companies foisting their “stars” is unimaginable. Yes, KES is a hit-writer. But she is not powerful enough to deny offering “stars” their roles if she was pushed. If you didn’t see “On Air,” I highly recommend it. It may open your eyes to the K-drama industry.

    • 8.2 Jules

      Hm, I kind of thought that the reason he agreed to cameo in AGD was because he was promised a second lead role in KES’s next drama. *shrugs*

      • 8.2.1 Mystisith

        Nah… Those kind of cameos are decided at the last minute if an opportunity arises (buzz & promotion, win-win). Same for Sooyoung in AGD. Casting for one drama (and scheduling of its airing) is already difficult so imagine if they had to anticipate for the next one. K Dramaland: Here and now.

        • Jules

          Heh, good point.

      • 8.2.2 Abbie

        I assumed he did a cameo on AGD because his bandmate was in it. Maybe I was wrong?

    • 8.3 aramint

      for me, the difference in opinions is actually a good thing. yes, a writer decides on the story n the characters, but the actors are the ones bringing them to life. which is why i believe actors should be allowed to voice their concerns as well. they’re a package, one can’t stand without the other.

      otherwise, we’re gonna have more cases whereby the actors (if i’m not mistaken, jung il woo was one of them) themselves did not understand and unwilling to act the characters, but were forced to just go with the flow.

    • 8.4 정남

      No on JGS please God do not give him a role in anything I have any interest in. I’m sorry but Jang Geun Seuk is terrible

      • 8.4.1 Honora

        He and his damn hair

        • Mystisith

          That’s why it could be nice. * Prepares the hair clipper*.
          He was good in Lovers in Prague. I’m nostalgic…

      • 8.4.2 Maricel

        Terrible as an actor , you mean?! I don’t agree with you at all. His acting is awesome, i believe he is one of the most talented young star of his age. Way more than Lee Min Hot.

        If you refer to his style and fashion sense, i agree. He had made terrible choices, and for so long that is not funny anymore u,u

        • 정남

          To me his off screen persona as well as his fashion have made him so unlikeable to me he could be a great actor and I still wouldn’t like him. I only watched him in Hong Gil Dong and he re-defined wooden acting he could have improved I just haven’t watched anything with him in it since then

        • Maris

          I agree that the thing I dislike about him is his hairstyle and fashion sense. Both terrible! But what makes me admire him is how much he has achieved solely on his own from a very young age. That was through sheer determination, will power and talent. Some of his interviews give us an insight to his thinking. He shows tremendous intelligence and maturity.
          As far as acting is concerned, he was wonderful in portraying his role in YB. He was good in Beethoven virus too. He can act in my opinion.

        • gretac

          I love that JGS is a non-conformist with his hair, fashion, thinking, everything. Too much conformity in kdramaland – people get really conservative about anything off-beat. JGS is truly creative, which sometimes includes a touch of madness! – not literally, in his case, but that off-beat, quirky, willingness to be different? I love it. I think it makes him lonely.

          • eny

            actually i never like him in anything but for acting actually he’s good the problem is his role choice is bad, agree about more than lee min ho but still joo won is the best in their age for me

  9. anonymous

    Nobody can impose anything on Kim Eun-suk. She has the biggest influence in SBS as far as writers go. She picks her cast and time slot as well.

    • 9.1 seoulflysea

      Unless you have some inside information no one else is aware of, you’d have to prove some credible evidence for me to believe it.

      It’s SBS that decides on time slots. They know that KES’ work usually generates big ratings so THEY (NOT KES) arrange to air the drama when most people are available to watch it. SBS does this because advertisers will pay big money to air their commercials either before or immediately after the drama episode airs. If KES failed to write for any hit dramas, SBS would not bother to carefully plan out the schedule for the airing of the dramas. And what writer DOESN’T pick the cast? That happens with American television writers as well.

      • 9.1.1 liz

        People are saying Yonghwa really wanted to do it but because the drama pds/staff didn’t accept his company requests, YonGHwa company decided to take him out of the drama. It seems hey wanted to put another idol/actor of their company in the drama too together with YongHwa but the staff drama didn’t accept it, there is also things about OST, they must requested that had a OST with CNBLUE or Yonghwa and again they were rejected by the writer and staff drama.

        You can see that most of times an actor is casted someone from their company is also casted as a side role.

  10. 10 kaka

    Thank you, JB!

    As Yonghwa fans, my reaction is torn in half.
    I’m sad because:
    1. I will not get weekly dose of Yonghwa on small screen.
    2. I’m worry about the effect of this decision toward his career in drama circle. I think rejecting highly influential script writer because he doesn’t like the script, then announcing that reason to the world is not considered as good PR move. Even right now he get some extent of backlash because of this T.T

    On the bright side, I’m happy because:
    1. He doesn’t need to juggle between drama-filming and world tour.
    2. Without Yonghwa-Shinhye rumor circulating the drama, viewers will be able to concentrate more into the OTP.
    3. He doesn’t get backlash for repeat pairing with Shinhye.
    4. I have a hope that he will get better role and drama next time.

    • 10.1 Maris

      Good points!
      I don’t think his drama career will be affected. He is too popular and well liked. People will talk regardless of what he does or does not do.
      It’s just such a pity to see a young, talented, hardworking wonderful person having to go through all this for whatever reasons….that really does not matter. Looking at the positive side…..he will be a stronger person for having experienced it. Knowing a little of his personality, he will bounce back.

      • 10.1.1 kaka

        Thank you! I hope so 🙂

    • 10.2 Faye

      I posted a comment and the board ate it, so I’m not sure if I can remember what I was going to say. But here goes: Yong-Hwa is talented and hard-working, and I’m sure there will be no long-term repercussions for his career. But there may be some. Frankly, if I was a drama producer/director, I would think twice before hiring him because of this incident. I am responsible for hiring as part of my job, and if I knew someone had made a committment and then backed out like that, I would really question their reliability.

      I don’t know if it’s FNC or Yong-Hwa responsible for this, but whoever is did something unprofessional and short-sighted. If the character was a deal-breaker for them, they should have insisted on knowing more details BEFORE agreeing to take it and issuing an official announcement from his agency.

      I still like JYH and CN Blue. But just because you admire someone’s talent and are a fan does not mean you have to blindly support every decision they make. Issuing an announcement before knowing the details was wrong. As I said before, I hope they show better judgment in the future. Not saying this to be mean — saying it for *his* sake.

      And moving on . . .I’m still looking forward to the drama, and am excited to see the LMH-PSH pairing. Heirs fighting!

      • 10.2.1 kaka

        Your comment make my sad reason no. 2 growing bigger and bigger. 🙁
        I’m agree with you, though, about the lack of professionalism from Yonghwa/FNC’s side. From business POV, drama makers couldn’t care less about who is the real decision maker behind all of this. For them, artists and their agency are basically one unit. But maybe because I’m not a businessman and just a regular fan, my concern lies more with the artist. If there is an indication that the artist get a backlash because of other people’s wrong decision, then what else can I do as a fan except support him?
        As I said, my reaction is torn in a half. But I’m still hoping the best for him

        • kaka

          Damn, grammar mistake!

        • Faye

          @kaka – I don’t think you have to be too worried. You know how it is — everybody talks, but it blows over soon. He didn’t steal or break the law or anything. I was just giving my 2c on the whole incident.

          And just to make it clear, I am an unabashed fan and really want to see JYH and CN Blue do well. I was trying to explain a perspective on how this maybe was not handled very well, and that disappoints me because I’m a fan and have high expectations for them. I have a higher standard for him because he’s handled his career really well so far. But, as always, Yong-Hwa and CN Blue fighting! 🙂

      • 10.2.2 Maris

        You are absolutely right about the whole set up being less than professional. His agency should have foreseen the pitfalls of commitment without seeing the script or not knowing the character to be played. There is more than meets the eye. We can only conjecture to our hearts desire without knowing what went behind the scenes.
        I somehow have the feeling that it was a mutual decision between all parties concerned and thats one reason he will not face repercussions. Also, he has worked for SBS a lot of time. In fact he has done that with all the stations and has a good standing with all.
        The only truth is that JYH backing out of a commitment that he was excited about. I feel empathy towards him for being in this position just like i would for any other young person in this situation. I really wish him well.
        I am looking forward to seeing this drama too. Everyone will be more focused towards the pairing of LMH and Shinhye. Do hope her character in the drama is a good one. I am still excited about it. It’s just that this incident does leave an unpleasant effect.

  11. 11 LangitBiru

    Yes, i don’t care much but maybe what netizens comments get thru him somehow. so what’s the disagreement all about or is it just want to cover the rumour about him and Park Shin Hye dating.

    all the best for him and hope his replacement will be the non-idol

    • 11.1 meanrice

      Wait…no goguma couple?

      I thought that was the relationship he has to hide.

      My little pretend world is kind of crushed.

      Also, i may need a life.

      • 11.1.1 owl

        haha, meanrice – “little pretend world” in a big pretned kdrama world *smile*

  12. 12 Hko

    Omg ! The best news I’ve heard. Yuppi Yuppi yay ! Hahah I’m so happy ! I hate this guy! And I hated his casting’s bad effect on the whole drama. (u know him and PSH.)
    I’m going to throw a party and celebrate it ! Plus min ho oppa is soooooo enough for the production to be PERFECT !

    • 12.1 Musings

      Strong words

  13. 13 nakai

    Noona is proud of you Yonghwa ya !

    And WooHOO ~~~ I’m happy I dont have to force myself to watch the show.

    • 13.1 nakai

      Thanks jb for the news !

  14. 14 crazedlu

    Woo to the hoo. There’s still a real possibility they could cast down, but I’m hoping it’s up we’re headed. Glad CN Blue will be his focus. Love their catchy tunes and his voice. Maybe he realized his character was the same broody but loving dude from his last two roles and was like, should I play this dude again? If so, applause, Yonghwa. Applause.

  15. 15 maldita

    Thank God. I really think he should just stick to CN Blue ’cause his acting is not that impressive anyway.

  16. 16 kdramalover

    Can Yonghwa’s role go to Hongki?!!! I Mean he needs to chase for the girl one more time ^^

    • 16.1 Soo Won

      MY WORD!!!
      may it happen drama gods?! plzzzzzzz….????? :))))))))

    • 16.2 altair

      What is Hongki doing these days? Jeremy will forever be one of my favorite characters in kdrama land!

      • 16.2.1 MariD

        We got Married…. I only seen the first episode but the akwardness is soo much fun. But yes I would love to see him in a drama again!

  17. 17 snow_white

    I’m sad with this news as I love Park Shin Hye-Jung Yong Hwa pair….. 🙁

  18. 18 Mommai

    Not sad here (love Yong-hwa, but there are a few reasons), but I am wondering what the “backlash” will be of his joining and departure being this way.

  19. 19 Nilechoclat

    I am really sad For him but I blame his company actually after What I read on NetizenBuzz showing how much his company so greedy 🙁

  20. 20 Caitlyn

    I’m glad he’s pulled out, i didn’t want to see him and Shin Hye together again anyway. I do agree that it maybe wasn’t the smartest move to agree to the show and have that publicised, and then pull out because you didn’t like the character. But i do wonder if it was just another role like the ones he’s played, and he didn’t want to play that role again.

    He really can’t act very well so I think he should just stick to leading CN Blue because that is something he is really good at.

  21. 21 misslenis23

    Simon will be good choice for this..but I want Lee joon. .lol the psycho just got me…

  22. 22 meanrice

    Choi Woo-Shik is a bloody brilliant choice.

    So is JGS only because i want to see that. Werent he and LMH up for Gu Jun-Pyo?

    If the 2nd lead is supposed to be slightly evil may I suggest
    Seo In Guk
    Choi Daniel
    Joo Won

    Or just because a girl can dream and i would love to see these three actors on screen together Lee Jun-Ki.

    I know none of these fools are 2nd leads, and are leading men, but i dont care. My math adds up to being awesome performances.

    • 22.1 Mystisith

      As far as I know (and that could change), character is a high schooler: They are going to cast someone young or young looking. I like Daniel Choi but he is too old now (& LMH is already a stretch imo).

      • 22.1.1 pogo

        lol LMH did not look like a teenager even in BBF, I can’t even imagine how they’ll try to pass him off for one now. I mean, I like the man but he does look older than his age, which is usually to his advantage.

      • 22.1.2 meanrice

        Darn. Hope it changes because I can suspend my disbelief for other worldly things, but not for a high schooler being involved in chaebol activities. College/Uni yes, hs no. Because it is unbelievable that your mom may still pack your lunch, you need zit cream, and you have the stress of running mommy/daddy’s company.

      • 22.1.3 Mar

        Yoo ah in will always look good as a high schooler, but his acting is just too good to be the second lead, and he’s doing jang ok jung, so maybe no drama in the mean time

    • 22.2 Lixie

      I think JGS or Joo Won would be impossible because once actors cross the distance to main lead they won’t accept going back will they??? Is that common? The only example of this I remember is Jung Il Woo going from FBRS to Moon. Any others?

      • 22.2.1 anonymous

        Jae-hee-from DGCH to every drama after.

        • eny

          i guess you are wrong, i read his filmografi n watch many of his drama but jae hee only act as second role in Jang ok jung. In May queen he’s the lead not Kim jae won if you say he’s the second lead it means you never watch the story. I guess there’s something special about that role untill he accept that.
          There’s actor take many second role but he always get attention for his acting more than the lead. he’s kim sung so

      • 22.2.2 pogo

        Sung Joon… from Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Can We Get Married, to Gu Family Book where he isn’t even the actual second lead.

        And Han Chae-young in Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek.

        • Lixie

          I’ll find out who are these people eheheh, I’m still kind of new to dramaland. 🙂

        • Maris

          Sung joon would be good too!

      • 22.2.3 Dix


        I think that mentality is changing and I’m glad. I sometimes find the second lead roles in a lot of dramas to be more meaty than the lead. The two leads in Gentle Man’s Dignity were the least interesting in that drama. Also being a lead doesn’t mean you become the most popular in a drama in a lot of cases. Like the playboy in Gentle Man’s Dignity was the most popular with people and he even became more known because of that drama even though he was the lead in many dramas before. Had he acted pompous and not take that role, he won’t be as well known as he is now.

        • Lixie

          Dix I’d say the 4 guys in GD were the leads, I know one of them had a bit more time but I would still consider all 4 to be the leads.

  23. 23 lemonade candy

    i’m not actually excited on the first place; so i’m not actually excited hearing this either…*emotionless*

    get shim changmin to replace him! lol~

  24. 24 J

    Seo In Guk as replacement? Or, Sung Joon? They are all tall, dark and handsome – perfect for JYH’s fill-in!

  25. 25 ayleen

    Sad yong hwa couldn’t make it, how about choi siwon as the second lead?

  26. 26 owl

    Hmmmm, this move makes me think he may be acting like a spoiled brat. I dunno. It’s his perogative, but still…

    • 26.1 Faye

      Ooooh!!! Good choice. Has he acted before, besides his teen role in Spring Waltz?

  27. 27 MariD

    Nonna still loves you Yon-Hwa, but now to replace you… 🙂
    Lets see…
    Siwon from SuJu
    Siwan from Zea
    I know the boys from 2PM can’t act but they are soo pretty soo any of them 🙂
    Minho from Shinee!!!
    Ok.. It’s way too early for me to think of actual actors..
    I’m just thinking pretty…

    • 27.1 Abbie

      Taecyeon from 2PM is a pretty good actor. I think he’d be good here as a second lead.

      • 27.1.1 pogo

        The guy from Dream High? He was worse than Suzy, and I do not say that lightly – however bad Yonghwa is, Teacyon is worse. A LOT worse.

        • eny

          agree, he’s bad actor

      • 27.1.2 Mar

        I like taecyeon for the variety show side, he’s that heartwarming and caring type of person that make you smile hahaha, but not a big fan of his acting

  28. 28 moi

    I’m actually feeling more happy than bitter about this news. Happy because i believe there’ll be another better opportunity for him that can expand his horizons in acting. I agree, i really wanna see him act with another actress for his story line, not because i dislike PSH but for the sake of new atmosphere and challenges. Maybe this is the best for him this time. He’s a talented charming guy, so i believe with the right project and hard work, i will see more interesting character from Yonghwa.

  29. 29 Annie

    Package deal gone awry? Like how Jang Hyuk had to leave Secret Garden?

    • 29.1 anonymous

      Yes,Jang Hyuk was
      the original male lead but his
      company tried to include another
      labelmate actor as a package deal
      but the producers just dropped
      the fuss and went with Hyun Bin.
      Kim Eun Sook is known to hate
      package deals. FNC should learn
      that this doesn’t work with every
      drama and every scriptwriter.

      • 29.1.1 kate

        Isnt it KES is also the writer of Gentleman’s Dignity and FNC got a package deal. Juniel and Lee Jong Hyun sang the OST and Yonghwa got a came role

  30. 30 Teejay

    Quite pleased with this news, his casting as the second lead somewhat dampened my excitement for the drama. I’m a huge fan of Yonghwa as a person and a musician (going to see CN Blue live soon yay!) … but an actor? Not so much.

    I’m curious to see who they’ll find as a replacement, I don’t have anyone particular in mind but I do hope they don’t go down the ‘find another male idol that isn’t necessarily a good actor but IS insanely gorgeous and popular ‘ route.

  31. 31 lemondoodle

    I don’t think it was his idea to leave. Though happy he’s gone tbh.

  32. 32 willow

    Jung Il-woo please, besties in a drama together!

    • 32.1 Faye

      I’d like this, but I think Jung Il-Woo has advanced past the second lead stage, IMO.

      • 32.1.1 anonymous

        He was second lead in his last drama.

      • 32.1.2 haha

        he plays more second lead than lead tbh lol

  33. 33 goldeng

    I was a bit hapy about this news tbh… Im not that much of a fan of leemin hosacting and yonghwas acting so far has being limited so to think he was the second lead who doesnt get the girl again was a bit underwhelming.. Id wish he could focus n music or find a different role.

  34. 34 Abbie

    I, too, shed no tears over this news. I like Jung Yong-hwa, I think he’s cute and a pretty decent actor, though not on par with Lee Min-ho by any means. But I do like to watch the dramas that he’s in. He has a long ways to go with his acting, and I look forward to his next project. I just think he would have fallen flat next to Lee Min-ho. For now, I wish him and his band well on their world tour.

    That being said, I wonder who they’ll get to replace him? I wouldn’t mind Kim Woo-bin or Lee Jong-seok, or some other hot young idol with decent acting chops who’ll make a good rival for Lee Min-ho. I’m already looking forward to this drama since it’s Lee Min-ho’s next drama. My enthusiasm for it is doubled because of Park Shin-hye. She’s a talented young actress, and one of my favorites.

    Looking forward to October!

  35. 35 Liz lee

    I’d like to see Jung Il Woo, Ko Kyung Pyo from FBND or Park Min Woo from FBRS. No idols please.

  36. 36 bebewhy

    So, I know he’s busy but I think Yoo Ah In is a dynamic second lead. I wish he wasn’t working already. Him and Lee Min Ho fighting over me — I mean Park Shin Hye — would be amazing.

    • 36.1 howforwardsale

      haha! ^.^ I agree

    • 36.2 frillyobject

      No way~Yoo Ah In is doing his lead role in Jang Ok Jung! I never want to see him as second lead again. He should always be the MAIN GUY! He ooze too much charm to be a second lead~

  37. 37 sPark*

    Aww No Jung Yong Hwa on the small screen? It’s okay. I honestly didn’t care if he chose this project or not because he’s busy and well… I’m sure his acting hasn’t improved much haha I enjoy watching him, but can never finish his dramas. Still, I adore CN Blue so 😀

    As for now needing a new second lead… may I suggest Hyun Woo, Choi Wook Shik, White Christmas boys, or SUFB boys? lolol I think a couple I mentioned are already in dramas, but I would love to see any of them. I don’t have a preference though currently I am obsessed with Kim Woo Bin. Then again, he is doing Friend 2 right now, so I don’t know. However, if he ever wants more popularity, this drama is probably the way to go. I do not care to watch this for anything except the pretty and…more pretty 🙂

  38. 38 saranga

    yeah, i’m not crying either. actually, i’m not too thrilled about park shin-hye’s casting either. i’d love to see a talented fresh face get some attention, or a currently underrated actress. i didn’t watch PSH’s most recent work (couldn’t get through it) but she’s never really impressed me, though i’ve always WANTED to like her.

    please please, no more idols! i think the idol craze is slowly on its way out (it’s inevitable) and i’m happy to see it go. there are just too many to care about.

    • 38.1 haha

      if you don’t watch her works and you want to like her? HOW? you are contradicting yourself here

    • 38.2 elise

      saranga..I agree. I adored PSH in Stairway to Heaven, but only watched a couple of eps of FBND (couldn’t finish it either). Disappointed since I liked SUFBB and FBRS (Jung Il Woo). I found her acting in Heartstrings, Bicheonmu, Goong S all mediocre and think she’s over-rated as an actress. She does seem to be a nice/likeable person from interviews, maybe that’s one of the reasons she’s cast more then some better, but underrated actresses.

      • 38.2.1 Maris

        No one is casted because of their good temperament. She is a Hallyu star and is much loved actress recognized for her many talents. She does have a wonderful personality too.

        She has been recognized by many in the field.eg the golden lion award winning director, producer Kim Ki-duk of “Pieta” praised her after seeing her in ROG7 by saying, ” …..the recent most glamorous actress and perhaps South Korea’s top actress with unshakeable position in the near future.”

      • 38.2.2 kyle

        she’s not over-rated missy…have you watched her in tree of heaven? i guess not.i agree her recent dramas – like FBND and Heartstring don’t have that good storyline. But her portrayals in “dont worry im a ghost” and “miracle in cell no.7” are really good so i bet you should watch more of her and that’s the time you judge.

  39. 39 jen

    that’s too bad. i was looking toward the bts
    where they all get along

    oh well

  40. 40 bluemoon

    As for his replacement, I would recommend Lee Min Hoo (The Moon that Embraces the Sun).

    It will be awesome if the two Lee Min Hoo gets to start together in this drama.

    • 40.1 owl

      or Hyun Woo – a perfect 2nd lead (loved him in Pasta). He has the most adorable eyes smiling smile!

  41. 41 KW

    How about Yoon Si Yoon or Kim Jae Wook please? 🙂

    • 41.1 Mystisith

      Yoon Si Yoon! & let him have his own love line (triangles are so outdated). 😉

    • 41.2 Nilechoclat

      I agree with Kim Jae wook I miss Him

    • 41.3 issa

      This is definitely good news! I love your idea! Not so much on Yoon Si Yoon because his pairing with PSH is too recent to be palatable. But Kim Jae Wook? I would love to see that! Although he’s probably a little bit older than his co-stars.

      • 41.3.1 pogo

        I think it’s high time Kim Jae Wook had a lead role in something, instead of a second lead tbqh.

  42. 42 hahahahha

    i hope lee joon will get the role..or that the role will be offered to him…it a good thing that yonghwa decided NOT to do it. He’s been paired with PSH for 3x if he did this drama..not and to think that this will be his 3rd drama.I hope he choose another project that can widen his acting range.

    i just Hope Lee Joon will get the part.I want to see him in a Romantic drama.

  43. 43 Maricel

    I’m so glad he left this drama. I like him but his pairing with Shin Hye is too much for me. They had been together twice, apart from having presented three or four shows together.

    I think he disagreed because his role would be either a Shin Woo, or a Lee Shin…pfff

  44. 44 lenrasoon


  45. 45 Maris

    I wish an upcoming young talented actor be selected so that we can focus on looking forward to the drama in October without another prolonged and exhausting controversy as regards to the casting.

  46. 46 alone

    Good decision!
    korean drama is losing its appeal and slowly being overtaken by jdrama. 16-18 episodes of watching a trying had idol act is a torture.

  47. 47 Eva

    Despite being a /huge/ Yonghwa fan, I am.. strangely very pleased by this news. Him being added to this was just a bad idea all around (esp considering the other leads), and I’m glad it seems like he’s got his priorities straight at least! You keep making that music you love, bby and maybe try acting again after you’ve developed more.

    • 47.1 Faye

      I agree he’s not Oscar-winning material, but people shouldn’t underestimate the promotional power of idol acting. I first became aware of JYH and CN Blue after watching You’re Beautiful and googling him. Since, I’ve bought all the CN Blue CDs, gotten a bunch of friends hooked on them, and would gladly pay to attend a concert. So the drama thing can’t be totally dismissed.

      • 47.1.1 Eva

        Yeah I definitely agree about what you’re saying about the promotional power of idol acting. (Heeee, I became a fan of Yonghwa after seeing him in You’re Beautiful too.) But at this point, I think there’s plenty of spotlight on him already so he doesn’t really need it, and especially when he already has his World Tour and demanding job as a musician. And the drama doesn’t need it either since it’s created buzz aplenty with just Lee Minho and Park Shinhye. ;u;
        But tbh a large part cause of this sigh of relief is because I don’t really want to see him and Shinhye together in a drama again for a long time.. Plus bringing them together again really divides the audience.

  48. 48 running_wild

    can we have lee min ho no 2 to replace yong hwa please??

    • 48.1 Eva

      Oh god if people start shipping Lee Min Ho^2

  49. 49 seoulflysea

    “I’ll be frank: I shed no tears over this news. I do like Jung Yong-hwa and CN Blue is a great poppy rock band whose songs are an instant pick-me-up…On the other hand, he has very little dynamism to his acting, and he tends to feel flat in his line readings and emotions, so I don’t think he’s on par with either Lee Min-ho or Park Shin-hye.”

    Thanks for clearly articulating how I felt when I found out that JYH dropped this drama. I’ve never been crazy about YH’s acting so I’m actually a bit relieved because as crazy as the writer KES can be, I have to admit that her dialogues can be pretty darn humorous. I don’t know who the new 2nd lead could or would be but I’d like opportunity to find out.

  50. 50 howforwardsale

    Thanks for the news JB.
    I’m not sorry about it, because I think JYH shouldn’t have been connected with this anyway. This wouldn’t have helped his career, except monetarily and given him more publicity. But he really doesn’t need the buzz. That said…

    Some ideas about the new 2nd lead:

    1. He needs to be charismatic enough to make LMH work for it.
    2. He should be have amazeballs chemistry w/ PSH. Jealous LMH is the best LMH
    3. He needs to look equally as old as LMH and PSH for continuity.
    4. This should be a stepping stone for his career, so hopefully a talented young actor w/ chops gets a little shine. He should come out of this as a lead in his next show.

    I’m really expecting this show to be another phenomena. Meanwhile I’m still waiting on Hyun Bin and Yoon Eun-hye to do me a solid and sign up for my ultimate OTP. So every other buzzworthy OTP possibility can just take a seat.

    • 50.1 Jay

      How about Beast’s Doo Joon (if it must be an idol) who was recently in IRIS. I thought he showed potential for at least what was required from him by the role. I don’t know much about him other than IRIS2 and I don’t follow Beast but

      1.) he seems to have some charisma
      2.)you wouldn’t know about chemistry until the triangle is together but it’s possible
      3.) He appears equally as old as the leads
      4.) It would be a step up from the IRIS2 role.

      • 50.1.1 howforwardsale

        sounds good. i don’t know about his acting though b/c I’m allergic to IRIS and Athena.

        • Jay

          IRIS2 was the first drama of the ‘brand’ that I have watched, and only because it was so hyped, I enjoyed it for it’s action sequences but not much else, either way I was entertained enough

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