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Kang Dong-won in May’s Elle magazine
by | April 19, 2013 | 55 Comments

Kang Dong-won (Secret Reunion, Jeon Woo-chi) has been out of the army for a while now, and yet, we continue to wait for his big comeback. I suppose this photo shoot for May’s issue of Elle magazine, for which he’s the cover model, will have to tide us over.

Because yes, while he’s had one photo shoot since his army discharge and announced a couple projects — a short film, Hide and Seek, and historical film Band of Thieves — we won’t be able to watch them for a while yet.

Of those, Band of Thieves seems the more interesting project (plus it’s a feature, not a short) with Ha Jung-woo set to play the Hong Gil-dong-esque hero in a low-born-man-turns-into-Joseon-hero storyline, with Kang Dong-won playing a nobleman’s illegitimate son. (Which was also one of Hong Gil-dong’s most famous traits, shaping him into becoming the noble bandit.) They’ll be pitted against each other as enemies, but I expect that to shift as the story unfolds. Nuthin’ a little bromance can’t cure, right? Should be good action-y fun.

There’s also an accompanying interview with Kang Dong-won in the magazine (and more photos, of course), but really, I just want him to do another drama. I know that’s hardly likely given that he’s been focusing on films exclusively for most of the past decade (his last drama was 2004’s Magic), but a girl can hope, right? Hope makes the world go round; don’t kill it!

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55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Orion

    I do not want to kill your hope. So I will not tell you he has said he still won’t do drama because it’s too fast-paced and he needs time to prepare for and act out his characters. I will not tell you he has said that in the past and also said it after he came back from the army. So keep that hope going, not knowing that will not be happening any time soon. There. Aren’t I kind? >:)

    • 1.1 jacklyn

      what a witty fellow you are.

    • 1.2 aro

      you sure are…

    • 1.3 aly


    • 1.4 JeliesS

      Stop killing people’s hopes, Ori. We need it to get through the nex Kang Dong-wonless year πŸ™

      • 1.4.1 Orion

        He’ll be filming the movie now. As much as he likes to hide, he can’t hide from all the promotional material and filming stills that will be getting released from time to time.

        I swear, we have more footage on Bigfoot.

    • 1.5 Orion

      I am sensing my tongue-in-cheek teasing has been lost on some…

    • 1.6 ht


      I remember him saying that entering the army or taking the entrance exams again are most people’s nightmares, but his nightmare is having to do a drama again. Shows how much he hates it and I’m really glad he’s not doing one too. Well, that’s because I’m more of the Korean cinema fan and I really hate the live-shooting system.

      • 1.6.1 Orion

        Same here. Yes, a lot of actors manage to do well in drama, but that does not mean everyone should automatically want to suffer for their art and paycheck if they can afford not to.

        He makes good money, has enough money from his family anyway and he can do what he wants as an artist. Being in things that make him sad and angry and probably don’t let him develop his art as he wants to (dramas offer much less freedom to the actors in terms of performance and influencing things they feel need change in their character/lines/emotions) is a silly thing, when he doesn’t need to.

        Live-shooting and the mess that is Korean drama needs huge changes to be fair and even safe for actors and staff. I can’t blame anyone who stays away from it.

        • Lilian

          It is better that he outrightly says he doesn’t want to do dramas coz of live shooting issues, the long hours, the pressure etc rather than to commit to one and give up halfway. Maybe someday dramaland will make shooting a drama less stressful! and he will be back. We can always hope =D

          • Orion

            True. I think he’d be fine with a pre-produced one where the contract is more detailed than what actors usually have to go by when joining a drama.

            Plus, anyone who speaks up about the problems drama filming currently has is ok in my book. So many suffer from them and don’t speak up. If such big names refuse to do them for these reasons, at least the problem gets more recognition.

    • 1.7 alua

      I have utmost respect for Kang Dong-won saying he won’t do dramas.

      He’s choosing to do what he knows suits him best, and that’s what he should do.

      Besides, I can’t wait for all the awesome feels he is going to make!

      Darn, if I have to have fave K-actor, it’s Kang Dong-won, hands down. πŸ˜€

      • 1.7.1 alua

        *FILMS not feels…

      • 1.7.2 Orion

        I can’t wait for his awesome films either. And his awesome feels! πŸ˜€

      • 1.7.3 Gala

        Yeah as a KDW fan, it’s hard to “meet” him. Not to mention his films tend to be on the heavy side. And I don’t know how many more times I can watch Jeon Woo Chi.

        • Deee

          i SO agree

    • 1.8 Danna

      Hmmmmm..i think I kinda knew this about him even though its the first I’m reading of it…..I’m pretty sure its not only cuz of liveshoot and hectic drama schedules but also because of the quality of dramas as opposed to the film offers he probably recieves….and some of the creative restraints that the drama industry has in general…I suspect its the same for Won Bin though I’m glad that unlike WB he doesn’t do 1 movie every 3 years or so πŸ™
      However, I think that since actors like Jang Dong Gun and Lee Byung Hoon have made small screen comebacks for what I suspect are popularity reasons ( I think TV works better in bolstering public image/love for actors), we might see him in like 3- 5 years

    • 1.9 MsB

      We can all hope but matters not to me, I will watch him most definitely in ANYTHING!!!

  2. rhia

    Men we wanna have, indeed.

  3. hahahahaha

    I love what is written on the magazine..hehehhe..MEN we wanna have!

    I just love this guy, and i have to admit he chooses the right projects. Most of his films is in the Top 50 highest grossing(and proud to say I watched them all.)But it would be nice to see him in drama..u know, more time staring at his beautiful face…sigh

    • 3.1 s2rosez

      part of the reason the films are so financially successful may also be because he draws the crowd to the box office as well (because he’s talented, of course…but, let’s face it, absolutely, ridiculously beautiful)

  4. annel


  5. harukaa

    I would love him to be back to dramaland. The only drama of his I ever watched is that 1% of Anything and wow, that was ancient. But then again, we can only hope.

    • 5.1 MsB

      Country Princess was good as well as Magic. He was second lead in CP but it was still good! I’m just a fan, I watch everything he is in!!

      • 5.1.1 Orion

        Country Princess was a bit too old for me and the lead getting physically abusive is a no no for me.

        ‘Magic’ was better, even if very melo, because at least they were all pathetic and being presented as such. Plus, he was an anti-hero for the first time, so it was an interesting role to see him in.

  6. news

    Kang Dong-won sure makes the world go round.

  7. anonymous

    He looks exactly like my Joo-won πŸ™‚
    I want him to play Joo-won’s older brother in some project in future.

    • 7.1 Aiya

      Aaand I could watch their bromance all day! πŸ™‚ With Joo Won’s aegyo and KDW’s pretty (yum), that is. πŸ™‚

    • 7.2 Nina


  8. kdwkyah

    fell in love with him after watching duelist πŸ˜€

    • 8.1 Claudine

      OMG!!! Duelist converted me into a crazed KDW fangirl. At first I did not understand other people’s fascination with him because I did not find him good-looking at all nor was I impressed by his acting in 1% of Anything (please don’t kill me, I’m just saying how I felt back then). But I changed my mind mid-Duelist.

      I watched it first before recommending it to my officemate. When she got to this particular scene, she grabbed my hand and gushed. Because we both like sharing our excitement with our friends, we took a screencap and put it up on FB. As expected, it caused quite a stir!

      • 8.1.1 Orion

        Same here. I think that movie ruined many of us. Ahahaha! Charisma and capturing the screen are crucial for an actor. While his skills and performances are far from perfect, he has that good basis to work on.

        • MsB

          Ruined me!! I saw 1% and thought he was cute in his own way but Duelist sent me over the river of love!!

  9. Jenny

    I miss him on my screen, he looked great with a mane of glory.
    Did someone else hear about the rumor of him and Han Ga In going in to a hotel together….I mean her hubby is a hot guyliner wearing vampire…

    • 9.1 starswillshine


      Rumour is fake. Someone was trying to frame them.

    • 9.2 ht

      Um, that has been proven to be absolute nonsense. It was made up by a netizen, Choi Chang Ryul. They were then picked up by Sports Seoul but they were never formally released as blind items.

      In other words, arrant bullshit. Both parties involved are completely innocent.

      OT: Those ‘huge fans of KDW’ who said they were disappointed in him after hearing about this, I’d say, you should be disappointed in yourself now. Choosing to believe in a baseless rumor with no evidence at all than to trust the actor you liked, not cool.

      • 9.2.1 ht

        Ok, forgive my grammatical errors.

      • 9.2.2 Jenny

        Dude should get sued because of that.
        I mean he could have seriously damaged several innocent people.
        I hope Han Ga In and hubby sue.

      • 9.2.3 Orion

        For me, it’s silly to even bother with the guy’s personal life. He’s an actor, we watch him for his work (and the pretty). I don’t see why it’s our business whom he does and why. πŸ˜›

        That said, such rumors can harm a person’s career in Korea (since netizens can’t tell between personal life and choice of partner and working life), so people who do it without good basis for it should face charges.

        • alua

          Thumbs up to your comment.


      • 9.2.4 amel

        Is Choi Chang Ryul, is the same guy who make a young actress (and it lead to Suzy as the name) as a girl who impolite and rude? I read it before in allkpop and after that there is some correction that Sport Seoul (yes the same website as KDW rumor) only cited from Choi Chang Ryul.

  10. 10 ht

    Love! As long as we are still getting updates like photos of his face (I swear I’m not shallow, lol) and news about him while waiting for his movies to be screened, I’m all good. Being a fan of movie actors is a pretty easy life. LOL

  11. 11 Fun-Lugha

    It might end up being just idols and mediocre actors doing dramas and the awesome actors taking on the big screen…won’t that be awesome tho?!

  12. 12 Mymymai

    I’m still trying to see Camelia with him and Song Hye Kyo! Are you Orion of Orion’s Rambling? I’ve been searching for links but was unsuccessful. Anyone know where I can watch it? Please?

    • 12.1 Orion

      Yes, that is me. Try googling the name in Korean or the Japanese one plus the terms you normally would for finding a work. Also, if money is not an issue, there is a Thai and Japanese DVD release out for it.

      Oddly enough, no Korean version yet, despite this being filmed in and showcasing Busan. The irony…

    • 12.2 909

      I found it on youtube about 3-4 weeks ago! I hope it’s still there. His part comes at the end… unfortunately no subbing yet πŸ™

    • 12.3 MsB

      I have searched high and low. That one is no where to be found!!

  13. 13 pogo


  14. 14 Steph

    He’s so pretty, but the chick next to him on that cover is messing it all up. And its not because I’m jealous.

  15. 15 red

    I really needed this post on Kang Dong Won, this picture will get me through a horrible saturday morning at work.

  16. 16 909

    He is a “man I wanna have” Unf! I’m not normally into Korean actors (altho many are very attractive) he holds a special place in my heart <3 πŸ™‚ Fell for him since The Temptation Of Wolves! I don't mind if he doesn't do dramas, but plz continue with your quality acting!..and sexy face πŸ˜‰

  17. 17 maldita

    OMG I miss seeing him in anything! ❀

  18. 18 Eulaliee

    My favorite actor before Zo In Sung. Unf…. ZIS is super handsome but this man right here…. He hits you right in the feels and ovaries. Just fantisnating about him can get you dangerously pregnant.

  19. 19 MsB

    Ahhh, let me savor these photos for just a little longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20 damianna

    Two? I want moar! Kang dong won kills me every time

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