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Kim Soo-hyun’s Paris shoot for Marie Claire
by | April 22, 2013 | 58 Comments

Kim Soo-hyun sure looks relaxed for his latest magazine spread, which is probably a good thing since he’s about to become very busy promoting his upcoming film, the comic action-thriller movie Covertly, Grandly, wherein he plays a hotshot spy from North Korea whose cover identity is a clumsy, bumbling fool.

The spread was shot last month in Paris, and if his wardrobe is any indication (the fashions reportedly all come from the newest season), spring is gonna be all about shiny metallics and floral patterns. And yet, somehow he makes it all look good. Then again, Paris can make lots of things look good.

Kim’s last film was the box office hit (and record-breaker) The Thieves, last year’s biggest film success and on the top of the all-time list. Perhaps that adds a bit of pressure for this movie to perform strongly, though I’d have to imagine that when your latest drama (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) and movie projects were both ratings monsters, you’ve got a bit of room to breathe and enjoy yourself. Preferably in Paris?

The magazine spread is in May’s issue of Marie Claire magazine. Covertly, Grandly releases in June.

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58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aiya

    Zomg. Y u so pretty KSH? Sigh*

  2. jomo

    Mysti! Did you see him?!!

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      Fail! 😉
      Now if you excuse me, I have lazy spies to punish…

      • 2.1.1 TS

        One of these days, I want to be on holiday when a photo shoot for Vogue or Elle Korea is happening and be casually sitting nearby. And casually chatting to the good-looking star who happens to be Kim Nam Gil or Woobie My Wuv. Or TOP. (I’m not fussy.)

    • 2.2 Aimlessly

      Sorry to say, fail here too.
      He doesn’t look too much like the one I used to know. He looks totally different.

  3. Hko

    Ahhh boring stuff where is The recaps ?! But the guy !! Hmmm where did I see him ?

    • 3.1 birdscout

      So, so rude.

    • 3.2 bernie

      recaps can’t be written until new episodes air. calm down and be patient -_____-

      that being said, to echo the comment above me: you’re being kind of rude. this is their blog. they will post recaps (along with anything else they want to post) whenever they damn well feel like it, and you really don’t have any right to demand recaps, ever.

    • 3.3 Jess

      Move along then. 🙂

    • 3.4 Claudine

      Ohh, so you want DB to run by your schedule and release the recaps as soon as you want them.

      How about you take some time to learn Korean yourself so you can watch the episodes raw and don’t have to wait for the recaps? Hmmmm, no? That would take too long, you say? And why should you when you have slaves to do your bidding, right?

      How about you tell the producers, writers and actors to make dramas in English (or whatever language you want)? Why not go all in and demand for the whole universe to fall at your feet and deliver all that your heart so desires when and how you like them?

      Maybe you’re new around here so we should give you some slack. But from one freeloader to another: be grateful for what you are given. You’re lucky these girls are not asking you to pay for premium stuff, so learn to wait until they are ready. You are welcome to enjoy the offerings as we all do, just don’t demand for something lest you raise the ire of the community. Yes, JB, GF and the others will not call you out on your bad manners but be warned, there are a lot of us crazies around here who will and would even haunt you down in the next three hundred lifetimes..

      • 3.4.1 Claudine

        *hunt* (but haunt can work too right?)

  4. DayDreamer

    He captured my heart in his small role in Giant. Played with such great silent intensity….now I just can’t wait for this movie to be released. I might just watch it raw because I don’t think I can wait for subtitles.

    Is Moon That Embraces the Sun any good?

    • 4.1 KDaddict

      He was plenty good in it, tho it wasn’t completely without overacting. The drama itself is another story. The female lead char and actress both left me cold. Extremely overrated drama in ratings.

      • 4.1.1 Kiara

        Agreed but you should read the recaps and comments DayDreamer. It was hilarious, from the kings white pajamas, to the wedding chicken (Joseon viagara) etc etc.

        • DayDreamer

          Sure, I’ll definitely read those first. Thanks for the suggestions.

        • TS

          The recaps on this site read like funny, snarky storybook. They’re awesome. I only regret not having my Bad Guy and Faith recaps match my watching both.

    • 4.2 korfan

      DayDreamer –

      Yes, Moon That Embraces the Sun is good! I just started watching this and I am enjoying it.

      Kim Soo-hyun is indeed very good in this drama. Give it a try and see if you like it also.

    • 4.3 pogo

      Moon/Sun is gorgeous and awesome for the first 6 episodes or so – as long as the child actors are on.

      After the adults take over, though, it’s quite a mess and Han Ga-in’s flat acting makes it very hard to give a hoot about the heroine.

      • 4.3.1 TS

        I just don’t see Ha Ga-In as Joseon-era.

      • 4.3.2 Jaykemz

        Preach, preacher!

  5. ell

    wow they must have done these at 5 in the morning on sunday.

    • 5.1 Betty

      I was wondering too, specially for the last picture…

  6. mehkko

    Or maybe the style is going to be standing/sitting randomly in the street with interesting props.

  7. malta

    He looks like he’s wearing ahjumma pants in the first photo XD if only they were pink.

    …I want to go to Paris!

  8. snow_white

    Kim Soo Hyun is so cute!!

    But I’m not liking the last two pictures…..

  9. rainerust

    Perhaps being in Paris simply means you want to be sitting down randomly everywhere? Thought the pictures could have had a better concept though; I love KSH but I would love him better if his pictures had more depth to it…

    Also…is it me or does he bear an eerie resemblance to Taecyeon from afar in the first picture?

    • 9.1 Peppermint345

      I definitely see the Taecyeon resemblance. He’s adorbs in the first picture, but I started laughing when I noticed everyone else wearing parkas and coats. Puppy must have been cold *pinches his cheek*

  10. 10 anonymous

    He looks so ugly in last few pics.

  11. 11 Zareen

    Not feeling those yellow shoes and metallic pieces though.

  12. 12 paper

    His outfit is so… awkward?… in the last picture that the backdrop looks like its been photoshopped -_-

    Third pic is my favourite and it would have been flawless if his shirt didn’t resemble aluminum foil >_<

  13. 13 owl

    c’est si bon!

  14. 14 bgr

    the metallic shirt reminds me of H.O.T and Sech Kies ensembles. hehehe

  15. 15 Betty

    I don’t get the concept behind the pictures + the clothes… shummmph

    • 15.1 Elina

      No Parisian in his right mind would wear that. Except picture no. 2

      Pictures 1 : café between Le Louvre and La Comédie Française
      Picture 2: Montmartre
      Picture 3: ? Marais?
      Picture 4: Le Louvre (this one was easy)

      • 15.1.1 Betty

        “No Parisian in his right mind would wear that. Except picture no. 2” you are probably right. I thought it was near some gare like gare montparnasse but I guess a café near the Louvres is more classy ahah
        Picture 2: Montmartre —> Yes
        Picture 3: ? Marais? —-> humm I wonder…
        Picture 4: Le Louvre (this one was easy) —> yes easy :p

      • 15.1.2 Betty

        My comment didn’t came out as typed it so I guess I somehow deleted some part of it without paying attention grrr…

        “No Parisian in his right mind would wear that. Except picture no. 2″ <— I litterally laugh out loud when I read your comment because that's exactly the thought that came to my mind when I saw the first picture lolll

        Also my first comment above is concerning picture 1.

      • 15.1.3 a_diva

        i agree. the outfit in pic #2 was the only one that any rational person would dare to wear. the other outfits were pretty atrocious, in particular the shiny, metallic pieces. he’s cute, but he couldn’t pull off the looks he wore in my opinion. i did like his smile and demeanor in pic #1 and if he’d had on some simple jeans or pants, the outfit wouldn’t have been so hideous b/c the blazer with the yellow striped shirt and yellow shoes were not so bad. the navy floral pants (on a guy no less) messed it all up. *le sigh*

  16. 16 altair

    I don’t understand fashion magazines. You take a hot guy and you dress him in ugly pyjamas bottoms with clown(ish) shoes – picture 1 and then you put an ugly shiny pink coat on him, on the backdrop of Louvre – picture 4. In between you throw a couple of props in and call it a fashion photoshoot. And for that you go allllllll the way to Paris, on the other side of the world. ….

  17. 17 dobabado

    These clothes are soo bad but dang I can always appreciate KSH, who looks like a cute puppy and can improve by leaps after his last photoshoot face-off with JIW.

  18. 18 sayuri

    Le Louvre!
    This is for Marie Claire pple they had to dress him for the readers…

    However KSH never loses his cuteness.

  19. 19 Elina

    He’s supposedly reading Le Canard enchainé!
    Rofl. Naughty boy!

    That’s THE satirical political newspaper in France. There’s a lot of bad words and word plays. He must be fluent in French.
    This newspaper is famous for being “incorruptible” and finding most of the shady behaviours within the French economy, politics and administration.
    But they love s*x jokes…

    • 19.1 Evelili

      hahaha thanks for pointing this out, I wonder if they had any idea what kind of newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné is .. hehe.

  20. 20 amel

    The first picture.. If I wear his cloth, I’m sure my mom will yell at me, “Change your cloth. Don’t use my pants to go outside! And why you wear that mismatch cloth?”

  21. 21 Noelle

    LOL the last pic is epically bad.

    • 21.1 dani305

      Yup, I was scratching my head to come up with words to describe what’s wrong with it. Let’s just leave it at “epically bad”

  22. 22 colors

    “you’ve got a bit of room to breathe and enjoy yourself. Preferably in Paris?” hear hear!!

  23. 23 AnotherFan

    Oh I have to admit, as much as I love K-dramas, the K-fashion thingy is just baffling me – from the ill-fitting ankle-showing pants, short short (or non-existent) skirts, seemingly terribly-tailored suits to “statement-making” fashion sense (such as the above metallic thingy), they just all fail to reach me. Maybe I am just getting old and unimaginative..

  24. 24 dani305

    love the face but don’t like any of the pictures. these photo shoots are such a disappointment. haven’t seen a good one in a loooooong time.

  25. 25 news

    Hey, can someone help clarify what the top box office movie is – The Host or The Thieves? I thought The Thieves managed to take the #1 spot, but it seems that it’s still The Host.

  26. 26 Carmensitta

    I’m sorry, but I took waaaay better pictures while in Paris and I didn’t have such a great model! My cousin listened to my instructions carefully and even made a heart over her head, Korean style, as per requested by moi 😀 She was like:wait…that’s a great idea! Where did you learn all this? Me: Isn’t it just awesome? (*would not confess I know all this because of drooling over 1000s of hot Korean guys photos*)

  27. 27 Lady Seoul

    Ugh. He is so handsome. I wonder when he is gong to back in dramaland! PLEASE COME BACK!

  28. 28 bbee

    You can get powerful shots from him, one which can mesmerize ..who was the stylish .. he has great looks and height , god he is a mess in all the pics. whats with the pink van cover in snap3 literally its too shameful for Paris. Why spend soo much money to fly so far and take such bad shots … little bit more focus would be good all the snaps are sooo far he looks like a clown in circus

  29. 29 Newborn Fanatic

    This guy was so cute in Dream High!! 🙂 Wished 2nd season was as good as the first one.

  30. 30 Lilian

    OK. I am gonna ignore the clothes and just concentrate on him >_< Don't understand this type of fashion. Haha!

  31. 31 anicheung

    He looks good… unfortunately the fashion does not. I’ve never been fond of metallics. And those yellow shoes are very… noticeable.

  32. 32 Carinne

    Eureka!! There’s proof, not all streets of Paris are covered w/ dog dooties.

    I couldn’t help but focus most of my attention towards his shoes and evidently the ground he lands on.

    • 32.1 Net-chan

      LOL Carinne, few streets are clean in Paris…Mostly the paved streets in the super fancy districts… But they might have cleaned the streets for Kim Soo-Hyun hahaha.

  33. 33 Net-chan

    Hahaha true “Paris can make lots of things look good” but seriously, that pink trench coat or whatever that is, doesn’t work… Kim Soo-hyun still looks cute though!

    AND I really should spend more time in the fancy districts of Paris… So many stars come here and I never get to see them hahahahahaha. Sad.

    Thanks for sharing dramabeans by the way ^^!

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