Last Reminder: Meetup Tonight!
by | April 11, 2013 | 97 Comments

One last reminder before we’re meeting y’all in person — our Dramabeans Meetup is tonight! Hope to see many of you there.


DATE: Thursday, April 11, 2013
TIME: 7pm – 10pm
PLACE: The 13th Step (in the East Village), Vice & Virtue Room

If you need to get into contact with us, shoot us emails or feel free to tweet us. You can tweet us directly at @javabeans and @girlfriday_db, or use the meetup hashtag at Twitter, #DBMeetup. (We don’t recommend you tweet @Dramabeans, because as helpful as that account is, it’s not run by us!)

97 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shiku

    Have fun everyone who will be there.

    • 1.1 hawaiianseoul

      You guys enjoy yourselves and don’t forget to post some pictures up please! (if you can)

      Hopefully, there’s no random drunk piggy back rides afterwards… if ya’ll catch my drift.

    • 1.2 alua

      Have fun y’all!

      Tons and tons of it!

  2. junibacken

    So jealous 😀
    Have a blast tonight, beanies! ^^

  3. cmrprindle's phone

    Work is extra crazy, so I may not make it, but I’m certainly gonna try! I’ll be the short, dusty girl in dirty work boots.

    • 3.1 Raine

      that’s hot yo. rock it gae-in style!

  4. Belle3005

    Have a great time y’all beanies 😀
    And once again,sending a call to my fellow Malaysians,please respond on the Malaysia meetup thread if you’re interested to meet up this weekend,cause we have yet to confirm the time and place. Just click my name to head over the link.

  5. Russe12

    Hoping everyone has an amazing time! Wish I could be there with you all 😛

  6. RockPaperScissors

    I will have to settle for celebrating with you in spirit only. Geonbae!

  7. moondust

    So envious. (I believe I stay a 25-hour flight away from NYC…) Have a great time everyone! ^^

    • 7.1 Roggy

      same 🙁 devastating. I wonder if theres anyone from Sydney???

      • 7.1.1 May

        from Melbourne yo!

      • 7.1.2 Carol

        sydneysider here!

        I hope everyone who is going has fun!
        a lot of photos from the meetup would be great too 😀

        • Roggy

          Lets do have a AUSSIE meet up? 😉

          • Carol

            having a meetup for Aussies like the DB meetup would be great!

    • 7.2 Celest

      and i thought my 16 hour car ride was bad…too poor right now to afford a plane ticket. have fun and take a drink for me, ladies!

  8. Kayleigh

    A post about how it all goes would be most appreciated by us out of towers (or out of state/country) x

    • 8.1 hko

      true true !! that is what i was going to say ! if i only had one wish it would be to go to that meet up !! please please please post some pics and veds !!
      you can also recap it !! haha it would be the best post ever !!
      i envy those who are going to meet jb and gf today !! yall should know u r blessed !!

  9. ck1Oz

    Oh man, let us know how much GF and JB can actually drink and still stand.

    Actually, we need audio proof!!

    • 9.1 Jules

      There are podcasts for that. *g*

  10. 10 lee_junne

    Have fun! Post pics please.

  11. 11 Cath

    Have fun you guys!!

  12. 12 sumee

    have a great time everyone….kisses !

  13. 13 KDaddict

    Uh oh! There might be a drought in recaps, as they’ll all be nursing their headaches! 😉
    It’ll be a blast!

  14. 14 blahblahh

    Have a good time people!

    Jakartans: please check out our meetup page. Hope to see many of you this Saturday.

  15. 15 Caitlyn

    Have fun guys! Wish i could be there!

  16. 16 Joy

    Cheers to y’all! Hv fun tonite.

  17. 17 Frances

    Pix pls!

  18. 18 come2noona

    I wish I could be there! Have a great time!

  19. 19 Chisaicherry

    Have fun guys~ hopefully we will get a post with pictures of the meet so everyone else who couldn’t make can live vicariously through them?

  20. 20 randomfan

    Can’t get out off work tonight, but if you’re ever in Philly I have a massive Single Malt collection.

  21. 21 bigwink

    Have fun guys! Hope to read many amusing stories soon 😉

  22. 22 dduk

    Can’t wait to meet everyone!! see you guys later!! T^T even though it says its going to rain! bring your umbrellas!

  23. 23 Belle

    I am so jealous, I could die. BUT HAVE SO MUCH FUN! Celebrate for all us suckers who can’t make it!


  24. 24 scircus

    Aww, so jealous I can’t go… (Not that I’d be able to get in anyway.) Argh. Ah, but have loads of fun to everyone going ^-^

  25. 25 Diana

    Hi Roggy, I’m based in Melbourne 🙂 Will be in Sydney next month actually..

    • 25.1 Roggy

      We should plan an Autralian meet up? 😉

  26. 26 Katie

    Have fun!

    Hope you guys come to Boston soon OR go back to NYC in the summer.

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    I’ll be there in spirit! Have fun! Take tons of pics, everyone! Vids too. Upload to youtube! Can’t wait to see everyone’s faces.

  28. 28 IzOcha

    Have fun! Cheers!

  29. 29 dramabliss

    I am so green with envy. Have a great time, y’all dear Beanies!

    How about the next meet-up be held in Korea? Seoul, or Jeju would be awesome.

  30. 30 smile134

    Hope you guys have a great time! And please, take a lot of pics! I’m so jealous 🙂

  31. 31 Kan Min Seul

    Have tons of fun, guys! Do post pics so it’ll be like we were there too. 😛

  32. 32 omo

    This will be a hot topic tomorrow on OT….that is if everyone is still sober. Have fun.

  33. 33 blyssxoxo

    Wish I was there! Would love to meet those wonderful recappers and everyone who is a fan. Thank DB for bringing everyone together!

    Have lotsa fun and I hope we get to see some pictures!!

  34. 34 anotheraddict

    I just love how appropriate it is that the db meetup is gonna be held in the Vice and Virtue Room. It’s really nice to know that some of the community is getting together and that other local meetups are in the works, too. I hope the recappers are ready to be revered and that everyone has a blast!

  35. 35 snow_white

    have fun 🙂

  36. 36 Trina

    Have Fun!!! please post a lot of pics….

  37. 37 sweetyoon

    is this still a 21 over event? 🙁

  38. 38 Van


    Arrggghhh I wished I could go to this and join you Beanies!! Ahhh have a blast, you guys! Please take pics and record all the awesomeness that will ensue! I’ll count on future Beanie meetups to eventually join you guys in all the drama! Hee

  39. 39 jubilantia

    Ahhhh I wish I could be there! Hope you guys have a blast.

    Make the next one in the San Francisco Bay area and I will be there with bells on!

  40. 40 cv

    Have lots of fun! :p Take lots of pics too! ^_^

  41. 41 saranga

    i’m excited for pictures! 🙂

    • 41.1 jomo

      Here are some. It was a cell phone camera, so the the brightest and clearest shots.

      • 41.1.1 jomo

        So NOT the brightest and clearest.

  42. 42 Laila

    Lucky all of you, I am so disappointed I can’t be there…..didn’t know you were based in NY where I live. Travelling at present so won’t be able to attend. I love your site, it has the best recaps. Wish I could have met you fellow enthusiasts…….have a fabulous evening

  43. 43 matinsoleil

    fun everyone and drink twice for those that won’t be present!!! (so jealous ^^)

  44. 44 itsLizish

    Was planning on attending but complications have arisen. =( Hopefully you guys can do another one in NY soon!

  45. 45 asiafan16

    I wish I was in NYC !I would totallly go but alas I am in BEANTOWN. BOO HOO. Have a blast!

  46. 46 maakopla

    It’s a pity I can’t come there cause I live too far. But anyway, make a blog post about the meeting and let us know how it was^__^

  47. 47 olsen

    Lots and lots of pictures pleeeassee
    Have fun u guys :*

  48. 48 Anastassia

    Have fun tonight! Also, as soon as there is a meet up for the LA area, let us know!!!!!!

  49. 49 Lemon

    Oh man I’m so jealous. What I would give to be there… I would love to see at least 1 picture! And maybe a short post on what happened? Heehee. Enjoy yourselves guys!

  50. 50 okdubu

    I will be there in all my socially awkward glory

    • 50.1 dduk

      same.. trololol
      my sister bailed on me. T^T so i’mma be going there by myself.

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