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Lee Jong-seok and Yoon Sang-hyun reunite in new drama
by | April 30, 2013 | 56 Comments

And no, sadly it’s not for Secret Garden: Oska’s Coming Out Party, though don’t we all wish it were. The pair of actors who shared a one-sided loveline in Secret Garden are headed for a reunion in the new drama I Can Hear Your Voice, headed to SBS this summer. Lee Bo-young has signed on to headline the drama about public defenders, and Lee Jong-seok will be her leading man-boy (he’s literally described as skirting the line between boy-and-man-hood), who get this: reads people’s minds. OH. So the title is literal? That changes everything.

This drama went through a number of casting rounds without ever once getting that supernatural premise out there, so that changes my expectations rather drastically. It was up until now just described as a drama about lawyers, which is as far from Guy Who Hears Voices as you can get. It initially courted Gong Hyo-jin way back when it was trying to get on the spring schedule, but that fizzled out. And then it wooed Kim Jae-won along with Lee Bo-young, and she signed on while he opted out. Perhaps there were too many Can You Hear My Heart jokes for his taste. And then Yoon Sang-hyun was originally attached to the Yeo Jin-gu drama that lost its timeslot to this show, which means Yoon just basically hopped productions but remained on the SBS schedule.

Anyway, the series from the writer of Dream High and Nonstop 5 is described as a fresh fantasy romance about a public defender heroine and a man-boy who has the supernatural ability to hear people’s thoughts. The couple will take on a Holmes-and-Watson sort of partnership, where they investigate cases together. I’m sure hearing people’s thoughts comes in handy for that sort of thing. Her character is so rude and prickly that she has no friends, and lives by her tenacity alone. She’s described as a comical character, who’s bold and shameless, with a biting tongue.

Lee Jong-seok’s character will ride that fine line between well, jailbait and not, and he’s described as a guy with mysterious charm who is at times manly and other times innocent and cute. He has sparkling chemistry with anyone he comes into contact with… which you have to figure is because he can read their thoughts. Naughty, naughty. He has a painful past (of course), but if he’s using his powers to get the ladies, I doubt he’s that tortured.

Yoon Sang-hyun plays a cop-turned-public-defender, whose character is described as a macho man. While I think it’s weird that Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Jong-seok will be competing for the same girl, it’s decidedly less squicky than the Yeo Jin-gu noona romance he was originally going to co-star in, which was way too far into actual jailbait territory for my liking. I don’t think being rivals will top Oska and Oska-loving Lee Jong-seok, but I suppose superpowers will help soften the blow.

I Can Hear Your Voice follows All About My Romance in June.

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56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thanks for the news!

  2. Naugh

    it’s ok for Yoon Sang Hyun…,but still i really want to see Kim Jae Won…UUUWwwAAaaa 🙁

    • 2.1 Grace

      It’s OK girl , MBC officials for upcoming drama “SCANDAL” , said they are considering him to take the lead role. He hasn’t give his decision yet. But at least we have some hope to see him on a new drama.

  3. Mini

    ooooooo mind reading! and the synopsis reminds me of a few jdramas: woman detective with a male sidekick

    • 3.1 ponderwoman

      reminds me of Edward Cullen-ish flower boy

      • 3.1.1 Jacob Black

        Oh, please. Don’t.

      • 3.1.2 Reka

        Don’t ever do that here. That name is forbidden.

      • 3.1.3 Chizzy girl

        sorry i don’t even see it

      • 3.1.4 Nicolette

        yeah, why Edward Cullen? I don’t even understand the connection…

        • HaibaraChristie

          Mind Reading.

  4. missgwynnrose

    As sad as I am to lose “I Love you Ajusshi” -since it is gone right?- I am way more excited about this drama.
    Girlfriday is right the ablity to read minds does change everything.
    I actualy not very excited for the drama since the intial description was typical, coutroom melo which is fairly bland in my oppinion, and not really my stly besides. But when you add the fantsy/si-fi asspect I am sudenly very intrested.
    Plus the reunion of Lee Jong-seok and Yoon Sang-hyun I am sold.I can’t wait.

  5. Mystisith

    Oh… I would have loved that SeGa sequel! OK, just give me a meta joke with LJS’s character asking for news from a certain eccentric cousin married to a stuntwoman and that’s fine with me. ^^
    On a more serious note, I like the telepathy trope. I wonder if it was already here in the first version of the script or if it’s to surf on the wave of the movie Psychometry.
    Also, partnership a la Vampire Prosecutor to solve cases? “Do your thing and we talk about it later.” Mwehehe.
    BTW, a mind reading boyfriend can be seriously annoying when you think about it. I would prepare my helmet in aluminum if I was the lady…
    I should calm down & lower my level of expectation but it’s so DAMN HARD!
    I want that drama naoh so no more cancellation, delay or change of casting please or I will flip tables.

    • 5.1 Deliane

      Haha totally agree about the Vampire Prosecutor telepathy part!

      And speaking of psychometry, I wonder when that’s coming out….

  6. Annie

    Actually, from what I’ve read, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Bo Young are the OTP in this one and Lee Jong Suk will just be an important sidekick.

    • 6.1 Annie

      Which is supported by the fact that Kim Jae Won once considered Yoon Sang Hyun’s role and I strongly doubt he would have been offered second lead

      • 6.1.1 Cris

        They didn’t mention on previous news which role was Kim Jae Won trying to consider. They only said, the main lead role was offered to him but he rejected it.

    • 6.2 Alma

      I Hear Your Voice is the drama that starred actor Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha, a 19-year-old boy who can read people’s minds. Naturally, this skill could come in very handy in solving any case. And for such difficult cases, it might be the only hope the defense team has. The role was previously offered to Kim Jae Won, who initially seemed interested and then declined to take part.

  7. Llamaesque

    The man-boy sounds a lot like Yoon Si Yoon’s manic pixie dream boy from Flower Boy Next Door. I love that Kdrama male leads are getting sweet and boyish these days, instead of being Jun Pyo-style jerks 🙂

    • 7.1 Russe12

      Omg if Lee Jong-seok’s character is anything like Enrique, I’m totally on board. Though a lot of people were annoyed with Enrique, I loved him to bits. That type of character + Lee Jong-seok (and possibly plus hardcore SLS) will make me keep an eye out for this drama…

  8. Hko

    I can hear ps thoughts abt the drama ! Omg I like the story ! ESP when she gets feelings for him and him hearing them !

  9. ck1Oz

    Is there a theme to the the upcoming summer dramas?

    Not fantasy sageuks… but is the new Hong Sisters drama something supernatural as well?
    She sees dead people? He hears people’s voices.

    The whole drama could turn so dirty. How can LBY’s character keep her secret thoughts if he’s around? But it’s K drama not a Korean movie… so everyone’s secret thoughts would be so clean and sanitized right?

  10. 10 snow_white

    Wow..the synopsis sounds so good…..and I love Lee Jong Suk ….but will he not look too younger than Lee Bo Young???

    Anyways….my interest in this show has suddenly increased a lot…

    • 10.1 Annie

      I don’t think Lee Jong Suk is the male lead. I honestly think they’re going to have a mentor – mentee relationship and that he’ll have his own storyline independent of the others.

      Which would make me a lot more comfortable than wondering what exactly is so great about teenage boys that women fall over themselves for them.

      • 10.1.1 Angelalala

        from the first two episodes and the next preview, it seems like he is the male lead…

  11. 11 Kelinci Biru

    I totally forget that Lee Jung Seok was the oska loving boy! Oh, i used to hate him. Ups.

  12. 12 cherkell

    I don’t care HOW the Drama World gets Yoon Sang-hyun back on our screens — I would watch 16 episodes of him just reading the Seoul phone book if that was all that was available. RAWR.

    But the second drama in a row where Lee Bo-young plays a lawyer-type? Her sleepy character didn’t convince me in “My Daughter, Seo-yeong” and it looks like she’s not going to convince me here either unless she downs a couple of Red Bulls first before stepping into a courtroom…

    I wonder if the Script World will ever circle back to a true legal plot-driven show (VP and VP2 were close). Regardless, seeing the Oska Couple reuniting, my interest factor just shot up 705% upon hearing this news. PLEASE BE GOOD!!!

  13. 13 mywhiteyasmin

    Hoooo, premise sounds interesting now with this additional element.

    But, Lee Jeong-seok as a lead is already final or still speculation? I thought Yoon Sang-hyun is bigger star than Lee Jong-seok. Maybe this is School 2013 star rising power working here.
    Not complaining thou, if its true, this will be my first drama where I shipping Lee Jong-seok with female character… Or not?

    • 13.1 Nicolette

      Oh LJS is definitely big now. Fangirls are cropping up every where and I’m sure they we were aware of this fact when they decided to cast him.

  14. 14 juneching

    oh boy, yoon sang hyun, my favorite actor, he can act well and come along with his singing on par. What a wonderful piece of news to hear about that. Watch his acting only then we know where his charm and charisma lie, fighting and all the best to sang hyun ! ! !

  15. 15 crazedlu

    Ooh. Noona-dongseng dramas still get me eyerolling, but I like the supernatural bend. And of course, Lee Jongseok!, so count me in.in.

  16. 16 eny

    now i’m confuse about this drama n another drama of so ji sub

  17. 17 Deliane

    Excited to see Lee Jong-seok back on the screen after School 2013. And isn’t he showing up in a sageuk as well?

    • 17.1 Rovi

      sageuk movie.

  18. 18 Annie

    Ok, did some more research and it looks the plot changed: originally, both male leads were supposed to be lawyers but I guess the writer decided to replace one of them with a psychic high school boy.

    … that is so bizarre. Maybe the original lawyer lead was supposed to be psychic as well?

  19. 19 owl

    ooo – l loved them in SG. Mind reading. I like it. I am thinking of the scene in FBND where Enrique said to Dok Mi, “I can hear your voice again.” I wouldn’t exactly call what they had between them mind reading ~ because they both ‘heard’ each others thoughts at different times. It was more like e.s.p. moments or being in sync to the point of simply knowing the other person’s thoughts. I liked that that could happen.

  20. 20 jubilantia

    Uh, this sounds kind of fantastic, but also ridden with the ability to be completely nuts. We’ll see.

  21. 21 Anvesha

    So it’s a Noona romance and LJS is not the second lead? Hopefully a good pair.. Glad to see both the guys on screen!

  22. 22 JenJen

    Because of Lee JongSeok’s many teen roles, I’m having a hard time trying to see him compete for noona’s love. Their age difference makes them look more like aunt-nephew rather than yeoja-namja o.0

    … Hopefully it’ll turn out okay because I LOVE her character description. Sounds refreshingly different.

    • 22.1 ravens_nest

      He’s only had maybe four roles as a teen. The others had him aged in his early to mid twenties. One even had him romancing a Noona nearing 40 with a child. I think he’ll be okay.

  23. 23 anna

    Lol Lee Jong-suk’s character sounds like a description of his actual self, without the whole super power thing. I’m sure even without the his mind reading power, he can still have chemistry with everyone. He isn’t known as a “chemi fairy” for nothing. That nickname still cracks me up!

    NOW someone casts KIM WOO BIN in a weekend/family drama already! He needs it for his grandmother. Please.. anyone.

  24. 24 anna

    Kind of sad, isn’t it? One drama you’re ‘second leading’ to this kid’s supporting role and now a few years later, he’s leading you. 😐

    • 24.1 hitoritabi

      Well, actually, since Kim Jae Won was in talks to take the character of Yoon Sang Hyun, I think he is still male lead, and LJS is more of a supporting role. 🙂

  25. 25 hitoritabi

    I hope the supernatural telepathy thing won’t be just a gimmick because that would disappoint me so much. In factm I am looking forward to the format of this show, feeling closer to American or Japanese dramas with the case of the week and an overarching character development…

    But with the scriptwriter of Dream High, I wonder if it won’t turn out to be a wacky comedy instead… =__=

  26. 26 kz

    Am I the only one to see that Lee Jong Seok looks alike Kim Jae Won??
    I don’t mind if KJW is replaced by LJS, cause they look a lot similar..

    • 26.1 Joy

      You are not alone girl. That topic already came out few months ago on Korean sites. Kim Jae Won, Soong Joong Ki and Lee Jong Seok photos was posted on a blog for comparison and gained a lot of attention among their fans. They are not totally look alike but the have a lot of similarities. 🙂

  27. 27 Lilian

    Oh wow! The casting is so confusing. Hope this is the confirmed one? Anyway, it does sound interesting with many possiblities for laughs XD Will be looking forward to it!

  28. 28 Amydee

    Emm isn’t lee jong suk too young for lee bo young. I wud rather have yoon sang hyun as d leading man. I love him in Can’t Lose. But don’t get me wrong I like LJS too.

  29. 29 biankoy

    EEEEEEEE! Lee Jong-seok! eagerly awaits for this, sorry May but your days are numbered. The premise sounds really interesting and YES for noona romances. though I’m kinda hoping for a Tae-sun/Oska reunion. Tae-sun is such an awesome character to be left out. anyway. STILL happy for this upcoming drama.

  30. 30 sur

    okay now i’m interested

  31. 31 Janice

    OK, this totally confuses me. I read a previous article regarding this drama and the plot was totally different from what i expected. It says…

    “”I Hear Your Voice” is a drama about a lawyer who is appointed by the state to represent a client with less than a one percent chance of being declared innocent. And, although nothing has been confirmed yet, it is rumored that Kim Jae Won will play the accused criminal and Lee Bo Young will be the lawyer who has to represent him.”

    Did the production also change the plot aside from the casting? So, whose role exactly is the lawyer and the criminal? and who is the one who could read peoples mind? It would be a big twist if the accused could read peoples thinking instead of the lawyer who defend him.

  32. 32 bd

    Eh, I don’t get the appeal of either actor.

  33. 33 Alma

    I just read a news article that Lee Jong-seok confirmed to cast in a movie.. does that mean he will do it at the same time with this drama… or maybe the casting is not confirm yet… quite confusing how this drama changes a lot of things… from the network, down to cast and plot seems not consistent at all…

  34. 34 Che17_johanseo:)

    I’m much excited!! I can’t wait to see hyun sang-hyun in his new drama,.:),.iloveit!

  35. 35 Che17_johanseo:)

    Yoon sang hyun 1 of my fave actor,.he’s great!! I love his music,,
    glad to hear that he have a new drama! Wow!!,loveu ysy:)

  36. 36 Nana

    Personally I dislike LJS, I find him unattractive. Yoon Sang hyun can be brilliant if the role fits him, like SG, but he can be just meh. I hope it’ll be something interesting about his role.

  37. 37 Lorac

    Edward, can you hear me…lol…I’m kinda cynical about stories with the hearing voices thing…first thing comes to mind is schizo…

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