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Lee Jun-ki looks at action noir for next drama
by | April 11, 2013 | 96 Comments

Ooh. Lots of good stuff in this bit of news. Lee Jun-ki:

  • considering a new drama;
  • that’s a period romantic noir;
  • featuring action and fighting;
  • set in the 1930s, during the Japanese Occupation years;
  • based on a manhwa from the writer of Damo;
  • admidst the backdrop of Shanghai.

Excited yet?

The drama is titled Age of Feeling, although the meaning is more along the lines of “age of being emotionally moved.” But we couldn’t quite translate it as Age of The Feels, could we?

Lee Jun-ki’s reps have confirmed that he has received the offer, which he is “favorably considering” but has not yet decided on. The show hasn’t yet secured a broadcast slot, which probably contributes to his hesitation, but from the bullet points alone I think there’s a lot to be excited about.

Directing the project is PD Kim Jung-kyu, whose filmography has a number of lighter dramas like Sweet 18, The Man Who Can’t Marry, and My Country Calls. But (1) he did also work on the epic sageuk Immortal Lee Soon-shin, and (2) to put things into perspective, Gakistal’s director also did the fluffy Love and Marriage before going dark and epic, and then followed that with family show You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin. So no worries on that front.

Lee Jun-ki totally won me over in Arang and the Magistrate with his thoughtful, sensitive and restrained intensity. I liked him before that show though I did have reservations about his tendency toward emotional excess, but Arang was so perfect for him and it made me a big fan. We’ve seen Lee Jun-ki doing action roles before, and darker shows (Time of Dog and Wolf), so he seems like a logical fit for a project like this. A Korean drama that’s a period noir in Shanghai? That’s such a rich tableau and rife with interesting possibilities.

Age of Feeling is in talks with KBS to potentially air in the second half of this year.

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96 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. delicatecloud

    Oh yes – Lee Jun Ki is back in action!! Loved him in Time between Dog and Wolf and cannot wait to see him in action again. Keeping my fingers crossed….

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I’m also definitely liking this new direction towards action and fighting. Arang was a criminally underrated show that more people should have watched. Lee Jun-ki was absolutely fantastic.

    • 1.2 MsB

      TBDAW remains as my top drama ever!! So excited!!

    • 1.3 alua

      Loved him since The King and the Clown. I will definitely watching.

      Still have to finish Arang though, I got interrupted in the middle and haven’t gotten round to picking it up again (lack of time, nothing to do with that show… rather, I want to watch it when I can properly dedicate time to it).

    • 1.4 Reena

      Ohhhhh MY GOOOOD! That guy is just BEAUTIFUL! I will reaaaalllly watch this drama! Oh My God! My heaaaart!

  2. sweetcloud

    Lee Junki in three piece suits. That is all I need to know. I’m in!

    • 2.1 anais

      Indeed!!! LOL!

    • 2.2 maakopla

      At first I was like… nooo, I want something romantic finally. But now that you mentioned three piece suits… I’m totally in for that!

  3. bee8334

    seems interesting !!!


    His performance in Arang definitely won me over! I’m looking forward to watch this one.

  5. Brenna

    Yay! I’m really hoping that he does this drama and that I find an action drama as emotional and memorable as Gaksital.

  6. Ann

    I loved the time setting in Gakistal, so I think this sounds interesting.

  7. Kiara

    YES, been missing him after Arang. He is good in any genre, melo, romance (melt), kickass etc he is my guy.

  8. Noemi

    Aw, between the setting and the “period romantic noir” genre, I was just reminded of Kyungsung Morning.

    • 8.1 blegh

      I was thinking of the exact same thing.
      lol, that drama, despite being not so popular, had a great impact. whenever I see actors choosing dramas, script reading, dramas being extended, I keep thinking how there is some drama going on behind the scene. king of dramas totally changed how I see dramas now.
      I always wanted to watch the drama they were making. lol. and this seem like “kyungsung morning” so far.

    • 8.2 nikki

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who thought of Kyungsung Morning after reading this. haha

  9. Jyyjc

    Ok people, let the speculations for the female lead begin!

    • 9.1 MsB

      Here’s who I’d like to see:

      Jung Ryeo-Won- she’s a little older than him but who cares!!
      Kim So Eun-She did such a fantastic job in Horse Doctor
      Ha Ji Wan-Because I like to see in anything and everything

    • 9.2 Jyyjc

      Oh silly me, forgot to list my own. I usually like to start casting in my head based on the character descriptions. But since we don’t know what the female lead character is like yet, then I’ll choose based on who I’d like to see romancing lee junki on screen.

      Park Ha Sun
      I’m Joo Eun
      Song Hye Kyo
      Lee Min Jung
      Han Chae Ah (although would it be weird for her to do another drama set in Japanese occupation period?)
      Lee Chung Ah
      Lee Young Ah
      Yoon So Yi
      Moon Chae Won
      Park Se Young

      • 9.2.1 Mic

        Ooh, nice list! 🙂

      • 9.2.2 DayDreamer

        In this list, the names that jump out the most to me are Han Chae Ah and Moon Chae Won, two actresses that I really like. Out of them, I think I would prefer Han Chae Ah…I wouldn’t mind her being in yet another Japanese occupational drama. Also loved her a lot as Rie so hoping this time she steps out of second lead status and take on a strong, female lead.

      • 9.2.3 MsB

        Forgot about Im Joo Eun!!

    • 9.3 Kiara

      If he agrees to take on this project I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a request for Han Ji Min to be his leading lady. He mentioned in an interview ( not sure if it was before or after his army duty) that he would love to work with her. She is not tied to any project right now so there is a very good chance that his wish may be granted.

      • 9.3.1 be5t4r

        if I’m not mistaken, LJK had mentions that his type ideal is HJM…..
        after army duty, LJK said after watching Padam2 and Detective K, he wants to work with HJM in Seaguk drama.
        so … I also agree if LF is HJM, after they failed starring in the drama hero.
        but I’m worried it might HJM willn’t accept the role, considering she had played in setting 1930s in Capital Scandal with KJH…

        so….i’m not sure with HJM

        • Kiara

          I do agree with you. I was thinking about Capital Scandal too and this would be like a CS 2 for her because its the exact same timeline.

    • 9.4 pogo

      Yoon Eun-hye because she apparently said she’d like her next project to be a sageuk, though it depends on how big the female lead’s role is here, if it didn’t carry as much weight as Shin Mina in Arang I don’t think she’ll do it.

      Moon Chae-won
      Lee Yoon-ji
      and if we’re looking a little on the younger side, Jung So-min (I just cannot with how good an actress she is)

    • 9.5 Jo

      I hope that they go with an actress that doesn’t have a “modern” look. I’d love to see someone who looks classic like Maggie Cheung or something.

    • 9.6 Alerie

      I don’t know why, but I would love to see him with Han Hyoo Joo again. I love her acting, but her character in Iljimae was so-so for me… it didn’t feel like she was the lead female (more like a secondary), and the other girl in Iljimae, the one who was funny, seemed to me more like the lead female.

  10. 10 Snowman

    Interesting. If this drama manages to get on air. I hope it doesn’t go full nationalistic propaganda on us. I felt that Gaksital was good in the beginning, then it went too far on the national pride spectrum, which I didn’t find too compelling. But with KBS, hmmmm not sure.

  11. 11 Carole McDonnell

    ooooooooh, he is so so gorgeous!
    oh yeah, and he’s a great actor as well. Thanks for the news.

  12. 12 MsB

    I’ve been saying it over and over again, he MUST do action!! Yes, we have a connection! He truly read my mind!!!!!!!!!!! Period..modern…whateva!! As long as it is an action!!!!

  13. 13 ryoko

    Wow. Just wow. I should be commenting about the possibly forthcoming drama, but I’ve been struck speechless by that picture of Lee Jun-ki. I’ve always thought he was good-looking, but in that picture he looks positively fey. If dramaland ever needs someone to play an elf a la Lord of the Rings, he’s their man. Er, elf.

    • 13.1 yammy

      I agree with you! lol, as a LOTR fan and a drama addict, your comment induces so much feels 😀 ahahahah…now i’m imagining lee junki being the korean legolas! /swoon/

      *cough* Back to the drama. I’ll be up to watch it!

    • 13.2 Russe12

      Those were my thoughts exactly! I saw the pic and immediately thought “He doesn’t even look real because of the pretty!”

      • 13.2.1 jomo

        He looks like a hand drawn animated character.

        If the Avatar guy wanted to do another blue movie with Asian influenced looks, he should based the lead character off of LJK.

  14. 14 marid

    Goodness is he pretty… I need to watch more things with him in it. All I seen is Arang (which I love) and King & Clown (which im still not sure how I feel about)… someone want to recomend more stuff??

    • 14.1 cherkell

      All things? Then you *must* see 2009’s “Hero” (MBC), where he plays a plucky newspaper reporter out to avenge his newspaper reporter dad’s death by working at a two-bit rag with a bunch of misfits that he recruited from a previous job at a National Enquirer-type tabloid.

      And if that’s not wacky enough, the new newspaper itself is run by an ex-gangster just out of prison and his sidekick. Sweet and hilarious all at the same time! It’s currently running on Hulu and Netflix, and there’s ‘other places’ streaming it as well. Enjoy!

      • 14.1.1 anotheraddict

        Thanks for the tip! Don’t know how I missed this one. LJK in something sweet and wacky? I’m in!

      • 14.1.2 MariD

        That’s been on my queue for ages..I need to start it..
        I also forgot to add that I seen “my girl” where he is the second lead.

      • 14.1.3 DayDreamer

        I had been watching Hero this past week and reached around episode 10…have to say it’s really dragging at that point and stuff are getting so repetitive that I put it on hold. I might pick it up during another drama slump period. Or maybe when I’m going nuts waiting for this drama to finally air, lol.

        • nova611

          yes..its quite draggy

        • Kiara

          I loved all his past projects and watched them all except for Hero. I was done with it at eps 10.
          Try” Time Between Dog and Wolf”if you haven’t.

    • 14.2 nova611

      must see -> time between dog n wolf
      even not sure the ending;
      if he is with the girl or not~

    • 14.3 pogo

      MY GIRL!!!!!!!!

      He was second lead in that, but totally and completely adorable and at his fey-est playboy best. And he already had drama leading man charisma even before he actually became one.

  15. 15 Lulla

    Hmm..if LJK takes this role, than I’ll have another series to look forwars too. Hopefully, he will.

  16. 16 bgr


    Age of The Feels? why not “Feeling The Age”? hehe 😉

    • 16.1 Peeps

      Because… that makes people feel old… and we’re mostly ladies here on this site. Haha!

      I cannot believe that people born in the 1990s are already adults! T__T
      Let me cry a river…

      • 16.1.1 lily

        i know,right? im SEVENTEEN. people expect me to make my own decisions 🙁

  17. 17 Chrissie

    Oppaaaaaaaaaaa! Yes! I need him back onscreen!

  18. 18 Rin

    Can we have Ha Ji Won?you know, just for the sake of seeing them kickass together

  19. 19 Tina

    i think soo ae will be a great female lead. the setting is supposedly shang hai right? soo ae has always look like a mix of korean and chinese for me which is great because i think chinese people are really beautiful so i think she will look good here 😀

    if not soo ae, then jung ryeo won from salaryman, song hye kyo, han ji min, ha ji won, or im soo jung are ok for me…. though i think jung ryeo won + ha ji won fits this drama the best based on their previous roles 😮

  20. 20 opheliadrowning

    After “Arang,” I will watch him in anything. His performance–the humor, the action, the heartbreak–was the best thing about that drama, and I would rate I amongst my favorite tv shows ever. So excited to hear he is already considering a new project!

    • 20.1 pogo

      ^consider this co-signed

      I would have watched him in anything anyway even before Arang, but after knowing what his more mature self is capable of, I’m going into his next with some serious anticipation.

  21. 21 Mj

    Lee jun ki and 1930s noir woohoo soooo freaking excited hope he signs on

    • 21.1 MsB

      LJK in a zoot suit and hat?! Who wouldn’t want to see that!!

  22. 22 kfangurl

    This sounds potentially kickass awesome!! 😀 😀 😀 Lee Jun Ki sounds like such a perfect fit for this!! Please say yes, Jun Ki sshi, we need you on our screens!!

  23. 23 Nina

    Let’s just call it Gaksital 2.0. Lol!

    Lol this sounds like fun! I really liked that time setting, and if done well, will be epic.

    • 23.1 eny

      that’s exactly what i feel,gaksital part 2

  24. 24 nomad

    I know everyone’s excited about LJK…but what made my heart skipped a beat was..the writer of DAMO. Aaggghh…not sure how to react. That show put me in a dark corner, crying. Ottoke?

  25. 25 DayDreamer


    He is probably the only guy (besides Joo Won) that I instantly want to call oppa. I am totally squeeing and spazzing out right now from this news because I had been hoping like crazy that he would come back on screen again. Oh how he won me over in AatM and how fervently thereafter, I searched for all is works and started watching them (even though honestly, they weren’t as excellent as AatM but good enough to enjoy). And now he’s coming back in a piece set during the time period I’ve come to greatly enjoy since Gaksital?? Please, yes, bring oppa in those snazzy outfits that Joo Won rocked. I will die from so much happiness.

    Btw, how awesome is that picture?? 😀 Those beautiful eyes…they pierce my heart. I just can’t stop swooning.

    • 25.1 pogo

      I just can’t stop swooning.

      You and me both!

      I thought he’d lost that fairy prince look and become more like a hot human after Arang (and that just slayed me, UNF)……and now I see he’s back to looking like a fairy prince…..


      • 25.1.1 DayDreamer

        I think he gained some face weight, lol. Like, in Arang, he was recently out of the army so he had a rather thinner face with a really sharp jaw line. But now it filled out a little again, hence the fairy prince look. It’s still not as round as it was pre-army but I’d say it’s better (even though I love Oppa in all his looks, hehehe).

        • pogo

          Oppa can slay us in either mode, it is true. (and I really appreciated the jawline when he was kissing Arang **combusts**)

  26. 26 Noelle


  27. 27 snow_white

    I like Lee Jun Ki, but still have to watch Arang and the magistrate….

    great news!!

  28. 28 hydesamagirl

    Why don’t they translate it Age of Passion or Passions? Being moved by strong feelings is passion, but sounds way better. And, feelings is so week.

    • 28.1 jomo

      I vote for this, too.

  29. 29 Ladymoonstone143

    I definitely be watching this…anything with Lee Jun Ki on it.

    I wish he would be paired with Kim So Eun or Jung Su Min…I miss watching these ladies already.

  30. 30 nova611

    i want him to act with actress that know how to kiss on screen

    kim sun ah maybe?

    cos he sure not a good kisser; he admit it himself

    • 30.1 yukiNYC

      Agree but in defense of LJK, most movie & TV kissers are not that good on screen. USA stars too.

      Maybe they’re afraid of their wives and husbands, and the danger of Agelina & Brad scandal.

    • 30.2 pogo

      It has very little to do with how he himself is as a kisser, Shin Mina knows how to kiss (The Naked Kitchen is knicker-scorching proof) and was barely allowed to respond in Arang (but at least she WAS allowed to respond a little instead of having it be a total dead fish kiss). The PDs control every tilt of the head and movement of the lips, so even the world’s best kisser could end up lookin awkward as a result.

      And fwiw, the kisses in Arang did look pretty good even if he had to do all the work, haha.

  31. 31 Arhazivory

    Well…I’m definitely excited.

  32. 32 Beng

    this is great news! and i hope KBS will also get it so that i can watch it too in KBS world cable =)

  33. 33 khina

    Gaksital’s director? Then i’m totally in!

  34. 34 pasta

    this girl is ready for a lead role, she’s been in the industry for 10 years and she is still stuck doing supporting roles! WTF!! i don’t get how some actresses can do 1-2 supporting role and then land themselves a main role!!! frustrating!

    lee yoon ji is so gorgeous and she will look awesome while doing action scenes and she will look good in 1930s clothing! wish they would give her a chance!

    • 34.1 Miica

      I never thought about Lee Yoon Ji for this role but now i have to agree that she would be awesome!

    • 34.2 Fudge

      Agree! Lee Yoon Ji is too amazing to be a second lead. She deserves the best coz she’s one of the best! 🙂

  35. 35 Clara

    Well, I really hope that Jun Ki can pair up with Moon Chae Won! 🙂

  36. 36 Hannah95

    OMG! He’s soooooo ridiculously pretty! !!!! It hurt my pride as a girl!!!! 😥

    • 36.1 Kiara

      Lol he did that to me in “The King and the Clown”.


      He was so beautiful back then but he’s more manly now after the army <3.

      • 36.1.1 Hannah95

        Oh my goodness! How can a guy be soooo pretty???He even more prettier than girls!!!! Its so unfair, I feel even uglier now *sob sob*

  37. 37 Lizzy4e

    So glad he might be back to work!

    As I recall, Lee Jun-ki said the Director of Arang instructed Jun-ki to act with restraint, not that Jun-ki chose the less emotive route but that Director asked that of him.

    Perhaps, like Johnny Depp, Lee Jun-ki might want to stay with the Director who brings out his best work. Then again Jun-ki may not think Arang is his best work.

    I am excited to think he might be on the screen again soon.

  38. 38 Noora

    Gaksital’s director is good. But I hope he pays a lot more, and I mean A LOT more attention to small details of the 1930’s. The fashion in Gaskital was a bit off most of the time. It’s like 2012 Spring collection rather than 1930’s style.

    And at the moment I’m watching Gaksital again, and I’m starting to notice mistakes (those mistakes that usually won’t be noticed by the audience, unless their memory/eyes are sharp.) One example is when Mokdan found out that Kangto is Bridal Mask and ripped her shirt to stop his bleeding wound, but then in the next scene, her shirt was totally fine without even a drop of Kangto’s blood on it.

  39. 39 pogo


    He’s at his best when he’s a touch restrained (Arang is proof) so I really hope this doesn’t go the Overacty Iljimae route because he’s SO much better than that. And 1930s Shanghai…..this is going to look GORGEOUS, isn’t it? Fingers crossed he gets a good leading lady now, he looks great with anyone but the chemistry needs to be right.

  40. 40 Sadhli

    Ohhhh WOWWWWWw…..you made my day , night, weeks and Months JB with this one news. After Arang I was badly missing my Sato and seems like LJK will be back in lil similar role as its again a Saeguk…..I am eagerly waiting for him.
    First thing came to my mind was KOD and Kyungsang Morning after reading the genre…. KOD indeed changed my perspective to see, and understand Kdramas and their background as well.
    Regarding female leads…..I’d love to see Jung Ryu Won and Han Ji Min and other than these 2 I can add Moon Geum Young, Park Min young to the list.
    THANKS once again for the news….

  41. 41 AnaBanana


  42. 42 Chibi

    Those eyes those eyes *swoon*

  43. 43 Boo

    OMGGGG SO EXCITED. I loveeeed him in Arang! Been wanting to see him in new dramas. I hope he chooses a drama (or this one) soon.

    This drama itself sounds interesting. Fighting, romance, older time period. 😀

    I thought of Gaksital before you even mentioned it, haha.

  44. 44 Lilian

    I love him as an actor and was really excited when he was out of the army. It’s been too long since Arang! Make another drama please…

  45. 45 Sammy

    Oh god i have missed him for so long. I hope he gets paired with someone as good as Shin Min Ah if not better. Can’t wait to see this.

  46. 46 Patoi

    Please accept the role Joon Gi ssi. Looking forward to see you on screen.

  47. 47 Flower

    Hell yeah! Count me in on this one! He is such an amazing actor and is beyond beautiful. <333.

  48. 48 smi

    i’m so definitely gonna be watching this, plsss accept ljk!!!! u have lotsa fans here eagerly awaiting you and this show.

  49. 49 shereen

    I really want to see yun eun hye and lee jun ki together…………they are soooooooooooo gorgeous:):)

  50. 50 tippayachat

    am be his twinsoul am born 23/7/1986 1:42am nakornsawan thailand am not lie i never met him i miss him somuch am being fall in love him around febuary 2012 that be month thailand free tv bring my girl series re onair yes many year before i watched this serie,but i don’t care him but this now am being die i feel love jun somuch i have moon same his zodiac in aquarius i have venus 12′ in Virgo and him venus 11′ in Pisces it opposite that can tell we differren. I have north nod 25′ in Aries conjuct his sun 26′ Aries and he has his north nod 17′ in Cancer contract my moon 17′ aquarius that mean he find me . (moon is be sign ruling of Cancer) his saturn 18′ in Libra trine my moon and mc/midheaven ( i have moon 17′conjuct my mc 18′) and my saturn3′ sextrine his moon 3′ it be double whammy. that mean promise to married. his saturn 18′ sextrine my uranus 18′ and my saturn 3′ conjuct his uranus 4′ it be double whammy and we saturn sextrine each other my pluto 4′ conjuct his jupiter. i have jupiter22′ and he has venus 11′ in Pisces that mean love him make me know about astrology uranine. i have vertex 21′ in Libra middle of his saturn and pluto25′ his pluto 25′ conjuct my south node 25′ i think it be one reason can expland when you love someone 10 month over am try to find answer am being love him on febuary 2012 that same thailand re onair his series ,my girl many year before i watched until finished but i don’t care him and met him again in few year later on Iljimae (I accidentally opened TV) and then think who is he? ar boy from my girl series.he famous? i don’t care and close TV until febuary 2012 that night am watched him and i feel this man can takecare me and then my heart felt shock that same you stand in lift in frist time of your life and suddenly i feel like him i don’t know i love him. that make me find who are you? i don’t know before he famous i know his name this time. morning later oh i feel want to be beautiful women. time move i feel over until am follow looking at his twitter that day he show photo he ate b-b-q maybe before him show that am eat too . i know milion people can eat but am think if he want to eat i will share him. about within 1 hour he send this picture.not 1 time but 4 time on March that make me find what happend it be point i know astrology 10 month i can’t sleep it not happy it hurt i know milion people can born same day with me.but they can’t guess him. i hope he past and seen my message

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