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Name That Drama: House-hunting, identity-swapping, prison babies
by | April 10, 2013 | 122 Comments

  1. Seungri asks:

    There was this drama that I watched back in the early 2000′s, somewhere between 2002-2005. I don’t remember much except that there was a scene where the main guy is sitting at a playground at night and he looks up at the moon and sees the main girl’s face on it. He’s very startled by this vision and it’s quite comic. XD If I’m not being confused with another drama, at the end of the series, he marries her and you see them walking along with babies strapped to their backs.


  2. Karen doesn’t have a lot of details, but the window is fairly narrow:

    I just read your Name That Drama post, and I would be so grateful if somebody cam help me identify this drama.

    My memory is fuzzy, but I believe this is an SBS drama that broadcasted in 2006 or 2008. I only watched the first episode. It was about a unmarried older woman who was finally successful in her career in obstetrics and gynecology, but she found out her father or family lost the deed to the land they own and now she owes a lot of money. The story seems to have a light and comedic tone.

    Thank you so much.


  3. hanny:

    I’m not really sure if it was a Korean drama. All I remember, it was a 90s drama, the girl just moved into town, and she’s looking for an apartment. On her way she meets this handsome rich guy (that kind of perfect cool guy) and I think she gets a crush on him at that moment. While looking for an apartment she got into a fight with this man (opposite of the perfect guy, not a gentleman) for a room. But in the end the ended up sharing an apartment room accidentally. Then she found a job and the perfect man happened to be her boss. I vaguely remember that even though she has a crush with the boss, that apartment guy was always there for her despite his attitude, and I guess in the end she realized that she loved him.

    That would be lovely if you and everyone in DB land could help me. Thanks.


  4. Ah, the hallmarks of K-dramas. Can you name Niz’s show?
    • At the beginning, a young woman from a good family comes to a couple’s home alone. She’s pregnant and is about to give birth. The wife of the homeowner is also about to give birth to her own child. They both give birth to girls, but the young woman dies after delivering her child.
    • The homeowner’s wife reluctantly takes in the child in to raise her as well as her own (per husbands request).
    • When both girls grow up, the young woman’s family tracks her down. The homeowner’s wife is not very rich and in order to give her own daughter a “better life”, she lies that her own daughter is actually the young woman’s child while keeping the real heir with her.
    • Both girls fall in love with the same guy that they have met (who is a doctor!), but the doctor falls in love with the homeowner’s wife’s daughter.. I think they become a couple.
    • The homeonwer’s wife’s daughter finds out first that she isn’t the real heir to the fortune, because her blood type and her supposed mother’s blood type didn’t match, but decides to keep it a secret because she became power hungry. Not sure. The real granddaughter also finds out they were switched eventually.
    • The real daughter of the rich family meets a man, and I think she eventually has a son. I don’t know if that man is the father or not, nor do I know if that baby is really hers… because I remember I missed quite a few episodes.
    • I also remember the homeowner’s wife needed a liver transplant, and her daughter was the only match. The daughter didn’t want to do it at first, wanting her mom to just die, but eventually gave in and helped her mom out.
    • I remember seeing this between 2003-2005. This was shown subtitled on AZN TV in the US, so I don’t know if this was the true air year in Korea. I don’t think it came out before 2000, though.


  5. Summer asks:

    Hi, I need help in identifying a Korean drama. Recently I went to Taiwan for holiday and watched a few episodes of this Korean drama. It was dubbed into Mandarin and I don’t know its title.

    There is this lady, A, who got wrongfully jailed for murder. She gave birth to a baby boy while in jail, but they took her baby away. The real murderer is another lady, B.

    The father of A’s baby somehow ends up marrying B, but he doesn’t seem to love B.

    There’s this CD that contains the proof that can clear A’s name. That’s all I can deduce from the few episodes that I watched. Can anyone help me identify the drama so I can find out the ending? Thanks!


  6. omolady’s show:

    This is a drama I saw dubbed in my language about 6 years ago. It’s about a girl who lives to take revenge on her father and his second wife. Her father left her mother, her and her little brother when she was younger, for his mistress. They were left without any money. Her little brother was sick and one day he died on the way home from school. Her mother is so devastated by the loss of her young son that she literally cried her eyes out and became blind.

    The girl wants to take revenge on her father and his new family and she joins their company. She becomes a script writer for a new drama in which her stepmother plays the lead. The drama script is based on her own life story with the stepmom playing the part of her own mother to make her know the pain she put her mother through. Her father has a new daughter with his mistress and she has a fiancé. The girl wants to take revenge on her stepsister by taking her fiancé. At first she only wants him for revenge. Later on she starts to love him (duh).

    When everyone becomes aware of the situation and the script and lies all hell breaks loose. Her stepsister becomes mentally ill when she finds out what her father and mother did to her father’s previous family. I don’t know what happens to the father and stepmom. The fiancé who was loving the girl now feels betrayed by her. But since her love for him is sincere they marry.

    When she goes to live with her family-in-law, her mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law don’t treat her well even though she does everything around the house. Her father-in-law is good to her and so is her husband. I really want to know what happens next.

    Long story short… Does anyone know what the name of this drama is? Thank you DB community.



122 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Eva

    1) Sweet 18 starring Lee Dong Gun & Han Ji Hye http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Sweet_18

    • 1.1 bernie

      someone may have already done this, but i thought i’d put this up near the top 🙂 SUMMARY POST!

      1. Seungri
      –>Sweet 18

      2. Karen

      3. Hanny
      –> Attic Cat (also Rooftop Room Cat)

      4. Niz
      –> Country Princesses

      5. Summer
      –> Yellow Boots (also called “Ice Adonis”)

      6. Omolady
      –> Miss Mermaid, also called Mermaid Girl/Mermaid Lady/ Irene (title used in the Philippines)

      • 1.1.1 Karen

        Thank so much! I will check to see if Lovers is the drama I was looking for.

  2. calvin&hobbes

    I think the drama summer has in mind is “yellow boots” aka “ice adonis”… lee yoori plays the lead.. it’s definitely in the makjang category but I was obsessed with this drama.. very heavy but just amazing acting especially the first half

    • 2.1 hyphen

      agreed, 5. Summer’s one is definitely ice adonis/ yellow boots. No idea where to find the english subtitled version, though the chinese subtitled one is on youku.

      • 2.1.1 calvinhobbes

        yellow boots / ice adonis english subbed version was on dramafever when I last checked.

        • hyphen

          dramafever’s only available for North & South American users unfortunately, so have never been able to catch the english subbed versions since I’m based in Asia.

          • xine

            there’s 108 episodes of Eng Sub Yellow Boots at dramacrazy.net

    • 2.2 blkasian

      This is an awesome drama and I highly recommend it.

    • 2.3 Summer

      Thanks for the answer! 🙂

      Finally can google more about it. Oh my, it’s 108 episodes.. Don’t think I can be that patient to sit through them all… 🙁

    • 2.4 TS

      Ooh, I was just wondering about watching that! It sounds good!

  3. Brenna

    I think Niz’s drama is Glass Slipper. I only watched the beginning, but it sounds very similar.

    • 3.1 ilovemandoo

      Hm really? I watched Glass Slipper, and it doesn’t sound like it to me.

    • 3.2 smile134

      I haven’t remembered the drama that Niz is looking for yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Glass Slipper. In Glass Slipper, the mother passed away when giving birth to the 2nd daughter. Their dad (who walked out of a rich family to marry their mother) took care of the two girls until he died because of an accident (or sick, please correct me if I’m wrong). Their grandfather then looked for the two girl, but he only found the older child. The little girl (later on played by Kim Huyn Joo) lost her memory in an accident caused by the poor family and then stayed with them until she grew up. The switch happened when her older sister (played by Kim Ji Ho) tracked down the family to look for her little sister, the daughter from the poor family stole ring from the little sister and pretended to be her in order to live in luxury without having to work.

  4. Maggi

    Answer to Niz’s show

    I believe its called Country Princess. God I am not even Korean and I am so proud that I can name a Drama. I am on cloud 9.

    • 4.1 allen

      Seungri: sweet 18 with lee dong gun
      Karen: Lovers with Kim Jung-eun and Lee Seo-jin just a guess
      hanny: I Really Really Like You with lee minki and Eugene just a guess also
      summer: ……………..
      Niz: yes it is country princess with Bae Donna
      Omolady’s is: Irene aka. Mermaid Lady|Ms Mermaid with jang seo hee

      • 4.1.1 Janet

        I don’t think hanny’s drama is I really, really like you.

        I fell in love with Lee MinKi after watching Dalja’s Spring and so, I endured I really, really like you (which was set up in the Blue House, and Eugene was living with LMK, his dad and another ajusshi who also works in the Blue House. Eugene also came from the mountains and has a birth secret). I did not know Eugene then and I was impressed with her singing voice.

      • 4.1.2 Akiness

        I just checked out Miss Mermaid on Wiki. It sounds interesting but holy cow, 256 episodes!

      • 4.1.3 Karen

        Thanks, Allen. I will check out the Lovers drama to see if that is the one.

    • 4.2 mai

      I also think about Bae Doo Na’s drama. But, I don’t know the title… I watched this long time ago and I’m not remember at all Kang Dong Won in there ^^

    • 4.3 Stephanie Barcus

      Yes, Maggi…Country Princess! Good job at naming the drama!

    • 4.4 Akiness

      Haha, I had the same feeling. I was feeling so proud of myself that I can finally name something in this naming game. I saw Country Princess a loooooooong time ago and I couldn’t remember the name of it just now but I did remember that Bae Doona was in i, so I ended up looking it up on Wiki-D.

      This and #5 which is Yellow Boots/Ice Adonis that I saw not long ago.

      Feeling proud. Definitely proud. 🙂

  5. maakopla

    Seungri’s drama sounds like Sweet 18, but I am not sure.

    • 5.1 Caroline

      I was thinking the same thing

    • 5.2 ak2847

      I agree, when I read Seungri’s I thought of “Sweet 18” as the drama, especially the last scene that was described, fits.

    • 5.3 Jandoe

      Yup it is!

    • 5.4 dduk

      same! it’s prob. b/c of the ending scene where they had their kids on their backs. really cute show!

    • 5.5 MariD

      Agreed! I just finish sweet 18, and that’s how it ends.

    • 5.6 mangoparo

      I agree! the part with the baby strapped is definitely sweet 18

    • 5.7 Rexy

      Agree with everyone’s Sweet 18 answer. That moon scene cracked me up when I first saw it.

    • 5.8 SoyJade

      I was thinking Sweet 18, too.
      It is being shown in Hulu in the USA. I looked for other subtitles and there aren’t(weren’t) any really good ones out there.

    • 5.9 Jo

      YES. I was totally thinking the same thing. You have no idea how much I loved and adored that drama when I was younger.

    • 5.10 vivi-chan

      agree as well, by the way a great drama

    • 5.11 Dol

      Yep, Sweet 18. One of the very few dramas I have watched more than once. It’s a little sappy, but I love it anyway.

    • 5.12 anais

      Sweet 18, yes. I really miss Lee Dong Gun.

  6. KimNaNa

    Niz’s drama sounds a lot like a Taiwanese drama called “When Love Walked In”, but it came out in 2011. Maybe it’s a remake of the original Korean drama?

    • 6.1 MariD

      I don’t think so. In “When love walked in” there’s no mothers, plus the grandfather plays a big part in the story. Plus there’s 3 cute guys in it.. I don’t think you can forget the 3 cute guys when describing the show.

  7. KANGly

    I think #6 is Miss Mermaid (MBC, 2002), in my country it has the title “Irene”.

    The lead female is Jang Seo Hee, the lead male is Kim Sung Min.


    It is one of my favorite Kdramas. It was a daily drama in my country and ran for 6 months, but I watched every episode. It is that addicting. But the latter episodes dragged a bit.

  8. J3ss

    #1 sounds a lt like Sweet 18

  9. Milly

    #6 is Miss Mermaid, also known as “Irene”

    Female lead is Jang Seo Hee, lead male is Kim Sung Min.

    • 9.1 Rere

      Wow.. This drama have 256 Episodes..

  10. 10 Kam

    #3 Hanny

    Kind of sounds similar to what happens in Rooftop Room Cat/ Attic Cat.

    #4 Niz

    Biological mother needing a liver transplant? Perhaps it’s Be Strong, Geum-soon?

  11. 11 Babs

    #1 is Sweet 18!

  12. 12 Cassandra

    I think Niz’s drama is Country Princess starring Bae Doo-na and omolady’s drama is Miss Mermaid starring Jang Seo-hee.

    • 12.1 Midori

      Agree. Niz’s drama is Country Princess. I remember watching it on AZN.

    • 12.2 yjnge

      I can’t believe I know this one. It is the Country Princess. Pretty cute, but I only watch the beginning part. Lost interest half way.

  13. 13 SweetiePie54

    I have no idea what any of these are, but I do so love reading the descriptions as it is a reminder how awesomely ridiculous the dramas are sometimes 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • 13.1 NKB

      I agree wholeheartedly. This was literally one of the high points of my day!! 🙂

      • 13.1.1 Cynthia

        Me too!

        It’s amazing how formulaic these makjang dramas are – I’m still laughing over the above “she literally cried her eyes out and became blind.”

        If that was true due to our drama watching/sob fests, we could all star alongside Song Hye Gyo….

        • Micola

          Totally agree with Sweetiepie, NKB and Cynthia when all the fluff is stripped away and only the facts are left they sound totally ridiculous.

          The funny thing is depending on the execution we could watch these ridiculous dramas and enjoy them

    • 13.2 ht

      Hahaha, there’s a very strange good feeling I feel I get while I was reading these descriptions. It’s like “Um ok.. Step sisters.. Let me see how ridiculous the plot will go.. Fine.. Woah.. WTF!” It’s so funny.

  14. 14 momosan

    3. Hanny, that sounds a lot like Attic Cat.

  15. 15 KDR

    #1 sounds likes Stars falling from the Sky or Sweet 18
    #3 sounds like Attic Cat

  16. 16 Shikurai17

    Seungri #1 Sounds a lot like is Sweet 18.

    Niz #4 is Country Princess.

    Omolady # is Miss Mermaid.

  17. 17 Rashell

    #2 sounds like Lovers with Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun, but she wasn’t an o/b she was a plastic surgeon. But the land thing happens.

    • 17.1 Rashell

      Lovers was broadcast in 2006 by SBS.

      • 17.1.1 Karen

        Thanks, Rashell. I could have gotten the occupation wrong since my memory is fuzzy.

    • 17.2 Love dramas

      I thought about this but the light and comedic tones threw me off. I wouldn’t describe lovers as light and comedic. But otherwise it fits. The type of doctor could be confusing.

      • 17.2.1 Rashell

        I thought that too, but when I read the description again she says she only watched the first episode. She could have gotten “light” and “comedic” from ep 1. Not knowing that it would get so “heavy” in later episodes.

  18. 18 Love dramas

    I think # 1 is sweet 18 as well and it seems to for the timeline.

  19. 19 JoAnne

    I like the sounds of Miss Mermaid!

    • 19.1 Milly

      It was addicting! It aired daily in my country for 6 months, and I watched every episode.

      Reading the description it may seem makjang, but when you watch it, it is not as makjang as it seems.

      And I love the acting across the board. No over the top acting in this drama. The character development is very good, you will love everyone. No villains really, just people who made wrong choices that hurt a lot of people. I even ended up liking the stepmom and the stepsister.

      I love the pairing of Jang Seo Hee and Kim Sung Min.

      The last few episodes dragged a bit, but overall it was a good drama. I think this was a big hit when it aired in Korea.

  20. 20 squishysushi

    Hanny’s can’t be Attic Cat because that was filmed in 2003, not the ’90s. I think it may be Tomato with Kim Hee Sun.

    • 20.1 trixicopper

      I thought #3 might be Tomato also. But it has been a long time since I’ve seen it.

  21. 21 DayDreamer

    Omg, rofl, the last one sounds like a doozy but I’m actually interested and want to watch it.

    • 21.1 DayDreamer

      Nevermind, it’s 256 episodes long according to Dramawiki…

  22. 22 Pea

    No. 5 is Yellow Boots or Ice Adonis.

  23. 23 tatashi

    Will you do a recap for new drama, Nail Shop Paris???

  24. 24 hannah

    #1 could be SWEET 18 from the ending scene but could be WHICH STAR ARE YOU FROM? with the scene of the girl’s face on the moon.

  25. 25 mommai

    I love this segment, but was wondering if there was any way that there could be a clear concise list of the answers, or at least the best guesses, like a week or so afterwards? I just get lost in all the comments, especially with so many for the same drama, and would really like to know the rest of them, or which ever ones are still unknown.

    • 25.1 Holli

      Great idea! I get a bit confused too.

  26. 26 hanie

    I love this kind of post.. The plot, most of the time is so LOL-tastic and yet, I still googling and reading their dramawiki..

    momlady’s drama is doozy and fill with makjang cliche…

  27. 27 Aimee

    I wasn’t going to post this because I know so little about it, but here goes anyway…I saw one small scene of this drama in the mid 2000’s. I believe I saw it broadcast over KBS World. The most handsome Kdrama man I have ever seen played the part of a high school kid. He was wearing a dark blue school blazer with an insignia on the breast pocket. He had been having an affair with an older woman, ( I believe it was a friend of his mother or another family member), who was telling him it was over, and he wasn’t taking “No” for an answer. I didn’t know about Kdramas at the time, and thought it was a movie I could never tune into again. If I could only find out who that breathtaking man was, I would be very happy.

    • 27.1 paprika

      Hmm… could it possibly be Won Bin / 원빈? He played a high school kid in a really old drama called “Kkokji” (that aired in 2000) who had a huge crush on a neighbor ajumma who was in a bad marriage. I don’t remember if they went so far as to have an affair, but he was definitely crazy about her. The ajumma was played by Park Ji-young, who played Kim Bum’s mom in “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.”

    • 27.2 Lize

      Found this:

  28. 28 Blanchi

    Are you sure #2 is a comedy? It really sounds like “Lovers” though, which was a melo.

    Was there a gangster guy involved. Cause if there was, then it’s definitely “Lovers.”

    • 28.1 Idlehouse

      She only saw first ep. I remember it was pretty funny until they fell in love….

    • 28.2 Kandiboo

      wasn’t KEJ a Plastic surgeon in Lovers?

    • 28.3 Karen

      Thanks Blanchi, I will check it out.

  29. 29 Anvesha

    I can guess #1! (even though everyone seems to know that)..

  30. 30 Lady Seoul

    Yay! I finally get to contribute! Hopefully this is what you’re looking for. For #3 HANNY: It sounds like a Japanese drama called Hotoru no Hikari.

    • 30.1 Kikilala12

      I don’t think it is Hotaru no Hikari. Here her housemate is her boss.

      • 30.1.1 Ktbrods

        Hotaru no Hikari matches perfectly. The roommate IS Ahomiya’s (^.^) boss. That’s part of the reason why them living together is a little scandalous.

        • Ktbrods

          Syke. I just re-read the description and I lied. HnH doesn’t fit….. Um, so. Okay.

    • 30.2 hanny

      It can be.. I’ve seen Attic Cat in wiki-drama but I didn’t recall the same actors.

      @Lady Seoul do you have any link to check that drama information? I googled only find Hotaru no Hikari and it was 2011 drama..


  31. 31 ricky

    The problem I face reading these posts: when the drama doesn’t get identified and I really want to watch it because of the description.

  32. 32 shiori

    #3 sounds similar but slightly different from tomato (ft. kim heesun & kim sukhoon) as a few mentioned before ^^ — if the lead character was a shoe designer then this is the correct drama! 🙂

  33. 33 Yoli

    Oh my gosh! I hope you can help me find the name of a Japanese drama I saw on-line possibly around 2005. The story is about a Korean girl living with her family in Japan. Her father wants her to marry a Korean man, but she falls in love with a Japanese calligrapher. There is, of course, memory loss; a big family secret – I think possibly lover turned brother but not really; and a long separation before they finally end up together. I think it was based on a very popular book in Japan at the time. I would love it if someone could help me get the title of this one. It’s driving me crazy!

    • 33.1 Shikurai17

      It’s Tokyo Wankei. Nakama Yukie was in it.

      • 33.1.1 Yoli

        Thank you! Thank you! I tried lots of things in google search with no luck. Thank you, Shikurai17 🙂 You Rock!

  34. 34 gemali

    creo que es mi cuñada tiene 19 años , con kim jae won

    • 34.1 liz

      She says:

      I believe it is ”She Is Nineteen” with Kim Jae Won.

      But which drama you mean gemali?

  35. 35 goldeng

    I dont know any of these dramas but it kinda makes me lol how i feel i’ve seen at least one of these drama plots elsewhere xD

  36. 36 sugarpunch

    I’m pretty sure 1. is Sweet 18 and 3. sounds a lot like Attic Cat.

  37. 37 redclaw

    #4 is Country Princess with Bae Donna.I have the DVD’s.
    #5 is Yellow Boots.
    #2 reminds me of Lovers, but she was a plastic surgeon,so maybe it’s not Lovers.

  38. 38 Claudine

    Omolady’s drama is “Miss Mermaid” starring Jang Seo Hee. It’s known as “Irene” in the Philippines.

    I remember my mom being soooo addicted to it but she wouldn’t let me watch TV because I was pregnant with my eldest. Who knows why!

  39. 39 ren

    Hanny’s sounds like Attic Cat.

  40. 40 odet

    Omolady’s drama is Irene. It’s dubbed in our language and shown at around 11:30 am everyday. I ate lunch practically in front the TV everyday. It was so long, I didn’t get to see the end coz I have to leave the country. Now, can anybody tell me how it ended?

    • 40.1 Milly

      OMG, same here, ate lunch in front of the TV everyday for about 6 months.

      Irene became pregnant, but by then hubby found out that she first approached him to use him for revenge. So he doubted her love, he was not sure if she really love him or not. Irene left him, but they found each other again, of course.

      When Irene saw what happened to her stepsister, she was so guilt-stricken that she stopped her revenge, and helped her stepsis regain her sanity. in the end, irene and stepsis became really close.

      dad and stepmom suffered financial loss, they had to give up their upscale lifestyle, even ended up living in a small apartment.

      i think irene finally forgave dad and stepmom, and developed some sort of relationship with them. they are not close, but irene does not hate them anymore.

      Irene’s mom-in-law and grandma-in-law, who initially didn’t like her – thru patience and hard-work Irene was able to win their affection.

      I love Irene’s relationships with her stepsis and the mom-in-law and the grandma-in-law.

      i really love this drama. I watched it only once in 2003, but until now i still remember it. you don’t come across Kdramas like this anymore.

      • 40.1.1 odet

        Thank you. Finally. and by “lunch in front of the TV” means we were or are in the same place (country), right?

        • Milly

          same country

    • 40.2 lhynne

      I became addicted with the drama that I have to run from my school to our house just so I can watch it during lunch break… and then QTV had a rerun and I was able to watch the episodes I missed…

      There was a thread before for the show in Tsinoy.com … They actually had a recap on the episodes and I also did my share and recapped some of the episodes I had watched… It’s such a shame that the website does not exist anymore

      Anyways I had a long summary of the ending I took at a website (I think it was from the old Soompi Site) but I can’t post it here since it’s pretty long… Let me know if you want a copy and I’ll e-mail it for you…and it was actually shown in 2004

  41. 41 Shapi

    #1. Definitely Sweet 18
    #2. Lovers by Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung En. It was comidic in the beginning, she might be mistaken as a Gynea cause she helped out with the male lead’s pregnant girl friend next door, remember?
    # 3. Could be attic cat, if they had a one night stand?” or could it be Mr Juliet by Cha Tae Hyun?
    # 4 Country Princess.
    #5 is Yellow Boots.
    #6 Ms Mermaid

    Oh my goodness, that’s where my time had disappeared into.

    Btw, dear DB/GF/H2 would you consider continue with the recapping of Nine?

  42. 42 blkasian

    I can’t remember the title..ref Niz’s show: the true heir becomes a single mom. Her adopted Mom and her earned a living cleaning sneakers and other various odd jobs. When the heir was a kid the mother treated her really bad. She was also blamed for her adopted fathers death as a result of a fire. In reality the fire was started by the biological daughter. The mother eventually grew to love the adopted daughter. It is an awesome drama.

  43. 43 noanao

    Niz’s show is this drama:


    I remembers it coz I always got an earful from my dad coz I would drop anything and ran to watch the drama on tv (well at that time the internet was scarce and I am yet to know that we can actually watch dramas and movies online) XDD

    The drama was pretty hilarious despite its makjang-ness storyline 🙂

  44. 44 Naila2u

    # 3: Attic cat with Kim Rae Won and Jung Da Bin

  45. 45 Trinity

    Wow..just reading the comments and awed by the way you guys remember the dramas so precisely.
    I have a drama that i m trying desperately to identify as well. I saw this korean drama ( or may be some special ) few years back. But i m unable to recognize its name. So the story is : its based in very old times like in joseon era or something. The lady is married to a guy at a young age and she stays with her mother in law. After few years, her husband comes back but this time he has a city girl with him. (as in more modern than his bride). So she finds out that this new lady is pregnant and hence she leaves the home and starts to stay in countryside. There a new man finds her and he kind of kidnaps her so that she stays with him. He further dies though…and not sure what happens next probably she finds some other lady and her son something and they raise the boy together i think. Can anybody plz help me find out what drama is this ? (it is bugging me since a long time …:(

    • 45.1 bernie

      this is actually a movie, not a drama 🙂 the title in korean is 정; I believe the english title is “My Heart”

      • 45.1.1 Trinity

        Thank you so much bernie 🙂 i dint know its a movie since i think i saw it in parts…u solved a big problem for me …so thanks once again 🙂

      • 45.1.2 neliq

        Bernie — you’re amazing. You’re recollection is “right on the money”. You named all the dramas and on top of that new the movie that Trinity was talking about. Daebak! Congrats!!

        • neliq

          oopps – meant to write “knew” not “new”

  46. 46 deedee

    yup, #1 is definitely Sweet 18 🙂

  47. 47 YL

    No.5 is definitely Yellow Boots. Also goes by the title Ice Adonis.

    I missed the opening episode of Sweet 18. Was that how it started? I only remember the heroine seeing Lee Dong Gun in his hanbok. 🙂

    • 47.1 deedee

      yup, you are right about lee dong gun and his hanbok. so basically han ji hye is still a minor in episode 1. she goes clubbing with her girlfriends and mr. seoul prosecutor lee dong gun raids that same club. that’s how they first met. lee dong gun was lecturing han ji hye and all other minors caught that time that they should be studying instead of clubbing. then JDG’s grandpa wants to honor his promise to HJH’s grandpa to marry off their grandchildren. JDG and HJH went to a marriage meeting, then they realize they already met each other. of course they bickered around a lot. JDG pretended that he wanted to marry HJH, but that was just during the marriage meeting – he just did not want to upset his grandpa.

      (everything is still very fresh to me as i just finished watching the drama like last week. :P)

  48. 48 michca

    Agreed that #3 is Attic Cat, since that was made in the ’90’s. Such a bittersweet drama, but good.

    And holy cow, some of these descriptions are crazy..kinda glad I’ve missed all the melo’s so far. She literally cried her eyes out?! 8/

  49. 49 omolady


  50. 50 ocean

    #1 Seungri: I’d say definitely Sweet 18. The face on the moon is in every other drama, but carrying babies on their backs, Sweet 18 🙂

    #2 Karen: Somehow I didn’t really get a Lovers wibe from it, but I though of OB/GYN doctors. I don’t really remember much about it, but it is a SBS drama though from 2010.

    #3 Hanny: This snow sounds really familiar and a lot like I really, really like you, but I’m not convinced it’s that one. It’s much later than the 90’s and the crush wasn’t her boss but the president’s son. Hhm, ok so technically he cound be considered her boss as she works in the Blue House. Good drama though 🙂 But I have to say it drove me crazy why Eugene couldn’t just see how perfect Min Ki’s character was for such a long time!
    Also, though Attic Cat is similar too, it’s also from like 2003.

    #6 Omolady: Sounds exactly like Little Mermaid/Irene 🙂

    Don’t know about the rest, but maybe because there’s so much recycling of plot devises they all sound vaguely familiar 😀

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