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News bites: April 8, 2013
by | April 8, 2013 | 78 Comments

  • Aw, it’s the School 2013 almost-kinda-not-really couple (pictured at top) in the headlines again, although they’re not working together. Lee Jong-seok recently posted a photo (via Twitter-esque site me2day) from the star-studded movie he’s working on (seriously star-studded — we’re talkin’ Song Kang-ho, Lee Jung-jae, Jo Jung-seok, and Kim Hye-soo), The Face Reader. It’s a Joseon-era film, which explains the topknot, though I assume the warmup jacket’s his and not a nod to Rooftop Prince. [Source: W Star News]
  • On the other hand, Park Se-young’s photo comes from the first shoots of her new drama, a KBS daily called (loosely translated) Faith Moves Mountains, or Sincerity Moves Heaven. The show, which premieres at the end of April, also stars Yoo Gun and Park Jae-jung. [Source: Oh My News]
  • Busy busy — Lee Sang-yoon just announced his newest project, movie Santa Barbara, and now there are rumblings of him considering MBC sageuk drama Goddess of Fire Jung-yi, which is the show in consideration by Moon Geun-young. It’s not a fantasy epic like you might think with “goddess of fire” in the title, but rather a historical account of a real-life Joseon ceramic artist (the first female). And while Tasty Life isn’t a great drama to have on your resumé, PD Park Sung-soo also has Ruler of Your Own World to boast, which is one of those raved-about mania dramas with cult followings. Goddess of Fire is looking at the post-Gu Family Book timeslot on MBC. [Source: My Daily]
  • Of all the cars to hit, Lee Jia’s (Me Too, Flower) had to crash into a police vehicle. Worse yet, the crash — which occurred in the early morning hours of April 6 in Kangnam, Seoul — was at the hands of the designated driver she’d hired to drive her home. That has got to suck. What a way to say goodbye to the front of your Maserati Quattroporte. [Source: Joins]
  • Shin Ha-kyun’s new action thriller film Running Man opened in first place at the box office this weekend with over 575,000 tickets sold. He stars as a speed-service cabby who one day ends up delivering a murder victim by mistake and gets chased all over Seoul trying to figure out who framed him, avoid being captured, mend his broken relationship with his angry teenage son (Rooftop Prince’s Lee Min-ho), and clear his name. All in a day’s work. [Source: Sports Seoul]
  • Things are looking up for Sunday variety show 1 Night 2 Days — ratings are creeping back up with the addition of newest member Yoo Hae-jin. Sunday’s broadcast shot up to 18% ratings, after hanging around 13.4% the week before. It beat out Running Man (16.1%) though for the overall Sunday corner, KBS’s Happy Sunday remains in last place. I know you’re new, New PD, but time to start crackin’ that whip. [Source: Review Star]
  • Add JTBC’s newest entry, weekend drama Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers, to the list of dramas pulling in near-broadcast numbers. Its latest episode (No. 6, airing Sunday) hit 5.1% at its peak in the real-time ratings, with an overall episode average of 4%. It’s not quite at Answer Me, 1997 (7.5%) or Childless Good Fortune (10.715%) levels yet, but it’s got 44 more episodes to work those numbers. I think it’s safe to say that 1% is no longer the benchmark of success for a cable drama, though I can’t exactly pin down what the new number is. Still, if you’re doing better than some Big 3 shows (Ad Genius or Love Rain, say), you can be confident you’re doing an impressive job. [Source: IS Plus]
  • Nice to see glimpses of stars even when they’re serving army duty and off your radar. Kim Joon (Crime Squad, Boys Before Flowers) is seen here in his military policeman uniform, in a photo uploaded to an online message board. Gotta love the ever-vigilant netizens. [Source: My Daily]


78 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thanks! Will be back later to comment.

  2. Abbie

    So is Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers any good? I’ve been meaning to watch it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Should I?

    • 2.1 Bashful82


      It is not a light sugar inducing sageuk like “The Horse Doctor” and I think it looks like it’s going to be as good as “Dowager Queen Insoo”. The acting and costumes are wonderful but it does look like it can be quite violent (also there was a breast feeding scene which I think had a perfectly good reason to be there but apparently netizens went all “clutching their pearl necklaces” at the horror and tittilation (excuse the pun) of showing a mother breastfeeding her child).

      I do foresee lots of sturm und drang. And tears, no doubt. But hopefully a nice good political palace bitchy backstabbing drama.

      • 2.1.1 montaban

        Horse Doctor is so boooringgggggggggggggg. It’s like the team feels they are top notch and viewers will watch based on their past success. But like a lot of main channel sageuks lately, it sucked. And tbh the leads just don’t bring the pretty, the story is snooze and the theme Zzzzzzz.

        Cruel Palace is by far a better drama. In scale, acting, plot etc. Really enjoying it so far.

    • 2.2 KDaddict

      It’s entirely a vehicle for the female lead, a one woman show, almost. Fans of Kim Hyun Joo should be very glad. And she is doing a perfectly good job.
      Problem is tho good-looking enough, Ha Ji Won’s little bro can’t act. Granted it is only his 2nd outing; just that his shortcoming is so glaring next to KHJ.
      On meeting the king for the 1st time:
      King: Why do u stop mid-sentence? Finish what you have to say!
      She: You r so radiant. I never expected your majesty to be so young!
      He is anything but. The gall of that girl!

      • 2.2.1 Lizzie

        quote ” Fans of Kim Hyun Joo should be very glas””

        Yes I am Kim Hyun Joo’s fan here, and I am happy that she took this drama this time, she said at the press conference that she wanted to act this kind of crazy woman a long time ago, thanks to the writer and PD this time she got a chance to act in this beautiful drama. she said she thinks its a turning point of her career.

        Well she was excellent in ”Toji” aka Land, but her character was not that evil like in this one, but she was soooo good that i hated and has respect for her character.

        KHJ never disappointed me with her acting, hope she has more good projects.

    • 2.3 TS

      It’s surprisingly good. But it’s only subbed on Dramafever, which is annoying, both bc DF is annoying and bc it takes forever to sub episodes.

      • 2.3.1 Kiara

        No you can watch it at Dramacrazy.

        • TS

          Subbed? Then yay!

        • TS

          Ah, they’re not subbed yet. Sob.

          • Newbie

            Try this link, though ep 2 is missing.


          • Lizzie

            yes ep 1-4 are subbed

          • Kiara

            You know eps 6 just aired yesterday. Give them time. I think we are very lucky to find subs for any cable drama especially a 50 eps sageuk.

          • TS

            @Newbie, thank you! At least I can see ep 5, which I hear rocked, now.

            @Kiara, yes, I’m giving them time. DF just takes ages, especially since it takes subscriptions. After all, Kshownow gets paid for subbing via subscription too, and they’re pretty prompt. So, I’m happy there’s an alternative place to watch this sageuk. 🙂

    • 2.4 KHJ

      Cruel Palace / War of Flowers is GOODDDDDDDD

      watch it ! watch it !

      Love how the writer focus on every characters’s emotion.

      The actings are excelling, the scenes are beautiful, the story is interesting, plus there is some heartbreaking love story.

  3. aly

    Aww. Lovely to near of 2013 stars. Decided to finally give 1 night 2 days a go. Now just waiting on the new running man update. Ps. Is lee min ho Still with his bf or they broke up?

    • 3.1 Laica

      You must know something about Lee Min-ho that I don’t… O_O

      *runs away from fangirls*

      • 3.1.1 mary


      • 3.1.2 Rachel

        Double LOL.

        • aly

          Omg lol typing from my phone. Damn auto correct. Lmfao! His GF hahaha

          • maldita

            Park Minyoung? They broke up mere months after news of them was released.

    • 3.2 Kiara

      bf? what are you talking about?.

      • 3.2.1 aly

        Lol it was my phone acting up. False alarm lol. Aww what a shame. I heard rumours of them being together and not being together anymore and wasn’t sure which one was true. Thanks!

        • Kiara

          I texted a friend the other day and his reply was “what the hell are you swearing at me for?”. Turns out I misspelled a few words. Yea, it happens lol.

          • aly

            Glad i am not alone. But should prob stick with the laptop more since the phone always ends up doing this to me.

            Ps. Does anyone know where i could watch the latest ep of 1 night 2 days. I wanna watch the one where a cast member recently left but im having no luck and have been searching for ages.

  4. HkO

    Loved the last one ! Been missing him ! The others ! Hhh I don’t know any thing abt ! I just feel sorry for the car !!

  5. Ashley

    Kim Joon looks good! I hope returns to dramaland with bang, and gets out of being second leads. Or maybe he will just return to music. Either way, I want him to return!

    • 5.1 JoAnne

      I was just wondering about Kim Joon the other day – it seems like he’s been gone pretty much the whole time I’ve been watching KDramas, so – I’m approaching two years, he must be too, right?

      He was far from my favorite in BOF, but I liked him well-enough. It will be good to see him again.

      • 5.1.1 TS


        • Ashley

          Yeah he’s in army duty, but should be released this fall. Boys Over Flowers is the only acting role he is known for, and T-Max disbanded around the time he went into the army. I do not know what projects he will immerse himself in when he gets out, but I hope he is not leaving the industry.

          • darkpurple

            I just hope kim joon will get bigger role next time..he was quite ok in BOF, given that his role was least compare to others, and he was pretty good in crime squad,i like him better in that drama..=)

  6. Rin

    owhhh goood. Hope the younger Lee Min Ho is gonna get his big break after the Running Man movie. He’s to good to be underrated like before

    • 6.1 maldita

      Yeah, especially since Yoo Seungho’s out of the picture for the next couple of years. It’s time his peers like 93 Lee Minho and Lee Hyunwoo get more exposure. 🙂 They’re just as talented and have been acting for just as long, too.

  7. Dewo

    Funny, I think the news about that car that hit police car that happened to be driven by designated driver only happen in Kdrama. Unfortunately it happen in real life, too.

  8. andy

    my school 2013 feels is at it again!!

  9. topper

    Can a designated driver concentrate when his passenger is a star? We got our answer.

  10. 10 ck1Oz

    Whoa that’s a lot of news. I have to read the whole thing again.
    Plus check out this war of the flowers now.

    Lee Jia is not working but she has a Maserati?

    And keep The Face Reader on my radar.
    Thanks for the news.

    • 10.1 Annie

      She must have gotten a very nice settlement from Seo Taiji.

      • 10.1.1 Kiara

        Aye she was married to one of the richest guy in K-ent.
        Good on her for not driving drunk. That I do respect her for and I’m glad she is ok.

    • 10.2 amalie

      Yes, my reaction is precisely as yours. Whoaaa.. maserati? I know she is an actress. But maserati? Is she a high paid / salary’s actress? Just wow.. !

      • 10.2.1 maldita

        She grew up pretty rich, then married freaking Seo Taiji, then became a fairly successful actress. Then she and Seo Taiji got divorced and maybe the Maserati comes from a settlement or alimony or whatever.

    • 10.3 annel

      But I’ve read somewhere that she’s actually come from a rich family as well…

      She must be too drunk to drive!

      • 10.3.1 scbound

        OR is just smart enough not to drive after drinking no matter the amt.

        ignorant comments are annoying

    • 10.4 Gaeina Lee

      I heard she comes from a wealthy fam.. so, no surprise with that. But I can’t recall where did I read that news, it was during her messy divorce with STJ at that time.

  11. 11 Kiara

    YES, I’m so happy for “Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers”. Its the only show that I’m really into right now thanks to writer Jung Ha Yun.
    So glad its showing on JTBC and not MBC.

    • 11.1 KDaddict

      I’m loving Cruel Palace, super loving End of the World, (n finished Childless Comfort, which IMO is the Best family drama bar none), ALL on jTBC, the little channel that could!

      • 11.1.1 Kiara

        I have to check them all out, thank you :). I didn’t know “End of the World” is also showing on JTBC.

      • 11.1.2 KDaddict

        It seems to me that while the BIG 3 specialize on shows that spend big bucks on big names stars n idols, the little cable channels like to air shows w good scripts. Makes ALL the difference in the world in terms of the quality of the shows. I’m super enjoying End of the World.
        It’s Not a romance, but there is one brewing between two dedicated professionals who respect and appreciate each other w no fanfare. Watch their Confession of Love to each other in the first 4 mins. in ep 8, rather unlike any other in KDland.

    • 11.2 Shiku

      I’m so happy with the show and happy it is getting somewhat high ratings. Its pretty awesome and gives me the saguek feels I have been sorely missing for a couple of years now.

      • 11.2.1 Kiara

        Me too, that old school sageuk feel is back, props to the awesome production team.
        This drama makes me appreciate the movie “Bow The Ultimate Weapon” which is also based on the same Manchu invasion.

        • TS

          That was one amazing movie. It’s what really got me aware of Korean entertainment for the first time. I watched it on a plane last year. Then I went to this Sufi commune-type place on Cyprus and of all things, a Korean sageuk was playing in one of the waiting rooms. That was in October. Then I found GQS on Netflix, crushed on Kim Nam Gil (Where are you, Oppa? Pout, wiggle.), found Dramabeans and the rest is the proverbial floodgates.

      • 11.2.2 TS

        I know what you mean. I’ve just not had that with anything since Queen Seondeok.

    • 11.3 KHJ

      what do you mean by on JTBC and not MBC??

      btw Cruel Palace is sooooo GOOD. hope it keeps doing their good work and gains more attention.

      • 11.3.1 Kiara

        Long story….lets just say I love rooting for the little guys with quality shows over the rating war between the major networks. If you have read or heard anything about MBC’s current CEO then you’ll understand.

        • Shiku

          I think he got fired actually so he is on his way out.

          • Kiara

            Wow finally.

  12. 12 Viki

    Thanks for the news bite!!

  13. 13 neener

    Thanks for the news!

    Just want to ask is Childless Good Fortune any good???????

    • 13.1 KDaddict

      IMO, Childless Comfort is the best family drama bar none. It takes 2-3 eps to build up, fr there it is drama gold each ep, and goes from hi to hi until the v end. It is VERY good.

  14. 14 Gaeina Lee

    Yes, please DramaGod, make LSY be the leading man in Goddess of Fire Jung-yi with MGY… Am so looking forward to it.

  15. 15 chane

    Yay! for 1N2D, the episode was really hilarious!:)

  16. 16 Annie

    Lee Sang Yoon and Moon Geun Young? Should be ok I guess but I’ll hold out for Kim Ji Hoon or Kim Jae Wook.

    • 16.1 Kiara

      I’m all for Kim Ji-hoon. He’s done 2 sageuks before and he’s a darn good actor period.

  17. 17 Fun-lugha

    The thing with 1N2D is i super love most of the cast but the show, i tried but it just didnt hook me in! Not that i watch that many shows anyways, only RM, IC and lately I keep waiting on pins and needles for Appa Eodiga’s next outing!

    • 17.1 myra

      I think 1N2D used to be good in the past, but not anymore.

      And yes, Appa Eodiga is the new addiction!

    • 17.2 TS

      OMG me too.

    • 17.3 TS

      How long is that show going on for, I wonder? Those kids have to go to school, shoot CFs, go to Kendo class etc.

    • 17.4 KDaddict

      I think 1N2D is much better on Dramabeans than on tv. I can’t sit thru an hour n 30 mins of it, but enjoy the recaps a great deal.

  18. 18 badmarkz

    wah, kim joon! miss him so much.

  19. 19 pogo

    Oh heyyyy, Kim Joon! He looks good, I wonder if he’ll take up acting again after being discharged? I didn’t mind him in BOF.

  20. 20 S

    Thanks for the article! LOVE IT!! An Allkpop way more interesting! Or more like an AllKdrama!! 🙂
    All the news Im looking for at allkpop among all the uninteresting articles (IMO 🙂 )
    Happy to hear the new jtbc drama is doing well!
    Kim Hyun Joo is wonderful in it !! 🙂

  21. 21 pogo

    They would have been cute together on School 2013….but I have to say it, ditching the love lines was the best decision the writers could have made to elevate it beyond run-of-the-mill high school drama.

  22. 22 Thatgirl

    Darn! For a second there I thought Kim Jun was back.

  23. 23 ricky

    -I’ll check out ‘goddess of fire’, mainly because the pd behind it was also involved in ‘ruler of your own world’. That’s a favorite of mine, for sure.

    -I like lee jia. Hate to hear that about he car ($100,000+ car — the repairs are going to be crazy). Glad no one’s hurt. Just hoping the designated driver doesn’t get into trouble (poor guy’s probably worried sick).

    -These cable networks are really doing well with their dramas. Have to say, my favorite so far is TvN. So many great shows from that network.

  24. 24 DayDreamer

    Interesting news. Can’t wait to see the new cast member and PD in action in 1N2D…luckily, I still need to catch up on some recently subbed episodes so that will keep the wait tolerable.

    Speaking of movies, has the one with Park Shin Hye and prison cell full of cuddly ajhusshis subbed yet? What about PS Partner? I was so excited to watch them and suddenly just remembered about it but couldn’t find subs.

  25. 25 sayyaiux

    hi gals…
    i just watched nine that time travel nine or something…
    and i feel the story is good enough,what do you think???
    and why dramabeans didn’t recap it??

    • 25.1 KDaddict

      I think Nine is pretty good, script-wise. The leads, however do not hook me. But who knows, they may grow on me as their chars get to do more of the intriguing things that they’ve been doing.

  26. 26 asianromance

    Re: Lee Jia’s accident – at least she wasn’t driving drunk! After watching Flower Boy Next Door, I hope the designated driver won’t have to take on a bunch of debt to pay for the repairs.

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