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  1. Bashful82

    Cruel Palace War of Flowers – shaping to be an outstanding sageuk that will leave all the ones on the main channels reeling in the dust!

    • 1.1 Lizzie

      yes , agree
      Cruel Palace – War of flowers, OMG I am so hooked, every week i watch the raw like 10 times and when the sub come out, i watch it again without getting bored.

      OMG kim Hyun Joo is killing me with her excellent acting and beauty. I have fallen head over heels for her.

      Sorry Ha Ji won’s brother you cant act, but i do find him very handsome, as for his character he has to change to fit the strong Lady Jo.

      I am ready for the bloody battle among the beauties.

      • 1.1.1 SuzieQ

        Yay, thank you for the recommendation! So excited to start a good sageuk. I ran to Dramafever and put it in my queue.

    • 1.2 Carole McDonnell

      oh my gosh! Okay, then i better get back to it, then. Thanks.

    • 1.3 Micola

      Is it eng subbed?

      • 1.3.1 Lizzie

        yes all 6 eps are subbed at dramacrazy or dramafever, the sub is coming out so fast.

        • Micola

          Thanks. I like period dramas so I’m always happy to hear about a new one that’s good.

    • 1.4 Shiku

      I agree it’s very outstanding! Love Lady Jo and the crown princess.

    • 1.5 Kiara

      Amen. Jung Ha Yun! what can I say, an amazing veteran sageuk writer. These fusion writers makes me want to pull my hair out.

      The subs is pretty fast for a cable sageuk. Eps 6 aired on Sunday and the subs was out on Tuesday afternoon. A BIG THANK YOU to the unnamed subbers.

    • 1.6 Waiting

      Awesome! I wondered if this was tracking to be good. Now I’ll add it to my ever increasing watching list. 🙂

    • 1.7 Florentine Lily

      I’m getting ready to watch that. I was waiting for a couple more episodes but…I don’t think I can wait.

      Does anyone know how many episodes it will be?

      • 1.7.1 shiku

        50 episodes

      • 1.7.2 Lizzie

        I smell an extension because the show is doing well lately

    • 1.8 aleena

      Thanks to you ladies I started this last night and loved it! I think her love interest is a cutie and has a lot of potential but this is the second role I have seen him playing the cold, serious guy. Nevertheless, looking forward to more! 😉

  2. Dewo

    Hallo d-beaners.
    Thanks god it’s friday already.
    I’ll be back soon..

    • 2.1 Dewo

      I guess it’s my lucky day. I never got into top 3 before in the land of OT. Besides I had recently follow a symposium and when the quiz time, I answered 2 question rightly and won 2 prizes.

      Back to my rant…

      Currently finishing White Christmas, and I am having the worst withdrawal syndrome that ever happenned to me.
      I watched it 2 times in the row.
      I read all the recaps.
      I also read all the comments on the last recaps.
      It’s been almost a week passed, and I can’t bring myself to watch another show.

      Any suggestion to cure my syndrome?
      Or can you guys prescribe me which dramas to watch that has similar writing like WC.

      • 2.1.1 Shukmeister

        Dewo –

        Congratulations on your timely entry.

        I don’t know of any other show with that kind of chemistry between do many actors coupled with the amazing cinematography. I just wanted to jump on and give that show more love!

      • 2.1.2 MariD

        I love White Christmas!! Sure there’s a few wholes in the end. Yet the cast was amazin. Those boys sure were pretty. Anyhow, do what I did just stalk the cast in their other dramas. They all have done 2-3 dramas after WC, and most are rather good.

      • 2.1.3 Dewo

        Shukmeister: yeah…. lots of love for the show. Highly recommended!

        MariD: I’ll do that. But, what I love most from the show is the writing (although there were some loop hole at the end of the show)

        • MariD

          Have you seen Shut up flowerboy band?
          Good cast, great writing, and also full of pretty boys. It nothing like WC but Sung-Joon is just… Ah the feels for this guy..

          • Dewo

            I’ve seen SUFBB, and I love Sung Joon. I think I’m going to watch Can We Get Married.

          • SuzieQ

            Can We Get Married was really entertaining and well acted! Replying here instead of below because for some reason it’s not giving me a ‘reply button.’ Anyway, I watched CWGM in one go over two or three days. I love Jung So Min and Sung Joon both.

      • 2.1.4 will work for soju

        I wholeheartedly recommend Mixed-up Detective Agency (aka Evasive Detective Agency) by the same writer. A very different show, but totally enjoyable with great writing, acting, and directing. There are recaps on DB. I liked it better than White Christmas because though the writing and direction in WC were great, the acting was pretty green. Sorry, pretty boys, good to see you so much improved in your more recent projects.

        • Dewo

          I have downloaded Mixed-Up Detective Agency on my hard disk. Now that you recomended it, I’m going to watch it ASAP.
          Thank you.

  3. Stella

    TGIF Dramabeannies!

    I’m into the weekend drama 100 Years Inheritance.
    Is anyone else watching this drama? Started watching cus I’m in love with the leading man….yum yum.
    Just wanted to say how much I hate the character of Kim Joo Ri…she makes me want to pull out her ugly mushroom doo.
    But I’m loving the character of Min Che Won’s ex-husband, he’s ridiculously metro sexual and whiney. Hahah love him!

    Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend everyone.

    P.S. wish I could’ve met you Javabeans and Girlfriday….we could have done Karaoke and got our drank on!

    • 3.1 Mystisith

      Hello Stella!
      If you like Lee Jun Jin, you should watch 9end2outs. He is irresistible there. ^^

      • 3.1.1 Stella

        Hi Mystisith,

        I have seen it and he is still yummy in that. Have also seen him in Fugitive Plan B….God this man is so sexy

    • 3.2 Korazy Lady

      I’m back into that, too! For a while it was frustrating me, but now I can’t wait till the next episode.

      I, too, am so sad I didn’t get to the meet-up! Soju + karaoke – love it! Hopefully next time.

      • 3.2.1 Shukmeister

        KL –
        We just have to make sure to make to the next one! The timing wasn’t there for me, but it sounded like an amazing time, and I’m glad the DB Goddesses gave the Easties a chance to meet them!

        • Korazy Lady

          And from what I understand, they are all goddesses!

    • 3.3 TS

      At this point I’m watching it for the NDIL & her interactions with the Kim family, and also for the boy bander cousin. chae won I could slap myself, so lets not go there.

    • 3.4 MariD

      I’m still watching it. Even if there’s been some episodes where I wanted to hurt the writers. The episode where the sister walks into the river ( I assume she wanted to drown?) I was cheering along and screamed in anger when our hero show up to rescue her!!!!! By far my favorite episode was the one were all the aunts + the grandmother beat up the evil mother in law. I was laughing soo hard..

      • 3.4.1 yumi

        I love Chae Won’s dad. The actors is magnificent.

  4. KimYoonmi

    Annyeong Chingoo Deul! (Modified Revised Romaja)

    Happy Saturday in Korea.

    Long post. Sorry. ^ ^;; A lot of ground to cover. Follow the bold… I may have to split it.

    Requested from Viki “If You Were Me” all movies. It’s several omnibus movies about human rights in Korea. I really like them… so I requested them. Also put in my book translation website idea.

    This Week: Nine and the hair. (or a general rant about styling and complaining about it.)

    The Cultural Note of the Week: Why Hangeul isn’t that hard.

    All About My Romance

    Watched with subs, while there is word play and all of that, it’s still reading as back burner drama for me. The problem is that there aren’t that many crack dramas. I mean rom com crack dramas. I need to a sacrifice to my inner story beast and the Korean drama God is still failing to deliver. What gives?

    It may be that City Hall ruined all political dramas set in the modern era for me.

    Or that the male character is a bit too typical.

    Or that I’m not really into “reforming” men directly as this drama kinda is going for. (I like the indirect method, where they change without realizing it and not because the girl actually sets out to change them, See Rich Man Poor Woman.)

    I wonder if my bar is being set impossibily high after this drama drought….

    (Coding spoilers)

    I hadn’t expected the hidden package in past SW’s room to change everything. I forgot that detail. It makes me wonder who was on the table if he was rushing out after them.

    “I won’t be going to your wedding.” (I’m doing this off of the raw.)

    “Why?” (Whatever-her-real-name-is)

    Me: “멍청이야! 그사람은 너 사랑해~” Mong cheong i ya! He’s in love with you.”

    May I quote Shakespeare for dialog? “Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And you’ll no longer be a Park, but a Jew.”

    OK, not a direct quote, but you get the idea. Uhh… Maybe not a Jew. But a Joo.

    (Yes, this is in leagues with the bad joke from last week… Which Mountain can you eat cat dumplings? Kathmandu) Ah, I want to eat cat-shaped Mandu.

    OMG the note in the record did it for me combined with the last scene. I’m slain. And the previews also slay me. (The rain and what he says at the last minute. *dies*)

    Objects seem to have a psychometric ability…

    I usually hate Makjang. I’m a bit surprised that the recaps didn’t continue given people’s love for this drama, but then I realize the recappers are all busy and drama recap hell is coming since our K-drama God has finally got a decent hand of cards. I hope the god doesn’t waste them.


    You’re thinking I’m going to talk about the uncle speech–already covered that, while it slays me from the preview of 10, that’s not it.

    It’s the separation of younger SW v. Older SW. Is Older SW getting erased? That may account for his headaches. He’s literally getting erased from time itself. =P That means the what-is-her-name will also forget over time…

    That means the onus is on Young SW to fix things… and prevent the wedding? Though they seem to be heavily foreshadowing that Older SW is going to go back one more time.

    Lee Soon Sin

    The mountain was just funny. Also the visor. (The ajumma visor)

    Keu noonchi eopnun saram was really amusing. (Chemiisseo)

    Hong Sisters
    I’m looking forward to this drama too. I’m probably one of the few that actually liked the ending of Big and thought it fit the drama. I could see the things they were trying to learn in doing a remake. So I’m looking forward to more subtle jokes, along with the thriller amusement ride.

    Also, some more subtle characterization as well.

    Gu Family Book

    Doesn’t count as a spoiler if it’s the first 2 episodes?

    I’m a real sticklier for story over visuals, even of the male kind. So I feel so-so about the intial love story. I mean the “wronged” parent is done a whole bunch. (I can’t think of a historical drama without a wronged parent right now–Can anyone?).

    At the same time, I’m not sure we could said Wol-Ryeong is a “gumiho” He could count in the other category of “mountain spirit” (Sanshin???) or “Yakcha” (Who were borrowed from Hinduism). It’s the point at which he becomes a “demon” that would be more the “gumiho” (Yokwe <– Korean for demon, and gumiho are classed that way in Muism.)

    I would think Kang Chi's father is more like a yakcha of the mountain, but then I may have been reading too many books on muism… (Muism has it there are spirits in the mountains that protect the forest, which are categorized as gods, not demons.) And then he became a gumiho when he failed the test…

    Heo Joon
    The other Gu about a book.

    This is like if Horse Doctor had a writer who knew more about trad. Korean medicine, with no sighs and “What was that?” And an acupuncture sound that isn’t always the same all the time (No matter the skin thickness on man or beast.)

    In another words, better. Still Heo Joon has something for women dressed in yellow and pink. Isn’t that dangerous once he gets to the palace? (All the underage girls are dressed in yellow…)

    I found out why the writer redid the drama–mostly because the last version lacked being historically accurate… so he chose a contemporary this time for the rewrite. =P Writer pride.

    Running Man (Spoiler free)

    OMG, love. Myeok PD is funny too. “Shouldn’t you be angry?” When dramas fail me when other variety shows fail me, Running Man doesn’t.

    It’s the chemistry between the cast and crew that makes this show for me.

    Kpop Star 2 (Spoilers)

    Yay! Akdong Musicians won! The result I wanted, though I thought that Andrew Choi should have come in second, not third.

    Itazura na Kiss (remake)

    The acting is on target and better from her friends who sound a little less like they are trying hard to remember the script. (Woohoo! Directing does have an effect)

    The pacing is still fast, but to be expected with this kind of episode count.

    I still rate this one better than the Korean one. (I feel like I’m betraying my own country).

    The litmus test, though, will be the rain scene, if they get there. Ariel and Joe hit all the spots perfectly and matched the manga perfectly. The Korean version didn’t have the lighting, mood or atmosphere of the manga. If the Japanese version can excel past that point, then I might give it a better rating, but that’s far off. Maybe they’ll do it in a special?

    Hair and style in dramas

    “She’s ugly.” “What is with that haircut?” is often the refrain, but if it suits the character’s concept, then I support it.

    Whatever-her-name-really-is-throughout-the-show-MY/SA’s hair is suiting to her character. The curling on the mushroom cut is strict, making sure it doesn’t suit her face at all.

    The clothing is also pretty baggy (the sweaters) and awkward on [surname-changing]MY–did you see that awful shirt in episode 10??? But the character is described in the script as being “not that good looking” and “empty-headed”. In dramaland where IU is “ugly” and “awkward” I think they did a good job for her character and I’ll applaud that.

    Other actresses people complained about:

    Park Ye Jin was made to look older on purpose in My Princess. She’s younger, so they dressed her up in an older hair cut and make up.

    Da Ran was made to look more clueless in big, and so also go a short do. Her coordi was also a bit awkward. (A bit more school teacher awkward.)

    Obviously, the coordi and the hair are done on purpose. I mean, if you look at each of these actresses outside of their dramas, they make them “pretty” again. The model shoots promoing “Nine” have no curl on the hair, the hair is made looser, and the clothes are more form fitting. Plus she doesn’t have the “blank” look in her eyes. Park Ye Jin when promoing her various works sporting the My Princess ‘do, did not take the clothes and wore a younger set of make up and concept.

    In summary: The coordi in the drama is almost never how they appear outside of the drama. So, if you were wondering, yes, it is intentional. Dress communicates character as much as the acting.

    Though, I wonder if anyone has noticed that MY’s under curl has gotten a bit less strict in recent episodes… but I may be imagining things. (The curl is also hiding layers which isn’t typical of a mushroom cut.)

    • 4.1 KimYoonmi

      Cultural Note: Hangeul

      Unlike English, Hangeul has surprisingly very few exceptions to reading rules. Most of them are fairly intuitive and some of them you actually find in English if you actually listen to what you’re saying. (Especially Americans)

      It’s systematic:
      ㄱ- g/k sound (combined)
      ㄲ- (k sound, closer to the English k sound, though further back in the mouth)
      ㅋ- K with air in it.

      So follow: (Initial sound v final)
      ㅂ- b/p bap (rice) 밥
      ㅈ- j/t
      ㄷ- d/t
      ㄱ- g/k
      ㅅ- s/t

      These can be doubled as:
      ㅃ- p
      ㅉ- jj
      ㄸ- t
      ㄲ- k
      ㅆ- ss (as in the ss in princess.) IT IS NOT A SH sound. (My Korean teacher had a fit when I pronounced it sh) So it’s “ssi” not “shi” We do not speak Japanese here. (Some lazy speakers say, “shi” but it’s generally not encouraged–see end.)

      Sounds that can’t be doubled are put on the second row of the keyboard)
      ㅁ- m/m
      ㄴ- n/n
      ㅇ- silent/ng
      ㄹ- r/l
      ㅎ- h/t

      Sounds that are “hard” or aspirated. in 2-set are put on the last row.
      ㅋ- k’
      ㅌ- t’
      ㅊ- ch’ (has more air than the American version, such as “change” though people get lazy.)
      ㅍ- p’


      straight lines are vowels.

      Two lines on the vowel line is a “y” sound.

      If you see two combined as in “원” Won, then there is a w sound.

      Easy… you just need to memorize the directions of the marks and the shape of the consonants.

      Easier to do it by groupings.
      ㅗ- oh
      ㅓ- eo (say eh, then make the “oh” sound, you get “eo”
      ㅏ- ah
      ㅜ- oo
      ㅣ- ee (short ee sound, it’s not ee and it’s not a short i. Similar to the い-sound in Japanese.)

      Once you get those, then the rest are easy.

      ㅐ- ae (an ㅏ+ㅣ= ae) (say ah, keep your mouth shape, say, eh.) that’s ae. Jap Chae.
      ㅔ- eh. As in “get” “set” “met”

      Then the y-vowels.
      yoh, yeo, ya, yoo.

      It has very few pronunciation exceptions:

      Korean *does* have exceptions to pronunciation rules and also lazy pronunciation. (English has a lot of exceptions… so don’t say it’s so hard when you have English)

      ㄴ as a final consonant before the ㄹ makes an l sound.
      전라도- Jeolla-do, not jeonrado.

      final ㄹ with a beginning ㄹ ends with an l sound. 알라 ahlah (rather than ahl-rah)

      final ㅂ before an initial ㄴ becomes an m sound. 감사합니다 (kam-sah-ha[p]m-ni-dah)

      final ㄴ before an initial ㅂ sound becomes a m.

      a final consonant followed by an initial consonant ㅇ negates the consonant ㅇ
      생각에 is pronounced: [생가게) meaning to think.
      –except in the case of ㅇ–which is special….
      꼬맹이 is pronounced 꼬맨기 (for the small figures… also 꼬마)

      a final h before a consonant makes the next consonant aspirated. 어떻게–>어떠케

      Lazy pronunciation and cultural exceptions…

      누구 (noogoo) meaning “Who” can sound like 두구 (doogoo) with some people when they are being lazy.

      아파 (ah-pha) (to hurt) can sound like 아퍼 (Ah-pheo) This has to do with the Korean belief of “bright” and “dark” vowels. “ah” is a “bright” vowel. and “Eo” is a dark vowel. Getting hurt is a dark moment, so it gets a “dark” vowel. Also, I hypothesize that maybe it has to do with 아빠 (ah-ppa) sounding similar which means father. A few of them follow this rule… though it’s technically not correct in spelling.

      Korean, overall has a lot more back of the throat pronunciation. American English especially in the NE, tends to have a lot of sounds in the front of the mouth (as in the origin of the sound.) I always thought London English sounded more “round”. (So sound comes a lot middle middle of the mouth.)

      Much easier than English. Rough, through, threw, though (And we have a lot of pronunciation exceptions as well as cultural foilbles in English)

      Also, consistent plurals. (when needed for distinguishing, it only goes on the noun). But grammar should be for another time.

      Anyway, Hangeul is superior for rendering Korean words. And it really isn’t that hard to learn. (And easier to type than English since qwerty was designed to slow down typing. (See Dvorak for something that makes more sense) and all the vowels are on one hand and all the consonants on the other.

      You now can read the Korean in Episode 10 of the drama “Nine”. =P “Wae anwayo” “Kidari neun de” (I guess when your future self comes to the past, you still use jeonmal. Haha. In every day Korean, when writing to yourself, you usually use informal. Or I was told. =P)

      • 4.1.1 TS

        This is brilliant! When I get on a computer, I’m copying this into Evernote.

      • 4.1.2 Dewo

        Thank you. This is quite helpful. Since I try to study Hangul by myself.

      • 4.1.3 Mystisith

        Darn it! I’ve been a lazy student with my Korean lessons lately. Need to catch up this WE…
        Will copy & paste this on my comp.

      • 4.1.4 redfox

        saving this, very interesting!

      • 4.1.5 Dewo

        I have a question.
        What is this about ‘lazy pronounciation’? Is this some kind of when you speak too fast some words are missing in their pronounciation? Or what?

        • Dewo

          Oops typo.
          I mean ‘some letters are missing’

        • KimYoonmi

          In languages there are words that we naturally have a hard time pronouncing with their “proper” (proper used loosely) pronunciations.

          For example in American English: “Water” with the “t” sound often comes out as “Wader”. (Wah-der)

          /t/ is harder to say than a /d/ in this case. (I can go over the phonetics of why, but you’ll understand).

          Nugu is a nasal and harder to say than “dugu” because air isn’t being pushed up.

          the /p/ becoming a /m/ is something that Japanese also shares, because plosives /b/, /p/ etc take more mouth work. (try it) and are harder to say before a nasal such as /n/. (/m/ is also a nasal).

          ssi also takes more work than “shi” (try it… the mouth is rounder on “shi” which means less mouth movement.)

          I hope that makes sense. All languages and dialects tend to have this kind of thing. The idealized version, versus what it is in practice.

          But “Nugu” v. “dugu” is lazy. (They just don’t want to push the sound up into their nose)

          • Dewo

            I get it. Thanks for the explanation.
            I think in my language (I’m an Indonesian) its hard to find the example of lazy pronounciation. Because you say it as it written there. But there are different pronounciation for some letters depend on which parts of Indonesia you came. Such as pronounciation between p and f, j and z.

          • KimYoonmi

            I didn’t realize the whole “wader” thing though, until it was pointed out to me. Sometimes sound blending, etc is so ingrained, you don’t realize it until someone pokes at it for you.

            Don’t know Indonesian, so I’m not sure which words would have it, but I’m taking a stab, they are probably a few you aren’t aware of in the mainstream dialect.

        • Waiting

          I noticed this, too. For example, to say “Thank you”, I see this written as “Kamsahamnida” yet it sounds like “Kamsamnida” when spoken.

          Another that has me scratching my head is “Hello”. I see this written as “Anyounghaseyo” yet it almost sounds like “Yeoboseyo”…perhaps two different words are used for hello??

          • KimYoonmi

            One is for the phone such as “Hello” and the other is for in person.

            Literally the Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 (formal speech, lower half of formal.) means “Are you at peace?” or “Be at peace” Similar to “Shalom”

            Yeoboseyo 여보세요 is for phones only. (In Kyeonsangmal it comes out either as “Yeobosyo” or “Yeobosiyo”) Occasionally used to flag down people who aren’t paying attention to you.

            English used to make this distinction. “Good day” for example. But it no longer does.

            There is a similar rule in Japanese as well. (Kon’nichiwa 今日は (Literally, this day, but more colloquially, Good day) v. もしもし) You’ll notice that a lot of the grammar rules match up, but that’s because the languages are considered related by linguists.

      • 4.1.6 Carmensitta

        Oh, thank you thank you!!! I do know the letters in hangul but I always had problems with the pronunciation exceptions.

      • 4.1.7 Sabah

        Heartfelt thanks for all of the above.

      • 4.1.8 Saner

        Is this a series? Because this is AWESOME.

        Happy Friday everyone!

        Also, Nine, I just – the last scene of 10 – with the (what guts! Imagine how awkward it would have been otherwise) – and the previews – and the RAIN –


        Can’t WAIT till Monday.

        • KimYoonmi

          I did a few other cultural notes the last two weeks. Like phone conversations in Korea and the death trap known as taxis (well, not really. It’s for your wallet.)

          Also highlighted information from Nine which needed cultural notes. (Was requested, so I spent time doing it since I looked up what it was talking about, etc and know some nuances.)

          • Hillary

            Please continue doing this. It is so helpful.

      • 4.1.9 kdramapedia

        Thank you for this. I’m teaching myself Korean, and although I *read* Hangul, I can’t pronounce it at all! I find the textbook explanations to be lacking. I will definitely use this!

      • 4.1.10 Ann

        Are you a speech pathologist or a linguist? Your explanations are very good!

        ssi–I had wondered if the tongue placement of this sound is between s and sh, which would make falling back to sh would be more likely that way.

        • KimYoonmi

          Majoring in Cultural Anthropology. My major interest in Cultural Anthro is culture media exchange.

          I also have smaller hobbies in religion, language, food, and art.

          I’m also working on, but have on hold, a Graphic Design degree.

          I’m nerdish all around anyway…

          Anyway, ssi has the tongue a bit more forward than shi, but I think also, you have to force more air through the lips, and form your lips a little harder (say ee, keep your lips there and compare to shi) More lip movement==less likely it will happen. I’d bet it’s more on the lips…

          Still, I was told that’s a no-no. Which is why I dislike the romaja “Ajeosshi” Uhh… no. Incorrect in formal Korean dominant-power base Korean (As supposed to the dialects which I don’t know how that holds up in.).

          ^^ I tend to suck at grammar and memorization of vocabulary, but all of my language teachers say I have a really good ear for language. I can distinguish sounds fairly well. TT I’m not so good at Mandarin though. The tones kill me. I can tell there is a difference, just not which one.

          • Ann

            That’s interesting! I’m a speech path and I am interested in speech sounds since I spend a lot of time breaking them down for people who need help.

            English does not have any sounds that are differentiated by how forceful the escaping air is, so I can see why English speakers would commonly mistake -ssi for -sh.

      • 4.1.11 Yumi

        Thank you!!

        I wish there were sound bites.

      • 4.1.12 bernie

        this is really nitpicky, but it’s jondae, not jeonmal (전말 has a different meaning than 존댓말, which is formal/honorific speech)

      • 4.1.13 korfan

        Kim Yoonmi –

        Oh dear! To my horror, my Thank You post was not here! …… I meant to say “Thank You” early this morning (my local time) for taking the time to share your Cultural Notes post. ……. I could’ve sworn I hit the right key on my computer, but apparently I didn’t ….. so here I am, writing this now (late at night, my local time).

        This was very interesting indeed. Thank you again!

    • 4.2 Carole McDonnell

      You are so right about purpose and character fashion. Folks sometimes don’t see how important the clothes designer is to a drama. I saw some of those arguments about clothing here and on the internet. And when folks talk about an actress being ugly, I can only thin, “how young are these folks that they say an actress is ugly?” I always wonder why audiences often want characters to look incredibly beautiful. It’s the “this character should look like she’s on a fashion runway syndrome.”

      I remember writing a scene with a very dumpy character — one who, like Jae In, was not comfortable in her body and really not trained in fashion. I was so proud of this character wearing a scarf on her head and a jumper dress. I had nailed the style. Off to my writing group where one woman said very contemptuously, “But she sounds so country.” I was like, “Seriously??”

      A character is a character. A character who never had a chance to have a fashionista mom or friend help her develop feminine skillz is not gonna have a great hair cut.

      Ooh, that reminds me. Kinda apropos. Everyone in the US media hated Kevin Costner’s haircut in The Bodyguard. Mercifully there were a few voices saying, “Darnit, people! He’s a bodyguard! What kinda haircut is he supposed to have?”

      Also: when the Ciaran Hinds version of Persuasion came out, one reviewer (Jeffrey something) said he couldn’t like the main heroine or the main hero because they were not beautiful. His co-reviewer, Mike Medved gave him a weird look, and he got a good slamming in the media for that. Seriously? I know Aristotle said great and exceptional things should be made to happen to great and exceptional people (paraphrasing here) but I don’t think he meant that only the exceptionally beautiful people are allowed to have passionate lives.

      People are getting way shallow in demanding normal frumpy characters look like fashion icons. I might be a total boy crazy nut but if the story is good, but we shouldn’t judge a character on how she looks or how fashionable her hair cut is.

      • 4.2.1 TS

        The exception to all this is Kim Woo Bin. 😉 Otherwise I totally agree.

        And it reminds me of a cute Block B matchup returns clip (4/4 on 7ontheblock YouTube) where the gorgeous one, Jaehyo, admits all the girls go for Zico and then bursts out with, “why? Seriously, why him? I’m so much better looking!” [i swear, I almost died laughing.]

        And there’s just no substitute for charisma!

        So yeah, looks aren’t everything – unless you’re Woobie…

        • Carole McDonnell

          Charisma is sooo good. When I was watching All about my relationship, I started thinking the hero — Mr Spring Water who is made to clear the manure and sewer– was a good actor but by no ways cute. (I usually don’t fall for handsome or masculine guys, it’s always got to be someone very pretty) But now, well, I’m suddenly enamoured of him. Charisma, definitely. He’s got something.

      • 4.2.2 KimYoonmi

        I agree.

        I’m not thrilled about the haircut in Lee Soon Sin on Joon Ho, but I think for the character being clueless, it has a kinda “Larry Curly Mo” moment to it, which makes me like it for the character.

        I like writing the occasional frumpy character, ’cause they exist in real life too.

    • 4.3 alua

      Safari just ate my longish post. I HATE SAFARI.

      Too annoyed to retype everything, here’s a summary:

      Rich Man Poor Woman Special Didn’t like it. 🙁
      Nine Still loving it.
      Gu Family Book I’m with everyone that thinks Seo Hwa’s action were a complete logical fail.
      xxxHolic Haven’t watched episode 7, because if I do I’ll have only one episode left to watch. *bawls*
      Kogure Shashinkan Started last week. Watching for Kamiki Ryunosuke. And Narumi Riko.
      Don Quijote (2010) Such good fun. Why is Matsuda Shota’s filmography not longer? I’ll watch anything with him.

      Only reading recaps for Lee Soon-shin, at this point too many of the characters are still too annoying for me.

      Waiting for subs on Saikou no Rikon. Might try: Kasuka no Kanojo; Kamo, Kyoto he Iku.

      • 4.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        if you get the lazarus app, then if your post gets eaten up, the browser should still save it. Lazarus has saved my very talkative butt more than once.

        Talkative butt?

        talkative posts, then.

        • alua

          Seems to be only for Firefox though.

          I tried Firefox and didn’t like it. Tried Chrome too and it just requires way too much RAM. Been fighting with Safari for a while (it has several very annoying bugs), but I’m not finding a browser that works for me.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I had trouble with Safari as well. Am using Chrome. . .but yeah…Chrome definitely eats up memory. And it is very annoying especially when one opens more than three windows or when some antivirus is downloading. I use Lazarus on Chrome because it has messed me up way too often.

          • alua

            Actually, I managed to find Lazarus for Safari, kamsa hamnida!!!

            I’m the sort of person that has about 30 tabs open at the same time. O_O

            I did double my RAM recently to 8GB which has made things a lot smoother….

        • nomaden

          [email protected] butt. Hehe…I sound 9 about now 😛

      • 4.3.2 KimYoonmi

        Eh? Rich Man Poor Woman Special… why?

        I thought it resolved the loose ends well. Plus Makoto has some seriously good GUI powers.

        • alua

          Because I found it painful to watch how Hyuga and Makoto didn’t communicate until pretty much the final scene. And I realised that Hyuga is very very flawed and that in real life I’d run a mile from him (I mean, he’s 30 something, right?).

          In the dorama it didn’t bother me, I think, because Makoto spoke up a lot more (being the only one to sometimes say her mind to Hyuga) while in the special she seemed to simply accept pretty shit treatment (she comes all the way from Brazil for a week and he doesn’t even have five minutes for her?).

          I didn’t like the whole office persuading her either after they had broken up, it’s not of their business to start with and secondly that’s the sort of thing your BFF gets to do, not (former) work colleagues. Maybe Yoko, but the rest? And “you are the only one for him”? Did they ever ask if HE is the only one for HER? Of course, in this story he is, but I don’t buy the ‘one and only’ romantic notion and felt Makoto was mostly a love-sick puppy wanting a relationship with Hyuga, while Hyuga didn’t care too much at all? They had been in a relationship for a while, even if a long-distance one. I was expecting the “I can’t handle your bear towel on my towel rack” hijinks, but not some of his other behaviour.

          Of course, the writers set up well for season 2 with all this, they can explore how the two do become a couple.

          • Carole McDonnell

            hee hee hee. A woman after my own heart. When it originally aired, I didn’t like the whole expectation thing. If he is deeply wounded, yeah maybe one should coddle him and not demand too much. But…after a while, I grew to hate the whole “understand how deep your man is and forgive his silences or his weirdness” aspect of some J-dramas (and Playful Kiss) just grates. Maybe in the next season the writers will get all subversive

            And do not get me started on intrusive people advising other people.

          • alua

            I think it just sends the wrong message in the end, especially if it’s, say, impressionable teen girls watching.

            Relationships are about two people giving and comprising and working things out together. There was a sense of that in the dorama when they got together. But the special, I felt, went the other way. She went after him (though he broke up with her!) and said “I will change for you” (urghhhh!). She did add “I’m not perfect, so you have to change too” but that wasn’t enough for me. Plus, you can’t base a relationship on change you hope for, nor should you change for others b/c it doesn’t work.

            Yeahh, J-doramas (also K and TW dramas I would say) too often are very accepting of behaviour that is just plain wrong and, in real life, would be a major red flag… I mean, no one is perfect, but certain things (respect, willingness to communicate, trust etc.) have to be there.

          • Merry

            I think the communication problems in the Special are debatable for most people, and real. So, it cannot be discounted. Change, while agreeing with you, was actually weaved through with the jItec, asahina, etc. So over all there’s quite a fodder there for another series. Re watched the special every nite since it got subbed. Mmm turning out to be quite a Fan here.

          • alua

            I agree, communication problems are a real thing for many people, but it felt extreme and like they didn’t talk at all.

            And when they (half-) talked, they were sitting at a wedding (though somehow no one seemed to notice they were breaking up right then and there).

            I expected Asahina’s redemption to irritate me, but that felt more natural to me than other parts!

            There’s definitely lots of stuff to work with for another series. I’m 99% they will do a second season. But if they didn’t, this would be such a frustrating conclusion (for me).

          • IzOcha

            I agree with you that the depictions of sacrifice for your man are pretty horrible (especially from a Yankee veiwpoint). What I wanted to mention though is this: I rewatched the parts of Playful Kiss I can stand the other day, and I just felt so much HATE for robot boy. It was a good kind of hate, revitalizing, really. It made me happy to be single.

    • 4.4 DayDreamer

      Regarding the ugly haircuts (particularly the mushroom bowl cut):

      You’re right. The hairstyle and clothes are fashioned to the character’s personality. But there are some instances when the mushroom bowl cut is ugly and instances when it is not.

      1. Hwang Jung Eum sported that hairstyle in Can You Hear My Heart and now in Incarnation of Money.I found it suitable on her in the former drama than the latter because it matched the mannerisms and personality of the character whereas in IoM, it seemed uglier because of the “ugly” personality (in my view) of the Jae In character.

      2. Lee Young Ah sported the hairstyle in Vampire Prosecutor Season 1 and it seemed the most suitable on her because of the character she played. In fact, I was a tad bit disappointed that her hair changed in season 2 before I warmed up to the new style.

      In short, the Jae In character was the only one whose mushroom bowl cut I could not tolerate because it wasn’t suitable for her character.

      • 4.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        But would the character Jae In know what haircut is suitable for her?

        • TS

          Yes! She so would! Anyway, I’m hardly ever happy with k drama heroines’ hair. Seems like they go for a Drama Style.

        • DayDreamer

          I think she certainly would considering how into her looks she is. Too bad her drama stylist didn’t consider it.

      • 4.4.2 alua

        Oh yeah: anyone interested in movies, Woo-sung Jung is taking over the lead role in the independent feature 나를 잊지 말아요 (Remember O Goddess). I couldn’t help but squeal Mr Padam Padam! when they made that announcement…

        Will write a blog post about it later!

    • 4.5 delicatecloud

      About Nine – i agree with you that Older SW, after meeting his younger self and given that he is indeed a smart young man – all this has begun to move into a different direction than what his older self reality is at the moment. I think that younger SW will prevent the wedding of his brother and maybe the truth behind the death of his father. This will certainly redirect his life path into another direction – he may not be an anchor man in a TV broadcasting staion. He maybe a doctor and then take over his father’s hospital?

      The question: is his older brother his father’s son??

      • 4.5.1 KimYoonmi

        Silence in Korean usually means yes, doesn’t it? Mother’s Silence==Yes. (Not always true).

        She said, “Don’t say that.”

        Not, “That’s not true. Why would you say that?” (Going off of the Korean here)

        Also, I think part of the guilt (Her catatonia/shock) and the reason for the “accident” was because of that.

        I still would like them to layer SW’s father one more step than the jealous and narrow-minded man he turned out to be… SW must like him for a reason.

        • delicatecloud

          In general silence does mean consent (or agreement) but like you said, not necessary so. If he is not his father’s son (then the birth secret is out and done with) and when young SW found out (i believe that he will) it will set in motion a chain reaction that would affect the current SW – like you said he is being erased!!

          Could it mean that he will die (not becos of the brain tumour) even younger and due to other reasons? You can’t mess with fate – if you do, the story seems to say that you will have to pay!! Case in point – he tried unsuccessfully to prevent the death of his father, only by a few hours becos it was his father’s fate to die at that point in time (not necessary the exact minute) and nothing could have prevented that. Just my thoughts on possible scenario.

          • KimYoonmi

            I meant silence in some languages actually means “no” (some dialects too) It’s not a universal.

            I’m going with the theory that Mom from what she said did cheat…

            Ah, we’ll have to wait for the next two episodes, which, I think, will be nail biters.

            I do like how the rivals in Nine aren’t the typical ones.

    • 4.6 owl

      Yay Kpop star 2 winners akdong musician! I loved the combo performanc I Don’t Need a Man and their version of Mmmbop. Very talented and cool songer/songwriters – folk pop, or?… I hope they keep their unique personalities and talent direction !

      For variety show Hwasin – ep 7 – Woo Bin – just watch the 2nd half. So cute, so cute! He did such a cool thing for his sister’s graduation (White Christmas fangirls, check it out)
      Hwasin – ep 6 – G Dragon – hot, hot, too!

    • 4.7 Waiting


      One day, I’d love to see a post on “How NOT to be an Ajumma”. I am 45 so I can’t really escape being an ajumma chronologically, however, I don’t need/want to do/wear things that bring on the negative connotation that seems to be connected to this word. To me, an ajumma would wear “mom jeans”, you know, the high-waisted ones from the 1980s.

      Along with avoiding the mom jeans, I am imagining there are things one should not do or wear. If ll goes well, I will be heading to Korea for a few months in about a year or so. This would be really useful to know.


      • 4.7.1 KimYoonmi

        Ajumma (Ajooma) in Korea is different from, the US though.

        Ajumma features:
        – The Sun visor. (full face) The belief in Korea is that your skin is more susceptible to the sun after you have children. (I was told this) You’ll see Soon Sin sporting one in episode 9.

        – Bright colors.
        Unlike in the US, bright colors and gold is associated with ajumma. I tried to buy these socks in Korea (with my relatives there) and I was flat out told “no” that’s for old people. I was severely told against it.

        Only in dramas are there bright colors.

        This is mostly because during the Japanese occupation, western fashion was brought in and they tried to suppress Korean culture, which in the Joseon era did have lots of bright colors. As a result, many people who want to seem “modern” where black and white. Even the cars in Korea are muted blues and blacks (I was taking a count for occasions like this).

        This means the older generation that remembers the Korean empire, etc often wear bright colors in the tradition of the Joseon empire…

        (I kinda find it depressing though.)

        3. The curl.
        I asked why… and I’m still not sure. I’ve asked several Koreans too… But something about perms makes you an ajumma. (100% Korean here and I can get my hair to naturally curl, but not in an ajumma way… ^^;; It may be because I’m several generations of Kim Hae, and that Indian princess might have had wavy hair since that was considered a sign of beauty.)

        4. Fat.

        Well, gains weight and kinda dumpy… The theory being that children keep you in the house. (from a Korean POV).

        5. Loud patterns.

        I have no idea about why this is. I haven’t heard any theories on it.

        6. Plastic pants.

        Something the US shares. You know, Nylon pants, the really horrible kind. It’s like the 50’s and 60’s got stuck to them.

        But the Ajeossi also tend to wear those polo shirts….

        My American grandparents also did this, so I’m not sure if it’s a worldwide thing.

        7. Bend over back as one turns Halmoni.
        (usually straight, no hunched shoulders… in other countries it’s not the same). It was explained to me that it’s a sign of “pride” and also of “fitness”. I was teased ruthlessly for my American style climbing a mountain. (hunched shoulders, dragging my feet, giving into the angle of the mountain). May also be all the climbing mountains counts.

        8. Not always true: shuffled feet.
        (From wearing slippers inside all day).

        This is how I know someone over here is Korean v. Japanese without them opening their mouth if they are 40+. =P Ajumma are so easy to spot.

        I should note in the country, if you reach 30, you’re considered an Ajumma. In Seoul, they’ll still call you Agassi. (My brother was laughing hard and teasing me, until I said, “Well, then, you’re an ajeossi.” He frowned in that stereotypical Kyeongsang man way (Several people have said he’s like a stereotypical Kyeongsang man in personality… despite growing up in the US). And I smiled to myself at my sweet revenge.)

        In the US, you get the mom jeans, the frazzled ponytail, the listless eyes, the haven’t gotten out of the house, overalls/elastic pants, sneakers 24-7 and often a t-shirt as the markers. ’cause in the US stereotype, Moms don’t get out of the house much, even for play dates. Whereas in Korea, in order to develop social skills, play dates are considered an absolute must. (In China and Japan from what I’ve heard/know)

        • okiejune

          Thank you for your descriptions – sometime could you tell us what a stereotypical Kyeongsan man is like? (and any other regions?) Very interesting…

          • KimYoonmi

            The stereotype goes that “Kyeongsang women are loud” and “Kyeongsang men are silent.”

            I’ve been told this repeatedly. =P Mostly from people from Seoul.

            Also been told Kyeongsang people tend to be far more blunt than people from Seoul. This one, I have no sample size for, but between me, my brother, and relatives, my brother and I tend to be more blunt, but we grew up in the US… and I resisted learning tact for a long time. (My noonchi abilities got me into steep amounts of trouble, socially in the US.)

            Oh and the “silent” thing tends to be accompanied by small expressions. So Jong Hwa… stereotypical. Gary… stereotypical… (Gary also sometimes breaks out with the dialect.)

            Gong Yoo, probably not. (He’s from Daegu)

            My brother… dead on the money. =P His ex, who lived in Korea had a hard time reading his emotions. He’s been accused of being “Japanese” a few times too. (Maybe he’s overdoing it. <– teasing.) I told him to fix his pronunciation so it has the proper inflection, and he said, "I don't want to sound like a girl." His equivalent of disgust, which is a brief small frown. He used to translate my words and I'd translate his expressions. Also, when you're right about talking about him, he'll never confirm in words. You are wrong, he'll say something, but often bluntly.

            But, then I'm kinda picking on him in that sibling way. =P He'd pick on me and say, "You got scammed by that taxi." – -;; Yeah. And also, "At least I'm realistic." His justification for being pessimistic. <– I defeated that by getting to go to Jang Geun Seok's agency and dropping off some gifts for the Hong Sisters and Jang Geun Seok (for the YAB Thank You project done through soompi.). (Secret location) I didn't gloat in front of him, though.

            His manager let us drop it off there. I hope the Hong Sisters got it~~.

            (I also knit a scarf for his manager as a thank you for the trouble. ^^;;)

      • 4.7.2 KimYoonmi

        Eh, If you’re heading to Korea, I can give you pointers for places to go without having to resort to a tour guide, especially on the cheap and get some nice shots of Seoul.
        Koreans also tend to be really friendly. (there are scammers, like Taxi drivers, but often you’ll find extra helpful people.)

        I’ve been to Jeolla, Seoul and Kyeongsang.

        Cheju and Building 63 (My Girl) hate me though. I shall defeat them yet!

        I was almost on camera for Running Man when I hung round Myeongdong consecutively. ^^;; I ducked it though. I only figured it out later on when I saw Yoo Jae Seok and then saw the episodes. (I wasn’t fast enough with my camera. TT)

        If you hang around Myeongdong they often have TV events there. I got some pictures of Trot celebrities too.

        Anyway, let me know, and I can highlight some of my favorite places. Name your dramas too, and you might be able to go to those locations.

        • DayDreamer

          I am reading all your posts in awe. What a wealth of information that you’re taking the time to explain to us. Really, really appreciate it.

        • pogo

          Your posts fascinate me, I feel like I’m getting an education via kdrama-fangirling, lol. But I admit I have a little of the 80 proof in me right now, and I’m wondering about this

          It may be because I’m several generations of Kim Hae, and that Indian princess might have had wavy hair since that was considered a sign of beauty.

          what does it mean? I tried to goofle Kim Hae and all I found was a wikipedia page which didn’t explain the Indian princess or wavy hair story at all 🙁

          • Ramenlee

            I think she meant that her family has straight hair like most asains do and she wants to have her hair curled cause wants to be pretty like Indian princess…. Hope i understood her right….. Anyway, I enjoyed reading all your posts and drama recaps last several months since I discovered the dramaland, started watching kdrama very late in 2004 (not like my fellow mongolians who obsessed with kdrama starting late 90s) and so far devoting all my free hours to catch up my dramas….

          • TS

            Yeah, I tried to figure this one out too. WHat’s the explanation?

          • KimYoonmi

            Kim Hae== Kim Suro and Heo Hwang Ok. It’s a Kimchi (not the food. =P Give me time and I’ll pun that). They gave rise to the massive Kim Kim Hae clan and the Heo Kim Hae clan.

            Heo Hwang Ok was Indian, through and through. I kinda dispute the Korean cultural theory, though, that she lived in what is now China, for several reasons.

            Anyway, in India, there are women with wavy hair.

            Culturally and traditionally, Indian women were selected by men as being “more pretty” when they had wavy hair.

            I’m kinda strange as being 100% Korean, a few generations Kim Hae and having NATURALLY wavy hair. (I can get it to naturally curl with encouragement as well. I just need hair wax).

            Being kinda tabooed several generations of Kim Hae, doubling up my gene pool from that Indian princess, perhaps that’s why I have wavy hair.

            My brother also naturally has a darker face than I do… and several Kim Hae also tend to report it. (supposedly)

            People argue with me I must have some kind of foreign blood and not be 100% Korean because my hair will wave on its own. But the reports I have from my family is that I am several generations Kim Hae… so uhh… I’m kinda like super Koreaned, since Kim Hae is the largest clan in Korea. (This is somewhat of an insider’s joke… So, umm… do not repeat as fact.)

            Most Koreans do not have wavy hair naturally. =P I’m blaming it on my ancestor Heo Hwang Ok. (Though it’s kinda a lame attempt at a joke.)

          • pogo

            @KimYoonMi – thank you for the explanation, that’s fascinating to know! Is it widely accepted in Korea that Heo Hwang Ok was Indian, or do most people believe she was Chinese? (either way, a foreign princess in the bloodline is an interesting thing to have).

            And I do know there are women with wavy hair in India – I’m one myself ^_^.
            Had no idea wavy hair was considered pretty, though, if anything the traditional bias here is/was only about hair length and darkness (long and black =good) , texture didn’t seem to matter other than excessively rough, curly hair= not good.

          • KimYoonmi


            She was definitely North Indian, she left from Ayodhya.

            The legend says she left Ayodhya and then traveled to Korea by boat to the Kyeongsang region and married Kim Suro. She had 12! Children, 2 of which took her name. (10 sons, 8 became Kim, the other two became Heo, and the 2 daughters, who married into Silla. One of the brothers left into Silla.).

            =P Been doing my research for a book.

            There are several lines of evidence for supporting this legend, including goods from India (though there are records of other Indian Princesses marrying into Korea) and carbon dating on a rock in Korea, though from after her arrival, by a grandson IIRC.

            What I dispute is how she left India. I don’t think she traveled to what is now China. There is a stone there with her name on it, but the theory she left India and stayed in China is problematic. It would throw out that she was a Princess, which the original story was firm about.

            It also leads to problems with the dowry and clothing mentions as well in the original legend. Such as the “taking off the pants” (trousers for those Brits) and burning them. Tailored clothing, as described only came to India with the Kushan Empire.

            Also the original archaeologist kinda messed up when he spotted Kissing fish and didn’t properly research–he assumed they were the mark of the royal family, but in ancient Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s a sign of fertility and the ability to control the sea, which is central to the legend about this ancestor.

            There also wasn’t a royal family living in Ayodhya at the time.

            And so on. My running theory is that she’s probably Kushana…. who had tailored clothing, the mineral deposits for what was described and a sea to leave by, which would require magic that’s mentioned in the story.

            As for the wavy hair thing? I was researching for the book and looked up ancient standards for beauty. I can’t cite where I found it, ’cause uhh… It’s not PG-13 or women friendly *^^* But since it’s roughly contemporary to the time, I’ll believe it and think that women were considered beautiful with wavy hair. Also giving a high liklihood, she had wavy hair too.

            The amount of research I put in… and the level of detail. *sighs* I hope to get past the point I’m stuck.

          • TS

            @kimyoonmi, I want to read your book now!

            Could you blog about the South Asian princesses and queens in Korea and give links, perhaps?

            Yes, I saw the clothes were moghul and that some of the Korean actors looked more south Asian than the princess. 🙂

            Would a princess from South Asia really come all that way based on a dream and without arrangement with the Korean king?

        • Waiting

          Agreed! Thank you SO much for the detailed information. I can see one or two things that I need to take care of before heading over there so this heads up was wonderful.


          • Merry

            Age is all in the mind. So, don’t show it in the clothing. Bright colours as ajumaaish may have to do with the confidence mature women acquire. I live now in a country where black is the colour of choice. Has to do with their farming background. Confidence is key. Don’t try to look youngish with mini skirts or tight jeans as I read it is a no no for over 40s. Makes sense because our softening skin brings in some dips and not smooth profile anymore. In several countries I’ve lived in, colour comes in only on Fridays, where it is casual Friday work wear.
            Frumpy or dowdy is again how you carry yourself. Women at 40 need the extra fat layers which can hide some hormones which our body will need. So, don’t worry about that. Just don’t wear clothes that cling. Don’t get those that completely hide shape either. You still need shape so you don’t appear ajumaaish.

        • TS

          @kimyoonmi Thank you for that explanation. I just looked that princess up and it seems she just up and left ayodhya and married the king in Korea. Probably showing up with a boat full of bullion helped things along.

          But still, what a brave thing to do! And now I’m wondering, do Koreans like South Asian looks?

          • TS

            Ooh, I’m going to watch Kim Soo Ro the drama now!

          • pogo

            I’m not KYM but I’m guessing that like much of Asia (including the Indian subcontinent) darker skin isn’t really considered a ‘good’ feature in South Korea, but I was surprised about the hair part.

          • KimYoonmi

            Kim Suro was kinda inaccurate. Which is why I’m writing a version (which I was going to do before the drama) that is accurate (like no tailored clothing. No needle piercing, and accurate sandals.)

            Koreans, from history, come from Mongolia, Vietnam and India maternally, often.

            India from the Three Kingdoms era. (Several princesses and Queens married into Silla, Gaya and Paekche)

            Mongolia from Goryeo. (If you forgot Faith… or the Great Seer) Google Yuan…

            And Vietnam from more recently. (Hanoi Bride).

            I memorized the accompanying drama titles to back me up.

            Dark skin, though isn’t considered a plus, mainly among women than men. You can blame the Chinese standards of beauty for that. (Where they *used* to believe (and they being mostly ancient men) dark skin meant a hateful nature… along with being fat, too skinny (their words) and having freckles.) (Freckles are still frowned upon in East Asia. TT But I have them… an anomaly in my family, or my Korean mother took care of her skin better than I do and covered for it.)

          • KimYoonmi

            Warning: India is portrayed sorely wrong in the drama Kim Suro. Historically and culturally….

            I warned my friend from India about it, so if she did choose to watch it, she would be ready.

            The clothes are clearly Mughal Empire. The actress is clearly Korean, there are tailored clothing, and they also bungled the original legend mostly on purpose. (And they got the male clothes wrong too).

            I was fist shaking it since I’d already done my research.

            I’m focusing on Heo Hwang Ok, rather than Kim Suro for my novel. I’m not sure it’ll sell, but I’ll sure try.

    • 4.8 Manin

      Follow up on spoiler alert + my theory on development!

      Ohh, I like your theory about SW potentially getting erased and that being the reasons for his headaches. I’m with you that younger SW knowing about the future is bound to change something, at it makes sense with older SW’s comment about not knowing what his younger self is going to do next.

      I also have a theory that the reason the doctor friend and SW both retails the memories is that both have been confronted with the changes. Doctor friend through being told, but also through finding the christmas card and so on. This occurred to me especially when MY finds the record sheet and starts getting flashbacks; indicating that the link between the different “versions of the future” are being confronted with evidence of the existence of the different versions.

      • 4.8.1 KimYoonmi

        Yes, the psychometry of objects seems to be important. (Objects hold memories of the heart).

        But that means for Doctor Choi to discover the “change” he needs an object to see the other timeline.

        Also his brother as well, whom we have NOT seen having two memories.

        With this drama, I’m assuming that most of the time, the first theory is not the real theory that it actually is. So that whole “disconnected” and “getting punished for playing God” thing is too easy… It’s been said, but it feels red herring for me.

        • Manin

          Yeah I agree with you. Doctor Choi seems to have the same ability to remember the different versions as SW. Though I think his knowledge about the inscent sticks and the pr-existing knowledge about what SW is about to do can have an influence as well (or that he is about to do something).

          Choi has also been confronted with evidence that trigger the past, (such as the Christmas card) which he otherwise didn’t recall which could help in his recollection. Not to mention the time he keeps an active eye on the newspaper article over SW’s fathers death; waiting for, and expecting it to change.

          I agree with the “getting punished for playing God” is a red herring. There is bound to be something else lurking in the background. Which also makes younger SW’s focus on meeting up with his older self an interesting aspect. Because while changing the past made SW loose his love, there is no knowing what else can be “lost” if the young SW doesn’t live his life, but focuses on what he knows is set to come about in the future.

          • KimYoonmi

            I still think Present SW is destined to go back one at least more time, ’cause of the title. What’s the use of calling it Nine, when it’s really 7?

            So Past SW probably won’t mess that much.

            However, it is clear that if Park-Appa had NOT died, SW would have not likely become a reporter, his brother wouldn’t have married, and SW would be pressured into running the hospital.

            I think past SW will not go crazy, since he was pretty practical about the “Why didn’t you come?” Such as writing journals, and figuring out where his future self lives.

            “Why didn’t you come?” “I am waiting for you.”

            Which all leads to a heavy foreshadow of at least one more trip, but seriously, the title is a spoiler. They aren’t going to use Nine twice in a title without actual follow through. That would be kinda nuts.

          • Manin

            Yeah those sticks are going to make an reappearance at some point.

            I agree, for everything to happen Park-Appa’s death would need to happen. Also to have the character consistency of the brothers hidden breakdown.

            He probably won’t go crazy, but it is interesting to see how much of his life is dedicated into waiting for his older self to turn up.

            What will be interesting is also who will do the last trips. Since the sticks are currently (for all we know) in 92/93. But they would not called it Nine and then not use all the chances. Interesting bit would also be if SW somehow uses the remaining ones to stop himself changing the past or not.

            On a side note it would have been interesting to see young SW and MY’s interactions, because regardless of the “past future” there seem to be some of the same connection between them.

            Though this is just my brain doing off into it’s own. To much dissertation and essay stress :p

    • 4.9 HaibaraChristie

      I’m Hindu and I absolutely no idea what a Yaksha is. Is it a “Rakshasa” or a “Asura” based term? Do you think you could explain this?

      Also, would you be able to go a bit more in depth about the differences between a Yaksha and a Gumiho and a demon?

      Thanks! I love your posts.

      • 4.9.1 HaibaraChristie


      • 4.9.2 KimYoonmi

        were nature spirits.

        In Korea, that became Yakcha. They got imported into Korean lore probably around 300-400 AD? Or earlier. I’m guessing though, they really came with buddhism. (Which is dated to 300-400 AD, Northern type.)

        Muism then also imported many ideas from Buddhism.

        Gumiho is a nine-tailed demon. Usually classed as a fox spirit. Korean lore is slightly different from the Japanese Kitsune and the Chinese lore.

        Gumiho == demon.

        Yakcha == good spirits (usually) protectors of the mountains.

        I would think Gu-papa is actually a Guardian God of the forest/mountain. (Muism says every mountain has spirits and also mountains are often considered sacred ground.)

        So the lore would be that Gu-papa is a Guardian Spirit (Yakcha)/Shin, and that when he got rejected, he’d turn Gumiho… at least from a Muism perspective. I’m not sure if that’s intentional. (Since Muism isn’t well-known in Korea even… Moon/Sun did a terrible job with it…)

        Anyway, Muism definitely makes that distinction. And Muism is definitely cool.

        • KimYoonmi

          *correction Yakcha== good spirits which INCLUDES protectors of mountains. (as imported into Muism)

    • 4.10 Abbie

      The Itazure na Kiss you refer to is the newest one from Japan, right? I just watched the first episode and really enjoyed it. It made me laugh where the Korean version didn’t. I don’t usually watch Japanese dramas, so this is a new experience for me and I’m looking forward to watching more!

      • 4.10.1 KimYoonmi

        Yes, Better than the Korean version, worse than the It Started with a Kiss version. Still solid, though.

        If you want better J-dramas, I have a list…

    • 4.11 Rachel

      Akdong Musician deserved first place. But I think Shin Ji Hoon and Choi Ye Geun shouldn’t have left so early. Andrew is okay, but not good enough to deserve the second place.

      Again, this all comes down to the matter of personal preference.

      From a Kpopstar fan.

  5. cherkell

    LOL perfect choice of OT song this week!

    Happy Friday OT Beanies! For some of you who were so fortunate to attend the #DBMeetup last night, should I be speaking in a soft and low monotone instead and tiptoeing around the room today? I’m sure there’s gonna be some epic hangovers going on today… Anyway, hope you all had a grand time — us Left Coasters should try and do something ourselves soon!

    Drama Watching This Week: Besides my real-life series playing out, I’m not really following any of the current shows with the exception of ‘When A Man Loves,’ which caught my attention from the get-go. Fan Service has never been so plentiful and I bow 90º to the PD-nim for his insight and wisdom in knowing exactly what the viewing public demands. *snerk* It’s not a Rocket Science Drama, peeps – just park your brains and enjoy SSH in all his Hand Towel and Absilicious Glory. Just finished Episode 4 — I am definitely on Team Maknae FTW now!

    I started Episode 1 of ‘Gu Family Book’ and found it off-the-charts hella awesome, but I know there’s going to be some major heartache and heartbreak coming up in Episode 2. So I’m putting it aside for when I can hide my face from some ugly crying that I know will result from watching. Sigh.

    Most of this week was taken up with job wrapping-up (we’re on a day-to-day schedule until the managing partner puts ‘the box’ on my desk and tells me to pack up). Since I’ve never really gone more than a week or two between jobs over the past 12 years, this time I may take a sabbatical while planning my next move. I don’t feel comfortable starting a new job and then telling them I’m going to be away for three weeks at the end of June. But we’ll see…

    Where most of my waking hours are spent is trolling the Interwebs for news about “The Days” musical. Now that it’s finally premiered, I could not be more happier! Soooooo many films and pictures and BTS and everything — I’m going to need to purchase another 2 TB hard drive to house all this wonderful stuff!! (If you’re asking ‘what the hell is she spouting about,’ I drafted up an overview on my blog for the uninformed.) I made sure that the two performances I’m attending mixed it up; one night it’s Yoo Jun-sang and My Precious, and the next night it’s Oh Man-seok and His Cuteness in the lead roles. THAT last one I’m looking forward to the most (MANZZANG!!!), so stay tuned for more updates as Korea Trip Planning continues!

    We’ve had some freaking’ beautiful weather out here on the Left Coast, so I’m going out and enjoy some of it right now with a nice long walk before heading to the office. See you all on the flip side. Ja ne!

    • 5.1 Shukmeister


      Following your blog for that musical – it’s been a fun ride. I fully expect you to be more generous with the pics than a certain someone nursing a hangover this morning. Lol

      I’ve decided to recap WAML as a joint effort with kakashi, especially since she is the Queen of gifs, which I think will be much needed for the series. I, too, have watched episode 4 and am strangely addicted to the show, despite it’s obvious plotline and less-than-subtle acting. Still, I woke up this morning scratching my head and thinking IRIS who?

      I hope the pollen is minimal for you Westies, especially for Shel, and feel free to impose on KorazyLady if you travel east during your hiatus! 😉

      • 5.1.1 cherkell

        Shhh… don’t wake the Sleeping JoAnne. I don’t want to incur The Wrath! 😛

        Ah pictures… boy, do I have some extremely gorgeous pictures out the wazoo now. I’m going to have to create a separate post just for the batches I DLd over the past two days alone. SQUEEEEE!!! ♥

        Oh hell to the yeah I’ll be tapping on you Easties’ collective doors if’n I head out that way. Last November’s trip was way too short and I should see the people I blew off visiting because of the time constraints. We’ll see how things pan out over the next few weeks!

        P.S. Team WAML all the way, baby!! Gave up on IRISH after the whole killings-at-the-ryokan-thingy happened (forgot what episode that was). It’s just not pulling me in like its predecessor did. C’est la whatEVAH.

    • 5.2 alua

      Sorry about your job situation, but I hope you do end up having a satisfying sabbatical when you get to it and get an awesome new job!

    • 5.3 korfan

      cherkell –

      “It’s not a Rocket Science Drama, peeps – just park your brains and enjoy SSH in all his Hand Towel and Absilicious Glory.”

      *laughing* ….. loving this comment.

      On a serious note, so sorry to hear about the job situation. Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping a new job search yields good results.

  6. Micola

    I think this is the first time I have anticipated open threads so much. I refreshed like about 10 times

    • 6.1 Micola

      Can someone who went to the meetup tell me how it went I’m dying to know.

      • 6.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        I can only share my experience, but I had a great time traveling to NYC to meet up with KDrama fans.

        We all enjoy the banners on Dramabeans, so as a treat for javabeans, girlfriday, headsno2, and gummimochi, I used those banners to create hats and pens as a gift.

        To set the mood, they switched the TV’s in the back room from sports to ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’. The room quickly filled. Javabeans, Girlfriday, HeadsNo2, and Gummimochi introduced themselves, and shook hjands like a reception line at a wedding greeting folks as they arrived.

        People were invited to write their questions and put them in a bag. I enjoyed hearing about how the mothers viewed their daughter’s time spent on the website. A particularly funny moment was when asked “Who would you marry/kill/bang?” They picked out pairing for casting their own KDrama … a game I think we should all play.

        As I met people, I basically used the same questions to get the ball rolling
        1) what was your first KDrama?
        2) what is your favorite KDrama?
        3) what are you watching now?
        4) where are you from?

        If it was a man, I asked “So, brave soul, who dragged you to this event?” Surprisingly, not all the men there were non-drama-watching significant others. Yeah!

        I was totally charmed by one Korean guy who came to meet javabeans and girlfriday but was having celebrity fright. I gave him a nudge in their direction. But I understood the feeling, other than shaking their hands, I didn’t say much to the 4 stars of the evening, figuring they had lots of people to meet and I was just happy to be in the same room with so many other KDrama fans.

        Later in the evening, they had a trivia contest. It was sort of wild with rowdy, tipsy people all shouting out the answers at once and prizes of KDrama socks being thrown for correct answers.

        I did spend time hunting for Jomo and JoAnne, and gratefully found them in the crowd. I had some good conversations with about 10 people, but didn’t get to mingle with everyone and I am sure I missed meeting people I have read on OT and would have liked to see in person. It all had the feel of a great party that zipped by too fast.

        I left around 10 pm when a group of folks were headed back to Penn station, so I don’t know if table dancing and karaoke came later. I can say everyone was smiling and laughing and speaking with gleems in their eyes about favorite dramas and actors.

        For those of you who missed it, I hope this gives you a taste of the event.

        • merry

          Oh wow, sure sounds like you all had fun. thanks julie for your own account. I wish joanne will be awake now. or jomo.

        • JoAnne

          So THAT’s where I got the pen from ! I opened my purse the next morning and I remembered the DramaFever M&Ms but not the pen! What a great idea that was 🙂 you were really thoughtful to do that!

        • jomo

          It was very nice to meet you, Julia, but now, I am wondering
          where is my pen? Hmmm?

          • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

            jomo: I held it in my hand to give you, right about the time I was also trying to get your photo, but the tide shifted and my opportunity passed. Sorry!

            Maybe I should have been pushier, but lots of folks wanted to talk to you. Don’t you remember how people were coming up to you and JoAnne like super stars? 🙂

            The night passed so quickly, especially at the end when my “ride” aka group walking to Penn station left, and the last pens I gave out were to Headsno2 and gummimochi. I didn’t even get a chance for a goodbye to you, Lara, and JoAnne 🙁 But meeting you both was a thrill for me. You are my kind of people.

          • jomo

            I feel better already. As long as I was not left out on purpose.
            I think we should do a second one in the nice weather.
            As long as we are all together there will be lots to talk about!

  7. Belle3005


    • 7.1 Belle3005

      Am probably gonna check Mandate of Heaven out when it’s out. University life’s been keeping me insanely busy I swear it’s been hard for me to even find time to squeeze Nine into my watching schedule,with my assignments piling up like crazy so I’m gonna have to pass GFB as much as it pains me to not see LSG in his latest drama. Based on general consensus it seems that the first episode was super awesome but then the second episode wasn’t quite as good so I’m gonna have to pass for now.
      Cable channels are really amping up the quality of their dramas as we speak. JTBC and tvN is the way to go!

      • 7.1.1 Belle3005

        Link to the Malaysian thread is in my first post ,so just click to be redirected to there. Subsequent ones made in my name will redirect you guys to my blog.

        • delicatecloud

          Bella – i went over to the meet up site for Malaysia and posted on it. I am Malaysian as well but living in NYC. Would love to meet up with beanies in Malaysia when i am home for the holidays. Home is in KL and i am usually home for the lunar new year.

          • Belle3005

            Looking forward to meet up with you when you get back to Malaysia. 😀 How was the NYC meetup? I’d love to hear more about it from you! 🙂

  8. Carole McDonnell

    I love Nine: Oh my gosh! I loooove being surprised! I looooove a smart tight script. Here I was thinking that only those silly little sticks have power but –yes, this is the Queen In Hyeon team– memory and love are more powerful than mere magic…and the heart is the true human magic of our lives! Oh Gosh, i am loving this! Of course, now I’m a bit stressed because I’m waiting for young Sun Woo to become mentally unstable from waiting to die. The past is still affecting the present. And what with waiting for Sun Woo junior to affect Sun Woo present and wondering what Hyung’s gonna do and wondering about Dr Choi and about Min Young…well, yes, I’m under the sweetest stress.

    Incarnation of Money: love the last episode. Vengeance and truth and no masks (at least about identities) and four mour episodes to go!!!! Soo good. Cha Don didn’t seem too stressed out about being framed so I’m wondering if he anticipated this.

    Kasuka na Kanajo: reminiscient of other stuff i’ve seen … lots of ghost stories and teachers with special powers in j-dramaland. So far I’m liking it better than some others out there.
    Kogure Shanshinkan: still not grabbing me yet. As a ghost story, it has the slow sweetness of Biblia. Not really concerned about the arc of the suicidal girl. But will see how it turns out.
    Liking Yakou Kanransha: Oh my! Majorly intense stuff that makes me glad I never moved into a rich judgmental neighborhood. Not sure who the murderer is — Mean neighborhood matrairach’s son, maybe? OR maybe mean matriarch herself.

    Jang Ok Jung: Beautiful but i didn’t like it. I’m thinking that my dislike of it is entirely my own fault because there really is nothing wrong with it. Writers are supposed to make us love their heroines and the fashion show was fun. But I kept feeling I was being manipulated into thinking how great and creative and career woman and all her suffering from the evil hateful wife of the Lord…well, that I stopped watching it. I’m sure Korean drama-watchers in Korea are used to people remaking history but I seem unable to do the creative step of allowing folks to reinvent Jang Hee Bin. So, yeah, entirely my fault.

    Cruel Palace War of Flowers: Been intending to give it a second try. Still waiting for Mandate of Heaven, though. Really excited about that one.

    Gu Am Heo Joon: like a good solid meal. Like a nice little walk down a familiar road. Just feels like going home.

    Gu Family Book: Oh, i love this so much. I’d forgotten all about the wonders of having a demi-god fall in love with me…uh, well, my dramatic stand-in. Gotta say though that although the heroine of the first love match behaved the way a girl of her time and class should behave (way too naive, way too afraid, way too proud) I still lost patience with her. Am totally in love with Wol Ryung. And was so happy to see that the actor who plays our second hero’s adoptive dad is a fave. I so love that actor. (Note to self: remember his name. I’m beginning to have so many faves and I just have to remember their names. )

    Everything about my relationship: Funny, cynical, smart. I might stay with it.

    xxxHolic. Wow..dark… but i know love will prevail.

    Bad Boys J: Am liking this far better than Sugarless, although the Sugarless guys are more my type. Ah, the “fighting” j-drama genre! Only the Japanese.

    Started watching Smile because it was recommended. Liking it a lot

    Got to catch up on Shotenin Michiru, Wolf and Dog, Otomen. Might try to catch up on Prosecutor Princess.

    Waiting for the subs to Otomesan. Am totally wondering about poor Mother-in-law. Waiting for subs for End of the World.

    Anime: catching up on Sayonara Zetsobou Sensei.

    Happy weekend, all!

    • 8.1 DayDreamer

      Damn, Carole, you have a ton of dramas on your plate. I’m on a break for a few months and even then I didn’t have a lot of dramas crammed into my time. How do you do it??

      Anyways, that’s interesting interpretation of Cha Don’s body language and facial expression at the end. I didn’t think of that but if that’s the case, then that makes it more exciting. And totally agree with you that Nine is a well-written tight script. I have all these possibilities of what’s going to happen next swimming in my head but I’m keeping them at bay because I want to just follow along the story and let the unexpected happen.

      • 8.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Way too many dramas, alas. Creative Procrastination or Passive creativity on my part.

        Was working on a collection of short stories and realized something which gave me a totally new idea. I wanted to leave things as they are because the stories are okay as is…..but once that new idea came, I knew I had to change how the stories relate to each other. This, however, means I’ve got to do some MEGA changes. So I’ve been procrastinating like heck. And currently, although deadlines loom, I’m being allowed to get away with it.

        I’m always amazed at how wrong I am about what I expect to happen in some dramas. Nine totally delights me when i realize how wrong I’ve been.

        • KimYoonmi

          Ah, I think I share the same thing. I’ve been procrastinating with dramas from writing. =P

          Got stuck with one story, so instead of working through it, I’ve been lying to myself (and I know it) that I just need the right drama to get through it.

          =P Also, the same with Nine. I like it when dramas surprise me, especially since I don’t tend to plot my stories that tightly. Makes for good study later.

          I was rewatching episode 10 a lot to see if I could figure out what the writer is thinking, and I still can’t seem to project that far, since the ideas seem to come from some other dimension that somehow makes sense.

          • Carole McDonnell

            We’ll get our writing started up again..but dramas definitely affect it. I think Nine affected my stories.

            I just feel so sorry for young Sun Woo. He is so not doing well.

    • 8.2 alua

      Kogure Shanshinkan – agree, not grabbing me yet either. I think it has to do with the writing more than anything. I’ll keep watching though.

      Smile the Japanese one? One of my faves (well, I may have been the one who recommended it to you).

      • 8.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yes, you were the one, i think. Thank you so much.

        • alua

          How far into it are you? Other than being thematically being awesome (a topic that NEEDS to be talked about), I think it really shows the range of some of the actors involved.

          A strand of Oguri Shun’s hair appearing on the screen already makes you tremble with fear. And Matsujun…. especially in the final episode (wahhh!)… and the fact he pulls off three different looks within one drama is impressive too!

          • Carole McDonnell

            I really like it. The subtle polite racism (or nationalism) toward gaijins or presumed gaijins. The incredible nastiness of racism. An actor really has to put aside all need to be loved to do a believably racist character.

            Main character is so sweet. Part of me (because i am a real pill when it comes to racial issues) thought: “Are they being racist by showing all half-Filipinos as sweet?” Why do they always make sweet little victims of racism?” But then I stopped being a pain and let the story go. Mostly because most of the Filipinos I’ve met are really sweet (older son’s girlfriend was a sweetie) and also because when a country’s artists are attempting to deal with a taboo subject, especially one like racism, you have to pour on the nobility on the object of racism. So..yeah, par for the course.

            Thanks for recommending it.

          • alua

            Vito is sweet, but for me that was just his character not as a typical representation of (half-) Filipino characters. Plus, he is not all innocent either. Nor is he the only half-Japanese person in the dorama either.

            I love this drama for many reasons – because they are talking about something that is very taboo in Japan still and because it also seems very realistic and makes no excuses for things that it could. As I said, Vito is sweet, but, well, not all innocent either – neither in the past (story before the drama begins) nor the present (something he does do, even if for an understandable reason, in the present – not sure how far you are, so I don’t want to give anything away).

      • 8.2.2 DayDreamer

        I started watching Smile a long time ago and for some stopped after an episode or two. Don’t remember why…should I go back for it?

    • 8.3 KimYoonmi

      I have to agree on Jang Ok Jeong…. Pretty and all that, but really no meat below the pretty. And I like pretty, but a meal that’s delicious, and not so pretty is better to me than a meal that’s pretty, but not delicious.

      The ratings seem to reflect that. Though, the holding around 12% also seems to show that Koreans also agree with us about the dry spell, especially when three dramas premiered with the same rating.

    • 8.4 owl

      I love watching Bad Boys J and Sugarless all at the same time!

    • 8.5 delicatecloud

      I am hesitating whether I should start Jang Ok Jung, as i am not too fond of Kim Tae Hee, and will follow my instinct and not start if after reading your comments, Carole.

      • 8.5.1 Carole McDonnell

        Well, folks here are saying it changes a bit in the second episode so maybe…..

        Like i said it’s just the frontloading of all the “reasons for her to be bad.” It felt like…Jae Hee in Nice Guy. Her terrible life made her do it. Except that this woman is more talented than Jae Hee. And I thought…”For heaven’s sake, do you really have to make her a creative AND marketing genius?”

  9. DayDreamer

    Happy Friday Beanies! Hope everyone who went to the DBMeetup had a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to reading your stories on here today.

    Meanwhile, I’m a little over the moon at the news of Oppa (Lee Jun Ki) possibly headlining a drama. Hope he says yes as soon as possible. My heart will be broken otherwise.

    Usually, I talk about the dramas I’m watching. Today, I’ll take a different route and land into personal life territory for a moment. So my parents are arranging my marriage and are trying to look for prospective suitors. I don’t really wish to get married so I really feel like pulling off those classic stunts that all Kdrama heroes like to do to avoid getting married: act like the worst person in the world, pretend I’m homosexual (my parents will kill me if I did that though), or pretend I already have someone I like (and then go through the requisite hijinks to acquire a fake boyfriend and then possibly fall in love with him along the way….my parents will kill me for this one too). If only life can go the Kdrama way….

    Now, back to dramaland.

    Nine continues to be an awesome drama. It brings unexpected twists upon twists that I’m enjoying a lot. It would also be fun if and when Sun Woo somehow goes back to the past and brings Doctor Friend along. I really hope the writer does that only because it would be funny to see Doctor Friend spazzing out to see his younger self and his younger self spazzing out to see his older self, lol.

    Incarnation of Money is nearing its end with four episodes to go. I hope it goes out with a bang, full of epic showdowns. Yet, this time I’m armed with the knowledge that it under whelms so I’m keeping my expectations very low.

    Lee Soon Shin is a fun drama. I’m finally onboard on all sisters’ love lives and am enjoying the balance between the humor and seriousness.

    I still have to watch Gu Family Book. My mind wants to watch it but my heart’s not into it. Someone just give a good reason why it’s good and then I’ll just plunge into it, lol,

    • 9.1 Newbie

      As you mention the younger Doctor Friend. Lee Yi-Kyung just got arrested for DUI. Hope, this will not affect the quality of the show!

      • 9.1.1 DayDreamer

        Oh noes!! Arrested?? I hope he doesn’t get taken out of the story. 🙁

        Btw, what’s DUI? *sheepish grin*

        • Newbie

          Driving under influence. He was drunk. I just read the headline. They didn’t translate the whole article.

          • DayDreamer

            Oh that’s too bad. 🙁 He shouldn’t have done that.

        • alua

          Ahhhh…. I like Lee Yi-Kyung! He was fab in White Night and has lots of potential.


    • 9.2 Carmensitta

      The reason I like Gu Family Book the most is how fairytale like it’s world is, but I’m not convinced the writer will be able to keep it up and that makes me a bit wary. But I will follow the drama nonetheless.

      • 9.2.1 lily

        yeah, its fairytale- like and thats why i loved it, maybe i was one of the few, who actually liked the first ost and those scenes AHHHHHH. choi jin hyuk, how i love thee.

      • 9.2.2 DayDreamer

        Thank you. I certainly love a fairytale world particularly after Arang and the Magistrate. I will surely start watching now. 😀

      • 9.2.3 yukiNYC

        I’ve only seen one of the writer’s drama, Dalja’s Spring and I enjoyed it very much. Saw her in the Gu promo and her face matches her writing, ‘impish.’ Add Secret Garden PD means I expect a lot

    • 9.3 Carole McDonnell

      Sometimes parents know their kids, though. Who knows? Imagine the best.

      • 9.3.1 DayDreamer

        That’s what I do. I don’t even oppose or anything and let things take their course, wishing for the best.

    • 9.4 pogo

      My sympathies about the marriage thing, bb. It’s wayyyy too common among Indian parents, I’m so thankful mine just forced me to go to law school (miserable experience as that was) and didn’t push me to get married. Do your parents know how you feel about this?

      • 9.4.1 DayDreamer

        Well, actually, I’m very close to completing my studies so that’s why my parents want me to get hitched, lol. Plus, I’m already 22….which is, I guess, the ripe age to get married. It’s not like I’m totally against it….I just don’t feel ready for marriage itself and the responsibilities that come with it. I did express such sentiments to my parents but they were like, “Get over it.” lol

        • pogo

          22 is still really young, even the most traditional of my friends didn’t get hitched until they were 24-25. I get that you’re going with it, and good luck – I hope the system turns up someone you like!

      • 9.4.2 DayDreamer

        Forgot to add…

        So I read up in the comments above that you’re Indian too! And in the other post, a Lee Jun Ki fan! So awesome…..glad to meet you here. 😀

        • jomo

          You know I went to a wedding in India that was from an arranged introduction. They are a really good fit for each other. Thing is, she turned down a lot of guys before finding him, or he found her.
          Her advice is to stick to your instincts and don’t say yes until you are very very sure.

    • 9.5 spazmo

      the guy who plays seung gi’s father is totally HANDSOME!!! yowza… what more reason is necessary? ; )

      • 9.5.1 IzOcha

        Whenever I see him (actor playing the Gumiho apa) in a show I feel a great sense of contentment, but I don’t his name. I merely think,
        “Oh it’s him, it’s him, it’d really him.” I think this may be caused by the fact he was in Pasta. I have a soft spot for all of the line chefs on that show. I always want them to do well-like a sports team or something.

      • 9.5.2 Okie June

        He was the 2nd lead in I Need Romance, also!

        • saranga

          he was definitely the guy i wanted the girl to end up with! 🙁 he was the better dude.

  10. 10 Korazy Lady

    Good morning Beaners! Just a quick hello as I’m packed and ready to leave to go back to my home in PA. Just wanted to say that I went from a drought of dramas to 5 that I’m currently following:
    When A Man Loves
    Gu Family Book
    And while I had loved Queen of Ambition, it got ridiculous during the last several episodes, but I was satisfied with the ending. Looking forward to my new dramas – Life is good again!
    P.S. Hope all of you at the meet-up had a great time!

    • 10.1 Shukmeister

      KorazyLady –

      Just drop the key to the beach house at my place when you drive through my state. Lol

      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy TWTWB, but I’m glad you are watching some of the same shows with me! It’s always fun to read the continuous comments. I miss our Movie Noona days!

      • 10.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Well, I watched the first 6 episodes and skipped to the end. I liked the ending!

  11. 11 SH

    Has anyone seen Jang Ok Jung? Thoughts? 🙂

    • 11.1 Sapphy

      I personally thought that the first two episodes were a surprisingly solid start to the show. Directing was gorgeous, and the writing was not as shallow and insipid as I feared before watching the show. Sure it’s not great and it doesn’t have the most original or exciting story, but it’s very watchable and doesn’t make me fast forward while watching it. A rather praiseworthy effort, if you ask me.

    • 11.2 Shiku

      I find the villainous men to be the most interesting. The girl who played the younger version of the female lead was really good. Even her male counterpart was good.

      • 11.2.1 TS

        Ditto. And Sung. dong. Il!!!

    • 11.3 Carole McDonnell

      Beautiful but the overload of preciousness and suffering in that first episode was too much. I understand that a lot has to be done to make us like a character but I got the feeling that the writers were so aware of re-inventing her history that they really wanted to make us love her and some horrible part of me just had to put my foot down.

      Basically, she was too talented, too victimized, too tough-career-woman, too created-by-the-writers-for-us-to-accept-her that I just couldn’t play along. I like good victims, not perfect ones. And all her perfection rubbed me the wrong way.

      Entirely my fault i think. Or maybe it’s the writer in me. Just couldn’t do it. I hate creative set-ups where the goodies are so dang good and the baddies are sooo dang bad. Never seems real to me.

      • 11.3.1 TS

        I don’t think she stays perfect. At least I hope not. After all that face off with Queen Min was pretty daebak.

        And you don’t go undermining another’s marriage and position without a vicious side.

        • Carole McDonnell

          True that. King or not. I’m hoping the writers don’t make my precious Inyeon into a meanie.

      • 11.3.2 SH

        I think you should watch episode 2. It helps paint a clearer picture of her and her uncle’s stories.

        Episode 1 was interesting, but didn’t hook me right away. Episode 2 was very well done. More insights into the makeup of the main characters in episode 2.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’ll try to give it a chance. Thanks.

    • 11.4 TS

      I’m enjoying it. But I’m also waiting for it to get going. First two eps of a drama are always a bit slow…

    • 11.5 oneclearnight

      It’s not brilliant but quite solid, well made entertainment. I enjoyed it alot more than I thought I would tbh, it didn’t sound particularly thrilling from the plot synopsis. The villain is not just a caricature, yay! He has his reasons for what he does. Young cast were cute, wondering if the adult cast are going to hold up to their end of the bargain (basically Kim Tae Hee, though she’s fine so far). Yoo Ah In is predictably good, as is Hong Soo Hyun (she’s made for sageuk). Unexpectedly, I liked it more than Gu Family Book, which didn’t live up to my (pretty high) expectations of it, but hey. What can you do.

  12. 12 Dorotka

    Any reports about the meetup????
    That’s the only thing I’m interested in right now :–)
    And Leaf’s personal k-drama, of course ;–)

    Oh, watched “Silver Linings Playbook” recently… quite liked it.
    Also still like our Best LSS.

    xxxHolic – Watanuki still looks like Harry Potter… though when he doesn’t wear his glasses, he looks pretty smexy…

    Happy weekend to all!

  13. 13 Zareen

    Hi everyone. This is my first time posting in an open thread so not too sure how it works.

    But thank you javabeans and girlfriday for hosting the meetup. I didn’t realize there would be such a large turnout! So it would be great if New York beanies can organize future

  14. 14 anniemo

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at the meetup yesterday (particularly javabeans and girlfriday). That marked the first time I ever talked to anyone (I should say talked talked) about my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I enjoyed it immensely and am incredibly appreciative of how welcoming everyone was. My default setting is wallflower, but everyone made it so easy to strike up conversations and be the social butterfly I’m not naturally inclined to be. I’ve generally (that is to say, completely) kept my drama-viewing a private affair, so I was surprised just how much I got into sharing about both the inane (isn’t Gong Yoo pretty?!) and the more substantial (oh, chauvinism…) aspects of kdrama. On that note, though, if I butchered the name of your favorite dramas/actors/actresses last night, I’m really really sorry, but that also marked the first time I said many of those names out loud. Comprehension skills = excellent. Pronunciation skills = nil. (Seriously, you should hear how I pronounced “Hermione” all these years, but I digress…)

    Again, thank you javabeans and girlfriday (and headsno2 and gummimochi) for hosting the event! You guys are just awesome. And Dduk and d-something-fairy (I’m so sorry, the complete name is eluding me!) in particular, it was really nice to meet you.

    • 14.1 DayDreamer

      I am totally like you!!! lol

      Even I’ve been pronouncing Hermoine wrong for years….haha…

      I met a Korean ajhumma a week ago and we struck up a conversation and I was telling her all these actors and actresses I liked and she was like, “Huh? I don’t know them…” It’s because my pronunciation was awful, lol. And then when I proudly spoke out loud words I learned from Kdramas, she laughed at how I say them stretched out.

      • 14.1.1 yukiNYC

        LOL I remember when I first got to USA, I couldn’t understan any Korean Americans said. Now days I sometimes speak Korean with a USA accent.
        What’s really funny is when Koreans, Americans etc speak Chinese on TV or Chinatown here.

  15. 15 Zareen

    Oops I accidentally published before I finished typing.

    …meetups since there’s definitely an audience.

    PS javabeans, girlfriday, headsno2, and gummimochi are all pretty people lol

  16. 16 RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday! Still jealous of last night’s meetup.

    Right now, Nine is the drama to beat. So many possibilities I can’t even guess where it is going.

    I’m waiting on some of the newer dramas to see how everyone is weighing in. Actually looking forward to Mandate of Heaven, or whatever it is called now.

    Woke up to a couple inches of snow (it’s supposed to be spring!). I’m so unmotivated to do anything today – it must be nature’s way of telling me to goof off.

    • 16.1 Micola

      I’m loving Nine too. But I am bit annoyed by the acting of Sun Woo’s best friend in some scenes. I notice he doesn’t know how to act surprised. Is anyone else seeing that?

  17. 17 shel

    Good morning! Hope the DB-ers had a good time. I know I had a good time reading JoAnne’s Tipsy Tweets. She’s probably still sleeping it off, lol.

    As @Cherkell said, it’s been beautiful weather here on the Left Coast. We’re Central Coast, we have to enjoy it before the June Gloom (fog fog fog) sets in. It’s been accompanied by some killer, pollen-carrying winds which are playing havoc with my ability to enjoy it completely, but it is nice to see the sun, and my hill is covered with poppies and lupine.

    Like Korazy, I went from Drama Desert to Drama Overload. I don’t have time to follow this many, so eventually some will probably get dropped. But at the moment…

    WMLW – This is only entertaining if watched while tweeting with JoAnne. So, when she’s not around, I skip it. THT is nice to look at, but I’m not a fan of Se Kyung or whatever her name is…she looks pissed all the time.

    GFB -Awesome, absolutely beautiful. Even if I wanted to whack PuppyChona’s mama for turning on papa, he was so cute! Looking forward to this one a LOT.

    NINE – This is a surprise for me, but I really like it a lot. It’s unpredictable (so far), riveting most of the time, I love the characters.

    AAMR – Very fun so far, and I really needed a comedy after all the angst/mahkjong of TWTWB and QOA. Ack.

    IOM- I’m SO very far behind on this one, but I have to say I really like it too. My KJH is so good at comedy.

    All right, I think that’s all. Everyone enjoy your weekend!

    • 17.1 Korazy Lady

      Morning Shel,

      I say they do a west coast meet-up next time and I’ll stop by to get you and Cherkell! I just need several months (at least) lead time!

      Maybe Shukie will join me and we’ll pick up cv on the way. Oh, and JoAnne, too, of course, because we wouldn’t want to miss out on that fun!

      First drama to be dropped by me may be When A Man Loves. That girl bugs me…….

      • 17.1.1 Shukmeister

        I’m ready to go! I’ve got lots of vacation time on the books, even though we are going into our busy season at work. Just say the word!!

      • 17.1.2 shel

        Yeah, me too. Would it kill her to smile? I didn’t like her in Fashion King. But that drama had hardly anything in it I liked….I dropped it and then went and watched the last ep. First thing I ever saw YAI in that I hated. Hated, with a capital H. But, I didn’t like her from the beginning, couldn’t figure out why he was so enamored of her. She needs to do a comedy or something so we can see another side of her.

    • 17.2 shel

      OH< I forgot about some good KMovies I watched. I finally saw "Chilling Romance" with OMGLMK, it was creepy, funny, romantic and fun all in one. Odd premise for a rom com "I see dead people", but they pulled it off. I thought it was great.

      Righteous Thief, about a guy who is a modern day descendant of Hong Gil Dong. Funny and fun, I enjoyed it. What's her bucket who played Miss Snarky in PK, and something in that beach show that I didn't watch with Siwon…was in it as kind of a ditsy girlfriend, and I thought she was funny.

      And FINALLY, I got to see Thieves with like everybody, including Kim Soo Hyun. That was awesome, I can see why it was the top-grossing K movie last year in Korea. I still have it on my tablet, I may watch it one more time.

      If anyone has any suggestions for other K movies, or any other good foreign movies actually, I would love to hear them. One caveat, I don't watch anything that would be rated R here; excessive violence or nudity, etc. Thieves was kind of on the edge, but I think it passed as a PG13.

      • 17.2.1 Shukmeister

        Chilling Romance is one of my top SK Movies! I’m not sure whether it’s the supernatural elements or the expressions on LMK’s face…

  18. 18 Aigoo

    Hello fellow beaners!

    It’s a dreary cold day in Toronto so thank God I can at least have OT to lift my mood!

    Anyone went to the meetup last night? How was it? Or are you all nursing hangovers right now?! LOL!

    Started watching Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo this week! Crackstastic!! Why does this story never get old no matter how many times I see it?

    Started Gu Family Book as well!! Loving that too and I haven’t even seen Seungi as yet! Choi Jin Hyuk is so adorable! I first saw him in Panda Hedgehog and thought he was cute there as well – even with his very red hair!

    Also watching When a Man Loves…and oh man…the abs! That director seriously knows how to sell a show and win a woman’s heart! But I’m not totally shallow….the story’s going surprisingly well so far….but that may just have something to do with the fact that I’ve only watched 2 episodes….

  19. 19 redfox

    I have a day off!!! I haven´t had friday off since october!!!


    I went to a japanese anime exhibition, background pictures, storyboards (of Ghost in the Shell, some city anime and Evangelion) concept art. I havent watched named anime but those pictures (hand drawn!!) were so interesting I think I might.

    argghhh and I have 58 pages of Safran left to write. then I can print it out and start going over the text for language and better phrasing. but writing is so much fun I don´t want it to end! but I have to write second part too…

    I just read recaps I had no time for dramas. I hope Gu Family Book gets better cause it seems rushed….

    • 19.1 alua

      Ohhhh… where was this exhibition? Sounds fabulous. Love Ghost in the Shell and I’m totally NOT into cyberpunk anime at all!

      • 19.1.1 redfox

        Estonian Art Museum Kumu in Tallinn. It is originally from Belgium I think, I mean they put the exhibition together there and got rights to show some clips as well. there were really many drawings but I read all the descriptions and looked at them carefully. very good angles on city structure.

    • 19.2 Carole McDonnell

      Safran? Ooh, do tell. Happy creativity! So many writers here!

  20. 20 Sapphy

    Hey can anybody post pictures from the meetup? I am so dying to know how that went! (that, and I must confess that I am tremendously curious as to how our beloved DB staff look like in real life)

    • 20.1 Carole McDonnell

      Seconding that!
      Also curious as to what our fellow commenters look like.

      • 20.1.1 DayDreamer

        I went back to the Reminder post where all these links to their twitter accounts were posted and pretty much stalked that, lol. Someone name Jomo posted a picture of JB, GF, Heads, and Gummi together. They’re so beautiful. 🙂 Makes me so sad that I couldn’t be there.

        • Carole McDonnell

          oh, okay! I might go over to her website since she’s also recapping NINE. Thanks.

    • 20.2 Dewo

      Me third.
      Or are there some restriction from the meetup such as: no cameras allowed. Or any documentary photos will be confiscated?
      Since I don’t see any photos. 😛

    • 20.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I meant to take a lot of pictures, but once I got there I was too busy meeting people. Here are a few including my first time visit to Koreatown in NYC and eating at the Korean Spoon and the Food Court.

      Emily came all the way from Seattle for the DB Meetup, so she might get the award for the furthest distance traveled. You can see a picture of her and her son Stephen.

      Also pictured are javabeans, girlfriday, headsno2, gummimochi, Lara, and JoAnne.

      • 20.3.1 okiejune

        Thank you for the pictures!

    • 20.4 dramabliss

      Go to Jomo’s Findings at

  21. 21 snow_white


    i’m watching

    incarnation of money
    you’re the best lee soon shin
    city hunter
    ad genius lee tae baek


  22. 22 Mystisith

    I’m so swallowing back my own words now: I said I wouldn’t watch When A Man Loves A Woman but here I am, hooked against my will. Episodes 3 & 4 were less crazy than the first ones and surprisingly sweet. I know it won’t last but whatever. I’ll take everything good thrown at me by this show.
    PS: Playing with the neverending title and imagining new versions of it must have become my favorite online game. When A Girl Has too Much Free Time And Enjoys Snarkiness. Guilty as charged.
    While I’m here, let me just say: Kim Sung Oh needs to land a lead role in a drama, stat. I don’t care if he doesn’t want to, I have my ways…

    • 22.1 Micola

      Haha You sound like you got sucked in by the pretty. 😀

    • 22.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      (whispers quietly) I’m with you watching ‘When A Man Loves’ but afraid of fandom wrath at my poor taste to say it out loud. I just like it. Call me simple.

  23. 23 Amberscube

    I woke up early for OT today. Anticipating reactions from the DBMeetup… I was reading tweets last night about the meet up. So excited to hear that HeadsNo2 is a Goddess..

    Anyway, Im watching Gu Family Book and i love it already.

    Still enjoying Incarnation of Money. Four episodes more.

    Debating if I should watch When a Man Loves… Any thoughts?

  24. 24 korfan

    Hello Everyone!

    I hope that a good time was had by all who attended the meetup yesterday. Oh, to have been there! …… so bummed out that I couldn’t attend.

    Still staying with the same kdramas I started weeks ago …… and still enjoying them.

    QofA – Ha-ryu messes with that witch and I do a little cheer! …… and that Aunt!! …… the Aunt is just nuts!!

    That Winter,TWB – So right ….. so wrong …… so lovely ….. so inappropriate ….. I want to live ….. I want to die …… all this at the same time and I can’t look away!

    May Queen – One episode to go. After 37 episodes, no one can convince me that the actor who plays Changhee has personality. I swear, tree logs have more movement than he does and are more animated. Seriously.

    I’m the one who just started watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun a few weeks ago as it is being rebroadcast. What can I say, it’s just awesome. The King and his brother!! Love those two!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  25. 25 basha

    hello every one:
    can you recommend me some good OST and korean album , balled one …

    • 25.1 Carole McDonnell

      I’m going to meet you — OST from Queen InHyun’s Man
      Ost from Faith
      Ost from I love Lee Tae Ri

      My favorite Korean group is DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki and Jaechun or JYJ (All folks from the same group)
      Fave songs are:
      Been so long
      Rainy Blue

      Fave Korean singer is Ji Hyun Woo
      Fave of his songs are:
      Dear Child
      Good Addiction

      Fave song from a Korean reality show
      Dahenghida or I’m fortunate <– sung by several great singers so any singer is good. (From we got married)

      • 25.1.1 MariD

        You forgot “love in the ice” that song…. The feels…. When all of them are harmonizing togethe… Watch the YouTube videos of them singing that song. Chills… Why did they have to break up…

  26. 26 TS

    Can we share our twitter names here? I didn’t know people were tweeting from last night.

    • 26.1 MariD

      I second this.. I would love to follow you all on Twitter. Spe the ladies mocking “When a man loves” you guys are hilarious.

      • 26.1.1 Mystisith

        We are sure having fun with Drama. 😉

        • MariD

          So is it ok to follow you all?? I was reading the tweets and laughing along.. I just did not know if I could join??

        • Mystisith

          @MariD: Of course you can! The more the merrier!

          • MariD

            Ok.. Officially following you.. I’m th crazy chick with pink hair.. 🙂

      • 26.1.2 TS

        Okay, I’ll throw mine out there: sakisaki6. But these days I focus almost entirely on Dad Where Are You Going.

        • Mystisith

          #TS: You are now officially followed. 😀

          • TS

            You too!

    • 26.2 Carole McDonnell

      @scifiwritir <– Not sure if my tweets will be that interesting. They're generally only about Christianity, writing, news, specfic, the odd bit of k-drama or k-pop, or some public rebuke to older son about the rude words he's using on twitter.

      • 26.2.1 TS

        And that is why I won’t tell my parents I’m on twitter.

        Carole, you’re now followed too. 🙂

        • MariD

 mom is still upset that I won’t friend her on Facebook.. Nope.. Never going to happen…

    • 26.3 Korazy Lady

      I’m KLnoona. I only use my Twitter account to talk about dramas + like to hear other’s opinions on them, too!

  27. 27 Makoto

    Hello everyone. Happy OT.
    I’m quite excited today particularly because I will go to Eru’s concert next week. Unlike most people here who love boys / girlsband, I prefer ballad and more mature singer which I often hear their song on drama Ost. Last year I got a chance to watch Tim’s concert and it was nice. So I hope next year I will have chance to watch Wheesung or ALi (as if they ever hold concert here… ㅋㅋㅋ) . But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate boys/girls band. I just think that ballad songs suit me better, regarding my age. :)) and I have that hidden love for DBSK (+JYJ of course) anyway.
    Still watching Nine but it seems that everyone have posted their thoughts about this awesome drama. Moreover, I have spammed Jomo’s blog and Soompi thread about it, so I think it’s better to stop there. :))
    I started ep 1 of Gu Family Book and love Mom and Dad’s story. I wish there were more episodes about them but it seems my wish is futile.
    Hiatus from Iris 2 for awhile. I don’t know why, maybe because I don’t like Lee Da Hae from the start.
    Can’t find download links for ep 15 & 16 of Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek yet. 🙁
    Watched Jackal is coming and dropped it in 20 minutes, confused. Poor Jae Joong.
    Halfway through Jdorama Under the same Roof and so loving it.
    Have nice weekend. 🙂

    • 27.1 Shae

      I put Iris 2 on the back burner…. You would think after the first incident no one would get food from that “French diner”….LoL…and how many times are the nss going to get their asses handed to them…..nothing is a secret there

  28. 28 ikyan

    omg. u guys check out twitter there is pics with all of the girls 🙂 #dbmeetup.. am so fangirling 🙂

  29. 29 ahjummabunny

    I ducked out from last nights meet up early because I live far away but it was nice to meet everyone. Almost everyone had their real names but I tried to talk with several groups so it would be more authentic to an open thread meet up. I hope that some of the readers/non-commenters I met will start now. Special hello to you.

    I’m loving 9, I. Think the last 2 episodes had a very eerie quality to them with the effects of the trips on the past noticed in a big way. I didn’t think very much happened to move the story toward a conclusion though. I’m hungry, time to start my lunch prep.

    • 29.1 JoAnne


      • 29.1.1 delicatecloud

        Am glad to have met you in person JoAnn and Jomo too – i loved reading your and Jomo’s posts. Too bad i could not stay longer to have a longer chat with you both. “See” you more on this website. It was so much fun meeting so many people at the meetup.

      • 29.1.2 jomo

        Me, toooooooooo!

        I got to hug JoAnne!!!!!!!!!!!

        • TS

          Waaaahhhh, I wanted to hug Joanne! Sucks living and working in DC. ::Pout::

          • JoAnne

            I will save a hug especially for the day we meet, TS, never fear!

        • DayDreamer

          Hi, Jomo. I saw your photo with the Dramabeans staff….You look very pretty and thanks for posting the pic. 🙂

        • JoAnne

          I hugged Jomo back! And poured her a lot of shots of soju! Her and her very funny non-KDrama friend were a lot of fun and dinner (NY Tofu House, St. Mark’s Place) felt like we were all old friends. Even without the many bottles of soju I think we’d have been the same, laughing and talking over each other and gesturing wildly to emphasize points – it was very comfortable!

    • 29.2 delicatecloud

      So glad to have met you too Ajummabunny – glad that you made it home safe!! Now i know what you look like it somehow gives a different feel when reading your posts.

  30. 30 owl

    When A Man Loves – 0pening scene ep 3:

    Tae-sang: Let’s live together.
    Seo Mi Do: What are you talking about?
    Tae-sang: I’m saying to get married.
    Mi Do: Are you saying you want to buy me with money?
    Tae-sang: It’s possible you can get to really like me.
    Mi Do: Just thinking about that gives me the shudders.
    Tae-sang: I haven’t forgotten you for 7 years. Let me do something for you.
    Mi Do: We have bad karma.

    Director: Seo Owl – come over here. We’re going to audition you for lead female.

    Tae-sang: Let’s live together.
    Seo Owl: Okay.
    Tae-sang: I’m saying to get married.
    Seo Owl: Okay.
    Tae-sang: It’s possible you can get to really like me.
    Seo Owl: Okay.
    Tae-sang: I haven’t forgotten you for 7 years. Let me do something for you,
    Seo Owl: Okay.

    How agreeable is that? Then off we’d go to the resort – together. Next scene.

    • 30.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie


      I’m pretty sure I would just stare and be unable to speak if I were doing line reads with SSH. But I would silently nod yes yes yes yes.

    • 30.2 JoAnne

      Owl. There’s more to those lines.

      Tae-sang: Let’s live together.
      Seo Owl: Okay. Get naked.
      Tae-sang: I’m saying to get married.
      Seo Owl: Okay. Get naked.
      Tae-sang: It’s possible you can get to really like me.
      Seo Owl: Okay. Get naked.
      Tae-sang: I haven’t forgotten you for 7 years. Let me do something for you,
      Seo Owl: Okay. Get naked.

      • 30.2.1 Owl

        Uh huh. Yeah.qd

      • 30.2.2 korfan

        Oh, JoAnne!! …… *laughing* …… this is just great!!

  31. 31 JoAnne

    Hello My Wondrous Beans!

    I am on my Kindle so this won’t be long. Raining in NYC so I have been lasing in bed but off for Jing Fun dim sum in a bit. Last night a lot of Soju happened-4 maybe 5? PRETTY SURE Idrank more than JOMO or her hilarious non drama friend.

    I kissed Hot Bouncer. Both of them. I spazzed over our leaders who are just as funny in person. I flirted with cute boys at the hotel AND with DramaFever David. I met the girl who drew that awesome picture with the leaf umbrella for Level Seven and Julia and Sabine and saw OMG again and SO MANY PEOPLE.

    Also: the ladies. They read us. They know who we are. They like us as much as we like them. They are talking about LA.

    • 31.1 alua

      See, I told you being an irresponsible adult is the way to go!

      Sounds like you guys had a blast. I think we could hear you partying all the way across the Atlantic 😉

    • 31.2 JoAnne

      Dinner was especially animated.

    • 31.3 pogo

      Hey JoAnne! I’m totally going to pretend I was there in spirit, because it sounds like way too much fun to miss out on. Here’s to irresponsible adulthood <3333

      • 31.3.1 TS

        Haha, yes. Should work more, but am with Beanies on the net. Irresponsible adulthood indeed. 🙂

    • 31.4 Rashell

      I’m soo jealous! I swear that if they do a west coast meet up I’m totally going.

      I can’t be a swinging single like you, but I will at least leave the hubby and kids at home.

      I’m glad it sounds like everyone had a great time.

      • 31.4.1 JoAnne

        I only kissed them on the cheek. One of them was worth two kisses though, he was really cute.

    • 31.5 Delicatecloud

      Yeah it is a rainy, grey day in NYC. JoAnn – have a great dim sum at Jing Fong. One of my fav restaurants in NYC for dim sum. Enjoy!

      • 31.5.1 Carole McDonnell

        One of these days we NYC-beaners (or Westchester, anyway) should meet in Koreatown for some local dramatalk.

        • delicatecloud

          Great idea Carole – i am game anytime. Loved korean food too.

          • Carole McDonnell

            email me anytime SCIFIWRITIR (AT) GMAIL.COM

            I’m thinking June would be best but May is good.

        • DayDreamer

          I would love to meet you too. 🙂 Are you able to meet up during a weekday in Koreatown in the afternoon sometime this month or the beginning of next month?

          I haven’t actually ever gone to Koreatown but I can definitely get there. It will also be my first time trying out Korean food.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Next month is good, i think. When the weather is warmer. Daytime is good for me. And weekdays are no problem.

          • DayDreamer

            Awesome. I’m available any of those weekdays until May 21. After that, I’m probably taking a trip to India; depends on what my family says.

          • ahjummabunny

            Whenever people talk about eating in korea town all I think is what a waste of money on bad food. I hope you guys can choose a good place.

          • delicatecloud

            @daydreamer and Carole – would love to meet you both. If it is during the weekday during the afternoon can we meet for lunch? I will have to take the afternoon off. Preferably after May 3rd – by then my busy period would have slowed down and i can take the afternoon to meet up and talk drama. My email address.

            What’s your email address Daydreamer? Mine is:[email protected]

            This is soooo cool …. looking forward to our mini-meeting.

    • 31.6 Lara / LL (Gumiho leaf drawing)

      It was great to meet you too JoAnne! I discovered last night that I am utterly incapable of saying “Level Seven Civil Servant” when I’m 5 drinks in. “Sevel Sleven Civil Servant.”

      • 31.6.1 JoAnne

        There’s a reason I only ever called it Level Seven, Lara. And that was true even sober!

    • 31.7 canxi

      I was there, but I didn’t get to meet everyone! Wished I had met you JoAnne! lol, it was nice though (: Hopefully they do it again!

      • 31.7.1 delicatecloud

        I didn’t get to meet you too…. maybe next time…

      • 31.7.2 JoAnne

        Maybe we smiled at each other across the room, I did a lot of that!

    • 31.8 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I was wondering if you might not quite remember everything the next day … drunken amnesia is a KDrama clique. If I didn’t already like you from your funny posts, you won my heart when you lost track of what you were saying mid sentence when a certain someone walked by.

      I would love to get together with you and Jomo again some day.

      • 31.8.1 JoAnne

        I thought I remembered everything…but who stopped me dead in my tracks? Was it that cute boy Ming? Why was he even THERE?

    • 31.9 Raine

      OMG I LOVE YOU! Kissing bouncers YEEEAH!

      Dramabeans ladies – you sound like rockin’ hosts! JEALOUS!

  32. 32 pogo

    Hey everyone! I’m envious of all you guys who made it to the DB meetup, but OT is the next best thing so I will deal.

    This week, I’m following:

    Gu Family Book: I don’t hate Seo-hwa even if the story was rushed as hell in episode 2, but I do feel like we don’t get enough of an idea of why she’d behave the way she did (even though we get some) – that character was mostly a very pretty blank slate with a huge dose of yangban pride, and I feel like if she’d been shown to be particularly freaked out by supernatural things it might have been a touch easier for a lot of people not to hate her after Ep 2. Anyway, sorry DaddyHo and MommyHo, Kang-chi looks like less of a downer (and his baby self is also really cute)

    xxxHolic aka MOST PERFECT DRAMA ON TELEVISION RIGHT NOW AND THERE IS NO CONTEST. I didn’t expect to love it this much, but it’s almost perfect, and Anne Watanabe actually IS perfect as Yuuko – I’m so glad they kept the spirit of her from the manga and cast her to look recognisably womanly instead of cute, like so many actresses are. I see how things are sort of coming together into an arc, though I wish we could see Clow (I haven’t seen episode 7 yet, bad fan lol).

    You’re The Best, Lee Soon-shin: I really like this one, and sympathise with Mean Unnie Yoo-shin way more than JB and GF did at first – she’s such an obvious case of Overlooked Older Sister, and Yoo Inna makes the most of her natural poutiness to do it. I kind of love her and IU together, too.

    Also, I finished That Winter, The Wind Blows and, well, it’s ended. That’s about all I can say for it, in some ways the frustration of that last episode reminded me of how I felt about Nice Guy – the same last-minute stab-the-hero cheap trick (though this time he doesn’t hang out on park benches chatting with his girl), and a time jump that was thankfully less exposition-heavy than Nice Guy’s Talkative Exposition Kid. They even have a life-or-death operation and the ‘we’ll talk AFTER the operation’ talk too!

    I’ve never started a drama so compelled by it and then felt so happy to let it go, though Jo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo were both flawless and it is high time Kim Bum had himself a lead role already (and I really, really liked his pairing with Jung Eun-ji, can they work together again some day please, as first leads this time?)

    • 32.1 alua

      I haven’t watched ep 7 of xxxHolic because I DON’T WANT IT TO END.

      • 32.1.1 pogo

        NEITHER DO I

        I didn’t read the final volume of the manga for almost a year for that exact same reason

        • TS

          I got back to this! I skipped ep 4, too, well, whatever that movie was with the possessed girl and the priest set in Georgetown, DC, and went to ep 5 which was great!

          • pogo

            I have been known to wait for early morning before starting to watch because lord is it TERRIFYING sometimes and I don’t want to watch it in the dead of night because I will scream. Or at least squeak.

    • 32.2 owl

      Gu Family Book – The first 2 eps felt like Phantom of the Opera meets Grimm Fairy Tales and the Moses in the basket story. There were shades of eeriness and unsettling emotions between Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa that I can’t accept as finished. What seems to be a tragic ending to their love story will, I hope, eventually resurface in the enchanted mountain. Perhaps Wol Ryung will appear as the 1000 year demon that will save his son. I want the unknown to happen in a magic reality that overrides the predictable and logical.

      I am holding out for enchanted magic.

      • 32.2.1 pogo

        Yeah, it’s pretty evident that she’s stirring some rather strong feelings on threads here, and I get why because it is frustrating as hell. And there were a couple of clunky bits in the first couple of episodes, but nothing that can’t be very rapidly glossed over.

        But I’m looking forward to next week, because it’s bringing the PuppyHo and (I hope, fingers crossed) SUNG JOON.

      • 32.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        I feel Wol Ryung will be freed from his punishment…through his daughter somehow. Fate will have it so. His love was so great…it has to be rewarded by the gods.

        • owl

          Oh, the baby is a girl?

    • 32.3 pogo


      I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be a worthy followup to Arang…….now for Mina’s next **praying**

      • 32.3.1 DayDreamer

        *prays too* Please, God, please…….

    • 32.4 Carole McDonnell

      Maybe i should start watching Lee Soon Shin. Everyone seems to like it.

      • 32.4.1 pogo

        Carole – do give it a try! It’s better than a drama with an idol in the lead should be, IU’s a pretty good actress.

        • DayDreamer

          Yeah, I’m loving IU a lot too, particularly after this last episode.

          Carole, you should definitely give Lee Soon Shin a try…it’s very cute.

          • JoAnne

            She’s so adorable, one of the times when she finally broke down and really cried about her dad I just wanted to hug her so bad and that became ME crying because I suddenly missed my own daughter so much, which led to a nice long phone call 🙂

      • 32.4.2 owl

        I’ve been putting if off, too, Carole, but the recaps and many comments are encouraging. Let’s try it out together this week and compare notes at the next OT!

        • Carole McDonnell

          Will try. Between this and Cruel Palace, I have a lot of marathoning to do. But best to do it before the task becomes daunting. Easy to do if i know someone else is doing it with me.

  33. 33 lorac

    Any Koreans reading this? Care to translate five lines from a drama? Episode 20 Level 7 Civil servant. The subtitles are missing dialogue between Gil Ro’s mom and dad while driving in the car. Since the subs were pulled from viki and DarkSmurf cannot fill in the blanks.

    00:57:21,570 –> 00:57:25,230
    This village was recently voted to be one
    of the best rural villages to live in.

    missing lines, five in all…

    00:57:39,161 –> 00:57:42,466
    I wonder if there’s anyone around.
    Oh, there’s someone.

    What can I say, I’m a completist.

    • 33.1 KimYoonmi

      Wrong episode???? The recap says that they only show up once in episode 20… that’s when they are in the house.

      Are you trying an unusual form of torture?

      Gil-ro’s dad tries to convince Mom to move to the countryside so they can live a simpler life, while she argues that Gil-ro is still baby who needs looking after. But when he comes home and tells Mom flippantly that he’s going on another trip right away and that he’s been transferred to Jeju for a year, she agrees to move to the country immediately.

      Is when they show up in the episode.

    • 33.2 jamie

      Translated from Chinese subtitles, approximately goes:
      – Go around, find a nice plot of land to buy, and construct a picturesque house.
      – You’ve started humming unwittingly.
      – How can we live here?!

  34. 34 delicatecloud

    It was an impressive turn out for the Dramabeans meet yesterday!! I was so glad that i could make it and have the rare opportunity to meet javabeans, girl friday, Headsno2 and gummimochi. They are all such beautiful people – both inside and out. I talked korean dramas and other dramas liked i have never talked before. To me watching dramas (all types) is kind of like a guilty pleasure and many times tried to not let people know that i am doing so. I am now OUTED!!

    Met many lovely beanies who share the same kind of addiction (?) as me. The community is so diverse and large (to be honest i was kind of stoked to see that) that it gives credit to what the “hallyu wave” has achieved in “world domination” by korean dramas/music and everything korean.

    Thank you so much for organizing the meet up and having it rolled out in the Big Apple.

    • 34.1 risa

      Aww, your comments about the meetup give me the warm fuzzies. Can you say a bit more about the diversity? I’m curious to know how many people were there and how many of them (approximately) were men. Also, how was it structured so that you were able to mingle with lots of other beanies?

      • 34.1.1 delicatecloud

        Majority of us are women although there is a sprinkling of male faces around. I guess, in a way, i kind of thought that the beanies are of asian origin? I was so wrong – we hail from all over the world (literally). I was so surprised to see that Headsno2, who is gorgeous, by the way, does not look anything like korean/chinese/southeast asian etc…. we are of all colours and origins!!

        What a wonderful and colourful community of people who love dramas….

        Gummimochi is such a lovely sweet person – we talked Incarnation of Money as i loved her recaps and the drama. That was such a treat!!

        • delicatecloud

          I am going by feel here – i think we were a good 50 – 60 people and maybe about 10 (or even less) were men. I maybe wrong and someone who also attended the meet up can correct me…..

          • JoAnne

            No, I’d agree about the men. I only REMEMBER seeing 4 or 5 guys, not counting DramaFever David. But I really thought there were a LOT more than 50-60 people. Early in the evening it had to be closer to a 100.

        • risa

          Thanks. How exciting for you to be able to talk about IOM with gummi. I could tell that she was “a lovely sweet person” just by listening to her on the podcasts. Kinda sorry to hear that HeadsNo2 is gorgeous ’cause she’s so damned impressive as it is! But seriously, we’re all kinds of lucky that such amazing people choose to spend so much of their time and energy making db what it is.

        • JoAnne

          I was actually surprised there were so many Asian people there – I kind of thought that it would be mostly a bunch of people from OTHER parts of the world, but that was projecting. Just because I came to DB because I was looking for explanation and insight into a culture and a media form I didn’t know doesn’t mean everyone else was!

    • 34.2 DayDreamer

      Delicatecloud!! Oh you lucky gal!!

      Damn, damn, damn….I feel so sad for not being there. Glad you had fun though….I’ll just pretend I was there too, hehe.

      I also watch Kdramas in secret. I tried to pull my other friends in but they just think I’m crazy and weird. 🙁

    • 34.3 Carole McDonnell

      oooooooh, envy! So wish i could’ve gone!

    • 34.4 Belle3005

      Took me forever to find your thoughts on the NYC meetup but I’m glad to hear that you’ve had fun meeting up with other fellow Beanies! 😀 Oddly enough I feel comforted hearing some sort of confirmation from a fellow Malaysian Beanie that we’re not the odd ones out there who loves Kdramas with a fierce ferocity. Am extremely proud of the DB community.Oh how I wish I was there!

      • 34.4.1 delicatecloud

        Glad you found my post – was trying to find it so i could respond to you. Let’s meet up when i balik rumah in KL-lah…

  35. 35 Ladytron333

    I never get a chance to join in the OT’s anymore because of my new work schedule, but I had to post today. Anyone else here feeling really stressed about the changes over at Viki? The whole site seems to have lost something with the changover. There isn’t one thing about the new site that I like. Argh.

    And I feel so badly for all the contributors. It’s like they have been totally discounted by Viki. I think the people behind Viki are miscalculating how much the community aspect of their site is vital for its survival.

    • 35.1 delicatecloud

      I agree with you – just did not like the new viki site either. Many of the features have kind of “disappeared” but i am holding my judgement as they are still working on the site? or have they finished?

      • 35.1.1 risa

        I read that they’re working on the timed comments element, and that that’ll take a couple of weeks. I don’t know about the other features. If you want to suggest changes, there’s a pop-up window asking for feedback.

        I haven’t spent much time on the new site because now the subs are too small on my computer and I can’t figure out a way to adjust the size. Is anyone else having that issue? (I use Chrome on a Mac.) This is a major problem for the drama-addict in me because viki is where I prefer to watch my dramas. Also, the navigation has gotten worse. I’m grateful for viki but I’m bummed.

    • 35.2 Shiku

      There is one thing I like about the site, they have a windows phone app unlike the other site. However they still don’t have a windows surface app so I cant log into viki and play videos like i used to (even though they would freeze) since all i get is a blank screen.

    • 35.3 DayDreamer

      I have mixed feelings about Viki’s makeover. It’s still pretty accessible to me and easy enough to navigate around. only problem is that I miss the videos being sectioned into 10 minute videos that also told me if each video was 100% or less completed. I mean, it helps while waiting for the whole episode to be subbed to have some parts subbed completely to watch along as the rest is subbed. Moreover, I don’t have to wait for the videos to buffer….now with just one big video, my stupid slow internet keeps letting the video freezing.

      • 35.3.1 Ladytron33

        Yeah, that is the thing I miss the most too! I liked having a more complete idea of where the subbers are in the subbing process by looking at the segment %, not just a blanket percentage.

        Oh well. Hopefully they will bring it back, especially if people make a lot of noise.

        • delicatecloud

          me too – i made some comments on this feature. i hope that they will take note and put the feature back.

    • 35.4 Korazy Lady

      I sometimes watch dramas with French subtitles + have it listed as my second language. But now I cannot get anything with French subtitles. I, too, miss the ten minute sections, and I find the site confusing and hard to get to the episode I want to watch. Hopefully this is all temporary.

  36. 36 news

    Maybe this has already been discussed, but what happened to the drama ratings section?

    • 36.1 Honora

      Whats wrong with it?

    • 36.2 risa

      It’s still there… just scroll to the top and click on “ratings”. Or did you mean something else?

      • 36.2.1 DayDreamer

        It used to be at the bottom, but now the link moved to the top. I think that’s why News is asking.

        • news

          Ah, yes! Big thanks! I kept on looking for it at the bottom, but it was right there 😀

  37. 37 SJ

    hello db/gf any news about this sbs upcoming drama where they cast my fave kim ji hoon, lee sang woo & nam sang mi? here’s the link but tho i can read korean i still hv to u/stand what it says! thnx


  38. 38 SJ

    btw if there’s anybody here who’s a big fan of Kim ji hoon he’s gonna be in Hawaii today – as we speak he must be airborn now to meet/greet the fans there! i’m jealous coz i can’t go, since i’m in SF where i gathered he was here too but didn’t find out until he’s left already! (crying)

  39. 39 iZzie :)

    Hello Beaners!
    I’m back from a long hiatus, which I’m sure nobody noticed or even knew.. 😛
    Not into any dramas for a month already – one of the reasons why I couldn’t drop by – not so keen on discussing RL too much.
    But then again, RL is part-awesome, part-hmm…
    – found a new guy
    – travels and adventures happen every month
    – is sick, often dizzy and my eyes are getting blurrier
    – moved my flight schedule to Seoul from this coming Sunday to another date because of the tension in the peninsula (wouldn’t want to cause my loved ones worry)

    For the first time, I don’t know what dramas are airing, which ones are done, and what are coming soon. So detached this not-so-kdrama-addict.

    What would you recommend to break this drama drought, chingus?

    • 39.1 alua


      ’nuff said.

      And welcome back!

    • 39.2 pogo

      Hey bb! It’s great you’ve been travelling, though I’m sorry about the blurry eyes….and I agree, Nine is great to break the drought with. Or, on the lighter side, You’re The Best, Lee Soon-shin.

      (and if jdramas are your thing, xxxHolic! I cannot pimp it enough)

      • 39.2.1 owl

        I’m an xxxholic holic!

        • pogo

          it couldn’t be more perfectly named 🙂

      • 39.2.2 alua

        Yes yes yes xxxHolic!

    • 39.3 Carole McDonnell


      Incarnation of Money –if you want to marathon –(but you’ll have to be patient from episode 4-8)

      Gu Family Book (looks good so far)

      Shotenin Michiru — main character is a bit off-putting
      Otomesan (slow with the eng subs)
      Yakou Kanransha — tense and stressful
      Mahoro — fun
      Kasuka no Kanojo — ghost and school kids and teachers

    • 39.4 IzOcha

      I missed you! Welcome Back!

  40. 40 Lemona

    Hello Beanies yeorobun!

    I’ve been finding myself up for some doses of Taiwanese/Chinese drama lately. I shall blame Saving General Yang for that.

    Cheng Ekin + Zai Zai = (^_^)

    Have yet to watch the film but I am re-watching Warriors of the Yang Clan. (is it just me, but young Alec Su looks a bit like Ji Changwook?)

    Any nice recommendation for wuxia or any taiwanese/chinese drama? 😀

    • 40.1 Aigoo

      Saving General Yang? Sounds interesting! What’s it about? I haven’t been watching any taiwanese/chinese dramas lately so I have no clue what’s out there – sorry I can’t help!

      • 40.1.1 Lemona

        I’ve been out of the chinese drama circle for quite a while too! can’t even remember the last one i watched. ha ha

        saving general yang is basically about the legend of the yang clan and its famous 7 sons. quite a tragic story but i don’t know the film’s take on the story though. expect a lot of testosterone definitely. XD

        the trailer on youtube look promising. 🙂

    • 40.2 Shiku

      Hee Hee! Alec Su used to be my fave c-drama crush a whiole back. I loved him on the show especially when he was a captive but I hated his female lead. Her voice, her actions were so annoying! I hate how they turned her from a strong confident independent woman to a whiny love addicted mess! It made he ship[ him with the enemy princess. I never crossed my mind Alec Su looked similar to JCW but now that you mentioned it, they do have like the similar facial structure.

      I would recommend Legend of Zhen Huan, My Bratty Princess (loved Alec Su here together with Jang Nara, he looked so good here), Bu Bu Jin Xin, Romance of the three Kingdoms (2010 version), Schemes of a beauty (Ist 20 eps are really good), etc. I cant remember others right now.

      • 40.2.1 Lemona

        Love definitely makes her mellow, ha ha. I’ve just realized that she’s the nice lady from All About Eve last night.

        And Alec Su was in the film The Message too! What a good film, but might be too gruesome for some.

        He apparently did quite a number of wuxia, yes? Not that I’m complaining though (mane of glory, yummy!)

        Thanks for the suggestion! 😀

    • 40.3 DayDreamer

      For Taiwanese, I will always recommend It Started With a Kiss and its sequel.

      Then there’s MARS, Because of You, Calling Love, and some others that I’m forgetting now.

      I also heard In Time With You was good.

      • 40.3.1 Lemona

        Idol dramas!

        I love Mars! I still believe that it’s one of Vic Zhou’s best performances other than Black & White.

        Have you watch Autumn’s Concerto? It’s very good. Man, that drama is too romantic, it makes me want to get married a.s.a.p. Avoid! XD

        I don’t really know any good recent drama though, as I’m out of the circle for quite a long time. And there’s this distraction called Korean drama. >.<

        Thank you for the recommendations! 🙂

        • DayDreamer

          Lemona, I did watch Autumn’s Concerto up to a certain point because it was enjoyable for a while until I got tired of the writer extending the storyline to keep the couple apart from each other. Same thing with this other Tdrama called Fated to Love You which I think you’ll love too.

          I haven’t watched Black and White so I can’t compare but yes MARS was a really good drama….I watched it after I read the manga.

          Another favorite was Devil Besides You and if you loved the cast in that, then you can see them together in the spin-off version called Why Why Love.

          Oh man…I can’t believe I actually remember all these dramas….been a really long time since I watched Taiwanese Dramas.

          There was also this Chinese drama that I watched called Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Years. Aside from the laughs that title elicited, it was a fairly interesting drama but with a really stupid plot. I still can’t believe I sat through the whole thing. Something about it kept my interest, but I also lost a lot of brain cells, haha.

          • DayDreamer

            Forgot to add….I also loved My Queen; it was the only older woman-younger man love story that I enjoyed a lot. The subs were lacking in the later episodes when I was watching it but I think now they have it completely subbed.

          • Lemona

            Oh yes, Autumn’s Concerto can be quite draggy at some points but I don’t know how I persevere until the end. Must be that little cute boy… and the romance. XD

            I highly recommend Black & White. My next choice of Vic Zhou’s drama after Mars. Haven’t read the manga, but the drama is indeed so good!

            Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Years sounds witty. It must be like one of those dramas that has the potential to be good but got wasted. (Spy Myungwol, cough?)

            I positively think that I’ve watched Devil Besides You by the look of the poster, but by reading the synopsis, I don’t remember a thing.

            Must be the problem of watching too much dramas I think, cannot remember which one I’ve watched and which one I haven’t. XD

      • 40.3.2 Aigoo

        I second It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again! MARS was also really good! I highly recommend that one!

        • Lemona

          I realize that most of the recommendations are of those seasoned dramas. Not that I’m complaining, as indeed they’re good! I’ve watched Mars, love the pairing (though it’s so unfortunate that they broke up in real life).

          Cheers! 😀

    • 40.4 Kimberly

      YES! Being Chinese, I watched a ton of Chinese and Taiwanese shows as a child, and I still do now! The ones I’d definitely recommend:

      Chinese: Returning Princess Pearl (the ultimate classic), Romance in the Rain, Qing Shi Huang Fei

      Taiwanese: MARS (one of my top three favorite shows), Devil Beside You (another favorite), Fated to Love You (SO GOOD), and Hi! My Sweetheart

      • 40.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        oh my gosh, MARS is my favorite Taiwanese drama. Sooo good. Vic Zhou… gorgeous!

        And the plot was sooo good. Angsty but just the right amount of teenaged angst.

      • 40.4.2 DayDreamer

        Oh, I liked Hi! My Sweetheart too. The hero’s hairstyle was off-putting but it was funny too.

      • 40.4.3 Lemona

        After some research (if only I’m this good in my academic research!), I’ve just got to know that Returning Princess Pearl is known as My Fair Princess in my part of the world.

        Watched that! I stan Er Kang back then. Must be his wise older brother persona.

        And that cute prince is Alec Su! Late realization. Perhaps it’s my eyes, but he looks different as he ages. Not in a bad way though. *rawr*

        How late I am to crush on Alec, though I’ve watched quite a number of his works without realizing it’s him. -_-

        I wonder if he’s still popular within the Chinese-speaking world?

        I shall have a look at these recommendations. Precious. 😀

        • Kimberly

          Oh yeah – just a note: Returning Princess Pearl/My Fair Princess recently just got a remake done (called My New Fair Princess) and I would NOT recommend that one. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people take a phenomenal show and roll out a terrible remake of it just to make money off of it.

    • 40.5 Cindy

      I really liked Autumn’s Concerto, but judging from previous comment, you didn’t finish it.

      I recently finished Summer Fever with George Hu and Gui Gui. They had good chemistry but I did not like the ending and did find it dragging. Doesn’t hurt that George looked attractive in it. 🙂

      I hadn’t watched HK dramas in years, but I recently tried Hippocratic Crush. I did like it. I think it was voted as best drama last year. They are filming a sequel now.

      • 40.5.1 Lemona

        I liked it too! I finished the drama, but avoiding to watch it again as it makes me go all mushy inside. XD

        And talking about HK drama, they used to be very popular when I was a child. There used to be special slots for them on tv, but not so much now anymore.

        I think most of my generation will know the adorable character Fei Mau from TVB’s Forest Cat. 🙂

        • Cindy

          Cantonese is the language I grew up with and find myself slowly losing bits and pieces here and there. I remember watching them when I was younger as well. I find that nowdays, they aren’t very interesting and don’t have enough depth. The quality also isn’t as good compared to K dramas. I wish it weren’t so because I would like to watch more but they never keep me engaged.

          When you said you liked it too, were you referring to Summer Fever? If so, have you found any other cute Taiwanese dramas? I can get into those quicker lol.

          • Lemona

            It’s Autumn’s Concerto that I referred to. *melts*

            I grew up watching HK dramas too though I’m not Chinese, but yes, recent ones aren’t that good anymore.

            I shall have a look at Summer Fever, soon when time permits it.

            Cute Taiwanese dramas? My suggestions would go as far back as almost ten years ago. XD

            I love Snow Angel, but that would be tragic rather than cute.

            Magicians of Love is quite nice too, one of those 183 Club dramas. 🙂

        • Belle3005

          FEI MAU! Loved the show,there was just so much heart in it! Also does any one of you still happen to remember Bao Qing Tian?(I can’t remember the English title) God I feel old AHAHAHAH literally grew up watching them. 😀

  41. 41 Waiting

    Happy Friday to all!

    Although I was not there, I do want to say thanks to he heads for offering to hold a meetup. Maybe I’ll get to join in one day. I’ll look forward to a possible meetup recap. 😀

    So here is my list – it may be long…

    That Winter, The Wind Blew (aka TWTWB for the newbies) – I loved this from the start. I love the cinematography and the cast…Jo In Sung the most. However, the end had me twisted and left me not really caring about any of them especially after the time jump. It felt like it was written by someone else entirely and the characters seemed not like themselves….especially confusing for me was Oh Soo in his demeanor, etc. It was just too different. I just could not hold on tight enough to leaps in logic in spite of the fact that the cinematography was, again, pretty. It did end the way I wanted in one respect – great to see Jo In Sung in his “death” scene as he is awesome at it, but glad that not all of his characters end like “Something Happened in Bali” or “Dirty Carnival”. Can we please get this man into a comedy, please? I am still a fan of the cast, but boy, just not of the second half of the last episode. Is it possible to jump the shark at the very end of a show?? RIP TWTWB…

    Okay, now on to what I am watching currently…..

    Nine – love, love, love! I am into this hook, line, and sinker. It gets better and better. I have decided not to try to get on the front end of this and figure it out. I am going to just let it unfold and hope that the subbing is really accurate. (For those who understand the language and see the subs, are they totally on target or have we lost a bit in translation??) I am now a total fan of Lee Jin Wook.

    Gu Family Book – love the MommyHo and DaddyHo episodes with the exception of the ending. Someone used the description “gutted” and I will borrow that. I felt completely gutted and, naturally, I fell in love with Wol Ryung. I dare you not to, even double dare you. Can’t wait for him to come back in some manner. PS to the hairdresser for BabyHo, it is not too late to tame that 80s pony pouf you’ve created. I am sending you subliminal inspiration as I type.

    Jang Ok Jung – as others have said, very pretty but I had a hard time with the too contemporary aspects involving the fashion show and some of the language (subbed language, that is). I will still watch it, however.
    Gu Am Heo Jun – I love this because I get to have daily doses and I have a bit of a background in Oriental Medicine. They have done a good job thus far with accuracy – with the exception of the needle insertion sound thong that another beanie mentioned. Lol
    When A man Loves – well, I had zero intention of watching this as from its description and posters, it seemed to jump the shark for me from the gate. But, I watched and got sucked in. The lead, Song Seung Hun, is the very first guy I can honestly say looks good scruffy and cleaned up. I find scruff on a flower boy/man out of place. Even my love of Lee Min Ho, who is more of a manly flower boy and less androgynous than most, I still thought the scruff in the last scene of Faith was needed yet did not suit him. As for the evil purple haired guy…ugh, just ugh.

    You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin – I like it and am finally getting to like her sister. Hoever, I can absolutely do without the screeching from Shin Joon Ho’s sister. That said, it is so over the top that it must be so much fun to play for that actress. If I were part of the cast in a scene with her, I don’t think I could hold in my laughter. Can I say how much I love the young doctor, Park Chan Woo?
    [Side note: Something magical happened in 1980 and 1981 to give us so many good and gorgeous actors – has anyone noticed how may were born in 81? Jo In Sung, Lee Jin Wook, Ko Joo Won, any many more.]
    I Summon You, Gold – just watched the first ep today and I’ll keep following this for a bit more.
    Running Man – what can I say, I love the cast and crew.
    Cruel Palace: War of Flowers – have not started this, but may add it considering many of you like it.

    Okay, yes, a long list but it all gets watched at some point during the week or marathoned on a cold, rainy day.

    • 41.1 Waiting

      Left one thing out…

      The choice of the english language song in Gu Family Book is just strange and makes me feel like I am being forced to see it as a Lord of the Rings-type show. It does not have to do that at all; it can stand on its own feet. Really wish they found or created a similarly appropriate song for this in Korean.

      …end rant.

  42. 42 yukiNYC

    Dropped The End of The World. It’s very good but watching China’s rapid response to H7N9 on the news, just killed the show for me.
    Gu Family replaced it. Been waiting for the Gu’s so long.

  43. 43 yumi

    Has anyone noticed that the trend in k-drama “loan shark mamas”?

    1-A Hundred Year Inheritance
    2-The Incarnation of Money
    3-Wonderful Mama

    And 2 and 3 have the added synergy of both loan shark mama having Alzheimer.

    So are most loan sharks in Korea women?
    Do loan sharks have a higher incident of Alzheimer than other professional?

    Just curious.

    • 43.1 Mystisith

      Nah. Just lazy writers who spy each other scripts and practice copy and paste.

      • 43.1.1 DayDreamer

        LOL!!!! Great comment.

      • 43.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        hee hee hee

  44. 44 TS

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    I finally get a chance to sit down and type and not just respond.

    So, my topic for OT is Slavery in Joseon. And how the whole social status thing works.

    Because if I go by dramas, e.g. Chuno, Jang Ok Jung, Gu Family, it seems like social position was really precarious, especially for women. If your menfolk fell afoul of the court, right or wrong, you could go from Grande Dame to slave. And well, super-unfair, right?

    And what’s with social position getting lowered by someone marrying below them? In Jang Ok Jung, the MC’s father marries her mother, a slave, and thus becomes one himself? That makes no sense. Shouldn’t he have bought her and freed her and then married her?

    And then doesn’t that mean Ok Jung should be a slave too? Yet she lives freely in the same town as her supposed owner.

    And then there seem to concubines and Concubines, the former being basically slaves, while the latter are second wives and part of the family. So where do their children stand? In Cruel Palace, it seems like MC could only become another rich man’s concubine until she was adopted by villian Kim Ja Reom (that’s his name, yes?). And then she got to be a Royal Concubine and part of the King’s household/family. But what’s weird to me is that, if she’s a Lord’s daughter, and that Lord has provided a decent house and living for her and her mother, she seems very much to be an acknowledged child of a second wife and, to my thinking, legitimate.

    For the women, it seems very “be damned if you do (become a concubine) and be damned if you don’t (no other options for many).”

    So, yeah, I’m super-confused over the Joseon social class system, it’s precariousness, it’s unfairness, and it’s lack of reason (as I see it, since so many people, women in particular, are left helpless).

    Any thoughts/explanations?

    • 44.1 Carole McDonnell

      All I know i’ve gleaned from sajeuk but it seems that
      A) one needs TWO parents from aristocracy to be considered noble.
      B) concubines are still slaves unless it’s a king’s concubine
      C) even if one’s aristocratic father accepts one, there are exams and other gatekeepers created by society to keep the nobility pure and untainted.
      D) If one somehow gets a patron, life can get better but one still has the taint of one’s crappy birth.

      • 44.1.1 TS

        Hmm, do not like, do not like at all. This is all horribly cruel.

  45. 45 bluemoon

    I’m so glad the cast of Shark are done with their first reading. I think KNG and SYJ med atched each other so well. I’m so excited for this drama.

    • 45.1 TS

      Where and when? I’m so excited too! Lord Bidaaaaaammmmm!!!!!

  46. 46 Shiku

    Who is excited for the premiere of the second season of the show Ten? It’s this sunday!

    • 46.1 Mystisith

      Oh, I’m here & well here. Will be cool to see the team back!

  47. 47 John

    Shiku ~

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m dying to see what happens to Nam Ye-Ri ! It’ll be good to see the rest of the TEN crew too.

    • 47.1 alua

      John! How is your drama watching this week? Do tell. 🙂

      • 47.1.1 John

        alua ~

        Sorry for the late response, Real Life got in the way.

        K Dramas: Incarnation of Money, You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin, Nine

        Newer K dramas: Gu Family Book, When A Man Loves, Cruel Palace.

        J Dramas: Saikou no Rikon and Haken No Hinkaku

        T drama: Substitute Princess

        Nine ! What a mess Sun Woo has made. Let that be a warning to all you time travelers out there.

        Incarnation of Money I hate to see Jeon Ji Hoo fall for Ji Se Kwang.

        You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin My matchmaking wishes will probably not come to fruition. I think her boss from the cafe would be a good match for her.
        I’m enjoying IU (Lee Ji-eun ), it’s my first time seeing her in a drama.

        Saikou no Rikon 🙁 Waiting , waiting.

        I feel like the drama character who was told to wait for the return of that parent, lover, sibling, etc, that never shows up. .

        I’m still looking for a good C drama, I have some in various states of suspension.

        • alua

          Yeah, I am thinking with Nine the message is don’t mess with the past because you can’t truly change it.

          If you haven’t seen IU in anything before, that means you haven’t seen Dream High (original, not #2)? She didn’t stand out too much in that (Kim Soo-hyun carried that show acting-wise), but I think she is doing well here in Lee Soon Shin (which I’m only skip-watching/reading recaps for). Nothing amazing, but better than many idol actresses! You are definitely not going to get your matchmaking wishes…

          Sad face for Saikou no Rikon here too. And all the J doramas that haven’t been subbed at all.

          No recommendations for C dramas, I don’t watch them at all. I have watched a bit of Borrow Your Love (TW), but that one is so atrociously bad that it’s painful to watch. Terribly contrived, stuffed with clichés, and, goodness, the female lead is so obnoxious and STUPID. Pretty boy (who is perfect of course) looks on and finds her endearing. And for some reason sticks around the evil lady boss which makes no sense at all. But then there is nothing that makes sense in that drama!

          • John

            I’m also watching xxxHOLIC, I always manage to forget one. The Spider Lady is scary.

            Are there plans for a season 2?

            Of course my matchmaking wants will go unfulfilled. The guy who calls her fat, ugly and stupid gets the girl.

            There’s something odd about TW dramas. They just don’t appeal to me as much as the K and J dramas.

            Will you be traveling this summer if school permits?

          • alua

            Yeah, it’s rare that a Taiwanese drama works for me. They definitely have a different vibe. Although they are much better at kissing (i.e. depicting relationships like they are in real life), at the same time they really buy into gender (and other) stereotypes, to a degree that it just becomes unbearable. Too many beautiful damsels in distress with zero brain cells. ZERO. A drop-dead gorgeous, utterly perfect (rich, powerful, intelligent) guys who eventually rescue to them.

            I haven’t heard anything about season 2 for xxxHolic, they could do another 25 episodes and I’d be happy. The only consolation I have is that Sometani’s next dorama (All Esper Dayo, no idea what it’s about but I’ll watch anything with him) is starting next week. Plus, he keeps so busy, that I’m sure there will be another film or two with him soon as well! Hopefully something where he’ll play the lead! Not sure what’s next for Higashide, I’d like to see him in more as well.

            No concrete summer plans. I think my Dad will be back home for a few months b/c he is finally finishing his project (after like 9 years), so no chance to go back to India this summer. 🙁 I could go to the European continent of course, but I haven’t planned anything (and it feels less exciting since I can always do that!). Going for a wedding in Greece though.

          • John

            I did see that there are episodes of Yae No Sakura available. Perhaps I’ll give that a try. It will be torture if it’s good, as the subs will take forever.

    • 47.2 Shiku

      You’re welcome.

  48. 48 Raine

    Waiting for hangovers to be alleviated and meet-up posts to, well, post!

    In the mean time, I went to the archery range again. My fourth time. Finally stopped hitting outside my target paper. Heh. Three bullseyes…not very impressive for how many times I shot, but still!

    I’ve been seriously getting into k-pop recently. New Jam: SHINee’s “Sherlock”. Like for REALZ. Tha’s da jam! I’ve also been working on some more kpop/ktunes arrangements on cello which has been fun. I’m going to try to do SJ “Sorry Sorry” because it’s fun…and a challenge. They repeat a lot of the same notes….a lot.

    Loving Gu Family Book. Love the absolute misunderstanding in the parental couple. So beautifully done. Now time for the PUPPY! WANT PUPPY!

    Also liking Lee Soon-shin. Loving uri Jung-seok oppa…and waiting for him to sing…because he CAN sing. GIMME GIMME!

    Waiting for the west coast meetup. Bloggers UNITE! YEAH!

    • 48.1 Aigoo

      OMG! I tried archery once too! I only did one session but I wasn’t super awful! No bullseyes though so good for you!

      I’m always struck by how much harder it is than it looks! I was using one of the modern day bows so I can’t imagine how much harder it is old school without all the gadgetry!

      How’d you get into it?

      • 48.1.1 TS

        I want to know too. I’m horse riding these days and think I would like to add either kendo or archery (sageuk fantasies).

        • Aigoo

          OMG! Horse riding! I’ve been trying to take that up as well! But it’s so hard to find in the city and expensive to boot!

          I had a kendo interest in university but I’m not athletically inclined so I never took it up….I wonder if it’s too late….

          • TS

            It’s never too late. If it were, the dojos would go out of business.

    • 48.2 alua

      Archery…wahhhhh. So cool.

      Are you watching xxxHolic? If not, hop over to my Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo review ( and scroll down until you hit the part about Masahiro Higashide. Both photos and especially the second one.

      Archery is soooooo cooool. If/when I move to Japan one day, I’m definitely learning that (though I doubt I’ll be even 1/10 as cool as Masahiro).

      • 48.2.1 TS

        He does look pretty darned amazing when he shoots arrows…

        • alua

          Especially when they are not arrows but…. gosh, I don’t know what that blue air is!!!


    • 48.3 Carole McDonnell

      Back in college i took archery. I think it’s one of the most graceful of the martial arts. In Japanese dramas or Western medieval flicks, the beauty of the arrow hitting its mark…and the beauty of the archer…just lovely. I wish there were a range around here. Have fun!

      • 48.3.1 alua

        *the beauty of the archer*


        Especially in Japanese doramas. Heck, even in mangas you can see it.

    • 48.4 Deeno

      You’ve cursed me and got me trying out more kpop. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

      I’m waiting for a west coast meet up too. You should come to Utah then dewani, you, and I could road trip it to CA…You know it would be fun!

    • 48.5 Raine

      Archery! Yay!

      Well, my bff started shooting (that’s what she calls it!) and she invited me to come along once. It’s a local place, family owned, and they’re really nice. I kinda just…became addicted. It’s so much fun. And so satisfying to hear the “thunk” as the arrow hits the target.

      I’ve been using a 20 .lb recurve bow, which is NOT the new fangled kind with that triggered release. The ol’ draw n’ shoot. It’s really difficult. I”ll post my target next week. YOu’ll see how wild and crazy it is.

      I have to go and watch archers in dramas/films now.

      Actually, that beauty when watching archery is really, really FELT when you’re doing it. When you do it right, you can feel that moment’s pause filled with total…emptiness? I dunno. And then…THUNK. I LOVE the thunk. hehe.

      Deeno – I WIN I WIN I WIN!

  49. 49 Richard Gamache

    it’s on my to do list … waiting for the episodes to build up as I tend to marathon view .. looking forward to some new period dramas I’ve re-watched most several times

  50. 50 ys

    Would someone explain to me the appeal of being the first to comment?

    Often I see “Thanks, off to read” as the first post and then the person replies to herself hours later or even the next day. Obviously it’s a way to secure the top spot, but my question is, why is it so important?

    Worse than that example is when I see someone riding on another’s first comment by replying to it with an out-of-place “thanks, off to read” rather than actually addressing that comment, again an obvious ploy to be seen at the top.

    It shouldn’t bother me, but it does, maybe because these posters don’t seem know how transparent their efforts are and think they’re being clever.

    It’s really not so bad being 47th or 48th…

    • 50.1 TS

      I got to you. So 48th is not bad at all. 🙂 but for people with questions they want answered, getting in early would be good. Plus, some people may simply want to thank the recapper who put in so much effort.

      • 50.1.1 a_diva

        the appeal to being first is because it’s FIRST. first is generally associated with winning and being the best. you run a race to be first, you want to be the first in your class, etc. on the beanut planet, even though you’re not “winning” by being first to comment on a post, it’s a bit exciting to some people which is why we constantly see people securing the top spot and coming back to flesh out their comment later. or the ones i like the best, where they simply post “first!” and realize later they were actually second or third. in the words of the illustrious “urban poet” nelly– “two is not a winner and three nobody remembers.” people want to be first b/c everyone who reads the post will read their comment FIRST and people like that. i remember the first time i commented in the number one spot, i didn’t realize i was first until after i’d commented, but i was like, hey, wow, i’m first today, and that’s a first for me. first first first.

        but a bit more importantly, and i truly mean this in the nicest way possible, it’s such a trifling thing that i wonder why you let it bother you. we’re all here (well most of us are here) in the spirit of fun and sharing our enjoyment of kdramas. in the grand scheme of your day, there are so many things to annoy you so i’d hope people gratuitously grabbing the number one comment spot would be something to just let go. but i may be the pot calling the kettle black b/c i’m sure there are things in my life that i let annoy me that are insignificant when put into the appropriate context.

        • a_diva

          oops, meant to reply to ys not TS, but i’m sure you caught that . . .

          • TS

            No worries. 🙂

            But people vent sometimes, so let’s live and let live etc.

      • 50.1.2 MariD

        Ha!! I noticed this too.. Most of the time I just roll my eyes at it. Other times I choose to think that it is actually a secret contest, where the winner ( you have to be first about 10000 times) gets a date with the Kdrama actor of their choice. But I have a wild imagination.. 🙂

        • alua

          Your wild imagination cracks me up.

          If that’s what it is, I think there is going to be a fierce fight for being first from now on!

    • 50.2 Carole McDonnell

      I think it’s just human playfulness. A tongue-in-cheek way of referencing the days when we were kids. Just plain old communal human fun. Kinda like…”I got the ring in the crackerjack box.”

      That’s how i always see it.

      • 50.2.1 Raine

        Me too! I’m FIFTYITH…and change…

    • 50.3 jomo

      What I like about this site is how accommodating everyone is to everyone else.

      I feel like we are all in the same fifth grade class in school who have been together since Kindergarten.
      Certain personalities have been recognized; roles have fallen to them without anyone actually assigning them.
      We allow each other to celebrate what is important to them because we like them, and understand them. It is so safe here, and welcoming, there isn’t a need to force anyone to change. Why should we want to take away another’s joy if it isn’t hurting anyone?

      (I may or may not have been the girl who raised her hand first and said “I know! I know! I know!” when I didn’t actually know.** Or the class show-off who just wants people to LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!)
      (**That may or may not have happened at the DBMeetup trivia contest.)
      (**Well, I got ONE right.)

      Who has my socks, btw? My friend told me not to give them away, but I didn’t them because it was JGS.

      • 50.3.1 LT

        A juvenile spirit keeps aging at bay and will therefore enhance longevity. I can’t remember where this idea came from- maybe I’m making this up or maybe I’m not. I may be or may not be at the age I need to make multiple trips to the mail box to pick up my mail although such trips can sometimes be very eventful such as finding long lost items (e.g. sunglasses). I find K drama characters very entertaining and so are the re-cappers and the participants at this website. I found your blog yesterday. You’re very entertaining too. I’ll be visiting from now on. Annyonghaseyo.