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  1. Shukmeister

    Good morning, DramaBeanies and other Non-meanies!
    It’s been a while since I’ve been up on OT. Blame real life, which sometimes sneaks up and bops you on the head when you least expect it. However, I have still been lurking the posts after the weekend and occasionally making comments on other threads. I miss you all, and hope the craziness of Spring doesn’t spill over to Summer!
    My recent shows have been the TWDrama “Drama Go Go Go” starring Jiro Wang. While his acting has improved a little bit from the last show I saw him in. However, I’m shipping the lead with the older suitor, since, like Jo In-sung , he’s tall and thin and looks awesome in a great coat!
    The Most Improved Actor From The Last Time OnScreen, however, goes to Hand Towel. I know Dr Jin was execrable in its execution, but I have to say I am really enjoying WAML? Trite and clichéd? You bet. Lots of skin showing? Of course. But I find myself really enjoying the show, even with the copious amount of belief suspended. In fact, with the exception of the first episode recapped by the wonderful HeadsNo2, I have embarked on a first-time project: a collaboration / conversational recap of WAML, with me as the dry words, our wonderfully Snark Mistress JoAnne, and the amazing Gif Queen Kakashi!
    Our “squee-capping” project is posted up to episode 4, and episode 5 should be posted this weekend. Even if the show is schlock in your opinion, JoAnne comments are truly worth a larger audience!
    And my fellow Twitter followers have all started hashtagging their lives, so, like KofD, the show has followed us into our real lives.
    I’ve watched THTWB in its entirety, and although there were one or two questionable wardrobe choices, I was pretty pleased with the actor’s performances. At least everybody had better hair styles then the last tenants of the estate and yes I’m looking at you No Min-wo!
    I watched IRIS up to episode 17, but somewhere along the line I stopped caring. Someone needs to tell me if I need to invest even 15 more minutes with this franchise, and, if so, what episode.
    CMRPrindle challenged me to go along with her and write a poem a day for April as National Poetry Month, which is not as easy as some would think. Still, I’m halfway there, and posting them in one week increments on my blog.
    This weekend marks my mother’s 80th birthday, so I will busy with the finishing touches on her surprise birthday. And, no, she won’t need resuscitation afterwards. 😉 My oldest sister and her family are traveling down for a few days. She hasn’t seen the ‘rents since August of last year. Me? I wanted to try and get Jang Don-gun to jump out of a cake, but on second thought that would be beneficial to me and not so much to my mom. 8)
    And finally, the pollen is nuts, the wisteria is in bloom, and the sakura are just past peak. Welcome to Spring on the East Coast!

    • 1.1 MariD

      Omg! I somehow ended in your WAML recaps the other day, I never laugh soo much. You ladies and your #when a man.. Awesome. Keep it up!!

      • 1.1.1 Shukmeister

        MariD –

        Kamsahamnida! I hope it makes you smile and laugh! And maybe drool a little…

    • 1.2 Mystisith

      Hug your mom for me. “Happy Birtday ma’am!”
      Also, waiting for your next When A Man Loves joint recaps (with chunks of Hot Chocolate inside).

      • 1.2.1 Shukmeister

        Hey Mysti!

        Yeah, today I pick up the flowers and make the wrist corsage and table decorations. Luckily, my second sister is doing the planning / logistics. I’m just the artistic one!

        • Korazy Lady

          Happy Birthday to your Mom! You are the best daughter ever!

          • Shukmeister

            Thanks, Korazy! I’m also the strangest one she has, too!

        • Shukmeister

          Aaaand as a follow up to the family party shenanigans, my father never mentioned dinner to my mother, assuming that my sister or I would do it… With a little aeygo, and a lot of smoke and mirrors (read: BS), my mom finally relented to a small dinner.

          Which she doesn’t know is 14 people, including all her children and their spouses, plus a few grands… ssshhhh don’t tell her… 🙂

    • 1.3 kakashi

      Good morning, Shukie!
      Up already?! I’m beginning to suspect you’re a robot …
      The shameless self-promotion works a little better when you include a link, Shukie 🙂
      Here it is! Shukie and JoAnne’s brilliant “squee”cap of When A Man Loves, Episode 4!
      More to follow. and then some 🙂

    • 1.4 Waiting

      I have always wondered who is “Hand Towel” and now I know! When I like someone’s performance, I usually go back and watch their other work…I guess I am skipping Dr. Jin.

      Next, I have to find my way to your WAML recap. Judging from the regular posts from all of you, it should be a hoot! 😀

      • 1.4.1 Shukmeister

        Thanks, Waiting!

        Just click on my name, and I have a blog post that I update with each new episode! But most of the credit goes to my chingus. 🙂

        • Pillowhead

          Ah! Ok.

    • 1.5 kakashi

      #WhenAWomansShamelessSelfPromotionIsAwaitingModeration 🙂

      • 1.5.1 Shukmeister

        #WhenHerCoConspiratorLaughs lol

        • kakashi


      • 1.5.2 kakashi


    • 1.6 JoAnne


    • 1.7 kakashi

      oh, and IRIS2. Me and Orion are probably the only people in the universe who watched that show from beginning to end with no fast forwarding. No, we’re not masochists. We made a bet.
      The suffering has been great, but watching it “together” (=simultaneously) and tweeting the heck out of it was heaps of fun. In the end, it was worth it I guess! Lots of bonding over one of the worst dramas EVER!

      • 1.7.1 owl

        kakashi, I can’t believe it! You aren’t the only 2 watching IRIS2, and now I know we’re not either!

        entry from “Confessions of a mad kdramaddict”

        So you know my brother who I converted at Christmas to kdramas? I was telling him about IRIS2 and he said, “I might like that. Is there an IRIS 1?”
        Me: “Yes, just IRIS.”
        Bro: “Did you watch it?”
        Me: “Uh-huh.”
        Bro: “Okay, then. I’ll watch IRIS while you are watching IRIS2 and we can talk about it.”
        –Two weeks later he calls–
        Bro: “Hi. I’m on episode 11. I’m surprised how open the show is about politics and tension between N and S Korea. I like the action in Japan and Hungary too. The girl in Beethoven Virus is in it, remember her?”
        Me: “You mean the top Korean hacker? The one seeing the North Kor~
        Bro: “STOP! Don’t tell me. That hasn’t happened yet.”
        Me: (shrinks back) “Oh. Well, then has anyone died yet?”
        Bro: “WHAT ?!” he yells into the phone. “Who? NO! Well, yeah, the little girl died in Japan.”
        Me: “So ~ okay, that’s the N Korean sniper guy I was talk~”
        Bro: “NO! Don’t say it. I don’t want to know until I see it. Is the top N Korean woman in IRIS2? Is the NSS in IRIS2? And what about the friend and the lead guy?
        Me: The N Korean woman is supposed to make a cameo appear~”
        Bro: “WAIT! I don’t want to know. Don’t tell me until I watch more episodes. Which I’m going to do now. It’s fun talking about IRIS with you! Bye.”
        Me: (scratching head…it is? We talked?)

        My brother will never know just HOW much we really discuss dramas on db!

        • kakashi

          hahaha, awesome. just give your brother the link to OT on a Friday. And tell him he’s VERY welcome. We’ll all call him oppa 🙂

        • Enz

          Too funny owl!

        • korfan

          owl –

          oh, this is a great story!

          and yes, what kakashi said, “we’ll call him oppa”, hehehe!

        • Pillowhead

          Owl! that’s so cool. I have yet to convert anyone BUT got scent of another Kaddict on island. She’s a friend of a friend and I’m hoping to meet at one of their BBQs soon. I heard she sometimes comes out but brings her ipad and sits in the corner watching dramas. lol 😀

          • Pillowhead

            they were kinda laughing when they were describing her, and I was like…wowww, she sounds awesome..

          • owl

            she does sound awesome, pillowhead. Sitting outside with an ipad at a bbq and watching kdramas – sounds just like a real kdrama scene 🙂 You can join her and the two of you can brush off those who laugh behind their hand, powie!

          • Pillowhead

            yup! plan too. She may not even notice me sitting with her. lol.

      • 1.7.2 OMG

        m with u on the IRIS II train….sadly!

        • Ann

          Me, too. I’ve been watching it with my husband, and this is his first kdrama. I thought he would prefer an action drama, and I lurve Jang Hyuk. We have been having fun commenting on it (actually he just listens to me). I don’t think it is the worst drama I have ever seen, simply because at least there is something going on. The worst I have seen lately was Panda and Hedgehog. I could not finish that, because I was soooo bored.

          • owl

            So ♥ Jang Hyuk, too, Ann!♥

    • 1.8 Korazy Lady


      • 1.8.1 Shukmeister

        Good morning Korazy! So great to see you on OT. 🙂

        • Korazy Lady

          And all by accident! I’m so busy with this upcoming house sale and move, I didn’t even know what day it was. I did watch a little into eps 6 last night – couldn’t resist! There will be some things I’ll definitely want to check out your reaction to on your next post.

          • kakashi

            yeah, keep up the pressure. Hear this, Shuk? People now watch WAML and simultanesouly think about what you’re going to write about this and that scene. Korazy is the second one that says that. This has just gone from a hobby to a very, very serious job

          • Korazy Lady

            It may end up beating the hair posts!

          • kakashi

            I must admit I’d LOVE that. This Lee Min-ho hair post? It’s OLD

          • Shukmeister

            Luckily, I’m a scuba diver. I can handle the pressure!

            I’m hoping to finish Ep 5 recap within the next couple of hours, before I head out to the wholesale florist to start designing the flowers for the party tomorrow.

            Aja Aja Fighting!!

          • kakashi

            oh gawd …. does that mean I need to gif tonight? again??? 🙂

          • Korazy Lady


          • JoAnne

            First I have to do my bit before you GIF!

          • kakashi

            what? you haven’t yet?! tststssss…. 🙂

          • JoAnne

            How can I comment on a recap I haven’t seen? Snark does not come from thin AIR, you know! I definitely thought things while I was watching, but I can’t tell if they’ll match with what she’s WRITING until she, you know, WRITES it.


          • kakashi

            I see.

          • JoAnne

            coming soon:


            This is a bittersweet musical showcasing the increasingly rapid spiral of 3 friends into social media mania. A MUST-SEE.

    • 1.9 Enz

      Shukie, am loving you and Joanne’s recaps of WAML and kakashi’s gifs, of course. And watching episode 6, I had your alternate squeeing and snarking recaps imagined in my head. BUT I CAN’T STOP FINDING SSH ADORABLE IN THIS SHOW. You hit it on the nail! So completely unbelievable that he is THAT clueless about women and being in love but I get so invested in his happiness, its not funny. I even teared up when he got frustrated with her about the ring!! What happened to me??! I wanna wring her neck for being so unresponsive.. Eeeesh!!!

      • 1.9.1 Shukmeister



        • Korazy Lady

          Once again we are on the same page, Enz. I can’t get over the fact that he’s an uneducated, albeit super hot gangster and yet he
          a) has no experience with women and
          b) is supposed to be one of the top earners in Sk with his ultra successful company! In what, like 7 years?

          This role should have been played like Eric played his in QSS. But you are right, he is so darn good looking, I can’t NOT watch!

          • Enz

            Exactly, Korazy!! You really have to park brain outside. Maybe not coz I think my ovaries, eyes, heart and loins are overruling my brain!

          • Shukmeister


          • Korazy Lady


        • Enz

          LOL. i actually found her pretty initially but now, her reaction to seeing him is pissing ME off!! Would it kill her to at least smile out of politeness??!! Sheesh

          • Pillowhead

            have to agree about her blank face, meh. I almost rather prefer the other female lead. If he played it like Eric, I would be dying! Where is this WAMLs blog? Sounds hilarious!
            Besides that I’m still watching 9 and I’m crazy over GFB!! Also wanted to add that Enz and I went to Korea last week during the hightened NKorea nuke threat. People here at home thought I was nuts but there was no tension in SKorea at all. We had a fabulous time eating, drinking (well, me drinking) shopping and molesting posters of idols, making our own drama tours and watching some indie musicians. Was Daebak! <3
            Been watching hours of the Boston Bombers coverage, so tired. Hope anyone out that way, or anyone with family or friends out that way are ok.

          • Korazy Lady

            Hi Pillowhead! Loved seeing the pics with the “stars” in SK. If they had been real, I’m sure you and Enz could have snagged a few. I’m surprised you didn’t both come home with a cute Korean in your back pockets (or did you?)

          • enz

            korazy, we wish. I even asked about piggyback rides when we went on the night dining tour and then, WE had to explain what THAT was !! ( I was having knee pain and wondered if they would give me a piggyback ride). I thnk even RL in korea is different from
            their dramas. shocking 🙂

          • Pillowhead

            Hey thanks Korazy! We did lurk around but Enz is right. Real Korea is like RL, not all flowerboys. LOL. and yeah.. we had to explain the piggyback. but the cutie at the food walking tour knew right away. Remember Enz, the guy that first met with us for the intro but didn’t join us. He craked up right away when u asked for a piggyback ride.

          • Enz

            He was the cutest. I was so hoping he was our tour guide but I looked so bad that night. Oh, but that’s how girls get their guys in dramas right?? Haha

          • Korazy Lady

            You mean all the men there don’t look like the ones we see in the dramas? Lol. You two could write your own about two women finding love and hijinks while visiting Seoul. I’d watch it!

          • Pillowhead

            lol.. Enz would have to write it cause I’d be too excieted and it would be illegible. 😀 Started reading your WAMLs recaps. OMO, soo funny, and the gifs are freaking awesome!

          • Waiting

            Absolutely! I’d love to read that travel blog!

    • 1.10 Manin

      Oh, Oh is “Drama Go Go GO”? I started watching ep 1 and then dissertation and real like took over. Is it worth to watch?

      • 1.10.1 Shukmeister

        It’s not bad. It’s like a combination of “King of Drama” and “ToGetHer”, so you’ve got the meta elements and the cute relationships. Jiro Wang still hasn’t figured out how to keep his lips together, but I like the idea of three suitors to the usual Main Lead / Second Lead

        Basically she has the option of a way younger, a same ager, or a way older guy. And she’s a ditz to boot. 😉

        • Manin

          Yeah the premis is making me curious. I must say Jiro Wangs’s (in my opinion from watching some of his past dramas) overacting is what kept me from continuing it. Though I suppose it gets better once you get into the promise?

          The main character seemed pretty good though 🙂

          • Shukmeister

            I think he would improve if he just stop being a mouth-breather.

          • jomo

            I love Jiro and all his overacting mouth breathing.
            There is something just, really awwww, about him.
            Plus I love his pop songs.
            I have memorized his latest album and I don’t speak a word of chinese.

          • Korazy Lady

            Oh No! Another JIS-like mouth breather? Stop the spread of halitosis now!

          • Manin

            Shukmeister: Yeah could be. I’ll definitivel give the drama another try, pluss I need to watch more Taiwanese/Chinese dramas to start getting a feeling for mandarin as I’m going to China for a year. Any other good dramas to recommend?

            Jomo: Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy! I liked him well enough in the taiwan version of hana kimi. But sometimes I just find his overacting a bit much. Like it takes me a time getting used to it in a way.

          • rainerust

            Hmm its been a while since I last commented on OT but since you are asking for TW drama recommendations I couldn’t help but leap out

            – Autumn’s Concerto – a melodrama romance that involves amnesia, a child out of wedlock, lots of (surprisingly nice?) second leads. I watched mainly for the actress and the kid – they were cute. Oh…but the lead (Vaness Wu) can’t act. Still he’s pretty good eye candy 😉
            – Black & White – an action drama involving two cops of different temperaments which was surprisingly watchable haha just check your brains at the door…

            Those were the two that stood out in recent years for me but there are others you might want to consider (no idea what you like so am just going to suggest titles that have been popular):
            – When Love Walked In – by Victoria (of kpop group f(x) fame), Calvin +Fahrenheit) and Zhou Mi (Super Junior M). Was watchable for about 12 episodes after which I quickly got tired of the scheming and over thinking in the show which never translated to action. But who knows – some people like it?
            – The Queen of SOP – I like the main actress here but again never got past more than half the drama because I got tired of the plodding plot..
            – Skip Beat – HAHA this one I actually finished but I hesitate to recommend it as a drama of good taste because its so ridiculous. ..I did like the manga-feel of the drama though and thought they managed to stay pretty close to the real manga plot enough that I wasnt supremely unhappy with their portrayal. Skip Beat just happens to be a fave manga of mine so…
            – Endless Love – I quite liked the heroine in this one although the main lead deserved a few slaps. Kinda entertaining as to how dramatic it got though…

            I think those are a few you can start off with…if you need more suggestions just say so and maybe tell me what genre you like and I’m sure I can come up with some 😉

          • Manin

            Rainrust: Thank you for the list! Haha I’ve actually watched most of those! Besides Endless Love, Love Walked in and Black and White :p

            I know what you mean about tiring of the plotter in Queen of SOP though! But I made it through, although with plenty of fast forwarding :p

            Skip Beat I liked though I find it more watchable after the first 4 episodes or so (ones she actually gets into the LME):p I liked at I’ve read of the manga, but am so behind! Agree that portrayal of the characters fit it quite well though.

            Think I started Black and White a long time ago though but never made it through the first episode. Might give it another try though!

    • 1.11 Serena B

      Yes for Spring on the East Coast! It was long overdue. Did you happen to get a chance to see the cherry blossoms in DC?

      • 1.11.1 Shukmeister

        Serena B –

        I actually live in southern Virginia. I would guess they are probably peaking in DC now. Our sakura blossoms weren’t quite open for our Japanese Spring festival two weeks ago.

    • 1.12 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I googled “When A Man Loves JoAnne” and got the Problematic of the Unprogmatic blog. Is that the WAML Recaps you were discussing?

      • 1.12.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        All you NINE fans, don’t miss Jomo & EE’s recaps. Just search for Jomo’s Findings on wordpress.

        • JoAnne

          Yep! They are doing a great job, and everybody, really: Nine is the best thing going right now. Do not miss out on this show!

          • Korazy Lady

            OMG – you are famous! Hilarious

          • Ennayra

            Thanks for mentioning this link! Nine is my crack drama right now, and I missed having a place to talk about it since there are no recaps on dramabeans.

        • Jambo

          Thanks for the tip! I was wondering if anyone was recapping it. It’s really pretty good. It’s a shame it’s not being recapped in DB.

      • 1.12.2 Enz

        Yes Julia . You got the right blog

      • 1.12.3 JoAnne


        • kakashi

          “When a Man Loves JoAnne” –> the sequel

          • Shukmeister


          • Enz

            Oops I missed that!!


          • JoAnne

            So sad, too bad, Enz. Even the internet knows.


    • 1.13 dramabliss

      I yet have to read your recaps of WAML but boy! Am I so happy that someone is doing it. Thanks, Shukie and team!

      • 1.13.1 Shukmeister

        Thank you, dramabliss!

        Yes, I think the show is deserving of more love! The first 5 ‘squeecaps’ are posted, btw

  2. danava

    I’m kind of caught between watching Gu Family Book and Jang Ok Jeong. I haven’t started watching any of them and I don’t have the time and energy to watch both.

    Jang Ok Jeong vs Gu Family Book

    Which one is better and why?

    • 2.1 lemondoodle

      You are going to start a fight with that question.

      They aren’t really very comparable despite both being sageuk dramas so it’s really hard to say which is better. Sorry, I’m no help. Just pick the one with the actors you like better.

    • 2.2 JoAnne

      Both had interesting starts and are arresting to SEE – color, style, etc.

      Gu’s got magic, JOJ doesn’t. At least not so far.

      I think it’ll play out this way: romance in both, melo in both.

      Gu will have more action, but the fight scenes are reminiscent of Faith, honestly. It will probably also have more funny stuff.

      JOJ obviously will be more political intrigue, and so far it’s kind of interesting how the titular bad girl ain’t bad at all. There’s some fun to be had so far but I’m not sure how long that can last, given the subject matter.

      And of course, in both, their loves were fated, complete with childhood meet cutes which both couples conveniently forget until necessary.

      Oh, and it was pretty amazing how we all lost our freaking MINDS over AppaHo/GumiHot/GumiDad Choi Jin Hyuk – who has, after all, been around for a while. But ohhh, never so handsomely. That man rocked a pony tail like nobody’s business.

      • 2.2.1 tweetie

        I almost wish AppaHo/GumiHot/GumiDad was the main character. He had the Charisma of Mufasa and now we are watching little simba….

        • Korazy Lady

          Love your analogy. I wish the dad was the main character, too, altho I haven’t seen enough of LSG to judge. Those episodes are for tonight’s watching.

        • lemondoodle

          But Simba was cool. Mufassa as a main character would have been boring. I love daddy, but he was a bit too perfect to be a main character.

        • Ann

          Me too! He was many-hot, and his son is puppy-cute.

          • Ann

            duh, manly.

          • JoAnne

            Never fear, Ann, he reduced me to very fractured English as well. I am pretty sure I pointed at the screen and strangled out ‘Many hot! Many hot!’ as I drooled.

          • Korazy Lady

            Me wants many-more-hot-like-him!

    • 2.3 KimYoonmi

      Gu Family Book, is shiny, but it’s predictable. Which isn’t so bad, just means that if you’ve had a hard day, your brain can take a break with this story. (You really have to be close to brain dead to not get what the plot is supposed to be in the first 2 episodes. And though it’s cruel, the plot really has nothing new to it, despite the shiny.) If you’ve never watched a sageuk, ever, then this might be a good introduction to the subgenre… mostly because it’s an easy watch and hits all of the tropes (Including make the guy super evil with rape, which really does a disservice overall, but I’m talking politics now). (Though I’d prefer people to start with Dae Jang Geum, I understand that the learning curve is high)

      Jang Ok Jeong is pretty, but kinda a bit too precious for itself I would say. Didn’t inspire me to watch it.

      Neither really inspires thought or great plot twists. In one, you already know the outcome, in the other it gives you the road map to all of the plot in the first 2 episodes, which is confirmed in episodes 3-4.

      If you want a sageuk, barnone, Gu Am Heo Joon is somewhere between, fun to watch, doesn’t inspire thought and unpredictable. It is promising to go long, but the pacing is much faster than the previous 2. (120 episodes, but it goes by fast.)

      If you just simply want a drama with some politics in it, then All About My Romance would be a better fit overall. It’s not exactly unpredictable, but it isn’t predictable enough that I miss a few minutes and I figure what’s the point anyway?

      Predictable plots, BTW, aren’t bad, as long as they don’t pretend that it isn’t. They are good for when you want to put in zero effort into thinking–and I have those moments too.

      So what is your taste? What is your mood?

      • 2.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        I’m watching Gu Am Heo Joon as well. Liking it. Waiting for Mandate of Heaven. And trying to catch up on Cruel Flowers. You are so right about Ok Jang’s preciousness. I am still gonna try to watch episode 2 and 3. To give it a chance. But…

      • 2.3.2 yukiNYC

        I’m watchng Gu because of its pedigree, Secret Garden and Dalja’s Spring. So far, neither one of them has delivered.

        The Korean TV rating for JOJ tell’s me to skip it but then it might be fabulous for non-Koreans

        • lemondoodle

          JOJ is making beloved historical icons into villains and a historical villain into a woobie. Might be why some in SK aren’t liking it.

          • Carole McDonnell

            That’s why i’m not too keen on it either.

    • 2.4 Betsy Hp

      I’m going to jump in as a JOJ fan, since it’s not gotten a lot of love in the thread. (Not to knock Gu Family Book — it’s a fun, popcorn drama thus far, with hissable villains and earnestly good heroes and a cool mythical stage for them to play on.)

      But if you’re in the mood for romance, JOJ is all over the romance. But without sacrificing the intelligence of the main leads (they both have some major goals they’re trying to achieve and love is not on their agendas).

      Plus, it’s got some incredible palace-intrigue going on with a whole slew of villains with strong, driving motivators pushing them to achieve their goals, which conflict with the goals of the leads. So chess-games galore.

      Plus, plus — the ladies are all playing very important roles, thinking for themselves and not tearing into each other in vicious jealous rages as I’d feared based on the premise. (I love, for example, that In-hyun is shown to be such a good and principled person, despite her daddy. She and Ok-jang have had some lovely, lovely scenes that underlines their different approaches to life and love, but doesn’t undercut either woman.)

      And then there’s the costumes. If you like sageuk’s for the costumes you must watch JOJ — the costumes are just gorgeous.

      I’m watching both GFB and JOJ, but if I had to choose I wouldn’t blink. JOJ all the way. 🙂

      • 2.4.1 ilikemangos

        Yes.yes.yes. Totally agree with you Betsy Hip.
        JOJ is totally underrated and needs more lovin’. I tend to for some reason always love the dramas with lesser ratings that totally surprise me (in a good way). It reminds me of the battle of K2H and Rooftop prince last year when originally rooftop prince seemed more popular, K2H owned my heart with its romance and its intrigue.
        The romance is just seriously wow for JOJ, and i’ve really got it hand it to YAI because his gaze is just mesmerizing.
        KTH is doing her job. Not the best, but not the worst either. For now, her acting is not something that distracts me from the beautiful story/ost/cinematography. I dont get where all the bashing on her is coming from when there isn’t as much bashing on suzy.
        I like how JOJ has a rather diverse cast, each with their own time to shine. You’ve got a trio on both sides with three guys falling for one girl, and three girls falling for one guy. Not as complicated as it sounds. You’ve got Prince dongpyung who is funny, goofy, and outright charming. You’ve got Chi Soo, the daddy long legs of our heroine. And our crown prince, who is smart, refined, and oozing sex appeal. And of course on the girls’ side, you got a sassy, strong, and passionate heroine competing with in hyun who is graceful, noble, and beautiful. Let’s not forget In Kyung, the clumsy, shy, and love-struck gal. Seldom do I find myself actually caring for our side characters to get more screen presence, but each character seems very promising and interconnected with one another that I’m looking forward to seeing how these relationships play out…
        I am hooked.

        • Betsy Hp

          People are bashing Kim Tae-hee? Why?!? She’s doing just fine. She’s adorably nerdy whenever there’s a fabric project to be done, and wonderfully fluttery when Prince Lee Soon crosses her path, and admirably strong when her Uncle comes a calling. (Though also a little terrified. As any smart person would be if they’re not Lord Min and Uncle Jang pops by.)

          She’s shared the screen with some really, really good actors and hasn’t embarrassed herself at all — catching the balls thrown at her and throwing them back — and she’s held the screen on her own and delivered the feelings her character is experiencing. I see nothing wrong with what she’s done thus far. I like her character and I’m terrified for her (and also hopeful) and that means, imo, that KTH is doing her job.

          (Suzy’s in a different acting place and I think her part has been written well for her to handle — earnest, straightforward, not a lot of complexity to get across.)

          • Cynthia

            You nailed it!
            Good comment.

      • 2.4.2 Kimberly

        I’m loving JOJ as well! My favorite thing is one that you’ve mentioned – the intelligence of the main leads. In particular, I’m absolutely in love with the Crown Prince. Finally we have a hero who is principled, keen, and ready to take action against the baddies from the start.

      • 2.4.3 Shaista Melora

        JOJ is my new crack!!! Strong storyline plus backstory and the characters. Especially Yoo Ah In is a swoon-worthy! Didn’t have a slight hope that DB will recap it but thanks to Koala’s Playground I understand this whole story.

      • 2.4.4 korfan

        I was initially a bit intrigued about JOJ when I heard about it, but then, …… I read Jae Hee was going to be in it.

        I’m still trying to forget the wooden stiffness that was Jae Hee in his portrayal of Park Changhee in May Queen. Gosh, it was sooooo not good. I’m not sure I can watch him again, so soon after MQ.

        I realize though, that I shouldn’t rush to judgement on this, especially when so many others are participating in this production. Who knows, I just might give it chance.

  3. MariD

    I need sleep! Just wanted to say Hi to you all! The crazy stuff happening last night keep me awake since 2 am. Be back! Hope everyone is safe!

    • 3.1 MariD

      I’m back!!. As soon as I post this I’m running to Starbucks, cause I’m dying for a iced caramel macchiato.
      I’m here to rave about my two loves.
      -You’re the best Lee soon Shin; I have posted everywhere that I’m completely smitten with this show. Soon Shin & Jun Ho have my heart right now (and they are not a couple yet, I can only imagine how much spazzing ill do once they are). I spend most of the week just watching episode 11 & 12 whenever I had free time. I also luv The bread man, poor guy he is just never going to look cool in front of 1st sister. I can’t wait till we actually get to see Soon shin go on auditions & people start to appreciate her. Ok.. I’ll stop I could talk about this show forever…
      -Incarnation of Money: it’s almost over!! This show created some very interesting characters. I hated most of them, but I always waited with baited breath to see what they do next. Se-Kwan & Lee Cha-Don were so equally matched. It was very interesting to see how they will trick & outsmart each other. My only problem with this show is that Boss Bok’s illness progress too quickly. She was one seriously cool lady, her fight were Angelina were a hoot. I’m going to miss you show, but now I’m contemplating watching “Giant” since I been told its the same style.
      I’m also slowly watching….
      OHYI: goodness is show bad, yet I can’t stay away. I don’t care for any of the side stories, I hate the Ex-husband (even if he is hilarious,who dresses this guy?). In episode 27 or 28 when the crazy sister is walking into the lake, I was actually cheering her on. Then proceeded to curse “Sunbae” showed up to rescue her. Sigh* lastly Chae-Won.. I have a feeling she’s going to b the character that finally makes me hate Eugene.
      -Gu family book: I’m still holding judgement on. I like it so far, but I’m not in luv with it. Give me more hot bodyguard and I’ll probably change my mind quickly.
      -Yamato Nadeshiko shichi Henge, where can I find this boarding house?? Love it! Decided to read the Manga because of it.
      -Brown sugar Macchiato: cuteness overload.. Not sure if I’m going to finish it.
      -Down with Love: I love Ella Chen and her goofy cow lick. Don’t kill me but why do people think Jerry Yan is hot??
      – Tou Xin Da Sheng P.S nan… P.S. man.. Where was Lan Zheng Long all my life? I’m bored to tears but will continue on just to look at him.
      Lastly I finally watch 2 movies that I been dying to see..
      -Bokura ga ita: talk about never ever ever getting over your first love. Nanami.. Wow.. Girl can hold on. Haven’t seen the second part or read the manga, so please NO SPOILERS!!
      -My Sassy Girl: words cannot describe how much I love this movie. I never seen either of the actors but now I want to watch everything they been in. The scene were they wear their school uniforms and go party still makes laugh. Sorry this was soo long..

      • 3.1.1 Shukmeister

        Jerry Yan – it’s the lips. fyi. 😉

        • JoAnne

          Hips, you mean? The hips, because yes. And the shoulders. And the hair. And the jawline. And yes, even that g-d deer in the headlights I haven’t got two brain cells to rub together expression usually on his face. He’s just PURTY and I want to pet him.

          • MariD

            Maybe it’s my Mike He obsess brain that does not let me appreciate other Taiwan men beauty?

        • MariD

          Great now Im going to be starting at his lips for the rest of the episodes!

      • 3.1.2 DayDreamer

        Whoah, they made a Bokura Ga Ita drama? Or are you just talking about the two part movie?

        • DayDreamer

          Nevermind…I read your post too quickly…didn’t see the word “movie” in it. Sorry. Got excited for no reason.

        • MariD

          Movie 🙂

      • 3.1.3 Carole McDonnell

        I’ve got to watch My Sassy Girl. It’s such a classic and i still haven’t seen it.

        So you’re still holding up and watching 100 years? Ah, woman!!! You are a stalwart! I’m waiting for the last four episodes. Then i’ll dive in. Although it would be good to see sister trying to kill herself. Is that the sister with the weird lipstick?

        • MariD

          The ex husbands sister. The one that is obsess with our male lead.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Wow!!! She tried to kill herself? Who knew she had such sensitivity? I gather things weren’t going her way. Or was it a ploy to make him pity…pity turning to love?

            I was wondering why heroine’s aunt would want to kill herslef. I am so behind.

          • MariD

            Spoilers ahead**** ( thanks to River Song, the word Spoilers will never be pronounce without her voice)
            Yes… Things were not going her way. Anyhow it worked because by the end of the episode she got engage… Sigh* male lead is an idiot! A very good looking idiot but still an idiot.

          • Carole McDonnell

            ::loooooooooong exasperated sigh::

            Seriously? He’s engaged to her????

            What is the benefit of marrying someone who truly does not love you? Why are these women so adamant about getting the guy they want? How can they ever live in peace knowing the guy never really wanted to marry them?

        • MEK

          omg that girl joori in that show talks like her teeth are brand new in her mouth…i cant stand her – and someone said it earlier – this might be the show that would make me hate Eugene…

    • 3.2 JoAnne

      Are you in Boston suburbs, Mari?

      • 3.2.1 JoAnne

        never mind, you’re not. I was trying to think what else was going on. I came up with lots of stuff. It’s just that THAT was first.

        • MariD

          Thankfully no.. But I live with a person that does not sleep ( my brother) he was awake watching the news. Then he proceeded to IM with stupid questions.. So I gave up on sleep since it ran alway from me..

  4. Schmazel

    Something embarrassing happened to me this week:

    I keep my KDrama addiction under wraps so no one really knows how into it I really am. When I was in class this week and wanted to do a listening activity with my students (I’m a teacher), I accidentally played one of my (very) many OSTs on my PC, instead of the intended audio. I quickly minimised the window and tried not to blush. I’m not sure how successful I was at that! Lol.

    How has your week been? Any interesting stories to share? 😀

    • 4.1 Shukmeister

      I got a free shot of Fuji sake at a local Korean restaurant when I managed to stammer “Hello” and pronounce “bibimbap” correctly. 😉

    • 4.2 melo.boy

      haha .. even I try hard to hide my kdrama addiction from my friends and family..
      I have to bury my hard disk full of kds in my closet!
      and then I have secret folder in my fone for my OST playlist.! [I hand over my phone o NO ONE]


      • 4.2.1 owl

        melo.boy, funny. I don’t always remember who I have mentioned kdramas too (just a select few). Once I forgot I talked about kdramas with friends (a couple) and I hadn’t seen them for about 6 months. When we met up and were sitting around catching up, i mentioned THE SAME kdramas to them (because they said, “Oh, you told us about them last time). Embarrassed.

    • 4.3 kakashi

      Hello Schmazel
      Good luck with keeping your KDrama addiction under wraps … I think that’s damn difficult. I also try to keep different identities (i.e. have two seperate Twitter accounts), but it is NOT easy. KDrama has a way of sneaking into the other life :))

      • 4.3.1 MariD

        Soo true. I made a comment on FB about Twitter. My friend who Im always talking to ask if he could follow me. My Twitter account recently change into my Kdrama obsess side. I had such a hard time trying to explain to him, why he did not want to follow me. I ended our conversation with “all I do is talk about Taylor Lautner and how hot he is! .. That conversation ended then.. Lol..

    • 4.4 MariD

      How do you manage to keep your secret? Everyone around me know, and thinks I’m weird. But I have always been weird so I’m ok with it.

      • 4.4.1 skelly

        Same here. My kids seem to find it charmingly endearing.

        • JoAnne

          Yeah, my daughter sort of pats me on the head and considers it a cute quirk. Plus, once she tells her friends I’m into Korean Dramas and that I can at least recognize the names of certain manga/love Asian horror movies, HER cool quotient goes up because mine does, as a mom who does more than golf and drink.

          For the record, I don’t golf. and I don’t often drink. But when I do, I enjoy it thoroughly. Don’t I, Jomo?

          • jomo

            Me, neither, like NEVER, but at the DB Meetup, we could have been trying out for National Soju Shot Team.

          • Shukmeister


          • JoAnne

            I didn’t really drink there, though. Just a shot or two.

    • 4.5 Korazy Lady

      It would have been awesome if someone in your class would have recognized the OST! I have long given up on hiding my addiction, but then again, most people who know me think I’m a little quirky anyways.

    • 4.6 lemondoodle

      Aw. I’m sure nobody noticed. Though I didn’t know you are supposed to hide your kdrama obsessions. I used to watch anime (which I hid) and moved on to kdramas so now I feel more open and adult. I feel I need to reevaluate that now though…

      Anyway ,who knows, maybe there are other secret kdrama fans around you that now think you are awesome but are too shy to say so.

    • 4.7 DayDreamer

      LOL! It would’ve been funny if another Kdrama addict heard it in your class but was too much of a closeted addict so he/she didn’t approach you, heehee. It’s something I definitely would do, I think. Just this other day, I saw someone in the library openly watching a kdrama that I recognized. I was elated but didn’t dare to approach. I keep my obsession to myself, lol.

    • 4.8 Schmazel

      Hello all! It was nice reading your stories. Well, I keep my KDrama addiction a secret from the outside world but not my family. I even managed to convert my brother. He asks me for recommendations for light, funny shows. My sister watches on and off – the is a chronic fast forwarder. 😀

      I myself am not too sure exactly why I keep don’t tell anyone about it. I think I like having a little secret to myself – like having a secret super hero identity. Am I even making sense? Lol.

      I don’t think anyone managed to listen to enough of the song to recognise it – adrenalin kicked in and I stopped everything within 5 seconds. Talk super power. Haiyak!

      • 4.8.1 Schmazel

        LOL, the typos. Ahem.

        “My sister watches on and off – *SHE is a chronic fast forwarder.”

        “I myself am not too sure exactly why *I DON’T tell anyone about it.”

  5. myweithisway

    SoCal Beanies!

    I’m arranging a meetup in LA in May. Head over to the Meetup page for SoCal for the google doc sign up sheet!


    • 5.1 Shukmeister

      myweithisway –

      Noo! You have to arrange a Virginia one first!! lol Sounds like awsomesauce. It’s gonna be great, I’m sure.

      • 5.1.1 myweithisway

        I’ll do one for VA/DC when I’m back in the fall =P

        • Shukmeister

          [wild hand clapping] yay!!

    • 5.2 Korazy Lady

      May?? Darn, that is too soon for me to make plans! Are JB and GF coming? I travel so much but am always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. Aiya

    Yay! I made it to OT just in time! 🙂 Hey fellow beanies!

  7. cmrprindle's phone

    Anyeong chingus.
    All prayers thoughts & concerns go out to Boston at the moment, & the teams trying to catch the suspected bomber. :-\
    Otherwise, how is everyone?

    • 7.1 Shukmeister

      cmrprindle –

      It’s an ugly ugly thing, and I pray for all the victims and their families, and I hope they capture and stop the suspects.

      • 7.1.1 kakashi

        had to think of you and your RL, Shukie, when I followed the chase on Twitter this morning

        • Shukmeister

          Yeah, it’s rarely a dull moment in my life, and even work has been scary cray-cray.

          But it does make me appreciate the slower parts of my life!

          • kakashi

            and some abs.
            Wait … aren’t you the one that said – I think it was on here? – you were not really into choco abs??!!!
            I just remember that now!

          • Shukmeister

            I like a man’s shoulders and back muscles the most, although I’m appreciative of all things beautiful (oceanside sunsets, kittens and yarn, Hand Towel…)

          • Enz

            Shukie, me too!! I love back muscles too. Although with Hand Towel, I am seriously worried that he is neglecting his lower limb exercises in favourite of his upper body ones. I’m afraid he will topple over one day from having to support too much muscles at the top!

          • JoAnne

            I believe I offered this elsewhere, Enz, but it bears repeating:

            I volunteer to lie down in front of Oppa, so that he has somewhere soft to land.

          • Enz

            JoAnne, I haven’t gone back to see that. Ok, what say he lands on you and I get on HIS back to protect him from the harsh winds etc.? Can you see his back muscles just trying to break free from his shirt some times?? *fans self*

  8. Belle3005

    How was your week beanies? Greetings from Malaysia folks! 😀

    • 8.1 Shukmeister

      Selamat, Belle!

      • 8.1.1 Belle3005

        Hiyaaa Shukie! How’s your week? 😀 Any drama that you’re particularly taken by at the moment? Where are you from? :3

        • Shukmeister

          Maaf, Belle –

          I missed your post in the rush of the weekend.
          Right now, only WAML is in my radar, although I am looking at several others.

          I live in the States on the East Coast.

    • 8.2 Enz

      Hi belle :). Did you guys have the Malaysian meet too?

      • 8.2.1 Belle3005

        Sadly nahhh,it didn’t work out. Apparently everyone was either too busy or perhaps they weren’t as enthusiastic about the event. Either way,I’m trying to work things out by asking interested parties to drop their Skype(on the thread)/Whatsapp contacts(through email) if they’d like a group chat of sorts. You interested? HOW WAS THE KOREA TRIP? Do fill me in with the details heheheh I’d love to hear more about it from you. 😀

  9. KimYoonmi

    This Week: New J-drama season has started. Since it’s the summer edition, that means ghost story time. (Japanese lore has it that ghosts are in the summer because it will “cool” you off.)

    Cultural Notes for this week: Kimchi (the family kind, and no, not the drama(s) named after various types of Kimchi)

    Heirs (and other dramas that have not aired)

    Probably will not make me popular… but I tend to hate unjustified prejudice. I’m going full Ajoomma for this.

    You cannot inherit opinions or the crown of K-drama Ruler above them all to unite them when the drama isn’t even written and no one has seen it. (Even the director)

    I’ll tell you honestly this: Ya! Yeoreoboon. Whatcha thinking? Seriously? I’m snickering. The drama has a clunky title that the writer isn’t even sure of, the required 4 scripts aren’t even written, the character desciptions aren’t out yet, it’s going into live shooting which means on the fly rewrites, there has been no collective press conference for the drama, the script reading hasn’t been done, the promo isn’t out yet, and why are people judging so hard again?

    Can we call this ridiculous yet? Or do I get to snicker for another week at Early Judgment Syndrome. (Honestly, I also snicker at people addressing actors/writers who speak Korean in English on Dramabeans like they will actually read it. I wonder if they actually think they will read it? =P Lacks reality, just a little…)

    An artist is in a flux of always improving and surprising you. ‘Cause I’ve been wrong about say, Seong Yu Ri, who sucked until Hong Gil Dong. (Which is about when she realized it’s the emotions, not the lines that matter–her words, not mine.)

    Be a little realistic and fair. Wait til you watch it before doing the grandstanding opinions about what sucks about it.

    Great minds think alike.
    Great minds think for themselves, even when people disagree.
    Tesla, Einstein, Hypatia. Buddha. Even freaking Dae Jang Geum.
    People less genius comfort themselves by saying they had the same idea anyway. (Edison, I’m looking at you~ You thief. In sageuk, he’d get punished.)
    Definitely OK if you disagree with the above. I like thinking people.

    Thus ends this Ajoomma session.

    Gu Family Book (No serious spoilers, unless you were sleeping.)

    More I watch this show, the more feeling I get of Muism off of it. From the wind spirits, the witnessing, and so on.

    It has pretty and good actors and a good soundtrack, but I have to admit that I’ve figured out a lot of the basic plot already and that makes me put my brain into coma mode. Pretty does not make up for predictable stories.

    (For example, the Kang Chi love story will have a repeat of his parents as a large part of the story. The kicking out in Episode 3, means that his benefactor, Park (Bak, for those hardcore 1 to 1 transliteration fans) will be hit hard.) Because the plot is predictable without layers, I find myself half watching it. But then, it’s probably the fault of the show below this.

    Nine (Spoiler coded)
    It was awesomeness. I’m not sure if I can put that awesomeness into words. I broke down and watched the raw then did an episode summary on Soompi. It was that awesome.

    It was so awesome that I didn’t miss the majority of the Korean spoken. (My Korean seriously fluxes… –;;)

    The playground, the rain, the jilted part with forgetting the umbrella and the Preview for Episode 12. Which floored me, especially the appearance of past SW in the preview and the last line.

    I wonder if I’m makjang immune since I haven’t cried yet, but I’m dissecting this drama like crazy since it makes my heart race at 70 miles an hour… If I get a heart attack, you’ll know why.

    Episode 12 was like a cool down as they did a lot of rehashing of the previous plot. I know I should expect this in K-drama land where ajoomma in real life watch clean linoleum floors while watching their dramas, but I can’t help but feel a little tinge of disappointment. I did like the two twists, such as the present in the box left by younger SW, and the whole scene connected to the restaurant, but I’m hoping the slowing down doesn’t mean they are running out of plot… (Also did a summary for 12).

    All About my Romance (no spoilers)

    The stats on the suicide turn out to be pretty accurate. As late as 2007, according to the World Health Organization, there was a high rate of suicide compared to those getting treatment.

    The drama is still a back burner drama for me, though.

    Gu Heo Am Joon
    I really, really like this drama. I’m saying each episode that it seems so fast for so many episodes and why couldn’t Horse Doctor do that? It’s clear the writer knows what they are talking about, or at least can fake it well.

    You’re the Best Lee Soon Sin

    The Baker, he’s a REAL dork. ’cause he realizes his mistake and then feels bad about it, but at the same time he keeps moving forward and doesn’t front it with arrogance. THAT is a dork. I know because while I felt bad for him and I was smiling to myself, I felt a pang of attraction for the character.

    I *do* very much like the Sister’s love stories.

    This week though, I definitely skipped the mother’s scenes with the makjang birth secret. Yeah, yeah, I get it already–but I wish that the discovery wasn’t half so slow since the viewer already figured it out from episode 1. I dislike birth secrets to milk for makjang.

    Hwasin (coded spoilers)
    First half was OK, but I was cracking up after the obligatory makjang like crazy. He is indeed so innocent. And the noonchi was flying like crazy.

    I did feel uncomfortable with the idea that Pretty women are “evil” and forward women “must be players”. I squirmed in my feminist stance at that. (South Korea has a ways to go).

    And I’m feeling love for Kyeongsang saturi again. =P I sometimes slip into it without thinking. (I still have trouble with double consonants, which I was told is a symptom. =P) (Listen carefully to the inflection, though the Pusan people are weaklings compared to my hometown’s saturi. (well one of two… the other one is in Jeolla).)

    Last Cinderella
    I’ll nickname this: If you thought you were immune to the female gaze and you’re a straight female, you’re wrong.

    OK, fangirling aside (SMEXY!!! <3 )

    The is pretty well written, with feminist tones to it that I like. It kinda has a Hotaru no Hikari thing going for it and I don't think she'll change "for the man" but naturally change over time. It's pretty forward thinking for Japan, though the whole thing about "turning into a man" is a bit iffy. May be a cultural belief, but still puts me on edge just a little from a personal POV. (I withhold for a culture as a whole and can separate the two…)

    Did I mention that the men are hot???

    On one hand the friend is obviously into her, talking about her when she's not there, but often talks in mysogynistic terms, on the other it's kinda clear that Hiroto is paid/put up to it…

    It has the actress from God of the Workplace, Japanese. Mentions sex and has a few choice, scenes that are tasteful. Not for preteens…

    Watching until the end.

    Vampire Heaven

    I have a prejudice against Vampires that’s really irrational. So, skipping…. I tried a bit of the first episode. Really, really prejudiced. (I also disliked the count on Sesame Street as a Kid, especially torturing sheep. ^.~)

    Tsuma wa Kunoichi

    It’s surprisingly sweet, and slow. The type of thing you’d watch on a summer night. It has very subtle humor and some good set up. I’ll probably watch more of this.

    Otenki Onee-san
    Will watch on back burner to the end. I like the mix of weather, mystery, odd humor, slight paranormal feel.

    Detarame Hero
    I can’t stand the character (though I like the actor) of the main hero. =P It’s a bit too painful for me to watch. This isn’t to say it won’t be up other people’s allies, but I really, really dislike seeing child abuse being made out the way it was in the drama. Yeah, people can say I’m overreacting, but considering that I’ve sat through some pretty horrible characters reforming, I just couldn’t stomach this one. Ditch list, mostly for personal reasons.

    Itazura na Kiss
    Waaaa~ Moving so fast. And in contradiction to the manga in pacing. I can understand WHY, but at the same time it’s swallowing some of the feel. And I’m a fan of Tada-sensei’s ability in this field. I said this last week though.

    35-year Old Student (35 sai no koukousei)

    I think I’m in love. <3 Watching to the end. Edgy, exciting, addresses issues, but doesn't lecture. First episode was good, though the psychology was a little shaky in places. (But, seriously, ignore the nerd).

    So, summary, top shows: Running Man, Nine, Heo Am Joon, Last Cinderella, Tsuma wa Kunoichi 35-year old Student Second ranking, Lee Soon Sin. Rest go into back burner if I said I'd watch them.

    Kimchi (Family clans AKA Bongwan…)

    The three questions you’ll be asked in Korea besides your name if you’re Korean are:
    “Where are you from?” 어디서 오셨어요?

    “What is your age/What year were you born in?” 올해가 몇 년도에 태어 났어요?

    “Which Kimchi are you?” 무슨김치 이에요?

    The third one is usually if you are say, “Lee” and the other person is “Lee” and then they are trying to figure out you are related. This prevents you accidentally marrying your own clan.

    Surnames have origin stories and with them are the break down of clans. So the largest clan, kimhae Kim (location first, surname second.) is not the same “kimchi” as “Uiseong”, “Gyeongju”, “Nagan”, “Andong”, “Gwangju”, “Yaseong” and “Hamchang” Kims.

    This means if you meet someone of the same Kimchi, for a long, long time that also meant you could not marry them legally. (This changed in 1997, but with some restrictions. As long as they are not related within 3 generations and you register only on certain years (I think every three) It’s legal.) Before then, it was considered mild incest to do that.

    You can sometimes figure out how related you are from the other person’s name AND how many generations away you are. Parents will break up their children from the same clan, especially the smaller clans. One of my Korean teachers said since his clan is small, he’d definitely break it up.

    Gimhae Kim being large, doesn’t have the same restrictions within the clan. Though my parents and grandparents couldn’t get married… ^^;; Meaning I’m a result of a taboo. About everyone I know in Korea is related to a Kimhae Kim. So it’s kinda unavoidable at a certain point. 4 million people. The largest clan in Korea overall.

    I always thought this was great Makjang material. But I guess it’s still too taboo to touch v. cousins. <– making a jab at 90 Days, Time to Love. Though paternal cousin marriage, historically has been more frowned on than maternal… (inside and outside of Korea)

    And no, I'm not sure which Kimchi the North Korean dictator family is from. I'm hoping I'm not related. XD

    That given, most naming is done through registers and there is quite a bit of evidence for people suddenly changing their surname if it suited them. So you wouldn't be 100% sure without genetic survey.

    • 9.1 MariD

      I love reading your cultural references.

    • 9.2 KimYoonmi

      Museun Kimchi ieyo? =P kaktugi kimchi ieyo. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      • 9.2.1 JoAnne

        since I retain…

        Mul kimchi ieyo

    • 9.3 Korazy Lady

      Wow, I am seriously in awe of how many dramas you watch each week. I’m watching 5 right now and can barely keep up, especially when they are on different days but the subs all seem to come out close to the same time.

      I’m enjoying You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin. I actually really like Yoo In-A’s character, who some find so annoying. She’s a no-nonsense girl, the only one in the family who has been out making a living, and as a middle child is more vocal about the inequity of things. She says what she thinks, although tactlessly, and she honestly thinks she knows what’s best for her and her family. I think it will be very interesting to see how her emotions betray her in her love life.

      • 9.3.1 KimYoonmi

        I eat and watch dramas… =P dramas are better than having a man around.. well sometimes.

        • yukiNYC


    • 9.4 Lemona

      Wooaa, never thought that the Kimchi of clans is really a serious thing! What an insight into the culture.

      An interesting read. ^^

    • 9.5 Carole McDonnell

      Not sure what you mean by “break up their children from the same clan.” Do you mean parents would break up their children’s romances if the kids happen to be from the same clan?”

      And “One of my teachers said since his kimchi is clan, he’d definitely break it up?” <– not understanding.

      Re: Tsuma wa Kunoichi — I'll try it.

      Otenki Onee-san — might try this as well.

      Detarame Hero <– i'm totally unable to see kids suffering so from what you say i won't be watching this.

      Itazura na Kiss — not inclined to see this.

      35-year Old Student (35 sai no koukousei) <– might try this.

      • 9.5.1 KimYoonmi

        So if my Korean teacher discovered that his child was dating someone from the same clan, he’d get in there an break up the romance. In Korea dating someone from the same clan, especially small ones is kind of considered mild incest.

        It’s less severe than kissing cousins, but it’s still considered taboo.

        Tsuma wa Kunoichi is probably the best fit for you out of that list. It has a kick butt heroine, and a kind of sweet man. (The man knows he’s gotten betrayed, yet still wants to find his wife, whom he still loves–which is in the description. However, I never get the feeling he’s stupid or naive about the relationship. i.e. going blind.) The tone also fits other dramas you’ve reported watching.

        35 Year Old Student probably would be my next guess for high likelihood for something you like… has a strong heroine (mentally) and a nice twist on the school politics.

        I get it that you’re watching Last Cinderella. =P Miura for the win???

    • 9.6 Momoi

      I’m still trying to catch up on my anime, so some dramas this season I haven’t even started.

      I have, however, started last Cinderella. Only started it because of Haruma but I’m really liking the story, humor, and the lead actress (who I think Rainbow’s Jaekyung kind of resembles).

      The plot sounded so silly at first, but I’m enjoying the first 2 episodes.

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    Happy Friday, fellow Beanies. Now, onto dramaland…

    Incarnation of Money—the end is nearing. Here’s to hoping the show will go out with a bang.

    Nine Times Travel— This drama is sheer awesomeness!! The writers know what they’re doing and won’t stop short of firing all cylinders. I just can’t stop thinking about what will happen next and sincerely pray to all dramagods that Monday comes at the speed of light.

    You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin—Love the adorable-ness of the main leads and their blossoming relationship. Finally, a drama with an interesting romance and actual chemistry!! Baker Ajhusshi is also soooo cute. I feel sad, though, that mom is going through melo times so I just fast-forward her scenes; I have plenty of sad stuff happening in other dramas…here, I only want cute romances.

    I Summon You, Gold—Sat down for only 1 episode (to see my sexy vampire oppa) but ended up watching all 4. Basically, I was hooked. The storyline is surprisingly engaging and the idea of a double role didn’t annoy me as I thought it would from premise alone. Han Ji-Hye played the two roles well enough that I could distinguish between them even when the characters were dressed alike. Other good points: 1) the hero’s dysfunctional family and back history are very interesting; 2) good chemistry between main leads; 3) hero’s not a jerk and heroine (poor version) is not screechy all the time and actually listens before acting up.

    Also, to fill up my Lee Junk Ki quota, I finally watched The King and the Clown. I’ll admit, I was actually scared to watch this because I knew Oppa was blatantly feminine here and I didn’t want this role to create a crack in my love towards him, lol. So I braced myself and plunged right into it. The verdict? I probably love Oppa even more. 😉 He acted very well as the prettiest looking boy in history (wait, was that even acting?) and was so innocent, demure, sweet, and naïve as Gong-pil that it made me want to smack the king for getting too creepy with him. The storyline was also intriguing and despite the kookiness of the king, I found him fascinating as well. So yeah…..I’m proud of Oppa for taking on such a role that can be very off-putting and doing an excellent job with it. Now, it’s finally time that I tackle Time Between Dog and Wolf….

    I also took up an oldie: Giant. I heard a lot of good reviews on it but watched Incarnation of Money instead because of the shorter length. However, since that one was more disappointing than anything, I figured I’d give Giant a try to let the same writer-director duo redeem themselves. So far, I’m loving it so much. The childhood story of the separated siblings was superbly done, making me a blubbering mess at the loss they faced in such a short time. I’m also loving the adult cast. Ironically, I didn’t like Park Sang Min and Hwang Jung Eum in Incarnation of Money, but I love them in Giant. Sang-min is certainly suited for shady good guy roles than villains and Jung-eum is much prettier with longer hair and non-hair-covered forehead. She also happens to have a better written character. Oh, and talk about the villain!! I can’t believe this is the same guy who played the adorable, mentally handicapped dad in Can You Hear My Heart. So mind boggling. Anyways, I definitely recommend this to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. It’s 60 episodes (the reason why I was hesitant to watch it) but trust me, the story is VERY engaging that time just flies by and you won’t realize you finished like 10 episodes in a day. *coughlikemecough* Normally, in long dramas, I tend to fast-forward a lot but here I’d rather not miss a single scene. It’s that good.

    • 10.1 kakashi

      Hello Daydreamer!
      so, I Summon You, Gold is watchable?! That’s good to hear! I really didn’t dare touch it 🙂 I’ll give it a try then when I have time.
      And King and the Clown: just wow. That’s such a good and SAD movie. Time Between Dog and Wolf: Loved it. It feels a bit “old” nowadays (and many of the themes/tropes have since become standard) but it’s still a very good drama. Joongi ist simply awesome in it. I SO hope he is taking on that Shanghai drama he has been offered!!

      • 10.1.1 JoAnne

        LOVED The King and the Clown. So beautiful. So sad. So very, very sad.

        • Korazy Lady

          hmmm, I think someone is in that that I want to watch. But it’s on my endless list of things to get around to someday.

      • 10.1.2 DayDreamer

        Yes, I Summon You Gold is definitely watchable. You should give the first 4 episodes a try (because the first two weren’t anything spectacular or great) and then decide if you want to continue. I ended up liking it despite my reservations so who know, maybe you will too. 🙂

        Once I finish Giant, I will surely watch TBDAW.

    • 10.2 KimYoonmi

      I thought I’d be the only one to fast forward Mom’s scenes in You’re the Best Lee Soon Sin…

      Our tastes seem to match up.

      • 10.2.1 Manin

        You are not the only one! I fast forward those scenes as well. Find the other story lines much more interesting to watch, especially the main couple.

    • 10.3 owl

      Dadreamer – Yes, i agree with you on ISYG. We even get insight into the kdrama title. I like the 2 roles are pulled off as well.

      Anyway, ditto.

  11. 11 kakashi

    Hello Beanies!
    Wow, long time no OT for me … yeah, RL is to blame, — and a somewhat continuing drama slump. I don’t manage to get into anything these days … I’m mildly interested in Nine (have seen one episode so far) and will probably start on one or both of the Mon/Tue sageuks. Then, I am really looking forward to Mandate of Heaven and to TEN2 (hope it’s subbed soon / viki gets the licence!).
    But I’ve been disappointed by so many dramas these last few months, I remain weary. Eyeing everything with suspicion even.
    Take care!

    • 11.1 KimYoonmi

      Nine would be top billing, unpredictable, but you kinda have to pay attention to a few details here and there. Won’t disappoint, but the story gets going a bit late) (at least for me)

      I’d also submit to you that Last Cinderella probably is up your ally (J-drama). Decent storyline (so far) and lots of male pretty that even I, can’t deny. (I usually ignore pretty.)

      • 11.1.1 kakashi

        thanks, KimYoonmi! I have, however, not allowed myself to venture into J-drama territory yet. I fear I’d lose control over my life completely if I opened that delicious cookie box as well … that’s why I’ve been sticking to KDrama for three years … (though I admit that I am getting a little bit tired of them. or at least more demanding)

        • yukiNYC

          I also recommend NINE.

  12. 12 JoAnne

    Good Morning, My Wondrous Beans!

    What a busy week it’s been! I can barely keep straight what I’m watching!

    I continue to adore Nine – every week the story takes a turn you just don’t expect. Well, I just don’t expect. It’s SO NOT WHAT YOU MIGHT EXPECT. Go watch it. I’m not just saying this for Lee Jin Wook. With the exception of the Contractually Required Comically Evil Bad Doer, I love every single character with all their flaws and foibles. I love that it’s not just our hero who’s working to make things change, now. Those wonderful 90s boys just get me right HERE (points at heart.) I love that our heroine (at first so cookie-cutter ditzy) turns out to be one sharp, feisty little cookie who loves her man and goes for it. I LOVE Awesome Dr. Han. My heart hurts for the tragically weak hyung who still manages to put family first when it counts. I cannot wait to see what happens next. CAN NOT WAIT.

    You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin. Things are starting to settle out now and I like where this is going. I like it a lot. The pace is very different from what I’m used to, and it’s a good break. There’s opportunities for each character to have their moments, and right now I’m feeling like the actors are doing a great job bringing life to these people.

    Jang Ok Jung – really pretty. Clever visual touches – the slow motion dance in the midst of the village fight? That kind of thing. I’ve only seen 2 episodes, but so far, so good. It’s not at the top of my list but I’ll keep watching. Yay for YAI! Yay for Uncle Prince – I love Lawyer Park so much with his sweet face.

    Gu Family – also enjoyable so far. It’s hilarious to me that Suzy’s fight scenes look way better than Seung Gi’s. Joon is a puzzlement.

    Saw 2 episodes of Last Cinderella. The second episode wasn’t subbed. I didn’t even really notice, and I probably won’t wait for subs anymore anyway. DEFINITELY not watching this for the dialogue or the story. *purrs* Miuuuuuuuuuura….

    Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo – this will always always always be one of my favorite story lines and I will eventually watch all the versions. So far, I like this pair a lot. She’s got back bone, and he is doing stiff/awkward/cold without being a robot. Plus it’s Japanese so we’re getting all the good stuff pretty fast. I refuse to believe that guy is 26, though.

    OPPA TIME. Well. What can I say? A cute gangster in love will ALWAYS win my heart. This show has flaws? Who really gives a crap, honestly. The story is entertaining so far – I recognize they’re giving us mega doses of adorable right now so they can slam us with PAIN! ANGUISH! BETRAYAL! REVENGE! In the weeks to come, but I’m easy like that. The squee caps we’re doing over at Kakashi’s blog are a blast to knock out, and if the show gets all serious and angst-y and I have reason to make even more affectionate fun of Oppa, I’m ok with that, too.

    There’s so much else I need to check out…

    No, I don’t like Psy’s new song. I think it’s derivative (especially the video) and surprisingly, after all that attention, to me it just looks like he phoned it in. And yet everyone is going nuts. Oh well. I do like that song on Gu Family though, Love Hurts. There was some other new stuff this week I think. I didn’t listen a lot…I was sick early on and then I was trying to catch up at work after that. Lots of phone calls mean no time for headphones.

    • 12.1 kakashi

      Hello 🙂

      • 12.1.1 JoAnne

        Hello 🙂

    • 12.2 cv

      Hi Joanne!

      I actually like psy’s new song… If u don’t think too much into it. ;p

      • 12.2.1 kakashi

        yup, I like it too. especially the toilet humor.

      • 12.2.2 JoAnne

        I think I’m just disappointed that he didn’t follow up with something that would be less kitschy. I was hoping he’d do something else, and that Gangnam Style would bring in viewers and give him more of an opportunity showcase range. Instead, he pandered.

        • DayDreamer

          Maybe he feels it’s better safe than sorry?

        • Korazy Lady

          I’m with you on that. It’s just a little too similar. And I am not a fan of toilet humor, even tho it’s universal.

      • 12.2.3 shiku

        I actually like the song too! I especially love his facial expression when he is doing the dance. I’m sure if he took a longer time he would have come out with a better song but it’s fine for me.

    • 12.3 JoAnne

      Oh, oh, oh! I forgot to mention Jay Park and Joah! LOVE. For so many reasons. You go, you cute boy.

      • 12.3.1 MariD

        Can I fangirl with you!! He is soo adorable! How I wish I been into Kpop back when he was in 2pm. I was watching Idol army? They were so cute and awkward together. It’s also rather true, that he was the most talented out of all of them. Anyhow, I love the video, the song has been on replay on my phone since Sunday & I want to visit Seattle now….

        • skelly

          MariD, it’s just as well you weren’t into kpop when Jay was still with 2PM; I was in the midst of the mess when the whole thing went south and I can never look at kpop in the same way again. I don’t hate it, there isn’t enough room in my life for that, but I am certainly cynical and jaded about the business and feel a mixture of pity for the participants and disdain for the amazing lack of artistic ability in many of them.
          As for Jay, I thought his story was a great example of what happens when an artist collides with the manufacturing business and publicity mill that is kpop.

          • MariD

            Mmmm. I only know what I read in Wiki. So I gather we said something that got taken out of content right? Neticizens were angered ( like they always are!) then his company kick him off the group? Poor kid! I’m glad that his talent is still shining on. He is adorable, tattoos and all.

          • skelly

            I don’t know him, but I knew people who did, and he is a sweet kid, if not the sharpest pencil in the pack. The way his bandmates turned or were turned against him was too cruel to watch, and I felt, very, very sorry for some hard-core fans who had their world literally crash around them.

          • JoAnne

            There was a bit of an element of racism in that whole situation, as well, if I interpret it correctly. Jay Park is a Korean raised here in the US, and there appears to have been culture clash in both directions.

            I can’t remember what the word is for a Korean raised outside of Korea, but I know that persons born there tend to look a bit side-ways at the behavior of people raised in other countries, no matter how ‘Korean’ their pedigree.

            I also think that perhaps at that time there weren’t quite so MANY American-born Koreans in KPop, but I really don’t know. I wasn’t around – I just know there’s a lot of them NOW.

            There. I think I’ve prefaced this with enough clues to the fact that this is my observation and considered opinion…not gospel…in case anyone goes nuts.

          • RockPaperScissors

            Joanne, I believe it is gyopo – I may not have the spelling right.

          • skelly

            JoAnne, racism might have had something to do with it, but not really as much as you think. He just put a foot WAY out of line, for some people. Yet Taecyeon, his bandmate, is almost as American, and he gets nothing but love from everyone (don’t ask me why, but there it is). Taecyeon, though, is clever enough to keep any American opinions and behavior well hidden. In other words, I think it is OK to be gyopo, as long as you fit in the Korean culture completely. Jay just couldn’t, which is why, I think, JYP had to turn him loose as a bad investment.

    • 12.4 KimYoonmi

      @Last Cinderella

      I’m hardcore on good stories, but I forgot that somewhere halfway in between this drama and started fan girling. Had to snap myself out of it. OMG. HAWT.

      • 12.4.1 Jo

        I was fangirling so hard watching Last Cinderella. Dat ass. *o*

  13. 13 cv

    Happy OT all! 🙂

    Started watching the new batches of jdorama that just came out. Bad with names but do remember yae no sakura and geon? Hunter. I’m really liking YNS and GH is interesting for a first ep.

    Kdramas: have not started anything new. Am keeping track by recaps is Lee Soon and IOM- so far so good. I’ve been hearing good things about Gu Family and JOJ but nothing is sticking out for me. Add to my long list of to watch when its done airing.

    Other news: waiting to who akdong musician to pick an agency! I would like then to yg even tho people say they don’t match yg style but I think they would fit in just fine if u consider all the artists, they are all unique and very talented. Whomever thet pick hope will help them grow and nurture their awesome singing n song writing talent.
    Good luck to them!

    Anything good in Tdrama? I have not seen or heard a good yet.

    • 13.1 Shukmeister

      Hey cv!!

      The only one I’m regularly watching is Drama GoGoGo, as the WITHS2 subtitles become available. It’s kind of fluffy and cute.

      I’m about 3 episodes into Stand In Princess (aka King Flower). I like it, but I haven’t been obsessed with watching it.

      I could not get through the first epis of Because Of You, and Scent Of Love, probably because I was watching TWTWB and that pegged my makjang-meter.

      • 13.1.1 cv

        Hi shukie!
        I’ve been thinking of continuing Gogogo. I stopped at ep 3 or 4 but haven’t gotten back to it. Just didn’t hook me in ya know?
        King flower… Saw mixed reviews. Don’t know if I want to start this one. Read the plotline and didn’t care much for it. I have to like the storyline to want to watch. Oh well, I’ll wait until the next few dramas come out.

        • Nutella

          Sorry for butting in randomly, but if you guys are looking for TW-Dramas, you ought to check out Borrow Your Love.. I’ve only watched 5 episodes, but it’s surprisingly good ^u^ *runs away shyly*

          • Shukmeister

            Nutella –

            I don’t think I’ve heard of it. What’s the plot?

          • Nutella

            Hmm.. it’s about two sworn sisters, who think they have no parents, but actually one of their mum’s is a Chaebol mama, but she is cold-blooded. Meanwhile, there are two hot guys, with dark pasts, both working under Chaebol mama… One girl and one guy, Xie Ping An and Ye Chen, pretended to be a couple in order to hook up their friends (the other two). However, the mismatched duo find themselves attracted to one another instead. Comedy, terminal illness of evil-ish people, birth secrets and squee-worthy scenes ensue. A virtual voyage is actually doing recaps of it, if you’re interested ^u^

          • Hillary

            viki has it subbed up to episode 7

          • Shukmeister

            Thanks guys! I’ll look it up for later viewing!!!

        • skelly

          I’ve been watching King Flower/Substitute Princess, but I have fallen for Terry and can’t stand to watch everyone be mean to him.

    • 13.2 Korazy Lady

      Hi cv! I’m really enjoying Kdramas right now. Maybe because most are in the earlier stages -once they get midway, things usually start to decline.

      Hope spring has finally found you out there! BTW, did you do anything with your hair yet?

      • 13.2.1 cv

        Hi KL!
        Hehe yea, by halfway mark, u either like n continue or hate n stop watching.
        RL keeps getting in the way so not as much time to watch. Maybe I’ll have more time this summer. ;p

        Spring? Here? Ha! Unlikely. It snowed lightly this morning. Still in the 30s. Probably won’t be warm until Mayish.

        I did get my hair color burgundy, cut and layered. Head feels lighter now with shoulder lenght then before.

        • Korazy Lady

          Oh, Oh! I want pictures. Maybe you can DM me on Twitter.

          Sorry about the weather. Buying a house in Florida was almost a necessity for my health. I had that seasonal depression so badly, but I don’t think it was from lack of light. As an artist, I think it was from lack of color. Here in PA the winter is gray with gray skies and gray trees and if there’s snow, it’s gray snow. I came to this conclusion because at Christmas, with all the lights and colors, I was OK, but after that, even though the days were longer, I hated looking outside and would get depressed.

          Oh yeah, that, and I hate the cold!

    • 13.3 owl

      I am smitten by akdong musician. If they go with yg, then at least they are surrounded by Bib Bang, tablo and other talent. I don’t want their freshness and folk originalality (for lack of a better term) to be spoiled. Although they are super cute and can be very trendy too – but with uniqueness. They will be big and in a good way!!

      • 13.3.1 cv

        I think yg is good for them. All the different artists there, yg papa hasn’t changed any of them. Beside that, they’ve got some of the best producers n composers: Teddy, choice, tablo, gd.
        If they do pick yg, they would fit right in. But that’s just me wanting them with yg family. :p

      • 13.3.2 Pillowhead

        oh I love Akdong! So cute. and completely agree they should go with YG. all my favorite artist r there. Just recently fell in love with Talbo and EpikHigh! and of course GD and BigBang r there. Block B should move there too.

      • 13.3.3 KimYoonmi

        I’d personally go with SM… mostly because YG destroyed them twice over (Deflated their confidence). SM got them back on game. JYP, just harped on the same issues, but SM tackled a variety of things. But that may be because BoA is that awesome as a producer.

        It’s not the company one keeps, it’s how they are able to manage and improve you. SM was pretty awesome throughout the entire thing. If I was young and picking between companies, I’d think SM was the one to watch. My second choice from the show would be JYP…

        • Pillowhead

          wow Kim, u know a lot about the show. lol. I’ve only seen the youtube clips of them singing. Which artist are with SM?

          • KimYoonmi

            MILD SPOILERS

            BoA (She was once with YG, since there are references on the show about her getting discovered by Whatshisname in the YG chair)

            DBSK, Kangta, Jessica, H.O.T, Super Junior (I cheat, though since I used google, though I was only confirming on Super Junior).

            SM wanted to sign PSY, but failed. PSY started his own instead.

            JYP would be my second choice because Rain said that at JYP on Strong Heart, they raise their artists and sometimes struggle with them, so it may take years for you to get to debut level, but they still work to get you there.

            YG on the show really failed. There was that one clean sweep where all their talent failed. (And the guy lacked noonchi. OMG, he couldn’t tell Akdong didn’t want to play this one song, but he told them to go with it anyway… and then all their confidence got sucked out. They did well in practice, but on stage, they didn’t do well.) The second week with them, they still didn’t do well under YG. YG even went over to SM to study up on producing… ^^;; (The guy doing the producing left it up to his talent, which is the week they failed. Then the next week, OMG, he took over and still everyone was nervous and still didn’t do well.)

            Then SM picked them up the following week. And they kicked butt again. YG spent most of the show in chagrin.

            SM, however, kicked butt on the show. Which is why BoA got a special award, I think.

            BoA focused on looks, technique, what would fit the artists, got feedback from the artists and gave them homework to work through. Even when they didn’t do their best, she still complimented them on improving on the points she gave them. She has a kind of warm motherly air with the artists she worked with. It’s like “Eat My Dust”.

            JYP was only about technique. (relaxed shoulders, no nasal singing), etc. I like his precision and focus on the music, but he didn’t seem to think about the package… and that bugs me.

            YG was a mess. He even admitted it.

            You can watch it with subs on DC. But seriously, If BoA can’t ever sing again, she’d make a fantastic producer. (But I like BoA’s songs anyway)

  14. 14 OMG

    Hello guys….things have been super busy lately since 2nd year is now wrapping up so tons of studying to do for end-of-year exams but I just wanted to give u guys an update as to what’s been up in my Kdrama world….the one vice I can’t seem to give up even during exams! Ahaha!

    Started watching Glass Mask and I just couldn’t…….I stopped after episode 10. I couldn’t take it anymore…..maybe its cause of the slow pacing cause it’s a daily drama or cause d shit the main girl was taking was too much and she was just putting up with it…I dunno but I couldn’t keep watching. But I needs to know how it ends and so I have been reading the recaps on the Soompi Forums…ayaye for nice people in the world! And I am sooooo glad that I didn’t not watch it cause shit did not turn out the way I wished it would have…no spoilers for those who plan to watch it though I would say don’t waste ur time….I don’t know what’s up with Kdrama writers….why can’t they make a good revenge drama! The way it ended was a totally p**** ending! I mean really guys….don’t make the heroine go thru so much shit and have her revenge be totally weak!!!!! UGH…….revenge is always sweeter than justice! I did go back to watch clips of my two main leads romancing it up though that was weak as well!

    UGH…waiting for IRIS II to be over….i don’t even know what’s up with that drama anymore. I don’t know why certain things happen or why people are doing certain things…..m just watching it to be done and over with….I have this problem of not being able to quit a drama cold turkey…I needs to finish it or at least know what happened!

    Since all the new dramas this year have disappointed me when they had me hooked with such amazing beginning episodes *coughFlower Boy Next Doorcough**coughThat Winter, the Wind Blowscough*, I have decided to wait it out for Gu Family Book and Heaven’s Mandate….when that starts airing. Also Viki doesn’t YET have the license for Special Affairs Team Ten Season 2 which I am highly disappointed about and hoping they get it soon, cause nothing beats watching Kdramas on Viki with user comments, and the fact that the new Viki website needs to work itself out, I have decided to watch some of the older kdramas on my list.

    Soooo right now I am watching Delightful Girl Choon Hyang…..and I am SOOOOO in love with this drama! This drama is crack for me right now which is not good seeing as I have important exams coming up…!!! I have always loved all the Hong Sisters dramas that I have watched…Big is not one of those luckily….and I love this one just as much. It has something that’s missing in most of the “rom-coms” out there right now! I am only up to episode 6 and here are my thoughts so far…*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* Jae Hee’s character is such an immature brat. U can’t have the best of both worlds brah….u can’t like and date ur nuna then get jealous that boys and men are hitting on Choon Hyang …since u like and are currently date ur nuna….U CANT HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDs BOY! Choon Hyang is such a sweet little girl and I like that she didn’t cling to the guy, she made a decision to leave and she stuck with it…even when Mong-Ryong was still pestering her about his sadness over her leaving!! Now to the second leads….Chae Rin – I want u do die!…okies not really but I would like u to have witness some mobster thing, get into witness protection, and disappear! Mong-Ryong is an idiot for letting her manipulate him like that….but he’s a guy so I can let that slide….haha, but the fact that u have to resort to such petty things to get ur “man” whenever Choon hyang is there is quite ridiculous and quite low for u……n when she lied to Mong-Ryong and told him that Choon hyang gave her permission for them to be together…BITCH PLEASE….I wanted to reach into the drama n punch her face! I can’t wait to see ur ass get handed to u! Byun Hak-Do….my respect…n therefore me rooting for u, just as u were about to give me second-lead syndrome….for u disappeared in episode 4 when u removed Choon Hyang’s scholarship when u saw her with Mong-Ryong, DRUNK Mong-Ryong…..what was she supposed to do, ditch him…. Also where do these kdrama men read that stalking is seen as a sign of love…..SIGH! Then u shower her with ur love and resort to petty things like inviting her to a date then inviting bitch and Mong-Ryong to the same place as u guys, is quite low! But having read the legend on which this drama is based on, I know ur supposed to be a dick so m bearing with it…for now!
    SIDENOTE – I don’t get whats up with Kdrama second lead males – when they get rejected, they are all like oh wait, think about what ur doing, I won’t accept ur no/I can’t listen to ur no right now, get back to me later…like WTF? Then they get mad when they see them with the main lead guy….m like DUDE, she rejected u, remember????!?!?!?!?!?! As u can tell, im obviously very attached to this drama and I can’t wait to see what happens next! M gonna have to find a way to pace myself thru this drama!

    That’s all for me right now…How’s everyone else?

    • 14.1 MariD

      Delightful girl, I love that one!!! Even if I still don’t get why they had to get married. I’m in 100% agreement with you I hated the ex girlfriend sooooo much!
      Have you watched “My girl”?

      • 14.1.1 KimYoonmi


        It was the scandal of being found together, making their parents flip out… IIRC

        For the ending it’s kinda obvious, so I’m guessing on initially.

      • 14.1.2 OMG

        no i havent watched my girl yet….don’t know if i should wait a bit cause i went back and read the one DGCH recap and many people said they watched both back to back and ended up liking the one they watched first better….n i want to like both equally! ahahahaha

        • Nutella

          Omg.. I remember making fun of my older cousins when they were watching DGCH.. until I got hooked TT_TT

          For some reason, DGCH and Sweet 18 always went hand-in-hand for me… probably because I watched them at around the same time, and they had arranged-ish marriage as a theme ^~^

        • RockPaperScissors

          I like that the two leads in Delightful Girl have cameos in My Girl. I watched these two dramas out of order so I didn’t get it at first.

    • 14.2 Shukmeister


      Long time no see. I, took, like DGCH. It’s the first KDrama I saw with Uhm-force in it, and, for all it’s simple story, I think the actors did a good job. It also now has that nostalgic feel (I think it was produced in 2005?) but I’m glad you like it!

      • 14.2.1 OMG

        yea it does but the story hooked me! I dont get why the Hong Sisters dont make more dramas like this where the comedy is pretty slapstick and the romance is also good!!! All cylinders are firing equally….i dont feel the rom more than the com…they are on equal footing which i think is lacking in the more recent Hong Sister dramas!

    • 14.3 Korazy Lady

      Hi OMG! GOod luck with your end of the year stuff.

      I’ve started 5 new dramas and am afraid of the same falling into blahness or downright awfulness that happened with the ones you mentioned. Queen of Ambition certainly went there, altho semi-redeemed itself at the end.

      And yes, I get your question about the second leads. Wake up and smell the coffee, guys. You ain’t never gonna get the girl!

    • 14.4 cv

      Hi omg!

      Delightful girl was not bad. It was cute. ^^

      How’s school going?

    • 14.5 OMG

      School’s winding up so things are getting crazy….operating on very little sleep…but its all good!!!

  15. 15 Newbie

    Nine – Yep, still the best show around. 😀 (Did anyone else notice Lee Jin-wook’s bouncy ears? He’s got lots of rudimentary muscles and they move all the time. Hilarious! Could become a great drinking game: Drink when his ears move. 건배! Geon-bae!)

    Cruel Palace – Not my cup of tea. Too many old, scheming men, too many uninteresting side stories, no believable heroine, only slight interest in the upcoming battle between the ex-lovers.

    When A Man Loves – To my utter surprise I’m going to stick with this one. Not for the actresses, who I don’t like at all, or their characters (both unappealing, yet Mi-do being a badass, courageous girl repeatedly fighting with gangsters in ep 1, but in ep 5 being almost traumatized over a little fist fight. WUT?!), or the plot, or the second lead, but solely for Kim Seung-oh (my favorite villain in Ahjussi/Man from Nowhere) and Song Seung-heon. It is the first time I enjoy watching Song Seung-heon! I’m shocked myself! His part is totally stupid (a 39 years old ex-gangster, who knows next to nothing about women or dating and still misses his mama), but it is so trashy and bad it’s funny again. 😀

    Gu Family Book – Decided to not check it out. Read some negative recap about the first two eps and that killed it for me. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next, hopefully bigger, project of Choi Jin-hyeok. *sigh*

    All About My Romance – Switched it off after about ten minutes. Nuff said.

    Dad, where are we going? – After reading about all the hype I started to check it out and totally get how someone can become addicted to the cuteness of the kids and the helplessness and puzzlement of the dads watching their offspring. Love it!

    • 15.1 Shukmeister

      Newbie –

      Yay!! Another #WAML convert! Come on aboard!! lol

      • 15.1.1 Newbie

        Thank you. It is addictive like chocolate. Bad for you, but oh so yummy, isn’t it?

        • Shae

          Very addictive, I ve watched each episode twice and the last 5 mins of episode 6, well lets definitely more than twice

    • 15.2 Carole McDonnell

      Try to give Gu Family Book a chance. I really was annoyed with the first episodes but am liking it at episodes 3 and 4.

      Of course, i totally agree with you about Cruel Palace. But I am gonna force myself to check it out for a couple more episodes. The main heroines, perkiness is a bit too “here she is, your heroine, in your face” kinda thing …but am trying my best to see if there’s anything good in it. Am not liking King Injo but I’ll accept that kings were like that back in the day.

      • 15.2.1 Newbie

        Hm, my resolve weakens…

        Cruel Palace – I think I’ll ff to the scenes with Jeon Tae-soo only. But the sageuks I’ll be watching now are Deep Rooted Tree and Queen Seon Duk.

    • 15.3 Pillowhead

      wah! Newbie… try Gu Family. it’s the cutest drama ever made. I love it! but I’m a huge family or MGIAG and Arang, and it’s a mesh of the two.

      • 15.3.1 Newbie

        I loved Arang. OTOH I never watched more than probably 15 minutes of MGIAG. Hm…. ottoke?

        • Pillowhead

          ya! give MGIAG more that 15 minutes. lol. but Gu is more like Arang than MGIAG. 😀

      • 15.3.2 Pillowhead

        yikes. i was trying to say” huge fan of…”, when i wrote “but I’m a huge family or MGIAG and Arang” but u understood anyway.

        • Korazy Lady

          haha – we all understand the excitement to comment faux pas!

          • Pillowhead

            lol.. im always excieted and it shows. 😀

    • 15.4 Hillary

      In defense of All About My Romance, it is getting much better. I have to admit I love stories in which it is obvious that the guy has fallen first and has to persuade the girl. The first half of the first episode was very boring … I agree … but the last half and the episodes that have since aired have been great. And there are quite a few moments when I laugh out loud … and that is before I even see the subtitles. And there is an intensity to Shin Ha Kyun when he portrays a man in love … not bad for an ahjusshi … not bad at all.

      • 15.4.1 merry

        So true about feeling good when it is the man portrayed more as having fallin’ first and the denial or wooing that comes along. Might stick to it. Can’t help thinking though how it must be with real life for the lead actress who is on a real relationship with Lee Byung Hun, which i take to be almost as the same generation as the current lead actor for this drama. I like to think that she is holding up well on her own and not totally swamped by such a big big personality. Or maybe he might be a dork. but nah, he’s had law suit filed against him for breach of contract. anyway, here’s hoping for more rom times on Everything about relationships or All about Romance.

  16. 16 tweetie

    Hi everyone!! I am loving the book of the house of Gu, great so far, I normally wait till the show has finished airing, but the recaps were so good for the first two episodes that I have been forced onto watching them as they air.

    I also wanted to go back to my Jdorama roots and have decided to watch Last Cinderella, typical funny and very sexy Jdrama with hot guys mmmmmm. One of the better ones since Rich Man Poor Woman which was awesome. Also watching 35 year old highschool girl, which feels like its treading old ground so far, but is never the less interesting. I also recently caught up with the Japanese version of Queen of the classroom. It was one of the best Jdorama’s I have seen would definitely recommend that.

    Just so happy to have found stuff I like after a draught cause I couldn’t get into anything last season.

  17. 17 owl

    Hi,hi! *waving both hands* This was a great drama viewing week \/

    When a Man’s in Love – wasn’t there a lot of big time making fun of th e posters for this drama? (Me too.) But I love the ganster/CEO/ganster-ness of it all. And the too close for comfort Tae Sang/Jae Hee office triangle which I didn’t think was going to be so triangle-y.

    *My fav pronunciation: “opter shay-buh” (after shave)
    *My fav quote: “What were you in your previous life?”
    “Your sword. You killed a lot of people using me.
    You’re paying for your sins now.”
    *Best episode ending – Mi Do pulls the ring out of her
    blouse on a chain around her neck to show Tae
    Sang – YES!

    *Question: HOW are Chang Hee and Jae Hee brothers? jal-modala-du-gesoyo. I can’t make it work in my head. Chang Hee in suit – hot (but I wish he wasn’t so dumb), and Jae Hee is okay, but too Stanford boyish and meh for my taste.

    Totally marathoned You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin in record time – I love how IU scoffs at Joon-ho who super deserves it. I love the generational story, especially of the mother and 3 daughters. And the sideline hotties, thank you for that! – Bakerman, café owner, doctor, and cute man secretary!

    I Summon You, Gold – not bad.
    Gu Family Book – The trio (Suzy, Seunggi, and JW dubbed by jb) total gah!

    Last Cinderella – omg omg omg Hiroto omg omg omg love this, laugh out loud, hilarious and dazzling, so drawn it by this Cinderella story, must watch!

    Got my happy hit on Monday with Siakou no Rikon ep 8: I love that the conversations are how I imagine them, if not how they are in RL.

    Sugarless (9&10) My sugar(less) babies! Shiiba is so dumb he’s smart. He fights like hell, to his detriment every time, but his words caused the ultimate fight on the school (and I use the term school loosely) rooftop. Domination is established. But, why are gang hangouts always so crappy?

    Bad Boys J – *clapping hands happily with big smile*

    Joke: What’s kdrama for pink eye? IRISVirus 

    I feel drama satisfied this week and got very little done in RL!

    • 17.1 Shukmeister

      owl –


      Not everyone is completely caught up with the shows you are watching, so I would politely ask that you put an alert if you are talking specific scenes.

      I am glad you are watching WAML, which, in my opinion needs more love.


      • 17.1.1 owl

        Oops. I usually remember to do that! Just forgot as I was typing…sorry!

        • Shukmeister

          No worries (I had already watched) 8)

          • owl

            *spoiiler* And I was just about to give up on Mi Do. Really. But now I’m high5-ing her sly and cool reveal to Tae Sang!

    • 17.2 Korazy Lady

      To see my favorite quote of the week (and one of my favs ever so far) you must check out

      Plus it will turn a lot of you on to the great recaps we’ve been talking about (which I am not writing, so no shameless self promotion here!)

      • 17.2.1 owl

        Ooooo ~ rewatching it with comments – *click like*

  18. 18 Enz

    Hi everyone, happy OT!

    Thanks to all who updated us on the DB meeting last Thursday. It sounded like everyone had a blast and now, we can put some faces to the already familiar names :).

    Pillowhead and I had a little DB meeting of our own in Seoul, no less. We had never met but had been having virtual online chats but our mutual love for kdramas and in particular, QSS ensured that we would get along. We didn’t have concrete plans in Seoul – we just knew we had to eat and shop and stalk. Sadly, we only were successful at the eating and shopping, not so much the stalking. We did get to hongdae to pay homage to the coffee prince cafe and then, to what was Han sung’s house in CP. it’s been converted to a cafe too! It’s way up in the mountains ( I think bukaksan) and has great views of Seoul.

    Drama wise, am following too many! NINE, TBoLSS, WAML and GFB. Am behind on some of them now on account of RL. But hopefully will catch up by this weekend. WAML’s story is starting to frustrate me a lot but am watching it and hearing shukmeister and joAnne alternately snarking and squeeing in my head. Plus, for some reason, I am crushing on SSH behaving so sweetly and cluelessly with the woman. Lord knows why he would want this piece of ice but even in RL there are love stories and couplings that baffle us, I guess. The story and how ridiculous some bits are reminds me of those old romance novels I used to read growing up!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    • 18.1 Shukmeister

      Selamat, Enz!

      I’m glad to see you on OT. I totally miss some of our conversations! But I have lurked into OT and on several threads, and I’m glad you are reading my squee-caps!

      • 18.1.1 Enz

        I’ve not been commenting as much too and been mostly replying to posts. But what is it about WAML? I see ALL the flaws but I can’t help wanting to watch and make sure tae San gets his happiness!

        • JoAnne

          I will personally guarantee Oppa a Happy Ending, how’s that?

          *slinks away, doubled over with giggles.*

          • Enz

            If that is a possibility, I wanna be responsible for his happiness too!!

            *slinks away, doubled over with glee*. Hehehe

          • JoAnne

            *side-eye for Enz*


          • Enz


          • Shukmeister


          • korfan

            I hate to break it to Shukmeister, but, um, you may have quite a long wait in that dressing room …… HT is going to be late, very late ….. mark my words ……*giggle*

          • Shukmeister


        • jomo

          It is strange, but I am finding the story oddly <interesting and whether or not THT is doing the acting thing or just pretending to do the acting thing, he is almost believable.

          I still don’t know how TS becomes a married man as the synopsis describes him…

        • trixicopper

          Not sure what it is, but I have the same problem. 🙂

          All I want from show is for my (our? I’m willing to share) pretty pretty Oppa to have a happy ending! 🙂

  19. 19 manquant

    Hello guys. First time posting in a DB open thread. Mostly just one or two comments since following DB last year. HEHE

    I’m currently watching All About My Romance (Everything About My Relationship). First political romcom I’ve seen, and I must say, it’s really good. If parliament issues scare you, don’t worry, there’s a lot more to this story. I really hope you guys will check this drama out~~ \^^/

    Good thing, (Kim) Jungnan unni [Park Minsook of AGD] was there, or I won’t even give it a chance. But best part is, I enjoy almost every character.

    ALMOST EVERYONE. Shin Hakyun was bloody hilarious, Lee Minjung’s convincing as the impulsive rookie politician and Han Chaeah can be both flirtly cute or plain annoying. Park Heesun’s was among the characters I don’t notice much, mainly because he’s been stoic in the past five episodes. Even the political aides have more life than his character (mianhe if that was harsh or judgmental – maybe soon, jealousy might change him from his too much goody-two-shoes persona). Gong Hyungjin picked the right comeback project, he’s got something interesting going on as a loyalist of the conservative Greater Korean Party (Major Party) and the hoobae of Kim Jungnan, chic and sassy politician who is the sole other member of the progressive Green Justice Party. I really thought these two were there for comedic relief but everyone’s just hilarious – the main leads, these two, the party leaders, the political aides HAHAHAHAHA~

    *Btw, the parties are 170+ versus 110+ versus 2 (SHK’s with the GKP and LMJ’s the party leader of GJP). So you get the idea that aside from the leads, the National Assembly’s filled with ajussis and ajummas conniving against one another. Like an everyday war (see History of a Salaryman) but more childish, I should say. Not really how politicians should act because the whole nation’s welfare is in their hands but basically, that’s how it works. I love how this drama tries its best to stick to reality~

    Gah, honestly, Korean ratings piss me off. It either works wonders (cable dramas) or simply ruin a good piece (example: KOD). And in this case, it’s the latter. Though I don’t see any effects yet (and I do hope I won’t) since up until this episode, they already finished filming even before AAMR starts. Well, partly because of Lee Minjung’s acting in Big or the political theme or the roster of actors that wards the audience away but SBS, imho this is a great piece. Keep up the good work you’ve done so far here. Fighting~! ^^v

    • 19.1 cv

      Hi and welcome to posting on here!

      Hmm… Haven’t seen a political drama since Cityhall which was awesome. I’ll put all about my romance on my to watch list.

    • 19.2 lemondoodle

      Korean rating seem kind of screwy considering the super fast internets they have and the fact they don’t count that people can watch things online. There are a lot of serious flop in the ratings dramas lately it seems. Though maybe it’s always like this and I haven’t paid attention.

      • 19.2.1 manquant

        Thanks for the welcome guys. And yes, they shoul’ve counted the online streams (though not sure how they do that) HAHAHAHA

    • 19.3 Hillary

      Finally, someone else who loves All About My Romance. I thought that I was alone on OT.

  20. 20 shiku

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and the West Texas City plant explosions.

    I love, love, love Cruel Palace. I really like the Crown Princess, such a go-getter, resourceful, hardworking lady who never let’s anything get in her way. She may not be the Crown Prince’s first love but she is perfect for him and understands him fully. I also really like Concubine Jo although I’m side-eyeing her for what she did to Nam Hyuk but it was either her or him. Its his loss for stepping up too late when she had begged him to step up so many times before. Like how can you change the world (abolish the class system) when you haven’t changed the way you think. The new queen is interesting and I think she will be the ultimate victor in this war. All the male characters apart from Nam Hyuk are doing an awesome job. Lee Duk Hwa is awesome as King Injo, Jung So Mo is also good as Kim Ja Jeong. Interesting to see how the former friends will destroy each other. Doesn’t Old Prime Minister have such a magnificent beard? I can’t stop looking at it.

    I am still watching At the End of the World and I’m sad their reduced the number of episodes in this series. I’m only up to episode 3 but I understand more about our ‘typhoid Mary.’ All this time I have been wondering why he isn’t turning himself in so he doesn’t infect other people. I have come to understand he is scarred by his experience on the ship, scared at what his happening and selfish for he doesn’t want to be locked up in a room with doctors poking him everywhere. But I still think he should wear a mask that covers his nose and mouth so he doesn’t kill everyone he comes into contact with.

    I can’t wait for the last 2episodes for Incarnation of Money and I’m sad its ending. Watching Se Gwang and Cha Don go head to head is awesome! Although I wish Boss Bok didn’t have Alzheimer. Although I understand why the writers made her that way for Jae in to step in.

    I started watching Yae No Sakura (my 2nd J-drama after JIN) and I like it so far. It’s the story of the Yae who defended a city during the Boshin war. She is like the Japanese Joan of Arc. I’ve only watched 2 episodes but so far so good.

    I’m also watching Jang Ok Jung (well-thought out villains, YAI mesmerizes me and I love his voice), Gu Family Book (although the villain is getting on my nerves) and Gu Am Heo Jon but I’m several episodes behind. I will probably catch up with these 3 shows soon.

    I finally finished Madame Butterfly and it was okay but there was a time I wanted to throw the writer and some characters out the window starting with Seol Ah, Grandma, Grandpa and first sucky husband. Still haven’t finished Horse Doctor yet, I’m trying to summon my energy to finish it but I can’t seem to.

    • 20.1 Carole McDonnell

      Yae no Sakura? Uhm…i might see that. Thanks.

      • 20.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Aaargh! Dramacrazy doesn’t have the ENG subs yet.

    • 20.2 JoAnne

      Permit me to say that today all Beaners are from Beantown, how’s that?

      • 20.2.1 Shiku

        that’s great!

    • 20.3 cv

      Ya no sukara is good! I’ve watched up to ep 7. Has lots of hearts.

  21. 21 Korazy Lady

    Hello Beaners! I can never get down to the bottom of the comments to say hi because I always stop along the way to comment! But just wanted to say hi to everyone out there.

    Because we have a few runners in our family and I’ve attended many a race, the Boston Marathon bombings really hit hard. That’s why I’m thankful to have a place to come and immerse myself into the fictional world of kdramas and chat with virtual friends world wide! You guys are appreciated!

    • 21.1 Enz

      Hi Korazy :). Good to see you here too. I hope they get whoever was responsible for that awful tragedy. Did you say you were moving house? Ooh stressful. Hope it all goes smoothly.

    • 21.2 kakashi

      hwaiting, Korazy!

  22. 22 Manin

    Happy Friday everyone!

    After years of silent reading I’ve finally mustered up the courage to start positing around a bit :p

    So much have been going on in dramaland it seems.
    Nine continues to be awesome, cannot wait for the next episode, same with “you’re the best Less Soon Shin” so cute!

    On the other hand, how is “Gu family book”? The recaps make it sound awesome and I cannot wait for my dissertation to be done so I can start watching the show! (Though, my dissertation is on mythology so I could watch it and it would be relevant right? right? *shifty eyes* :p )

    • 22.1 Shukmeister

      Hello, Manin, and welcome!

      We always love it when someone stops lurking and starts talking. The more opinions people have, the better idea of the watchability of any given show.

      Feel free to talk about whatever you want, and, absolutely you should count your drama-watching as research!

      • 22.1.1 Manin

        Thank you 🙂 Yeah I’ve been wanting to jump into the discussions for a while and then I.. never get around to it :p

        Haha, I would! If I could get away with it. Not sure Norse mythology and gumihos can be justifiably put together. Hmm.. Would be an interesting topic though :p

        • Shukmeister

          Manin –

          They are both furry, bloodthirsty beings with beautiful redeeming qualities once you get to know them?


          “Furry Creatures As Magic And Gods”

          • Manin

            Haha, mythological creatures would be an interesting topic to do! Could look at gumiho’s and other supernatural creatures around the world and see if the tales hold similarities and why this could be *starts thinking*

            Though I guess it will have to wait, as I don’t think I can quite fit it into my current topic (and with a week left before deadline, I don’t have time for a topic change)

            Definitively an idea for another essay though!

          • Shukmeister

            [holding out hand for royalties] lol

            I bet every culture has their own Grimm’s Fairy Tales, with similar creatures in similar situations.

          • Manin

            Haha if I ever end up writing it I shall try and get in a mention indeed 😉

            Yeah I think so. The Norse have a fascination with wolves, believing that in the end of the world the sun and moon will be swallowed by two wolves (the movement of the sun and moon across the sky is due to being chased by these). And the head god will be killed by a wolf as well.

            Not quite a gumiho, though the apparent fighting rage can be seen in connection to the berserker warriors (who are also referred to as wolf-skin warrior) being blinded by bloodlust, and said to not feel hot or cold, or any pain while fighting.

            Though I suppose you could also put the gumiho in connection with the notion of werewolves..

            Haha, now my brain is starting thinking of all sorts of things! 😛 (also sorry for the sudden mythology rant :p)

          • Shukmeister

            Don’t forget the wolves that created Rome! And the Little Red Riding Hood tales in Europe, and the Wolf totems in America.

            Might be a good animal to focus on.

    • 22.2 lemondoodle

      Welcome! 🙂

      Yes, a lot going on finally. I was in a rut forever with nothing to watch since probably Nice Guy and finally good things are appearing once again.

      GFB is fun, well minus the overly evil guy… but the characters likable (no jerkass MC here) if a bit one dimensional. It seems to be one of those shows that have varying opinions though. It’s easy to watch, probably why it’s a bigger hit for LSG than his last drama. If you like manga you’d probably like it.

      • 22.2.1 Manin

        I know! I have been watching “Nine” and “You’re the best Lee Soon Shin” But I can’t remember the last show I watched before that! (got through my drama dry by rereading old dramabeans recaps!)

        Yeah the overly evil guy sounds creepy in recaps, can’t imagine how he is to watch!

    • 22.3 Enz

      Welcome manin! GFB is watchable for now. Interesting enough story and some nice directorial touches for me. AND SUNG JOON! I have missed him 🙂

      • 22.3.1 Manin

        Thank you Enz!
        Haha yeah I’m liking the story from the recaps (procrastination is a wonderful thing sometimes :p) And the pictures look beautiful. I really like it when the direction of a show is sound.

        Sung Joon is a nice bonus indeed, hope his role is “bigger” than it seems atm. 🙂

    • 22.4 OMG

      Welcome Manin…i hope u find this website to be a fun and GLORIOUS thing! haha

      • 22.4.1 Manin

        Thank you 🙂

        Dramabeans is a glorious thing indeed. Found it by accident when an episode of a drama didn’t work and I googled it to try and find it on another site. Safe to say, I never left DB! xD

    • 22.5 Korazy Lady

      Welcome, Manin. I think you will enjoy your time on the OT.

      I’m also loving YTBLSS + Nine, and would say try the first 2 episodes of GFB just because it is beautifully shot. If it doesn’t grab you by then, you can move on!

      • 22.5.1 Manin

        Thank you 🙂

        I really like both Nine and YTBLSS, they nicely compliments each other when watching at the same times as well. Nine with its drama and high tension and YTBLSS with its cuteness. Just hope it stays that way!

        Yeah I have that with other shows as well, the first episodes need to make me want to see what happens next. Beautiful shots are always a plus though!

    • 22.6 pogo

      Welcome to the OT, Manin!

      Gu Family Book is good, not perfect but really good – and the supporting characters are all loveable in various degrees, except for MommyHo and resident Bad Guy. Plus it’s got a great cast apart from Suzy, so it’s fun to watch (I particularly recommend Sung Joon. Seriously. And Lee Yoo Bi, she’s so much better here and nails her character perfectly).

      • 22.6.1 Manin

        Thank you!

        That’s good, can’t wait to see it for myself. I don’t mind Suzy that much, but I must say I’m more interested in seeing LSG back in action along with Sung Joon! Hope there will be some bromance in this drama!

        • lemondoodle

          SJ (Gon) and LSG (KC) already have an interesting relationship and nice chemistry going on even if they haven’t interacted much. KC also has his adopted bro he has a nice bromantic relationship with. This writer does like the bromance….

          • Manin

            Haha, well nothign wrong with bromance 😉

            Glad him and his adoptive brother (and father from the look of things) have a good relationship. I feel like the “evilness” of the mother would be enough and a bit overused/predictable. Would it kill dramaland to have a set of nice parents sometime that actually survive a drama?

  23. 23 befuddled

    Photos from the GTG are demanded!

  24. 24 Mystisith

    Lately, my gravity center is definitely shifting toward J doramas. I mean, I like EVERYTHING I start from that country.
    -Yae no sakura: Very good and that is said by someone who slept during her History lessons. Make me care for a character and I will get interested in her/his environment. Doesn’t work the other way around.
    -Last Cinderella: I Need Romance Japanese style. And I’m just a sucker for matchmaking stories anyway. It’s true that we can sense Hotaru no hikari vibes in it, but with sexually active characters this time. The fact that FH plays in it doesn’t help…

    Kdramas: Why do I feel like all the writers are on strike or something? The dramas that I like work mostly because of the actors inside it. They put all their skills and charisma on the screen.
    -AHYI: 30 eps aired. Will the love line start one day? I FF like crazy which is only normal since Show is nuts.
    – Cheer up Mr Kim: 77 eps seen. It’s like drinking coffee, so easy.
    – I summon you, gold! Better than what I expected. I hope it will stay that way. Good chemistry between the actors. Oppa’s smile makes everything easier, nae?
    -YTBLSS: Another good family drama. Not much shouting and screaming (I hate this!). A bit of catfight and the winner rewarded with a steak on her face. OK with me. Cuteness overload.
    -All about my romance: I like it but not love it. Main couple rocks but the few secondary characters are unidimensional. People will say I’m a broken record but compare this with SeGa: All in all, 20 characters or more and a background for each one of them. In 30 seconds you know who’s who and what is his/her motto in life. I feel like SBS puts a lot of money and brains in its melos then plugs the holes on the grid with easy rom-coms written on a napkin. Tsk, tsk.
    -The end of the world: Will marathon the last subbed eps this WE. Not in the mood for dark stuff.
    -Gu family book: Liked the daddy gumiho in the 2 first eps. The rest is so Faith-like with a cast that leaves me cold. No thanks.
    -When a man loves: I can’t believe it’s my crack drama… But it is. It is NOT a MELO, I’m sure of that. The writer is a willing accomplice of his/her female viewers: Fan service buffet with winks on top of the cake. Even Lavender hair ahjussi will have a hug from me in the end.

    • 24.1 Korazy Lady

      Mystisith, I am back into AHYI – don’t know why I like it so much – but do the FF also. Just when you’re frustrated with it, they reel you back in. But after the end of 30 I’m starting to get worried that it might go super melo. ***SPOILER****Just speculating, but they better not have an accident that leaves her seriously injured to the point of paralysis or something. That would be the end for me. Altho that woman has had at least 5 lives already so probably has a few more.

    • 24.2 Manin

      Last Cinderella seems like a fun show indeed after the first episode. Cannot wait for the shenanigans that are bound to come!

      How is “Cheer up mr.Kim” developing? I fell off around ep 30 something when the focus all seemed to be on the adults and their love drama, because I wanted it to be more about the kids and that family unit.

      • 24.2.1 Mystisith

        CUMK is a well balanced story imho. At this point, the lovelines are in front and the kids stories are less important. That will probably change once the said Mr Kim will decide with which woman he wants to live. 🙂

        • Manin

          ah I see, probably. I really liked the earlier episodes and then the focus just turned completely to the drama lovelines and the conflict with the second lead’s adopted mother became so overpowering in my opinion that it kinda killed the cuteness, because I found myself not caring about it as much.

          I might try to take it up again though. 🙂

  25. 25 Christina

    Watching this week: Itazara na kiss:Love in Tokyo
    I love this remake! The female lead might be my favorite so far, and there is enough differences to keep the story fresh.

    You’re the best,Lee Soon Shin. Jo Jung-seok is so good as Jun-ho. He makes me smile evertime he’s onscreen and somehow makes being a total dork appealing. I’m totally on the Jung-seok bandwagon now.

    Still unsure about GU Family Book.Many of the recaps are negative so I think I’ll wait on this one.

  26. 26 korfan

    Hi Everyone!

    Can’t stay too long right now, but i wanted to stop by and say hello. Sending good thoughts to all of you in Boston and Texas …. what a week.

    I’ll have to stop by later today or this weekend to read all of your wonderful posts.

    Glad to know that WAML is getting a favorable response. The previews have just started here and what can I say ….. I’m soooo going to watch that!

    Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Let’s see:

    Watched Nine and totally loving it. Not sure where this will all end up. Back at the beginning, maybe? Still not sure why young Sun Woo broke up so suddenly with the girl he loved so much. I keep thinking the writers asked that question for a reason and I’m gonna hold to that. Still wondering who started the whole back in time round. Jung Woo or Sun Woo? Was surprised that a full-fledged villain has entered the picture. I’d thought Dr Choi was just gonna be outside our main thread…but wow!!!! Yet, i didn’t feel it was an intrusion or as if the writers were trying to push the plot. It felt organic. Still waiting for Dr Han to lose his family. Not sure what the female anchor’s place in the story will be. Unless she’s Sun Woo’s wife in another timeline? Ah, delightful confusion.!

    Loving Gu Family Book. Love the relationships in the family. Not really pleased to see another hateful Lady of the house. Sweetness, love, mythic wonder, and magic. What could be better? The villain is majorly cryptic. I don’t understand why he’s so dang mean about stuff..but maye we’ll find out later.

    Last Cinderella is fun but I have a very unsettled feeling which might make me drop it. Second Lead Syndrome totally amped up. I totally think Miura Haruma will be cast off at the end. Not liking that either. Because J-dramas are either very preachy in upholding the status quo or very fake outre trendy in how “different” the story is. I just fear investing in this story because i suspect i will be royally p*ssed at the end.

    Wondering what I will do when Incarnation of Money is finished. Loved that show, even with all its flaws. I thought the last episode was silly and unbelievable but wow, loved it anyway.

    Gotta catch up on Lee Soon Shin, Cruel Palace War of flowers. Waiting for Otomesan to be subbed.

    Have a great weekend! And, as we Jamaicans say, One Love. The world seems to need a lot of that now.

    • 27.1 pogo

      re: your last sentence, it really does 🙁 I have friends and family in the Boston area who were praying the culprit would turn out to be not Middle Eastern or Asian since they know how much harder life would get for them if that was the case – it’s awful that they have to think of that in the first place :/

      As for Gu Family Book, I agree that the family/pseudo-family relationships are the best ones so far. It’s a nice cosy little life at the Hundred Year Inn, too bad it won’t last long though. And I’m ok with One-Dimensional Villain dude (not super happy about them using a brutal rape just to underscore HE IS EVILLLLL) but DaddyHo will need to come out at some point because it could get boring otherwise. And they need to do better than dropping bits of magic on us out of nowhere – I get DaddyHo, the monk and the fortune-tellers, but illusion ninjas being a possibility in this ‘verse was kind of out of the blue.

      • 27.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        the illusion ninjas hinted at stuff to come, no?

        Yes, those who are looking to hate Moslems are going to jump on this. I tend not to think folks are evil so I think the guys just got majorly estranged from American society, and after their mom got arrested, it just made them go off into weirdness territory. So sad for everyone involved. It’s okay to be in a rage but when guns are easily gotten or one can download instructions to making bombs…well, it just allows our rage to show itself. Just very upsetting all around.

        • Annie

          Agree 100%.

          I also thought the uncle made a poor choice by appearing in front of cameras instead of releasing a much more level headed statement.

          Maybe it was just me, but I felt he was unnecessarily spiteful in trying to distance himself and his family from the 2 suspects. And dragging the whole Chechen ‘ethnicity’ into the issue was a mistake.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Unnecessary spite…necessary spite. Folks get self-protective when they feel assailed, weirdly self-righteous. Such a mess.

        • pogo

          It’s just the way the illusion-ninjas were dropped into the scene that didn’t do it for me – the previous three episodes never gave us any hint that that the illusion-warrior stuff was part of this world (for all we knew, the only magical stuff around was DaddyHo/assorted mountain spirits and of course Casper the Friendly Monk). I mean, it does feel planned but not all that well-executed.

          It’s a minor nitpick though, and otherwise I really like the show and hope they explore more of its world and mythology instead of going down the plain old romance track.

          re: the Boston shootings, the way some of the media cover them (and especially their references to Black Hat and White Hat’s ethnicity/religion) was disgusting. Not to mention that poor young man who was injured and then got detained and his home broken into by authorities, all because he committed the horrific crime of…..being Saudi. Irresponsible reportage and racial profiling at its worst.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Trying to remember.

            The bracelet had a magic — but that was gumiho-related.

            The wind and the trees– but that was also gumiho-related.

            Good and bad fortunetellers– but that’s low-level magic.

            But it looks like now that humans can have some control of the magical.

            I gotta admit that i liked the way the ninjas popped into the scene. Made me think..ooooh…. let’s see how this all works out.

          • owl

            But i wondered: Suzy (im sorry, no matter how she is dressed or what era she is in, she is still Suzy) knew about the illusion and Kang chi didn’t. So…is she an illusion?

    • 27.2 Aigoo

      Hey Carole,

      You’re from Jamaica??! OMG! I’m from Trinidad! So excited to see another Caribbean person here! What are the odds!

      • 27.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Wow!!! Who knew, Aigoo!!!!!
        YAY!!! Definitely good to have another island girl around!

      • 27.2.2 Hillary

        And I am saying to myself … a Jamaican on OT, what are the odds … and then I see another Trinidadian. I am from Trinidad as well. I haven’t been posting as much as I used to but I do keep up with it.

        • Aigoo

          Wut!! No way!! Awesome! That makes 3 Caribbean peeps!! Pretty soon we’ll be taking over OT!! LOL!

        • Carole McDonnell

          YAY!!!!! We’ll have to keep an eye out for each other. One love!

    • 27.3 KimYoonmi


      Miura has second billing… *cough* Cast listings are always spoilers… Always.

      • 27.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        I figured as much. So annoying. Cause i know he’s gonna fall in love with her and want her but yadda yadda.

        • KimYoonmi

          She has first billing, Miura has second. Fujiki Naohito has third billing. Easy spoiler. You know who will win. The guy listed next to the girl’s name always, always wins.

          I’m hoping for a non-Kim Sam Soon effect though. ’cause I’m sick to death of that ending. Also the “we’re going to jerk you around for 1+ episodes and then not follow through on our promise.” (I’m going to get married, and then nothing by the end for example (because we’re feminists who don’t need men <–pisses me off because that's not feminism). –;;)

          But the female gaze might make up some of that gap, but I really am hoping for follow through. (I mean on the ending).

          • Carole McDonnell

            oH MY GOSH!!! So there’s hope????? Please, please, let hottie young thing win the girl!!! (I kinda doubt it, though, but now you’re making me be a bit more invested.)

            Oh my! Everything you said about feminism-in-dramas….YES!

  28. 28 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Who would you sleep with/ marry/ kill?

    • 28.1 pogo

      ?? Choices, bb, give us choices!

    • 28.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Let’s say we are going with Playful Kiss choices.

      Miki Honoka (Tokyo) / Ariel Lin (ISWAK) / Sato Aiko (Itazura na Kiss 1996) / Jung So Min (Playful Kiss)

      Furukawa Yuki (Tokyo) / Joe Cheng (ISWAK) / Kashiwabara Takashi (Itazura na Kiss 1996) / Kim Hyun Joong (Playful Kiss)

      My answers would be
      sleep with Joe Cheng
      marry Kim Hyun Joong
      kill Jung So Min

    • 28.3 Carole McDonnell

      uhm…sleep with…

      I would definitely sleep with any character played by Miura Haruma, but the one in Last Cinderella is definitely one I could play with. There’s something about him that feels like he would just slightly depraved…and he wouldn’t mind sleeping with me or just anyone. Not that he’s without morals but just that he likes sex.

      Not sure i’d marry anyone. The characters seem made for each other in so many ways, not really made for me. So even if I have a major crush on Boong Do, it doesn’t mean he’d have a crush on me. Same thing for Cha Chi Soo. I liked him but i don’t think that character would like me. I think I could marry one of the Hikkikomori characters in some j-films though. I’ve always liked the estranged types and they have always liked me. Whatever race or age. Can’t think of any off-hand right now though.

      Kill? Uhm…dunno. I can’t say I hate anyone –living, dead, or fictional– to such an extent.

      You might add who would i adopt as a brother or a son or daughter? Some characters are good hang-out characters. You just want to hang out with them.

    • 28.4 owl

      *hitting head with palm” Oh! i was trying to think of someone I would sleep with, marry, and then kill.

      • 28.4.1 Aigoo

        HAHA!! Now I’m totally curious to know who would fit those criteria for you!!

    • 28.5 pogo

      Sleep with: Joo Ji-hoon in The Naked Kitchen/Rain in A Love To Kill (forgive me, JoAnne! I have designs on your precioussssss)

      Marry: Mizushima Hiro in, well, anything/Lee Dong-wook in My Girl

      Kill: I don’t know, any of the particularly terrible actors out there. kdrama would lose nothing if Kim Hyun-joong or Suzy got bumped off.

      (I left off Lee Jun-ki off the Marry list for Arang because he’s so perfect for Arang that I don’t want to take him for myself. Ditto with Song Joong-ki in Nice Guy, who did not make it to the Sleep With list because he is too shippable with Eun-ki for that)

      • 28.5.1 JoAnne

        You’re dead to me, Pogo.

      • 28.5.2 Hillary

        I would kill of Hand Towel .. in any show.

        • Hillary

          Meant kill off Hand Towel … LOL.

  29. 29 pogo

    Hey OT people! I’m wayyyyy behind on the stuff I’m watching (and I refuse to watch episode 8 of xxxHolic because I DON’T WANT IT TO BE OVER, this has got to be the first time I’ve actually cursed Japan’s incredibly abbreviated drama seasons).

    I’m still catching up on Lee Soon-shin, and loving IU as Soon-shin – she’s definitely going in the ‘idols who can act’ category, and that is a good thing.

    And as for idols who can’t act…..Gu Family Book. I know a lot of people cut Suzy a ton of slack because she’s pretty, but the girl just doesn’t have the chops to carry a drama as female lead, and even less when said drama is a sageuk (yeah, even a fusion/fantasy sageuk). And in contrast to the rest of the cast, she looks like she’s play-acting at being her character instead of actually being her character.

    As for the drama itself, I like the Arang-esque feel of it, and I can even handle the relative predictability of its plot (with a villain that one-dimensional, they’ll need to wheel out DaddyHo soon/have some they’re-not-dead parental twists if they don’t want hating the resident Satan to get boring) plus most of the cast has great chemistry (Sung Joon and Seung-gi in Episode 4, UNF. Can they please banter all day?) but I do feel like the writers are laying it on a bit thick in a few places when a lighter hand would do much, much better.

    Like the whole childhood backstory for the OTP thing, and the ‘fated love under a peach tree’ thing (plus, at that point Yeo-wool had so little development that I wasn’t sure why we were supposed to care about her peach tree new moon hangup for any reason besides she’s the designated love interest). Or even the whole giggling-Dam-and-young-master flashback in episode 1 – cheesy as hell in the middle of what should have been a happy/poignant memory.

    I trust that this show isn’t going to falter too much because I love my fantasy sageuks and I’ll keep watching, but I hate that it keeps going so off sometimes.

    • 29.1 pogo

      Also, praying that all the Beanies of Beantown (Boston) and your families and friends are safe, it’s been a terrible week and now with the MIT shootings it’s not even over yet 🙁

  30. 30 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Right now I am watching Nine, Substitute Princess, Itazura na Kiss Tokyo, and When A Man Loves

    I have to admit, the new line up has me tempted to add another show. God of the Workplace, Jang Ok-Jung, Gu Family Book, All About My Romance, You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, Incarnation of Money, and Cruel Palace are all under consideration. Any suggestions on which one I should pick? Any of these *crack* drama that must be watched live to fully appreciate with fellow Beanies?

    I enjoyed a TDrama this week ‘Summer x Summer’. You get Joe Cheng (ISWAK) and Ethan Ruan (Fated to Love You). It’s frothy HS romance, with the ability to sneak up humor that made me laugh out loud. Worth it just for the moment when Joe Cheng shows up in all his feathery glory. (fans herself)

    • 30.1 Enz

      Julia, I would go for TBoLSS, mainly because it is looking good and you really don’t want to have to marathon it as it is 50 episodes long! It will be much easier to watch while it is airing.

    • 30.2 Korazy Lady

      I second Enz. It’s easy watching, and so far I’m really enjoying it. It makes me want to watch the next episode without obsessively checking for subtitles like I do with Nine.

  31. 31 manquant

    Also, I’m trying to finish Oh! Boy Project of tvN (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Flower Boy Next Door) given that another will soon air: Flower Boy Dating Agency: Cyrano

    So glad Jonghyuk oppa’s back (though I would say I miss his llama hair :P) and the same’s true with Chunhee oppa (whom I last saw in The Thousandth Man). The two boys are just gorgeous but of course, our flower, Sooyoungie shines the most. Gah, she’s tall when among SNSD members, show come she seems too short for these namja? HIHI

    So after AAMR, I’ll be watching Cyrano and Go Hyunjung’s new drama, Queen’s Classroom. How about you, guys? *^^*

  32. 32 Annie

    So someone on Soompi said that Lee Bo Young is rumored to the female lead for Yeo Jin Goo’s new drama and there are several articles to that effect in the press… just rumors, but it’s the only rumor we’ve had so far. I think it’s legit.

    All I can say is…. the producers of that drama must be aiming for < 5% ratings. Who can accept a 34 year old woman starring opposite a 16 year old boy as lovers?

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      Storm in a tea cup (conservatism + censorship). My guess is that HE will have a crush on her at the beginning of the story (that has been used as a premise so many times…) but nothing will happen. He will grow up and end up with a girl his age. End of the story.
      If by miracle and the help of a – convenient post military service time jump – they would be together at the end, then I would be extremely surprised.

      • 32.1.1 manquant

        Really? So she’s 34? My goodness, looks can be so deceiving.

        But I agree with you Mystisith. Korean audience might picket if they really end up together. My young wangjanim~~

        • cv

          This storyline remind me of i love lee teri.

      • 32.1.2 Annie

        They’re going to be the OTP. I’d put my bet on the convenient time jump.

        But this story just sounds so ABNORMAL to me… my brother is 18 and if a 28 year old woman were interested in him, I would tell her to GTFO.

        • pogo

          I’m 28 and if someone my age was interested in an 18-year-old (boy or girl), I’D tell them to gtfo!

          • Annie

            Yep. Basically.

            I’d still check this out for lulz though.

          • Mystisith

            I’ve known a woman who met her future husband when she was 17: He was her math teacher and was about 30 (don’t know exactly). They slowly got to know each other & only started to date when she was legally adult. They are still together after all those years & have a daughter. 😉

          • pogo

            @Mysti – I probably have no room to talk, given that there is that same age gap between my parents, and they met when my mother was around fifteen and married when she’d just turned nineteen (and are still together).

            But I have to say, it still seems weirder in one’s contemporaries than one’s parental generation.

          • Annie

            @ Mystisith… I also have no room to talk.

            My mom married my dad when she was 19 and he was 28. They’re the most awesome couple I know.

            Girls are commonly thought of as more mature than boys their age so maybe when the girl is the younger one it just seems more ‘normal’… provided she’s not indecently young I guess.

            But generally, wouldn’t you expect people who marry up in age to be more adult-like than their peers? So wouldn’t you expect the male lead in this drama to be super mature and responsible? But no, he has to be a ‘bad boy’…. wow, a badass teenage boy. SO attractive, amirite?

          • Korazy Lady

            Somehow it seems much more plausible if the woman is younger. But frankly, a 34 yr old woman and a 16 year old boy seems strange to me. I mean really, how mature are 16 year old boys?

          • Mystisith

            @Pogo, Annie & Korazy Lady: I agree that the situation is kind of borderline nowadays. According to the synopsis,


            he should be something like a family head: Mature and independent.
            Heck, 3 generations ago people could be married and with kids at 16… [Glad I was born later. 😉 ]

          • Korazy Lady

            OK, now that I realize who Yeo Jin Goo is, I’m revising my thinking. I might actually fall for him! He was great in TMTETS and IMY. In fact, I wished they’d kept him in both roles!

    • 32.2 Carole McDonnell

      Crush i can accept, but yeah…time jump. And really …all that is necessary is a s-year separation.

      I can believe in 34 year olds and 16 year olds falling in love but I’ve never seen it executed well in a k-drama. And in real life I would hope there is some sanity in it and not a 34-year old with power issues using a cute young thing.

      In the town next to mine, there was a situation where a teacher and her student carried on an affair for about 20 years. From high school and after. So anything is possible. IT just has to be sane.

      I loved Lee Tae Ri.

      • 32.2.1 Annie

        I’m sure it could happen… but as a rom-com?

        I think the story would have never seen the light of day if the genders were reversed.

    • 33.1 manquant

      Is it just me or Lee Minho’s wax figure looks too creepy~? >.<

    • 33.2 Nutella

      For some reason it looks like the sculptor made what would be Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho’s secret baby rather than a Lee Min Ho replica.. although I can’t quite pinpoint my finger on why..

      • 33.2.1 Aigoo

        OMG! I totally agree! I feel like it’s the smile, but maybe I’m wrong…

  33. 34 snow_white


    I’m watching..incarnation of money…finale this week…

    You’re the best lee doon shin…so cute

    Ad genius lee tae’s fine so far..

    And i completed city enjoyable and badass..

    Also watching my name is kim sam soon..second time..with mom

  34. 35 Raine


    I wanted to join in but I have to drive to Laramie in snow and black ice so I need to leave SUPER EARLY.

    So the newest thing in my life: SHINee. Yes, I can’t help it. Love SHINee. My sister does too. Especially Sherlock. It’s like MJ throwback, that’s what got me. The harmonies. Then Tony choreographed it…hello, MJ’s choreographer? YES!

    Okay, anywho, watching SHINee’s Hello Baby right now. So cute. Love seeing 20 y/o’s try to handle a 2.5 y/o. Sometimes they are dead on and sometimes they are like…well, you want to smack them upside their adorable heads. I call Taemin “the baaaaaaaaaby”. LOL. Makes Timmy, my cat jealous, cause I normally call him that.

    Just finished Family’s Honor. Pretty darn good. PSH is so adorable and I loved the actress who played Dan-ah. She could read me a bedtime story anytime with that voice.


    Oh yes, Shuk and Joanne and I think Kakashi are doing WAML recaps which are great and funny.

    I made another cello arrangement of a kpop tune “Sarang Sarang Sarang by FT Island” I think the next might be SJ Sorry Sorry. What do you think?

    Also, LOVE GFB. My favorite character thus far, as a writer, is the mom who betrayed the gumiho. Seriously, how clever. Her motives are clear, her weakness is solid (in terms of writing) her sad realization is sooooo potent. I love the creation of her character.

    I HATE HER! RAWR MY POOR DADDY GUMIHO! Loved LSG and Suzy. She’s really improved alot and they have great chemistry.

    Okay, must make a move.

    Soy un dorito (yeah been on eyk too…)

    • 35.1 myweithisway

      Can I just say how awesome that cello arrangement of FT Island’s “Love Love Love” is?

      …*small voice* I’m not biased at all!

    • 35.2 owl

      Raine, I know the denver/laramie run all too well. On top of snow and black ice, be careful of that wicked wind factor on 80/84 once you hit Wyoming. I am always amazed/shocked at the number of jack-knifed and shattered semis on in the median because of the wind. If it was a more heavily traveled stretch with a major rush hour, the accidents would be outrageous and deadly. My windshield gets cracked every time I make that drive (it’s cracked right now all the way across from the Christmas drive). Be safe~

  35. 36 Nutella

    I has a tummy bug and final in 2 hours (for which I haven’t studied because tummy bug) and I’m just going through everyone’s comments for courage… I will get back to drama-watching life in 5 days.. can’t wait o(^u^)o

    • 36.1 skelly

      Good luck on your final!

      • 36.1.1 Nutella


        • JoAnne

          good luck on your TUMMY

          • TS

            Haha, tummy needs to be okay first.

          • Nutella

            Haha thank you both! The final went well… well, as well as a final can go anyway xP Yeah, now just one more final and tummy bug riddance and FREEDDOOMMM

  36. 37 Jambo

    Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

    Don’t even have time to read the posts in Dramabeans lately. I think my life will be back to normal once hubby gets home from Boston. Off all the places he could be this week… 🙁

    Not even the drama Nine can distract me…

    • 37.1 Aigoo

      Hi Jambo hope your husband is ok! Hoping for the best for you!

      • 37.1.1 Jambo

        Thanks, Aigoo! He made it back Friday evening. Thankfully, they opened up the airport as soon’s the manhunt was over. 🙂

  37. 38 TS

    Just started Bad Boys J this past week and sugarless today (like first five minutes). And while everyone’s really pretty, and super cool etc, but am I the only one to think WTF?

    Where are the parents, what about university entrance exams, what planet is this? Et cetera.

    • 38.1 Carole McDonnell

      Nah, I also think WTF? I think there is such a thing as a “fighting” genre in J-drama. Sugarless seems plotless to me. Bad Boys has a strip of a plot. But I’m trying to understand what the basics of the genre is. Okay, i love seeing the incredibly gorgeous guys…but after that…what exactly are the elements of this genre and what am i supposed to be looking out for?

      I once reviewed a song from a genre i totally didn’t get..and totally dissed the song only to realize it was sung by one of the masters. So, am trying to be careful here. Maybe fighting genre is about how the guys kick. Lord knows.

    • 38.2 JoAnne

      Yep like I said a few OTs ago – every time I think to myself ‘don’t they ever go to CLASS?’ someone takes off their shirt and I forget again. Although really it’s only the big one I like shirtless.

      • 38.2.1 TS

        The big one shirtless is pretty distracting. Yet… Oops, mind went there for a second.

        Yeah, Carole, you’re right, there may be an art behind the madness. In the meantime, I’ve yet to get past the first 5 minutes of Sugarless (busy day) and I’m wondering how those girls stay all perfect.

        Bad Boys J, I’ll take it as an alternate reality where these gangs are really mini-principalities and the gang leaders are samurai-ish robber barons.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Yeah, Bad Boys tries to have a plot. But the guys in Sugarless are way cuter…and they fall into all the neat categories. Hot, moody, muscular, emo, academic, chaebolesque, untameable, ultra-feminine….oh should i go on????

          • JoAnne

            The interesting thing to me about Sugarless is how, while the plot is minimal, the message is not – it’s loud and clear and consistent.

            We need each other. Determination, confidence, skill – these things are important, but we NEED each other.

  38. 39 Marika

    Hello everyone!

    I’m currently watching Gu Family Book and absolutely loving it. The first two episodes were heartbreaking. I’m really loving LSG in this drama so far. His character makes me sad sometimes though. Like when he asks the adopted mom why she doesn’t like him.

    Suzy’s doing well. I wouldn’t say great, but she’s definitely improved.

    I tried to start watching You’re the best, Lee Soon Shin, but I don’t know if I want to watch anymore. I only watched the first episode, but I couldn’t get into the story at all, and it kind of annoys me so far. Despite that, I really love the characters. I’m also a big Yoo In Na and IU fan. I have no clue if I should continue or not.

    And what would you guys recommend if I’m currently looking for a funny/fun show to watch?

    • 39.1 Momoi

      I’d recommend trying out You’re the Best again. I never saw the first episode, or first 4 actually, but I’m enjoying it.

      Last cinderella is currently airing, and I find it funny. It’s kind of racy though, so maybe not up your ally.

      I’m currently watching The Devil Beside You and LOVING every moment of it. It’s super sweet and funny. my first Taiwanese drama too.

      In animeland, not sure if you’re into them, but go watch Chihayafuru. It was the one show I thought I wouldn’t enjoy, but I absolutely love it and it’s super funny.

      Uta no Prince Sama 2 is also funny, in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

      • 39.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        The Devil Beside You/Mike He Squeee …. My favorite TDrama.

        • Momoi

          gosh i love it. I think the worry is that it’ll do the same things to T-dramas as Reply 1997 and Rich Man poor Woman did for K and J dramas. Those shows are really good, and kinda raise my hopes a bit high for the rest.

      • 39.1.2 MariD

        Yes!!! Devil beside you… It was my first Kdrama too!!! I said above that Mike He will forever be my fav T-drama actor.

        • MariD

          Sigh* I meant T-drama…

        • Shukmeister

          It was my first ever TWDrama, although I’ve watched quite a few since then. And it is in my top 10 for sure.

          Have either of you ever seen “Summer Desire” with Peter Ho and Barbie Tsu? Really great vibes in that one, I think.

          • Carole McDonnell

   gonna watch Devil beside me and Summer Desire. I liked MARS a lot. Overwrought, though it was.

          • JoAnne

            Peter Hooooooooooooo

    • 39.2 Korazy Lady

      Marika, I would also say try LSS again. The first episode didn’t do much for me and I let it go for a few weeks. Then I was going on a long car trip so I downloaded all 8 episodes and marathoned them and got totally hooked. I wouldn’t say it’s really funny but it is fun and the lightest of the shows I’m watching now.

  39. 40 Momoi

    I have a question about cinematography for you experienced drama watchers. What is it about Kdramas that makes them have really nice cinematography compared to other countries shows? It is one of the things that pulls me to the dramas, I admit.

    Is it the lighting, more experience cameras, editing? I love the bright, vibrant look of a lot of k dramas. If it wasn’t there I probably wouldn’t watch as much, but it’s one reason I can watch them for so long.

    • 40.1 Mystisith

      Just my modest point of view about why K dramas are so beautiful to look at:
      – Pretty people. Yes, starting with the obvious. You have the occasional WTF hairdo but except from that, perfect skin and nice bodies for everyone.
      – When we are lucky, they are using top notch HD cameras which give a perfect image (like in That Winter The Wind Blows or TEN special Affairs Team). Of course, good technicians are needed. When camera work & lightning is done by someone talented & with experience then it can be amazing. That’s 1 of the good sides of the live shooting system for the viewers: Not many takes so you have to be good right now. Incompetent and talentless persons don’t last in Dramaland.
      – Also, I personally like when they coordinate the outfits of the actors in a scene (unrealistic, I know… but so flattering to the eye). Bonus points if the clothes match the decoration on the sets (curtains, glasses…) or the landscapes.

  40. 41 krazyk

    I am still not watching any new dramas. I will wait a few more week before I try out Gu family book or Jang ok. I did watch The Thieves on Netflix. I hope netflix continues to add more dramas and movies to their instant streaming.

    • 41.1 ahjummabunny

      I think I’ll wait until the late spring dramas start. Shark for instance sounds good. The writer is known for good solid stories. Her most recent being Fermentation Family. My second favorite would be The Devil.

  41. 42 OMG

    Sorry this is a second post but i lost the links given to me earlier for Biscuit teacher Star Candy…could someone give me the links again?!?!?! Please and thank you!

  42. 43 Danna

    Hello folks! Happy Friday! I just wanted to share this totally hilarious post I randomly came across today :

    • 43.1 Carole McDonnell

      Loved it! Did have to fan myself at the cable kiss (kissus smuticus) cause for a moment there i thought my ovaries were gonna explode. So yeah, had to zip past that one so i wouldn’t flounder under hormonal overload.

      • 43.1.1 Danna

        LOL…my favorite kisses are always the Kissus cannibalicus also known as the I’ll eat you up kisses

  43. 44 ahjummabunny

    Hello Everyone!
    Are you all well? I just had to fill out the form again “Name” etc either my computer forgot the info or I’ve been away too long from an ot. I meant to be here earlier but I got caught up with errands. I want to complain about the new viki. I just cuss every time I try to watch a new show or an new episode of an older show because I can’t tell if it’s fully subbed at all. I’m still only watching Nine and Incarnation of Money. I don’t want to say goodbye to Kang Ji Hwan yet.
    It was nice to read posts from newbies I hope they stay and become oldi faithfuls. Don’t be a betrayer like me spend your fridays with these beanies. Don’t be shy they might bite but only because they like you.

  44. 45 KStyle

    Hello my fellow Beaners

    Gosh it has been a hot little minute since I’ve been on here ( I blame it on Kdrama watching, absent mindedness and and and ok so it’s my fault but I will do better, I promise).

    Well I’m glad to see the seniors holding down the fort: ( Mystistith, Shuk,JoAnne, skelly, ya know the usual and awesome suspects 🙂

    So I totally wasn’t going to watch Hand Towelingin another drama for a while ( thanks to Dr. Jin for ruining hours of my life, no bueno) BUT dang it y’all done convinced me to give him another chance even though I’m still not fully recovered yet.

    Yes to more Jodramas, I’m watching more of them than kdramas right now and all I can say it “They doing it Right”

    Jang Ok Jung: is my crack to the fullest, love it!!!
    Gu Famiy Book: pissed me off so much in episode 2 that I unintentional wrote an essay about it on my Unnie Twinkie’s blog
    Nine: mmm I started it but people was playin and not subbin so I’ll wait
    Cruel Palace: I tried y’all I really did but idk if its the size of the subs or something else technical but I just can’t

    If you don’t have Netflix or HuluPlus: Go beat yourself up, naw but seriously you should cuz that’s where I can watch my Kmovies without possibly havin Uncle Sam find me one day and take me to jail for being a Kdrama addict

    Ok that’s all folks.

    Everyone : be healthy, stay laughing and loving each other

    Have an awesome weekend and Happy work week!!!

  45. 46 Dewo

    Hello, dramabeaners!

    Just want to say thanks to people on last week OT who suggested me to watch Evasive Inquiry Agency following my withdrawal syndrome from White Christmas.

    The show is fabulous. I hardly recognize Lee Min Ki from his role in SUFBB.

    Now, I’m on episode 11. I’ll be back on the next OT to share my rant for the show.

  46. 47 Valleydale

    Ok, can someone explain to me why SSH is called “HandTowel” here in BeanieLand?

    • 47.1 Mystisith

      It’s an old joke: Apparently, in Korean, his name can be used for a pun with handtowel in it.
      And finally, “THT” just sounds cool. Oppa is some sort of unofficial mascot for us. We can make fun of him sometimes but we never are mean to him. In fact, we cherish him dearly & thank the heavens everyday for his existence.

    • 47.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      As I understand it, SSH’s name sounds like Hand Towel in Korean and he appears scantily clad in a towel a lot.

  47. 48 watchumlots

    Hello! Glad to see I’m not the only one getting a little bored with KDramas. Been watching Amo de Casa, a ‘novela’ made in Columbia, and it has made me laugh and laugh and laugh, and laugh some more later when thinking about the scenes.

    There is a group of women friends, two couples with kooky families, some hanky-panky and hilarious situations. One family has a daughter in-love with her Marx professor, the son is trying to impress a goth girl at school. Hilarious! The series pokes at traditional Hispanic values and has so many comedic situations. What to do without birth secrets, soppy love triangles, and corporate take-overs?

    KDrama writers, you could do so much with similar plots and characters! Wake up! Watch Amo de Casa and learn some new tricks!

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