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Park Bo-young up for image change in new film
by | April 30, 2013 | 25 Comments

I wouldn’t have pegged these two to co-star in the same project, but Park Bo-young (Werewolf Boy) and idol-actress Gu Hara (City Hunter) are both up for a new movie, roughly translated Hot Blooded Youth. The latest reports state that both stars have agreed to take the film and are in negotiations, so it sounds like they’re close to a deal though not yet final on it. Gu’s participation depends on her schedule with pop group KARA, while Park is waiting for investments to fall into place before signing on the dotted line.

The movie is described as a coming-of-age story showing the “laughter, emotions, and conflicts” of the early eighties generation. That admittedly vague description brings to mind the mega-hit Sunny, though maybe it won’t be quite as (pardon the pun) sunny; Park Bo-young is up to play the leader of the mean girls at school, which would be a rather significant image transformation. The story deals with high schoolers, and she’ll be the leader of the fast set — you know, the popular girls who were pretty, maybe fought a little, and acted tough with forays into drinking and smoking.

Since Park Bo-young has grown up such with a sweet, wholesome image and a budding reputation as a promising young actress, it would be a big (but refreshing) shift to watch her bending that image a bit. And it’ll be amusing to see her being the school jjang when she’s so pint-sized, though I don’t doubt she’s capable of unleashing some intensity. Mainly, I just like watching her act and hope her projects are good ones. Gu Hara… well, I don’t dislike her, though I generally ignored her when she was onscreen for City Hunter. She could be okay?

Hot Blooded Youth will be directed by Lee Yeon-woo of 2009’s Running Turtle; not word yet on its planned filming schedule.

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. polka dots

    sounds interesting

  2. kumi

    Can’t remember Gu Hara in City Hunter … or was she that little brat?

    • 2.1 OMG

      yea she was that little brat!

    • 2.2 bernie

      bahaha I was reading and had that same reaction. “…Gu Hara was in City Hunter??? That’s weird, I don’t remember her.” and then a few seconds later it all came screaming back to me. She was that girl… the bratty daughter of.. the president? or whatever.

      • 2.2.1 Abriel

        Yeah the bratty daughter of the president who liked Lee Min Ho…then turned out to be his half-sister…squicky

        • djes

          his half sister? o.O
          did we watch the same City Hunter?

  3. Lea

    that’s so weird, I would have pegged Gu Hara to be the mean girl, since she kinda has that face
    But more power to ya Bo Young!

  4. porcelain

    Sounds like Sunny redux… hmmm…

  5. Mia

    Park Bo young! I want to watch!

  6. snow_white

    Why I haven’t watched any of Park Bo Young’s works…may be because they all are movies….

    I hope she’ll do a drama soon 🙂

  7. crazedlu

    Hara? Mehhhh. Park Boyoung! Hope it’s good.

  8. Roxy

    I want Park Bo Young to do dramas though 🙁

  9. casius

    Ooh, mainly interested in park bo young and anticipating her acting!

  10. 10 Joybells

    I liked Park bo young in speedy scandal and wearwolf boy, Go hara though..hmm.,we’ll have to wait n see.
    I would have pegged Go hara more for the head mean girl character.

  11. 11 anna

    Haha seriously, Park Bo-young is like 5’2! But then if Taiga (Toradora!) can be badass at 4’11” so can she.

  12. 12 Cam


  13. 13 Kay

    i love Park Bo Young and am so happy to see her in another project (I was actually rooting for her with Lee Min Ho in Heirs) but she’s such a wonderful actress…

    Hara – no comment.

  14. 14 yammy

    a kara fan here, but can we get a movie/drama without a single idol in it, please? and give chance to rookie actors/actresses? thanks.

    /shot by kara fans and fans of other idols who have gone to into acting.

    • 14.1 yammy

      I’m looking forward to Park Bo young’s transformation. i loved her in speedy scandal.

    • 14.2 bd

      Generally agree w/ you, but there are some idols who CAN act (AM 1997), as well as some idols who started off as actors.

  15. 15 Lady Seoul

    The movie doesn’t really interest me, but I LOVE Park Bo-young!

  16. 16 colleen

    Big thumbs up on Park Bo-young; however Gu Hara is better off just sticking to her song and dance routines.

  17. 17 butchick

    My love to PBY but to GH, well one thing i remembered her acting was really weird.

  18. 18 Starstruck.

    Gu hara has the kind of park su jin-esque face that kinda bothers me but I can’t pinpoint why exactly. Heck, I don’t really care about her but I’m definitely all in for Park Bo Young!

  19. 19 sur

    love this girl but really rough and tough waiting to see this

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