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Park Hae-il’s quirky Vogue photo shoot
by | April 27, 2013 | 26 Comments

Ha, adorable. Park Hae-il gets in touch with his inner goofball for this new Vogue Korea photo shoot, which just makes me smile. He looks like a big doofus, but also maybe the world’s best-dressed doofus. I have no idea why he’s waving around a fish or holding close a… turnip?… but damned if he isn’t workin’ it.

Park Hae-il has a new movie coming out soon, a comedy titled Aging Family wherein he plays the middle brother in a family of (not to sugarcoat) aging losers who can’t get along and who can’t act their age. That would explain the comedic bent of the photo spread, since his previous roles have given him a rather serious image; his recent filmography is full of action thrillers, dark crime movies, and serious dramas like Bow, the Ultimate Weapon, Moss, and Eungyo.

I love Park Hae-il as a rule, so I’m always happy to hear about him having more projects out there; he’s one of those actors I’d heard of but didn’t really get until I saw him in action, just commanding the screen. On top of that, Aging Family sounds like a hoot and the siblings — Park, Gong Hyo-jin, and Yoon Je-moon — look like they have great bickering chemistry as they shout, fight, and curse at each other.

The photo spread is in May’s issue of Vogue; Aging Family releases on May 9.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Joy

    Haha aww he’s adorable C:

  2. anna

    Oh man lol, he’s holding a fish in the last photo! Like, wtf?! haha

    For some reason, I confused him with Ryu Duk Hwan when I saw the first photo. >_<;

    • 2.1 Claudine

      Yeah, I see the resemblance too.

  3. Secretlyaddicted

    Adorks! <3

  4. hannah

    The second and third pictures look like he was lounging around at home in his pjs and had to run out the door so grabbed whatever coat was closest. His confidence is what make the clothes work.

  5. jomo

    It all makes perfect sense since he is wearing rain boots with his shorts.
    He’s channeling Christopher Robin in the little known Adventures of the Thousand Acre Fish Pond, no?

    • 5.1 YY

      Is that the one about the fish that fell in love with the hook that snared him? That was an amazing show. I cried buckets.

  6. Kiara

    /Smiling from ear to ear :). Thank you JB. Love this man, one of my favorite K-actor. Cant wait to watch his new movie.

  7. Noelle

    No clue who this dude is but man he would make an awesome Detective but one thats more lucky than smart. I picture an awesome ROMCOM

    • 7.1 Claudine

      Ohhh, you have to check out his body of work! He’s an amazing actor.

  8. Penny


  9. Belle3005


  10. 10 Cam

    Wahahahaha!! I really love these pictures of him & he’s really adoooorably dorky guy, keke! 😀

  11. 11 tha

    He’s awesome in everything I’ve seen him in! Seriously, dude is good.

  12. 12 saranga

    i thought it was uhm tae-woong from the first picture!

    • 12.1 annie2468

      mee too!!

      • 12.1.1 JJie

        me three!!

  13. 13 Cup Cake

    ER..I don’t know who he is but pic #1 & #4 , I can’t help it but my eyes keep looking at the big bump below the waistline. Looks like he is well-endowed in that area. *BLUSHING*

  14. 14 a_diva

    the clothes are cool and quirky with a bit of oddity thrown in that i don’t mind at all . . . the funny faces and turnip i can do without, but this is certainly an improvement of the last photo shoot we saw with kim soo hyun in shiny metallics and florals.

  15. 15 Beng

    he looks like so ji sub in the 2nd pic, with his blank stare =)

  16. 16 cho

    I like the first pic, lolol

  17. 17 dani305

    every picture is like “guess what’s wrong with this picture?”

  18. 18 ht


  19. 19 Waiting

    Funny, his expression in the first pic is very similar to my mother’s when she didn’t approve of something we were doing as kids. LOL

    Maybe it is me, but the last one looks like he could be brothers with Song Seong Hyun from When a Man Loves…or maybe that is just what I WANT to see. Either way! LOL 😛

  20. 20 basong71


  21. 21 Whatsthescenario

    What a fun shoot!

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