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Remake of HBO’s Entourage heads to tvN
by | April 18, 2013 | 64 Comments

girlfriday: So add this to the list of remakes headed to dramaland: cable network tvN is doing a remake of the HBO show Entourage, to be helmed by the director of I Need Romance 2012.

javabeans: How does a Korean Entourage even work? I mean, that’s just the way things operate in Korea anyway: Your road manager lives with you, your agent arranges all your meetings and yells obscenities while dressed in a spiffy suit, your hangers-on stroke your ego and do your laundry… It’s redundant.

girlfriday: Right? The Korean star-management system is already like that, so either it’s a perfect fit or it’s uninteresting… in that we’ve seen it in every drama about actors ever.

javabeans: It’s a perfect fit in that it’s applicable. But there’s no dash of excitement at getting some hitherto-unseen backstage look, like you had with the HBO version. Especially knowing it was based on Marky Mark’s life, allegedly. But like you said, we’ve seen it so much already on Korean shows.

girlfriday: There was definitely a feeling like you were peeking behind a curtain with the original (though granted sometimes you didn’t want to see what went on behind it) but I feel like it’ll be hard to show us something in the Korean industry that feels new and exciting. I guess that depends on how far cable’s willing to go?

javabeans: Not that far, I’d bet; tvN is pretty mild.

girlfriday: Exactly, which is why a watered-down Entourage doesn’t really seem that appealing.

javabeans: Plus, I didn’t really like Entourage anyway. That show had no stakes and almost no plot, and you can’t have a Korean drama with no plot. Everything just worked out in the end and you never cared about the problems. It was all, Yo, dude-bro. Have a Rolex. Sleep with one of my groupies, I’ve got extra.

girlfriday: Yeah it was a frivolous kind of fun, though if you thought too hard about it, it was watching a couple of yahoos be millionaires.

javabeans: And complaining that their millions weren’t more millions. To look at this glass half-full, though, I suppose it could be fun if it hit the right comedic note. It can’t really be edgy or dark enough, so it’ll have to be funny enough.

girlfriday: Yeah I agree. You can’t out-sex HBO, but you could be lots of meta-industry fun. Apparently they were courting Ha Jung-woo to star, which would have been a huge get, but he turned it down. I think the tone will change completely based on who they actually get to headline this thing.

javabeans: I think this is asking for too much of K-dramaland, but now I wish they’d make it totally satirical, like Extras. You know, with celebs making fun of themselves a la Kate Winslet swearing about never winning an Oscar or Daniel Radcliffe playing a total prat puffed up on Harry Potter glory.

girlfriday: Now THAT would be amazing.

javabeans: It would be hilarious if, say, an actor with a really sweet image cursed up a storm, or an onscreen playboy turned out to be afraid of women.

girlfriday: YES, like everything you secretly wished variety shows would show you, but will never ever show you?

javabeans: Where can we submit ideas, tvN?

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64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    Have they seen Entourage? Should be interesting…..maybe

    • 1.1 Jo

      Uh weirdly, it’s a popular show in Korea. A lot of Koreans I have met also like Big Bang Theory….heh.

      • 1.1.1 Steph

        I love Big Bang Theory. Now that, I’d like to see them remake. I never got around to watching more than 1 ep of Entourage. Really TVN? You could do better in the remake department.

      • 1.1.2 Shiku

        I love Big Bang Theory too!

      • 1.1.3 hawaiianseoul

        True! How I met your mother and British shows like Sherlock & Doctor Who are very popular over there too.

      • 1.1.4 maldita

        Why should it be weird? Many US and UK shows are broadcasted all over the world. Big Bang Theory’s popular in my part of Asia, as well as Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, How I Met Your Mother, etc.

        • kdj

          exactly, why should it be weird? living in Asia doesn’t mean we’re living under a rock or something.

        • sur

          whr do you live?

      • 1.1.5 sur

        huge fan of big bang theory if it was ever remade i would watch it

    • 1.2 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      Hahaha, I was thinking the same exact thing. Are they confusing Entourage with a different show? Cause I don’t see how that would work in dramaland…when would they air it, one in the morning?

  2. pabo ceo reom

    Why do I always want to watch the version you guys write? Someone needs to give you guys a broadcasting station to manage. STAT!

    • 2.1 katmoo

      I completely agree with this statement. I’m wondering why these two haven’t written their own drama yet.

    • 2.2 mav

      Dude maybe we can submit a petition to tvn to have you guys as drama writing consultants before they give you guys permission to write one of your own

      • 2.2.1 sur

        nice idea

  3. kakashi

    hmmm …. hmm. seriously don’t know what to think. I liked Entourage, for about 3 seasons; though it was rather dirty at times, it also was hilarious often.
    tvN has been doing great shows, so it could very well be that they make this work! didn’t we all love Anthony because he showed us the behind-the-scenes of beloved KDramaland? I love that! Obviously, it would have to be as funny and loud as Entourage (but in a different way)

    • 3.1 Kiara

      In my circle of friends “Entourage” was the guys’ show and “Sex in the City” was for the ladies but I checked it out for Adrian Grenier and his insanely mesmerizing eyes.
      I didn’t really get into it but I would watch it for some of cameo actors like Matt Damon, director James Cameron etc.
      If they do something like that with the Korean version I know I’ll watch the hell out of it. Imagine Park Hae-il or director Park Chan-wook etc playing themselves. That would be freaking awesome. /wakes up from dream.

  4. Mawiie

    an actor with a really sweet image cursed up a storm

    You mean like Lee Seung g… oh wait. Best Love already did that xD

    Seing child actors/future “Nation little brother/sister” being bratty and thinking stuffs like “Let’s see how long *insert A list star name here* star will shine. I’ll soon lead the Hallyu wave” would also be hilarious LOL

  5. canxi

    HAHAHA! I remember that Daniel Radcliffe stint on Extras. That was hilarious!!! And that would be pretty great if Korea could do that, but I know they take public image seriously and I wonder if anyone would be willing to play the not-so-nice character that people think they might be…even just for laughs.

    • 5.1 sur

      i knw it would be awesome like lee seung gi in best love did it was so funny

      • 5.1.1 Lilian

        Chances are pretty low that they will be able to cast Lee Seung Gi! but yeah I agree that cameo was interesting =D Fighting over the fridge advertisement…so meta XD

  6. Mystisith

    Interesting idea. Now let’s see who’s casted and what approach is chosen indeed.
    About the suggestion box: Since the writers seem to be stalling, we could have a perpetual post at DB where people could drop random ideas to stimulate their imagination.
    PitchesFreeOfRights, Brainstormpedia…

  7. Ben

    Ugh I hate Entourage.

  8. Trina

    I saw couple of episodes here and there in seasons. It was really good. One of the actor did won an emmy award. However, I think they need a A-Lister actors to do this drama and it will be a Hit. Hmm… You know if they get Mr. Hand Towel to do this drama. It might be a good for him and I think that will work if Mr. Hand Towel in this drama. After he did Man Loves.

    • 8.1 Kiara

      I think Jeremy Piven won an emmy a few times.

    • 8.2 ys

      Hi, why is he called Mr. Hand Towel?

  9. 정남

    All I can think of is Michael Scott’s unfounded love for Entourage.

  10. 10 Strangegirlblogging

    Yes !!!!!!!! i am here for this. Hopefully they won’t mess up Ari’s relationship with vince. I need the messy and the weird and the clingy. all of it.

    • 10.1 Strangegirlblogging

      or better yet just don’t mess up Arie at all.

  11. 11 Mia

    N’importe quoi … faire un remake d’entourage … quelle bande d’abrutis ces coréens … il auraient pu choisir une autre série US …

    tvn ne devrait donner aucun crédit aux séries US…

    ils devraient rester dans leurs milieu, dans leurs origines … et leur coutumes … c’est ça qui fait leur charme !

    et si tvn devait réellement faire un remake ce serait :

    GTO !

    je rève d’une version coréenne d’Onizuka !

    • 11.1 Mawiie

      Et tu écris ça en français pour quelle raison au juste…? Que tu aimes la série ou les remakes ou pas, ce n’est pas une raison de traiter tout un peuple d’abrutis, just saying.

      • 11.1.1 Mia

        “Et tu écris ça en français pour quelle raison au juste…?”

        Je n’sais pas … sans doute parce que mon anglais est très mauvais … j’aurais aimé m’exprimer comme tel en anglais…

        et je ne traite pas TOUT UN PEUPLE d’abrutis … (C’est un peuple qui a énormément souffert au cours de ce dernier siècle, je n’oserais jamais les insulter) seulement ces cons de chez tvn… ils vont se ridiculiser et passeront pour des gros suceurs … ils devraient rester dans leur propre cercle et nous faire voir leur propre création, nous émerveiller d’originalité, nous faire voir ce qu’ils savent faire de mieux ! Nous apprendre sur leurs coutumes, leurs histoires, sur leurs façon de vivres, sur leurs manies, sur leurs idéologies … etc…

    • 11.2 javabeans

      Yeah, this comment is rather offensive, hidden behind the wall of French.

      Ne pense pas que personne ne peut te comprendre.

      • 11.2.1 JoAnne

        Ca c’est vrai!

      • 11.2.2 Mia

        “Ne pense pas que personne ne peut te comprendre.”

        Mais tant mieux alors si vous me comprenez ! je continuerais dans ce cas à m’exprimer comme tel … vu que tu peux comprendre ce que je dis … c’est formidable ……..

    • 11.3 df

      you know there’s such a thing as google translate right?

      • 11.3.1 Korazy Lady

        Et il y a beaucoup de gens qui parle français ici! J’ai aimé INR2012 et j’ai bien aimé Entourage, donc c’est bon pour moi!

        • Mia

          Moi aussi j’ai bcp aimé entourage … et tu vois que je suis contre le projet … comme quoi …

      • 11.3.2 Un

        Merde! Traduction de Google continue de s’améliorer. Je suis étonné.

      • 11.3.3 Mia

        No way, really?

    • 11.4 kdj

      so, the point of having a convo in french is? not wanting others to understand? might as well have your convo elsewhere in private. or maybe you just love to brag & induced curiosity… hmm..

      • 11.4.1 Korazy Lady

        As Mia later explained, albeit in French, her English is poor. I’ve seen other sites where people comment in their own language, maybe hoping for someone of the same language to reply, and maybe Mia was thinking DB operates the same way.

        At the time I posted I wasn’t sure if she was saying it in French to be covertly offensive, so I was just cluing her in to the fact that there are many people on here who understand French, probably a lot more than she may realize.

        I have seen a few conversations in languages other than English but never felt the people were trying to brag or leave people out. Google translate is always there to satisfy someone’s curiosity! Sorry if you felt that way.

        • Carole McDonnell

          It was definitely fun trying to get my high school french up to speed.

  12. 12 bella

    the bromance~~~ that would save the show. I guess the korean vers. is gonna be more errr conservative so yeah i get ur concerns. But entourage is more of a film industry, maybe its different to the usual kdramas? Who knows.

  13. 13 Dix

    You guys need a like button for your posts like since yesterday.

  14. 14 Dix

    I bet hallyu writers read this blog but I wonder how much of their comprehension is lost in translation. lol

  15. 15 mav

    I love entourage……………. but I conservative Korea ready for a Vinny Chase? an Ari Gold and the crew?

  16. 16 Katigie

    I would love it if the Ari character were foreign, trying to help the new star break into the Japanese or Chinese market (whichever place he was from), and if his secretary were American or European. Oh, and bring in Anthony as himself at the end, wanting to cast the star in a radio drama!

  17. 17 Abbie

    I’ve never watched Entourage, so I don’t know what it’s like. But if it’s on HBO, I can get an idea, because the only HBO shows I’ve seen are True Blood and Game of Thrones. I don’t see anything like that being on TvN, or any Korean station. Too much sex and nudity.

  18. 18 Renjick

    LOL, this is going to be awful.

  19. 19 sara

    What’s your dream remakes for KDramas? I want a remake of Jane Austen’s “Emma” lol, either a modern version or a sageuk fusion type thing. It would be so fun and interesting to see how they’d handle the Emma character because she definitely wouldn’t be your traditional KDrama heroine, all self-sacrificing and noble (maybe it’s a good thing it hasn’t happened, otherwise they’ll butcher it smh). I’d love it all the way until the last episode when she falls in love with the Knightley character because I hate Knightley lol.

    • 19.1 Kiara

      You hated Knightley?. How come?. Loved him for putting Emma in her place lol, especially the Gwyneth Paltrow version of it. I prefer Kate Beckinsale’s version of Emma but I enjoyed both. I also loved Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. Now that one worked for me but I’m not sure about a K-drama version of it.

  20. 20 Dee

    I think this all depends on who they get to star. I Need Romance 2012 was great. Speaking of, Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Suk would be great.

  21. 21 TiaC

    I could take or leave a remake of Entourage, but a Korean Extras would be fantastic! I mean, I can’t imagine anything that would approach the image-ruining of Kate Winslet’s cameo (you know, the imaginary phone call), but still, even anything remotely close to even Orlando Bloom’s Johnny Depp jealousy would be hilarious.

  22. 22 goldeng

    I do hope it is more in the fun side as in actors making fools of themselves because if it isnt like that i can almost see the horde of angry viewers rantin like theres no t omorrow about anything slightly sexual, rude,frivolous,etc. i dont know if theyre fr real or just trolling but we all know some viewers cant take a joke or think breast feeding is sexual and that boobs should b banned from this world..

  23. 23 nakai

    Believe in TVN …. FIGHTING !

  24. 24 Noelle

    It would be good if they made it more like Episodes. Or if they just did Episodes instead of Entourage cause that show was all kinds of dumb.

  25. 25 bd

    The Korean version of “Entourage” should have a dorky, effeminate WM character for “diversity” and for humor.

    • 25.1 bd

      I meant “humor.”

  26. 26 Bengbeng

    Ha Jung woo will never agree on this, I think. coz he’s all original, his movie, his dramas are all original script (well all of I’ve seen) and I think haven’t done any adaptation yet.

  27. 27 Elizabeth Bennet

    Ha Jung Woo would be great in the role of Ari and I think Micky Yoo Chun would be perfect for Vince (and he already has a bro who is not as successful as him)

    All in all this may only work if they are ready for the kill – otherwise it will not be worth it.

  28. 28 metrogeekythinker

    I wonder how they going portray the drug and sexual theme in Korean context lol…

  29. 29 sotongpok

    TvN just needs to cast Cha Tae-hyun, then BAM! Instant comedy AND ratings. xD

  30. 30 Lisah

    I just picture a younger Gentleman’s Dignity. 4 guys in whatever one would consider “Hollywood” in Korea. One could be a hammy variety type, another could be a more serious film actor, maybe one younger brother idol type and an athlete. Plus a total aggressive jerk (Ari Gold type) manager. Pick any one as the lead and have it circle around his impossible romance with the perfect girl. Done.

  31. 31 ninji

    Oh, only thinking of the bromance this k-entourage could lead to… <3

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