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Shim Eun-kyung returns to the big screen in body-swap comedy
by | April 19, 2013 | 41 Comments

Okay, this movie sounds adorable. Rising young actress Shim Eun-kyung (Sunny) has picked her next project, and it’s a movie in which she plays a grandma who gets zapped back into her teenage body… and then joins a rock band. Why? I dunno. But coolest granny ever.

The movie, called Suspicious Girl, is the next project from the director of The Crucible (talk about varying your genres, though I can certainly understand wanting to direct a light comedy after such a heavy project). It stars Shim Eun-kyung as a grandma who wakes up one day in her younger body, which you figure is actually a body-swap AND time-traveling genre mashup, what with the generation gap. We’ve certainly had a lot of each kind in dramaland over the past year, but a twofer could be a fun twist.

It’s really the granny in the rock band that sells the premise, because it’s just crazy enough to be awesome. And Shim Eun-kyung is so great at quirky oddball characters. She’s even played a grandma who regained her youth while in heaven in Jun Jin’s Romantic Heaven, so the granny act isn’t even a stretch.

I hope they do a romance too, because not only will watching granny get herself a flower boy rocker be hilarious, but I think there’s be a great bittersweet story to be told there. Now that’s a noona romance that I could get behind.

Suspicious Girl is still casting and plans to release later this year.

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41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annas

    Her personality and her face is similar to iCarly’s Sam Pucket.

    I’m not a teen by I enjoy watching Teen Nick. HA.

  2. dewaanifordrana

    This sounds brilliantly funny and adorable!

  3. John

    I like her. I’ve seen her in Hwang Jin-yi & Bad Guy.

  4. Joy

    She looks a lot like the late Jung Da Bin in this photo.

  5. Jyyjc

    I enjoyed her character so much in bad guy, she was the only good thing about that drama.

    • 5.1 lemonade candy

      i agree. she’s so fun to watch~ apart from the vengeance whatsoever plot and crappywhatthefuckery ending…

  6. spark

    omg, she is one of my favorite young actresses along with nam ji hyun. so talented.

  7. TS

    Who was she in Bad Guy?

    Yunno, if at 80-something I got zapped into my younger teenage body, I’d totally join a rock band. And bungee-jump. And dance all night. Because it’d be like being let out of a cage.

    • 7.1 Danna

      Han Ga In’s little sister…she was funny and adorable there too

  8. Zareen

    I LOVED her in Sunny (which was just a great movie overall). This movie sounds hilarious though especially if she’s the lead girl. Definitely want to know who the other rock band members will be.

    • 8.1 mud

      My love for her from Sunny will also make me want to watch this. She was so loveable there. Also, this plot sounds like it’ll be a blast.

  9. Danna

    Yessss!!! I lub her….i guess this means she’s back from schooling in the US….and she was great playing Grandma in Romantic Heaven, she was hilarious in her scenes with Kim Dong Wook and heartbreaking in her story with Kim Mu Yeol’s character

    • 9.1 Danna

      You know who would be fantastic as her rocker love interest? (if there is one)..Ryu Duk Hwan!!! They had great chemistry together in Quiz Kiing

      • 9.1.1 BLee


  10. 10 saranga

    oh, the premise sounds amazing!! but i can already feel the lump in my throat coming on. as you said, this is potentially crazy hilarious stuff, but the bittersweet streak is inevitable.

    i actually think this would be just as fun without the time traveling element (is that for sure?). if grandma woke up one day in her teenage body, but in HER present day. although i suppose if she’s got family members, it could get sticky covering up her disappearance.

  11. 11 JC

    This premise sounds adorable!
    I’m pretty excited for this movie, and agreed on the romance part as well.

  12. 12 Cam

    Wooowzzaaa!!! XD XD That would be interestingly awesome & I am veeery curious to watch this because of this young, lively actress! Plus, I am glad that she’s returning from schooling in US…wooot wooot! However, I am sure that she might go back to Korea for summer break from US, of course.

    GREAT for her!! 8(^0^)8

  13. 13 biankoy

    YAY!! Shin Eun-kyung is one of those actress I’ve been keeping tabs on and I seriously missed her after Sunny. I could totally picture her owning the granny part and pulling it off with her own brand of charm. A love interest please!!

  14. 14 belleza

    I think Shim Eun-kyung is becoming the Emma Watson of Hallyu. She also plays a little guitar (and drums and piano) She’s HIPSTER like that!

  15. 15 Orion

    This sounds nice. I really like her as an actress. Korea has really fine young actors and a lot grow up to be wonderful, with proper guidance and good choice of works. Miss Shim looks like such a person. Can’t wait to see her again.

  16. 16 acejihyo

    excited for this as i’ve basically loved her in everything she was in. also, her last interview (translated on this site) made her seem so down to earth, which was just an added plus.

  17. 17 rubie

    What a great news! Has she finished her studies or perhaps, on a break? Sunny was simply lovely and she’s awesome in Gwanghae as the palace food-taster. Her scenes with LBH were bittersweet yet adorable & heart-warming. Too bad she missed the movie’s promos and such. But it’s great indeed to see the talented young actress back on the big screen.

    Thanks for the news. ^^

  18. 18 snow_white

    I have not seen any of her works….has she acted in a drama too???

    The rockstar thing adds something new and exciting to the plot….sounds like fun!!

  19. 19 Russe12

    Ohhhhh I want to watch this so badly!

  20. 20 zashi

    She was good in Sunny. So glad she’s going to be in more projects.

  21. 21 Rovi

    So, the Korean version of Zac Efron’s “17 Again”???

  22. 22 YY

    Wasn’t going to study abroad or something ?

    • 22.1 YY


  23. 23 mai

    I just finish watch her in Masquerade. She’s really lucky because she can act with Lee Byung Hyun ^^
    and I love her as Sawal i there ^^

  24. 24 maldita

    Oooohhhh! So excited for this. She’s been one of those child actors I’ve kept up with over the years, so it’s nice to see her grow up in front of your own eyes. And I loved her Sunny. 🙂

  25. 25 bjharm

    I wiki her lol yes I knew she was so familair she been the child version of the leading lady so often, nice to see her be THE leading lady. I remember her best from Sweet Buns, again as the leading lady child version, but each episode had a little mini play explaining how the two leads in the drama got to be such rivials, in many ways the best part of the
    Seems she new gen korean actress to not scared to speak her mind when people try to do the dirty on her, the industry need more like that.

  26. 26 Kiara

    I’m kind of sad that these young talents will grow up and leave dramaland to do movies and we will be left with actors on the D list and idols.

  27. 27 Cadwalider

    Since rock and roll was invented (and mastered far beyond the music of the same genre currently produced by present contemporary artists) by the today’s grannie and grandpas, it is only fitting that one re-called into her youth should return to show the kids how it really goes. Much like the 50th year Rollling Stones tour will, no doubt, once again, prove… 😉

    P.S. I too enjoyed her, and the actress (Yoo Ho-jeong) who played her adult role in the neo-classic ‘Sunny’. A nice film and well worth re-watching. 🙂

  28. 28 Kekeukele

    I love her in Sunny! 😀

    Her character will probably be trying to reconnect with her grandson/grandaughter who are in the same rock band, ala Holy Daddy? …probably not.

    I hope it will be about how a grandma being given a chance to do all those things she didn’t get to do when she was young. I can already imagine all those hilarious situations due to the age/ generations gap.

  29. 29 nigerianloveskoreanmovies

    Sounds great and i just love Shim Eun-kyung. GF, i really hope you review this movie, cause where i am korean movies is a far cry from the farm. We don’t much of it here but with your reviews i can at least know what happens and get a kick out of it, just saying. Please help me out, kamsamnida.

  30. 30 Mar

    She’s wonderful. She looks like Lee Min Ho’s and Kim Hyun Joong’s love child. That’s a hella lot adorkable.

  31. 31 Kan Min Seul

    She looks like the one from 49 Days, the one who planned to commit suicide.

  32. 32 sur

    wow what an awesome plot it sounds hilarious and about the noona romance i can stomach it too and then want some more

  33. 33 pandasaurus

    GAH!! Granny in a rockband?! SOLD!!! You nailed it: “it’s just crazy enough to be awesome” — and i adoooore Shim Eun-kyung! Can’t wait 🙂

  34. 34 charuka

    her look is very ji han is mach for her look.

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